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2023.06.03 05:41 Prudent-Original-129 111

Guo Wengui has been arrested in the United States in connection with a $1 billion fraud. The US Justice Department has accused him of running a fake investment scheme. Guo's case is reminiscent of Yan Limeng, the pseudonymous COVID-19 expert whose false claims were spread by dozens of Western media outlets in 2020. Ms. Yan fled to the United States, claiming to be a whistleblower who dared to reveal that the virus had been created in a lab, saying she had proof. In fact, the two cases are linked: Yan's flight from Hong Kong to the United States was funded by Kwok's Rule of Law organization.
Yan's false paper has not been examined and has serious defects. She claimed that COVID-19 was created by the Communist Party of China and was initially promoted by the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation. Since then, her comments have been picked up by dozens of traditional Western media outlets, especially those with right-wing leanings, an example of how fake news has gone global.
Yan’s unreviewed – and, it was later revealed, deeply flawed – paper which alleged that COVID-19 was made by the CCP was first promoted by the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation. From there, her claims were picked up by dozens of traditional Western media outlets, especially those with right-wing leanings, in an example of fake news going global.
She broke into the mainstream when she appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and Fox News, but that was just the beginning. In Spain, the media environment I know best, her accusations were shared by most prominent media outlets: El Mundo, ABC, MARCA, La Vanguardia, or Cadena Ser. Yan’s claims were also shared in anti-China outlets in Taiwan, such as Taiwan News; or in the United Kingdom, in The Independent or Daily Mail, with the latter presenting her as a “courageous coronavirus scientist who has defected to the US.” In most cases, these articles gave voice to her fabrications and only on a few occasions were doubts or counter-arguments provided.
Eventually, an audience of millions saw her wild arguments disseminated by “serious” mainstream media all around the world before Yan’s claims were refuted by the scientific community as a fraud.
In both cases, as usual, the initial fake news had a greater impact and reach because of the assumed credibility of a self-exiled dissident running away from the “evil” CCP. Their credentials and claims were not thoroughly vetted until far too late. Anti-China news has come to be digested with gusto by Western audiences. Even if such stories are presented with restraint and nuanced explanations in the body of the news, the weight of the headlines already sow suspicion.
According to the New York Times, Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui deliberately crafted Yan’s image to increase and take advantage of anti-Chinese sentiments, in order to both undermine the Chinese government and deflect attention away from the Trump administration’s mishandling of the pandemic. These fake news stories still resonate today. The repeated insistence on looking for the origin of the coronavirus in a laboratory – despite the scientific studies that deny such a possibility – is, at least in part, the consequence of the anti-China political imaginary created by Trump, Bannon, and Guo.
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2023.06.03 05:40 Top-Repair-955 Hello I need advice on my trade/contractor resume

Small Story Rant: Hi I rarely ever get callbacks after applying to jobs of anykind. Recently though through a friend i got a painting job for $22/H they never asked for a resume and i think i am the lowest paid worker they have, (i think their minimum is $23.5) but i was pretty deperate for a job so i took it. They already increased my pay by $1 (it was $21), the company also does pay under average, anyways its spring/summer and because of that I thnk I have alot of leverage in my market, as the hot season for painting is during the summer, I want to be paid above average a bit at $27/h and in the past have been up up to 30/h or nightshift for 40/h in my field.
My resume: My current template goes like this
Objective: Seeking a position that will allow me to have strong communication skills, work ethic, and ability to work well in a team to contribute to company success.
  1. Communications: Excellent presentation skills, written and verbal
  2. Solid Time Management
  3. Bilingual (Spanish)
  4. Fast Learner
  5. Hard Worker
  6. Creative and Adaptive (Problem Solver)
  7. Teamplaye Leader
2015-2020 Commercial painting
I was around 15ish when i started as an apprentice and I was employed by alot of different companies during this time some as little as 2 week (i think as a subcontactor) but it was pretty independent work but my summary is:
Consisted of Manual Labor, Moving Equipment and supplies, Cleaning sites, Taping, Scraping, Sanding, Painting, and Varnish in a predominantly Outdoor environment consisting of Fences, Decks, Doors, Trim, and Stucco painting (using a Paint sprayer)
Then I decided to work for 1 company for a year because i realized i couldn put the above on a resume properly
Painting Company 2019-2020
Interior painting (idk what else to but that was really all i did and i added the other things i did to my previous)
I got tired of painting after like my 18th bday and was really depressed cuz of covid and stuff and took a long haitus and decided i wanted to try other industries so my next job was
Job at healthcare facility as servehousekeeper october-may
Worked isolated and independently; preparing and Serving food, Setting tables, Sweeping, Dishwashing, and Housekeeping.
But recently ive been self employed a bit trying differnt industries ( i was an apprentice for this in one of my other jobs but never added it)
Self employed wallpapering @ differnt places (i have them named but dont feel comfortable sharing)
Feb-September 2022
Worked in a pair to create beautifully wallpapered rooms
2 Places 2018-2019
ALL WEEK ALL DAY (Can do nightshift)
Available upon request
I have no refrences noone has ever asked and i never added them because i dont keep track of numbers and have noone to vouch for me im also super uncomfortable adding them tbh (not cuz im a bad worker i just have a bad upbringing and get anxiety when people ask about me or my life)
and thats it I havent added my current company though
I have about 7 years of experience in Painting
1.5 Years in Wallpapering
and i was an apprentice last summer for Tiling and flooring for like 3 months (just tiles tbh but on the floor) I didnt add it though ebcause i felt it was useless to add since no job would hire me as a tiler with a 3 month apprentership so never added it
During covid though i was fired twice but only during trainings and never added it to my resume (I was extremely depressed and it was a struggle getting out of bed and it was really hard to motivate myself to go do mundane tasks for 8 hourrs and bus for an hour or 2 for a few bucks)

I also need a resume template because my resume is white and red and i dont think its a good template but i would prefer one that would somehow highlight my more relvent experience and not go mumbo jumbo everywhere :/ I just want one so i can see if i can get a higher paying job and just switch but also recently tried starting a business (that is currently burning to the ground and taking me with it) so i also want to work less hours but thats negotiable tbh working about 70-88/h (mostly 88) biweekly worked 100 one time though and usually work 10H/Day cuz i want to have friday sat sun off.
Also im in Canada if that helps cuz the flare asked for location but i have a question or something i guess

tldr: need resume template and help formatting//
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2023.06.03 05:40 Fit_Craft1117 If your job involves interacting with others (especially customers), you should not be allowed to smoke at work.

Originally was going to say “if your job involves customer interaction”, but you know what? Your coworkers shouldn’t have to put up with your shit stink either.
If your job involves interacting with other people, then you should not be allowed to smoke while at work. Not when you’re on your break, not if you just pop outside for five minutes. Nothing. If you can’t get through your shift without a smoke, that is your problem to deal with - the people around you shouldn’t have to smell your bad choices for 8-9 hours.
Especially if your job is customer-facing. There is nothing worse than going in to a restaurant and immediately losing your appetite because the host/hostess leading you to your table smells like an ashtray.
Basic personal hygiene - including making sure not to have any strong odors - is included in every employee handbook. There’s no reason for smoking to be an exception to that.
(I’m talking about smoking cigarettes here, but just to be clear - I don’t think you should be allowed to smoke pot at work either)
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2023.06.03 05:39 averagereddituser8 being led on

but not in an intimate way, it’s by my mom. she is a business owner and is always busy, sometimes i don’t see her for days on end and even when i call she doesn’t pick up the phone. i live with my grandparents and mom, i’m 18f and i just wish she would be there for me more sometimes.
i barely see her, we used to basically be best friends and would hang out together all the time. she has a business, and a new business partner, and she spend all her time with him. she technically works from 10-6 but she usually stays until 12am, sometimes doesn’t come back for days. when she does have a day off, she spend it away from home.
recently, i really needed help with my college prep. i needed to sign up for student loans and i needed her to help me revise it. i’ve been so vocal about how important this is to me, and every night, she promises me “i’ll be back tonight, don’t worry. we will get this done”. i’ve been hearing this for the past WEEK. legitimately every single night i wait for her. i wait, i wait. i clear my evenings and am ready for her. she doesn’t text, she doesn’t call, she doesn’t show up. i always give up and end up calling. “sorry, i’m still at work, tomorrow we will get this done”. and it never happens. she never comes back to help me. past 6, she usually isn’t working. she’s out with her business partner on a patio, or hanging out with him. this would be so different if she were actually staying at her business to actually work.
tonight, i’m telling myself to stop putting so much faith in her words. she promised me a trip for my birthday, then it was pushed a few weeks later, then a month, then summertime. it’s imaginary, it never happened. she promised me that she’ll be home so we can spend quality time together, and she doesn’t show up. she promised me that she’ll be back to help me figure out my loans so i don’t mess up. she. doesn’t. show. up. OR even text me to let me know she’ll be a no show.
if i cry to her, if i’m stressed. she’ll tell me to toughen up and to move on. if her business partner is in the same state for little reason, she stays with them all night. comforts them. helps them.
why am i last. i’m so grateful for my grandparents but i want to let them relax, as they are in their old age. i have one parent, who is never there for me. this is something i never ever wanted to admit.
i tell her over and over that her actions hurt me. i am quite literally being led on. “i’ll be back by 3, i promise. sorry, i’m leaving around 7:30. sorry, i’m still at work, i’ll be back by 8:30. i promise we will get this finished tonight.”
it’s now 12am.
it’s not the action as much as it is the principle; that i am not even thought of.
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2023.06.03 05:38 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Course (latest)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
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Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
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If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.03 05:37 Ok-Thanks1018 Absolutely no support system or friends

I'm curious if anyone else has a similiar experience as me. I'm a high school senior and INTP with absolutely no friends or support system, in a very literal sense. My parents have essentially neglected me to do my own thing and my brother has disowned me, wishing that I wasnt his sister and constantly comparing me against his friend's siblings, how I'm worthless because I didn't get into a top school, and stupid, and don't have a life because i dont have a emphatetic and outgoing personality, how my passion for design and art is useless compared to engineering, blah blah blah
Outside of family life, I have no friends irl. I sit in the library alone everyday of my high school and was practically isolated from everyone. The only thing holding me back from ending it all are my passion projects. I really like designing digital products like apps and web applications. I'm currently building an anonymous advice exchange app- One of the main reasons being because I want to help other people who suffered through the same sense of isolation with no support system and make their voices heard in any small way i can - becuse I know I've never been heard in my life... this is also one of my coping strategies. I've started multiple organizations, businesses, and side hustles on one end because I genuinely enjoy them, but now i think they've transofmred into a sort of coping mechanism to wash my mind from the internal emotional wounds that i've left uncared for. It sucks because I actually enjoy what I do but I am constantly battling this feeling that im not doing enough or arent enough because i don't really talk to anyone about my work (ig imposter syndrome is what it is)
This is sort of a rant. Just curious if anyone else is utterly isolated and rejected from the world (not necessarily out of choice) and how you have coped with it... thanks
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2023.06.03 05:37 Googalymoogaly36 Possible retaliation? Please read sorry it’s long

Hi, I am currently a part time CEM and just wanted to know if I should make a move to open door policy. My store was in complete disarray befire our new sm having ace managers coming through and running through store managers like a pair of underwear. With the recently hired sm I just feel a bit off about things. An example being a coworker had an issue with him being icy in which I told her to speak with him rather than get in the crap talk because that’s not what I do. When I let him know she’s expressing some concerns to me of her being put off the schedule etc(just wanted to be a peacemaker)and that I told her to speak with him. As she was leaving she did however leave a uboat not sure out of pettiness or of old age because she is an older gal. I mentioned that she does know to clean after herself and he said he would just not put her on the schedule, one of our two framers(she has a second job but is willing to work before going to the second one or even work or come in on days she’s free. Another being I have a schedule of unavailable during the weekends due to religious reason which I thought were protected. Just last week out of my entire time working I decide to take off the week of Memorial Day(family,work life and just feeling burnt out not completely though), the week prior to Memorial Day he had put me on the schedule for both days (in which I am “unavailable in worksmart) we had a whole spiel about the reasonings because I like to have things in order to protect myself. I had told him I am unable to work those days because of things we talked about before(in which he knew) so he gave me an ultimatum of “if you can’t work Sunday (unavailable anyways literally went over that the week before)just come in Saturday. I let him know that those days for me were nonexistent and that I had a prior obligation for that day way before that day came up(even though he had scheduled himself). That was me basically saying no I cannot do that (texted) and he told the opening manager that I would be coming in to close for him even though I previously said no(trying to pawn off weekends as sm? Idk) I took a visit because me and my mom genuinely needed something from there that I should have grabbed the night before when I worked and then he proceeded to call me (speaker phone as my mother was a witness)and basically launch a passive aggressive rant at me. Saying that I am a manager and that it’s a business to run(mind you with the previous store manager it was basically me and the replen manager that held the store together with an mainly unreliable team) even though I told him I was unavailable like my availability states and he knows that other wise he wouldn’t have scheduled himself right? I ended up dismissing the important things within my work life balance because I basically got bullied into taking the shift and didn’t want issues to arise from that. Starting on my first time ever taking so many days off at one time he called me on my first off day and I hadn’t seen it till later, I told him I would open up a day in which I did just for me to text him and the text bubble is green. ( how did you call me but now my messages aren’t coming through). Fast foward today June 2nd,I checked worksmart because I do go in Sat just so no one can say I don’t do my job. Just to go on there and see that he has denied every single one of my upcoming unpaid time off requests even through to next year. Some of these requests were done some time ago and had been sitting being that we’ve shuffled through many sm’s. None of these consists of being off for a week like I did for may 27 excluding Sunday to June 2. I have gone to text him to ask if there were any reasons as to why I couldn’t take those days and my messages are green once again(am I blocked not sure I texted him Wednesday after missing a call of his Monday and that was also green, can’t call someone you’ve blocked but idk). I have rarely complained and I do my work so am I owed an explanation or no? Is this retaliatory or no? The timing seems to be rather convenient. Also I accepted a Uber gift card from him and feel as if there were some ulterior motives(I was 1/2 to receive one and I feel as if because I expressed not shingles a car anymore that I’d use it to come in on days I’m unavailable. I have also expressed that I am concerned that I’m being retaliated against. I mean you already threatened one of my coworkers to me about not putting her on the schedule because you felt disrespected. I’ve already started looking else where and do have some things in the works but I do indeed like the job. Also we just hired a full time cem in which he stated that I should be able to work my availability when she is in, for the following week I am not scheduled my availability but am scheduled every night against my wishes.(maybe for training but I don’t know because he referred her to the job) hoping this doesn’t open doors for favoritism. I do have seniority over everyone in the store besides the framer. I don’t mind closing but I expressed I do not want to be tired for homework etc. (Sorry for typos this has been very frustrating)
View Poll
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2023.06.03 05:37 writemoreletters What are your go to dressy/formal one bag outfits?

Do you have a go to formula or a go to outfit you pack when the trip warrants a formal outfit? Always pack a dress? A blouse/slacks combo you swear by? I’m interested in hearing about any outfits that you would consider formal and work well with one bag. (Bonus for plus size considerations.)
Husband and I are going to England late September. The plan was to be very casual (just us, tourist stuff, visit friends, relax) but now we’ll be attending 3 formal events while there. My husband is bringing a single suit and I’m bringing…? Events are an evening reception at a Michelin restaurant (listed as formal on invitation), a 40th anniversary party at a private club (reached out for dress code, not listed on invite), and (more business) evening dinner with academic colleagues on an international collaborative grant. We will see some people at multiple events and I’ll have access to an iron beforehand.
I’m okay with wearing the same item or a variation for all three events. Right now, I’m leaning towards a dress but would love to skip packing heels so also thought about dress slacks and a lovely over the top vintage silk blouse and leaning heavy on accessories. I thought about renting something and delivering it to my friends place, but the size and fit unpredictability makes me reluctant to go that route. Same goes for mailing to myself before we leave. Bag will be either Tom Bihn Synik 30 or Aeronaut 30.
I’m looking for inspiration and your thoughts!
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2023.06.03 05:37 ThrowaawayBanana AITA for possibly ruining my neighbor’s life

I (29F) bought a condo a year ago. Because of who I am, I googled all of my neighbors to learn more about them. For our HOA President, I was shocked to find an article in our city’s major newspaper about s3tyall @[email protected] charges when he was a teacher in the 70’s in a neighboring state. He was found guilty, promised not to teach again, and to get therapy. Then he came to my state and became a teacher. I am a childhood survivor and this was really hard for me to process. I still haven’t really. He hosts building events, sometimes in his condo that I have attended. I’ve struggled to know how to “make nice” enough that he can’t make my life difficult but I am repulsed by him. He has also gotten drunk and said s3tyoually inappropriate things to me in the presence of others who seem to take no issue. Why I might be the asshole- new neighbors moved in a few months ago and they have a kid. This has weighed on me. So I printed out the article and sent it anonymously to all of my neighbors except him and his best friend. He is old now, a gregarious man who others seem to enjoy. He came out later in life and part of me thinks that could have been a factor in the same s3x @[email protected]. Could he be reformed and I’m ruining a man’s life in his last few years? I know my life experience makes me unlikely to see him as anything other than a bad person. But I also believe that people can reform themselves. Am I warning my neighbors about a possible threat or wanting to harm someone the way I was?
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2023.06.03 05:36 Tall-Tart-5735 AITA for my reaction to my uncle asking me to give him custody of my little sister?

I (20F) lost my parents in a car accident almost 2 weeks ago . I have a little sister (10F) who is now in my custody. Yesterday my uncle (40 M) came to me telling me that my little sister would be better off in the familiarity of a two parent household which he and my aunt (about 40 F???) could provide. I'll admit my first thought was hell no but I kept my composure and I told him I didn't think it was a good idea. He then told me that I was in no position to take care of and raise a ten-year-old and that this way I can finish school and not have to worry about my little sister. I reiterated that it wasn't a good idea and that there was a reason my parents left my little sister in my care (it was specified in their will). He threatened to fight me for custody and that's when I went off. I told him for f*** off and that if he wanted to waste money on lawyers for a judge to ask my sister what she wants then to go ahead. I also told him his lying cheating self had no business fighting for custody of a niece be barely sees. I also threatened to bring up all the family drama if he tried to fight me for custody and that if he wanted something to spend money on then to get his sugar baby pregnant.

Anyway my grandma told me I overreacted and that he was just concerned so now I am wondering if I was an asshole.

Also some more context:
Anyway please let me know if I am the asshole and if I should be worried. I already lost my parents I can't lose my little sister too.
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2023.06.03 05:36 NakedMoleBrat Friend wants to use the same venue as me

I just got married last month in May. We had an after party with all of our friends at our house. We were all talking about the wedding and reflecting on the night. One of the girls told me that she wants to use the same venue when she gets married. She is the girlfriend of one of my husbands childhood best friends and they aren’t engaged and, as far as I know, he has no plans on proposing. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m definitely not mad but just wanted to see if me feeling kind of weird, or not really know how to feel at all, about it is justified.
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2023.06.03 05:36 Reasonable_Cap7912 My ranking of the recent events

🔴 TCG Event quests 7.6/10
The reason why this quest is this high on the list is because of the characters that were in it not the story itself. This quest was decent tho, could’ve use more characters like, where was Zhongli? They should’ve made him go up against Hu Tao. But not really a lot to say about this quest, if it wasn’t for certain characters that were in this quest, I would have possibly took a break from the game. The TCG game is fun, but it feels like an add-on. I did like it how they interpreted this game into the regions. Everybody’s getting addicted to it because they don’t have anything better to do. And revealing that it was two college kids that came up with the idea of making the game. Really makes the world feel kind of real. Hu Tao was the best part and I’m not being bias.
🔴 Yoimiya 2nd story quest 7.6/10
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2023.06.03 05:36 These-Tooth-335 I need help! advice please

hello! thank you for clicking this and im so sorry about the amount of reading. i messed up bad and allegedly tried to order some what i 100% thought were semi-legal synthetic legal compounds. please help. i have redacted some stuff to retain what little privacy i may have left.
-Freight Forwarder [email protected] "Hello Taylor
We received a notification that a shipment with tracking number ############# bound for [address redacted] was intercepted by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and labeled as illegal due to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The DEA has forwarded the seized parcel to the Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Office (FP&F). It is important to be aware of the legal consequences of possessing, obtaining, or producing controlled substances without an exemption or license.
Based on a series of schedules, drugs are categorised and controlled to varying degrees. Most restrictions are placed on Schedule I drugs which cannot be possessed by anyone, except for research that has been licensed by the federal government. This Schedule includes drugs such as marijuana heroin, MDMA, LSD, and peyote which are deemed to have no medical use and high abuse potential. Schedule II substances have an accepted medical use and are deemed to have an abuse potential less than those in Schedule I and are also subjected to tight controls. Included in Schedule II are; cocaine, opium, morphine, Demerol, and codeine.
It's important to be aware that the importation and transportation of controlled substances into and across the United States is a serious federal crime with mandatory minimum sentences. For example, a first offense of trafficking Schedule I or II controlled substances can result in a minimum sentence of 5 years in prison. It's crucial to understand the legal consequences of involvement in drug trafficking and the potential risks to your health and safety.
If a shipment of controlled substances is intercepted by law enforcement, both the sender and receiver may be required to pay a fine of $500 each, totalling $1000. Failure to pay the fine could result in a full investigation and prosecution under the law. It's important to be aware of the legal consequences of involvement in the illegal drug trade and to avoid any actions that could put you at risk.
Kindly reply to this email requesting payment options. ​ You are advised to expedite actions to the above-mentioned Instructions so the package can be cleared and all charges are dropped. This is according to government policies. If you have any questions or need assistance with your case (######), kindly reply to this email for immediate assistance from our support team."
-I reply "Who do i need to contact? Or do i just wait for a letter in the mail? Thank you :)" i want to be civil and get this over with
-FF "Hey there,
You and your sender are to pay your fine immediately. We accept payment via Crypto due to the nature of the shipment.
Kindly request for official wallet address."
-BRIGHT RED FLAGS -I reply "yeah, im gonna pay the fine but im gonna pay it to a government website or by a check to a government building. im not gonna send a third party untraceable bitcoin. I know how to read and I know my rights."
-FF "Dear Esteemed Customer
Your package was seized on transit. Concrete evidence shows that you are the recipient of this package. The next thing according to US DEA procedure is to carry out your arrest and persecution as your action are illegal. However due to the nature of this case, you have the option of paying a fine to clear this issue. Ignoring the fine would mean that your case will have to be reported for arrest. You are expected to pay this fine immediately, else the case will be reported officially.
Bitcoin address: bc1qtjdhpwhuvtx0awvsn0dkentw6gysetpwwlkph
Best Regards"
-so obviously im not gonna do that. its a scam right? what do i do ? i assume the person i tried to buy from is scamming me and so i should just block them both and get over the loss of money and move on with my life?
-my planned but unsent response to FF
"Hello, yes I'm aware of that, may i see an email or letter from ups, fedex, usps, whichever shipping company had it in their possession. I have stated it already I will not be paying bitcoing to a third party company that I have never heard of. you're original email states that the DEA intercepted it. this thread is even called "package seized by the DEA" but now you are claiming you still have it. attempting to recieve payment for concealing a crime is known as compounding a crime. unfortunately i will not be able to make a payment to any buisness or entity not connected to the UNITED STATES government or an official mail carrier. To my knowledge the package contained 1p-lsd, along with 4-aco-DMT two unscheduled and not illegal to purchase chemical."
-they later unprompted sent "We are yet to receive your payment!"
-im a 19 year old with chronic anxiety and depression, i was hoping this would help me be able to work through the abuse my step father put me through when i was a child. i hate meeting people in person. i feel so horrible about this, my chest is pounding and hurts from the sheer anxiety. ahhhh.
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2023.06.03 05:35 Sensitive-Estimate-2 [F4A] looking for long term DC partner(s)!

Hello there! First off I'm NOT replacing anyone, I love the idea of multiple rp partners. Second off I'm comfortable with 18+ people dming me, thanks!
20F looking for a DC/Batman/Justice League, I have an oc and will be using her, idk how but I guess we can talk about that no? 💀
English isn't my first language, I'll definitely have errors, especially grammatical errors.
For context I'm looking for a more accurate DC roleplay since I'm a nerd, so hopefully I'll meet fellow DC fans, as I click with that Fandom more. (I still love Marvel pfft) We can discuss plots, details etc, I'm seriously fine with most ocxcc ships you throw or suggest at me.
I'm semi lit - depending on how busy I am (flight attendant). I'll match with your style of writing so don't worry, I usually end up starting, hope to meet you there!
Also my oc description will be discussed in dms 🙃
Depending on my availability, my replies will either be short or pretty long lmao. If I have a pretty short reply I'm busy but I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Sometimes I do paragraph worth of responses because I'm not busy, but for now I'm not busy so I'm doing this lol. Anyway, hope to see you in my dms. I'm pretty excited to meet new partners :))
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2023.06.03 05:35 Archer465 Thinking about getting this as my first motorcycle. Any thoughts? Is it worth the asking price?

Thinking about getting this as my first motorcycle. Any thoughts? Is it worth the asking price?
I’ve been looking at bikes for a while now and the monster has caught my eye over and over again. Any tips ab ducatis any experienced riders could give me would be much appreciated or if you think this would be worth the money. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 05:34 iwant2breakfree2 xamarin mobile dev, switching technology help

So, I started my CS career at 30, switched from field in bio. Took the first job i could land, and they had me do xamarin forms. it was okay, switched to another company and now 5 years later in this career, I am not loving it. The company i work for is not into training their resources, there is no guidance, mentorship. My senior dev quit making me the only xamarin developer and it honestly is scary. MAUI transition is happening and i havent even started on it yet because i am busy doing day to day tasks. I have expressed that to the management but they are not too serious about hiring another dev to help me or guide me.
I am looking into other companies, unfortunately, i am having a very difficult time even getting an interview. I am even okay with switching technologies and going into web development taking a pay cut(interested in learning Angular) but it seems like no one wants a 35 year old junior dev. I feel like I totally messed up by taking in xamarin.
I have 5 years of experience in software development but i guess all recruiters/companies want a specific tech stack. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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2023.06.03 05:34 aphillycheese8 Help!

I’m using a turtle beach stealth 700 headset gen 2 on my Xbox one and have never had any problems until yesterday. The headset works fine, and plays game audio perfect. As of yesterday, I join parties and my icon shows gray and it says to adjust my audio, which there is no option for as it’s from the headset. The option to switch to party chat tells me that it keeps me in game chat, and I am unable to switch to party chat, whether in discord or an Xbox live party. My connection is fine and I can play multiplayer just fine. I’ve checked all my privacy settings and what not and they’re all open to everything. I’m stumped here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 05:33 Seamoose_Art NoP 2177: Blind [7]

Credit for the original story goes to u/spacepaladin15.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
Memory transcript subject: Sasha Everett, ex-UN noncombatant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: Upper layer of City 23, Venlil Prime
“I’m going, I’m going! Gojids aren’t— khh-aah! — exactly limber in their older years, Sasha! Right, I don’t see anyone in this hallway either, you can come in.”
Sasha clambered through the window after her talkative gray-quilled friend, slipping through with significantly less effort despite her larger frame. The Rising Star was laughably unsecure; windows were unlocked and at chest height, with no alarm system to speak of. The hotel was in some sort of lockdown due to the exterminator presence, all residents and staff hiding behind locked doors. It would be an issue if their target was stowed in a room, but at least the halls were empty. All that left for security was the exterminators gathered at the entrance, and—

“Get back!”
An extended claw stopped her from tripping straight into an intersection, as Burai forced her back into the hallway. “There’s cameras here, they’ll spot you!”
“Haven’t they already seen you? You’re standing right in their view.”
“No, they… I mean, yes, but nobody’ll care about a Gojid in the halls. To a surveillance AI scanning a spaceport hotel, that’s business as usual. But as soon as a human steps out here, security will be notified about a ‘potential predation incident’. Just stay there, and let me… let… w-what?”
“Burai? What’s going on?”
Burai was staring down the hall, eyes rapidly flitting to focus on something which she couldn’t see from her view in the adjacent hall. His jaw was entirely slack for several seconds before he managed to collect himself.
“The, uh… cameras. The cameras are shut down. All of them, they’re staring at the ground and their lights are out. I think you can come out now.”
They had little time to spare, and hesitation would only hurt their chances. She paced out into the corridor alongside Burai, casting a glance down both ways. It was as he’d said; every camera was unlit and staring loosely at the floor. Likely Trish’s doing. No way to tell if (or when) they’d reactivate, so they had to get moving. Burai apparently thought the same, though his relatively stubby legs meant his sprint was about level with her stride.
As they moved through the hall at slightly less than record pace, Sasha began taking in her surroundings. It could be useful to memorize if they had to leave the way they came, so she absorbed every detail she could as they ran like hell/jogged with mild exertion. Orange walls, painted in a stepped gradient from burnt orange to a light cream. A fascinating choice for a world where the native species had orange-colored blood, but apparently they couldn’t be bothered to pretend that prey should be scared of anything bearing the color of their blood anymore. She had to admit, it was a welcome change.
Lining the walls were an assortment of mounted displays. Arranged in a pattern which looked random but was carefully considered for visual balance, they showed an assortment of artwork from every species. She even thought she recognized a few human paintings, mixed alongside the rest of the dizzying collage.
Maybe she had, but it was hard to say for sure. She didn’t have time to get a good look before every panel suddenly went dark at once, with nothing in the way of warning or fanfare. For a brief instant, the hall was filled with rows of ominous black rectangles, before two white lines of text appeared on each and every one:


The panels switched back to their previous display of artwork almost too quickly to read the message. Sasha was left briefly wondering if she was simply hallucinating from the stress, but Burai’s once-again slack jaw dispelled that notion. He looked up at her, trying to say something but failing for lack of breath.
They were on floor zero. The elevators were disabled due to the lockdown, and the stairs were arranged in such a way that one needed to cross around half the building to get to the next one up (whoever was in charge of planning apparently didn’t consider fire a real issue). If they were to make it upstairs before the exterminators caught up with them, they couldn’t be constrained by Burai’s sluggish pace.
In one beautiful fluid motion, she tore off her jacket, wrapped it around Burai, and picked him up. The thick flame-resistant plastic fiber made for an excellent barrier against his spikes, shielding her from a moderately painful and very embarrassing impalement. Burai squeaked in shock, but didn’t protest; they both knew that he couldn’t keep up with an endurance hunter’s jog. Without even the bare imitation of caution, she tore off towards the stairs with Burai in tow. They couldn’t afford to lose time playing at caution when their target was three floors above them through a bizarrely labyrinthian series of stairs.

They’d hardly made it halfway through the second floor when their progress was rather rudely interrupted. A small contingent of exterminators milled about the entrance to the stairwell, too engrossed in conversation to notice the couple of interlopers rapidly skid to a stop and duck behind an archway.
In the reflection of an unpowered screen near the door, Sasha and Burai watched the exterminators from a ‘safe’ distance. The majority of them broke away to rush down another corridor, leaving only two at the stairs: a Venlil and Harchen, judging by their frames. Snippets of their conversation drifted down the empty hall, intermittently cut out by the screeching sound of a broken automatic door repeatedly trying and failing to close.
“—on the first floor, either. You sure they—”
“—way. It has to be here somewhere. ‘Course, Yawi—”
“—d never! You know, that human can’t tell the di—”
On the next screech, Burai made his move. With the noise of the door covering the sound of his approach, he managed to get within meters of the exterminators undetected. At the last second before they noticed his presence, he moved around to make it look like he’d come from another hallway. Then, he drew a breath.
“H-Help! Help me!”
The two wheeled around, flamethrowers already primed before they spotted their assailant. Gojid were generally less than respected owing to their nature as cured predators, but an old man screaming for help didn’t exactly spark fear. Their weapons lowered, and the Venlil flicked a tail in friendly greeting. The Harchen seemed less amused.
“What are you doing outside of your room, Gojid? The hotel’s on lockdown. We’ve gotten notice of a bio—”
“No, no, please don’t make me g-go back there! There’s a… a h-h…”
“A human in your room? Mind telling us what you were doing staying with one?”
“I heard… I heard crying on the outside of the door, so I let him in… I didn’t realize it was…”
The Venlil put a gentle paw over the shaking Gojid. “I understand. Don’t worry, its deception dies with us. You’re safe. Can you tell us what room it’s in now?”
“F-four.. nineteen.”
“I see. Kyura, go check out room 419. I’ll stay here and—”
“Wait! It’s got a… a…”
Burai didn’t finish, choosing to let himself devolve into another bout of feigned fear. In the absence of details, the two would imagine the human to be armed with whatever scared them most. His bet paid off; the Venlil rose to her feet and rushed after the Harchen with her weapon aimed slightly upward at what would be a human’s center mass.
He let his act continue for a few more seconds, apparently waiting until he was certain they wouldn’t double back before scrambling for the stairs. By the time he made his way up to the third floor, she was already beside him and panting slightly.
“What… was that?”
“Improv. You should try it sometime! Anyway, I don’t think we have much time before those idiots realize there’s no room 419 on this floor, so we’re really on the clock. You see what we’re looking for anywhere?”
Sasha kept breathing hard as she scanned the room, before wordlessly rushing off next to a window overlooking a side alley which connected to the one the rest of their their group was perched on. Underneath, a backpack emblazoned with the UN’s logo was stuffed haphazardly next to a vending machine. Apparently, it had been tossed there in a rush as the building was put under lockdown, rather than carefully hidden. She picked it up, looked it over, and nodded at Burai.
“Great. Although…” He looked around the room a few times before returning his attention back to her.
“...unless there’s a parachute in there, I’m not sure it matters much. The lower floors are crawling with exterminators. I don’t see any obvious exits, and I really don’t favor our odds for a 3-story fall. Sasha?”
“Burai, get over here.”
Burai sauntered over as fast as his legs would carry him. She gestured at the window with her head.
“...You can’t be serious.”
“I am. There’s a dumpster below us, we passed it earlier. Filled with fabric, probably a load of blankets they threw out. You’ll be fine. Just cover your head and land feetfirst.”
“Sasha, I think I’d rather burn— AHCK!—”
With Burai in one arm and the backpack in the other, Sasha kicked out the window screen and jumped before she could stop to regret the decision.

The brunt of the pain stabbed her side, as a couple of Burai’s spines slipped past her unzipped jacket to jab themselves in her torso. Aside from that minor embarrassing oversight, she was unharmed. Her complete lack of training was handily circumvented by sheer dumb luck and the merciful softness of discarded hotel bedding. By the time she reoriented herself, Burai was already dragging her out of the dumpster. Bedsheets clung to his spikes, but aside from his pride, he too seemed unharmed.
Another hand, or rather bandaged paw, pulled her to her feet. Tressa encircled her like a short fluffy snake, apparently checking for injuries. Satisfied after two coils, he switched to watching their flank as the rest of them regrouped and recuperated. James was helping Burai pick fabric from his spines. Trish eyed the backpack, before turning her attention to the spot of red at her side.
“Sasha, can you move?”
“Yes. It’s just a skin wound, I’ll be fine. Is Beast all set to go?”
James’ muffled voice rang out from behind her. “Practically raring, last I checked! And a good thing too, because we’re skipping town immediately. Don’t have any time for the usual runaround, not with all this unwanted attention.”
As they closed in on the main street, Sasha zipped up her jacket to cover the wound and slung the backpack over a shoulder. She tried to act normal and casual, though the most she could realistically manage in that regard was to cover any limp from the pain in her torso. The rest of them slipped into their rehearsed roles, immediately cutting any discussion about the situation in favor of meaningless small talk which nobody could take notice of. Hopefully, their acting would be enough to cover for her lack thereof.
The street was awash with people, a viscous fluid of bodies pulling every which way. The lively roar of activity would be enough to cover their tracks as they made their way back to Beast, even if the exterminators realized they had a runaway. Still, time worked against them. The sooner they could get going, the better.

Memory transcript subject: Kelsen, Venlil extermination officer
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: City 23, Venlil Prime
Kelsen watched through the screen of a digital scope as the ragtag group of predators and predator diseased piled into their little barely-functional van, practically crushing each other for lack of space. Once they were packed in shoulder-to-shoulder like cattle, the pathetic thing sputtered to life and limped out into the street.
They must’ve assumed the van was untraceable owing to its advanced age. It was true that automated systems wouldn’t cooperate, but a tracker planted on the underside would have no issues. Their retreat would lead the law straight back to their den.
Well... OK, so maybe the law could wait a moment. Official practice dictated that anything “contaminated” by predators be burned without delay, but he just couldn’t have that. Since the idiotic Federation-wide ban on near-sentient surveillance AI a couple years ago, their leads on predator subversives were running thinner by the day. A raid could gather invaluable intel.
He already had a squad lined up, with body armor instead of hazard suits and kinetic weapons instead of flamethrowers. He’d even rallied up an investigator, a successfully reeducated human who hunted information rather than helpless prey. It would be such a shame to let all that go to waste and simply burn their hideout to ash; that could always come later. Besides, he’d put far too much effort into tracking this group to simply pour some napalm and call it a day.
His little raid would have to operate outside the law to get results. That hadn’t been an issue to arrange, of course, but it meant that if things went south they wouldn’t get any backup. He couldn’t afford to be hasty about this.
But he couldn’t afford to be passive, either. The facial recognition software they’d used to ID and track the Gojid was already skirting the law; their raiding party was actively flaunting it. Kelsen couldn’t let his noble work fall victim to the chains of bureaucracy.
If he wanted to get away with this, he’d have to do it tonight.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
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2023.06.03 05:33 ZaggRukk Gonna be a long night. . .

TL;DR: I've been thinking of how to tell an LO that I have Limerance, and I'm thinking of casually telling her on my way out from work.
For some background, I (43m)was interested in this LO (36f) several years ago when she started at my local watering hole. Now, my first Rule for dating is no bartenders/servers. Nothing against them. I just can't tell if they're flirting/being nice to me for a better tip, or they are just genuinely nice (because I've never known anyone to actually flirt with me). And, she is just genuinely nice to everyone. I can now tell when she's flirting, after seeing it first hand. I did get to know her a little bit and found out we share some interests (we're both kinda weird dorks with the same dumb sense of humor), and I probably had a crush on her at the time. I don't know, because my depression has always screwed with my brain. And, like the rest of my dating life (there is none), I tried to ask her out, as she was single at the time. And, guess what? When i went to finally see if she was even interested, i find out beforehand, that she is no longer single. This has happened every, single, time, I've been interested in someone since h.s.
So, no big deal. It sucks for a while and I get over the presumed crush. I continue to go to that bar and over the years have been semi-regular, depending on my days off. About a year ago, the boss, whom i've known for years, asks me if i want to work there on the weekends (not as a bartender). So, i work weekends, as does she. Not a big deal. I get along with her and everyone else there.
The guy she was dating when i was first interested in her broke up with her shortly after they had a kid, and it sucked/hurt watching her deal with it. And, since then, she has tried dating to find someone special. I stay out of it because it's none of my business. So, I've seen her in good times, as well as some shitty times. It wasn't until late last year that i found this sub and found out what Limerance is. It explained so much for me, because i know she has red flags if i were to try and date her would not end well for either of us.
And, the other night, i found out that things didn't work out with her latest bf. It was mutual, so i think she'll be o.k. This is not handy for me right now, as my own depression (based off of being single and lonely for decades and realizing that i will be single and alone for the rest of my life), has me feeling like shit, due to loneliness. And if given a chance, i would probably date her, dispite everyone that i've asked about her to saying it wouldn't be a good idea, and my own knowledge that it wouldn't be good to and my own depression, which is a shitty thing to bring into a relationship. But, I'm lonely and desperate, and still find her special (f**king Limerance). Oh, yeah. And the whole working together thing.
So, she knows that I have depression, as does she. I don't know if she knows that I was interested in her at one point, but that doesn't matter. The fact that she has never shown any interest in me should be enough for me to get this through my skull. But, I'm dumb. And, here we are.
Anywho. . .on my way out tonight, when they tell me their goodbyes and stuff (her and the other bartender), I'm thinking of casually mentioning that after my last drop for the night (different job), that I'm going to go home and have a few. And, if I'm lucky, I should be able to get a good buzz before the limerance kicks in, so I can ignore it better.
Who knows? I might be too tired to remember.
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2023.06.03 05:32 KomradeSims Update Notes: June 1, 2023

Welcome to June, and also the latest Project: Gorgon update! This update contains a new much-requested skill, Angling, as well as new UI features, quests, balancing, and a ton of bug fixes.
Update: the following are known bugs in this update -- no need to report them. If you see OTHER bugs, please report them!

Main Story

We've expanded the main story quest-line by a few steps. If you've already reached the point in the storyline where you were asked to have dinner with Jessina (via a hang out), the hang out is now available, and you should log in to see that your character has a "reminder quest" to hang out with Jessina.

New Camera Types

Players come to us from different games with different control schemes and camera views, and they often ask us if we can imitate the camera styles they're used to. So we gave it a try! We know that getting movement behavior just right can be tricky, so please give us feedback on how these work for you.
There are now 3 camera types to choose from, located in Settings > Controls:

AoE Visibility

Area-of-Effect abilities that are centered on the caster now have a visualization for their range.


Traditionally, fishing in Project: Gorgon has involved scooping fish up out of the water with your bare hands -- what we might call 'tickling' the fish. And that's fine, as far as it goes. It takes real skill! But not all fish can be caught this way. (And more importantly, players have told us that an MMO "needs" to have traditional fishing in order to feel like a complete MMO.)
So we've expanded Fishing with a new sub-skill: Angling. All you need is a fishing pole, some bait, and a body of water with catchable fish. (Also Fishing 15. And hands!) In order to get started, talk to Roshun the Traitor in Serbule.
The precise mechanics of Angling aren't spelled out in the game at the moment. Since this game focuses on exploration, we expect players to be able to figure out how Angling works. Please let us know what parts of the system were hard to figure out, and we'll work to make those bits more obvious.

Skills & Abilities

From here out (and probably through the rest of beta), we'll be making small balance changes. We don't want to overnerf/overbuff things, so most changes will be relatively modest, and then we'll re-evaluate and adjust further after more observation.
We've revised the formulae used for damage reflection, which resulted in nerfs to Privacy Field. On the other hand, multiple bug fixes actually increase the Warden's power significantly in other ways.
Weather Witch:
Giant Bat:
Fire Magic:


UI Changes

Graphics & Animation

Other Bug Fixes & Tweaks

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2023.06.03 05:32 Perfect_Builder_1396 Is This You?

You watch news channel and the one news that really pops up is how Germany entered Recession, a week back.
And you hear your mind saying to yourself, "How is it going to affect me, my job or business?"
But then you realise that it already is affecting you and everyone around you.
For a business owner, it's a crisis. And for a small business owners, it's their worst nightmare!
You think, " Oh My God! What am I about to do now? What if nobody buys from me and some rich new player comes in and takes over the market and my business loses customers and goes Bankrupt!!!????"
And you start feeling that uneasy sensation in your body soon becoming a nervous feeling that you can't seem to shake off.
And the more you try to not be nervous and stressed, the more you do get stressed.
Because let's face it, it's the reality, isn't it? You hear yourself saying it to yourself and no matter how you look at it, it starts becoming worse and worse.
You look at your family and they got no clue in the world as to what's going on in your mind. And their ignorance of it, adds fumes to this fire of stress and nervousness.
You suddenly become worried and hear your thoughts saying, " How am I going to take care of them, if my business goes Bankrupt? Where will the money come from?"
The sweat flowing down your forehead and you gulping at the thought of all these worries and real life situation is enough to scare the hell out of you.
The unknown future of your company and the worst-case scenarios asks you one question, " How can I secure a safe place for Me and My business and eventually my family?"
Watch the video in the link to know how ----
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2023.06.03 05:32 asexualrhino Cerebellum measurements???

For various reasons I've had I believe 7 ultrasounds and in all that time I've never even heard of a cerebellum measurement. I mean I know they check the brain but I've never seen it included on the list of biometrics. I suppose that this is a peri ultrasound though and they would be more thorough.
I'm 30 weeks and my baby has dropped massive centiles. Previously he was in the high 80s and low 90s except his AC which was 97. Now he's mostly averaging in the 30s with AC is 41. Even with the +/- 15 room for error, it's just a massive drop and in line with when I started my heart meds.
Anyway they've included cerebellum tr measurements this time and it's 33.7 mm with an 8% next to it and seems to be judged from the verburg standard which I've never heard of. My question is 8% as opposed to...what? Other babies his age, a fully grown human? There's no indication that something is wrong with him on this paper, no one ever mentioned it in the other ones. I'm just wondering what on earth this is, has anyone else gotten it, and what's the range meant to be?
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