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Are we really making this a thing now

2015.05.25 23:20 Brewster_The_Pigeon Are we really making this a thing now

Notorious for bullies.

2015.12.30 22:26 CaptainHair59 /r/CaptainHair59 Go one, go all, Captain Hairs 1-58!

Hopefully the other CaptainHair\s will leave me alone here...

2023.06.05 11:32 charliehind_ Update on attending an 80 mile group ride having previously only done 45 miles at once

Went yesterday, had a mechanical on my way to the meeting point (lol) but got it sorted and arrived there on time, then completed the ride with no issues whatsoever, did some solid shifts on the front and was even in the first group to finish the sprint in the last few miles.
The whole ride ended up being about 85 miles but honestly I probably could have made it up to a century. Interestingly I didn't each anywhere near as much as I was expecting to (though I did have a bacon sandwich and a cake at the cafe stop...). I get plenty of gels and an energy bar leftover. Better to take too much than not enough though.

Thanks to all those to commented and encouraged me to do it! I'll be going again next Sunday for sure.
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2023.06.05 11:31 TheMidnight- AITA for accusing my GF of cheating after a night out with coworker

Hey Reddit I have a dilemma . This past weekend my gf (F29) told me (M29) that she was going out to a work event for one of the higher ups . Throughout the night we texted sporadically until she texted me at 10 letting me know she was home . About ten minutes later she shared an Uber ride with me by accident . She texted me that she shared her coworkers ride home by accident . So I call her right away and ask her what was she doing ? She tells me after the work event her and her male coworker when back around her place and went to another bar and then she sent him home in an Uber cause he was very drunk. At this point I’m seething cause she did not tell me she was alone with this guy . And that she was alone with him “near” home . She assures me that he never entered her house . But am I the asshole for suspecting that she cheated ?
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2023.06.05 11:29 Appropriate-Pilot745 I still miss my ex.

I left my relationship with my ex partner (we’ll call him “J”) of 8 months in Feb 2022. I got the guts to leave after confiding in my current boyfriend (i’ll call him “N”, 23m) about the unhappiness i was feeling in the relationship, who told me I deserved better. I jumped right into a relationship with N (not smart, i know) despite still living with and communicating with J. I tried to cut off ties completely, but it was complicated due to us living in the same apartment (separate rooms; right next to each other). I was going to see N on my days off to stay away from the apartment, hoping that would help me get over the breakup. It didn’t, and I ended up breaking it off with N for a week or so and went back to J. I felt so terrible about hurting N that I had to go back and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve lived together since Sep 2022 and have resigned our lease for another year. I love him, but I find myself regretting it sometimes. I wish I would have let myself heal before jumping into something else, but I didn’t. Now nearly a year and a half later, I still miss J and wishing things turned out differently. N treats me amazingly, better than any partner I’ve ever had, but it just isn’t the same and it’s taking a toll on me and our relationship as a whole. I don’t want to have sex, we aren’t really affectionate anymore, and I’m aware I’m 100% of the problem. I just wish I could get over this to be able to live happily 😅
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2023.06.05 11:28 Sefm2429 Double tooth or cracked?

Double tooth or cracked?
Sorry for the blurry picture it’s near impossible to get a picture of the inside of his mouth. My son is 11 months old and his top teeth are starting to come in. This one is throwing me off. Is it two teeth? One tooth with a crack? It looks massive to me one?
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2023.06.05 11:28 Playful-Reflection12 Is it just me or do others feel the same about hubris?

Have a friend, not Gen x, who thinks nothing of pointing out how much she spends on nearly everything she purchases. She does this all over social media. I think I’m going to have to unfollow her. I find her braggadocio quite distasteful. Tell me I’m not the only one, please. I know our generation is a bit more low key than that, or at least I think so.
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2023.06.05 11:28 MH3ndr1ks Little bug or feature question

Bought the game on Friday and already have 25 hours in it. I made a collection point for the traps and put a trap to the left to it with the intention of playing with it later on. To my surprise I noticed that when an animal walks into is it gets send of without putting the trap in the collection point. I send of numerous animals throughout my playthrough without even being near the traps. I could be playing at the edge of the map and get a pop up that a animal was send of.
That was until today. Now it just traps the animal but does not automatically send it of. I was wondering if it is suppose to do that or did I encounter a bug that made me some handy money?
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2023.06.05 11:25 DarkSaiyanGoku I think PG-13 is limiting the MCU a little

In the past 10+ years of the MCU, we've seen many different genres that they've experimented with. From sci-fi to heist movies, from fantasy to martial arts, from highschool dramas to horror, etc. The MCU does have a wide variety.
One thing they have in common, however, is that they're all PG-13. They're designed to appeal to everyone. It's pretty good. However, with Phase 4, I've been feeling like sticking to PG-13 has been holding back some of the movies and TV shows.
Now don't misunderstand me, I don't think having an R-rating is automatically going to make a movie good, it's all about the writing. However, I feel like certain characters work better in an R-rated story compared to PG-13 and it would allow directors and writers to explore mature topics that otherwise would get glossed over in a PG-13 setting.
Using Doctor Strange, for example, I feel like his film should've been rated R. I liked Multiverse of Madness, I thought it was a lot of fun. However, it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. During its announcement, Kevin Feige said that Multiverse of Madness would be the first horror movie of the MCU and I was excited for that. What I got was good, but I feel like the PG-13 rating downplayed the horror elements. There were creepy moments, sure, but nothing that made me jump out of my seat.
For anyone skeptical, it's not like Disney hasn't made R-rated movies before. Through Touchstone pictures, Disney was able to make R-rated movies and since they have acquired the studios owned by Fox, they can theoretically produce R-rated MCU movies under those studios. R-rated superhero movies aren't a novelty anymore, they can and have proved to be successful and profitable. The entire MCU was a massive risk, what's one more?
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2023.06.05 11:25 StupidD0D0 Some impressions of the new Hifiman Arya Organic and Ananda Nano

Some impressions of the new Hifiman Arya Organic and Ananda Nano
Here’s some impressions on the new Hifiman models of the Arya and Ananda. These were in an event near me so i thought i’d give it a go and try them out.
Hifiman Arya Organic
I prefer these more than the stealth. To be honest, I really like the old Arya’s (non stealth model) more than the stealth’s so this may be the reason why i like the organic more.
The treble (15k+) isn’t as jarring as the stealth and it retains the bass performance of the stealth so it’s basically a smoother Arya Stealth. The staging is ever so slightly more intimate than the stealth and technicalities and what not are roughly the same (take this with a grain of salt since i can’t hear any meaningful difference in tech and microdetails between the stealth and non stealth).
Although i still like the non stealth more than the organic, I can’t deny that the organic is a more all-rounder type of headphone. I’d recommend the organic if I can only pick a pair.
Ananda Nano
I dig them! The bass is what stood out to me first, it reminds me of the more depth focused tuning of the older hifiman tuning rather than the more mid bassy newer hifiman tuning. You won’t hear bass notes more but you feel them more with these. Treble kinda takes a hit (atleast for me), the treble is boosted in the 10k - 15k region (stealth magnetzz) so it’s a bit too glaring in the treble.
It’s basically a U shaped Ananda if i am to make an analogy. Technicalities wise, these two are on par. So between the two, it’s either if you want a more balanced tuning or a more exciting tuning. Really can’t go wrong with either.
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2023.06.05 11:24 Legitimate-Test1595 I 31F am having a hard time with my long distance 29M husband. He no longer wants children. Is our relationship worth salvaging?

I really need some advice from others who have been in long term distance relationships.
My husband and I have not been fully getting along for the past two years. We have been together for 10 years, and married for four. We spend most of our time apart, which is why we havent been able to resolve anything. Our sex life is fine. We get along quite well when we are together. Covid lockdown was a blast: we spent forever in each other's company and loved it. The problem started two years ago when I shared my desire for having children. He was never interested in them, but had always known I wanted children, and agreed to it when we married. He turned me down when i was ready to start preparing for them. He told me to give him six months to think about it. After six months he said later, and after nearly a year of me keeping my hopes up and clinging to that "later," currently he is saying never. There wasn't really much of a conversation. Originally just said no, and when I was finally able to get a reason from him (it took months) there was still no conversation. He just stated why and left it at that. No room for comprimise. Ive been spiraling in and out of depression ever since. (For anyone who has been through this before, I still don't know how to get past this emotional betrayal. But I'm trying. I like him more than theoretical unborn babies, atm. But im still depressed. Advice would be appreciated.)
The added complication is that we are a service couple. We spend most of our time apart from each other. Like now. We have been separated for most of the year, which means bringing the baby conversation to its conclusion keeps getting put on hold as he work is his priority. His job is really dangerous. Mine is not. His is exhausting. Mine is quite easy. So I understand why he can't deal with my issues right away. The work separation thing is supposed to end in October, and after that we should be together far more often than not. However, I'm starting to feel like he legitimately just doesn't care.
Honestly, I feel so unsupported by him. I was bullied at work for months while i was away this year. These girls literally picked away at my self esteem to the point where i didnt even want to leave my room to go to the bathroom if they were around. I would tell him about it on the phone; he listened but there was never any comfort. When I finally came home, I was so defeated. I told him how betrayed and depressed I felt from his not wanting children, and how low my self esteem was from my experience away, and he said a few words, cautiously, but then refused to talk about it anymore. I told him I feel like my mental health is the worst it has ever been and he basically gave me a hug and never brought it up again wirhout me mentioning it first. I tried saying we needed to sort this out before he left again, or else I was going to have a terrible time and end up spiraling, and I ended up doing all the talking. Nothing was resolved.
Flash forward two months, we are apart right now. We talk for maybe 10-20 min a day, or every other day. Phone calls are fine, as long as we only talk about work. When I try to bring up my struggles, I'm legitimately afraid that he'll brush me off. Because 90% of the time, he will. For the last few years I've tried to bottle up my disappointment from the lack of intimacy when we are apart, and when I finally can't stand keeping it to myself, I explode in long text messages. Lately these explosions have been happening more often, because its the only way for me to say what i want without feeling ignored and like im talking to myself. I'm polite in text (i hope). I dont blame him. I don't want to hurt his feelings. I just state things as I see them because I want him to understand my point of view. They're basically the same thing as what im typing now. I know its annoying to get every few days, but i have no other way to communciare honestly with him anymore about things that matter to me, bevause im afraid to try and talk only to be met with silence. He is aware of why i do it. I know he reads them, but a lot of the time he doesn't respond.
Lately, im so on edge that any hint of rejection makes me spiral alone for hours. Im living in a new town, at a new position at work, alone. Last night I felt so fed up (I asked him to come to a work function with me when he gets back, because i didnt want to be alone while everyone else brought their family, and he ambivalently said no because it would be awkward for him) that i texted a long chat, reiterating that I need support, and for the first time i ended it by telling him exactly how id like him to respond (I watched a lot of videos on stonewalling and figured he was ignoring me because I was being overwhelming, resulting in him not know what to say). I was tired of getting nothing substantial back and needed to feel like he cared. I didnt ask him to say yes he'd come, i just wanted him to confirm that if i really needed him, he'd be there for me. I was at the point where I sucked up what little pride i had left and tried to hold his hand to get some emotional support.
Today he told me he was sorry and that he is desensitized to my long texts and can't use up his time reading it. He implied he would address my anxieties in two weeks when he gets back.
I never meant for my messages to so shocking that he could eventually become "desensitized". I wanted him to understand me. And in that situation, i really just wanted him to say he would be there for me. That wouldve been enough for me to get through the rest of our separstion. And what I really, really wish he would do is just acknowledge how badly the baby thing has impacted out marriage, and actually sit down and talk it through with me. I'm having a hard time trusting him to be there for me anymore.
And thats where i am at. I feel utterly alone. Honestly, I know it's not 100% his fault. He's busy, he's doing a dangerous job, I know for a fact he isn't cheating on me, he just sucks at communicating. And he has never told me to stop texting him, he just doesn't have time for it. Before he left i had even asked him how im supposed to communicate with him when I spiral, and he said to text like i always do. But at what point do I stop just letting this emotional rejection slide? I'm talking to nobody. I feel so broken and emotionally starved. Im chasing after him for morsels of sympathy. I signed us up for couples therapy for when he gets home, but I'm starting to wonder if he'll actually participate. Or if I'm just going to get hurt again trying to get my needs met? I understand that getting long, emotionally charged text messages from someone is not ideal, but I literally do not know how to communicate with him anymore. We are a service couple, and the military lifestyle isn't the most conducive to family life. Its hard to establish effective communication when youre always being pulled away. Am I the problem? I know I'm starting to get really exhausting. I'm tired. I keep trying to work on myself, but he never changes. Like, will he change once work calms down? Hes the only person ive ever been with. I grew up in a single parent household. I dont know how this works. :( Has anyone experienced something similar? I want our relationship to work so badly, but it's not right now. :(
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2023.06.05 11:21 Imaginary-Put-4454 Psychiatrist in Pune Dr. Ankit Patel

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2023.06.05 11:21 Striking-Response438 19 [m4m] gwapo bot

Gwapo raw ako, maputi, and twink. I have a place near UST. I’m willing to travel and split the bill if ever.
About me Pre-med student from UST, I have my own place and car, I’m a versa bot, loves to play video games.
Lf: Top discreet easy on the eyes clean potential fubu
Hard pass: group sex, use of illegal *****, recording, and trace.
dm with your details and photo
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2023.06.05 11:19 SanePsyco17 I had the craziest dream. There was like a 10 foot python in my house, as well as another snake...

I was freaking out , hearing snake hissing and the small snake came at me. I saw the python lurking around then it attacked the small snake,constricted it and ate it. Then turns out the python HAD IT OUT FOR ME. It chased me everywhere, found every hiding spot I was in. Nearly got me a few times. After like 30 minutes I managed to hide and it went back into the hole in the ceiling.
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2023.06.05 11:19 skiplodocus My housemate has bed bugs, how worried should I be about them getting into my room?

I know how what I’m about to say might sound incredibly self-centred considering the situation but I really need some consolation. I’m deathly afraid of bed bugs, and ever since my flatmate told me he‘s got them I’ve been so mentally drained.
I can barely sleep, I’m having panic attacks at the sight of any lint or debris that looks even slightly bedbug-like. A couple times I’ve woken up TERRIFIED and crawled onto all fours to search my bed for hours. It’s awful but I even feel scared to be around him, I won’t go near his room, and I’ve stopped going into the lounge.
Crazy part is: he’s not even fazed! In fact he often jokes about it, and loves to show off the million welts that now cover his torso.
Do you think I should be this worried about getting them? If yes, is there any kind of prevention I can use to make sure I don’t?
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2023.06.05 11:18 AdMean6907 asian masage parlor near me

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2023.06.05 11:18 aby_97 25(M) - I'm confused if I should ask the girl I'm casually seeing to be more open and honest about the other people she is seeing?

So, I'm a fairly simple guy who usually stays away from anything casual/hookups. I met the person I'm seeing on an app, let's call her Pam. So, Pam is in one of the top B schools here in India, so she is smart, has a slender body, and is extremely good with her words. So, she was someone right from the outset I knew had a dozen other guys lining up for her and hence I did not want to waste my time much in wooing her. I would not text her at all after we exchanged numbers, I've thought of doing but knew she would have someone better looking or smarter with her. Eventually, she texted me from time to time with texts like "Hey, I really found you sweet when we talked and was just thinking about you". So, eventually, we moved to calls over texts, and the second time we were on call we talked for hours and that call eventually ended in phone sex. Then, we met each other in person, and for the first 2 dates, I did not make any moves at all even though I knew she was waiting for me to make one. I just wanted to be respectful and have some more comfort. Eventually, she asked me out for a 3rd date for a movie, she held my arms the entire movie with her head resting against them the entire movie and eventually we made out in the parking lot. Post this after every date, we made out and I was becoming more adventurous with her. We ended up having sex near the emergency exit of a mall and in the men's washroom once. I've never been this wild with someone before, we have a great chemistry.
She is now moving to a different city for her education. She told me that she would travel to meet me & that she genuinely likes me and would want to stay in touch.
I'm in a predicament because the reason why it has worked with her so far is that I never bothered asking her if she met someone else over the weekend because in my head I knew she must have because she would talk about her day but leave certain timelines out. I was fine with it too since we did not expect commitment from each other and there were no actual feelings attached. I just met her yesterday, she was a little tipsy and she told me that she feels attached to me and this was probably the last time we were meeting so I asked her what you want to do, and she just told she wanted to cuddle and sleep in my lap and that's what she did and I did not know what to say, She also started asking me if I would abandon her and whether I thought she was a good person. I like her and care for her but at the core, I want a relationship where two people are involved with each other and that's it. I feel if I say I want a fully committed relationship she might be thrown off by it(don't know) probably.
How can I respectfully ask her if she has been with anyone else and also want to understand if want she said if she really meant it.
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2023.06.05 11:18 rob189 HIGHEST BIDDER

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2023.06.05 11:18 melodianbear Just call me the Princess and the Pea, because I am so sensory sensitive when it’s time to sleep!

I don’t know what it is, but my senses go into high gear at night. It’s nearly midnight here, and my body is not able to stay still long enough to fall asleep. The mattress is being replaced soon, thankfully. The current one is hitting pressure points that don’t bother me in the morning or if I take a nap. Now though? Ha. Now I can’t sleep a wink because I’ve made a me sized intent in the mattress and can’t get comfortable.
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2023.06.05 11:18 ArniesElectric Lancaster Pa Ceiling Fan Installation Near Me - Arnies Electric

Looking for professional Ceiling fan installation services in Lancaster, PA? Your search ends here! Arnies Electric is your trusted choice for top-notch ceiling fan installation services in the Lancaster area. Our skilled electricians have the expertise to handle all your ceiling fan installation needs, ensuring efficient and reliable results. Whether you need a new ceiling fan installed or an existing one replaced, count on our team for exceptional service. Contact Arnies Electric today at 717-855-6254 to schedule an appointment or inquire about our ceiling fan installation services.
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2023.06.05 11:17 Elly_kekeke How do I stop drinking energy drinks?

I’m nearly 16 and drink 3-4 500ml energy daily, it think it’s become a problem it’s been 4 years of this same pattern. My inside hurt, my teeth hurt and I get shitty at my parents when they won’t buy me one. I really want to stop drinking them, I’ve tried multiple times to stop but always give in.
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2023.06.05 11:16 peliccancars12 Pre-book Airport Shuttle from Stansted Airport CM24 to Luton Airport LU2


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Professional and Experienced Drivers
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2023.06.05 11:15 Salty-Fudge-2730 My boyfriend (m26) broke up with me (f22) because I brought up his secret account he potentially lied about

Been together for 4 years. I want to point out that I’m not completely innocent in this situation - I went through his phone when he wasn’t near. I’ve done this because previously I’ve found something he’s been lying to me about and promised not to lie about it ever again. Those things are significant to me and I wouldn’t want my partner to lie about them - he agreed that he would not do that and lying is indeed very bad. I discovered he’s been lying to me whenever I was asking him if he’s doing it still (he swore he wasn’t). I caught him in 4 lies in a row and would find out about it by looking at his phone that he had passcode on and has been taking to the shower every single day. The entire time he was saying he is absolutely not hiding anything from me.
So, recently I had a bad feeling about him having two phones and taking both of them to the bathroom at all times. A bit unnecessary, isn’t it? So, I asked him why and he said he’s trying to put all the info on a new one and starting using one of them as primary phone. Whenever I was asking him to leave one of out the shower he’d say no and I always wondered why it’s so hard to do if he has nothing to hide. Mind you, if he wasn’t doing it I would not go through any of his devices. But the behaviour seemed odd.
So, on Tuesday I went on it and discovered he made a new Reddit account (he had history of using Reddit in a way that was crossing my boundaries). I decided to bring it up in a non-confrontational way by asking if he’s using Reddit still. He said he deleted his old account and created a new “clean” one and from now on that would be his only account he will use for memes ect. So, it all made sense to me and I was convinced he is honest. Well, today he was on Reddit and I noticed a completely different account he was logged into. With a different username and pfp. It was made 3 days ago as well (he showed me and said “here’s my new account”). He absolutely swore it was the only one he has and he will show it to me if I ever get concerned about him using Reddit in an offensive way.
I admitted I went through his old phone on Tuesday and saw a completely different brand new account. So, did he made two? He started denying it and saying I’m wrong and there’s no way it’s true. I offered him to open his old phone and confirm since he doesn’t believe my words. He got insanely upset and said he is done with me. He says he is done with accusations and that I’m making things up. He broke up with me and now we are not talking (well, he refuses to talk to me in any way).
Did I overdo it? I know for sure it was a different account. If he is not lying, why doesn’t he want to prove me I’m wrong? I did not want to offend him and honestly I was very wrong for snooping. However, I would’ve never discovered his lies otherwise. He always tells me there’s 0 secrets and he would always tell me everything. I don’t know what to do and whether I’m an accusing psycho and he’s actually being honest. He does not say anything.
TLDR: boyfriend seems to be lying about something, he broke up with me because I brought it up
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2023.06.05 11:13 Repulsive-Knee-9196 People say I respond to questions with far-off answers, but for me, I answered the question perfectly fine.

Hello, I was misdiagnosed with MDD when I was 15, got the correct diagnosis when I was 19 (but it wasn't specified what TYPE of Bipolar), and finally got diagnosed with Bipolar II at 20.
I've been teased (borderline bullied) by my peers for having "my head in the clouds." I usually think it's just the meds-induced brain fog that makes me ditzy or stupid-sounding but I have a scenario for you guys that often happens to me and idk if it's because of bipolar or it's just an odd quirk of mine.
Example 1: This happened just yesterday. My family and I were eating in a Korean BBQ restaurant. Quite often in these kinds of restos, they also play K-pop in the background. There was a specific song that played in the resto radio and I asked my sister if she knows it. She said she can't hear it well. I replied, "I think it's a pandemic song." She frowned at me and pointed out, "What you just said has no correlation to what I said." What I meant was, "The song was released during the rise of the pandemic (that's 2 or 3 years ago???) so she might not know the song."
Example 2: I was talking to the people in my discord server about an-almost relationship I had with a guy. In the Reddit community in my country, people have this weird criteria of what they consider a "must-date person": "studied in the Big 4," (which is basically the Ivy League equivalent in our country), "can host, can drive, has a condominium, etc. So when they asked me if he has a condominium, I said, "He commutes to [one of the Big 4 Universities] every day." They thought my answer was weird but what I was trying to say was that "I'm not sure but he doesn't seem to have a condominium because he commutes to uni every day. If he had a condo (near their uni), he wouldn't have needed to commute and walk to his uni instead."
Do you guys also experience this? What do you call this exactly? I heard about "word salad" for schizophrenic patients but mine is not merely words, it's a complete sentence, albeit, with very incomplete information.
I hope to hear your insights!
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