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2023.06.11 03:30 Purtle [PIL] #967 6/10/2023

Purtle's Internet Lineup for June 10th, 2023 9:31pm
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2023.06.11 03:27 bredonhill First Time For Everything.

Host of 5 years, 200 reviews, almost 300 stays, Florida town known for beaches and such. For the first time I got a no-show. Free money!
We deal with snowbirds, weekenders, beach goers, from weekends through month-long stays in season. This particular person was fairly local - from a larger city an hour from here coming to town to see a show at our performing arts center. That was her initial message 6 weeks ago. Then no reponse to our confirmation and no response to the message we send a couple days before arrival. Check-in time comes and goes, the night comes and goes. Not a word through the next day. Two days of radio silence and the reservation was over. Not a peep except the payout be set to my account. Must’ve had a change of plans or something came up for them, but seems weird to not even reach out but I guess them knowing they weren’t getting a refund, why bother?
People are interesting.
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2023.06.11 03:08 Sirhc1995 I'm looking opinions on Orlando's economy compared to other places

I've been browsing this sub for awhile now, using the search function to get whatever answer I need, and I'm quite surprised at the amount of people that hate it there or pressure people into not moving there. I was born in Miami, and spent my entire life in North Carolina, moving back to Florida (Orlando) and I honestly can't get the answers I'm looking for besides hate for rent increases and "We're full" comments.
I'm not saying Orlando or Florida in general is the best place to live, but besides the politics and weather taking some getting used to and not being for everybody, I'm not understanding why it's complained on so bad considering it's not so different than you think. One of biggest complaints I see is the housing/job market.
People are upset that the average 2bdr in Florida is around $1500-$1800 and say that Florida is the worst place to rent or buy from. Dude, that's pretty much everywhere. My rent in NC went from $1700 to $2100 after just a YEAR of staying in my apartment and from what I heard they're due for another increase and I lived in a smaller town, the rent prices in Charlotte were either the same or worse. Before deciding to move to Florida I looked everywhere in NC and unless you stay in some small town in the middle of nowhere where the closest store is about 15 miles away or the flat out hood, you're looking at about $1500 minimum, even for a 1bdr lol. After doing research in the Orlando area the rent prices are either the same or even lower in Orlando compared to NC.
Don't even get me started on traffic, you guys complain about I-4, come take a look at I-77, it's backed up everyday, it's a wreck everyday, and I-85 ALWAYS has some sort of construction going on lol
So now you have a choice, do you continue staying in a city/state you've been your whole life with absolutely nothing to do and dealing with horrible rent increases? Or do you accept a change of scenery in a place that you love where it's tons of things to do daily for the same price or lower? Seriously, the only "Amazing" thing in NC is Carowinds, the nightlife is horrible and on top of it being nearly vacant, there's shootings every night at some club or bar, the art districts are lackluster, shootings there as well, even in the NoDa district, there's barely any events, CIAA was removed from the city because of shootings, theres no water just infinite trees and grass, no beaches unless you go to the abandoned beach on the coast or South Carolina, which are both 3-4 hours away, the weather is absolutely bipolar. One day it's cold, then it's hot, then it's warm, then it's raining, then it's cold again, then its storming, then it's snowing in February and hot in the winter.
I can go on and on but point is, Florida may not be the best place to stay, it has its issues, but its not far off from quite a few other states and even more forgiving in some cases. People complain about the influx of northerners moving to Florida, how do you think we've felt? We're their first stop, Charlotte has been completely overturned with Northerners and it's trying to be an artificial version of NYC. I'm just saying you can't really blame everyone for wanting to move there, it's A LOT better than most places, and a lot cheaper too especially on the east coast lol
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2023.06.11 02:29 JohnDor1980 Brain eating amoeba Florida

Hello, I’m having a complete anxiety meltdown. I’m on vacation in Florida (Orlando in the Disney Area), I have been wearing a nose clip in the shower to prevent the possibility of contracting brain eating amoeba. I just showed and the nose clip fell down a little so it felt not totally closed up as my nostrils are quite large. I tried a test sniff up to make sure I couldn’t breath in but I could. I’m now worried that I’ve forcibly breathed in the water and due to the nose clip pressing down on part of my nostrils it created a tinier channel in my nose for the water to shoot up when I breathed in. I’m asking myself, does all Florida water contain the brain eating amoeba? Does my hotel have a filter which would get rid of any amoeba? Have I by trying to protect myself actually ended up snorting water up my nose which I wouldn’t have even managed to do without a nose clip in the shower. Having a complete meltdown internally as convinced that I might have just given it to myself by my anxious actions. Reaching out for support, because I’m finding it hard to talk about it with anyone and I’m struggling. Thanks.
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2023.06.11 02:20 ThatFireBender Potentially taking a job offer in cary, any less suburban areas around cary you all would recommend to look for housing?

Hello folks. I have a potential job offer to work in Cary. I am considering relocating my family from Florida to the area. I know absolutely nothing about North Carolina or the surrounding areas. Part of the appeal of taking the job offer would be to live in area with less people around. We currently live in an extremely crowded area (Palm Beach County). I would really appreciate if anyone could recommend some areas to look for a home that are a little more rural but still close enough to Cary so the commute isn't too bad. If it helps I would be moving with my wife and two small children. Thank you all for any assistance!
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2023.06.11 02:00 farklinkbot Hotel terror in Mogadishu: Nine dead as terrorists storm beach hotel with guns and bombs in 12 hour siege

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2023.06.11 01:35 polar693 MY MOST LISTENED TO ALBUMS!!

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2023.06.11 00:59 Realistic_Loquat_138 Dubai for 17 days, options?

Hey guys,
So I’ll be visiting Dubai for the first time with my girlfriend. And we are going to stay here for 17 days, and we are staying for a long duration as it’s a mid point in map for both of us to spend time :)
Very excited about Dubai!!
We researched quite a bit about stays, food, activities, etc.
But I wanted to get an opinion of you people as to what are some good options to keep it under budget.
Our preferences:
Accommodation: we saw good hotels (4*) near Bur Dubai for 200 AED/ night So is it good price or we can get more cheaper airbnbs but we also don’t want to stay too far from the beach or downtown too.
Travel: Metro unlimited pass
Food: how are the rates in general for 2 people per day… might also consider cooking if we get any Airbnb
Activities: Desert safari, Burj Khalifa, Museums, Shopping, etc…
So please let us know any tips or things to take care of, and recommendations!!
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2023.06.11 00:56 nhlfanz Voucher expiring on June 30th

Hi there,
So before the pandemic, I got a USD$950 voucher because my flight from Philadelphia to Quebec city was too heavy. They gave me the voucher + a night at the airport hotel and $15 meal voucher. Then covid happened, so they reported 2 times my voucher. Last year, I had to buy a flight to not lose the amount so I bought a cheap one way ticket within the US for $80 and I did not use it. So the balance on my voucher is now US$870.
The problem is that since I am flying from Canada, it does have a transit or 2 in the US making flights very long or very expensive. I am still not able to confirm my vacation period at work and if I did buy a flight ticket, I would need to reserve over the phone and then send the voucher by mail to Texas so they can apply it and then charge me the extra or reissue a new voucher with the remaining.
I wanted to go to Lisbon, but YUL to LIS goes through London, fine. But the way back is estimated at like 56 hours or even a 20 hour option is like CAD$4000!
Would it be a problem if I bought another cheap flight, would I be flagged for the 2 no shows? What do you guys recommend? Can I use the voucher to book with another airline in the One world alliance or it has to be AA ? I guess the later right.
THank you
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2023.06.11 00:54 KyreRoen Curious Details #8: The Aqua-Zip

Curious Details #8: The Aqua-Zip
The Aqua-Zip feels like a dream -- as in it exists, I've used it, and every now and then I remember my sims own two of them for "His and Hers"-styled public disturbances. Yet still the Aqua Zip fades from memory the moment I cease to consider the fact we have swimmable areas in post-Sulani worlds where other features (regardless of their frequency of use) have more "tangible" triggers -- The fish trap, for instance, has the Fishing skill, which links back to my sims' aquariums and the need for plasma packs (it can also be a viable source of Sulani's 'Buried Treasure' collectibles). The Outrigger Canoe is similarly used for fishing, but is also one of the few non-coffin means of repose for a vampire with the 'Sleep Of The Undead' weakness. It's a shame, really, because outside of the Fun motive and music-based moodlets (for both preferences and general proximity thereto), the Aqua-Zip is almost hot tub levels of "frivolous luxury item a sim owns because what else are they going to do with their ludicrous amounts of simoleons?".
That said, the reason I compare it to the hot tub, specifically, is due to the fact that under the hood there's actually a little bevy of features that both sound good on paper and look cool in practice, even though they ultimately fail to be a consistent draw.
The adventure starts with the iLand Beach Shax, a high-tech piece of equipment camouflaged with wooden planks on three sides. Afterwards, sims can select from Fishing skill books, fish traps, lounge chairs and float loungers, beach towels, island-exclusive fruits and roots, and two aquatic vehicles: the Outrigger Canoe, and the Aqua-Zip.
A technological marvel in the world of beach supply vending, with eye-catching colours and kid-friendly imagery.
Whilst the Outrigger Canoe is pretty simple; just "buy and try", the Aqua-Zip is somewhat more involved. Firstly, there are two versions available:
  • One in a simplistic blue, with white trim ($2,100)
For the everyman who just wants to go from A to Sea.
  • One with a "Shark in water" motif ($2,500)
For the those who like to live dangerously.
Though these colours can be switched in Build/Buy, and both versions are of the same item, there's a reason the latter costs a bit more -- Whilst in a sim's inventory, the option for "Add-Ons" can be selected, allowing for the vehicle's alteration. Unlike most things in TS4, these alterations aren't done using the Handiness skill, but rather are paid for, similar to the 'Sheeps-In-A-Pod Sleeping Pod' from Get Famous and the rocket ships from the basegame. Alongside other features that act as "upgrades", there is an option to "Change Paint Pattern...", which will change the current swatch to one of 14 options for a fee.
  • The 7 basic colours with white trim cost $200 each.
    • Pink
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Black
    • Green
    • White
Aqua Rangers, assemble!
  • The 7 artistic motifs cost $300 each.
    • Tribal
    • Racing
    • Shark
    • Clownfish
    • Abstract
    • Pastel
    • Polka Dot
For only $100 more, you too can be \"fancy\".
These are not one-time purchases one can do to have them all available for free, and will need to be paid for each change/change back. Now as for why the Shark costs $400 more (and not $300) is beyond my comprehension, as one would be better off paying the $2,100, then adding the shark motif for a total of $2,400.
Moving on to the other micro-trans- I mean "Add-ons"...
Streamers, lights, music, flames, and fireworks... sounds more like the makings of a live concert, than vehicle additions.
On the "cheap" end of the spectrum we have Streamers, Lights, and a Fireworks Pod ($500 each). All 3 must be enabled whilst riding.
  • The Streamers are two semi-transparent ribbons that appear on the handlebars.
$500 bucks, folks... let that sink in.
  • The lights are 3 colours that slowly cycle into one another.
  • The fireworks spew consistently from both sides of the tail (up and to the sides), regardless of whether or not the vehicle is in motion.
What better way to scream, \"WATER HAZARD\", than with fireworks trailing behind you?
The last two add-ons, the Flame Vents and Music Player, each cost $1000.
  • The Flame Vents spit consistent flames from the two tail exhaust ports, and intermittent flames from the three behind the seat. This must be enabled whilst riding, but works even whilst not in motion.
If you listen closely, the intermittent fire sounds like the beat from the first part of \"Eye Of The Tiger\".
  • The music player, unlike the rest of the Add-Ons, can be enabled even whilst not riding.
    • One can change the station and volume, turn it on/off, and even obtain the moodlets for having music nearby, as well as preferred/disliked music.
    • The music player stays on, even after having been put away, and will continue playing once placed in world.
    • One cannot dance to the music or "wind down" by listening to classical.
Leave it out with the music on, and perhaps any ne'er-do-wells will be too busy jamming out to steal it.
It's like a multi-ton portable radio.
After one has gone into bankruptcy and everything's enabled, one can be a "terror of the seas" amidst the quiet residential waterside locales. The water is now an open highway.
Enjoy your one-way trip to a meeting with both the Homeowner's Association, and the Conservationists Society.
Curious Details #7
Curious Details #9
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2023.06.11 00:03 lizardlogan2 Never seen one of these before. Caught in Daytona beach, Florida

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2023.06.11 00:00 StevieD123 Air handler to duct- condensation/mold

Air handler to duct- condensation/mold
We noticed that the top of our air handler appears to have some mold growing on the mastic sealant. When I touch around, it’s moist from condensation and has some air escaping.
I was thinking I’d spraying it down with beach and water, letting it dry then applying more mastic sealant to cover up the black spot and make sure everything is sealed tight.
It’s a older home in south Florida. AC was installed several years back.
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2023.06.10 23:58 Opening-Cheek6201 Affordable/Cheap Ayahuasca Retreats in Panama or if not Costa Rica

Hi, how u doing?
I rented a 3 month trip to an isolated house in Panama (30.000m2 no neighbours) but im having trouble finding Ayahuasca retreats inside the country to do mid stay Ig you know some then GREAT. If not I was wondering if neighbour Costa Rica has Ayahuasca retreats that aren’t expensive AF (5x the price of Peru retreats). I would do a bus trip from Panama to Costa Rica if that was the case and viceversa. Thanks!!!
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2023.06.10 23:36 New-Two4024 Is my (18 F) bf (20M) a mama’s boy?

Me and my bf are in a ldr. When I was visiting him I also met his family for the first time. Because he’s in the military and lives in a different state. Before I even met his parents I kinda new that his mom had a problem with me but I don’t know why. At the beginning everything was fine. We even went on a little trip to the beach for 3 days. In the evening we decided to go in his family’s hotel room so we could all hang out together. It was me, his mom his sister and my bf. The das was in the grocery store. My bf laid on one of the two beds there. His mom immediately laid right next to him and so did his sister. I was just standing in the room. Hoods mom put his arm around him and started petting his hair. He put his head on her chest. While they were all cuddling together I was sitting where all their feet were. In the corner. No one talked to me. My bf was on his phone cuddling with his mom and I was sitting there like an idiot. After 15 minutes I had enough and decided to go back in my room. I know that my bf hasn’t seen his family in months but I’m still his gf. Why didn’t he cuddle with me or at least said come here or something? When I confronted him and told him that I found it weird he got mad at me. I do not know a Single guy who would rather lay to his mom on her chest than to cuddle with his gf that he hasn’t seen in 3 months. I was only there for 2 weeks and while the family was there I felt like a dog. He wasn’t lovey when they were around and barely even talked to me. And his mom called him “ my baby” a few times what I found weird too. The mom definitely has a problem with me and she’s that type of person who would say “you’re not good enough for my son”. What do you guys think of this? Do you think it’s normal that a 20 year old guy cuddles with his mom when his gf is there?
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2023.06.10 22:43 groverkimble outjerking homelessness all day everyday

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2023.06.10 22:34 furtive Trip summary: 4 nights in Vegas at MGM Grand

We did 4 nights in Vegas this week, Mon through Friday, staying at the MGM grand.
MGM Grand Hotel: nice hotel, well located not too far down the strip. We had a grand king room and it was clean and well appointed and while not brand new, didn’t look worn down or dated. it was a perfect fit for the budget, and the confidence of having a smoke free room was great. We didn’t eat on site except for a lazy buffet day/pool day. Crowd was all conference and low key from Mon-Wed, not too busy at all, then on Thursday the unwashed masses began to appear, and the nightlife also became much more vibrant.
MGM Buffet: I got a two for one voucher through the myVEGAS Slots app and about 9 days of play. The buffet vouchers always seemed to be sold out but about 48hrs before my departure I managed to get one. Buffet was fine, the food and selection was good, the look was a bit dated. New menu items started showing up around 11am. Probably not worth the price for two full adults, but with the 2 for 1 it was worth it, the wife was very happy and I saved $30+ because of the app.
MGM pool: Lovely, we spent two full days here. All pools and river were open except the Splash pool, which looked okay but was closed the whole time, probably because things weren’t crowded. No problem finding good free seating, much harder to find free seating with shade but we got lucky on the Tuesday and there was decent cloud coverage on the Thursday. All seating on lazy river island was reservation only. Way quieter on a Tue than on a Thu. Didn’t get a floatie, they were $25-30+tax depending on the size, but never felt we needed one. Bag check was low key.
Cheap eats: we did Shake Shack and In n Out burgers and both were great, with Shake Shake winning by the tiniest of margins. Oh, and Evel Pie for a quick slice away from the bustle of Freemont.
Expensive eats: we did Momofuku and enjoyed the menu, best item (hard to believe) was the brussel sprouts and cauliflower.
Cheap activities: We enjoyed the volcano at the Mirage more than the fountain at the Bellagio, maybe because we came in with zero expectation. Too bad it won’t be there for long, glad we saw it. Pinball Hall of Fame was also a great value, we split $20 between the two of us and were there for well over an hour. Conservatory at Bellagio was way too tacky for our tastes.
Other activities: Blue Man Group was great, make sure you buy tickets from the MGM site and not from the BMG/Ticketmaster site, saved about $40/seat that way. Cirque de Soleil O had the most impressive stage set I’ve ever seen, magical really. Omega Mart was fun, we had 11:20am booking but would recommenf you book for 10am and make sure you’re on some drugs first. Vegas Neon Sign museum was good but short and felt a bit like a graveyard, lots of potential but $20/head was a bit high. Freemont was Freemont, but driving from Freemont down the strip at night was great and felt like out of a movie.
Side note: We rented a car on the Wednesday and did Red Rock National Park, Area 15, In-N-Out Burger, Pinball Hall of Fame, Neon Sign Museum and Freemont all in a day, it was totally worth it and added to the Vegas/Desert experience. Our only regret was that we could have spent 4-8 hours hiking at Red Rock but had tight 11:20am reservations for Omega Mart so that part felt rushed (we’re from Canada, seeing cactus and sand in the wild is wild!)
Other tips: don’t buy booze in the hotels/casinos, way cheaper at CVS/Wallgreens, same for food/snacks whenever possible. Uber from airport was $6 cheaper than taxi.
Canadian Tip: ATMs are a scam here. Casinos/hotels charge $9.99 just in ATM fee, it was 1/3 of that at Walgreen/CVS. And that’s not the half of it. Get your cash once and be done with it, and watch out, they will offer to “exchange” your currency during the purchase path, decline because there is a huge markup, let your bank do it instead. For example, I took out $400 USD, ATM offered to do the exchange with total coming out to $607.88 CAD but by declining that and having it use the exchange from my bank I paid $561.24, saving me $47 in scam markup.
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2023.06.10 22:30 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Lost Ruins, Lone Fungus, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.06.10 22:22 Crazy_Swing1410 How should I surf fish?

I am going surf fishing for the first time in Florida and I wanted to know what I should do before I go. I’ve never done, sir Fishing I don’t know what bait to use. If anybody could give me some pointers, I would greatly appreciate it! I’m going to Santa Rosa Beach Florida, in case it matters
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2023.06.10 22:15 FLXLGHT should i focus on this girl i met ?

sorry in advance, i talk a lot in person and just want to make this clear haha
a few days ago, me and a few friends(me20,19,21,21,29) were on vacation in croatia and we were having the time of our live to say the least. beer was cheap, the weather was good. time of our life… on the second evening (2/4) we went to the beach to grab some drinks at a bar. we sat down, chugged a few beers (i drove, i stayed sober) and had fun. then, randomly, a friend almost jumped up to hit up 3 girls that were walking down the beach to ask them how old they were as we were all speculating on how old they could be. they said they were 17. we thought about it for a few seconds until they had already said down with us and ordered a few shots. after a few seconds it was already clear for me who my favorite was out of them(the way she talked, looked, smelled and just behaved made me go crazy) we talked for abut and told them we rented like a villa with our private pool and that we were living like kings (at least for a few days). apparently, that made them decide to come with us. we went to the house, undressed to the bare minimum (underwear) and got in the pool. after that we had a few drinks and i had some really nice talks with this girl and we sort of flirted for a bit here and there and they slept at ours. the next day, they went home to change and got back after a while to make us some breakfast (fuckin delicious btw.) during the last full day we had, we all went to the beach again and just sat there, talked for a few hours, got in the water, and threw some rocks in there, all while i and this girl tried to find some nice little rock’s and shells for the other to look at. the evening came and we were at the house again, drinking and having a great time. as the night settled in, me and this girl were laying on the couch, here legs like over mine as i was sitting up. we talked and talked and we really found some similarities and things we both liked about the other or just at all. slowly, a thunderstorm started to sneak up on our house and i told i really like listening to the thunder and the rain, although she really didn’t like it at all. after a while of still talking, i switched off the lights as she was slowly falling asleep. as i was walking towards my room i said fuck it. i turned around, asked her if she wanted some company on the couch, to comfort her during the thunderstorm. she said yes. i laid down beside her and she snuggled up on me. let me tell you that was the greatest feeling i’ve had in a long time. the warmth, her just holding onto me, the smell of her hair, it was just perfect. but here comes the best part. at some point i wake up, realize what a great time im having, as she starts to slowly grab my hand and pulling me even closer to her. i fell asleep shortly after but we woke up in the morning still holding hands and if think it was absolutely beautiful.
this was about 6 days ago and i’m still on cloud 9, as we’re still talking over snapchat and she really shows interest in the convo and in me in general. i gave her my hoodie she slept in that night and she just sent me snaps of her wearing and using it as a pillow or just to snuggle up.
now here’s the question : she lives about 4 hours of driving away and is 3 years younger than me. should i keep on going, maybe ask her to talk via facetime or should i let her go ? i can’t say im in love but everytime i think of her i smile and i really think we would make a great couple just from a few days of knowing her. i know this sounds stupid, but i really believe in this
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2023.06.10 22:13 Plane_Candidate1294 Adilette Slide Types?

I'm looking to get some Adilette slides for my summer holiday but I'm a bit confused about the different types.
They're occasionally going to be worn on short trips to the supermarket, but mostly going to be worn on the journey between the hotel and the beach (approx 4 min walk each way, slightly uphill so ideally prefer something comfortable and easy to walk in that doesn't slip off my feet). I don't know if I'm going to wear them on the beach itself, might grab some water shoes because it's a pebbly beach and I don't want rocks hurting my feet, but there's a possibility that they may get wet, and they will be in contact with rocks
Out of these ones, which ones would you recommend for this purpose? Also, would appreciate if the differences between them could be explained
1) Adilette Aqua
2) Adilette Shower
3) Adilette Lites
4) Normal Adilette Slides
1 and 2 seem to be at the optimal price point, but if it's really really worth it I might see if I can stretch my budget to 3 or 4. Might be nice if you could rank your personal preferences with these slides?
Also heard that they were a little on the small side. Shall I grab them in the next size up? I'm a UK 6, shall I go for UK 7? I don't want them to come off my feet when walking but also don't want them to be too small
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2023.06.10 22:07 fartybrain 1st airbnb experience, negative and disappointing customer service

We booked 6 nights with a superhost couple months prior to our arrival. We were excited about the place as it is a rare find, in a great location and has 4.9 stars from 200+ reviews. When we arrived, our baby started having a fever in the evening. While trying to rest, we could hear the neighbours talking pretty clearly in our bedroom and realize we were dealing with paper thin walls. It was waking our baby up despite using our white noise machine.
While trying to take care of our baby throughout the night and deciding when to take her to emergency in a foreign language country, our baby was crying on and off. She was generally easy to console. The longest she cried for was about 5 minutes and the neighbours banged on our wall really loudly which scared us and got our baby even more upset. After the incident, my husband and I had a lot of anxiety and felt scared that she would cry and whenever she was crying. And on top of it, her fever was getting worse despite medication. We realize we cannot stay here and decided to leave the next morning, urgently looking for other accommodations because of the anxiety we felt.
We communicated the incident to the host and expressed that we felt unsafe and uncomfortable, and we would be checking out. I even extended an apology to her neighbour. She suggested we take our baby to the living room when she cries to let her cry it out because no neighbours would hear us there. This doesn't align our parenting style as babies will cry at night and we let her practice within reasonable time frame to console herself when she's not sick. Since she was sick, we were by her side the whole time consoling her so we were doing our best. To do what she suggested, we would need to be sleeping in the living/kitchen area on a sofa bed. The house rules does have silent hours starting from 10pm to not make any noise. But we dont consider baby crying as noise. Where we are from, her crying would not be heard through walls and noise would be from tv, music, loud bass etc.
After taking the garbage out, and taking her to emergency, I finally was able to file a ticket to airbnb. Rather than canceling using the cancel policy, which would provide us with a 50% refund for any remaining days, I tried to negotiate a refund cost of 4 nights. Host didn't respond until the next day so I reached out to airbnb for mediation.
The host sent a lengthy message saying they cannot accept it because we could still stay at her place as long as we respect her silent hours. She continued saying that the neighbours must be uncomfortable too with the crying since they have work the next day. And there is no other way of letting us know that the crying is disturbing them. Basically, as we took it, condoning the banging. No matter what I said, she didn't understand how uncomfortable we felt with the banging and insisted that we could still stay there, and offers no additional refund.
Airbnb tried to speak with the host on our behalf but they refused to alter the cost. We actually canceled the second leg of our trip and the second host at least kept it open with an option to provide us further refund despite their cancelation policy. Other companies we dealt with gave us the same thing as courtesy. I tried several times with airbnb but the host refuse to provide us additional refund. The place is not cheap and we lost so much money because of her paper thin walls. We honestly would not have booked her place if we had known that her walls are thin and our baby cries would be a disturbance to her neighbours. There are other accommodations and 4 star hotels at similar price point at the location. Finally, we just canceled so at least we got a little bit of our money refunded. If I had known this, I wouldn't have bothered asking airbnb to mediate and got an extra day of the partial refund throug cancelation policy.
With the paper thin walls, and how the wall banging was addressed, would this experience warrant a 1 star review?
Technically, they did nothing wrong because they are following the rules. She was responsive throughout and dealt with all my questions quickly. The only other thing is their place is infested with mosquitoes but mosquitoes are common where we are vacationing.
She will probably give us a 1 star review in return saying we disrespected their silent hours and left the pots by the sink even though we paid for a hefty cleaning fee.
(House rule is to leave the place like we found it. Despite wanting to take our daughter to the emergency, we tried to clean the place as best we could, took the garbage out per host request, cleaned our dishes and the only thing is that we left the pots by the sink to dry. I know these are typical things you do at an airbnb but I suspect we will get 1 star review because of it.)
After this experience, we will never use airbnb again so yes, I guess her 1 star review wouldn't matter.
But if a place doesn't meet your expectation, is there anything that can be done to get money back? Because from our experience, it seems to fall entirely under the hosts discretion. So what is the purpose of airbnb customer service?
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2023.06.10 21:53 FoundationAny7601 Hotel advice by Tropicana

We normally stay beachside when we go to Rays games (Madera Beach area) but only going for one day so there's no point staying at beach. Any recommendations for hotels close to stadium that are nice with good restaurants in hotel or nearby??
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