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I want to maintain a relationship with my edad but then he does things like this.

2023.06.07 00:23 ThrowRA61627 I want to maintain a relationship with my edad but then he does things like this.

I recently had a major surgery where my face was basically broken and put back together. My edad lives about three hours away from me. But him and my nmom come to my neck of the woods for doctors appointments. I’ve been nc with my mom for about two and a half years.
After my surgery, I’d call him to let him know how I was doing. Yes, you read that right, I would call him.
Five days after surgery I called to tell him how happy I was about the results so far. I asked what he was up to. Turns out he was in my neck of the woods taking my mom to an appointment. He kept telling me he wasn’t staying, they just went to the appointment then they were going to get my mom’s wine from her favorite liquor store and then they were going home - as if to reassure me.
I literally had to stop myself from crying on the phone. I just had this major surgery and he couldn’t come by for five minutes to give me a hug and see how I was? For reference, the liquor store is about ten minutes from my house. I want to have a relationship with him but when things like this happen I’m like is it worth it?
I haven’t called him since then and he hasn’t called me. It’s been a week. It also annoying bc I have the type of family who always talks about “family first” and “the only people who can rely on is your family.” Meanwhile no one from my family has reached out, but my friends are up my ass asking how I am and what I need.
I want a relationship with my edad but it seems like he doesn’t want one with me, or he doesn’t want to put in the effort. Idk if it’s selfish of me to want him to come by my house when he’s been driving all day. I don’t know. Can anyone relate?
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2023.06.07 00:23 Swimming-Location569 Getting random pay notifications without working

I sold my car in October and haven’t been doing deliveries (duh). Last week I got a $6 direct deposit payment on Uber, I genuinely couldn’t imagine why unless someone who hasn’t ordered in several months opened up their app for the first time and added a tip? And then I got an email from instacart today saying my pay has been adjusted due to them investigating and finding out my pay balance was incorrect. Is this due to the recent developments of prop 22? Are they going to somehow take that $6 from me if it was an issue? I was CA based.
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2023.06.07 00:22 chaoticjukebox Family fallout - my relative doesn't see me as a person

Reposting because I am worried this might get back to someone with the username I had.
I'm an only child and have a complicated set of parents, who don't think about the impact their behaviour has on others. They are renting from with my uncle and aunty and have basically wrecked their home. It's all quite heartbreaking.
I love my family in spite of the huge amount of dysfunction and emotional neglect/abuse. I'd like to say I was empathetic, don't tell people how to live their lives and try to be understanding of everyone's situation. I am overly accommodating, a people.pleaser but definitely hide away because everything gets too much (I also have ADHD, cptsd, depression, anxiety and potentially autism).
My uncle has recently undergone a horrible illness and complications and is obviously in a bad place, which I am very sympathetic to. It's honestly, horrible. My aunty has dealt with so much too.
For almost a decade (maybe more) he has heavily suggested/said that I needed to take on the responsibility of my parents. He will spend maybe an hour lecturing me about it all, even though I understand more than he gives me credit for. Every conversation since they rented their home out has asked "what will you do about this?". They have asked me to intervene with my parents and to do things I am not comfortable with, none of it has worked (I knew that it wouldn't).
It's basically been indoctrinated into me that they are responsibility. All I feel is moral injury and I feel used. It's like I am he scapegoat, must choose between the two and that sees me as an emblem of my parents. I all but don't exist (or feel like it). He is the only victim in any of this and will talk at length about has all affected him.
Whenever we talk it's usually a long chunk of him offloading and eventually asking if I am alright (sometimes, not always). I try not to talk about my parents anymore where possible, partly to not trigger him and to protect everyone's sanity. I really feel for my aunty in all of this, she gets it but ultimately sees my uncles side moreso. We recently fell out too because I misunderstood a situation about visiting, I got confused and honestly felt like I wasn't wanted when it came to visiting as I would set him off.
Recently he brought them my.parents up after I called to check on him (admittedly I had avoided it because it all feels so poisoned), I said that "I loved my parents but..." and he replied "and you don't think I do?!", I tried to say it wasn't what I meant and I appreciated what they had done for them. He basically hung up, then sent a pass ag text. Thankfully I had therapy (the vast chunk of it being about the effects of family) after and have blocked his and my aunts numbers for now, I'm heartbroken and so tired. I appreciate everything they have done for me and love them so much but I am constantly stuck between a rock and a hard place.
He only seems to be this hard on me, or it feels that way. I constantly see photos of his friends/family members having fun and getting the loving side. It's like I am just a punching bag and don't feel like I am worth anything. Maybe if I had kids they be bothered but I am just the black sheep and have managed to escape. It was ultimately their decision to rent to my parents.
I probably put my energy into my parents because while they have certainly been abusive in the past and come with many complications etc., there is still some kind of moral duty and honestly, they are at that age where anything can happen. I hate how they behave, how they treat certain people and their entitlement but I still love them and they seem to care.
I have been grieving for the family I could have had for so long now. All I ever wanted was to be love, accepted and to have a family that was vaguely functional.
My heart is broken, I can't do anything right and I am so confused, feeling totally gaslighted (definitely gaslighting myself too). It feels like their is a huge whole and there is something very wrong with me.
Apologies for the rambling. While I would rather not post, I feel so alone (though luckily have a loving partner and friends etc., who are there for me. They just can't relate to this situation).
Family's sure do screw you up. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.07 00:22 85_Toronto_Blue_Jays Charles Street Terminal / Aud

The region and city should seriously consider the prospects of building a new arena on the current site of the Charles Street terminal. The current plan to build a non descriptive “community hub” in my opinion would be a waste of an amazing opportunity to do something big. A new arena could accomplish everything you’d want out of a community hub and also bring added economic boosts.
Given that an OHL home season is only under 50 games (including playoffs) that leaves over 300 days for all types of programming and events. A new arena could also draw concerts which would bring night life to the downtown core. The spin-off benefits would be a boost to the local economy. A new arena would also be a draw to host national or regional tournaments and bring those associated benefits as well. A developer may come along and build a 5 star hotel as well conveniently situated. All of this would be within walking distance of the LRT and new transit terminal.
All of this can be accomplished while achieving a “community hub” focused on key priorities identified. If designed and managed properly the site could also host a community space and community hub to focus on those initiatives.
Even something like Oktoberfest can be considered in the designs and the space could also be used as a festhall.
With a good architect the space can accomplish many things and not just be another arena. It can really bring another boost to downtown.
The current site of the aud can be sold off to developers to build housing and the proceeds can fund the new arena. These ideas have been described by an urban planner.
I think it’s a better idea than what is being thought of currently.
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2023.06.07 00:21 TopScallion persistent GI issue in 11 month old mini Goldendoodle

Species: dog Age: 11 months Sex/Neuter status: male/neutered Breed: mini Goldendoodle Body weight: 18 lbs.
Your general location: DC metro area History:
In early April, our puppy stayed over at his breeder's house for a few nights while we were away. We provided the same food he's always eaten (Pawtree chicken and brown rice formula), and he had never had any significant GI issues before this. When we picked him up, she mentioned his stool was a little loose but we didn't think much of it.
A few days after coming home, he just didn't seem like himself. His stool was consistently loose and he had vomited a few times. We had our vet take a look at him but she didn't find any cause of the issues and he wasn't dehydrated so she recommended a bland diet for a week or so and then see how he was after that. We did the bland diet (boiled chicken and rice), but his stool never really firmed up. We would try to gradually add back in some of his dry food but that seemed to make it worse.
In late April I found blood along with mucus in his stool and he had vomited a few times recently so I took him into the pet urgent care. They also didn't find anything significant, and they thought it could be an ulcer. They gave him a shot of Cerenia, then gave us Metronidazole, Sucralfate, and Omeprazole to give to him over the next 2 weeks. We did that, along with continuing the bland diet, and saw improvement in the texture for a few days but then it went back to being loose. He wasn't vomiting and I wasn't noticing any more blood.
Since the stool was still loose, I started wondering if he could have a chicken allergy, so we made him lean ground beef and rice instead of boiled chicken and rice, but we didn't see much progress with that either. Our vet recommended we try a salmon based dry food, so we got Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach formula. Still didn't see any improvement in the texture. A few weeks ago, he started to have diarrhea. It wasn't urgent, but when he went it was pretty much all liquid. I called the vet and told them I wanted them to run a stool test and they did, but the findings were normal. We started to add a probiotic to his food once a day.
Recently he's been pooping once a day in the mornings. We can't keep him on the bland diet forever because he won't get enough nutrients, so last night we added a little of his original dry food (Pawtree chicken/rice formula) to his ground beef/rice, and then did so again this morning for breakfast. He didn't poop last night or this morning, but I just took him on a walk and the poop was formed but mushy. I noticed that there was dark blood in it again. The color of the poop itself was darker than usual as well.
It could be coincidence that he had blood in his stool right after we reintroduced his dry food, or that could be the cause, but he hadn't had chicken in a few weeks before that and the stool was still loose.
What else could it possibly be and what should I be asking the vet? Should I continue to reintroduce the dry food or stick to the ground beef/rice? I'm concerned that he has been having these GI issues consistently for an extended period of time, and the vets haven't found the reason for it yet. Are there other tests that should be done?
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2023.06.07 00:20 0_kaye I don’t know if I’ll ever come out and I’m unsure if I’m okay with that

Hello there lovely people of Reddit! My name is Kayden and I’m genderfluid, which I’ve known for a good three years now.
My only problem is is that basically nobody knows.
I have only two people in my real life who know about this and that would be my best friend, who I only came out to recently, and my girlfriend of nine months who i came out to a year ago. I’ve never really made any effort to change my appearance to make me seem more masculine and i only ever do that when I’m in the safety of my own home because damn I’ve heard how brutal people can be, especially around my age because I’m still in school.
I feel like i may potentially put myself in harms way if i do come out and start socially transitioning but you can’t really know until you find out. I know my parents would be okay with it, they would have questions for me at first about what on earth being genderfluid is and means for me but i know that they would support me either way (at least I hope), considering the fact that I’ve been out as omnisexual from the age of twelve (i didnt know the exact term for it back then so i just told them that i wasn’t straight 🤷). But I’m honestly scared of the change.
I am someone who gets really scared about change and as a child i would have full on melt downs if something small was moved in my room for example and i didn’t like it there, so my room stayed the same from when i was about four to the age of 12. (Man i was a really strange child now that i think about it.) But whenever i think about coming out i always think about the possible aspects of my life that would change. Who would stay, who would leave, what would it negatively impact in my life, those sorts of questions. I’m happy being a girl, and by happy i mean i don’t mind it, but i also feel more free as a guy. It fits me more, I’m happy with myself, i get those funny little giddy butterflies when i get referred as he. But I’m not bothered by being a girl.
What I’m saying is is that i have no clue what to do next and was wondering someone could possibly help with advice. I’m happy as i am but I’ve also never felt what it would be like being myself.
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2023.06.07 00:20 Organic_Camel_272 P0015

Had this code pop in recently, probably when It struggled during the right turn, but when I came back to go home it disappeared, I did recently refresh the Vanos and Cleaned the Solenoids, any other recommendations?
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2023.06.07 00:20 Jasonvsfreddyvs Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 - Revelation at the Summer Game Fest?

But there are hints that something is coming up for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, and they are from people who worked on the game.
- NASB2ll
- will be announced at summer game fest
- everyone returns and will have 4 costumes, no alt colors except Reptar and Powdered Toastman examples of new costumes is Fire Nation disguise Toph and Quickster Spongebob.
- 12 new characters Zuko and Squidward shown.
- 1 stage per character, though not every character gets a stage from their home series like shredder has the double dare stage in the first game.
- the trailer will show off voice acting as a lot of people still don't know NASB got voice acting.
- New items in the trailer as well.
- Will have crossplay and improved netcode, development on crossplay for the first game stopped as the playerbase was to dead to really have a reason to continue.
- First game sold very well way better then they expected devs got a bigger budget this time.
There are also hints from an actor and a member of Fair Play Labs that something is coming.
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2023.06.07 00:19 throwawayHK58 I have completely lost hope for any sort of future where I am not alone due to my past actions

I have always had a fairly lonely existence growing up in a rural area as an only child, but it really hit me once I went to University where for four years I had no one, and where I have no one in real life at my home area either. It has been a terrible depressing and lonely time for me at a point where I thought my life would change. I have nevertheless always tried to remain positive, because deep down I know that I am an interesting person to be around and one who shouldn't be lonely. I just put my experience to that of a bad situation, and hopefully a time that I would look back on as just a shit time in my life.
However, recently a memory has come back to me and has destroyed any sort of hope for me. During the pandemic when I didn't leave my house for nearly two years and was the lowest point in my life, I discovered stories online about people who used Omegle for sexual purposes. I found that under sexual tags, or on the unmoderated/18+ section that people would look for camsex, masturbate on cam etc etc. As a kissless virgin who was insanely desperate for any form of romantic or sexual way, this immediately became addicting. Sitting there with my camera pointed at either my bulge or my cock completely (as is 95% of people in the unmoderated section), with the prospect of the next click of the camera that a woman could appear there. Say positive things about me and then proceed to have camsex with me. I was completely hooked, it felt so good to finally have some form of sexual validation in my life, and in a way which involved interacting with another human considering the head space I was in.
Anyway after a year of so of this, the pandemic ended, I moved back to campus and also began to have more respect for myself as ultimately it made me feel like a whore and I longed for a deeper connection so I stopped this, and haven't touched it for like two years.
And here comes the panic. I look back on this time, and think. Oh my fucking god. Anyone of those people could have been underage, literally anyone could have entered either that sexual tag and seen me with my bulge showing out or entered into the unmoderated 18+ section and matched with me with my cock out. I want to make it clear that I never wanted to "force" anyone to see anything, and I felt it was okay at the time as you would have to enter the same details in order to be matched, and that therefore anyone who did so, was literally searching for it, meaning I wasn't the one at fault. No one ever told me, or looked to me underage. On the sexual tag section, I'd ask for their age before revealing anything but I do fear that on the unmoderated section, considering people are naked from the start that I might not have asked.
I can't begin to describe the regret I have over this, it felt the same as normal online sexting at the time. But obviously this was so much more risky.
What world is there now where there is hope for me finally finding a relationship, finally finding friends. I am a terrible person and I will have to suffer with this for the rest of my life
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2023.06.07 00:18 thebasementofheaven My best friend's boyfriend is controlling

i (23f) have been best friends with A (22f) since we were 10. when A was 15, she got her first boyfriend who she is still with today (7 years later). A and i went to different high schools and colleges and we have always remained close, but her boyfriend has put a strain on our friendship. i've never really liked him, but i've respected that she loves him and sees something in him that other people don't. the fact of the matter is that nobody likes him. it's not just me. i'm very close with her family as well (theyre like my family) and they feel the exact same as me. just to give some context, her boyfriend is very rude and controlling. one time, A and i were driving on a roadtrip and he called her and asked her to put me on speaker and said, "if you kill her in a car accident, i'll kill your entire family and piss on your grave." additionally, these past few years, since our friendship is long distance, we havent seen each other as much, but the times we have, he's constantly calling and texting her and wanting her to come home right then and yells at her when she says she doesn't want to. he doesnt want her to be around me and he wants her all to himself. i've talked with her about his behavior and so has her family and she just says that's who he is. and her family feels similarly. in high school, they let him live at their house for free and paid for everything because he comes from a chaotic home (might explain part of his fear of abandonment behavior) and according to her family, he never did his part and would leave dirty dishes and messes everywhere, was never appreciative, and would often cuss out the family for catching him driving their family car while under the influence and burying his pot in the backyard. with all that being said, it's not only me who feels this way and other friends and family agree that they dont like him and he's not good for her. yet she constantly condones and excuses his behavior, even when it's malice towards her loved ones. because of this, i've had to distance myself from her this last year. in the past, i just would never see him and hang out with her, but even when he's not physically there, it's like he's always there because of her phone. i really miss her but for my own mental health, i feel as though i can't be friends with her if she is still with him because he's so controlling and disrespectful toward me and she can't establish healthy boundaries with him. i've recently been thinking about reaching out to her because she really was like a sister to me, but i worry about him dragging me down. she's texted me happy birthday and said i miss you a few times so i know she still thinks of our friendship, but i've made it an effort to not engage. i've thought about writing a letter to her about how much i appreciate her, but i'm worried he'll just throw it away before she sees it. i want to rekindle our friendship but am worried about it just being the same like it had been before. i wish i could just tell her to break up with him and that she would be so much better than him, but in the past, she's been so defensive and always acts like everything is fine. also, i dont want to put more strain on our friendship by saying that. anyways, does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom they can share? anything helps, thank you <3
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2023.06.07 00:17 thenuttyhazlenut My (35M) gut tells me not to trust her (30F)

We've been together for over a year. And she's great.
But there are little behaviors that trigger my gut feeling telling me she's being dishonest and possibly cheating. I've been feeling this for a long time throughout our relationship. There have also been some questionable behaviors by her, but I don't want to get into that --it's behaviors that can be argued for on both sides, nothing super terrible.
The gut feeling is so strong and keeps on coming back. I don't know, it's super minor inconsistencies in her behavior.
- It's how straight after work she will go to our bed and be on her phone. Usually browsing social feed, but she seems to shutdown an app or conversation when I approach her when she's on her phone.
- It's her getting rides from work, claiming it's a female co-worker, but she gets the co-worker to drop her off like a block or two away from home, which makes it so I can't actually confirm who's dropping her off. (even though I know a female coworker drops her off often). She claims she does this to save the co-worker time.
- It's past instances where a co-worker would flirt with her, I would tell her to set boundaries, and she wouldn't. Until about the 3rd or 4th time of me asking her to.
- It's how she moves away from me while in bed when watching a movie. Like we'll be touching, then she'll move away. When I spoon her at night, she will shrug me off eventually too.
Stuff like that. On the other hand, we live together, she tells me she loves me each day, I met her parents recently, plans stuff in the future, she posts me on her social, we have sex (but I usually initiate it) etc.
Yet I can't shake this gut feeling off. Thoughts? How should I deal with this feeling?
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2023.06.07 00:17 Naivemlyn Why is academia this stupid?

Just need to rant… At my (relatively prestigious) school, they decided a decade or so ago that since more students are going straight to grad school, every master’s student need a compulsory “preparing for real working life” course. I won’t go into details, but you basically do some kind of practical work experience solo or in a team, have a presentation and then write a report based on what I have found is quite … sketchy literature. I think the main textbook is written by the dude who is in charge of the course. The credit load is 1/4 of a full time term. So hardly a huge course.
So…. I’m a mature age student with 20 years professional work experience after completing my BA. I’be climbed the ladder in my profession and am now senior level. I’ve been employed in the private and public sector, in small and large institutions, and I even successfully ran my own company for a few years.
The “practical” assignment plus paper is similar to what I do several times in a given week. Like, my actual job? I do shit and then evaluate and report ? It’s what professional employees DO!
I applied to be exempted from this course for OBVIOUS reasons. I wrote a ridiculous, detailed letter, provided a ton of examples of my work, and included reference letters from all my current and previous managers, and of course attached my resume.
Today I received an email that nah. They write black on white that I haven’t proven that I’ve collaborated with other professions. I need to reflect more on what that entails.
I am livid. Now I need to have some 26 year old child (sorry to all 26 years out there) whose primary work experience has been as a barista over summer lecture me on how “working life” actually operates and then bloody grade me on it. If I don’t, no MA for me. Oh and I need to take two weeks unpaid leave from my adult job which pays the bills I, as an adult home owner and parent in an adult life, kind of need to pay. In order to do low level pretend work at a museum or something (I’m not allowed to use my actual job to gain this valuable work experience, you see.)
This stuff makes me despise modern academia. F off. I’m in this degree program because of the actual discipline. Not because of this kind of bullshit
I want to complain, but how do I even argue with this level of stupidity?
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2023.06.07 00:17 AmandaExpress Concerned about bruise developing a line

F33. Prehypertension, moderately overweight. Recently stopped talking antidepressants and birth control.
(Imgur link at bottom) So on Saturday I fell off a wet curb. I am a good faller, so I controled the fall and mostly just collapsed my legs, brining me to a sitting position on the curb. On my way down, however, I knocked the pretty aggressively tread heal of my shoe into my right calf. I got up fine, walked the half a mile home and had a normal lazy Saturday. I did have some very nice swelling where the shoe hit though (see first image). My right thigh started to hurt, but I figure I must have pulled it on the way down. Sunday rolls around and the bruise begins to set in. A normal large sized bruise for me. Nothing special (see second image). Then yesterday late-mid day I go to sit down and notice that a line has developed down the length of the bruise. I have never had this happen before, and am kinda freaked out by it. I didn't hit it on the curb so it's not from that, and it showed no signs of the line until Monday. Usually if something like this was caused by a punch or the Impact, the line would have been present from the start.
My concern is a blood clot. I just want some input on if this is something I should be worried about and go to urgent care of the ER for, or if I can just ignore it because this is a normal thing that's just never happened to me before.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 00:17 NoseinaB00k I am thinking of rehoming my cat, because he won’t stop attacking my mom’s cats.

I’m sorry if this is long, but there are some key details I think you should know for context.
I recently got a new 1 yr old orange tabby male this past February. Earlier this year, I was working to introduce him to my resident cat, Ori, and I was working with them A LOT, and doing various things to help introduce them and acclimate them, but in May, my beloved resident cat, Ori, passed away from intenstinal adenocarcinoma. It was all very traumatic and heartbreaking, and it all happened very quickly (within the span of 2 weeks). He was only 4 yrs old. I am still grieving and coping with it all. I miss him like crazy because he was my soulcat.
Currently, I am staying with my mom because after Ori passed, I was so devastated and I live alone, so she thought it best I just come stay with her for a time while i grieve. This was actually a good decision on my part because my mental health was already going to very dark places after Ori died. I brought my new cat, Chicken, with me to my mom’s place. My mom has 2 cats, Pip (3yrs) and Luna (2yrs). At first I thought that Pip and Luna would love Chicken because he is a very playful and affectionate cat. He gets very whiny when I don’t play with him, so I have tried to make it a point to play with him at least 1-2 times a day for 10-15 minutes.
My issue is that Pip and Luna really seem to not like Chicken. Pip and Chicken’s personalities are the most similar in that they are very curious cats who like to cause chaos and also like to snuggle with their humans on their own terms. The first 3-4 days since I got back to my mom’s place I didn’t let them see each other face to face. I was still a mess at the time, so I wasn’t actively trying to introduce the cats to each other. Though, Pip would often come to the door where Chicken was just to hiss at him. They sometimes play with each other under the door, but pip always ends up hissing and growling. After about a week I (tentatively) let them see each other face to face. LOTS of hissing and growling from pip and Luna. Luna is much more passive around Chicken and just runs away, and often just hides and hisses at him when he gets too close. Pip and chicken on the other hand… well it seems like every time they even lock eyes with each other, they have a stare off and then chicken just starts chasing him and tackling him. Fur from Pip goes flying, and they are making lots of growling and screaming noises. I know this is not just play. After that, I walked the introductions back a bit, and tried to switch out blankets over the past 2ish weeks and have also had them switch rooms to get them acclimated to each other’s scent. Today, unfortunately, when I was switching them out, Pip managed to get past me before I shut the bedroom door without me noticing. So, when I put chicken down, another stare off and hissing, and then a high speed chase ensued. I managed to separate them pretty quickly before a serious fight broke out. Usually I always try to make sure they don’t have a stare down, because that always leads to Chicken pouncing.
I am surprised Pip is this stressed out by chicken because he is such a social cat, and his introduction to Luna was fairly quick from my memory (I’m the one that helped introduce them). Those two love each other, and I believe they are a bonded pair now. I am worried that maybe Chicken is meant to be in a single cat house, because he also did not get along with Ori either when he was alive. Ori has met pip and Luna and he liked Luna and tolerated pip for the most part. Pip LOVED Ori tho and always tried to be his friend. Anyways, I always assumed that maybe Ori was just territorial around Chicken and that’s why their introductions were taking so long. However, I wonder if Chicken might have some sort of Napoleon complex or something because he stalks Luna and Pip (especially pip) constantly whenever they do see each other.
I used to think that Chicken needed another playful cat to be friends with, but now I am thinking maybe no? I am not sure. I have watched many Jackson Galaxy videos, and am going to start feeding them at the same time on the opposite sides of the door and see if that helps, but I am not sure that it will since every time I have tried it with treats, Pip and Luna are too stressed by the presence of Chicken on the other side to eat the treats. Chicken eats no problem though. I think it is still too early to tell, but I was thinking about rehoming him just because I have this feeling that maybe I am not the best home for him anymore. I don’t know if it is just the depression and grief talking from losing Ori, but I am seriously considering rehoming Chicken. I do love him a lot. He is such a little squish, and is very cute, and sweet. He is a very good cat, it’s just that he won’t stop hunting my mom’s cats. I am still undecided about the whole thing, and mostly came on here to get some advice and perspective from anyone who has dealt with a similar situation to mine. Anyways, what are your guy’s thoughts?
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2023.06.07 00:16 SentenceSevere6244 I (35 F) am fighting with my husband (43 M) over my best friends husband.

To provide some background, I am a 35 yr. old female. I met and married my husband about a year and a half ago. I have had a best friend (female) of 5 years. Her and I are about as close as you can get for women. We are like sisters. We have been there for each other through so many ups and downs and have been a tremendous support for each other. We have never even had a fight and are so close that I used to be at her house 3 nights a week for years hanging out and letting our kids play together (we have sons that are the same age and are also best friends) and used to live a few blocks from each other. Now for the issue, about a year into our friendship her husband and her were going through a major rough patch. I was single at the time and while we were friends we were not super close like we are now. One night we were at a BBQ hanging out with a group of friends and they got into a huge fight in front of everyone. He then left and she could not get ahold of him. About an hour later I left and went home. about 15 min after I got home, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was my friends husband. He asked if he could come in and talk (I could tell he had been drinking). I let him in and he proceeded to hit on me and say he’s attracted to me. I immediately shut him down, told him how stupid he was being and that his wife was an amazing person who loves him like crazy and that he needed to go home to her. I gave him some water and told him he needed to leave and that he should definitely go home. The very next day I reached out to my friend and met up with her told her everything. It was incredibly hard and I felt like I was going to lose my friendship with her. She cried and so did I. I told her I was there for her, but figured she would soon distance herself from me. Thankfully that was not the case! She struggled and her and her husband did some serious healing and work on their relationship. Throughout that period my friend did not hold it against me and instead it formed an incredible bond between us because she knew she could absolutely trust me no matter what. Fast forward years later I met my husband. In the very beginning of our relationship he asked how my friend and I became so close because a friendship like ours is rare and I told him that story. He seemed a little shocked and said it was really weird that we are still friends after something like that, but mostly let it go and didn't say anything. Fast forward a year later and we got married. Throughout that period I continued to hang out with my friend and her husband, many times just the 3 of us. There were even times, I would crash on their couch and let our kids have a sleepover. He never communicated any issues about what I was doing. Well since we got married he has increasingly expressed a sense of uncomfort with me being around my friend’s husband. I was never alone with him, my friend was always with us and mostly I was just hanging out with my friend but obviously her husband was around. To be fair to my husband, I still don't trust my friends husband and do not think he is the most faithful husband to her, but feel like that is an issue that is between them. To be with my husband I moved an hour and a half away from my friend. We now only get to see each other once every few weekends. Recently my husband has now asked me to create a boundary between her husband and myself. I agreed to this along with some specific things to help make him more comfortable with the situation. For example: No getting drunk around him, no staying the night at their house when I visit, no being super friendly with him, no hugs, and also communicate to my friend that I am staying in a hotel instead of her house to set a boundary for my marriage and respect my husband. I have agreed to all these things and have done them all (of course we had some fights to get to this place, but I felt like these were reasonable requests overall) He said he will now be able to let it go and trust me (I have never lied to him about this situation and have been nothing but honest with him). Well the other night I went and spent some time with my friend. After dinner, she wanted to go back to her house and have a glass of wine. I of course said yes because I knew that I was abiding by all my husbands requests. I stayed one hour and had one glass of wine. I then called my husband on my way to the hotel and he started screaming at me saying I was choosing my friends husband over him and why can't I just stay away from him and that I was being disrespectful to him for doing that. I told him that I did nothing wrong and that I have done everything he has asked of me and I find it unfair that I cannot ever be at my friends house just because her husband is there. I said this is where I draw the line and I now want him to trust me to be faithful to him and to be a good respectful wife to him.
TL;DR; So am I wrong for refusing to give him my word that I will never be alone with my friend and her husband? I feel like doing that would destroy my friendship with my best friend and would build resentment for my husband for making me do something I am not ok with.
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2023.06.07 00:16 Amity_stan1 "When does a man become a monster?' Percy Jackson x EPIC Roleplay

Wade is the oldest child in the Ares Cabin who has recently took the role of counselor when the next great prophecy brought around a war against ancient villians from the past of Greek heroes and resurrected heroes have returned to help out the young demigods combat against the ones they have fought before.
Wade chose to learn from Odyssessus as he wanted to learn how a true fighter should act even if they are looked down upon by the olympians, he learns that warriors must be prepared to do anything to get home to family.
Hey there! I'm Matt! I'm a huge fan of both the Percy Jackson series and EPIC so I decided why not look for a roleplay incorporating both. I am knowledgeable in Greek Mythology so would understand anything you would Want to include but you don't need to know much of the Greek myths but a basic understanding is good. I am a literate roleplayer who writes 1-4 paragraphs depending on reply. You must be 18+ as violence will be heavily mentioned because its Greek Mythology we are talking about here. Ocs and Cannon Welcome.
Dm or Comment if your interested in my little post!
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2023.06.07 00:12 throway85856336 Serious help***

So I’m a 22yo who lives in his family home with parents in MA . Tonight my dad came after me after an argument over him not respecting the rules i have for my puppy that most of my family breaks. After he had attacked me (i should be pressing charges for that lol) he had continuously threatened that he’s gonna kick my locked door in and “take whatever he wants from me” and when i mentioned that I’d be taking legal action if he invaded my Locked space my mom proceeded to tell me it’s “all their stuff since it’s their house” which is not true at all i don’t have anything of theirs and that the law says i can’t do anything (legal action) if they decide to break into my room Please help me
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2023.06.07 00:12 humblebegginnings Did you participate in Too Many Trizookas?

recently realized i missed the entire event because the only two possible opportunities i had were late at night (i try not to play games very late because they mess with my sleep) or immediately after i got home (during which i am very burnt out and would not have enjoyed it) so i fit in option #4.
i might be a little salty, but also curious how ubiquitous my experience was. did other people struggle to fit the restrictive windows?
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2023.06.07 00:10 llunalilac Help! What's wrong with my Pink Princess?!

Help! What's wrong with my Pink Princess?!
I've had this Pink Princess Philodendron for a couple of months and it's been growing rapidly.
However, at one point I did bring home some plants from the nursery that I believe had spider mites (see tiny white specks and webbing on leaves in pics).
I've recently bought need oil and am waiting for that to come in the mail, but want to make sure what I'm seeing here isn't more than just spider mites.
Leaves look generally unhealthy; they've lost their lustrous sheen and color and now look brittle, textured, and old. The edges of the leaves and certain spots in the centers are turning brown. I keep these in a homemade greenhouse and worry that maybe they're being overly exposed to bright light? They've grown a lot and now the leaves are pressing up against them nearly.
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2023.06.07 00:09 YaboyRipTide I just left a job to become a bartender and broke my foot the week before. Now what?

As the title says, I recently was planning on moving to the beach to live with my sister this weekend and becoming a full-time bartender at a big touristy bar. Last Wednesday was my last day at work and everything was all hunky-dory until I broke my foot over the weekend. The doctor said he recommends surgery which would sideline me from any sort of "normal" walking for 5ish months including 2 months in a wheelchair. I'm currently getting a 2nd opinion to see if that really is the case as the doctor also mentioned I could go without surgery, let it heal, and just see what happens from there as there is a chance I can just go ahead and start walking with no issue again. Eventually, though, I will need surgery probably in the next 10 years.

Regardless, you can't bartend on 1 foot so that is pretty much done. I am 24 years old with a bachelor's and a master's degree and about 1300ish in the bank. I bought a car a few months ago with the help of my parents and that monthly payment is about $250. Outside of that, I have no debt to my name. I am thinking about a personal injury/negligence lawsuit as a result of my broken foot but that would be months down the line before it would get settled.

My options are either living at home with my parents until the fall when I "should" be healthy enough to work again, or moving to the beach and finding an easy retail job at a little shack. Rent at the beach would be $550ish whereas I probably wouldn't be charged rent if I went home. In terms of a virtual job, my previous industry was sports so it was all-in-person and it would be impossible to do it virtually. Moving over to the hospitality industry/bartending, obviously, that can't happen either. I would love to stay in one of those two so I don't really want a full-blown career change at this point in my life either.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next?
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2023.06.07 00:09 betchwtfff I 18F am in a situationship with my coworker 45M and my mom 50F just found out through the grapevine.. I dont know how to go foward with this

Wow okay so let me start with some context, I live in a pretty small town where if you are out and about and socialable even just a little bit you get to know a lot of people. Ive also lived here my entire life so id consider myself somewhat rooted in this community. Im going to call him Josh, Josh has lived here off and on since he was a 18 so hes also pretty deeply rooted in the community. His mom is from the states and his dad is from here.
For example, while I was growing up (elementary school-middle school) there was a ice cream shop up from my house which one of his friends ran, he would be in there sometimes. I dont particuarly remember if he was ever in when me and my family would come in and get ice cream but im just going to say hes known me for a while, and definitly since I was a minor.
We never really had conversations until i was in highschool around 15-16yo and he worked in a jewlery and thing shop that me and my friends liked going in. From there we actually began knowing of eachothers existence but it was never in any way. Just having friendly conversation with a familiar face.
Then last summer i went away on a trip for a month and my job had to hire new people and he was hired as he was also a friend of my boss and her family so it was an easy quick fix to me being gone for a month. Once i got back from my trip i wasnt working any of the same shifts with him unless I was covering, so i didnt see him all too much and didnt really put too much effort into having conversation when we were working together.
Up until Jan 2023 we began working together more and so i began talking to him more and over the course of that month (im 18 and1/4 at the time) and we began hanging out outside of work but always just after work, never going out of our way to hang out on off days. We'd go to the beach after work and have a couple beers and just talk, for hours. I love the types of conversations we have, they range in topic and level of depth but we consistintly get the whole spectrum. Ive always felt a little bit awkward speaking, in the sense of not feeling like things come out right and always being misunderstood. But for some reason with him ive never felt more present and actually capable of talking, processing, and understanding all at once. He's healed things in me from previous relationships and ive done the same for him. I wasnt planning/plotting to sleep with him we never really talked about it and it was kinda a 'if it happens it happens' type of thing for me. Working with him I had a little crush on him but im not the type of person to do stuff with coworkers but after actually getting to know him, my little coworker crush developed into an actual crush.
One day me, him and our other coworker (26F) did our usual sunset beach beer hangout and we all felt hungry and josh offered to make us some food up at his place, and we agreed. I had a bottle of nice whiskey at my house so i dropped by and picked it up before heading up. we all ate and got a bit drunk, him and our other coworker more than myself since i had to drive 15-20 min to get home and she lived just down the street. She ended up deciding to leave around 11pm and i chose to stay and hang out longer, soon enough it was 3am and we both felt like it would be best if i dont drive home (i had drank more and was getting tired). He has a small one bedroom place and doesnt have room for a couch so he was going to sleep on the floor while i took his bed but i told him that i feel comfortable with him sleeping next to me. We ended up sleeping together and have been seeing eachother since then.
We've been keeping "us" pretty down low because I know that both of my parents (mom 50F and dad 57M) would have a pretty big issue with it. My mom was aware that i'd hang out with him after work/outside of work and that we were friends, I was just hiding that ive been sleeping with him. I'd hang out with him and his friends, be invited to BBQ's and camping out, they didnt know at first but as of more recent times they have been made aware of our dynamic and are completely supportive. Now majority of his friends that he sees on the weekly basis knows and the word has spread.
Im on a trip visiting family on the mainland and before i left i mentioned to him that ive been thinking of having our relationship be just platonic again. We've taken a break before (he expressed a need for it the first time) and now i felt like it would be best if we'd stop sleeping together as i felt like things were progrssing too fast and too many people were getting involved (aka i was getting overwhelmed and anxious on how this was all going to go/end). Ive been gone for a week and we havent been texting as much, he knows im with family and want space. And then I get a text from my mom saying she heard that josh has a 18 year old girlfriend and that she'd like some explaining. ive texted him and updated him, i want us to stay on the same page. I really dont want to tell my mom the full truth but I also dont want to lie, and i know he wont support me lying as well. Hes currently at work and will be there for the next 4-5 hours so im just playing the waiting game to see how he feels about the whole situation.
Should I tell the whole truth since shes already been told by someone in the community and just come clean even though my body is screaming run? I know that I should i just know that it would cause so much tension in the house and im already planning on moving to a different stare in november of this year and i dont want our last months to be full of fighting. not to mention the rest of my life this being held over my head. i just wish that i could do things and not have it be everyones business, especially since its not a serious relationship and we both knew it was never was going to be one.

sorry if this is all over the place im currently an nervous mess. i have therapy before i head home and have to deal with this in the flesh. wish me luck xoxo
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2023.06.07 00:08 chudlin Oreopdion burning? What should I do?

Oreopdion burning? What should I do?
Hi guys, I recently got these oreopdions, and while they were at my mother's in the UK they were fine by the windowsill. I took them with me home to Switzerland and they were doing just fine.. until I took them outside. They were outside in full sun for 2 days and they are pretty brown now and I don't know what to do to help them recover. They were flowering but now not. What should I do to help them come back?
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