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me_irlgbt: queer shitposting from the heart

2015.11.08 13:57 Parlayv me_irlgbt: queer shitposting from the heart

me_irlgbt: queer shitposting from the heart

2013.01.29 07:05 absurdlyobfuscated It ain't making me laugh, but I get it.

It ain't making me laugh, but I get it. Truisms and common, relatable experiences that other people will understand or agree with, but which aren't necessarily funny or interesting.

2014.12.08 15:27 PM_ME_HIND_LEGS Pink Floyd Circle Jerk

Dank Side of the Meme — Pink Floyd related memes, shitposting, and roasting of PinkFloyd. Think Roger looks like a horse? Think Syd went crazy because of LSD? Is your favorite member Bob Klose? Well, this is the subreddit for you! We welcome Gilmies, Watersheep, Syddites, Rick Suckers, Klosers, and even Freemasons. All Watersheep will be banned.

2023.06.03 19:07 WhiskeyTangoPinball Lower income earner (27F) wants higher income earner (31M) to sign prenuptial agreement

I (31M) and my partner (27F) have been dating for over a year. I recently finished medical school and will begin residency soon. My partner is soon to be a nurse.
We were discussing finances, investments, long term planning in the future and my partner brings up wanting to sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage to protect in situations of divorce.
She believes the cheating spouse should have to pay 50% their annual salary after divorce if cheating occurs. I said that is unrealistic and wouldn’t want that burden on anyone for making such a mistake.
For note, I have always been faithful in all of my relationships. I fear a judge, jury, or lawyer would try to twist any scenario to look like cheating. I feel like being a male and high earner might make me a target due to general bias to those with high income wealth. Of note, she grew up in a Miami culture where cheating and partner stealing is very prevalent it seems which I think might be driving her fear of infidelity.
I never really felt I needed prenup at this point in my life, because outside of my high earning potential in 4-5 years from now (about 300k to her 60k), I have no assets and high medical school debt.
She has also made statements that she doesn’t want to be responsible for my debt when we are married (460k to her 70k) which I am okay with but I can’t help feel like accepting the rewards of my high income without accepting the debt is hypocritical.
My wish would be to to split assets 50-50 and at best offer maintenance fund for a year or few years for her to go back to school if we separated.
I need your advice, am I being unreasonable on thinking 50% annual salary is excessive even if it’s in situations of infidelity? If so, what do you believe is more reasonable in my situation? I have never felt so in love with someone but I don’t want to be blinded from reason.
TL:DR. Less wealthy spouse stated she wanted 50% of my annual salary for alimony if divorce ended in cheating. I think this is excessive and unsure what is fair but it’s think this is far from fair.
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2023.06.03 19:07 NoConcert3036 Child Custody/Parental Alienation Help

I’m looking for help on my child custody situation. I have this really spiteful baby mom who I’m on a shared custody order with right now. To be honest we’ve both been violating our custody order in an effort to follow one that works for us. These last few weeks she has been holding my child from me. I’ve been reaching out daily to try and speak to him but she ignores my messages. When she does respond, she usually says shit like “go die”, “your not seeing your child until court”. Mind you I pose no threat to my child, I even got a police escort to pick him up and she lied to the police about having a PFA against me for 2 years just for me to find out from the officer that there wasn’t a PFA against me. When my child seen me they tried running to me and she refused for them to see me which made them start crying. I got a police report on her from the officer that escorted me. Mind you she getting child support from me and keep sending my child back with the same dirty, holy clothes for weeks. I know to file for contempt in court but I want to know how likely is the judge to punish her ? I don’t want her to get a slap on the wrist because it will only enable her behavior & she will continue to do it. I’m an active father I don’t want to be going through this shit.
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2023.06.03 19:07 Miserable_Fee_673 30 [M4F] #Dublin-looking for a beautiful woman to have some fun with today or a cool guy who wants to share his woman with me

Hey like the title says I’m looking for a beautiful woman to have fun with. I’m in the Dublin area but, unfortunately can’t host due to my brother staying with me at the moment and I don’t want him to know what’s going. I’m looking to have safe and kinky fun. We could meet up for a coffee or a drink somewhere and chat it up and see if the vibe is right and go from there. Even if a guy has a woman he wants to share with me, I’m more than open to it. Very much STRAIGHT and not curious or bi at all. My stats are 30, Hispanic/Hungarian, 5’11 and slim, 6.5in and thick/shaven. DDF and vaxxed, easy going and respectful, excellent hygiene. I can come to you not a problem. If interested send a pic and some stats and your favorite position so I know you’re real and serious about meeting up. Looking for today preferably! No pic collecting!
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2023.06.03 19:07 FlounderSufficient75 I hate living here in this house

I literally hate it here. All these days since last year my little step-sister has been showing attitude for no reason. She little always huffs, dirty, and lazy and when someone calls her out for it, she either make up excuses or victimized herself. 2 days ago, me and my twin sister cleaned up our room only for her to go in the closet and take out all these bags and leave it there. Last night, me and my sister confronted her about it and she over here having an attitude and huffing until my sister called her out for it.
She starts yelling at her and my sister goes up to say, “Who’s you yelling at?” Our parents came in asking what happened, I told them that our room can never be clean because my step-sister and my little sisters keep messing it up. She’s going to say, “Oh! I was going to do it!” Or, “I didn’t do that!” Or, “I was looking for clothes for the tour tomorrow!” And, “I was going to throw them out!” Literally changing her story AND making up excuses. Mind you, she said about throwing out her clothes since the last week of school which is in May 25th, it’s June 3. Another reminder, she always dirties the room AND under her bed is always dirty. (Plenty of Empty and half filled water bottles, chip bags, peels that came from oranges, ANYTHING you could think of I guaranteed it’ll be under there. Tell me why yesterday she tries to clean up under her bed ONLY for her to call the babies and tries to make them clean it up for her. She’s lazy at 12 years old, that’s crazy.
Anywho, back to what happened last night. She starts making up these excuses, as always, and starts to victimize herself, “Oh! She was acting weird to me being rude a couple days ago (2 days)” From what she’s talking about, I was asking for advice to two of my sisters about a drawing I made. So, instead of giving advice, she instead makes fun of it. (Idk why I asked her for advice, she draw like a 2-year old but I was just trying to be nice) So, because of that, I started ignoring her. So back to the thing, she tried to victimize AND change the subject. She was telling us how we were tripping over a dirty room. (I rather trip over a dirty room than lay in it.)
At this point, my sister grew tired, she snapped and fought her. Mom and dad got upset at us both and escorted us me and my sister out of our room. What I’m trying to say is, me and my sister put up with her stinky ass attitude and lies for the longest of time. They would’ve done the same if it were them.
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2023.06.03 19:06 Remarkable_Breath603 Here’s a line in my book that I am writing

There’s on thing you need to about me base commander. What is that the base commander said he knew his life was coming to an end and he knew that. My sword is my expression of my vengeance and my rage and my thoughts are my motivation.
The end part is we’re I would like you to give your input I wanna make it a cold line and make a legendary quote that people won’t forget
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2023.06.03 19:06 Cassie3041 misogynist dad

So I deal with mental health issues and I’m barely trying to get back on my feet. I’m 28F I still live with my parents. Im trying to be stable enough to move out of here. It’s hard but Im trying. I really feel like I have no one. Things haven’t been going great at work either. And when I come home it is no relief either. Both my parents are abusive in their own way. I wouldn’t even know where to start with the stuff they’ve said and done. But it doesn’t matter if I ever tried to talk about it my mom will just say I’m crazy and my dad would mock and laugh at me. This morning since it’s my day off I’m trying to mind my own business be in peace and cooking (because I like to and find it comforting) and my dad starts snooping and being nosy to see what I’m doing (I’m not cooking for him he’s a misogynist btw even has a record for domestic abuse so I take any misogynist action by him serious and he thinks I am cooking specifically for him). So he goes “what are you cooking” so I was annoyed by him and said “nothing”. That was enough for him to get furious (because I wasn’t being the meek shy obedient daughter) and start fighting with me telling me “well o okay well after your done pick up all your mess!!! Nobody here’s your maid!! I’m going to throw all the dishes in your room!!Rent is due!! (I just paid him last week), and he kept going on and on. All I responded was thank you.
He never tells or talk shit to men not even my brother 27( who doesn’t do shit and always has a gf staying over). My mom will literally clean for them my dad will buy food and stuff when brother has his gf over (every weekend) I told my dad once they had double standards and what if I also had someone over every weekend and he said o it’s different your a girl you wouldn’t be allowed to have any over unless your married (he’s being serious). It’s so frustrating being here I feel stuck
Have any of you dealt with misogynist nparents?
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2023.06.03 19:06 BoredRiches Yield Pro Simulator presents an exhilarating trading competition with a grand prize of 5,000 USDC! It's all the fun of trading without the risk. Sign up and show your prowess!

The top three traders who generate the highest simulated profits before 31 July will be rewarded in USDC. Keep an eye on the competition by checking our bi-weekly leaderboard, which will be posted on our community channels throughout the contest.
1st prize: 5,000 USDC
2nd prize: 2,500 USDC
3rd prize: 1,000 USDC
All: 500 locked YLD*
Yield Pro Simulator campaign period: 25 May 2023 at 12:00 AM UTC - 31 July 2023 at 12:00 AM UTC
The competition is open to anyone. If you’ve already got a Yield Pro Simulator account, simply sign up for a new account to enter the competition. Start trading today to see how you stack up against other traders on Yield App.
1. Download Yield Pro Simulator
Download Yield Pro Simulator on iOS or Android to get started.
2. Create an account
We've designed the competition so that it’s fair and inclusive. Only accounts created on or after 25 May will qualify for the contest.
If you're an existing user, don't worry! Simply create a new account to take part.
3. Start trading
Every new account will receive a simulated starting capital of 100,000 USDC. Use these virtual funds to trade on Yield Pro Simulator and maximize your simulated profits.
  1. *Claim 500 locked YLD with your feedback
We count on your feedback to help us improve. Within 72 hours of your first trade, we’ll email you a feedback form.
Be sure to complete it by 7 August to secure a guaranteed reward of 500 locked YLD, which will unlock on 31 December with a 12% APY.
For expert tips and competition updates, join our Yield Pro Telegram group:
. —Join us at:
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2023.06.03 19:06 Miserable_Fee_673 30 [M4F] #Fremont-looking for a beautiful woman to have some fun with today or a cool guy who wants to share his woman with me

Hey like the title says I’m looking for a beautiful woman to have fun with. I’m in the Fremont area but, unfortunately can’t host due to my brother staying with me at the moment and I don’t want him to know what’s going. I’m looking to have safe and kinky fun. We could meet up for a coffee or a drink somewhere and chat it up and see if the vibe is right and go from there. Even if a guy has a woman he wants to share with me, I’m more than open to it. Very much STRAIGHT and not curious or bi at all. My stats are 30, Hispanic/Hungarian, 5’11 and slim, 6.5in and thick/shaven. DDF and vaxxed, easy going and respectful, excellent hygiene. I can come to you not a problem. If interested send a pic and some stats and your favorite position so I know you’re real and serious about meeting up. Looking for today preferably! Please no pic collecting
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2023.06.03 19:06 SergeantPocoyo Hopelessly bad at this game. Day 2 and feel like giving up already

I honestly don’t think I can play this game. I’ve been playing classic controls and the reaction time necessary just seems like insanity to me. Not sure how you’re suppose to pull off some of these drive rush combos in a split seconds notice, I struggle enough doing normal low kick/jab combos.
I main Luke and he is easily the weakest character in the roster. All of his normals are so damn weak. Not one person in the cast has shorter range then him. I can never play aggressive because everyone out ranges me, which constantly leaves me on the back foot.
I also can’t stand that armoured move everyone has. It’s incredibly annoying and is spammed to hell and back. It completely ruins Oki and takes away pressure from the attacker.
I’m obviously low rank trash, but I just don’t see how I can improve. I constantly lose to players just crouch blocking as it seems like my only ONE option is to drive rush overhead. That’s it. Once they figure out I do that, they block the next one and the games over. I can no longer contest with their characters poking and I can’t deal with their jump ins consistently as I found Shuryuken input incredibly hard on pad. Also none of Luke’s ex special moves leave him plus, they all are punishable on block, which seems brutal considering a majority of the cast can ex to be safe.
Should I just switch off of Luke? He seems like actual F tier in this game.
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2023.06.03 19:06 Titan_Dean_Maverick I'm (M27) in an international long distance relationship with an avoidant partner (F21) I just found out she recently got molested at work and has been distancing. She wants space from me. How long should I wait?

We’ve been dating for 7 months before she left overseas on a 2 year assignment because she couldn’t find work in this country. Before she left, everything was amazing, we had a strong connection, but she was always nervous about having deep conversations and so I never initiated them very often. When she got overseas, we were communicating constantly well, we even had random video calls during the day even with the time difference. I would often tuck her into bed virtually when I came home from work.
Things turned sour in January, I noticed a change in our communication, and our connection was tacking a toll. I remained consistent throughout but she would give me reasons why she can’t talk, she’s on different work schedules, attending lots of training in between and can no longer stay on a call for hours, she’s not getting enough sleep, and has less time to do her own personal things and managing late night shifts as well. Ive always been understanding and patient with our situation and have always lowered my expectations whenever she couldn’t connect with me. There were no more good night texts or good morning texts from her side, no more check-ups during the day. Every time I asked she would get mad and we would fight, insisting that she’s overwhelmed with work and a whole lot of personal stress that she’s going through. She always avoids confrontation and accountability.
Eventually she snapped in one argument and decided to ghost me for two weeks. I kept reaching out, sending texts and voice notes that she ignored. During this period I found out that I’m an anxious partner. My attachment style was triggered and I pleaded for her to talk to me, I apologised for so many things, for being clingy and needy and wanting her attention all the time. She came back eventually and told me she still loves me, she completely ignored all those texts and we began talking as normal.
2 more months went by and the same distancing happened, this time more extensively. She would ignore my good morning texts, not pick up my calls, and whenever we had the time to do video calls at night she was always tired and would often fall asleep in between the conversation. After expressing my concerns and emphasising the importance of communication in any relationship especially in a LDR, nothing would change. I’ve tried minimising my communication and pulling back just to offer her space to miss me and initiate contact, but she used that time to distance even further from me. During this time I sought professional help and spoke to a therapist. My therapist immediately dismissed all the issues I mentioned about her and wanted me to focus on why I have relationship anxiety and where my fear of abandonment comes from. So I started working on myself and healing my own childhood wounds. I stopped calling her frequently after I realised my calls were no longer being picked up, when she saw my missed-calls she gave no other reasons for not picking up except that she was busy. She always assured me that she’s dealing with a whole lot of stuff and she doesn’t wanna involve me because it’s not about me and that we are fine and she loves me.
One time I randomly called her on a weekend and received another cold treatment. She said she was tired and battling with some stuff and she can’t really talk.I decided to let her rest. After I hung up she wrote a very long text explaining what she had been going through. She got molested more than once by another colleague from work and has been dealing with these emotions for 3 months. Depression, anxiety, trauma and feelings of low self worth. I expressed how sorry I am that she went through this. She told me since the incident she didn’t want to interact with any male person and has been distancing from me because she couldn’t stand me being so nice to her and intimate all the time.
After we spoke she told me that she only started to have the courage to talk about it now and was able to report the matter to management. The perpetrator was fired immediately and they offered her counselling which she’s currently attending. The following weekend I called her randomly because I stopped calling her during the week, I sensed how difficult it was to share that story with me and assured her that Im here for her anytime.
She apologised for not being able to show up in this relationship and always treating me bad and taking out her frustrations out on me. The following weekend I tried to call her again and she didn’t pick up. Later that day she told me via text that she can’t satisfy a relationship right now because she feels so hopeless, stressed and scared, she needs space from me and I should try and understand because she has no ability to demonstrate love to anybody at this point, also that she needs time and she can’t communicate with me because it’s so hard and that she’s only struggling by herself and hopes she regains the ability to trust and love again. I told her I can give her space and that my door will always be open if she needed my support.
But it’s been a month now of no contact, I thought my therapy would help but I still find myself stalking her on Instagram and Facebook, she always posts happy pictures everyday. She’s only texted me once, wishing me a good week and that she loves me. Which I responded “I love you too”
How long will I need to wait because there’s so many things I don’t know at this point? I wanna understand what she means by “molest” because it could mean different kinds of sexual abuse, but I’m also mindful of not bringing back that traumatic event to her mind. I still love and care for her but very often she has made me feel like I’m the one with the problem, the one who’s causing her to distance. She’s not good when it comes to sharing her feelings. Sometimes I find myself doubting if she will ever come back and want to be with me again. What do I do in the meantime to show her support and care for her. How long will the silence be?
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2023.06.03 19:05 Kathalian [Crash Bandicoot Series] Woah!

[Crash Bandicoot Series] Woah!
Loved playing these games. Grueling at times (especially CTR and Crash 4), but it was worth it.
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2023.06.03 19:05 Theekidbrentt The pandemic of 1959

it all started as a typical Monday. Or so I thought, Getting up for another dreadful morning of work, ~sigh~ I start making my breakfast in this big lonely overpriced apartment. I started typing an email on the debrief from the other day after that freak accident with Melissa and "code 87364" a freak accident that wasn't so much of an accident as I've heard the boss man wanted her gone but couldn't fire her heard that he's been making her life a living hell. Ugh well back here at the same hidden cave that's been hiding area 38 for the last 20 years the same, very invasive if I do say so myself, strip search. All because of that previous leak from 1926, I still haven't heard what happened to Collin last I heard he was in "the underground". It's about 9:45 when suddenly the sound off for a code "burgundy", for all of you outside civilians that's what we call for potentially catastrophic disaster. And oh what a wonder they had just left out with a 150-gallon tanker of biowaste filled with this new "disease". It's being called "prototype 6723", all I know is that they've told us to stand clear at all times unless directed near. Well, those innocent civilians, oh how they weren't ready for that. We got the first alarm and sprung into action Well... we thought.. the boss comes out and declares "It's all over the world, there is no chance to come back from this event" the boss said. I asked in fear " Uhm-m"(shaken tone) what do you mean" he looks us all dead in the eyes and says "That's no normal virus it's going to turn anyone who comes within 100 yards of it into zombies" Everyone gasped, people frantically calling their family's.. well they tried, being in the absolute middle of nowhere and in an underground bunker you don't exactly get cell service we all began to panic! "What will we do", " My wife and my kids", as everyone was frantically screaming and crying I began to try and remediate the peace, but as you would assume that had little to no effect but what do you expect when you hear something that catastrophic? 
It's been 3 years since that day. We were finally able to make a solution, but not before a lot of people were killed. I still can't get that day out of my head. I think we did the right thing but something keeps pushing me, something no man nor woman would have ever thought they would hear, nor feel. The voices mess with me. I haven't slept in days, not after the reminder of what happened that day I still can't get my mind off of the fact that we still keep pretending that nothing happened that day and that we are acting as if nobody was lost. Let me fill you in. When we finally made a working antidote it most definitely wasn't the first one. Just imagine how we tested these different variants to find "the one", as they call it. It caused people to explode at one point some just decayed as soon as it got into their bloodstream. That was the most horrifying scene of my life to watch as we use innocent people as test subjects and it kills off most and left many with permanent damage. For others, those were some of the most gut-wrenching days of their lives. To conclude this day in history, we had to name this "mysterious disease" that's now known as, "T H E P A N D E M I C O F 1 9 5 9"
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2023.06.03 19:05 LadyAlchemist42 Sergemate 5040

Posted on behalf of my sister: My mother gave me a handmedown simplicity sergemate 5040, which worked when it was at her house…. and now I am lost. I’ve threaded it, according to the instructions on the inside of the faceplate. And every time I try and sew, one of the lower looper threads breaks. I went to replace the needles, thinking that might be the problem, and realized that the needles are two different heights. But you can’t shove the needles any further up the shaft. The tension is set at 3, which I thought would be low enough not to cause thread breakage. I’m totally lost at this point. I’m an otherwise very experienced sewer (30+ years) but this is my first time owning a serger, and my first time threading it without adult supervision. My mother always put the fear of god into us about disturbing the threading of a serger, and I’m beginning to see why.
In short, help?
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2023.06.03 19:05 eshathegreat69 i think i (18F) might be in an abusive relationship with my partner 22M

so this is my first time making a post to reddit literally ever so excuse how sloppy this is going to be.
anyways, i’ve been talking to this boy for about five months now. things are okay but i’m starting to notice little things that seem like red flags but i could be overreacting. whenever i express how much i like something(like an anime for example) he will tell me it’s not even that good or that it’s stupid. same with music,celebs and other small things like that. he doesn’t really text me all the cute sweet stuff he used to when we first started talking which i figured was normal because the honey moon stage is over but he’s like never sweet anymore. i try talking to him about my feelings and where this relationship is going and he will give me simple yes or no’s. nothing in depth or to calm my worries. i’ve mentioned that as well and he says it’s just in my head.
i’m also starting to suspect he’s a bit of a narcissist since we always have to do what he wants to do or watch what he wants there is no compromise with him.
all in all i want to know if this is me overthinking things or if this is actually getting bad and i should leave ? please help
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2023.06.03 19:05 thesysadm Issues w/ Remote Access

Hey Folks,
I am having a unique issue that I can’t seem to solve with Google.
Had a friend notify me that they were unable to watch a movie, it had a never-ending loading screen and then told them they were offline. I was watching Plex locally at the time so I knew the server was at least up.
I disconnected my phone from WiFi and opened the app and it told me I was offline. I opened my browser from my phone and Plex worked that way (still on LTE). I switched on my hotspot, moved my laptop over to the hotspot and Plex worked.
I did the same hotspot for my TCL Roku, offline. My friend has an AppleTV, offline. Another friend verified their LG SmartOS also reports as offline. Same friend verified it works from their Mac.
My network appears fine, the fact I can get to Plex from the outside via a browser indicates to me that we are good on that front.
Plex isn’t kicking up any logs and reports I’m fully up to date. Status page also shows no issues.
Does anyone have some ideas that I can drill into? I’m lost. :(
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2023.06.03 19:05 _hotmess_express_ Unforeseen shifts in marriage; Want to leave, don't see how I can

I (26F) have been married to my spouse (35NB) for over a year, together 3 years. We were always the cutest couple, everybody's favorite wedding they'd ever been to, the exemplary relationship, etc. Since about this January a bunch of things are different. There was an incident where they unintentionally crossed a physical boundary of mine (that we'd worked on before and they'd forgotten) that I received as very violating unwanted touch, so I've been recoiling from their touch and experiencing increasingly severe trauma responses in our home ever since. Efforts on their part to re-engage with touch have been similarly misguided and have made it worse. Now we don't touch at all most of the time, even though touch is both of our love languages. End of March, they read my therapy journal, which was a whole other thing that blew up. They got mad at me for a lot of relationship concerns I had written in there (and felt hurt, understandably, for the untactful way in which these concerns were scribbled down, as one does in one's own journal.) That all fucked our life up for months. Beyond those and other more mundane communication issues and such, there are a couple looming things like, their career needs to be in this city and mine can't. (We got the call that they got the job in this city the day after the wedding, literally the first morning of the honeymoon; they say we moved here for me, and us, but it was because I wanted them to have their dream job, and the city seemed cool.) And, I had been discovering/asserting more about my sexual curiosities and desires, which for various reasons I couldn't have in the relationship (and now we're not touching at all anyway, cuz of the aforementioned incident(s)). We're in counseling, and we've been talking ourselves, and I've been talking with my own therapist, but all I end up feeling like is leave leave leave. I don't have enough resources on my own to leave without help/telling anyone, and I'm not looking forward to shattering everyone's image of The World's Most Perfect Couple. All this weighs on me every day and I'm reaching a breaking point, I just don't know what that will be. I worry it won't be great. 🫠🥀
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2023.06.03 19:05 angelsfish campus housing is making me get rid of my ESA

I am a student at a university where I am living on campus over the summer to work for housing. I recently have gotten an emotional support dog which I have a letter from a licensed professional prescribing. I didn’t have the letter for the first three days that she was on campus because I couldn’t get an appointment with my therapist for the letter until the next week which caused them to tell me I had 24 hours to get her out. I took off work for the entire week and left for my sisters house in another state. my ESA letter has been submitted over a week ago now and I have been living on campus again since 3 days after it was sent.
the other day I got an email from the housing director (who is my boss) telling me that we will have a conduct meeting on monday to talk about the time when I didn’t have the letter. she also said that my dog isn’t allowed to stay with me until the request is approved. I have major anxiety and this is really stressing me out because I don’t have anyone in the state who can watch her since I’m not from here and I don’t know how long it will take them to approve my request. the school’s policy only “recommends” that the letter is approved before an ESA comes to stay with you. I also know that legally landlords aren’t allowed to evict you or an ESA unless the animal is a danger or uncontrolled. my dog is teething because she is a very young pomeranian puppy but she doesn’t attack or bite maliciously and is slowly stopping to do anything but nibble. she is already very good about using the bathroom outside and is very quiet and well behaved. I haven’t left campus because I figured the letter would be approved by now and was under the impression that I can’t be told to leave if the animal is an ESA.
today an RA came to my door and told my roommate that my ESA needs to be out by today. this feels like targeted bullying and the language they have been using in the situation carefully leaves out what they will do if I don’t get rid of my dog. I have a feeling it’s because of the legality of the situation and they are just trying to intimidate me. I am scared to press on the issue because the hall director is my boss and I don’t want to face consequences at work. are they allowed to do any of this and how should I handle the situation from here?
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2023.06.03 19:05 Nime_Chow My favorite PokéStop/Sticker combo.

My favorite PokéStop/Sticker combo.
It ain’t much but I hope it puts a lil’ smile on all the pals that receive it.
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2023.06.03 19:05 inzayns Landlord & security deposit

Basically my old landlord is trying to deduct some damage and cleaning fees from my security deposit. I’m not well versed with tenant rights since this was the first time I rented from a landlord.
I moved out about two weeks ago, I cleaned my room and the common areas (had two other roommates) and left everything either in better shape or the same as I got it when I moved in. I will say there was some damage to the hardwood floors I didn’t see when I moved out, but it looks to me like it falls within normal wear and tear in Texas law (I will post the picture). He’s trying to charge me for fixing this. Additionally, he hired a company to deep clean the entire house and trying to charge the three of us for this. One of the roommates who lived there about a year before I moved in told me the landlord had never hired anyone to deep clean the house. Over text, he told me the house was actually deep cleaned and that it’s unreasonable I expect it to not be deep cleaned.
The damage to the hardwood floor comes from the bed frame scratching the floor because of movement. He owned all the furniture in the room and never placed any sort of holders to prevent this.
As for deep cleaning, why is it that I’m being charged for this once I moved out, but when I moved in there had been no deep cleaning done? I remember the ceiling fan panels being super dusty and the walls full with dust. If the house had actually been deep cleaned prior to me moving in I would’ve been fine but he’s straight up lying now.
It’s super unfair because I had also fixed so many nuances throughout the house and he’s aware of them, but he’s still trying to charge me for these two things. Can anyone offer some sort of help or advice on how I can proceed?
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2023.06.03 19:05 Martian_row Ranking opening fights

Bgc 9: Best opening fight hands down good energy, good build up, good hook. Meghan beating up Rima and fallen was amazing.
Bgc 8: This opening fight tricked me. At first I felt bad for the twins but then I watched the season and was like oh ok. It had good music too.
Bgc 7: Iconic, “I served you breakfast in bed” and “Bitch I’m awake now”
Bgc 4: Another iconic opening fight. Portia beating Natalie ass was amazing.
Bgc 10: I liked the music and edits it was very intense. I just felt like the opening fight should have been Jenn vs Rocky
Bgc 14: This opening fight was very suspenseful and made the season seem more lit than it actually was.
Bgc 13: I like how this opening fight had iconic quotes from past seasons. Natalie made this opening fight and the edits and music made it even more entertaining.
Bgc 16: I like how this opening fight tricked the viewer into thinking the girls were bullying Talone instead of Kailee
Bgc 6: Should have been Ashley vs Kori, with that being said it had good suspense.
Bgc 17: The edits made this fight seem more lit then It actually was. It was ok for the last season.
Bgc 12: Just like 17 the edits made this fight seem more lit then It actually was.
Bgc 11: Should have been Shanae vs Gigi and Steph. Once again the edits made this fight seem more than what it was. Didn’t like Shanae extra ass. But it did have good music and edits which made it more interesting.
Bgc 1: Ripsi was iconic “You wanna f with me!”. But this was the first opening fight so it isn’t gonna have the intense music or edits and this fight happened earlier in the season. Should have been Ty vs Aimee.
Bgc 5: This wasn’t really a fight, I feel like they should have shown that stair way fight just to make it more interesting.
Bgc 3: This wasn’t really a fight ethier cuz they weren’t really trying to hit each other. It was still hilarious tho.
Bgc 2: Not a fight at all just Darlene breaking stuff and Neveen pushing her. Weakest of all seasons. Which is understandable their wasn’t really that much fights ins season 2
Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think bgc 15 had an opening fight.
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2023.06.03 19:05 Rainwhisperarts Where do you stand on criticism of fanfiction?

I feel like Authors should have the right to remove comments they deem inappropriate or just don’t want on their works but people should still be able to say when they don’t like a fic.

I see a lot of “if you don’t like something don’t read it” but I feel like this shouldn’t be the instant response to someone not liking a fic. If someone writes fanfiction for themselves and never posts it they don’t want people to see it so they don’t criticism but when you post something to a sight like Aov and especially smaller fandoms like the ones I write for and in you’re going to have people who don’t like your fics but are still reading it.

This is coming from someone who has gotten hate comments but after having gotten my own for my works it’s helped me to understand at least for myself that at the very least some people just won’t like my work or in other cases can actually help me improve. Be it through inspiring me to improve my grammar or better describe or convey an idea.

Harassment is wrong and I don’t condone just sending authors hate messages but something I also don’t agree with is dog piling on someone who says they don’t like a fic for a commom trope or something else without even mentioning the fic’s fandom/writelink or any identifying feature.

This is a genuine question by the way, if you are on the don’t like don’t read side I really would like to better understand the view point and just because I have had good experiences with negative reviews doesn’t mean everyone has. I just want to better understand the view point of disagreeing with someone for having a negative opinion of something posted to a public sight.
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2023.06.03 19:05 TexasFordTough Yes, I’m old enough to be married

It’s so funny that this sub came up as a suggestion for me today considering this happened yesterday.
We have a 5 month old puppy that’s full of energy all the time. I WFH and my husband goes into office for work so I handle most of the care. That means I need to wear this beast out so I can take meetings with little concern while she naps. Luckily I’m able to work my schedule around in the mornings so I can take her to the dog park.
We got there a little earlier than her usual playmates yesterday, and the only ones in the park so far was an older gentleman who was in his 70’s and his dog (total sweetheart of a pup). I start following my beast around because she likes to poop immediately after getting there and say hi to the gentleman. I don’t know if this is an older person thing because it seems to happen a lot, but he immediately dives into questions about my pup and myself. I’m open to small talk, nbd, and answer his questions accordingly, until we get to a point where I nonchalantly mention my husband.
Him: don’t tell me you’re married
Me: yep, 3 years this year!
Him: THREE?? How were you able to get married 3 years ago?
Me: (thinking he’s talking about covid time) oh well we had a small ceremony and couldn’t postpone due to the deposits
Him: so you’re not legally married?
Me: …uh…yeah we’re legally married
Him: how is that possible? Did your parents give permission? You shouldn’t have been allowed, you should’ve waited until you’re older.
Me: (At this point confused and pretty offended) we didn’t need permission from anyone when we were 23.
Him: wait, how old are you??
Me: 25
Him: wow, I thought you were 18 or 19. Enjoy that.
And then he just moved on asking more questions. No apology or anything, and I was getting more annoyed by the minute. Luckily, my pups regular playmates started showing up soon after and I was able to make an excuse to step away. He left soon after, but not before giving me and another person unsolicited advice about docking the tails of our dogs.
I’m used to the “you’re so young looking” comments. But it’s the people who assume without asking that always grinds my gears the most.
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