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2023.06.05 11:33 Smudge_09 We go again.

After a slip up Saturday morning, 75 Hard was over…. After a couple of beers and a chocolate bars yesterday, I realised I didn’t want it to be. I’m not done yet.
45 minute track session to start the day.
Let’s go
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2023.06.05 11:33 Otherwise_Pea7954 CPTSD and EMDR experience

I’ve been doing EMDR for cPTSD for a year now. I’m still doing it but I feel like at this point I processed most of my traumas. Wanted to share my experience and how EMDR helped me with cPTSD.
The progress I made: - Hyper vigilance dropped l would say 90% - I can finally feel how it is to be peaceful in my body - The processed traumatic memories are not inflicting an emotional and somatic response in the present - The realisations from talk therapy are now aligning to how I feel inside - I feel more stable and secure in my relationship - Less brain fog - Progress when it comes to executive functioning - Became aware about self sabotaging behaviours like procrastination, overthinking, rumination, perfectionism and predicting negative future outcomes and not trying for a fear of failing - Became aware of freeze and fawn responses and what triggers it - I cannot stress how important this was for me - Awareness about focusing on others not myself as a direct result of having had an extremely unpredictable parent - Less scared/distrusting of other people and feeling like everyone is better or knows better than me - Realised I can recognize danger, but don't know how to recognise healthy/safe people. While being in their presence made me feel weird and out of place, being around toxic people made me feel “normal”. - Awareness of not feeling safe enough to assertively express needs and feelings, instead bottling up to the point of not being able to maintain relationship anymore - Self compassion rather than thinking “what’s wrong with me, why am I like this”. Processing traumas gave me perspective on WHY I am “like this”. Going back and then seeing it from an adult perspective made me realise I wasn’t broken/bad seed/wrong from birth. This was the single most important realisation for me. I could see how people who raised me were messed up. I cried a lot for me, the child who was treated like this. I understood it was never about me and felt blame leaving me.
It was very difficult at times as I felt enormous amount of grief and loss. Before starting to feel better, I felt depressed for 2 months or so and couldn’t wrap my head around how I feel soo bad. Most people say it gets worse before it gets better and it is true.
After doing this for a year I am finally starting to feel free. I am not done with EMDR, but the progress I made so far is enough to finally feel “unstuck” in life. I am aware EMDR is not for everyone, however it did wonders for me. Apart from EMDR, helpful resources for me were books on this matter and personally most helpful was Pete Walker’s cPTSD book, Mindfulness journal and reading about other people’s cPTSD experiences.
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2023.06.05 11:33 meandwatersheep Beginners Guide: How to navigate the subreddit

Just like any other subreddit, we have rules, all our rules (besides nsfw content and being kind to others) have been voted on by the community and are visible in the side bar. The two most common rules that are broken because of misunderstanding are rule 1: easily googled questions and our policy on mega threads. Rule 1 covers a broad range, but the most common posts we have constantly that violate this rule are doll restoration/care tips, identification requests and pricing requests.
There are just hundreds and hundreds of videos and articles for almost any restoration or care question you can think of, all hair care/washing, stain removal, clothes washing, etc. its all been done and documented before.
Identification requests can be found using a number of collectors recourse, my personal favourite is mhcollector.com, but you can google “monster high collector guide’, pick whichever one suits you best and get looking, reverse image searching can also be super helpful!
Pricing posts are all “how much would you pay for this?”, “is this a good deal?”, “how much should I sell this for?”, because the simple answer is no one can tell you how much money you should be spawning or making besides yourself, we don’t know your financial situation. If you do want a ball park on what the average price is, thats what Ebay sold listings are for. If you’re unfamiliar with the function, you don’t need an account to see these, just search for the doll you’re looking for, like normal then on desktop the search result setting should be on the left and on the app there is a “filter’”setting in the top right corner where you can select “sold listings”, when you select and confirm this, it will ONLY show you listings that have already been sold and the price.
There is a search bar at the top of the page that is super helpful, where you can find most of the answers to any questions you have plus so much information using key words to whatever you’re looking to find. All of these “easily googled” questions mentioned above are however permitted to be asked in our monthly discussion thread, how to find that is outlined below.
We have mega threads to stop spam in the sub for things such as hot topics and Mattel creations drops. The first pinned post in our sub has links to all relevant mega threads, both ones that are being currently used and past threads that still contain helpful info and discussions, the monthly discussion thread is always linked at the top of this post. Then the most relevant mega thread at the time is the second pinned post.
If you have any other questions please feel free to message us mods!
Beginners Guide
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2023.06.05 11:33 BatImportant7255 Rate my team

Rate my team
Have always loved using lucid as striker she’s super fun. A little tap and then a huge receiving pass after
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2023.06.05 11:33 Bulky-Cut3118 Knee clicking

A week
Hello I have a question a week ago I was going to sit on the couch and I sat in a bad way where my left knee slightly twisted and I had a issue several months ago where I twisted my knee very badly and I couldn’t play basketball and this happen a few times but now I sightlessly twisted my knee but the thing is it didn’t hurt after and it was swollen but the weird thing it made a cracking sound when I go up the stairs or when I tried to shoot a basketball or when I squat. Please help because I don’t know how to fix this knee cracking or also clicking.
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2023.06.05 11:33 PrivateSpeaker Travel Itinerary (Burgas, Plovdiv)

A friend and I are travelling to Bulgaria for a week very soon, and we're so excited to explore a little bit of the country. I'd love to hear some thoughts and/or suggestions for the itinerary below.
Day 1: We'll be landing in Burgas on a Saturday morning and are planning to catch the train in the afternoon that would take us to Plovdiv.
Day 2 - 3 - 4: We are staying in Plovdiv, will certainly do some sightseeing in the city, will visit some museums. If there are some places around Plovdiv that we can visit by public transport, that would be great. We enjoy a good picnic outside, so please do share some nice outdoor locations with a pretty view.
Day 5: After brunch, we'll catch the same train back to Burgas. We're going to stay in Sunny Beach a couple of nights before our flight.
Any recommendations regarding sightseeing, travelling (is hitchhiking or car ride shares common in Bulgaria?), nightlife, food, culture, nature will be very welcome. Thanks 🧡
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2023.06.05 11:33 Poniibeatnik Slaanesh is really working against her own best interest by constantly feeding off of Aeldari, she should instead be willing to work with them under certain circumstances. Aeldari could be her greatest servants if she let them. A.K.A I want Slaanesh worshipping Aeldari cultists as a major faction.

I've always thought that Slaanesh was stupid for constantly feeding off Aeldari souls with no restraint, and turning her creators into her enemy.
Aeldari souls are brighter than other mortals, and they feel emotion so much more intensely than anyone else, not to mention their pursuit of perfection is so instinctive that even the craftworlds can't help but follow that path (Exarchs, Farseers). If Slaanesh consumes every Aeldari soul thats left she would only be hurting herself in the end.
So why not work with Aeldari or atleast Aeldari that submit to her? Aeldari more than anyone even more than space marines have the potential to be her greatest servants since it is they who created her in the first place.
But before someone says "but Drukhari are already basically Slaaneshy worshippers" yes and no.
Most Drukhari only do what they do out of necessity yes they get enjoyment out of it but its an act of survival which is why so many Drukhari decided to join the Ynnari or are seriously considering it. Its one of the reasons why I consider the Drukhari to be for the most part a tragic faction.
Drukhari are slaves to Slaanesh but they're unwilling slaves. It feels like it would be advantageous and satisfying for Slaanesh to have Aeldari worshippers that willingly serve her, and worshippers that could serve her to greater heights than any human or trans-human worshipper.
All she'd have to do is agree to not consume certain Aeldari souls in exchange for worship and service. And there are multiple avenues for this to happen anyway.
Vect is already serving Slaanesh by trying to kill Yvraine and stop Ynnead's birth in order to keep Commoragh running as usual. But I think what would be more interesting is if this new Slaanshi Aeldari faction was in fact lead by a member of the one Aeldari faction thats immune to Slaanesh.
The Harlequins. Specifically a Solitaire. A Solitaire's soul is already forfeit to Slaanesh as a result of their role maybe a Solitaire decides that she doesn't want to be doomed for eternity, and instead tries to appeal to Slaanesh in certain ways.
It staring "small" like praying to Slaanesh, then eventually she starts stealing spirit stones and breaking them as an offering to She Who Thirsts then maybe, just maybe Slaanesh takes notice of her and decides to make her a champion/missionary of slaanesh and she then tempts other Aeldari into worshipping Slaanesh in order to save their souls from her.
Its literally a protection racket.
Why do I want this? It would just been cool to have a non-human, non-daemon chaos faction for fucking once (beastmen are abhumans so they don't count). Also as I said I've always felt that it was really stupid and wasteful for Slaanesh to consume and make enemies out of the people who are both her creator and theoretically her greatest servants.
Plus the lore aspect of it would be awesome. The Slaanesh faction of chaos has felt somewhat stagnant/one note and underutilized, this could develop them more. This Aeldari group of Slaanesh worshippers could also have a rivalry with the Emperor's children, maybe Fulgrim will start to feel like he's losing Slaanesh's favor and interest by these new "upstarts" and start to get off his ass and finally do shit.
Also the flavor of it. There are currently 5 Major Aeldari Factions. 1) Craftworlds 2) Druhkari 3) Ynnari 4) Harlequins 5) Exodites And this hypothetical major faction would be the 6th, and guess what Slaanesh's favorite number is? Its just perfect.
But to be honest my main reason for wanting this is cus I want non-human chaos worshippers, and the idea of fielding some Aeldari Slaanesh worshippers alongside Slaanesh daemons, and maybe an Aeldari Daemonprince just sounds too freaking cool.
What do you think of this idea? Is it too much? Would it never work? Do you like it?
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2023.06.05 11:33 TuesdaysArt Importing VRoid into CSP to Pose

I've been trying to import my VRoid model into CSP and give it the CSP bones so it can pose.
Here are a couple of things that are giving me issues—
1) The textures don't show up for whatever reason.
2) Even after I click "Use as complete character", it still doesn't allow me to establish the bones. The body is able to move, but I can't give it standard bones.
I know it's able to be done, but I couldn't find good information to solve these issues on the newest software updates for both VRoid and CSP. I'm using Blender to convert into FBX because Unity refuses to work on my desktop.
submitted by TuesdaysArt to VRoid [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 11:32 No_Chocolate_6641 Potentially Ready? (Net+)

I've been on and off studying for the Net+ for a while now and I'm currently doing a big push trying to get it done. So far I've only completed Professor Messer's Net+ videos and read a few chapters of Mike Meyers Net+ book, I've now started doing Jason Dion's exam practice and I've heard that getting a 85-90% is a good point to take the exam.
First Practice Exam I received a 68% - (I didn't memorize the 802.11 Standards so I would've gotten a 74% if I did)
After memorizing each 802.11 standard I took exam #2 and received a 85%I plan on taking a few more exams just to prepare however do you guys think I'm close to taking the exam based on the Jasion Dion practice exams?
Also if you have taken these practice exams before have you noticed them to be more difficult compared to the real exam?
submitted by No_Chocolate_6641 to CompTIA [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 11:32 realDaupz Riven ADC

I don't know who wants to try this but hear me out :D
If you tired of malphites top and your bot going 0/20 every single game there is a solution.
Typical conq runes / resolve secondary with second wind and what ever you like, the point is second wind and dorans shield for start for I guess we know what reasons.
Now, ask in champ select CC supp with something like lux or xerath this might be harder.
But Riven adc is actually even stronger than a yasuo one.
I tried few games and I'm having a blast.
Lv1 you sit in a bush and cheese adc with your fast q combo till half or more hp ( works everytime )
Lv3 is literally a free kill if you can combo correctly, there is no adc that can survive your lv3 all in.
After lv 6 the lane is over, you just get double after double unless their supp is naut and somehow survives.
Build I go is Navori > BC ( unless it's crazy poke or shove like sivir you might go hydra ) Ofc CDR boots BT and Serylda.
So full build would be Navori > BC > Hydra > BT > Serylda > Boots.
Yes you not tanky, but you are an adc not a top laner :D
This build gives insane extra AD ( Navori +5 every legendary / BT +40 lv 18 / Hydra +20 stacked )
That's a LOT OF DMG!
And because of BC and Serylda you have no problems against tanks believe me. Navori passive is bonkers.

So you can laugh from this or just try it out if you tired of feeding botlanes and unkillible top matchups!
At the end of the day it's about having fun with our favorite champion isn't it?
submitted by realDaupz to Rivenmains [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 11:32 justatoastedbuncheek A small black dot on the side my penis head

Hello im in a monogamous rs for 5 years we had a fight and didnt talk for two months after we got back we obv had unprotected sex as we always did she’s on pills and im supposedly her only one. After having sex by a week i noticed a black dot in the side of my penis head. Did she get any stis in the months ? Its a really tine small black dot looks like a blackhead but not exactly that.
submitted by justatoastedbuncheek to sexualhealth [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 11:32 asianaznasn Downloaded Textra and Android Broke

My phone is just completely borked after downloading textra. It's permanently stuck on "optimizing messages", I literally can't use any of the bottom 3 buttons on my screen, nor does my side key work. I can take screenshots, and I can turn volume up and down. Emergency SOS also works. Other than that, every single thing other than the things I listed do not work. I can't even try to restart my phone because when I press volume down + side key the menu to power off or restart my phone only flashes briefly for .1s then immediately goes away. All of this I solely because I decided to install textra. I'll be factory resetting tomorrow and losing all my data if no one has a solution by then.
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2023.06.05 11:32 ThrowRA589218 I (25F) plan on breaking up with my boyfriend (24M) this week

This was my first healthy relationship and I care about this person deeply so I want to make sure I’m going about this break up in the right way. It was easier breaking up with my ex since he cheated and was abusive. There were solid reasons. However, my boyfriend and I truly love and respect each other and there aren’t huge red flags saying we shouldn’t be together. We’ve been dating for 6 months.
He’s a good person that loves and cares about me. He makes me laugh and is so patient with me, but I’m just not happy. I’m moving away for school and he’s always been down to come with me. I’ve been conflicted about it for a long time, but realized I owe it to myself to experience this new chapter alone.
I feel terrible because he’s been excited about moving to the city, has told his friends, and has toured apartments with me. He’s known that I’ve been uncertain but doesn’t know that I’ve finally made a decision and that I do not want to do long distance. It sounds really bad, but I don’t believe in us and I don’t think our relationship would withstand it. I’ve been staying over at his place a lot more recently and spending more time together. When I envision us living the same way, but in our own apartment together, I don’t like it and think I would feel suffocated and unhappy.
When I make breakfast for him or cook dinner for him I always feel distressed for some reason. He has looked at me strangely when I make dark jokes that I could easily make with my friends. I’m also deeply insecure and scared. I haven’t been doing well mentally for a long time, and think I should focus on myself longer to build a better sense of self esteem and self worth. I’m a people pleaser and let his needs/desires override mine.
We stopped having sex as often which makes me feel less desired. I brought this up and he said he’s attracted to me but blames it on other issues he’s been going through. At the same time, I like it because I always disliked the pressure of having to have sex with him in the beginning of our relationship. He once told me he dreamt that we went swimming and I was wearing a “sexy two piece”. Of course I want my partner to desire me, but I felt grossed out by this. He has asked me to wear lingerie for him and I felt dread thinking of having to dress up. I do want to look good for him, but knowing he wants me to wear sexier lingerie and feeling like I have to tires me.
At the same time, he’s shown me a love I’ve never experienced before. I’ll forever be grateful for this relationship and for him opening his heart to me. It really hurts me and it’s still so confusing that I find myself wanting to end a relationship that isn’t going terribly wrong.
I’m going to go over to his place this week and talk to him about this in person. I’ve been crying and trying to mentally prepare myself. Should I bring up my decision about not moving in together first or just say I want to break up first? What should I do to make it easier for him?
tl;dr I’ve decided to break up with my boyfriend of 6 months because I’m unhappy and believe we’re incompatible. I’m also moving and decided that we should not live together and that I do not want to do long distance. I love him and care about him, but don’t want to say what’s more than necessary and hurt him. How do I break up with him in the most empathetic and understanding way?
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2023.06.05 11:32 damodardmi Fabric Dyeing Techniques: From Traditional to Modern Approaches

Fabric dyeing is an essential step in the textile manufacturing process, adding color and vibrancy to various types of fabrics. Over the years, the dyeing techniques used by fabric manufacturers have evolved significantly, incorporating traditional methods as well as modern approaches. In India, a country renowned for its rich textile heritage and thriving industry, numerous viscose yarn manufacturers, polyester yarn manufacturers, yarn manufacturers, textile companies, and top textile companies have played a pivotal role in shaping the fabric dyeing landscape. In this article, we will explore the journey of fabric dyeing techniques, from traditional methods to modern advancements. Traditional Fabric Dyeing Techniques:
  1. Tie and Dye (Bandhani): One of the oldest fabric dyeing techniques, tie, and dye involve tying fabric in various patterns before applying dyes, creating unique and vibrant designs.
  2. Batik: Originating in Indonesia, batik involves applying wax on Fabric Companies in India before dyeing, resulting in intricate patterns and designs.
  3. Block Printing: This technique involves using carved wooden blocks to stamp designs onto fabric before dyeing, producing repeating patterns.
Modern Fabric Dyeing Approaches:
  1. Reactive Dyeing: A widely used technique, reactive dyeing involves a chemical reaction between the dye and the fabric fibers, resulting in a permanent bond. It offers a wide range of colors and excellent colorfastness.
  2. Disperse Dyeing: Primarily used for synthetic fibers like polyester, disperse dyeing involves dispersing dyes in a hot water bath and then immersing the fabric to achieve vibrant and long-lasting colors.
  3. Digital Printing: This modern approach utilizes digital technology to directly print dyes onto fabric, allowing for intricate designs, gradients, and photographic prints.
The Role of Viscose and Polyester Yarn Manufacturers in Fabric Dyeing: Viscose yarn manufacturers in India play a vital role in the fabric dyeing process. Viscose, a semi-synthetic fiber derived from wood pulp, is highly versatile and takes dyes exceptionally well, resulting in vibrant colors. Similarly, polyester yarn manufacturers in India contribute to the fabric dyeing industry by producing polyester fibers, known for their excellent dye affinity, color retention, and resistance to fading.The Contribution of Indian Yarn Manufacturers and Textile Companies: India is home to numerous yarn manufacturers and textile companies, which form the backbone of the fabric dyeing industry. With their expertise in spinning and producing high-quality yarn, these companies ensure that the fabric dyeing process starts with the finest materials, enabling vibrant and durable colors.The Leading Textile Companies in India: Some of the top textile companies in India have made significant contributions to the fabric dyeing industry. These companies combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to produce exceptional fabrics. Their commitment to sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing further enhances their reputation in the textile world.Conclusion: Fabric dyeing techniques have come a long way, from traditional methods rooted in heritage knitted fabric manufacturers in India to modern approaches driven by technology. In India, with its rich textile history, the presence of viscose yarn manufacturers, polyester yarn manufacturers, yarn manufacturers, textile companies, and top textile companies have played a crucial role in the development and advancement of fabric dyeing techniques. As the industry continues to evolve, the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovations will undoubtedly shape the future of fabric dyeing, offering an endless array of vibrant and captivating fabrics.
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2023.06.05 11:32 Lopsided_Ad_477 How do you stand a chance against new soulblight gravelords?!

No matter the army you play with. None of my friends see the possibility of winning. Its not even a close match up.
The SBG player is completely new in the hobby so its definitely not his skill.
We are all new into the hobby so none of us is a good player.
The grave guards can potentially kill anything. 20 of them dealing at least 20 wounds on average against a 3+ save.
Thats 5 more than I do back om average with a fulminator charge on his 5+ unit, (6+ ward).
The black knights deal an average of 10 mortal wounds just by charging. Enough to kill most smaller units or heroes.
They can all be resummoned.
With the gravesites they can all pop out anywhere and also can be completely revived which even plays into his grand strategy.
They are buffed by a hero who can be revived and heal himself easily.
Neferata and a Lord on a Zombiedragon are super tanky. Even if you would manage to kill one. There is only a very slight chance of killing two of them, since the only way to do it is burst damage. If they hit you back they heal instantly. And your elite units are probably dead before they could burst two of them, especially since you cant send a hero into neferata with her 33% chance of insta killing.
None of my friends have comparable damage dealers or as tanky units.
I am playing Stormcast. What is the weakness of them? Do they even exist? How do I stand a chance?
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2023.06.05 11:32 RightResponse John Pork Coin ($JPORK) - Exciting Week Ahead - Join, Engage, and Win!

Good morning, Porkies! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating week filled with incredible opportunities and thrilling adventures! It's time to ignite your passion and embark on an unforgettable journey with us. Don't miss out on what lies ahead! For more information and a glimpse into the world of $JPORK, visit our website: https://www.johnporkcoin.site/. Explore boundless possibilities that await you!
Before our official launch, we have an array of sensational giveaways lined up exclusively for our active and engaged community members. Winning is simple - stay active and join us on Telegram and Twitter!
Join our Telegram channel (@jporkcoin) and follow us on Twitter (@itsjohnpork) to stay up-to-date with the latest news, sneak peeks, and real-time announcements. Being part of our vibrant community significantly enhances your chances of winning these amazing giveaways!
But that's not all - we value your creativity! Engage with our tweets and Reddit posts, share your unique ideas, and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts. Together, let's create an unstoppable force fueled by imagination and camaraderie!
Remember, the more active you are within the $JPORK community, the greater your chances of winning. Raid together, express your thoughts, and demonstrate unwavering support!
Let's make this week one to remember. Join us on this thrilling journey filled with rewards, friendships, and unforgettable experiences. Don't miss out!
See you there!
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2023.06.05 11:32 oxoUSA Do you get big fatigue when you eat biscuit, cake, chocolate bread ?

I am under paleo diet for 2 days now and i got a big fatigue some 30min after eating chocolate bread...
Is it normal ? What is it ? Do you have the same ? Would it make the same if i eat bread or pasta ?
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2023.06.05 11:32 FlatwormGrouchy6559 BOSS DD8 vs Danelectro Back Talk?? PLS HELP NERDS

hello all, i want to buy a reverse delay pedal. first thing after some research is i found the danelectro back talk, which is supposed to have a legendary sound.
but for the same price i can get a dd8, which not only does, reverse delay, but plenty other delay modes, which are supposed to sound really good. it mostly gets praise for tape, warm and analogue delay, but no one really reviews the reverse delay on the dd8, so i’m not sure if that mode is any good?
mostly i’m trying to figure out if the dd8 can run 100% wet signal (no initial strum going through before the delay)?
i would hate to get the back talk, then some analogue delay and then realise i couldve saved half the cost if i just got the dd8.
thanks for any help or sharing experience 🙌🙌🙌
submitted by FlatwormGrouchy6559 to guitarpedals [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 11:32 Honest214 Amanda

Seeing all of the repeated Amanda criticism is aggravating me. As a child of a sudden, unexpected widow, I want to share a different perspective. When my Mom was 29, my Dad had a massive heart attack- leaving her a young widow with 5 small children. She went on her 1st date 6 months later, and ended up marrying him after a year of dating. My stepdad was the best of the best… I get everyone’s concerns about Razvan and the red flags with the relationship. But calling Amanda a bad Mom for leaving her kids to visit him, and also the comments about how soon she’s dating are just wrong. As a kid, I was so happy to see my Mom happy! When we went to our Aunts or Grandparents house while she dated, I wasn’t upset! Losing a spouse is beyond difficult, and there is no “acceptable grieving period.” She shouldn’t be expected to sit alone crying for years. We will have plenty of material for snark with this couple… but these 2 things shouldn’t be it.
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2023.06.05 11:32 maedhros256 Best light WARGAMES out there? Sekigahara, Hammer of Scotts, C&C Ancients, etc

Hello all,
I am a happy player of "Julius Caesar: Rome's Civil war" block wargame from Columbia Games and I am currently looking for new 1vs1 experiences but without scaling much in terms of complexity (something that will not scare off non-wargamers, e.g. my wife and will not make them to play it 3 times before start enjoying it)...I was wondering which games should I aim for...Some candidates:
1- Hammer of the Scotts (Columbia): Pros: love to see that the factions are a bit assymetrical, and the nobles mechanic that is really interesting... Cons: it's the same system than JC, it might feel repetitive...
2- Sekigahara: it's highly praised everywhere, my only concern is the replayability, I have been seen some reviews and it seems (to me) that it could become a bit "samey" after a few plays (I could be mistaken though)?
3- C&C Ancients: this one looks quite interesting: tactical battles... Not sure if it's too complex to introduce to non-wargamers?
4- Star Wars Rebellion: I am a big fan of this universe, and it's assymetrical, but it seems to have very complex rules and I see people mentioning how the expansion is almost a must (added cost).
What are your thoughts? Any other recommendations (whether assymetrical games or not)?
Thanks !!
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2023.06.05 11:32 ionlyusealts Kendall's primary addiction

I think Ken's primary addiction is not drugs but powebeing CEO. Logan promised it to him when he was a child, he grew up with the idea it would be his but then it was taken away from him, Logan would tell him he's the heir but then he would change his mind and say he's not good enough. I think being promised something since childhood only for it to be taken away in a heartbeat is the perfect cause for an addictive personality. He relapsed after he was fired in season one, he's prone to manic overconfidence when in power and when it's taken away from him like in the last episode, he has outbursts. Season 4 Kendall got to be closest to what he had always wanted most of all but never could fully get so he didn't need drugs but after the finale he might relapse imo
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