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For the 2002-2007 KJ, and 2008-2012 KK.

2012.10.08 20:30 GreenEyedDemon For the 2002-2007 KJ, and 2008-2012 KK.

A subreddit for the Jeep Liberty/Cheerokee. From the 2002 KJ, all the way to the 2012 KK.

2023.06.02 20:03 free_beer I want to build an SCX10-esque truck for as cheap as possible. Thinking about starting with either the Injora 313mm Frame Chassis or the Nylon Rock Buggy Chassis Kit... Thoughts?

Looking to step up from my SCX24 into a truck I can walk trails with and do some crawling. Trying to keep the price as low as possible because I don't have a ton of time for the hobby, and I'll inevitably have to get something for my son as well in short order (probably a Danchee Ridgerock or similar).
I used Injora's buggy kit to build my son's 24th scale and it seemed pretty good for the money... I'm also most attracted to the Capra-style chassis (but a real Capra or Enduro Element is just too steep for me to justify, and I'm not sure there are any other budget friendly options in that realm).
I could also get behind the more traditional ladder frame type deal, and Injora's kit for those seems cool too, but it's more expensive and then I need a body of course, too.
Any thoughts or words of caution on using one of these Injora kits to build my 1/10 trail truck?
Frame Kit: https://www.injora.com/products/313mm-wheelbase-assembled-frame-chassis-for-scx10-ii-jeep-cherokee
Buggy Kit: https://www.injora.com/products/310mm-12-2-wheelbase-nylon-rock-buggy-chassis-roll-cage-for-1-10-rc-crawler?variant=40159755501616
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2023.06.02 15:55 Black0tter1 01 Buying help?

Seeing this today, other than the frame/undercarriage, what else should I look out for?
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2023.06.02 14:29 Beautiful-Bake8538 Taking SPORT seriously

Taking SPORT seriously
My gf and I took a trip into the mountains in NC and she wanted to take her Jeep Cherokee because it “fits the vibe more”. I may have agreed if I still had my 2017 Accord but being in a ‘22 Sport 2.0T now I had to show her how fun it is driving on the windy roads in my car. Peep my best friend in the backseat!
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2023.06.02 12:30 The-Respawner Bought a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee that keeps stalling/hesitating when accelerating. Help appreciated!

Bought a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee that keeps stalling/hesitating when accelerating. Help appreciated! submitted by The-Respawner to AskMechanics [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 12:29 The-Respawner Bought a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee that keeps stalling/hesitating when accelerating. Help appreciated!

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2023.06.02 04:42 Upset_Neighborhood59 Bought a used jeep

Someone put a lift kit on it and took like half of it off and I’ve been fighting to get it 100% for two years now
Mechanic fixed rear diff click 500$ Dealership “ran over something in the road” as they were testing the car Back right tire about fell off after they put that tire back on after they replaced it It’s had a steady bump in it driving since that happened Just got 4 new tires and an alignment, a fresh start
Back tires wear on the outside on my fixed rear diff, 65$ mechanic fee They say i had an after market lift kit that’s still half on with the oem parts mixed in so it’s throwing it off and they say my rear diff is bent causing it to be out of camber
59k miles on it so the dealer should be able to warranty it, right???
I just want my jeep stock like I thought it was when i got it, but the dealership literally wouldn’t fix anything that was happening to it whenever i bring it to them.
Any advice? Tallahassee dodge Ram Chrysler jeep
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2023.06.02 04:00 jcwest829 2005 sport edition lift

my 05 sport edition is in need of a facelift. part of that includes leveling out the front end either with just a 1 inch front lift or a 2 inch front and 1 inch rear lift.
the problem is that the 2005 sport edition uses the X-REAS suspension, which makes finding a compatible kit a bit tricky.
Has anyone been in the same situation and found a reputable solution?
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2023.06.02 03:18 ali0nated Going to see this 98 XJ this weekend

Going to see this 98 XJ this weekend
Negotiated to $5.5k on this XJ Is this a good deal and should I look out for anything? Already got the CARFAX, clean as a whistle. No rust on the frame.
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2023.06.02 02:40 bodypilleau Subaru Outback struts on Impreza

Subaru Outback struts on Impreza
My struts on my 2009 Outback Sport (Impreza) were absolutely wrecked. I went on RockAuto and ordered some new KYB quick struts, but accidentally ordered them for an Outback. This is because some sites have me enter it in as an Outback and then choose the Sport trim package and some have me enter it as an Impreza and then select the trim package. Somehow in the mess, I ended up with Outback struts though.
I already installed both front strut assemblies and then when I got to the rear, I realized that the bottom attachment point was at a completely different angle- this was when I realized the fuck up. I cannot return either of the fronts because they show signs of being used already from being installed.
  1. Should I keep the Outback fronts? I don't mind the extra lift.
  2. And if so, what would I order for the rear to get them at the same height?
  3. Could I just order Impreza rear struts and a like 2" lift kit above them (I don't know the height difference)?
Curious on any input somewhat might have on this. I have tried searching the forums and I can't find a conclusive answer.
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2023.06.02 02:25 68Laflin From Turo to Chapter 7

Just smoked a joint so f it.. I’ll tell my story. Around this time last year I had a lump sum of money (10k) and tried to be different and invest it in 2 used jeep wranglers (lifted with tires too) jeep 1 127k miles $29,000 -12% intrest Note $700 insurance $125…yes I know the miles where nice but it had the lift kit, nice wheels, super awesome aftermarket sound system with 2 subwoofers… so yeah I felt it was worth it. Jeep 2 - 97k miles $28,000 12% intrest note $500 a month(only had the lift kit and the wheels everything else was basic. Here’s where I really f’d up. The second jeep wasn’t doing to good so I took out a loan (10k originally 4k) for upgrades such as new rims, front & back bumper and sound system. I had 90 days to pay the 4K with 0 percent interest and silly me didn’t so the loan went from 4k to 10k and I was making $600 a month payments for that(yeah I don’t know wtf I was thinking). So all to have $700, $600, $500, $125, $125 = $2,050 I have to pay(not including my regular life bills) just in businesses overhead. But me trying to stick with something and be consistent told myself I’ll work through it. Any listed the cars and right of back jeep 1 starts getting book almost every other day bringing in $900 to $1300 a month and I’m like fuck this is cool and it’s actually working. Jeep 2 barleys does anything (I think color plays a very important part of how much your car gets rented out, jeep 1 was black and slick, jeep 2 was a ugly ass turquoise greenish blue that’s why I got the up grades thinking it’ll do even better then the other 1) that decision to get those upgrade was probably my biggest mistake I was already going to struggle with things that extra $600 a month kilt me and my wallet. Oh but back to the Turo story first 3 months goes super good for jeep 1, jeep 2 picks up a little ($500 a month)but not enough to cover cost. But without the upgrades I would’ve been just breaking even if I was able to make that $500 a month. Both jeeps were priced a $70 plus a day. Right before thanks giving weekend we’re I could’ve gotten at $125 a day someone steal the black jeep. A lady books the jeep and let’s this guy she barley knows drive it and he never returns. He told the lady he would pay her bills half off if she books a car for him and silly her went for it. She help me find his older brother and we get the car back a week later crashed up radio ripped out 8k worth of damage so the car sat for 3 months waiting for parts and repairs while 2k worth or bills kept coming. Now I’m down to 1 car that’s barley doing anything so all my work checks where going into this business shit felt like an impossible whole to get out of. Was lucky enough to get a few settlements that helped me stay above water but a few months later I was right back under water and the jeep tie rod comes the whole repair would be $900 to fix and I’m already behind on the car note that was the last straw for me I had to f the business because it wasn’t making sense. Maybe if I had guidance from someone who was already doing it I would’ve made better choices but now I’m filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of both the cars and loan and on top of all this I had about 20k worth of Cc dept after filing and seeing the paper work that showed me I had 109k worth of debt and has $3400 a month worth of bills with nothing to show for it made me really want to get my shit together and do things 10 times smarter like save up a lump sum of money before financing anything. BUGETTING will be my biggest know exactly what u have coming in and what you can afford to go out. With just my work checks %90 of my money was going to bill I only had a extra $200 a month for myself. Now that I know this if I was to event get back into I would only do it with luxury vehicles just because your dealing with a different type of clientele any damage to your car will get fixed with no hassle I also think Turo takes way to much. I know for a fact they take more then what they tell you. If you’ve ever asked a customer how much they paid it’ll be very different from the receipt Turo shows you….. yes I know there’s probably some Grammer errors but I’m fried so you know wtf I’m tryna say!!!!!!! Any question ask away
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2023.06.02 01:18 bodypilleau Outback strut on Impreza

My struts on my 2009 Outback Sport (Impreza) were absolutely wrecked. I went on RockAuto and ordered some new KYB quick struts, but accidentally ordered them for an Outback. This is because some sites have me enter it in as an Outback and then choose the Sport trim package and some have me enter it as an Impreza and then select the trim package. Somehow in the mess, I ended up with Outback struts though.
I already installed both front strut assemblies and then when I got to the rear, I realized that the bottom attachment point was at a completely different angle- this was when I realized the fuck up. I cannot return either of the fronts because they show signs of being used already from being installed.
  1. Should I keep the Outback fronts? I don't mind the extra lift.
  2. And if so, what would I order for the rear to get them at the same height?
  3. Could I just order Impreza rear struts and a like 2" lift kit above them (I don't know the height difference)?
Curious on any input somewhat might have on this. I have tried searching the forums and I can't find a conclusive answer.
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2023.06.01 23:39 LuLzKThxBai Thinking about a lift

I’m contemplating a lift kit at some point in the future, I already have a factory 1.5” lift so my question is how do I determine my total lift height? I ask this question because I’ve heard that Jeep lifts are based on Rubicon height and I was always under the impression that the Rubis sit higher.
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2023.06.01 20:57 RoadPsychological227 Club Car Lift Kit Replacement Parts

Club Car Lift Kit Replacement Parts
Hello everyone!
I'm looking to replace some of the worn out rubber and bushings in the lift kit on my 2001 club car. We've had this lift kit for close to 10 years and it's time to replace some stuff.
I'm having trouble finding the bushings anywhere. Buggies Unlimited has a copy of the instructions but they have been no help in answering my questions. Does anyone happen to know the manufacturer or a site I can order parts from?
Thank you!
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2023.06.01 20:34 Status_Jackfruit_169 Is this a good deal or will I get screwed?

It seems very well kept he said his grandmother owned it and only used it for groceries and what now she passed and that’s why they are selling it
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2023.06.01 19:40 gmkylerd What tire size will fit lifted impreza?

I currently have 235/45/18 on my 2017 impreza sport, I'm thinking about lifting it 2 inches and wonder if a 225/60/17 would fit with the lift? Thinking of either the rallitek lift or the subieliftoz kit. Also wondering with the lift could I tune the speedometer to be correct with the bigger tires? Any advice and suggestions appreciated.
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2023.06.01 12:43 Allicia_York First Contacts (Part 6)

[Part 1](https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/131t1q9/first_contacts_part_1/)
[Part 5](https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/13rv3xp/first_contacts_part_5/)

“Let’s introduce ourselves to the Captain of this boat!”
Nathan pushed the door control and was greeted with a flashing Yellow light, the door had already been locked down, with that, he took two steps back and levelled his pistol at the bottom left of the door, he began firing his gun, spacing the shots around the edge working his way up the left and along the top of the door, reloading after 12 shots.
Reloading was done between two boxes, when one was empty, or low, he would push it into a belt pack he was wearing, a whir from the pack indicated that it was feeding new rounds into the box and within seconds it was full again.
It took a total of 20 shots for him to reach the place he had started, Nathan reloaded his pistol once more and stepped forward with a spring and brought his right foot up to kick the door, the sound was almost as loud as the gun, the metal finally giving in to the stress and falling away.
Beyond the door were a dozen command officers and four Axarli soldiers, they were already disarmed and ready to surrender, likely as a result of watching the carnage that Nathan had already inflicted on their defence forces.
Most of the Officers were Sovereigns of the Pearls, though a couple of Euterians and a Forgol were among them. “Which one of you is the captain?” Nathan’s voice was raised to an uncomfortable level for the Sovereigns who all covered their auditory antennae, one of the Sovereigns stepped forward her hands still clasped over her antennae.
“Everyone else on the floor, face down and arms out!” Nathan’s voice was still raised but he had lowered it a little. The remaining crew complied with his command.
Nathan lowered his voice back to normal conversational level and turned to the Sovereign Captain “Captain, I understand you are taking prisoners from the surface.”
“That is correct.” The Sovereigns were not able to speak Orvangian directly, so her words issued forth from a worn translator device about her neck.
“I would like you to call your crew and have them surrender.”
“I Do not know your species, but you stand with the Federation against our might!” the Captain and her Sovereign Officers all flourished their hands and feelers in a dance-like display.
I am not sure what happened next, a pulse of electromagnetic energy hit me and my suit was instantly fried, pain shooting through my body at the same time, I found myself laying on the floor the ceiling above me decorated with the flashes of Nathan’s pistol.
Despite the repeated blasts of that handheld cannon, I couldn’t hear a sound and I could see my thoughts around me as though I had engaged in the bond with an Orvangian, I was soon floating on a warm ocean of orange light, enveloping me in its softness.
My eyes drifted closed and Purple Valuri bloomed before me, the faces of my family and the distant arches of my home rose into the sky above. I whooped and laughed like Nathan as I clung to the velvety mane of a Plains Rasil, its legs pounding the landscape into the past behind me, we rose over the hills and across the savannah of Talloral and I Roared like the Volluk on the plains of Orvang.
Dreams fell away to a burning pain as consciousness returned to me, I was in a medical bay, opening my eyes was painful, the white surfaces and bright lights making them sting as much as my chest did.
A pair of Tilik were lingering close to my bedside with relief washing over their faces, they moved back and Nathan stepped into my field of view. His face now sporting several fine slices that welled up with red “Jin! We are glad you’re awake.”
The Tilik flapped their tentacles in agreement and I heard a muffled voice in the background. With considerable pain, I pushed myself into a sitting position so I could survey our situation.
We were still aboard the Separatist ship, in a medical bay, there was a pile of equipment blocking the doors and they had been welded closed, the Euterian officers from the bridge were strapped down to one of the beds though they were unconscious, the Forgol officer was standing beside Nathan a thin trail of white bile trickling from his nasal ducts a sign of the fear and discomfort he was in as a result of having Nathans Pistol barrel so far down his throat that it was likely brushing against his oral lymph nodes.
“What happened?”
Nathan bared his teeth at me, the Forgol seeming to shrink slightly at the expression “Those bejewelled Centipede guys pulled a McClain on us, blasted us with an EMP and Frag weapons.
“I had to shoot them and the power armour guys too, it was a blood bath.
“Your space suit took most of the damage and got fried by the EMP, but you got stuck pretty good yourself. Doc here says you had 28 flechette pieces in you.” Nathan gestured to one of the Tilik.
“The Bejewelled Centipede Guys are called ‘Sovereigns of the Pearls’ and the Power armoured guys are Axarli.” My voice was a little weak but it brought Nathan’s Smile back.
“So, there’s a whole army of those Axarli guys out in the hallway now, waiting for our surrender, but my new pal here says there is a service duct that runs through the floor of this room.” Nathan patted the back of the Tilik he had called Doc earlier.
“Even if we escape this room, where would we go?” I winced and even yelped a little as I swung my legs to hang over the side of the bed.
“Well, this ship’s sensors and weapons are out at the moment, I may have devastated the bridge a bit, so I need you and Doc to go down to the Shuttle and bring it around to their Hangar bay.
“Me and Mister Tactical Officer here.” He grinned at the Forgol officer still tasting his pistol. “We go down to holding, free your fellow crew members and meet you at the light frigate they have parked in the hangar.”
It was as insane as every other plan he had come up with, yet I couldn’t shake the fact that his plans seemed to work every time so I mirrored his thumbs-up gesture to him and slid off the bed.
Gravity on this ship was about 15% lower than what I was used to, which made standing possible, but I could feel the slices of pain in my chest and legs, medication was probably the only reason I was able to move at all.
Nathan passed me the Laser Rifle again and I pointed it at ‘Doc’ but Nathan pushed my gun down, “Woah there, Doc is on board with us, he is my newest pal ok.”
The Tilik’s cybernetic translator chipped in with a slightly musical tone “I don’t want to be here either.”
Doc moved to a floor panel and lifted it away, below was a narrow catwalk surrounded by bundles of cables and pipes. Nathan turned to the second Tilik medic “Remember what I told you!” it nodded and injected itself with a sedative, slumping to the floor within moments.
Doc dropped onto the catwalk and I followed, “Good luck Nathan!”
“Same to you Jin.”
Doc began heading left along the duct, Nathan and his hostage dropped in after us and lowered the panel back in place then headed right.
Doc and I soon arrived at a service shaft, it ascended about ten decks, but it went down to the very bottom of the ship, where we were going. The wall next to the duct had a rail mesh on it and a half dozen tractor lifts were parked here, Doc configured one and stepped off the edge, it grabbed him in its tractor beam and began a swift descent, I followed suit, setting it for deck 210 and stepping into the shaft.
The little rail-mounted tractor-beam device reached Deck 210 in under a minute, it would have been an exhilarating ride if it weren’t for the danger I was in.
Doc arrived a few seconds ahead of me and was waiting on the floor of the shaft when I arrived, he lifted a wall panel off once I dismounted from my tractor lift, beyond the panel was an engineering hallway, not far from the hub where a crate of Tilik still sat.
As we walked past the crate Doc read the top, “Can we let them out now?”
“Let’s take it to the airlock, we can let them out just before we exit the ship.”
Doc hooked a lifter dolly to the crate and began pushing it along with us.
We soon reached the airlock Nathan and I had used to enter the ship, my suit was damaged from the flechette attack, and the computer systems had rebooted now but I had to patch it before we could decompress, “Do you need any protection?”
“How long will we be in the vacuum?” Tilik are all able to survive for short periods out in space, but some are augmented for longer periods.
“About 20 minutes, maybe more.”
Doc took a magnetic field generator from the airlock and attached it to his harness, it would provide additional protection from radiation, which he was going to need so near those engine cones.
Once my suit was sealed, we stepped into the airlock and I reached out to the crate to push the release, as soon as the lid popped up, I pulled back and hit the airlock controls. It only took moments for the airlock to cycle and the outer door to open.
I took the lead out into the engine spaces and made my way back to the panel that Nathan had hastily welded back into place, with the laser rifle I shot each weld and then gave it a good kick, the panel breaking loose and floating away from the hull. It occurred to me that I had never done anything like this before, this was the sort of action that Nathan would have taken, it was exactly how he had gained access to the command centre, shot the door and kicked it open.
I didn’t dwell on the thought, the engines were still hot so I clambered out followed by Doc, the Shuttle wasn’t far away so we moved as quickly as we could manage.
It wasn’t long before we were in the rear of the shuttle, “Doc, can you fly?”
“No, I am a medical specialist, but I do have some engineering training.”
“See if you can get the laser banks back online.”
Doc pulled a repair kit from the wall and began a diagnostic survey, I left him to work and glanced at the device sitting on one of the chairs here, it was clearly the black case Nathan had recovered from the Endeavour, but now it was open, the lid was raised on a framework, becoming the top of the device, I recognised what it was, though I had never seen a portable one before, it was a Fabricator, able to manufacture items from schematic diagrams, the Doradul had several of them in the engineering bays but they were large and fitted into the walls.
I stepped through into the cockpit and strapped in, I wasn’t a pilot like Nathan but I had hundreds of hours of shuttle operations time, I could only hope that the battleship’s weapons were still disabled.
The shuttle detached from the Separatist ship and I kept close to the hull, moving as quickly as I felt comfortable doing at this distance. Once we were out from among the engine cones I turned onto the dorsal surface of the battleship, its cannons were all aimed forward now, sitting in their standby positions and none reacted to my presence.
I picked up the pace as I navigated between turrets and antennae clusters, not as reckless as Nathan had been, but I was ignoring my instructor’s safety rules as it knocked a radar dish off the surface of the battleship.
We were almost at the prow of the ship where the hangar was when the laser banks came back to life, I set them to strafing auto-targeting mode, so I could shoot any Axarli in the hangar with the squeeze of a trigger.
My reckless disregard for flight safety reached its peak as I passed the prow of the battleship, making a hard roll and braking as Nathan had done, I even bared my teeth when I completed the move without crashing.
“What was that!” I heard Doc’s Translator proclaim from the rear compartment.
The Hangar ahead was open an atmospheric shield keeping it from depressurising, I could see a few deck crew and some Axarli were targeted by the shuttle’s computer.
I advanced the shuttle through the shield so the weapons fire would not evacuate the atmosphere, the sudden shift from zero-G to the downward pull of the hangar’s gravity forced the shuttle’s nose thrusters to fire and shook the shuttle. As soon as we were through the shield I pressed the trigger and the shuttles laser bank began to fire, deck crew scattered to shelter while Axarli troops began to return fire.
There was plenty of space in the hangar, the Light Frigate stood like a tower on the Port side allowing me to make evasive moves and even take cover. It didn’t take long before the hangar deck was largely clear, even the Axarli had retreated into the surrounding hallways and rooms to avoid being incinerated by the shuttle’s laser.
After they withdrew I had little to do but hover and wait for Nathan to arrive, Doc came into the cockpit once we had stopped firing “What now?”
“Until Nathan and my crew arrive there is not much we can do.” The Tilik had sided with the Separatists back during the war and Doc deciding to join us was beginning to bother me, why would he sign up for fleet duty only to abandon it?
“Doc, why are you here?”
He looked slightly puzzled at my question, “You mean why did I decide to join you and Nathan?”
“Yes, why would you sign up for fleet service in the Separatist army only to abandon your post now.”
“I didn’t sign up, you know we share our home planet with the Norold.”
I gave an affirmative gesture.
“Well since the Separatist council decided to rebuild the fleet they needed crews, and the Norold were quick to support the new fleet, they decided that every family of Norold and Tilik would provide one person for the fleet forces.
“This was easy for them, they have families of dozens each, but Tilik families are usually no more than five to eight, so to protect my family from reprisals and my mother from forced service I stepped in to replace her.”
Doc deflated in the co-pilot’s chair, I was aware that the Tilik were very peaceful before the Separatist war, many believed that they were not enthusiastic supporters of the Separatists, especially since the planet Ghoat was still a member of the federation despite being a Tilik colony.
“So, you figure that the Separatist fleet will write you off as a casualty now and your family will be safe.”
“Exactly, the Euterian Officers don’t know I am siding with you, my colleague understands and promised to keep it secret, the Fleet will compensate my family and send condolences.”
Through the window of the shuttle, I saw weapons fire again, a group of Axarli backing out of their cover position and under fire from a combination of Plasma Fire and the unmistakable streaks of white thunder that Nathan’s pistol issued forth.
I opened fire again, clearing away the Axarli that had broken cover, moments later Nathan emerged with twenty of the Doradul’s Crew and one Forgol captive, they were using Axarli sidearms and seemed to be carrying makeshift shields.
Axarli in other covered positions began firing on them so I lowered the shuttle and fired back, Nathan pushed his team toward the frigate and up the gangway.
I moved the shuttle to cover them as much as possible, taking dozens of hits from plasma casters, their rifles were not going to fell the shuttle quickly but the damage was already mounting up, soon my laser bank was down again and moments later navigation followed.
“Jin, we are about to launch.” Buddy’s voice sounded over my suit’s com system.
“OK, I am right behind you, I will need to dock soon, my navigation is out.” As soon as I finished speaking, my Warp drive went offline as well.
The Frigate began to ascend moments later, I turned and pushed out ahead of it escaping the weapons fire before anything else went down. The frigate soon followed and once it was clear of the battleship’s hangar its shuttle bay door rolled open and launched the emergency shuttle that was blocking my path.
The moment the bay was clear I manoeuvred into it, the frigate’s tractor beams bringing me to a safe landing, the bay doors closed and the ship jumped to warp moments later.
Doc and I disembarked from the shuttle and took the elevator to the bridge, there were a half dozen members of the Doradul crew here, manning stations. All but one were auxiliary bridge crew, ones that would take night shifts, the only member of the primary crew here was the Secondary Ops Officer, he and I shared the same rank, though he was technically my superior.
In the pilot’s seat was Nathan grinning his toothy grin at me, “Welcome to the Endeavour 2.”
[Part 1](https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/131t1q9/first_contacts_part_1/)
[Part 5](https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/13rv3xp/first_contacts_part_5/)
(I am running a little behind on writing this last couple of weeks so there may be a missed week in the near future, I will do my best to prevent that, but be warned.)
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2023.05.31 23:30 Firm-Seaworthiness92 Ignition coil swap

★1998 jeep Cherokee sport 4x4 4.0L Automatic
Can i grab an interchangeable or matching ignition coil from the salvage yard and replace my cracked one with it?
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2023.05.31 23:30 Firm-Seaworthiness92 Ignition coil swap

★1998 jeep Cherokee sport 4x4 4.0L Automatic
Can i grab an interchangeable or matching ignition coil from the salvage yard and replace my cracked one with it?
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2023.05.31 23:29 Firm-Seaworthiness92 Ignition coil swap?

★1998 jeep Cherokee sport 4x4 4.0L Automatic
Can i grab an interchangeable or matching ignition coil from the salvage yard and replace my cracked one with it?
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2023.05.31 23:27 Firm-Seaworthiness92 Ignition coil swap?

★1998 jeep Cherokee sport 4x4 4.0L Automatic
Can i grab an interchangeable or matching ignition coil from the salvage yard and replace my cracked one with it?
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Toyota has long had an image of quiet sensibleness about it. They used to be the sort of car bought by those who prioritise reliability above all else, and for whom excitement is anathema. That has begun to change, and not just in the fire-breathing GR models. Outgoing Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda (grandson of the company founder) is a car nut to his fingertips, and waged a long campaign to make his family company’s products more exciting to drive, and to look at.

The once-bland Corolla has been a major part of that plan, relaunched in 2019 with sharper styling and a more invigorating driving experience. Now, for 2023, it’s getting a facelift (of the most minor sort) and an upgrade to its hybrid powertrain. Does that make it a more interesting prospect still, or is Toyota once again playing it safe?

Exterior design and rivals
If you can line up the outgoing Corolla and the new side by side and spot all the differences, you’ll probably win a Toyota-branded anorak. The updated Corolla looks all-but identical to the outgoing one, with only the front bumper, the internal bits of the head- and tail-lights and the back bumper actually new. There are some updated alloy wheel designs, admittedly, and a couple of new paint options including the handsome new ‘Juniper Blue’ finish pictured here.

For all its familiarity. the Corolla remains a smart looking car. It can even look enticingly sporty at times, especially in estate form, and especially in the more overt GR Sport trim (not to be confused with the actual GR Corolla hot hatch that British buyers are still denied). The blandness of previous models has been thoroughly banished, and the Corolla is much the better for it.

Will that be enough to give the Corolla more kerbside and showroom appeal than the new Honda Civic, or the venerable Volkswagen Golf? Perhaps — impressive though the new Civic is, it is a very conservatively-styled car on the outside, while the droopy-nosed eighth-generation Golf is looking tired already, unless you get a sporty model such as the GTI.

Hyundai’s handsome i30 Fastback is arguably the Corolla’s sharpest looking rival, although it currently lacks any kind of hybrid or plug-in hybrid option, while the Skoda Octavia provides a strong contest, as not only is it quietly handsome on the outside, it’s significantly more spacious than the Corolla inside.

Interior and practicality
Toyota has made more meaningful changes to the Corolla’s interior, but those changes come under the heading of technology, so we’ll cover those below. Elsewhere, the overall shapes and styling are the same as before, and so too are the exceptional quality levels — the Corolla remains a car able to put much more expensive models to shame with its cabin quality.

It’s far from the roomiest car around, though. While the front seats are very comfortable and supportive, and the driving position good, the high centre console and the way the dashboard design juts outward above your knees makes the car feel a touch cramped, especially if you’re tall.

There’s also a lack of storage space. The box under the front armrest, the door bins and the little shelf in front of the gear lever (which is optionally occupied by a wireless phone charger) are all a bit small, so there isn’t quite enough room for all your keys, wallets, water bottles and so on.

In the five-door hatchback there’s simply not enough legroom for one tall adult to sit behind another. If you’re going to accommodate anyone over the age of 13 in the back seats, the driver and front passenger are going to have to slide their seats forward. Headroom is also less than generous.

The boot isn’t much better. Even Toyota people will admit that the 361-litre boot is less than class leading, some 20 litres shy of the Golf’s and hundreds of litres smaller than a Skoda Octavia’s. The only upside is that the Toyota’s boot is roomier or at least as roomy as some plug-in hybrid rivals — such as the Vauxhall Astra.

You’d be much better off in the Corolla Touring Sports estate. This sits on a structure with the front and rear wheels pushed apart by 10cm and which offers rear space that, if not exactly generous, is at least adequate.

The Touring Sport’s boot is more useful, too — at 598 litres up to the luggage cover it’s not the biggest in the class, but it’s more than enough for most purposes. Fold the estate’s back seats flat (disappointingly, they only split 60:40, compared to the 40:20:40 of the Peugeot 308 SW) and you’ve got 1,606 litres of load space.

Technology and safety
The new 12.3in digital driver’s display is a welcome replacement for the previous mixed analogue and digital instrument panel, which looked tired and old even when it was new.

The new digital screen is much sharper, and while you’ll have to submit to a somewhat confusing settings menu to alter the layout, you can at least do so. The graphics look crisp, too.

A dramatic backlit side view of the Corolla pops up as you switch driving modes.

In the centre of the dash is a new 10.5in touchscreen infotainment system, which is a massive improvement on that of the outgoing Corolla.

Its graphics are bang up to date, and its menu layout is significantly more simple and logical. Toyota has helpfully retained physical stereo volume buttons, as well as separate physical heating and ventilation controls, which makes life much easier and safer on the move.

The screen includes a cloud-based navigation system that can give you live traffic advice, but which can be a touch laggy and slip behind the physical position of the car if you’re in an area of low mobile reception.

The Corolla now has a built-in antenna for internet connectivity, though, which powers that cloud-based nav, and which is free to use for the first four years of ownership. It also enables connection to your mobile phone through an app, which allows you to monitor the car’s various functions, flash the lights in a busy car park so that you can find it and remotely start the climate control so that you can cool the car down, or defrost it, before leaving the house.

The app, called MyT, also includes hybrid driving tips for anyone new to part-battery driving.

The Corolla already had a full five-star rating from Euro NCAP when it comes to crash safety, but Toyota has updated and upgraded the electronic safety kit under the name T-Mate. That upgrade includes a new forward-facing camera and radar that are claimed to be more effective than before, and which give the Corolla standard-fit adaptive cruise control.

The camera also allows for a new system called Proactive Driving Assist (PDA) — while this has some familiar functions such as collision warnings, it also includes a new active braking system that automatically ramps up the amount of energy recovered back into the battery when you lift off the accelerator while approaching a corner or when there’s a slower moving car in front.

It’s not quite ‘one-pedal’ driving, but it’s quite a useful and intuitive system that is backed up by a new active steering assistant that can help you swerve away from danger in an extreme situation.

Optionally, you can fit your Corolla with a blind-spot monitor and a rear cross-traffic alert, and with these systems comes an extra one — Safe Exit Assist, which warns you if you’re about to open a door into the path of an oncoming cyclist. It only works on the front doors, though, and unlike Hyundai’s system — which will actually inhibit the door latch to stop you opening it — the Corolla just has a flashing light and a warning beep.

Performance, power output and acceleration
While the engine capacity of the basic 1.8-litre Corolla hybrid has remained the same, Toyota says that has been significantly upgraded as part of its new fifth-generation hybrid setup. For the 1.8, that means a new, more efficient, lithium-ion battery and a more powerful — 94bhp and 136lb ft of torque — electric motor, as well as a new computer brain.

The effect of all that is higher peak power — 138bhp now, up from 121bhp previously — and the same or better efficiency.

The 2-litre version also gets more power — it’s now up to 193bhp — and it’s slightly lighter than before as it has switched from a nickel metal hydride battery to a lithium-ion pack.

The 1.8 version arguably makes the 2-litre model redundant, as its extra power is really only noticeable under hard acceleration and that’s just not how you drive a Corolla hybrid. Much better to accelerate relatively gently, and let the improved electric motor do more of the work.

Do that and you’ll not only save fuel (55mpg is easy, beyond 60mpg is certainly possible), but you’ll also save your ears. Toyota has worked hard — and largely successfully — over the years to remove from its hybrids the high-revving noise when accelerating, and it’s certainly noticeable that the Corolla spends less time grinding away at high rpm to gather speed on the motorway. Long uphill runs are not its friend, but noise levels are rarely excessive in day-to-day driving.

The extra power on offer has given the Corolla swifter 0-62mph times — 9.1 seconds for the 1.8, 7.4 seconds for the 2-litre, but you’ll need to be in Sport mode if you want to feel the system at its highest performing. In the more likely event that you’re driving in Normal or Eco modes, the Corolla’s hybrid engine just rows along nicely, if unspectacularly.

It’s certainly more noticeable how much more of the work is done by the electric motor than before. Not so long ago, you had to drive any Toyota hybrid with exceptional care to keep it running on electric power – as indicated by a little “EV” icon in the instruments. Now, you can accelerate quite decisively, and get well above 30mph before the petrol engine wakes up.

Toyota reckons that as much as 80 per cent of urban journeys in a Corolla can be done on just electric power, which is impressive if it can be replicated (we scored an apparent 50 per cent electric ratio on our mixed country road, motorway and town drive if the dashboard display is to be believed).

Ride and handling
In 2019, the Corolla was almost shocking in how nice it was to drive. Previous generations had been pretty forgettable, but with this 12th generation, suddenly there was sharp steering and a willing, engaging chassis. That carries forward to the updated model.

Comfort is still clearly more of a priority than excitement. The Corolla rides firmly, but with a well-damped sense of comfort. It only gets harsh if you spec it up with the 18in alloy wheels of the GR Sport models. The mid-spec 17in wheels are perfectly fine when it comes to comfort, although all Corolla models seem to suffer from too much tyre roar on coarse tarmac, which does spoil the refinement.

The steering is light but very fluid in feel and quite quick across its locks. The Corolla also seems to have plenty of front-end grip in reserve, so tightening corners hold no great fears.

It’s not as sharp in its steering feel as say a Ford Focus or a Mazda3, but it’s certainly satisfying, and on a twisty mountain road it’s easy to get the Corolla into a pleasant and enjoyable rhythm, sweeping from corner to corner.

That Proactive Driving Assist also helps, as the extra bit of regenerative braking when approaching a bend can help you better balance the car on corner entry, so it’s as much a driving aid as a safety and energy-saving feature.

Pricing and on-sale date
The Corolla is on sale now and prices start from £30,210 for an Icon spec hatchback with the 1.8-litre hybrid engine. Standard spec for Icon models includes 16in alloys, LED headlights, the 12.3in digital instrument screen, the 10.5in infotainment system with online connectivity and cloud-based navigation, a wireless phone charger, keyless entry and ignition, two-zone air conditioning, a reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors and heated front seats.

If you want the 2-litre engine in Icon form, that’ll cost you £31,955 while the Touring Sports estate costs £31,545 with the 1.8 engine, or £33,290 as a 2-litre, both in Icon spec.

For £31,780 you can upgrade your 1.8 hatchback to Design spec, which comes with 17in machined-look alloy wheels, uprated LED headlights, rear privacy glass, auto-folding door mirrors, rain sensing wipers, ambient cabin lighting and a self-dimming rear-view mirror. A 2-litre hatch in Design spec costs £33,525, while the estate 1.8 Design is £33,115 and the 2-litre Design is £34,860.

Sporty-looking GR Sport spec starts from £32,990 for the 1.8 hatchback (£34,735 for the 2-litre and £34,705 or £36,450 for the 1.8 and 2-litre Touring Sports respectively). For that you get a chunky body kit with unique front and rear bumper designs, 18in dark grey alloys, black door mirror caps, red contrast stitching for the inside (along with embossed GR Sport logos) and the option of a contrast-colour roof.

At the top of the range is the Excel model, which will set you back £33,400 for the 1.8 hatch; £35,145 for the 2-litre hatch; £35,115 for the 1.8 estate; or £36,860 for the 2-litre estate. Standard Excel equipment includes 18in alloys, adaptive high-beam control, leather upholstery, a head-up display, blind-spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, safe exit assist and the option of a panoramic glass sunroof.

Verdict: Toyota Corolla Hybrid review
The fact that Toyota hasn’t changed the Corolla much is perhaps not very surprising. After all, in 2021, the 50 millionth Corolla was sold, underscoring the success of the model’s history of steady evolution rather than stunning revolution.

It remains a sensible choice, and the upgrades to the hybrid system are welcome both for the extra power and for the still-excellent economy. It’s no high-performance ball of fire but the Corolla is sharper and more rewarding to drive than you might expect. Given Toyota’s well-earned reputation for reliability, it should be a satisfying car to own in the long term.

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Hello everyone.
Just have some questions. In 2000-2001 the Jeep XJ's have california emission and federal emission vehicles. I know the easiest way to tell is by looking on how many o2 sensors you have and the cats underneath the intake. Would it be the same for a 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ. I have the federal emission Jeep (only 2 o2 sensors). I'm California so makes the job passing smog a little extra fun. Thanks for the help.
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