Oregon chain laws for semi trucks

Hong Kong blasts Amnesty over missing Uyghur man allegation

2023.05.28 20:44 autotldr Hong Kong blasts Amnesty over missing Uyghur man allegation

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Hong Kong on Saturday "Strongly condemned" rights group Amnesty International for alleging that a Uyghur man had gone missing after he arrived at the city's airport.
The group said in a statement Friday that Abuduwaili Abudureheman, born in China's northwestern region of Xinjiang, travelled from South Korea to Hong Kong on May 10 to visit a friend and had not been heard from since.
In a statement late Saturday, the Hong Kong government said Amnesty's claims were "Groundless and unfounded" and "Slandered the human rights situation" in the city.
The friend, who requested anonymity for safety concerns, told AFP on Saturday that Abuduwaili flew to Hong Kong for a visit, despite the friend's scepticism.
According to Amnesty, Abuduwaili was on a Cathay Pacific flight from Seoul to Hong Kong that was scheduled to land at 11 pm on May 10, according to Amnesty.
Since Beijing imposed its national security law on Hong Kong in 2020, Chinese law enforcement agents have been given more leeway in operating within the city - once considered off-limits due to the city's semi-autonomous status.
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2023.05.28 19:48 RobotTomPeterson 'Duffel bag full of cash': Oregon Cannabis Assoc. president calls for updated laws

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2023.05.28 19:44 The_Patriot FLA developers coming for The Durham Distillery (and, most likely, the Blue Note) and they can't be stopped. I wish Florida people would stay in Florida.

(Newer article with a little other information: https://archive.md/eYWy9 )
A mixed-use development planned in downtown Durham is getting pushback from neighboring businesses and residents over concerns the design will disrupt operations and could cause at least one business to close its doors.
Florida developer Ram Realty Advisors has filed plans for the Washington Mixed-Use project, calling for 311 apartments over ground-floor retail in a 6-story building. The site totals a little over five acres at 501 and 703 Washington St. and 706 W. Corporation St. across the street from the Durham Athletic Park.
It also sits next to a cluster of businesses, and some business owners say the development would remove a historic coal trestle and disrupt business operations.
For Durham Distillery founder Melissa Katrincic, the plans could spell the end of her business.
At issue is a planned retaining wall that would be built as a part of the development. Katrincic said that as currently envisioned in site plans, the wall would make it impossible for trucks to access her loading dock, if it proceeds as planned.
“If they build that retaining wall they've taken away our ability to do our jobs,” Katrincic said. “It’s different than a restaurant where you can take things in the front door. You can't take pallets of 2,000 pounds of glass off a semi onto a lift gate – it can't hold that weight. You have to go in through a loading dock.”
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2023.05.28 19:36 Seyriu22 Medjay is the most brain dead character in this fucking game

Who the fuck thought it would be a great idea to give a character 360 hitboxes the side of a truck, infinite hyperarmor chains, high damage and enhanced lights for the same character
Hes a fucking nightmare to fight especially in brawls, completely braindead and impossible to stop unless you somehow land a bash against him
And the worst part is that there’s no way to balance this cunt because if you remove his properties he’s dogshit useless
Amazing character design ubi
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2023.05.28 19:36 NotWhatIHopeFor Could this be it?

First off very sorry for misspelling or not making sense, today is probably the start of what is the end, so please bare with me.
Hi, I'm 48(M) for all my life I have been battling to be accepted, to see if I had a family, my parents were very abusive to me, I got hit with brooms, pulled hair, ears, with closed fists on the stomach, back and head.
My mother never said one word to stop the abuse and she her self was part of it at times, my brother would cry about things that we did and then I would get the brunt of it, if my brother got bad grades guess who got the bad end of stick.
Last night it came to a final end, to start my father died 16 years ago, and at his final days me and him had a conversation and he was very sorry for how he treated me, at that point at was at peace, but last night my brother and my mother just went off on me, reason being was that me and my son were walking in Prescott, Az and the whole family went for "family time, at the point that when were returning to Phoenix, me and my son were walking to the car, my mother got very upset because I wasn't walking at the same pace as her and my sister in law and both of them think that I did it on purpose because I didn't want to be part of the "group". This was complete BS, some point of reference I live in Plano, Tx, my sons live in Phoenix, so we are taking a trip to New Zealand tomorrow and I'm in Phoenix to spend time with them and my supposed family. Returning to the car thing, as I got to the car, my thinking is let me hurry up an go get them, well, as I'm turning the car on, I get a call from my sister in law, telling me to go get them, which is what I was doing exactly, I went I pick them up a couple of blocks down, the car was parked in a very steeped hill, I go pick them up, they didn't seem upset or anything, so I picked them up and I dropped my sister in law where my brother's truck was parked.
As we were driving back to Phoenix, the first thing I get from my mother is this rant as to why I didn't wait for them, I told her that this always happens I for some reason or other I'm at fault for doing something that wasn't intentional, she got super upset, all the drive back to Phoenix was quiet, but I felt hopeless like I'm just done, I Just can't anymore.
We come home, the first thing my son says, "Please take me home, I don't want to spend the night here", I understood why, so I took my son home, as I was returning to my brother's house, I get a text message that "we need to talk", so I was just like had no emotions I felt nothing like I could care less.
I come home and both my brother and mother just go off on my, calling me a liar when they don't understand when I'm talking to them, bringing things from the past, that had no substance whatsoever, in all of this I was surprised that I didn't feel anger, sadness, I was just chill defending myself of them calling me a liar, that it's all in my head that nothing that I say to them is true, my brother has never ever cared one bit about my depression in fact, I blame him for part of it, my mother also has a part in this, and the way that they were going after me felt like more of trying to excuse themselves for not understanding me, than trying to actually understand my disease and how to help and cope with it.
This visit to Phoenix was to actually look for a house to be close to my children but in all, after this I just can't the pain is too much, just to think that I live in the same city as them and to think of the painful things they told me, I don't know if I can, I have a very stable life in Plano, Tx, but the fact that I can't move closer to my boys hurts like hell, but I think that also I have to look out for my mental health, but last night has brought me thoughts of suicide and thoughts of worthlessness and I can't cry and can't be sad, it's just feels different than other times, I just wanted to rant to see if I can but seems like this is on another level.
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2023.05.28 19:34 trisha1939 NASA chosing SpaceX was a mistake

NASA choosing SpaceX to provide the lunar lander was a massive mistake. I fear that choosing SpaceX could jeopardize this actually landing on the moon altogether. There's a good probability that we won't even be able to do it or we'll have to wait several more years for a different company to deliver on what SpaceX could not.
SpaceX has still yet to get a Starship into orbit. Starship completely obliterated it's LaunchPad even though we have known how to protect our launch pads since the 50s diverting the thrust away from the ground and or using a lot of water to help absorb all of the vibrations. In order for NASA to approve the lunar lander from SpaceX they have to prove that they cannot only get into orbit but get to the moon and land unmanned. And SpaceX has two years to accomplish this goal. We haven't even seen them successfully get into orbit. Not to mention that it would take between 4 to 16 separate Starship launches to get one star ship to the Moon. As the lunar lander needs to be refilled with Starship tankers in order to have enough fuel to get to the moon after spending almost all of its fuel just getting into orbit.
SpaceX has yet to even build the lunar lander and hasn't even begun to perfect the idea that there is going to need to be life support systems to support astronauts in this thing. Even if they made it to the lunar surface they have a elevator system to unload the cargo from the lunar lander onto the lunar surface. How many possible things to go wrong with this elevator system? The lunar lander needs to land on the Moon just like their Falcon boosters return to Earth and how long did it take for them to just get those things to land properly on Earth gravity? Now we're going to expect SpaceX to do it on the moon with astronauts on board in 2 years.
Elon Musk has consistently undelivered on his promises throughout his entire career. He's been promising full self-driving next year since 2013. He's been promising a Tesla semi truck since 2018 and although he has delivered a few units those were test trucks that he just gave to the companies to which he owed trucks to. I suspect that was just to feel some sort of contract obligation as the Tesla semi is still not in production. He has not delivered on the Tesla cybertruck either or two-door sports car Tesla that he had promised as well. Regarding his SpaceX company he has yet to actually deliver on his promises of 5 million launches due to his self Landing Rockets. Something that NASA tried to perfect for years and still failed to make a cost-effective reusable shuttle.
I could keep going on and on but I just don't think SpaceX is going to deliver in 2 years or we're going to have some dead astronauts. We're going to be delaying our landing on the moon and it may not happen this decade as has been promised. SpaceX will have spent millions and millions of dollars of taxpayer money to deliver nothing that they promised. Then NASA will be forced to choose a different company or just wait until space action actually deliver on these promises if they don't go bankrupt first
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2023.05.28 19:20 ShineFamiliar3741 turn the Page my recovery from abuse and inheritance theft

A lot happened before my father passed my sisters both demanded accounts and signed on the way they owned our father and her to the lot of large amount of money before he retired one sister had full control to put one account and because her husband had knowledge of how to control people with these accounts and how to sign them to where you own them and could walk away with all that one dollar unless my dad wanted to press charges felony and he did not he lived with that for several years the thing was my brother-in-law demanded I didn't no help and no cash from my father who bought me a vehicle and he also demanded who bought from him so he could have his own cash that started a bad thing but on the other note my other sister and brother planned a long time ago to steal all on the end and one sister her whole name go in life was to still everything in the end to work as a librarian in order to mingle with authorities with a plan of cutting me out because mother made her hate me when we were children she told her she was a real oldest daughter I was adopted by my father in the state of Missouri because I had no father my mother was abusive to me and she got her words she cut me out she got threw me out of the family they had me abused I had a death threat at one time when my memories came back I have an appointment to talk to a trusted her recovery attorney next week but it's well down to now it's a dirty stuff but they're still a very large amount of money missing that was too preachers one being a bad lawyer who was elected to prosecutor because of his name the state of Missouri couldn't help me with that because he was elected. There's no protection for heirs even though there's laws in Missouri. And when did in-laws with hating their heart and greed they come errors assets were never reported I never got anything from my dad as far as I had property stored there I finally got my camper but it cost me a lot my brother forced me to sign titles and soon tops and my sister would use them on something I told her it would be fraud because they couldn't Court can tell immediately that the paper was added to after the signature landlords can't get away with that anymore unless the person can't take them to court then they do cuz it happened to me before my thoughts are I was abused my life was certain all this Northwest Missouri it's very corrupt a bank account was moved when I was dying in another state and the prosecutor won't even let me look because it's been a few years back I need prosecutor the bank was concerned like there was a criminal and that prosecutor said get a lawyer well that's all I was told by a person well when they have more money and they've used pictures to launder money they use the prosecutor to get their way to not probate a larger state and they turn their back on me that goes to me like I am a disease because I know what they did my life was in dangerous I still don't feel safe I'm in this town I'm working on getting away from here so I can take care of the rest of this but my children didn't deserve to be cut out my father did not do this they did what they wanted for very large amount of money who got a very large attack right before he died and then I don't know who got the money I'm not money doesn't drive me but the fact that they did what they did has me irritated because my children did not deserve this my brother was supposed to probate and help me get all this done so my sister's got their way so far but my mother was in the background she was the first ex-wife and he was single but my one sister control freak controlled dad never move after his last divorce and he couldn't trust her she stole tooth imagine that grave sold them a year later without telling him to make banked on that but she did that because my other sister would find onto his largest inheritance account and controlling him with it he didn't press start his own either one but he did turn him in before he died after he got that last check he was bullied that's why they wanted my memory is gone I hired somebody to come into my life I found Love with a narcissist who was there for hire St Joe Missouri is very corrupt Andrew county was where the prosecutor fake probate attorney was they're still a fake casing at the judge refused to move it off but my brother is no longer represented who paid it to get it stopped to get those two titles back my father bought way more local than that my brother and said he was doing his own probate he bullied me to sign in 15 titles two were property I can't find out where those went except for I know they were laundered through his church his Titan picture who greedy preacher but also was involved and getting money off the top that's I'm in the assets it's all a mess it's a very big mess I'm talking to Tony next week another one thing is only have one chance that they got more money than they're counting you know I they laundered money they did it's on public 300 vehicles cars and trucks at dad bought for probate my brother promised to do with me that sisters pays him to do with that program that month is already had the prosecuting attorney as a lawyer he's not even a probate lawyer and now he's not a prosecutor attorney who knows he did wrong he's also a preacher but he's one of those tithing pictures like the other one putting printers lying their own pockets with other people's money they don't give it to the floor they're legal things in my eyes but I'm opinionated
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2023.05.28 19:08 Desperate-Chemist719 Required licensing/qualifications for teaching an esthetics class?

Hey everyone. I’ve been toying with the idea of teaching a more in-depth microneedling class (Oregon). Does anyone know what type of licensing I need for this besides an advanced license? The state laws are fuzzy. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 19:08 Ok_Assignment4100 Why are some Americans obsessed with guns/2nd amendment?

Is it really just to have for safety reasons and protection under the constitutional law of the 2nd amendment? Or, just a way to say “Hey, look, I got a handgun and semi-auto AR15. I’m more powerful than you now. So, don’t mess with me.”
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2023.05.28 19:02 Conscious-Court2793 2023 Debt Ceiling Budget reached in the U.S requiring people who receive SNAP benefits to work.

With all due respect, we been down this road before.
It becomes impossible to work when you have a misdemeanor offense in Oregon.
At some point you need to look at the policing, prosecution, state legislation, judicial system which skillfully develop and enforce laws which discriminate and have characteristics of prejudice, racism and white supremacy.
For example, if a person who has no criminal history is accused and not afforded any defense in the matter then gets convicted of a misdemeanor in Oregon you are automatically denied employment.
All this while the state of Oregon implements court procedural laws that require the newly convicted defendant to pay court fines/fees or go to jail immediately. These draconian laws that mandate court fines/fees to be paid are unconstitutional and create a disparate impact on the entire social system.
When the laws that are created prohibit employment of the accused only to incarcerate the individual and make matters worse.
It is a human rite to be afforded the opportunity to work. And when states build into laws that prohibit people from working then it becomes a humanitarian issue.
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2023.05.28 18:35 Medium-Plankton-4540 Fine, you win. And I know I was wrong.

You win guys. I said I fucked up. Yeah, I sucked backing at night and bad weather. And while I made sure to be safe, and never got a traffic infraction, never sped, never tried to get on my exit at last minute, I guess I'm a danger on society. I hoped I'd at least fine advice, and genuine feedback, but was met with insults on this subreddit, and insults. You win, I'll quit trucking. Just let some steer wheel holder take my place, on his phone, blocking fuel islands, and turning without checking his mirrors. What bitterness I had has been replaced by spite. Enjoy a industry that doesn't give one fuck about you. Continued to be plagued by incompetent drivers, desk drivers who make up laws to screw you over, and a fractured unity between truckers. What you people see in this industry, I'll never know. For me, it was the freedom of the road, the new locations, and meeting a bunch of nice people. I'm done. Everything is out to get you, and God forbid that I fuck up, trying to teach myself how to truck, where those in the industry don't. Shit, port of NJ/NYC don't tell you jack shit.
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2023.05.28 18:34 NewAdventures2023 50 [M4F] #Philadelphia and northeast US - Where your older man fantasy/curiosity intersects with my love of younger women

First a little about me. I recently turned 50. I live in the Philadelphia area, but I travel quite a bit throughout the Northeast US for work. I'm attractive with a slight dad-bod build (and working my way towards fit, but right now in-between). I'm successful and established in my career. I lean dominant, but mostly as a playful "pleasure Dom," and I have a very caring and nurturing side. Very honest and straightforward. Frequently tested and clean.
So what about you? You should be under 30, and preferably under 25 (but at least 18, regardless of your state's laws). I like a thin/slim/athletic build but I don't mind a little pudge. And I have a special fondness for A/B-cups :)
It would be great if you're somewhere in southeastern PA or NJ, but since I travel you don't have to be - other areas I frequent are DC/Baltimore, Pittsburgh, upstate NY, CT and MA. Other areas of New England are possible but less frequent. I'm open to any race/ethnicity.
As I said I'm caring and nurturing, and ultimately I have a lot of love to give the right Baby Girl. But don't think I won't put you over my knee if you've been a bad girl. Although one night stands can be fun, ideally I'm looking for a long-term connection. I want to be your friend, your lover, your mentor and perhaps your muse.
Your experience level with men does not matter to me. In my prior Age Gap relationships, I have found the most rewarding moments to be with less experienced/repressed partners, helping them explore their sexuality and truly blossom. But if you already know what you like and what you don't, that's perfectly fine. Either way, please have a significant interest in both giving/receiving oral.
Besides the obvious Age Gap dynamic, Praise Kinks, Showing Off/Being Shown Off, Semi-public play are all things that interest me. And bi/bicurious girls go to the front of the line.
Yes, I'm looking for a lot. I realize that. But if you've read this far, and think you fit what I'm seeking, please send a message and let's see if there's a good fit. And if there is let's start our New Adventure.
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2023.05.28 18:32 Extra_Blackberry_802 Is this fantasy race too extreme and violent?

Does this fictional race sound too evil?
Zaraths are medium-sized species that resemble purple-skinned goblinoids. They live in small tribes in rainforests near swamps and marshes,as a warm habitat is most comfortable for them. They're a bit shorter than humans on average,as an average male is about 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and females a little over 5 feet (152 cm),on average weighing between 140-210 lbs (63 - 95 kg). In general,they tend to be within that weight range and between 5-6 feet (152-182 cm) in height,with some rare specimens nearing 7 feet (210 cm) and a whopping 300 lbs (135 kg). They resemble larger,bulkier goblins with purple scaly skin,somewhat pig-like noses,and vampire-like fangs protruding from their upper jaw,described as having a 'monstrous,abomimable appearance'. Their lifespan is between 60-80 years,some even reaching 150. They are omnivorous and opportunistic,eating anything they can find ranging from insects and carrion to plants they steal from farmers and animals they hunt down themselves
Zaraths live in small tribes with strictly regimented hierarchies,where the largest and most violent males often end up at the top. Laws in zarath societies are harsh,tyrannical,overly strict,oppressive,unfair and draconian,with violent and brutal punishments for anyone caught breaking them. Their culture is one that glorifies cruelty,war and violence,with the chief god of their pantheon,Bezagoth,being the god of war and fire,as they sometimes set ritual bonfires and chant to honor him and other times they see slain enemy soldiers in wars as sacrifices to Bezagoth.
Zaraths are known for their crude,vulgar and brutish demeanor. Their tribes often enjoy brutally massacring and enslaving each other in wars,and tribes very frequently squabble,but are willing to ally in certain situations like wars with non-zaraths. They also have a reputation for burglary,as zarath soldiers often break into houses in villages during wars to steal any valuables they can find inside. They also use brutal psychological fear tactics against their foes during war,such as putting the severed heads of slain enemy soldiers on pikes and carrying them around as a warning. Zarath sorcerers are known to cast dark magic spells on enemy armies to weaken them. They've also been known to practice forced slave labor of captured POWs.
Zaraths have very limited intelligence and are semi-literate,as well as being very easily distracted and forgetful. They're capable of logic and reasoning somewhat,but pretty much only the bare minimum,having a hard time grasping abstract concepts (by D&D standards,they would prob have an intelligence of 8-9).
They are known for their short tempers and for being very easy to provoke,and when this does happen,they will basically just start throwing a tantrum and grabbing any random objects (rocks,sticks,etc.) they can find near them and throw them at any living thing in sight,as well as making animalistic noises like grunting,shrieking or roaring. Their fighting style lacks technique,as they often charge into battle while swinging their swords,battleaxes and other weapons around randomly while hoping to hit something. They are militaristic and warlike in nature,sometimes losing wars against other races because they get distracted and start fighting with each other over petty reasons. While they do supposedly have 'tribal codes of honor',these 'codes' are often vague,arbitrary and inconsistent. They're also known to be sadistic and verbally abrasive,often heard loudly insulting,cursing and yelling at their enemy soldiers while fighting.
A zarath tribal chief is known as a despot:while this term for humans is a negative one that implies a tyrannical or oppressive figure,to zaraths it is a neutral term simply meant to refer to any leader of a clan,regardless of whether they see said leader as good or bad. Thus,tribes are known as despotries,while several smaller tribes united in a larger confederation are known as an overdespotry,led by a chief known as the overdespot.
Zaraths engage in various taboo practices any civilized species would be disgusted by,such as ritual sacrifice and cannibalism,with zaraths being documented to carry away,cook and eat corpses of enemy dead they find on the field after a battle ends,including the flesh of rival zarath tribes.
While most civilized species fear and dislike war,zaraths and others similar to them rejoice and celebrate the sound of war horns:they don't even care if they themselves end up dying,as zaraths see waging war in and of itself as a sacred act,relishing brutally massacring their enemies and seeing death in battle as an honor,with zarath tribes often building temples/shrines to honor fallen commanders.
Non-zarath farmers hate them the most out of everyone because when a zarath cavalry arrives in a village during a war,they'll steal all the livestock and crops they can find,break into and burglarize houses to search for gold and other valuables inside,and sometimes even kidnap and enslave conquered villages.
Some of their biggest advantages are their poison resistance and pain tolerance:their stomachs can digest rotten food and they are immune to several types of poison,and they are physically resilient enough to charge head-first through a wall and smash directly through it without feeling much pain (to a zarath,this would just feel like a small,brief headache rather than a straight up dangerous injury).
Do these guys sound too extreme and brutal?
View Poll
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2023.05.28 18:22 Philosiphizor Need advice on purchasing a gladiator

Hey! As the title suggests, I would appreciate advice on my next purchase.
I'm getting distracted by going straight to the Rubicon because it has all the bells and whistles. I don't know exactly what I'm buying, nor do I know if I'd like it. Sounds silly to jump from a used sport (35k-40k) to a used Rubicon (50k+) with not knowing why besides the idea of getting "more."
To provide context: 1) I do NOT plan on doing any extreme off-roading. Getting to campsites, mountain bike trials, or some off-beaten paths takes a little bit to get to those sweet fishing spots. I, however, love the idea of riding with the top off when out and about. I live in a small coastal town. 2) I want a "truck" because I want a bed. I mountain bike, camp, fish, that sort of thing. So, naturally, my concern is the interior space and size of the bed. I'm also pretty tall. I sat and test-drove some gladiators and feel like I fit OK-ish but nothing like I did in my 1500 or Tundra.
For those that went from full size to a smaller size like the gladiator, do you have any regrets?
3) If I trade in my car for a sport, I'd essentially walk out without a loan. This means I'd have the extra cash to throw upgrades on the Jeep when I see fit.
4) For use, my bro in law said to avoid any heavily modified jeeps because there's a chance there's some shenanigans going on, and would need the experience to know what to look for. He said it's typical for people to get a lift, think they can "do it all" and then mess things up. I feel that makes sense.
Apologies for the length. I've scoured the internet and feel like I'm close to making a decision. It's going to be either the Gladiator or a Tundra. Any insights are appreciated.
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2023.05.28 18:12 AppleofmyRye My father, a long time resident of the Charleston, WV, area has passed and I hope it's not against the rules to post this Obituary for him

I am the daughter of Ralph and his second wife, Carolyn. My brother and I grew up in the Hurricane\Winfield area. My dad Ralph was the CFO to a major hospital chain in Charleston, WV for many years. My mother was a teacher. My sibling and I grew up in Hurricane and Winfield West Virginia.
Ralph was moved around during his formative years, being the only son of Ralph Bowles, Sr, and Geraldine Fizer, who were a military/navy family. Ralph grew up from California to New Port News Virginia, places where his father was stationed.
My father Ralph and my mother met while attending classes at Marshall University in the 1970's and married after a long courtship. They were married ten years but were together for much longer.
Ralph was an avid Chicago Bears fan throughout his adult life. He enjoyed learning about WWII and was a voracious reader of all things Stephen King. He enjoyed horror films, especially black and white horror films.
Unfortunately, this is where the account of Ralph's life gets blurry for some people, and would be unless you were there and lived it, as my sibling and I did.
Ralph was married three times and my mother was his second wife. He and my mother had two children together and his co-workers remember pictures of me on his desk at work.
It was around this time that Ralph met his third wife, who was 11 years his junior, as she was working as a cashier at Hecks in Teays Valley. Hecks no longer exists, just as Hills no longer exists. Their relationship started prior to his marriage to my mother ending, according to my paternal grandmother, who told me this information when I was 12.
By all accounts of his third family, he was a beloved father and husband who helped his inlaws with a variety of tasks, even going so far as doing their accounting homework for them. During this time in his life, he enjoyed keeping his grass short and green and couldn't abide a single weed in his yard. He owned a variety of dogs, including a shih tzu, a pug, a toy poodle, a maltese, a labrador retriever, and several bulldogs, his favorite bulldog being named Daisy.
My sibling and I were at our father's house on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and at least one weekend a month. When I was about 12, Ralph and his third wife had a baby girl. My grandmother, by that time, had taken a parental role for me and my sibling with Ralph's second wife, due to my parents' busy lives.
It was after the birth of his last child in the mid 90's that things started falling apart between my father and his second family. Accounts seem to differ but it was around this time that my father and his third wife moved the belongings of me and my sibling to the garage to make room for his third child. It was at this time that my relationship with my father effectively ended. It was also around this time that my paternal grandmother thought I deserved the truth of my family.
The reason for this information is that my sibling and I, as well as multiple others, were conveniently left out of his obituary for reasons I don't completely understand. Ralph was proceeded in death by his mother and father and nephew, and is survived by his first, second, and third wife and their children, as well as in-laws and cousins.
Multiple people have reached out and asked why we omitted, those who remember me and my sibling are just as confused as we are. There are two reasons why I think we were omitted : 1) he's worried we are going to try to come for his money. I assure you that neither of us are interested in that. 2) he has some kind of desire to pretend that my sibling and I don't exist. We do and we have pictures and memories that prove we were there.
My sibling and I are both successful people with careers and families of our own and we have not in any way brought shame upon his name or family other than expressing desire for our truth to be known and the truth of what happened to our family to be known. The people who have chosen to exclude us have done so our whole lives and it is our opinion that this is the last attempt to push us to the side.
Rest in peace, Ralph. We do remember you.
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2023.05.28 17:57 pacificinjurylawfirm Riding Without Protection: The Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents

Title: Riding Without Protection: The Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents
Hey Reddit community, as an attorney at Pacific Injury Law Firm in Portland, Oregon, I wanted to share some alarming statistics with you regarding motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in crashes in 2020 alone. This is a major public health concern that affects thousands of individuals and families each year.
One major factor contributing to these accidents is the lack of protective barriers between riders and the road. Motorcycles simply do not have enclosing structures, seat belts, or airbags like cars and trucks do. This leaves riders more vulnerable to injuries when involved in a crash.
Head injuries are one of the most common types of injuries suffered by motorcyclists. In 2020, over 1,500 motorcyclists were killed in crashes involving a head injury—accounting for almost 60% of all motorcycle fatalities. Other common injuries include road rash (abrasions from contact with pavement), back and spinal cord injuries—over 1,000 fatalities were recorded last year due to these injuries.
Alcohol and drug use also play a significant role in motorcycle accident rates; NHTSA data shows that 28% of motorcyclists killed in crashes had blood alcohol concentrations above the legal limit.
To address this issue effectively, helmets are considered one of the most effective interventions available. In fact, helmets saved over 800 lives in 2020 alone! Furthermore, they reduce head injury risk by up to an astonishing 37%.
Increasing public awareness about motorcycle riding risks is another important step towards reducing accident rates; educating people on helmet use and other protective gear while dispelling misinformation on alcohol/drug use while riding can lead us towards safer roads for everyone!
If you're interested in learning more about this topic or need assistance after being involved in a motorcycle accident, you can reach us at (971) 277-3811 or visit our website: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com
Feel free to read our blog post on this topic here: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com/blog/riding-without-protection-the-dangers-of-motorcycle-accidents
Stay safe out there. #PacificInjuryLawFirm
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2023.05.28 17:55 MinimumGazelle Condensation under oil cap??

So I have an 05 cat eye 5.3 that runs absolutely fantastic never had an issue. I bought it from my father in law and since I got it it’s been cooled by water just water which I know can cause issues but I’ve literally gone from GA to DC in this truck and it’s been a daily for a while now. Anyways is a small amount of condensation normal to be in the oil cap. It’s never milky or anything like that just wanna get y’all’s opinion I’m gonna take it to a shop soon and have the radiator flushed and filled with regular coolant.
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2023.05.28 17:55 axedlens This week in MultiversX (22.05.2023 - 28.05.2023)

This week in MultiversX (22.05.2023 - 28.05.2023)
Abstraction & UX are of critical importance for enabling the next wave adoption.
Solutions that take the time to properly address them stand to gain a decisive competitive edge.
Weekly #multiversxtech 🛠️
This week in MultiversX
  • The Guardians feature has been deployed on testnet, and with this occasion we invited the community to an incentivized hacking competition. Several topics that have been pointed out are already fixed, such as the limited denial of service for accounts with leaked keys.
  • Created a WebSocket connector template for the Outport Driver that facilitates seamless exporting of blockchain data (such as blocks, validators, and processing results), useful for dApps, network monitoring and data analysis.
  • Reviews and specifications on the Output transfer ordering for all kinds of scenarios with a focus on ensuring deterministic execution and order on multiple cross shard calls and callbacks.
Other notable achievements:
  • Testnet T1.5.4.0 release after guardians' competition findings fix
  • Finished implementing a feature which will sync missing trie nodes from network if they are not saved in storage
  • Written semi-integration tests for different scenarios
  • Further testing & optimisation on the concentrated liquidity base implementation SC
  • Finished transfer ordering
  • Wrapping up some log events updates
  • Final touches on the Safe Price mechanism
  • Started implementation of a robust mechanism that facilitates the transmission of node configurations over a WebSocket when a request is made for seamless retrieval and querying of data
  • Implement general NFTs analytics query
  • Update staking contract tutorial documentation
  • TCS:
  • Added extra fields on /register route response, in order to provide url for 3rd party apps also, not qr code only
  • Improved the errors returned on API level, as internal server error was used for most of the cases
  • Reviews + testing on latest changes
  • Further development of system tests targeting the VM
  • Integrated the WebSocket template into a custom solution to enable firehose integration and developed additional scripts to facilitate the necessary setup for testing the integration
  • sdk-js - minor release of sdk-js-wallet
  • Bugfixes on the component responsible for computing transaction gas fees in the outport driver
  • mxpy contract verify update to specify contract name when using verifying a multicontractimplemented "cold" signing with mxpy
  • Add guardian support for mxpy
  • Bughunt & bugfixes on the WebSocket host to ensure uninterrupted message transmission even when no clients are connected to the server
  • Debugging and testing support
  • sdk-py - BLS signing support for M1
  • Working on copying data from ES indexes to Google Big Query
  • Improvements on the reproducible builds flow (support for multi-contracts) - version not yet released
  • Testing on: xLaunchpad, Delegation manager, xExchange API
  • Epochs fast forwarder on internal testnets
  • Stress testing guardians
  • Enable the extension for the guarded account protection in case of compromised account by allowing the user to set again the active guardian in pending state, which doubles protection time
  • xLaunchpad API improvements
  • KYC service testing
  • Multi tokens transfers via relayed transactions semi-integration test
  • Finished the task that brings consistency into tokens transfers values checks
  • Configurable shard blocks finality analysis and first implementation
  • Redis helm chart and mainnet redeploy
  • Internal testnets elasticsearch indexer setup
  • Review on new log events standard, which enhances the information for developers and users for the information that passes between SCs
  • Added new contracts labels
  • Boosted metastaking upgrade fuzz tests
  • Updated prometheus metrics for guardians service
  • Redis cacher implementation and testing for guardians service; this will replace current local cache implementation that is not suitable for scalable solutions
  • mx-sdk-py-exchange refactors & dev
  • Extended documentation for Governance off-chain and on-chain process for xExchange
  • Working on ARM64 build and repository for a set of our solutions
  • Specifications for community farms, farms with multiple rewards, new mystery box lottery SC
  • Distributed locks implementation for guardians service, based on redis
  • Prototype for a smart contract static API for tests, routed through the VM executor interface
  • Fixed an undefined behavior in the VM in an edge case
  • Added new unit tests & bugfixing on MultiversX API
  • Added more testing scenarios on twisbox orchestrator
  • Guardians testing
  • Debugging various issues on cards microservices
  • New indexer testing
  • System test scripts improvements
  • Testing all incoming branches
  • KYC service: backoffice: /accounts, /pending-accounts, /history, /stats and general pipeline verification after KYC validation
  • Finished new price discovery charts data
  • Optimised escrow queries with events handling
“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” and tune in soon for more of the #multiversxtech which powers the @MultiversX ecosystem.Check out our progress & get involved 👇
Source: Twitter @AndreiMarinica
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2023.05.28 17:49 Foodfortebees What are you gonna do about it?

In a world where the largest industries accumulate vast wealth and societies appear to crumble under the weight of inequality, it has never been more important for the ordinary citizens to engage in the democratic process. There have been numerous lesson through out History but the fall of Rome comes to mind, buckling under the weight of years of mismanagement and corruption - why are we so complacent, why do we think things cannot get really bad here? Because it's never happened before? Take a step back and look globally, thins can and will get worse without intervention.
In many ways, it can feel as though our governments have abandoned us, paying more attention to the whispers of corporations than the cries of their people. However by it's very nature we, the electorate should be able to dictate our governments mandate and right now I think everyone can agree at multiple levels of government Canadians are no longer being represented.
Engagement means holding our politicians accountable, not just at the ballot box but every day. It means understanding their positions, examining their policies, and questioning their motivations. If we surrender to disillusionment and disinterest, we relinquish the very tools that can foster change and improvement. We see the results of this disengagement in regions like Alberta and Ontario, where many citizens feel marginalized and demoralized and they continue policies - specifically around health care that actively lower the average Canadians quality of life. These situations stem from years of political leaders who seem more interested in serving corporate interests than those of the people who elected them.
The reason?
Voter turnout remains low, town halls are scarcely attended, and overall civic engagement appears to be waning. It’s as if the majority has become indifferent, focusing more on petty grievances rather than participating actively in shaping the nation's future.
Every so often, an incident sparks public outcry, and there's a fleeting surge in civic participation. But all too often, this is temporary and fueled by complaints rather than a willingness to contribute to problem-solving. Another thing to be mindful of is the media is complacent, it's been concentrated into the hands of the few, the hands of the wealthy who want to pay less taxes, who want to pay you less, who want to weaken labour laws, these are basically gold hoarding dragons. In Ontario pretty clear Galen and the Westons don't have enough yet, so your health care is next.
To effect the change we all desire, we must be the change. This is not a situation where we can passively expect things to happen; we have to step up and take action.
If you want to see a shift in our democracy, you, reading this right now need to cast your vote at every election and get involved. Understand the policies, the politicians, and the political process. Learn about the various platforms, engage in civic debates, and be proactive in expressing your opinions. Use your voice and your vote as a force for change.
I am urging everyone to revisit their level of commitment to our democracy, we get to live in a clean war free place, life is good, but if we don't do anything about it soon it will become a shithole for only the wealthy to profit off your labour.
Your apathy and disillusionment only serve to keep the status quo. It's easy to complain about the political landscape, but it's another thing entirely to roll up your sleeves and get involved.
While it is disappointing to see low voter turnout and lack of active engagement, I remain hopeful. I am confident that our democracy holds enormous potential, but it needs your participation to realize it fully.
If you are seeking "major change" and aren't ready to contribute, remember: democracy isn't a spectator sport. Change begins with you. There are plenty of good people ready to make a difference, but we need more hands on deck.
The real power of democracy lies in its people – but only when they decide to participate. Let us not be the silent majority. Instead, let us be the active participants who take our democracy into our own hands and shape the future we want to see.
A lot of people talking about "someone" should, or the system is broken - yes, and guess what to correct this systemic issue in our democracy you are going to have to actually do something.
The alternative is the status quo - let someone else decided your fate, it's already happening, they are privatizing healthcare - what next? Ignore at your own peril.
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2023.05.28 17:34 Seriously-Listening AITA if I refuse to pull ahead at the drive-thru?

Backstory: As a university student, I worked at the "Fastest Tim Horton's location in Atlantic Canada", meaning, we had the lowest drive-thru wait times. The way it worked: there was a visible timer that started counting up when a car pulled up the the window where you paid and got your food. When the car pulled away after 30 seconds* or so, that time blinked on the screen then it switched to show the shift's average. Our goal as employees was to keep that average low.
The story: New Tim's has a habit of always reading back my order (I can see it on the screen), no matter how short. It's a stall tactic. It lets the workers making the food/drinks get a little headstart before the car is at the window. I've tried saying "it looks right on the screen!" In a polite** cheery voice, to move things along, but they will literally yell "wait!" when I try to pull ahead. Annoying.
Today they crossed a line.
I placed a simple order, an ice cappuccino, a breakfast wrap, and a hashbrown, 8am, the middle of breakfast, one truck behind me. I told them it "looked right on the screen", listened to them repeat back my order anyway, and pulled ahead. I don't have tap so I entered my account and PIN. They gave me my drink and asked me to pull ahead to park in front of the building and they'd bring out my food. Now I /know/ that is a tactic to beat the timer. I did it anyway. The truck behind me was served their coffee quickly and I waited out front, annoyed. No one else went through the drive-thru. It had been several minutes which is a million years in Tim Horton's drive-thru time and should have bumped up their shift average. I decided to go through again. Made the same order, did not wait for it to be read back, got up to the window and explained I had already paid and had been waiting. They said my wrap was ready now and apologized for the wait. The explanation and their initial confusion took maybe a minute and 30 seconds so it definitely added to the average they were trying to keep low.
The point of the timer and keeping the average low is so that employees will have a little urgency and fill orders quickly. I understand asking the customer to pull ahead if it is a large order** (so the people behind aren't waiting longer). I get asking the customer to pull ahead if an item ran out and you let them know ("it'll be 10 minutes for saussage patties"). But repeating every order back as a means of stalling, and asking a customer to pull ahead and wait for a simple order, to buy employees more time seems unethical to me. Next time someone asks me to pull ahead with no explanation, assuming it is a simple order, AITA if I refuse?
*Tim Horton's is primarily a coffee chain (even more so back then) and the average order was one "double-double" (2 cream 2 sugar) coffee. I'm sure places who serve more food need a longer average than 30 seconds.
***If you're placing a large order, you really should go inside as a courtesy to other customers.
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2023.05.28 17:25 che85mor Yesterday I went off roading and did every possible thing wrong that I could. Today I'm paying the price.

Yesterday I went off roading and did every possible thing wrong that I could. Today I'm paying the price.
This weekend my wife and son are visiting family in another state. I didn't go for various reasons and thus was left unsupervised. I decided to take the Jeep out for a ride and grab some lunch. So I take off in comfortable clothing, flip flops, and my phone.
After eating lunch I thought I'd go check out this trail I'd been seeing since we moved here. So off I went without any further thought except for my gas. I had a quarter tank though, and this place was only four miles from my house and it's basically just a field, no big deal.
So I'm romping around this field and I see a ditch cross the trail. No big deal, it's shallow so I get a little dirty and this is when all caution goes out the window. I go through the field a little more, come to another ditch and, besides it looking like the last ditch I got stuck in, I ignore my instinct to reverse and find another way. Then I get stuck.
No big deal, I have a winch it's gotten me out of this shit before. So I hop out, sink to my knees in sticky Kentucky clay and break the strap on my right flop. I dig it out of the mud, tie the straps in a knot and look for my winch cable. It's not where I keep it. It's in the back. The back is full of cases of product for my job. They have been in there for months because I haven't needed to get to them and the tailgate won't open for whatever reason, so I haven't emptied it from the front. So I'm screwed about the cable, no winch. Look around, no rocks, no logs and I have no other recovery gear. And I'm alone. And because my tank was low and the rig is tilted forward, no fuel is getting pumped and I essentially run out of gas.
So I call a tow truck. These yahoo's send a Ford F150 with chain. No way he's yanking me from the front so we go the other way to get behind me because he isn't crossing that ditch either. So we start out and about a quarter mile in, he gets stuck. Like stuck stuck on flat ground. He calls for backup and another pickup shows up and he gets stuck too because "his 4wd doesn't work". So truck three comes and he won't even venture into the field. Old guy, and he's pissy. Starts bad mouthing off roaders and the risks we take. Fair enough. Bitching about them being unprepared. I can relate. Then says "this is dumbest goddamn thing he's ever seen any one do and that I might be the stupidest adult he's ever met". I tell him I'm not paying him for his commentary and if he could kindly shut his mouth and do his job I'd appreciate it. We jaw back and forth, shit gets heated and it dawns on me were in the middle of nowhere and it's my unprepared ass against three friends. I thank the first driver, and realize the second driver managed to free himself and he just bounced and tell the third driver that I no longer needed his services, but his buddy does, and I start hoofing it home. Fuck it, I'll go back tomorrow and work on it I figure.
So I'm four miles from home, on a gravel road that's at least a mile long, am diabetic, and walking damn near barefoot because now both of my flops are broken and I had to rig them to kind of stay on my feet but I have to shuffle to keep them under my feet. About every two or three steps this fails and I come down on the rocks barefooted. No water, phone is at 14% now. So I call the only taxi I know. They're permanently closed due to lack of business. Great. So I call the local police. Tell them everything and end with being diabetic and walking barefoot and ask if there's anyone not busy that might be able to get me home. Nope. Too much of a liability, but feel free to call back if I experience medical distress. Wtf. I moved here recently and only know three people that I'd be OK with calling and begging for help. My mailman, but he's been drinking, this girl I talk to when I go into the ups store, but she's out of town, and my weed plug, but he's in Colorado... I wonder why?
The deputy calls me back and gives me a number to a private "taxi" who thankfully comes and rescues my ass and takes me home. Today I can barely walk. The bottoms of my feet are so bruised I thought they were still dirty. My legs are sore from the exertion. And my jeep is still stuck.
So take aways for rookies or those that think it won't happen to them. Full tank of gas. Even if you don't get stuck, you gotta get out. Recovery gear. Don't think you have what you need, know you have what you need. Then need a few other pieces and know they are with you too. Proper clothing. If you're not prepared to go offroad, don't go offroad. A friend. You never know what might happen and not having someone with you could be a life ending decision. If my sugar had tanked while I was in the field I would have been fucked. I had nothing to take care of myself with and that is not the circumstance you want to find yourself in in a medical emergency. Trust your gut. I knew I shouldn't have tried it. I've tried it before on other similar ditches and ended up winching out. But that I got out with minor inconvenience led me to think I'm very bad ass. And I, apparently, am just very "send it" orientated. That's bad. Use caution.
If you read this far, thank you. I hope my experience can help others think twice.
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2023.05.28 17:19 jcravens42 Camping Ordinance Workgroup holds final session

The Camping Ordinance Workgroup in Hillsboro, Oregon had a final session Friday to advise the City Council and staff on crafting a new ordinance required by Oregon House Bill 3115 that will stipulate where, when, and how people who are homeless can camp on public land.
This work is happening not only in Hillsboro but across the USA, resulting from the Martin VS Boise court decision. The US Court of Appeals for the 9th District ruled that homelessness was not a crime and that no city could deny people the right to sleep in public unless shelter beds were available.
Along with the City of Hillsboro staff and community leaders, the workgroup will send recommendations to the Council for consideration. That will lead to a vote and a new ordinance by July 1st.
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