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Bungou Stray Dogs is a manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harakawa.

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2023.05.28 21:00 Motor_Ad_961 Borderline ex gf wants to keep my cat

So when I had put down my childhood dog my neighbor whos pretty much my adopted brother had a litter of stray cats under his porch he caught one in a live trap and gave me her as a gift. I had her for almost 3 years all while we were together. After about 6 months of having her we moved in together and All three of us lived in her apartment we broke up for typical bpd reasons around 3 weeks ago. She know says this is her home now And I can visit her anytime I want even if shes not there. I know better to know that that wont last long. I really dont know what to do. If I go to court and I get custody back shell lose her shit and ill feel horrible. If I just let her keep the cat In hopes one day she realizes how she treatment and I actually was a good person… but then I lose a beloved pet that I paid for took care of literally spent hours and hours getting her used to humans since she was a stray. What do I do?? She has stripped so much from me. My confidence pride happiness home everything and know she wants my cat on top of it all.
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2023.05.28 20:47 abhinavred123 25M looking for Long term friend(s) Not a gamer

So I'm a freelancing tutoprogrammer from India.Moving abroad for a second masters in a couple o' months.
Looking for friend(s) to be in touch with, long term. Let's talk and if we vibe, we can have Voice calls and netflix parties.
About me - I love music and movies. Specifically, I have a huge interest in rap/hiphop genre. I love stray dogs and rescue them. I like to talk about anything and everything. I don't ghost. And I always reply.
DM me your fav music artist and song. And I'll send you my doggo's photo.
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2023.05.28 20:46 abhinavred123 25M looking for long term friends🌚 Not a gamer

So I'm a freelancing tutoprogrammer from India.Moving abroad for a second masters in a couple o' months.
Looking for friend(s) to be in touch with, long term. Let's talk and if we vibe, we can have Voice calls and netflix parties.
I don't ghost, and I always reply.
About me - I love music and movies. Specifically, I have a huge interest in rap/hiphop genre. I love stray dogs and rescue them. I like to talk about anything and everything.
DM me your fav music artist and song. And I'll send you my doggo's photo.
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2023.05.28 20:42 ThrowRA-BS101 Sudden second puppy fear

We have a seven month old coonhound pup who we’ve had since she was eight weeks. She seems to be happiest with other dogs, and we’ve been looking at getting her a sibling. We went to the kill shelter today (just to look!) and fell in love with what we suspect to be a husky/samoyed mix. He’s also seven months and was a stray. Seems to love other dogs. We live in a huge city with lots of parks and trails but in a small apartment. The adoptions coordinator said she thought they’d be a great match but I’m having second thoughts. Are we nuts to try introducing a second pup, especially such a high energy one? Can a hound mix and a husky mix get along? I’m suddenly so nervous.
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2023.05.28 19:33 Parsley-Hefty7945 Stray Dogs

Is it common to see just wild dogs throughout the city? We saw some at Cole Park and I felt so bad for them, but they looked fine and calm and not starving. Should I call a shelter or are they cared for somewhere?
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2023.05.28 18:05 _jackelle There was a sick pigeon on my property yesterday evening and now it's dead - what do I do?

Poor little dude was just standing in a corner by the gate, seeming kinda lethargic and not acting right. He let me get way too close before he managed to fly up onto my neighbour's roof. With him safely out of my dog's reach, I set out a dish of water hoping he was maybe overheated or something, but he was up there standing still for as long as I checked on him. Now he's lying in my driveway pretty much right underneath where he was perched on the roof. I put a bin over him just in case - lots of strays and outdoor cats around here - but I'm not sure where to go from here given the bird flu situation.
Of course it's a Sunday, because it's always a Sunday, so the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative that Google results told me I should report it to is closed. Do I dispose of the bird as usual or do I call the city to pick it up? Are they testing dead birds for HPAI?
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2023.05.28 17:47 Trick-Effective-2983 Sensitive (stomach) little dog

I just had a moment of "what is it like having a normal, healthy dog?" and thought maybe I'd reach out to see if anyone has been there. This is gonna be long and have a lot of parentheses so...
TL;DR my adopted dog of 1 year has frequent bowel upsets (about 1/month) that usually resolve with probiotics/time.
Further info: he's a bit over a year old - his age is iffy (anywhere from year and a half to 2 years old). Was picked up as a stray but likely dumped by a prior owner. He's 9lbs, DNA testing says mostly Chihuahua, but also some pekingese, dachshund, poodle, Pomeranian, and whatever other small dog you can think of.
Since literally the day we got him home he's had bowel issues. We've spent so much $$$ at the vet thank God we can afford it. The vet's ultimate conclusion is "probably IBS." She said we could test his liver and kidneys to rule out further disease but she's not inclined to think it's that because his weight is stable and no other symptoms.
Most upsets are triggered by him eating something he shouldn't on a walk. He's had professional training, great at leave it/drop it, except dude loves an earthworm jerky and will swallow it before we can get out "drop it" - then cue the diarrhea.
We already gave up on traditional wet food. Even prescription diet wet food gave him horrible colon upset (I can't even describe how awful it was even with slow intro) so his vet gave the OK to do bland diet (boiled chicken/white rice) as long as he gets some kibble to fill the gap on missing nutrients (about 1/2 to 2/3 cup of sensitive skin and stomach formula each day). He also gets half a packet of probiotic powder with breakfast but we do a whole packet when he's in a flare.
Right now we're on day 4 of a flare and it's mostly resolved - poop is back to normal but I wasn't giving his nighttime snack of a smartbones brand mini churro at night - usually he gets one in his crate and works on it throughout the night. Since he's been sick I thought it best to wait until he was all better so I was giving a little chicken before bed instead.
Well TIL what "empty stomach vomiting" is when he woke me up by throwing up bile in his crate. I feel like an asshole. He didn't want his breakfast either bc I'm assuming he still feels gross but ate a little cheese and is now asleep on me.
I think I'm just looking for someone to say "yeah I've been there it's wild" or advice or anything because I love him so much but holy shit this is so exhausting.
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2023.05.28 17:43 FroyoRound Mission: C.A.T.S. (Sony Pictures Animation)

Mission: C.A.T.S.
written by

We see a group of cute but sneaky cats stalking down the street.
A group of cats, led by TABBY, is gathered around a computer.
Okay team, we have a new mission. We need to infiltrate the evil mastermind's lair and retrieve the secret documents.
How are we going to do that?
We will sneak in as stray cats and gather information.
The evil mastermind has dogs guarding the lair. How are we going to get past them?
I have the perfect plan.
The cats are in disguise as cute kittens, and they are up for adoption. A little girl and her mother come into the store.
Mommy, I want this little kitten.
Her mother takes a closer look at the cats.
These cats seem very familiar.
(comms) Wait for my signal.
TABBY is outside, observing. He sees the signal, and he hits a button on a remote control.
The dogs are barking and growling as they hear a loud whistle noise.
(translation) Who's there?
The little girl and her mother are watching as the cats put on their spy gear and make their way to the back of the store.
Mommy, that cat has a spy gear!
(to the pet store owner) What's going on here?
(whisper) They're not your average cats.
The cats are sneaking around, but one dog spots them.
(translation) Hey, what are you cats doing here?
(translation) Uh, we were looking for food.
(translation) You smell like pets.
The little girl and her mother are watching the spy cats on a webcam.
This is so cool!
I can't believe it.
The dogs are puzzled, and they let the cats go. The cats successfully retrieve the documents and escape.
The little girl and her mother are amazed as the cats return and pull off their spy gear.
How did you train them to do all that?
We have our secrets.
The cats walk down the street, carrying the documents.
(looking at the camera) See you on the next mission.
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2023.05.28 17:41 hitomimei Floormaster Osamu Dazai! (OC)

Floormaster Osamu Dazai! (OC)
crossover of bungou stray dogs and yttd, my two favourite things at the moment!! :D
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2023.05.28 17:33 nvsa Increased anxiety and disinterest in food

I’m the struggling single mom to a loveable 18-ish month, 58-ish pound shepherd mix named Koda. I adopted him from the local animal shelter about 10 months ago; we don’t know much about his history other than that he was found as a stray.
Koda is anxious at the best of times, and we’re still working on his reactivity on-leash. He’s gotten a lot better about squirrels and small dogs at a distance, but he still has to stop and watch every car or human go by. Dogs his size or bigger tend to trigger barking, lunging, and raised hackles on leash. Any sounds, he has to stop and identify. He’s also a big leash puller and sniffs everything he can get his nose on. Off leash he’s still distracted by noises or other animals, but he plays well in small groups.
The past few days have been rougher than usual.
I boarded him from Tuesday to Wednesday at a local place that specializes in dogs like Koda. I gave him one of his Trazadones (prescribed situationally) when I dropped him off, and the boarders gave him one while he was there. When I picked him up from boarding, he showed limited interest in his dinner and no interest in even the high-value treats I offered him on his walk or inside. This is a dog who is primarily food motivated (he’d push me into traffic for a Pupperoni), so naturally I was concerned, but I chalked it up to the stress of the past couple of days and figured we would try again in the morning.
Since Thursday he’s been the most reactive he’s been since I first adopted him. He did alright on our short training and potty walks Thursday and Friday, but would lose his marbles hearing or seeing another dog from inside our apartment or on our balcony (not historically a trigger for him). He’s still been largely disinterested in kibble and highly treat-selective as well; he’s eventually eaten his meals because I’ve hand-fed him or left them out for a few hours until he gets hungry/calm enough.
On our Friday night walk (around 10pm), he absolutely lost his mind and started barking and lunging at nothing. We were on the sidewalk in our apartment complex and I couldn’t see any other movement around us, so I have no idea what set him off. I figured he’s trigger stacked from this past week and need to decompress, so I decided to use the long weekend as a cortisol break for him.
Our success has been… limited.
Yesterday we only went for quick potty walks (in an apartment, so no yard to let him into) and I tried to keep him stimulated inside (lick mats, bully stick, quick games when he’s interested). However, he is still losing his mind over the sounds of other dogs (even just a tag jingling on a collar downstairs!) and is pacing the apartment almost nonstop. He seems even more stressed that I’m keeping him inside and that I’ve closed the blinds, but then seems just as on-edge if we go out for a potty walk. He also is still reluctant to eat his kibble; his only interest is in treats, and even then they mean nothing to him outside.I finally gave him one of his Trazadones this morning just to try to take the edge off.
Naturally, our vet and all the ones around us are closed for the long weekend, so I’m just white-knuckling it until Tuesday at this point. I was already planning to talk with the vet about longer-term medication options; I just hope it’s the anxiety driving the appetite issues and not something else.
Don’t know what I’m looking for here necessarily, but it’s been a hell of a weekend and I figured if anyone would understand it would be this group. Suggestions/recommendations/moral support all welcome.
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2023.05.28 16:55 emergentgold TVM stray dog attack: 7 injured; 1 critical

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2023.05.28 16:12 ladykatytrent [US][TRADING] Looking to trade a few things away!

Hey y'all. Looking to trade today!
Here's what I have:
I also have a hardcopy of Lore Olympus 1 and a softcover copy of Haru's Curse. Also some Gunnerkrigg Court.
Here's what I'm looking for (in no particular order):
Hooky 2 softcover
Kowloon Romance 2, 3
Spice and Wolf 9+
My Love Mix Up 2-6
Madoka Magica Rebellion 1
Umineko anything except for 1-3 and 19
Rent a Girlfriend 18
Apothecary Diaries 7
Inuyasha Vizbig 5, 17
Love Me Love Me Not 2-9
Idol Dreams 4+
Shortcake Cake 4+
Ao Haru Ride 12
Hunter x Hunter 8-23, 25-34
Mao 3-5, 7+
Haunted Bookstore Manga 3
Girl from the Otherside Deluxe 1+
Shaman King Omnibus 10, 12+
Miss Koizumi 3
Witch and the Beast 3, 7, 8
In/Spectre 4+
Girl in the Arcade 3
Dragonball 3 in 1 10, 11, 13, 14
Something Wrong With Us 7, 11, 12, 14+
Komi Can't Communicate 8-18, 20-22, 24+
Pretty Boy Detective manga 3
Coffee Moon 2
Soul Eater PE 6-9
Slam Dunk anything except 1, 2, 7
Bungo Stray Dogs manga 8, 13 -15, 18, 20+ and all the side stuff
Yuyu Hakusho 4-12, 16-19
Kimi Ni Todoke 10, 16, 17, 19, 25
Norigami Omnibus 4
High School Debut 10, 11
Mieruko Chan 2+
Resident Evil 4
Yamada Kun 13+
Skip Beat 7-36, 38-42, 44
Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie 3-9
Horimiya 1+
Ghost and the Lady 2
Kingdom Hearts II 3+
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 2+
Kingdom Hearts 365 2+
Fly Me To The Moon 17
Haikyu 3, 11+
Madoka Magica Wraith 1-3
Madoka Magia Side Story 2-5
Magia Another Story 1, 2
A Galaxy Next Door 1+
Vampire Hunter D manga 5-8
Maybe other things!
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2023.05.28 15:51 sadthrow104 Going off the the recent post in Askreddit about gun free states, do you feel generally safe in your part of the country?

There were many comments on that post where the spirit of the commenter was definitely ‘haha gonna own these Americans’, but also many people rightfully pointed out that it’s not about weapons but the culture of the place they live that determines safety and general social stability. And like one of the folks in this sub said, guns or no guns, weapon or no weapon has little to do with safety in general.
Personally, I live in a class transitional part of Phoenix, Arizona and I would not go walking outside on the local roads for no reason. Those of you who live or have lived here will know what I’m talking about as Phoenix has various parts like this. Arizona has some of the loosest gun laws in the states, and it follows the pattern of pretty much any populated state like Texas, Cali, NY where it’s small urban areas that produce most violent crime and most gun homicides. State level gun laws be damned
If I lived in the nestled suburban neighbor just a mile to the north or east, I would have no problem with walking my dog late at night nor my future kids playing outside. Reminds me of the first neighborhood I lived in when just arriving to America, very safe and family oriented, very clean and quiet. I happen to live in an apartment complex that’s generally a older ex biker bar like crowd. Lives off of bud light, monsters and cigarettes and can be crude, but most good hearted folks, walk their dogs, don’t bother you except with their loud cursing at night sometimes.
The bad parts of this transitional area I would definitely not classify as ghetto either and I have little fear of getting shot like you may wondering into a part part of Chicago, Baltimore, or even south/western Phoenix where the real ghetto is.
But on the main road I live close too you’ll definitely you’re fair share of homeless people who may or may not be drugs or alcohol at the bus stop and gas stations. Plus Phoenix is a very spread out, car oriented city so it’s not like you can go out and find a shop or store a stone’s throw like some Asian or European city. Thus the only ppl walking on the main even in cool weather here is people who live nearby, people who can’t afford a car, and stray vagrant types. Nearby there’s circle K’s, dive bars and trailer homes but also some really quiet suburbs that range from working class to upper middle class in a short distance
If I live in one of the adjacent suburban cities, OTOH, there are definitely MANY sections of the valley I would feel completely safe walking along the main road with my future kids at night.
So I ask you, how’s your little section. of the US? Could you be outside at 12 am with ease or door shut and locked by 10? Do you feel like if we make a concentrated effort we can make this country or at least the city you live in close to the safety level of Japan or at least Western Europe like the normie Redditors ever brag about.
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2023.05.28 15:44 jamjoy Found abandoned dog near Yamato and Lyons

Please help us find the owner or a forever home for this extremely sweet young pit mix. My wife and I just rescued another stray a few days ago and she’s our third dog. We’d love to keep her but we’re at our limit due to limited resources. Shelters aren’t answering because of the holiday weekend and we cannot keep the dog in our backyard through the afternoon as it’s way too hot. We do not want to take her to county. Please help spread the word!
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2023.05.28 15:18 Mountain-Charity8683 Dog Dating Dilemma (25F/25M)

I’m a 25F and I recently have started dating a 25M. He is so wonderful, caring, sweet, and funny. I have kind of fallen head over heels for him. Something notable about our relationship is that we both are animals lovers and grew up with a lot of pets, including many dogs and cats.
There is just one problem in our relationship and it is his dog, Apollo, a very untrained German Shepard.
He adopted his dog (Apollo) when Apollo was 4 years old from a bad situation. Apparently Apollo had been living outside and was abandoned by its former family. Because of this, understandably, the dog has not been trained at all since being a puppy and he has been unable to be trained since.
For one of our first dates, 25M invited me over because he made dinner for me and Apollo was jumping all over me and even scratched up my arms, one even bled. 25M was trying to call his dog off, but Apollo doesn’t listen. While we were cooking together (very cute!) the dog was trying to get the food and was standing up on his back legs to reach the counter. We went for a walk after dinner and Apollo was so unbelievably bad at walking on a leash and was basically pulling out my date’s arm.
While that is all not great, the worst part is that the dog is pretty aggressive towards cats. Where I live, there are many stray and feral cats, which cause the dog to freak out and want to attack. This is bad because I have a pet cat!! Who I love so so much. She is the world to me.
I feel like our relationship cannot progress while this dog is behaving so badly. I don’t ever want to go over to his place and when he is at mine, he cannot stay over, but has to go home to Apollo who will literally destroy his apartment if he got bored. I would love to have his dog over, but I would really fear for my cat’s life and her safety the priority. Not to mention, I don’t want him to jump on me/hurt me/ destroy my stuff.
I have asked him about training Apollo again, but he seems to think that training gets rid of a dog’s “personality.” And while I definitely do NOT agree with that, it’s not like I want Apollo to be this mindless robot either, I just want to feel ok with going over there. I overthink A LOT (hence the Reddit post) and I worry about our future together bc of this dog! Which is totally getting ahead of myself, but something that I worry about!
Idk what to do. I would be so so defensive if someone I cared about said that they did not like my cat, but to be fair, she does not cause the chaos/ harm Apollo does.
I feel really guilty that I don’t like Apollo bc it is not his fault he came from a bad situation. I just feel like 25M is way over his head with this dog, but we just started dating and I am not his “official” gf yet so I feel weird telling him that if that makes sense.
For context: I grew up with large, working class dogs (Dobermans) and I was never afraid of them/they never harmed our cats. This is a really new and unexpected feeling from me towards this dog.
Please any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.05.28 14:59 Wings_of_Darkness Thus They Wail

A man finds himself in a dark downwards cavern with a talking dog who converses with him about a life well lived.
Edwin found himself walking down a dark cave of sorts with a dog. He had nothing but his clothes on him, and he was walking barefoot over jagged stone. Blood was pouring from his feet, leaving stained red footprints with each step. The cave sloped downwards evenly, and down and down he was going. The dog walked slightly ahead, thin to the point where its skin hugged its ribs. It was covered in a coat of matted brown fur.
Edwin had no idea how he’d gotten here. Why was he in a dark cave? Why was he following a dog? A stray mutt. And why did the cave feel warm instead of cold?
The dog turned to look at him. Edwin stared back as they walked.
“Where am I?” He asked aloud. It made him feel stupid, but the silence was killing him.
“Deep.” The dog replied. It sounded human enough, a friendly but firm voice. Edwin blinked in surprise, yet he did not feel afraid.
“How long have we been walking?”
“Longer than you think.”
“Can I go home?”
“Is there a home to go back to?” The dog asked. “What do you remember of home?”
His mind was a haze. There was a bed, and tables. There was his mother hugging him. His brothers playing. Then choking smoke, glowing fires, and silent ash, leaving a charred skeleton of his home.
“I suppose not.”
“How do you view your life?” The dog asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Was it a life well-lived?”
Edwin racked his brains hard. He remembered the taste of delicious wine, gold bangles and jewellery hanging from his neck and limbs, the exhilaration of speeding cars, and sensual pleasures with more women than he could even recall.
“I enjoyed it, if that’s what you mean.”
The dog was silent, and they walked on. There was no way of keeping time, and the counting of his footsteps were lost into astronomical numbers.
“Why am I here?” He asked the dog.
“My good man, did you not see across your life, Heavenly messengers who reminded and instructed you?”
“I…I don’t remember meeting any such thing. But I’ve been a self-made man. I give my staff pay raises. I donate to my Church. I swear.” Edwin began to feel chills down his spine, despite the cave getting warmer and warmer as they walked.
“Have you seen in your life, a tender baby lying prone and helpless in its own excrement?” The dog asked.
Of course he had. Edwin nodded. Young beautiful Matthias, cradled in Jeanne’s arms. The birth of your child, what a miracle. Too bad it had gone so, so wrong. Young Matthias was afflicted and broken. Jeanne’s fault, and so he had left her with her own mistake.
They walked on in silence for even longer. The stones got warmer until they were like walking on heated floors.
“Have you seen in your life, a man or woman severely ill, racked with pain, vomiting, bleeding, crying, lifted up and laid down only by others?” The dog asked.
Of course he had. Edwin nodded. The sickly and gaunt and their crying parents and spouses, tugging at his sleeves and begging for their medicine. He’s granted this to one or two of them. You couldn’t make things free for everyone, you know.
“Can’t you?” The dog asked.
“I did what I could. It’s just how the world works, you know.”
Onwards they moved. The rocks became pointier, cutting and digging into his soft soles. It was like walking on heated coals now, and he yelped and cried out, but the dog said and did nothing about it.
“Have you seen in your life, a man or woman ninety or a hundred years old, bent over, hobbled on a cane, grey-haired, wrinkled, toothless, with blotchy skin?”
Of course he had. Edwin nodded. His own bedridden father, begging for more and more money. He was like a leech. He needed money for better TV programs and a newer caretaker, and a new wheelchair. Edwin had kindly forked over enough money to let him live, he wasn’t about to give him any more.
As they hiked on, Edwin was struck with the thought that he hadn’t felt hungry or thirsty or even tired. They must have been walking for ages now, that was bizarre.
Strange noises came from ahead. Edwin strained his ears, but it wasn’t until quite a while later that he realised it was voices. Many, many voices, all at once. The rush of a crowd perhaps, so many speaking loudly that you couldn’t hear what they were saying or what emotion was behind it.
The rocks beneath them were so hot now that Edwin could feel it like a hot poker jabbing into his feet with every step. His skin was red and raw, and he had sweated until there was no more water left to sweat. He begged for relief from the dog, who walked on like the cave was cool and windy.
“It hurts?”
“No shit!” He cried out. “It’s like walking on a fire pit.”
“This is the drop of water.”
“What the hell do you mean?”
“Ahead is the ocean.”
“Please…just tell me…this isn’t Hell, is it?” Edwin felt his hands shake. “I was devout. I was good. I repented.”
“Have you seen in your life, a man or woman dead, corpse rotting, oozing with fluids and blood?”
Edwin could see it. His mother unmoving on the kitchen floor, blood pooling all around her. The knife in his hands. The hatred in his head. Then the fear. Then the matches. And the smoke, fire, and silent, silent ash that betrayed no trust, confessed to nothing.
He didn’t nod. He didn’t need to.
“You saw all the Heavenly messengers.” The dog said in a tone akin to a teacher gently chiding a child. “Didn’t the thought occur to you, that you too were subject to birth, and had not gone beyond the miracle of life, that you should better do good with body, speech, and mind?”
“Didn’t the thought occur to you, that you too were subject to illness, and had not gone beyond illness, that you should better do good with body, speech, and mind?”
“That’s not-”
“Didn’t the thought occur to you, that you too were subject to aging, and had not gone beyond growing old, that you should better do good with body, speech, and mind?” The dog’s tone changed. It became more pitiful.
“Please I…I didn’t break any laws.”
“Didn’t the thought occur to you, that you too were subject to death, and had not gone beyond death, that you should better do good with body, speech, and mind?”
“SHE DESERVED IT!” Edwin screamed.
“My good man, you did not do good with body, speech, and mind.” The dog spoke as if it did not hear him.
“She fucking deserved it! All of them deserved it! I built myself from nothing! They should too!”
“For that evil karma of yours was done neither by your mother, nor by your father, nor by your brothers, nor done by your friends, nor your companions, nor your kin, nor by the gods, nor done by strangers. The evil karma was done by you yourself, and you yourself will experience its result.”
“Please…I beg you.” Edwin could hear himself sobbing. “Have mercy. I-I only did what I had to.”
The dog remained silent and impassive, and from ahead, shadows on walls crawled closer, as if cast by some impossible shape that he could not see.
“Bring him down to Avici.” The dog said.
“Yes, Lord Yama.” The shadows hissed, sounding like a drill digging into his skull. They seized Edwin’s shadow, and he too felt their invisible grip on his real body. He screamed and trashed, and yelled for the dog. He cried for salvation, but they ignored him. The shadows hissed louder, and they laughed in his mind. Laughed because they knew what awaited him. The heat grew more and more intense and then there was


Roiling flames like those that had consumed his house.
There was nothing visible but fire. There was no smoke and ash, for where they would be was more fire. There was no wind or air for where they could be there was nothing but fire.
There were people there with him, but Edwin couldn’t see them, nor could anyone see him. They were lost in endless inferno, screaming and wailing into the deafening cacophony he had heard back in the cave.
Hell was an interesting concept that Edwin was no stranger to. There were images of demons with pitchforks, stabbing in motions. There was being dunked in boiling water and turned to ash, but in those there was the tiny reprieve of the pitchfork being pulled out or when they were reforming from ash.
In Avici, there was no such mercy. Knee deep in molten embers, Edwin’s skin blistered and fell off his leg, but each time he raised his leg he was magically whole again for the flames to feast upon.
He forgot his wife and child, and he forgot his family. He forgot his age and the dog, and even his own name, for his mind could only focus on pain. Pain as he ran on white-hot knives, and faced iron trees with razor blade leaves that rained down on him. Molten pewter flooding into his wounds. Iron hooks wrenched into his eye sockets as they dragged him up and down rivers of hot ash. Molten bronze gushed down his throat. Pain. Nothing but pain.
But it still remembered. It still remembered one thing. Its mother lying in her own blood. It had done that. And for that, it was here, suffering and screaming.
All down here are enveloped in the fires of their own evil. Thus, they wail.
Sources taken from are: Genshin's Ojoyoshu. The Devaduta Sutta. Imagining Hell by Robert F. Rhodes.
I've wanted to write something about the Buddhist concept of Hell for a while. The cave is based on the Ojoyoshu's mention that people sentenced to Avici by Yama fall for 2000 years before reaching it, and their suffering in the fall is a drop of water next to the ocean of suffering that Avici is.
The title is taken from the Ojoyoshu as well
As the sinners approach this hell from the sky above, they wail with a great lamentation, quoting from the Scriptures these words: “Everything is nothing but flames. In the sky there is not a space without flames and the whole land in every direction is covered with them. The whole land is filled with evil doers and there is no room for me. I am alone and like an orphan without a friend. I am in a dark and evil place. I am enveloped in a great raging flame. I can see neither moon nor sun in the sky.” Thus they wail.
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2023.05.28 14:03 Snakebirdd Need help deterring a bird nest

Hopefully this is the right place for this post!
A cardinal (native to my area) is building a nest in the Japanese maple in my backyard. I do not want it to because I have a dog with an extremely high prey drive who WILL (I emphasize, will) kill at least one bird during its stay, whether a parent or a baby. He is very fast and has gotten several birds foraging on the ground, and has already killed a fledgling that dropped into our yard this spring. He also flips out every time it visits the nest and ends up damaging the tree jumping all over it.
When the nest first started showing up I destroyed it, knowing it was very early stages and hoping it would decide to build somewhere else. It popped up a couple days later. I wrapped tinfoil all over the tree and various branches to try to deter it since I read that helps. No dice. It keeps coming back and doesn't seem to care.
I've also been told to try CDs hung from the tree, but if the tinfoil didn't work should I even bother? Also don't really want to spend money on wind chimes that I don't really want haha.
Any suggestions so I can prevent a tragedy?? Is it a bad idea to keep destroying the nest knowing it's getting ready to lay eggs and needs somewhere to care for them?
(Just to get ahead of any potential comments about my dog, he is a hound and was a stray so his prey drive is very very strong. Maybe it could be worked on - but not in time for this issue. And I can't be with him and watching him every second he's outside.)
Thanks for any help!
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2023.05.28 13:19 Moa_Hunt Scavenger movie character study


Character study
This character study for a movie will add depth to the screenplay, paint a vivid impression to prompt an actor performing the part and be incorporated in the pitch deck. This vignette is not necessarily the plot of the movie. Any general feedback on character, writing, concepts or design are welcome. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
Name : Jandro
Role : Protagonist
There's dirt under Jandro's finger nails. Grime stains across his threadbare t-shirt reveal bony ribs. Eyes cast down he searches for lost cash or shiny valuables on the ground. Seeing him hunched forward hauling scrap on his back, you wouldn't guess he's over six feet tall. With ambition to his stride, Jandro walks in jolting starts, a diet of cheap n' greasy street feed fueling his nervous energy. Speaking in a soft tongue he schools himself from a dog eared nineteen seventies encyclopedia read by the dim light of a corner store lamp. Jandro’s bad habits of voicing his mind and interrupting rather listening have earned him the reputation of eccentric for his age. Beneath the disarray of hair, behind those darting eyes, blooms a handsome charismatic teen.
As a five year old during a provincial war, he got separated from his parents and a childless couple of junk scavengers found him crying beneath Jandro River bridge, adopting him as their salvage picker. Concealing the shame of poverty remained a burden until hunger broke his resolve and he resorted to foraging through trash after dark. The other children in the rag clan were desperate by nature and Jandro did not trust them. The stray kittens who’d once rode in his backpack were closer to his heart. Symbols of good fortune, the whimsical cats embroidered in yellow thread dancing around his filthy jean jacket’s collar were an emotional reminder of dear friends departed.
Two days before his fifteenth birthday, hidden in the crumbling adobe walls of a colonial church, Jandro chanced upon a hessian sack filled with silver coins. The foreign antique dealer who purchased the loot offered Jandro valuable advice, encouraging him to travel village to village, to roam far and high, asking discreet questions regarding the whereabouts of priceless mystic artefacts. This quest for treasure ignited Jandro's imagination. Legs trembling with impatient enthusiasm he couldn't sit still, jumping at an opportunity to bid the city junk trade farewell.
These past months of lone mountain roving honed his reflexes and agility. Owing to his informal nickname, with no valid proof of identity, Jandro dashed land borders before dawn and lurked on the fringe of any town he visited. Opposed to formally registering his name with the ministry he'd quietly slip away should anyone question his past. Never in one place for too long, he preferred to sleep rough, exposed to the shifting sky. Each night Jandro wrestled with the guilt of abandoning his scavenger family, doubting if pursuing his dreams was worth the risk. But on waking his morning thoughts returned to the rumors of Inca rebel gold dumped in a highland lake, or the fabled Wari tomb of animal spirits, then inspired by newfound wanderlust Jandro fastened his steel pick axe and, determined to succeed, trekked toward the far horizon.
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2023.05.28 11:56 Tasmac_Bodhai Stray Dogs Menace - Looking for solutions

Hi makkale, sensitive topic I know, but I wanted to point out there has been a drastic increase in stray dogs in my area. For the most part, it isn't an issue to me directly, but I have noticed that the dogs have bitten some children and food delivery people also in the recent past. Specially in the nights, it very difficult to go out on bike / cycle / walk because the dogs gang up and bark ferociously and we are scared they may attack.
There are some families which feed the dogs regularly and I respect that. I'm not against feeding of the strays, but it is there any way to deal with this menace / curb the problem?
Neutering might be too expensive and problematic as they are stray dogs and no one house is willing to take responsibility.
Is it possible to train these dogs? The senior citizens who go walking in the streets are also terrified and are afraid to step out
Please suggest solutions!
Area is Nungambakkam
Thanks makkale!
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2023.05.28 11:51 MrNOTRedditGuy Mario area

Mario area
The most up-to-date map I could find is in the image. :)
  • +18 server map made by u/SmokeyAslin
  • PG map made by either u/PanosM60 or u/strayramz (Please don't sue me, I made sure that people know it's not my map and to be fair you did post it on a public platform 😥🙏)
I hate that the image is above my text, but oh well we must compromise. I'm not intirely sure if this post is supposed to go under "idea" or "discussion", but since there could be debates/opposing opinions we're gonna flair it as "discussion". /pos
Anyway on the to the main topic of this post, can we all just astablish a legitimate mario area in ponytown? I'm genuinely begging, I hate the idea of just "their usually around the bakery" just please dude, it's so awkward plus if there was an "official" area I feel like people would be alot more inspired to create characters from Mario on ponytown due to the fact there would be a place the fandom can mainly be found instead of just having them sprinkled around the map.
As you can tell I don't have any clue how people make an area but I assume it's kinda like some people just agree and then the crowd grows or something so yeah, leave area suggestions please 💀
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2023.05.28 08:35 TipAgreeable9659 Werifesteria - A Stray Dog RP

Werifesteria is a player-driven story centered around the lives of several clans of stray dogs who have suddenly found themselves in a world without humans. A great earthquake caused all of humanity to disappear, leaving behind a town surrounded only by untouched wilderness. We are a friendly, welcoming community that strives to give everyone a place in the planning and plotting of the roleplay. Come and join us in the Discord and share your ideas for WF!
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2023.05.28 07:47 A_TalkingWalnut [USA-NJ] [H] PayPal [W] AppleTV HD/4K (used)

I’m working on a project and I could use an AppleTV HD, but I’d also be interested in a 4K, depending on price. Thank you!
Edit: Please comment here before chatting me. Scammers, like u/Semetaaa, I hope a stray dog farts on your pillow tonight and you wake up with double pinkeye tomorrow.
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