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No Nut November Closed until October 2023

2017.11.03 05:25 yeeval No Nut November Closed until October 2023

Akin to trends like No Shave November, No Nut November is an event where those who have found it hard to go even a few days without masturbating attempt to challenge the dependency, and go the entire month without making the bald man cry. Some do it just for the memes, while others do it for actual self-improvement.

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Subreddit dedicated to the Comic book by writer Mark Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu. It has also been adapted to a 2021 Netflix Anime by Studio Bones. Streaming worldwide on Netflix starting November 25.

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Official subreddit for the horror franchise known as Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF). Official Discord Server: will be updated soon

2023.06.07 01:48 stockratic Reminder About What is Scheduled to Occur by June 30

Reminder About What is Scheduled to Occur by June 30
I include the last item (July) because I believe Rick stated the first demo unit(s) would be delivered to the Big 5 starting at the end of June.
It would be prudent to provide the first unit to the one that asked to test it for one month. That way, the results (and possible orders) could be presented on the Aug EC.
  • W4 CC production: 16 builds/week x 4 weeks x $130,000 ea. = $8.3M/month revenue. (See the Comment in the Catalyst Checklist excerpt above.)
  • If W750 production didn't start till June 1, even 4 builds/week or 16/month, @ $130,000 ea. = $2M/month revenue.
  • So by the Aug EC, whether or not the cash is actually all booked by then, deliveries should be on a $10M PER MONTH REVENUE PACE!!! The Catalyst Checklist shows that 2022 annual revenue was only $3.4M (I hope that is correct). In November 2022, it had been lowered to a range of $5M to $15M, from $15M to $25M.
  • I hope everyone can appreciate the GIANT leap this will be! I am not pumping anything. I am calculating based on what their production was as of May 15 and yes, I am making an assumption that the W750 production started as of June 1 (Q2 per the May EC), and only at 1/4 the production pace of the W4 CC.
  • Remember on one of the video presentations (perhaps Analyst Day), Rick said the Union City plant was going to be "like Toyota" in terms of being able to turn inventory (order materials, land on-site, build the trucks/vans, and send them out the door in an industry leading short amount of time (aka Lean Manufacturing). He has implemented it at other manufacturing plants in his career. It will happen.
  • Note 100% of the W56 parts had been sourced, per the May 15, Q1 EC. That is a BIG deal.
So, until I learn differently, based on FACTS, not historical issues/disappointments etc., I am fully expecting the above results (or very close to them).
I expect the Aug EC to be GREAT! And if any of the Big 5 delivery companies have placed orders and if the Air Force does sign a contract for the first drone, and drone production has started, and Stables & Stalls has been fully converted to EV, it will be a FANTABULOUS EC.
GO WKHS 2023!
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2023.06.07 01:42 binarydiary Resources

Balochi Resources

In this ongoing compilation, I will be curating a list of valuable resources for Balochi language learners. This comprehensive collection will encompass a range of tools, including dictionaries, apps, websites, textbooks, and more, all designed to assist and enhance your language learning journey. Stay tuned as we explore these resources and embark on a rewarding path to mastering Balochi!

Dictionaries / Glossaries


Video Lectures on Balochi Literature

Lessons (The Balochi Language Project, Uppsala University)

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2023.06.07 01:38 HavocDragoonOfficial You Matter!

Okay guys, I'm sorry but this is a seriouspost. And a long one at that.
Mods, I'm sorry if this violates any rules, but I think that what I have to say here is important so please read it all before rendering judgement.
So, where to begin?
I've been feeling worthless lately. I keep on top of the news coming out of Ukraine. I have for the last 467 days, religiously. 0700, 1100, 1330, 1615, 2200. Check Ground News. Check NCD. Check in with OSINT. Check headlines. And what always strikes me is what the hell am I doing?
Not to say "what am I doing wasting my time keeping up", but rather "why aren't I doing something to help?"
To understand where I'm coming from, I'll give you a little background about myself.
I live in England. I don't come from a military family, but for the last three generations across all branches of my family exactly one member has served per generation. My great grandfather served in the navy aboard the HMS Enterprise. My great uncle served in the Manchester Regiment. My uncle served in the Royal Marines. Adding in stepfamily, my stepdad served in the SBS during the Falklands conflict.
My point is: I wasn't raised to believe "military service makes you a man" or anything. But growing up, I fell in love with flying, with military equipment and the sense of duty and camaraderie.
I joined the Air Training Corps at fourteen and, over the next four years worked my way up to Cadet Flight Sergeant. I won awards for Fieldcraft and Marksmanship. I got my Junior Pilot's Licence. I attended the first Air Cadets Future Leaders course at DCC Shrivenham, led a two-day field exercise and was selected Best In Camp by the Group Captain who came to oversee our "passing out parade" (no actual qualifications given out, but it was meant to be a real taste of life as a junior officer) . I made up my mind that I was going to enlist in the RAF as a pilot.
And then I let my family convince me to go to university instead. "You're a bright lad." they said, "You've a great mind for science and numbers, it would be a shame to waste it."
I failed my degree in my third year. I studied Forensic Science and failed my Law module twice. Three years of my life wasted, £45,000 of debt accrued for nothing, and on top of it all I'd realised I was failing and burned every bridge I'd built over those three years, and I'd got out of shape.
At 21 I found myself stuck in a dead-end weekend job working shitty hours for minimum pay, all my hopes and dreams up in flames. I fell hard into depression. Compound that with a pandemic and repeated lockdowns, and I don't mind admitting that I considered taking the easy way out on many an occasion.
I'm still clawing my way out of that today, another four years down the line. November 2021 I finally managed to get myself a decent job, get back into rough shape and thought that the future was looking up.
Then, as we all know, February 2022 happened.
Russia invaded Ukraine and I, along with most of the West, was shocked and appalled. As soon as the first volunteers went over, I made up my mind to go myself. Sure, I was just getting my life back on track, but I couldn't stand idly by and watch, I felt that lingering sense of duty calling to me again. Sure, I'd probably end up dead in a ditch within a couple of weeks, but I made my peace with that. I'd be doing something.
So I made myself a vow.
I was going to Ukraine, and I would come home either in peacetime, or in a body bag.
There was just one problem. My passport had expired and I'd shredded the old one. Being dirt poor and depressed doesn't lend itself to going abroad, so I'd not foreseen a need for it.
By the time my new passport came, the Russians had begun shelling the staging post near Lviv. The Ukrainian Embassy put out a statement not to travel to volunteer. They'd be tightening restrictions. Former servicemen only from there on.
I'd missed my chance. Again.
Needless to say, the depression hit again. But, shortly after, I found this sub. It has been my hub, my rock through this past year.
Recently (very recently) I decided to become a more active member, rather than lurking. I've begun shitposting in the comments, and a couple of days ago made my first original post (about Putin using porn to win the war, of all things).
I've come to realise that, what we do here, what NAFO is doing, it's important.
It's important for people like me. People losing hope, or their sense of purpose, or so wrapped up in "what-ifs" that they begin down a very dangerous rabbit hole.
But it's also important for the wider war. We are part of the information war going on around Ukraine. We are there, reminding people that there is a war going on whether they see it or not. We keep it in the public conscious so they will not forget. We keep up the pressure on politicians to keep the aid flowing. We relentlessly mock the shit out of the incompetence, idiocy and objective evil of the RuAF and the Kremlin.
We may not be boots on the ground, but we are, in our own way, fighting as hard as we can to support Ukraine however we can.
I'm going to quote myself from a comment on my previous post:
Bottom line is, memes are playing a surprisingly large role in the information warfare going on around this war. If not by actively informing people of the facts, at least by keeping the fact that there is a war going on in the public conscious. Its the whole foundation of NAFO.
I missed my chance to enlist in the RAF. When I was young enough, I wasn't fit enough. Now I'm fit enough, I'm too old.
I missed my chance to volunteer to fight in Ukraine. By the time I had my affairs in order and was ready to go, they were turning away volunteers due to Russia shelling the staging post near Lviv.
This is what I can do. I can keep reminding people that the war is happening. I can ensure that people are aware of the atrocities being perpetrated by the RuAF. I can relentlessly mock the barbarity, incompetence and wilful idiocy of the Kremlin and the RuAF.
I may be the little kid in Starship Troopers joining in on the "I'm doing my part!" and getting laughed at, but damn it all if this is the most I can contribute then I'll die before I stop.
What we do, here in this sub, on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube and a myriad other sites, and out in the real world, it matters.
Keep fighting the good fight, my fellow Servicemen and Servicewomen of NCD and NAFO.
And thank you for giving this depressed keyboard warrior a sense of purpose once again.
Slava Ukraini!
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2023.06.07 01:32 gammxnao Difficulty learning new things

for context, i’ve been producing on and off since november 2021, started off using just looperman samples but laying my own very generic drums, and since then have been using VSTs to make my own melodies and laying more complex drums than i had been. i’ve experimented with multiple genres/subgenres from DNB, dark R&B, trap, boombap, pop, etc. But recently, all my beats have been sounding boring and whenever i try to add stuff i just cant find the pieces that fit. recently there’s usually so much missing in my beats despite consistently watching videos daily on how to improve chords, add texture and background elements, select better sounds, etc. and for some reason I feel like i’m regressing and going back to how I was when i first started. I think that I just cant learn how to produce properly and its gotten me to doubt my skills and how far ive come. I have a strong belief that ive hit a wall thats much harder to climb over than i previously have had.
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2023.06.07 01:27 xrissxa just looking for critiques

ive had a handful of interviews in the last few weeks and one offer that i did not accept because there was too much travel required. mostly applying to sales roles because that’s where my experience is, ive had a couple of phone screens for accounting roles and some project management entry level roles. ive tried to keep it simple, i just wanted to see if there’s anywhere i could improve.
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2023.06.07 01:15 Acieldama Maybe you just need a break.

I don't know who needs to read this, but I just thought I would share my experience. I got out into the field with a Bachelor's and no experience in 2008. Worked production-heavy, design-light jobs at FasSigns shops for 4 years after spending two years struggling to get my foot in the door anywhere. Finally got an in-house design position and stayed there for 5 years.
Towards the end of 2021 I had to admit that I was totally burned out and couldn't see myself feeling that sense of passion and satisfaction with my work again like I did in college. There were definitely toxic and ignorant supervisors/marketing directors that did their part in sucking the life out of me, as well as a stint of ocular migraines that were increasing in frequency, but the bottom line is that I felt graphic design just wasn't the career for me anymore.
I'm still paying student loans, and that sinking feeling that I wasted so much time, money and effort in a career with obvious major issues that none of my professors ever discussed with us really started to hit me.
By now I believe many of you are nodding your heads, empathizing with this, and it's to your that I am speaking. Maybe you need a break. I realize not everyone is in a situation where they can just financially quit and coast on savings, but if you can, or you can get by on a low-stress physical labor job for a year or so, I definitely recommend it. If you feel like you're absolutely done, everything is hopeless, you simply are not a designer anymore, I recommend this break.
Like most of us, when I first started out, I was excited and inspired by certain designs I saw out in the world day today. By the end of 2021, noticing designs that I may once have gravitated towards just gave me anxiety. After taking a break for the past year and a half, I've noticed that I am finally able to connect with that original sense of excitement and motivation when seeing such designs. I thought me and design was over, but I find myself buying books on typography again, and obviously visiting the sub Reddit again.
I'm not sure if I will ever re-join the corporate world, but I have started doing freelance and it has been a positive experience coming back. What I'm trying to say is, for those of you who think about taking a break, or feel like you are completely burned out on graphic design and you will never have positive feelings about it again, take a break if you can. I never believed that I would have positive feelings about Our practice again, but it turns out it just took some distance and time. If you were worried about an employer asking about that year or two or three gap in your résumé, just tell them you were working freelance and to fuck off.
Good luck and best wishes out there in our brave new AI world.
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2023.06.07 01:12 The_Trekspert eBooks of Grimoires I-V available via Humble Bundle!

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2023.06.07 01:03 thecapedemancipator My new library and its official proprietor.

It's off a sidewalk across from a park, so hopefully I get some takers soon 😺
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2023.06.07 00:59 Apart-Fun7133 Would the answer choice “this time” be redundant information

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2023.06.07 00:56 chickasawcool How do I reduce the number of cards that I currently have? What are the two best cards for my situation?

I have collected quite a bit of credit cards over the years. They've also gotten me into trouble with debt and has been difficult to manage. I've recently just paid off all my credit cards (with the exception of the Petal One card) and I'm looking to reduce the number of cards I have and to have the best selection of cards to get rewards. This has affected my credit score which I'm looking to work on building.
I travel for work around 2-3x a quarter and would like to travel 2-3x a year for fun (weddings, trips, etc.). So I think a travel card would be cool. Other than that, I'd just like a card with the most perks. I like to go out to eat, nightlife, sporting events, concerts, etc.

Any recommendations would be awesome. Thank you!

Card Limit Date Opened
Apple $3,700 Nov 2020
Citi Double Cash $4,000 May 2019
CapOne SavorOne $3,000 Nov 2019
Discover IT $2,700 Jan 2018
CapOne QuisksilverOne Cash Rewards $1,350 Nov 2018
Amex Gold $1,300 (as of April) Nov 2021
Petal One $1,700 Mar 2023
Upgrade Cash Rewards $2,000 Jan 2018
Store Cards
Sweetwater Card $1,330 Nov 2021
J Crew Card $500 Jan 2018
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2023.06.07 00:45 laddiemawery [US] [Selling] 4k, Blu Ray, Steelbooks, Anime, Arrow Video

Prices do not include media mail shipping
Limited Editions
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LifeLabsMedia 001 - Dragon (2011) Opened $100
Sheep Without A Shepherd Sealed $65
Turbo Kid Full Slip (Amaray not steelbook) Sealed $75
MLIFE Isle of Dogs Sealed $75
Arrow Video
$190 for all
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8 Diagram Pole Fighter Sealed $20
Blind Beast Sealed $20
Come Drink With Me Sealed $20
Female Prisoner Scorpion Collection Sealed $50
One Arm Boxer Sealed $20
Pitch Black 4k Sealed $25
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Sixteen Candles (Region B) Opened $15
The Daimajin Trilogy Sealed $40
Premium Steelbooks
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HDZeta Zack Snyders Justice League OC Sealed $215
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Harry Potter 4k Box Set (WB EU Store) Sealed $300
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2023.06.07 00:28 erickvxaf (Selling) Evil Dead Rise / John Wick: Chapter 4 4K / One Ranger / Polite Society / Renfield / The Super Mario Bros. Movie 4K / Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 4K / Spinning Gold / Creed III 4K / Shazam! Fury of the Gods 4K / The James Bond: 24-Movie Collection

All 4K are $6, all HD are $4, except noted. I will take reasonable offers on bundles. PayPal only.
UNTOUCHED: A Quiet Place: Part II - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Adaptation - MA/VUDU - 4K - $7 Alita: Battle Angel - MA/VUDU - 4K Ambulance - MA/VUDU - 4K American Psycho - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Babylon - VUDU or iTunes - 4K - $7 Bad Boys for Life - MA/VUDU - 4K Beast - MA/VUDU - HD - $5 Black Adam - MA/VUDU - 4K - $7 Bullet Train - MA/VUDU - HD Chaos Walking - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Cloverfield - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Cool Hand Luke - MA/VUDU - 4K - $8 Creed III - VUDU - HD/4K - $7 / $11 Daybreakers - VUDU - 4K Don't Worry Darling - MA/VUDU - HD Downton Abbey: A New Era - MA/VUDU - HD Dune - MA/VUDU - 4K Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves - VUDU or iTunes - 4K - $11 Edward Scissorhands - MA/VUDU - HD Evil Dead Rise - MA/VUDU - HD - $13 Fantasy Island - MA/VUDU - HD Fast and Furious: 9-Movie Collection - MA/VUDU - 4K - $40 Firestarter - MA/VUDU - HD - $5 Gallipoli - VUDU or iTunes - HD - $7 Gattaca - MA/VUDU - 4K Green Book - MA/VUDU - HD Green Lantern: Beware My Power - MA/VUDU - 4K Halloween Ends - MA/VUDU - 4K - $7 Halloween Kills - MA/VUDU - 4K Highlander - VUDU - 4K Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Honest Thief - MA/VUDU - HD - $5 Interstellar - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Jackass Forever - VUDU or iTunes - HD/4K John Wick: Chapter 4 - VUDU or iTunes - 4K - $13 Kingsman: 2-Movie Collection - MA/VUDU - 4K - $12 Last Christmas - MA/VUDU - HD Last Night in Soho - MA/VUDU - 4K Mad Max: 4-Movie Collection - MA/VUDU - 4K - $20 Men - VUDU - HD - $5 Missing - MA/VUDU - HD - $7 Mission: Impossible - 6-Movie Collection - VUDU or iTunes - 4K - $30 Moonfall - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Morbius - MA/VUDU - 4K Mortal Kombat (2021) - MA/VUDU - 4K Nope - MA/VUDU - HD Old - MA/VUDU - 4K One Ranger - VUDU or iTunes - HD/4K - $12 Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre - VUDU or iTunes - 4K - $10 Ordinary People - VUDU or iTunes - HD - $7 Paranormal Activity: The Ultimate Chills Collection - VUDU or iTunes - HD - $25 Peter Rabbit: 2-Movie Collection - MA/VUDU - HD - $8 Plane - VUDU or iTunes - 4K - $7 Polite Society - MA/VUDU - HD - $8 Rambo: 5-Movie Collection - VUDU - 4K - $20 Ready or Not - MA/VUDU - HD Red Eye - VUDU - 4K - $7 Red Rocket - VUDU - HD Renfield - MA/VUDU - HD - $10 Reservoir Dogs - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Rocky: The Knockout Collection - VUDU - 4K - $20 Saint Maud - VUDU - HD Scream (2022) - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Seriously Red - VUDU - HD - $6 Shazam! Fury of the Gods - MA/VUDU - 4K - $10 She Said - MA/VUDU - HD - $7 Spider-Man: 3-Movie Collection - MA/VUDU - 4K - $18 Spider-Man: No Way Home - MA/VUDU - 4K Spinning Gold - MA/VUDU - HD - $8 Spirit Untamed: The Movie - MA/VUDU - HD Stillwater - MA/VUDU - HD Studio 666 - MA/VUDU - HD Teen Spirit - MA/VUDU - HD The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection - MA - 4K - $15 The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection Vol. 2 - MA - 4K - $20 The Amazing Spider-Man: 2-Movie Collection - MA/VUDU - 4K - $12 The Art of Self-Defense - MA/VUDU - HD The Batman - MA/VUDU - 4K The Black Phone - MA/VUDU - HD - $5 The Cabin in the Woods - VUDU or iTunes - 4K The Craft: Legacy - MA/VUDU - HD The Dentist Collection - VUDU - HD - $6 The Fabelmans - MA/VUDU - 4K - $9 The Godfather: 3-Movie Collection - VUDU or iTunes - 4K - $15 The Green Knight - VUDU - 4K The Grudge (2020) - MA/VUDU - HD The Invisible Man (2020) - MA/VUDU - HD The James Bond: 24-Movie Collection - VUDU - HD - $75 The Lost Boys - MA/VUDU - 4K The Lost City - VUDU or iTunes - 4K The Maltese Falcon - MA/VUDU - 4K - $8 The Marksman - MA/VUDU - HD The Remains of the Day - MA/VUDU - 4K - $8 The Shawshank Redemption - MA/VUDU - 4K The Super Mario Bros. Movie - MA/VUDU - HD/4K - $12 / $15 The Whale - VUDU - HD - $8 The Woman King - MA/VUDU - 4K - $8 Ticket to Paradise - MA/VUDU - HD - $6 Uncharted - MA/VUDU - HD Vivo - MA/VUDU - HD - $5 Voyagers - VUDU or iTunes - 4K Wander Darkly - VUDU or iTunes - HD Yesterday - MA/VUDU - HD You Were Never Really Here - VUDU - HD
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2023.06.07 00:19 diamondsam2 Could use some resume advice! TIA

I just graduated and struggling to land a job in finance. Ideally, I want to work in capital markets but I know I will have to return to school for that. In the meantime, I'm looking to get my foot in the door and hopefully, in a role, I can move into the front office. Any advice as to what I can change to get interviews?
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2023.06.07 00:18 Goobeeful My Road to #Croker300, a tale of love and loss.

My first Raiders game in attendance was in Round 25, 2013 against the Warriors. Prior to this, based on the Raiders form at that point I had told my old man that I would just be happy if I got to see Jarrod Croker kick a conversion. What I got was his first ever career hat-trick, granted it had come after SJ and Vatuvei's hat-tricks so we lost 50-16, but his efforts had solidified a one-sided love affair that has taken up too much of my time than I would like to admit for the last 10 years.
One year later I was back seeing my boys in Auckland again and after last year was confident enough to claim that I was 100% going to see a Croker try, and I got a double by the man himself, albeit at the hands of another 50 point thrashing. In 2015 I was unable to go for a reason that alludes me, but I vowed after then to never miss a Raiders game in NZ again. In 2016 I made my old man drive us 5 hours down to New Plymouth so I could keep my promise to myself and was rewarded with another Croker try, putting him equal 3rd on the Raiders try scorer list and my first time ever seeing the Raiders win in person. However it was a season that ended in heartbreak for me as in the Preliminary Final against the Storm, Edrick Lee had forgotten how to play rugby league and Croker had dislocated his kneecap early on in the contest and was unable to kick the 2 conversions from tries that would have seen him become just the 4th player to reach 300 points in a season. 2017? Another Raiders win and another Croker try for my troubles, as well as the birth of the shortlived JarrodCroker subreddit.
2018 was not a good year, I had intensive-ish spinal fusion surgery which greatly limited my mobility for a while however I managed to haul myself out to see the Croker-less Raiders fail to win without the great man. One bright spot of the year was during my depression one of my good friends from on this website infact managed to hold Croker hostage and get him to record a nice little video for me, although my name was in fact not Stewart. However I appreciated the effort enough that I reached out to Croker via social media to thank him at least for the effort, as he had managed to lift my spirits in what were at the time some of my darkest days and got the most heartfelt and soul-warming response that has ever been sent in human history:
What a man.
2019 we got the win in Auckland for Soliola's 300th (Why would you play a 300th away from home?) as we powered our way to the Grand Final which we 100% won regardless of what the result said. stfu. I didn't know it at the time but as of time of writing is the last time the Raiders played in NZ.
As we know 2020 resulted in the games being played in Australia so no-go for me there. In early March 2021 I had my heart broken (not by Croker) which while it fucked me mentally for the rest of the year, I decided I was just going to throw what mental strength I had left back into supporting the boys all out. 2 weeks later a local cinema decided they were going to show the Raiders vs Warriors game live so I hauled myself out of my mental slumber just to see the Raiders throw away a 25-6 halftime lead to lose in the closing moments, and seeing that on a fucking cinema screen just hits you different.
2021 no games again, and Croker had been limited to 12 games due to his long-troublsome knee starting to giving out on him and I was beginning to lose hope of seeing my boy in lights again. Croker got stem-cell surgery later in the year to try and fix his knee in a bid to fend off medical retirement.
2022 resulted in a lone Croker appearance as upon his return from injury he put his body on the line to stop a late Bulldogs try and dislocated his shoulder, while he avoided surgery initally he put his body on the line yet again in a fearsome attempt to grab his TV remote and redislocated his shoulder, resulting in the need for surgery and reigniting fears of a forced medical retirement. My fears of never seeing Croker play again had reached their highest peak, despite him reaffirming he was going to fight on.
This year he fought off calls from Ricky Stuart early on to retire and wanted to prove he was still up to playing NRL. In Round 6 after a Panthers thrashing the group went to Stuart and pleaded for the return of Croker in the team. And return he did. Against the Broncos who were yet to lose a game Croker put in an all-time performance to lead the team to a hard fought and bloodshed 20-16 win and solidified his return to the top grade.
And just a few weeks later the Raiders would head back to Brisbane to face up against the Bulldogs in Magic Round.
And after 3 long hard years of waiting. I was there.
I had reached out to the absolute legends over at NRLPremiumPlus to see what they were gonna be up to, and lo and behold I was very graciously offered a seat with them for the Raiders game as I would have otherwise been by myself for the opening night. When Rapana scored on the opening set I knew we were gonna be in for a good night. But never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that in the 57th minute, for the first time in 6 years, I would see Jarrod Croker run in a try, proceeding to almost lose my voice in the 30 seconds afterwards. Seeing Croker play again, let alone score was something that at times I thought I would never have the oppurtunity to see again and it was the cherry on top of a perfect Magic Round, although it could be argued that the real memories were the friends I made along the way.
Returning home to Auckland, while significantly poorer I had booked a few tickets for the Raiders upcoming return to Auckland in July, hoping that Magic Round would not be the last time I would see Croker play ball but if it was, I think I would have been OK with it. I missed viewing 80% of Crokers 299th game against the Rabbitohs as I was out for the night but saw the boys hold on to the end and saw Sticky in the press conference saying he was going to rest Croker against the Tigers so that he would be able to run out for game 300 infront of a home crowd with his family and friends in attendance, a heart-warming gesture that shows how much Croker means to the club.
Going home I triple-checked my schedule to make sure I had nothing going on so that I could watch Croker's 300th without any distractions and for the first time in a while my weekend was clear. However the next morning I received a message which changed my life.
Aw shit.
As you are reading this I will be getting my affairs in order for a flash-trip across the tasman to head to Canberra for the first time in my life to see my heros 300th game in what will hopefully be a sell-out crowd for my first time at GIO Stadium, if you are around come say hi and more importantly if you know anyway of getting me in the same photo frame as Croker please let me know.
It's been a pleasure to hang around here for more than a few years and share my love of Croker with you all through the highs and the lows and I couldn't pick a favourite person who I have had the pleasure of interacting with since you are all amazing. (Except Aces, Aces is my favourite).
Much love and up the milk,
p.s Here's some Croker highlights Incredible try saver on RTS Moving to 3rd on the all-time points scored leaderboard Flexing his acrobatic abilities Croker's 100th NRL try Scoring the winning try/conversion in his 100th NRL game Winning the game in golden point Croker and Cotrics celebration after reaching the 2019 GF
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2023.06.07 00:13 IceyTurtless Evolution of ICYMI

Back in 2021, Jon posted two tracklists for an album.

The earlier version, posted Jan 2021, shows 10 tracks, and I think we have heard 8 of them.
Scifi, Waiting Room, Call Me Back, and Duvidha are on ICYMI
Redemption (Arc?) was played during the Anniversary Tour
Sync was teased on his TikTok
And lastly, the official names of the deluxe tracks are Can't and The Love U Need
That leaves crush and my ne- as the only tracks we haven't gotten yet

when its good
This was posted sometime in late 2021 and is a lot closer to the album we got
Tracks 1-8, and 10 have pictures that correlate with pictures in the deluxe book (except scifi, but it is probably #3)
Tracks 14/18 appear to say "the love you need" as the last line
He said that Reaching 2 was first written in Oct 2021, which I believe is after this was teased
I have no clue about Closer 2
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2023.06.07 00:04 queenofthedamed101 AITBA for making my husband pick sides?

My (F24 at the time) husband (M26 at the time) and I have been together for 6 years (at the time). His mother has not liked me since I told her that my favorite book is Harry Potter. She enjoys talking shit about me behind my back to my husband.
My grandmother died in December 2018 and we went to her house for a visit about two weeks after. I thought I was fine and could handle it for a weekend. We get there late cause my husband had to work and she stayed up to let us in. We all go shopping the next day. After we come home my husband and I go inside and to our rooms to relax (I don’t bother asking if she needs help because she always says no when I ask) I watch a movie and my husband takes a nap. When I’m done with my movie, I go out to her living room and sit on the couch with a book and she comes storming out and says to me “I think you both are so ignorant. I stayed up so late to let you in and drove to the mall and carried everything in by myself. You two didn’t even try to help. I already ate dinner and cleaned everything up”. She storms away. So I put my book down and go back to my room pack our stuff and wake up my husband and tell him what happened and that we are leaving. He gets up and I can hear him talk to her and explain that I’m not emotionally stable (I still had not processed my grandmothers death). He gets everything sorted and we finish our visit.
We got married last May and because of COVID, it was small. We explained to her that we were going to have the small marriage celebration and then a larger wedding in 2021. She straight up told me “that’s dumb” and then when we went to visit her in February of 2021 for her birthday, she didn’t even acknowledge that we were legally married. That was the first time I stood up for myself to her. Then the wedding was in July of 2021 and I bent over backwards to get accommodations for her and her old as shit dog that she treats better than her own son. The week of the wedding, she told my husband that she didn’t want us to come get her like we had planned. She wanted someone to meet her in a town 1.5 hours away from where the wedding was, and lead her to it. There was no way anyone would be able to do that because everyone involved was going to be busy setting up the reception hall and the pavilion for the ceremony. Then she wanted to bring someone (no problem except we didn’t have anywhere for them) two days before the wedding she told us she wasn’t coming. That’s fine her loss.
The last time I saw/spoke to her, was the weekend before Christmas In 2022. We were having a fine time, then on Sunday morning while she was listening to her live stream of her church with a children’s choir singing way off key, I chose to put in an earphone so that I could listen to my own stuff. My husband came out about five mins later, while she was in the kitchen, and he and I start talking about the books we were listening to. She sits down and makes a comment (I don’t remember what) and he and I give out opinions about the comment. Then she just stands up and says “I’m not gonna sit here and be disrespected like this” and walks off. He gets up and they have an argument about me apparently being disrespectful the entire time I’ve been there except that I haven’t. She comes back out and sits in the living room he comes back out and sits in the dining room. I get up to go pack our stuff because we’re gonna be leaving that day after dinner. As I am in the bedroom packing I can hear her going off again to my husband about me and how I put in my head phone instead of being serenaded by a bunch of off key children. At this point I had had enough and just stormed out there and started shouting at her about how that wasn’t why I was putting in my headphone and about how that’s not disrespectful if I wanted to listen to my own stuff then if I would’ve just let it play that would’ve been disrespectful. And she makes a comment about how because I’m young I can’t possibly understand what’s going on. And just as I’m about to respond my husband stands up and shouts at us both to shut up and tells me to go to the car. Now my husband does not shout unless he is wildly overstimulated. I immediately shut up and gather everything except for the Christmas gifts and the bridal shower gift that she had given us. As I’m walking out to the car I can hear him shout “I don’t care if you don’t like her. I like her. I love her. And if you don’t get your shit together you will never see us again and when you die alone it’ll be your fault“ We have not spoken to her since. Now I feel like I have made him choose between me and her. Am I the bad apple?
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2023.06.06 23:49 FakeElectionMaker Leansque (meaning Lion-esque in the country's native language) is a fictional country located in Western Europe.

Leansque (meaning Lion-esque in the country's native language) is a fictional country located in Western Europe.
Slide 1, clockwise from top:
  • Blank map of Leansque
  • Rivers of Leansque
  • Climate map of Leansque, using the Koppen classification system
  • Provinces of Leansque
  • Blank provinces of Leansque
  • Cities over 100,000 inhabitants
  • All land Leansque has ever controlled
Slide 2
The Lion of Judah was the symbol of Al-Asad.
The emirate had Islam as its official religion, but people of the book (Christians and Jews) were tolerated, as long as they paid the jizya and obeyed Muslim authorities.
Given its ethnic diversity, Al-Asad was unstable even during the 760s, with banditry being commonplace in its eastern and western borders. In Vasconia, there's the popular folk tale of a Robin Hood-style bandit that has been turned into books and movies.
Slide 3
In 1813, the failure of the French invasion of Russia caused Leansque to turn against Napoleon.
That same year, Guyana was given back to Britain, after a decade of occupation.
In March 1813, Leansque declared war on France, and launched an invasion through the Western Alps with the backing of 25,000 English forces. Within two months, Nantes and Bordeaux had been captured, and in July, a major French offensive failed. The front entered a stalemate until October, when the French defeat at Leipzig motivated the Coalition, and the Leansquean-British force won the battle of Tours.
With Paris surrounded by both sides, on 2 November 1813, Napoleon abdicated and went into exile in Elba.
Slide 4
The person in the image is Felipe Pereira (1770-1829), who uses Pedro I as a faceclaim due to being a fictional person and Brazil not existing.
Felipe was a Leansquean noble considered to be the country's greatest commander in the Napoleonic wars. He was the cousin of Renato Pereira (1752-1809), the Vice-King of Brazil between 1802 and 1808 who was known for repelling a British invasion of the colony.
Slide 5
Communes (Leansquean: comunas) of Leansque.
The country has 153 comunas among its 15 provinces.
Soon, I am going to make demographic maps with them, by urbanization, first language and largest political party.
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2023.06.06 23:48 Chun-Li_Forever "YOUR FAVORITE ROLES" - SUZIE YEUNG

Check here [YOUR FAVORITE ROLES - (animedub's collection of favorite Voice Actors and their Roles)] for rules and previous names.
Anime News Network
Behind The Voice Actors

(I'll try to contain myself with this one)
"Yuffie was the very first role I auditioned for and booked in LA. Quite literally, I received the audition the day after I arrived. At the time, I didn't have an agent and only a couple credits to my name..." ~ Suzie Yeung, April 2021
"I love Yuffie so much I just spent 30 mins writing about the intricacies and layers of her character and idk may post about it one day Btw it’s been exactly 3 years since I got the audition for her" ~ Suzie Yeung, June 2023
Been waiting a while to do this one: Probably one of the biggest breakouts in anime VO in the past three years, and one of my personal top 3 all-time VAs, the every so talented, the very sweet, and overall Best Bean: Suzie Yeung.
Her very first role she booked was on Sound Cadence's Kemono Friends, and at the time, she was still living, working, and going to school in Boston. But as if fate were calling to her, she packed up and moved to Tx and then eventually moved to LA. And for any proof that this is what she was meant to do with her life, as mentioned above, just one day she got into LA, she got the audition for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade as Yuffie. Already a solid staple on the LA side of CR dubs, as well as Netflix anime and video games. From roles that will make you get on your knees and bark like a dog, to the bestest of best beans, to strong and virtuous, and the must-protecs. A talented person in the booth and just as a nice of a person outside the booth as well in conventions or when streaming.
(Personal story: Suzie Yeung was the very first VA i've ever met at a convention. I've never been to a convention before, and my introverted ass doesn't like giantass crowds. But I went to one in my area, and she was the first VA I've ever met and intertacted with. And I mean it, she really is the nicest person.)
What are your favorite roles?

- Makima (Chainsaw Man): This... just all of this.
- Yuffie (Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade): Fun fact, I've never played a single FF game until I've seen her stream FF7R, and it inspired me to pick it up for the first time, similar story, watching Erika Harlacher stream P5R inspired me to pick up Persona for the first time in my life.
Suzie makes Yuffie so much fun, so much personality, and very emotional when it hit too. Like if I had to pick up one role that would represent the best of Suzie Yeung, it would be Yuffie.
- Vladilena Milizé (86): One of my favorite characters of 2021: compassionate to the 86 when no one else would be, and fierce (Especially with the "WHO GIVES A SHIT" line). Another one of her best.
- Jing Xialian (Appare-Ranman): One of my favorite roles she's voiced, reminding me of a certain kickass Chinese character breaking gender barriers. Def the role that started making me a big fan of hers.
- Yuri Honjō (High-Rise Invasion)
- Sumi Sakurazawa (Rent a Girlfriend)
- Eula Lawrence (Genshin Impact)
Honorable Mentions
- Erika (Akebi's Sailor Uniform)
- Ayumu Uehara (Love Live Nijigasaki)
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2023.06.06 23:40 NotOmarTorrijos My experience after visiting Bodmin Jail - past life memories? Spiritual attachment?

In August of 2018 I visited the famously haunted Bodmin Jail with my family, aged 16. It wasn't until 2021, after a period of severe depression/anxiety that my brain started to allow me to put some pieces together, and I believe this visit to the jail left me with 'something'. I feel as though a part of the jail is still with me. I'm going to try and explain in the best way I can.
At 16 years old I wasn't a solid believer in the paranormal. I was into Paranormal shows, watched all the trashy ghost hunting shows out there, and had a large collection of books on the subject, but I'd never experienced anything with my own senses that I could confidently describe as paranormal. I was completely open to it, but I'd never experienced it myself. I also, thankfully, had no experience with mental health issues. I'd made it through school confident, grounded, perfectly comfortable with myself, and looking forward to the future. Hopefully this will give you some context to what I'm about to try and describe.
Flash forward to a family holiday to Cornwall in 2018, and we'd decided to visit Bodmin Jail, having seen photos online of the incredible abandoned wings of the prison, overgrown with ivy and slowly decaying behind the layers of moss. We'd visited many similar sites over the years and although prisons have an inherently spooky vibe to them, something about Bodmin felt immediately different to me. I remember feeling as though I could easily have maxed out a heart rate monitor as we walked through the gates into the courtyard. My memory of the building and our tour around it is a little fragmented since it took place 5 years ago, but I'll try my best. I recall first descending narrow stairs with a cast iron handrail into a basement section of the building. Once in the lower levels, I felt a sudden wave of complete emotional overload. It felt as though I could physically feel all of the emotions of the building; the air felt like it was squeezing my stomach and I felt completely dissociated from my surroundings. It's one of the worst sensations I've felt to this day. I described it to my girlfriend like the feeling you get in a nightmare where not just events or places are bad, but your entire being is bad; you're existing on a plane of reality constructed from pain and fear. Something I felt specifically in the basement area is the sense that things happened there which are not known about. As if all of the people who suffered there were screaming out that there were crimes committed against them in those lower levels of the building which were never discovered; forms of abuse or punishment which were far more extreme and perverted than what is common knowledge about prisons of the era.
Other parts of the jail felt terrible still, but none as hopeless and dark as the lower levels. The only other area which felt comparable to the basement was an area located at the entrance to the naval wing of the jail. I vaguely remember an entrance to a shaft of some kind, possibly a lift or chimney, which has a very foreboding aura about it. Interestingly I felt completely disconnected from the execution pit on display there. On paper this should be a more sinister part of the tour, but I remember feeling far less suffocated there, and as if a part of my subconscious recognised the area as 'wrong'. A voice in a deep part of my brain was telling me "wait, this isn't how it looked". I've never experienced a feeling like it.
In the months following, I began college, and not long after my first term, began experiencing things I'd never felt before. Moments where I would again feel the same sense of darkness and panic that I did in the basement of Bodmin Jail, days where it felt as though my brain was trapped somewhere, but my body was free. I remember occasions where I cried out of the blue for no reason. Nothing was happening in my life which would trigger these reactions, my life was going well by all accounts, although it did not stay this way in the coming years. By the following winter I had decided to see a therapist. I was struggling in so many areas of my mental health, most interestingly that I would panic in a space where I was 'shut in'. Classrooms with closed doors/busses/rooms with no clear exit. A therapist even told me once that my symptoms reflected those of someone struggling with PTSD, and explicitly listed an example of someone who had previously been incarcerated. Somehow I still didn't connect the dots; the visit to the jail had not crossed my mind for a long time.
During my recovery from this period of depression, I developed an interest in meditation and spirituality. Meditation was without a doubt one of the most powerful tools to my recovery and I inevitably found myself researching different types of meditation practices. One day I decided to follow a guided meditation track designed to help you to recall images from past lifetimes. Whilst I never came to any meaningful conclusions about past lives, I did encounter several very vivid images whilst doing the meditation, which I drew on scrap paper immediately afterwards. One image, a clock tower, seemed oddly familiar. At some point that day, it dawned on me that the clock tower was in fact the clock tower located not far from Bodmin Jail, near a set of roundabouts in the village. All of the memories the jail, the visit, and the sensations I felt there came back to me, and I felt completely engulfed, the same way I felt in the basement of the jail. I spent time researching the jail, and discovered after a while that the clock tower stands were the original town gallows were located, before gallows were constructed inside the prison walls.
It took me a good while to reach the conclusion that the visit to the jail way well have been the trigger for all of the emotional turmoil I went through. The random intense feelings I continue to encounter occasionally out of the blue of angefeahopelessness/being trapped/feeling betrayed may not be as random as I'd previously thought. I think I'm still in the slow process of accepting that I didn't leave from that jail alone. Something came with me, be it the memories and feelings of another who suffered there, or my own memories and experiences from a previous lifetime. Either way, my life has been different ever since. Although mentally I made a good recovery (despite 2 years of hell), I have never felt the same. Like sometimes I'll be enjoying a good day, and something just materialises inside me and I'm right back in those basement levels. I feel scared, trapped, sick, cold, angry...and then it vanishes as quickly as it came. I've seen other posts on Reddit about this location, and I'm hoping to hear some other stories about it. If you've visited the location or have any kind of experience with attachments or past life memories, please comment. I'd love to hear your stories. Thank you for taking the time to read.
Some further interesting points:
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2023.06.06 23:35 Western_Raspberry_57 Supplementary report from Douwey and spook foia Frankblock draco and Lil trey were the ones inside the house and all were arrested but Twon and Fatz got charged. Supplementary also shows douwey and spook gunshot wounds

Supplementary report from Douwey and spook foia Frankblock draco and Lil trey were the ones inside the house and all were arrested but Twon and Fatz got charged. Supplementary also shows douwey and spook gunshot wounds submitted by Western_Raspberry_57 to Chiraqhits [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 23:33 beautifulmess579 Help me identify this mystery gown!

Help me identify this mystery gown!
Scrolling through wedding gowns online a few months ago I came across a gown with a neckline I loved, didn’t bookmark it, can’t stop thinking about it, and I can’t find it again. I’ll describe based on my best recollection. It was either silk or satin with either a cowl neckline or a gathered sweetheart neckline and it had lace peeking out the top from behind the neckline. I remember the neckline similar to the first two photos (but with lace peeking out). It’s not any of the gowns pictured here. Any ideas? Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me and I’m mid-remembering?
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2023.06.06 23:32 Flimsy-Comparison-76 ed arrufo

is it ok to solely rely on ed arrufo rules for essays? why are the rules not in order? how can you get ed arrufo 2022 or 2023 rule book on amazon? amazon says the book is updated for 2022 rules but the book still says 2021?
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