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In the event of WW3 and Nuclear warfare this subreddit is here for anyone to use and communicate. While there will be widespread panic remember to remain calm and find the nearest bunker. This sub will be up only in times of absolute diaster. I've created it because of the recent conflicts over Russia and The U.S while I don't see it developing into a world war I think this subreddit will one day become useful. Goodluck Traveler

2023.05.28 22:06 throwRAcalorie5 My (29f) boyfriend (29m) is obsessed with weight loss and calories, and it's making me uncomfortable

Hello, I'm sorry this is a bit of a long one. TLDR at the bottom.
I've (29f) been dating my boyfriend (29m) for about 7 months now. A little over 2 months ago, he and a few of his coworkers had to leave the country for work. Ever since he left, he's become a bit obsessed with his weight , working out, and counting calories, and it's been making me uncomfortable.
He's been a self-proclaimed gym rat since we met, but he seems to be a bit obsessed now. He is constantly talking about how many calories he eats and how much weight he's lost since he left. I understand him being proud of himself and the work he's accomplished to achieve the body he has now, but the way he words some of his comments makes it seem like he really looks down on people who aren't slim or muscled up like he and his buddies are.
His attitude has been starting to make me feel uncomfortable because I'm about 40 pounds heavier than he was at his heaviest. I've struggled with weight my whole life, and it's a bit of a sore spot with me. While I work out and am on my own fitness journey, I don't obsessively count calories or work out every day. My ultimate fitness goals are to have healthy habits and increase my strength and flexibility rather than just lose weight. I've been doing relatively well, minus a chunk of time when I was extremely overwhelmed at work and stressing myself out, and I stopped working out. But I'm back to it now.
However, all of his comments and his strong desire to be thin when he's already very fit are making me very, very self-conscious about my progress and how I look. It makes me feel like I'm not doing enough because I don't work out every day, and I don't avoid junk food. I'm trying not to let it get to me, but it still does.
I don't think he's saying these comments maliciously, just offhandedly. But I get stuck on them and have a hard time accepting his love for me when I'm so heavy and he has such a negative outlook on being overweight himself, even though he's been pretty fit the entire time we've dated. He's never said anything directly to me about my weight or what I eat, but some of his comments still affect me.
For example, he had bought a new shirt off Amazon, and it was larger than he expected, so he said it's made for a fat guy and doesn't fit him right. And then shortly after, he said, "ya know, it might fit you well tho." I don't think he meant to be mean about it, but I do admit that hurt a bit.
So, I did try talking to him about how some of his comments were affecting me. I explained that I'm currently struggling with my weight and then told him some of my history surrounding my fitness journey, and he seemed to understand where I was coming from. He told me he'd be more careful about his comments, but I haven't noticed a difference. In fact, he's mentioned calories and weight more often now than before I told him.
He's supposed to come home for a visit soon and I'm a little worried about how I'll feel if he says similar comments in person or if he eats less and mentions the amount of calories in his meal or anything like that. I don't want to feel self-conscious about what I eat in front of him or how I look.
How I can get out of my own head when his comments are never directed at me? Should I have a more in-depth conversation with him about my struggles and how his comments are triggering some bad feelings I have surrounding my own weight loss? I want to be able to support him, but I'm having a difficult time doing so when I feel so bad about my own fitness. Please give me any advice you have about this situation.
TLDR: My (29f) boyfriend (29m) constantly talks about weight and calories, and it makes me uncomfortable because I struggle with my fitness. How do I ignore these comments and get out of my head so I can support him?
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2023.05.28 22:05 MFlippin [WTS] Maverick, Thug XL, Recon 035, Small Sebenza, Bugout, Mini J Cape, Dirac, UTX-85 and a Clyde

Several up for sale today as I continue to thin out my collection. Some are reposted from last week with price drops! I’m 99% sure I have all the boxes for each knife but will let any potential buyers know before finalizing any deals. All knives are PayPal Friends and Family shipped CONUS only please! Please excuse my crappy photography skills or any typos as I am throwing this together fairly quickly and have several to post!
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/BQIxzNQ
First up is a reposted Tactile Turn Ti Maverick(A-)- this knife has not been carried or used either and is just a bit large for my preference. The action seems ok but not as fidget friendly as my other axis lock knives. This also comes with an extra pocket clip, posts and a patch as when I received it the knife was missing a screw in the clip. I emailed tactile turn and they sent me an extra clip, posts and screws as well as a little TT patch. Asking $310 OBO PayPal friends and family only.
TT Maverick: https://imgur.com/a/scbdCOv
Guardian Tactical Recon 035 (B+)- This knife does not appear to have any issues however I have carried it a few times and have fidgeted with it several times over the year or so I’ve had it. So I am rating it a B+ to be safe. Action is super smooth on this otf and despite my love for Microtech I will say is much better than any of my Microtech otf’s. Blade is a distressed black drop point in Elmax steel. Asking $225 OBO PayPal friends and family only please.
GT Recon 035: https://imgur.com/a/WHwzsSp
WE Thug XL(B) - this knife is basically brand new and was never carried. I did cut some packages open with it but that’s all the use it’s seen. Action is nice on this one as well. I did notice a snail trail near the pivot that I have no idea where it came from so I rated this a B as well! Asking $225 OBO PayPal conus only please.
WE Thug XL: https://imgur.com/a/B9uiae5
Chris Reeve Small Sebenza (C+) - This knife has been slightly modified with me bronzing the hardware and was also sharpened on my KME a while back. It could use another touch up but is still fairly sharp! There is a fair amount of snail trails on the knife as it was a user but nothing major and the action is silky smooth! Will come with the lanyard pictured as well as the standard black one it came with as well as a clip insert for removing the pocket clip. S35VN steel and the DOB is 2/6/20 Asking $300 OBO PayPal Friends and Family only please.
CRK Small Sebenza: https://imgur.com/a/xQEc3qf
Something Obscene J Cape Mini(A)- I was just not a fan of the style or size of knife. It’s basically brand new only been flipped open and closed a few times and has a factory fresh blade! Asking $320 OBO PayPal F&F Conus only please.
Something Obscene J Cape mini: https://imgur.com/a/8DygydC
Microtech UTX-85(C) This knife has been modded quite a lot as it was not originally the distressed version. I put the distressing on it myself and also have sharpened it on my KME. It was one of my first attempts on the KME so it was not a perfect sharpening job. Other than the visible mods and some scratches from the sharpening there are no other issues. Action is typical of Microtech otf’s and should be shown in the video! Asking $175 OBO PayPal Conus only please!
Microtech UTX-85: https://imgur.com/a/wSDm24g
Microtech Dirac(B-) This knife is the antique bronze version and the action is great on it. I have carried it a fair amount and there are some scuffs on the handle and clip from being carried. Asking $185 OBO PayPal Friends and Family only please!
Microtech Dirac: https://imgur.com/a/hjhbiFJ
Benchmade Bugout(C) This knife has been carried and used a good bit and has some scratches on the blade coating from sharpening on a ken onion worksharp. The knife has aftermarket micarta scales as well as the original grivory scales it came with. Asking $100 PayPal friends and family Conus only please.
Benchmade Bugout: https://imgur.com/a/0e64Ntz
Giantmouse Ace Clyde(B+)This knife was carried a fair amount but not used to cut much and was never sharpened. Rating it a B to be safe but I cannot see any issues with it and the action is really smooth. Asking $100 PayPal friends and family conus only please.
Giantmouse Ace Clyde: https://imgur.com/a/iGWL5AX
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2023.05.28 22:05 Murky-Being-6864 Where do normal Horriblins spawn?

I have a bit of a nuance question. I need horriblin horns to upgrade my froggy armor and I need the basic level one horriblin horns to get my armor to level two. I have already completed 4 temples so my world difficulty is pretty high. Does anyone know where I could find the basic horriblin? Or could explain how the game decides when to spawn the level ones in? All I really come across is blue horriblins. I’ve been looking all over the internet for an answer but I cannot seem to find an answer.
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2023.05.28 22:04 totalredditn00b Simi's wasteland cooking class level 2: Intermediate (Herbivore)

Hi bowhunters, in my last post I went over 3 core food buffs I always run that are easy to manage and make, this time we will dive a little bit deeper adding agility max ap and xp buffs.
To maximize these foods I run herbivore and strange in numbers, if your food states a lower buff it is either because you are not herbivore or none of your teammates are mutated.
Let's start with my favorite, steeped melon blossom chai for +5 AGI lasting 1 hour!: agility is your bread and butter as a bowhunter, more agility gives: more max ap and better stealth. We craft melon blossom chai with: boiled water, melon blossom, mutated fern flower and spices. - I hope by now you are camping near a body of water - melon blossoms are rare but I only visit 2 locations: the generals steakhouse has 6 aaronhold homestead has 3 (walk straigt from spawn point theyre in between the junk pile and the shack in the field hard to see, one of them is weirdly called something else but if it looks like a melon blossom pick it up it will give melon blossom) we will visit aaronhold for another buff on this list - spices cannot be farmed or crafted like salt and pepper it is something you find while looting if you are following since last post you have saved up some, there is also a great list going around our discord and reddit where alot of you guys have already contributed locations. - mutated ferns grow in a lot of places and I dont actively seek them out, there is ferns at: queen fight near trees, westtek, the general steakhouse and alot more places I already commonly visit if you do want a one stop shop for your mutated ferns over 100 can be gathered between grafton steel yard and the location of a swarm of suitors to the west.
Even though the steeped melon blossom chai boosts our max ap by increasing our ap it doesnt overwrite a foodbuff that only gives max ap so we can add another tea boosting our max ap. For the best buff we make infused soot flower tea giving +50 to our max ap for 1 hour. To craft it we need: boiled water, soot flower, starlight berries and pepper. - I pray your water situation is okay by now - soot flowers grow everywhere in the forest especially around the vault. - we already have a good starlight berry location in the deep but if you want more there is a ton between the slocums joe near wayward the 3 houses on to the south and then follow the railway back north past slocums to gauley mine exit. For another batch of starlight berries. - pepper like spices cant be crafted however they are usually found near spices or instead of spices, a good chef always has ample amounts of salt, pepper and spices on hand.
Wow so now we have a buff increasing our ap regen our max ap and our agility! This means for a lot of us that we either completely remove the action boy perk or use it only at level one leaving us with more room in our build for those sweet food perks I mentioned in level one of the guide, all we need is to grind some levels to buy the perks luckily the next 2 buffs will massively increase our xp gains.
Let's start with the easy one, cranberry relish gives +25% xp for 1 hour! That's like a fifth lunchbox?! And you can craft them??!! All we need is: boiled water, cranberries, gourds and sugar. - do a rain dance and pray for some boiled water if you still don't have a spot near water - cranberries can be found at aaronhold homestead only guarded by some insects or in sunrise field in the cranberry bog if you like mirelurk queens (correct me if im wrong on the spot I dont like mirelurks haha I still go to the noob spot) or the sparse sundew grove which is a very beautiful location in the cranberry bog with almost no enemies. - gourd can be planted at your camp do a quick search on YouTube for the single wild gourd spawn and replant it at your camp - unlike spices salt and pepper sugar can just be crafted dont forget! Run along your favorite river.
Plant some gourds at your camp keep your sugar up occasionally grab cranberries and never run out again.
But wait there's more we can increase our xp gains even more with brain bombs boosting intelligence by 7,5 for 90 minutes, to craft it we need: brain fungus, mothman eggs, !purified! water and irradiated sugar bombs
Having foods you cant farm yourself or ingredients you can't bulk farm might seem annoying but I can assure you that if you are actively playing and exploring the map has plenty of salt pepper spices and irradiated sugar bombs and I never run out of it, another thing I do is check every vendor bot their food section for any ingredients or colas. I can also argue that its not stupid but incredibly fun to be exploring a random place seeing a house and raiding the kitchen cabinets, the dopamine spike is massive everytime I randomly run across spices or sugar bombs and it keeps the game interesting for me.
Another fun one to keep an eye out for is melon bloom sounds a lot like melon blossom but sadly cant be found anywhere except for randomly in small blue coolers, with it you can craft a tea just as strong as the infused soot flower tea but they cant be stacked. Checking every blue cooler is advised because they can also contain sugar bombs and colas.
Another big tip is you can respawn all world spawns such as the 5 sugar bombs in the bath or the wild plants by using the world respawn method which is really easy. I advise you to look it up but the short version is. The game remembers the last 250 ish things you grabbed and respawns the other stuff after you server hop so grab desired stuff then grab 300 books in the weird book house in summerville server hop grab your desired thing again, to make a full loop you can grab a bunch of carrot flowers at palace of the winding path with green thumb then server hop and both the books and desired items are back. (Hot take this is the easier company tea farm)
It is important to never forget to equip super duper for 30% chance at doubling your crafted foods.
If you run out of wood because you are crafting so much food remember caps are worth nothing to a smart forager and wood is sold in bulk for cheap by robots. If you find yourself in need of caps make mentats from carrot flower, brain fungus and firecap and craft berry mentats with mentat firecracker berry and starlight berry. Use chemist to make 2 mentats and those into 4 berry mentats also use super duper for 30% bonus. They sell fast at 50 medium at 60 slow at 70 caps and you make 300 of them in like 15 minutes if you know the route. This is not a mentat guide but if you combine all your knowledge with the resources on discord you can figure it out.
Next time we are looking at even more buffs most of which are more situational like defensive buffs and a +5 strength for the carry weight or the melee sidearm. We will also have a brief overview of the chems I recommend.
My tip for next week is that almost every other plant can be used in some way so keep a mental note of any firecaps, silt beans, aster, gourd blossom and ofcourse all of the already stated ingredients.
And ofcourse I want to know from you! What is your go to location for one of the above stated ingredients or what recipe is absolutely missing from this list or required for the next one let me know. What perks are you no longer using because a food buff took over its role and what is your tip for juggling all these buffs for an apprentice chef?
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2023.05.28 22:04 tsaico Looking for suggestions for a company that saved me a few times

I have a good friend that owns a physical hard drive data recovery and forensics company. They have been in business for close to 25 years now. They are ISO certified (forget the specific thing, but they spent a TON of money to get to it like 15 years ago, clean room, static, benchwork training etc) and overall business has been good. But starting maybe 5 years ago, the threats starting growing of ransomware being the reason why people are losing data vs. dead hard drives or other physical recovery which is what he specializes in, and business has reflected that. I am also sure that more data being stored in the cloud vs in prem doesn't help the situation.
In any case, he still has a long work life ahead of him, but he is starting to feel a little unsure about the future and where he will stand. He dabbled in doing repair work since his team is familiar with board level repair, but it hasn't really helped, and he would get far more busted screens (race to the bottom type work) vs laptops and that sort. He also does cloud back up, but the corporate customers have their internal IT or MSPs, plus a gluttony of options out there for that (regardless of how good or bad some of them are.
He reached out to me for ideas of what he can do with his staff. He thinks if things continues the way they are for another 5 years, he will be out of business. What ideas would you guys recommend?
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2023.05.28 22:04 ISwearImNotAnAI NVIDIA P40 passthrough

Im trying to get a NVIDIA P40 working on a ubuntu VM using the passthrough. I want to use run some AI projects etc. But no matter what i do, no matter which driver i install or how i install it i always get the message: nvidia-smi cannot communicate with the driver. I tried installing the driver through apt, through ubuntu-drivers, and throught the .run file from the nvidia website.
I tried installing a windows 10 vm. And now the P40 takes priority over the virtual graphics card and i get: guest has not initialized the display yet. Even though the P40 has no video out ports. So i cant attach a screen to it either.
Its driving me insane cause i have 30 days to verify the card even works before having to send it back... (ebay purchase). And i cant even get to a point where i can say its the driver that doesnt work or the card.
The card does show up in cpu-x as a nvidia p40. But it always says: no driver.
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2023.05.28 22:04 Honest-Credit-1297 Melinda and the Little Green Men

Melinda and the Little Green Men
by Andrew Roller
Melinda and the Little Green Men
Table of Contents
Chapter One - A Sad End
Chapter Two - A Castle for a Queen
Chapter Three - Incommodious
Chapter Four - The Sewer Room
Chapter Five - The Teleport Threat
Chapter Six - Neverwhere
Chapter Seven - Permanent Perigee
Chapter Eight - Losers Welcome ( Especially )
Chapter Nine - Buried Alive
Chapter Ten - Gone Away
Chapter Eleven - Dead Broke
Chapter Twelve - Grave’s End
Chapter Thirteen - Audition
Chapter Fourteen - Heavenly Flush
Chapter Fifteen - Coffined
Chapter Sixteen - The Big Bang
Chapter Seventeen - A Sucky Day
Chapter Eighteen - Examination
Chapter Nineteen - Expelled
Chapter Twenty - Enslaved
Chapter Twenty-One - The Bugler
Chapter Twenty-Two - The Gates of Salvation
Chapter Twenty-Three - The Amateur Genius
Chapter Twenty-Four - Pooper’s Paradise
Chapter Twenty-Five - Eisegesis
Melinda and the Little Green Men
by Andrew Roller
Chapter One - A Sad End
It was their last day on earth. The two girls, playing in the field in their suburban neighborhood, didn’t know this. If Melinda and Emily were ever to return to earth, it wouldn’t be for a very long time.
Melinda was ten years old. I could say that she looked “striking”. Or I could use some other politically correct term. In fact, she was very lovely. Her lank, flaxen hair fell to her slim waist. A white string bikini clung to her svelte figure.
Emily was seven years old. Her short red hair fell to her shoulders. Stout, she resembled a girl version of Winnie-the-Pooh. Emily wore a one-piece floral print swimsuit. Both girls had on rubber flip-flops.
Emily was clever. Though she was only seven years old, she wore a red fireman’s hat with the number “21” printed on it. Emily hoped that her hat would fool people into believing that she was older, or even that she was a fireman.
On this bright sunny day, something flashed in the sky. Both girls saw the silvery disc as it caught the sunlight. Emily was quick to figure out what it was.
“It’s a flying saucer!” Emily said. Melinda, who was taller than Emily, watched it with her friend. The saucer sailed over the neighborhood. As it approached, the girls saw it clearly. It had a flat circular base, and a domed top. A line of porthole-like windows encircled the lower part of the dome. There was a front-facing windshield.
The saucer, and its shadow, skimmed over the field. The saucer’s shadow briefly engulfed the girls. Then the saucer passed over a treeline. It settled into tree-dotted scrubland. From that place came a sound of snapping tree limbs, and of brush being crushed. Silence followed.
“Let’s go!” Emily urged. Both girls wanted a closer look at the flying saucer. It was unimaginable that such an object could land in their neighborhood! The girls had no idea that they would soon be swept up in an ongoing galactic war. They rushed into the treeline. Then Melinda and Emily crept into the shady brush beyond.
The saucer was there. It stood on metal legs, hulking amid the surrounding trees. An electrical hum, like that put out by high tension wires, came softly from the saucer’s smooth hull.
An airlock opened in the side of the saucer. A stair-equipped gangplank descended. Then, as Melinda and Emily watched, a line of little green men came down the gangplank. The men were about as tall as the girls. They were carrying a pink worm. It was a big worm, as big as a little green man.
The men laid their worm down on the grass. The last men in the group had brought shovels. The shortest of the little green men was in charge of the men. Named Chirpley, he set several men to work digging a hole.
Emily crept forward. Melinda tried to stop her, but decided to accompany her. The little green men saw the girls. There was a mutual cry of surprise from both parties. The men stopped their digging. Emily asked what they were doing.
“We’re digging a grave,” Chirpley answered. He and the other men stood with solemn faces. Emily, who sometimes went fishing, said that it was odd to bury a worm. She only dug worms out of the earth.
Chirpley stood straighter. He, like his fellows, had a round head. Two green antennae stuck out of the top of his head. He was without clothing, except for a white loincloth that, being puffy and full, resembled diapers. Chirpley wore white gloves. On his small feet were big, rhinestone-studded cowboy boots.
“This is no ordinary worm!” Chirpley told the girls. “It’s our queen!”
“Except she’s dead now,” a second little green man said. He looked much like Chirpley, with a round head and antennae. He wore a loincloth, gloves, and cowboy boots.
“She was a very old queen,” a third little green man said.
“So, since she’s dead, we must bury her,” a fourth little green man said. There were, in all, a dozen of them.
“Stand aside!” Chirpley told the girls. It didn’t matter that the girls were already at a distance from the dead worm. Chirpley rarely missed a chance to look important. Even in front of little Earth girls.
The little green men dug their grave. Or, rather, a few of them did, while the others watched this with Melinda and Emily. Chirpley supervised.
The dead queen was buried. The little green men had just filled in her grave when someone, off in the trees, yelled,
“Attack!” Stones and handfuls of dirt flew from the treeline. Several little green men were hit by the stones. A stone banged off of Emily’s Fire hat. She and Melinda screamed. So did the little green men. The men ran back aboard their flying saucer and, as neighborhood boys whooped and hollered, and threw more dirt and stones, Melinda and Emily followed the men.
No sooner had the green men and the girls rushed into the saucer, than something came out of it. Two somethings, in fact. They were grotesque. Ghosts, they resembled white sheets torn by the wind from a clothesline.
The boys charged from the trees. They were attacking through the shady brush when the ghosts set upon them.
“OOOOOO!” the ghosts howled. The boys screamed in terror. They fled back into the trees, and into the field.
The saucer hummed more loudly. Its gangplank retracted. Just before the ship buttoned itself up, the ghosts zipped back inside of it. The saucer whisked into the sky. It disappeared beyond the clouds.
Within the saucer, Melinda and Emily cringed before the ghosts. These hung over them, looking horrid. The ghosts had blank, bulging eyes, and gaping mouths with fangs. They had scared the boys, and were now scaring the girls. To the little green men, they were damn annoying.
“Our spaceship’s haunted,” Gauss apologized. He was one of the men. He and several of his crewmates, though dressed like the others, also wore utility belts.
“But we got it at a discount,” a fellow crewman said. The green men stood with the girls on the saucer’s bridge. To one side was the closed airlock. To the right, and to the rear, the bridge opened onto other rooms.
The saucer was named “Regoob”. Compared to a military cruiser, it was a little ship. Yet Regoob was plenty roomy. Its many spaces held a number of unwanted passengers. But these occupants were mostly small, and furtive, unlike the two hovering ghosts.
One occupant was big. He was a worm, like the men’s dead queen. He slithered about in the saucer’s recesses. Except now. Curious about the girls, this worm peered from a shadowed corridor. Then, he did the one thing that he was known for, and named for. He farted.
“Farrrrrrrrt!” It was a big, smelly fart. Both girls clutched their little noses. The little green men did the same. The ghosts, who had been so hideously maleficent, fled. An embarrassed Fartley slipped away into the ship.
“Peeyou!” Emily cried. Melinda echoed her. The girls made for the airlock. That’s when they realized that Regoob was airborne. In fact, the little saucer was far beyond the Earth.
“We’d better go home,” Melinda said. Emily wasn’t so sure. The saucer’s pilot’s seat, before its dashboard and its windshield, struck her as inviting.
“Can I drive?” she asked. Since no one was, at the moment, controlling where the saucer went, she figured she might try.
That’s when Gauss saw the Moon approaching. It was approaching fast. He gave a cry of alarm. The other men, now seeing what he saw, gave panicked yells.
Emily jumped into the pilot’s chair. Grabbing the saucer’s yoke, she steered the ship clear of the Moon.
“Hooray!” the little green men yelled, with Melinda. Emily continued to fly the speeding saucer. Gauss gave her driving tips.
Soon, the ship was approaching Jupiter. As anyone who’s watched the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” knows, or even the film, “Starship Poopers”, Jupiter is no ordinary planet. It’s a gateway to other parts of the galaxy.
Emily couldn’t resist flying through a galactic gateway. Regoob sped toward Jupiter. The planet soon filled Regoob’s windshield.
Within Jupiter’s clouds was a bright oval. This wasn’t Jupiter’s red spot, but a metal doughnut. This doughnut, however, was slender. It was dotted by circular lights.
“Head for the center!” Gauss said to Emily. She did. Regoob shot through the slim doughnut and into hyperspace.
A kaleidoscope of colors streaked past Regoob. They were very pretty. The girls remarked upon them as Regoob tunneled through our galaxy.
The little saucer popped from hyperspace. It sailed among the ordinary stars again. Ahead was a ringed planet.
“That’s Quigley!” Zolna, one of the little green men, told the girls.
“We live there, in a castle.” Gauss said.
“A castle!” Melinda was impressed.
“Does your castle have a fireman?” Emily asked. The answer was “no”. So Emily, who was now Regoob’s pilot, asked to be the men’s fireman as well. The men agreed.
This left Melinda wondering what she could be. Before dinner, of course, since she still hoped to get home soon.
“You can be our queen!” Zolna told her.
“I’ll be the princess!” Emily said. She was still intent, too, on being the men’s fireman and pilot.
“I’m the king!” Chirpley said. This brought Fartley-like noises from the other men. So Chirpley settled on being what he already was, the men’s captain.
Somewhere in the ship, Fartley ensured his place in this little world, by farting.
Quigley loomed. Space traffic was flowing toward the purple planet. Quigley was belted by shimmering rings. But their colors clashed. Melinda remarked on this.
“It’s better than having no rings at all, like Earth,” Chirpley riposted. He did not mention that planet Quigley lacked a moon.
Emily followed the space traffic into Quigley’s atmosphere. There, the ships scattered to their destinations. Emily, directed by Gauss, flew over a city. Its buildings, compared to those on Earth, were outlandishly shaped. Beyond the city lay a beach community. And then, shining to the sunlit horizon, was a lavender sea.
“Land there,” Gauss told Emily. He meant the far side of the beach community, near the seashore. Emily put the saucer down in a patch of sand.
Regoob stood upon its metal legs amid other parked spaceships. Makeshift buildings were also neighbors to to Regoob. No castle was in sight. The sea lay near.
Chapter Two - A Castle for a Queen
Zolna opened the airlock. Its gangplank lowered, and the men and the girls disembarked. The hour was noon. It was hot. There was a salt tang in the air and, in the distance, the waves could be heard as they broke along the shore.
Chirpley led the party along a sandy trail. It wound between the spaceships and the homes. Hofsted, the fattest of the little green men, waddled at the file’s rear. He complained about leaving the ship.
“We’ll be at our castle soon,” Chirpley said.
The beach community slumbered in the seaside air. There were odd odors. These smells, of cooking food, caused Hofsted to say he was hungry. The men ignored him. A seagull sailed overhead.
Creatures gazed here and there from the spaceships and from the homes. Their alien faces startled Melinda and Emily. It was as if they’d wandered into a back lot on Star Wars, full of extras in outlandish costumes! Some of the aliens were surprised to see the girls.
“What are Earthlings doing here?!” an alien asked.
“There goes the neighborhood,” an alien, observing the girls, lamented.
Chirpley heard this.
“Commoners!” he riposted, to his alien neighbors. “Show some respect for royalty!” Melinda realized that Chirpley meant her, and Emily. She blushed. As for Emily, she trotted along with a self-confident look. She’d piloted a flying saucer, and now she was the inheritor of Luke Skywalker’s realm. Plus she was a fireman, and a princess. This was a fine day!
The trail led onto the beach. It was mostly vacant on this weekday, with a few bathers and seagulls. Chirpley indicated a large sculpted heap of sand on the shore. It stood just above where the inrolling sea boiled.
“There it is!” he said. He and his crewmates beamed at Melinda and Emily.
The men had built a big sand castle. It had some attractive towers, a wall and a moat. Several small flags, in various colors, decorated the edifice. An old door lay across the moat. It gave access to a hole in the ground, that the castle enclosed.
Emily was entranced. When the men invited her to come inside, meaning down into the hole, she agreed. Melinda cautiously accompanied them. As she did, she seemed to hear her name on the wind. But she saw nothing unusual, besides the bathing aliens and the seagulls.
Zolna led the group into the hole. He did so with a flashlight. Several other men lit flashlights too, as the group entered the hole.
The hole had a stone staircase. It had been carved by time, and by an intelligent hand. Sand dusted or clung to some of the steps. So did seaweed and seashells. These also cluttered the floor of the cave that the stairs led down into. An old stove sat in the cave.
“This is Mr. Lehman’s cave,” Zolna told Melinda and Emily.
“We used to be his gardeners,” Hofsted said proudly.
“Gardners?” Melinda asked. She saw only stone, and the oceans’s detritus.
“It was an easy job,” Hofsted admitted.
“He’s a sailor,” Chirpley said.
“But he’s disappeared,” Gauss added. “We don’t see him anymore.”
“That’s too bad,” Melinda said.
An apparition appeared on the stairs, near the lowest step. Melinda yelped. Emily gave a gasp of surprise, and the men gave startled cries.
“Melinda,” the ghostly figure said. It resolved itself as a tall, slender boy.
“You’re human!” Emily gasped. The boy’s image remained streaked with transmission lines, as if it were being beamed into the cave from far away.
“Quiet!” the boy snapped at Emily. She gasped anew. So did Melinda, and the others
“You’re my bride,” the boy told Melinda. The bikini-clad girl shrieked.
“I’m King Kleigowski,” the boy said. “From Earth, of course. My galactic fleet will arrive in a moment. Stay here as it attacks. Then, I will land, and we’ll be married,” the boy said to Melinda.
Seawater spilled down the stairs. The boy’s image vanished.
“My God!” Melinda gasped.
“She’s not marrying you!” Emily, finding her courage, told the place on the stairs where the boy’s image had been.
More seawater came down the stairs.
“We’d better go,” Zolna said. “The cave floods at high tide.”
Emily scrambled up the stairs with Melinda. The men followed. The tide was boiling about the castle. In the clear sky above, thunder sounded. Then sirens began to wail in the distance. Kevin Kleigowski, who had been terrorizing the galaxy’s far side for some time, was now attacking Planet Quigley!
Melinda and Emily ran with the men from the beach. They headed back to Regoob. All about them, the beach community was coming alive to the danger that thundered above. A battle was underway in the sky.
Melinda and Emily ran up the gangplank into Regoob. As the crew came in after them, a seagull flew into the ship. Emily reclaimed her place in the pilot’s seat.
Regoob took off. Other spaceships were beginning to rise from the land too. Suddenly, a transmission forced itself onto a television screen on Regoob’s dashboard. A man in a military uniform issued a warning. His insignia showed that he was a Quiglian general.
“Attention all civilians!” the general warned. “We’re under attack! Do not leave Planet Quigley! All civilian spaceships are grounded!”
“We’d better land,” Hofsted said.
“Ignore that!” Chirpley shouted.
“But—“ Melinda gasped. Emily flew stolidly higher.
“We’re soldiers!” Chirpley said.
“We’re volunteer lifeguards,” Zolna said.
“Good enough!” Chirpley retorted.
The saucer was now climbing at an eye-popping speed. It cleared the clouds, and the sunlit sky. The starry cosmos opened before it. The ship sped toward the nearest ship in the Quiglian fleet. The Quiglians were locked in a battle with King Kleigowski’s ships.
As Regoob closed on the big Quiglian cruiser, the general reappeared on the saucer’s dashboard T.V.
“Stop!” the general ordered.
Chirpley drew himself up to his full, diminutive height.
“Sir!” he told the general, with an irked look. “I am Chirpley Superlapee.” To Emily, Chirpley said, “Full speed ahead!” Then, for effect, he added, “Don’t shoot ‘till you see the whites of the their eyes.” Since he was sounding very important, Chirpley added, “Your money or your life!”
The saucer rushed at the cruiser. As it loomed, Emily began to think that going full speed ahead might not be a good idea.
Then she realized that they were too close to the cruiser to stop! As a collision became obvious, she leapt from the pilot’s seat.
“Duck!” Emily called to Melinda. Samuel, the seagull who’d flown into the ship, drew himself up to his full, diminutive height. He did so on the floor, where he’d settled by Melinda’s feet.
“I, Miss, am not a duck! I’m a sea-“ Samuel began.
Melinda felt a sudden tingling wash over her. She was standing somewhere else, if still beside Samuel, as the bird finished giving his species.
“-gull,” Samuel said.
They were all someplace else. That is, the girls, the men, and whatever else that had been on the saucer’s bridge, was now in a jail cell. The jail’s front wall and it’s door consisted of iron bars. A heavy white mist clung to the jail’s ceiling.
The saucer was nowhere to be seen. But there was a low hum, that is common to spaceships.
A tall boy came to the cell’s door. Melinda gasped. So did Emily, as cries came from the men.
“It’s that boy!” Melinda yelped, alarmed, to cries of alarm from her cellmates. She cringed. So did Emily, and the others.
“Call me Kevin,” the boy said. He grinned at Melinda. “You’re lucky I’m around. Your little friend ( he meant Emily ) crashed your saucer into a Quiglian cruiser.”
“I’m not marrying you!” Melinda said.
“Me neither!” Emily said.
“Me neither!” Hofsted said.
Kevin laughed.
“You’d better let me do the thinking,” he told Melinda. “My teleport ray couldn’t reach you on planet Quigley. You were too far away. So I told you to stay. And what did you do?” He grinned, and not pleasantly. “You fled, of course, directly toward me!”
As Kevin spoke, the mist coalesced. Suddenly, it was no longer a mist, but a pair of fanged, bulging-eyed ghosts!
“OOOOOO!” the ghosts howled, at Kevin. The boy ran shrieking out of the jail cell. A moment later, tingling engulfed Melinda. Everyone else in the cell was caught in the same sensation. Then, as suddenly as they’d arrived, the captives all disappeared from the jail cell.
Chapter Three - Incommodious
Melinda sat on the floor. Her head rested against a tiled wall. A sink was above it. Around her, in disorder, lay a number of little green men. Emily sat nearby. Samuel, lying near Emily, righted himself. He flew up and about in a mist that floated along the bathroom ceiling.
They’d been teleported again.
“Where are we now?!” Emily asked.
“I’m in a toilet!” Chirpley shouted, from a bathroom stall. “Help!”
The men and the girls gathered themselves. Some of the men, being teleported to the bathroom, had landed in toilet stalls. Chirpley hadn’t just wound up in a stall. He’d been planted with such force into a toilet that his bottom was stuck in the hole at its base. Toilet water surrounded his semi-submerged figure. He gazed helplessly from the commode.
“Don’t flush it!” Chirpley cried, of his toilet, as the girls and some crewmen piled into his stall. The group couldn’t help laughing. Chirpley, however, didn’t laugh. Being stuck in a toilet was not his idea of a good time,
Emily and the crew pulled Chirpley out of the toilet. He was unhurt. His body was wet in places. His diaper-like loincloth was soaked.
A woman screamed. Shouts came from the men who hadn’t crammed themselves into Chirpley’s stall.
Kevin had teleported his captives from his spaceship to a Quiglian one. Specifically, he’d teleported his captives into a ladies’ bathroom aboard the Quiglian ship.
“Eeeeek!” the woman visitor screamed. “There are men in the bathroom! In the ladies’ bathroom!” Soldiers arrived. When they learned that the men in the women’s bathroom had also crashed their saucer into the Quiglian ship, they arrested them. Chirpley and his crew were brought before General Grouchley. They were accompanied by Melinda and Emily.
General Grouchley commanded the Quiglian fleet. His flagship was called The Drut. It was this that Regoob had crashed into.
George Grouchley was big, fat and green. His uniform strained to contain him. It was he who had grounded all of Quigley’s civilian ships, and who’d ordered Regoob to stop. It was he whom Chirpley had disobeyed.
Chirpley stood to attention before General Grouchley. He did so with wet pants, from the toilet. Gathered behind Chirpley was his crew, and the girls. The volunteer lifeguard saluted the general. This did not improve George’s mood.
“I understand you were in the ladies’ bathroom,” George said to Chirpley.
“Yes, sir,” Chirpley answered. “I was stuck in a toilet.”
“Your saucer crashed into my ship!” George told Chirpley.
“Yes, Sir,” the volunteer lifeguard replied. Emily slipped partly behind Melinda, to escape the general’s eyes.
“We’ll need a new ship,” Chirpley told George. “To continue our noble fight against King Kleigowski.”
“Kleigowski’s fleet is in full retreat!” George told Chirpley. “I’m not sure what happened. One minute they were attacking, the next — they were fleeing!”
“I may know why - “ Chirpley said.
“Obviously, I’m an even better general than I knew,” George concluded. He eyed Chirpley. “Get your stinky saucer out of my ship! And stay out of the ladies’ bathroom!”
“Yes, Sir,” Chirpley replied.
Several women came screaming into the general’s presence.
“Help!” the women shouted. “Our bathroom is haunted!”
Chapter Four - The Sewer Room
Regoob had smashed through a large glass panel in the hull of The Drut, near its stern. Doing so, Regoob had plunged itself into a big cesspool. Much of the cesspool’s contents had emptied into outer space. This left the saucer at the bottom of the big cesspool, in such sludge as remained. The cesspool stank.
Repair ships had plugged the hole in The Drut’s hull. The big, open cesspool was in The Drut’s sewer room. This was a big, high-ceilinged room, with a crane. As Regoob’s crew arrived, along with the girls, the crane lifted Regoob out of the cesspool. It plopped the saucer, with a clang, onto the sewer room’s floor. A work crew gathered about the stinky craft.
Chirpley strode up to the work crew.
“I am the captain of this august ship,” he said, in a tone that he hoped sounded important. Chirpley had a high voice. But now, his voice was mouse-squeaky, for he was holding his nose. So was his whole crew, and the girls.
The work crew was wearing disposable masks. One of them regarded Chirpley, who remained in wet pants.
“You own this piece of shit?” the workman asked Chirpley. “It’s going to need a lot of cleaning.”
“We’ll wait until you’re done with it,” Chirpley said.
“You’ll clean it now,” a workman told Chirpley. “General Grouchley wants you, and your saucer, off of his ship!”
“Oh!” Chirpley said. “We must have important duties awaiting us.”
“The general just wants you to go!” a workman said.
Meanwhile, back at the ladies’ bathroom, a priest had been called. He was exorcising the bathroom of its two ghosts. Ladies waited with rising anxiety as this holy procedure proceeded.
“Hurry up!” a woman complained.
“I have to go!” another woman said.
The priest paused in his incantations. He assured the ladies that they wouldn’t have to wait long. There was no need to go elsewhere. The priest was a speedy priest. But, if he were to rush, in an unholy way, the ghosts might not be exorcised. So the priest proceeded with due reverence for the divine. And the ladies waited. With rising anxiety.
Chapter Five - The Teleport Threat
Regoob left The Drut. That ship, and its fleet, were now returning to planet Quigley. Emily was piloting Regoob. She was doing so with the purpose of learning to fly it better.
Melinda was aboard Regoob. So was everyone in Regoob’s crew. Samuel, the seagull, had again invited himself aboard. The ghosts, exorcised from the ladies’ bathroom, were aboard Regoob too.
On the saucer’s bridge, teleportation was being discussed.
“People teleport all the time on Star Trek,” Emily said. Chirpley had seen the show.
“We call it ‘Apes in Space’”, he said. Emily scowled at him.
“Who knew an ape - I mean, a human - would invent teleportation?” Gauss asked. Melinda asked what he meant.
“No one in the galaxy can teleport,” Gauss said. “Except, now, Kevin Kleigowski can.” Everyone on the bridge considered this.
“We need to stop him,” Melinda said.
“Yes!” Emily agreed. “He could attack Earth!”
Chirpley saw a chance to be important. Standing straight, though he was still short, he said,
“Men! We must go after King Kleigowski! We must climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, and go where only apes in space have gone before!”
Gauss hastened to a computer.
“I’ll see if I can find the king’s fleet,” he said.
“Maybe we should ask for help from General Grouchley,” Melinda said. Chirpley bristled.
“I’ll be in command of this mission,” he said. “Since it was my idea!”
“General Grouchley didn’t do anything to defeat the king,” Zolna said. “It was our ghosts who scared him off.”
“I found him!” Gauss said. He meant the king’s fleet. Gauss told Emily what direction to fly in. She did so. Chirpley, pleased, began to practice a victory speech.
“I came,” he intoned. “I saw - “
“And I got stuck in the toilet,” a crewman said.
Chapter Six - Neverwhere
Kevin Kleigowski was angry. The panicked retreat of his fleet had put his ships into disarray. The fault was his own. His fleet was crewed by robots. Their purpose was to obey.
Kevin stood on the bridge of his flagship, Teliot. He spoke with his robot admiral, Dolt 0001.
“Take the fleet through a hypergate,” Kevin ordered his admiral. “We’ll reorganize ourselves on its far side.”
“Yes, Sir,” Admiral Dolt answered. Kevin’s fleet was soon flying toward a distant gas giant. There, it would pass through the planet’s hypergate.
Unknown to Kevin, a little saucer, flown by a seven-year-old girl, was hot on his trail.
Kevin’s fleet neared the gas giant. As Regoob closed on the fleet, Gauss told Emily,
“Hurry! They might go anywhere in hyperspace!”
Regoob snaked among the disordered vessels.
“Land on Teliot,” Gauss told Emily. “That’s the king’s flagship.”
Teliot was a big cruiser. Emily zipped above it. She put the small saucer down amid the outbuildings that topped Teliot’s hull.
The cruiser, and its accompanying fleet, passed into the gas giant’s hypergate.
Emily yawned. She was in a flying saucer in hyperspace, atop a galactic cruiser, but she was also a sleepy seven-year-old. Melinda shared her sense of exhaustion. She said so.
“And I need a bath,” Melinda said.
“I don’t need a bath!” Emily said.
“Emily Fortley, we will both take a bath!” Melinda said. The little green men escorted the girls to a bathroom. The area included a laundry room. When the girls were bathing, they found that they weren’t alone.
“Hey! Quit looking!” Emily said, spying the ghosts in their bathroom.
“Shoo!” Melinda scolded.
The ghosts, sniggering, slipped away.
Melinda and Emily bedded down in a bedroom aboard Regoob.
“Good night, Emily,” Melinda said.
“Good night, Melinda,” Emily said. Neither girl could guess what the hour was back on earth. Then both got a rude reminder of where they were. Fartley trumpeted a loud goodnight in the near distance. The girls escaped the ensuing smell by falling asleep.
As for the little green men, they were concluding their day. They soon bedded down in the room with the sleeping girls. The saucer, atop Teliot, was still passing through hyperspace.
“I don’t know where the king is going, but he’s going a long way,” Gauss said.
“He could be going in circles,” a crewman said. “To throw off pursuers.”
“We’ll board Teliot tomorrow,” Zolna said.
“We can’t do that until we’re out of hyperspace,” Gauss said.
“When we are, I’ll lead the way,” Chirpley said. “Hofsted?”
“Yes, Sir?”
“Bring a trumpet. I’ll need you to blow it.”
“Sir?” Hofsted asked.
“Huh?” Zolna asked.
“It will be a great heroic deed to capture King Kleigowski,” Chirpley said. “When we charge him, Hofsted can blow the trumpet.”
“What about all of his robots?” a crewman asked.
“We’ll charge them too,” Chirpley said. “Zolna!”
“You bring a trumpet too.”
“Maybe we should just bring Fartley along,” someone said.
“Yes!” Chirpley said. “We’ll have loud farts, and loud trumpeting, and then I’ll say ‘Charge!’. Very loudly.”
“After we leave hyperspace,” Gauss said.
With this, the little green men went to sleep.
The 10-year-old sat upright. She’d gone to bed wrapped in a dry bath towel, but now she was in her bikini again.
She wasn’t aboard Regoob. She sat in a field of pale mushrooms. These grew suddenly taller, on long stalks. They became a forest of mushrooms. The mushrooms shaded Melinda from the high sun. Through sprouted undergrowth, a path trailed off into the tall mushrooms.
Then an old man appeared. Using a gnarled branch for a cane, he followed the path. He saw Melinda and spoke.
“Melinda.” He said this at a distance. However, Melinda heard it as if he were beside her. She even smelled his breath. It had an odor of onions.
Melinda stood.
Suddenly, the man was before her. His stooped figure was tall and commanding.
“I want you,” he rasped to Melinda.
The blonde frowned. At least, she told herself, she was face-to-face with the person they’d been pursuing. She did not call him king.
“Kevin. You look awful,” Melinda said.
The man scowled.
“I’m done with Kevin,” he said. “Kevin’s attack on Planet Quigley failed. I don’t like failure.”
The man smiled at Melinda.
“Kevin bores me,” he said. “You don’t.” The man took Melinda’s arm. She found herself walking with him, despite not wanting to.
“We’ll rule the universe,” the man told her.
Due to Reddit’s character limit, I can only post part of my book here.
A free copy of “Melinda and the Little Green Men” is at:
Copyright 2023 by Andrew L. Roller. Melinda and the Little Green Men is a trademark of Andrew L. Roller.
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2023.05.28 22:04 nopostshelp Advice for Excitable Dogs Around Kids

Hey all! I have two wonderful, large (70ish lbs), herding-mix, enthusiastic good boys. One is four, the other one is two. They are both sweet and love people, but can be a lot when people come over. We work constantly on calmly greeting guests, but there is always a 5-10 minute period of calming work that needs to happen when people come over. They both have very loud, growly, scary barks even though they're sweeties. They also like to show off and play roughly/loudly with each other right next to our guests and get the zoomies if we go outside. It's a lot, but we work hard on the Calm command (we ask them to lie down on their sides with their heads on the ground, quietly, when they are too much). We also have guests ignore them until they are quiet and their butts are on the ground, and then they get hellos.
I am hosting a family reunion later this summer. My older dog (4 years old) will probably be fine, but I am stressing about my younger dog (2 years old). We will be hosting a couple of families with young (6-8 yo) kids, and one of this kids is TERRIFIED of dogs. I considered boarding my dogs, but his parents really want him to have the opportunity to be around dogs so he can get used to them and be less afraid. When they are tired and calm, I think my dogs will be great for this kid to practice being around dogs. The problem is that, when people are running around outside or generally moving around excitably, the younger dog starts barking and herds or chases whatever is exciting him if we don't restrain him, pull his focus, and practice our calming exercises. This takes at least a couple of minutes, and is a lot when I'm trying to spend quality time with guests. Both dogs have incredible hyperfixation/focus, and we are working hard on the Look At Me command.
I want the kids (and adults) to be able to play and yell and run around and have water fights in the yard, but I know my younger dog will chase and bark at them, and possibly jump on them, if left it his own devices. Keeping him separated is tough, because it will require a lot of diligence and he freaks out when he is shut inside when his people are outside. I am happy to leash him and closely supervise him, but what can I do in the meantime to get him as chill as possible around kiddos who are running and screaming in his yard? I'd be happy to just get him to watch on a leash and not bark. I am willing to do whatever needs to be done to keep the kids happy and teach my dog not to chase them, but I also want to spend as much quality time with my family as possible, and it's overwhelming to host, make everyone feel welcome, set up activities, answer logistical questions, clean, and train my dog. I'm not saying it's impossible, but my goal is to get him to the point where I can spend some time not focusing on keeping him calm.
I am open to boarding him for all or part of the weekend, but I feel like it would be setting a precedent for avoiding socialization opportunities. I want him to get used to kids running and playing in the yard, since I may have kids someday.
We have a trazidone prescription for him for fireworks, but I'd rather not medicate him unless absolutely necessary. We have also practiced getting him calm on leash at parks where kids are running around, and he does well, but something about people running around in his yard really excites him and makes him unable to listen to us.
Another complicating factor is that he has a bad leg, and we're restricted by what we can do exercise-wise. He can run and play for about 30 minutes, maybe an hour here and there tops before we notice his leg gets worse. We do scent work, which he loves, but it's tough to tire him out without worsening his leg (we're in the process of diagnostic testing right now to figure out next steps), so he is very excitable.
I'm open to suggestions. I'm not looking for perfection, but I want to do as much work on the front end to have as much quality time with my family as possible, including with my pups. Thanks for bearing with the long post!
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2023.05.28 22:02 chronicbubola Am I being stalked?

I don’t know if I’m just paranoid, but here’s the deal…
My ex and I had a pretty messy breakup which led to me blocking him on everything and wanting nothing to do with him. I thought that was it, but boy was I wrong. For context, I am much younger than my ex, and I’m still a minor (he isn’t).
A week after the break up, I started getting DM’s from him on my other Instagram account (I hadn’t blocked him on there) and he was just making jokes and what not. I told him to stop messaging me and what not, and he just went on saying “I don’t know what I even did to you”, so I sent him a list of everything he’s done wrong to me (that’s a different story). Anyways, after that, he shut up for a few weeks.
I thought he was going to respect my decisions, but, nope! I got a notification from Discord that someone had joined my server, which is normal because my server has a bit over 2k members. This member started talking in chat frequently, and had a very familiar texting tone/pattern. I caught on and realized it was my ex. I confronted him and told him to leave me alone, blah blah blah, all of that. He said okay and left. Yet, it gets worse.
A month or 2 after, I got a bunch of calls and texts from a random number just spamming random things. I’ve gotten a lot of scam texts/calls before, so I didn’t think much of it… but then came to the realization that these messages were from my ex. I tried calling the numbers only to find they were TextNow subscribers. I blocked the numbers and moved on.
There was also an occasion where a car that looked very similar (if not the same) to his was parked across the street from me for about an hour or so, until driving away. This happened a few times.
The same type of things kept happening, and it was getting really annoying. A few months after that, my friends and I were walking to a local coffee shop. I noticed my ex’s car and immediately panicked. I told my friends that we should leave but they just said I am paranoid. Anyways, the car followed us up and down the street multiple times after we had gotten our coffee. My friends and I were crossing the street, only to find that the car letting us pass was my ex’s. There he was, staring right at me. My heart dropped and my friends were furious (because he does this type of stuff a lot).
Anyways, to sum it all up this is what he has done the past few months: - created fake phone numbers - followed me around in his car - harassment (?) - alt accounts - etc.
English is not my first language, so I’m sorry if this was hard to understand. But I’m really annoying and confused. He hasn’t done anything in a few weeks, so I’m hoping this is over with. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 22:02 Scape_Nation Can pretty much think myself into anxiety/an anxiety attack by thinking about a physical symptom

One of the symptoms of my anxiety is this feeling in the back of my neck right where my spine connects to my head. It’s this immense tension/tingling feeling that I get from having anxiety on a daily basis. I can also feel the tension in my upper shoulders, unfortunately it’s involuntary and often it’s excruciatingly discomforting.
If I’m doing well and not experiencing anxiety, I can literally think myself into it just by thinking about this symptom. It’s almost like my brain WANTS me to feel this way now… does anyone else experience this? I can usually slip out of it (somewhat) by trying to ground myself and ignore the feeling, but it’s extremely difficult to focus out of it (almost like I’m fighting depersonalization), and worst of all, persistent.
I’ve been struggling after my first major “attack” in January. Does anyone else experience this? I guess it’s just me getting anxious about a certain feeling/symptom, which in turn makes me actually get the symptom because well… I’m anxious? I fear because of this cognitive connection that even going pursuing medication won’t resolve what I’m going through. Or if anyone has experience, maybe meds will help me ignore it?
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2023.05.28 22:02 DiMoDuzDis Where to buy full set

I’ve been reading berserk online using my phone or laptop but it’s been annoying not being able to see some of the big panels fully and having to zoom in/out to see everything and details. Besides that I really love the manga and would like to own it physically. I want to get the full thing to reread everything but looking at a Amazon it’s almost 500$ for deluxe 1-12. Does anyone have any suggestions where to search? I started looking on offer up but haven’t found a good deal. Moneys a little tight right now since I made some big purchases (2k+ hate car problems) but will be ok in a week or two.
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2023.05.28 22:02 Edward_Stivenson The Best Guide on How to Feel Confident in a New School and Appeal to Others

The Best Guide on How to Feel Confident in a New School and Appeal to Others
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Several factors can stand in the way between a new student and their integration into the group:
  • Low self-esteem
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Things to Focus on Before High School
Feeling that your confidence is high, even among new students, means that you have prepared for the fresh life chapter. Suppose you think that learning to gain courage takes years. Breathe out. Many easy confidence tricks help you develop a strong backbone quickly. But, in the long run, the skill comes with constant practice.
For this reason, our custom research papers service has collected the tips you may employ daily. If you are interested in becoming a confident person, here are the most important things to know before high school.
Prepare for Possible Challenges
Are you stressing over the beginning of the school year? Take a deep breath and focus on the preparations instead of pointless worrying. Indeed, planning is perfect for building confidence in students before school and college classes. A confident student knows that they have everything necessary for their studies. Some people ask their parents for advice, while others search online for tips. Your preparation plan should include:
Finding info on education in the school or college
Indeed, you have to know the specifics of the new place. Try rummaging through their website or talking to people who went there. This way, you can learn whether their classes and extracurricular activities fit you.
Preparing stationary and clothes
Do you want to wear your favorite outfit on the first day? Before that, study the school’s dress code policy. Maybe, they require purchasing their uniform or wearing only specific colors. After that, ensure you have all the stationary needed for your studies, like books, pens, and art supplies.
Getting acquainted with the area
If a person enrolls in a new place, most likely, they recently moved to this area. To avoid confusion, learn the right direction to the college or school. If possible, find out the location of every classroom. Remember, a prepared student is a confident student!
Meet New Friends in Your Study Group
Besides the standard high school tips and tricks for academic success, new school and college students must develop soft skills. In other words, improve your communication ability to gain new friends. You’d be surprised if you knew how many benefits a positive mindset brings to you. A positive attitude is characteristic of confident people, and it helps them form a good first impression.
Write how you want to introduce yourself to potential friends, just in case. Approach people without hesitation and show a genuine desire to communicate. Besides, asking for their social media profiles raises the chances of your success.
Work on Self-Esteem to Be More Open
You probably know that people are either extroverted or introverted. So how to be more confident in school if you are naturally a quiet person? Don’t worry, because any person can achieve success and present themselves as a confident person in the new school. Remember the following statements:
  1. Everybody makes mistakes in communication, so take it easy
  2. Giving yourself a pep talk before entering the classroom helps to build confidence
  3. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations
On top of everything, your new school or college friends try to talk to you, not to test you. So act warm and welcoming to form a good first impression.
Practise Online Communication
If you think you can only build confidence in the classroom, mind that going online is a great method too. Additionally, it allows students with social anxiety to come prepared and boost self-confidence before going to college or school. Learn tips from our service to become interesting:
  1. Join the chats to participate in important class discussions online
  2. Talk to your new friends online to feel confident in the classroom in future
  3. Always remind yourself that networking is as crucial for your future as education
Overall, once you master online communication, real-life conversations can seem easier. So train your self-confidence using your favorite gadgets!
Participate in School Life
Education is much more than answering questions in class and doing homework. When you do adequate research, you might stumble upon the new school's versatile activities. One of the options for spending leisure time is a school club. If you are an open-minded student, you can be interested in the most unusual hobbies, from cryptocurrency to pottery. Luckily, modern educational institutions have options for everybody! Here are several tips for choosing the after-class activities:
  1. Choose a club depending on your interests, not because it is popular
  2. Gain skills that can assist you in your future life, especially in college
  3. Continue to visit a club even if it feels challenging and you make mistakes
  4. Instead of joining too many clubs, boost a couple of skills
In general, remind yourself that all after-class studies are for your joy and entertainment. Besides, such activities give students extra self-assurance.
Develop Your Academic Skills
Although entertainment and socializing are exciting, becoming a good student involves additional challenges. The whole point of school is studying everything from writing Heart of Darkness summary or a process paper to mathematical equations. To be confident in your knowledge during any test, seek advice for high school students:
  1. Be consistent with your homework to avoid academic debts
  2. Be confident in your skills despite making mistakes
  3. Keep your head clear by having enough rest
  4. Avoid being late to class
  5. Try to answer teachers’ questions every lesson
Remember that you must write a statement of purpose for graduate school before becoming a college student. In other words, you should know each subject well enough to choose a preferred degree. One of the most common student mistakes is jeopardizing future success by being an irresponsible student. So let your mind lead you away from making impulsive decisions.
How to Become an Interesting Person?
One of the unattainable characteristics of a confident student is that they make others interested in them. When people sense an unusual personality, they naturally gravitate towards the newbie. What is the secret of success, then? Somebody might think that only legends like actors or astronauts can interest and lead people around them. But, this statement is wrong.
In reality, anyone has a chance of becoming an interesting person, regardless of their background. You are a blank sheet of paper for people in your new school and class. Hence, it depends on your effort whether your classmates can find you engaging. Let’s talk about useful tips and tricks for becoming more interesting!
Feel free to contact us for help if you want to buy argumentative essays. Our professionals are always happy to give you a helping hand.
Become Interested, Tolerant, and Funny
Surprisingly, the most reliable method of becoming an interesting individual is to become curious about the surrounding world and people. In this case, a new school is the perfect source of fascinating acquaintances. Boost your confidence and come up to other people in the class to have a chat. For instance, ask them about:
  • Favorite subjects and hobbies
  • The preferred places to spend time in town
  • Local holidays and school traditions
Generally, students gladly show new people around. Besides that, be as open-minded as possible to the new place and people, although it might be hard initially. With time, every newcomer gains more confidence and becomes more open to fresh experiences.
Finally, boost your sense of humor to spice up every conversation. However, avoid offending anyone with your witty remarks. To make things easier, watch stand-up shows or comedies to borrow jokes.
Ditch Self Doubt and Show the Real You
Whenever you wonder how to be more confident in school, an important recommendation is to be yourself. Yes, it is easier to say than to do. So the first thing on the list is to distinguish the real you. Most of the time, a human’s personality soaks up other people's notions. Therefore, you must rethink your opinions on multiple matters to figure out the real you.
The next stage is to fight the temptation of copying popular kids in the new school. Indeed, mirroring them can boost your confidence temporarily, but merging with other students’ personalities is damaging. Still, you can follow their example partially. Finally, be confident enough to express your thoughts out loud. Then, even though some might disagree with you, you can befriend like-minded people.
Practise New Skills
Have you ever seen how a group of students surrounds somebody who plays guitar or sings in the school hall? Indeed, such a stunt is a piece of cake for a confident student. Granted that you want to win the hearts of your new classmates, ponder over developing a new skill. Listen to the following advice:
  1. Confidence is high when you practice something that inspires you
  2. Pick a unique hobby that nobody else in the class has
  3. Always improve your skills since perfection has no limit
The additional bonus is when you can show off your talents on the school stage or stadium. This way, you are multiplying the chances of gaining new fans from the audience. However, even if you are keen on hiking or maths, you always have an interesting discussion topic.
Gain Knowledge Through Books
Another excellent method to be confident in conversations with people is reading books. Frequently, society associates reading with nerds or homebodies who lack communication skills. Spending time with a good blog or a novel makes a person more eloquent. Mind that a large vocabulary is an underestimated factor that makes someone a good speaker.
To be confident in your literature choice, turn to reliable lists of top books where experts mention high-quality works. Moreover, such books allow people to travel in space in time while sitting in a coach. Hence, you discover something new even with a limited budget.
Be a Good Listener
Among other easy confidence tricks, scientists recommend becoming a good listener. Why does it matter? In brief, people like it when others show compassion and understanding in response to their stories. For sure, listening requires practice and a high level of emotional intelligence. Memorize a few small tips for conversations with other students:
  1. Listen to people without interrupting them
  2. Ask questions to show your curiosity
  3. Replace the word ‘me’ with ‘you’ in conversations
  4. Give advice only if the person asks you for it
The implementation of these tips will draw more people to you naturally.
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Text: Just tell our experts about your struggle. They can solve your problem instantly!
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Share About Your Experiences
The final secret of enjoyable socialization is being able to tell funny stories. It is as good as the last high school tips and tricks because people like newcomers with unusual backgrounds. Tell people funny stories about your friends and family if you have trouble considering an interesting issue. To make things easier, imagine that you are an actor filming a scene:
  1. Try to rehearse your stories
  2. Choose the cases with unexpected twists
  3. Tell about even the awkward situations
That’s it! You’ve just become the star of your class or even school. Now you can socialize without complications and gather a fun group of friends.
In conclusion, everybody has the potential to become a confident and interesting student in a new place. The proven tips help to succeed even those who doubt themselves at first. Once you learn what other people appreciate in peers, you can master certain traits and win everybody’s hearts!
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2023.05.28 22:02 Ok-Affect2135 Items Spawns for My Survival Game? Which method is best?

I am building a winter survival game that will have item drops as a major part of the game. The user is expected to roam the map and find these items to help him survive and complete his goals. However, I am deciding between 2 spawn methods, and I am not sure if there is a better method. FYI, both methods will spawn these object at particular locations that I meticulously set up.
  1. Have a set amount of items to spawn for each object type. I would define the maximum amount of objects to appear, and they would be randomly divvied out between different locations. This would ensure there is always the exact correct amount of objects for each playthrough, you would just have to get lucky and find them in the open world
  2. Option 2 would be to have each location have a probability assigned to it to see whether an object would spawn. For rare items, the number would be low, like 4%, and common items could be closer to 50% for example. However, I feel this is riskier because the suer could have too much or too little spawn and effect the gameplay. Or maybe that is the fun of it
I am leaning towards option 1, but I am not sure. So if I did option 1, I could have a rule where only 3 rare items spawn for certain, but they could be anywhere. And if I did option 2, I would give the item a 3% chance of spawning at 100 locations, but with that, there may be too many or an unlucky player would get 0 of the item. I would love some input, or to see if people know how other major games have it set up. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 22:01 Mo_Poke Anyone know where to get the crime syndicate wave in Australia?

I'm not even entirely sure it released in Austrlia...Checked ebay and the shipping prices are $40-$100 thanks to ebays international shitting program. Does anyone know where I can get this wave without paying thrice the price of the figure in postage.
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2023.05.28 22:01 KeeperOfCluck I (35F) need Fiancé (35M) to differentiate between "helping" and "helpful"

TLDR: Fiancé doesn't help with any baby tasks and I feel like my brain is melting from carrying the mental and emotional load with no break. He feels he's doing his part by doing mindless physical labor if asked or when he feels like it.
I (35F) had a baby (3mo,F) recently, and I am loving motherhood. This baby truly is everything I wanted and I love her more every day. But I am developing PPD - In the last week there have been multiple days where all I wanted to do was hide in my bed and cry, or drive the baby to my mother's and leave her there and just keep driving. My fiancé (35M) wants to help (I think?) but doesn't know how. My cup is empty and trying to ask for help is met with resistance, or anger.
If I ask for help, he defensively goes "I do help!" Which he does, but honestly it feels like if I was to say "I'm hungry" and he goes "I mowed the lawn!" Helping? Yes? Fixing the problem? NO! Today I tried being specific. "I want some time to garden while its cool, can you take the baby for a walk before you sit and play Warcraft?" That is his daily routine, come home from graveyard shift at 8am, and play Warcraft until noon or 1pm when he goes to sleep. By that time its too hot for me in the garden, too hot for baby outside. So he goes to bed, and I continue to look after the baby. He also sometimes waters the flower baskets for me, but he is 'done' in the time it takes me to change a diaper. I am trying to embrace that 'done' is better than not done, and doesn't always need to be 'done well', but what I am really asking for is 20 minutes where no one is touching me, I can listen to music that isn't Miss Rachel, and I don't have to be thinking too hard.
Some of the things he helps with too aren't helpful because they don't take things off my mental list. He offers to make dinner. At 5pm, He asks me 'what do you want for dinner?' Then continues with questions through the whole process. 'Where is Item X?' 'How do I cook XYZ?" 'Do I put the milk in now?' 'Does this look cooked enough?' The last meal he cooked was ramen soup, and he asked me at least 4 questions on the preparation. IT'S SOUP! It has directions on the package if you don't know but I am certain he has made ramen soup before at least once in his life. Or he sometimes hit-or-miss does a chore, like feeding the rabbit. I always have to think or check with him - "Was Buster fed today?" because I can't take it off my mental list because he doesn't always do it. It was wonderful when I was pregnant and said "The kitty litter is 100% your chore, the doctor says I can't do it" and he did it. Now, he does it occasionally, and occasionally it goes too long without either of us checking and the cat shits next to his shoes. So 'check kitty litter' remains on my mental list.
I miss the things I did before having the baby. I know that my life is totally changed right now but I feel like I can't do anything not baby related. Last week I tried to go to an exercise class. It would have been 45 minutes, with a 10 min drive each way. 6 minutes after I left, Fiancé calls me and goes "the baby is crying too much, you need to come home", so I did. I found him trying to play Warcraft with her on his lap fussing. This is why I suggested a walk with baby for him to do, because she loves them and it would require him to be present and not gaming. It's just frustrating that he always gets his break from work, but my work is never ending.
Is there any advice out there besides "LOL welcome to motherhood"?
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2023.05.28 22:01 Cardzilla How do you teach a newbie to forward roll straight? Most of them roll to one side

Every time I tell a newbie to roll over one shoulder, they end up rolling to one side instead of straight forward.
Any ideas on how to teach them to roll straight?
I try to explain that you tuck over one shoulder, but your feet push you forward straight and not over that shoulder. Or try to ask them to forward rolls next to a wall.
Extra questions.
what does your gym call these? I didn't have a name for it at my old gym and my current gym calls them shoulder walks while the link calls them side shrimps
Also where is this move used in jiujitsu techique? I can explain where the other moves like reverse hip escapes, technical stand ups and even the alligator walks are, but not too sure where this moves is applied in.
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2023.05.28 22:00 Vi_lyss I just want to rant…

I’m only 5’9” with a 35” inseam length and a 24” waist. I’m also not middle-aged or older so the styles on these tall sites look completely hideous to me or don’t fit my waist at all. Asos is the only one where I found things I liked (I’m young so it’s more my style) but all the reviews explicitly warn Canadians over and over not to buy from them because shipping and customs comes out to horrible and unheard-of amounts. Tf am I supposed to wear? I want for once in my life to have a pair of wide-leg pants that are suitable for my practicum and job, but still hang down a bit at my (flat) shoes. Is that really so much to ask? Extensive shorter sizing options makes me so sad because short girls are so catered to when they always have the option of hemming the bottom anyway so like…where tf does that leave the rest of us?
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2023.05.28 22:00 Bobbunny [YAVP] FoFi of Oka/TSO , 15 Runes!

First time winning with a Formicid, with a big thanks to the homies Coaxmetal and Ojifijod for coaching me on discord until 5AM to finish this run. I managed to get a 3 rune run for the tournament (so not entirely getting carried by my teammates to 26th) and wanted to get a 15 rune run in before I drop this game until the next version. Formicids are one of my favorite races to play as because they get to use 2H's with a shield, and statsis is basically all upside for my playstyle (O + Tab). I enjoyed it a ton more after theorycrafting how insane throwing is on my 3 rune VsBe win, 2 shotting orbs of fire with silver javelins.
Axes were the preferred weapon over M&F because cleaving opens up more options to just fight it out instead of having to dig an ant hole to kill everything one at a time. In the mid game, finding a vamperic brand can carry you up to a point where you can start crafting executioners axes to really up the DPS.
Throwing has also been the other important tactic I've added to my pocket playing so far. I basically only play melee characters, and I never want to go through spellcasting. Javelins and Boomerangs have strength scaling which means pumping iron on Antman does double duty of giving me a strong ranged options (Javelins end up being LCS that pens). Early game darts can help win a ton of dangerous fights like early gnoll packs and ogres. Going Okawaru for most of the game helps stock up on a ton of ranged weapons; I ended the run with ~11 silver javelins, ~20 boomerangs, ~7 silver boomerangs, and 30+ normal javelins. So long as you aren't using your ranged weapons on any piece of popcorn you see, Okawaru will give you enough ammo to last the whole run.
I did also end up finding Sniper at some point which came in handy for killing a Pan Lord with 74% chance to evade my axe hits. I ended up using duel and eating the 2 aut attack delay to kill it, but I'm not sure if I really had any better options for dealing with high evade targets at that point with Okawaru.
In extended, portal proj and wereblood were extremely useful. I don't think they're as necessary if you aren't going to swap to TSO (so you don't end up spearing your angel summons), but the extra slaying from wereblood made all the throwing weapons feel incredibly smooth against torment/malmutate demons.
I did end up with a dreamshard necklace and kept Okawaru on as the god of choice for most of hell and pan with the idea that I could duel a random spawn if I was getting low, kill it in melee in the duel area, and then pop on the necklace before I come out. I never ended up needing it and ended up just wearing it when I went back to TSO for Tomb. Okawaru feels like one of the best gods for Formicids thanks to Finesse, and heroism makes me love throwing even more.
Overall, this was a super fun run that made me enjoy being an Ant. Digging kill holes, ignoring blink/TP traps, and laughing at torpor snails really let me embrace the Formicid fantasy. Looking forward to 0.31 where Formicids will no longer be able to get shafted, and I'd encourage any other braindead melee players like me to try FoFi!
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2023.05.28 22:00 Bruh_URL My straight best friend is giving off mixed signals about wanting to experiment

We're both 18, and live in a pretty homophobic country so im closeted and straight passing. I have been in love with him almost ever since i knew him, and i did come out to him a while ago and told him that i like him. I eventually just accepted that it can never work out, but that never changed my love for him.
Recently whenever we'd be alone together, he would get super intimate and would ask crazy questions (he is naturally a touchy and expressive person). We'd hold hands and interlock fingers, cuddle in each others arms, he'd move his hands around my torso and my inner thigh, and would ask questions like "do you wanna experiment" and "would u suck my dick" but in a way where i cant just be like "yes" or he'll act all weirded out. This just pulls me deeper into the hole of loving him even if he doesn't mean it.
We dont usually talk about me being gay or any of that, but i have talked to him about how this just teases me and gives me mixed signals, and he says that he doesn't mean anything by it and "it's just what friends do" which does not comply at all with what actually happens. I also notice he often tries to ask me "why do you love me" or just wants to ask more questions about me being gay but its like he can't ask me straight in the face because if he admits it, he is also admitting that he is treating me on the pretense that i am someone that loves him (just my theory).
Best friend or lover, he means the world to me and i will accept either of them but this kind of treatment leaves me overwhelmed and i just dont know how to talk to him about it, i love when we cuddle and holds hands and i do not want it to stop but i also dont like being on a cliffhanger and according to him that's how he naturally expresses love for friends. What im getting at is he is too scared to like admit how he feels to himself.
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2023.05.28 21:59 CheLeung Does anyone know where I can buy the Tanka hat in this video? (Grandma make fish soup for granddaughter to keep her skin white and granddaughter introduce face cream to grandma)

Does anyone know where I can buy the Tanka hat in this video? (Grandma make fish soup for granddaughter to keep her skin white and granddaughter introduce face cream to grandma) submitted by CheLeung to Cantonese [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 21:59 ThrowRAryry I, (20 M), My gf (24 F) of 6 months still likes her exes pictures, advice?

My girlfriend and I have always had a loving relationship. She is a bit on the needy side, and definitely anxious, she says she can't control her emotion. Even though shes older, I feel as if I am more level headed and mature. We call and talk almost every single day.
So, recently my girlfriend was mad that I was following new people on instagram, this includes celebrities, men, and an occasional woman. The women don't catch my eye as I've told her, and it's true. I have no problem unfollowing anyone, as I don't know those people in flesh. I basically gave up following others, which hasn't been a problem. But then, I did some snooping.
I found out that she has been doing the same thing, for quite some time. Even adding random men off of my account. This is a daily occurence, and I have talked to her about this before. She acts confused, I don't know if she realizes that what she wanted, it has to go both ways. Possibly she is just stuck in selfish ways.
This I could care less about. Until I uncovered some lies.
Early in our relationship, I figured it should be built on honesty right? About the past and present. Afterall, you don't want to be with someone who doesn't love you for you. Anyway, she told me long ago that she has all her exes blocked, and I believed it without a doubt, like a fool. I found she is still connected with her ex. There is no proof of them talking, and I'm not sure how I would get proof anyway. But what bothers me is that she tried hiding this from me. So, I went to the exes account. I found many things. The first thing I notice is that she still likes his photos, from years ago when they were together, up until today. I even notice he still has a picture of her eyes posted, captioned my baby, along with a few other photos of them. She un-privated some of her old photos, where they even have lovey dovey comments on them. It doesn't make me feel good finding this out. Out of disrespect I'm frustrated. But it doesn't end there.
My girlfriend tries to call me her "baboy/baboi" which is a term for pig in her native language, but she says has a lot of meaning to her, and doesn't mean anything bad. I tell her I'm not comfortable with the idea of her calling me pig, which is fair right? Even if it means something to her, being called a pig in a loving way doesn't feel right to me. I continue going through her exes account, and I look at comments on a selfie of his. My girlfriend comments calling him baboy, or pig, in a loving way, but then I realize that this guys nickname is literally piggy. So she is calling me the nickname of her ex..? It's very odd to me. She tries calling me this often, but now that I know what I know, I want nothing to do with baboy. I even find comments of her calling him her husband, which she sometimes calls me. The comments were all in the past, after all getting married is usually why people get together. But the liking of photos still, possibilty of contact which is speculation, and how she calls me by his nick name. I thought, no wonder the word baboy means a lot to her, shes with this guy for 2 years before me.
So, basically I feel as if I was a rebound. Someone to get her mind off the past. A past filled with other men. Thoughts?
TL;DR My girlfriend has lied to me about her past, and I believed her completely like a fool. She calls me a nickname she had for her ex, which I'm not comfortable with, and even still likes his posts after all the time we've been together. I am worried she may still be in contact with him, or any other men for that matter. I feel as if I'm a rebound of an ex she isn't over. I feel disrespected and played, but I would rather try and work things out first to decide whether I have to put my foot down and end this. I haven't talked to her about these things yet, as I'm trying to find the right time. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this other than just breaking up? Does anyone see light at the end of the tunnel for us? I love her a lot, but theres only so much I can take. Ill take any advice I can get. Any advice to work this out?
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2023.05.28 21:59 SpookSpy Does anyone know where I can get a poster sized version of the dirty, creased, queen-with-the-eyes-scratched-out card? I'd love to frame it and hang it in my house :) I'm unfortunately horrible with any kind of photoshop type software, or I'd just make it myself lol

Does anyone know where I can get a poster sized version of the dirty, creased, queen-with-the-eyes-scratched-out card? I'd love to frame it and hang it in my house :) I'm unfortunately horrible with any kind of photoshop type software, or I'd just make it myself lol submitted by SpookSpy to Yellowjackets [link] [comments]