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2008.12.05 06:42 Credit Repair - Improve your credit, your score, and understand how to manage your credit

CRedit's main goal is to improve your credit, keep it healthy, and support you in decisions that you make that may affect your credit livelihood. We are here to support you if you need an advice on closing/opening a credit card, improving your credit scores, removing inaccurate information from your report, qualifying for a new card/mortgage/loan, investigating unknown information on your report and much more.

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2011.01.04 03:16 ScrambledOvaries GCX: Get what you really want!

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2023.06.05 11:34 AgereSylveonDarling [Let's Build] D100 A little bit of everything for your aristocratic woman~

Do you ever wish that lists had a bit more accommodation for the gentleladies of your fantasy retinue? Weeeelllll step on up to your one stop shop of anything for the highborne girls!~ (Fair warning that most of this list is coming from a huge personal list of concepts that I've had for a long time, so I don't remeber any names of original creators as I never expected to share the list or anyting on it. If your concept is on here, please do contact me, please, so I can give proper credit)

  1. A hairpin adorned with an elvish love note, folded into an origami flower; you always smell nice, no matter how dirty or sweaty you are (u/ChihuahuaJedi)
  2. A veil of creamy, silken fiber shorn from a unicorn’s mane, hung from a braid of cloth-of-gold.
  3. Sweetpearl II: Spoilt pageant pony, a gorgeous Andalusian mare. Fears being alone, and great at making you feel guilty.
  4. A delicate shawl, lacy and fringed, woven from pearly spider silk.
  5. A dark blue silk mantle lined with white mink fur and embroidered in abstract silver diamond patterns at collar and hem.
  6. The Ladies Who Lunch - a guild of the who's who in feminine society that have been issued a holy mandate to find the very best cheese and wine pairing. Often women in full corsets and gowns are found spelunking into forgotten country wine cellars
  7. Phoenix Flan - A delectable Flan that, once halfway eaten, bursts into flames and reforms as Creme Brulee
  8. Ice sapphires. Usually cut into small cubes, these are placed in cups to keep the contents cold on hot days.
  9. A snow globe, and inside, there's a beautiful little pastoral town with rolling hills and pink and blue flowers. You shake it, and in a swirl of pink and blue petals, the scenery has changed to a snow-dusted town. Also goes vice versa.
  10. A small jar of golden nails with flower shaped heads that can only be driven by a glass hammerhead.
  11. A single brilliant blue rose petal that smells faintly of almonds, rolled up in the finest white silk handkerchief.
  12. Sewing Kit. One of the needles is coated in a potent drow sleeping poison.
  13. Flower bread is made from various types of powdered flowers giving it a light floral taste.
  14. Heavenwurst, a sausage made of ground up Angel Wings.
  15. This Drow elf matron wears expensive, white gloves woven from finest spider silk.
  16. A clockwork butler. Every noble needs a servant, though people who keep as dangerous company as yourselves may need something more sturdy than an ordinary butler. For you, the king has prepared a gilded, perfectly-crafted clockwork device to give to you to help you on your journey. It can cook, it can sing, it can engage in basic conversation, it can do duck calls, it can identify mushrooms, it can make your bed, it can dust your cupboards, and everything in-between. While looking and acting like a clockwork automaton, like a man who's powered by gears and levers within himself, he has the stats of a duodrone.
  17. Unicorn Horn Broth - Shimmery golden soup with a taste like a sweet honey roast, often has a small dusting of nutmeg. Has intense healing properties.
  18. A Lady’s saddle, with bit and bridle included. The fixtures are in gold, studded with translucent pink garnets, the leather is of the highest quality.
  19. A tiara that allows you to experience the sensory experience of a black cat as long as you wear it and close your eyes.
  20. A tapestry woven from the finest silk. It depicts a king and his court having a feast in a garden. A kirin (or some other appropriate holy creature) flies across the sky in the background.
  21. Fae Mouse-Dragon - Likes to viciously attack flowers and nap in the destroyed petals. Uses emotion magic on you to communicate its needs and feelings, so try to keep her happy unless you want bad vibes. She sheds her scales once a month, and they're a powerful aphrodisiac when consumed!
  22. A stall of assorted crystal bowls and cups displayed with wax fruits, all of it outlandishly overpriced.
  23. Unicorn Wax: Burning this wax-like substance that is found under the tongues of certain unicorns and inhaling the smoke will cause the user to experience hallucinations of a magical, bright, and colorful world for 1d12 hours, and increases wisdom by 1 for 1d6 hours.
  24. A baby’s mobile bearing four silver plated doves, elegantly sculpted, with translucent blue azurite eyes, suspended from a teak frame.
  25. A gold statuette carved in the likeness of a canary and is small enough to fit in a pocket.
  26. Bride’s day – Commemorating the beginning of summer, all the new brides dance with the unmarried women, to imbue to them their own marital fortunes. The dance takes place in the kings courtyard and no males are allowed in. At the end the queen usually tries to set up an unwed dancer with a royal family member.
  27. At a party the torches emit perfumed smoke that are enchanted as aphrodisiacs or some other effect.
  28. An expensive water feature or fountain is filled with wine, it is in the shape of people and animals doing very risque things.
  29. Golden Scissors - A pair of golden scissors, if you snip a thread from any clothing, however ragged, it shall transform into a magnificent suit or gown of gold thread that perfectly fits and flatters the intended wearer.
  30. A large crystal decanter etched with grapes and vines with an electrum lip, handle and foot.
  31. A Gentleperson's Toolset - A rather large and expensive set of tea, along with a huge and renewable stock of platinum quality tea leaves and sweets of all kinds.
  32. A long, elegant quill made from a peacock. The eye in the feather seems to reflect the light, and the quill tip is masterfully crafted of mithril.
  33. Heartseeker - This pair of velvet gloves allows the wearer to sense the suites of any cards it's touching.
  34. A slightly worn, satin collar that fits any creature it is placed on. It's got the cutest little bell affixed to the front of it.
  35. Wand of Feathery Feline Pleasures. A wand that creates a moving illusion of a feather tuft for cats to play with. Each illusion lasts about ten minutes.
  36. Smellen’s Sweet-Smellin’ Snuff Case'. A box that encases the wearer's nose and prevents them from smelling anything outside of the box. Includes a tiny drawer to place a desired scent.
  37. PipeDream™. A fancy looking pipe used for smoking. It can be used to blow different shapes, colors, and even bubbles.
  38. Celestial salt and abyssal pepper shaker set.
  39. An intricately detailed figurine posed as though singing to an audience on a balcony above her. Her eyes sparkle with tiny jewels to make it appear that she is crying
  40. Cruel Queen’s Sangria - A favorite recipe of an ancient, dethroned tyrant. Her sangria is sweetened with dragon fruit, blood orange and star fruit fit for a crown.
  41. A large tin canister whose lid is stamped with the image of a bountiful orchard whose trees are overflowing with fruit, the ripest of which has fallen and filled a cornucopia. The container is brimming with dozens of well-preserved dried currants.
  42. A hag (or any other long nailed creature) giving visitors a scalp massage. She makes wonderful conversation and speaks fondly of her grandkids.
  43. A silver hip flask engraved with drunken satyrs in various acts of foreplay with nymphs.
  44. Kaleido cakes - Boldly colored cake, made of shifting geometric patterns with different flavors, but always with a moderate dusting of powdered sugar. Simply rotate the cake until the flavors change to your personal tastes, but your friends can change it too.
  45. Stardust Sauvignon - A dry white wine that is traditionally served in silver cups.
  46. A single small pink satin pillow. Intended for a lap cat.
  47. A bright white, woman’s bonnet with a pink silk ribbon tied around the front into a delicate bow.
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2023.06.05 11:33 ehishab Ehishab POS system software in Bangladesh

Ehishab is a popular POS (Point of Sale) system software in Bangladesh. It is designed to meet the specific needs of businesses in the country, providing an efficient and user-friendly solution for managing sales, inventory, and customer data.
The Ehishab POS system software offers a range of features that are tailored to the requirements of businesses in Bangladesh. These features include:
Sales Management: The software enables businesses to easily process sales transactions, generate invoices, and accept various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and mobile wallets. It helps streamline the sales process and provides real-time sales data.
Inventory Management: With Ehishab, businesses can effectively track and manage their inventory. The system provides stock level updates, alerts for low stock, and automated reordering to ensure businesses have the right products available to meet customer demands.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The software allows businesses to store and manage customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and preferences. This helps in building strong customer relationships and enables personalized marketing and promotions.
Reporting and Analytics: Ehishab provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights into their sales performance, inventory turnover, and customer behavior. These insights can be used to make data-driven decisions and optimize business operations.
Multi-Store Management: For businesses operating multiple stores or branches, Ehishab offers centralized management capabilities. It enables businesses to synchronize data across locations, track inventory movement, and manage sales from a central dashboard.
Integration with Other Systems: Ehishab can be integrated with other business systems such as accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and payment gateways, providing a seamless flow of data between different systems and reducing manual efforts.
Overall, EhishabPOS system software is a reliable and feature-rich solution for businesses in Bangladesh. It helps automate and streamline various aspects of the business, enhancing efficiency and enabling better decision-making.
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2023.06.05 11:33 Coolgrip Earn money with REVOLUT 50€💵

Earn money with REVOLUT 50€💵
Earn money with referral links and inviting friends. Claim your 50€ here:!JUN1-23-AR
LIMITED OFFER UNTIL 21 OF JUNE!!!! Complete the instructions and claim your money
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2023.06.05 11:31 hauntelere My dog is the last connection I have to my Nmom and Edad.

(TW for brief discussion of animal death at the end)
I moved out from my parent’s house in February of 2022 with my now fiancé. I finally got my car put in my name (it was originally in my Dad’s, even though I bought it from him years ago). I’m on my own phone plan and have my own insurance. Almost everything in my life is finally separated from my parents.
Except for my dog.
My apartment doesn’t allow dogs (I would be allowed to have a cat for an additional 50$ a month, and small pets are fine- but there’s no yard whatsoever) so my 12 year old dog has to continue living at my parents’ house. I guess an important detail about my dog is that her breed is known for being aloof. She herself just… doesn’t care about anything, it seems. She doesn’t particularly like people. She acts bored or possibly depressed all of the time. I don’t want to go into much detail in this post but I feel like she never got the chance to really BE a dog. Between school, college with a demanding major (consistent 18-22 credit hours for 4 1/2 years), a stressful job, and depression (along with many other mental health issues I have), I was never able to provide my dog with the enrichment she deserved. Then again, she was technically a family dog (she was only ever “mine” when someone had to pay for her vet bills and supplies) so I also don’t think her care should have been put solely on me. I still feel guilty though.
Through a lot of fights, my parents and I came to a compromise in which I come over to their house after work (I work 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to feed my dog and take her outside so she can use the bathroom. (I also take care of my mom’s dog, but he’s definitely hers and not mine.) My Dad works 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM and takes care of the dogs every other day. My mom is upstairs sleeping when I come over in the morning. The only other alternative to this arrangement (that my mom would agree to) was me paying for all of my dog’s vet bills and supplies but I would never be allowed to come see her, which, if my parents are going to continue to insist that this dog is in fact mine and that I need to fork over money for her, I find unacceptable. A lot of people (especially my fiancé’s family, since they know most of the extent of the abuse my parents have put me through) are pretty disgusted when I tell them about this arrangement and feel that my parents are taking advantage of me and making me waste the gas in my car. My parents only live maybe five minutes away from my work and two minutes from my apartment, but the gas money still adds up eventually. However, if I want to see my dog at all, I have to give in to my mom’s demands. She can’t be bothered to wake up before 11:30 AM unless she has a doctor’s appointment.
As much as I do love my dog, I cannot wait for her to die. My dog’s death will be the end of my last tether to these terrible people. I would finally be able to cut them out of my life entirely without worrying about them taking it out on my dog.
I hate feeling like that. I hate thinking about it. I don’t want my dog to die, but at the same time I would finally be able to feel free.
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2023.06.05 11:30 JedNoonan Best way to get cash from a prepaid mastercard?

I just won a $1,000 digital prepaid mastercard (no physical card) and I want to get as much liquid cash from it as possible. From what I can tell, it's non transferrable so I can't sell it on to someone
It can only be used for apple pay or credit card transactions (i tried depositing into finance & betting apps, nothing worked)
Would I be best off to buy some stable value electronics and sell them? Or is there a method I could use to get real cash from it?
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2023.06.05 11:27 Superteletubbies64 [H] Paypal or Revolut 75% [W] Steam GC EU

Looking for Steam GC only, any amount below 100 bucks, must work in EU, USD cards are fine if they can be activated in EU. Not buying from new accounts. 75%, no exceptions, only paying with F&F if your account is reputable, G&S otherwise.
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2023.06.05 11:27 iskoo_ark2 J’ai un problème de paiement sur kkgool

J’ai un problème de paiement sur kkgool
Quand je veux commander ça me met que le pays de la France ne peux pas être livrée
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2023.06.05 11:24 Double_Confusion_826 Flip game click 4 click (EU) click mine & give me your link

Get a 120€ credit!
Or paste the code in the search cdn4so
The game is simple, you don't need to be a new user. Just click and give me your own link so I can also help you get diamonds to play and try to get some gift cards. It works only for eu though.
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2023.06.05 11:23 mohattar Amex Smart Earn Card worth it ?

As the title suggests, i read threads here on basic acceptance of the card but they were old threads in the sense 1-3 month old.
I want to basically know is this card worth taking?.
My spends are basically on following:
  1. Uber
  2. Zomato
  3. Amazon + Prime
  4. Myntra
  5. Zepto
  6. Flipkart (sometimes)
  7. Ticket bookings (IRCTC)
  8. Ajio
  9. Big Basket
  10. Netflix
  11. Xbox
I also want to know offline acceptance of this card used for petrol, restaurants (big and chain ones), departmental stores (small and big)
Live in Mumbai if thats something worth mentioning and Annual Spends are approx. 4.5L
Suggestions and PROS & CONS if anyone already has this card are please welcome
Also, there is a certain status Quo and premium feel to this card so going with that flow too lol
Cheers and Thanks !
EDIT: For reference currently using ICICI Amazon Pay and i basically dont like to keep more than 1 credit cards with me so i will be closing this card if i apply for Smart Earn
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2023.06.05 11:18 MatthewOuO [D] How to deposit on alipay using wise IF u have a Chinese / Hong Kong / Macau ID

Ik this is only for certain minorities, I'm sry for y'all Americans. I wanna help y'all out but I don't think self promotion is allowed here ☹️
Alright so if ur a Chinese immigrant / Chinese-American / Canadian / European / whatever ur, ur lucky cuz u / ur parents most likely hv a Chinese ID
Requirement: An email address, a Chinese ID, a 18+ Chinese ID verified alipay, " foreign bank acc / debit / credit card (depends)"
1: u need to get ur alipay verified with either - A Chinese ID card - Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents
2: add an email address to ur alipay acc
3: Download wise (u don't need to verify if ur deposit 18000 cny or less)
4: Enter the amount u wanna send then add recipient
5: Choose myself if u verified ur alipay by urself and someone else if it's verified by others
6: *use google translate for this part if u can't read Chinese open the mini-program called "跨境匯款 (remittance)" on alipay then click "我是收款人 (I'm da recipient)" and check what's ur "Chinese name" (cuz ur English name / Cantonese name might be different from ur mandarin name)
7: go back to wise and choose alipay for bank detail then type in ur "Chinese name"
[*off topic, ik UnionPay (bank card) and wechat pay r a lil cheaper, BUT IT'S NOT TESTED, and am pretty sure u can't use wechat pay if u verified ur wechat account with a HK / Macau ID. U can try out wechat pay if ur a Chinese citizen tho, cus ik buffuck 163 also supports wechat pay BUT USE AT UR OWN RISK]
8: choose a payment method (it depends on ur country, for my fellow Canadians, choose e-transfer, debit/credit card *don't use direct debit unless you hv time, it takes at least 3 days)
9: pay wtf bro
10: u'll get a sms, if not just open the mini-program then click receive (balance) and ur money is here :D
11: ur probs brain-dead if u need a tutorial to deposit on buff
It's probs the fastest (speedy asf ngl) and cheapest way. The fee is decent and it supports almost every single currency with various payment methods. Btw, u can deposit a super small amount, which I hv tried for a few times.
*It's even cheaper than tourcard no lie
Screenshots (scroll down for more):
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2023.06.05 11:18 jUiCyUvU AITA for being cold to my father over a comment he made?

TW!: EDs
for context: i (16f) have always struggled with EDs. it has caused me to loose too much weight i was dangerously underweight. i have recovered a bit and have gained the twice the weight back, that makes me 70kgs at the moment. for the last three years my father wasnt actually around this is third month around.
alright on to the story. there is a dress is bought back when i was skinny and it fitted perfectly. it looked gorgeous. ive always wanted to wear it to prom. now i cannot. ive just realised prom is two weeks away and i have to loose around 10 kgs to be able to fit in to that dress. i walked around 6-8kms everyday, did fitness ,pilates as well as limited my food intake. four days after i lost a kg and i was happy about it. however the day after we had to go to my grandmother. i excused myself during diner. my father(46m) told me to sit down and eat whatever was on my plate as its disrespectful to do otherwise. he wouldn't let me leave unless i was done with my plate. the next day i have gained all the weight i have lost in the last four days. i was really crushed because i was putting alot of effort which i haven't done before as i relied on my ED to help me loose weight.
my mom(45f) called me in after she felt my mood drop to have a talk with her and dad. my mom was really thoughtful while i felt dad was very dismissive, saying things like "thats not worth being upset about" or "its just a kg, stop crying about it...ect" i was just upset that he didnt understand so i told him why i was upset, how much i struggled with weight but he continued. i just decided to let it go. my mom wanted sign me up to the gym. i went with my dad as my mom had work. he forgot his credit card so we just went home after asking about the memberships and all. he said we'll go again tomorrow. when we got home i had a piece of bread, baguette specifically(if thatll make a difference), and he called me over so i got there with my piece of baguette. he looked at me and immediately said " dont come crying to me in the evening because of how much of this you eat." i feel like this comment made me snap. i just didnt answer him, helped him with whatever he wanted and left. i was cold towards him the entire day. my mom talked to me about it and said maybe i should talk to him because he noticed i was upset and didnt know why. i talked to him about it and he said i was overreacting and that it isnt as important as i think it is, saying he wasnt wrong for my bad food choices and then he told me something along the lines of i dont care(its a word i cant translate in my native language). i said the same to him and he got offended i disrespected him. hes disrespected me i was just shooting it back at him. he got upset and doesnt think anything he said was hurtful and im upset about that. he still joked about me being upset and wouldn't stop when i asked him to. i think im overreacting as its just a comment but on the other hand that kind sucked all the ambition out of me.
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2023.06.05 11:17 mellowmadre Carry-On only for Business Travel

I travel a lot for work and cannot afford to lose a checked bag, so I only do carry-on. This means I need to pack both casual and business attire, which can be challenging. It has taken some practice and watching a lot of Youtube videos on packing, but I am getting close to what works for me. I'd appreciate any advice you have. The bag is a bit on the heavy side but still within the airline’s limits and I’m able to lift it into the overhead bins on my own. Below is what I packed for a 10-day trip.
Carry-on luggage by Sigg – it is a discontinued brand but I love it. The 2-wheeled bag is a super tough (ballistic nylon) exterior with a compression zipper, telescoping handle, and a zipped water bottle holder on the outside. Normally, I’m a spinner luggage kind-of-gal, but the 2 wheels on this bag can be pushed somewhat like a spinner rather than dragged like most 2-wheeled bags. It also has a couple outer zipped areas for a laptop, pens, thin papers, etc). On the inside it is split in two major compartments, with the base fully lined with waterproof nylon that opens with zipper (I keep my garment bag under the liner just in case there are any spills in or around my bag), built-in compression straps, a mesh center divider for underclothes, and one side with elastic shoe sleeve pockets. There are a couple smaller pockets along the edges of the bag interior, including one thin waterproof one.
Personal Item by BagSmart (a Nomadlane dupe), fits under the seat in front of you and opens up fully like a suitcase. 2 main compartments and two additional exterior pockets which is handy but there are features of this bag I don’t like, such as the trolley sleeve and waterbottle sleeve—both are too tight to be useful. But it is a fraction of the cost of the Nomadlane bag, so it will work for now.
2 generic medium sized packing cubes / 1 medium toiletries bag / 1 jewelry case / 1 clear quart liquids bag with a zipper / 2 smaller sorting bags (reusing free business class toiletry bags) / 1 laundry bag / 1 ziploc bag / 1 thin cloth folding garment bag (feels like reusable grocery bag material) / 1 purse

Maintain normal business appearance but minimize by wearing neutrals and all within the same color palette. Buy travel sizes of almost everything, organize by dividing items into smaller containers by type and time of usage (on the plane vs in the hotel room vs at work vs out touring); Economize space by bringing fewer bulky items by using the hotel’s hairdryer, steaming my business clothes in the bathroom while I shower or use the hotel’s iron, have shoes and clothes that are versatile for several outfits but also reuse/wash (in the sink) clothes as necessary. Try to get a workout in when possible.

CLOTHES: (folded in Marie Kondo style or hung in the garment bag, which is folded in half)
In the packing cubes:
2 cardigans
3 t-shirts (one worn on the plane)
1 pair of yoga pants
2 jeans (one worn on the plane)
2 slip skirts
1 pair of capri pants
1 pair of silk pajamas
1 casual dress (with folded items in packing cube)

In the compartments built into the suitcase:
2 sports bras
11 pairs of underwear
1 pair of wool socks
2 pair of sport socks
1 full-body Spanx
1 slimming camisole
1 one-piece swimsuit
1 pantyhose
3 underwire bras (one worn on the plane)
3 pairs of shoes—sandals, flats and one pair of sneakers worn on the plane

In the garment bag:
6 thin blouses (includes 1 button down)
1 black suit with 1 blazer, 2 pants and 1 skirt
1 khaki dress pants

In the personal item:
1 R1 Patagonia full zip hoodie (worn on the plane)
1 Longchamp foldable Le Pliage Shopping purse – serves as my work laptop bag and my purse
1 pair of compression socks

I divide these into two major categories – on the plane and at the hotel. For on the plane, I use 2 small bags which are kept in my personal item-- one for liquids and another for anything else I need without needing to get into my carry-on suitcase.
1 pack of gum
1 face mist
2 lip balms
4+ lipsticks and glosses
1 Tyme hair iron
1 eyeshadow palette
1 bareminerals foundation powder
Powder, eyebrow, eyeshadow, lip and blush brushes
Several pairs of contact lenses and carrying case with solution
2 Razor
1 Foot callus file
2 Fingernail file
2-3 Eyeliners
2 Lip Liners
2 Pencil Sharpeners
1 Deodorant
1 Lint Roller
Sample creams
Tretinoin in 2 strengths (face and neck)
Vaseline (so versatile – takes off makeup, moisturizes, slugs)
Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Bandaids, Neosporin, sleep aid for the plane
Toothbrush, floss, plackers/picks, mouthwash and toothpaste
Cerave AM and Under Eye Cream
1 Dermaplaner
2 Hair clips and bands, shower cap (from the hotel)
Lactic Acid exfoliator for face
Hair Bun Maker
Deep Conditioner and Shampoo
Travel Hairspray
Bobby Pins
Hand Lotion
Facial Cleanser
Laundry Sheets
Facial Primer
Cough Drops
Arnica Tablets
Teeth Whitening Strips
Tide Pen
Nail Clippers
2 Combs
Tampons and a few pantyliners
Brassy Hair treatment
Small Canister of Nivea Cream
2 Makeup Sponges/Blenders
Eyebrow Pen and Powder
Sample Size Perfumes
2 Concealers
Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter Palette
Contour and Corrector
JVN Shine Drops for Hair
Hand Sanitizer
Antibacterial wipes
Face Wipes
Dayquil and NyQuil
Immodium / Kaeopectate

PERSONAL ITEMS AND ACCESSORIES Global Entry Card, credit cards, ATM card, Priority Pass Card, Covid Vaccination card, a few business cards and cash
1 jewelry case (3 necklaces, 4 sets of earrings, 1 bracelet)
Several sets of noise canceling ear plugs (Mack’s silicone and the foam ones)
Several face masks
3 scarves (especially useful when in the Middle East)
1 pair of sunglasses
2 pairs of eyeglasses (worn 1 on the plane)
Supplements case
Water bottle
1 umbrella
1 travel wallet
1 belt that reverses black and brown
1 journal
1 work notebook and pens
1 yoga strap
1 resistance band
1 rolly ball for my feet
1 add-a-lock
Bag of tea, coffee, and hot cocoa
Tiny salt & pepper
10 Protein bars
1 travel sewing kit
1 folding plastic bag (waste bin size)
10-15 cotton face pads
1 bag strap (helps stack the bags – I don’t like the trolley loop on the BagSmart bag)
1 book

All are kept in a bag inside my personal item:
1 laptop computer, mouse, and charger
1 cell phone and charger
1 pair of bluetooth earbuds
1 fitbit and charger
1 international power converter and adapter
(sometimes I will bring a hotspot or a power bank, but not this trip)
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2023.06.05 11:16 KingsmanVishnu Friend got scammed. any ways to recover money?

My friend ordered an iPhone from olx cuz it was there for cheap. (which i warned multiple times not to do) he ordered cuz COD was available. obviously when the phone arrived it was a fake clone. he paid 17k to the delivery guy (delhivery, paid via UPI). now he asked seller for return and ofcourse, seller blocked him saying do whatever u want. so now, any ways to recover the lost money? I have some hope cuz it was paid through UPI. (I know that in credit card we can apply for a charge back, idk if we can do that in UPI) paid from SBI account if that help.
please give some suggestions, what next, etc.
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2023.06.05 11:15 Tapin1_ $$ seriously tap in

$$ seriously tap in
Telegram- VinnyG1. All Methods, Full Bible, Bank Deposits $15-30K, 1000+ Every State ids, SSN Tracker, Fullz, CCs, Dumps, pins, Etc. Best Price, Biggest Variety And Proof.
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2023.06.05 11:12 _Name_Changed_ Six months Journey with my Tesla Model 3.

I purchased Tesla Model 3 RWD on December 30 ($47000) ($7500 discount and 10K miles supercharging). I could have waited a few more months as I like the M3 LR / MY LR at this current pricing with Tax credits, but I was already in the market for 18 months looking to buy a car at a decent price. This is my first car ever (we own a $2000 sedan in India). So, imagine coming from that to a Tesla Model 3.
With the free supercharging along with 4 hours of free charging at my work, never had to spend a dollar for Charging in six months. Recently tinted my car with Xenith IR film for combating Californian summer. Fortunately, I was able to pay off the car this week. I love every inch of this car like the first day I picked it up.
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2023.06.05 11:06 Sea_Newspaper5764 Sold and shipped a $250 Luka Stained Glass on EBay - weeks later the buyer disputed the transaction via his credit card. I submitted proof of shipment and delivery but lost. Now I’m out both card and money.

Sold and shipped a $250 Luka Stained Glass on EBay - weeks later the buyer disputed the transaction via his credit card. I submitted proof of shipment and delivery but lost. Now I’m out both card and money. submitted by Sea_Newspaper5764 to u/Sea_Newspaper5764 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 11:05 Roll7220 What are my chances of getting a car loan with Low APR

So my fico score according to my last background check was 792. I have about 35k+ in borrowing power through multiple credit cards I've had for about 7~8 years.
My current debt is 3,700 in credit cards and 10,200 in student loans.
Current salary is 27k~ but recently cleared background for a fed job that i hope to start soon in the mid 40k zone.
I have a beater that my older sister gave me a few years back but have recently been wanting something nicer. Wondering what my expectations should be realistically on what to get. I bank with Navy Federal if it's relevant. No down payment at the moment.
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2023.06.05 11:05 gibletini Is it worth buying an engagement ring on a credit card with decent rewards?

For context, I'm considering buying an engagement ring. I have the cash to purchase it outright but am considering whether it'd be more sensible to use a rewards card and then pay the card off immediately. I have the Barclaycard Avios and may consider upgrading to the Barclaycard Avios Plus to capitalise on the higher points rate (1.5 avios per £1 spent vs 1 avios per £1).
It seems like a no-brainer to me but I wanted to seek advice in case there is anything I'm not considering and in case there's a markedly better rewards card I should think about getting.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.05 11:01 AutoModerator Daily Question Thread - June 05, 2023

Welcome to the Daily Question thread at churning!
This is the thread to post questions about churning for miles/points/cash. Just because you have a question about credit cards does NOT mean it belongs here. If you’re brand new here, please read the wiki before posting.
* Please use the search engine first - many basic questions have been asked before.
* Please also consider scanning (CTRL-F) the last couple days worth of Question threads
* If you have questions about what card to get, ask here. If you have questions about manufactured spending, ask here.
This subreddit relies heavily on self-moderation. That means that if you ask something that shows you haven’t done any research, you’re going to get a lot of downvotes.
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2023.06.05 11:00 AutoModerator Weekly Off Topic Thread - Week of June 05, 2023

This is the Weekly Off-Topic thread

There's more to this hobby than just credit cards - it spreads out into travel aspirations, what luggage or wallet you're using, or what flavor kombucha your local WeWork is serving. Please use this thread to talk about all things even tangentially related to churning. Memes, jokes, and off-topic content are allowed (and encouraged) here. Please use our regular threads to ask basic questions, ask questions about what card to get, or talk about MS. But if it's off-topic elsewhere, you're on-topic here.
Regular rules still apply.
Have fun!

Note: Posting and soliciting referrals are still not allowed.
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2023.06.05 10:58 Teakmahogany I just bought Link Strike Starter Deck - What cards should I add to make it fun with friends?

I just bought 1 x Link Strike Starter Deck.
I couldn't find it that cheap, but what cards should I add to this deck to make it good? My card store has heaps of singles for $0.50c and never fails me, so what cards should I add to 1 of these decks>
I haven't bought anymore because they aren't that cheap anymore, so what cards should I buy as singles? Happy to pay $40.
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2023.06.05 10:53 Sapbaby420 HELP NEW USERS !!! I’m so close I need 3 to be safe

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