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Hey everyone! I’m a political science student from the area working on a project to inform and connect LA residents and communities with their local government through a weekly newsletter summarizing LA City Council meetings. My goal is to make important government proceedings accessible so busy people can understand what is going on in their city and how they might be affected by new policies. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on LA government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in LA. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!

Los Angeles City Council Summary - March 22th

Wednesday 3/22 (3 hr 14 min)
* Note: The Council 6 District seat is currently empty.
Key Votes
CF 22-1313: Housing and Homelessness Committee Report relative to a citywide rehousing strategy for people experiencing recreation vehicles (RV) homelessness; and related matters
CF 22-1324: Housing and Homelessness Committee Report relative to the implementation and analysis of the pilot recreational vehicle (RV)-to-Home program in Council District 7; and related matters.
CF 18-0610-S3: Housing and Homelessness Committee Report relative to the establishment of a Right to Counsel Ordinance and program; and related matters.
CF 17-0090-S19: Housing and Homelessness Committee Report relative to increasing the Area Median Income (AMI) limits in Proposition HHH (Prop HHH) funded projects serving veterans.
CF 23-0172: Housing and Homelessness Committee Report relative to religious institutions and properties owned by faith-based institutions located in Council District 5; and current land use and zoning regulatory controls on these parcels; and information on State or local incentives that exist for the development of affordable and supportive housing at these locations; and related matters.
CF 22-0600-S101: Budget, Finance and Innovation Committee Report relative to the Third (Mid-Year) Financial Status Report (FSR) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23.
If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and we will get the answers to your questions. Sign up here to receive this letter after every city council meeting.
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I'm looking for a comprehensive list of resources for student aid, scholarships, grants, and bursaries for college. Information about low interest rate student loans or general finance tips for college students would also be appreciated. Thanks!
More info about me that might be helpful for knowing if I qualify:
Sources that I've found so far through basic research and help from my guidance counselor:
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2023.03.20 15:01 FlipDaly Flashback to COVID content, long

This is a repost. Welcome to flashback time. Original posts made over the course of 2020 by u/SleepyLi in nyc. Edited for readability.
March 15 2020
PSA for folks worried about how they’ll eat during this time
TL;DR at bottom.
This is the first post I’ve ever put up on Reddit, so excuse me if this shit jankey asf, or in the wrong place. A comment I left on someone’s post received some really good feedback, so I figured there would be other folks who might be experiencing a rough time as well, so here I am being proactive.
As we all know, COVID-19 is fucking shit up. Most folks are working from home, but that’s generally for folks working white collar jobs with job security, which a fuckton of NYC heads don’t have. Folks in the service industry don’t get paid if they don’t work, so there’s no “I’m going to WFH and bus my own fucking table” or “Let me make that drink for you bud” in ya own kitchen for ya cat. So money is tight for some of y’all. And I get it. I’ve been in that position before, shit sucks and gurgles donkey dick. So here’s my PSA:
I help run a wholesale/retail meat shop in NYC, specifically the LES, in Chinatown. I’m open, cause how else is everyone going to eat and cook at home? Just as I told someone before, I’ll say the same thing here: $10 will get you something like 13 pounds of chicken drumsticks, plus a dozen eggs. Don’t like drum sticks? Fine, get something else, our prices are lower than your GPA and your parents’ expectations for you. We don’t sell rice, but a 20lb bag of rice runs like $25 bucks in our area and if you ask, I’ll tell you exactly where to go. Our location is:
B/D to Grand Street, F to East Broadway
Now you might say some shit like “this is a shameless cash grab, etc.” And you know what my response is to that?
What the fuck are you talking about, and you can suck my fucking ass. I’m not going to get rich making ten bucks off 13 pounds of drumsticks and a dozen eggs (if we even have anymore). This is for folks that are hurting real bad or just plain about to fucking be put out cause $10 is all they have. If I was trying to get rich, being the local pig boy is obviously not the right trade to get into, now is it.
For those that also see this and start scheming on if you can roll up on my spot and try to make me run my pockets for $10: come and find out whether or not you have a first class ticket to meet God, express lane. Or just come and tell me you want to shoot the fair one for fun, I’ll oblige too.
If you have a healthy savings account, please don’t come to my shop at this time. If you’re stocked up and can weather a self quarantine, again, please don’t come to my shop at this time. I’d appreciate the business during a more normal period of time, but as of now, it’s geared towards my fellow NYers who are most at risk due to their economic situation. I have a limited supply of produce and I’d like to give us all a fighting chance.
In this time of great uncertainty and fear, we New Yorkers must stand together and be each other’s keepers. Take care of your folks, your neighbors, each other. We’ve weathered 9/11 together, Superstorm Sandy, shit, the fucking 2016 election, and this too will be something that we will weather and emerge victorious from.
TL;DR: if you’re a poor fuck and worried about how you will eat during COVID-19, come hither you poor child, for I have wares for cheap. But for real, give me $10 and I will feed you for a week.
47 Division Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10002
B/D to Grand Street, F to East Broadway
——————————————————————— Edit: figured it should be said, but for those that might not be aware: because we cater to a low income demographic already, we accept EBT, cash, and debit card. We don’t accept credit. This is what something like 90% of people with rocky income use, so that’s what we’ve gone with.
02Edit: I've been reached out to by a number of people about a possible pay it forward program/scheme/initiative. I thank you and commend ya'll for coming together to help those in need. I'm trying to get in touch with some folks or organization that do grocery shopping/meal prep for the elderly/folks that are most at risk and can't do it themselves. I'd like to use those funds to provide the supplies for cooking and shit at cost. If I can't get in touch with some folks, I'll start a Facebook group/some other jankey shit to better coordinate based on geographical location and have it vertically integrated into the business. Will set up a venmo or something later in the day. Also: we're located in Chinatown, so don't gawk and be surprised if you see shit like chicken feet, pork and beef trotters, and the like. Welcome to eating head to tail.
Thanks for the feedback.
UPDATE- Getting a lot of push back from my wholesalers and suppliers; they're rationing our orders. Everybody is short. Doing my best to get more orders from source, but jesus fuck the prices are being gouged the fuck out rn. Will keep trying to keep everything affordable to everyone.
02UPDATE 18MAR2020-
I created a Venmo. The handle is Sleepyli-LocalPigBoy Avatar should be a pissed off cat.
All transactions will be public. For those that use cash for the pay it forward as the lady with the nice glasses and vans did today, I have a repurposed envelope that I will insert the money in and deduct for orders going out. Trying to do this as legit as possible, with logs of each transaction so mfs don’t come at me like I’m a mega church asking for donations to buy me a jet. Let your poor and broke ass friends know that they don’t need to starve in times like this.
Also: Due to whatever issues are being had further up the supply chain, same as my first update: supplies are getting tight and assholes are beginning to capitalize on it. $10 will no longer get you what was originally offered unfortunately: it’ll get you 7lbs of drumsticks and a dozen eggs now.
Eggs are climbing up and drumsticks are getting fucking stupid. I received two cases today. I ordered 40. They deadass rationing everybody, with jacked prices. I’m sorry, but I’m raising prices to literally break even. My salary is currently on hold cause I can afford it, but others can’t.
03UPDATE 25AUG2020-
Old Venmo has been deleted. New Venmo is: FourSevenDivisionStreetTrading
July 22 2020
Cheap Meat
Not sure if this is allowed, but fuck it, we're hurting and desperate times create desperate people who do desperate things.
TL;DR: Local butcher shop with cheap prices. Trying to keep afloat and keep folks fed. Address at bottom.
Sup ya'll, it's your favorite local meat boy (for those that don’t get it, here's my first post: original NYC meat boy post).
Despite COVID cases in NYC having dropped a fair amount, a lot of businesses that have opened up aren't doing so hot, and still some are not going to open up ever again. While there's unemployment insurance for individuals, there really isn't much for small local businesses. I also know that the pandemic boost for UI is about to run out end of month, so if you're sweating about how you're going to eat, I got you.
Most of America's economy began to feel the effects of The Rona around March of this year, but businesses located in Chinatown were fucked as early as January. America's reporting on COVID centered around China being the bad guy, which trends to loop all Asian Americans as "others" and "not really American." Chinese businesses tanked and hate crimes shot up. People within the community began their own self-imposed quarantine due to increased fear of being caught slacking by some racist fuckstick. Then came the formal lock down in March, which really flipped us over, bent us over the couch for good leverage, and fucked us deep and hard. At the time of 14JUNE2020, less than half of Chinatown's restaurants are open, and less than a third of total businesses are open (Bloomberg article supporting claim). Most funds meant as relief for small businesses got snagged by large corporations. And now all the SMEs are floundering. As of now, the end of July, still less than a third of Chinatown businesses have opened up, especially since most of them couldn't apply for any assistance due to language barriers.
So again, here I am peddling my wares. I also have $9.75 left from someone that wanted to pay it forward earlier in the year for what it’s worth.
We’re a small local meat shop. A butcher shop. A boutique culinary protein throwback to simpler times. Whatever the fuck you want to call it. We sell meat. You get the idea. Our prices are real fucking low. Lower than your self esteem. Lower than what your parents think of you. And that’s a good thing. Cause you like cheap things, you cheap fuck. Save all the money you can. While I can’t guarantee that we’re the cheapest you’ve ever seen, I can guarantee that we’ll be top five in cheapest prices in NYC.
What do you want? Cause more likely than not, we got that shit.
POULTRY. We got all kinds of birds. Chicken, silkies, qual, squab, duck, goose, stewing hens. Fuck you want? Still debating on whether drums or mid’s are better with your friends? Fuck around and cop a pound of each for under $5 per person: mid-wings are $3.89 a pound, drums are back to $.69/lb. Want more meat? Fine. A whole ass chicken leg and thigh, $.89/lb. You fuck with feet? It’s 2020, more power to you my guy. Chicken feet stands at $1.69/lb, duck feet at $1.49/lb. You into titties? Of course you're into titties: chicken breast coming in hot at $4.95 for a 2.2lb net weight bag. Into retirees and GILFs? All you Jack Black: Stewing Hens are two for $5.95. Haven’t gotten neck and head in a hot minute cause of COVID, or your Tinder and Hinge profile is just that basura? Say less: duck heads and necks at $1.39/lb. Into spawn kill? My guy: we got a dozen eggs for $2.95, 30 pack for $6.50. Duck eggs, six for $3.95.
PORK. My man, let me tell you something. You fuck with pork chops? Even if you don't, for $2.39/lb, you fuck with pork chops. We got tenderloins for $3.19/lb. Bones for stock? $.99/lb. Let me guess, you miss eating authentic char siu over rice with the sauce from Chinatown. At $2.69/lb for char siu meat, you can afford to fuck up three times and still come out ahead instead of buying it from a restaurant. Since it's getting hot, you're going to want to throw BBQs, right? Hopefully they're socially distanced, everyone is responsible and wearing a mask, and all you motherfuckers got COVID tested prior. Got you some ribs for $2.89 a pound. You want some of them dim sum ribs? Them itty bitty, little tiny cuts of ribs? Small just like your feelings when your ex left you? $3.59 a pound. You been going through a rough time and need an ear to listen to you. $3.39/lb for pig ears buddy, say more. If you been fucking with feet and chicken and duck feet don't cut it, do it like J. Cole "so big it's like a foot is in yo' mouth" cause I got pre-cut pig trotters for $1.49 a pound. Oh, you deadass want the whole foot in your mouth? Weird, but we're being open-minded here: whole uncut pig trotters at $1.79/lb.
BEEF. Let me guess: you haven't gotten enough foul language from this post and need a better tongue lashing? You filthy, sick, sorry, piece of shit. Beef tongues will run you $6.99 a pound. Or you want to boss up, but instead of being bad and boujee, you've been sad and boujee cause of COVID. Well, fear not, cause with femur bones at $1.95/lb, you can split them right down the fucking middle to get to that sweet, sweet, succulent marrow and feel like you're out brunching, spending $80 you don't have for a meal you can't afford to flex on hoes you couldn't really give less of a shit about. What's that? Pig trotters don't cut it? You trying to deepthroat the shit? I mean, do mama proud I guess. I got beef trotters/feet at $1.89 a pound. I mean, with skills like that, why you even buying from me? You belong on the yacht of some old rich man. But do you. Oh what's that? Your girl says your stroke game shit and you falling short of getting up in her guts? No fix for that, sorry, but you can cop honeycomb tripe or stomach at $3.39 a pound and know for a fact you can absolutely beat the ever living fuck out of these guts. You trying to fuck with flank steaks? $7.45 my guy. New York Strip? $8.99. T-Bone? $7.99. My bone? Ten camels. Where my Jamaicans at? Waa gwaan? I know oxtail is AT LEAST $6.75/lb where you’re at. We have them on deck for $5.99/lb.
Or maybe you’re a rapper. You’re on SoundCloud pushing music and living out your mama’s crib. No shame, it’s rough out here King. Want to know how to really blow up? What did Eminem call himself in 8 Mile? That’s right, B-Rabbit. And you know what I got? Rabbit for $4.69 a pound. You are what you eat man. I’m not saying that eating rabbit will immediately blow your rap career the fuck up and give you the lyrical genius of Eminem, but I’m not saying it won’t either. For less than $5 a pound, you really gonna chance it? What if the other rappers cop it and you don’t and they blow up? Don’t get left behind my guy. You a King and King’s gotta do what they don’t want to do sometimes for the betterment of the folks. And the folks want to hear your music.
Or maybe rabbit not your thing. You right, it’s too lean and lacks fat. Eat too much rabbit and nothing else and you’ll starve your body of fat. So how about goat? You want to be the GOAT, don’t you? Reddit’s even got a badge for it. If you want to be the Goat, guess what you gotta do? That’s fucking right, you are what you eat and here I am, your fucking pusher man for goat.
You're fancy and trying to be boujee. Let me guess: lamb? Say less, I got you that bonjour hon hon hon rack of of lamb chops. Want a quarter of lamb? Got that too. All you gotta do is ask.
I'm not going to really keep going down the list. You get the idea. I work at a fucking meat shop, I'm going to sell meat. I sell wholesale to restaurants and retail to walk-in folks. It's a pretty simple fucking concept. Is our meat fresh? As fresh as, if not more so, than any large chain due to constant turn over on wholesale side.
Why are our prices so low? Because we're a small mom-and-pop brick and mortar shop. We're located in Chinatown. Ever heard of FUBU? Same concept: we're built by Chinese immigrants, for Chinese immigrants. Unfortunately, the Chinese population in NYC is one of, if not THE poorest communities we have. Raising prices will price out the community and jack the reason why we're even here: to feed the community. This also means that our margins are fucked, but we're making it work. Yes, we look janky asf. I know, we're not "modern" and our aesthetic looks like some tossed together shit from the 60's. Shit, our band saw is from the 80's. But we're clean, we're sanitary, we pass all health standards and inspections, and we're doing our fucking best. We're literally the definition of "no frills." To hear some say it, we'd be considered ghetto. I prefer the term resourceful, so fuck you.
Because we're local and serve local, we only accept cash, EBT, SNAP, and debit. We don't do credit. Venmo is u/FourSevenDivisionStreetTrading. PSA as the last one: if you think you can roll up to squeeze us, find out if you're a better shot than I am. Not my job to judge your life choices, but I will send you to someone who will.
I'm the only person here that is fluent in English, so unless you're feeling real brave about pointing at shit and figuring it out, you speak a dialect, know how to read Chinese, or know what cut you're looking for, come on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (02:00pm - 06:30pm) since that's when I'm directly on the floor. If you're a restaurant and you're looking to keep overhead low, PM me, I'll work something out with you.
Our location is: 47 Division Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10002 B/D to Grand Street, F to East Broadway
Our hours are: Monday - Saturday 0800am - 0630pm
23JUL2020 0323AM Edit: Added beef and lamb, added venmo acc, schedule and times.
25JUL2020 0015AM Edit: Changed schedule to add in Saturday.
Oct 11 2020
Cheap Meat Guy Scammed the Fuck Out Ya'll
Title says it all.
TL;DR: if you the free food and meals provided by the city conflict with your diet, etc, send me a PM with the title Groceries, \insert borough, insert neighborhood\** and I’ll hook you up with some meat.
Context, second post:
I, Cheap Meat Guy, scammed the fuck out you all. I have hoodwinked a great many of you, in a slightly more elaborate and grandiose "Let me hold a dollar" or the "You listen to music?" scheme. I appreciate my vacation, paid for courtesy of ya'll. I am currently in Mar del Plata, Argentina, enjoying my delicious alcoholic beverages and tiny little triangle cut Ojo de Bife sandwiches. I am in nothing but a bright neon yellow 3M reflective speedo with a 24k gold chain around my neck. Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic and Finesse are playing in the background and I am fucking feeling myself. I have never felt more opulent or lavish. 2020 has been a rough year. I deserve this.
So no fucking shit, obviously I didn't scam you all. Many of ya'll have seen my face. I'm not trying to get caught slacking one day and get hit with a "Yo, you cheap meats?" and get rocked by fifteen people wielding massive frozen pork chops and Iberian hams, followed by me on the floor looking real bad, only to eat a bunch of fucking Timbs. But I just wanted to announce something. Also: my fault for not responding to all the messages and comments and shit; I’ve been working around the clock and getting fucking spanked by the work load. Being the only person who has some type of command of the English language means, you guessed it, I’m doing all the shit that’s in English. All the shit that’s done with computers. Working the floor, cutting the meat, prepping the orders, moving all the damn boxes. You see the dudes pushing handtrucks in Chinatown with boxes of shit on it? Come to Chinatown early enough and you’ll catch me being one of those dudes. See that ugly ass truck on google maps when you look us up? Come early enough and you’ll see me loading that truck. I’m more stressed than Ted Cruz trying to mack on a pornstar over twitter, gaining a fuck ton of weight cause I’m drinking and eating like shit, and just over all a piece of shit. My b.
Here's the run down:
First off, on the real, what the fuck. Second of all, what, and I can't stress this enough, the absolute fuck. All you salty shits raised some serious fucking bank. My phone went off often and frequently enough the first few days from Venmo notifications that if I wanted to, I could have used it as a damn vibrator on my balls. For OPSEC, I’m not going to disclose exactly how much was Venmo’d, but just know that for a minute I felt like I would be able to treat myself to some Starbucks while Tyga’s Rack City played in the background, so you know that’s money. But all you fuckers Venmo'd me bank WITHOUT KNOWING WHO THE FUCK I AM OR BUYING ANYTHING, which blows my mind*.* Me, some random guy who curses a lot and talks shit like I'm a 6'17" guy who wears cooked to hell black high top AF1's and got two pistols by my side. Some of ya'll have met and seen me and know for a fact that I am most definitely not 6' fucking anything. Makes me feel as though I should start an OnlyFan's or Premium Snapchat. But seriously, what the fuck. For those that are willing to do the math, it was over twenty million Schrute Bucks.
There were a couple donations that stated they were there to keep the business open, to be shared among the employees, or for me to treat myself. An executive decision was made: every single dollar that we received (aside from those that were used for retail purchases) will be spent on those that need aid the most. While we as a business are hurting, there are still those that are less fortunate than us.
First and foremost, the City has done an amazing job in providing for folks. If you’re hurting and straight broke with no cultural, dietary, or any other limitations/restrictions, peep these sites for food security:
Shits is free. No questions asked, take as much as you want. If you broke and you not taking advantage of this, you got some problems my guy. Extreme intelligence not being one of them.
Having said the above, I’ve tried the meals myself and I believe they are not as culturally sensitive as they should be in a city that is as culturally and ethnically diverse as we are, and particularly suck ass if you’re lactose intolerant, as most Asian seniors are. Shitting your brains out at any age is not pleasant, and I’m going to assume that doing so when you’re 70-plus with a weak pelvic floor is doubly more so. I'm currently working with a few local organizations that cater specifically to seniors within the Asian community (26% of the Asian community in NYC live at or below the poverty level, with the percentage being higher when we focus on seniors) who provide either free meals, groceries, or both for them. I think having the option to cook their own meals provides them with some semblance of normalcy, independence, and most of all, dignity.
So on some real shit: thank you all. A lot of the funds have already been used, but because the funds were raised from Reddit, I believe it's only fair that I give back to the reddit community, so I saved some with this in mind specifically.
I am aiming to provide 70 households from Reddit within NYC with the options of:
  1. Ten lbs of drumsticks
  2. Eight lbs of quarter chicken legs or
  3. Six and a half lbs of drum sticks with a dozen eggs
However, because we’re already understaffed and over worked, it’s not entirely feasible for us to pack/deliver the groceries on our own. I’m also not going to have folks come pick up and congregate at the business due to lack of physical space. I also know for a fact, as per Murphy’s Law, that if I had you guys come and pick it up, there’s going to be some dick head buying a bunch of shit and about to pay, pulls out a stack of hundreds or something, and when I hand over a bag of groceries without asking for payment, said dickhead with the racks are going to ask me about it and then demand that I comp their shit. I’m not trying to do or go through all that. So I’m asking that a couple of Redditors with the means come and pick up the bulk orders, however many of which type that will be, and prepare and segregate the orders off premise. Logistically, this means:
- Someone with a vehicle to accommodate and transport
- A clean space/location to prepare these orders, ideally commercial - Folks who have a food handling certificate to prepare the orders - Someone/s with a vehicle to accommodate and deliver the orders to whoever needs them
Did I just ask for free labor? Yes, I did. Because choosingbeggars. But yo, the fucking groceries are for free. I’m trying to give back to Redditors in NYC and I’m hoping that some folks will step up and do the thing Zhu Li. Like I said, we’re a little pressed on personnel. Given that we’re still dealing with Rona, those that are willing to help out with this task will be given face masks.
So what’s the criteria for you to receive these groceries? Someone that is sensitive or unable to consume the free food provided by the city, whether it be conflicting with them culturally/religiously/whereverthefuckly. I know families with kids currently enrolled in NYC Public schools get $420/child in assistance via P-EBT, but if that’s not enough, I’m your guy. Also, if you have a child enrolled in public school and you don’t know what I’m talking about with the $420, I highly suggest you sign the fuck up for P-EBT:
However, the ideal candidate would be someone or a family/household that don’t qualify for any or limited assistance. The elderly come to mind, where many rely solely on their social security to get by, as well as immigrants who don’t speak English and rely on their children to translate shit for them and don't qual for benefits, or immigrants who don’t have children and are just hustling like fuck to make it happen on their own. I’m mostly thinking of communities historically disenfranchised, but it’s really a free for all. At the end of the day, this shit is honor code, so no one is going to check your finances. If you decided to be a dickhead and finesse this, it’s on you to explain to your maker why you literally took food out the hands of those who are less fortunate. I will also hope you get drop kicked in the kidneys by a Kangaroo spontaneously the one time you decide to hang out in Central Park. And that at some point, you fall asleep on the MTA and some hobo jerks off and nuts on you, catching you square on the forehead. Better yet, I hope it happens on your morning commute to work, on a Monday, so your whole week fucked. Take a power nap at 0830 in the morning, wake up at 0834 cause a bum busted on your forehead, slightly to the left and right above your eyebrow so it drips onto your eyelashes and grazes your lips as it drips down. The day ain’t even start yet and it’s already fucked up and completely gone, and now you got a bum bump developing for the rest of the week. All that for ten pounds of chicken drums. Talk about a shit ROI. wallstreebets anyone?
I digress.
If you trying to get the groceries, send me a PM with the title Groceries, option, \insert borough, insert neighborhood\**
If you’re a MVP and trying to help me out with the pick up, splitting and bagging, delivering, etc, PM with the title Grocery Help, DriveLocation/Food handling (choose whatever role you can fulfill)
I would like to continue being able to do this, so shameless plug: our venmo is still the same and hasn’t changed u/FourSevenDivisionStreetTrading.
Oh! And we started an IG acc! Again, shameless plug: 47_division_st_trading_inc
So yea, that’s about it ya’ll.
Keep it real, be good to each other, be nice to your parents, your neighbors, give you pets extra scritches, and most of all, be kind to yourself if you going through it, cause for real, 2020 is really blowing ours.
Edit: added a TL;DR, IG handle, context with link to second post
Oct 20 2020
Free Groceries for Those in Need
Context: Initial post that was fueled by scotch and sleep deprivation New post that isn't fueled as much with scotch and sleep deprivation as the previous, so should be a bit more coherent and easier to understand.
No TL;DR cause fuck you. I'm giving out free fucking groceries. Read the fucking post.
I put up a post and surprisingly didn't receive any PMs requesting groceries, so here I am again.
I am aiming to provide 70 households from Reddit within NYC with the options of:
A) Ten lbs. of drumsticks B) Eight lbs. of quarter chicken legs or C) Six and a half lbs. of drum sticks with a dozen eggs
Ideal candidates are those that are unable to eat the free food provided by the city due to food sensitivity, conflicts of religion, culture, health reasons, etc.1 This is aimed to help those that are seriously in need of assistance, with a heavy preference given to the elderly, young students, immigrants, folks that don't quality for any or limited assistance, etc. Communities that have historically been disfranchised, you get the idea. Families that have children enrolled in NYC public schools should be receiving $420/child/month for food2. If the aid is still not enough, I'm your guy. While this is geared towards Redditors, if you know someone that isn't on Reddit but is also really struggling, shoot me a PM with their info. This is going by honor code for everyone, so square up with your maker on your own time.
If you're trying to get groceries, send me a PM with the title "Groceries, insert borough, insert neighborhood, insert which option"
In order for this to work, I'm going to ask for some assistance from the Reddit community. Due to the limited space of our shop, I am not going to have folks congregate at the business trying to pick up their orders. That being said, I need a couple of Redditors with the means come and pick up the bulk orders, however many of which type that will be, and prepare and segregate the orders off premise. Logistically, this means:
- Someone/s with a vehicle to accommodate and transport o 700lbs of drums, or o 560lbs of quarter chicken legs, or o 455lbs of drums and 70 dozen eggs, or o Most likely some combination of all three - A clean space/location to prepare these orders, ideally commercial - Folks who have a food handling certificate to prepare the orders - Someone/s with a vehicle to accommodate and deliver the orders to whoever needs them
I am asking for volunteers and free labor because I'm broke as shit and I'm unable to make this happen on my own, within my own means, otherwise I wouldn't be asking for assistance in the first place. Volunteers will be provided face masks.
If you’re a MVP and trying to help me out with the pick up, splitting and bagging, delivering, etc., PM with the title Grocery Help, DriveLocation/Food handling (choose whatever role you can fulfill)
I would like to continue being able to do this, so shameless plug: our Venmo is still the same and hasn’t changed @ FourSevenDivisionStreetTrading.
We also now have an IG: 47_Division_Street_Trading_Inc
  1. Free food provided by the city:
For those that give a shit: decided to write this a bit more carefully and not off the cuff as I'm apparently known for because I think it helps to not distract from the actual content. Also cause couple of commenters called me a meth head due to the way I write, which I can't have cause I'm still in the military. Would love to meet privately with said commenters though.
u/SleepyLi seems to be still around reddit being legendary.
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2023.03.19 20:05 RapGamePterodactyl 2022 midterm hot takes revisited: how'd you do?

Thought it would be fun to revisit some hot takes posted here before the 2022 midterms and see how y'all did with your predictions. No shame if you missed the mark, just thought it would be interesting to see how attitudes were here before the actual elections.
Threads used for this:
Spot on:
That most in this thread, are actually engaging in Republican hopium and Nov just isn't gonna go to their best of dreams, or what was in 2021. You can talk platitudes about this or that, how "Fetterman is just x", or X is overated. But sometimes there's a little more backing up those claims then what is actually being witnessed in the environment and electorate. Fetterman might be overrated, if he still didn't maintain an error-proof polling lead, and wasn't packing events, leaving people outside and unable to get in(happened today).
theboyonthetrain calls out the Fetterman doubters and gets validated by his big win.
Republicans are doing amazing in deep blue states. Swing states not so much
Big_Size_2519 gets the dynamics of 2022 correct. Dem underperformances in deep blue states, GOP underperformances in swing states.
Pretty good:
Cuomo scandal, a potential for a divided primary between Hochul, deBlasio, Williams, and Suozzi. A lot of us are also concerned with taxes, covid restrictions, and some of the crime laws here. Could end up as a surprise 9-14pt win.
epicnoober1233 gets NY gov pretty close way back in Jan 2022. Almost spot on except they actually underestimated how close the margin would be.
Control of the house will be determined by under 7 seats
Taprman612 gets pretty close, although not that hot of a take.
There’s a decent chance that Hawaii Governor is likely blue (like D+14)
Zeldin had around a 20% chance of winning New York
Tim Ryan has a better chance at winning Ohio than Don Bolduc has at winning New Hampshire
Although not competitive at all; Brad Little’s margin in Idaho will be 5 to 8% lower than the typical Republican as Ammon Bundy will take 5 to 8% of the vote
Mandela Barnes has a better chance of flipping the Wisconsin Senate seat than Tim Michels has at flipping the Wisconsin Governorship
Way off on Hawaii, but Zeldin did pretty well (although 20% chance was an overstatement), Ryan outperformed Bolduc, Ammon Bundy got 17%, and Barnes got much closer than Michels. Pretty good Kamchatka1905.
Mine is that Adam Laxalt will lose by 2%. He lost by 4% in his last election.
BigHorse1972 was right on result, about 1% off on margin.
Washington: I don't think Washington's senate seat will flip, Patty's approval is still over disapproval and will probably at worst be a 3% margin of difference.
Colorado: I would say the Colorado senate seat and House races are all very vulnerable, with the Senate seat could be decided within 5, even 3 points. I could also see 1-2 Dem CO seats flipping b/c of a more heavy Biden-sceptic voter population there than in Washington.
California: I think many LA area House seats in California are vulnerable and GOP can probably pick up from 2 to even 7, depending how much abortion or inflation might play. I think either the Comptroller or the other finance-related seat will be very close and could be picked up by the GOP in a 51-48 kinda race
Minnesota: At least 1 seat will probably flip, both state legislatures will probably go GOP and I think the Governors race will be decided in a lean margin, perhaps closer to 1 than 4 especially with a strong 3rd party. Could even be a flip if the third party PLUS a very weak Walz performance blows Dems up.
Maryland: I think Dems could end up fighting tooth and nail for the governors' race even if Hogan isn't on the ballot. Similar conditions to 2014 when MD elected a GOP governor and perhaps financially-oriented dem voters will either stay home or vote for the GOP candidate. I don't think it's flippable entirely for now, but definitely can end up being within 1-5%.
New York: I think Chuck Schumer will not win more than 60-62%, especially if Dems direct Senate inaction to him (which he ~55-65% deserves). It could end up being 57-38. Governor wise I think Hochul will still end up finding difficulties against Zeldin even if he's a Trump-nominee. Probably the flopping gun regulation laws and growing N/S NY divide will have her win by closer, if not less than 15%. I can definitely see her only winning ~3-4 counties above the NYC area.
Too GOP-optimistic for WA/CO/MN/MD. GOP did do better than expected in CA and NY, with Schumer actually getting 57% as predicted. Deleted user (shame shame).
My hot take is that the republicans will still win. I think the house will be very close but I think the senate will go democratic. I don’t think Tim Ryan will win at all, at best he loses by 9 points. Marco Rubio’s election won’t be cakewalk but it won’t be as narrow as polls show. I think Alaska was a fluke and that in November it’ll flip back Republican although I hope I get proven wrong on this one. Also I think Grassley will win by a smaller margin than usual, it will still be a landslide tho.
House/Senate predictions correct, but Rubio's election was indeed a cakewalk and Alaska wasn't a fluke RealJimyCarter.
I think Florida is gonna be very close, under 3% for both governor and senate.
On the flip side I feel the New York governor race is gonna be under 15. I don’t think Houchle or whatever is very strong
Horrible misses for FL, spot on for NY. Deleted user though.
Wisconsin won't be above 1.5% either way in either race.
New Mexico has a higher chance to be likely blue than to flip red.
Betsy Johnson will win more Republicans than Democrats. If you actually look at her political positions, she's pretty conservative.
Illinois and New York aren't going to have competitive governor races. Period.
North Carolina will be closer than New Hampshire.
Kentucky will vote to the left of Indiana.
But for my real core-of-the-sun take, DeSantis won't win by more than 5 points.
WI, NY, KY/IN, and FL takes were wrong. NM, IL, NC were pretty good. Mixed marks Doc_ET.
Ryan will loose by 10.5%
kingllama10 has the right result, but Ryan only lost by 7%.
1) Polarization will make Mastriano and Dixon do much better than expected. I think Shapiro and Whitmer will win by like 2-3% rather than the likely margins some are expecting. Remember PA is a state Biden won by 1.2% and MI by 3%. For these states to be likely D, Shapiro and Whitmer would either have to flip some Trump voters or GOP turnout would have to decrease significantly.
2) Kemp will push Walker over the edge and Walker will narrowly lead the first round over Warnock, but Warnock will scrape by in the runoff by a very slim margin.
3) Ohio Senate will be Likely R, but Vance will slightly underperform Trump. The polls suggested Ohio would be near even in 2020 and Trump still won by 8.
4) Pennsylvania Senate will be decided by a tilt margin and could go either way
5) McMullin will lose by at least 15. Trump won Utah by 21 points in 2020, and I can't see that many Trump voters flipping for McMullin. McMullin couldn't even beat out Hillary in 2016.
6) Oregon governor will go Democrat regardless, and Washington Senate will not be competitive
ncpolitics1994 got Georgia almost right (Warnock wins in runoff but by a decent margin and leads in first round), Ohio Senate pretty spot on, and Oregon/Washington correct. Massive whiff on both Pennsylvania races and MI-GOV, smaller miss on Utah.
1.) Both Brian Kemp and Raphael Warnock will manage to narrowly avoid runoff's (more likely Kemp but I think (and hope) both will).
2.) Adam Laxalt and Joe Lombardo will win Nevada by around 1-1.5%. Additionally a Republican will manage to win one of the lean d Nevada house races (likely district 3).
3.) Mark Kelly will win by 2-3% while Kari Lake will win by 1-.5%.
4.) Laura Kelly and Tina Kotek will manage to win their closely contested governor races in Kansas and Oregon.
5.) John Fetterman will win in Pennsylvania by between 1-3 %. Thus securing a technical Democrat majority in the senate (50-50) although effectively allowing Sinema and Manchin to continue being the Kingmakers in Washington.
6.) Ron Johnson and Tim Michels will win close races in Wisconsin. Personally I have a hard time seeing Johnson and Evers win considering how similar the polls have looked in the state. (Let me know if y'all agree)
Awkward_Concern8027 was pretty close. Misses were Lake, Michels, and Laxalt. But got a lot of winners correct and was decently close on margins.
Mark Ronchetti will win.
Gretchen Whitmer will win by a similar margin as she did in 2018.
Ohio won't be very competitive and JD Vance will come very close to matching Trump's performance.
nhdtx gets MI and OH pretty close but big miss on NM.
Thinking Wisconsin or North Carolina or Florida go blue is coping. Same with Ohio.
Republicans will win the House with at least 240 seats.
Drazan has a good shot at Oregon.
Right about WI/NC/FL/OH but WI was close enough that a Dem prediction wasn't really coping. Drazan had a shot but lost, and way off on House numbers.
Oopsie woopsie I made a fucky wucky:
Nevada will probably be within 10
Idaho will be safe R
Fetterman might not actually win by 400 points
Florida won’t be safe R
John Kerry probably won’t win a write in campaign in Arkansas
leafbou tried to make a meme post but still didn't predict Rubio and Desantis winning by safe margins.
Wisconsin Senate will vote to the right of Ohio senate
Betsy Johnson beats both Drazan and Kotek
Nope and nope Tribal-Goofy95.
Shapiro isn't a lock to beat Mastriano. Pennsylvania is a Biden +1.2 state, and Biden's approval has collapsed since then. The anti-Biden energy and national environment will likely make this race extremely close, and I think it will be within 2 points.
This is going to be a very close one, and it's Shapiro's race to lose. And arguably, he's the stronger part of the Democrat ticket in PA. Fetterman is a progressive, in a year that is bad for Democrats and worse for progressives in a swing state. His last statewide race was on Tom Wolffe's coattails in a blue wave year. Supposedly he has a lot of appeal to the white, rural working class, but thus far he's completely untested in that regard. Pwning Oz for living in New Jersey will not be enough.
Big oof ncpolitics1994 and TheAngryObserver. Turns out it was not a very close one.
Not enough people are paying attention to AK-Gov. It has the potential to be very close with Bill Walker running again.
Doc_ET predicts a close race, but Dunleavy wins before the runoff with Walker finishing in third.
Fettermans gonna lose
No context, just making this sub mad that a career politician that looks cool will lose
He’s literally just a progressive who last won in 2018, which doesn’t prove much. This sub keeps saying “he has the wholesome wwc appeal!!!” But never explain why he has it. I currently have it as tilt R, but it’ll be really close.
Shamefully deleted user and Different-Trainer-21 did not believe in the Fetterman hype.
I think Warnock is gonna lose to Walker.
Another deleted user. Shame!
DeSantis will win by like 3-4 points. People act like he’s some sort of electoral juggernaut when in reality he struggled to win back in 2018 besides the fact that Desantis isn’t really THAT popular outside of Daytona.
Nope RealJimyCarter.
Barnes will win by 1% and im going to get slaughtered for this but dems win 219 in the house
I wish progout1.
John Fetterman is very overrated. I don’t know where this Fetterman hype train came from, but he is just the average basement dweller Bernie bro. Assuming he does win, he’ll probably just lose in 2028.
Uncut_Pasta1 thinks Fetterman is overrated, but he ends up winning by 5% in an open senate seat in a swing state. We can revisit the second part of this in 2028.
Yeah, Laxalt lost by 4 in a blue wave year where Dems won the Generic Ballot by 8.6%. The fact that Nevada only shifted left by 1.6% instead of 6.5% (the amount the NPV shifted to the left) in a big blue wave tells me that he is actually a really strong candidate.
Anyway, one of my hot takes is Kari Lake wins by 3 and Oz wins narrowly, although that last one is subject to change.
ThatBeatleFanatic misses every single result here. Tony Snell type of numbers.
Mandela Barnes will win and progressives will do great
Sorry ctnfpiognm :(
Ohio will vote to the right of Florida and Arizona will vote to the right of Nevada.
Oopsie TheAngryObserver.
Mastriano outruns Oz
I can see why this person deleted their account.
I have a bad feeling that DeSantis will lose given that he might have gone too right, too soon.
DeSantis has introduce a bill to ban Professional-Dot6472 from Florida for excessive wokeness.
People think “Vermont is strong democratic state in national elections so it has to be on the state level”
That’s wrong, in a year trump lost by 36% Scott Milne only lost by 7.2%
And he’s running for the senate against Peter Welch, so he definitely has a small small chance, he’s came close to governor in 2014 losing by 2k votes, and even did good against a popular leahy in 2016
While he will still lose, I have him at 21% loss, it’s not gonna be a huge win for dems
Welch won by 40% and that dude didn't run.
Arizona Senate will be lean Republican. Kelly has lost the most in polling among suburban voters out of any of the "competitive" senate races and Arizona is naturally a conservative-tinted state. Kelly has a 95% Biden voting record and Mark Brnovich is a very good nominee and Blake Masters is a decent nominee. With it being a Democrat midterm with Joe Biden being decently deep in approval and not really bringing anything to Arizonans (more so suit to Kelly than Biden), it doesn't look good.
SunBeltPolitics whiffed on sun belt politics. Masters was a pretty bad candidate and Kelly won comfortably.
One I think Masters will be a stronger option compared to Brnovich, the wave year will naturally sway Maricopa suburbs back towards the GOP, the real question is getting the base to turnout and Masters will be stronger in that regard
downnice also likes Blake Masters.
So I was reading this Politico piece from earlier this week about how Washington Senator Patty Murray's already spending over $1M in her reelection campaign against Washington state Senator Tiffany Smiley who seems to be a great candidate, as well as the Democrats'(failed) attempt to elevate election deniers in Colorado. That to me indicates that they are seriously worried about those races and I was just thinking about what races in blue states that may be competitive are flying under the radar because of the state's electoral history.
That article definitely got my attention because following the money is the easiest way to see which states the respective party apparati are concerned about. If they're worried about Washington and it ends up being competitive, there is a much better likelihood Republicans can get to the 54-56 range. It'll be a heavier lift to win that race and I don't see it likely because of its partisan and ideological lean but there are usually 1 or 2 surprises every wave year so it's not out of the question.
AustisticHistoryLover thinks something is brewing for Tiffany Smiley.
MN Gov: Tim Walz is definitely a favorite, although I could see this race getting closer
CT Gov: from what I’ve seen Stafanowski has moderated since 2018, and gubernatorial races in this state are always close for whatever reason
OH Senate: JD Vance has essentially stopped campaigning, and Tim Ryan has good ads
CO Senate: Mark Udall was seen as a heavy favorite to win re-election back in early 2013, but he ended up losing in 2014 to Cory Gardner as the wave grew in size. I could potentially see the same thing happening to Michael Bennet, although the chance of that happening is very small
RyanAKA2Late misses in both directions here, as none of these races were super competitive.
Random states that could potentially become competitive:
Missouri Senate - Greitens + strong third party performance could cause a tight race
Oklahoma Governor - not the most popular governor in a generally competitive seat
Ohio Senate - strong campaigning by Ryan could cause this to become tighter than we expect
Minnesota Governor - depends on size of wave + third party performance
Florida Governor - weird fucking state, very pro-choice, tends to not follow wave years
I doubt these flip, but they’re just ideas.
DoAFlip22, not to be outdone, also misses every race.
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2023.03.13 21:20 Limp-Ad-9833 Connecticut: corruption thrives in a one-party state

Connecticut: corruption thrives in a one-party state

"Government accountability means that public officials... have an obligation to explain their decisions and actions to the citizens. Government accountability is achieved through .... ensure that public officials remain answerable and accessible to the people they serve. In the absence of such mechanisms, corruption may thrive."
— U.S. Department of State
This article is non-partisan, aiming to gender equality across U.S. In one-party Connecticut, by deleting / fabricating evidence, Gov. Ned's Board diverts million public fund each year to crony and crony's fabricated-evidence-lawyers.
1. Ned-regime-crony's total abuse amounts to billion in 50 years
CT Great-Assembly-appointed watchdog agencies referred a male crony Fabrice Baudoin ( "the subject") at University of Connecticut (UConn) to CT democratic party leaders ( AG , Gov. Ned).
(1) Name---- Without the rule of law, privileged class rules
  • the subject: Fabrice Baudoin, a privileged aristocrat at UConn, professional incapability, cannot do exercises in elementary textbooks
  • Female W: Jing Wang, Baudoin's travel companion
  • Jeana Vatamanelu: Baudoin's wife, beneficiary of nepotism. zero publication
  • Female C: Li Chen, Baudoin's travel companion,
The subject's travel companions can be illuminated by the citation "Each city has their own professional sex workers that keep clients entertained. That is the main goal behind any travel companion too."
(2) Fabrice Baudoin's crimes include, but not limited to,
  • teacher-student sexual misconducts
Baudoin went sightseeing with Female W (France, Japan, China, etc.) , and sightseeing with/for Female C (Mexico, Germany, China, etc.) 15 more times, as in this list
  • poison the minds of our next generation
Baudoin's plagiarism
  • perpetuate slavery and servitude, and spawn injustice.
The unqualified hire of Baudoin's zero-publication wife V and below-par travel escort C as the kids' teacher is a serious encroachment of taxpayers' money and is an egregious breach of public trust.
None of these is illegal at CT, because
2. Connecticut is run by one-party, which defangs civilian oversight over gov't
(1) One-party gov't inevitably leads to dictatorship, exploitation and purges of all who say one word against its cronies.
All anti-corruption instruments can become invalid and incapacitated, if AG and Governor are from the same party. For this reasons, more than 33 neighboring states free anti-corruption prosecutors from partisan control by setting up independent prosecutors:
At Connecticut (CT), one single party has controlled house, senate and governor's office for nearly 20 years, and has monopolized AG position for nearly 80 years .
CT Dems leader Ned Non-partisan
a. FOIA log falsify don't falsify
b. FOI request deny don't deny
c. scam implement no
d. evidence delete/falsify honest
e. public attack protect
f. education bad policies good policies
g. inflation high low
h. crime rate high low
i. open gov't ban welcome
j. war love war hate war
  • a. FOIA log : Ned-UConn Board (Ned-Board) fabricates all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) logs about Baudoin. This leads to asymmetric information and adverse selection for elections to fail
  • b. FOIA request : Ned-Board denies / delays all FOIA requests about Baudoin. To deny a request about Baudoin's funds, Ned-Board claims that Baudoin has no research fund. By now, no public members have ever received a single FOIA email about Baudoin.
  • c. scam: Ned-Board deceives whomever it can deceives. By pretending to punish Baudoin, Ned Board obtained the evidence. For ten more times, the public prohibited Ned-Board from using any information. However, Ned-Board insists on requiring CT working families to pay ‘kleptocracy rent’ to crony Fabrice Baudoin ( see UConn file EP 33).
  • d. evidence: Ned-Board deletes / fabricates whatever its can reach. For example, Ned-Boar deletes Baudoin's evidence, and fabricates a status for Chen, which makes Ned-Tong regime the kleptocracy beacon of American**.** In file EP 33, Ned-Board repeats 11 times a lie like "Li Chen was department chair's supervisee".. To shield liability, Gov. Ned has never signed UConn Board's perjury
  • e. public : Ned-Board attacks 6 more times anyone who criticizes Baudoin, in UConn file EP 33
  • f. education: More than 100 media outlets have condemned current education policy (google search result of "tenure abolish"). The education policy not only discriminates against working class and non-tenured teachers, but also extorts monopoly rent from working class. This impedes competition which is the only method of improving the quality of teaching .
  • g. inflation: Firstly, more than 30 media outlets condemn UConn's salary, which is the highest in the US. UConn presidents got as high as 0.9 million each year . Baudoin's personal salary is 4 times as high as a math professor's salary in states governed by other parties. Secondly, every corner of UConn reeks of nepotism and cronyism. In UConn file EP 33, Ned-Board celebrates the unqualified hire of zero-publication (low-publication) women for Baudoin.
  • h. crimes rate: As a result of unregulated and unrestricted monopoly (CT one-party gov't) , Ned-Board wastes million each year on hiring UConn lawyers to delete / fabricate documents for Baudoin. Similar to CT Democrats leaders (e.g. Gov. Ned), federal Democrats leaders ( Biden) also displays high impunity.
This impunity benefits the few, at the expense of the many. This impunity is the vehicle that ensures the continuity of the crimes
  • i. citizen oversight over gov't: CT gov't requires taxpayers to pay at least 12 million each year to collect misconduct accusations. These information usually cost whistleblowers their lives and careers. CT gov't uses these information to collude with predators and to delete / fabricate evidence. Media outlets condemn CT Democratic senator, house and AG Tong , for their secrecy law which conceals their long-lasting impunity and bans citizens from reviewing these misconduct accusations
  • j. war: Biden wastes several billions on ukraine war
(2) Media finds that CT Dems create Secrecy Laws to deliberately shield decision-makers (e.g. Governor, AG ) from liability and make civilian oversight completely impossible .
In such states as Pennsylvania (PA) and New York (NYC), public corruption cases are reported to the public. In such states as Louisiana (LA), chief prosecutors put their signatures in reports, and open the reports in website for public scrutiny.
In contrast, CT gov't achieves kleptocracy via legal devices :
  • CT corruption law, which exempts governor (AG) from reporting public corruption case to public
  • CT FOIA , which hides unpublish corruption case from public forever
  • secrecy provisions and laws, which block civilian oversight over misconduct accusations. See below link about AG's secrecy provision
Media criticism:
CT citizens neither discern corruption, nor know government's ban of civilian oversight. Most CT people successively vote for politicians who pass secrecy laws. This is adverse selection under information asymmetry.
(3) Big money & power have hijacked CT justice system.
In states where Governor and AG sit in opposing parties, AG and Governor can balance and sue each other.
However, in one-party CT, Gov. Ned is AG William Tong's biggest donor at the public's expense. On 2022, Gov. Ned allocated $968,435.00 public fund to sponsor AG Tong's election.
AG William Tong is either unwilling or unable to stop Ned-Board from fabricating evidence in Fabrice Baudoin's case. All Ned-Board's corruption has to be paid by increasing tuition fee and tax.
3. Victims in the Fabrice Baudoin case are woefully uninformed
⑴ Taxpayers and all public members: The subject is a cancer that eats society's organs, and is violating Your Constitutional Rights ! The abuse fund is Your tax money, via NSF and department of education. Through his multi-directional and systematic crimes, the subject distorts public policies, derails government accountability, demotivates other employees, and depletes public resource.
(2) Students: Baudoin's original degree is in mathematical finance. Baudoin seldom distributes solutions to students in his courses. Instead, he lures others to do exercises for him. The kids are not being afforded the quality education that they deserve and require.
(3) Employees: Public fund and private assets have been exclusively and illegitimately converted into the subject's pecuniary and sexual gains. This will destroy other employees' morale and lead to institutional decay.
(4) Scientists: Baudoin used fabricated projects to steal results from other employees. Many scientists at UConn and around the world have become Baudoin plagiarism’s victims.
(5) Other victims . Being atrocious and greedy, the subject fabricates various items to swindle/ bully innocent victims to suicide attempt. In the absence of hotline method, nobody knows the exact number of victims. The victims don't speak up because they feel shame, fear of getting in trouble, or avoid stigma/labels. The victims hold on to the pain in silence and might have been engulfed.
For example, using fabricated projects, the subject caused an innocent victim's periodic paralysis. Specifically, the victim was in severe pain and had difficulty in carrying out daily activities such as getting up from a chair, sitting down and walking.
4. Ned-Board-kleptocracy is a recurring pattern and a systematic risk
Media finds that CT permanent majority-party is famous for cronyism, which is exactly kleptocracy
"Democrats, who have long dominated the government and come to do whatever they please, granting all kinds of lucrative goodies, jobs, lavish contracts, even bloated lifetime pensions, to cronies."
The above cronyism is partially achieved by UConn whitewash system, which is CT government's machine. UConn-Board categorizes employees into the privileged aristocrats (e.g. the subject) and ordinary employees. Ordinary employees, who are accused of committing crimes, receive harsh penalties, while the privileged aristocrats (e.g. the subject) are insulated from the consequences of violating law.
  • case 1: the attorneys (Christine Cieplinski ) who fight the corrupt privileged class are purged, while the individuals who whitewash the privileged class are elevated. UConn Board racketeering is captured in this below article
  • case 2: A typical victim can be found at google search result of "UConn sexual". ​
The above mentioned cases and the subject's case are manipulated by similar Ned-UConn-lawyers. In fact, UConn whitewash system has been detected by such media as Yankee Institute, nbcconnecticut, wtnh, wfsb*,* etc.
UConn privileged class' victims are exponentially increasing . UConn privileged class' crimes can make witnesses (or victims) feel humiliated and overwhelmed with shame. Most witnesses (or victims) would rather suffer in silence than bear the embarrassment of reporting crimes to UConn rulers. Only a tiny fraction of witnesses (or victims) , for the purpose of preventing the privileged class ( predators) from ruining more public members, divulge their experiences to the rulers. These witnesses (or victims) usually view Ned-UConn lawyers as the most trustworthy and respectable persons in the world.
However, as long as the witnesses (or victims) are weak, Ned-UConn-lawyers delete the UConn privilege class' criminal evidence. According to a newspaper, Daily Campus, "only 3.75% was investigated. All were found not guilty".
5. A plan to fix law loopholes
American democracy rests on the faith in "government by laws, and not by men" . Convert "one-party secret gov't " into "civilian oversight & Open gov't "
(1) Make public-agency-whitewash-system an impeachable offense for gov't officials ( e.g. Governor, AG) . In UConn file EP 33, Governor Ned's UConn Board proudly declares that sending a female student to travel with fabrice baudoin can further university reputation and enhance the productivity of university community. As such, UConn trustees ( including Gov. Ned ) should send their own daughters to stay night with Fabrice Baudoin.
(2) Establish an agency to check / discipline /impeach gov't officials (e.g. Governor, AG, their party leaders) without relying on senatohouse .
(3) Abolish all secrecy provisions / laws about public corruption cases ( e.g. Senate Bill 1154). Require gov't officials ( e.g. Governor, AG ) to publicly justify impunity .
(4) Extend FOIA to all gov't officials (e.g. Governor, AG). Enforce broad transparency requirements for all gov't activities .
(5) Create zero-cost election and free AG from partisan control. Allocate minimum election infrastructures to AG candidates, who swear to clean corruption, to the extent of suing Governor . Minimum election infrastructures include but not limited to : a link in government's homepage, a 12-month website where a candidate can publish policy and chat with supporters online, email notification to all citizens, media propaganda, etc.
Detrimental impact of one-party gov't:
In summary, time to take power away from the privileged class in CT one-party gov't and put it back where it belongs — in the hands of the people. Meanwhile, I wish more public members provide Fabrice Baudoin’s criminal evidence to CT AG and watchdogs
submitted by Limp-Ad-9833 to u/Limp-Ad-9833 [link] [comments]

2023.03.13 01:54 8wise HOPE HAS BEEN RESTORED

Intended Major(s): Finance/Economics
Standardized Testing
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Competitive 5-month long program at BB Investment Bank
  2. Summer internship at another BB Investment Bank
  3. Captain/Member of Varsity sports team, helped raise over 7k (4yrs)
  4. ManageAssistant Coach of Girls Varsity sports team (2yrs)
  5. NHS Secretary helped raise over $500 (2yrs)
  6. Summer Business competition, Won 3rd Place
  7. Family Tutor (4yrs)
  8. Summer Marketing Internship with ride share startup
  9. Participated in a month-long mental health research study at T30 university
  10. Accepted into both Fly-in Programs at UPenn
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Accepted into a nationally recognized internship program
  2. African American National Recognition Program
  3. NHS 2x
  4. Certifications in two 3D/2D modeling software programs
  5. Won 1st place for an event in a city-wide swim competition
  6. Certified Lifeguard and CPFirst Aid
Letters of Recommendation
  1. AP Lit teacheDE Professor wrote a 2pg rec letter (10/10)
  2. AP Physics 1 (7/10)
  3. Coach knows me personally (9/10)
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2023.03.12 14:05 smilemore11 Im guilty of doing my job..

Im guilty of doing my job.. submitted by smilemore11 to UberEatsDrivers [link] [comments]

2023.02.28 08:04 bheretta Can the Irs keep $1700 extra that I don’t owe them from garnishing my state tax return plus what they took from my federal return ?

Can the Irs keep $1700 extra that I don’t owe them from garnishing my state tax return plus what they took from my federal return ? submitted by bheretta to u/bheretta [link] [comments]

2023.02.17 19:59 Free-Challenge-9741 Bushwick, CA - talking about the techies planning to californicate the hood

The whole post about las abuelas pooping on the streets got me thinking y'all. Knowing that gentrification is nothing new and that will most likely increase in the upcoming years. Why don't we take advantage of the new comers privilege and affluence ? Why don't we help create better conditions for the disenfranchised Latinx immigrant community in Bushwick ?
I mean, it's obvious that the neighborhood has been neglected by the city for decades. We deserve better. We- the techies, finance jocks, Queers, the artists, immigrants, yuppies and others, deserve a better place to live and thrive.
So- I noticed that bike/pedestrian only streets are becoming more common around Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn. Doing some googling, I found a NYC DOT program called Open Streets ( One of those streets is Willoughby Street, it's closed to cars from Fort Greene Park to Classon Av right at the Clinton Hill/ Bed- Stuy border. It turns out the application to get on the program has to be backed up by a community organization of sorts.
I bike from Downtown Brooklyn pretty often. And I see many cyclists taking the Willoughby open street stretch which also includes a bike lane. The ride through Clinton Hill is smooth and pleasant. You know that you crossed into Bed-Stuy at Classon Av because all bike lanes are blocked by trucks, etc. Then you notice you got into Bushwick when the road gets bumpy and the traffic becomes unruly.
We deserve better.
Does anyone know any organization able to sponsor the application to extend the Willoughby open street permit from Classon Av (Bed-Stuy) to Central Av (Bushwick) ? Does anyone have another idea for a potential new Open Street for Bushwick?
Happy to take more suggestions for organizations helping mitigate the consequences of gentrification, red-lining, racism affecting the Bushwick communities.

submitted by Free-Challenge-9741 to Bushwick [link] [comments]

2023.01.27 20:10 theoneandonlythomas US Transit is More Expensive Than Driving Including Externalities and Subsidies

Transit is more expensive externalities included
The 2015 cost of Transit is roughly 71 cents per passenger mile averaged -
Buses are 1.08 dollars per passenger mile, Heavy Rail is 49 cents per passenger mile, commuter rail is 50 cents per passenger mile, hybrid rail is 93 cents per passenger mile, bus Rapid Transit is 80 cents per passenger mile, commuter buses are 62 cents per passenger mile, and light rail is 77 cents per passenger mile.
Amtrak in 2019 spent 3.5 billion dollars to move 6.4 billion passenger miles. Or roughly 54 cents per passenger mile. Amtrak is not technically transit, but it's similar.
A 2006 study puts the cost of automobile externalities at roughly 8.8 cents per vehicle mile. Considering externalities for cars and not transit is not really fair because transit has externalities too, but there no studies or data calculating it. Study Here:
I use this to adjust for inflation
So Roughly 13 cents per vehicle mile in externalities.
If we assume that roads are 100 percent subsidized (not really true, some per capita vehicle expenditures go to roads, but they are funded in a weird sort of way), they cost roughly 621 dollars for every 10,000 vehicle miles, which is roughly 0.06 cents per vehicle mile -
The Average American Spends 4,800 dollars on vehicle related expenditures.
The Average American travels 14,263 vehicle miles
This is roughly 34 cents per vehicle mile.
Per vehicle mile driving is roughly 53 cents per vehicle mile, externalities included and assuming a 100 percent road subsidy and assuming no externalities for transit.
The Average American car has an occupancy 1.5 persons per vehicle
The unsubsidized cost of driving is roughly 35 cents per passenger mile.
By comparison Transit in Japan is almost universally profitable from fares. The Tokyo Monorail, for example, charges 500 yen for its highest fare over the full distance of train, which is roughly 3.85 over a distance of 11.1 miles, which is roughly 35 cents per passenger mile, and it does this while making a profit. The Monorail has lower fares available as well.
By comparison New York City, where Transit is heavily utilized, spends 50 cents per passenger mile on the subway, while charging 35 cents per passenger mile. By comparison the London Underground costs 43 cents per passenger mile to run.
It's not simply a problem of ridership, even in New York where ridership is high, the operating costs are inflated relative to other parts of the world.
New York to Paterson Jitney fares cost roughly 6 dollars over 22 miles of distance, which is roughly 27 cents per passenger mile, while making a profit.
Bus operating costs are largely inflated by inefficient union work rules and other inefficiencies
"Existing evidence suggests that transit contracting can provide services at costs 10 to 50 percent below public agency cost levels"
The NYC subway and other NY trains have inflated operating costs due to practices like having conductors. NY also spends 4 - 5 times as much on track maintenance as Paris due to Union work rules.
Caltrain maintains not only conductors, but the position of "assistant" conductors
Amtrak (While not technically transit), uses roughly 45 employees per Long Distance train and 5 per short distance train, neither of which is a particularly great
According to Wendell Cox, both transit and Amtrak have seen a 50% or more decline in per worker productivity compared to private sector predecessors.
I would emphasize this is not an argument against transit itself, but that the economics of American transit is so piss poor that driving is more cost effective externalities included and assuming a 100 percent road subsidy. American Transit has a cost effectiveness problem. Transit in America is largely an exercise in value destruction.
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2023.01.06 02:05 TeachCrafty3098 [NYC] how to check TCO status for new development

I signed a new construction condo back in Q1 2022. The initial proposed closing date is in Oct 22, but the sponsor keeps pushing back the closing. I asked my agent to check in for the status on a weekly basis and each week I heard the TCO is anticipated to a later time.
I tried to search for the TCO status using the DOB now but I don’t really understand the status. For anyone who has knowledge of this website, could you help me with questions below?
Really appreciate it if anyone could help with these questions. I am really panic. My interest rate lock is about to expire and it will increase each week and there’s still no clear anticipated date from the sponsor. Due to multiple push backs, I don’t really believe the sponsor at this moment and I am trying to see if there’s anything I can find online.
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2023.01.01 14:58 Infinite-Cell-1788 Looking Forward (Final Draft)

Looking Forwards

America has a ton of problems with its government, its economy, and just in general. We are the richest nation in the whole world, yet we have the 10th highest homeless population and some of if not the worst healthcare out of any developed nation. How can the so-called "Greatest Nation in The World" show such incompetence in caring for its citizens? I propose what I believe an "Ideal America" should look like as well as possible ways to achieve it.
What My Ideology is About
My Ideal America and the ideology espoused are based on 3 basic tenets; Acceptance, Advancement, and Altruism
ACCEPTANCE: Acceptance of everyone in this society irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and culture. If people accept each other as who we are rather than discriminate, the world would be a way better place.
ADVANCEMENT: We should all work together to advance ourselves and our society, we should all support intellectual pursuits, like the sciences, the arts, as well as, the humanities, and multiple cultures/countries and their histories. We could also support discoveries in any of these intellectual pursuits as well.
ALTRUISM: Our species tend to have a lot of hatred in their hearts for each other, but we also have a lot in common, and some of us need to realize that. We should help our fellow humans a lot more. The disenfranchised, the mentally ill, as well as many more people that need a helping hand.
My Ideal Government
The government of this "Ideal America" would be a true democracy instead of this duopoly we have currently. It would be a blend of liquid democracy and ranked-choice voting, meaning that citizens would have the choice to vote directly on policy issues or delegate their vote to a representative, and in this "Ideal America," if you go the representative route, you can rank candidates from your most favorite to your least favorite.
Reasons for Liquid Democracy
Reasons for Ranked Choice Voting
Its Culture
My Ideal Society would advocate multiculturalism, environmentalism, and acceptance as well. My Ideal Society would preach a gospel of solidarity and cooperation rather than a gospel of prosperity and competition. Though there will be a good amount of individuals that would resist this.
Its Economy
The economy would primarily be a Nordic-style welfare state that supports robust and extensive welfare programs to ensure the safety and happiness of the people. Another aspect of this economy would be the Land Value Tax which is a tax on the value of the land without any regard to any buildings, property, and land development happening on that land. Not only that, most if not all businesses in America would be workers' cooperatives, which would give workers more control. One last characteristic of this economy would be the nationalization of all industries.
Reasons for Nordic Model
Reasons for Land Value Tax
Reasons for Workers' Co-ops
Reasons for Nationalization of Industries
Its Penal System
Another thing that is quite important to mention is how my ideal America deals with criminals, to be honest, I think the prison system should be more focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment, drugs should also be decriminalized and mental health institutes should be funded more. Also, prisoners should vote after release, as voting is a right, and there is no reason to keep on punishing ex-cons if they did their time. Prison should be a place of learning and redemption, not a place of torment and punishment.
Its Policing
My Ideal America would have radically different policing from that of the police in current America. That would include but not be limited to; the elimination of qualified immunity, improve the standards of training and de-escalation, addressing the wellness of officers and restructuring of civilian payouts for police misconduct, as well as making changes to the contracts of the Fraternal Order of Police and make changes to police culture.
How to Achieve an Ideal America
It's great to talk about what a better society would look like, but how would it be achieved? In this paragraph, I set out to answer that question. One thing I noticed in both the political left and right is the "Reform vs Revolution" debate, which method is more effective? My answer is that both are effective methods, as proven throughout history, and both can be used to make a change in our current society. Both can be used in tandem to promote even more change in our country. On the reformist side of things, you pick a progressive cause to fight for (Medicare for All, Black Lives Matter, Pro-choice, etc), write to legislators and politicians about those causes, and get involved in local politics by attending town halls and city council meetings, support candidates/parties that support your progressive causes (The Green Party, The DSA are good places to start). Also, remember this, you aren't alone, there are others with similar views, find and work with them. Now on the more revolutionary side, I suggest reaching out to your community through mutual aid (Community Fridges, Child Care Collectives, Doula Programs, etc), as well as participating in protests that represent your causes, joining political organizations that align with your beliefs is also a major help (BLM, DSA, IWW are some you could look into), and if you are currently working, you can join or start a trade union and participate in workers strikes to meet your demands in the workplace. Social Media is also a great way to spread change, for example, I have been working on a discord server to discuss and spread ideas, as well as organize. Making change takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes you may not live long enough to see the results, but when you succeed, the world will be a better place, and your children will thank you.
In conclusion, I hope to have inspired and informed. To have inspired others to build a better world. To have informed others of how flawed America truly is. To the people that have read this, thank you for reading, and I hope you took something from this essay.
Organizations to look at (for students)
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2022.12.19 04:32 ChiefValue Ultimate Ick, $NYC Trades At 8% of Book

Ultimate Ick, $NYC Trades At 8% of Book
NYC REIT is a left for dead REIT. They have abused shareholders and it is likely that they have engaged in shareholder suppression. Management won a proxy battle recently and maintains control over the business.
NYC has a debt wall coming due in 2026 and has no FCF. FFO is relatively flat and there is a small cash burn. The business operates in commercial real estate in New York where WFH and shifting consumer housing tastes have impacted the real estate market. They own 8 properties, of which one of the renters is a “I <3 New York” gift shop. One of the largest shareholders is Nicholas Schorsch, a businessman with a mixed past that has seen claims of fraudulent reporting.
I am long NYC. Here is why.
Book Value = $330m
Mkt Cap = $25m
Manhattan real estate
Unless giant operating changes are made, which I do not foresee, the sale of the properties or a takeover offer will be sought out over the next 3 years.
If we assume a conservative liquidation value of $280m, the stock could be a 10x. I don’t seem to be the only one who thinks this either.

Insider Buys
What is the angle Mr. Schorsch? A proxy fight led to most of the $12 range buying but the $3.16/sh purchase seems curious.
So, I bet he is eyeing the stock at $1.85/sh, as am I.
Fraud is Immoral but Immorality is Not Fraud
A Seeking Alpha article written by a finance professor claims NYC is undervalued but engaged in immoral abuses of shareholders. I recommend reading this article if this investment is intriguing to you. You can find it here
Keeping it short, here is how this scam goes.
I IPO a REIT. I sell my ownership stake at $30/sh. I structure the company in a way where it is difficult for shareholders to get their way. You must be part of the club. We run the business in a mediocre manner and eventually suspend the dividend. A big no-no for REITs. We tell shareholders to scram. While they scram, they sell their shares. You go from a market cap of $180m in 2020 to a mkt cap of $28m by 2022.
We got lucky though! Covid exacerbated the negativity around our real estate. A classic example of a short-term headwind causing overreactions. Now we have a market sell off! Perfect!
Let’s begin accumulating some discounted shares. We might even call up our friend Mr. Not-Schorsch and tell him that we have a fire sale going on over here. (I am not accusing anyone of fraud, I am simply speculating for fun!).
We are now putting our properties up for sale! Liquidate those assets and dump our debt. We may be left with $300m+ in cash on a mkt cap of $25m. Even using extraordinarily conservative estimates, we make out like bandits. Worst case scenario we start asking around at some large REITs who are much larger than us that we would like to sell ourselves to you for a premium!
We dish cash out to shareholders, which by this point is largely made up of management and insiders. Great work fellas!
Simply put, we sell at $30 and then buy it back at $1.85.
To be clear, there is a possibility that fraud is being committed here. However, nothing I have read in the 10-K or other analyst reports suggest anything concrete. What they are doing is not illegal, just immoral. Anything that is illegal is not exactly easy to prove.
Bad management is not illegal. An outsider not being allowed to accumulate over 5% of the company is not illegal. Suspending the dividend and selling all your assets is not illegal.
This story has a few fun factors that make me feel more confident about my analysis. Shall we?
Mr. Nick Schorsch, the Self-Made Real Estate Mogul
Nick was the target of an SEC report in 2019 regarding some scrupulous activities in 2013.
Federal securities laws blah blah fines blah blah finished in 2021. Hey, we all accidentally break the rules and pay millions in fines sometimes. Does Nick have a good track record? Depends on how we measure it. If we measure by the SEC investigation the answer is no. If we measure by his history of success in Real Estate, then yes.
The 13-D filing that goes by Bellevue Capital is just part of a web that is just AR Capital. Same people in the SEC report. Most people hear SEC, fines, material misstatements and 13-D, and then want nothing to do with the security. As famed investor Martin Shkreli has shown, doing fraudulent or illegal things does not make someone an idiot.
Here are a few highlights of Nicholas,
“Mr. Schorsch has executed in excess of 1,000 acquisitions, acquiring both businesses and real estate with transactional value of approximately $5 billion.”
“Mr. Schorsch served as President of a nonferrous metal product manufacturing business, Thermal Reduction, where he successfully built the business through mergers and acquisitions”
“Mr. Schorsch has over 20 years of real estate experience. He was dubbed the “Banker’s Landlord” by The Philadelphia Inquirer, and is the recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 Award for the greater Philadelphia area, and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year2011 Lifetime Achievement Award for real estate. He currently serves on NAREIT’s Public Non-Listed REIT Council (PNLR) and on the Investment Program Association (IPA) board.”
Some of these titles are outdated but the point stands, he is no dummy.
A Special Situation
The average sq ft value of Manhattan RE is $889. If we apply this to NYC sqft of 1.2m we get $1.06B. RE assets measured at cost are written down on the latest 10-Q of $850m. While the avg is just that, it is interesting to think that book value may be $100m higher. This would amount to 4x the market cap. This brings us to a 16x potential. Wow. Ok let’s say I am way off.
Book value Undervaluation
$300m 12x
$250m 10x
$150m 6x
$100m 4x
Obviously, even leaving a large room for error, a $25m mkt cap is just not correct.
Birds of A Feather
Speculation! I hear your cries. Allow me to prove my speculation with a little bit of digging. I look where few dare to go nowadays…. SEC filings!
The 13-D filings show some interesting things. Especially “AR Global”.


That is not our Nicholas! That’s a Jr.! The resemblance is uncanny!
Allow me to explain. Schorsch Sr. started American Realty Capital. AR Global is not the same as AR Capital. Schorsch Sr. hired Weil to work at AR Capital. Weil later goes on to be the CEO at AR Global. He hires Schorsch Jr. and stacks up NYC REIT with AR Global interests. They IPO, take the cash from the raise. Drop share value from $30 to $1.85 and then have Schorsch Sr. come in and go on a buying spree.
Schorsch Sr. is not part of management. This may clear him of certain purchasing restrictions and scrutiny. While Schorsch purchased shares as a soldier in a proxy war, his September purchase of $2m worth of shares is notable.
According to a 10-K filing and the 10-Q share count change, most of the $2m was bought from newly issued shares. So that they could use the funds for business purposes. HA! No, they issued new shares so as not to rustle any feathers. If you buy shares created just for you? Well, you get it.
It could be the case that AR Global is using NYC as a piggy bank and Schorsch Sr. is simply accumulating shares to prevent any takeover. However, it begs the question why?
Why not keep NYC REIT private?
Why do almost everything possible to chase capital away?
I believe what we are seeing here is a set up to IPO at $30 and accumulate much cheaper. A cash grab from shareholders.
You effectively sell your company at $180m and then buy it back at $25m. Where does the $155m go? Ask AR Global.
As for me? I didn’t commit this maneuver, but I sure can profit from it. A permanent capital loss at this valuation seems unlikely. They might just continue to abuse shareholders and issue new stock, but the significant stake from Schorsch seems to signal something else. I see this as an asymmetric upside potential. I suspect to see Schorsch continue to accumulate. He will most likely take his time as to not raise too many alarms.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that the most anyone can invest in the company is up to 5%. Which amounts to about $1.2m at the current mkt cap. This makes it harder and harder the worse and worse the market treats it. No intuitional buyers can fit into a $1.2m position.
I have a long position in the stock. This is not investment advice. I am not accusing anyone of fraudulent or illegal activities.
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2022.12.12 08:08 ruKawin Thursday, 8th December 2022

Thursday, 8th December 2022
The Daily Spin. Little Friday Edition. Consensys issues statement regarding their privacy policy, kind of in the same vein as the CCP issued a statement clarifying their COVID-zero policy. The first hyper-realism metaverse launch of the Everdome Mars Mission is live, check it out to join their journey! Altcoins poised to rally, Twitter coin is all but announced. Multichain wallet BitKeep has launched with Wallet Connect, renBTC running out of runway, Aave acquires a web3 social gaming app to expand Lens Protocol. SEC vs. Ripple present summary findings to the court, both accusing each other of violations in due process. Meta threatens US Congress, Trump Org is found guilty of tax evasion, Vitalik just now realizes the potential for crypto to be money …here is our round-up of curated news and opinions (surely biased) from the world of Blockchain, keeping you informed of the most trending, in-the-know, and controversial topics. In the name of transparent, information dissemination to keep you curious, inspired, and clinically sane…
Ongoings at Coinweb
Coinweb to Participate in the Benzinga Future of Crypto Conference, Dec 7 in NYC
World Blockchain Summit, Dec 8-9 (Bangkok)
Latest Video Release: How Elon Musk Can Save Twitter with Crypto (4mins)
It’s OK to Meetup Bangkok 2022, Nov 27 (Bangkok)
Crypto AM Summit and Awards, Nov 23-24 (London)
“Understanding the Great Crypto Tradeoff” by Toby Gilbert
“The Time is Now for Blockchain” article on Times of Malta
Toby’s full presentation at Token2049-London
Cryptomanran (CryptoBanter) comes by Coinweb booth at Token2049
Digital Assets Week, Nov 15-16 Toby joins “Tech for Institutional Grade Digital Assets” Panel with R3 and State Street
Overlay Networks in Blockchain” thread published by Kawin on Twitter
Coinweb Fireside Chat Series, “Happy Halloweb3” Oct 27 (Bangkok) Panel Discussion Audio Recording Feat. Coinbase, Binance, and McKinsey (47mins):

On the Radar
PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2022 (Public Voting Dec 1-29)
Benzingas Future of Crypto Conference, Dec 7 (New York)
RadFi2022, Dec 8 (Virtual) Polygon Guild Meetup, Dec 8 (Bangkok)
World Blockchain Summit, Dec 8-9 (Bangkok)
xWorlds MetaversX, Dec 10 (Virtual) Gam3 Awards, Dec 15 (Virtual)
World Crypto Conference, Jan 13-15 (Zurich)
European Blockchain Convention, Feb 15-17 (Barcelona) Interop Summit, Feb 20-22 (Miami)

On the Block(chain)
Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya Calls FTX Implosion a Sophisticated Con Perpetrated on Millions of People
ConsenSys Says It Does Not Sell Any MetaMask User Data, Plans To Store It for Only Seven Days
IOHK Executive Says Cardano (ADA) and Crypto in the Dot Com Stage of Development
The Everdome Mars Mission Launches From Hatta Today at 1 p.m. UTC (Metaverse-Hyperrealism)
Litecoin (LTC), Apecoin (APE) and One DeFi Altcoin Looking Ripe for Rallies, According to Popular Crypto Analyst
'Twitter Coin' hints unveiled by tech sleuth

Competitive Landscape
Multichain Wallet BitKeep Has Officially Connected to WalletConnect 2.0
UnUniFi Protocol Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Round To Build the First Decentralized Cross-Chain NFTFi Platform With Auto DeFi Yield
Polkadot-Based DeFi Network Surges by More Than 80% Amid the Launch of a New Notification Feature
Governor Note: Ren Protocol Running Out of Runway
Aave acquires web3 social gaming app Sonar to expand Lens Protocol

DCENTRAL Is Bringing Its Legendary Web 3.0 Conferences to Asia, Starting in Vietnam
Ripple, SEC Final Briefs Provide Case Summary
Meta has threatened to pull all news from Facebook in the US if an 'ill-considered' bill that would compel it to pay publishers passes
Stock Market Selloff Intensifies: Dow Falls 350 Points After Big Bank CEO Warns Of ‘Bumpy Times Ahead’
Trump Organization Found Guilty Of Tax Fraud At Trial
Chinese government-linked hackers stole millions in COVID funds

Thought Leadership
2022: The Year Institutions Moved Into Crypto
Report of Investigation Pursuant to Section 21(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934: The DAO
Vitalik Buterin - The Meaning of Decentralization
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2022.12.01 12:03 remote-enthusiast List of 90 remote jobs published recently

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2022.11.24 20:20 Bluewolf1983 [YOLO Update] (No Longer) Going All In On Steel (+🏴‍☠️) Update #40. $ATVI Positions Update, $ATVI Regulatory Update, and Market Outlook Update As Of Late November 2022.

[YOLO Update] (No Longer) Going All In On Steel (+🏴‍☠️) Update #40. $ATVI Positions Update, $ATVI Regulatory Update, and Market Outlook Update As Of Late November 2022.

Background And General Update

Previous posts:
Over the past 23 days, things have changed rapidly. The tech bubble has continued to burst with $AMZN and $META joining the layoff wagon. We are up to over 120,000 layoffs in tech for this year which I've read is now above the last "dot-com bubble" in 2000/2001. This has soured my outlook for 2023 as that will negatively impact growth and has me concerned for my own career stability.
Beyond the accelerating meltdown for tech, there have been a great deal of new information on the $MSFT buyout of $ATVI. I wasn't intending to post until the end of the month but I figured I'd do an update now with the recent Politico FTC article and transparency of my thinking on my portfolio.
For the usual disclaimer, the following is not financial advice and I could be wrong about anything in this post. This is just my thought process for how I am playing my personal investment portfolio. As a new additional disclaimer, I am employed by Microsoft as a low level peon and have no inside information nor does my career benefit from the $ATVI buyout. These are my personal individual thoughts (opinions my own) and I do not speak for the company. This disclaimer is just to take anything I do write with a grain of salt as I could have unconscious bias.

$ATVI: Positions Update After Heavy Trimming

  • Cost basis: $246,699.38
  • Potential profit: $230,800.62
  • Potential return potential: 93.56%
Fidelity Taxable Account - Remainder of $ATVI positions.
This will be a long section due to all of the developments since my last post. As mentioned then, I didn't sell anything until after the EU phase 1 anti-trust review completed. As expected, that went to a phase 2 review with that release being here. There is a great Youtube series that has been covering this deal that I linked to previously and will continue to do so as they go over that phase 2 announcement here.
So why did I end up trimming my position in the previous couple of days? My personal views of the deal closing dropped from 80/20 to 50/50. I'll go over why I view the odds as having decreased shortly. The market had been melting up on what I view as pure insanity as I've soured on my 2023 outlook and $ATVI had been going up with this rally. If the market eventually returns back to reality, $ATVI would follow a market move downward. Furthermore, I outlined last time that I fully expected the FTC to try to block the deal and it seemed like people were playing the opposite short term (ie. they were expecting the FTC to approve the deal). As the stock was higher based on unrealistic market expectations, it seemed like trimming was prudent.
Lastly is just my own increasing worries about the tech downturn. When I graduated college shortly after the initial tech bubble burst, it took over 175 applications to get my first job despite being at the top of my graduating class in technology (random non-prestigious state college that I could afford). To be clear: this would have been more but finding entry level job postings were slim pickings. I didn't limit it by location and was willing to take literally anything. I ended up being the second choice candidate for a position in NYC that would have paid only $30,000 a year and would have required me to relocate states. I did luckily end up getting a job paying $36,000 a year in a location that didn't have that insane cost of living but finding that job in my field was never guaranteed.
For 2008/2009, I actually switched jobs during that time. During the first week at the new position, my immediate colleagues had to attend a meeting I wasn't invited to. I got to watch everyone who wasn't in that meeting on my floor be escorted out as they were laid off. I was spared as I hadn't been included on any lists when they made these decisions due to having just been hired. I actually reached out to my manager at my previous place of employment and switched back to there within a month as I felt I'd be much more secure riding things out there in a rapidly collapsing tech market again. That meant giving up my new salary for my old salary - but it ended up being the correct choice as the economic situation did worsen. That other company had several more rounds of layoffs after that first one I had the displeasure of watching in person.
As human beings, we are molded by our life experiences. Being old enough to have experienced those tech pullbacks has me much more risk adverse. I've experienced downturns that weren't a "V" recovery like the COVID drop. The sudden acceleration of layoffs from major tech companies made me want to have a "recession war chest". The worst case scenario I decided I needed to avoid was:
  • Paying taxes on my short term capital gains this year ($120,000+).
  • Then lose all of my money next year on the $ATVI bet. USA tax laws only allow a $3,000 deduction again normal, non-investment taxes per year.
  • Get hit part of a later layoff wave. Those in the initial waves now can still find jobs yet - that isn't guaranteed when layoff wave 2 or 3 hit for these companies (should they occur).
With those parameters, to go over that trimming more explicitly:
  • My Fidelity taxable account was set to "Last In, First Out" for tax purposes. (One can also specify specific tax lots when selling positions). What exists in Fidelity now was obtained in late January or February and thus was the best positioned for "long term capital gains".
  • Robinhood forces "first in, first out" that means I can't trim without selling my earliest positions first. I also worry about Robinhood's long term viability. I'd guess recovering one's positions if they went under would be highly likely but I've done zero research on it. Regardless, my tax situation would be a mess to figure out then and I'd rather just end the account this year to have a clean break. So I closed everything here.
  • My Fidelity IRA doesn't benefit from "long term capital gains". So if I expect the stock to drop, it just made sense to sell out there into the current rally.

$ATVI: Regulatory Developments

EU Regulatory Tweet
Now we go into why my view of the deal completing has been souring. As mentioned in the positions update, the EU regulators went to phase 2 that wasn't unexpected. What was surprising was a tweet from a high level EU regulator insider stating:
The Commission is working to ensure that you will still be able to play Call of Duty on other consoles (including my Playstation). Also on our to do list: update stock pictures. These gamers have wired controllers whereas Xbox and Playstation have wireless ones since about 2006!
That seemed to reveal that a decision had been made that Call of Duty must remain on Playstation as an agency goal. They later clarified that they aren't on the actual committee making that decision:
To clarify: I am not involved in the assessment of the merger and don't even work in the department dealing with mergers. As is clear from my profile my comments are personal and not a Commission position, whose decision will be taken on the basis of the facts and the law.
However, as they were previously an official spokesperson for EU antitrust that often tweeted out official EU antitrust positions and only recently changed their role, it does make one wonder what they might know of the current review process. This is gone over the following blog posts [1] and [2] as well as another [Youtube video]. This is a relatively minor thing but worth noting.
NY Times Article: Can Big Tech Get Bigger? Microsoft Presses Governments to Say Yes
I view there being three main points to this with the first being an offer to Sony for 10 years of access to Call of Duty:
Microsoft said that on Nov. 11 it offered Sony a 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Sony declined to comment on the offer.
The second is an account that indicates the FTC might be skeptical of anything Microsoft might be saying. This bodes badly to coming to an agreement if the FTC believes Microsoft won't keep their promises.
Last month, Mr. Shelton met with Ms. Khan and praised Microsoft’s commitment to remain neutral in union campaigns and said the deal should be approved.
“The F.T.C. told me, ‘A lot of companies promise lots of things, then they never keep their promises,’” he recalled. He said he told the agency that the agreement was rock solid, and in writing.
A spokesman for the F.T.C. said agency officials had offered no opinions on the deal or the labor agreement in the meeting.
The last thing should have made the Politico piece released yesterday to not be a surprise. I was shocked that $ATVI didn't react and yet still was going up after this last bit that indicated an impending legal challenge:
And in a sign that the F.T.C. may be building a legal challenge to the deal, two people said it had recently asked other companies about offering sworn statements to lay out their concerns.
UK CMA publishes Sony Position:
This was written after the initial CMA phase 1 decision and the initial response to that decision by $MSFT. This has three main pieces that I see that both reduced my personal outlook of the $MSFT buyout of $ATVI. The first is that Sony makes it clear that they believe no concessions are adequate to ensure they are still able to compete if the deal is allowed. This cements that Sony will fight this deal tooth-and-nail as this is the final quote of their conclusion:
The only way to preserve robust competition and protect consumers and independent developers is to ensure that Activision remains independently owned and controlled.
The second is that it emphasizes that any contractual guarantee by Microsoft shouldn't be considered. I'm unsure of how this argument keeps being used as it makes zero sense to me personally. Microsoft isn't known for breaking its contracts and doing such would undoubtably damage their non-gaming interests. The quote here is:
Microsoft's second argument on ToH1 is that Microsoft has "offered Sony a contractual commitment to keep supplying it with Call of Duty, including new releases with feature and content parity" (Microsoft, para 1.3(e)). But no contractual protections can ever provide proper protections against a foreclosure strategy, and this is why the CMA's Guidelines emphasis that the CMA should "not ... place material weight on contractual protections" in a foreclosure case.
The last and most major is that every section now includes "Playstation Plus". One section is titled the following: "Microsoft Has Not Committed To Continue Making Call of Duty Available On PlayStation and PlayStation Plus". This indicates Sony wants a commitment to make $ATVI games available on PlayStation Plus. Regulators have stated in Phase 1 concerns that streaming services are something they are looking at. As it stands right now:
  • Sony invests less money into Playstation Plus. Sony are on the record stating Sony will not add AAA titles to PS Plus on day one. This is a secondary product distribution model to them compared to the normal "buy to play". In my opinion, this differs from Xbox appearing to try to make it their subscription service their primary distribution model that includes making games available day 1 there.
  • I believe no $ATVI games are available on their PlayStation Plus now.
  • There are games that are exclusively on PlayStation Plus and games exclusively on Xbox Gamepass. These include games that are available on one subscription service and then only available for sale on the other platform.
Regulators might want a guarantee that if Call of Duty is on Gamepass than Microsoft should make it available on Playstation Plus. In my opinion, this is insane given the above, but I no longer consider this demand outside the realm of possibility. Requiring Microsoft to spend a ton of money acquiring $ATVI and forcing distribution on a platform not designed for "day 1 AAA releases" could be a deal breaker. From my personal viewpoint, I'd think it just makes more sense to let the deal fail from regulator action, pay the deal breakup fee, and then just directly buy franchises to be exclusive to Xbox like Sony does now that regulators have zero problem with. Any cost benefit to having the studio in-house vs external could no longer exist with this demand.
Microsoft Response To Sony's Response:
This is a 111 page response I'm not going to go over here in detail. Thus far, it has primarily been Brazil to accept these types of counter arguments while other regulators remain skeptical about. (Brazil approved it based on Microsoft's arguments. Regulatory comments from the USA, UK, and EU haven't ever used anything from these responses to show they support some aspect of the deal as a potential positive).
Politico Article: Feds likely to challenge Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision takeover
This shouldn't be a surprise after the NY Times article but it appears to be one to the market. This isn't really any more concrete as it uses terms like "likely" and "could" with no final decision having been made yet. The exact quote:
A lawsuit challenging the deal is not guaranteed, and the FTC’s four commissioners have yet to vote out a complaint or meet with lawyers for the companies, two of the people said. However, the FTC staff reviewing the deal are skeptical of the companies’ arguments, those people said.
Regardless, it does look like the FTC isn't going to just approve the deal. For what a lawsuit would do to the timeline of the deal:
The companies have until July next year to close the deal without renegotiating the agreement. An administrative lawsuit filed later this year or in January would be unlikely to be resolved by July, and could potentially force the companies to abandon the deal.
There is some possibility that this is all being done to get a consent decree from Microsoft. Hoeg Law (who does the Youtube videos I've linked to) has the following to say on it (direct link):
Yeah, I just can’t tell on “likely”. Remember that in general to get to a consent decree level, the FTC is going to prepare a complaint or suit as part of that process.
What would satisfy the FTC to avoid the case actually being filed? That is the big unknown. From the previous section, I've become worried it might include demands that wouldn't make sense for Microsoft to agree with. In that case, it likely goes to court where I do personally feel the FTC would lose.
The issue of the court outcome is one of timing though: if I'm pessimistic about the outlook for tech for 2023, this dragging on could have Microsoft giving up the fight at some point. Then the deal is blocked by the FTC and the deal breakup fee is paid. This outcome risk was outlined in my last YOLO post and has increased since then.
Netease and Blizzard Split: Blizzard Entertainment and Netease Suspending Game Services In China
Details are scant on what is going here and it is outside of the scope of what I want to cover. It is unlikely that they plan to leave China forever but I don't think anyone knows what happened here.
It does relate to this deal in a minor fashion in that Microsoft likely either had to approve or know about this ahead of time. The [Youtube Video] set the timestamp for how it could relate to the merge agreement commitments. Essentially there is a section to preserve current relationships with entities like licensors and licensees. That language could indicate $ATVI would need to have let Microsoft know ahead of time about the move and they didn't reject it.
Extra Bit: FTC Argument Against $META's Acquisition Of "Within Unlimited"
This just further outlines the changing anti-trust landscape. Lots of new arguments are being tried with this one being:
The FTC said that the acquisition would keep the tech giant from entering the space through homegrown tech, denying consumers the benefit of adding another competitor to the market.
Despite VR fitness being an extremely tiny nascent market and despite there being very limited barriers of entry (I could code up a VR fitness app myself and release it without issue), the FTC is determined to stop that deal. It isn't related to $MSFT buyout of $ATVI but just illustrates how against corporate acquisitions the general world environment has become.
$ATVI Conclusions
My personal view of the deal's odds have decreased to 50/50. The last statement by Hoeg Law (those videos I linked to) have it at 65/35. Had $ATVI continued to go up with this current rally, it was likely I would have sold out of my position with my soured outlook.
As it stands, I don't know what I will do going forward with what remains. If $ATVI crashes on Friday, then the odds likely make it worthwhile to hold. I might even re-add some as the payout amount increases (since things are a ratio of risk / reward). After all, $ATVI as a company has been doing well recently and thus does have a floor as a standalone entity. I'm more likely to add shares over options in this case though.
As mentioned in my posts, this deal has never been free money. These negative developments showcase how a situation can start to deteriorate quickly when playing arbitrage opportunities.

$TSM: Goodbye To My 2025 LEAPs

Turns out $TSM was indeed undervalued as Warren Buffet took a large stake in the company that has put it above $80 a share. It is insane to me that a companies market cap could increase that much just because of a single investor.
Sadly, I sold out before that announcement and subsequent jump. Why? I had yet to sell any of my $ATVI stake at that point and decided to cash in on the small 2025 LEAPs I held to give me extra cash for the large tax bill I was facing. My outlook was just starting to sour from the new layoff announcements and it didn't make sense to hold the LEAPs if I felt stocks would go lower in 2023. So while this was a correct fundamental valuation call, I only make around 30% on the play rather than the 100%+ I could have been up today. ><

Overall Conclusions

I'd normally do an account update but there isn't a whole lot changed to balanced there. My $ATVI positions were sold for about even, I lost $10k playing $QCOM earnings, but made around $20k on other smaller bets + $TSM. My remaining $ATVI positions will likely be fairly red on Friday. So something like $340k up for year with the $247k cost basis $ATVI position open. I'll save the account balances for the year end update post on where things stand.
My perspective on 2023 is more bearish due to my life experiences and my field. It could easily be overpowering what reality actually is as other segments of the economy do remain strong (especially travel). This is me writing about my own portfolio though where my personal outlook and risk tolerance will affect things though. This also means I don't currently plan more normal positions outside of arbitrage opportunities until sometime in 2023 at this point right now.
Hopefully this was an interesting read! Feel free to comment if I'm wrong or missed anything in this update. Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it and take care!
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2022.11.10 17:41 SchwartzapfelLawyers New York Amputation Lawyers

Thousands of people experience the amputation of one or more limbs each year. Amputation can be a difficult injury to experience and recover from – especially since medical bills for these injuries can be too much for an average person’s finances to bear.
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Amputation injuries involve the removal or loss of a distinct body part such as a finger, foot, hand, arm, or leg. They may be caused directly due to accidents or become medically necessary due to other injuries, like major blunt force trauma, severely broken bones, or severe burns.
Amputation may also be a viable option in treating other injuries, stemming blood loss, and/or preventing the spread of infection to the rest of the body.
According to Ohio State University, approximately 2 million people in the U.S. are currently living with limb loss. Primary causes of living with an amputation include: vascular disease, trauma, and cancer. Note: Each year roughly 185,000 amputations occur in the U.S.
Amputation injuries can negatively impact an individual’s life long after the events that caused them. For example, losing a leg requires the individual to:
In addition to causing physical harms, amputation injuries can be stressful mentally in ways that other harms may not be. This, in turn, can increase the pain experienced by an accident victim. It may also lead to them recovering more in damages from a negligent party, especially if that party was behaving maliciously or egregiously at the time of the accident.


Unfortunately, people can suffer amputations from any number of causes.


Accidents are among the most common causes of amputations, both at the time of the initial injury and later on through surgery. For example, an auto accident may cause severe trauma to an individual’s arm or leg. Later, medical experts surgically amputate the damaged limb to prevent blood clots or blood loss or to prevent infection from setting in elsewhere.
Many different types of accidents can cause or lead to amputations, including:

Medical Negligence

However, amputations may also be necessary due to medical negligence. If a medical professional does not provide adequate patient care, they could risk their patient’s health. In some circumstances, this could cause the patient to be forced to lose a limb.
For instance, a doctor may botch a reparative surgery designed to restore the use of an injured arm. Their mistake, driven by negligence, then causes the arm to become infected. This necessitates amputation of the arm later, leading to even more negative experiences and financial strain for the patient.

Defective Product

Defective products, such as automobiles, heavy machinery, or household items, may also lead to severe injuries and potentially amputations. Medications that cause health complications also qualify as defective products.
For example, a medication that inhibits blood circulation, resulting in tissue death in one or more limbs, is a defective product. If it causes amputation, the victim may have grounds for a product liability lawsuit against the medication creator.
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Personal Injury

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For instance, if you are involved in an auto accident and the other driver was texting while driving, they may be found liable for the injuries you sustained. If, then, you lose a limb because of those injuries, you may have grounds to claim damages to cover your medical costs (and potentially seek punitive damages as well).
Personal injury cases can also involve circumstances like slipping and falling, taking medication that leads to blood circulation problems, construction site accidents, and beyond. Technically, any case in which you are injured due to another party’s negligence is a personal injury case. Your case, however, might be more specifically defined based on its facts.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawsuits typically involve suing an individual medical practitioneprofessional or medical facility for negligence. As in the above example, you may have grounds to sue a surgeon who botches a medical procedure that leads to a medically necessary amputation.
You may also have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit if a medical professional has made any one of the following mistakes:

Workers’ Compensation

If you or a loved one are injured while at work, you could have grounds for a workers’ compensation lawsuit if that accident results in serious injuries and medical complications. For instance, a construction worker whose arm gets trapped in heavy machinery due to a lack of proper safety gear may be able to sue their employer or insurance company for compensation.
Workers’ compensation lawsuits are more common and necessary if your employer’s insurance company tries to avoid paying for your medical bills and associated costs. In New York State, all employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Still, companies may attempt to avoid making these payments by:


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2022.11.07 19:41 krazyforlove Boss says I'm too "stoic" and "don't show enough emotion." I feel like I can't win in the workforce.

I work in a very high-conflict field. We are competing against competing firms. There is high government intervention. Think big NYC finance.
When I first started, I was the quintessential "nice girl." I was friendly, even with the competition. In turn, I was often tricked by the competition, who lied. They bullied me and tried to intimidate me. I was even disrespected by own [female] boss who interrupted me during my presentation to tell me to go back on subject. There just was no respect. There was also the factor of my youth too.
About 2 years, I switched firms. I slowly became a bit aggressive. I fought fire with fire. This also caused me problems. I ran into a very competitive and slimy competitor who couldn't lose to a rookie. She lied. Sent nasty emails. I asked my [male] boss to make a report to her firm. He would not. I asked to make a complaint to the government. He said no. Eventually, one day, I blew a fuse and retaliated with a nasty email. Cheating competitor filed a complaint to my company. HR wrote me up. Unsure how much weight boss had in it, but likely very little since this was higher up.
When I talked to my co-worker about the issues with the other competition, she for some reason presumed I was the aggressor of the fight with the competition.
I just ended deciding that fighting with aggression was not my thing, especially if people would unfairly presume I was the aggressor.
This was also the time when I started my journey and stopped people pleasing. I started learning to set boundaries.
I then developed a more "stoic" approach. I just wasn't dealing with it anymore. So, for example, when a bitch co-worker (a bitch to everyone) sent me a nasty email, I wasn't dealing with it. I filed a complaint to HR. I then sent her an email telling her I didn't believe further contact between us was required and I wished her the best with her cases and future endeavors. Basically, leave me the fuck alone. Same with cheating competitors. I didn't flinch to file complaints to the gov. I stopped giving a fuck.
I finally feel comfortable. Problems other people have, I don't have. I don't have to deal with difficult people anymore. It feels great.
My boss got promoted. My co-worker got his position and became my new boss. She is bubbly, sweet. We are the same age. I was one of her biggest supporters when she got the managing position.
She does call a little too much for things that could easily be an email. One day I asked for leave and got approved leave for the afternoon to go to a therapy session. She called me during leave to call into a meeting. I had just finished a heavy session and was annoyed and it probably came through.
That and an incident a few weeks ago. She called and asked if I wanted to help out with a department that was short staffed. I said of course. But when we got on the phone with the head of the other department, the job I was called to do was not what boss had told me. It was like customer service. I explained it wasn't what I thought I was signing up for. I was direct in that I didn't want to do that line of job. (I didn't say this to them but it is because I'm too overqualified. And the company is already paying less than competitors).
I spoke to boss about it in person the next day. It was fine.
Other than that, I thought everything was fine.
I was very in shock at my performance evaluation. I exceed expectations in the quality of my work. But I got a "meets expectation" for my attitude. I previously got "outstanding" by my other boss the two years before. I didn't understand what was wrong.
She just said my voice was very "monotone" when she calls. It sounds like I don't want to be bothered. I send one word reply emails like "yes" and "no" to clients (I have an automatic signature below the email). In our line of work, her letters always end with "please call if you have any questions" while mine just say "please mail me the missing amount within 15 days."
I'm too stoic and don't show enough emotion sometimes.
I like my co-workers and overall, show that. I am not so stoic with them.
My overall performance evaluation was "exceeds expectations" though.
I cried during the evaluation.
She said doesn't want me to change who I am. But just wants me to show some more emotion. I explained this was my coping mechanism in how I deal with conflict.
I just feel like I finally don't have to deal with disrespect and drama. I feel like I am being told to change who I am. I am being told to be fake.
I feel I can't win. If I'm nice, I am walked over. If I am aggressive, I am punished. If I am stoic, I don't show enough emotion.
More info: My evaluation was "outstanding" the last two years by my previous boss. The highest grade it can get. It technically went down to "exceeds expectation" this year, but to be fair, my workload substantially dropped the last 3 months. Although, the first 6 months of the year, I was managing the heaviest workload of my unit.
Yes, I was overall happy at the job.
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2022.10.22 16:55 benjaminnyc Why have I been put on some "list"?

I appreciate in advance any ideas as to what's going on. Here is the situation.
I am a natural-born US citizen who has lived his whole life in NYC. One year ago, I moved full-time to Mexico City. For work, I travel back to various locations in the US two to four times per month, i.e. weekly or every other week. I have Global Entry, and have had it since ~2010. I recently renewed in 2021 with no issues. I have never been "caught" by C&I bringing anything back I shouldn't have, or not declaring anything. I have never been arrested, in the US nor elsewhere. I have never been charged or convicted of a crime, except maybe three speeding tickets in 30 years.
Until about month ago, my trips have been smooth. No issues with security or Global Entry. Starting about a month ago, I was unable to check in online for my flight from Mexico City. At the airport, I received SSSS on my boarding pass. No big deal, short check at the gate. Upon arrival to my US port of entry, I got an X on my GE slip and was directed for an "agriculture check." The agent asked me my business, which has absolutely nothing to do with agriculture and asked if I'd been on farm, which I had not. He said, "sorry, my manager want to generate extra work," x-rayed my bags, and send me on my way.
I didn't think much of this, but the exact same scenario has happened the last three trips:
I have no issue with random/intelligent extra checks. However, it seems I've been added to some "watch list" for agriculture? I am a finance/business person with no connection to agriculture. I realize that someone traveling weekly from Mexico City to different places in the US could be suspicious, but is that all it is?
During one of my "agriculture checks", I asked, the officer looked at the screen and said, "oh you've got..." then stopped talking. Said I need to fill in this:
And he refused to say more.
Is this something that just might stop over time? I don't necessarily want to go through the whole Redress process, unless this is going to continue forever. Given my travel, this is pretty inconvenient.
One other point: When I renewed Global Entry, my address was NYC. I cannot find any place on the GE website to change my residence address, only my mailing address. I still want my mail to go to my US mailbox.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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2022.09.23 03:41 Application_Certain EAR to Harvard, what are my odds?

Demographics: Asian Male, Specialized High School, <30k a year, First gen, single mother, NY.
Intended major: finance -> quant/actuary
SAT:1590 800 Reading 790 Math
GPA: 96 at most competitive high school in NYC, no class rank
APs: AP Environmental (5), AP Chem (5), AP World (5), AP Calc BC (5), AP Literature (5), AP USH (4). Also took Multivariable calculus, along with AP French Econ English and Gov this year.
Awards: Second place debater at Pennsbury national debate tournament, Semifinalist at Lexington University’s national tournament, 8th place finish in States tournament, top 8 debater in State.
Won fencing Playoffs as captain/anchor, AP merit scholar, DipABRSM diploma (counts for first year piano performance degree in college).
ECs: Fencing team captain, JV director of debate team, Honor society events committee, Worked two jobs over the summer along with launching my own business with the money I earned which has returned 12k so far, Day trading for two years which has become a source of about $200 a day, book flipping across my neighborhood and eventually state. Tutor for low in come students and my own client base in tennis, debate, and the SAT about 15 hours a week for school weeks.
Common App: Relatively strong, i’m very critical but I think it competes with other top essays. SSR: Counselor loves me, will write an amazing recommendation letter. French teacher 10/10 Multi variable calculus teacher 7/10
EAR Harvard! Wrote this while on the toilet, forgive the messy formatting.
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2022.09.17 16:34 -anonymous-hippo Regex to match Domains - whitelisting not working properly
I'm currently trying to alter a regular expression that matches domains to allow whitelisting of common, not harmful ones (for now "", "", "", "", and ""). It's working fine except that whitelisted domains at the beginning of the string still produce a match. I tried changing the negative lookbehind from ( Here is the current expression:
"(?:[[email protected]:%_\+~#=]{2,256}\.)+(?:(? Some examples that should match:
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