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2023.06.03 18:48 Flag_Stamp Questions on Zhaozhou/Joshu: Did anyone tell Mr. Green?

A prominent member of this community recommended I read The Recorded Sayings of Zhaozhou, specifically the Green translation. So I did. (And I really liked it) But I also read the foreword, the introduction and the biography, and I have some questions. I hope it will be clear that I’m asking these questions in good faith, because they certainly are on topic, but concern some of the more controversial subjects discussed on this sub. (I also tried to do some searches to see if these particular questions, about this particular translation and translator have already been asked)
The foreword is written by a guy named Keido Fukushima, evidently James Green’s Zen teacher in Japan. In this foreword, Mr. Fukushima compliments Mr. Green on his zazen practice. The intro, written by Green, starts with a short biography of the Buddha, and then discusses the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. For the next few paragraphs after, I kept waiting for Mr. Green to say these things conflict with Zen, but he doesn’t. There also isn’t any mention of the Four Statements. He mentions Dogen, though. Not glowingly. He just matter-of-factly calls him a Japanese Zen pilgrim, along with a guy named Eisai. All these things seemed to coalesce, however, with this statement from Mr. Green:
”Thus, it was the practice of Ch’an as it was conducted in the temples of the twelfth century Song dynasty that was the model [Dogen and Eisai] brought back and that is preserved in monastic Zen practice in Japan to this day. This practice basically consists in a simple monastic life, long hours of meditation, personal dialogues with the master and public lectures given by the master.“ Emphasis mine.
And, then of course the biography contains a story where two kings came to see Zhaozhou and he was sitting in meditation when they arrived.
So. As far as the doctrinal stuff, the 4NT and 8NP vs. the Four Statements, I understand there has been an explosion of research in the last thirty years, and it looks like this translation was published in 1998, but did anyone get a chance to tell Mr. Fukushima that these things are not compatible, that Zen is not Buddhism? Did anyone tell Mr. Green? More to the point, what are we supposed to make of James Green and his translation? Is it as simple as ‘he was a good translator, but not a great historian of Zen‘? What are we supposed to make of Mr. Fukushima? A perpetuator of a fraud who nevertheless supplied his students with at least one authentic text?
As far as the meditation business, did Mr. Green engage in a cult practice, while Zhaozhou didn’t? Was that Song dynasty model a lie because it came from Dogen?
Incidentally, I am interested in more information about James Green. I couldn’t find much more than a single sentence bio on Shambala’s website. (Along with a photo)
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2023.06.03 18:42 graufather Reporting Tips / Tax Advice for beginner (USA)

Hi bartenders subreddit! My girlfriend recently started bartending a couple months ago in 2023 and we were hoping to get any information / help / links or resources, as far as the best routes for taxes and recording tips would be. She’s also looking to buy a car later this year and I know depending on how/where she purchases - there may be a proof of income required and the paystubs showing just hourly wages (and potentially CC tips) may not suffice on its own.
Essentially, what would be the best way for us to know how much to save , report , etc so that she doesn’t get hit with a hefty tax bill next year when she files? Difference in CC vs Cash tips? Or a brief explanation of how bars report vs their employees?
Any assistance/suggestions or links to resources I can review to help her would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 18:40 graufather Reporting Tips / Tax Advice for beginner (USA)

Hi bartenders subreddit! My girlfriend recently started bartending a couple months ago in 2023 and we were hoping to get any information / help / links or resources, as far as the best routes for taxes and recording tips would be. She’s also looking to buy a car later this year and I know depending on how/where she purchases - there may be a proof of income required and the paystubs showing just hourly wages (and potentially CC tips) may not suffice on its own.
Essentially, what would be the best way for us to know how much to save , report , etc so that she doesn’t get hit with a hefty tax bill next year when she files? Difference in CC vs Cash tips? Or a brief explanation of how bars report vs their employees?
Any assistance/suggestions or links to resources I can review to help her would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 18:25 graufather Reporting Tips / Tax Advice for beginner (USA)

Hi bartenders subreddit! My girlfriend recently started bartending a couple months ago in 2023 and we were hoping to get any information / help / links or resources, as far as the best routes for taxes and recording tips would be. She’s also looking to buy a car later this year and I know depending on how/where she purchases - there may be a proof of income required and the paystubs showing just hourly wages (and potentially CC tips) may not suffice on its own.
Essentially, what would be the best way for us to know how much to save , report , etc so that she doesn’t get hit with a hefty tax bill next year when she files? Difference in CC vs Cash tips? Or a brief explanation of how bars report vs their employees?
Any assistance/suggestions or links to resources I can review to help her would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 18:23 StatsAnalyticsSports 6/3 Sat MLB Picks

1* [904] Philadelphia Phillies (Matt Strahm) vs. Washington Nationals (MacKenzie Gore) ~ Under 8.5 -104

2* [923] Toronto Blue Jays -1.5 +145 (Jose Berrios) vs New York Mets (Tylor Megill)
2* [929] New York Yankees -1.5 +145 (Gerrit Cole) vs Los Angeles Dodgers (Michael Grove)

3* [902] St. Louis Cardinals (Jordan Montgomery) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Luis Ortiz) ~ Under 9 +100
3* [930] New York Yankees (Gerrit Cole) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (Michael Grove) ~ Under 9 -110

MLB YTD Records
Overall: 110-125 (46.8%) +0.24
MTD: 2-8 (20%) -12.4
L/7 Days: 16-19 (45.7%) +1.83
Y/Day: 2-6 (25%) -9.3
Avg Odds Risked / Pick: -103

All Sports YTD Records
Overall: 411-431 (48.8%) +34.31
MTD: 2-8 (20%) -12.4
L/30 Days: 64-70 (47.8%) +12.59
L/7 Days: 16-20 (44.4%) -0.17
Y/Day: 2-6 (25%) -9.3
Avg Odds Risked / Pick: -113
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2023.06.03 18:07 MomOf2Jedi 8 year daughter with dilated asending aorta and sxs of CTD

A little background I am a 46 year old AFAB. I have a family history of multiple great aunts and uncles on paternal mothers side with abdominal aneurysms and dissection. My father passed away at 58 from a dissection or rupture after multiple surgeries to repair asending aorta, root, arch, and desending aorta which began about 45/46. In all he dissected 3 times with last being fatal. I was referred by my PCP for genetic testing for connective tissue disorder (I have long fingers, long toes, 2 detached retinas, long arm spam, hypermobile, positive thumb and wrist sign, multiple ENT issues, brain surgery for a cholestoma, slightly protruding chest bone, wide neck aneurysm in internal carotid artery, and probably more). In October 2022 at testing I was diagnosed with a 3.8 asending aortic dilation which grew over next 5 or months to 4.1 or 4.3 depending on test used (MRI, gated CT, echo). Prior echos were normal most recent 2021. My genetic test was positive for a vus of MYLK gene which is being treated as pathogenic due to family history and current physical presentation. After speaking with several cardiologists and surgeons who said to follow up in a year, no restrictions and put on wrong blood pressure medication that is linked to aneurysms growing, I was connected to knowledgeable providers through the marfan foundation and received over 3 opinions and subsequently had my open heart valve sparing surgery to repair my aneurysm 8 weeks ago where they found a bulging area of 4.6. It's important to note that I do have a general ctd but they have not given me a diagnosis because my features do not fit into any one category. This Week my 2 youngest kids (8 and 11) went for their testing and my 8 year old has a mild dilation of 2.5 with a z score of 3.2. She was not given any restrictions and not put on any medication, genetic cardiologist wanted to see her in 1 year but I requested 6 months for follow up echo. Genetic testing was done as well and pending. She was also born with heart murmur and umbilical hernia, she was positive on thumb and wrist signs (doctors note said negative), she also complains of chest pains with exertion and dizziness (doctors note again said she denied this). In my own support groups it seems that standard of care is to put kids with other ctd's on medication to slow growth of aorta and physical (my daughter plays flag football and does gymnastics (pre team). My daughter is also extremely hypermobile and can turn one leg backwards and walk in addition to some other "tricks". Her genetic counselor emailed back when I expressed some concerns stating they just don't know enough about this gene and there are conflicting reports/research on the efficacy regarding use of medication with this gene and they want to wait until results come back. It's important to note they didn't fully evaluate her physically for ctd only listened to her heart and had her do thumb and wrist sign. I am extremely anxious due to family history and my own medical issues. Her current genetic cardiologist doesn't seemed concerned or knowledgeable and her records reflect this. Seeking advice and/or recommendations for providers specializing in ctd and aortic dilations in children and knowledge of this mylk gene. I am on some Facebook support groups for myself and it seems that many people with this gene are also given an EDS diagnosis, mylk is frequently a vus, fast growing aneurysms and dissections from asending aorta into abdomen at small dilations. Some research from Dr Milewicwz suggests this gene should be operated on based on age and family history vs size and it appears that children are at lower risk, however, my surgeron operated on a young person who dissected. Any info that can be provided is GREATLY appreciated.
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2023.06.03 17:58 PhilReddit7 YouTube Channels’ Case Study Update Months 2-3

Hey Everyone
I committed to bi-monthly updates on my YouTube journey, so here we are with an update for months 2 & 3.
If you missed my first post explaining why I’m growing YouTube channels, how I’m going about it, and so on – you can find that post here.
Excuses first; I still haven’t broken a sweat yet and I’m only working on these channels a few hours a week.
That said, I think I made some decent progress last month and I intend on ramping up the time and effort I’m putting into these channels to try and get one or both monetized in the next two months!

Overview of Stats for Both Channels

Channel 1

#videos #shorts #views #subs #Watch time (hrs)
February 9 1 299 14 3.5
March 21 1 3,513 39 110
April 18 19 20,617 324 599
May 33 9 6,333 165 147
Totals 81 30 30,762 542 859

Channel 2

#videos #shorts #views #subs #Watch time (hrs)
March 6 3 2,298 42 75
April 3 0 3,442 40 119
May 5 4 13,187 60 375
Totals 14 7 18,927 142 569

Channel 1 – What Happened

This is the channel I’m creating videos from stock footage for, so I can make videos anytime without leaving my house.
I actually recorded all of May’s videos in April and scheduled them to be released each day and took the whole of May off.
These daily videos were just ‘thought of the day for X May 2023’ style videos for my niche. They were only a couple of minutes long and took about 10 minutes each to make.
I wanted to test this out because I see a lot of channels that only do these types of videos that are doing well.
I gained a decent amount of views and subs for the effort. But I don’t think I’ll do any more of these, I want to focus on Q&A type videos involving research and providing more value.
I’m happy to have passed 500 subs, half were there in that respect. View time is lagging behind, but I’m sure that’ll catch up as I gain more momentum with subs.

Channel 2 – What Happened

This is the channel where I go out and film stuff in person, so the content creation is a lot slower.
I’m having a blast with this channel. I went out and visited some interesting places across the UK and met some crazy people over the last two months – it’s nice to be away from the keyboard.
I did a news media-style video towards the end of the month covering an event that has decent worldwide coverage, and that accounted for most of the views over the last two months.
I’m only planning on releasing one video a week for this channel and going for the slow burn. I have some plans to do more investigative journalism types of videos as well, time allowing.
I posted the shorts from this channel on TikTok and they’re doing a lot better on that platform.
One video has almost 500k views, so who knows, I might have to switch my focus to TikTok down the line.


I want to add that overall, the feedback I've been getting on my videos has been great.
There are always haters, the kind of people who are never happy and nothing is going to change their minds.
But the retention on my videos is decent, I get tonnes of awesome comments, and YT analytics says my likes vs dislikes channel averages are 97.8% and 96.6% respectively, which is pretty good considering someone seems to always downvote my videos and I do touch on slightly controversial topics.

The Next Two Months…

I really want to step up the video production over the next two months, particularly on channel 1.
I’m going to set myself the tentative goal of 20 long-form videos per month, so it’s on me to make that happen.
As always, I apprecaite all the support and encouragement in this sub.
I hope I can inspire someone, anyone, to start something or push that little bit harder - it's reading posts like these that helped me along the way.
Anywho, all comments and feedback is welcome, if you're doing something similar, let's share notes!
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2023.06.03 17:27 Medium_Wave_6782 Tracking hit parlays across the month, BOL

Tracking hit parlays across the month, BOL
Yesterdays performance:
Post June 2 Hit Parlays (Record 1-2) Units (+0.4u)
Parlay 1: +320 (1u for 2.2 +220)🔒🔒🔒 Bo Bichette TORONTO @6:10 ❔✅ George Springer TORONTO ? @6:10 ❔✅ Ryan McMahon COL @ 7:10 ❔✅ Wander Franco TB @6:10 ❔🅿️ 1u for 1.89 (+1.89)
Parlay 2: (1u for 3.2 +320) 🔒🔒 Matt McClain CIN @ 4:10 ❔❌ Spencer Steer CIN @4:10 ❔🅿️ Freddie Freeman LAD @ 9:10 ❔❌ JD Martinez LAD @9:10 ❔✅ (-1u)
Parlay 3: (.5u for 5.5u +1100) Lotto 🔒 Joshua Jung TEX @ 7:05 ❔❌ Marcus Simeon TEX @ 7:05 ❔✅ Julio Rodriguez SEA vs TEX @7:05 ❔✅ Nathan Lowe TEX @ 7:05 ❔❌ J.P. Crawford SEA @7:05❔❌ Ty France SEA @7:05❔❌ Corey Seager TEX @ 7:05 ❔✅ (-.5u)
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2023.06.03 17:20 911one87 WNBA Picks 03/06/2023

Bet Record: 19-18 Individual Picks: 20-20

Yesterdays picks 02/06/2023

NY Liberty Vs. Chicago Sky @6pm

Chicago Sky +9.5 ✅ FINAL: 77-76 NY
NY/CHI OVER 158.5 ❌ TOTAL: 153
Breanna Stewart 30+ PTS (.5 u) ❌ TOTAL: 19 PTS
Kahleah Copper U15.5❌ TOTAL: 20 PTS

Dallas Wings Vs. Washington Mystics @7pm

Dallas Wings +7.5 ✅ FINAL: 75-74 WAS
DAL/WAS UNDER 166.5 ✅ TOTAL: 149

Las Vegas Aces Vs. Atlanta Dream @8pm

Atlanta Dream +11.5✅ FINAL: 92-87 LV
LV/ATL OVER 172.5 ✅ TOTAL: 179

Los Angeles Sparks Vs. Phoenix Mercury @10pm

LA Sparks ML ✅ FINAL: 99-93 LA
LA/PHX OVER 162.5 ✅ Total: 192
Solid night last night let’s see if we can do 2 good days in a row.

Todays Picks 03/06/2023

Minnesota Lynx Vs. Washington Mystics @7PM

Minnesota Lynx +8.5 FD odds -104
MIN/WAS OVER 162.5 FD odds -110
Minnesota Lynx ML FD odds +340
Napheesa Collier O19.5 PTS FD odds -113

Seattle Storm Vs. LA Sparks @10PM

Seattle Storm +5.5 FD odds -110
SEA/LA UNDER 166.5 FD odds -108
Ezi Magbegor O7.5 REB FD odds -108 Last season: 5.6 AVG, Career 4.4
Jordin Canada U4.5 AST FD odds +114 Last season 5.5 AVG, Career 4.4 AVG
Minnesota is due for a W an 0-6 record is not a good representation of their capabilities. They’ve kept games within 5-10PTS in all 6 losses against better teams than Washington. Betting the Moneyline because the only win they have this season has been against the Mystics in the pre season. Hurts to do it but we’re betting hard against Washington tonight, any other day, Go Mystics!
BOL to anyone tailing, let’s have a great weekend!
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2023.06.03 17:18 drumdrumdrums For those out there recording at home, debating if some outboard gear is worth the price, you might find this comparison useful. API 312 preamp - emulation vs hardware.

For those out there recording at home, debating if some outboard gear is worth the price, you might find this comparison useful. API 312 preamp - emulation vs hardware. submitted by drumdrumdrums to drums [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:42 Piranha_Plant123 Don't you love it when you casually get 3 legendaries boons in one run and 7 duo boons in another on the same day

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2023.06.03 16:41 Proletlariet Bill & Ted Saved

"Be excellent to each other... and party on dudes!"

He is Bill S. Preston, Esq.! And he is Ted "Theodore" Logan! And together, they are Wyld Stallyns!
To everyone else in late-80s/early-90s San Dimas, California, Wyld Stallyns may look like the impossible dream of two slackers with no skill in anything else. But in truth, the music of Wyld Stallyns is so bodacious, so non-heinous, so excellent that it brings about an era of prosperity, both across the earth and to the stars beyond, and technological advancement so advanced that even time can be accessed as freely as a 10-digit phone number from the nearest payphone. Because of this, agents from the future utopia have sent back a time-travelling phone booth as well as information about the future to make sure that Bill and Ted are able to continue having most excellent adventures and fulfill the destiny of Wyld Stallyns.


EA = Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
BJ = Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
FtM - Bill & Ted Face the Music
CSxEy = Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (DiC Animated Series); Season X Episode Y
LAEx = Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (Fox Live Action Series); Episode X
M#X = Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book (Marvel Comics) Issue #X
BVx#y = Boom! Studios Comics; Volume X, Issue #Y
Vol. 1 = Bill & Ted's Triumphant Return
Vol. 2 = Bill & Ted Go To Hell
Vol. 3 = Bill & Ted Save the Universe
BV1#xS = Boom! Studios Comics; Side Story
DH#X = Dark Horse Comics (Face the Music Compliant) Issue #X
AL = Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Atari Lynx)
NES = Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (NES)
WS = Wyld Stallyns (Mobile Game)
Live Show:
EHAyy = Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure; 19YY/20YY

Bill and Ted

Yes, really.
Ghost Bill and Ted





Good Robot Bill and Ted

Robots created by the most brilliant mind in the universe, Station, to combat the powerful Evil Robot Bill and Ted. BJ
They Run On Car Batteries

Mecha Bill & Ted

Mobile Suit Bill & Giganto-Ted

The Time Booth

Time Travel
The Squint System
An upgraded directory that allows the booth to travel to fictional settings, including books, CDs, movies, and games. CS2E2
Landing Strength
"Catch ya later Bill and Ted!"
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2023.06.03 15:42 NevermoreSEA Notable Prospect Performances - June 02, 2023

Top 30 Prospect Performance
Low-A Modesto
Prospect Performance Position Age Ranking
Cole Young 1-5, 2B, R, RBI, BB Shortstop 19 Mariners #3
Gabriel Gonzalez 1-5, R Outfield 19 Mariners #7
Michael Morales 7.0IP, 4H, 2BB, 0ER, 5K Pitcher 20 Mariners #20
Josh Hood 1-4, R, 2BB Second Base 22 Mariners #29
High-A Everett
Prospect Performance Position Age Ranking
Harry Ford 0-4, BB Catcher 20 Mariners #1
Axel Sanchez 0-1 Shortstop 20 Mariners #15
Alberto Rodriguez 1-5 Outfield 23 Mariners #27
AA Arkansas
Prospect Performance Position Age Ranking
Jonatan Clase 0-2, R, BB, SB Outfield 21 Mariners #12
Isaiah Campbell 1.0IP, 0H, 0BB, 0ER, 1K Pitcher 25 Mariners #16
Robert Perez Jr 0-3 Outfield 22 Mariners #21
AAA Tacoma
Prospect Performance Position Age Ranking
Cade Marlowe 1-4, 3B, 3RBI Outfield 25 Mariners #16
Juan Then 1.2IP, 5H, 2BB, 5ER, 1K Pitcher 23 Mariners #23
Zach DeLoach 1-4, BB Outfield 24 Mariners #26
Unranked Excellence
Prospect Performance Level Age Positon
Freuddy Batista 4-5, 2-2B, R, RBI Low-A 23 Catcher
Reid VanScoter 7.0IP, 8H, 2BB, 1ER, 8K High-A 24 Pitcher
Kyle Tyler 6.0IP, 3H, 2BB, 0ER, 10K AA 26 Pitcher
Devin Sweet 2.0IP, 1H, 0BB, 0ER, 2K AA 26 Pitcher
Final Scores
Modesto defeats Stockton 8-1
Hillsboro defeats Everett 4-3
Arkansas defeats Midland 2-0
Sacramento defeats Tacoma 10-6
Cade Marlowe’s RBI triple.
Isaiah Campbell gets the save.
Affiliate Record Standings Diff Level
Modesto Nuts 25-24 3rd in division +8 Low-A
Everett AquaSox 24-25 4th in division +12 High-A
Arkansas Travelers 31-18 2nd in division +49 AA
Tacoma Rainiers 26-29 2nd in division +0 AAA
Prospect Performances Index.
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2023.06.03 15:05 echopath Dive trip report: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Palau

Over the last six months, I’ve been in Asia (and the Pacific) bouncing around as part of a larger trip, but diving being a huge emphasis, accumulating around 200 dives during this period. I’m leaving some of my dive log notes and thoughts of each place since it would probably help people in planning which hotspots to go to within this region and how they compare to each other.
For additional context, I went into this trip having around 200 dives, mostly in the Caribbean and Red Sea, with a little bit of SEA experience.
I know it personally was difficult when doing research, especially when pretty much all of these are described as “wOrLd cLaSs” or “bEsT iN tHe wOrLd” to some varying degree (spoiler: not everything is IMO).
I personally dive because of reef health and fish life, so my notes are written with a heavy bias towards that. I acknowledge that bias so obviously places that only have a big muck / macro presence will be rated lower on here.
A-tier and above is a place I’d gladly go back to and dive again. I’d also recommend these places where you should make plans to travel here or go out of your way specifically to dive.
B-tier and above is good. Maybe not incredibly mindblowing but still good and worth doing nonetheless. But there are some flaws that keep it from being superb.
C-tier is mediocre. I could maybe find a few bright spots, but I didn’t find diving here to be particularly great or terrible at the same time. Just average. I wouldn’t make trips to dive these places specifically. I might recommend diving them if they overlap with some better stuff higher on in the list, but they’re skippable.
D to F-tier is just bad. Very little things to enjoy if at all. Avoid.
  • Raja Ampat, Alor
  • Komodo, Palau
  • Nusa Penida, Apo Island
  • Richelieu Rock, Kimud Shoal (sharks)
  • Gato Island
  • Balicasag, Pamilican, Sipadan, Sogod Bay
  • Kapalai, Hin Daeng / Hin Muang
  • Panglao, Malapascua (local diving)
  • Surin Islands, Mabul, Koh Bida, Dauin
  • Similan Islands
  • Koh Haa


Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai (15 dives)
Reef life:
Dive sites:
Overall: Sipadan B, Kapalai B-, Mabul C


Raja Ampat (20 dives)
Reef life
Dive sites:
Overall: S
Nusa Penida (15 dives)
Reef life:
Dive sites:
Overall: A
Komodo (30 dives)
Reef life:
Dive sites:
Overall: A+
Alor (25 dives)
Reef life:
Dive sites:
Overall: S

Palau (25 dives)

Reef Life:
Dive sites:
Overall: A+


Andaman Sea (30 dives)
Reef life:
Dive sites:
Overall: Similans D, Surins C, Richelieu Rock A-, Hin Daeng / Muang B-, Koh Bida C, Koh Haa F
Anyway, feel free to AMA. No pics because I mostly record in video, and I'm too lazy to edit something together for now. Plus anyone can make any dive site look good with select shots.
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2023.06.03 14:31 stayclassypeople The 1980-81 Bowl Season

This is the 7th post in a series going over the bowl seasons from 1974-1997. Each year I'm examining the bowls with national title implications and the teams competing for the #1 ranking. If you want to catch up on prior seasons, check out the link to the master post as well!\_and\_the\_race\_for\_the\_mythical\_national/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3

Setting the Stage

Final Regular Season Polls
Team Record AP Coaches
Georgia 11-0 1 1 (37)
Florida St 10-1 2 2 (1)
Pittsburgh 10-1 3 3 (1)
Another season where college footballs top teams didn't play each other. #1 Georgia was tied to the Sugar Bowl, which extended an invite to then #2 Notre Dame in mid November, creating a would be de facto national title.. But there was one problem . . . the Irish hadn't played their last game, which they lost handily to USC. Had the bowls waited til everyone's regular season was over, its possible the Sugar would've taken Florida St instead. Given FSU's regular season win over #3 Pitt, college football ironically would've had it's de facto national title had they taken FSU. This is absolutely ridiculous and I love it.

The Bowls

Gator Bowl #3 Pitt vs #18 South Carolina (December 29th)
Pitt had a chance to claim a title, but would need a lot of help. In addition to a win, they would need both #1 Georgia and #2 Florida St (the only team they lost too) to lose their bowls. This wasn't as far fetched as one would think as Georgia and FSU were 1 and 5 1/2 point dogs in their respective games. Pitt did their part to keep things interesting, dominating the Gamecocks from start to finish in a 37-9 route.

Sugar Bowl #1 Georgia vs #7 Notre Dame (Jan 1st, 2pm EST)
Notre Dame didn't do their part to make this a de facto championship game, but for Georgia #1 was still on the line. As the consensus #1 team, they just needed to simply win and the Orange Bowl later that evening wouldn't matter. Lose and the national title would likely come down to Pitt or Florida St. Notre Dame drew first blood with a field goal in the 1st. Georgia, led by true freshman Herschel Walker, responded with 17 unanswered to lead 17-3 at the half. The Irish countered with a 3rd quarter TD, to make it a one score game, but that was all the Dawgs D would allow. Georgia won 17-10 and was well on the way to a consensus national title.

Orange Bowl #2 Florida St vs #4 Oklahoma (Jan 1st, 8pm EST)
The Seminoles never got their chance to challenge Georgia head to head, but still had a chance to claim their 1st national title if the Dawgs slipped up earlier in the day. Unfortunately by kickoff, their title hopes were dashed. The game still turned out to be a classic. The teams were tied at 10 entering the 4th quarter. With just over 3 minutes to go, the Seminoles recovered a Sooner fumble in the end zone to take a 17-10 lead. The Sooners kept their composure and countered with a 78 yard TD drive and successfully converted a 2 point conversion to lead 18-17. Florida St missed a desperation 62 yard field goal at the gun.

Final Results

*Only includes teams receiving 1st place votes in either poll
Team record AP Coaches
Georgia 12-0 1 (58 1/2) 1 (36)
Pittsburgh 11-1 2 (3 1/2) 2 (3)
Florida St 10-2 5 (1) 5
Michigan 10-2 4 4 (1)
For a 2nd straight year, things worked out pretty cleanly. Although a few rogue voters went their own way, Georgia, the only unbeaten team in the nation, was overwhelmingly voted #1 in each poll. As for the half vote, one AP voter declared both Georgia and Pitt #1, which I guess is allowed? This would be Georgia's last National title until 2021.
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2023.06.03 14:21 DenCooper89 What's the difference between fiat and cryptocurrencies?

Fiat currency and cryptocurrencies are two distinct forms of currency with fundamental differences:
  1. Centralization: Fiat currencies are issued and regulated by central banks and governments, such as the US dollar or Euro. Central authorities have control over the supply and value of fiat currencies. In contrast, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and operate on a technology called blockchain. They are not controlled by any central authority, but rather by a network of computers and participants.
  2. Physical vs. Digital: Fiat currencies exist in physical form as banknotes and coins, making them tangible and widely accepted for transactions. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, exist only in digital form. They are stored in digital wallets and primarily used for online transactions, although some cryptocurrencies have physical representations in the form of hardware wallets or tokens.
  3. Legal Status: Fiat currencies are generally considered legal tender, meaning they must be accepted as a form of payment within a country's jurisdiction. Cryptocurrencies, however, do not have legal tender status in most countries and their acceptance for transactions varies. Some countries have embraced cryptocurrencies and established regulations, while others have imposed restrictions or outright bans.
  4. Transaction Transparency: Fiat currency transactions typically occur through centralized financial institutions, such as banks, which can track and verify transactions. Cryptocurrency transactions, on the other hand, are recorded on a public ledger called the blockchain, allowing for transparent and traceable transactions. However, while the transactions are transparent, the identities of the parties involved can be pseudonymous, providing a degree of privacy.
  5. Monetary Policy: Central banks can influence fiat currencies through monetary policies such as interest rates and money supply adjustments. Cryptocurrencies, being decentralized, are not subject to traditional monetary policies. Instead, their value is influenced by market supply and demand dynamics.
  6. Cross-Border Transactions: Cryptocurrencies facilitate fast and borderless transactions, as they are not bound by geographical limitations or traditional banking systems. Fiat currencies, although capable of cross-border transactions, often involve intermediaries and may encounter delays and fees.
It's important to note that the value and volatility of cryptocurrencies can be significantly different from fiat currencies. While fiat currencies are generally more stable, cryptocurrencies can experience substantial price fluctuations. Understanding these differences is crucial for individuals seeking to engage with either fiat or cryptocurrencies for financial transactions or investments.
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2023.06.03 13:55 powerrangers92 Forecast: Manchester City vs Manchester United

Forecast: Manchester City vs Manchester United
Bet: Total goals over 2.5
For the first time in the long history of this competition, the FA Cup final will be a Manchester derby at Wembley Stadium. Premier League champions Manchester City enter as favorites as they seek to secure a second trophy in a possible treble of the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League – an achievement only their archrivals, Manchester United, have accomplished in English football history. While Pep Guardiola's team has smoothly reached their first FA Cup final in four seasons, scoring 17 goals without conceding any in their previous five matches this season, the Spanish manager has urged his team to "disconnect" in the buildup to this important encounter, hoping they can refocus after failing to win their last two league matches (D1, L1). However, under Guardiola's guidance, City has a 100% winning record in domestic finals, so they will be confident in taking another huge step towards immortality.
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2023.06.03 13:46 Alpaaci The WOLF Tournament (Round 3): Awkward vs. Domo23 (Upvote the comment with the song you want to vote for!)

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2023.06.03 13:37 powerrangers92 Forecast: Toulouse vs Monaco

Forecast: Toulouse vs Monaco
Bet:Monaco run line -1.5
A three-match winless streak (D1, L2) has seen Monaco drop out of the top five spots in the table and consequently lose their ticket to European competition, meaning they enter this final Ligue 1 matchday with their destiny in their own hands. The goal difference between Monaco and the fifth-placed team, Rennes, is truly insurmountable, and all Monaco can do is defeat Toulouse and hope that Rennes or Lille drop points to secure a spot in European competitions next season. The principality club will first and foremost need to fulfill their end of the bargain, but this is certainly not guaranteed as the home side has failed to score in over three hours of league play at home before this clash. Nonetheless, their near-perfect home league record against teams ranked below twelfth place (W6, L1), averaging 3.29 goals per game in those encounters, would suggest that this streak is likely to end here.
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2023.06.03 11:51 Guilty_Reaction9052 What if DEATH BATTLE revealed Jack the Ripper VS Elizabeth Bathory (Record of Ragnarok VS Majo Taisen) for their Season 10, how will you reacted?

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2023.06.03 11:03 AutoModerator [Get] Jenna Kutcher – The Podcast Lab And The Content Lab Download

[Get] Jenna Kutcher – The Podcast Lab And The Content Lab Download
Download :


MODULE ONE: Planning Your Podcast

Inside of module one, you will learn how to create and plan your podcast. Maybe you already have an idea brewing or maybe you have no clue where to even start but you dream of having your own show.
Module one will take the guesswork out of planning your podcast.
Inside of this module I will walk you through:– Picking a name, topic, category and description– Creating podcast assets like your photo and intro– Equipment recommendations and what I use– Episode planning, format + how to prepare to record

MODULE TWO: Recording Your Podcast

Inside of module two, I’ll walk you through how to actually record your podcast and the different formats of podcasting you can choose from!
I’ll share my exact process and explain the differences of solo shows and interviews, as well as sharing how we create our show notes and more.
Inside of this module I will walk you through:– Recording your podcast– Tips for editing your podcast– Recording solo shows vs. interviews– Naming your episodes and how to use keywords– Our guide to show notes

MODULE THREE: Publishing Your Episode

Get ready to feel confident with the industry specific terms and tech so you can officially hit publish. This module walks through the all important topics of hosts and RSS feeds, directories and aggregators, as well as an overview of four recommended hosting platforms.
Plus, we’ll lock down the key details needed to get setup with your host (no matter which one you choose) and of course, getting your show out to the masses with Apple Podcasts and beyond. To cap it off, you’ll learn all of our podcast trailer best practices.
Inside of this module I will walk you through:– Learn the Lingo– Choose Your Hosting Platform– Setup Your Hosting Platform– Submitting to Apple Podcasts & Other Directories– Podcast Trailer Best Practices
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2023.06.03 09:32 Appropriate-Area-723 Stream and record vs download vod

Hi, just new on streaming
I tried to stream and record on obs at the same time
3 questions please hope you can help me:
  1. Why my stream become mute while i do stream and record ? (Just on twitch - my record is recording the sounds)
  2. Do you download you vods from twitch or record while stream ?
  3. I know that if i download vods i have wuality lose - but is it really noticeable?
Thanks guys.
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