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2023.05.11 12:59 mani_dhaliwal Wingstop Promo Code & Deals Get 40%-90% OFF

Wingstop is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in chicken wings. The restaurant chain is known for its flavorful wings, which are available in a variety of flavors. The restaurant also offers other items such as sandwiches, sides, and desserts.
If you're looking to save money on your next Wingstop visit, then you're in luck! Wingstop offers a variety of promo codes that can help you save on your order. These promo codes can be found on the website, on social media, or through email.
When using a promo code, you'll need to enter it at checkout. This will apply the discount to your order. Some codes can be used on any order, while others may be specific to certain items or orders over a certain amount.
It's important to note that promo codes may have an expiration date, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before using the code. Additionally, some codes may not be valid in all locations, so it's best to check with your local Wingstop before using a code.
Using a Wingstop promo code is a great way to save money on your next order. Be sure to check the website, social media, or email for the latest promo codes to get the best deal on your next meal.
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2023.05.08 15:13 PartyOfTruth Some thoughts on Fi-Te axis

Finally I got some time to talk about it here. You see, ever since I got fired from the Japanese restaurant over all my genital and excrement related jokes on the line, I've been working two restaurant jobs for the past two months and didn't even have the chance to check here and talk about typology related subjects, nor even talk about all those interesting philosophical and those socioeconomic and geopolitical related subjects that I talk about on other platforms. I'm having an upcoming job interview at a computer repair store, as that hospitality and kitchen work is really not my thing. I don't think that shit is even suitable for ENTPs by all honesty means. On the other hand, I like to use computer for a variety of things, so why not become good at repairing and swapping computer hardware? There are way more money to be made in that industry anyways! And apply some Ne to it, I can even become an online merchant who buy computer parts and assemble it and sell it...start off with eBay, Amazon or AliBaba, then eventually set up my own website. I get to truly become my own boss! Of course, besides the tech repair and computer assembling, there's another option (I always have multiple options when I make plans), which involves in some hentai-drawing related shits where I milk money off neckbeards' cock juice on DeviantArt (I already got a profile set up, I'm not gonna tell you my name there though) ...well, end justify the means and not to mention I have some fetishism of my own too.
So anyways, for right now, I work at Wingstop at night, all the way till 12:30 am or even 1 am on some days. And at daytime, around 11 am till some time in late afternoon, I work at this small burger joint. Wingstop is basically a slightly more advanced version of Taco Bell or KFC and nothing too special about it. But for the burger joint...ok this is where I want to talk about Fi-Te axis and some of the obvious problems associated with it. This is what I want to say:
Besides INTJs and ENTJs, who actually earned my respect as they're actually good at what they do, know what they're talking about and know how to lead by example (they have a really high standard for both themselves and others). Besides those two, the rest of Fi-Te axis are bunch of chronic daydreaming little shits who can't do anything other than throwing fits and making unreasonable expectation out of every single Goddamn thing they ever touched!
Here's the situation at the burger joint: besides me, there's the store manager who's an ESFP; the self-proclaimed chef who's an ESTJ and happens to be the store manager's wife (ESFP and ESTJ...I'm not even sure if that's even a good match. The ESFP manager does come across as some sort of simp though, but anyways); the shift lead who I get along really well, who's an ISTP - I really feel bad for the guy though. I'll explain later. Then there's the owner, whom I've never met, but based on the description, I'd say he's an ESTJ too.
By now, I've lost count on how many days I'll have to literally run the kitchen on my own...making burgers, fries and salad...etc; prepping; washing dishes; taking out the trash. I have to be that one man fucking army! Ok, I get it, it's close to the park and the business flow is rather unstable, with some days where there's literally no customer and some days where shits explode. But make a sensible schedule or hire more people to make sure the burger come out right at least! The ESFP manager with his inferior Ni can't predict business flow worth shit and schedule minimal people to satisfy the owner. He does it all the time! And things are often out, and we can't even serve many items because ingredients are out of stock, yet the fault goes and the ISTP shift lead? Meanwhile, the ESTJ self-proclaimed chef is picky about everything I do that doesn't even matter...bitch give me a fucking break! It's not like she's that good at what she does neither! How many times do customers complain about her ass?
See, earlier today during the lunch rush, it was only me and the ISTP shift lead who hold it out, with him taking care of cash register and making shakes...etc, while me running the entire kitchen. Food came out slow with me making that "hustler fries", or sides of fries that are smaller than the normal proportion. Later on, as the rush dies down, I had a chat with him and talked about the obvious problem with this restaurant. He has been here for two years so he knows more than me. According to him, the place has an unbelievably high employee turnover rate and as the result, the owner wanna hire like 20 people but only give them like 10 to 15 hours a week (I used to have that too but I guess I did a good job at fooling them into thinking I'm competent enough and I ended up with like 20 to 25 hours. That tert Fe is surely a powerful thing I tell you), and as the result, many of those new hires have quit the job. I was like "dude, they can't just give folks that high school shifts!" and he was like "well, that's what it is. The owner never makes any sense whatsoever". I also brought up about that one-man army bullshit, and he just simply said "I'm used to it by now. That's what the owner expect and I got kids to feed. I can't afford to make risky move". I kinda feel like wanting to help this guy getting a better job. I truly do. The ironic part out of it is how the place may collapse and shut down without him.
It's good that I have that job interview coming up. I'll definitely need it, as there's no way I gonna allow myself to be trapped in that shit. Fuck that lol. But gotta make sure the place I'm interviewing ain't fucking around, as here in Seattle the work culture is a bit...odd and it's not even about the wages - that raising minimal wage bullshit is meant to fool all the Fi-users as they like to FEEL getting rich. Anyways, the bottom line is this: Fi-Te makes some of the most unrealistic expectation out of dangerously unrealistic that it can come across as comical, given you're not on the receiving end of it. Te cares about profits and what they get out of a deal rather than things such as "if it's even doable" or "is the procedure even right?" them, as long as it fits into some sort of trusted official guideline, it's all that matters. Meanwhile, the Fi aka the function of daydreaming, tend to generate all sorts of highly unrealistic ideas of things. At the end, Fi-Te without the backing of an at least somewhat developed Ni tends to expect way too much out of a person, a group or even just a situation. It's especially dangerous if paired with Ne and Si, as Ne tends to sugarcoat everything for the Fi-Te user; and Si may make them horribly rigid about tried-and-worked method without realizing the situation and times are a lot different now, not to mention the obvious gullibility issue brought by Si usage. And when the reality hits them, they gonna be mad as fuck...well, why didn't they make a more realistic expectation out of things and people?
This is one of Fi-Te's biggest problem: they make expectation according to one of their daydream. They look at the things and people for what they want them to be, or don't want them to be for that matter, instead of looking at them for what they really are. That said, don't even expect them to go as deep as figuring out how things work (once again, the ones with developed Ni may be a bit better). This makes them really gullible too. It gets to the level where I learned not to trust Fi-Te users' judgment on pretty much anything (except the NTJs who know what they're talking about). Te users need to stop caring so much about what they can get out of something but focus more on how to do things right, and a bit digging into the inner-mechanism may help them in many different ways. Fi users need to stop fantasizing about some sort of superman, as that shit simply doesn't exist. For instance, at this burger joint, if the owner can get his head out of his ass and realize that if he wants food to be problem free and no lost items nor none of that, then he needs to make reasonable adjustment on how he treats employees instead of expecting some sort of powerful one-man army cook to work there. The world doesn't work that way and he needs to grow the fuck up!
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2023.04.17 11:26 heyuiuitsme pave the road to hell

the best laid intentions …
Well, for today i had planned spaghetti and meatballs, but then i looked at that meat and didn’t want to eat it. I did make a very good sauce out of those tomatoes, and onions, and bellpepper, and a shit ton of fucking garlic and olive oil.
Less like spagetti and more like brasetta toppings. So, i didn’t really feel like that today either. Ahhhh, man. I got this really sharp pain in the back of my neck. Probably that bitch with my voodoo doll again. Ain’t nothing.
Now. each time you stab a voodoo doll it gets ever so slightly less effective. I guess. Isn’t that the thing. But, someone put a hex on me, so to me one, to you twenty. What you give you shall receive.
If you believe in that sort of thing. I mean, is it not my first amendment right to choose my own religion. Ok, well, then. Why’d you outlaw mine. That’s against my civil rights.
So, i got all these wings from wingstop. I told steven i’d try it. And, he’s right. Super good deal. Like, 20 boneless wings for only just $10. I know they’re just chicken nuggets with wing sauce on them, and i’m find with that
There just ain’t no need of me sitting here and getting wing sauce all over my face and under my nails at work. So, they’re pretty yummy. Idk, first one, just a traditional wing sauce. Whatever looked like it would be what i consider to be buffalo chicken sauce.
This, one. Kinda spicy, like tx pete and butter. That’s buffalo sauce, i prefer franks. But, this is also very good. This is the first time i’ve tried wingstop. It was pretty cheap and all of this looks like it’s going to go well in the air fryer.
It’s like meal prepping. And, when i get tired of these wings, i have garlic bread pizza with pepporonis that i’ve meal prepped. See, meal prep doesn’t mean it has to be healthy or good for you. You can meal prep junk food, too
So, the honey one. I could have used a little pack of honey like popeye’s gives out to put on that. Some kinda honey dip would have been really great with that. I usually have honey on hand, but i’ve not yet outfitted a kitchen. So, you know. Idk.
When i first got here, i didn’t know how long i’d be here, so i didn’t really settle in. mostly i’ve just been eating fast food. And, then on special occasions i door dash something that’s not walking distance. I got a thing, you know, if i can see the restaurant from where i sit, i can’t order that
But, i have. Mcdonalds. But, that was when i had an ice emergency and mostly i just ordered a bunch of large sweet teas. Cause that totally makes it better, but it was a minor inconvenience and i try to just mitigate my own frustration during those kind
Then, i got korean bbq. That’s just bbq. Why korea trying to culturally appropriate bbq. That’s our thing. ‘Merica. You mad over that … um. Police Action. Or, something like that. What the Korean War is technically classifed as by the us.
It’s not “war” - it was .. Police Action on behalf of NATO. so, you know, what is kim jong um but our own failed foreign policies in action. Right.
Oh, that last one was spicy, maybe that’s what they mean by korean bbq. I could use some cole slaw. In that meal kit, i have slaw ingredients but no mayo. Or, anything that could even be used in the place of mayo. I only have some shredded cabbage and none of the rest of the ingredients for cole slaw.
Mayo, sugar, vinegar. I have sugar, so i have 50% of the ingredients needed, and tbh, if i just had vinegar i’d go with it, like a little pickled cabbage, it would be very nice with this.
Which is crazy, cause that’s all usually stuff i have at home, pantry staples. Vinegar is a real big pantry stable, i have mustard. Just, i need more ingredients. I like to concoct my own sauces
So, those veggies look like the person who chopped them really hates chopping veg. I’d rather do that than husk corn. I got some corn.
Not a popular menu item, i’m guessing. It was still good. There’s not a lot of sides. Those carrots and celery were chopped like we don’t give a fuck about this dumb shit and then rolled like silverware. I actually quite like it.
It’s like the wing restaurant said fuck you for asking for such a thing. I mean, that’s probably the right attitude to have, i guess. I think it’s great. I mean, i’m not even being sarcastic.
I could really use some potato salad and cole slaw, and maybe some baked beans. I feel like i could put the korean bbq ones, oh, i see the difference now. I feel like, i should put that with some steamed veggies and maybe some rice and call it a meal. That sauce would be so good on rice.
So, yeah, this is now how i meal prep chicken nuggets. Like, the broccoli and rice or ramen, i do have on hand, so i can make that happen. Tomorrow. I can buy little packs of my sister’s potato salad at the grocery store. Honey, vinegar. All totally things they sell at the grocery store.
I’m feeling like i should have gotten the fries with the stuff piled on. Cheese and bacon and things of that nature. Idk, it was really good. Maybe next time, i’ll get all naked wings and little cups of all the sauces.
And, have cole slaw on hand. I just feel like i could have used it.
However, i gotta say that the most disappointing thing has to be that that nashville hot isn’t a option on the menu when you order chicken tenders from kfc. Idk why that’s not more popular. It’s served with a pickel and yummy as fuck. Idk what it is, it’s like some kinda dry rubbed then dipped in grease, i guess. It’s real super yummy.
Idk, when i order from kfc it’s not on the app. Very sad, sad, sad days indeed.
It’s today again.
And, idk what your problem is. What. idc what he looks like, i can’t see his face from where i sit
He worships me, and i love that. I mean, have you ever been with someone who literally worships you, and not in that weird creepy way mark does it, in another different creepy way
Like i fucking care what plain face has to say
And, huge bonus he’s got going for me, the only leagues he talks about are some sort of sport thing that i don’t even listen to when he goes on about and doesn’t classify people like that.
And, how the fuck dare you. Who the fuck are you.
Also, it’s not like it’s any of your business. But he’s a lot older than me and i need to be there when he dies to collect his soul, he owes it to me.
I am a ginger, you know
Oh, idgaf. I mean, that’s a large part of my marketing strategy. Have the fuck at it.
So, the memes, you know. They send me a lot of insulting messages. People who know me personally and are well acquainted with me and know exactly who i mother fucking am. So, you know. With the 8.43pm the other day, people got it. You know. Like, oh.
I’m typing this out in a google docs account that belongs solely to me and i use my whole personal name, it’s associated with my bank account. My google account. And, they’re reading this and responding to me before it’s posted.
It was my conservatorship, they put a keystroke tracker on all my devices. So, they’re just in there. Whatever app they use has gotten better, i used to be able to see my phone screen scrolling without me.
I have zero privacy of them. None. and, all that personal information they gather up about me. Well, they use to demean me via social media. Make fun. Bully.
When you see it … who it is. Who’s done this thing. You’ll know them and you’ll be sickened.
A lot of powerful people have put a lot of their time, effort, and energy making sure that no one ever finds out. All of it. I’ve not said the best part. That’s the secret.
The secret part. Oh, him. Yeah. not my uncle as it turns out. My mom would go on and on and on and on about this guy, you know. Like, never let it go. Never stopped talking about it, but not to me. As gossip to others that would come over and hang out with her
Like, all she went on about him and when i was a kid, she called him by his first name. Always. Just his first name, and there was this other guy, kinda like an uncle. You know. And, i thought she was going on about him.
I really couldn’t figure out what about him made her so mad, i mean, he was a lot younger than her and just a kid. But, in all reality, they were pretty close to the same age, but it doesn’t even matter. She wasn’t talking about him.
She was talking about someone else. And, she didn’t compare me to my father, like, you know. That you’re just like your father. No. she compared me to him. You’re just like HIM.
And, the Him is HIM. you know. Idk, i never met the guy or if i did it was before congruent memory or the ability to recall. But, that the thing they want to keep a secret and i don’t tell people because it’s so outlandish, just to say.
It’s outlandish. So stupid. Such a stupid thing to be. It’s just like, oh, that. Yeah. not something you’d wish upon your worst enemy. This. what they’ve done.
So, you know. I’ve been online for a long fucking time, i saw some video the other day of someone bragging about their ten years. I’ve been online for ten years.
Well, woopie fuck do boomer. Those videos you see on facebook, those. Those marketed to you videos they show to try to get people off tik tok. Trying to get their market back.
There’s no randomization in that, everything that’s pushed to you is sponsored. Someone’s paying for you to watch that in the hopes that you get hooked on their content, subscribe to their page, and they can get some of that sweet, sweet, sweet ad revenue.
But, to start out - they gotta pay up. And, that’s why most of the people that you see in those type clips are quite obviously very well off. It’s rare that you see someone broke. So, if you’re seeing someone broke do it, they ain’t had the money to push content to your demographic.
That’s talent. Like that girl who makes the coffee in her grandmother’s kitchen. Fascinating.
Those sugar babies at mcdonald’s day drinking, not so much. Idk, maybe it’s satire. But, it’s so well produced, you can tell they’ve spent money. And, to spend it - you gotta fucking have it.
That’s how i watch all that contect. I carefully consider the source. And, most times, i’m like, this privileged ass fool ain’t never worked the first fucking day of one try to tell people how they’re not contributing to society and it’s cause they
… won’t follow our rules and abide our religion. And, you know. Fuck you. I give not the first fuck what your self important ass has to think of me. Stfu. god, i hope trying to make yourself famous bankrupts your dumb ass
How much longer can that money his nana left him even last.
Right, so. There’s a lot of people out there watching these people and taking that shit serious, and those are just a bunch of rich ass fuckers with more money than sense trying to impose their fucking will on you
What the fuck about that sounds like fucking freedom to you

Again. Who the fuck are you

When my youngest was little he really liked those captain underpants books. Like, 1st and 2nd grade and he really liked them, and i wanted to encourage reading. So, i got him a whole bunch of them for christmas, but my middle child also exists and i like for things to be equal, but he was too old for those books.
So, instead i bought him the books in his grade level that had been banned. Or, grade level presidential biographies. The founding fathers get brought up a lot when people are trying to sway you to their bullshit, they’ll hold them up as examples of what they’re selling
It’s best to get to know them on a deep and personal level and know George Washington totally wasn’t like that. He was general that lead armies. Didn’t have a strong opinion one way or another about how people should live their own personal lives. Just believed in the taxation without representation thing.
Like, as a real rich guy he was upset that he had to pay so much taxes to the british and support the royalty and felt so strongly about that he wished to fight over it. Had a war, to free themselves of the unfair taxation.
No Taxation Without Representation!
That was the thing they wanted free of, like, the british were taking all the resources and making all the colonies work for them and the people at the top of the heap felt like they were getting screwed so they started a war with england over it.
Yeah, they got together in secret and wrote a letter and signed it and mailed it by boat to the king of england. They signed the letter on July 4, 177 – i forgot. Doesn’t matter, it took two years for the king to get the letter and then another three for him to even respond.
Cause, you know, no technology so they were like, hand writing things out with quills, pens made of feathers and mailing the king a letter. They made the pact to go to war with one another by signing the letter.
It was those particular citizens declaring war and using their private resources to fund a war against was what then the most powerful nation to ever stand. ‘Member
That’s what patriotism is. Which is why america is the way it is. It was set up by all those rich guys for themselves and labeled a democracy. But, in reality the way it actual works is technically a democratic republic, not a true democracy.
And, i feel like the bart simpson meme, like, say the line.
True Democracy Hasn’t Been Tried Yet
Like, that’s how i feel.
And, yes. Another thing. I’m a total fucking bitch all the fucking time. I ain’t gotta tone myself down around him. He thinks it’s great.
I mean, i don’t understand why you can’t understand that i would rather be with someone who says love you for you, not you need to lose 60lbs.
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2023.04.04 23:37 TheBoyisBackinTown Travis Kelce presents: Kelce Jam on NFL Draft Weekend

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2023.02.14 12:02 heyuiuitsme i heard your math wasn't mathing...

like your expenditures and your income don't match up, you're in the negative, real bad. cause you trying to keep up that same lifestyle that you had when you was out spending up my money
ahhh, sucks to be you
wonder how long until it starts to show. just not paying bills ain't gonna work, you still gotta pay the bills, even if you're broke. that's free advice from a fellow brokie.
you're a pleb now. better stop buying shit you can't afford.
and, that's pretty much everything. and, sure, yeah. you can get your accountant on it, but he gonna be the first to quit if you don't pay your bills. mine's still working btw. going over those line anomalies and see who really need a pay check and who don't
i ain't pay for your no-show jobs. i don't pay that. and, it would seem that half the people on the payroll don't have a job at all. nothing. i don't think i wanna put up with that. i'd rather just fire them and not pay out the unemployment. i mean, i don't owe you nothing. you done collected plenty.
in fact. idk. you know. lawyers are going over it, and i can't help if they see that as a crime and have to report, you know. court officials are mandated reporters, so they're obligated to report crimes as they see them. you know. nothing i can do about that.
but, again. i don't owe you no loyalty. i don't owe loyalty to people who used the courts and cops to bind me up. so, you know. that's that. i feel kinda stupid about it, you know. like, following those kinda rules when dealing with you, i ain't gotta follow those kinda rules from people who ain't
oh, side chicks all don't work there and get paid. well, hate that for ya ladies. time to get a real job. elsewhere. not with me. i mean, domino's most probably hiring, doordash. uber eats. there's lot of ways for you to make money.
when i was working for domino's, i actually did pretty ok. like 200 a night in tips and also my regular paycheck. it was just minimum wage, but i worked 70 or 80 or 90 hours a week, it wasn't bad, wore the fuck out of my car though.
and, you know. y'all assholes. so, like, i was saving up my cash tips at home. just putting 'em in a drawer at home. stacking up bennys. you know. and, when i got to fifteen, guess what happened. so, get this. i'd worked until like, idk 2:30/3am washing dishes and mopping and taking down the make line. after the store closed. you know. doing all that shit.
this bitch start blowing up my fucking phone at seven god damn am in the fucking morning wanting 15hundred dollars. like, first mother fucking thing in the morning, like, after i done worked til 3 mother fucking am, she starts in at me at 7am wanting my tips so she can join a mlm
i 'bout lost my fucking mind. first of all, it ain't for you to be counting my fucking money that i make. oh, i flat fucking lost it. we're cousins. get the fuck out of here and get yourself a fucking j-o-b
i ain't owe you shit, kin or mother fucking not. i don't owe you a damn thing. nothing.
i owe you nothing. and, that's what the fuck you're going to get, in case you were wondering.
i did used to be nice, but you took advantage. and, now i ain't nothing for ya.
i mean, fucking seriously. do you ever take a single moment of any fucking day and think about what the fuck you've done. no. too busy still trying to do it. right. yeah.
the reason the accounts are all frozen is because of the criminal investigation. like, you know. that's why. i really do appreciate that greedy little stank ass hooker, i mean, without you selling nudes of me online without my consent, none of this would be possible
i guess you could have just sold your own, but my titties are nicer. that's all they are. just me in my undies without a bra on. while i was getting ready for work. i mean, the courts have said that people have the expectation of privacy when they're inside their own home and in changing areas while in public.
but, you couldn't respect that. so, here the fuck we are.
it's only just the same pic over and over, you know. since i knew you were selling them, i made them as boring as possible. it's not like i had a choice in the matter, when that happens you just gotta, you know. be as non-complaint as you can given the confines. so, all the photos she could sell are the exact same.
but, hope you bought yourself something nice. but, most probably the money got spent on something stupid and temporary. fingernails most likely. i've worked with a lot of women like that, you know. come in showing off their nails and then like five minutes later, i ain't no money for food
well, dumbass, why'd you spend $60 on nails. oh, they needed to be filled. well, so. that's a recurring expense. but, you have to. cause you've ruined your real nails with that bullshit. also, i find that to be kinda gross. like, all that gunk you got up under there.
you're gross. like, you should see shanka eat with those things. she's so nasty. and, she only just eats chicken fingers and lots and lots of sauce. ranch and bbq, mixed together. she'll get like knuckle deep in those sauces and cram all that in her mouth and chew with her mouth open and drip that shit all down her jowls.
real fucking nasty. #posh
that's what she likes to tag her selfies. lol. i do not think that word means what you think it means.
then, after she's done, she like fellatiates her fingernails of the sauce and crumbs. it's something to behold. really. at work, in front of fucking everyone, and she's the manager. she started doing it in her office after, well, i have a hard time with facial expressions and keeping them to myself.
that's when she started eating in her office. y'all welcome. you don't have to watch that display no more. now she's ashamed to eat in front of others, but with manners like that she outta be. really
she's not autistic. she's really good at reading facial expressions. like that time she drug me to atl and we were at the burger king she wouldn't eat at. like, i'm normally pretty smiliey. that's what that guy used to call me. smiliey
i have a resting cheery face. it's because everything's so fucking funny to me. but, then, you know. like, some moments in life go in slow motion. and, that was one of them. i was walking back from the counter with our ice cream. who wouldn't be smiling, just got ice cream
and, then i saw her and felt the smile slide off my face, and i know she saw it. cause her expression changed so drastically. like, she was offended that i stopped smiling the moment i saw her. but, you know. those my feelings.
went from smiling to complete fucking annoyance. i know she saw it cause her facial expression changed, too. but, i can't help that she annoys me to no fucking end. she's an awful person to be around. i mean, really fucking awful, even if i don't recognize her and she's had plastic surgery and i didn't know her from hs. like, i didn't know who she was cause of the plastic surgery
on her face, and she changed her hair and told a lie about who she was and pretended to be someone else to try to be my friend, you know. without all the baggage from when she bullied me in jr high and hs. well, i still didn't fucking like her.
mark says she's really super sweet when you get to know her, but i don't believe him. i can't stand her
i really like how inflation is lining up with your brokeness. i mean, i just paid $11 damn dollars for a box of fucking tampons. that sucks, but since i know you ain't got no money no more, it's ok. not really. that's too damn much for a box of tampons. jesus, wtf, that's the special girl tax
cause it costs more to be a girl. you know. just the cost of feminine care items, like, you gotta budget that shit in. societal expectations that you use certain products on your face before you leave the house. that shit cost a lot. i used to not leave the house without makeup. like, would not.
but, i ain't like that no more. there ain't wrong with my face i gotta smear it with a bunch of shit that clogs my pores and dries out my eyes. i ain't gotta do that. my skins a lot better without it.
i gotta stop with the doordash, it's expensive. but, it's the same as when i get pizza. like, the same cost so, it's not ok, heather. stop. you gotta stop. it's ok. part of it's tomorrow's lunch. you know, to save money. i got chili's. skanaka's fav i guess. just an app and a salad. but, i gotta stop.
but, to be honest. like, with inflation, it ain't even cheaper to go to the store or fast food. i want to let them know, i mean, fast casuals are the same price as fucking wendy's now. it sucks, inflation really super sucks right now. the salads from fast casuals are only like one dollar more than wendy's and they're a lot bigger and better.
you know, and i tried at the grocery store, but salad costs a lot down there, too. i mean, after you buy all the shit, same fucking price as chili's. i wish taco bell would bring back their taco salads. i loved those. and, i fully realize that's not really a "salad" but, it's got lettuce and topping and sauce i like, so it's a salad.
it's always an app and a salad, that's the cheapest way to go. and, those salads are fine tomorrow. so, it's two days worth of food. so, that's how i justify the expense of it. still cheaper than fingernails.
those fast casuals are a safe bet, i got some chinese from down here, and it wasn't that great at all. not even the eggrolls.
oh, she spent the money on tattoos. that's good. now every time you look at yourself you get reminded of me. lol. dumbass. you really are a fucking dumbass. you seriously put permanent pictures on your body to remind you of me. well, they didn't used to be, but after you said that ...
it's what i do. psychological damage. lol
you can just not read this. change the channel if your feelings get hurt. or, be like flordia and ban books on sharing. you don't want children to get the wrong kinda ideas. that sharing is good. wouldn't be christian like to share. right. i mean, that's the message you're sending, right. sharing is bad according to good christians in florida.
like, i can't say nothing. tennessee banned a lot of books, too. i'm real embarrassed over it. that they would, you know. ban books. shameful, really. maybe i'll make a youtube and start reading them aloud. the banned books. i have a copy of 1984 somewhere around.
i mean, if the government's banning it, you most definitely want to know what it says. like, what does the government not want you to read, you should most certainly been reading that. 1984 is a good book. it's about misinformation. how the government spreads misinformation. and, also surveilles everyone to make sure they're, you know, not spreading real information
or, questioning authority. mostly they don't want their authority questioned. and, then they make sure that certain people don't hang out, you know, those on the line can't hang out with one another or date cause then they might get together and corrupt one another.
people who are following the party line, but haven't accepted it in their hearts. you know, how i used to do at church when i was a kid. like, studying it so you can just tear it apart later, that's all you're doing here. also, i like the food. a lot of those church ladies like to bring their homemade goodies to church and i like that, i'm just here for the cookies.
well, i'm going to stop doordashing food to save money, any day now. but, o'charley's is way better than chili's. not even as good as applebee's and i think everyone's heard my opinion on applebee's. i mean, it's ok. but, you know. on par with wendy's. really. i guess in that regard it makes sense that wendy's is just about the same price.
clili's has the lowest price point of all the fast casuals. there's three tiers and chili's is the least expensive. and, it's just ok. i'd rather go to o'charley's. i've never been to wingstop. steven's really pushing that. says it's great.
i don't really like to eat bone in wings in public. or, at work. it's messy. or, ribs. i don't like to eat ribs in public. cause, you know. it's real messy. also, if they ain't cooked right i'm mad as hell about it. like, how dare you serve ribs that don't just come off the bone. i am kind of a picky eater. i like for the food to be good.
you know. last week when i was being responsible with money, i went to the grocery store and it was over a hundred dollars and all i got was bologna sandwiches. i mean, i'm just one person and like, last year i could feed just me for like, idk 50-75 a week, that's just now how it is anymore. and, that's eating real food and not bologna fucking sandwiches. pb&j. i never get tired of those.
i guess if i want to save money, that's all there is. pb&j. during the lockdown peanut butter went way the fuck up, but it's back down to normalish prices ... for now. like, i need peanut butter and i'm afraid to go to the store. i get real fucking sticker shock at the grocery store now.
it's gotten ridiculous. so, ridiculous that it's somehow cheaper for me to doordash fast casuals than to go to the grocery store. eleven dollars for a box of tampons. i mean, holy fucking shit. that's outrageous. and, that's a necessary item for me. have to have it. can't live without them.
eleven fucking dollars.
FOR TAMPONS. WHAT THE FUCK. i'm not going to be able to afford my damn period if that shit keep up. oh, yeah. once a month, whether you want it or not. and, considering the alternative, i'm fine. i'd rather just have my period. how many times i've sat on the toilet relived at a little smear of blood.
just like, oh, thank god. didn't catch me. shewwwwww.
that fucking hueser tried to get me pregnant right before he went into prison. wtf, dude. why you try to do that to me. i'd just had an abortion. but, still. see, heather. he ain't no good
and, that's another thing. why the good christian people trying to bring more poor people into the world. i mean, that's all a ban on abortion does. make more poor people. they must need us for some reason. oh, yeah. to work ourselves to death. that's what they need us for.
so, you know. in 20s years crime will be through the fucking roof again. violent crime. muggings and robbery. they're probably going to have to beef up the police force to fight that. good thing they're getting started on cop city for specialized training. for all those unwanted children they be making people have. urban warfare. that's what they're going to be training for.
keep down revolt. cause we mother fucking need it. revolt. it's well past time for revolt.
it is 1984, and that's what the police did in the book. oppress. oppress the people from wanting more than their allotment of chocolate. it was 50 grams last month, but the news says it was only just 25 and it's always been just 25, so i guess it's just 25. right. you don't really remember ever getting 50 grams of chocolate. that didn't happen. no. not last month
that's where we headed and that's what they're going for. that's why they don't want you reading that book. 1984. that's what it's about. and, both sides working together on that, you know. pretending like they fighting over it
the reds taking away your personal rights. and, the blues coming after guns. see. they're working together against you. making it look like they're on your personal side, what you believe in, but they're just working for themselves. together. the government is against you, don't matter what side
i mean, they let this shit go on. the government did. judges and cops and representatives of the court.
is that not the government.
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2023.02.11 19:46 pterodaktyl4 Championship Playoff Commercial Counter

I count commercials for every primetime game, and time them, and just put it in a neat orderly fashion for the commercial counter. You may be asking why did I do this? Because I was simply wondering. Then everybody loved it, did it for a whole season, and now I'm just that guy.
NOTE: Comparing to Regular Season to Playoffs, and then once Playoffs become official and done with. In the end of season post. Everything will be compared.
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME 7:31 8:36 +1:05
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME 13:03 13:39 +0:36
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME 7:19 8:36 +1:17
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME 10:43 10:51 +0:08
FINAL COMMERCIAL TIME 44:45 48:33 +3:48
Regular Season High Playoff High Regular Season Low Playoff Low
Q1 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS NE vs AZ, LAC vs IND (31) MIA vs BUF - WC (33) BAL vs CLE (0) BAL vs CIN - WC / JAX vs KC - DIV (11)
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME LAC vs IND (11:14) MIA vs BUF - WC (12:48) BAL vs CLE (0:00) BAL vs CIN - WC (4:16)
Q2 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS DAL vs PHI (51) JAX vs KC - DIV (40) DEN vs LAC (21) NYG vs MIN - WC (28)
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME DAL vs PHI (20:23) JAX vs KC - DIV (15:41) LAC vs IND (9:15) NYG vs MIN - WC (10:45)
HALFTIME COMMERCIAL TIME GB vs MIA (7:54) DAL vs TB - WC (7:56) WAS vs CHI (3:35) NYG vs MIN - WC (6:15)
Q3 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS NYG vs DAL, KC vs TB (29) BAL vs CIN - WC (27) GB vs BUF (7) LAC vs JAX - WC (15)
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME KC vs TB (11:06) CIN vs KC - AFC (11:17) LAR vs SF (3:46) SEA vs SF - WC (5:53)
Q4 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS DAL vs NYG (37) CIN vs BUF - DIV (35) PIT vs MIA, TB vs AZ (16) LAC vs JAX - WC (19)
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME GB vs BUF (15:18) CIN vs BUF - DIV (14:39) TEN vs BUF (7:45) LAC vs JAX - WC (8:33)
FINAL NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS IND vs MIN, LAR vs GB (131) DAL vs TB - WC (131) PHI vs HOU (84) DAL vs SF - DIV (102)
FINAL COMMERCIAL TIME NYG vs DAL (50:16) DAL vs TB - WC (52:55) PHI vs HOU (35:52) LAC vs JAX - WC (45:56)
Note: No doubt the AFC and NFC Championship games would of had the most commercial time for a playoff game, but the only reason DAL vs TB was longer, was because Russell Gage had to be stretchered off, and they went to an "emergency" commercial batch.
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Overtime TOTAL
1. GB vs PHI (36:52) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (58:26) 1. TEN vs BUF (49:26) 1. IND vs MIN (56:42) 1. IND vs MIN (27:30) 1. IND vs MIN (3:05:07)
2. MIA vs BUF - WC (34:51) 2. MIA vs LAC (45:23) 2. MIA vs BUF - WC (43:16) 2. BAL vs TB (47:52) 2. DEN vs LAC (20:53) 2. MIA vs BUF - WC (2:57:14)
3. TEN vs BUF (34:22) 3. NE vs AZ (44:52) 3. MIA vs BUF (42:50) 3. NO vs AZ (46:58) 3. TB vs AZ (17:51) 3. IND vs DEN (2:35:46)
4. LAC vs JAX - WC (34:00) 4. IND vs MIN (43:05) 4. CIN vs KC - AFC (38:37) 4. TB vs AZ (45:04) 4. TEN vs KC (17:00) 4. TB vs AZ (2:35:11)
5. GB vs MIA (31:34) 5. LAC vs SF (42:55) 5. DAL vs TB - WC (34:56) 5. PIT vs CLE (45:01) 5. IND vs DEN (14:25) 5. TEN vs KC (2:34:28)
6. SF vs PHI - NFC (31:00) 6. PIT vs IND (42:51) 6. LV vs LAR (34:37) 6. TEN vs KC (44:12) 6. MIA vs BUF (2:32:33)
7. DEN vs LAR (30:53) 7. MIA vs CIN (42:21) 7. NO vs AZ (34:25) 7. CIN vs KC - AFC (43:55) 7. DEN vs LAC (2:30:27)
8. KC vs LAC (30:50) 8. NO vs AZ (41:59) 8. ATL vs CAR (33:59) 8. BUF vs DET (43:33) 8. NO vs AZ (2:29:55)
9. TB vs AZ (30:41) 9. BUF vs NE (41:57) 9. KC vs TB (32:49) 9. IND vs DEN (43:18) 9. CIN vs KC - AFC (2:24:55)
10. MIA vs CIN (30:24) 10. LV vs KC (41:49) 10. LAR vs GB (32:39) 10. GB vs BUF (42:42) 9. TEN vs BUF (2:22:37)
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter TOTAL
1. MIA vs BUF - WC (34:51) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (58:26) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (43:16) 1. CIN vs KC - AFC (43:55) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (2:57:14)
2. LAC vs JAX - WC (34:00) 2. SF vs PHI - NFC (38:34) 2. CIN vs KC - AFC (38:37) 2. BAL vs CIN - WC (42:16) 2. CIN vs KC (2:24:55)
3. SF vs PHI - NFC (31:00) 3. SEA vs SF - WC (37:31) 3. DAL vs TB - WC (34:56) 3. NYG vs MIN - WC (41:03) 3. LAC vs JAX - WC (2:21:11)
4. DAL vs TB - WC (28:55) 4. NYG vs PHI - DIV (37:25) 4. LAC vs JAX - WC (32:22) 4. DAL vs SF - DIV (41:00) 4. DAL vs TB - WC (2:12:52)
5. CIN vs KC - AFC (27:06) 5. LAC vs JAX - WC (36:39) 5. CIN vs BUF - DIV (31:51) 5. MIA vs BUF - WC (40:41) 5. DAL vs SF - DIV (2:10:14)
6. NYG vs MIN - WC (27:05) 6. BAL vs CIN - WC (35:34) 6. DAL vs SF - DIV (30:40) 6. JAX vs KC - DIV (40:26) 6. SEA vs SF - WC (2:08:19)
7. CIN vs BUF - DIV (26:32) 7. CIN vs BUF - DIV (35:34) 7. SF vs PHI - NFC (28:10) 7. SEA vs SF - WC (39:34) 7. BAL vs CIN - WC (2:08:08)
8. JAX vs KC - DIV (26:23) 8. CIN vs KC - AFC (35:17) 8. JAX vs KC - DIV (27:39) 8. LAC vs JAX - WC (38:10) 8. CIN vs BUF - DIV (2:06:18)
9. DAL vs SF - DIV (25:27) 9. DAL vs SF - DIV (33:07) 9. NYG vs MIN - WC (27:24) 9. DAL vs TB - WC (38:02) 9. NYG vs MIN - WC (2:05:28)
10. SEA vs SF - WC (24:43) 10. DAL vs TB - WC (30:59) 10. BAL vs CIN - WC (27:13) 10. CIN vs BUF - DIV (32:21) 10. JAX vs KC - DIV (2:05:21)
The commercial playoffs is something I created. The top 14 most aired brands will go head to head just like the NFL playoffs during the playoffs. We go by odd and even to make it as much fair as possible. Here is your bracket! Happy Playoffs!
Which now leads us to the Super Bowl matchup of!
PLAYOFF LEADERBOARD (Any Brand Left In Commercial Playoffs is Bolded and Italicized)
  1. Verizon (52)
  2. Progressive (32)
  3. TurboTax (28)
  4. GEICO (23)
  5. Chevrolet (22)
  6. State Farm (22)
  7. H&R Block (21)
  8. Burger King (20)
  9. iPhone 14 Pro (19)
  10. Pfizer (19)
  11. T-Mobile (19)
  1. Progressive (169)
  2. Verizon (149)
  3. GEICO (113)
  4. Burger King (111)
  5. T-Mobile (108)
  6. AT&T (105)
  7. Toyota (101)
  8. Subway (91)
  9. Pfizer (90)
  10. Mercedes-Benz (84)
  11. Walmart (84)
  1. Verizon (15)
  2. Burger King, Toyota (10)
  3. Mercedes-Benz, Walmart (9)
  4. Progressive (7)
  5. DraftKings, Google Pixel (5)
  6. AT&T, Audible, Capital One, Lexus, Little Caesars, NASCAR, TurboTax (3)
  7. Adidas, Behr, Chevrolet, KFC, LA Brea, Monday Night Football, Quantum Leap, ShipStation, State Farm, Volkswagen, WingStop (2)
  8. AutoTrader, BMW, Bud Light, Crown Royal, DirecTV, Dove, Experian, FanDuel, FIFA World Cup, Fire Country, GEICO, Hyundai, IAMS, IBM, intuit QuickBooks, Lingo, Lowe's, MattressFirm, Nashville's Big Bash, NCIS Crossover Event, NFL Shop, NHL on ESPN, Orbit, Pfizer, Popeyes, Purex, Puss In Boots, Shell, Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, Subway, Taco Bell, The Grammys, Thursday Night Football, Under Armour, USFL (1)
Chiefs (8 Games) Bengals (6 Games)
1. Progressive (24) 1. Progressive (16)
2. Toyota (19) 2. Verizon (16)
3. GEICO (16) 3. GEICO (11)
4. Hyundai (14) 4. State Farm (11)
5. Verizon (14) 5. Chevrolet (10)
6. Chevrolet (13) 6. Pfizer (10)
7. AT&T (12) 7. AT&T (9)
8. Taco Bell (12) 8. Chipotle (9)
9. Pfizer (11) 9. DirecTV, Mercedes-Benz (9)
10. Walmart (11) 10. T-Mobile, TurboTax (9)
Eagles (7 Games) 49ers (8 Games)
1. Progressive (15) 1. Verizon (18)
2. Subway (14) 2. Burger King (17)
3. T-Mobile (12) 3. Progressive (17)
4. Verizon (12) 4. Google Pixel (16)
5. Burger King (11) 5. T-Mobile (15)
6. Walmart (11) 6. Taco Bell (12)
7. AT&T (10) 7. GEICO (11)
8. Chevrolet (9) 8. Pfizer (11)
9. Pfizer (9) 9. State Farm (11)
10. Taco Bell (9) 10. Chevrolet, NASCAR (10)
NOTE FROM pterodaktyl4:
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2023.02.04 00:19 bonefire85 is there a deal going with the bucks and wingstop?

I saw the wingstop signs for the game about missing 2 free throws. Is there some special going on? Is it only at fiserv?
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2023.01.29 18:13 pterodaktyl4 Divisional Playoff Commercial Counter

I am the redditor that counts commercials in the primetime game threads. This is my weekly data post. Here's the Commercial Counter
NOTE: Comparing to Regular Season to Playoffs, and then once Playoffs become official and done with. In the end of season post. Everything will be compared.
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME 7:31 8:23 +0:52
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME 13:03 13:28 +0:25
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME 7:19 8:17 +0:58
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME 10:43 11:12 +0:29
FINAL COMMERCIAL TIME 44:45 48:09 +3:24
Regular Season High Playoff High Regular Season Low Playoff Low
Q1 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS NE vs AZ, LAC vs IND (31) MIA vs BUF - WC (33) BAL vs CLE (0) BAL vs CIN - WC / JAX vs KC - DIV (11)
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME LAC vs IND (11:14) MIA vs BUF - WC (12:48) BAL vs CLE (0:00) BAL vs CIN - WC (4:16)
Q2 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS DAL vs PHI (51) JAX vs KC - DIV (40) DEN vs LAC (21) NYG vs MIN - WC (28)
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME DAL vs PHI (20:23) JAX vs KC - DIV (15:41) LAC vs IND (9:15) NYG vs MIN - WC (10:45)
HALFTIME COMMERCIAL TIME GB vs MIA (7:54) DAL vs TB - WC (7:56) WAS vs CHI (3:35) NYG vs MIN - WC (6:15)
Q3 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS NYG vs DAL, KC vs TB (29) BAL vs CIN - WC (27) GB vs BUF (7) BAL vs CIN - WC (10:51)
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME KC vs TB (11:06) LAC vs JAX - WC (15) LAR vs SF (3:46) SEA vs SF - WC (5:53)
Q4 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS DAL vs NYG (37) CIN vs BUF - DIV (35) PIT vs MIA, TB vs AZ (16) LAC vs JAX - WC (19)
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME GB vs BUF (15:18) CIN vs BUF - DIV (14:39) TEN vs BUF (7:45) LAC vs JAX - WC (8:33)
FINAL NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS IND vs MIN, LAR vs GB (131) DAL vs TB - WC (131) PHI vs HOU (84) DAL vs SF - DIV (102)
FINAL COMMERCIAL TIME NYG vs DAL (50:16) DAL vs TB - WC (52:55) PHI vs HOU (35:52) LAC vs JAX - WC (45:56)
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Overtime TOTAL
1. GB vs PHI (36:52) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (58:26) 1. TEN vs BUF (49:26) 1. IND vs MIN (56:42) 1. IND vs MIN (27:30) 1. IND vs MIN (3:05:07)
2. MIA vs BUF - WC (34:51) 2. MIA vs LAC (45:23) 2. MIA vs BUF - WC (43:16) 2. BAL vs TB (47:52) 2. DEN vs LAC (20:53) 2. MIA vs BUF - WC (2:57:14)
3. TEN vs BUF (34:22) 3. NE vs AZ (44:52) 3. MIA vs BUF (42:50) 3. NO vs AZ (46:58) 3. TB vs AZ (17:51) 3. IND vs DEN (2:35:46)
4. LAC vs JAX - WC (34:00) 4. IND vs MIN (43:05) 4. DAL vs TB - WC (34:56) 4. TB vs AZ (45:04) 4. TEN vs KC (17:00) 4. TB vs AZ (2:35:11)
5. GB vs MIA (31:34) 5. LAC vs SF (42:55) 5. LV vs LAR (34:37) 5. PIT vs CLE (45:01) 5. IND vs DEN (14:25) 5. TEN vs KC (2:34:28)
6. DEN vs LAR (30:53) 6. PIT vs IND (42:51) 6. NO vs AZ (34:25) 6. TEN vs KC (44:12) 6. MIA vs BUF (2:32:33)
7. KC vs LAC (30:50) 7. MIA vs CIN (42:21) 7. ATL vs CAR (33:59) 7. BUF vs DET (43:33) 7. DEN vs LAC (2:30:27)
8. TB vs AZ (30:41) 8. NO vs AZ (41:59) 8. KC vs TB (32:49) 8. IND vs DEN (43:18) 8. NO vs AZ (2:29:55)
9. MIA vs CIN (30:24) 9. BUF vs NE (41:57) 9. LAR vs GB (32:39) 9. GB vs BUF (42:42) 9. TEN vs BUF (2:22:37)
10. WAS vs PHI (29:55) 10. LV vs KC (41:49) 10. NE vs AZ (32:34) 10. IND vs DAL (42:32) 10. BAL vs TB (2:21:14)
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter TOTAL
1. MIA vs BUF - WC (34:51) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (58:26) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (43:16) 1. BAL vs CIN - WC (42:16) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (2:57:14)
2. LAC vs JAX - WC (34:00) 2. SEA vs SF - WC (37:31) 2. DAL vs TB - WC (34:56) 2. NYG vs MIN - WC (41:03) 2. LAC vs JAX - WC (2:21:11)
3. DAL vs TB - WC (28:55) 3. NYG vs PHI - DIV (37:25) 3. LAC vs JAX - WC (32:22) 3. DAL vs SF - DIV (41:00) 3. DAL vs TB - WC (2:12:52)
4. NYG vs MIN - WC (27:05) 4. LAC vs JAX - WC (36:39) 4. CIN vs BUF - DIV (31:51) 4. MIA vs BUF - WC (40:41) 4. DAL vs SF - DIV (2:10:14)
5. CIN vs BUF - DIV (26:32) 5. BAL vs CIN - WC (35:34) 5. DAL vs SF - DIV (30:40) 5. JAX vs KC - DIV (40:26) 5. SEA vs SF - WC (2:08:19)
6. JAX vs KC - DIV (26:23) 6. CIN vs BUF - DIV (35:34) 6. JAX vs KC - DIV (27:39) 6. SEA vs SF - WC (39:34) 6. BAL vs CIN - WC (2:08:08)
7. DAL vs SF - DIV (25:27) 7. DAL vs SF - DIV (33:07) 7. NYG vs MIN - WC (27:24) 7. LAC vs JAX - WC (38:10) 7. CIN vs BUF - DIV (2:06:18)
8. SEA vs SF - WC (24:43) 8. DAL vs TB - WC (30:59) 8. BAL vs CIN - WC (27:13) 8. DAL vs TB - WC (38:02) 8. NYG vs MIN - WC (2:05:28)
9. NYG vs PHI - DIV (24:16) 9. JAX vs KC - DIV (30:53) 9. SEA vs SF - WC (26:31) 9. CIN vs BUF - DIV (32:21) 9. JAX vs KC - DIV (2:05:21)
10. BAL vs CIN - WC (22:57) 10. NYG vs MIN - WC (29:56) 10. NYG vs PHI - DIV (25:03) 10. NYG vs PHI - DIV (31:19) 10. NYG vs PHI - DIV (1:58:03)
The commercial playoffs is something I created. The top 14 most aired brands will go head to head just like the NFL playoffs during the playoffs. We go by odd and even to make it as much fair as possible. Here is your bracket! Happy Playoffs!
Which now leads us to the matchups of!
PLAYOFF LEADERBOARD (Any Brand Left In Commercial Playoffs is Bolded and Italicized)
  1. Verizon (46)
  2. Progressive (27)
  3. TurboTax (21)
  4. GEICO (20)
  5. H&R Block (20)
  6. Chevrolet (18)
  7. State Farm (18)
  8. Burger King (16)
  9. iPhone 14 Pro (16)
  10. T-Mobile (16)
  1. Verizon (14)
  2. Toyota (10)
  3. Burger King, Mercedes-Benz, Walmart (9)
  4. Progressive (7)
  5. DraftKings, Google Pixel (5)
  6. AT&T, Audible, Capital One, Lexus, Little Caesars (3)
  7. Adidas, Behr, Chevrolet, KFC, LA Brea, Monday Night Football, NASCAR, Quantum Leap, ShipStation, State Farm, TurboTax, Volkswagen, WingStop (2)
  8. AutoTrader, BMW, Bud Light, Crown Royal, DirecTV, Dove, Experian, FanDuel, FIFA World Cup, GEICO, Hyundai, IAMS, intuit QuickBooks, Lingo, Lowe's, MattressFirm, Nashville's Big Bash, NCIS Crossover Event, NFL Shop, NHL on ESPN, Orbit, Pfizer, Popeyes, Purex, Puss In Boots, Shell, Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, Subway, Taco Bell, Thursday Night Football, Under Armour (1)
TEAM LEADERBOARD - left to right by seeding
Chiefs (7 Games) Bills (8 Games) Bengals (5 Games) Jaguars (4 Games)
1. Progressive (21) 1. Verizon (20) 1. Progressive (13) 1. Google Pixel (13)
2. Toyota (19) 2. Progressive (18) 2. Verizon (13) 2. GEICO (11)
3. GEICO (14) 3. AT&T (15) 3. GEICO (9) 3. Progressive (11)
4. Hyundai (13) 4. Amazon (13) 4. AT&T (8) 4. Verizon (11)
5. AT&T (11) 5. State Farm (13) 5. Chevrolet (8) 5. Toyota (9)
6. Chevrolet (11) 6. GEICO (12) 6. Chipotle (8) 6. Hyundai (8)
7. Taco Bell (11) 7. Bud Light (11) 7. DirecTV (8) 7. Pfizer (8)
8. Verizon (11) 8. Pfizer (11) 8. Mercedes-Benz (8) 8. Allstate (6)
9. Walmart (11) 9. Subway (11) 9. State Farm (8) 9. AWS, H&R Block (6)
10. Capital One (10) 10. Chevrolet, Hyundai, NFL Shop (10) 10. T-Mobile, Toyota (8) 10. Magnum PI, Night Court (6)
Eagles (6 Games) 49ers (7 Games) Cowboys (8 Games) Giants (5 Games)
1. Progressive (13) 1. Google Pixel (15) 1. AT&T (17) 1. Verizon (11)
2. Subway (13) 2. Progressive (15) 2. Progressive (17) 2. Alert: Missing Person Unit (10)
3. Walmart (11) 3. Verizon (15) 3. Verizon (17) 3. Progressive (9)
4. T-Mobile (10) 4. Burger King (14) 4. Subway (13) 4. T-Mobile (9)
5. AT&T (9) 5. T-Mobile (13) 5. GEICO (12) 5. Amazon (8)
6. Verizon (9) 6. Taco Bell (11) 6. Walmart (12) 6. Burger King (8)
7. Burger King (8) 7. GEICO (10) 7. Hyundai (11) 7. FIFA World Cup (8)
8. Taco Bell (8) 8. State Farm (10) 8. Taco Bell (11) 8. NASCAR (8)
9. Allstate, Capital One, Chevrolet, GEICO (7) 9. Pfizer (9) 9. Burger King (10) 9. Taco Bell (8)
10. Hyundai, KFC, NFL Shop, Pfizer (7) 10. Toyota (9) 10. T-Mobile, Toyota (10) 10. AT&T, GMC, Pfizer, State Farm (7)
NOTE FROM pterodaktyl4
Sorry this came out late, just got busy and forgot to type words for all this!
submitted by pterodaktyl4 to nfl [link] [comments]

2023.01.21 18:22 pterodaktyl4 Super Wild Card Playoff Commercial Counter

Commercial. Commercial. Commercial. Commercial. Every Game Has Commercials. Causing flames because it's non-stopping. I count them all. On this post, I write it a certain way, Because it seems cool! Here is your 2022 Commercial Counter.
NOTE: Comparing to Regular Season to Playoffs, and then once Playoffs become official and done with. In the end of season post. Everything will be compared.
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME 7:31 9:04 +1:33
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME 13:03 12:50 -0:13
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME 7:19 8:28 +1:09
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME 10:43 10:52 +0:09
FINAL COMMERCIAL TIME 44:45 48:09 +3:24
Regular Season High Playoff High Regular Season Low Playoff Low
Q1 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS NE vs AZ, LAC vs IND (31) MIA vs BUF - WC (33) BAL vs CLE (0) BAL vs CIN - WC (11)
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME LAC vs IND (11:14) MIA vs BUF - WC (12:48) BAL vs CLE (0:00) BAL vs CIN - WC (4:16)
Q2 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS DAL vs PHI (51) DAL vs TB - WC (38) DEN vs LAC (21) NYG vs MIN - WC (28)
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME DAL vs PHI (20:23) BAL vs CIN - WC (14:21) LAC vs IND (9:15) NYG vs MIN - WC (10:45)
HALFTIME COMMERCIAL TIME GB vs MIA (7:54) DAL vs TB - WC (7:56) WAS vs CHI (3:35) NYG vs MIN - WC (6:15)
Q3 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS NYG vs DAL, KC vs TB (29) BAL vs CIN - WC (27) GB vs BUF (7) BAL vs CIN - WC (10:51)
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME KC vs TB (11:06) LAC vs JAX - WC (15) LAR vs SF (3:46) SEA vs SF - WC (5:53)
Q4 NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS DAL vs NYG (37) DAL vs TB - WC (32) PIT vs MIA, TB vs AZ (16) LAC vs JAX - WC (19)
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME GB vs BUF (15:18) DAL vs TB - WC (12:37) TEN vs BUF (7:45) LAC vs JAX - WC (8:33)
FINAL NON-LOCAL COMMERCIALS IND vs MIN, LAR vs GB (131) DAL vs TB - WC (131) PHI vs HOU (84) NYG vs MIN - WC, BAL vs CIN - WC, LAC vs JAX - WC (108)
FINAL COMMERCIAL TIME NYG vs DAL (50:16) DAL vs TB - WC (52:55) PHI vs HOU (35:52) LAC vs JAX - WC (45:56)
NOTE: This is for regular season and playoffs. Once playoffs hit 10 games total (aka after the divisional games), they will have a separate post.
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Overtime TOTAL
1. GB vs PHI (36:52) 1. MIA vs BUF - WC (58:26) 1. TEN vs BUF (49:26) 1. IND vs MIN (56:42) 1. IND vs MIN (27:30) 1. IND vs MIN (3:05:07)
2. MIA vs BUF - WC (34:51) 2. MIA vs LAC (45:23) 2. MIA vs BUF - WC (43:16) 2. BAL vs TB (47:52) 2. DEN vs LAC (20:53) 2. MIA vs BUF - WC (2:57:14)
3. TEN vs BUF (34:22) 3. NE vs AZ (44:52) 3. MIA vs BUF (42:50) 3. NO vs AZ (46:58) 3. TB vs AZ (17:51) 3. IND vs DEN (2:35:46)
4. LAC vs JAX - WC (34:00) 4. IND vs MIN (43:05) 4. DAL vs TB - WC (34:56) 4. TB vs AZ (45:04) 4. TEN vs KC (17:00) 4. TB vs AZ (2:35:11)
5. GB vs MIA (31:34) 5. LAC vs SF (42:55) 5. LV vs LAR (34:37) 5. PIT vs CLE (45:01) 5. IND vs DEN (14:25) 5. TEN vs KC (2:34:28)
6. DEN vs LAR (30:53) 6. PIT vs IND (42:51) 6. NO vs AZ (34:25) 6. TEN vs KC (44:12) 6. MIA vs BUF (2:32:33)
7. KC vs LAC (30:50) 7. MIA vs CIN (42:21) 7. ATL vs CAR (33:59) 7. BUF vs DET (43:33) 7. DEN vs LAC (2:30:27)
8. TB vs AZ (30:41) 8. NO vs AZ (41:59) 8. KC vs TB (32:49) 8. IND vs DEN (43:18) 8. NO vs AZ (2:29:55)
9. MIA vs CIN (30:24) 9. BUF vs NE (41:57) 9. LAR vs GB (32:39) 9. GB vs BUF (42:42) 9. TEN vs BUF (2:22:37)
10. WAS vs PHI (29:55) 10. LV vs KC (41:49) 10. NE vs AZ (32:34) 10. IND vs DAL (42:32) 10. BAL vs TB (2:21:14)
NOTE: MIA vs BUF and MIA vs BUF - WC are the 2 highest non-commercial time games to not go into overtime. I find that interesting.
The commercial playoffs is something I created. The top 14 most aired brands will go head to head just like the NFL playoffs during the playoffs. We go by odd and even to make it as much fair as possible. Here is your bracket! Happy Playoffs!
Which now leads us to the matchups of!
PLAYOFF LEADERBOARD (Any Brand Left In Commercial Playoffs is Bolded and Italicized)
  1. Verizon (32)
  2. Progressive (17)
  3. H&R Block (12)
  4. iPhone 14 Pro (12)
  5. Burger King (11)
  6. Chevrolet (11)
  7. GEICO (11)
  8. AT&T (10)
  9. Chipotle (9)
  10. Google Pixel (9)
  11. Pro Bowl Games (9)
  12. State Farm (9)
  13. T-Mobile (9)
  1. Verizon (13)
  2. Burger King, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Walmart (9)
  3. Progressive (7)
  4. DraftKings, Google Pixel (5)
  5. AT&T, Audible, Capital One, Lexus, Little Caesars (3)
  6. Adidas, Behr, Chevrolet, KFC, LA Brea, Monday Night Football, Quantum Leap, ShipStation, State Farm, Volkswagen, WingStop (2)
  7. AutoTrader, BMW, Bud Light, Crown Royal, DirecTV, Dove, Experian, FanDuel, FIFA World Cup, Hyundai, IAMS, intuit QuickBooks, Lingo, Lowe's, MattressFirm, NASCAR, Nashville's Big Bash, NCIS Crossover Event, NFL Shop, NHL on ESPN, Orbit, Pfizer, Popeyes, Purex, Puss In Boots, Shell, Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, Subway, Taco Bell, Thursday Night Football, Under Armour (1)
TEAM LEADERBOARD - left to right by seeding and played in Super Wild Card weekend
Bills (7 Games) Bengals (4 Games) Jaguars (3 Games) Chargers (7 Games) Ravens (6 Games) Dolphins (6 Games)
1. Progressive (16) 1. Progressive (11) 1. Google Pixel (9) 1. Progressive (18) 1. Progressive (15) 1. Progressive (13)
2. Verizon (16) 2. Verizon (9) 2. Progressive (7) 2. Walmart (16) 2. Verizon (15) 2. Verizon (13)
3. AT&T (13) 3. Toyota (8) 3. Verizon (7) 3. Verizon (15) 3. Toyota (13) 3. Amazon (12)
4. Amazon (11) 4. Chipotle (7) 4. GEICO (6) 4. Hyundai (13) 4. GEICO (10) 4. T-Mobile (11)
5. Bud Light (10) 5. GEICO (7) 5. Pfizer (6) 5. Chevrolet (12) 5. Lowe's (10) 5. Subway (10)
6. GEICO (10) 6. T-Mobile (7) 6. Burger King (5) 6. T-Mobile (12) 6. T-Mobile (10) 6. Toyota (10)
7. Hyundai (10) 7. AT&T (6) 7. Capital One (5) 7. Toyota (12) 7. Applebee's (8) 7. Chevrolet (9)
8. State Farm (10) 8. DirecTV (8) 8. Allstate, AWS (4) 8. Amazon (11) 8. AT&T (8) 8. Hyundai (9)
9. Subway (10) 9. Google Pixel (6) 9. BMW, Coca-Cola, DraftKings (4) 9. GEICO (11) 9. Hyundai (8) 9. State Farm (9)
10. DraftKings, NFL Shop, Walmart (9) 10. Mercedes-Benz, Walmart (6) 10. Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota (4) 10. Capital One, The Voice, Uber Eats (9) 10. Mercedes-Benz, USAA (8) 10. GEICO, Mercedes-Benz, Walmart (8)
49ers (6 Games) Vikings (4 Games) Buccaneers (6 Games) Cowboys (7 Games) Giants (4 Games) Seahawks (3 Games)
1. Burger King (14) 1. Verizon (10) 1. Progressive (16) 1. AT&T (16) 1. FIFA World Cup (8) 1. Verizon (9)
2. Google Pixel (13) 2. Progressive (9) 2. Verizon (13) 2. Progressive (15) 2. Verizon (8) 2. Burger King (8)
3. Progressive (13) 3. Subway (9) 3. AT&T (12) 3. Verizon (14) 3. Alert: Missing Persons Unit (7) 3. Google Pixel (7)
4. Verizon (12) 4. Walmart (8) 4. Toyota (12) 4. Subway (12) 4. Amazon (7) 4. DraftKings (6)
5. T-Mobile (11) 5. GEICO (7) 5. Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 4 (11) 5. Walmart (12) 5. AT&T (7) 5. iPhone 14 Pro (5)
6. GEICO (9) 6. Lowe's (7) 6. Burger King (10) 6. GEICO (11) 6. Progressive (7) 6. T-Mobile (5)
7. Taco Bell (9) 7. T-Mobile (7) 7. T-Mobile (10) 7. Burger King (10) 7. T-Mobile (7) 7. Thursday Night Football (5)
8. Toyota (9) 8. AT&T (6) 8. FanDuel (9) 8. Hyundai (10) 8. Pfizer (6) 8. AWS, Little Caesars (4)
9. Capital One (8) 9. Bud Light (6) 9. Hyundai (9) 9. Toyota (10) 9. Taco Bell (6) 9. Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer (4)
10. Monday Night Football (8) 10. KFC, NFL Shop (6) 10. Allstate, GEICO, iPhone 14 Pro, Taco Bell, Uber Eats (8) 10. Capital One, FIFA World Cup, NFL Shop, Taco Bell (9) 10. Walmart (6) 10. Progressive, State Farm (4)
NOTE FROM pterodaktyl4:
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2023.01.07 14:37 pterodaktyl4 Week 17 Commercial Counter Round-Up

First off. Even with all the good news that Damar Hamlin has received after the scary incident, still keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I count and time commercials for every primetime game. That's all I do. Here is the link to the Commercial Counter.
NOTE FROM pterodaktyl4:
Usually I put this at the end of my posts. But I feel like this needed to and deserved to be up here rather than the last thing. I want to apologize for counting commercials during the Hamlin incident. I did not know the severity of the incident until ESPN showed it. Once ESPN showed the horrific incident, and I realized this was unlike any other injury, I stopped counting. There was an ill-timed commercial update comment, and after making that comment, the incident was aired, and that's when I decided to stop.
That being said, with this game being determined as a "no contest". None of these stats will count towards the counter. I'll still leave the commercial stats up for that sheet. I also want to note, that I edited it to where the counter stops at the beginning of the Hamlin incident. There should definitely be moments where commercials should be aired. This was definitely one of those moments.
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME 8:01 7:32 -0:29
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME 13:21 13:11 -0:10
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME 8:38 7:21 -1:17
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME 9:57 10:40 +0:43
FINAL COMMERCIAL TIME 46:41 44:55 -1:46
HIGHS/LOWS (New Leaders from Weeks 16-17 in Bold and Italicized)
High Low
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME LAC vs IND (11:14) BAL vs CLE (0:00)
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME DAL vs PHI (20:23) LAC vs IND (9:15)
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME KC vs TB (11:06) LAR vs SF (3:46)
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME GB vs BUF (15:18) TEN vs BUF (7:45)
NON-COMMERCIAL TIME LEADERBOARD (Bold and Italicized means new entry from Weeks 16-17 into Top 10)
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Overtime TOTAL
1. GB vs PHI (36:52) 1. MIA vs LAC (45:23) 1. TEN vs BUF (49:26) 1. IND vs MIN (56:42) 1. IND vs MIN (27:30) 1. IND vs MIN (3:05:07)
2. TEN vs BUF (34:22) 2. NE vs AZ (44:52) 2. MIA vs BUF (42:50) 2. BAL vs TB (47:52) 2. DEN vs LAC (20:53) 2. IND vs DEN (2:35:46)
3. GB vs MIA (31:34) 3. IND vs MIN (43:05) 3. LV vs LAR (34:37) 3. NO vs AZ (46:58) 3. TB vs AZ (17:51) 3. TB vs AZ (2:35:11)
4. DEN vs LAR (30:53) 4. LAC vs SF (42:55) 4. NO vs AZ (34:25) 4. TB vs AZ (45:04) 4. TEN vs KC (17:00) 4. TEN vs KC (2:34:28)
5. KC vs LAC (30:50) 5. PIT vs IND (42:51) 5. ATL vs CAR (33:59) 5. PIT vs CLE (45:01) 5. IND vs DEN (14:25) 5. MIA vs BUF (2:32:33)
6. TB vs AZ (30:41) 6. MIA vs CIN (42:21) 6. KC vs TB (32:49) 6. TEN vs KC (44:12) 6. DEN vs LAC (2:30:27)
7. MIA vs CIN (30:24) 7. NO vs AZ (41:59) 7. LAR vs GB (32:39) 7. BUF vs DET (43:33) 7. NO vs AZ (2:29:55)
8. WAS vs PHI (29:55) 8. BUF vs NE (41:57) 8. NE vs AZ (32:34) 8. IND vs DEN (43:18) 8. TEN vs BUF (2:22:37)
9. LAC vs IND (29:30) 9. LV vs KC (41:49) 9. PIT vs CLE (32:22) 9. GB vs BUF (42:42) 9. BAL vs TB (2:21:14)
10. MIA vs BUF (29:23) 10. MIA vs BUF (41:45) 10. MIA vs LAC (32:12) 10. IND vs DAL (42:32) 10. PIT vs CLE (2:21:09)
The commercial playoffs is something I created. The top 14 most aired brands will go head to head just like the NFL playoffs during the playoffs. We go by odd and even to make it as much fair as possible. This is your current bracket:
#1 Progressive (127) - CLINCHED BYE
#7 Capital One (65) vs #2 Burger King (85)
#6 Pfizer (70) vs #3 Toyota (85)
#5 Subway (75) vs #4 GEICO (83)
#1 Verizon (91) - CLINCHED BYE
#7 FanDuel (63) vs #2 T-Mobile (85)
#6 NFL Shop (68) vs #3 AT&T (84)
#5 Mercedes-Benz (73) vs #4 Walmart (78)
IN THE HUNT (Less than 10 Commercials behind #7 FanDuel)
  1. Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Walmart (9)
  2. Burger King (8)
  3. Verizon (7)
  4. Progressive (6)
  5. DraftKings, Google Pixel (5)
  6. AT&T, Audible, Lexus, Little Caesars (3)
  7. Adidas, Behr, Capital One, Chevrolet, KFC, LA Brea, Monday Night Football, Quantum Leap, ShipStation, State Farm, Volkswagen, WingStop (2)
  8. AutoTrader, BMW, Bud Light, Crown Royal, DirecTV, Dove, Experian, FanDuel, FIFA World Cup, Hyundai, intuit QuickBooks, Lingo, Lowe's, MattressFirm, Nashville's Big Bash, NCIS Crossover Event, NFL Shop, NHL on ESPN, Orbit, Pfizer, Popeyes, Purex, Puss In Boots, Shell, Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, Subway, Taco Bell, Thursday Night Football, Under Armour (1)
Cowboys (6 Games) Titans (4 Games) Steelers (5 Games) Ravens (5 Games)
1. Walmart (12) 1. Toyota (9) 1. Progressive (11) 1. Progressive (11)
2. AT&T (11) 2. DraftKings (8) 2. AT&T (10) 2. Lowe's (10)
3. Progressive (11) 3. GEICO (8) 3. Lowe's (9) 3. Toyota (9)
4. Hyundai (10) 4. Burger King (7) 4. Toyota (9) 4. Verizon (9)
5. Subway (10) 5. AT&T (6) 5. Mercedes-Benz (8) 5. GEICO (8)
6. Toyota (10) 6. AWS (6) 6. Subway (8) 6. AT&T (7)
7. FIFA World Cup (9) 7. Capital One (6) 7. T-Mobile (8) 7. T-Mobile (7)
8. GEICO (9) 8. Mercedes-Benz (6) 8. NFL Shop (7) 8. Under Armour (7)
9. AWS, Capital One (8) 9. Progressive (6) 9. DirecTV (6) 9. USAA (7)
10. T-Mobile, Taco Bell, Verizon (8) 10. Audible, Corona, Little Caesars, Peacock, Verizon (5) 10. Hyundai, Verizon (6) 10. Applebee's, FanDuel, Mercedes-Benz, Quantum Leap, Subway (6)
There is no Q&A this week. Sorry.
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2023.01.04 06:07 DepressveManeuvrs Cheap Wings?

Does anyone know a decent place to get cheap wings other than the specials at Wingstop/BWW? I've heard Jewel has wing buckets on Fridays, but I haven't had the chance the stop by and check.
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2022.12.12 16:00 Sol_Investor Hottest Stocks Today (December 12th) - Bullish and Bearish

What are the hottest stocks talked about on social media today? Check out the top list of bullish and bearish stocks from the SOL Investor app (on Apple and Google Play stores) below:
  1. Netflix Inc. $NFLX
  2. General Motors Company $GM
  3. AutoWeb Inc. $AUTO
  4. Ferrari N.V. $RACE
  5. Optical Cable Corporation $OCC
  6. Barnes Group Inc. $B
  7. HOOKIPA Pharma Inc. $HOOK
  8. Oshkosh Corporation (Holding Company)Common Stock $OSK
  9. Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. II $SAMA
  10. Wingstop Inc. $WING
  1. Inc. $AMZN
  2. Activision Blizzard Inc $ATVI
  3. Hertz Global Holdings Inc $HTZ
  4. Amplify Energy Corp. $AMPY
  5. Target Corporation $TGT
  6. BlackRock Inc. $BLK
  7. Comcast Corporation Class A Common Stock $CMCSA
  8. Ryanair Holdings plc American Depositary Shares $RYAAY
  9. Camber Energy Inc. $CEI
  10. Chevron Corporation $CVX
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2022.12.12 15:00 Sol_Investor Hottest Stocks Today (December 12th)

Hottest Stocks Today (December 12th) submitted by Sol_Investor to SOLinvestor [link] [comments]

2022.12.07 17:38 Stockpickinganalysis Texas road house ($TXRH) analysis

Here is my analysis on on $TXRH
Part 1 - Preview.
TXRH is a casual dining restaurant chain founded in 1993 by Kent Taylor, TXRH opens it's locations in stand alone locations and not in malls, focused on dinner only, with only some locations serving lunch in some days of the week. In the last few years they started 2 new concepts, Bubba's 33 and Jaggers.
Part 2 - Crunching the financial number of the past 20 years. (most numbers are rounded up)
TXRH opened in 1993 and IPO'd in 2004, in 2004 they had a total of 107 company locations and 86 franchise locations all in the USA. As of Q3 2022 the company has 587 company locations and 98 franchise locations, in the USA and in 10 more countries.
In 2002 the net revenue of the entire business was 10.9 million $, and in 2021 it was 245.2 mill, a CAGR of close to 17%. Their FCF CAGR is very similar to their net revenue CAGR throught out the years.
SH equity (all assets - all liabilites) in 2003, 43.5 mil $, in 2021 1.03bil $, a CAGR of 18.3%
SH net equity (net tanigble assets - all liabilites) in 2003, 41.4 mil $, in 2021 945 bil $, a CAGR of almost 18%
Their average ROA (calculated as net revenue/net tanigble assets) in the past 10 and 20 years is about 10%, the ROA isn't accurate since the company values all it's aquired land at cost basis.
ROE (calculated as net revenue/SH equity) has been improving constantly, in 2004 (no data for 2002 and 2003 was very high) less then 8%, In 2021 almost 23%.
ROIC (calculated as net revenue/all assets+all debt) has been improving constantly, in 2004 (no data for 2002 and 2003 was very high) less then 4%, In 2021 21%.
TO (turn over) ratio has improved constantly from about 2600% to well above 4000% since 2015 and even during covid their TO ratio was 3500% in 2020 and 3600% in 2021.
TXRH has a very strong brand recognition, and a very loyal fan base, this we know just by the fact that they don't do national advertising, their marketing expense in 2002 was just 2 million $ and in 2021 21 million, and in 2021 they had well above 3 billion $ in sales. They charge 0.2% advertising royalty from gross sales from their franchisees. Their total marketing expense to sales ratio is well below 0.001%.
For comparison $DRI (darden restaurants, owners of long horn, olive garden and a few more concepts) marketing expense in 2002 (then they still owned Red Lobster) was 187 million, throughtout the years DRI marketing to sales ratio was above 4% and only in the last 2 years did they scale down on marketing expense and in 2022 it was 93 million still close to 1% ratio to sales.
Wingstop ($WING) charges it's franchisees a royalty/fee of 5% from gross sales for marketing expense (besides a 6% royalty of gross sales).
Another great financial analysis of TXRH great internal growth and efficiency is their SG&A to sales ratio, improving almost each year from 1600% in 2003 to 2200% in 2021.
TXRH Total Sales - 363 mil in 2004 - 3.4 bil in 2021, CAGR 14%
TXRH royalty from franchises - 8.8 mil in 2004 - 24.7 mil in 2021, CAGR 7%
TXRH company sales per comapny locations almost doubled from 3.3 mil in 2004 to over 6 mil in 2021, CAGR of almost 7%.
And here is the amazing stat, Net revenue of the total business divdided per locations, (company and franchise locations, just to check is the company getting more efficient as it's growing) goin up X5 from 72,000$ in 2004 to 368,000$ in 2021.
And if we actually want to calculate the company's NR of company location per company loctation, excludng all franchise income (there's no exact way to know this number, since the NR in the income statement is after interest and SG&A paid for operations for franchise and taxes paid for rayalties, but if we calculate NR minus all royalty income and divide it per company licationn, we'll get a mininmum of NR per company location). By this calculation, NR per company location in 2004 was 46,830$ and 389,620$ in 2021 an 8 fold increase of internal growth.
There's more ananlysis and comparing TXRH numbers to $DRI as a whole, and to olive garden and longhorn as seperate segments, and also to $CMG and $wing here.
Part 3 - Understanding the story.
TXRH has a very speciall culture starting from HQ going down to management and employees, TXRH calles their restuarant managers managing partners, as each manager get's 10% of his restaurant income besides a salary.
TXRH has mangers who oversee their restaurants, product coaches, and a 16 week training program for new managers (compared to 4 weeks at $WING).
Each year the best manager is awarded manager of the year recieving a 30,000$ bonus (last years amount). Also TXRH does each year a meat cutting competition, with the winner receiving a bonus, and a lot more.
TXRH is known for it's made from scratch sides, each location has a local meat cutter, they're famous for their free great rolls and free peanuts (coivd changed the peanuts), their line dancing, and birthday ceremony on a saddle.
TXRH migh not have the best of the best staeks (from all my research it seems that longhorn has a little better score than TXRH) but their fan base loyalty is way better than all their competitors.
US Camp Humphrey's in S. Korea made a survey which full service restaurant the soldiers want to bring to base, and TXRH got the first slot.
A great interview of Kent Taylor -
For more on TXRH culture history and moat and a lot more you can check out this video.
Part 4 - Q&A with investors relation.
I had a few questions about the future of the company, is the company planning on opening up locations in malls, and why are they opening up in malls in Dubai and other places and not in the US. Why didn't they open locations in Canada and Europe. What's the future for Bubba's and Jaggers, and a lot of more questions.
The full Q&A with investors relations -
Part 5 - Current analysis
IMO TXRH is a high quality company that I would like to own, it isn't a great growth company, but it's a good company that's getting better and better as a business, and its moat is widening from year to year, IMO TXRH moat is better than $CMG, but that's just my opinion.
As of now the SP is trading at 95-100$ which is a PE of around 28 which is expensive for sure.
What's a good price to buy the stock depends on how much the investor wants to compound, and depends on if they're willing to bet on the success of Bubba's and Jaggers, and how much locations the company will have in 10-20-30 years, and how much will the NR per location be in the next 10-20-30 years. For more info on this issue -
Part 6 - Short conclusion -
Thanks for reading and GLTA!!
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2022.11.16 04:04 siamesedaddy Update from my previous post, turns out Tahoe Park IS getting a coffee shop

From the Biz Journal:
Chai cafe taking over former Starbucks location in Tahoe Park
A new cafe concept specializing in teas and coffee is taking over a former Starbucks space on a busy corner in Tahoe Park.
A tea and coffeehouse called Chai is planned for the approximately 1,600-square-foot end space at 2992 65th St., Suite 100, in Sacramento. The business is being opened by Touqeer Ahmed, Muhammed Siddique and Anees Ahmed, who signed a lease for the space in early November.
Touqeer Ahmed said the concept will primarily focus on drinks such as chai teas, boba teas, green teas, coffee and lattes, and will likely offer desserts and other snacks. The cafe is expected to operate from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
"My partners and I have operated other restaurants, and we decided we wanted to do something a little different and go the drink route," said Ahmed, who operates local Falafel Corner franchise locations in Elk Grove and on Alhambra Boulevard in East Sacramento. Siddique also operates a Falafel Corner location on Freeport Boulevard.
Ahmed said the partners liked the location because of its proximity to the California State University Sacramento campus. He said the former tenant also left the space in good condition and recently made upgrades to the plumbing and electrical, so minimal work will be needed for the business to begin operating.
The business is currently drafting plans and hopes to submit them to the city by the end of the month. Ahmed said construction should only take a few months to complete. He hopes to have Chai operating by early spring or summer 2023.
Chai will be joining a strip center that includes Kansai Ramen & Sushi House and Wingstop. A 1,065-square-foot space adjacent to where Chai will be located is also available for lease.
The area in Tahoe Park near where Chai will be located is expected to change in the years ahead as development progresses on Aggie Square, a more than $1.1 billion project that is both a Sacramento extension of University of California Davis and a hub for science and health companies to partner with the university. Work began this year on the first phase of Aggie Square, which is one of the biggest economic development projects in recent Sacramento history.
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2022.10.06 00:32 pterodaktyl4 Week 4 Commercial Counter Round-Up

For those that don't know, I decided to count commercials and put it on my self-made commercial counter a couple of years ago for playoffs. Just doing this as a joke. I did not think it would ever get this big... and now we're couple years strong and I'm still counting goddamn non-local commercials and timing them, and which brand airs them, and now I'm counting non-commercial time. Commercial Cowboy is doing Commercial Cowboy things.
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME 8:01 7:42 -0:19
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME 13:21 13:05 -0:16
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME 8:38 7:18 -1:20
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME 9:57 11:12 +1:15
FINAL COMMERCIAL TIME 46:41 45:14 -1:27
HIGHS/LOWS (New Leaders in Bold and Italicized)
High Low
Q1 COMMERCIAL TIME SF vs DEN (11:05) DAL vs NYG (6:03)
Q2 COMMERCIAL TIME TEN vs BUF (15:38) LAR vs SF (10:31)
Q3 COMMERCIAL TIME BUF vs LAR (9:16) LAR vs SF (3:46)
Q4 COMMERCIAL TIME MIN vs PHI (14:46) TEN vs BUF (7:45)
NON-COMMERCIAL TIME LEADERBOARD (Bold and Italicized means new entry into Top 10)
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter TOTAL
1. TEN vs BUF (34:22) 1. MIA vs CIN (42:21) 1. TEN vs BUF (49:26) 1. PIT vs CLE (45:01) 1. TEN vs BUF (2:22:37)
2. MIA vs CIN (30:24) 2. KC vs TB (40:33) 2. KC vs TB (32:49) 2. DAL vs NYG (41:09) 2. PIT vs CLE (2:21:09)
3. SF vs DEN (28:40) 3. PIT vs CLE (38:58) 3. PIT vs CLE (32:22) 3. LAC vs KC (40:21) 3. DAL vs NYG (2:15:50)
4. TB vs DAL (27:47) 4. SF vs DEN (38:48) 4. SF vs DEN (32:05) 4. TB vs DAL (36:55) 4. MIA vs CIN (2:14:27)
5. KC vs TB (27:06) 5. DAL vs NYG (36:59) 5. DAL vs NYG (31:31) 5. MIA vs CIN (36:26) 5. SF vs DEN (2:14:25)
6. DEN vs SEA (27:01) 6. MIN vs PHI (36:50) 6. LAC vs KC (29:57) 6. LAR vs SF (36:02) 6. KC vs TB (2:13:35)
7. MIN vs PHI (26:45) 7. TEN vs BUF (34:53) 7. DEN vs SEA (29:28) 7. DEN vs SEA (36:17) 7. DEN vs SEA (2:05:17)
8. DAL vs NYG (26:11) 8. CHI vs GB (34:19) 8. TB vs DAL (28:46) 8. SF vs DEN (34:52) 8. LAC vs KC (2:05:17)
9. CHI vs GB (25:55) 9. BUF vs LAR (33:53) 9. MIA vs CIN (25:16) 9. KC vs TB (33:07) 9. TB vs DAL (2:03:37)
10. PIT vs CLE (24:37) 10. DEN vs SEA (33:31) 10. BUF vs LAR (25:10) 10. CHI vs GB (32:25) 10. MIN vs PHI (1:57:57)
  1. Progressive (36) (--)
  2. AT&T (28) (--)
  3. FanDuel (22) (--)
  4. Subway (22) (--)
  5. Verizon (22) (--)
  6. GEICO (20) (+2)
  7. Toyota (20) (--)
  8. Capital One (19) (-2)
  9. Monday Night Football (19) (+1)
  10. T-Mobile (18) (+2)
  11. Hyundai (16) (-2)
  12. iPhone 14 Pro (16) (+2)
  13. NFL+ (16) (-2)
  14. DraftKings (15) (-1)
  15. Quantum Leap (15) (+1)
  16. Burger King (14) (NR)
  17. Corona (14) (--)
  18. Mercedes-Benz (14) (+6)
  19. Modelo (14) (-4)
  20. AWS (13) (+2)
  21. Pfizer (13) (-2)
  22. Thursday Night Football (13) (-2)
  23. WingStop (13) (-2)
  24. Chipotle (12) (NR)
  25. DirecTV (12) (-2)
TEAM COMMERCIAL LEADERBOARD (Must play 2+ primetime games, 1 being in Week 4)
Chiefs (2 Games) Buccaneers (2 Games) Rams (2 Games) 49ers (2 Games)
1. Progressive (5) 1. Toyota (8) 1. Monday Night Football (6) 1. Progressive (7)
2. FanDuel (4) 2. FanDuel (6) 2. Progressive (6) 2. Monday Night Football (6)
3. Mercedes-Benz (4) 3. Hyundai (6) 3. Airbnb (4) 3. Verizon (5)
4. T-Mobile (4) 4. Progressive (6) 4. Burger King (4) 4. Burger King (4)
5. Toyota (4) 5. Quantum Leap (6) 5. Modelo (4) 5. Capital One (4)
6. Aflac, AutoTrader (3) 6. Bud Light (5) 6. Subway (4) 6. GEICO (4)
7. AWS, Bud Light (3) 7. Taco Bell (5) 7. Toyota (4) 7. LA Brea (4)
8. Hyundai, iPhone 14 Pro, LA Brea (3) 8. AT&T, Chevrolet, Corona (4) 8. Bud Light, Capital One, Chase, Chipotle (3) 8. NFL International Games (4)
9. Quantum Leap, State Farm, Taco Bell (3) 9. iPhone 14 Pro, LA Brea, Law & Order Premiere Event, Lowe's (4) 9. College Football, FanDuel, GEICO, HomeLight, Hyundai (3) 9. Subway (4)
10. The Rings Of Power, The Woman King, Thursday Night Football (3) 10. Samsung Galaxy ZFold 4, Subway, The Voice, Walmart (4) 10. Pfizer, Popeyes, Quantum Leap, Target, Verizon (3) 10. Toyota, Verizon (4)
WINS (Most Commercials Aired In One Game)
  1. Toyota (5)
  2. Mercedes-Benz (3)
  3. Monday Night Football, Verizon (2)
  4. AT&T, FanDuel, LA Brea, Little Caesars, Quantum Leap, Volkswagen (1)
Sadly there is no Q&A this week, as my notifications blew up, and you'll find out how next...
NOTE FROM pterodaktyl4:
I wanna personally thank the mods this week! First, for allowing me to have a once in a lifetime moment by posting the game thread. I honestly thought it wasn't going to go through, and just joke with the mods, with my commercial stats and people loving/hating my commercial counting and knowing that I would be in the game threads. I know they took it down, which makes sense, and I have no right to be mad at them for that. Would it of been cool to keep it up the whole time? Hell yeah. Second, I've never seen this happen before, but usually I get a "Nobody Cares" type comment once or twice a week. It never bothers me, and sometimes I'll come up with a snarky remark, deservingly. Duh. As I was looking back making this post, a mod removed the comment. The redditor didn't even call me a name lol.
Also, sorry for the complaints that you might get, mods. I imagine you get a message wanting me banned, probably once a week. I just know people like it, and I'll keep on doing it until you tell me to stop. If I do request, can I get a special "Commercial Cowboy" or "Commercial Counter" flair? It does never hurt to ask lol. If not, can you just get our commercial god, Baker Mayfield back to Progressive? I miss him on Progressive, and only seeing him in Nissan commercials sharing the spotlight with other wannabe football commercial gods hurt my heart.
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2022.08.27 15:23 Fearless_Ant4603 How do I check my ICAP results?

What are the responsibilities of sales support?
Sales Support Job Duties:nn Generates and processes new sales leads as necessary. Answers phone calls from customers and deals with problems as they arise. Takes sales information and puts it into an easily readable format. Follows up with customers to make sure that they are satisfied with a particular product. via
How can I do pharmaceutical sales?
If you're interested in becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep, here are the steps that are specific to this role.Earn a bachelor's degree. ... Enroll in a training program. ... Get licensed or certified. ... 7 Reasons Sales is Still a Great Career (x26amp; 7 Reasons Why Not) via
Which Russian banks were removed from Swift?
In March, seven Russian banks were removed from Swift including Bank Otkritie, Novikombank, Promsvyazbank, Bank Rossiya, Sovcombank, Vnesheconombank (VEB) and VTB Bank. via
Why is called fixed income?
'Fixed income' is a broad asset class that includes government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and asset-backed securities such as mortgage-backed bonds. They're called 'fixed income' because these assets provide a return in the form of fixed periodic payments. via
What watch is used by special forces?
GPS Watches: These watches were designed to provide GPS related information while telling the time as a secondary feature. GPS Watches are often not allowed inside classified buildings but are often used by Special Forces out in the field. via
How much do train drivers in Canada make?
The average train driver salary in Canada is $45,825 per year or $23.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $39,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $97,500 per year. via
How many hours do train drivers work UK?
Train drivers work 35 hours per week, spread over 4 to 5 shifts (also known as turns). These may include weekends, evenings, nights and Bank Holidays. Freight engine drivers tend to work more night shifts and do long-distance routes, which often entails overnight stays away from home. via
What is typical occupancy rate?
For many hotels, an ideal occupancy rate is between 70% and 95% - though the sweet spot depends on the number of rooms, location, type of hotel, target guests, and more. via
Where are most vertical farms located?
Currently, the country with the highest number of vertical farms is the USA. In Asia, the leading countries in the industry are Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. In Europe, vertical farms can be found among others in Germany, France, UK, and the Netherlands. via
How many marks are required in entry test for admission in PIEAS?
A minimum score of 2000 is required. The PIEAS institutional code to receive SAT scores is 7272. via
Can I watch the All-Star Game on the Internet?
You can watch the MLB All-Star Game live for FREE with DirecTV Stream (free trial), or with fuboTV (free trial). You can also follow along with the latest live updates and see more live streaming and TV options for this game provided below. via
Which is better auditor or accountant?
Accountants are responsible for preparing financial documents, monitoring day-to-day bookkeeping for a firm's operations, and/or preparing and filing tax forms. Auditors verify the accuracy of financial statements and tax filings and may search for clues as to why some figures don't quite add up. via
Is Paramount Fine Foods a franchise?
If you have a desire for owning your own business that matches your passion for fresh, flavourful and authentic foods, one of our restaurant franchises may be the perfect fit for you. via
Who owns Paramount food?
Mohamad Fakih CM is a Lebanese-Canadian businessperson, and philanthropist. Founder of the Middle Eastern Halal restaurant chain, Paramount Fine Foods, Fakih is also known for his charitable work, philanthropy, and community service through the Fakih Foundation. via
How can I download full movies?
Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites to Download Full HD Movies 2021Archive.Org.Movie Flixter.O2tvseries.YTS.Youtube.AZmovies.1337X movies.Toxicwap. via
How many assisted living facilities are in NYC?
Directory of Assisted Living Facilities in New Yorknn See our directory of 523 assisted living facilities in the state of New York to start that process. via
Which is bigger Kansas City MO or Kansas City KS?
There's the major metropolis of Kansas City, Missouri (population: 490,000), as well as Kansas City, Kansas (population: 152,000), which is actually and confusingly considered part of the larger Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. via
Can anyone use Toronto Public Library?
Any person who lives, works, attends school or owns property in the City of Toronto, or who has an immediate family member living at the same address who owns property in the City of Toronto, or any person who lives on a First Nations reserve in Ontario, is eligible for membership with borrowing privileges without ... via
What goes with 33 in play whe?
The NLCB Play Whe ChartsNumbersMarks32Shrimp33Spider34Blind Man35Big Snake via
Why do girls like SVU?
By creating an idealized reality interspersed with reminders of real injustice, SVU is just relatable enough for the stories to hit home, but enjoyable enough to become a much-needed escape.Nov 4, 2014 via
What does a liaison officer do FEMA?
The Liaison Officer is a conduit of information and assistance between incident personnel and organizations that are assisting or cooperating with the response. 1. This position can be ordered as a single resource or in conjunction with a National Incident Management System (NIMS) typed team (Incident Management Team). via
Which power plant has no emission?
Zero Emission Power Plants (ZEPP)nn Clean Energy Systems has developed an oxy-fuel combustion technology that uses pure oxygen to combust natural gas or other fuels in a manner that produces clean power, commercial CO2, and clean water -- with zero emissions released to the atmosphere. via
Why did they use a tee?
The tee itself enables the golf ball to stay above ground for the initial shot of each hole. Golfers aren't required to use a tee, but it is a commonly used item. Having the ball above ground offers less resistance than taking a shot on the turf.Sept 19, 2017 via
Is pharmaceutical sales a good industry?
It is a known fact that pharmaceutical sales representative earn a very good living, between the base salary, variable compensation and premiums, without counting the reimbursement of expenses. via
Did they change the cast in Outlander?
Three new actors will join the Outlander cohort - and fans may recognise them from other programmes. The fresh names joining the popular show's credits are Mark Lewis Jones, Alexander Vlahos and Jessica Reynolds. via
What part of the US has mild weather year round?
  1. Californiann You can't beat the south and central California coast for pleasant temperatures year round. Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria all have average daily highs no lower than the mid-60s for any month of the year. Nor does it get really hot. via
Did SpaceX SN15 explode?
Starship SN15 survives launch and landingnn On May 5, 2021, SpaceX made a Starship triumph when its Starship SN15 prototype launched and landed safely (opens in new tab), and didn't explode afterwards. via
Is EDP Renewables a public company?
EDP Renováveis is the fourth-largest generator of wind energy globally.n...nEDP Renováveis.TypePublic (Sociedade Anónima)Traded asEuronext Lisbon: EDPRIndustryRenewable energyFounded2007 (as separate company)HeadquartersMadrid, Spain via
How do I check my ICAP results?
Students can also receive their results on their mobile phones. They need to open the 'Write Message' option of their mobile phone and type. ICAP Roll No + Date-of-Birth (dd-mm-yy) and send it to 8282. via
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31-ssh/) 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300
submitted by Fearless_Ant4603 to MilanNews [link] [comments]

2022.06.23 22:04 SpendEqual6527 It lyrics...

It lyrics...



over 18:

more info:

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over 18:

more info:

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2022.05.23 06:28 papichurro305 Food Deals Across the NBA

After your team's victory/completing a specific statistical milestone for the night, food franchises typically have special promotions to celebrate such an achievement.

Here are some of my favorite food promotions across the NBA (not in order):

1) Papa John's giving away 50% off pizza order code the night after a Miami Heat win
2) Wendy's giveaway of a free Frosty and small fries after an opposing player misses two straight free throws at a Sixers home game.
3) After every Warriors' home win, Wingstop gives you 5 free boneless wings with your order.
4) This isn't team-specific, but I remember the NBA Comebacks Promotion from Taco Bell back in 2021 where if a team came back in the second half to win the game, everyone received a free Doritos Locos Taco. This promotion happened in the 2021 Finals when Milwaukee came back in the second half in Game 6 to beat the Suns and win the chip.
5) Suns made 10 3s? Carls Jr. gives away one (1) free Western Bacon Cheeseburger each to every attendee at a home game! (credit to u/fcmetro for pointing this out, i love me a free bacon cheeseburger)

What are some food deals that your team currently does or has done in the past?

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2022.05.10 01:27 cinnasage I am 30 years old, make a combined household income of $129,000, live in Chicago and this week was teacher appreciation week!

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: $90,000 in various IRAs and 401ks. I also participate in the Illinois TRS, so I’ll receive a pension from the state (in theory).
Equity: $63,000 - Our home is worth $250,000 and we started with a down payment of $50,000. Our down payment was a combination of about $6,000 given by my parents, $20,000 given by my husband’s parents, our entire $10,000 honeymoon fund from our cancelled honeymoon, and $14,000 we had saved already for a down payment. We still owe $187,000.
Savings account balance: $40,500 - this includes our emergency fund (12k), grad school savings ($20k), vacation fund ($1600), plus buckets for vet bills, car maintenance, large medical expenses, furniture & home repairs, gifts, Christmas, “rainy day,” and electronics.
Checking account balance: $8,500 joint, $2,500 in my personal account, and $3,000 in my husband’s account
Debt: None. Our parents paid for us to go to a moderate in-state college, so we started with no debt, which is a huge advantage.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working as a teacher for 7 years and my starting salary was $35,000. I did get a 15% boost one year when my district made “adjustments” to our whole salary schedule to match nearby districts, but usually we get only about a 1% raise per year. My salary is $57,000. My husband has been an engineer for 8 years. He lost his job at the start of the pandemic and got a new job in August 2020 that was a significant pay raise, which allowed us to buy our home. This year I start my grad program to get my Master's in French, which will be a significant pay increase for me, but will require me to take a year off to go to France for school.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $3400 for me, $3800 for my husband. My pay is after $600/month for federal and state taxes, plus $400/month to TRS (Teachers' Retirement System). Most of the year I also pay $160/month to my union, but I'm fully paid for the year.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: None
Any Other Income: My parents give me the $200/month contribution to my Roth IRA. In addition, my grandma has given me $10,000 this year and the last year to start my grad school fund. More on this in my diary.
Section Three: Expenses
*My husband and I have fully combined finances, so these are pulled from our joint account.
Mortgage (including escrow, taxes, and insurance): $1172
HOA: $426
Retirement contribution: $300/month to my IRA
Savings contribution: $2023 to various savings buckets. This includes:
Electric: $55
Gas: $30
Wifi: $40
Cellphone: None, my family covers mine and my husband’s family covers his
Subscriptions: None. We have a YNAB subscription but we pay annually and that’s included in our savings. We get Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Disney+ from my parents.
Pet expenses: $225 for food and litter
Regular therapy: $15-300/month depending on how often we meet, how often my therapist remembers to send an invoice, and whether I’ve completed my deductible
Day 1 - Monday
6:00 am - I have to get into work a little early today. I pack my lunch and toast a bagel for breakfast. I’m out the door around 7. I park a few minutes away from home so that I have to walk at least a little each day. My drive is about 35 minutes and I stop for an iced coffee from Panera. I have a free trial membership to their Unlimited Sips Club for free drinks, so it doesn’t cost me anything.
9:00 am - I’m proctoring testing today and have lots of free time. I open YNAB and reconcile our accounts and pay our credit card bill from the last two weeks, then move some extra money around in our budget. I just hit the deductible on my insurance, so I no longer have to pay as much for therapy. I can transfer the extra funds to some other categories. We hit our savings goal for unexpected medical bills and vet bills, so I can reduce targets for the coming months and increase our savings for grad school to $1500/month instead of $1000/month.
12:00 pm - It’s our lunch time and it's teacher appreciation week, so I stop by the commons for a free smoothie, then heat up my lunch (Panera broccoli cheddar soup - the prepackaged cups you get in the grocery store). I eat at my desk with my team and drink some LaCroix along with the smoothie. Before lunch is over, I remember to send our HOA dues for the month via Zelle. ($426.30 - not including this in the total)
3:10 pm - I head out straight after work today. I enjoy my little walk back to our condo and chat with A. He got his hair cut earlier. It’s $40 with tip.
5:30 pm - Time to make dinner. Today is a recipe from our Dinnerly box, a broccoli stir fry with noodles and teriyaki sauce. It was supposed to have mushrooms, but I leave them out. We eat and then watch one episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars before we clean the kitchen. After dinner, I play Animal Crossing and A plays a card game.
8:30 pm - The cats are getting antsy, so A decides he wants to go for a walk. I go with him to Whole Foods to pick up some yeast to make bread. ($7.56) Then he drops me off at home and I brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I’m about halfway through My Friend Anna. It’s not good but I hate to leave a book unfinished. I read a few chapters, then go to bed.
Daily total: $47.56
Day 2 - Tuesday
6:00 am - After cuddling with A, I get up and prep some iced coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese. It’s pouring, so I leave extra time for the drive.
9:00 am - My credit card payment went through but several transactions cleared from the weekend, so I decide to make another payment. Then I order some flowers for my grandma for Mother’s Day and put a note that it’s from my brother, my husband, and myself. ($70.73) I text my brother and A to ask if they want to order flowers for my mom and mother-in-law respectively.
12:00 pm - Lunch with my team. I have some sliced gouda, yogurt, cucumbers, and a snack bar.
3:10 pm - After work, I pack up and change into some joggers and a sports bra. I’m headed to a yoga class, and on my way I call a friend I haven’t seen since before the pandemic, when she was in mine and A’s wedding. I park 10 minutes away from the yoga studio and walk. It’s a hatha class with restorative components. After the class I move my car just a few blocks and walk home.
6:00 pm - Dinner is another Dinnerly recipe - a Niçoise salad. Yum! A and I split a turkey burger crumbled on top. I’m kind of sweaty and ikky so I hop in the bath and wash my hair. My hair is magenta, so it’s a rare treat to wash it in hot water. Then I light a candle and hop in bed. I check YNAB and see our Dinnerly box for net week was charged. ($48.81) A lets me know he wants to do flowers for his mom, so I order them from a local farm we buy from near where our parents live. ($63.60) I stay up reading until 10:30, then brush my teeth and get to bed.
Daily total: $183.14
Day 3 - Wednesday
6:00 am - I’m not in a hurry this morning so I snuggle until 6:30, then get up, pack my lunch, toast bagels, get dressed, and put on makeup. A and I have breakfast together, then I brush my teeth and put on some perfume. He walks me to my car today, then I head to school. We have a special teacher’s appreciation breakfast, but I already ate so I pick at a yogurt cup.
1:10 pm - It’s been a busy day. I head downstairs to prep myself a coffee from the leftovers from breakfast, and have my lunch (cheese, strawberries, cucumber, sliced turkey, yogurt, and oreos).
3:15 pm - I stay after school with kids doing test corrections. While they check their work, I check YNAB and reconcile our accounts. I pay my balance for therapy from April. ($16.21) After work, I head to the piercing studio I like to get a pair of earrings adjusted, then head home.
6:00 pm - Dinner is some gouda mac and cheese with andouille sausage. I have a LaCroix and we watch Star Wars: Clone Wars.
9:00 pm - I get ready for bed and light a candle and do some reading. It’s been an extremely quiet day, not much else to say.
Daily total: $16.21
Day 4 - Thursday
6:00 am - I get up and get dressed, then pop a bagel in. I don’t need to take a lunch today, which is good because A doesn’t get up until 6:45. I make a shaken iced espresso to go and drink grapefruit juice with my breakfast. I head out at 7:10 to walk to my car.
12:30 pm - I pick up my lunch, a turkey sub with chips, an apple, and rice crispie treat, from the commons. It’s a teacher appreciation lunch from the PTA. I get a LaCroix as well. My team eats together today and chats about our meeting earlier.
3:15 pm - After work, a student does test corrections while I work on packing up my room. We’re getting renovated classrooms next year, so everything must be packed up before the year is out. Then I head home. I stop for gas on my way. ($50.31)
5:30 pm - A decides he wants to make potato pancakes, so he takes charge and I fill in the extra jobs in the kitchen. We eat potato pancakes and arugula salad with apples for dinner in the dining room, then I head out for choir rehearsal.
9:30 pm - I don’t park too far away from home since it’s raining again. At home, we get into bed but I stay up reading a while.
Daily total: $50.31
Day 5 - Friday
6:00 am - Get up, get dressed, iced coffee, pack lunch. It’s Friday and A is late getting up, so as a treat, I stop for McDonald’s breakfast on my way to work. My usual is a sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle, a hashbrown, and OJ. ($10.17)
12:30 - I was having a good day until I had to spend almost my entire lunch chasing down kids who are wandering without permission. In between laps around the school, I eat my Panera soup cold, blech.
3:10 pm - After work, I have to send an email to the parents of a student who yelled a sexual remark at a friend, then I head out.
4:30 pm - Because it was such a stressful day we decide to order dinner. We order from Wingstop - we could walk there but A’s still finishing his work day. We get spicy Korean and mango habanero wings with cajun fries. ($31.99) Then we get ready and walk to the theater to see Doctor Strange. The walk is about 30 minutes and on our way back we share our critiques. At home, he feeds the cats and we go to bed.
Daily total: $42.16
Day 6 - Saturday
6:30 am - I usually wake up a lot earlier than A on weekends. My throat is sore, so I do an at-home covid test, then check over transactions on YNAB. We’re meeting my friend L to go to Medieval Times so I text her to confirm what time she wants to meet. I remember that I need to have an all-black outfit for our upcoming evensong performance with my choir, so I browse a few sites online before remembering a got a black pencil skirt for Christmas. I settle on two solid black tops from Loft that are both on sale and place the order. $73.53, but I’ll probably return one (if not both) eventually.
9:30 am - Husband has gotten up. We hang out a while while he plays Animal Crossing. Then I hop in the shower. We get dressed and I put on some makeup. We’re meeting my L’s boyfriend, who she’s been dating for over a year, for the first time, so I want us to make a good impression. She’s one of my most important friends and we knew her ex well, so I hope my husband can be friends with her new boyfriend.
12:30 pm - It’s an hour long drive to Medieval Times from the city. We arrive thirty minutes before the show to get situated and order a drink. I get a mango slush with rum and A has a beer. We forgo the fancy souvenir cups but it’s $30.89 with tip. L tells me she picked out her engagement ring with her boyfriend, which I’m so happy to hear. I’m honestly shocked it took us this long to meet him. We paid for our tickets in advance, but at the end of the show, we send our “wench” a $25 tip on Venmo. L pays me back for their tickets, which is $110.
3:00 pm - After the show, we head for IKEA. I need a few things for grad school (I have to live in a dorm this summer) and we want some home stuff. We end up getting a shelf to display records, a stool for the bathroom, sheets and a blanket for me, a basket for not-dirty-not-clean clothes, some photo frames, a storage box for my desk, and a few grocery items. The total is $195.46.
6:00 pm - At home, we begrudgingly start cleaning up our messy home and then settle on the couch. I watch A play Resident Evil 4 for about an hour and shuffle the laundry. Then it’s time for book-candle-bed.
Daily total: $324.88
Day 7 - Sunday
6:45 am - The cats are racing through the hallway and the noise wakes me up. I move to the couch, and not long after A joins me. I work on our meal plan for the week and send him our grocery list, then go make myself some iced coffee and a bagel. While I’m in the kitchen I make some dough for bread.
8:30 am - I leave for service with the choir I sing with. While I’m out, A does the grocery shopping. Our list is pretty short: bagels and cream cheese for breakfasts; grapefruit juice; frozen fries; LaCroix; candy for our candy bowl; fruit, cucumbers, and cheese for lunch; and some stray items. A adds some frozen foods he’s interested in and some quick meals like mac and cheese. $64.79
3:00 pm - Since it’s mother’s day, we call A’s mom, my grandma, and my mom. We also talk to my brother on the phone for a while. He tells us our parents are planning on asking our grandma to give them the $10,000 she’s been giving us for grad school next year instead. This is incredibly frustrating that they’d go behind our backs, since they know I’m committed to an expensive grad program through 2024 and was relying on that money. A assures me that if push comes to shove we can still manage to take out that amount as a student loan and pay it back when my salary increases at work.
4:30 pm - Time to start on the next step with bread. We bake bread most Sundays to go with dinner. We’re not Italian, but we eat a typical Italian Sunday gravy recipe, with homemade pasta sauce, bread, salad, and wine. Today I didn’t cook sauce from scratch, just thawed leftover sauce from the freezer. We eat in the dining room, then clean up. We watch the finale of Moon Knight, then get in bed to play some games and read. Usual nighttime routine.
Daily total: $64.79
Food + Drink: $163.32
Fun / Entertainment: $190.22
Home + Health: $211.67
Clothes + Beauty: $113.53
Transportation: $50.31
Other: $0
Total: $729.05
Reflection: This was a pretty average week for us. Our “fun” budget was a bit high because of buying Mother’s Day flowers, but we have a “gift” category in our budget, so it doesn’t really impact our monthly spending. The IKEA trip was larger than anticipated but, again, we have a furniture category we fund over time. We did go out and do some things (movie, Medieval Times), but we usually book online in advance whenever possible, so those tickets were bought a few weeks ago.
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