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2023.06.03 06:06 EQBC Why Boxing?

This is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about it.
Here are some but not all best physical benefits of Boxing.
A killer cardio workout that burns some serious calories real fast, improves your hand-eye coordination, helps build shoulder boulders, improves Bone Mineral Density, increases the endurance & stamina, enhances cardiovascular health, tones & shapes the body, and improves total body strength. These are few to be mentioned. Anyone involved in boxing knows of its power – particularly among working-class kids – to improve health, education, community cohesion and to lower crime.
You hear it all the time: You need to do cardio to protect yourself from heart disease, burn calories, and lose or maintain your weight. There are not enough promoters of boxing as a sport in the modern world. It’s a stressed-out world out there and boxing training really helps you to decrease stress level. Also, you must exercise to improve body composition out of the sedative lifestyle of young people. Easter Queens boxing club is known for its Athletic Training and Conditioning.
Boding experts have pointed out some important benefits for kids as well in the age group of 5 year to 15 year. Boxing focuses on agility, speed, quickness, balance, and hand-eye coordination, Confidence Building, Health and Proper Fitness, Self-Defense, Good Eating Habits, Higher GPAs, Staying out of Trouble, Humility and Patience.
What do boxing coaches look for in a boxer?
It is difficult to find a good boxing coach that gets the best out of you in the ring through his training out of the ring. If we think about a good boxing coach, he must possess the ability to work with fighters that vary in style, size, age, and experience. They will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, then plan a training strategy. A coach will train you to augment your strengths and develop, improve upon and eventually eradicate your weaknesses.
How important is a boxing coach?
There is a famous saying about boxing “Behind every great boxer, there is a great boxing coach”.
Finding the right boxing trainer for you is essential to improve your boxing ability and to continuously develop as a boxer. In fact, trainers are so important, most professional fighters often have multiple coaches specializing in different expertise.
One more question can pop into your mind in this case, that is, do you need a boxing trainer?
Let me clear it for this sport, one cannot become a pro boxer by self-training with no trainers, You can’t. You must have a trainer to be able to do it right. You must also be able to spar unless you like to fight your imagination.
Something about trainers, what to consider while selecting a trainer. A great trainer must have a mental and emotional connection with the fighter, feeling what his fighter feels, and being able to see what the fighter is seeing. Trainers don’t give up on their boxers, and never let them feel unappreciated and incomplete. Remember one thing, a trainer who is in it for the quick buck is not a good trainer.
Same time you need a great boxing club to train yourself. You will never learn how to box without joining a boxing club/gym. A good, equipped boxing club is as much important as a good, experienced trainer, it can be even a friend who has experience from boxing trainings and fights, so he can correct you on your mistakes on boxing mitts, a lot of sparrings to learn how to react to a moving living target, but alone? No chance. If you want to be a recreational boxer, any gym that has a boxing program will do, but if you really want to devote yourself to the sport, you’ll have to find a good gym. Eastern Queen boxing club is one of the great places in the USA to join and get trained from experienced trainers to transform yourself into a professional boxer.
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2023.06.03 06:06 misslofn [F4A] Third Wheel? [wolf-girl] [hybrid] [baseball/softball] [learning to pitch] [sports themed] [being taken care of] [accidentally getting injured] [being carried]

"I’m going to go right behind you and put my hands on your hips. Look down. See where my feet are located? Do exactly that. There you go, that’s it. Bend your knees a little, good. Relax, my hands are just helping your hips get into position."
Storyline: You've had a crush on one of the girls on your college softball team. Shyly, you asked the pitcher for her help in getting her attention. She was psyched to help you and formulated a plan. This is the third time you are trying this plan. While she is showing you proper positioning for a pitch for it to work, you end up falling and hurting yourself. She feels awful and takes it upon herself to help you get back on your feet...
Includes: shy/nerdy/easily embarrassed listener, hybrid, wolfgirl, softball written by someone who knows nothing about softball, being carried (regardless of your size, she is strong and can/will pick you up and carry you bridal style), injured listener, being taken care of, she's a little bit ditzy but she's trying her best.
Includes: Cuddling under blankets and watching TV
Listen on youtube or soundgasm
If you enjoyed this you might enjoy "Tsundere Cuddles" which is exactly how it sounds or "We Should be Lovers Instead" which is an omegaverse audio as well as a studio killers reference. But if neither of those are up your alley, I have an audio subreddit that is neatly tagged here! And if you want to check out my entire audio library including 600+ audios I have a patreon here!
I hope this fun little sfw audio is a great way to start your weekend. Also I am apologizing ahead of time for any sports inaccuracies. I don't do sports xX Lofn
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2023.06.03 06:01 katentreter First time as a wedding DJ - short report

Huge coincident that I got offered the job to DJ for a wedding of a young pair (26yo). Someone inside our party whatsappgroup could not do the Job and asked if someone else can do it.
Some other friend recommened me so I that "Fk it why not - easy cash??".
Started DJing 3yrs ago, techno/minimal, deep, dark, melodic, nightclubs, raves, bunkers, partys, etc. that's what/how I usually play. And till now $0 earned from that (but that was never really the point).
But being told the crowd/pair has low demand on general music, wedding people are all cool and nice, just please the crowd early with some pop music from the 2000s, some queen, some jacko, some rihanna ...
Then later in the evening transition slowy to house music and then "ok dude, the old people are all gone, u can activate rave mode" and so I played some nice tunes finally and flopped back and forth to the dancefloor and danced too :) And I got offered drugs several times :D but said no because I took that job serious and want to be as professional as needed to be (sober... just some beer).
I had a hotspot set up (laptop+controller) and could download song requests from the crowd from the internet. Most of them were spot on, some were shit, 1-2 people were really annoying but I think that's part of the job.
I think without this method, the crowd wouldn't have danced that much.
I'm 35 and not in touch with that kind of music and era so maybe would have been a little bit hopeless in playing the right tracks.
I'm good and multitasking and receiving a request to playing it can be done in less than 10 seconds. I don't think many other DJs can do that.
400€ for ~6h doing relatively easy work, free drinks and food and meeting cool people.
Now I think I have to promote myself more towards wedding DJing when I wanna earn cash. That nightclubbing is what it is but doesn't really pay off lol (but as I said, Djing for money isn't really my goal (OR IS IT??)
I just wanna bring people together by letting them enjoy my DJing and kinda appreciate being in the center of the musical happening (a whole club!!) but still kinda hidden alone in the dark corner behind technical devices where 98% of the people don't really know what I am actually doing)
The next party begins in 10h, but this time it's private club and no sugarbabes&gwen stefani BS but techno from start to finish :)
Ok thanks for reading and have a good day!
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2023.06.03 06:00 AutoModerator GAME SCHEDULE

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2023.06.03 05:59 expired_soy_milk I can't listen to But Here We Are

There's something so particular about this album. It's working through the grief plastered in art. Hearing "Rest" destroyed me like no other song ever has, not even in my lowest points, it's not Yesterday, it's not Tears in Heaven, it's not All Apologies or You Know You're Right, I don't even think of it as Dave Grohl's "Something In The Way".
Rest manifests the entirety of grief in it's rawest and purest form. For those of us who have never had a Taylor Hawkins in our lives, we can only connect so much with Dave's pain.
I can't even begin to imagine what these past year and couple of months must have been for him, losing his Best Friend and Mother not even 6 months later.
This band has taught me so much, it started as a way out of grief, and to me it feels like we're back to square one. No matter the experience or resources, no one is truly prepared for losing the 2 most important beings in your life. It taught me how to grow around grief, how to love, how to appreciate the little things, how to give the best of me. This band taught me life, love, music, friends, and much more.
That's why I can't listen to the new album again. I listened to it all the way through, every single song hit like a pile of bricks falling on my head. I don't think I'm emotionally, psychologically or mentally prepared for the ride this album has been. I love Foo Fighters with my life, I love them so much, not a day goes by without listening to them.
But still, this album was way more than I could've ever handled. Still to this day I can't believe Taylor is no longer here, this past year went by so fast and it lasted forever at the same time. I hope some day I'll be capable of listening to it but I'm not prepared for it. It's times like these you learn to live again, I guess
I'm grateful for everything this band has ever done, and out of that only listen to the album I can tell it's a masterpiece. I hope you guys enjoyed it and didn't wet your bed with tears like I did.
Foo Fighters Forever
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2023.06.03 05:48 zachman65yt I (21m) broke up with my gf (19f) because she bought me a gift

I (21m) turned 21 this year and have been dating my gf (19f) for about a year. I was super excited to turn 21 because I didn't drink before then, and I was exciting to get drunk for the first time. I had my whole day planned out to hang with my boys, and of course I invited my gf to come along as well. We went to Dave and Buster's and I got my first alcoholic beverage (Bloody Mary), and we played a crane game to try and get rubber ducks. We were all having a great time but I can tell my gf was a bit off. I walk up to her to ask her what's up and she told me she wanted to give me something.
We walk out to our cars and she tells me to get in hers. I hop in the passenger side and blindfolds me so I couldn't tell where we were going. I was curious but I trusted her, but I was a little upset I had to leave Dave and Buster's and my boys behind. The car stopped and she took my blindfold off at a dock area. She got out of the car and grabbed something from the trunk. She took out box and sat back into the car. She looked me in the eyes gave me a kiss and opened the box, it was a pair of promise rings. I thought the gesture was sweet, but I don't know if it was out of confusion or if I was upset with her for taking me to a secluded area to give me them and I went silent. We sat there for a while and she started crying. I understand why she was crying and I also started crying, We just sat there crying silently together for a while. She drove me back to Dave and Buster's and she said she was just going to head home. I gave her a hug and a kiss and we went our separate ways.
I had a good rest of my birthday but after getting those rings it really made me rethink our whole relationship. I loved her but maybe she wasn't the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We talked about our relationship together and talked about what happened and it felt like a mutual thing. Not so long after though I've been hearing a lot of rumors about me being spread around and people look at me differently.
I'm starting to rethink my decision of breaking up with her, because I feel a lot more empty and sad with her gone. I know I made a big mistake I didn't realize how much I enjoyed being with her until we were split for a while. What do you think the best way to get her back would be?
tldr; My gf bought me promise rings and it made me rethink our whole relationship
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2023.06.03 05:46 VietRooster New Music Friday: June 2nd/May 26th, 2023

New Music Friday is the weekly thread dedicated to cataloging all the Album/EP releases that came out this week, including non-subreddit relevant releases. This is also a great place to discuss these albums, or bring to attention other albums released this week.
❓ "this seems intriguing after a cursory look"
⭐ "im interested in this for one reason or another"
❤️ "ive been waiting for weeks, months/i'm absolutely in love with this"

June 2nd

Protomartyr - Formal Growth in the Desert
Label: Domino
Genre: Post-Punk, Art Punk, Gothic Rock
Beach Fossils - Bunny
Label: Bayonet
Genre: Indie Pop, Jangle Pop, Dream Pop
Bully - Lucky for You
Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Post-Grunge
Pupil Slicer - Blossom
Label: Prosthetic
Genre: Mathcore, Post-Hardcore, Blackgaze
Body Type - Expired Candy
Label: n/a
Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Punk
Label: n/a
Genre: Jazz-Funk, Synth Funk, Art Pop
RVG - Brain Worms
Label: Fire
Genre: Indie Rock, Jangle Pop
Baxter Dury - I Thought I Was Better Than You
Label: Heavenly
Genre: Art Pop, Indie Pop, UK Hip Hop
Ben Folds - What Matters Most
Label: New West
Genre: Piano Rock, Pop Rock, Singer-songwriter
Jake Shears (ex-Scissor Sisters) - Last Man Dancing
Label: Mute
Genre: Pop, Pop Rock
Lanterns On The Lake - Versions Of Us
Label: Bella Union
Genre: Dream Pop, Chamber Pop, Indie Pop
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Council Skies
Label: n/a
Genre: Post-Britpop, Chamber Pop, Post-Punk Revival
FRANKIIE - Between Dreams
Label: Paper Bag
Genre: Indie Pop
Generationals - Heatherhead
Label: Polyvinyl
Genre: Indie Pop, Bedroom Pop, Electropop
Anthony Naples - orbs
Label: ANS
Genre: Ambient Techno, Downtempo, Neo-Psychedelia
Purr - Who Is Afraid Of Blue?
Label: ANTI-
Genre: Psychedelic Pop, Indie Pop
Half Moon Run - Salt
Label: BMG
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Folk Rock
Sam Blasucci - Off My Stars
Label: Innovative Leisure
Genre: Indie Pop, Singer-songwriter
Gorgeous - Sapsucker
Label: n/a
Genre: Experimental Rock
Vulfmon - Vulfnik
Label: Vulf
Genre: Pop Soul, Jazz-Funk
Gula Blend - Allt har hänt
Label: Rama Lama
Genre: Surf Rock, Garage Punk
Gal Pal - This and Other Gestures
Label: Youth Riot
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock
Lost Under Heaven - Something is Announced By Your Life!
Label: n/a
Genre: Art Pop, Indietronica
De Staat - Red / Yellow / Blue
Label: n/a
Genre: Alternative Rock, Dance-Punk
The Aquadolls - Charmed
Label: Enci
Genre: Surf Rock, Indie Surf, Indie Rock
Rancid - Tomorrow Never Comes
Label: Epitaph
Genre: Punk Rock
**Kildas - No Harmony
Label: n/a
Genre: Progressive Rock, Jazz-Rock
WITCH - Zango
Label: Partisan
Genre: Zamrock, Acid Rock
Louise Post - Sleepwalker
Label: n/a
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Tigercub - The Perfume of Decay
Label: Loosegroove
Genre: Alternative Rock, Stoner Rock, Garage Rock
Sorry Girls - Bravo!
Label: Arbutus
Genre: Pop Rock
McKinley Dixon - Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?
Label: City Slang
Genre: Jazz Rap, Conscious Hip Hop, Neo-Soul
DZ Deathrays - R.I.F.F.
Label: n/a
Genre: Alternative Rock, Garage Rock Revival
Label: Chrysalis
Genre: Singer-songwriter, Folk Rock
OLTH - every day is sOmeOne's speciaL day
Label: n/a
Genre: Screamo, Metalcore, Emoviolence
MILLY - The Freed Milly (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Noise Pop
Public Phone School - Public Phone School
Label: n/a
Genre: Noise Rock, Powerviolence, Synth Punk
Kiltro - Underbelly
Label: n/a
Genre: Psychedelic Folk, Indie Folk, Latin Alternative
Speakers Corner Quartet - Further Out Than The Edge
Label: n/a
Genre: Jazz
Brandt Brauer Frick - Multi Faith Prayer Room
Label: Because
Genre: Minimal Techno, IDM, Electroacoustic, Nu Jazz
The Stools - R U Saved?
Label: Feel It
Genre: Punk Rock, Garage Rock
Levyosn - Levyosn's Lullaby
Label: Borscht Beat
Genre: Folksong, Acoustic, Klezmer
Wire Crimes - The Impermanence of Things (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Indie
Jelly Kelly - Warm Water (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Pop Punk, Indie Rock
Monika Linkyte - HEALING
Label: n/a
Genre: Pop Soul, Adult Contemporary
Trixie Mattel - Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Dance-Pop, Nu-Disco
Stray Kids - 5-STAR
Label: JYP
Genre: K-Pop, Trap, Pop Rap
CIL - Tears Dry On Their Own (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Pop
Big Time Rush - Another Life
Label: n/a
Genre: Pop, Dance-Pop
Elettra Lamborghini - Elettraton
Label: Island
Genre: Reggaetón
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - HANA
Label: Douglas Valentine
Genre: Pop Rock, Synthpop, Alternative Rock
The Aces - I've Loved You For So Long
Label: Red Bull
Genre: Pop Rock, New Wave
Dj Smokey - Nuked Out Dance Party
Label: n/a
Genre: Instrumental Hip Hop, Trap, Experimental Hip Hop
DaBoii & The Mekanix - Soakin Game
Label: n/a
Genre: West Coast Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap, Detroit Trap
J Billz & Pi'erre Bourne - Streetz Hottest Young'n
Label: n/a
Genre: Trap
Moneybagg Yo - Hard to Love
Label: Cocaine
Genre: Southern Hip Hop, Trap, Pop Rap
Label: n/a
Genre: Film Soundtrack, Trap, Pop Rap
Ghais Guevara - Goyard Comin': Exordium
Label: n/a
Genre: Hardcore Hip Hop, East Coast Hip Hop, Experimental Hip Hop
Avenged Sevenfold - Life is But A Dream...
Label: Warner
Genre: Avant-Garde Metal, Progressive Metal, Metal Metal Metal Metal
Bongzilla - Dab City
Label: Heavy Psych
Genre: Stoner Doom Jams
Girls Under Glass - Backdraft
Label: n/a
Genre: Gothic Rock, Industrial Rock, EBM
Omnium Gatherum - Slasher (EP)
Label: Century Media
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock
BURNT SKULL - Daylight Mutilation
Label: n/a
Genre: Noise Rock
Label: n/a
Genre: Blackened Sludge, Post-Metal
Einar Solberg - 16
Label: InsideOut
Genre: Symphonic Rock, Progressive Rock, Art Pop
Foo Fighters - But Here We Are
Label: Roswell
Genre: Alternative Rock, Power Pop, Shoegaze
Messiahvore - TRANSVERSE
Label: n/a
Genre: Stoner Metal
Red Cain - Nae'Bliss
Label: n/a
Genre: Progressive Metal, Alternative Metal
Risin Sabotage - MACABRE
Label: Interstellar Space
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Saint Karloff - Paleolithic War Crimes
Label: n/a
Genre: Stoner Metal
To Descend - Mindless Birth (EP)
Label: HPGD
Genre: Horror Pain Gore Death Metal
Unfurl - Ascension
Label: n/a
Genre: Sludge Metal, Mathcore, Dissonant Hell
Wytch Hazel - IV: Sacrament
Label: n/a
Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

May 26th

Sparks - The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte
Label: Island
Genre: Art Pop, Synthpop, Progressive Pop
Miya Folick - ROACH
Label: Nettwerk
Genre: Indie Pop, Alt-Pop
Water From Your Eyes - Everyone's Crushed
Label: Matador
Genre: Experimental Rock, Art Pop, Post-Industrial, Dance-Punk
Kevin Morby - More Photographs (A Continuum)
Label: Dead Oceans
Genre: Folk Rock, Singer-songwriter, Indie Folk
Arlo Parks - My Soft Machine
Label: Transgressive
Genre: Bedroom Pop, Alt-Pop
Saya Gray - QWERTY (EP)
Label: Dirty Hit
Genre: Psychedelic Folk, Indie Folk
Bayonne - Temporary Time
Label: Rough Trade
Genre: Indietronica, Indie Pop, Ambient Pop
Gia Margaret - Romantic Piano
Label: Jagjaguwar
Genre: Ambient, Field Recordings
Shirley Collins - Archangel Hill
Label: Domino
Genre: English Folk Music, Traditional Folk Music
Boy & Bear - Boy & Bear
Label: n/a
Genre: Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Folk
❤️ Phoxjaw - notverynicecream
Label: Hassle
Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore, Noise Rock, Alternative Metal
Stuck - Freak Frequency
Label: Born Yesterday
Genre: Post-Punk, Art Punk, Post-Hardcore
The Orielles - The Goyt Method (EP)
Label: Heavenly
Genre: Space Age Pop Drones
AJJ - Disposable Everything
Label: Hopeless
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Chamber Pop, Anti-Folk
Clark - Sus Dog
Label: Throttle
Genre: Art Pop, Electronic, Ambient Pop, Progressive Electronic
Demob Happy - Divine Machines
Label: Liberator
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Panic Pocket - Mad Half Hour
Label: Skep Wax
Genre: Indie Rock, Power Pop
Stimmerman - Undertaking
Label: n/a
Genre: Art Rock, Noise Grunge
Miranda and the Beat - Miranda and the Beat
Label: Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Genre: 60's garage rock/soul
Yuksek - Dance'O'Drome
Label: Partyfine
Genre: Nu-Disco, Balearic Beat, Dance-Pop
Miss España - Niebla Mental
Label: n/a
Genre: new-nowave, punky synthwave, riot grrrl
Victory Over The Sun - Dance You Monster To My Soft Song!
Label: n/a
Genre: Black Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, Progressive Metal
Jacuzzi Boys - Glue (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Garage Rock, Indie Rock
Twin Princess - Blood Moon
Label: n/a
Genre: Alternative Pop, Doom Country, Indie Rock
Moon Blue - The Moonlight Disco (EP)
Label: 777
Genre: Indie Pop, Lo-Fi Indie
The Dandy Warhols - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Neo-Psychedelia, Post-Rock, Ambient Pop
Radiator Hospital - Can't Make Any Promises
Label: n/a
Genre: Indie Rock, Power Pop
quickly, quickly - Easy Listening (EP)
Label: Ghostly
Genre: Jazz Fusion, Neo-Soul
Nate Schieble - plume
Label: n/a
Genre: Ambient
M. Sage - Paradise Crick
Label: Rvng
Genre: Ambient, ECM Style Jazz, Progressive Electronic
Divine Sweater - Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse)
Label: Better Company
Genre: Indie Pop, Sophisti-Pop, Chamber Pop
Chris Staples - Cloud Souvenirs
Label: n/a
Genre: Indie Folk, Singer-songwriter
Kassi Valazza - Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing
Label: Fluff & Gravy
Genre: Americana, Singer-songwriter, Progressive Country
RF Shannon - Red Swan in Palmetto
Label: Keeled Scales
Genre: Neo-Psychedelia, Americana
sophie meiers - shine__space
Label: Epitaph
Genre: Bedroom Pop, Alternative R&B
Crucchi Gang - Fellini
Label: Universal
Genre: Indie Pop
The Dirty Nil - Free Rein To Passions
Label: Dine Alone
Genre: Pop Punk, Garage Punk
Daniel Blumberg - GUT
Label: Mute
Genre: Singer-songwriter, Experimental, Art Rock
Daði Freyr - I'm Still Making An Album 2/3
Label: AWAL
Genre: Funktronica, Dance-Pop, Synthpop
Dev Lemons - Delusional (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Alt-Pop, Indietronica, Bedroom Pop
Label: Svart
Genre: Industrial Metal, Noise Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Westelaken - I am Steaming Mushrooms
Label: n/a
Genre: Indie Rock, Alt-Country
Marco Mengoni - MATERIA (PRISMA)
Label: Epic
Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary, Pop Rock
Matchbox Twenty - Where The Light Goes
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Pop Rock
Tia Kofi - Pride. Power. Pop. (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Dance-Pop
PRETTYMUCH - This Thing Called Love
Label: n/a
Genre: Boy Band, Electropop, Contemporary R&B
Lauren Jauregui - In Between (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Pop Soul, Contemporary R&B
Label: drink sum wtr
Genre: West Coast Hip Hop, Trap, Alternative R&B, Neo-Soul
Monaleo - Where The Flowers Don't Die
Label: n/a
Genre: Southern Hip Hop, Contemporary R&B, Trap
Loïc Nottet - Addictocrate
Label: Sony
Genre: French Pop
Ethereal - Heat Death 4
Label: n/a
Genre: Atmospheric Drum and Bass, Downtempo
Manu Manzo - Luna En Geminis
Label: n/a
Genre: Pop, R&B
Cruz Cafuné - Me Muevo Con Dios
Label: n/a
Genre: Trap, Contemporary R&B
Hunxho - 4 Days in LA
Label: 300
Genre: Trap
Portraits of Tracy - Drive Home
Label: n/a
Genre: Pop Rap, Alternative R&B, Art Pop
Khamari - A Brief Nirvana
Label: n/a
Genre: Pop
Dom Corleo - On My Own
Label: n/a
Genre: Trap, West Coast Hip Hop, Rage
Lil’ Keke - 25 Summers
Label: n/a
Genre: Southern Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap
Cochise - NO ONE'S NICE TO ME (EP)
Label: Columbia
Genre: Trap, Southern Hip Hop
Jay Worthy & Roc Marciano - Nothing Bigger Than The Program
Label: Marci
Genre: Jazz Rap, Gangsta Rap
Lil Durk - Almost Healed
Label: Alamo
Genre: Trap, Gangsta Rap, Pop Rap
$uicideboy$ - YIN YANG TAPES: Winter Season (1989-1990) (EP)
Label: G*59
Genre: Southern Hip Hop, Memphis Rap
Heart Attack Man - Freak of Nature
Label: n/a
Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Punk
Immortal - War Against All
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Black Metal, Melodic Black Metal
Kostnatění - Úpal
Label: Willowtip
Genre: Black Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, Anatolian Rock
Metal Church - Congregation of Annihilation
Label: Rat Pak
Genre: US Power Metal, Thrash Metal
Vomitory - All Heads Are Gonna Roll
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Death Metal
Cenobite - Torment Your Flesh and Explore the Limits of Experience
Label: n/a
Genre: Death Metal
The Foreshadowing - Forsaken Songs (EP)
Label: n/a
Genre: Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
In Tears - Stars Caught Tonight
Label: n/a
Genre: Blackgaze, Depressive Black Metal
Teitan - In Oculus Abyss
Label: Void Wanderer
Genre: Black Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, Psychedelic Rock
Mesarthim - Arrival
Label: n/a
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Space Ambient
The Mon - EYE
Label: n/a
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Drone
Oceanlord - Kingdom Cold
Label: n/a
Genre: Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
Ockra - Gratitude
Label: Argonauta
Genre: Doom Metal
Speedwhore - Visions of a Parallel World
Label: Dying Victims
Genre: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal
Seven Impale - SUMMIT
Label: Karisma
Genre: Progressive Rock, Avant-Prog
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2023.06.03 05:44 Akfanboy G.R.U: Temporal anomalies division chapter 2 may the dead rest

Yeshua Volkov's POV.
"Primo Victoria!"
We sang as we traveled deeper and deeper in the cave system we found ourselves in. We were stuck here due to a temporal anomaly because the overseers wanted to know what really was inside the temporal anomalies. We were an expeditionary force and got stuck outside of consensus reality. We really don't know where the hell are we but we are passing the time by singing along with songs from different other bands from all over earth. We had a USB stick filled with 16gbs worth of songs. Our tech guys had a USB stick laying around and got an idea to sing while we find ourselves a way out of this cave system.
"Captain, lieutenant. We are seeing the light outside the tunnel. We are probably going to either die, see some horrifying shit, or in some desert in the middle of nowhere outside of consensus reality by the prediction of one of the researchers with us."
Said one of our comrades through the radio.
We stood silent as we could see the outside world from the windows, and the holes in the transport trucks. We stepped out for a few seconds to see the world around us and smell the fresh air. After a few seconds we stood speechless as we saw the outside world. It was night time but the sky was more clearer, and the surrounding was beautiful. I was shocked at how pure the air was.
It was like earth but the air was more cleaner. In the distance we saw some sort of village burning down. We immediately got back to the BTR-80's and transport trucks. We saw what was happening from our H.U.D's inside the helmet. It gives us notices to what's happening around us, and we just saw a lot of things heading our way quickly closing in using the integrated radar inside the helmet. Funnily enough a fact that the researchers found out while waiting of the others taking a piss told us that anything considered to be a power source, and fuel can be self replicating if in contact with the temporal anomalies. Meaning we don't have to worry about fuel or the batteries, or fuel going out. We just had to worry about damages. So one of our men. A flame thrower expert with our detachment came out, and fired off his flame thrower, and burnt some sons of bitches to the ground. More, and more of those things kept coming, and coming. It was like an unrelenting horde of zombies flocking to a person like we saw in a movie in movies nights. We started firing our guns trying our best to stall for the other soldiers with flame throwers to equip said flame throwers.
More gunshots are herd in background as our comrades desperately tries to survive this seemingly unending horde of abominations. Some even succumbing to the horde. We slowed some abominations by hitting the knees and body, while some were either killed by a shot through the head, and some are screaming due to the excessive flames created from the flamethrower. We fired everything we got at the horde after a half an hour fight we eventually wiped the horde out, and burned them into cinders.
"Head check! People go check our casualties, and go heal the injured!"
I said with a demanding tone.
Everyone stepped out of the vehicles. They saw a burning wasteland created by the fires, and cinders of the horde that attacked us. It was like hell on earth.
"We really created a wild fire huh?"
Said the captain.
"Well it's either we die and possibly get sick from one of the infections inside those abominations, or burn them to cinders."
I said to the captain.
He sighed and looked at me with a painful look.
"Sooner or later that wild fire will probably kill us. So put it out lieutenant."
Said the captain as he walked away to one of the transports carrying the injured.
"Well time to put out the fire."
I said as I called in men who were asleep while the attack was happening. Well technically they are allowed to do that. They did basically pack everything we needed. But still it's frowned upon to sleep in the job. Specially in this kind of situation. You just need 6 or 7 hours to sleep at best.
We do have a motto after all. We die in the darkness so you could live in the safety, and blissfully ignorant of the horrors of darkness in the light. Humanity has learned a new threat. A threat to it's existence. The temporal anomalies. These thinks are better to be kept in the dark than let the world know about the true horrors of what reality was. Humans create lies that they themselves made to make themselves feel better. If they even knew about this they would freak out, and probably demoralized about what reality was. More cults would worship these anomalies thinking they were divine revelations, or even a sign that their god is real. The only "real" thing we can agree on is that you death is inevitable even if you worship these things. They don't give mercy nor care about you. They only want to dish out suffering, and damage as they can possibly do. Trust me we already delt with something like that. Multiple cults in Russia kept popping up that worship the temporal anomalies. And it didn't do so well. It cause the deaths of thousands, and caused a nuke to go off due to said worshiping of temporal anomalies.
Well anyway's. We searched for the fire extinguishers in a few of the transport truck after a few minutes we found them. My fifteen men fire fighters/soldiers walked through the fiery inferno we ourselves created.
After an hour we put out the fire. We immediately did a jog, and got back to the transports.
I let the men rest as I walked to the captain as I struggle to keep myself awake.
"Yawn So how many died?"
I asked the captain.
"6 people. Some are still recovering from the sudden attack. About 10 were mildly injured while some suffered scratches, and bruises. They are currently in the transport trucks/Temporary medical ward."
"Thankfully we stocked up on the medicine."
Said the captain.
"So we're do were burry them?"
I asked the captain.
"Well somewhere. I don't know. Maybe this field?"
He said.
"Knowing what to expect e.i the quick decay it will probably be the best to put them in body bags, and put them in holes."
"So can I ask you a favor captain?"
I asked him nicely.
"Well what kind of favor?"
"Can I bring some of the men to scout out the area, and check that burning village in the distance?"
"Sure. Just be careful. We don't want to lose people again. Those soldiers that died today were just new recruit's. They barely know how to combat the threats. I wonder what to say to the families that those men cared, and loved."
He said while watching the men he cared about. He knew that this were his new family, his new home, and a new start. We only had each other now. We must take care of each other for the least casualties to happen, and for our men to survive, and go back to their homes, and their families who are worried sick about them.
Firstly we buried those who died to day and did a little send off ceremony. We first dug the graves and readied rocks to be used as markers for the dead, after that vigil, next we did bury the men, lastly we fired a few rounds to the sky, and immediately ran. We knew that if we stood there there was a chance we may get hit by the bullets that we fired. After all what comes up must come down.
We hurried to the transport vehicles and rested for a few hours while some stayed up to guard our comrades, and our fellow countrymen.
To be continued...
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2023.06.03 05:44 Both-Squash-1798 Best Yelawolf song for every letter of the alphabet! Day 15: O

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2023.06.03 05:43 landofnowhere CHILAUN- Lite Work [hip-hop] video

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2023.06.03 05:42 light80 DonTheorist - Into The Light [Hip-Hop] (2022)

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2023.06.03 05:40 91Charlie Golf Dudes is seeking

Golf Dudes is seeking
R U Tired of a losing team who doesn’t communicate when u ask question or needs help about understanding the game . We Golf Dudes r a dedicated and committed team that helps our players achieve their goals to advance and mature clubs and gain more balls . How to win in H2H , Tournaments and Royales. We will teach u the how’s to be the best winning player if u listen . Come join us !
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2023.06.03 05:40 GamerDabiTodoroki As much as I enjoyed ATSV I hope in Marvel Spider Man 2 we don’t have any involvement for this Peter in Miles with spider verse.

As much as I enjoyed ATSV I hope in Marvel Spider Man 2 we don’t have any involvement for this Peter in Miles with spider verse.
Like it will be kind of a mess to have Craven supposedly being the main antagonist, then venom in the Multiverse 💀
I don’t think it will ever happen especially looking at this tweet from hip-hop gamer a “well known” person
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2023.06.03 05:39 Antagado281 The new Gunna single dropped under YSL still🤔

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2023.06.03 05:37 Shoddy_Ad7511 Does is a Maltese need to be 4-7 pounds to be a REAL Maltese?

4-7 pounds is the ‘breed standard’
To me that is silly. People come in all sizes and shapes. Why should it be different with dogs? Why should Maltese that don’t fit into a ‘standard’ weight be considered lesser?
And who made up these standards? Is a 8 pound or 10 pound Maltese any less desirable than the breed standard 4-7 pounds?
What are these standards based on? A small group of people? Is it scientifically proven that 4-7 pound Maltese are more healthy?
Frankly I get a bit heated when people say a dog doesn’t fit the ‘breed standard’. I know it isn’t the same thing but it smells like snobbery and elitism. Even bordering on a racist mindset of a superior bloodline. Like only certain bloodlines are good enough. Now if someone can prove a 4-7 pound Maltese is more healthy than an 8-10 pound version, then there maybe a justification of a standard. But I haven’t seen any scientific proof that it is.
From my viewpoint these ‘breed standards’ for height and weight are purely the opinion of a small minority in the Maltese community. I would even guess that the majority of Maltese don’t even fit the standard. So what is the point of these purely arbitrary standards?
Also the AKC which sets the ‘breed standards’ is happy to certify puppies from puppy mills to collect fees. The AKC has also refused to change these ‘breed standards’ for dogs like Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles so they have longer snouts or bigger skulls so they don’t suffer premature and painful deaths. So what are the breed standards for? For purely physical looks or even worse for money.
From a previous post from someone else:
Selective breeding is bullshit. The American Kennel Club expects pugs to look like absolute monsters to the point their eyes won't even stay in their damn face. German Shepherds are supposed to have their back so sloped that it destroys their hips while they're still young.
You're expected to chop perfectly healthy body parts off of non-working animals that don't need it done for their own safety. Just to meet "breed standards." Breed standards are fucking stupid, the AKC is stupid, and people who are breeding dogs to the point of looking like aliens just to impress them are stupid.
The AKC knows that its breed standards cause dogs and their guardians terrible hardship, yet it refuses to make even simple changes to them that could reduce these problems. For example, pugs’ predisposition to spina bifida, a congenital abnormality linked to their curled tails, could be decreased if its standard did not stipulate that “the tail is curled as tightly as possible over the hip.” And deafness would afflict fewer Dalmatians if the AKC would not automatically disqualify dogs with patches, who are less likely to be deaf.
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2023.06.03 05:35 theswirlybabe Can a child have “selective” ODD?

My son (m7) exhibits almost every trait of Oppositional Defiant Disorder - extreme angry (sometimes violent) outbursts, mood swings, lashing out at siblings, constantly questioning or straight up ignoring my directions, easily irritated, just overall in a constant angry mood. He expects instant gratification for any requests and if the answer is anything but a “yes”, I’m met with eyeroll/dramatic sigh, screaming, “I hate my life”, “no one loves me”, “I wish I wasn’t alive”, etc. These behaviors became apparent when he was about 5 but have definitely progressed since then.
On the other hand, there are times when he is almost the complete opposite. He is extremely loving and affectionate at times. He’ll apologize and say how much he loves me. Write sweet little love notes and pictures. He does excellent in school. He’s at the very top of his class academically and has received character awards for upstanding behavior. He’s in a competitive baseball club and he’s able to stay on task and take direction easily. It’s like he has control over himself everywhere but home.
I try so so hard to be patient, talk through his anger, reassure him we love him, distract him with different activities. I try my very best to gentle parent so we never ever physically reprimand but with 100% transparency there are times he is on an absolute rampage and he won’t even look in my direction unless I yell😭😭 It’s so hard not to absolutely snap. He doesn’t act up as much with his dad as he does with me.
We are working with our pediatrician to look into his mental health. He has severe seasonal allergies and was on Benadryl last year for a few months as it was the only med we could get to work. His ped is saying that persistent Benadryl use can cause mood swings but he hasn’t been using it on a consistent basis since switching to allertech over a year ago. We are meeting again next week and I’m asking for a referral for a therapist.
Any similar experiences? Does this sound like ODD? I hurt so much just thinking he is just constantly sad/angry. It can’t be this way forever.
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2023.06.03 05:33 hahasono Mention the best Sewerslvt song and the one most commented will be added to my playlist

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2023.06.03 05:31 nintendonerd256 [TOMT] A song where I only know a single lyric, maybe a cover of an existing song

I have this song stuck in my head, I know nothing about it except for a single line, the second one in the chorus. Even then I don’t know if it’s 100% correct.
“I wish I knew right from the start.” It’s that or something VERY close (“I wish I knew you…” or something else similar)
The song is slow and had a male singer. There was either a slight echo, or multiple men doing backing voices.
Both speed and vocally, it’s the closest to this music video (2:53-3:09)
Here is my best attempt at singing it; (Sorry it’s so bad)
It could be a cover of “Heartbreaker” by MSTRKRFT. But I’ve ruled that specific video out.
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2023.06.03 05:31 hideandseeker7 Singles

Where are the best bars/ clubs to hook up at?
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2023.06.03 05:30 electricmastro Would it be the Yamato's benefit if she had more noble reasoning to leave?

I saw a lot of people surprised Yamato didn't join the Straw hats by Chapter 1057, but for me, I was just sitting there waiting to see what greater purpose she would have, and by the end of Wano, it seemed evident enough at least to me that she hadn't realized one.
After people like Brook joined in order to deliver the Rumbar Pirates' final song to Laboon, and Jinbe joining with the hopes of finding a way to further progress the relations between fish-men and humans, Yamato joining just to to be drinking and partying like Oden did, in all honesty, doesn't sound as noble to me by comparison.
I think back to Yasopp and how some people give him flack already for leaving Usopp and his sick wife Banchina behind, seemingly all to be able to drink and party at sea as much as possible. So for Yamato to leave Wano right away just to satisfy her own desire to drink and party "the Oden way" would possibly rub off people the wrong way in deeming her to be selfish like how they deem Yasopp to be.
Basically, my main point is that I think having lack of a realized noble purpose to join Luffy is a big reason why Yamato didn't join. Luffy deserves the best, including cremates who aren't just in on his crew for themselves, so I think that the more people Yamato is accomplishing any ambition she would have for their sake more, other than herself, the better.
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2023.06.03 05:30 randomjean Why is delta so expensive?

So I’m planning a nyc to Manchester trip and I luckily a friend told me to transfer Amex points to my virgin flying club to do a half money half miles deal one way. I thought it sounded too complicated and looked on delta to maybe buy a flight. It is priced at some stupid rate $1872. Why is the same flight so much more on delta using miles or money than getting it on virgin using 20000 miles and just 152$?
Also are delta miles basically only best value for domestic flights???
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2023.06.03 05:26 Even_Wallaby6464 Sudden onset of Agoraphobia at 34

I’m a 34 year female, who always struggled with anxiety, and panic disorder since a child. I had a panic attack on the highway at 19 and was never able to travel further than an hour or 2 backroads since then. But as of recent, just going down to the street to the store creates anxiety for me. I can’t go down certain roads and only feel comfortable with a few specific roads (very near to my house) just last year , I was able to drive by myself backroads to clubs etc that took about 45 minutes. Now just thinking about being too far from my house and being that I can’t even go down roads not that even far worries me. I have a son and the last year has been full of sleepless nights, anxiety, crying and worrying for his future with a mom like me. I try my best to do things with him in the area I’m comfortable with movies, restaurants and his baseball games are close. My husband takes him to the far locations. But I cry almost everyday feeling like a crazy lady who is failing my son. Does anyone with agoraphobia feel comfortable some days on certain roads and other days don’t? I can go 20 minutes one way but not 20 minutes the other way because that way down that specific road freaks me out. I feel so confused and sad every single day about this.
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