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Wiggly mouse-drawn comics where balls represent different countries. They poke fun at national stereotypes and the "international drama" of their diplomatic relations. Polandball combines history, geography, Engrish, and an inferiority complex.

2023.06.03 21:09 PULSE_ROOM CLUB CODE:L1CLC

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2023.06.03 21:09 Ok_Ranger_6134 How to optimally finance £15K?

Hi folks,
I think we have a few options but would like to pick your collective brains as to which is the most optimum option.
The different options we are considering so far: 1. Personal loan for the full amount. 2. Utilising 0% credit cards for part and using a personal loan to make up any difference. 3. Adding it onto our mortgage.
Is there anything we need to be mindful of or other options that we may not have considered?
For what it is worth, the money isn't to purchase a car - I know how much of a contentious subject that is within the sub.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
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2023.06.03 21:08 Adventurous_Luck_269 What should i do with old credit cards, for closed accounts?

I'm in my 40s now. I opened three credit cards (my 1st three) back in my 20s, then let them get closed due to inactivity. Nothing was charged off and my payments were (almost) always on time, I just found that dealing with credit cards was a hassle, and stopped using them. The accounts were closed with zero balance, around 2012 - 2015. Years later, now in my 40s, I have a much better hold of my life, and I have the bandwidth for credit. I had to re-establish it back in 2020, due to my credit history being gone. I now have 3 new cards, and my FICO is around 800. My credit report says that my oldest account age is 24, so they must be counting at least one of the cards i opened back then, even though they've been closed for 8-10 years.
I imagine my score is partially due to my old age of credit, and I worry that my credit score will drop significantly if/when these old, closed accounts drop off my report. Should i worry about that? And is there anything i can do to keep my score up? Besides pay on time, that is.
PS. I feel i should specify what I mean by "almost always on time" when it comes to my early credit history. Two late payment on the Citi card, two on American Express, none on Wells Fargo, and none of them more than 60 days late. Over the course of 10+ years.
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2023.06.03 21:08 Temporary-Emotion-96 I miss being in love :(

I'm about to go out for a walk. It rained last night so the air is all breezy and fresh. I'm going to Mont Royal with a book and my oracle cards and it's a nice enough thing to do on my own, would be so nice for a change if I were going with a partner today. A hand to slide my fingers through, a cheek to lean over and peck every now and then, an inside joke. Or not having to go through my contact list to see who's free for a cocktail on a terrace/patio, a little mischievous day-drinking on a sunny Saturday. Or going to a show in the evening, and scoping out the crowd for next potential mate (of course, I don't do it intentionally but that's where my mind tends to wander). I wish I had someone to come home to and give me a hug after a bad day, or even the early stages where your new boyfriend asks which weekend you're free to have him take you away, spoil you with some luxury and/or privacy. Of course, I don't expect y partner to be available whenever I want him to, but I do miss those half-hungover brunches, when your head is light with post-sex hormones. I'm turning 37 this year, I want to spend my prime sexual years with someone to share my passion. I want someone I can be myself around, who knows all versions of me and accepts me, and in turn I want to care about them too. Dating can be fun I guess sometimes, but the unpredictability is tiring. I don't want to be sophisticated and charming all the time, to showcase my uniqueness. I just want to let my guard down, be in a grouchy mood sometimes without worrying driving someone away. I want to like someone. I don't think this is a big ask.
Don't get me wrong. I love my life: I've got more than one artistic passion, I'm active and healthy, I'm VERY VERY LUCKY to have the friends I have. But as much as we love each other, there's a certain intimacy that's only shared with a partner. Yes, we don't need men to complete us, but craving companionship is very human. I think all of us deserve it.
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2023.06.03 21:08 maxismookie I miss the orange Space Needle top

Good afternoon Seattleites,
I have been in your city for the last month and throughly enjoyed my time. One thing I especially loved during my first few weeks here was seeing the ‘Galaxy Gold’ color of the space needle from around the city. I can’t put it into words but the color stood out so much and made the skyline so much more interesting!
When I looked up to find the normal ‘astronaut white’ color in the sky I was a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a cool landmark but the white color feels so boring after the orange! Does anyone else think the Space Needle looked significantly cooler with the anniversary paint coat? I miss it.
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2023.06.03 21:08 PULSE_ROOM CLUB CODE:L1CLC

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2023.06.03 21:08 jesusshuttlesworth7 Am I being gaslit about Regional Upgrade Certificates?

I have 4 regional upgrade certificates that I received (Reserve Card + Platinum Medallion benefit) but have been unable to redeem on the app for over 6 months. There is an error message saying "this eCertificate cannot be redeemed online. Please call the Delta reservation office"
I've contacted customer service asking for the issue to be resolved so that I can use them from the app since it's a hassle to have to call them every time. Each time they've told me there's nothing they can do about it and have not explained why the error occurs.
Now here's the kicker: every time I call customer service to use one, I get a long pause, they tell me there are no upgrades left and then offer to use my certificate to "add me to the waitlist". I never receive any confirmation or anything that the certificate has been applied, and I seem to be ending up in exactly the same spot on the upgrade list that my Platinum status usually gets me - somewhere between 8-15 on JFK-SFO routes and between 5-10 on BOS-SFO, routes that I fly at least monthly.
Anyone know what is going on here? Am I being blocked from using these for some reason? Am I misunderstanding how they're supposed to work?
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2023.06.03 21:08 Zoloft_and_the_RRD A place described in Ghost Fragment: Ghost may describe where the Witness went

TL;DR - an entry from 2014/2015 may describe the world within the portal which the Witness opened over the Traveler. It may also hint at what role the Veil plays, literally veiling this world and locking it off from the outside universe.
In Ghost Fragment: Ghosts, we have a monologue, supposedly from a ghost, recalling a half-remembered memory of a strange world disconnected from reality. In a different lore entry, The We Before Us, we see ghosts are born when they are separated from the great consciousness of the Traveler and rendered as individuals. This might suggest that the incomplete memory in Ghost Fragments: Ghosts is from the Travel itself, stripped of context and understanding. As such, it may relate to the secret of the Traveler, the Veil, and/or wherever the hell the Witness went.
Some take-aways from the entry (text below):

Ghost Fragment: Ghosts

It is a place, a place casting shadows and emotion.
It's a real place, I know.
One hot blue sun, say. And other suns too. Five? I like seven better. What I'm recalling is a giant star with a family of six smaller suns, and you could spend days and nights counting all of the planets circling those suns...except there are no planets. Not anymore. The powers in charge have carved up all of the worlds, and maybe a brown dwarf or two for good measure. With that rubble, they fashioned a topologically creative enclosure, a twisting of space and time sealed behind doors that admit only those who know the magic words. The bones of a hundred planets have been cut smooth and laid out like a floor, a polished and lovely floor creating vast living spaces. A floor bigger than ten thousand worlds, catching the fierce glory of the seven suns. For light, for food. For beauty. And nothing escapes. Not heat, not gravity. Not even the faintest proud sound.
It could be anywhere. It can live in the cold between galaxies, or folded up inside matter, near enough to touch right now...
I remember it and maybe it's exactly as I describe it. Seven suns wrapped inside magic. Or it's something else entirely, perhaps. A place still fat with life. An abundance of sentient souls, some decent, maybe a few of lesser quality, and everybody stands about or floats about, or they bounce between dimensions. The point is that the residents of this hidden realm live inside a bottle so perfectly hidden that they can't see beyond their own borders. Which shapes a mind in very specific ways.
But, Beyond is their name for a mysterious, doubtful realm that they can't see.
Which is us, of course.
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2023.06.03 21:08 mrappbrain Heat : Pedal to the Metal Durability Concerns

I bought this game recently and was initially blown away at how well done it was. The art, the insert, the boards, they all seemed stellar and left a great first impression. But now that my copy has seen a few plays(about 10), that glowing impression's slightly souring, as a lot of the components seem to be showing noticeable signs of wear, despite us treating them really well. I have two primary concerns -
  1. The insert is broken in more than a few places, and this is despite very careful handling of the box. While the insert itself is really helpful and well designed, it just seems kind of brittle and is easily broken with minimal pressure. At one point, a bit broke as I was putting the cards in!
  2. The cards just don't seem very durable? For context, I must have logged almost a hundred plays of Spirit Island and my cards are still in immaculate condition. My Heat cards, meanwhile, feel kind of worn after just 10 playthroughs. They feel very thin and paperlike, and fold easily. A slight accident while shuffling could leave you with a permanently creased card.
For the rest of you out there who've broken in your copy, how're yours holding up? Because I'm beginning to feel like while there's a lot in the box, the individual components aren't really all that high quality(thin cards, paper boards, flimsy plastic pawns, etc)
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2023.06.03 21:07 Fizzy-DrinkUNO (FANART) Animated Deuce Spade for his birthday ♠️ I hope to get his BDAY card ♠️

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2023.06.03 21:07 Future_Economics_132 Tymit Credit Card - Free £10 Referral Credit for £15 spend

Tymit is an app-only credit card. For each purchase you get the option to pay off in full, get 3 months interest-free or see exactly how much interest you would pay if you want to spread the payments for longer. There are no fees to get the card.
Every month you can also withdraw up to £200 from a cash machine without incurring any fees or interest, which you can also choose to pay back over 3 months interest-free should you need to.
They offer a referral promotion which gives both the referee and referrer £10 as soon as the referred person makes three £5 transactions on the card. You can also earn £10 for every person you go on to refer.
1 - Click on the link, set up an account, confirm your identity and order the card.
2 - Card details are immediately available in the app so either use the virtual card to make three £5 transactions or you can wait for your physical card to arrive if you prefer.
3 - You will instantly get £10 credit on the Tymit card.
Ref link £10 bonus: or download and enter the referral code DANIEN9188.
Non-ref (no bonus) -
Thanks for signing up with my referral link if you do!
Note that as this is a credit card you may be credit checked when you apply.
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2023.06.03 21:07 Enkimail Can you hold a Part 107 and Medical Marijuana card in florida

If someone was in a car accident and a doctor recommends to issue a Medical card, will that require a part 107 holder to forfeit their part 107 The rules state 8 hours for a shot or beer , but marijuana stays in body for many weeks.. but not the impairment
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2023.06.03 21:06 Glittering_Kitchen68 First time galaxycon attendee etiquette question.

I have a few collectibles I want to get signed by my favorite voice actors for my favorite characters. A couple cards, a couple action figures, and a few funko pops. Do people walk around all day with the stuff they want signed at galaxycon or do you have to walk to your car everytime you need something then go stand In the line for the actor signing it? Or can you carry most of it around that way your not walking back and forth to your vehicle all day?
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2023.06.03 21:05 SkydivingSquid Smartcard Reader (SCR3310 v2.0) and Macbook Pro M1 - Knowledge Post

Wanted to share just for public information and crawling later. Maybe this will help someone else.
I have been using the SCR3310 v2.0 with my 2022 Macbook Pro M1 for about a year now with no issues. This is the same card reader I used with my 2013 Macbook Pro before finally making the upgrade last year.
Long story short, I got a new smartcard and needed to update the certificates. Same ol' same ol'. Download new certs, manually trust the root certificates, and it should be good to go. Problem was, one of the sites I frequent wouldn't load on Google Chrome (though it would on Safari).
I did some research and a "recommendation" was to download the new drivers. So that's what I did. Driver was from 2021 (and the company doesn't archive old drivers). Completely unusable at that point.
As an IT, I exhausted my expertise so I contacted Apple Support and was upgraded to a senior tech. We tried everything aside from a factory reset. Safe mode, advanced settings and diagnostics, the whole nine yards. If I uninstalled the driver, Macbook was unable to see the smartcard reader at all. With the driver installed, it would see the reader, but would not detect a card. Apple eventually said there was nothing else they could do and suggested I contact the manufacturer.
The manufacturer was of little help and started off by saying, "The SCR3310 v2.0 does not and never has worked with the new M1s or newer versions of macOS." He went as far as saying he has one himself. I told him I used it fine on my old mac, that it STILL works on my old mac (since they tried suggesting it was a faulty reader), and that I had been using it with the M1 for a year. He seemed interested, but had no way forward for me.
He asked I reach back out if the factory reset worked. So, I spent a few hours uploading everything I needed to iCloud (Time Machine apparently doesn't do the 24 hour local system snapshot I thought it did - so that proved to be fruitless). Once iCloud was done, and all my passwords were stored in a Password Manager, I did an options boot (shutdown, start up holding power), and erased the disk, then downloaded macOS Ventura.
During the initial setup, I transferred everything from my other Macbook Pro (system to system transfer - which took forever and a day).. After the initial set up and a quick redownload of my certs and manually trusting the root certificates, everything works again. The Google Chrome error with the one site still exists, (something about security protocol error), but I can access it on Safari like I said.
Anyway. Just wanted to post this for internet knowledge. I doubt this will help many, but it resolved my issue. The smartcard I was using was a "DoD CAC". Root Certs 3,4,5, and 6. All from the militaryCAC website.
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2023.06.03 21:05 DfianceGame 31-05-2023 - Patch Note and Update

Hey there, fellow card slingers and RPG lovers!
We've got some hot updates and QOL improvments rolling out for Dfiance that we think you're going to absolutely love. This isn't just about playing a game. It's about creating your unique gaming experience. It's time to take the driver's seat in your Dfiance journey.
Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and deck creations. After all, we're all here to game and have fun!
What's new:
- Gaming Avatars: Ever wanted to truly immerse yourself into the game and feel the power of your deck not just in your cards but also in your personality and style? Now you can! We're introducing customizable avatars for you to choose and play with. From a celestial sorcerer to an infernal warlord, you get to pick your game face that vibes with the deck style that you fancy.
- Deck Personalization: Remember when we said 'your deck, your rules'? We meant it! You now have the power to personalize your deck. Get creative with how your deck looks and feels. It's all about creating a unique gameplay experience that is truly centered around you and your personality.
-Gameplay Enhancements: We're always working hard improve your overall gameplay experience as much as possible. So we've made some tweaks and enhancements to make gameplay smoother, faster, and overall more enjoyable. Expect less latency, more intuitive controls and quicker loading times.

Bug fixes and QOL changes:
- Fixed level filter options in deckbuilder
- Fixed score bubbles on endgame screen to fit 3-digit numbers
- Fixed cheat panel to play against Bot (checkbox is added)
- Fixed popups' background and placement
- Fixed margins and scrollbar at deckbuilder to fit all required info
- Fixed faction description while creating a deck
- Fixed an issue which allowed players to buy more than 1 copy of card at marketplace
- Fixed marketplace not to refresh cards after each match
- Fixed game restore corner cases
- Fixed battleground effect animation
- Fixed score counter animation to play once during turn change
- Fixed flank animation
- Fixed spell application
- Fixed 'mind control' ability application
- Fixed total resource amount with wager placement (decrease accordingly)
- Fixed card image preview at deckbuilder and before match
- Fixed flank's limit for an amount of cards on it
- Fixed cards interaction during match
- Fixed metamask authorization
- Updated loading bar animation
- Changed card placement visualization (selected card moved to right and available rows are highlighted)
- Adjusted SFX volume levels
- Implemented in-game wager increment possibility
- Changed endgame screen
- Added 'finding opponent' animation
- Added possibility to cancel search for a match
- Added toggle to enable playing against Bot
- Removed excessive battle log messages caused by flank competition calculation
- Added all faction cards at marketplace (with filter for factions)
- Added all faction avatars for leader
- Changed and properly positioned 'bug' button on the main page
- Changed energizer
- Added possibility to burn card copies for an upgrade in energizer
- Added in-game SFX for Celestial's cards placement
- Changed card detailed info popup in energizer
- Changed active abilities application (now allowed to make reselection of a card)
- Changed 'Dispel' logic (now cannot be dispelled)
- Improved card log to show rejected effects and Hero immunity note
- Added spines cache refresh

That is all for now! Stay tuned for more updates and keep slinging those cards!
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2023.06.03 21:05 NoAd2187 The collection

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2023.06.03 21:05 heraclare Sell, The Shadow Tarot deck and companion book, Linda Falorio

Hi, as I get older I am parting with most of the collection of tarot decks and books so my dog and I can “travel light.”
The deck and companion book are in as-new condition, originally I unwrapped them, looked through the cards, but never used them.
$45 for the set + shipping and I’m open to offers. Thank you!
PS, this forum doesn’t allow me to post pictures, I’m happy to send them if asked.
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2023.06.03 21:05 InfluenceSure785 Phone stolen at Coachella, been getting tons of scam messages but today’s was threatening..

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2023.06.03 21:04 crocodilesoup316 i keep receiving empty samples, just the packaging? (online and in person)

preface: i’m in toronto, canada
i prefer shopping on sephora online for a number of reasons, but sometimes it is more convenient to go in-store.
the best part of online is the samples are so straightforward. you can redeem points, use beauty offers, and the checkout page lets you choose two samples.
i understand samples may be out of stock or they send an alternative sample, but its so disappointing receiving a piece of card for a fragrance, with no sample 😭
the same thing happened the last time i went to sephora IRL. i decided to ask the cashier “can i please have some samples?” (i usually do not ask), and she gave me two packets of the same skincare cream, and then a piece of paper describing some makeup product without the actual product 😭
tbh i’d prefer no samples over just the packaging 😭
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2023.06.03 21:04 TheSkullBoy101 Tarot card readings!💀🕯️❤️

Tarot card readings!💀🕯️❤️
Hi I am Skull 💀 and I’m am also a devotee To La Santa Muerte for 2 years plus+ 🕯️🔮, I give very detailed and accurate tarot card readings if anyone is available.❤️ your readings with also be assisted with the help of La Santa Muerte 🥀! When I’m finished with your reading I will send a pictures of the cards that were pulled with your accurate information on why the card wall pulled and further more!!💀🕯️🃏
Dm if your interested in a reading! You won’t regret it❤️
SkullBoys Tarot Reviews Below 👇❤️
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2023.06.03 21:04 bucksfan740 [For Sale] MOVING SALE, ALL RECORDS $25, MOST UNDER DISCOGS AVERAGE

Happy Saturday I will be moving in less than a month and need to get rid of some records that I don't listen to or haven't got around to listening to yet. All records are sealed and NM/NM (unless otherwise noted). I am experienced collector & seller so purchase with confidence! I can send pictures of any record(s). SHIPPING INFO: - $5 for USPS Media Mail shipping, if you purchase multiple records include $1 per additional record. - Shipping out of Beachwood, OH in brand new mailers. I will ship out on Tuesdays & Fridays. - International Shipping available, buyer pays for shipping. Payment via PayPal Goods & Services only. MISC INFO: - Please use chat feature if interested. - Please include the record you're purchasing and your address in the PayPal comments. Thanks in advance! --
2 Chainz - Rap or Go To The League
Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls (Blue and Pink Swirl, Platinum Edition) Altopalo - Farawayfromeveryoneyouknow (Blue, VMP, #/500, played once) August Burns Red - Looks Fragile After All (Tusk, #/750) August Burns Red - Looks Fragile After All (Black, #/750)
Bartees Strange - Farm to Table (Green/Brown/Tan Tricolor)
Benny The Butcher - Pyrex Picasso (Alternate Cover, Tricolor w/ splatter)
Benny The Butcher - Pyrex Picasso (Green)
Benny The Butcher - Pyrex Picasso (Red/Black Splatter)
Benny The Butcher - Pyrex Picasso (Clear with Red Stripe) Black Wing - No Moon (Aqua w/ Orange/Black Splatter, Silk Screen Cover, #/???) Boy Pablo - Wachito Rico (Purple w/ Yellow Splatter, Urban Outfitters) Brejean - Feelings (VMP, Red Nebula, #/300) Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (VMP, Red Marble, 180 gram)
Caribou - Our Love (Black) CARRTOONS - Homegrown (VMP, Terra Cotta colored #/300) Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury (VMP, 45 RPM, Dirty Green Money) Dead Kiwis - Systematic Home Run ! / Karate Karnage (Blue w/ Pink Splatter, unsealed but never played) Deem Spence - Pretty Face (VMP, Red, #/500, played once) Death Grips - No Love Deep Web (Black, small corner ding) Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez See Your Future (VMP, Purple Marble, #2,000) Destroyer - Kaputt (Roughtrade, Green/Blue, #/300) Dinner Party - S/T (Black) Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca (VMP, Blue + Red Color In Clear) Disclosure - Energy (Multicolor Marble, unsealed but never played) Drowse - Light Mirror (Flenser Series One Membership Exclusive, SilveMilky Clear Split, #/150) Dufflebag Hottie - MAX Three (Daupe!, Black, #/100) Eyedea & Abilities - First Born (VMP, Red/Silver 2xLP) Fiddlehead - Between The Richness (Newbury Comics, Quad Color, #/500) For Your Health - In Spite Of (CleaRed Quad, Revolver Exclusive, #/100) Foxing - Draw Down The Moon (Newbury Comics, Brown in Light Blue, #/600) Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Pinata '74 (RSD 2020) FUN - Some Nights (Silver) Gang Starr - No More Mr. Nice Guy (VMP, Red/White)
The Garden - Kiss My Superbowl Ring (Black) George Clanton & Nick Hexum - S/T (Yellow w/ Blue Splatter, #/???) Grimes - Art Angels (Black, opened, played once, NM/VG) Grimes - Visions (VMP, Purple/Grey Galaxy)
Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction (Black, Repress 2015) Holy Fuck - Congrats (Black) Invisible Familiars - Disturbing Wildlife (Silver, opened & never played) iwresteledabearonce - It's All Happening (Clear w/ Rainbow Splatter, #/500) Jack White - Entering Heaven Alive (VMP, Heavenly Eclipse Colored, #/2000) James Blake - Friends That Break Your Heart (Silver, Alternate Cover) John Prine - S/T (VMP, Orange) John Williams Empire Strikes Back (VMP, Ice Planet Hoth Blue, #/1,500, 180 gram)
Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music (VMP, Clear w/ Green & Black Splatter) KOKOKO! - Fongola (Rough Trade, Yellow, #/1,200 w/ Bonus CD Remixes) Lorde - Solar Power (Blue Marble) LANNDS - Lotus Deluxe (CleaPurple/Cream Swirl, #/300) Maxim Mental - Fucking (RSD, Pink) Melody's Echo Chamber - S/T (Black) Mid-Air Thief - Gongjoong Doduk - (Gray/White Marble, OBI strip, #/1,000) Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me (Black, Corner ding) My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Urban Outfitters, Smoke) My Morning Jacket - At Dawn (20th Anniversary ,Clear Orange Swirl, 3xLP #/500) My Morning Jacket - At Dawn (20th Anniversary ,Orange Opaquel, 3xLP #/750) Nails - Abandon All Life (White, Relolver Exclusive, #/300) Nappy Roots - Watermelon, Chicken, & Gritz (VMP, Brown) Naughty by Nature - Naughty by Nature (30th Anniversary Blue w/ Yellow Splatter) Needle Drop Compilation (Yellow/Black Split, Significant Corner Damage) Nick Hakim - Will This Make Me Good (Rough Trade, Blue w/Black Smoke, #/300) No Alarms - Deja View (Red)
Open Mike Eagle - Unapologetic Art Rap (VMP, Blue) Real Estate - Atlas (Black, played once) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love (Urban Outfitters, Light Blue) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love (Lakers Purple/Yellow) Rome Streetz X ANKHLEJOHN - Genesis 1:27 (Red/Blue, Split Cover 1, #/75) Run The Jewels - RTJ4 (Deluxe 4xLP, Gold/Magenta) Sault - 7 (Turntable Lab, Clear, #/1,500) Sharky - Love and Ownership/Fruit (VMP, Transparent Dark Blue, #/500, Played Once) SPACEGHOSTPURRP: Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp (VMP, Red/Black Vinyl, #/1000)
Stranger Things (A Netflix Original Series) Volume 1 (Blue with Black Splatter, played once, NM/NM) Sylk - Sylk (VMP, Magenta Galaxy, #/300) tUnE-yArDs - w h o k i l l (RSD, White w/ Black Splatter, #/3,500) tUnE-yArDs - w h o k i l l (Black, played a few times) Turnstile - Glow On (Black) twenty one pilots - Scaled & Icy (Light Blue, Webstore Exclusive)
twenty one pilots - Vessel (Clear, played multiple times, NM/NM) Tyler, The Creator - Call Me When You Get Lost (Black) Underoath - Voyeurist (Cerebellum) Underoath - Voyeurist (Egg Drop) Underoath - Voyeurist (Deluxe, Coke Bottle Green) Vein - This World Is Going To Ruin You - (Picture Disc, #/500) Vein - This World Is Going To Ruin You - (Oxblood & Silver Striped w/ Oxblood Splatter, #/500) Vitallic - OK Cowboy (RP, Blue, Corner Damage) Wye Oak - The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs (Blue & Beige Split "Sand & Sky", played once)
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2023.06.03 21:03 WulfGamesYT Freebie: Tuk Tuk Extreme Simulator via IndieGala

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