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2023.05.28 21:29 roey132 How much should i eat?

I'm loaing weight for a while now, went from 116kg to 104kg in about 2-3 months. Ive been eating between 1800 to 2000 calories a day on avg, with exercise about 3-5 days a week (about 1000 calories burned weekly ftom excersice) Lately ive been eating less, mostly because i lost weight and got used to eating more healthy. But for some reason i dont lose/gain any weight.. been juggling between 104 to 105 for 3 weeks. Is my calorie count fine? Am i supposed to eat more or less? Looked up some stuff on the internet and it said i should be about 2500 calories a day but that feels alot.. any advice for what i should do? I am 22m, 168 cm tall and 104 kg. Anything would help. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 21:27 Sea_Pea6230 Is it possible to lose 15 kg (30lbs) in 6 months?

F19154cm SW: 74 kg GW: 54 kg.
Hello! I've started intermittent fasting and calorie deficit. I brisk walk for around 1.5 to 2 hours everyday. I really want to lose around 30 or more pounds till December 2023. Will it be possible if I stay consistent or is too much to ask for? I'd atleast to reach the 50kg range (130-120 lbs range) I do struggle with binge eating once in a while but I've been somewhat successful with controlling it these days. I have a important function coming in December and i really want to be at my best! (physically and mentally) Is it an achievable target or a long shot? (With regular exercise, intermittent fasting and a healthy calorie deficit, no fad diets.)
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2023.05.28 21:26 Mispict Pork substitute?

I am properly restarting keto after having been on and off for a few years. I successfully lost and maintained from 2018 to 2020, but covid, lockdown, home working and menopause have kicked my ass and I've gained again.
Anyway, I have developed and allergy to pork over the last few years. It was my go to before, cheap and so easy to access in many different forms.
So I'm looking for decent substitutes, which are a low price with a good fat content. All I can really think of is chicken legs/wings. Beef and lamb are prohibitively expensive where I am. Tinned Mackerel and tinned tuna are other substitutes.
Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 21:25 More_Caterpillar4935 Should I be concerned?

Hey, (Disclaimer - in no way am I promoting any unhealthy behaviours, just asking for some advice. Also my original weight was in the healthy weight bmi bracket)
I am 23 and I’ve never had any trouble with my weight prior to this. The last time I weighed myself was about a year ago I have always had a slim build (5’4 and avg around 7st10).
I never restricted myself from eating, however because of my ADHD I used to forget to eat and only eat a big dinner and snacked during the day. If I went out for a meal with friends i would never care about the amount of calories I would be eating and I would never weigh myself because I was happy with my body when I looked in the mirror. Since I’ve had a boyfriend I have noticed that I have been eating more and snacking more often but I had such a high metabolism when I was younger that I could snack a lot and still not gain weight.
It was only until 2 weeks ago that I tried on this denim skirt that I wore last summer and it wouldn’t fit!! I thought it must’ve shrunk in the wash because I didn’t see a noticeable difference with my body when I looked in the mirror. Same happened again when I tried on my old white pants, they were just way too tight around my legs and my stomach (I used to have to wear a belt to keep them up because they would be too small!)
I weighed myself that day thinking wtf is going on, and I weighed 8st12, explaining why I couldn’t fit into my old clothes. I started to panic and look through my old photos and now comparing them side by side with what I see now in the mirror I notice that my legs were so much slimmer and my stomach was way more toned.
I want to go back to how I was, both my old weight and current weight are in the healthy BMI btw so even though I was skinner it wasn’t underweight and unhealthy. I have noticed that I’m obsessing with recording my calories and have gone into a huge calorie deficit averaging at 1000 calories a day. I only eat when I’m hungry and I make sure to eat nutritional food.
I have already dropped to 8st5 in just one week, cutting out the snacking and eating for the sake of it when I’m not hungry. My boyfriend says that he’s a bit concerned that I’m taking it this seriously and it got me thinking whether I’m getting too obsessed. I keep trying on my old clothes and seeing if there’s a difference and been weighing myself everyday.
Thank you for reading sorry this is so long lol
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2023.05.28 21:22 watchthescene Tom Will Be The CEO [Matsson, Tom, Greg, Mencken Will Fuck Over The Roy Boys & Shiv The Shiv]

Tom is the only person on the show that actually has a track record to be the CEO, he's been the head of Parks, he's been the head of cruises and he's the head of ATN.
Greg has a backchannel with Matsson, Greg is Tom's Sporus and now we know that Matsson has a backchannel set up with Mencken in order to approve the GoJo deal contingent on there being an American CEO.
The Roys are going to get out maneuvered by the only person in the family who truly decided to understand why Logan became Logan rather than simply hate on his disposition. Tom needs to display Logan's unrelenting ruthlessness. After Tom takes their chicken so to say, Shiv will be invited back in to be his wife and give birth to his child, but she will be treated as the guest to the family's fortunes rather than the other way around.
"Some people just can't make a deal Fikrit."
And Tom knows this about the Roy's, they just can't cut a deal when it matters the most.
Not sure what will end up of Little Lord Fuckleroy (Ken) and Roman the Showman but it can't be good in this timeline, can't wait for the finale.
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2023.05.28 21:21 Platoooon King of the streets

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2023.05.28 21:20 tokkiiyokki Taco Bowl (495 cal)

Taco Bowl (495 cal)
I’m sure something like this has been posted already but I’ve been eating this for a meal every day the last week, so I figure I might as well post it here in case someone else wants to try it too! Sometimes I just really wanna eat a huge bowl of anything so this helps when I’m really hungry lolol 1 tbsp Tone’s taco seasoning - 10 cal 1/2 chicken breast - 116 cal 1 head romaine lettuce - 106 1/2 sunset tomato - 15 1/2 red onion - 30 1 cheese stick, grated - 80 cal 2 tbsp nutritional yeast - 40 cal 2 tbsp Pace salsa - 10 cal 3 tbsp Daisy light sour cream - 88 495 calories total
The nutritional yeast doesn’t really do anything besides make the dish a lil more cheesy tasting
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2023.05.28 21:20 mx-Almendra45 I wonder if I'll ever get over it

Eating in front of people.
Eating and accidentally dropping food.
Having to wipe off food from the side of my mouth if its too messy.
Taking big bites of something.
I wonder if I'll ever stop feeling so self concious about how I eat. I just want to be able to eat out with friends without feeling so awkward.
Everyday, I do this thing where I "practice" eating. Ik it's odd, but I can't stop doing it. I eat as if I'm sitting amongst friends, taking small bites of my oatmeal as if its a bowl of rice or maybe fro-yo. When some of it falls off my spoon and into the bowl, I picture my friends shooting me a side eye or smirk as if to say "I saw that." Then I get uncomfortable even though I'm alone in the kitchen. I practice eating sandwiches too. Its fucking ridiculous but I can't stop. Does anyone else do this?
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2023.05.28 21:17 Paperrat1 "Can't Relapse" Because of Medication, and It Makes my ED Angry

During my initial (life-threatening) descent into anorexia, around 12 years ago, I developed the regular physical symptoms one does. Constipation, dizziness and nausea, lethargy, muscle spasms, (worsened) insomnia, delayed stomach/gastric emptying. I weight recovered and gained a significant amount of weight, but a lot of those health problems have lingered to some extent.
Probably about 4 years ago, my gastroparesis worsened significantly. I would regurgitate food or have horrible stomach pain which made it hurt to eat. It actually contributed to my weight being weird, as I would be super nauseous and feel hungry while stomach has been sitting in my food all day. I've been diagnosed with gastroparesis, but no meds have helped...except mirtazapine has made it manageable, particularly with regards to nausea. I started taking it for my incredibly severe depression (which was leading to a lot of paranoia, dissociation, borderline delusional beliefs), but it has the added benefit of assisting people who struggle with gastric issues.
The problem is, mirtazapine is an antidepressant that works extremely well for me BUT gives me insane sugar cravings and a significantly increased appetite.
I've been on this medication for a year and a half, and every day I want to go off of it. I struggle incredibly with body image issues, but it's basically made it so I can't "properly" relapse because if I'm hungry I can't do anything else. I know this is maybe a good thing, but i feel like a pathetic and weak failure for eating a "normal person amount" of calories a day (I'm an active person, fwiw) while still feeling hungry AND having horrible body image issues. Before mirtazapine, I was more depressed with worse GI issues, but I was liking my body...every day I contemplate just stopping the meds. In a fucked up way, I feel like it would be better to relapse and get my body thinner than have manageable depression and less constant nausea. It's just put me in this middle space where I feel I literally CANNOT restrict like I used to, but still have no food freedom. Just feels like a losing battle in every way. I know I need to fix my attitude, but it's easier said than done.
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2023.05.28 21:13 True_Sun6965 Tips for Beginners to Enjoy Indian Food to the Fullest – A Spicy Adventure for Foodies!

Tips for Beginners to Enjoy Indian Food to the Fullest – A Spicy Adventure for Foodies!
Image via unsplash
There is no food that’s more rich in flavour than Indian food! The cuisine is infused with so many spices and ingredients in a variety of dishes for you to enjoy. As a beginner and someone new to Indian food, there are certain tips to make your adventure easier, and here are some of them.

Appetisers Matter
Image via unsplash
Indian appetizers exhibit an astonishing array of flavours and textures, offering an exhilarating experience as you embark on a culinary journey to tantalize your taste buds. Prepare to indulge in a delightful assortment of fillings, each boasting its own distinctive and iconic flavour profile. Embrace the opportunity to savour a little bit of everything, immersing yourself in the captivating and spicy nuances that define Indian cuisine.

Let Them Know Your Spice Level
Image via unsplash
Before ordering anything, it is important to let your waiter or chef know about your spice level. From mild to extremely hot, Indian food can be prepared to align to your liking, however, keep in mind that some Indian food tastes better with a moderate level of spices. Order a sweet juice to help balance it out!

Veg or Non-Veg?
Image via unsplash
Indian restaurants provide the best of both worlds for people with food preferences, with a range of vegetation and non-veg dishes. You can try dishes like Paneer Tikka Masala if you’re a vegetarian, or try the lamb, mutton, seafood, and chicken dishes prepared for non-veg foodies.

Skip the Buffet
Image via unsplash
Some Indian food is extremely filling, and a buffet might not be the best option for a first-timer. You can find a nice restaurant with good dining offers and select a range of dishes or try them one by one. If you’re ordering biryani, you can skip trying other mains and try appetisers, snacks, and desserts to make the most out of it.
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2023.05.28 21:12 KiriDomo Week 20 - Favorite Kitchen Tool: Scrap Stock

Week 20 - Favorite Kitchen Tool: Scrap Stock
I have a bunch of freezer bags where I put stock-worthy scraps. When they're full enough, I throw it all in my instant pot and let it go for about an hour. This batch was rotisserie chicken carcass, raw chicken trimmings, and mirepoix bits.
Half the resulting stock got used in dak juk, the rest might get frozen this week.
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2023.05.28 21:08 AdDisastrous3106 My life seems to be something like a cluster of issues and problems which seem to vary in intensity but still carry on, yet I feel like all of those are Problems that should be fixable. I'd love some elaborated views on this situation! :)

I'd say I'm a basic German "kid", at least concerning my CV. Grew up with my parents and two brothers (Sandwich kid) went to school, did quite good with few effords, lost motivation along the way (mainly because of increasing mental health problems) but managed to graduate with good grades. Until this moment my life seemed as normal as it gets but after graduation I felt really lost in life and it took me a while to even find anything at all, I could find the motivation to pursue. I had to drag myself out of ruts several times and there were times I layed on the couch of my moms living room for weeks. At the age of 21 I first accepted that I was feeling lonely almost all my life (which I denied before, even in therapy). Now I'm 22 (almost 23) and in a situation in which I'm learning a professtion that has some interesting aspects to it but - as it turns out - is pretty monotonous in general, which I strongly dislike. Also I have problems making real friends. I come along pretty well with most people but I feel like when I open up to people they tend to leave me again. I assume because on the inside im kind of a mess. So I developed a fear which prevents me from telling people what I feel and sometimes I'm distancing myself to not annoy anyone or piss anyone off. In those situations I felt a change in peoples behaviour towards me and I never know how to react, so I don't and accept it (and keep some distance because I feel like I did something wrong). Maybe It's not that bad but I'm terrified to tell them because I don't want to make them dislike me (even more(?)). In Germany we call this a "Zwickmühle" in which you can't really do anything, because you lose either way. At least it seems to me that it is one.
Another Problem I'm facing is that I'd love to do something useful with my life. Just like conservation work or animal protection. But I don't know how to get into that and right now it doesn't look like I will be making a lot of money in the future to afford doing voluntary work. So I always feel dissatisfied with my perspectives on the future. I would say that I'm reasonably smart but I'm scared a lot and don't want do make any mistakes which holds me back quite a bit so that I'm never able to reach my potential at all which is incredibly frustrating and hurtful to me.
There are many more things to add to the list but I feel like that would disrupt the structure even more :D

I don't know if those seem like insignificant problems or wether any of you can relate, so I'd be really interested to know.
Thanks a lot
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2023.05.28 21:08 QuantumCookingzzz Bean Egg Fried Ramen

Bean Egg Fried Ramen
🌟🍜 Bean Fried Ramen Recipe 🥢🌱🌽
Hey fellow foodies! I'm thrilled to share my delicious Bean Fried Ramen recipe with you all. It's a quick and easy dish that packs a ton of flavor. Let's dive in! 🎉
🥢 Bean Fried Ramen Recipe 🍜
Ingredients: - 🍜 Ramen packs - 🍗 Chicken broth - 🧅 Red onions - 🖤 Black beans (any type of beans works) - 🌿 Minced spinach - 🥚 Eggs - 🥕 Carrots - 🌿 Olive oil or coconut oil - 🌿 Italian seasoning (optional) - ⚫️ Black pepper, salt, paprika, and garlic powder - 🎃 Ginger powder (optional) - 🍝 Pasta sauce (any type)
Enjoy cooking! 😊🍽️✨
1️⃣ Heat olive oil or coconut oil in a skillet over medium heat.
2️⃣ Sauté diced red onions until they become translucent.
3️⃣ Add black beans and minced spinach (if using) to the skillet. Cook for a few minutes.
4️⃣ Pour beaten eggs into the skillet and scramble them with the onion and bean mixture. Cook until the eggs are firm but not overcooked.
5️⃣ Set aside the cooked vegetables and eggs.
6️⃣ In a separate pot, bring chicken broth to a boil and add the ramen noodles. Cook according to the package instructions.
7️⃣ Drain the cooked ramen noodles and transfer them to a serving bowl.
8️⃣ Top the ramen noodles with the sautéed vegetables and scrambled eggs.
9️⃣ Sprinkle herb seasoning, salt, and black pepper over the bowl of bean fried ramen.
🔟 Give it a good mix to ensure all the flavors are well combined.
1️⃣1️⃣ Serve the scrumptious Bean Fried Ramen hot and savor each delightful bite! 😋🍽️
Feel free to check out my YouTube cooking channel, Quantum Cookingszzz, for more mouthwatering recipes and cooking inspiration! 🔔📺
Let me know if you try this recipe and how it turns out. Don't forget to upvote if you enjoyed it and share your own twists in the comments. Stay tuned for more tasty recipes! 🎥🌟
Happy cooking and bon appétit! 🍜🥢😊
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2023.05.28 21:05 HealBeforeZod The Dark Lord of Fast Food Part 1

Zod's notes - originally posted as a writing prompt response. I added in a little extra to the intro for context and made some minor edits from the original. Original Prompt
I had seen my share of eccentric customers working in customer service. While Sirris was hardly the most unusual of the bunch, he was certainly in the top 5 most curious patrons. The first time he walked through our doors I thought he had come from some sort of comic convention, LARP, or Renaissance Festival. However, such patrons did not stay in character, nor did they return every day in the same fantastical attire.
“You dare to question ME, the Dark Lord, conqueror of the seven Kingdoms, slayer of gods, and ruler of Bythica?” He raised his shoulders, looming over my counter with a menacing look. I just sighed deeply.
“Sirris, we’ve been over this at least once a week. This is McDonalds, not Bythica. Do you want that as a meal or not?” I kept my tone flat, devoid of any intonation that could escalate the situation.
Dark Lord Sirris furrowed his brow in concentration. His talon-like nails stroked the silvery strands of his goatee.
“Fine, then pray tell, what are the advantages of ordering the McRib, as meal.”
“It is 30 cents cheaper than if you purchase the items a la carte, and, for a limited time, you get an Emoji Movie 2 commemorative cup.” I explained.
“I see, so a prudent choice.”
“I gue—”
“And this cup,” the dark lord continued, “Is it an item of great power?” He raised an eyebrow, intrigued.
“Um, no. It’s just a mass-produced plastic cup.” I gestured to a stack behind the counter. “I guess it’s slightly more durable than our standard cup?” I shrugged.
“Excellent, you may prove a useful minion after all, Jen-NEE of Chester’s field.”
“Thank you Sirris…”
“Dark Lord Sirris, Conqueror of the 7 Kingdoms, Slayer of Gods, and Ruler of Bythica.” I sighed. The dark lord rummaged around in his cape for a moment before dropping four gold-looking coins onto the counter.”
“We have been over this before, my lord, those coins are not legal tender that corporate lets us accept.”
“Fine.” He huffed. He swished his cape and spun around to face the patron behind him, another regular who I knew only as a soccer mom who collected cheap handbags. The confused soccer mom begrudgingly exchanged a few coins for a crisp twenty-dollar bill. Dark Lord Sirris spun back around and handed me the twenty with both hands, presenting it as those it was some item of great import. I, deciding to humor him, bowed slightly before opening my register.
“Tell me, Jen-NEE of Chester’s field, this corporate you always speak of, they sound like a terrible lord.”
“Yep, they’re pretty awful, but what can you do? Capitalism.” I shrugged again, handing him receipt.
“Many of the youth in this land have spoken of this… capitalism.” Lord Sirris mused. “I dare say, it has been decades since a proper rival has presented themselves to me. Where can I locate these vassals of the Dark Lord Capitalism?”
“Um, well, you could go online and fill out a ‘contact us’ form and see if you get a reply.”
“Hmm, I guess you didn’t have the internet in Bythica, huh?”
“No, what is this Intern’s net you speak of?”
“No, the internet is… not really a place, but you get a computer or phone… umm…” I couldn’t believe I was about to say this. I tried not to indulge the delusions of some of our more eccentric customers. “You get a summoning device such as a phone or computer, and then you can use the internet spell to quest for knowledge, order provisions, forge alliances across the lands, all kinds of things.”
“So powerful, this intern’s net.” The dark lord looked at me. “I misjudged you, Jen-NEE of Chester’s Field, of the great land of Misery in the Kingdom of America. I mistook you for a common serving wench. But it seems you are an excellent advisor, wise to secrets of this realm.” The dark lord leaned against the counter, the woman behind him getting restless at all the chit chat.
“Um, thanks,” I said, thankful to see the fries for the dark lord’s order slide down behind me. “Hold on, let me bag your order,” I said, turning to bundled up his lunch. I turned to hand him his lunch, he nodded at me in approval.
“Thank you, Jen-Nee for the sustenance. I hope to continue our conversation soon.” He flourished his cape and moved into a deep bow, the contrast between the regal motion and the bag containing a McRib was not lost on me.
“Don’t forget your Sprite.” I said, handing him the commemorative cup that was covered in images of emojis.
“Ah, I see what you meant, it is a bit underwhelming.” He admitted examining the cup before making his departure. I apologized to the next customer, who was still examining the coins the dark lord had handed her. The rest of my shift was relatively uneventful. As uneasy as “Dark Lord Sirris” made me, I had to admit, he was entertaining.
I did not see Dark Lord Sirris the rest of the week. I crammed for finals and continued picking up shifts for some extra cash. Even with the extra shifts, I was still dining on ramen and peanut butter sandwiches. On Friday a news story shocked me. There was an attack at McDonald’s Corporate headquarters, five top level executives were brutally murdered in a board room. The witnesses interviewed described a man in a cape with a goatee. It couldn’t be… I told myself. When I got into work Saturday, the tone around the restaurant was somber at first, but soon the rhythm of the shift took over and it was business as usual.
The soccer mom I had served earlier that week strode into the store. A pop of red soles on brand new pumps caught my eye, as did the large coach purse. She usually dressed far more sensibly. She walked up to the counter and looked at me.
“Do you remember that odd fellow that was here the other day?”
“Yes ma’am, is he here, is he harassing you?”
“No, but here is my card, if you see him, please give me a call, anytime.” She explained as she slid a card across the counter, her nails showing off a brand-new manicure. I nodded and took the card.
“Uh sure ma’am.” I said, pretending to agree. She gave me an insincere smile before stalking off.
“Huh.” I scratched my head, wondering, those coins couldn’t be real… could they? I went back to my shift, trying to pretend the curiosities weren’t stacking up. The hours that followed were back to the normal drudgery of the workday I knew and loathed. We were down a person and rumor had it the regional manager was on his way for inspection. Naturally, the soda machine in the lobby malfunctioned and started spraying Coke everywhere. I grabbed a mop and a bucket and got to work.
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2023.05.28 21:03 MsNerdcore Question with Geodon and taking it with food.

After 15 years on 20 mg twice daily of Geodon for reasons I been moved up to 40 mg of Geodon twice daily. When on the lowest dose I really didn't eat after taking it and I was OK. Now I'm on the 40 mg twice a day I need to eat after taking the medication My question is, is a 500 calories Ok to eat with Geodon. Should I be eating more calories with the higher dose. I am in Wegovy so weight gain and being hungry is not really an issue, but boy do I get bad headaches if I don't eat at least a bowl of cereal a banana and yougery in the AM. And have a decent healthy lunch in the evening. Sorry If this sounds confusing, just curious how many calories I should be consuming with the higher dose.
PS I just started the higher dose 3 days ago, so I'm not sure if headaches is a side effect.
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2023.05.28 21:02 AceTheBirb Mermay Day 28: Spread

"Hey look, Rew's made a return... this time on break from her job eating a tuna spread sandwich. Hey, merpeople can eat fish too. It's normal."

Why is she in mermaid form? Come on, you gotta relax outside of the work in all forms. Also, she felt lazy.
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2023.05.28 21:01 Intelligent_Put_2558 I'm struggling with conflicting information

My doctors (spoke to multiple at the GP just for clarification) brushed it off and said it's very common, nothing to worry about, try to eat healthier and get some exercise. Reddit and Google tend to take it a lot more seriously with a lifelong change completely eliminating sugacarbs.
I think what I struggle most with is the conflicting information on this subject.
Just how common is this? I am by no means large I'm 5'7 144lbs which is a healthy BMI but I do carry some weight on my gut so I'm assuming this is the issue. About 70-80% of people I walk past daily carry more weight in their gut than I do, is it likely all of these people have fatty liver?
Which diet should I do? Some say Mediterranean, some keto, some say just eat healthier and focus on being in a calorie deficit, and others say it doesn't matter what foods you eat as long as there's a calorie deficit you will lose the weight and inevitably the fat on your liver.
Can I have artificial sweeteners? Again conflicting information, some say it helps, some say it makes it worse.
Fruit? Some swear by it, some say eliminate it at all costs.
Can I have cheat days? Some say no, one day can be detrimental, others say yes treat yourself.
I'm not looking for all of the answers, I just think what makes having NAFLD difficult is there's no clear path, no medication, apparently no right or wrong.
I'm desperate to reverse this and have some normality back in my lifestyle, but it's difficult when I don't know the best route to take, if there even is one and whether or not I'm over reacting the severity of this (which my Dr seems to think).
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2023.05.28 21:01 Present-Resolution23 Kfc promo info?

Only found out promo was live because of people on social complaining about "KFC embracing Satan "because of the D4 bags 😅😅. I downloaded the app though and I dont see any mention of it. I dont like KFC enough to just Yolo a chicken sandwich but Im also too much of a closet-nerd to go to the store and ask some underpaid teenager about a video game promotion lol. So help! Is it active everywhere and what do I need to do to receive the skin(s)
Thank you!!
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2023.05.28 21:01 Cold_Pepper_97 My best friend is gaining weight at a worrying rate, I don't know how to help

So she's rapidly gained a lot of weight in the past few years. She's in therapy to deal with the emotional part of what some of the cause could be, but she also told me that she got her blood sugar tested a couple of years ago when it first started happening, and there were indications that she might tip into diabetes. She got a medicine for it, but stopped taking it, because she said it only caused weight gain.
I'm really worried about her. For several months now, she hasn't even been able to weigh herself, because her scale goes up to 290lbs/130kg, but she says her clothes fit even tighter than they did last summer. She keeps telling me that she doesn't even know where to start with losing weight, so I try to suggest that we look into nutritionists or do some yoga together. I don't know how to help though, because I've always struggled to not be unhealthily skinny, so I feel like a dick when I try to suggest help and support for something I know nothing about. I'm also reluctant to suggest calorie counting again because she's had an ED as a teen, and I worry that being too strict will push her towards that, once more.
However though, I don't know that being super gentle with the approach is good when her blood sugar is probably really really not okay at this point, and she's out of breath constantly, her joints hurt, she isn't well. She doesn't want to go get her bloodwork done, she tried a diet for a week and stopped because she thinks it did nothing, and she doesn't want me to help find a dietitian that specializes in similar cases. I'm really at a loss because she's voicing her unhappiness, and I don't know what to say and how to help. Anyone feel me, have you been in similar situations?
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2023.05.28 21:00 Reasonable-Blueberry I think we judged Gabe too soon

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2023.05.28 20:59 CouldBeASD Tism or just a disorderly mixed bag?

TLDR: After 25 years of thinking I was just quirky I believe I’m actually probably autistic. Or I could just be riddled with other personality disorders with a sprinkle of childhood trauma and a splash of awkwardness. My symptoms are towards the end of the post. I have an upcoming appointment with my psychiatrist to discuss a diagnosis and any feedback would be appreciated.
I recently stumbled upon AspiMemes and was shook by how relatable I found a lot of it. There’s some funny stuff on there and it’s been a long time since I found a community so relatable. Many things that I just always thought I was “weird” and quirky for turned out to be something many others were experiencing. After doing more research and taking some online tests I feel pretty confident that I’m on the spectrum. That being said I do have some doubts and my biggest concern is that I actually just have a bunch of personality disorders that are overlapping and manifesting in ways that appear to be autism. For some background I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety pretty much my entire life (25m currently) but I always chalked it up to my somewhat traumatic childhood.
For context: I grew up very poor with a single mother who also had some very serious psychological issues. Unfortunately I’m not too aware of how I was as a baby because her accounts are very unreliable but I can say that I was behind the curve on almost all developmental benchmarks, both physically and mentally. I was pretty non verbal until about 5 and it’s embarrassing to admit but I wore diapers until I was about that age too. As far as school went I was failing everything and didn’t grasp much of anything. Anyways things changed a lot for me half way through elementary as I was adopted and my new family was very adamant about the importance of education. Throughout middle school and high school I really exceeded and mostly got A’s and B’s. My GPA usually sat between 3.5-3.8. Now I’m not bringing all this up to pay myself on the back and gloat. I largely attribute this to my new family and the privilege that came along with being relocated to a much better funded school district. I simply mention it to highlight that while I was to get ahead academically I’ve never quite been able to replicate that when it comes to my emotions and social skills. In elementary I didn’t really have any friends besides the kids of family friends. I remember that while I had fun with them I never quite related to them. It was hard because we came from very different backgrounds. I had grown up in a trailer park whereas these kids lived in borderline mansions. I remember watching Richy Rich as a kid and when I met some of these kids thinking “Wow it’s real” lol. In junior high it was better because I actually had some autonomy and mingled with more kids outside of the ones my parents chose for me but even with kids who had similar backgrounds I still felt different. I never had a strong sense of identity and my interests were always in flux. In addition to this my adoptive family was always quick to point out certain aspects about me that they found weird. I’ve never quite truly seen eye to eye with them but it often devolved into them making me think that I was crazy or acting unreasonably. Now I’m by no means a perfect person but I largely avoid conflict. My friends all agree that I’m a generally easy going person but I do have my moments where I lash out if I feel like my actions aren’t being reciprocated. I always feel guilty about it afterwards and it’s definitely something I’ve worked on a lot but in hindsight I believe that these are probably meltdowns. At one point my parents even said they thought I was autistic but I was younger and more insecure and I took it as a jab as they tended to tease me frequently for things that I did that they thought were “weird” and they just generally don’t offer much positive feedback on anything that I do. It’s just constant criticism after criticism with them. Tangent aside in high school I would be diagnosed with severe clinical depression. A large part of this I would attribute to my feelings about my childhood and my biological mother but in hindsight I think that my depression is probably more so a symptom of another untreated disorder. Childhood trauma no doubt played a big part but the other thing that’s always made me feel depressed was a sense of not being able to relate to others and a lack of identity which I’ve been seeing many other autistic adults struggle with. Aside from my unusual upbringing to my core I’ve always felt “different” and when I went on aspi memes it was a “holy shit” moment because it all sort of just clicked.
Now where I’m struggling is 2 fold. The first and most important one is am I autistic or do I just have multiple personality disorders. I know I have anxiety and depression. But in addition to this I display plenty of symptoms heavily reminiscent of OCD and ADHD. My other issue is a chicken and the egg problem. Do I struggle socially because I wasn’t properly socialized as a child or is it because this entire time I’ve actually been autistic and have internalized shame about it due to my family telling me how weird I am? A sort of nature vs nurture dilemma if you will. To add some clarity here’s a list of symptoms that I had in childhood, adulthood or both.
Childhood: -Took things very literally. -Irresistible urge to take things apart. -Walk around on the balls of my feet. -Teeth grinding, rubbing the roof of my mouth with my tongue, sucked on quarters. -Struggled to bite my tongue, often blurting things out that were perceived as rude. Just over or under sharing in general. -Lack of a stable identity, feeling like I had no personality. -Random fits of the zoomies. -Planned out social interactions/conversations in my head to minimize anxiety.
Childhood/Adulthood: -Struggle with eye contact. -Random urges to vocalize/make random noises. -Extreme disgust when it comes to certain textures. Both material and edible. -Listening to the same song on repeat for days or sometimes even weeks at a time. -Rigidity to unexpected changes. Often illicits strong sense of frustration but nonverbal. -Tendency to look at the ground while walking. -Unsure what to do with hands and face during conversations. -Latch onto specific phrases and incorporate them incessantly. (Most recently Y2K) -Strong hatred of gossip and small talk. Generally only find topical and information based conversations truly engaging. Struggle to keep other types of conversation going. -Being told “Only you would notice that” regularly or people asking me “Are you okay?” when I’m totally fine. -Snuggling with how much to contribute to a conversation. Often talk too little or dominate the conversation. Tendency to go on rants and tangents sometimes unrelated to the topic.
Childhood/Adulthood (Not necessarily autistic): -Constant changing fixations and interest that are obsessive. (This one makes me question whether or not it’s autism the most. My interest have a tendency to change on a whim but I’m never truly “done” with an interest. I just have too many and too little time/money) -Very particular about how things are placed. If my stuff is toiled with and not returned exactly how I had it it’s annoys me to no end lol -Random fidgeting such as tapping, pacing, swaying. (Believe this to be a form of stimming) -Either overly or absolutely unaware of how I’m presenting myself to others. No in between. -Enjoy categorizing things and thoughts.
I realize this is a ton to read so if you made it this far I really appreciate it. I still have plenty of other things I’d like to add but this post is already sooo long. I’d really appreciate your guys opinions on whether or not you think I have a strong case for being autistic or if I’m just conflating awkwardness + other personality disorder with the big A. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist this Tuesday to discuss it but I don’t want to embarrass myself and have him just be like “Tf this isn’t autism.” I don’t actually think he’d do that but anxiety yeah lol. Anyways thank you in advanced.
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2023.05.28 20:58 Saba_p is there a mistake in this paragraph?

"Overweight and obesity in childhood have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of these children, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression, which have three important reasons. First, due to the fact that some children probably have an unhealthy diet, they become obese. Since some foods and drinks such as fast foods, baked goods, vending machine snacks, candy and desserts, sugary drinks, including fruit juices and sports drinks are high-calorie, eating them contribute to fatness in some people. The next reason might be the consequence of not exercising. Too much time spent in sedentary activities, such as watching television or playing video games, leads to obesity. The third common factor that can be responsible for overweight in children is genetic factors. consequently, in environments where there are high-calorie foods and exercise is not encouraged, these children become fat."
thanks in advance.
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