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2012.12.07 03:55 flamyngo Elf On The Shelf

You never know where Elf on the Shelf is going to end up.

2012.01.18 05:08 coolest_username r/XFL on reddit: XFL Football Discussion

The XFL is back, baby! The 2023 season is underway!

2008.09.08 02:21 Vegetarian

Welcome to vegetarian, the community for anyone interested in a vegetarian diet. You don't need to be vegetarian to participate, but please respect that most of us are by keeping on topic and refraining from encouragement of non-vegetarian food. We are mostly US-based & follow the definition of vegetarian here which may include dairy and/or eggs. Please read the rules & learn about Reddiquette before posting. Recipes are required for all posts involving photos of home-cooked meals.

2023.06.05 13:10 ConversationPurple42 AHHH wish me luck

Surgery is tomorrow at 11 am est time! I’m excited but mostly nervous to get put to sleep for the surgery. Pain meds are filled. I have JUST about everything I’ve read people suggesting for post op. I might have gone overboard and probably won’t need all of this. But better prepared than not I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m going back to work (restaurant job) on June 12th.
Pineapple juice
Arnica tea
Prepped protein meals and protein drinks/snacks
2 ice packs and a bag of frozen peas
Inflatable donut pillow
Dermaplast spray
Organic fragrance free pads
Non-adherent gauze pads
Peri bottle+saline
Omega 3 and zinc capsules
Xbox and Netflix 😂
Stay away from too much salt, loose underwear…I hope recovery will go smoothly 🙏
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2023.06.05 13:08 tofutears Try to have a meal with other travelers at a local’s home

Safely, of course. But I’m [28F] currently on week three of a 3.5 week solo trip through France and I’ve had two different opportunities to join strangers at a local’s house for a meal. Once for dinner in Lyon and for breakfast in Nice. One of the best experiences to try traditional, authentic food, meet new people and genuinely learn about the culture.
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2023.06.05 13:08 Zealousideal-Sun4903 Oh my fucking god.

I am still in utter shock. I really did not expect this. For your name, and 'my boyfriend' to ever be in the same sentence together. Confessing was never something I really planned to do, I must admit. I could of just swallowed my feelings down, ignored them. Come across as an overly affectionate friend.
But then it happened. You implied you liked me. And then we both confessed at the same time. You've liked me for months. Almost as long as I've liked you. I, have a boyfriend. I'm Fighting the urge to scream in pure joy right now. You're my first love, and I got to have you. How lucky am I, to have the privilege of calling you mine? You're mine, and I'm yours. Forever.
Oh my love, I am so happy things turned out this way. I've written you so many letters in the past month or two, on various burner accounts. I've deleted them all in fear of you discovering them, storing my secrets in the notes app of my phone. But now it's no longer a secret. We are now one. A team. Not much has really changed apart from what we call each other.
But now I can love you the way I want to. I promise I'll love you the way you deserve. I'll love you forever and I'll do everything in my power to make you happy. To make you smile. I love you so much. More than I could ever express through words. You mean the world to me my love. You ARE my world.
I love you, so, so much.
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2023.06.05 13:08 dontsv How to help a friend with anorexia when she don't have any hunger at all?

Looking for some advice. I'm recovered from an eating disorder myself, which is why she reached out to me. However, I'm finding it difficult to give advice/help because I was dealing with a completely different thing in a way. I've always loved food/sweets etc, and when I started restricting, I was constantly thinking of food. So after a while, I started binging and then went into these cycles of restriction and binging. Food was the only thing on my mind for many years. So what helped for me, was simply... not restricting anymore and letting myself eat the things that I want to to eat. I have kind of accepted that I will always be at the weight that I've always been at, and even if that weight doesn't make me look "thin", it's a good weight because I feel happy and alive.
With her, it's completely different. She has always been thin and has always eaten very small portions. Her whole family is very thin without trying. She isn't obsessed with food like I am. However, some years ago, she started in a demanding job and found out that she needed to eat more food in order to have the energy to do her job well. So she started eating more, but then gained weight, and I guess got so shocked that it triggered an ED. I suppose it just felt extremely weird to not be thin anymore, when you have been thin your entire life. Now she's in the deep of it and has no hunger cues, doesn't eat for several days a time, and doesn't mind. The only thing that pushes her to recovery is her family and her kind of knowing that this is obviously not good. She weights herself all the time though, counts all calories.
She is trying to get herself a therapist but I'd like to help her a bit during this period, as I'm the only one in her circle of friends/family who understands at least a bit how she feels + I am a medical professional and feel like I have extra responsibility to help. But at the same time, her situation is so different that I just don't know what to do... She wants to learn how to accept eating bigger portions again and I know that I could try with the whole "your body actually needs more than 1200 calories yada yada" and try to explain the whole physiology of it. But other than that - I am stuck! I recommended trying to reduce the number of times she weights herself. But what is the best way to do that? How can stop the weighting and the calorie counting the best way? Do you guys have any advice? Maybe some of you have dealt with the exact same situation?
Would really appreciate any advice! I'd really like to help her.
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2023.06.05 13:08 chaoticg0blin 27 [F4M] Oregon/NA - Polyamorus stoner looking for a genuine connection. Anybody playing the new Street Fighter?

Hey there y’all, how’s it going? I’m a married, polyam artist from Oregon with a dog and a wide range of weird traits. I enjoy video games, horror movies, true crime, yt video essays, and pro wrestling. Recently I’ve been on the Street Fighter 6 train (I’m new to it, so I’m pretty bad lol) I’m looking for someone who is patient, kind, funny, and looking for a genuine connection themselves. My type tends to be the Jack Blacks of the world, so if you’re chubby with long hair and a beard, my DMs are open. Well….my dms are regardless, just please don’t be a creep or unpleasantly weird. If you’re interested, please send a blurb about yourself and a picture so I know you actually read the post. Oh! And I have selfies on my profile if you’re curious.
Happy Trails!
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2023.06.05 13:08 atmartin2016 AITA for telling my sister that she seems to be a single, married mom?

Hi THT, Morgan, and [insert lovely guest’s name here]! I’m a regular listener, and I need some help on this dilemma. A few months ago, I posted on AITA for telling my BIL to get and keep a job. Since creating that post, my BIL got into a car sales position - strictly commission, no base pay, but it’s income at least. However, due to my BIL’s 4-month-long unemployment stint during my sister’s pregnancy, that has left them behind on numerous bills. (My nephew was born about 6 weeks ago, happy and healthy, and he’s adorable as can be!) Due to this budget shortfall, my sister had to start working part-time two weeks after giving birth, and she went back full-time upon reaching the 6-week post-op milestone. In addition to her full time job, she’s applied for a part time serving gig a few nights a week. This is on top of taking both kids to and from daycare, making supper every night, doing all the housework, waking up if one of the kids cries overnight, and managing the family finances, among other things. Meanwhile, my BIL sleeps in, goes to work later in the morning, does very little around the house, watches TV and plays GTA for hours on end, and manages to skip diaper changes and laundry for the kids because my sister will do it.
This came to a head yesterday. I went to help them move some furniture around, and I briefly mentioned to my BIL that fast-food restaurants in our area of the US start at $15/hour, and he could maybe pick up shifts at night after his main job to help the family out. He scoffed at the idea, and the conversation ended. Later that night, my sister and I were talking, and I told her my concerns that she seems to be a “single, married mom” and that BIL seems more like a roommate. She immediately started defending him, saying “he makes sacrifices like I do! We’re a team!” The only sacrifice she could describe was their different work schedules. I then mentioned that one thing BIL could do to help the budget was to stop vaping (ESPECIALLY when he’s in the house, sitting next to the kids), and she said that she’s mad about his vaping in the house, but “we can’t afford for him to quit nicotine right now”, insinuating that his emotions would get more volatile and unpredictable. (He has a history of violence, like punching holes in doors.) I tried my best to explain that she’s doing great as a parent, and that I love and support her 100%, and then she quickly ended the conversation due to BIL blowing her phone up.
A few hours later, I texted her asking if she made it back home safely. She said “yes I did” with no punctuation or emojis, so I knew something was up. I replied with a cheery message along the lines of “okay, just checking! Love you! :)” and she replied “I love you too. I would like to address some things that have been bothering me though.” She then followed up with a 3-page-long text a few hours later (one that you have to tap/click on to expand into a full-page view). Here’s my best attempt at a summary of the text: 1) She thinks I am intolerant of her conservative views on politics, and she is mad that I’m trying to change her mind on things. 2) She thinks I’m racist against white people. (FYI: all people in this story are EXTREMELY Caucasian) 3) She accuses various things, such as Target, Minnesota, and the current US president, of trying to indoctrinate kids with “sexual intimacy” and “supporting surgical changes on children” by selling Pride merch. (FYI: I’m openly LGBTQ. I bought my niece and I matching Pride shirts a few years ago, with my sister’s permission, and she loved the idea. My niece calls me “Gay”, with encouragement from my sister and I, because “uncle” and my name are both harder to say for a 2 year old. I don’t know how she changed so quickly.) (FYI part 2: BIL has LOTS of Trump 2024 merch around their house, so let’s talk about indoctrinating.) 4) She follows up on her Pride merch comment by saying “if this kind of behavior is influenced around our kids then boundaries will need to be set.” 5) She accuses me of hypocrisy by calling out BIL’s work history when I have changed jobs frequently over the past 2 years since graduating college. 6) She is mad that I don’t appreciate everything that BIL does do. (Which is… what exactly?) 7) She says that “not all straight white men are horrible, and I wish you would understand that.”
I have reread her text a few times and keep finding more dogwhistles and other comments that she wouldn’t normally say. I can’t help but feel like BIL is influencing her. I don’t want to lose my relationship with my sister or her kids over this. So Reddit and THT listeners: AITA?
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2023.06.05 13:06 TonightOnBackOfTheY So I played another precon at a Protour qualifier….

I’ll have you know that I deleted my account before it was cool. Though I am primarily an Apollo user so we’ll see what happens there. I’ll likely tick away with the odd update with the mod account I guess at minimum. I might create a new throwaway every now and then too. But enough of this unimportant guff.
Since I’m starved of decent 60 card Magic I decided to give this a go again. This time I used the monored deck from the first wave of Pioneer challenger decks. I think this is probably better than the WB humans deck I played last time. But I did much worse.
Setting the scene: most the casual player base from my LGS wasn’t there yesterday. Long weekend (Happy birthday Chuck!), it was cold and miserable out, and I think people are just prepping for LoTR. So half the attendance, but most of those were the gang from the spikier LGS.
First round was against a BR Vampires deck I think he said it was essentially a precon, just with worse mana. Oh, there it is. He’d used the lands in another deck but that deck had gone missing so he just added basics and played this instead. Hats off to the champion anyway, that’s the sort of shit I like. The deck did a few things with blood tokens and other artifacts: my plan was devote my energy to killing anything that could block my creatures before it could do anything, and that would save me from having to read what the cards actually did. It worked pretty solidly here, except all 3 games I had one less land than I ideally needed, and playing burn this obviously makes all the difference. 1-2 for 0-1.
Second round was an actual deck, and I got stomped. Boris Convoke? Nuts. 0-2 for 0-2.
Third round was someone I’m sure I played last time. WU Spirits. If it was the same player then I managed to turn the tables and eke out a win. Probably the best my deck ran for me on the day: no shade to my opponents and I was misplaying like a fiend so was lucky not to be embarrassed more by everyone. Having very little idea about my deck or the format probably a factor there. (I’m a sligh player from way back so can appreciate that red isn’t as easy to play well as people say but even so). 2-1 for 1-2 and foolishly my hopes for the wooden spoon prize gone!
Last round is basically what cemented for me that I actually hate the format. Sheoldred. Could have been a standard deck? Doesn’t matter. Three stomps to kill her but the lifegain had been enough to take it too far away from me. Played right into a meathook too. Can’t remember if I took a game in this match, I’d have to check my life total pads. Doesn’t really matter really though. 1-3.
So takeaways? These decks are fantastic. If you can find the red one definitely consider it, but have a think about upgrading it so it can handle 4 toughness creatures. The one drop that gives your burn wither (essentially) is ok, but if you can’t force your opponent to make a silly block/attack when they know you’re obviously holding a bolt… that’s the big issue here. As for 5 toughness creatures…
The best thing though was I meet up with a dude also into Premodern so looks like I’ll get to be getting to be casting Jackal Pups, Bolts and Fireblasts in the next few weeks (while staring down a Phyrexian Dreadnaught) so bring that on. Pretty excited.
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2023.06.05 13:05 Sluzhbenik Let’s talk about tuna

I love a can of yellowfin tuna in olive oil and salt as my lunch. Looking for some low mercury alternatives to yellowfin. I heard skipjack is a good one, but I cannot seem to find skipjack in olive oil with salt. I find the tuna in water unappealing and lower in fat content. I live in the USA, happy o shop on Amazon or some online shop. Within reason, I’m not extremely price sensitive.
Any suggestions?
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2023.06.05 13:05 MinuteSpecial_8242 27 [M4F] #UK #Anywhere - Dear Soulmate, Where Are You?

I've been looking for you forever. I've been wanting you forever. All my life I've wanted someone who knew me, every detail, good and bad. I've wanted someone to love and someone to love me back. Call me old school but I want us to spend the rest of our lives loving each other ❤️
I want us to grow together, make a family together and learn new things together. I'm sure we've both been drifting through life wondering if there's something better, something more, someone perfect.
To everyone else we're not perfect, there's something wrong with us, too introverted, humour too dark, too nerdy, plays too many video games, has one too many takeaways and watches too many movies that we quote movie lines back to each other and laugh at because we're that ridiculous but we love it because to each other we're perfect.
Hopefully this is where we find each other, this is the day where you slide into my inbox and go "Hello Darling, I'm Here", let this be the day we start our adventure, our paths cross and never uncross instead our paths entwine, never splitting, never growing apart, just growing closer and closer together as the years go by.
Before we do that though, let's get the introductions out of the way, my name surprisingly is not my username and I'm sure the same can be said about you, either way it's nice to meet you [INSERT NAME HERE], you have a beautiful name 😘
As we're meeting through the magic of the vast complex internet I'm interested to know where you're from, I'm from the UK so I'm one of those British people who have the fancy accent and like to take things that aren't theirs and refuse to give them back! Speaking of taking things can I take your hand and take you on an adventure for a first date? Go Karting? Bowling? People Watching? Just walking around getting to know each other? Where would you like to go?
Although we have all the time in the world to get to know each other let's find out the basics, I'm a 27 year old Male with an Aquarius Star sign and INTP-A personality type, the star sign and personality type are not important to me in a match, though I'm interested to hear your side of things regarding these, are you a believer in star sign compatibility?
Looks wise I have one thing to say, you're beautiful inside and out, don't let anyone tell you otherwise 😘 But in terms of looks, if you want to imagine me, think Tom Holland, are you imagining him? Okay good, now scrap that and think of this, I have short brown hair, blue eyes, a dad bod, I'm 6'0, slight stubble and good bum (apparently), that's me haha. What do you look like? If you want I'm happy to swap pictures just so we know what we actually look like instead of imagining.
But yeah, I think the basics are done and hopefully you're reading this like, "I must message him, he sounds a delight!" If so, please do, maybe we are soulmates, maybe we can spend the rest of our lives together?
As we've come this far let's find out how much more we have in common, maybe you'll read the below and think you're reading an autobiography because we have that much in common? Shall we see?
I have a full time job so that's my social life, I occasionally go out on weekends but not nearly enough for that to be called a social life. Instead I'd rather stay home and watch a movie, TV, YouTube or play video games.
Though if you want to know what media I like let's see if we match;
Movies - MCU, Scarface, Harry Potter, James Bond, Resident Evil, Austin Powers, Ghostbusters, John Wick, Matrix, Twilight and more!
TV - Doctor Who, Supernatural, Absolutely Fabulous, Taskmaster, Mandolorian, Parks And Recreation, The Office, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and more!
YouTube - Sidemen, Yogscast, Syndicate, Jesse Cox, Call Me Kevin, Modest Pelican and again,more!
Games (video and board) - Monopoly, Cluedo, COD, Far Cry, Elder Scrolls, Mafia, Dark Pictures Anthology, Assassin's Creed, GTA, Forza, Dead Rising, Resident Evil and you guessed it, many more haha!
But the above is not everything I do as I also like to go on walks so it would be nice to have a walking partner though maybe it could turn into a hiking partner? I like cooking and make a good Spaghetti Bolognese. I can clean lol, I'm quite domesticated when it comes down to it lol. I'm also a keen gardener and like to keep a tidy garden.
What else is there, I suppose it's worth mentioning I can drive (people up the wall with bad jokes), I can write (see this post where I've gone on and on) and I can be very open minded 😉 Which is something best left to a private conversation.
Erm, so.... Yeah? I think that's it, though if you have any questions then feel free to ask, my inbox is free for public use, though not in that way? Or it might be? Who knows it's an inbox, anyone can message haha 😂 But yeah, oh it's also worth stating that I am open to long distance though that may have been hinted at before. But yeah, this is definitely it, the end of the post, I suppose the last thing to say is, if I sound like your perfect partner, your idea of a soulmate then message me, let's cross our paths and start our journey.
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2023.06.05 13:05 PointlessSemicircle Floor to ceiling cat tree advice

Hi all!
We recently bought our second large cat tree for our cat as he’d lost interest in his other cat tree by the window - this original one being the kind that are akin to a “cat condo” with the padded cushion ledges and boxes and the new one being floor to ceiling and more of a climbing scratcher tree hybrid.
I wanted to get him this mainly as he’s a climber (he’s tried to climb our wall brickwork before) and while he has multiple flat and vertical scratchers, because he’s a big cat (Ragdoll - Persian mix) we struggled to get a decent scratcher that he could stand up to use without it being too small or toppling due to not being totally secure or heavy enough.
The issue we have is that while he can get up this new tree, he struggles to get down from the higher ledges. We’ve placed it by our kitchen area so he can use the side of the counter away from the food prep area and cookers (which he would use anyway as he’s a velcro cat and likes to watch when meals are being cooked or sniff the grocery bags when shopping is brought home) but this only really works for the mid level shelf on the tree.
I wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas of what we can use to help him get down from the highest shelf. I would usually go down the route of adding cat shelves to the wall next to the tree - which is the obvious option and something I’d love to do - but we’re renting so can’t really damage the walls. We could move the tree, but we have higher ceilings in the same room so the tree wouldn’t be as secure and there would still be the same issue with getting down :(
Cat tax & scratcher pic included! Please excuse his derpy expression, I got him mid blink! Cat Tax
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2023.06.05 13:04 discard_3_ To the bitch that broke my heart 3 years ago today.

7 years. I gave you 7 fucking years. Every day I gave you every ounce of love and affection and friendship and deep emotional support I had. You knew it was tough for me to express myself because of my condition. You knew it was tough for me to be social. And yet you loved me so fucking deeply and cared for me though those dark times. 7 long years we spent in what I assumed was mutual bliss. Deep, visceral love and emotional understanding. We planned our future, our kids, our careers, our future home. We knew where we were going and it was great. We knew it would be hard but we had the perseverance both of our parents instilled in us to make it work.
You accepted my proposal with tears and laughter and a smile that lit up my heart like nothing ever had before. You shared pictures of your ring all over social media, showing it off to your family and friends at dinner, bragging to all of your coworkers about getting married and how excited you were to spend the rest of your life with me.
And one day, 6 months later, you decided to burn it all down.
“I don’t love you anymore.” And that was it. The end.
Those words still ring in my head most days. The days when I think I’m ready to love someone again. Those words have done permanent damage. You stole my ability to love and replaced it with a fear I am desperate to overcome.
7 years we loved each other deeply, and yet you refused sex. I was patient and understanding. I knew it was a religious thing for you and I respected that. Waiting for marriage is what we both agreed on.
And yet…not 3 months after you dumped me you were pregnant and announcing your wedding to some guy that hadn’t even met your family yet. I don’t know how to feel about that other than disappointed. And betrayed. Wedlock is something you despised so intensely you pushed me away when I wanted to get intimate. I really don’t understand. I guess I don’t have to.
And I guess all of this is to say - wherever you are and whatever you’re doing I hope you’re happy doing it. At the same time I hope you have some lifelong regrets as to what we could’ve had.
I just hope you don’t run away from him too. You’ve already caused enough pain for one lifetime. I’ve come to a place of acceptance that I may never be with someone that I love as much as I loved you.
I hope I never think about you ever again.
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2023.06.05 13:04 Reddi3n_CZ Do I have a Long Covid Syndrome too?

Hello all, first time on this sub.
Yesterday, I (26M) came across a comment on Reddit describing individuals with similar long-lasting issues as I have, specifically in covidlonghaulers.
I'm incredibly happy to have found a community of people who have similar problems after having COVID. Finally, I know I'm not the only one who keeps experiencing these weird health issues.
I first contracted COVID around 2021. The course was quite manageable, except for the loss of smell and taste. The second time I got it in 2022, the experience was worse. I had fevers, diarrhea, an endless exhausting cough, and sneezing.
Since the first infection, I've been experiencing the following ailments:
Throughout this period since my first infection, I've been visiting doctors. I've been to an allergist, a pulmonologist, and a cardiologist. None of them have found a solution, so I took matters into my own hands.

And I can say that everything is returning to normal. It's progressing slowly, but every day I see further progress in my recovery but It's a long run.

TL;DR: Since my first infection, I've had issues like morning sneezing, shortness of breath, elbow pain, increased blood pressure, myocarditis, work aversion, occasional loss of smell and taste, stuffy nose, mild asthma, and sleep disturbance from coughing and sneezing. Despite doctors not finding solutions, I've taken control of my health through walking, healthier eating, drinking water, avoiding sweets, and exercising regularly, and I'm slowly seeing progress in my recovery.
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2023.06.05 13:04 healthierlurker I (29M) can’t talk to my wife (31F) about money/budgeting without her getting defensive. I don’t want to fight or cut out all her spending, I just want us to be on the same page. Does anyone have any advice?

I tried going over budgetary ideas with my wife tonight and it went terribly. With student loans starting up again I will owe roughly $1k per month starting this fall so I am trying to work out a decent budget and cut some unnecessary expenses. I’m a relatively high earner for my age ($170k/yr) but we also have 8mo twin boys and I support her immigrant mother in part and subsidize some of my mom’s spending.
My wife is a SAHM and I try not to restrict her spending. Because of how my dad was with her, my mom actively encourages my wife to not run things by me so I just see charges pop up on my phone. Usually things for the babies, rarely for herself. But a lot of it are expensive items that most lower income couples would save for rather than just expense. She feels that they are necessary purchases usually so she feels attacked when I question them like it’s unfair.
The issue is that we’ve both gotten comfortable just swiping the credit card. As such, I’ve been chasing the credit card balances every month and barely saving. We can “afford” our lifestyle because of my income but with student loans resuming things are going to change. I suggested we cut out our meal delivery service ($100 per week in addition to our grocery bill and eating out) and half our Poland Springs water order (we have filtered water in our fridge). I also highlighted some of my spending that wouldn’t be able to happen but she got defensive without me even addressing any of her spending.
She started crying and became very upset at what I was suggesting. I just want us to have a plan. I don’t want to live like we’re in poverty. Just cut out some of the unnecessary expense and budget properly.
How do I navigate this?
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2023.06.05 13:03 Ok-Noise1616 $50 Bonus CSL Plasma New Donor Referral Code: OULED5SBLS - Use the referral code when you sign up at ANY CSL Plasma location or on the App prior to your first donation and receive a $50 bonus automatically!! This unique code is 100% Valid (no expiration date) - Happy donating everyone 🩸

$50 Bonus CSL Plasma New Donor Referral Code: OULED5SBLS - Use the referral code when you sign up at ANY CSL Plasma location or on the App prior to your first donation and receive a $50 bonus automatically!! This unique code is 100% Valid (no expiration date) - Happy donating everyone 🩸 submitted by Ok-Noise1616 to ValidReferralCodes [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 13:02 pastoreddy Advice: Reverse Familiar Warforged Hexblade Warlock

Hey, so I'm looking for some advice on a cool build I'm working on with my DM. The basic idea is that my character is originally an Eladrin Elf Artificer (yes, its Tony Star) from the Fey who has been exiled from his clan, but one of the gods has given himself a chance to prove himself & be restored by becoming a hero. However, to do so he has been exiled into our world as a Fairy.
To make things harder, the idea (Reverse Familiar) will be that he has used Pact of the Chain with a Warforged & in doing so the Fairy now exists as a 2hp Sprite - whilst the Warforged gets all the main stats. If the Warforged dies he must repair it (re-summon) but is exposed as a 2hp Sprite during that time. If the Sprite takes 4 damage or more he is permadead. He will be housed inside the Warforged chest but from Level 3 (once PotC kicks in properly) the Warforged can be operated without him having to be inside, if he wants. The idea will be that for other PCs and NPCs, the Warforged is the character who has a Sprite familiar - but in reality the Fairy is the Sprite and is in control.
My DM uses starting stats of 16 14 12 10 10 8 or 16 16 14 10 8 6. He also allows you to choose your Ability for most 2/1 boost Races - and gives an option of a mega boost - a +4 to one but -1 to another.
I'm going to go for a Hexblade build, particularly as it allows Medium Armour & the Warforged's primary purpose is to protect the Sprite. It will have a Feylost background but my DM's given me permission to switch Survival to any other Proficiency if I want.
Any suggestions on how to build the character? Thinking particular of how to distribute its original stats, what to look for proficiencies in (including Feats), what weapons to use & what spells / invocations to go for? As said, at L3 I'm honour bound to choose PotC. I will be looking to be able to fight close quarters though am open to suggestions re: a crossbow.
Final point; we have just finished a campaign where a number of the other (first time) players joined halfway through and began at Level 6 - so my DM is keen to give the group a flavour of 'you're basically farmers with sticks at level 1.' So we will not be starting with weapons and armour and will need to build up.
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2023.06.05 13:02 dontaskwtvmynameis Oh wow

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2023.06.05 13:02 TonyTony1287 The Walking Dead Ranking Every Episode

Oh my God was this list hard to rank 😅 I took about I would say at least 15 hours of my time into this and all of that was just to rank them at a certain level without much to say. First off we have about 8 Tiers from F,D,C,B,A,S,SS, and Premium though I barely put much into their. Remember this is just an opinion so don't take too harshly if your favorite episode isn't high on my list. For some episodes I may not say much or anything since this was too long originally.
F Tier, these are my least favorite episodes and most likely I have a vendetta against them in some way that made it hard for me to like them
  1. S2 Ep 8 Nebraska- I hate Lori and I think this episode expresses it, most definitely a vendetta. I didn't exactly like the stuff with Hershel and recovering though it was okay, but lori made some questionable decisions to go off on her own to look for Rick even though she should know he's fine seriously. She wrecks a car and then barely dies from a walker, mind you she is pregnant and shouldn't do these things easily my least favorite episode.
  2. S10 Ep 21 Diverged- I honestly forget this episode so much since it has nothing truly interesting or important to the story
  3. S7 Ep 6 Swear- this episode feels slow paced and dull due to oceanside being not seen well for me and I feel like Tara put on the best performance she could for it.
  4. S8 Ep 2 The Damned- this episode to me was just a lot of action and in the walking dead I don't want that. We see a couple of characters die (including Francine 🪦 I absolutely loved her character and hate how she died here :[ mindless) Erics death started here, but it just wasn't impactful enough.
  5. S3 Ep 11 I Ain't a Judas- Andrea is a boring character in the show and I hate her in this episode. The focus should've been on the prison honestly and maybe If she killed the Governor I would've understood her more.
  6. S10 Ep 20 Splinter- if most of the episode was real I would've loved it, but they weren't...
  7. S3 Ep 5 Say the Word- Andrea just isnt much good in this episode and Rick going crazy wasn't a fun idea to me.
  8. S8 Ep 3 Monsters- aside from the one fight with Rick I really didn't care much for it again for the fighting and having Morales return and die felt out of place.
  9. S2 Ep 2 Bloodletting- the group searching for Sophia was okay for a concept, but this episode was okay and went slow paced for me until the end.
D Tier, moving on these episodes were for me mostly just forgettable or boring so I won't say much except they weren't all bad
  1. S1 Ep 3 Tell it to the frogs- first off S1 won't be all high because I'm ranking EVERY episode, but this one felt slow in pace more as well compared to the last two. Shane was a badass though.
  2. S11 Ep 3 Hunted- Forgettable... Not much to say.
  3. S5 Ep 11 The Distance- Forgot entirely this was an episode, after rewatch still don't like it except for Aaron.
  4. S2 Ep 9 Trigger finger- It was a bit better than Nebraska, mostly cause of the Randel scenes.
  5. S7 Ep 14 The Other Side- Sasha somewhat makes a noble decision.
163-162. S11 Episodes 22 following 21- 22 had the Warden being uninteresting as a villain and 21 was boring as can be which is why they sit besides each other.
  1. S8 Ep 7 Time for After- I don't like the plans they have to deviate from Rick and him going to Jadis again feels like a horrible decision on his part.
  2. S9 Ep 8 Evolution- The ambience is the best part, though I hated Jesus' s death as it felt like a bad sendoff.
C Tier, These are a bunch of boring and hard to follow episodes that have some highs that keep it out of former tiers.
  1. S2 Ep 1 What lies Ahead- I liked the RV scene with Andrea, but what follows is dull.
  2. S11 Ep 4- The pope is somewhat average.
  3. S7 Ep 12 Say Yes- The carnival was a nice scenery for TWD, but they had too many fake outs with the walker "shooting" at them and the deer fake out.
  4. S9 Ep 7 Stradivarius- The Search for Eugene feels tiring to follow what's happening and I ended up watching the episodes once and never again because of it.
  5. S2 Ep 4 Cherokee Rose- Watching the episode is fun because of the well, though I feel like it was stupid as an idea as the group should have more common sense before doing something dumb.
  6. S2 Ep 3 Save The Last One- Shane was horrifying, but the rest was dull.
  7. S8 Ep 14 Still gotta mean something- Rick felt unnecessarly cold hearted in this episode killing off the Saviors that helped him which I didn't like, though Jared got a well deserved death.
  8. S4 Ep 9 After -It was okay watching Carl try to scavenge while Rick was injured and I liked the scene with his shoe being lost.
  9. S7 Ep 5 Go Getters- the episode itself wasn't bad yet I never really enjoyed it too much aside from Maggie being a badass and the ending was pretty good.
  10. S4 Ep 10 Inamtes- Inmates was a pretty well rounded episodes showing off some of the group which I liked seeing Tyreese the most.
  11. S8 Ep 6 The King, The Widow, and Rick- the episode was pretty lackluster for me and I didn't really appeal to seeing the garbage people much in this or everyone going to attack the saviors which was a dumb move to do. Ezekiel was probably the most fun of the episode.
  12. S3 Ep 16 Welcome to the Tombs- the finale for season 3 has always been horrible as it barely gives tension between the Governor and Ricks group, it just felt unfitting for a finale.
  13. S11 Ep 8 For blood- it was a okay Mid Season finale to say the least (sorry, 1/3 season finale). I did like some of the parts in it with Maggie which is why it sits higher than others.
  14. S5 Ep 7 Crossed- I thoroughly enjoyed the chase scene between the three officers and Ricks group, but that was about it.
  15. S4 Ep 13 Alone- I liked watching the parts of the group split up, except for Maggie, Bob, and Sasha as they felt very uneventful to me. What makes this episode better had to be the part about Daryl and Beth with the ending of the introduction to Joe's group.
  16. S7 Ep 10 New Best Friends- a lot of these parts I forgot about in this episode when it came to the Kingdom though after rewatching it I enjoyed those parts more than the Garbage people. I just honestly think Jadis's group is uninteresting and makes for no substance.
  17. S10 Ep 15 The Tower- I sometimes forget about this episode and it's premise with Beta, but I think it holds up enough for a weird one and The stuff with princess was okay.
  18. S9 Ep 3 Warning signs- I think the episode was okay, I just didn't like Season 9 A that much...
B tier, now we get to the episodes I could watch again in the past 6 months or binge through without skipping
  1. S11 Ep 2 Acheron Part 2- this was close to being put into C tier since I really hated some parts about it like how they left Gage to die and still had to fight off dozens of walking regardless. The group in the first two episodes seem to switch off and on from good to bad.
  2. S7 Ep 4 Service- for some reason people hate this episode and I can't see why except for the fact it mainly deals with Negan at Alexandria; in my opinion it was him and a couple other characters who saved season 7 and 8 for me.
  3. S10 Ep 3 Ghosts- I forget the episode...
  4. S10 Ep 7 Open Your Eyes- I thought the episode was fine as I don't hate Siddiq and all, though I liked and hated the ending as I loved the twist of Dante and hated that Siddiq had to die so early on.
  5. S6 Ep 7 Heads Up- I didn't like the twist of Glenn and all, but I liked the suspicion with Carol and Morgan as well as the Ending being dramatic.
  6. S8 Ep 11 Dead or Alive- it's not good to know when you remember an episode due to bad things. Daryl has been making more off decisions for the character and Tara seems to be completely Reckless now making me hate her moving forward.
  7. S4 Ep 4 Indifference- The Scenes with Carol and Rick we're amusing with crude Humour as well as some more tense scenes in my opinion and I hated/liked when Rick told Carol she couldn't come back.
  8. S3 Ep 6 Hounded- honestly I would've rather put this episode a little bit higher due to Merle (probably my favorite charcater which contributes to a lot of episodes being higher) being a badass while fighting Michonne and pulling out puns as well. The reason it doesn't get higher is still due to Rick and the phone situation being uneventful.
  9. S11 Ep 9 No Other Way- Alden dies in this episode which I should've seen coming that sucks. The ending feels misleading a bit though everything else in the middle is pretty great.
  10. S11 Ep 5 Out of the Ashes- literally the only reason I put this here was due to Lance so deal with it!
  11. S4 Ep 11 Claimed- Rick had a pretty solid pair of scenes with the Claimers and I liked watching Glenn and Tara (Surprisingly).
  12. S10 Ep 13 What We Become- I thought the flashbacks/hallucinations we're pretty good, but aside from that this episode was just mediocre.
  13. S9 Ep 4 The Obliged- I liked watching Daryl and Rick fight each other over different views on how everything should be and the ending I thought was pretty suspenseful as well as the saviors and oceanside.
  14. S11 Ep 15 Trust- Lance feels exactly like the Governor in some of these episodes which is what I like about him, and from here I start to enjoy Princess maybe because Mercer is around more xd.
  15. S10 Ep 17 Home Sweet Home- I thought Maggie was a good enough concept for an episode with the reapers, though it didn't hit that hard watching again. It still Is most definitely better than the other 3 episodes of S10 part C but enough for A Tier.
A Tier, after this point complaints may start to stop, but that doesn't mean entirely. These episodes I enjoy watching over and over again with some good tension and comedy as well.
  1. S1 Ep 5 Wildfire- For the episodes Jim was in I liked him and learning his backstory as well so this was a pretty fun episode.
  2. S4 Ep 15 Us- the stuff with Abraham and their group was pretty wholesome to me and I liked Joe for the time being in here seeing how he is pretty fair to be honest giving things where they are due and trust to Daryl.
  3. S6 Ep 11 Knots Untie- I somewhat feel like the episode drags due to there being too much at hilltop, but it is a new community so I can't truly argue. I remember enjoyably when Rick stopped the assassination attempt.
  4. S8 Ep 9 Honor- the beginning with Carl I thought was good to showcase the events that unfolded before the decimation and Carl's death hit hard.
  5. S5 Ep 4 Slabtown- I personally don't mind the hospital arc too much, yet it won't get all of it's episodes too high of course. I liked watching Noah and Beth converse and I thought this was a new era for the walking dead.
  6. 10 Ep 1 Lines we Cross- the part with the Satellite was amusing to watch as it was a big change to see and I like that about the walking dead on occasions.
  7. S9 Ep 6 Who are you now?- I liked learning of Luke's Group (you heard me, Luke's Group) and what they have been like learning of some of their past.
  8. S10 Ep 8 The World Before- I liked mostly just watching two scenes, the beginning with Dante and Gabriel and Dante. I loved the fact no one even considered a Whisperer living amongst them and how he did some much devious stuff was mind boggling and amazing to watch. When Gabriel talks about forgiveness to Dante and kills him shows me how Gabriel has changed the past seasons.
  9. S7 Ep 9 Rock in the Road- Rick gives off a good speech to Ezekiel and I liked seeing him and Morgan reunite again. The stuff with Gabriel wasn't too bad either.
  10. S3 Ep 9 The Suicide King- the Governor finally seems to be starting to let things of him slip which I love to see. I also enjoyed watching Merle with Daryl as well too.
  11. S11 Ep 11 Rouge element- I thought that the twist of Steph was pretty good and I don't mind the episode being a bit long and tedious for it's reveal.
  12. S11 Ep 23 Family- I loved the fact Lydia got bit just because it shows us that people can still get bit and survive. It shows to me that in the finale no one could be truly safe even though Luke gets bit and still dies.
  13. S11 Ep 17 Lockdown- Saving Sebastian was okay ig.
  14. S8 Ep 10 The Lost and The Plunderers- Simon's character I think was made perfectly as he is a hotheaded person who is all about power and showing that off. Killing most of the Garbage people was terrifying to watch and showed how Negan could be more merciful than others.
  15. S1 Ep 1 Days Gone Bye- I think for the pilot it did it's job well and showed off enough of what the show could be. Of course this doesn't mean it was all good but as pilots go it was pretty solid.
  16. S11 Ep 1 Acheron Part 1- The only reason I put it this high was for the interrogation scenes especially when it came down to Ezekiel. Him and Mercer are honestly a great pair and I love his ending to the show as it's fitting.
  17. S5 Ep 10 Them- after losing most of the group it seems like a fitting episode of despair and plays it perfectly.
  18. S5 Ep 12 Remember- the first shown scenes of Alexandria was pretty good and I liked the interviews scene too. We also saw a lot of new character introductions.
  19. S11 Ep 6 On The Inside- The ferals was a nice touch of horror that I never knew I could need. Making the people with the ferals Virgil and Connie made the most perfect sense as well.
  20. S6 Ep 13 Not Tomorrow Yet- this episode shows off how our group is seeming to be the bad guys starting to kill people in their sleep. I like how Glenn and Heath have their first kills and show how they are changing.
  21. S7 Ep 1 The day will come when you won't be- I like the title as it references Doctor Jenner, but for the episode I liked Negan and that's mostly it. Seeing two people die was horrible to me, but necessary and since I don't rank episodes for being bad due to deaths I can still rank them high.
  22. S6 Ep 16 Last Day on Earth- Simon has a good introduction and I like them trying to get from point A to B, but what stands out to me most is probably Abraham and Eugene with his speech about him
  23. S7 Ep 15 Something they need- Sasha was probably the highlight of the episode for me and I liked them and Negan's interactions. It Is a good effort to show that they aren't all monsters and I like seeing Eugene as well.
  24. S3 Ep 7 When the Dead come knocking- Glenn and his interrogation with Merle was amazing and I liked seeing Glenn's true will shine.
  25. S8 Ep 12 The Key- I don't like this episode much honestly if it wasn't for Negan and Ricks Speech as well as Simon and his deviousness.
  26. S8 Ep 1 Mercy- the beginning I had to move up due to some good portions of it like Rick and Negan. I also liked the ending a lot even though I watched the trailer a lot and knew of Gabriel and Negan's interactions.
  27. S9 Ep 1 a New Beginning- wow two series beginnings next to each other... Yeah it's weird but they weren't exactly S Tier Material. The beginning with them trying to get a horse accessory was great tension to watch and I already love Ricks Beard.
  28. S10 Ep 18 Find me- okay so maybe I exaggerated My feeling towards Season 10 C a bit since I like some of the episodes a bit and others worse. The reason I put this here is mostly good plot lines and that was it.
Around here I wanted to say the reason for some episodes ranking higher is due to the fact the others are horrible and some of these have redeeming qualities. It's hard to put over 150 episodes ranked from horrible to greatness and know the points of interest.
  1. S3 Ep 3 Walk With Me- Merle brings joy to me seeing him again and I love him from here on out. I like how the Governor seems to be innocent enough until the big reveal with the militia which is amazingly put.
  2. S10 Ep 9 Squeeze- I hate Squeeze... There i said it. The cave sucks honestly and Id rather not watch it again because of that, but Negan is the only saving grace for this episode and if it wasn't for him I would never watch this episode again.
  3. S8 Ep 13 Do Not Send Us Astray- Simon attacking the Hilltop was the most great action of this season that I never minded and it felt terrifying after Tobin's fate was sealed.
  4. S3 Ep 12 Clear- I had to move it from S Tier, but nevertheless a great episode. Morgan's return was done perfectly and I felt like his character did a full 180 after this. Michonne and Carl's side story was also good.
  5. S2 Ep 12 Better Anglels- Shane and Ricks final confrontation was amazingly executed and loved the difference from the Comics with Rick killing shane and Carl shooting his reanimated self; Shane and Randel was also good too.
  6. S4 Ep 12 Still- Daryl and Beth make sense to pair together and I like seeing how we get a bit more back story to his character. They feel like the most perfect example to put for a mismatched pair.
  7. S6 Ep Thank You- The journey with Glenn's group trying to get back was amusing to see even though the dumpster ending wasnt really the best, still horrible to see.
  8. S10 Ep 4 Silence the Whisperers- Negan and Lydia have a good bond and I like how Negan defends her even though I hate how no one believes Lydia that Negan protected her.
  9. S8 Ep 4 Some Guy- I still love watching Ezekiel and the Kingdom so I enjoy this episode and how he feels defeated the whole time. Jerry is the best bodyguard in my opinion as well as it is shown and Shivas death is heartbreaking.
  10. S5 Ep 8 Coda- The reason I put this soo high was due to Rick and Bob. I did like the ending a bit even though I feel like Beth's death could've been avoided.
  11. S3 Ep 14 Prey- originally this episode was C Tier for me, but I re-watched it and put it this high due to the Governor being a literal psycho and I love this side of him.
  12. S11 Ep 20 What's been Lost- Lance felt underutilized as soon as he died, I really wished they could've made a difference with his exit on the show.
  13. S8 Ep 8 How it's gotta be- Forgot about Natanias death.
  14. S11 Ep 7 Promises Broken- Negan and Maggie had a good talk together about before.
  15. S10 Ep 6 Bonds- Okay.. XD.
  16. S6 Ep 10 The Next world- I thought the stuff with Rick, Daryl, and Jesus was goofy, but great.
  17. S11 Ep 19 Varient- I do like the idea of evolving walkers though I feel like it was a bit late in the show.
  18. S3 Ep 13 Arrow on the Doorstep- the meeting was just terrific to watch as the Governor is so sinister inside it with Milton and Hershel having a good talk as well with Martinez and Daryl having a good show off time. Merle and Glenn have some good times too.
  19. S9 Ep 2 The Bridge- The log scene was amazing and Aaron had a good scene with the amputation.
S Tier, These episodes are some of my favorite to watch with a good glass of Tea and some snacks.
  1. S7 Ep 7 Sing me a song- Negan and Carl were fun to watch as well as some more insight on the sanctuary as Daryl breaks free. Negan and Carl also Bond.
  2. S10 Ep 10 Stalker- Daryl VS Alpha!!!
  3. S11 Ep 16 Acts of God- Lance is very horrifying as to what his next move is and Leah's stuff was good.
  4. S3 Ep 8 Made to suffer- it was a great Mid season finale as I enjoyed the fight with the Governor and Rick as well as the ending with Merle and Daryl.
  5. S2 Ep 6 Secrets- Glenn has to deal with hiding multiple people's secrets and I feel like the comedy is pure gold here.
  6. S1 Ep 2 Guts- The rooftops scenes were great as well as the parts where they wear guys to avoid the walkers, it always felt like a sense of panic in this episode.
  7. S9 Ep 9 Adaptation- the introduction to Alpha was simple enough and I feel like it's a good episode.
  8. S11 Ep 10 New Haunts
  9. S11 Ep 12 The Lucky Ones- Carol finally feels a little bit like she's back to her old self in this community with Lance and their deals.
  10. S4 Ep 1 30 days without and Accident- probably my second favorite of the beginning episodes as it demonstrates exactly how the group has got along since the recent events. Has a good story with the shopping market and the roof caving in was awesome.
  11. S3 Ep 10 Home- this episode shows how Merle and Daryl are far apart which I can still keep watching Merle and be entertained as well as the fight scene at the end with the Governor being cocky as can be.
  12. S9 Ep 16 The Storm- snow is a new but simple thing that I like along with Negan Earning trust with Michonne.
  13. S10 Ep 2 We are the End of the World- Gamma saving Alpha is one of my favorite scenes of how it shows Alphas power towards the group and influence on it's people.
  14. S6 Ep 8 Start to Finish- The walls coming down had an interesting story as well as many like the Wolf getting loose and Diana having a badass/amazing exit.
  15. S9 Ep 11 Bounty- The Movie Theatre scene was pretty good as well as Alpha with and Lydia.
  16. S5 Ep 2 Strangers- The uneasy feeling of Gabriel is pretty good to show the groups trust and I like how the ending is played out with the reveals.
  17. S11 Ep 13 Warlords- The Complex is a pretty good place to see and I like seeing the evolution of Negan and Aaron.
  18. S9 Ep 15 The Calm Before- The highlight is the end with the pikes though it made sense for the lesser characters. I hated seeing Henry and Enid die (Not with Tara).
  19. S10 Ep 11 Morning Star- The start of the battle is ingenius with the tree sap fire scene and it makes for a suspenseful ending to the episode to come.
  20. S9 Ep 5 What come After- The episode is meant to be a sendoff for Rick so I'll rank it about everything else instead. I did enjoy some of the sequences with Hershel and I loved seeing Shane again. He really puts perspective on some episodes like Season 5 which makes me enjoy watching those episodes more as well as Shane. Ricks exit was also done is a pretty good way.
  21. S7 Ep 13 Bury me Here- I liked watching Morgan slowing go back into insanity which I believe is due to PTSD of some sort. The episode feels really well done and I like the ending to it with Richard Dying and Carol being told everything.
  22. S9 Ep 12 Guardians- Alpha is great to watch in this episode and the way she kills the two whispering who challenge them is great!
  23. S8 Ep 5 The Big scary U- the main focus is Negan and Gabriel which is an amazing talk between then two before settling their differences. I also like the unease at the sanctuary through betrayal.
  24. S11 Ep 14 The Rotten core- the whole episode is one of If not my personal favorite to watch for the complex alone being a nice setting. I enjoy every bit of this episode as well as the side deal with Sebastian and how Mercer is revealed to be a pretty nice guy.
  25. S5 Ep 15 Try- The whole episode feels like a decent into madness for Rick seeing everyone against him. I like how he goes into protective cop mode and try to defend the ones he lives as well as his speech at the end.
  26. S11 Ep 18 A New Deal- The whole episode is average, but the ending just feels amazing to rewatch.
  27. S2 Ep 11 Judge, Jury, Executioner- I personally like Dale a lot so I love this episode. It really shows how the group is starting to turn as they believe to do what is best for the group and not morals. Dales death is also very heartfelt to watch and showed off the walkers dangerousness.
  28. S10 Ep 14 Look At The Flowers- Negan and Daryl make a good pair to watch though I enjoyed watching Beta and him struggling to get back on track after Alphas death and I love him so much more for this episode.
  29. S5 Ep 5 Self Help- Daryl and Carol at the moments have some good episodes together so it's not surprise I'd love this episode. With Noah in the episode as well it feels like a amazing show of how the characters (Carol and Daryl) have changed morally.
  30. S6 Ep 13 The Same Boat- Carol has been shown to be ruthless, but this episode shows her true colors as how she doesn't want this to be her life anymore.
  31. S5 Ep 13 Forget- the episode itself has many great minisodes it felt like which was fantastic.
50 and 49. S4 Ep 6 Live Bait and 7 Dead Weight- I put these both here due to the fact of me loving the equally. The 6th episode feels like a showcase of how the Governor gets broken entirely and starts to get built back up positively showing what could have been and for a time it feels beautiful to me. The 7th though shows how some things can mess with his mind and make him go back to being a psychopath that kills everyone he sees.
  1. S8 Ep 16 Wraith- The ending to season 8 was pretty eventful for the battles begin as Eugene saved everyone's asses from a cool trick with the bullets. I am happy that Rick decided to save Negan and I love the episode except for the ending being off-putting with Maggie.
  2. S6 Ep 9 No way Out- The Wolf has a pretty interesting end that I enjoyed to see and aside from the the entire eoisode is the best part. You never feel that sense of boring to it as the action is nonstop great.
  3. S5 Ep 5 Now- I liked small bits and pieces of this episode mostly revolving around Diana and her role starting to change. If she survived I don't doubt I would've loved to see her go through more of an arc.
  4. S7 Ep 11 Hostiles and Calamities- I can see the hate for this episode, though I love it myself. Eugene in my opinion is at his best here and I love watching him here with Negan and their interactions. It was also great how Dwight had framed the doctor.
  5. S5 Ep 6 Consumed- Abraham was one of my favorite characters not just for jokes but for this episode. His backstory is heartbreaking to learn about and relatable. When he falls down after beating Eugene in defeat I can feel his pain with him.
  6. S9 Ep 13 Chokepoint- Daryl VS Beta!!!
SS Tier, after this point there is no bad things that the episodes could have drag it's down. These ones are my person favorites.
Around this time I also realized that it seems my numbers on the side aren't matching so I'm fixing it from here so skip 42- 38. Idk what happened but I messed up somewhere and went to fix it but couldn't find the problem.
  1. S2 Ep 13 Besides the Dying Fire- The walkers attacking the farm was a great scene just as much as the Democracy speech was from Rick, though Lori is horrible to Rick in this episode. Also Rick tells the group "we're all infected"
  2. S4 Ep 2 Infected- I love the scene where Patrick reanimates and the morning fight they have in the prison. So much stuff happens at once. The ending was Great with Tyreese and. The pig scene was sad to watch.
  3. S6 Ep 6 Always Accountable- One time when I like Sasha is this episode with Abraham. Where to begin; The Rocket launcher scene was great, Abraham is great with quips, Daryl with Dwight is a good scene and I love the ending as well.
  4. S6 Ep 14 Twice as Far- The Denise speech wasnt too bad and the death was great. I enjoyed Abraham and Eugene; I think my favorite scenes was with Abraham and Eugene with another one of his speechs towards him which was funny and heartfelt.
  5. S4 Ep 16 A- The best part is when Joe's group comes along and how Rick bites out his throat signifying that he and Shane are now alike. I also like when Rick and Daryl talk as well as Rick figuring out this olace kidnaps people.
  6. S2 Ep 7 Pretty Much dead Already- Shane is what I love about this episode, he and Dale had a really funny encounter and I feel like Shane makes me laugh and be serious at the same time with each scenes. I also like how Rick is more accepting towards Hershel.
  7. S10 Ep 16 A Certain Doom- Beta was good in this episode and had some great parts, but the fights wee great especially the scene with the Music. Betas death felt odd, but that doesn't lower the episode.
  8. S4 Ep 14 The Grove- I mean do I really have to explain? Carol is a savage here and I love when they finally talk about Karen and Davids death here. Nothing in this episode is a low note.
  9. S2 Ep 5 Chupacabra- I love everything about Daryl's scenes in this that show how he is a badass and capable of holding his own. Also love his Hallucinations.
  10. S11 Ep 24 Rest In Peace- certainly wasn't the best finale, but I felt like it did well enough for the episode. It tied up most loose ends for the show given its runtime and I feel like it is fitting enough.
  11. S2 Ep 10 18 Miles Out- my favorite of Season 2 has Shane and Rick have the best battle I have seen even more than The Governor and Rick or Negan and Rick. This battle utilizes both of their strengths and weaknesses with some things that have never been done in the show much more like using your blood to attract walkers to other places. It was an amazing episode all in all.
  12. S1 Ep 6 TS-19- idk what it is but I love watching this episode over and over again and I love it the more I watch it. It is probably because I like Doctor Jenner a bit more in each watching of his tragic backstory with his wife.
  13. S9 Ep 14 Scars- The flahsback was an amazing one that told us something vital to the story about how they don't trust people coming in anymore. What Daryl and especially Michonne went through is tragic.
  14. S5 Ep 3 Four Walls a roof- this episode is perfect for a number of reasons like Bob and his antics or Savage Rick, this was a turning point for the walking dead and this is where Rick gets some of his roots.
  15. S1 Ep 4 Vatos- even though I love TS-19 I love Vatos more. This is unique to some episodes where you see a group just like Ricks that is trying to survive and this is where we realize the world is bigger than we thought still.
  16. S7 Ep 16 The first day of the rest of your Life- The battle was amazing and I feel like this was the best it was going to get for the coming seasons, but season 9 and 10 surprised me.
  17. S10 Ep 5 What it always Is- Negan with the Kid is the highlight I think, I could've honestly seen this going farther, if it wasn't for the former savior. I feel like this was fitting for an entire episode of, but we diverged a bit.
  18. S4 Ep 3 Isolation- Hershel and Tyreese are the highlights for me with Tyreese going berserk and Hershel being a kind soul. This is a staple episode for why Season 4 is amazing and why Hershel is what made season 4 great.
  19. S6 Ep 4 Here's not Here- I love learning about Eastman and Morgan in this one off. I love how it is somewhat told in the first person narrative to the Wolf and how Morgan changed back to who he was. Eastman shows how he and Morgan are pretty similar and why he should be like him.
  20. S5 Ep 14 Spend- aside from Francine being here to be used as eye candy for me I loved how some of Alexandria like and dislike rick's group here. I do hate Noah dying as I feel like he could've been so much more.
  21. S10 19 One More- I love havng the episode based on Aaron and Gabriel as they have came a long way since their beginnings. When they have few an encounter with Mays I felt like this was a testimony to who they are as people. We see how they care for each other and how Mays fails to make a point of who they are until Gabriel Kills him showing he has gone farther away from the light.
  22. S7 Ep 3 Cell- Daryl is locked up and he is now being treated like shit. This episode feels great cause of how it feels like he is trying to break Daryl. Dwight also has a great mission on how he mercy kills a savior and shows he isn't as bad as you may think.
  23. S6 Ep 1 First time again- I do enjoy the setting of the episode how we see the diverge in Alexandria and who listens or hears Rick out. The episode is a great example for staring episodes... But not the best at it.
  24. S5 Ep 9 What Happened and what's going On- I loved Tyreese's character so to see him die was horrible for me. His episodes I feel like was a good send off since it is a test to who he is as a person who is confounded about the world around him.
  25. S3 Ep 4 Killer Within- this episode was played perfectly and I feel like is a good sendoff for other characters as well like how I hate Lori. She is made just a bit better from her sacrifice and thought T-Dog went out in a good way as well. The prisoners also had a good show for their trust.
  26. S4 Ep 5 Interment- this is where Hershel's best episode is as he is the best Samaritan Alive in the apocalypse. At the end where Rick and Carl fend off the walkers inside the gates in a great bond and I love the whole episode.
  27. S6 Ep 3 JSS- it is well rounded and has good action as well as a lot of tension and suspense with Carol showing off her capabilities and Morgan with his philosophy.
Finally we cracked the top ten and into Premium Episodes. If you've made it this far you are are persistent as me... Well probably less since this took a long ass time but still. These are the episodes whee I cherish them and can watch more than once a month.
  1. S8 Ep 15 Worth- Worth has what I want in an episode; good characters and story/plot. Eugene's parts are made more important seeing how he needed to stay at the sanctuary to save Alexandria and the other communities. I loved even more Dwight's part where I have without doubt the most suspense with him and Negan. Simon also had the most best arc death as it felt complete.
  2. S5 Ep 16 Conquer- the episode has a lot of action and the ending was the pivet. I love the speech he has and how Diana let's Rick be in charge now was a sort of cliffhanging ending that signify's perfection.
  3. S5 Ep 1 No sanctuary- both Season 5's beginning and finale are amazing and the way Rick and his group take down Terminus in one episode is amazing as they fight there way out and the scene with Judith was great. Morgan was just a sprinkle of wholesomeness to see.
  4. S10 Ep 12 Walk With Us- The Episode had just enough action, good deaths and character interactions to make it here. First of the battle at hilltop was amazing. The second best thing was Earl and I feel very sad every time I watch this episode at his part. Then the best thing is the end with Alpha and Negan.
  5. S3 Ep 1 Seed- The best beginning to a season it shows how the group has changed since Rick and the prison is a great example. The tombs are a great scenery and the ending was perfect for a cliffhanger as well as Conquer.
  6. S3 Ep 2 Sick- the prisoner episode was pretty good to watch as a group of prisoners try to take on walkers. While some are good others would rather be assertive. Rick has definitely changed since season 2 and the group is played great here and much more human like.
  7. S7 Ep 2 Well- what helps this episode is the last episode before it having a dark tone. This instead has a more uplifting one with the king and with Carol and Morgan being a great pair. The Kingdom seems to be a good community and seeing how Carol tries to smooth talk the king and how he tells whays her bullshit is an amazing scene.
  8. S10 Ep 22 Heres Negan- We realize he was a kinda lousy husband that wasn't really too good to becoming a really supportive husband who cares deeply for his wife Lucille. The story before showed a lot of Negan and how he is and I love Lucille as a character from this episode trying to do whats best for Negan.
  9. S4 Ep 8 Too Far gone- Honestly this IS the best episode, but I am bias so I had to put my own personal favorite above it not to say this isn't right behind it easily. Too far gone is what feels like a season finale but isn't. The Governors first encounter should've been this and I'm glad we got to see it unfold great. Rick has a great speech in it about not being too far gone yet and the Governor killing Hershel to start the best battle of the series. The Governors death feels fitting and the ending was sad and amazing.
Before I get to this last one I wanted to say a thank you in advance to whomever reads this as I really had a hard time making this and spending a lot of time to do this isn't easy. And remember this last episode is my very own person opinion entirely and in no way is it the best of the series definitively, without any furthermore, lets end this.
  1. Season 3 Episode 15 This Sorrowful Life- Now what makes this episode so great to me? Well I'm totally biased towards the actor and the character in the show Merle Dixon. I could watch Merle all day which is what they episode feels like with the perfect duo of Michonne and Merle on their way to the governor. It has some of the most perfect comedy in the episode as well as having the best sacrifice redemption arc and ending. This episode made me laugh, smile, cry and more. There will never be a time when I ever change my opinion about this episode in existence.
Again another huge thanks to everyone and I hope this will satisfy everyones needs... Now I'ma go watch S3 Ep 15 Legit.
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$50 Bonus CSL Plasma New Donor Referral Code: OULED5SBLS - Use the referral code when you sign up at ANY CSL Plasma location or on the App prior to your first donation and receive a $50 bonus automatically!! This unique code is valid for the month of May 2023 - Happy donating everyone 🩸
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Hello Joppers!
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Best of luck Joppers! Happy Jopping :)
Uh, 👅😋 you 👤🍆 think 💭 ya 😫😩 big 🍆👨 boi, throwing three stacks 💰 I'ma 👁♂ show 🎭 you 👈 how to 💦😘 ball, you 👊 a 🏽👌 mismatch Opinionated but 😭☝ I'm always 👌😭 spitting straight 🌈 facts 📚📚 Throwback, I ➡👁 might ♂ throw this ⬆👈 on 💦 an 😍 eight track 🎱
We would like to thank unpopularkpopopinions for the idea. They have been conducting this contest for a long time and are pretty good at it. Go check them out!
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2023.06.05 13:00 axtract Career Transition into Tech as a 35m Veteran

Dear everyone
I (35m) am yet another person looking to make a transition into tech in the next few years (roll eyes here). I have a rough plan of action, and I've come here to have holes poked in it.
Brief CV:
I am now looking to leave the Army and move to the USA, at least for a few years, to see if I can "make it" in the tech industry.
Current plan:
  1. I have just accepted an offer to York University's online Master of Computer Science with AI degree.
  2. Complete an operational tour Jan-Jul next year, timing my resignation to leave the Army shortly after returning.
    1. Options:
      1. Find a job with an American company under a TN visa using my current qualifications (CPA or management consultant jobs, for example)
      2. Find a job with a Canadian firm in Vancouver
  3. Once the master's is complete, complete a coding bootcamp to provide myself with the technical skills needed to work in the software industry.
  4. ...
  5. Profit?
Then at some point in all this find an amazing girlfriend and have a super happy life with no worries and all the money and live happily ever after with no divorce or childhood trauma.
Flaws in the plan I can see so far:
Advice I would like to seek:
Very many thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 13:00 AutoModerator Inspirational Monday: Badass women

Happy Monday! Let’s start this week off strong by featuring known/successful women who inspire you. Could be contemporary or historical.
Comment below, you could also include an article or a picture!
OR use the" Badass Women You Should Know" tag to make a separate post about an inspiring woman on your own. The choice is yours!
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