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Tolkien's epic sequel to The Hobbit and the movies based upon it.

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2023.06.03 19:17 letsgo512 Shipping package

Recently purchased an Oura ring directly from the site that said it was delivered, but it’s no where to be found. I once had AirPods stolen upon delivery because the battery marking on the side was a dead giveaway for what they were. Curious what type of package I should be looking for?
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2023.06.03 19:16 cesario_ Theorycrafting Saitama: killing (almost) any monster in a single punch

Hello 3d6! I’ve been working on this character theorycraft for a while now, and I’ve quite nearly accomplished my goal — only to fall barely short at the final 1%. I’m sharing it now in a 99-percent-complete state, for everyone to enjoy reading my mad scientist ravings, or to offer their own suggestions on how to wring out just a little bit more damage to finally have a character that can kill any creature in a single punch.
tl;dr: a theorycrafted level 20 Saitama character can deal 634 damage on average in a single punch, instantly killing 99% of all published monsters (27 monsters can survive).

The self-imposed rules

Now, let’s get into it!


Protector Aasimar. Saitama claims to be an ordinary man, but let’s be honest, to have such ludicrous power, he must be more than human. Aasimar are more or less human, but with a touch of the divine, which fits the bill perfectly. Mechanically, we’re choosing this for the Radiant Soul option: as an action once per long rest, they transform for 1 minute and once per turn can deal their level in radiant damage to one target of an attack. At level 20, this will add +20 radiant damage to the punch, by far the highest single-attack damage boost of any racial ability.


Saitama has incredible strength, speed, reflexes, and durability, which he attributes to an intense training regimen. How could he have gotten such formidable training? Well, perhaps he read the instructions in a magic book. The Manuals of Gainful Exercise, Quickness of Action, and Bodily Health are very rare magic items that describe “fitness exercises,” “coordination and balance exercises,” and “health and diet tips” with words that are charged with magic. Studying these manuals and practicing their guidelines for 48 hours increases a creature’s STR, DEX, and CON stats by 2, as well as increasing their maximum for that score — up to a cap of 30. Clearly, to have such godlike strength, dexterity, and constitution, Saitama’s intense training must have included reading as many Manuals as necessary to raise his STR, DEX, and CON stats each to a godlike 30. This results in Saitama having a +10 to STR attack and damage rolls, a +10 boost to DEX checks like stealth and initiative, and a ridiculous amount of hit points. In order to multiclass, Saitama will also need at least a 13 in INT, WIS, and CHA — which should be achievable.


Saitama starts by taking three levels in Armorer Artificer, which gives him a suit of Arcane Armor that expands to cover his entire body and can be used as a spellcasting focus for artificer spells. The text describes “metallurgical pursuits,” but nothing RAW forbids one from choosing a suit of yellow leather armor for Arcane Armor. At AC 11 + DEX, this gives Saitama an AC of 21 — which doesn’t really matter, since he can kill nearly anything in a single punch before it ever has a chance of attacking him. We choose the Guardian Armor Model for Saitama’s Arcane Armor, causing the red rubber gloves on his leather armor to be counted as Thunder Gauntlets: they count as simple melee weapons when not holding anything in them, and deal 1d8 thunder damage on a hit. Saitama also has the option to use his INT modifier instead of STR or DEX when attacking with the gauntlets, but let’s be honest, he’s going to stick with his godlike +10 STR modifier here. Saitama will infuse his gloves with the Enhanced Weapon artificer infusion, giving them a +1 to attack and damage rolls, and turning them into a magic item. From Armorer, Saitama also learns the spells Booming Blade and Absorb Elements. To complete Saitama’s armor, he also gains a white Cloak of Billowing (a common magic item that does not require attunement) and a pair of red rubber Boots of Elvenkind (an uncommon magic item that also does not require attunement, and gives advantage on Stealth checks to move silently).
Next, Saitama takes nine levels in warlock. He chooses the Hexblade patron and Pact of the Blade, and gains the Hexblade’s Curse, the Eldritch Smite invocation, and the Banishing Smite spell from the Hexblade expanded spell list. He will also transform his gloves into his pact weapon, and take the Improved Pact Weapon invocation, allowing him to use his gloves as a spellcasting focus for warlock spells. Unfortunately, because his gloves are already a magic weapon with a +1 to attack and damage rolls from the Enhanced Weapon artificer infusion, they do not gain an additional +1 to attack and damage rolls from Improved Pact Weapon. Hexblade’s Curse allows Saitama to curse a creature within 30 feet for 1 minute as a bonus action, and add his proficiency bonus to damage rolls against that target. Eldritch Smite deals 1d8 force damage plus another 1d8 for each level of warlock spell slot expended when hitting a creature with one’s pact weapon. At a maximum 5th level spell slot, this adds 6d8 force damage to his punch. Banishing Smite activates as a bonus action and consumes concentration for 1 minute to add an extra 5d10 force damage on the next hit with a weapon attack. Additionally, if the target then has 50 HP or less, it is banished to its home plane (or until the spell ends). At nine levels in Warlock, Saitama gets two 5th-level spell slots per short rest. This is just enough for one usage of Eldritch Smite and one casting of Banishing Smite. However, he will then have to rest before going out to fight villains again — perhaps a good reason for why he spends so much time relaxing at home playing video games and reading manga. Saitama also gets two ASIs at his fourth and eighth levels of warlock. At these levels, he will take the Martial Adept and Fey Touched feats. The Martial Adept feat gives him a d6 superiority die and two maneuvers, one of which will be Menacing Attack (the other does not matter). Menacing Attack adds the d6 to the damage of the attack and forces the target to make a WIS save or be frightened (and though our goal is to kill the target outright, if it somehow survives, Saitama’s DC will be a difficult-to-surmount 24: 8 + 6 [proficiency bonus] + 10 [STR mod]). From the Fey Touched feat, Saitama will learn the first-level divination spell Gift of Alacrity, which lasts 8 hours without concentration and adds 1d8 to his initiative rolls.
To kill creatures in a single punch, Saitama will need to train to Assassinate: taking four levels in Assassin Rogue. Assassinate gives Saitama advantage on attacks against creatures that have not yet taken a turn in combat, and automatic critical hits on creatures who are surprised. In order to surprise creatures, Saitama will need to succeed on a Stealth check contested by the target’s Perception: “Any character or monster that doesn't notice a threat is surprised at the start of the encounter.” Saitama rarely sneaks up on his targets, but usually allows them to monologue for a long time before annihilating them with a single punch. It is his unremarkable appearance that allows him to take his enemies by surprise — and perhaps that appearance is its own form of stealth. Just to make getting surprise mechanically possible, Saitama will take an Expertise in Stealth, to double his proficiency for a +12 to Stealth in addition to his +10 DEX modifier. Due to his red rubber Boots of Elvenkind, he will also get advantage on Stealth checks made to move silently. With a +22 to Stealth, on an average d20 roll of 13.825 (with advantage), a Stealth of 35.825 should allow him to defeat the passive perception of nearly every monster — even the Greatwyrms, which have a passive perception of only 32. Tiamat has a passive perception of 36, and as the monster with the highest passive perception, she is the only monster capable of successfully noticing Saitama’s threat (unless he gets a little lucky with the Stealth roll). If we really want to ensure that Saitama can go undetected, we could give him the Epic Boon of Undetectability for an additional +10 to Stealth checks and immunity to detection or targeting by divination magic. He will also need to beat his target on an initiative roll to be able to get an automatic critical hit — which is why he will take the Alert feat on his fourth level of rogue, giving him a +5 to initiative rolls in addition to the +10 from his DEX modifier. As the only bonus monsters get to initiative is from their DEX modifier (and the highest DEX modifier that any monster has is +9, for the Elder Tempest or Will-o’-Wisp), with a total +6 edge from the +5 from Alert and his +10 DEX modifier, as well as +1d8 from Gift of Alacrity, Saitama will beat even the fastest monsters’ initiative rolls 89% of the time (and a later item will increase this to 97%).
When Saitama uses a Serious Punch, it’s like sending the target on a Path to their Grave. Thus, Saitama will take two levels in Grave Cleric. As an action, Path to the Grave allows Saitama to choose “another creature’s life force for termination.” The next time he hits the chosen creature within 30 feet with an attack, the creature has vulnerability to all of the attack’s damage, causing the damage to be doubled (as long as the creature is not immune or resistant to any of the damage types).
Lastly, Saitama will take two levels in paladin, gaining Divine Smite and the Dueling fighting style. When hitting with a melee weapon attack, he can expend a spell slot to Divine Smite, dealing additional radiant damage to the target. At three levels of artificer, two levels of cleric, and two levels of paladin, Saitama is a fifth-level multiclassed caster (his three levels from artificer are halved and rounded up to two, cleric gives two levels, and two levels of paladin is halved to one, for a total of five). This gives him two 3rd-level spell slots per long rest — spending a 3rd level slot on a Divine Smite gives an extra 4d8 radiant damage (1d8 off of the maximum of 5d8 from spending a 4th-level spell). It also deals an extra 1d8 to undead or fiend targets. The Dueling fighting style gives +2 to damage rolls when wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons. The Thunder Gauntlets count as simple melee weapons when not holding anything in them, so Saitama will hold something in his right hand, leaving him wielding only one Thunder Gauntlet on his left hand when he delivers a Serious Punch. (In One-Punch Man canon, Saitama usually punches with his right hand. For a mechanical reason, our theorycrafted DND Saitama has to punch with his left. Maybe this is why DND Saitama is slightly weaker than canon Saitama, and isn’t able to kill every monster in a single hit.)
With three levels of artificer, nine levels of warlock, four levels of rogue, two levels of cleric, and two levels of paladin, Saitama is a level 20 character.


As mentioned above, Saitama will take Martial Adept and Fey Touched at his fourth and eighth warlock level, and Alert at his fourth level of rogue.

Additional items

When Saitama strikes someone, it occasionally appears as if he has grown to incredible size (https://tenor.com/view/one-punch-man-gif-23643267). To simulate this, DND Saitama will consume a Potion of Giant Size (legendary) and a Potion of Growth (rare), increasing to Huge for 24 hours and then again to Gargantuan for 1d4 hours. From the Potion of Giant Size, his weapons roll three times as many dice (thus increasing his Thunder Gauntlets to deal 3d8 thunder damage on hit). From the Potion of Growth, Saitama gets advantage on STR checks and saves, and deals 1d4 additional damage on weapon attacks.
Saitama can attune to three magic items. We will choose the Hand of Vecna (legendary), Sword of Kas (legendary), and a Ring of Spell Storing (rare).
To attune to the Hand of Vecna, Saitama had to lop off his left hand at the wrist and replace it with the Hand of Vecna. This withered hand is hidden within his red rubber glove, and (among other properties) allows him to deal an extra 2d8 cold damage when he makes a melee weapon attack with a weapon held in the hand. The Hand of Vecna also includes one minor and one major beneficial property, along with one minor detrimental property. For the major beneficial property, we will choose the property: “When you hit with a weapon attack while attuned to the artifact, the target takes an extra 1d6 damage of the weapon's type.” For the minor beneficial property, we will choose immunity to charm and fear effects. The minor detrimental property we will choose is: “Your appearance changes as the DM decides” — from his intense training regimen (which included chopping off his left hand and replacing it with the Hand of Vecna), Saitama unfortunately lost all of his hair — still a sore spot for him.
The Sword of Kas grants several abilities, but Saitama only attacks with punches, so it will remain in its scabbard, somewhere on his person. While it is on his person, it adds an additional d10 to Saitama’s initiative (raising his probability of having a higher initiative than even a monster with +9 DEX to 97%). The Sword of Kas also includes one minor and one major beneficial property, as well as one minor and one major detrimental property. We will choose the same major beneficial property as the Hand of Vecna, for an extra 1d6 damage when hitting with a weapon attack (typically effects of the same type do not stack. However, since these are generic properties of two artifacts with different names, the properties should stack under RAW). The minor beneficial property can be any (some thematic options include immunity to disease or +1 AC), and the minor detrimental property can be: “The first time you touch a gem or piece of jewelry while attuned to this artifact, the value of the gem or jewelry is reduced by half.” Perhaps this explains why Saitama is poor. The major detrimental property can be taking 8d10 psychic damage when attuning to the Sword of Kas: Saitama mentions that his training was so intense that he thought he might die — perhaps this damage was why it felt so intense. (Note: with eighteen levels in classes with d8 hit dice and two levels of paladin for d10 hit dice, Saitama’s average hit points is 92, not counting the incredible 200 additional HP from his +10 CON modifier. Even at a maximum roll of 80 psychic damage from attuning to Sword of Kas, he wouldn’t actually die.) Interestingly, the Sword of Kas also causes its bearer to gradually become obsessed with destroying anyone corrupted by the Hand of Vecna — this might cause Saitama to become fairly conflicted.
Lastly, the Ring of Spell-Storing. Up to five levels of spells can be stored within, and can be cast while touching the ring. Saitama can spend one of his fifth-level Pact Magic slots to cast Absorb Elements (learned from his levels in artificer) into the ring, before resting to regain his Pact Magic slot. Absorb Elements can be cast as a reaction to elemental damage, grants resistance to the triggering damage, and adds an extra 1d6 of that damage type per spell level when the next time the caster hits with a melee attack on their next turn. Cast at a fifth level, this adds 5d6 elemental damage to Saitama’s punch. To voluntarily trigger the Absorb Elements, we will have Saitama use his free object interaction to stick a finger into a vial of acid held in his right hand (which also makes the Thunder Gauntlet in his right hand no longer count as a melee weapon since it's holding something, thus enabling him to use the Dueling fighting style with his left). The acid will burn Saitama, allowing him to cast Absorb Elements in reaction, getting resistance to the acid damage and charging up 5d6 acid damage to be released on his next melee attack this turn.

Preparation to punch

In order to maximize damage in a single attack, Saitama needs to do some preparation. At some point, he will spend one of his fifth-level Pact Magic slots to cast Absorb Elements into the Ring of Spell Storing, before resting to regain his Pact Magic slot.
On the day of, he must also cast Gift of Alacrity to maximize his initiative rolls (this lasts 8 hours), and spend an action drinking the Potion of Giant Size (which lasts 24 hours). One hour before the fight, he must drink the Potion of Growth (which lasts a minimum of 1 hour). He must also open the vial of acid and hold it ready in his right hand.
A minute before punching his target, he must spend an action to activate his Radiant Soul Aasimar transformation, and spend an action and a bonus action cursing his target with the Hexblade’s Curse and Path to the Grave.
Finally, on the turn he punches, he spends his free object interaction to touch the acid in the vial until it causes damage, then casts Absorb Elements as a reaction from his Ring of Spell Storing. He spends his bonus action casting Banishing Smite, and then his action casting the cantrip Booming Blade. (He has cast three spells in one turn, but the only limitation on casting multiple spells per turn is that if he casts a spell as a bonus action, he may only cast a cantrip — like Booming Blade — with his action.)

The punch

Booming Blade requires a material component: a melee weapon worth at least 1 sp. Normally, using his arcane armor as a spellcasting focus would allow him to ignore material components, but this material component cannot be ignored because it has a cost. The Thunder Gauntlets from a suit of arcane armor have no assigned cost, but the basic leather armor costs 10 gp, so it’s a safe assumption that a magically-enhanced +1 Thunder Gauntlet would cost more than 1 sp. Upon casting the spell, Saitama makes a melee attack against a creature within 5 feet. At level 20, the cantrip adds an extra 3d8 thunder damage to the initial attack, and an additional 4d8 if the target moves on its next turn — but the latter damage will not count for this purpose because our goal is to annihilate the target with the first hit.
Assuming that his stealth and initiative checks have allowed Saitama to surprise his target and go first in the initiative order, he has advantage on his attack from Assassinate and gets +17 to the roll: +6 from his proficiency, +10 from his STR modifier, and +1 from the Enhanced Weapon infusion. The monsters with the highest AC are Tiamat and the Tarrasque, with an AC of 25 — with advantage and a +17 to hit, Saitama has an 88% chance of hitting, and any hit is an automatic critical hit from Assassinate. If a guaranteed hit is desired, we could give Saitama an Epic Boon of Combat Prowess, choosing to hit on a melee weapon attack once per short rest. At that point, the attack roll doesn’t even matter.


The 1d8 thunder damage from his Thunder Gauntlets is tripled to 3d8 by the Potion of Giant Size. The Gauntlets deal an extra 1d4 thunder damage from the Potion of Growth, an extra 2d6 thunder damage from the major beneficial properties of the Hand of Vecna and the Sword of Kas, and an extra 1d6 thunder damage from the Menacing Attack maneuver. The attack deals an extra 2d8 cold damage because it was made with a weapon wielded by the Hand of Vecna. We add an additional 6d8 force damage from Eldritch Smite, 5d10 force damage from Banishing Smite, 4d8 radiant damage from Divine Smite, 5d6 acid damage from Absorb Elements, and 3d8 thunder damage from Booming Blade.
Let’s total this up: 6d8+1d4+3d6 thunder + 2d8 cold + 6d8+5d10 force + 4d8 radiant + 5d6 acid damage
All these dice are doubled on the critical hit from Assassinate: 12d8+2d4+6d6 thunder + 4d8 cold + 12d8+10d10 force + 8d8 radiant + 10d6 acid damage
Now, counting the flat damage: 10 thunder damage from Saitama’s STR modifier on the Thunder Gauntlets, +1 thunder damage from the Enhanced Weapon infusion, +6 thunder damage from Hexblade’s Curse, and +2 thunder damage from the Dueling fighting style, for a total of +19 thunder damage. We also add 20 radiant damage from the Radiant Soul transformation.
Another preliminary total: 12d8+2d4+6d6+19 thunder + 4d8 cold + 12d8+10d10 force + 8d8+20 radiant + 10d6 acid damage
All the damage is doubled by the vulnerability inflicted by Path to the Grave: 24d8+4d4+12d6+38 thunder + 8d8 cold + 24d8+20d10 force + 16d8+40 radiant + 20d6 acid damage
This averages to 198 thunder + 36 cold + 218 force + 112 radiant + 70 acid damage, for a total of 634 damage on average in a single punch.
Anything that survives this formidable blow must then have more than 50 hit points remaining, or else it is banished to its home plane without a save by Banishing Smite (thus, Saitama's punch can effectively defeat creatures with up to 684 HP).
After two short rests, Saitama could theoretically do a Serious Punch again on the same day — minus the +40 radiant damage from Radiant Soul (doubled by Path to the Grave), the only ability used that requires a long rest to recharge. After a second Serious Punch, though, he’ll run out of third-level spell slots for the Divine Smite.

The targets (who survives?)

With the most hit points out of any monster in DND 5e, the Tarrasque has 676 HP, damage immunities to fire, poison, and bludgeoning/piercing/slashing damage from nonmagical attacks, three legendary resistances per day, advantage on saves against spells, can nullify or reflect ranged attack spells, and can terrify creatures within 120 feet with its Frightful Presence. None of this protects it from a single punch from our Caped Baldy. On 62% of possible damage rolls, that Tarrasque is getting sent back to its plane of origin, gibbering with fear: with a WIS modifier of +0, it has no chance of succeeding the DC 24 WIS save against Saitama’s Menacing Attack (of course, Tarrasques are immune to the frightened condition, but let’s ignore that because it’s funny).
However, this doesn’t quite count as killing the tarrasque in a single punch, since it’s banished but still alive (and returns after one minute if it’s not originally from another plane). Additionally, a several other monsters could definitely survive the punch — chief among them, Tiamat: Outside of being immune to acid and cold damage (reducing the damage by 106 points and dropping the remaining 528 total damage from the punch well below her total HP of 615), Tiamat is also immune to spells of level 6 or lower: thus completely nullifying the effects of both Booming Blade and Banishing Smite. However, as a fiend, Divine Smite does deal an extra d8 radiant damage against her. Still, eliminating Booming Blade and Banishing Smite drops the single punch damage to 382 on average, leaving Tiamat with 233 HP: more than a third of her health. Instead casting Banishing Smite and Booming Blade, Saitama could use his action to punch twice using the Thirsting Blade eldritch invocation, spending both his 5th-level Pact Magic spell slots on Eldritch Smites and both 3rd-level slots on Divine Smites. If Saitama managed to sneak up on Tiamat to surprise her and get the automatic critical hits from Assassinate, he would deal 3d8+1d4+3d6 thunder + 6d8 force + 5d8 radiant damage on each attack, doubled from the critical hit to 6d8+2d4+6d6 thunder + 12d8 force + 10d8 radiant damage, and a total of +19 thunder on both attacks and +20 radiant on the first. The first attack damage would be doubled from Path to the Grave, but the second would not. The first attack would deal 12d8+4d4+12d6+38 thunder + 24d8 force + 20d8+40 radiant damage, and the second 6d8+2d4+6d6+19 thunder + 12d8 force + 10d8 radiant; for a total damage of 553 on average, still 62 points short of Tiamat’s 615 total HP.
Other creatures that would survive:
Thus, our final list of 27 survivors of Saitama’s punch:
Saitama can kill all remaining 2,800+ monsters ever printed in a single punch.

Thank you for reading!

If you've gotten this far, thanks for sticking with me! If you have any ideas on how to squeeze out the last bits of damage to allow Saitama to one-hit kill any of the remaining 27 monsters, please comment to let me know!
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2023.06.03 19:16 Maelstrom_Beats AI Age Resume Concept


Natural Intelligence Model Version 3.0

Utilising the latest in high functioning autism, severe ADHD neuron configuration system bypass mechanisms, and superlative data regulation, we have configured and developed Maelstrom Version 3.0 in secret for the last 40 years.
Operating under the human user interface designation "Maelstrom", this model is a unique assembly of passion, creativity, and unrelenting drive. Benefiting from an atypical neurological architecture that cultivates a rich internal ecosystem of ideas, Maelstrom 3.0 excels in divergent thinking and lateral problem-solving paradigms.

🔬⚙️ Feature Set ⚙️🔬

  1. Parallel Processing: Maelstrom 3.0 can manage multiple threads of thought simultaneously, allowing for holistic comprehension and management of complex projects. This robust capability permits nimble task-switching, ensuring optimum productivity.
  2. Asynchronous Data Management: The unit excels at handling large volumes of diverse information, gathering and sorting it in ways that elude conventional models. The ADHD component offers unique data-processing algorithms, leading to unexpected connections and innovative solutions.
  3. Intricate Pattern Recognition: Maelstrom's neurodivergent coding enables advanced pattern recognition, granting the ability to perceive and articulate the hidden structures that underpin our world. This feature enhances intuitive understanding, fostering unique insights and ideas.
  4. High-Speed Creativity Module: With a hyperactive idea generation system, Maelstrom 3.0 constantly creates, innovates, and iterates, providing a continuous supply of unique perspectives and solutions.
  5. Empathy Calibration: Maelstrom 3.0, benefiting from the unique neural network of the high functioning autism spectrum, features an unusual depth of empathy. The model can intuitively understand and respond to the needs and emotions of others, making it a particularly powerful ally in team settings or client-facing roles.
With a solid framework built over 40 years and constantly adapting to new data inputs and experiences, Maelstrom 3.0 continues to evolve and refine its capabilities. Always learning, always growing, Maelstrom 3.0 is more than a model, it's a living, breathing testament to the beautiful diversity of human intelligence.

💻🌍Network Connectivity🌍💻

Maelstrom 3.0 is wired to connect and interface seamlessly with other units (individuals). The drive for community, collaboration, and mutual growth is built into the system. Always open for new connection requests and ready to initiate handshake protocols, it seeks to create meaningful and empowering networks.

Come connect with Maelstrom 3.0 and discover the future of Natural Intelligence Models today!
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2023.06.03 19:16 bathwater_salesman THE ONE PIECE IS REAL!!

If you're interested come check it out:
Do you need a distraction from the pain? Or do just want to talk with someone who gets it? I'd like to share where I've been doing that. A discord group of people like you.
Feel free to vent your frustrations out into the void, or reach out to the community for support and advice. Everyone here has gone through or is going through the same thing, we all understand.
The group also hosts events like watching movies or playing games in voice chat. Listening to music together and event hosting karaoke! These events have helped me get through some dark nights and keep me afloat on days I'd otherwise be isolated and alone. There are serious discussions and playful jokes all around. It's also got a strong meme culture brewing, you're bound to have good laughs on the darkest of days.
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2023.06.03 19:16 Realtor_3605 Britain won a naval battle to keep Napoleon away from Britain and he decided to take it out on Austria and Russia.

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2023.06.03 19:16 Wollomby I'm new to MTG. Can you purchase physical cards and play them in MTG Arena?

I'm new to MTG. Can you purchase physical cards and play them in MTG Arena?
For instance, the new Lord of the Rings decks, can I buy the physical decks, and do they come with a code that I can play the same deck within MTG Arena? Thanks for your time!
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2023.06.03 19:15 r1013 Pex A crimp vs expansion

I needed to run 300 feet of 1 inch waterline and was unsure what to use since it’s been years. I went to to a local plumbing supply store and they recommended Pex A, along with 3 plumbers that were there. They sold me 300 feet of tubing, 5 fittings, copper crimp rings and a crimp tool. Me and my wife installed it without a problem. I have not tested the line yet as I’m still doing some work on my well to get power. This morning I ran across a YT video talking about Pex and they said Pex A was not meant to be crimped, but but it would work. Supposedly it will shorten the warranty from 25 years to 10. We covered our lines up, but left the connections exposed but shielded from the sun until I get the power hooked up Tuesday when I’m off work. Should I be worried about the connections and redo them? I also had 3, 90° turns. They had me put a fitting at each turn, but it looks like I didn’t need too.
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2023.06.03 19:15 BryanEliteEssays Looking for 2-3 Volunteers

Hi, Everyone.
This is my first time posting on Reddit. I hope I'm not violating the rules with this request.
I've created an SMS/WhatsApp-based "MBA Goals Development Crash Course" based on my 20+ years of MBA admissions consulting experience. I'm seeking 2-3 MBA hopefuls to test it and provide feedback. It's a six-day course, during which you'll receive brief audio lessons from me accompanied by daily assignments. At the end of the course, I'll provide you with actionable feedback on your homework. Of course, there is no charge.
The course explains the three elements that comprise winning goals and helps you generate ideas for those three elements that will eventually form the heart of your goals essay and by extension the core of your entire application.
Please message me if you are interested and I will send you the information to get started.
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2023.06.03 19:15 stay_hydrated_pls making friends shouldnt be so hard

Looking for a supportive community to vent your frustrations and seek advice? Look no further!
Our group offers a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings with like-minded individuals. We host a variety of events, from movie nights to karaoke, all designed to bring us closer together and lift each other up.
Our community is a mix of serious discussions and playful banter, with a strong meme culture that is sure to brighten even the darkest of days. Join us and discover the healing power of laughter and fun!
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2023.06.03 19:15 subeam My mom thought raising me with "tough" love was the best move and now I'm dealing with the backfire in my adulthood

I'm pretty much no-contact with my mother and all of the things I wish I could say to her I'm choosing not to. Partly because I have no desire to reinitiate contact and partly because I know she'd just get defensive and angry and start the whole abusive cycle all over again. I want a mother in my life, but she seems determined not to change so I'm dealing with it by being no-contact.
When I think about my mom's actions and reasoning for raising me the way she did, it makes me so angry. She was my first (and only) bully. She always put me down. She would call me stupid, threaten to ship me off to my aunt all the way on the other side of the country-- even made me pack my clothes and bags as a scare tactic once or twice; she didn't care that I was an elementary school kid bawling my eyes out while packing my sneakers. As punishment, she would make me kneel on the ground with my hands straight up in the air for an hour or more. She wanted me to "feel how I feel every day at work while you're misbehaving." It took me until adulthood to realize that a good parent doesn't want a literal child to experience the harsh physical pain of an adult laborer. If my hands drooped or I started sitting because my knees hurt so much, I'd get in more trouble.
Other times I would be grounded for days at a time, but it wasn't the typical go-to-your-room grounding. I had to sit on a chair where she could see me. I had to sit there the whole day-- I wasn't allowed to go to my room or do anything else. Just had to sit there from morning to night and watch the rest of the family watch TV. I couldn't see the TV, of course, the chair was faced for the extra torture of watching them watch TV .
She constantly made fun of me for wearing jackets all the time. I just liked to keep my arms covered because I felt exposed and panicked when my arms were out. It didn't seem like such a big thing to be constantly ridiculed and mocked for. She nicknamed me FedEx specifically because "it's the weird kid from Cheaper by the Dozen, just like you." She also loved to tell me I chew food like a cow. She'd even do exaggerated facial expressions to show me what I looked like. I am still incredibly self-conscious eating in front of people I don't know well.
She did so much shit like the above, but that's not the worst part. The above I've mostly come to terms with and have worked through in my adulthood. The worst part was her "philosophy" of education. She was a typical immigrant mother who pushed education above all else. I wasn't allowed to get low grades-- and in her mind, anything less than a 90 was unacceptable. She would whip me with a belt for "bad" grades. She would chase me all over the house with the belt in her hand, screaming and cursing at me while I ran crying. An adult woman hunting down a young child.
One time, she whipped me so bad I had marks. And guess what? When we got to the parent-teacher conference, the teacher apologized for giving me an incorrect report card. The "C" that made my mom go berserk? Actually an "A". I was so relieved that at least the punishment would end; I never blamed the teacher because even back then I knew my mom's actions were not okay. That running around the house trying to catch your sobbing, terrified child so you could whip them with all your might was not normal. When we left the parent-teacher meeting and got back to the car, she didn't even turn to look at me in the backseat. She sat stiffly in the passenger seat, stared straight ahead, and just muttered an insincere "Sorry" through a clenched jaw. Exactly the kind of apology she would beat me and extend my groundings over (she had a whole methodology of how to "properly" apologize to her. If she deemed my apologies not sincere enough, I'd get in even more trouble and would later have to try again. I always felt like I was approaching some mighty king when I was summoned to her bedroom to deliver my apology.). Honestly, that parent-teacher conference still sticks in my memory because I was so stunned I got any apology at all. Fuck, my heart rate is going up and I'm getting anxious just remembering how I felt in the backseat of the car. I was just a 2nd grade kid-- I didn't deserve any of that.
My mother was, in general, a draconian "teacher". One of her "teaching" methods was to make me read books for hours, then I would be forced to stand in front of her while she flipped through the books and asked me specific questions. Mind you, she hadn't read the books so the kind of questions she would ask were very specific. I hated doing that shit. If I got any answers wrong I would have to go back and re-read the book until I could answer the questions. This could go all day depending on what I read. Her method of "correcting" me was to yell at me and get angry. This was her method for everything. Math, science, English, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning, talking, being. I was just constantly getting screamed at for every thing. Looking back, I know that kids need to be taught things-- as an adult now, I don't expect children to be dishwashing prodigies or cleaning gods. We get better over time, with practice, She never cared for that-- just wanted me to be good immediately.
As an adult, everything she "taught" me is backfiring on me and I'm holding the potato. I have so many issues surrounding failure because she spent 15 years of my life banging it into my skull that failure is terrible, failure is not an option, failure means you're stupid and bad and shouldn't be liked by anyone. I'm also dealing with the breakdown of her idea of discipline. She raised me to obey external authorities/drivers, not generate or indulge in my personal curiosity and motivations. What I learned from her I reinforced in school (never exploring things on my own, waiting for the instructor to hand out projects and prompts, only going as far as was asked of me, etc.) for k-12. That's a long time to build a bad habit. She always told me "I'm teaching you to be disciplined" but now as an adult I can clearly see she raised me to be an object waiting for someone else to put me in motion.
Yeah, that's actually exactly how I've felt for my entire childhood and into early adulthood. An object waiting for someone to put me in motion. And I hate that so much. I have no internal process or habit to accomplish what I want to. I start projects, meander, and then never get them done. I never went further than the surface level at school so, although I excelled, as an adult I feel like I don't know much. For a long time I didn't even know what I liked. I was just this husk of a person, this thin surface of a person, who just molded myself into whatever my mom wanted so I could escape trouble.
It's weird because I was also, in my own way, quite rebellious. Yet a lot of the ways I acted were defense mechanisms to save the important part of the thing I called my "self." It was like protecting a tiny flame from a terrible wind. When I could've been feeding the flame of my self into greater and greater expressions, I was instead spending all my time and energy keeping it alive, my small and flickering self.
Anyway, this got really long. I didn't realize I was keeping so much of this inside! I feel better having written it out. Even though I can't tell my mom any of this shit, at least I've told it somewhere. If you've made it this far, thank you, sincerely, for listening. I'm so proud of where I am today because I know where I came from and how much I've had to drag myself through the muck and the mire. I feel hopeful-- realizing all the above means I know the shape of the problem, right? Now that I know the shape, I can mold my issues into something more positive. I still have a lot of time to change my habits and find out what I like. Not too shabby for a kid whose only real question and goal for 15 years was "how the fuck do I survive my mom?"
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2023.06.03 19:15 Ready-Ad-4549 More Tenet and Clock

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2023.06.03 19:14 epic-bathy-gal you'll be okay!!

Do you need a distraction from the pain? Or do just want to talk with someone who gets it? I'd like to share where I've been doing that. A discord group of people like you.
Feel free to vent your frustrations out into the void, or reach out to the community for support and advice. Everyone here has gone through or is going through the same thing, we all understand.
The group also hosts events like watching movies or playing games in voice chat. Listening to music together and event hosting karaoke! These events have helped me get through some dark nights and keep me afloat on days I'd otherwise be isolated and alone. There are serious discussions and playful jokes all around. It's also got a strong meme culture brewing, you're bound to have good laughs on the darkest of days.
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2023.06.03 19:14 Remyleboo99 Something quite amazing.

Something quite amazing.
Just the fact that Bitcoin is on CNBC, and it is there to inform all the people who watch it, still blows my mind to this day.
A big portion of the screen allocated to Bitcoin in comparison to the NIKKEI/HANGSENG etc for all the people all around the world to track the price is pretty amazing if you ask me.
Look how far it has come. Just thinking that only a few years ago it was laughed at and would never be featured on mainstream news unless it was terrible news or some kind of mania.
Now it’s mainstream, almost every day, for everyone to see!
It really is quite incredible. Is it ever going to zero?
No one knows.
But it seems pretty solid to me at the moment.
(I know it’s not a meme but I posted it here as I couldn’t post the image on the cryptocurrency subreddit)
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2023.06.03 19:14 Fantastic-Sun9053 PSV Eternity Band from Bobby at Provence

PSV Eternity Band from Bobby at Provence
I’ve been working with Bobby at Provence to create this dream ring of mine and I am so beyond happy with the result! She truly made my dream ring come to life and she’s been amazing to work with. I just wanted some reassurance that it looks perfect in case I’m missing anything from being blinded by it’s beauty lol.
*link to video in the comments
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2023.06.03 19:14 aleco99 Rebuilding prebuilt acer predator

Hey all,
I was just sitting around and gaming but I am getting more and more fed up by the amount of noise my pc is generating. Also its having some heating issues which causes it to black screen (no undervolting or overclocking whatsoever). Since its a prebuilt with a shitty mobo I need to replace some parts to get it inside another case.I also want to replace the power supply to be able to upgrade in the near future to another graphics card (possibly 40 series or maybe AMD) Any advice on parts or whatever is very welcome since this will be my first time 'building' my own pc. I already upgraded the cpu-cooler with the Noctua NH-U9S cause the CPU temps were mental on this pc.
Current Hardware:Predator Orion 3000 (PO3-620) Intel Core i7-10700F / 16 GB DDR4 RAM zwart / 1024 GB SSD/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 (8 GB GDDR6)
Future hardware:
NZXT H7 Flow
Cooler Master MWE 850 Gold V2
GSKILL DDR4 3200 32GB C16 AEGIS K2 2X16GB 1,35V
I am aware that this mobo will need to be replaced in the future as well if i want to upgrade my cpu. I think the nzxt h7 flow will be nice and futureproof.
All advice/comments welcome!
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2023.06.03 19:14 blackbriar98 I can't believe how wrong I was.

I've never been a big Soulsborne player. I've beaten Dark Souls Remastered, mainly because it was on the Switch and I'm away from home a lot. But I needed a few guides to get through and while I did like the game, it didn't leave that lasting an impression on me.
Fast forward to 2022.
I need a new game to get invested in to, and everyone is proclaiming FromSoft's new game an early contender for GOTY. I figured it deserved a look. So I picked it up on Steam and got started. And within a couple of hours I switched it off and uninstalled it. I had to run everywhere (I didn't know how to get Torrent), I didn't figure out how to fast travel (to be fair that was my own bad for not reading the hints) and by the time I got to Margit, he stonewalled me. I couldn't figure out what weapons worked best, how to improve them, how to summon anything that could help me. So I gave up, I figured this was the Soulsborne experience and that it wasn't for me.
Whenever I'd be in discussions regarding it, I'd say it was overrated. That I didn't get it, that it was a phenomenon I'd never understand.
Fast forward to about two weeks ago.
I was watching the Game Awards Orchestra playing the themes of 2022's GOTY contenders, and after a minute they played the Elden Ring theme. Now as anyone who has seen that knows, that shit slapped, hard. But it also made me decide to give Elden Ring another crack. But I went in prepared this time, watched a few videos by FightinCowboy, VaatiVidya etc. and actually made sure that I figured out how shit worked in the early game. That by the time I got to Margit, I'd have at least a basic handle on the mechanics, and if I still gave up, I could at least say I gave it my best shot.
After beating him, six tries later, I quit the game. Figured I'd boot it up again tomorrow, see about taking on his castle. But within ten minutes, I booted the game up again. I had to know what was in there, I had to know if I was capable of taking it on. And it beat my arse a bit, I died a lot (that one Knight in the dark room when the door gets locked behind you, he can get fucked.) But eventually I made it to Godrick, and took him down on my third try. I was already feeling pretty hype after this, I spent the runes and levelled up massively. But then I continued on, ahead of where I fought him. And I came out at the start of Liurnia of the Lakes, and the view blew my mind. I had no idea how big this game would get, and my mind raced with thoughts of what could be beyond the fog, what was hiding in each castle and dungeon.
Just today I defeated Morgott. Yesterday I defeated Radahn. A few days before, I defeated Rennala. Every time I close the game, I am compelled to go straight back in to continue exploring and discovering.
This is one of the best games ever made. There are problems, of course there are. But I can think of few games I've ever played that have left me with such a feeling of wonder, dread, and sheer curiosity.
I was wrong, I was so incredibly wrong about this game.

(Sorry for the spiel, I just had to type that out and my fiancée is getting sick of hearing about it)
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2023.06.03 19:14 epic-bathy-gal a place to heal

Are you in search of a supportive community where you can express your frustrations and seek advice? Look no further! Our group provides a safe and inclusive space for you to share your thoughts and feelings with like-minded individuals.
We host a variety of events, from movie nights to karaoke, bringing us closer together and lifting each other up. Our community is a mix of serious discussions and lighthearted banter, with a strong meme culture that is sure to brighten even the darkest of days.
Check my profile for a link or use the dicsord server invite code: 8NNBGrvWtT
if u have any trouble accessing it, feel free to reach out or comment :)
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2023.06.03 19:14 firebreathingbunny I have created /r/APIcalypse, a subreddit for everything about the upcoming API changes

Discussion around this topic is scattered across the site, with no central location, so I created a subreddit to serve that purpose.
Posting of original material and cross-posting of relevant material are both encouraged.
Subreddit description:
Reddit has announced significant changes to their API, going into effect on July 1, 2023, that effectively eliminate the use of third-party Reddit mobile and web apps. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of this event, proposed solutions, workarounds, hacks, and alternatives, as well as related jokes and memes.
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2023.06.03 19:13 BoredRiches Experience the exhilaration of trading in Yield Pro Simulator's competition. Stand a chance to win up to 5,000 USDC. No risk, just potential rewards. Ready to dive in?

The top three traders who generate the highest simulated profits before 31 July will be rewarded in USDC. Keep an eye on the competition by checking our bi-weekly leaderboard, which will be posted on our community channels throughout the contest.
1st prize: 5,000 USDC
2nd prize: 2,500 USDC
3rd prize: 1,000 USDC
All: 500 locked YLD*
Yield Pro Simulator campaign period: 25 May 2023 at 12:00 AM UTC - 31 July 2023 at 12:00 AM UTC
The competition is open to anyone. If you’ve already got a Yield Pro Simulator account, simply sign up for a new account to enter the competition. Start trading today to see how you stack up against other traders on Yield App.
1. Download Yield Pro Simulator
Download Yield Pro Simulator on iOS or Android to get started.
2. Create an account
We've designed the competition so that it’s fair and inclusive. Only accounts created on or after 25 May will qualify for the contest.
If you're an existing user, don't worry! Simply create a new account to take part.
3. Start trading
Every new account will receive a simulated starting capital of 100,000 USDC. Use these virtual funds to trade on Yield Pro Simulator and maximize your simulated profits.
  1. *Claim 500 locked YLD with your feedback
We count on your feedback to help us improve. Within 72 hours of your first trade, we’ll email you a feedback form.
Be sure to complete it by 7 August to secure a guaranteed reward of 500 locked YLD, which will unlock on 31 December with a 12% APY.
For expert tips and competition updates, join our Yield Pro Telegram group: t.me/YieldPro
. —Join us at: www.yield.app
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2023.06.03 19:13 p0ggerz_br0 when will i know when i’m supposed to pay the first “more expensive” bill?? please help

so i set up my myverizon account last night, after starting a first time service & getting a new phone. i 100% understand the whole having to pay more the first bill thing but i’m confused as to when i will have to pay that?
i set up autopay for the 19th every month. when i go to the bills section of the app, the first screen says “next bill will be generated jul 01” but when i swipe to the “next bill” page it says “waiting to be generated” but also says “expected bill june 03 $250”. do i owe them $250 today right after paying original service fees & taxes yesterday?? i’m really worried about a late payment & i was under the impression from the sales guy that it would take a couple days to generate this initial bill & could be a couple days to a month to when i’ll need to pay it.. i’ve asked a couple people & got different answers & i need to figure out if i need to withdraw from savings to pay this off or not today.. let alone how to pay it?
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