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2023.06.11 01:41 MMMS2022 Are there any property management companies in RWP that manage tenants/rentals for landlords?

Basically as the title states. I am looking to see if there are any non-sketchy companies in RWP that manage tenancies on behalf of landlords in exchange for a cut of the rent. I've had a look online but only seem to find one-man companies which seem a bit sus. My father owns a couple of small properties near the Shoaib Akhtar cricket ground and it's quite difficult to deal with tenancy related issues from another country so looking to see what my options are. Thank you.
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2023.06.11 01:40 Snitchandbitch Being a landlord in a high cost of living city

Is being a landlord in a high cost of living city immoral?
Here’s the situation that I am having a hard time deciding the morality on. It’s an abstract question based on very realistic scenarios out in California.
Your a landlord in a high cost of living city where the market value for rent is very high compared to the wages. You move out of the city, and the state, to a lower cost of living area and rent out your home that is in the high cost of living area. You set rent to fair market value, or slightly higher market value, because you need a new roof, which will benefit the renter. But you probably won’t ever decrease the rent when the roof is finished.
Meanwhile, you’re living very well. You kept your job that is in the high cost of living area, you’re enjoying your high salary in the low cost of living state, managing your rental property from afar, fixing issues here and there, and working remote. Meanwhile, your coworkers who can’t work remote can’t make ends meet and can’t afford rent. They’re having to quit and relocate their families. While being sympathetic to the situation, you continue to squeeze as much as you can out of your rental property to profit as much as possible because the market is a free market and does what it does, and you don’t set the price, you just follow the market. The house has more than doubled in value.
I feel like being a landlord isn’t inherently immoral if you’re a good landlord. Rental properties are necessary and not everyone wants to own a home. However, in this situation, you’re also using a necessary resource to capitalize on working class people who actually work and live in the high cost of living city, all without even contributing to the local economy and pocketing all the profits at the expense of the people who are the backbone of the high cost of living city, a city with a lack of available housing as well. I feel like it isn’t fair, but life isn’t fair.
Let’s discuss!
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2023.06.11 01:39 json492 Best pulls from 12 boxes

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2023.06.11 01:38 throwawaybrainzzz How much do eviction hurt you in applying for an apartment?

I’ve had 2 places, one by myself and one with a roommate. The roommate situation ended badly and in eviction. Will prospective landlord simply reject me, or will suggesting payment of like first 3 months or high security deposit work?
My credit score is considered Fair, and have a few collection I can pay off and I know I can probably get one of those secured credit cards. I don’t have any credit cards and payed off my car a while ago so no payment history. But even still not sure how much that would raise my score.
Also, I was thinking if I can get still pay back the rent owed, that I might be able to get it removed though I’m not sure how much that would help. There were no hostility between my manager and I, but the whole roommate situation was that about after a year they couldn’t keep up with payments didn’t tell me, and was hiding the notices.
I’m gonna stay with my dad for a few months if my mental health doesn’t take too hard a hit. (He’s not accepting of my being trans, but obv loves me on some level) But I only have to pay for groceries so I can save at least. And after this roommates situation I’d rather just look for a tiny studio instead of risking another situation.
Thanks for any advice or helps.
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2023.06.11 01:35 neuyeu Broke NC with Siblings due to Parent's Health

I (33F) am the middle sibling of 5 children, two of which are sisters 8 and 11 years older than me and brothers 2 and 3 years younger than me. Our mother is schizoaffective bipolar and as a result we have all experienced varying degrees of trauma and varying ways of coping. My coping mechanism, for as long as I can remember, has been to create a life outside of the family unit. One filled with creativity, exploration, and friendship (although I do have my own struggles within relationships).
I haven't been in contact with my 2nd oldest sister since last year. But I've spoken to several times this week, for hours on end because our mother had another psychotic break and is now in the hospital. Now, I stopped talking to my 2nd oldest sister for many reasons. One of which is because during lockdown she was struggling, like many ppl...and she called me expressing that her internet went out while my nephew was doing his schoolwork and she needed almost $300 for the bill. Now she is very prideful and does not ask for help or money, and because it was impeding on my nephew's ability to excel in school I gave her the money without hesitation and never told her she had to pay me back. I said don't worry about it, it is a gift.
When it was time for him to graduate, she shared that he needed to make up a lot of work or else he would not graduate and was blaming it on the fact that the teacher was racist and was out to keep my nephew back. She asked me to come over to their place in Jersey (I live in Brooklyn and do not drive) to "help" him with the work. I told her that I was sure the teacher was not out to get him, and that if he did not do the work he did not do the work and it's her responsibility as the teacher to hold him accountable for not doing his work. Also, I'm not doing a 17/18yo homework! I will help you...but you are going to do your work on your own. And we can connect on Zoom. I don't need to travel 4hrs round trip to offer up my help. Also, so much was expected of teachers during the lockdown and I expressed that it was unfair to this teacher who could very well have her own difficulties and children to tend to.
Well, my sister did not like that. And she did not invite me to my nephew's graduation. But also, I realized that I did not feel good talking to my sister. I would always get off the phone with her feeling very drained and just negative vibes. She is very negative at times. And is a bit of a bully - she is 8yrs older and continue to try to talk to me as if I am a child and know nothing about life. I could never get a word in edgewise. Anytime I disagree with anything she says, she flips. It's like I cannot have my own opinion. And oftentimes she would start yelling and hang up.
So now we're in contact because of my mom and I feel like this is a way for her to weasel herself back into my life without addressing the issues we have. Now, I was trying to focus on my mother because I really did not want to go into anything deep with any of my siblings without a third party (i.e. therapist present). But we have been talking and I regret sharing things with her. For instance, I recently got a paternity test with the man I have know to be my father - still waiting on the results. And she went back to tell my older sister about this and is speculating that someone said something to me or did something to me for me to question who my father is and my place in the family. And I shared that no, this is something I have always wanted to do and according to him they never did one (but my sister who was 8 at the time seems to remember that they did). But also, that yes I have not felt very welcome in the family or like I could trust any of them if I was truly being honest - especially my mother and my oldest sister. Big mistake!
So, she calls me today accusing me of recording the conversation we had last night - apparently she's got some app on her phone that alerts you when someone is recording you (paranoid much??!). I assured her that I did not. And then she goes on to tell me that she thinks I need to go back to therapy because I'm still harboring about things that happened in the past and that I should really just get over it. I even brought up the time her and my mom jumped me in an elevator when I was in high school and she said she never did that to me. And is just telling me that I need to go to therapy - mind you this is from someone who has never gone to therapy and boasts about how she never needed to go that route...that she has God, etc. But, before hanging up I expressed how it was highly inappropriate for her to tell me that I need to go back to therapy because she does not agree how I feel and most likely feels uncomfortable with my feelings.
This is super long, so if you've made it this long bless your heart. I have stopped sharing this stuff with friends because I haven't met many people, outside of therapists, who have the capacity to hold space for me as I navigate the fuckery that is my family. But I hung up the phone because I needed to put up a boundary, even if it was in an immature way. My conversations with my sister this week have only confirmed WHY I have been toying with this idea of estrangement and trying it out. My family will never do the work that is needed to heal themselves enough so that we can have a healthy relationship. I also cannot trust that any conversations I have with any of them will stay between us. I just do not trust them or feel safe around them (emotionally, mentally, and physically as it pertains to my mom) enough to be my authentic self and speak my truth.
So, outside of the conversations about the treatment plan with my mom - I have to stay firm on not discussing any other issues with them because they will always try to manipulate me and deny things that have happened in the past. I am not crazy I know what I experienced - I have also been an avid journaler since 5th grade so I have a hefty account of my life written down so no one can tell me about my life and how I experienced it. So yeah....just needed to reaffirm that my decision to distance myself is actually necessary for not only my survival, but for the betterment of my mental health because these bitches tryna make me feel like I'm crazy!!!
Any supportive comments would be greatly appreciated during this time.
Much love!
TLDR: After a year of NC, I got back into contact with my older sister because my mom is in the psych ward. I am regretting it deeply because she told me I need to go to therapy so I could get over the stuff and is trying to make me question my own perception of my life growing up.
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2023.06.11 01:34 ewwshrimpandcheese Blocked my ex on everything after I realized he led me on with no romantic intention…

And we talked on the phone about it. I assured him that just because I blocked him doesn’t mean I hate him for what he did or I’m angry. Blocking is serving myself by healing and moving on.
I guess I still care about him because the past two days we worked with each other, he’s been incredibly quiet and moody overall whenever he’s near me. When he talks to other coworkers, he’s himself, but it’s almost like he’s on eggshells with me.
In my POV, just because I blocked him and we’re on NC doesn’t mean it’s not out of spite and he IS allowed to chat with me and make casual conversation whenever we do work together if it’s not work related just like regular coworkers. We just don’t have a relationship outside of work. Any guesses on his perspective and why he’s just been… down?
(CONTEXT) We have been broken up but we’ve been good friends while broken up and we didn’t really need to practice NC… until he started flirting with me, sending me kissing emojis, went out on dates more, etc and I thought he wanted tonget back together again and then he admitted he did all of that with no romantic intent and “didn’t know” he was leading me on. And he ran into his ex from almost 5 years ago and implied interest of seeing where it was going to go. I got hurt and decided it was best we go NC clean.
(Yes, I’m using my throwaway account for a reason)
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2023.06.11 01:31 retrofuture33 LF: Condo near UST (and magaampon saken) 🥲

Hello po! Looking for condo na walking distance lang sa UST! Kaya po magpapaampon sana ako haha. I'm a male 3rd year student na po in the coming school year.
Please po paampon 🥲 I'm very neat, clean, and responsible po when it comes to belongings and sa magiging unit, and no need to worry since di po ako magiging sakit sa ulo haha. Very willing rin po on doing/paying my share lalo na sa expenses. Feel free to chat or dm me!!
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2023.06.11 01:30 PeruvianRealtor My family is getting evicted

Everything job that I had was to fill the hole that is my familys debts. After I lost my job things started going down hill. My sister left her job because of her creepy ex boyfriend stalking her and business hasn't been good for my mom. We struggled for a bit to make ends meet. I left to be a trucker full time so I'm never home to take care of the things a man needs to do. I make ok money now but its not enough or consistent. We're behind on rent by a lot and we already borrowed some money from friends. I'm just so lost and confused on what I can do. I wish I stayed in school and did something worthwhile but I can't let those thoughts linger. I have to figure something out but nothings coming.
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2023.06.11 01:29 club-candy Looking to rent place with fenced in yard

My partner and I are looking to rent a place in the DMV area that has a fenced in yard for our dog, is within a 20 minute walk to a metro stop, and is under $2,800. If anyone has any suggestions or leads please let me know, thank you!
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2023.06.11 01:28 bleomycin Can't tap out my 2.5Gb fiber connection with NGD, Eweka & Ninja combined. What should I try next?

tldr; which provider is the next best choice for high speed unlimited if I need to replace or augment one of my current providers? Does the NGD triple play bundle make sense or is all that traffic somehow still routed through NGD in some way negating any potential advantage?
I have 0 issues tapping out my connection to other services online, my router is a super overkill pfsense build with 10Gbit intel nics.
I've tried the latest sabnzbd and nzbget on an i7-13700 running debian with 2TB nvme SSD's as well as on windows 11 with a i9-13900k + nvme ssd's. The download speeds are identical, always tapping out right around 1.5Gb/s.
I then proceeded to rent a dedicated server in my same city from vultr with an E-2288G cpu + nvme ssd's, threw debian linux on it and copied my sabnzbd.ini over and boom 6Gb/s instantly out of the box.
No amount of tweaking software, ports, ssl encryption or threads makes any real difference, so at this point I'm just assuming it's some strange network peering issues with my isp.
Looking at the usenet map it's hard to tell which provider I should try next? Ultimately if speeds improve I'd just end up replacing one of my existing providers or worst case adding one additional.
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2023.06.11 01:28 strawberry-chainsaw My entire life has fallen apart in the last 24hrs. How did I not see this? I'm losing it.

Yesterday my entire world fell apart. In 24hrs I went from being in an almost 6 year relationship with my fiancé to breaking up.
One little lie he got caught in, "why did you lie to me about how much money you had in your account? It got declined." Turned into $30,000 for a mortgage down the drain. $6,000 in debt and to top it off infidelity. It was a massive web of lies that had spanned probably the entirety of our relationship.
The most humiliating thing is, to try and recuperate his $3000 loss in one week from spending money interacting fetishes with women, he posted a gofundme using me and my disability as bait. He painted himself this sweet selfless caregiver trying to take care of his poor disabled fiancé. That we were having troubles making ends meet and that he had taken out predatory loans to pay rent but we did have anything anymore. ...Well that's fucking news to me considering I pay our rent in entirety every month. The loan part turned out to be true though. He posted my fucking picture on the gofundme. He scammed well meaning and INCREDIBLY kind people. He was clearly calculating about it as he posted it to a community that is full of very generous and sweet people. And he used me to clear up his cheating debts.
This felt like it came out of no where. Sure he always had a lying problem. Anything he thought would get him in trouble was covered up, small stupid things that I wouldn't even be upset about. If eventually I caught on and asked if he was lying then there would be defensiveness, denial, I'd feel like a crazy bitch. Like I was this monster accusing him. But then because I'm not stupid, and he's not very good at lying the lie would be revealed concretely. No denial possible.
But that was such a minor problem compared to what a sweet and gentle guy he was, the best guy I had ever met. And he wasn't doing it out of malice. His parents were abusive and he hides things out of fear. And he has ADHD and has rejection sensitive dysphoria. I have PTSD from an abusive family and ADHD too, so I empathize completely I know how hard it is, I want to be supportive. So its not THAT big of a deal right?
And sure if I said something in a tone that made him insecure or apparently made the wrong face he would have such and intense emotional reaction that I would panic and feel so badly for what I had done wrong, even though I had just been going about my day, or I was just annoyed at a video game not at him. But it wasn't an aggressive emotional reaction, it wasn't directed at me... I need to be in control of my emotions. It shouldn't make me feel so guilty. He's just feeling And anyway I understand I'm really insecure too. I know its hard. I know it was not ill-intentioned. I just have to do my best to show how much I love him, how happy I am, how secure he should be. Eventually he'll trust me.
And come on I mean this is the nicest guy I've ever met! He treats strangers so kindly, always talks to workers with respect. He likes to take care of me.
Sure the first fight we ever had he lunged at me. But he stopped himself. I screamed at him to never do that again and went to leave our room. He grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go, I screamed at him to let me the fuck go. But he didnt until I yanked my arm out of his hand. I told our mutual friend and roommate what had happened. "Sam wouldn't do that, he didn't mean it that way." After all this is the sweet meek Sam were talking about. And it never happened again so it's fine... right? I wonder if I hadn't threatened to leave then and there if he ever did that again, if he would have done it again. I know he knew how deadly serious I was.
See I have PTSD. My childhood was very abusive. I've had a very tumultuous life. I had a really abusive ex that dated me when I was 18 and he was 27. He cheated on me the day after my dad died. He was there when I got the call that he was dead. That was a year before I met Sam.
At that point in time when I met Sam I wore my trauma like armor. I was very open about what I had been through as this- hey I'm tough I've been through shit, type of thing. And hey when I told him, he told me he had a traumatic life too. I felt like I could be understood finally. He told me some extreme stories. One of when he was held down by bullies and and they carved a swastika into his stomach with a knife. At some point in the future I asked him where it was cause I had never seen it. He point to some place on his stomach. I saw nothing and his reaction felt off. But I have been abused, I know what it feels like when someone questions what youve been through. Scars are weird sometimes. Maybe it was very very light and hes just embarrassed that it was more of scratch. That would still be wildly traumatic, I understand.
At this point I wonder if anything he said about his trauma was real or just a tool to make me feel close or pity or idk. Anyway we started living together after like 3-4 months after we met. My living situation had fallen apart and he was my sweet hero for offering for me to move in with him.
And then there's this other thing. He has a fetish. Feederism. I think it's kinda gross and it makes me uncomfortable I don't say that though, I don't want him to feel gross and kink shame. I've been bigger all my life. I've struggled with both anorexia and binge eating disorder the entirety of my teenage and adult years, its a scary thought. He wants me to get bigger that would be really sexy too him. And I want to please. I'm a fun, sexually adventurous girl and I want him to think I'm sexy. And well the sex is really... really bad. He can't come and it's killing my self confidence. I forgot I had been trying to diet at the time. Our lives and living situation becomes very stressful during this time due to some issues with roommates. He likes to order a lot of food. And at first it is freeing, food has always made me feel better when I am in my darkest points. And life feels pretty dark rn. So I gain weight, quite rapidly too especially since I was coming off of basically 2 years of anorexia. I also rapidly develop agoraphobia. I become terrified of leaving the house, of what people would think when they see my fat body. I stop leaving very often. My insecurity is skyrocketing. But he's taking care of me, hes so sweet to be understanding of my hardships.
Well this is how in continues for the next four years really. We moved into our own apartment and my agoraphobia became much worse. At the worst of it I would leave the apartment for a couple hours a month and that had to be with him in his car. I was miserable, all I wanted to do was not feel it to escape. And he would go get food to treat us. I lost the few connections I had this time. During the pandemic in 2020 it became most extreme. My health was spiraling out of control.
I understand that it sounds extreme look back, (I think idk maybe I sound crazy) but it didn't feel bad. It felt sweet he became my caregiver. He would go with me when ever I could leave the house. He would treat me, he was always kind.
There were rough patches. Though I had opened up to him about how hard this all was. That I think my agoraphobia comes from how awful I feel about my weight and that I'm terrified of people seeing me. He'd say the right words, of course I'd support you losing weight. I asked if he would still love me, if he would still be attracted to me, he always said the right thing. But ordering a bunch of food never stopped.
I had begged him for for help getting me into mental health help. I felt so bad asking him and would apologize every time but explained that I needed help. I felt very insecure and bad our whole relationship because he worked and I didn't cause of my disability. I would try to pay more for bills with my disability income. He worked hard for his paycheck I didn't. I begged for help finding mental health help when I was desperate enough to ask even with my insecurities. But it never came. Years and years I asked him for help and it never came. But I was asking for to much, he already did so much for me. Looking back its hard to pinpoint anything he actually did for me other the encouraging mine and his vices.
In the past two years I've made some friends, their friends of Sam and I've gotten close to a few of them. And slowly I started interacting with them more. And I even went out to hang out with them few and far between. It fact now I go see friends once a week. It was hard but I was working hard to try and turn this around. More and more my life became lighter just by having a few other people in it. And one friend who has truly been a rock who has encouraged me to branch out. It is very slow progress but I'm getting better. I start getting myself into psychiatry. I start taking meds. I start going to a PCP. I look into and am recommended to getting weight loss surgery. I want this, I want to be healthy, I don't want to be so scared of leaving my house. I start eating healthier, I start being better with money, I'm saving money. I'm still paying the majority of our bills though. And as I'm preparing to get surgery I'm losing some weight finally.
Some distance starts growing between me and Sam. But I think its my fault. I've been focused on turning my life around and because my depression and adhd is being treated my interests in things is coming back so I'm working on hobbies. So it's my fault a distance has grown. And that pretty much leads up to today.
Where I found out that he's cheating over and over on me interacting with feedee's spending thousands of dollars. He covered his tracks well. Changed passwords. The whole shebang.
And when did this start? Oh right when I'm finally improving my life. Right after he had heard a doctor say I had lost a lot of weight. Right as I'm becoming more independent and the future is looking bright.
I guess that isn't bright to him.
"You should break up with me. We should break up. Lets break up." Well you bet your ass I will. I do. Not a single tear. Deadpan.
Boom my whole life changes in an instant. Sweet, sensitive caring Sam. Sam who said he'd kill himself if we ever broke up. ...It wasn't a threat it was a statement of love..... He didn't seem to care very much that his fiancé just broke up with him.
And then it all starts to click into place. All I ever was was the fetish. All he ever loved was the fetish. It's not just about fat, about me gaining weight. Its about control. Its about domination. But not the loud violent kind. This sickly sweet caregiver. He's all you rely on. Your one true and only ally. He's always there for you(when its in his best interest). You need him. How are you going to live without him? How am I going to fucking survive!? When I would try to do more things and be more in control of my life, no no let me do it. He would tell me he has to do it. He needs to be seen as the good guy, he thinks he's the good guy. The way he dominates the way he controls must be so invisible that not even he thinks hes doing anything wrong...
( I watched this documentary on feeders it is vial and the feeder describes exactly this that its not just about the body its about being their caregiver, about being a "good guy" and being needed...)
As soon as I gain an ounce of independence. As soon as I lose weight he escalates his indiscretions to the point that it would have come out eventually.
Gaslighting, lying, defensive Sam comes clean for the first time in his life.
I'm not his dependent fuck anymore. He need's me gone. But He can't just break up with his fiancé out of no where. I'm friends with his friends his coworks how would that look? He takes the fall to be the bad guy, but not as bad as he truly is.
At least thats how it seems to me. I don't know if I'm crazy. I don't know if I have always just been a leech.
I've always ALWAYS know when I was being before. I knew my family abused me. I knew my ex abused me. I thought I was different that I just knew, that I could spot them. I didn't know that it could look like this.
But in the back of my head, the voice is saying no it was you that was the problem. Youre just trying to make him out to be a villain.
It is genuinely breaking my brain how good of a guy I thought he was. I thought he was the only glimmer of hope if had in a hard life. I thought I finally had a family. I thought he loved me unconditionally.
That I wasn't something to fuck and then discard.
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2023.06.11 01:27 shishasho Moving on short notice, what city should I move to?

Tl;dr of my situation: 25M, mom died three weeks ago after three years of fighting cancer. We were living in an age-gated community (55+) in south Florida where I was only allowed as a caretaker for her. Following her death, the park wants to evict me, I can't afford anywhere in south Florida so it's time to move to a new state.
I had the following criteria in mind:
Affordable (less than $1k/mo rent)
Younger, sociable demographic
Easy to navigate, standard low crime / safe
My list is currently down to the top 4, though I'm open to arguments or other suggestions.
  1. Madison, WI,
  2. Gainesville, FL (I know I said new state but Gainesville is affordable)
  3. Lexington, KY
  4. Austin, TX
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2023.06.11 01:26 theghostofm Am I the only person who thinks about starting local simulator shop?

(edit: I'm an idiot who can't write titles. That should be "starting A local simulator shop")
For the past few months, I've been spending more time than I want to admit thinking about this: opening a simple golf simulator business in my home city.
Rent some flex space, build some bays, stock some basic supplies, then sell memberships and give discounts to local coaches who want to use the space for lessons.
Sure it's more complicated than this (just ask my unreasonably detailed excel spreadsheet...) but man it's fun to think about.
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2023.06.11 01:25 Similar_Ad_8481 AITA for not wanting to feed my toddler ever time I eat?

I know the question may sound bad but here is the context.
I ( f20) have a (1f) toddler. We live with my mom ( due to college, working, and her wanting to be primary childcare while I’m away) and she’s honestly a god send, but lately we’ve been having a disagreement on my daughters eating routine. Basically whenever I just want to eat or have a little snack my mom believes I should give some of whatever I’m eating to my daughter or eat away from her eyesight. I NEVER eat in front of my daughter without feeding her IF she’s hungry. One instance was the three of us were out and about and stopped at a chicken place, baby was already fed and nearly sleep. I got chicken strips and began to eat when my mom said “ aren’t you going to give ( baby) some?” I said no, as she’s already eaten. My mom then goes on a rent about how she taught me to have manners and to share. I told her that ( baby) doesn’t need to eat every single time I do if she’s already eaten and that she probably doesn’t even know I’m eating anyway. Mom then goes and feeds baby some of her food. This is now starting a problem because now my daughter is starting to fuss if she sees you eating and you don’t give her any ( even when full) . My mom insists it’s because she’s “ still hungry “ but I know that isn’t the case because if you ignore her long enough she’ll continue to play or whatever ( also she not crying, just making noise) I told my mom to stop feeding her if she isn’t hungry, and she said that she refuses to eat around baby if she can’t give her some because it’s “ rude” and “ cruel” . So Reddit, AITA for not feeding my daughter every time I eat?
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2023.06.11 01:24 Fantastic-Willow4762 Summer 2 sublet

Summer 2 sublet
Looking for a sublet for summer 2 in kenmore (1 min walk from kenmore t station and bus station)! Two cats live in the apartment so no allergies to cats is a requirement. The room you would take is shown in the picture and will be furnished. I would be your roommate along with 2 adorable cats! Rent is 1450/month but is negotiable!
2 bed 1 bathroom (bathroom has a shower booth), in unit washer and dryer (the dryer is in the room and washer is in the bathroom), printer, lots of storage space in the kitchen, newly renovated (in 2021).
PM me if you’re interested! The apartment is perfect for those who will be on co-op in person because the kenmore T basically takes you everywhere!
females preferred
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2023.06.11 01:22 BarbG1358 Buying property as a PhD student?

Hello! Just hoping to get some advice here.
I'm currently doing a fully-funded PhD in a city I've lived in for 7 years now and I'm being evicted due to selling for the fourth(!) time. It's gotten to a stage where every single flat inspection just makes me very anxious about potentially being kicked out again despite being 'an exemplary tenant' (landlord's words - I've never missed a payment and I'm quiet and very tidy). I'm now thinking about buying a flat of around £50 to £80k because I do have quite a bit saved up for a deposit already (£20k), it would mean actually being able to settle, and the mortgage payments would be lower than my current rent. I also have a cat and that has made renting quite tricky. However, some people have told me it's not wise to buy when you're still young (I'm 25) and not in a long-term career yet..
On the one hand, I'm well-aware of the state of the academic job market and quite honestly don't expect to get a job in academia, but having the freedom to potentially move around for an academic job would be an advantage. On the other hand, I enjoy living in this city, I will be applying for industry jobs after my PhD as well, and I do hope to be here for at least another 6 years (still have 2,5 years of the PhD to go).
Sorry if this is a bit long - any advice is much appreciated! 😊
Edit: I'm in Scotland
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2023.06.11 01:21 randomguycalled AITA for not forgiving years of abuse over a cancer diagnosis?

I read the rules so I’m going to try to keep this short and to the point, and I will add further detail in reply form as they become necessary.
My mom has a history of emotionally abusive and disrespectful behavior towards basically everyone. Typical narcissistic (or autistic, I guess the jury is out on that one these days) parent.
Some examples include: - looking for the worst possible outcomes in any positive situation shared with her
You get the idea
I recently went limited to no contact after traveling LA to NY for Christmas on my own dime, because of the above behavior, and the gift issue, and because after all that, the day I was to leave I was screamed at and disrespected (called a fucking moron retard brain dead etc) because FedEx rang the door bell to pickup my package and my mom couldn’t lift it. I know… insane.
Recently she’s been diagnosed with cancer. Idk what kind, because I only found out from my dad who is her ex.
It was at this point I realized she had been texting me a bit between now and december(convo was muted). She basically doubles down on everything that happened and how she was “hurt” by it.
So today, knowing about the cancer, the fact that she had been basically begging me to reply, but simultaneously also playing the victim. I decided to respond today and very respectfully and nicely explain the ways that she’s been, how only she caused this for herself, and she cannot demand respect from people she doesn’t give respect to. I also expressed concern over her illness, but made it a point to say that I think it’s unfair to me to pretend everything else isn’t true simply because she’s sick.
I left it off by essentially saying: I live the life that I want to live successfully by any metrics, and more importantly: happily. And That mutual respect for that fact would go a long way, Bc I’m simply not going to ever put up with the abuse again.
AITA for standing my ground in the face of an emotionally abusive mothers cancer diagnosis?
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2023.06.11 01:20 Star_fruits building code - exit doors R-2

Our condo complex was getting robbed constantly, and they finally installed a basic security system. However, the front and back doors of all the buildings often do not shut. If they did shut, the security system would kick in and the doors would lock. The doors need to be repaired, but the people in charge don't think there is any requirement, and expect everyone to pull the door shut behind you, and people don't.
There is a local ordinance under burglary security whereby in multi-family residencies, exterior doors must self-close and self-lock, although it is intended for new construction.
QUESTION: Is there anything in IBC for self-closing and self-locking exterior doors? (I cannot find anything other than exit doors can't be locked so that people cannot exit from the building.) I'm trying to find out if exterior doors are required to self-close and self-lock so nobody can GET IN with out access. Our state code is modeled after IBC. (Also, I'm not looking for fire code req's related to self-closing hallway doors, etc, I'm aware of that, this is only for exterior doors).
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2023.06.11 01:19 AchievedWalker I think my roommate is trying to manipulate my new cat to love her more

I’m honestly writing this because I am infuriated at myself for making the mistake of getting a cat when I know how my roommate is and I need to get it off my chest.
My roommate (19F) and I (20F) have been wanting a cat for a while, which was finally approved. In the beginning, my roommate kept calling the cat “our cat” and showed signs of possessive and aggressive behavior even before we got the cat. I sat her down and discussed boundaries about how the cat needs to only belong to one of us because… well we are only roommates. She specifically requested that the cat belong to me. I set boundaries that we would actively encourage the cat to bond to me first. She agreed.
For context, I work as a manager 35+ hours and week and she barely works 8 and hasn’t been able to get a new job (she wants something “aesthetic” she told me). She can’t afford a pet and she knows it. This is part of the issue. She’s home all day long.
Well, we got the cat. She has been ALL over the cat. She’s picking her up, calling her over to her constantly and broke several boundaries within the first night. She tried to coax my cat into sleeping with her. I had to remind her that this is MY cat. She doesn’t care. She talks to the cat in a baby voice and essentially follows the cat around like paparazzi even if the cat is annoyed.
After working a rough close-open at work, I wanted bonding time with my cat, but no, she decides to call the cat out of my room, baby talks her over (the food voice), and my roommate purposely gets into HER bed and lays a specific way so that my cat will go and lay on her. My roommate never lays in her bed, this is purposeful. She will tell me stories about all the things she did with my cat when I was gone. My roommate has constantly complained to me about how she’s not allowed to feed the cat. She doesn’t contribute anything financially and I don’t want her to. That was the agreement.
I am so livid and regretting my decision. I love my cat, but I feel like my roommate is using me for my financial ability to support a cat and using her immense free time to make the cat want to be with her more, essentially a free cat for her. My roommate is a very passive aggressive, and frankly very mentally ill. She is vindictive and extremely sensitive to the point where she will cry if I ask her to run the dish washer because she thinks I’m telling her that shes dirty. I was scared of her when setting boundaries but now I feel like I messed up by making them too lenient. Even worse, her grandpa owns the condo we live in! I think I’d sound like a crazy person if I told her to stop messing with the cat.
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2023.06.11 01:18 JMSPlove What did we see?

OK so I posted this in Bigfoot and someone there sent me here . So here goes again.
I live in Western NC in a very secluded area . We have bears, we have seen coyote, deer even cougar on a tree cam , bobcats what I am saying is I am familiar with the animals in the woods around me and I know that what I saw was not an animal.
One night about midnight or so our animals were acting very strange. The chickens were awake and squawking, the cats were up on the roof of the buildings or under them and growling , the dogs were whimpering and whining backing into the corners . So my son and I went to check just what was scaring them.
Qe walked the property checking the pens and looking for anything , so we get to the back of the property where we have a utility path cut through to the mountain ridge . This path is about 6 foot wide and cuts along the top edge of a gully . Well about 30 foot from where we are standing is " something" dark ish figure that is standing on 2 legs way taller than any man . It turned its head and looked at us in a way that made me feel threatened. The eyes shined blue in the flashlight beam. It looked at us and then turned and walked down into the deep gully. I have no idea what it was but my son and I both saw it and it was not an animal or a man.
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2023.06.11 01:17 bonobo-cop Landlord neglected leak in ceiling, now a whole construction project, does warrant of habitability in CO apply?

Hi, should be a quick one but I didn't find something that matched my situation.
I'm in Denver, CO. My kitchen ceiling started leaking directly under my upstairs neighbor's bathroom three weeks ago. I immediately notified the landlord, and they've drug their feet at every turn getting someone to come figure out what's leaking and fix it. They insist only this one independent contractor can work on the house, because it's old, and his schedule is usually booked solid. They also made no effort to get the upstairs neighbor to stop using water and exacerbating the issue. Today, the contractor cut up the drywall in the ceiling and discovered three week's worth of soaked insulation and drywall. They left with water more freely leaking into the kitchen and are no closer to determining the source. Now it's going to be an entire construction project, likely taking multiple weeks, with them cutting the entire kitchen ceiling out and replacing all the drywall after they find the source. The landlord has at no point been appropriately responsive or treated this as a serious issue. I am all but certain this would have been easy to solve had they gotten a contractor out sooner.
Does this qualify as a habitability issue? Should I bother contacting a lawyer / consider withholding rent / ask them for remuneration of some kind? I'm sure it has no legal ramifications, but I am supposed to be recovering from a medical procedure the next couple of weeks, and having a whole construction project in the middle of my apartment is going to be a significant problem for me.
Thanks in advance, appreciate this community and all the help it provides.
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