La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

2017.12.22 20:22 ChocolateBoss La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

Eight thieves take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan. All parts of La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) are now streaming on Netflix. Rated TV-MA in the US.

2016.11.15 21:40 lukeovalle Dank Argentinian Memes

Un lugar para compartir memes nacionales y populares.

2017.09.13 23:15 Ask Spain

Una comunidad bilingüe donde puedes hacer preguntas a la comunidad española. === A bilingual community where you can ask Spaniards questions.

2023.04.21 23:20 Hot-Plate5609 So new marijuana laws in California in will this affect us?

Can CA employees be fired after drug test comes back positive for marijuana? We explain new law via ABC7LA App
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2023.01.16 20:46 slb_printing 3 Best Rated Award for Print Shops in Los Angeles

3 Best Rated Award for Print Shops in Los Angeles
We're off to a great start for 2023 being recognized for the 5th year in a row with the prestigious "3 Best Rated" award for printers in Los Angeles! Need something printed? Give us a call and see for yourself how we won this award!
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2023.01.14 21:00 Bright-Bread Water we dune???

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2022.12.30 14:50 stanky_one Wtf?

I have so many questions. Why do they even bother chasing one dude with THAT many cruisers? Does every single cop in the department want their time to shine, to be able to say “I was in that chase”. The first 8 squad cars weren’t enough? Gotta fill an entire 4 lane hwy? And one of them still got shot with that much man power on scene.
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2022.09.30 01:05 yam12 Feline Savior

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2022.08.29 01:12 yam12 Animal Lover

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2022.08.26 22:11 arianrhodd How to Avoid a Shark Attack or Better Yet—Avoid One Entirely

Not sure how applicable this is for everyone, but I found it useful and detailed for those of us paddling where sharks might be. We’ve already had a few temporary beach closures here due to shark sightings (Southern California) and this was one of the more comprehensive pieces I’ve read without fear mongering. It explicitly states how rare Shark attacks (either provoked or unprovoked) actually are.
ABC7LA Shark Piece
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2022.08.20 02:28 Uncomfortable_Owl_ What did you guys think of Khloe's story today?

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2022.03.14 15:56 shazamishod Pop stuff but still good
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2019.04.28 16:28 sushibagels Toggle Split Screen not working

Hello all,

I have a profile that automatically sets my Navbar in some apps to give a "Split Screen" option but instead of toggling split screen it keeps opening my browser. Any idea why or how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!
Here's the profile:
 Profile: Nav Bar Control (764) Priority: 2 Application: ABC7LA, Adobe Clip, Amazon Shopping... Enter: Nav Bar In App (762) Run Both Together A1: Navigation Bar [ Left:back[1.0] Center:home[1.0] Right:task(Split Screen)[1.0] ] Exit: Nav Bar Default (765) Run Both Together A1: Navigation Bar [ Left:back[1.0] Center:home[1.0] Right: ] 
And the accompanied task for split screen: Split Screen (763)
A1: Toggle Split Screen 
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2018.11.13 05:00 LeeDoverwood Insane footage of the California fires. 🎥 via @abc7la

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2016.04.28 03:47 ilovedogsmore LADOGBEACHES.COM

Hi everyone! Please join us this weekend, April 30 at Rosie's Dog Beach from 11am-3pm & sign our petition that we are working on getting in November's ballot to get more off leash dog beach space in LA County beaches. This is actually very important, not only for someone extremely passionate about dogs such as myself, but just everyone that has a dog & has been to the beach. Dogs are extremely happy running in bunches when they are at the beach! We just ask that dog parents follow proper etiquette of course by picking up their poop & making sure your pup plays nice. Bring water, poop bags, toys, and sign our petition! Also, we pass out bandannas so there are about 300+ dogs wearing them, which is beyond adorable.
You can also print out the petition & do some canvassing of your own!
Also: Come visit us at our booth at Pawsapalooza 2016. We will be getting signatures and talking to event vendors and attendees. 647 N. San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood Sunday May 1: 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM
Please visit our meetup page for any additional questions:
FINALLY: ABC7 has something of an Instagram like competition in which eyewitnesses share a picture & the one with the most likes gets to be featured on the Friday 6PM news. Media has not been there for us so this is a big deal. If you have Instagram, please "LIKE" this picture (the one with two Golden Retrievers playing in the beach) & help us get to the news! You are all the best, thank you for taking the time to read. Ask me any questions, all opinions are valued & I do not down vote anyone!
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