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Join Recipe Inspiration community for great collection of recipes across the internet. Get inspired by new or old recipe ideas for all kind of diets (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, low carb, keto) as well as meal prep and meal plan ideas. Also, you are free to add the photos of your food and use a flair Food Porn.

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2023.05.28 05:23 Letitiaget2023 Letitia Dean Keto Gummies Reviews Weight Loss Reviews: SCAM or Legit United Kingdom

Letitia Dean Keto Gummies is a weight reduction dietary product that drives the body into ketosis rapidly. It hurries the course of ketosis so the body can start consuming fat rapidly, in this manner accelerating digestion. Every one of the dynamic fixings in this dietary product are gotten from plants. In this condition, the liver might start fat digestion to help the body in creating more usable energy.
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My mom bought these Keto gummies. Saw them advertised on TV. Has anyone tried them? I’m doing Keto. Was 470 then down to 296 now back up to 320. I am back doing Keto using a keto app tracking, but the weight is just not coming off like it did before. Mom bought these thinking they might help. I was wondering if anyone else had used them on here and had success with them.
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Om Keto Xplode
I viktminskning inte, är varje person skyldig att följa samma regler för att förlora fett. För att utmana det traditionella sättet att gå ner i vikt fortsätter denna produkt att överraska med Keto Diet. Detta är en lågkolhydratdiet som stöder fettförlust genom att använda lagrat kroppsfett i ketonkroppar.
Hur fungerar det?
Keto Xplode är en perfekt vikthanteringslösning eftersom den avsevärt ger en alternativ energikälla till kroppen vilket resulterar i viktminskning. Detta är en fantastisk viktminskningslösning som har fulländat konsten med Keto-dieten i viktkontroll utan att riskera någonting.
Användaren kan enkelt uppnå en slim fit kroppsbyggnad genom att förvandla fett till en tillgänglig energikälla utan några problem. Ketoxplode Gummies Diet är enkel att använda en dietformel som ger en energisk lösning på fetma och överviktsutmaningar. Denna dietformel är låg på kolhydrater och hög i kroppsfett. Ketogen diet fungerar på nedanstående grunder.
Du hittar all ytterligare information på produktens hemsida!
Varför kost undertryckande medel är ett stort problem i de flesta av Keto-tillskotten?
Diaetolin är ett viktminskningstillskott naturligt framställt och lovar att leverera potentiella fördelar. Du kanske tänker som en vanlig ketosis-stimulator som fungerar på samma grunder som ketogen diet, men här är några viktiga skillnader som tas i beaktande av produktpåståenden.
Den inledande fasen i Keto-dieten förblir alltid densamma, men lämpligheten att anta valfri lågkolhydratdiet är den verkliga utmaningen som varje användare måste övervinna med hjälp av Keto-tillskott.
Keto Xplode Dämpande medel är en vanlig praxis som introduceras i de flesta av de välkända Keto-formlerna med ett enda syfte att begränsa överätning störningar. Kostregimer är ofta kända som hunger dödande formler eftersom de hämmande medlen i sådana formler fortsätter att skada vårt hunger begär för att begränsa kostintaget och tvingar kroppen att anpassa lågkolhydratkost.
Dessa metoder kan lämna en permanent inverkan på den metaboliska nivån eftersom hunger lusten fortsätter att lindra tills den har nått ketos. Diaetoxil har introducerat ett mättnadshormon känt som Serotonin som kan underlätta vår kamp med hostdämpande medel.
Klicka på vår officiella webbplats:-
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2023.05.26 18:20 chotulus Unveiling the Secrets to a Flatter Stomach: Your Ultimate Guide!

Dreaming of a flatter stomach? You're not alone! Many of us aspire to shed excess belly fat and reveal those sculpted abs. Luckily, with the right approach, achieving a flatter stomach is within reach. So, let's embark on this journey together and discover the best strategies to reduce belly fat and flatten your stomach!
1. The Foundation of Weight Loss
Weight Loss 101: Setting the Stage for a Flatter Stomach
To achieve a flatter stomach, it's essential to focus on overall weight loss. Extra fat in the abdominal region is often a result of excess body weight. Adopting a balanced and calorie-controlled eating plan is crucial for shedding those pounds. Aim to create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than your body needs, but ensure you still meet your nutritional requirements.
Incorporating whole, nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains into your diet is key. These foods provide essential nutrients, promote satiety, and support weight loss. It's also important to be mindful of portion sizes and avoid excessive consumption of processed and sugary foods.
2. The Power of Cardiovascular Exercise
Blast Away Belly Fat with Cardiovascular Workouts
Engaging in cardiovascular exercises is an effective way to burn calories and reduce overall body fat, including belly fat. Activities like running, cycling, swimming, or brisk walking increase your heart rate, boost metabolism, and stimulate fat burning.
Incorporate at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise each week to reap the benefits. Choose activities that you enjoy, as this will increase your motivation and make it easier to stick to your exercise routine. Regular cardio workouts, combined with a balanced diet, will contribute to a flatter stomach and improved overall fitness.
3. Strength Training for a Toned Core
Sculpt and Strengthen: The Magic of Core Exercises
While cardiovascular exercise helps burn fat, strength training is essential for toning and sculpting your abdominal muscles. Incorporating exercises that target the core, such as planks, crunches, and Russian twists, can help strengthen and define your abdominal muscles, resulting in a flatter stomach.
In addition to direct core exercises, full-body strength training routines that engage multiple muscle groups are beneficial. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and push-ups not only promote overall strength but also increase muscle mass, which helps boost metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.
4. Mindful Eating for a Trim Waistline
Mastering Mindful Eating: Taming Your Waistline
Practicing mindful eating is a powerful tool for reducing belly fat and achieving a flatter stomach. Paying attention to your body's hunger and satiety cues can prevent overeating and help you make healthier food choices.
Eat slowly and savor each bite, allowing yourself to fully enjoy your meals. This gives your brain time to register feelings of fullness, reducing the likelihood of overeating. Avoid distractions while eating, such as screens or multitasking, as this can lead to mindless eating and a disconnection from your body's signals.
5. The Role of Stress and Sleep
Stress Less, Sleep More: The Missing Pieces in Belly Fat Reduction
Managing stress levels and prioritizing quality sleep are often overlooked but crucial aspects of reducing belly fat. Chronic stress triggers the release of cortisol, a hormone associated with increased abdominal fat storage. Engaging in stress-reducing activities like meditation, yoga, or engaging hobbies can help combat stress and promote overall well-being.
Furthermore, getting adequate sleep is essential for weight management. Lack of sleep disrupts hormone regulation, increasing appetite and cravings for unhealthy foods. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night to support weight loss efforts and optimize overall health.
6. Patience and Persistence
Embrace the Journey: Cultivating Patience for a Flatter Stomach
Achieving a flatter stomach takes time and consistency. It's important to be patient with yourself and embrace the journey. Sustainable and healthy weight loss is a gradual process, and quick fixes are unlikely to provide long-term results.
Focus on making lifestyle changes that you can maintain in the long run. Celebrate small victories along the way and remember that progress is more than just a number on the scale. Embrace the healthier habits you've developed, stay consistent with your exercise routine and mindful eating, and trust that your efforts will pay off in due time.
A flatter stomach is attainable with the right approach and a holistic mindset. By combining a balanced diet, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, mindful eating, stress management, and quality sleep, you can reduce belly fat and achieve the toned stomach you desire. Embrace this transformative journey, stay consistent, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier and more confident you!

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2023.05.26 07:16 girdermonkey Keto edibles made with olive oil infusion?

Hi all, I have thc infused olive oil, pretty potent stuff but I'm wondering what I can make with the oil that is keto friendly?
I was thinking something like gummies (sugar free) if anyone has a simple recipe, uk ingredients would be even better 💚
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2023.05.25 19:20 Ubsirdity "The Lost Souls Down" / "No. 17"

Put in headphones, each time I mention a song , blast it on repeat untill the next song is mentioned.
I have full blown movie like dreams every night I've even posted one here before, they are usualy fully lucid but this one was so different in such a cool way.
Edit: read slow or pause in areas to soak in the full Song, put yourself there as best as you can it's worth it.
The song "Shut up my moms calling" by Hotel Ugly plays
I found myself in a dream called "Level 17: - The Lost Souls Down."
In this dream, I was with a guy named Coryls, and together we were traveling on an endless expanse of road, seemingly lost. Coryls suggested that I stop driving, and when I did, I decided to FaceTime my friend Zack. To my surprise, Zack answered the call, and he was surrounded by a group of wildly captivating people inside a building. The girl with him wore a masquerade DMT mask, and music played in the background, specifically "The Lost Soul Down" by NBSPLV. Coryls mentioned that this is where they were, the Lost Souls Down. I was like what in the fuck is the 'Lost Soul Down'? I couldn't understand why Zach hadn't mentioned such a place or what he was up to, we were best homies. Intrigued, I handed the wheel over to Coryls, and he took us through woods, off-roads, and backroads, seemingly leading us nowhere I smoked a large blizzy to ease my mind, I was signing myself up for a wild one, usually I lucid dream and have full control, but the thought that Zach could somehow be pulling the strings all I did was spawn some good bud and a swisher to get me ready for the madness.
Eventually, we arrived at a giant abandoned factory building with moss growing on all sides. It had multiple stories and was wide, almost resembling a governmental structure. As the dream shifted into a director's perspective as it sometimes does to draw a picture, I saw us exploring the building from above, as if I were watching a movie. We walked around the perimeter, passing under a barred fence with a giant red warning sign that read "17 CAUTION." Although skeptical, I followed along in hopes of finding my best friend, Zach. Inside the back of this factory, the building transformed into a hidden mine shaft, with concrete floors and walls that eventually transitioned into plywood, and a blue fuzzy carpet covered the ground. In the distance, I could faintly hear the song "Substantial" by NBSPLV playing.
We descended deeper and deeper into the mine shaft, following a downward-facing walkway circling and rights and lefts never-ending. After what felt like 25 minutes of walking, we entered a spacious room through a sealed door by keycode. The room was 50-100 feet wide, with tall ceilings and a central hangout area it looked fucking sick. The song "Substantial" played loud enough you could hear its buzz, and approximately 45-50 people of various backgrounds and styles were dancing, vibing, smoking, and engaging in various activities. Desks were set up for gaming, beds for lounging, and 35-ft long dichroic glass lights illuminated the space with really cool artwork on the walls, people painting with black light / UV lights everywhere, casting colorful beams in every direction. The room had a chill ambiance, and I excitedly high-fived everyoneα I began high-fiving everyone, stoked as I searched for Zach amidst the pulsating atmosphere. It was like stumbling upon an underground rave scene, a hidden gem that no one fucking told me about. The air consumed with an energy I couldn't quite grasp. What the fuck are these assholes on that I'm not, as if everyone around me was riding a high of crack mescaline that I desperately wanted a piece of. Curiosity fueled me and me being a recovering addict knowing damn well I'm dreaming, I was like WHERE ARE THE DRUGS, trying to find anything about the source, a girl approached me who seemed to possess the answers. Her name was Mya.
Shw guided me through a corridor, that opened up into a sprawling network of interconnected rooms, each with its own purpose and ambiance. We passed through rooms filled with vintage arcade machines, where gamers battled against virtual opponents in a cacophony of electronic beeps. In another room, artists huddled around canvases, their brushes capturing the essence of their hallucinatory visions with vibrant strokes of color.
Continuing deeper into the complex, we entered a room bathed in soft blue light. Rows of bookshelves lined the walls, filled with ancient tomes and dusty manuscripts. Curious, I reached out to touch one of the books, and as I did, a surge of knowledge and memories flooded my mind. I felt a connection to the collective consciousness of those who had come before me, their thoughts and experiences merging with my own.
Maya guided me to a secluded chamber, where a group of individuals sat in a circle, engaged in deep conversation. They were philosophers, intellectuals, and seekers of truth, engaged in a profound exploration of existence and the nature of reality. I joined their discussion, contributing my own insights and questions, swept up in the intellectual fervor that permeated the room.
Time lost its meaning as the conversations continued, flowing seamlessly from one topic to another. The discussions delved into metaphysics, philosophy, science, and the mysteries of the universe. It was a gathering of minds hungry for knowledge, seeking to unravel the secrets of No. 17 and its enigmatic purpose.
The purpose of each level is to KEEP YOU HERE FOR EVER...
After what felt like an eternity of thought-provoking discourse, which if you know me is what I LOVE. Maya whispered to me that it was time to move on. She led me through a narrow passageway that seemed to stretch on endlessly. The walls became rough and rocky, with occasional flickering torches casting dancing shadows on the uneven surfaces.
Eventually, we reached a massive chamber, bathed in an weird glow. The space was dominated by a colossal machine, an intricate fusion of gears, pipes, and pulsating energy sources of light and noise, was it driven by music? It seemed so. It hummed with a vibrant energy that resonated through the very core of No. 17. Maya explained that this machine was the heart of the complex, a conduit for the mysterious power that drew people to this place.
As we stood before the machine, a profound realization washed over me. No. 17 was not just a physical location or a gathering place for lost souls; it was a nexus of creativity, curiosity, and the exploration of the human spirit. It served as a catalyst for transformation, a space where individuals could tap into their deepest desires, connect with others on a profound level, and discover hidden aspects of themselves.
But the true nature and purpose of No. 17 remained elusive, shrouded in the enigma that surrounded it. Maya, sensing my curiosity, smiled knowingly and said, "Some things are meant to be experienced, not explained. No. 17 holds secrets that transcend our understanding. Embrace the journey, for it is the journey itself that holds the true magic."
With those cryptic words lingering in the air i still shout.
"Hey, what the fuck is this place all about, why are everyone's eyes including your saucer plates, can I have some" I shouted eagerly, my eyes searching for any clue as to what she was on, a sniffle, a track mark, a vape, a pill, I was ready to plummet into this new drug.
Her gaze locked with mine, and a mischievous smile curled upon her lips. "Ah, you must be the new guy looking for Zack, he said youd be coming," she chimed, her voice laced with intrigue. "Welcome to the Lost Soulds Down."
As if on cue, the song "Big Jet Plane" by Restricted filled the room, its melody intertwined with an impending fear that the ride has just begun. The lyrics resonated deep within me I knew this song well, beckoning me to follow her lead. With a cryptic yet enticing invitation, she encouraged me to savor the experience slowly, reminding me that this journey was a marathon, not a sprint. Intrigued I let go of my fiendish nature to get high and let the music be my ride for the time being. Listening to the song and singing it with the girl, there was an adulteration to the words, it said "Can I take you lower" instead of higher, I couldn't help but wonder about the cryptic reference to Tyler, but before I could inquire further, the music swelled, drowning out any further conversation.
Nestled in the depths of this level, concealed behind a tightly sealed door, lay another fucking corridor as I knew, drilled with anticipation I was. As the code to unlock it was entered, the expectant gazes of the crowd fixated upon us, yearning for a taste of what lay beyond. And together, we stepped through the portal, my astonishment growing with each passing moment.
The levels delved deeper, its walkways winding in a trippy circular motion. Speakers lined the path, amplifying the pulsating beats that resonated with my drive to fully get high on this dream. As we walked, she continued to unravel the secrets of this forgotten hellish heaven, a haven where a chemical known as 17 awaited all of us to consume, but where was it? in the air? it's a promising and blissful descent into an altered reality. Inhibitions and cares will fade away, replaced by a kaleidoscope of hallucinations and a soundtrack unique to each level, designed to captivate and contain you for as long as possible before you yearn for more, but only then, an experienced member of the LOST SOULS must type in the code to allow you further.
Intrigued, I inquired about the consequences of descending further, my voice filled with caution honestly I sounded like a pussy, something about a never-ending slope filled with booming music and drugs and sex filled me with excitement but also fear, the same fear when you're on a head full of acid at mainstage when a dubstep rise and drop is about to happen. Her response echoed with a hint of trepidation, warning me against the fate of Tyler, a figure shrouded in mystery. Yet, before she could elucidate further, a HUGE surge of euphoria coursed through my veins as we got deeper into the levels corridor, distorting my senses and engulfing me in a vibrant tapestry of colors and patterns I felt like I just shot up LSD METH PCP and had an oxygen mask of ETHER on my face. The walls transformed into breathtaking works of art(was there any art? (were we walking in a nasty decrepit corridor so high we only thought it was beautiful? My imagination gets the best of me, I said "Shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride for what it is"- aloud, quickly realizing I was vocalizing my thoughts, the floors shifting beneath my feet. And as a new song "Hold Me" by Lavern boomed, its intoxicating rhythm melded seamlessly with the spectacle surrounding us.
We traversed through the next gated door, a gateway to an ethereal realm reminiscent of a scene from "The Wolf of Wall Street" fused with the extravagant "The Great Gatsby." that had sex with the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", this space sprawled before us, meticulously crafted with tables, chairs, lights, and an array of rooms for indulgence. Staircases led to elevated seating areas and party zones, lasers casting mesmerizing beams into the dark. The crowd moved in perfect synchrony, their animalistic, god-like appearances blending into a kaleidoscope of desire. Some looked like demons, it was MINDBLOWING, the music FUCKING HIT as I'm standing in a room of flying DMT DRAGON HEADS, JELLYFISH THINGS, The people I knew I came down with were all sick and twisted gods and demonic beings now, resembling DMT entities and beings from the old world and new futuristic ones. There were those sky rope things people hung out on, I swear a lot of the things seemed sea-like, and there was no gravity but there was no water?
I found myself locked in a trance, my perception shifting as the girl who guided me appeared to fragment into countless entities in a matter of seconds. Each person present exuded an otherworldly aura, evoking sensations of both awe and fear. My hands contorted and twisted, becoming ribbons of energy that wove through the air, cascading around bodies that writhed in ecstatic revelry I became one with everything there, I realized that each level was the drug, but was it gnarly radiation? Was it a gas pumped into the room? Was it Tyler pumping the fucking gas? Was the dude held up at level 17 huffing balloons of this shit?. Time stood still as I surrendered to the inexorable allure, consumed by a dance that transcended mortal limits, fueled by an insatiable appetite for pleasure. There was ALOT of sex, although I'm not sure if we even had a penis or vagina, all I know is I was having full-blown orgasms, and so was everyone else, we were all fucking each other, groping and moaning.
An eternity seemed to pass within those wicked fucking walls until I finally stumbled upon the back door. There, an array of fantastical beings—part dog, part cat, part centipede, dragon, fairy, things I can't even explain, waited for their turn to descend. Embracing my new form as a birdperson lol, I joined their line, driven by an insatiable desire to explore what was beyond. And as the door swung open, a cacophony of whispers permeated the air, murmurs that warned of the infamous level 17, a point of no return where no one had ever emerged. Like we are all in line for a roller coaster.
We embarked on a 25-minute journey once again, accompanied by the enchanting melody of "Mirrors" by NBSPLV. It served as a subtle prelude, luring us deeper into the abyss, a downtempo-esque calm before the storm. The new level unfolded before us, matching the grandeur of its predecessors. this new level we reached it's just as big and just as wildly captivating as the previous levels, but it NEVER stops. It feels like we spend what feels like months going down and down years even, only to be fully stopped by the pleasures in each downward level we hit. level 16 was fucking unimaginable, I'm talking more of DMT dragons flying around, jellyfish made up of fractals globbing around, snakes, and seahorses, it's water-themed again, and there is no gravity but no water? matter of fact I haven't drunk a single drop of water or eaten food since I came into this place, almost like the need for it doesn't exist anymore. The deeper I go into this place it's almost like I've been here before. remembering I used to come here as a child, maybe this is was pure unadjusted imagination is like.
The song RUDRA (REWORK) is BLASTTING loud at this level, level 16 takes the cake if I must say. it never got old, I am HIGH, higher than I have ever fucking been.
(Pause to imagine LEVEL 16 Listening to the whole song i mentioned) ((PLEASE))
-The thought doesn't leave my mind though, what in the fuck is the infamous Tyler doing? how deep did he go? is he still alive? And if he is is he partying with other things? beings? did more follow? how many people are here exactly? someone must be taking the abandoned cars at the gate because I thought we were alone. I take it upon myself to go to this level's back door and open it, I'm met with a bright fluorescent LED light walkway. Very Futruistic, walking for what seems like an hour at this point, and there is no one with me. As I'm making a decent, I feel my high somewhat wear off. I finally feel the months of abuse to my body come on and I barely make it to the door before collapsing into it. To my surprise FUCKING ZACK opens the door, I wake up in a room with white walls, stainless steel furnishing, and a large kitchen, that looks like the biggest penthouse I have ever seen.
Looking around I see tons of people sleeping and eating and laughing, we are all taking a break. So I'm like damn it's over, I hear a familiar voice say, "No sir, this is just the beginning" I turn it Zach holding a plate of food for me Zach was undeterred. Driven by an insatiable hunger for knowledge and a thirst for transcendence, he vowed we are to always push forward, to confront the mysteries that lay shrouded in Level 17. He spoke of the rumors that within its depths, time flowed differently, moments stretching into eternities, and existence twisting into incomprehensible forms only to come back to reality in 17, its like a dead zone., I get up and follow him to the edge of the room. There are towering windows, it appears we are above ground now, I can see out the windows blue sky with clouds and rolling hills, we are not where we were at though it's too pretty. It almost seems fake, I will never know to be honest. A theory of mine is that it's VR, super high-tech holographs surreal to us to give us ease of being in the environment we were in for so long. Nonetheless, it was very therapeutic.
Zack tells me he and his buddy Tyler found this place after their fathers who worked here went missing. Zack would remember his dad coming home each night talking incessantly about crazy shit at work, then one day he stopped talking about it and the next month both their dads never came home. When they arrived it took them 2 years to find the hidden walkways. Zack and Tyler scared to explore it alone invited friends with cameras to come film their descent, but after level one is reached all footage goes corrupt. Tyler didn't take too kindly to this, and after Zack and Tyler spend many years making 17 so nice, it's the only level you're not affected by the chemical, Tyler assumed he could go 17 more down and reach another dead zone where he wouldn't be so high or lost, its been 11 years since anyone has saw Tyler, and many more people followed never to return. Zack claims just the level 18 is x100 crazier than all combined, that once you go further say goodbye to anyone and anything you ever knew about. I laugh and say at least the music has been FIRE it's almost like the LEVELS made the music for you, LEVEl 17 begins playing "2 Seater" by DJ Gummy BEAR, I almost want to go down to hear the music.
As Zach finished his account, a hushed silence fell over the room, the weight of their collective experiences palpable. They were a band of adventurers, seekers of truth, and slaves to their desires. They had danced with the gods, tasted ecstasy and agony in equal measure, and had become something more than mere mortals. But in their pursuit of the unknown, they had also lost parts of themselves along the way.
As I listened to Zach's tale, my mind swirled with conflicting emotions. The allure of the next level beckoned, promising untold wonders and revelations. But the warnings echoed in my ears, and the shadow of Tyler's fate cast a long, haunting silhouette over my resolve.
In that room, surrounded by fellow travelers on the edge of discovery, I found solace and solidarity. We shared a bond forged through the shared experience of pushing the boundaries of our existence. We were a tribe, a collective consciousness intertwined in an enigmatic dance with destiny.
As I took a moment to reflect, I realized that the answers I sought were not solely confined to the unexplored depths of Level 17. They resided within the collective wisdom of those who had traversed this labyrinth before me. It was in their stories, their cautionary tales, and their experiences that the keys to unlocking the mysteries lay hidden.
With newfound determination, I resolved to seek guidance from the veterans, to learn from their triumphs and their sorrows. Armed with their insights, I would embark on my journey, weaving through the levels with caution and curiosity, embracing the ecstasy and treading carefully around the abyss.
For in this realm of the lost souls down, where desires and dreams melded with the fabric of reality, the answers I sought were not simply found in the depths of Level 17. They were scattered throughout this labyrinth, waiting to be discovered, waiting to reveal the true nature of this enigmatic existence.
And so, with resolve in my heart and the echoes of Zach's tale etched into my mind, I joined the collective, ready to unravel the secrets of the lost souls and navigate the intricate pathways of this mesmerizing realm. The journey was far from over, and the adventure had only just begun. LEVEL 18 WE GOOOOOOO
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2023.05.25 16:55 Bootleg_Muncher Tolerance Questions

I’m usually quite a heavy smoker - daily wake and bake, and as much weed as needed to be happily blazed almost all day depending on responsibilities. No surprise, my tolerance started getting a little out of hand.
Coincidentally, end of April I needed to travel abroad for about a month and a half mainly to visit family. The only weed I’ve had access to have been 3g of bud and edibles. Due to being around family, I’ve barely made a dent in the bud and have mostly just being popping edibles. Supposedly, the edibles range between 5mg and 20mg in strength depending on whether they’re the gummy bears (each 5mg) or the marshmallows (each 20mg).
Truth be told, I have no idea what the mg strength means/represents. On an average day I’ve been taking about 15mg, and boosting that up to 40mg if there’s something particularly stressful I need help managing. I’ve noticed that 20mg and under doesn’t really do much except take the edge off when it eventually hits. 40mg absolutely has me blasted for a good quarter to half a day, but it’s the strength of a good doobie and I’m still more than able to engage in regular conversations with my family.
My question is: Would this count as a tolerance break? Because it sure does feel like a tolerance break. I miss proper smoking so much, and on the small handful of occasions I’ve managed to sneak out for a smoke it’s taken just a few tokes to be super high and the quality of the high is considerably better (not just stronger) for managing my depression and anxiety.
However, not knowing what counts as a little or a lot with edible mg’s I’m left wondering whether to expect this to count as a t-break or not. I feel like I’ve drastically reduced my weed intake, but have I? 😂
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2023.05.25 15:53 jon12snow fgfg

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2023.05.25 14:30 ketoxplodeswedense Ketoxplode Sverige: Är Det Verkligen Vrt Att Köpa Ketoxplode Gummies?

Keto Xplode är en otrolig metod för att börja keto-dieten. Ett stort antal av oss har kämpat med viktminskning tidigare. Vi som helhet behövde följa upp med besvärliga jobb för att gå ner lite i vikt och återgå till vår optimala kropp. Även om det finns många viktminskning tekniker, är Keto Xplode djupt kraftfulla och kräver mycket arbete. Vi har aldrig sett en mer effektiv viktminskning plan än keto-dieten.

Information on Keto Xplode

Keto Xplode Gummies är ett kosttillskott som tar itu med kroppens alla problem. Det finns inga ovänliga effekter eftersom den är helt och hållet gjord av vanliga ämnen. Den använder ketos ekvationen, som hjälper till att torka ut ytterligare fett samtidigt som du stödjer dina energinivåer under dagen. Genom att minska ditt tryck och avancera ljudvila fungerar det dessutom på ditt psykologiska välbefinnande.
Keto-metoden fokuserar på att erbjuda en näringsrik kost med tillräckligt med hälsosamt fett, proteiner, mineraler och praktiskt taget inga kolhydrater. Diaetolin är klibbiga björnliknande keto-kosttillskott som ser ut som konfekt. Det finns inga negativa konsekvenser, och det är lätt att konsumera. Det finns ingen allvarlig matrutin att följa eller sätta en övningsplan med detta viktminskning objekt.

Hur fungerar Keto Xplode Gummies?

Keto Xplode Gummies placerar kroppen i ketos, ett metabolt tillstånd när kroppen förbrukar svårt magfett snarare än sockerarter för energi. Den BHB-rika ekvationen av Imperial Keto ger ketos, vilket leder till viktminskning.

Var kan jag köpa Keto Xplode Gummies?

Eftersom Keto Xplode Gummies är effektivt öppna på webben och kan uttryckas via sidan för power-webbplatsen, är metoden som används för att specificera dem okomplicerad, och vem som helst kan snabbt köpa dessa sega desserter.
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2023.05.25 12:46 dianaamahonee Keto Shark Tank Gummies Beware Scam Alert Shark Tank Weight Loss Gummies

Keto Shark Tank Gummies utilize a strong equation that sets off your body to go into a fat-consuming state. The chewy candies permit your body to dissolve abundance muscle versus fat with the assistance of normal and natural fixings. The enhancement can consume fat for energy and not starches by assisting you with staying dynamic in proactive tasks the entire day.
Weight Loss Gummies help in expanding your energy levels normally and supporting your digestion. As indicated by the authority site of Shark Tank Weight Loss Gummies, you don't need to try and follow an eating routine or exercise program to shed pounds. The recipe of these Weight Loss Gummies Shark Tank is sufficient to consume fat cells without obstructing other physical processes.
Keto Shark Tank Gummies is a fat-consuming equation that helps your body launch ketosis and consume undesirable fat. Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body utilizes fat to create energy. Typically, your body depends on carbs to create energy for normal physical processes.
See More:
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2023.05.25 12:30 Hempjames Alert! Are You Doing Hemp Labs CBD Gummies Mistakes?

Product Name —Hemp Labs CBD Gummies
Main Benefits — Burn Fat
Composition —Natural Organic Compound
Side-Effects — NA
Availability —Online
Rating :— ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Product Category—Health Care
Hemp Labs CBD Gummies :- These Hemp Labs CBD Gummies may additionally lessen sleep issues like insomnia and sleeplessness.These Hemp Labs CBD Gummies may additionally relieve anxiety and strain in a few weeks.
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2023.05.25 08:37 getsupremeacv Supreme Keto ACV Gummies Reviews - Ingredients, Benefits and Where to Buy Keto One Gummies Shark tank

How do you purchase the item and what steps are needed to avail the best bargains? :
Supreme Keto ACV Gummies can soon be available for purchase in physical stores and shops. However, at the time, these aren't sold in any health stores, and this is to stop all-black marketing. Therefore, you only have an alternative via the internet to buy it right now. Keto One Gummies Shark tank Your order must be completed quickly to ensure you don't miss out on a product as amazing as this. Therefore, be more efficient when placing your sized order. You could conduct a thorough study on this weight-reducing product known as The Supreme Keto ACV Gummies, and you can then decide if it's succeeded in winning your heart.
Reviews from customers or feedback on products received:
The people who love the Supreme Keto ACV Gummies proved to be the most knowledgeable consumers who are truly interested in taking good care of their health. The thing that has impressed the users most is the fact that this product does not require a mandatory appointment with the user, and does not impose any significant restrictions on your current diet. Keto One Gummies Shark tank Reviews prove the product's worth and are subsequently embraced by the majority of users who have said they enjoyed the most popular pill ever.
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2023.05.25 07:58 ketoxplodesverigese Ketoxplode Du behöver veta om Gummies

Keto Xplode : För många människor är det överväldigande att bli mer vältränad i ljuset av att det kräver massor av aktivitet och hälsosam kost. I händelse av att du är upptagen med arbete, barn och olika saker, kanske detta inte är en rimlig viktminskning strategi, eftersom de kräver förutsägbara investeringar och säkerhet. Viktminskning Teknikerna kanske inte heller fungerar för dig, vilket gör dig frustrerad och avskräckt.
För att bli tunnare faktiskt och enkelt, prova Keto Xplode. Ekvationen använder regelbundna fixeringar som levererar fettlager utan oöverkomliga regimer och aktiviteter.

Vad är Keto Xplode Gummies?

Keto Xplode är ett kosttillskott avsedd att hjälpa dig att bli smalare genom ketos. Ketos är den punkt då din kropp förbrukar fett för energi snarare än stärkelse. Ekvationen innehåller också äppeljuice vinäger, vilket också är lämpligt för att du normalt ska kunna komma i form.
Med förbättringen kommer du att uppnå din idealvikt snabbare och utan tröttsamma aktiviteter och dietprogram som inte fungerar. Du bör inte förutse att du stöter på några tillfälliga effekter eller reaktioner i kölvattnet av att använda Diaetolin.

Hur fungerar Keto Xplode Gummies?

Keto Xplode Gummies är helt tillverkade genom att använda olika vanliga koncentrat som utvecklas över hela USA. Detta viktminskning tillägg är helt funktionaliserat med alla viktiga ketoner och kosttillskott som stödjer din viktminskning. Det fick en förtrollande och speciell strategi för viktminskning. Det använder alltså ditt fett för att skapa energi i motsats till att använda dina kolhydrater för energi.

Några biverkningar av Keto Xplode Gummies?

Keto Xplode Gummies är för det mesta skyddade att konsumera, men som alla förbättringar kan de orsaka efterverkningar hos vissa individer. Några normala resultat av BHB inkluderar magrelaterade problem som lös tarm, illamående och magbesvär. ACV kan också orsaka magrelaterade problem, särskilt när det konsumeras i stora summor. Vissa individer kan också stöta på hjärtsmärtor, omtumlande eller trötthet när de tar dessa gummier.
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2023.05.25 00:46 wsareviews Keto ACV Gummies Review - ⚠️ The Truth Behind Supreme Keto's ACV Gummies...

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2023.05.24 13:41 activegummies Active Keto Gummies- Prix Avantages Ingrédient

Official Website:

Active Keto Gummies
Active Keto Gummies Avis
Active Gummies Avis
Active Gummies Prix
Active Gummies Avantages
Active Gummies Ingrédient
Comme pour tout supplément, il est important de consulter un professionnel de la santé avant de commencer à prendre des gummies keto actifs, surtout si vous avez des conditions de santé préexistantes ou si vous prenez d'autres médicaments.
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