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2023.06.03 20:25 Moons_overmyhammies New to cycling- trouble getting on bike & riding

Need anyone’s advice on how to get me through my mental block and fear. I got a road bike a few months ago. It’s fitted for my exact measurements and I have all the basic gear including speedplay pedals, etc. For fitness, I have a Peloton. I’m not a stranger to clipless but I use SPD with my Peloton. I also know how to ride a bike in general. I knew that going into road cycling would be very different.
When I try to go out for a ride, or some reason, I just can’t. I replaced the clipless pedals with normal flat pedals, am wearing sneakers thinking it’ll help, but it doesn’t. I think there’s a combination of things that are messing with my confidence:
I tried bringing a pedal up to 45 with every intention to step down and get going but it’s like I’m scared and I freeze up. Open to any advice. At this point I’m just sad and disappointed in myself. I just want to get out there and ride!
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2023.06.03 20:24 jonipoka Decorating a house with radiant heating

We have radiant heating the travels along the base of many of our walls. It does an excellent job of heating the house.
It makes room layouts difficult, especially in smaller rooms, like my office. I'd love to push a bench underneath a window for a cute reading spot. Or maybe line a wall with bookshelves. Or put in banquette seating in the dining area, but the radiant heating along the base of the walls gets in the way.
I'd also love to place plants near the window, but the heating always dries them out, even plants that prefer drier climate. We live in a very dry climate, and the radiant heat makes it worse for those plants.
Does anyone have any tips for decorating in spaces with floor radiant heat?
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2023.06.03 20:23 Hedonopoly Do I have two tickets or four?

I paid StubHub prices for Brandi Carlile for August, two tickets. I received four, two general admission and two for our sectioned seating area. Are all four for the two people, like do they scan my general admission upon entrance and then scan my seat tickets for our section? Or did someone screw up and give us two extra GA Tix? If we have extra I'd love to give to our friends hosting us since we are flying in from MN. Thanks for any info in advance!
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2023.06.03 20:22 diggadagger Is it worth buying a 4 year old diesel while living in Ulez or will i have to replace it in a few years?

I currently have a non ulez 7 seater and in August Ulez arrives in my area. I need another big 7 seater and diesels seem much more common and affordable, but Im worried ill fall into the same trap im currently in and have to replace it in a few years.
I also need to take a 7 year loan to pay for it so my aim is to keep it for 7 years like I did with my current car.
Any advice is greatly welcome. Reason for a 7 seater is I need 3 car seats next to each other and extra seats so a smaller 7 seater doesn't work.
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2023.06.03 20:20 Coffee_Cardio iPad Holder (Yukon)

Just got a 23 Yukon, and my three kids have iPads for long road trips. Any recommendations for a back of seat iPad holder that isn’t awful looking?
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2023.06.03 20:18 Kooky-Noise-8307 Is it me

I’m a 27f and I’ve been single for the better portion of the last two years. Meaning I have not had any sexual or casual relationships with men. I’ve purposely chosen this as I wanted to heal from a pretty toxic relationship.
A guy I went to college with slid in my DM’s on Instagram. I want to be courted and that is SO hard to find these days so when he was like I want to take you here, tell me what day, I was like omg I’ve hit the jackpot. But our dates have been everything short of chemistry. I’ve been on first dates in the past where I can recognize we’re totally aligned and things just flow effortlessly. But with him, I’m struggling with finding it to be romantic but I’m wondering if it’s also because I’ve been single for quite some time? Has anyone else experienced that ???
Anyway, back to the sitch. We went to a baseball game and it was so great! He got us amazing seats, he paid for everything and it was such a good time. This has been our second date and I’m definitely a slow burn. I don’t want any funny business going on in the beginning because I’ve fallen short to that in past right. Okay, so as we are walking back and talking we reach our cars. He tried to go in for a kiss which I adverted by swiftly keeping my head down and hugged him. Like totally smooth he definitely should’ve understood I wasn’t interested at the time. He then kissed my forehead, so I was like okay not really what I wanted but that’s fine. So mind you we were hugging. I was about to release and say bye but he then pulled me back, to pull me in for a kiss. I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I reiterated to him that I’m not looking for things to move too fast. He was totally crushed by this and didn’t understand where I was coming from. I just am struggling to figure out if it’s me because I haven’t dated in so long, maybe I’m not attracted to him.. I just really don’t know. But what I do know is that I don’t want anything to happen as fast as he does.
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2023.06.03 20:15 ReaperinIdaho Idaho Missing Persons Clearinghouse

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2023.06.03 20:14 Substantial_King_794 A New End

Day 1 aboard the UES Eden, Lukas POV-
November 13th, 2114
Those scientists gave me this journal to write in, so I guess I should set it up. Where to start? Two weeks ago, a raffle was held around the world for something called the "Eden Project." They had a bunch of criteria, and if you met them all you could submit your name to the raffle. Clearly I won, but I wasn't sure how many others made it until the debriefing. A congratulations was sent in the mail, alongside some instructions. They basically said that I would have a plane in 14 days that would take me and other winners from my region out to an undisclosed location where the Eden Project was located. The letter also said that I would be allowed to bring five survival related items, so long as they couldn't qualify as weapons. That weirded me out a bit, but I chose a water filter, a sleeping bag, a flashlight, matches, and a tarp. So I waited the two weeks, about halfway through my job at the waste processing plant was terminated because of my participation in the Eden Project but I didn't try to get a new one. Another week passed and they knocked on my door at 8:30 exactly, who does something like that and how? Not important, I was escorted out to a big bus that drove us to the Toronto airport at what felt like unsafe speeds through miraculously empty roads. Once we reached the airport, they brought us through to a plane "exclusively for the Eden Project" which I guess is known about by everyone except for us. It was probably on the news, but I stopped watching it after the 2106 financial crash because it was all just depressing stuff. Anyways, the plane ride was pretty short all things considered and they brought us to the middle of nowhere in the ocean where there was a giant wall blocking out the view and going as high as any of us could see. It had a strip where we landed near the ocean surface where hundreds of other planes were parked nearby. Everybody got off the jet and we went through a bag check type thing, where they went through our tax records or something stupid to make sure I was in fact Lukas Gill, former trash processor and holder of the five allotted items. Once the girl finished looking through all my stuff, she handed me a survival guide from a big stack next to her and sent me into the giant wall looking thing. Directly through the door was basically a soccer stadium with all the goals cleared out. They had flags marking what sections everyone was supposed to sit in, so I went to the Canadian area and spent the next half hour looking around while I waited for everyone else on my plane to finish going through the little security thing they had set up. Every country imaginable was there, from Bhutan to Togo and Anguilles to Eswatini. Obviously the major ones were there, India, China, America, France, whatever but there were also countries like Liechtenstein (they had names beneath the flags). Not important though, once everyone was in and seated, the doors shut and this guy came in through the ceiling on a hovering platform and introduced himself as Dr. Laufer, some famous Swiss scientist guy. He looked like a stereotypical evil genius or mad scientist, but he finally revealed what the hell the Eden Project was. They put 100 people from every country into that wall thing, which was actually a coin shaped spaceship that would take off from Earth in a week to save humanity from itself. Over the past decade and a half, every world government had been supplying the resources and money necessary to build this recreation of a jungle from ancient accounts, fossils, and from the memories of the previous generation. Before ascending back into the ceiling, Dr. Laufer revealed that we are no longer permitted to leave the ship, and that we would be introduced into the recreation of the rainforest with nothing but what we had on us and this journal I'm writing in right now. I'm now sitting in a tree, trying to figure out how I'm going to live through just the time before takeoff that we have to acclimate to our new environment for God knows how long. For now though I should probably start reading through that survival book they gave me, so signing off I guess.
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2023.06.03 20:12 chhinzo Selling two tickets for Barbiere di Siviglia 06.30 at the Arena di Verona

Hi everyone, I bought two tickets for Barbiere di Siviglia at the Arena Di Verona for 06.30 21:15. However, my Italian visa fell through and Arena di Verona apparently doesn't do refunds. I'm letting the ticket go for below retail price for a very good seat. I'll put the link down in the comment
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2023.06.03 20:11 Tiny-Solomita4151 13 Things That Always Annoyed Me About This Show

  1. No Justice at all
Seriously. The bullies run the school, the sports coach protects them, and rapists go free. I understand the whole "Life is not fair" message they're trying to convey, but c'mon. Even in real life, things don't stack up that neatly into a well-sculpted middle finger towards victims. ...
  1. Season 2
We really didn't need a second season. They ruined season one's groundwork in ways that I'll elaborate on later. To sum it up, though, season 2 created some show-breaking plot-holes. ...
  1. Unnecessary suspense
They didn't have to drag out Tony's secret like that. It wasn't even that big a surprise. This could've been revealed in season one without all the unnecessary buildup. Alex losing his short-term memory was just pointless. Courtney's hangup didn't make sense, at all. Which brings me to.... ...
  1. Courtney
No remorse at all. If the goal was to make the audience hate her, then they did a good job with her. She was way over the top with calling a rape-victim that committed suicide a liar to protect a secret nobody cared about. There were many times when I wanted to reach through the screen and tear her lips off.
  1. Unrealistic
Clay's parents are unrealistically absent-minded (for a lawyer and a professor). The school is a bag of cliches. There might really be lawyers like Sonya, but that judge had a mission. He really slanted this case towards the defense in such an obvious fashion, I'm surprised it wasn't a set up for Dennis to ask him to recuse himself. ...
  1. Too many left turns
Pop quiz: Who was Hanna's first kiss?
Give up? Me, too. First she's this innocent shit-magnet, then she's a little misunderstood, then she's fallible, but still fragile. By the middle of season 2, her story did like a 180. I almost gave up on the show at the end of episode 10 when Clay finds a picture of her in the box wearing Bryce's jacket. Tony tells Clay "Yeah" in response to the question "Did I kill her?" because Clay, like any of us, wouldn't settle for that "We all did" wordplay bs. Then Hanna says in her own words that Clay doesn't belong on the tape (more on that later). And a rape victim is the one that stole the box of Polaroids? And she destroys them, too? Why again? HER story to tell? Okay then. ...
  1. Money shot? DENIED!
I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the most telegraphed school shooting that never happened. Now, I don't wanna see kids get hurt any more than the next guy, but you could't at least give us De La Cruz? Would that have been too much? I'll be clear: If some guys held me down in a bathroom and raped me with a broomstick, I'd have shown up at their houses armed to the teeth in a hoveround. ...
  1. Black representation
I appreciate the diversity in this show, but why is it that out of the 7 black males we do see in this show, 4 of them are try-hards. And I don't care what anyone says, Sheri looks better than Jessica (They are both grown women in IRL, relax). ...
  1. Hanna's Dad
He's a bitch. That is all. Jessica was also always a bitch for no other reason than to match Selena Gomez Song Lyrics. ...
  1. The 'weed' stunt
That pissed me off. They put a mark on Clay's record just to "show him who is in charge". The only real justice is this show is that Marcus now has a suspension on his. ...
  1. Where is she getting all her info from?
Remember Sonya? The lawyer representing the school? She was extremely well informed for someone who inherited the case from somebody else who didn't have a clue. I won't call this out on realism because there are unscrupulous ways she could've gotten her info. It just annoyed me when she knew exactly what questions to ask each person. ...
  1. The way Clay's character was handled
He was Hanna's friend. Then he was Hanna's confidant. Then he was Hanna's crush. Then he was the one Hanna wanted to give it up to. Then he was the only one she could count on. Then he was dragged into the tape fiasco, because reasons. Then he was haunted by the girl he took too long to fall in love with. Then he was a delusional sap clinging to his own ideas about Hanna and his unclear relationship with her. Then..... sigh ... whatever ...
  1. Hannah ...
Including Clay in the Tapes was uncalled for. Her relationships with Zach, the one on the tape and the one off the tape, were weird and one should've cancelled out the other. Freaking out on Alex was uncalled for. Keeping her parents in the dark was her choice, despite her openness with her mom. What annoys me about Hanna, overall, is that Sheri, Clay, and Zach did not belong on the tapes. They were pulled in out of what can only be called spite.
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2023.06.03 20:09 theginger99 [Excerpt] Leman Russ first appearance

Just for fun, I thought I’d post the first appearance of Leman Russ in both “Thousand Sons” and “Prospero Burns”.
It’s often claimed that the books are intended to tell two sides of the same story, and they’re often criticized for doing a pretty bad job of it, so I thought it would be interesting to look at the way Russ is initially presented in both books. The depictions are different on some pretty major ways, but also similar in a lot of ways as well. It’s clear to me that the authors coordinated on how to present Russ physically (he had red hair!) but his character is subtlety different in each scene.
Apologies for the length. I tried to quote the minimum amount of text that I felt did each scene justice, but it’s still a fair bit.
“Thousand Sons” (This is also Russ’s first ever appearance in the heresy series)
Context: the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons are fighting together to bring the world of Shrike to compliance. Ahriman and his “friend” Othere Wyrdmake are going to meet the Wolf King.
Leman Russ: The Wolf King, the Great Wolf, Wolf Lord i Fenris, the Feral One, the Foebane, Slayer of Greenskins. Ahriman had heard all those titles and more for the master of the Space Wolves, but none of them came lose to capturing the sheer dynamism of the towering wolf in human form that set foot on the cracked stones of Raven's Aerie 93.
A pack of wolf-clad Terminators armed with glittering harpoon spears followed the Primarch of the Space Wolves, a towering warrior forged from the ice of Fenris and tempered in its freezing oceans. Magnificent and savage, Leman Russ was the power and violence of the Space Wolves distilled and sharpened to the keenest edge. A black-furred wolf pelt encircled his broad shoul-ders, and clawed fetishes adorned a wolf-stamped breastplate and hung about his neck. His battle-plate was the grey of a thunderstorm's heart, its every surface scratched and gouged as though he had recently wrestled the two mighty, blade-shouldered wolves that prowled at his side, one silver and one dark as night.
Ahriman's skin shivered at the presence of Leman Russ, as though an icy wind whistled through his armour. The primarch's hair was a resin-stiffened mane of molten copper, his piercing grey eyes cold and unfor giving, forever moving and on the hunt. A mighty blade, fully a metre and a half long, was sheathed at his side, and Ahriman saw its hilt had been rune-bound with symbols to draw the frozen ice of winter to its edge.
It seemed impossible that any foe could stand against this warrior. Ahriman saw wild, unchecked power in Russ, a recklessness of spirit that jarred with his own strict discipline and dedication to duty. Leman Russ blazed with incandescent white fire, his aura filled with unnameable colours So forceful was it that Ahriman shut himself off from the aether, the primarch's searing presence in the Great Ocean like the first moment of a supernova.
Ahriman felt his body move of its own accord, and the mighty primarch seemed to stretch towards the sly as he knelt before his primal glory. The cold of the mountain air intensified as Russ approached, striding with the easy confidence of a warrior who knows he has no equal. Russ's swagger was arrogant, but it was well-earned.
Ahriman was used to being in the presence of his Primarch; they shared a bond of brotherhood attained through their scholarly mien, but this was something else entirely. Where Magnus valued understanding perception and knowledge acquired for its own sake, Russ cared only for knowledge that helped him better anni hilate his foes. Ahriman was not intimidated, but being so dose to Russ immediately made him feel acutely vulnerable as though an unknown nemesis had revealed its true face
Russ returned his attention to Ahriman. The Wolf King was not looking at him as an individual, but as a target for his aggression. The primarch's eyes darted over Ahriman's armour, identifying weakened joints, areas of damage and points of entry for a blade. In an instant, Russ knew his physique better than he knew it himself, where his bones could most easily be broken, where a sword might best penetrate or where a fist would break open a protective plate and sunder internal organs
”Prospero Burns”
Context: Kasper Hawser has been brought o a secret “quiet room”, filled with Sisters of Silence beneath Nikea to wait with Russ while Magnus is put on trial.
The distinctive wet leopard-growl of the Fenrisian Astartes haunted every syllable of his words. Hawser was mesmerised by the primarch's size. Every physical dimension exceeded that of an Astartes. It was like meeting a god. It was as though one of the great and perfectly proportioned statues of classical antiquity, one scaled fifty or seventy-five per cent bigger than human standard, had come to life.
The Wolf King was also seated on a stone bench. He had a deep silver lanx near to hand, brimming with mjod. His armour appeared almost black, as if it had been scorched and tarnished in a smithy, but Hawser felt that was just the way the gloom of the firelight played upon it. Under an open sky, he thought, it would be tempest grey. The armour was by far the heaviest and most marked power plate Hawser had ever seen. It dwarfed the formidable suits of the Terminators. It was notched and gouged, and the damage was as much decoration as the knotwork and tooled etching on the main plates Around his shoulders, Russ wore a black wolf-skin. The pelt seemed to surround him and clothe him, like a for est beards a hillslope or a stormcloud smokes a peak His face was shaved clean, and his skin was white like marble. Close to, Hawser could see light freckles on it.
Wolf King's hair was long. Thick plaits of it hung down across his chest plate, weighted at the tips by polished stones. The rest of it was lacquered into a spiked mane. Hawser had heard many stories about the Wolf King from the men of Tra. They had all described his hair as red, or the colour of rust, or of molten copper. Hawser wasn't so sure. To him, the Wolf King's mane looked like bright blond hair stained in blood. Russ watched Hawser take his seat. He sipped from his lanx. He was panting still, through parted lips, like a large mammal made uncomfortable by the heat but unable to shed its fur.
Russ smiled. It was an odd expression. He had a long philtrum and a heavy lower lip. These, combined with the high, freckled cheekbones, made his mouth into something of a muzzle, and his smile into a threat display of teeth.
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2023.06.03 20:08 chhinzo Selling two tickets for Barbiere di Siviglia 06.30

Hi everyone, I bought two tickets for Barbiere di Siviglia at the Arena Di Verona for 06.30 21:15. However, my Italian visa fell through and Arena di Verona apparently doesn't do refunds. I'm letting the ticket go for below retail price for a very good seat. Link below for tickets
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2023.06.03 20:06 kazuhiroRiko What is this for? Found it under a car seat and can’t remember why we bought it…

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2023.06.03 20:06 TalkativePomelo Art events for less than £30 ticket price

Hi everyone,
I’ve just moved to London and loving everything about this city. Super high-quality but free museums, lots of free cultural activities, thousands of meetups.
But, for almost anything I touch for paid events, they are >£40. I mean, literally the normal price for a theatre, musical, any indoor stage event starts from £30 and they are actually mostly £50-60 for good seats.
Am I too poor for this city? It’s too much and I’m actually earning good ( still a salary slave though). Am I looking at wrong places? Any tricks am I missing?
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2023.06.03 20:04 MooreOt TICKETS TO ACRISURE STADIUM

I’ve got 2 Pittsburgh tickets to Acrisure Stadium for June 17th, Seats are located in SEC 212 The tickets are selling for $475 each Willing to send video proof of tickets and taking any preferred payment method
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2023.06.03 20:03 Ingifridh Book report: reviewing a 1912 Finnish/Swedish novel about the Titanic

A while ago, I ran into something very interesting in my local library: a 2012 reprint of a Finnish 1912 novel about the sinking of the Titanic, called “Titanicin perikato” (The Destruction of the Titanic) by Esko Waltala – the only Finnish novel ever written about the disaster!
I picked the book up and looked into it, and it turns out it’s actually a Finnish translation/adaptation (or, in modern terms, an instance of blatant plagiarism) of an original Swedish novel called “Dödsfärden” (The Voyage of Death) by Willy Grebst.
The novel claims to be based on survivor accounts and other facts, which is why I thought people on this sub might be interested in reading about it. While it’s not a fully accurate retelling, as you’ll soon find out, I think it’s a fascinating window into the way the story of the Titanic was perceived in the Nordic countries right after the disaster.

The fictional characters and the plot

The original novel focuses on Swedish characters, but the Finnish edition I read has changed the focus to Finland. The story features three main characters: fictional Finnish second-class male passengers Onni Laurila, Toivo Saarela, and Niilo Vieremä.
In a nutshell, these three are the most insufferable Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus I’ve ever encountered in a work of fiction.
They’re all learned young men, going to America to make it big. Vieremä is an engineer, traveling on the Titanic to learn about her machinery, while Laurila and Saarela have both graduated from the University of Helsinki. Their major is not mentioned, but I’m sure it must’ve been languages – seeing how each of them seemingly speaks six or seven of them fluently, allowing them to discuss with a variety of passengers onboard. Engineer Vieremä, then, steps in to play the role of Thomas Andrews: he’s studied the ship so carefully that when disaster strikes, he can accurately assess the damage and inform his friends about the ship being doomed.
Our heroes are remarkably brave, immediately deciding to do what they can for the women and children, stoically observing the sinking, and going into the water with the ship. Obviously, it then turns out all three of them are great swimmers and very resilient to cold temperatures. (I guess whatever free time they had between studying all those languages, they spent ice swimming in Finnish lakes.) One of them estimates that he is going to survive in the freezing water for at least four hours.
After going into the water, our trio of McGyvers build a raft from two planks of wood, their lifebelts, and some rope that one of them just happens to be carrying in his pocket. In friendly Finnish fashion, they then proceed to beat each other up to stay warm. The beatings work wonders: afterwards, they keep going back to the water like it’s nothing, in an effort to save several women and children. Unfortunately, they all perish before our heroes can get to them. They then pick up some cognac, bread, butter, and milk that’s floating in the water and have themselves a nice little picnic, waiting for the Carpathia to rescue them. And of course, they politely let every single other survivor board the rescue ship before boarding it themselves.
The cast of characters also includes an American family called McDean, traveling in the first class. Saarela falls in love with their daughter Alice, but unfortunately, she is engaged to another first-class passenger – an unpleasant, cowardly Italian prince/charlatan. In a dramatic moment during the sinking, Saarela is pushed into a lifeboat, but he climbs back and offers his seat to the prince instead, thus making a thoroughly unselfish sacrifice for Alice’s happiness. Taking note of this heroic behavior, and learning of her fiancé’s cowardly nature, Alice then ditches the prince on the Carpathia and confesses her love to Saarela instead. They’re married just weeks after the sinking. Jack and Rose who, this is the true love story of the Titanic!
In the finale of the novel, Alice, who’s lost both her parents in the sinking and is the sole heiress to their vast fortune, makes large donations to Laurila and Vieremä. Laurila, who has a fiancée waiting for him in Finland, decides he doesn’t want to make it big in America anymore, goes home, gets married, and starts a bunch of charities to improve his poor home village. The end.

The historical accuracy

So, there’s a lot of made-up stuff in this book, but what about the historical accuracy? Didn’t they claim it’s based on survivor accounts? Well, in short, the historical part of the story is a mixed bag.
The author and the translator of the novel have clearly read a lot of news coverage about the Titanic. They feature many real historical figures and have the basics of the event down, but they also take a lot of artistic liberty whenever it suits their fancy. For example, there are several remarks that show they know that the first and the second class had different dining salons, smoking rooms and such – but even so, the second-class heroes dine in the first class several times, so they can easily gossip about, get to know, and fall in love with the first-class passengers.
The word “unsinkable” is mentioned a lot, and much is made of the 16 watertight compartments. Every single character has been assured that the Titanic cannot sink, some of them by White Star Line representatives and others just by word of mouth. Even so, they’re all borderline obsessed about the possibility of a shipwreck. Several characters have premonitions about the ship sinking. A lengthy passage is dedicated to stories about former maritime accidents involving icebergs, featuring some real ships such as the SS Arizona and the SS Pacific.
When the Titanic finally does hit the iceberg, there are a bunch of inaccuracies and exaggerations, maybe because the authors had read false/sensationalized information, or maybe just to make that part of the story feel more exciting. For example, it’s mentioned that all the lights go out for a while. Panic sets in very soon after the collision. In a disturbing scene, we’re told that crew members with revolvers are holding third-class passengers back, threatening them with immediate death if they dare to move before being given permission. Archibald Butt is shown firing a revolver when chaos breaks out on the boat deck, which encourages several crew members to start firing theirs to bring back order.
Other parts are more accurate to our current understanding of the events, such as the near-collision of the Titanic and the SS New York early in the story, and the affair of lifeboat 13 drifting under lifeboat 15. Interestingly, the ship breaking up in two in its final minutes is mentioned. So is First Officer Murdoch committing suicide, which the narrative voice comments by saying it’s no one’s business to judge him for that decision.

Who’s to blame?

The novel spends quite a lot of time trying to find someone or something to blame for the disaster. It comes to a twofold conclusion: in part, it was J. Bruce Ismay (and capitalism), but in part, it was the Hope Diamond that the fictional McDean family brought onboard.
The way the novel portrays Ismay is interesting. On the one hand, he’s definitely painted as the bad guy, a powerful CEO that even the captain has to obey that’s obsessed with going fast and breaking records. But on the other hand, the narrative voice points out that Ismay is only acting like this because White Star Line shareholders expect it of him – it’s his job to keep them happy, and going faster means more money to them.
Ismay also gets a moment of redemption during the sinking: he is shown helping two maids into a lifeboat. When the women protest, claiming they don’t deserve to be in the boat because they’re “only maids”, Ismay points out that all people are equal in the face of death. The last time Ismay is featured in the story is when the narrative voice reveals he’s in one of the lifeboats, and wonders about the state of his mind. Is he feeling regret, or coming up with excuses for his actions? Surprisingly, the narrative voice doesn’t shame him for entering a lifeboat; instead, in the same chapter, it encourages the reader to refrain from judging the survivors in general for fighting for their lives during the sinking.
Then there is the Hope Diamond nonsense. There’s a full chapter on its backstory, mostly made up of course, with plenty of details about how it’s been causing misfortune for centuries. Then it explains how it ends up onboard, and several characters remark upon its reputation as a cursed item, wondering if it’s going to cause trouble during the voyage. After the ship hits the iceberg, however, the diamond is practically forgotten about, only to be very briefly mentioned again.
In the last chapter of the novel, which is to my knowledge all written by the Finnish translator, the narrative voice has more to say about who’s to blame. First, it blames Ismay for “putting the ice warnings into his pocket without caring about them” (a weird claim to make, seeing how earlier in the story, Captain Smith is shown dealing with the ice warnings), but it also criticizes the British Board of Trade for their outdated lifeboat regulations. This is the only time the fact that there weren’t enough lifeboats is mentioned. The bulkheads only going up to E Deck is not mentioned at all. Instead, the narrative voice suspects that the doors between the watertight compartments likely didn’t close properly, allowing water to flow through.

Some interesting details


In conclusion, there is quite a lot of accurate information to be found within the novel… but it gets lost between all the romanticized, saccharine nonsense the author and the translator have come up with to fluff the story up. Some of it is so over the top you can’t help laughing out loud.
The novel clearly reflects the attitudes of its time and its author(s) – and oftentimes, those attitudes are not pretty. Willy Grebst, the original Swedish author, had ties to an antisemitic newspaper, so it’s no big surprise that there are antisemitic remarks in the novel. There is also an instance of anti-Irish and anti-Italian sentiment, with people of those ethnic backgrounds portrayed as more cowardly/hysterical than their English and Nordic counterparts.
On the other hand, there are also some parts that feel somewhat progressive for the time: for example, there is a scene where someone has to leave a lifeboat because it’s too full and will sink otherwise, and several women argue that instead of defaulting to a man, all single and childless people regardless of gender should draw lots to decide who should die. (The scene then ends with not one but three American men voluntarily jumping overboard.) Greed and rich people not using their money for charitable ventures is also heavily criticized.
All in all, the novel leaves me wondering how its readers in 1912 felt about it. Did they think that inserting fictional elements into the story of a real, very recent disaster was in bad taste? Or was reading a fictional retelling like this helpful when dealing with the anxiety and sadness the news about the disaster had caused? To my modern-day taste, it’s a silly, tacky story – but a very entertaining one at that, so I’m glad to have come across it.


The original Swedish novel “Dödsfärden” on Litteraturbanken:
The Finnish translation/adaptation “Titanicin perikato” on Project Gutenberg:
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2023.06.03 20:02 SecretaryExpensive37 A weird dream I had a couple months ago

So I’ve seen ppl post abt dreams they had so here goes mine I still remember from months ago. So around where I live there’s mountains and supposedly there were satanic rituals done in a cabin that’s now torn down(my dad n brother told me they seen sacrificed animals such as cats an stuff in there on the star also ik red flag) well I like traveling those mountains because I just love the wilderness and it leads from my grandmas house to almost my boyfriends house well one night after taking a ride in there I had a dream abt them it was me my one friend in the back seat behind me he was on the phone and someone was in my passenger seat I couldn’t tell who it was but it was a tall man so either my boyfriend or an old friend I had from middle school they both abt 6,3 anyways it was night time in my dream and as I was driving in there’s a house at the entrance so I was there I seen a goat w red glowing eyes I swerved and lost control of my car spun abt 2-3 times my car was turned off for some reason but my headlights were on I looked over and seen the goat standing in the middle of the dirt road I rolled down my window n did my best goat/sheep impression and as I did that it charged my car I rolled up my window but as I was I seen another goat right at the side of my car red glowing eyes still and right as I rolled up my window the charging goat hit my car on its hind legs(it was also running on its back legs) n hit my window also this goat was going fast I’ve never seen a goat run this fast I went to turn on my car the dream ended it’s was 3am on the dot when I woke up I’ve never gotten a proper explanation on this google didn’t even help much so maybe someone here can help me. Also I haven’t had that dream since.
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I’ve got 2 Pittsburgh tickets to Acrisure Stadium for June 17th, Seats are located in SEC 212 The tickets are selling for $475 each Willing to send video proof of tickets and taking any preferred payment method
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2023.06.03 20:01 sparkswatches Cars for a first driver

I have a large budget as I've been saving up and working hard since I was 12 to buy a first car. Looking for something with 300-500 hp, preferably 2 seat convertible (but definitely not required) also want something 30-60 grand. Thank you all!
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2023.06.03 20:01 unpopulrOpini0n I accidentally found the most surefire way to indoctrinate someone into the childfree mindset

Have them drink with a parent. Yesterday we ended up drinking with a married mother of two. My friend said "that pushed back when I'm having kids by at least 3 years, I mean holy fuck."
Yesterday some buddies and I were headed to a bar, one flaked, one was hella late, so it was just me and my buddy in a fairly packed bar, no tables were available, uh oh.
Because I was still under the impression we'd need at least 4 seats, I approached a woman sitting alone at a table and asked if she would be leaving soon, she originally said she'd be out of there in 10 minutes, so we sat down. She actually ended up staying there for 2.5 hours, she drank and drank and drank, we talked a lot about her job, life, husband, children, and she got more and more honest as time went on. When my late friend arrived she (the friend) got the woman a shot of vodka, she took it to the dome, then got way more honest.
Some highlights:
She's tired all the time and incredibly lonely.
The only time she gets alone is by leaving her kids and husband at the house.
"The first one was not planned."
Various complaining about what her husband does.
When asked if she brings this up she says "no I don't wanna come off like a bitch." IE no communication
Got wayyyyyy too drunk to barely stand.
Wouldn't let us get her an Uber, she tried to say she'd Uber but we could tell she was lying by how she looked around, eventually she admitted she did drive there and was planning on driving home, eventually we tricked her into our friend (a woman) 's car,
Upon arriving home flashed her husband.
In the car with my female friend, tried to seduce her.
Now some of that last stuff we didn't even see but was related to us by our female friend much later. Even so in the car ride home my friend related that he never really took the childfree idea I've been telling him for a couple years seriously, but that one encounter has "pushed back when I'm having kids by at least 3 years, I mean holy fuck."
To recreate:
1) go to a packed bar on a Friday night, invite the friend to be shown the truth.
2) find a woman or man sitting alone wearing a ring finger.
3) ask if you can sit near them or just do, start talking "I'm so and so, I do X", hopefully they'll have kids, if not try again another night, and enjoy your new quasi-friend.
4) buy a pitcher of beer for you, say they can have some if they want.
5) simply let them tell you about their life, ask questions, etc.
6) just wait, the truth in all it's horrible implications will spew forth. Ev vino veritas and all.
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I’ve got 2 Pittsburgh tickets to Acrisure Stadium for June 17th, Seats are located in SEC 212 The tickets are selling for $475 each Willing to send video proof of tickets and taking any preferred payment method
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2023.06.03 19:58 shagunnn19 my shitty life decisions 🥲

this is second time i am venting here in a day bcz i am just too stressed and no other place to write it all down so guys here goes my shitty life storyyyy 🥲
so i was a pretty good student in academics(atleast above avg) :). I had commerce stream science m interest nhi tha and ghr walo ne bola th ki commerce lelo as ghar m sab ussi stream se hai. i was doing well in it till 11th kbhi kbar boring lagne lgta tha but it was ok I used to get decent marks. Then mere 11th ka final hua I failed in accounts and that made me loose interest in it completely. i thought academics is not for me mujhse padhai likhayi nhi hogi kuch aur career option choose krna chaiye
I always had been very much interested in fashion So i researched about it got to know about NIFT. meri drawing skills bhi shi thi toh i thought lets prepare for it, passion ko career bnate h :)
joined coaching for it, coaching m teacher ne ekdm brainwash kr dala ki if u want to to go to nift ur 12 marks dont matter, which is to some extent true but maine 12ka ekdm pdhna chordiya. thought yeh sb to mere lie hai nhi. here started my downfall:) school m mostly fail hone lgi teachers sunate the, stopped attending school.
the year was so tough for me school jao vha teachers sunate, nift ki coaching jao vha teacher alag demotivate krne baitha hai i went through hell doing 2 things together bcz dono ka syllabus was like completely different. i literally cried through all my boards jaise bhi krke pdha last moment p bcz maine pura saal nhi pdha tha toh it was difficult to cover all the syllabus in the short span. i somehow scored 78% in boards
fast forward to now i didnt get a seat at nift. mere pure saal ki mehnat all the things i went through sb barbad hogyi. my dream just shattered. idk where i went wrong i was so positive that meri achi rank ayegi but :’) now i have no other option left.
not ready for a drop but socha finally ki lelleti hu toh coaching teacher ne demotivate krdiya, ki is bar nhi aa payi rank toh next year bhi sure nhi ki ayegi :’) he is telling me to join some pvt college. We are middle class we cannot afford such expensive private college. My father was not never ready to let me pursue this field i convinced them somehow ab pta nhi kis muh se jaake btau ki mereko campus nhi milra koi. dont know ab kya kru. I am just stuck. drop le bhi lu lekin pen pencil utha ke dubara draw krne m dar lgra itne negative thoughts aare and what not.. all this shit makes me wonder am i even meant to be a designer? shyd academics m hi rhi hoti toh would hve been in a better place :)
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