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2023.06.07 00:08 homestuckinhell Bilbao Tips for Study Abroad?

Hi everyone! I’m going to be studying abroad in the University of Deusto in Bilbao next winter and would love some tips on what it’s like living there!
Specifically wondering: 1. What are the people/culture like? I’ve lived in Madrid and Barcelona for some time, so comparison to those cities would be helpful. I found the people in Madrid/Barcelona to be very open and extroverted and am wondering if Bilbao is the same? 2. Do the majority of people speak French, Spanish, or Basque? 3. What’s the cost of living like? 4. What is nightlife like? 5. In terms of the people/culture, is it pretty open and welcoming towards different races? I’m Brazilian/Puerto Rican and darker-skinned and had some issues/unfriendliness in France and Greece 6. What do people like to do in free time in/around the city?
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2023.06.07 00:07 shibesloveme What do you think about our plans! We love beaches, views, hikes, bars, seafood, music, acai, good food, juice, and etc :) july 2023 Rio

What do you think about our plans! We love beaches, views, hikes, bars, seafood, music, acai, good food, juice, and etc :) july 2023 Rio
We are in our 20s looking to enjoy Rio for the first time! Lots of energy to explore this beautiful city. Please send recs!
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2023.06.07 00:07 ForrestOfIllusion The Vanishing of Rico Harris: What Happened to the Former Harlem Globetrotter?

As a big guy myself, standing at 6’4” with a size 13 shoe, I often wonder about what it would actually take for someone like me to disappear. I’m the type or person who friends use as a marker to find their way through a crowd, and I’m almost instantly recognizable walking down the street.
That being said, there is one place where I could almost certainly disappear without a trace: the wilderness. I think many underestimate just how easy it is to go missing in the wilderness, even a rather small wilderness. A single wrong turn or a mistaken landmark can spell doom for even seasoned woodland travelers.
Honestly, I attribute this underestimation to the popularity of “Missing 411” cases. Many assume that those who went missing in heavily wooded areas or national parks must have disappeared as a result of something supernatural or conspiratorial, simply because they can’t accept just how easily and remorselessly nature can gobble us up.
If I suddenly decided to go missing within society, I think I’d be found in no time. But if I went missing in the wilderness, it’s always possible that I would never be found, even if my body came to rest nearby well-traveled thoroughfares.
I bring all this up because I think much the same for former American professional basketball player Rico Harris, who is even more recognizable than myself. Harris is a Black male, who stands at 6’9” tall, weighs 300 lbs., and has distinctive tattoos, such as one that reads “BALLIN IV LIFE” across his left forearm. If he’s alive, he’s almost certainly worked very hard to keep his presence secret, both from his family and from law enforcement.
Police investigators have suggested that Harris simply walked away from the scene of his disappearance, got in a car, and headed somewhere to start a new life. While there are certainly factors that point to this being a logical possibility, at least in terms of where Harris was in his life mentally and emotionally, I think that the lack of sightings of an individual that matches his description in the almost nine years since he went missing makes it far more likely that Rico Harris’ body is lying somewhere in the wilderness near where he vanished and that it simply hasn’t been located by anyone.
I feel that police assertions that Harris may have simply left the scene to start a new life are wishful thinking, designed to provide the family with false hope and perhaps prevent law enforcement from having to conduct further searches to recover Harris’ remains. Regardless of your opinion on the case, let’s review what we do know so that we can make an educated guess on what we don’t.
Rico Harris’ Life and Struggles
Rico Harris’ life followed a tragic path tread by far too many young, talented athletes. He had the physical talent to play in the NBA but none of the mental or emotional intelligence and maturity to deal with such instant stardom.
Harris seemed to maintain a sort of love/hate relationship with the game of basketball and had actually taken a break from it before returning for his final two years at Temple City High School, where he quickly became a local star, with scouts comparing his play style to that of NBA player Lamar Odom.
Harris was soon recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 prospects and received scholarship offers from such blue-blood basketball programs as Connecticut, Kentucky, and UCLA. Ultimately, however, Harris would commit to Arizona State. He would never play a game there.
He wasn’t eligible to play during his freshman year but stayed on campus, away from family and other positive role models in his life. He struggled academically and socially before being accused of unlawful imprisonment and sexual assault by two young women on campus.
These women stated that Harris and two of his other teammates had prevented them from leaving and forced them to perform sex acts on them. However, after further investigation, police dismissed the charges against Harris and his teammates after noting discrepancies in the girls’ stories. Nonetheless, the Arizona State basketball team had seen and heard enough to sit Harris for his upcoming sophomore season.
Deciding that he needed to pursue his basketball career elsewhere, Harris transferred to Los Angeles Community College where, surrounded by inferior talent, he began to shine once again and again became a star, attracting NBA scouts to games who still saw potential in the young phenom.
After the season, Harris planned to transfer to Rhode Island. However, a failed class prevented his transfer from going through, and he chose to return to LACC for a second season. An offer from Rhode Island remained on the table next year, but Harris shocked everyone by instead transferring to Cal State Northridge, stating to one confidante that he believed that the LACC coach was merely trying to use him to help out his friend, who was the Rhode Island head coach.
Instead, he wanted to remain closer to home and work with a coach he trusted. Harris sadly had a long history of rejecting and mistrusting men who tried to play a fatherly role in his life, likely an issue stemming from his own broken relationship with his father, who could quickly turn from friendly to violent and who his mother eventually moved away from with the children to escape.
Eventually, Harris would also be suspended by Northridge as well, which officially brought about an end to his collegiate career. Harris spoke out about feeling pressured by everyone around him; this pressure led him to increasingly turn to drugs and alcohol, which likely further hampered his performance on the court.
In the 1999 NBA Draft, no team decided to take a risk on Harris, leaving him to go to the now defunct International Basketball League. In 2000, Harris joined the Harlem Globetrotters, and it felt like his big break. Their fun-loving antics seemed like a great fit for his skills and talents.
Unfortunately, only about a month after joining the Globetrotters, Harris was driving with his girlfriend in South Los Angeles, when he got into a dispute with several individuals. He got out of the car to confront them when someone cracked him in the back of the head with a baseball bat.
Though Harris recovered from the wound, his balance never fully returned, and he continued to suffer from frequent intense headaches. Harris’ basketball career was, sadly, over.
Harris Spirals, Then Seemingly Recovers
Harris felt completely rudderless. He did not know what to do with his life now that his basketball career was over. His alcohol addiction worsened, and he began to develop dependencies on heroin, methamphetamine, and crack.
Harris was arrested over one hundred times, most often for public intoxication, and he was clearly struggling. His lowest moment came in 2007, when he overdosed on prescription medication and nearly died.
After a lengthy rehabilitation period with the Salvation Army in downtown Los Angeles. Afterwards, he began working in security, a role that he seemed ideally suited for and seemed to enjoy well enough.
In 2012, he began dating Jennifer Song, an insurance broker from Seattle that he met while working a security detail. In September 2014, Harris abandoned his apartment in Los Angeles, intending to move in with Song full-time up in Seattle.
Though Song reported that they had a good relationship, many of Harris’ friends and relatives saw quite a bit of tension in their relationship leading up to Harris’ disappearance. Based on Harris’ history, it seems likely that some of this tension was connected to his living away from home, which had always caused problems in the past.
But despite this perceived tension, Harris seemed to have truly turned his life around, with his addictions in the rearview mirror, when he suddenly went missing on October 10, 2014.
Rico Harris Vanishes
On October 9, 2014, Harris visited his family home with the goal of completing his move in with Song. His visit was brief. He apparently purchased a new phone for his younger brother, which shows that his financial struggles likely were not at the forefront of his mind.
He also spoke with his mother. Song told police that she thought Harris was seeking closure related to some difficult childhood events. His mother later stated that she did not feel that he got what he was looking for.
Harris’ close friend David Lara had spoken to Harris on his trip down to Southern California and reported that Harris seemed optimistic and was looking forward to marrying and starting a family with Song. Little is known, however, about Harris’ mood after visiting with his family.
Harris began his drive back up to Seattle, heading north on Interstate 5, stopping for gas in Lodi before continuing up north of Sacramento. There, about 10:45 am on the morning of October 10, Harris decided to get some rest, convinced by Song’s urging since had now been awake for 36 straight hours. He left Song a voice message, telling her that he was going “up into the mountains to rest.”
I’ve always found this phrasing particularly odd. I’ve heard people say they’re figuratively going “into the mountains” to find a place to pull over or find a motel, but the full “up into the mountains” has always struck me as being very literal, and perhaps a sign that Harris was already suffering through a bit of a mental breakdown before officially stopping for the day.
Regardless of intention, at 11:15 am, Harris turned off his phone. He has not been officially seen, heard from, or positively identified since.
The Search for Rico Harris
Friends and family initially assumed that Harris would just turn up. It wasn’t unusual for him to disappear for a couple days at a time. However, by October 14th, after missing an interview he had been excited for in Seattle, Harris was finally reported missing.
Later that day, Yolo County police located Harris’ vehicle, seemingly abandoned in a county park parking lot near Cache Creek. The inside of the car was a mess. It was also out of fuel and had a dead battery.
A mile south of Harris’ car they found his backpack. Inside was his cell phone, which was dead but otherwise seemed fine.
There were also two plastic bottles, one filled with a solution that seemed to be hard liquor mixed with an energy drink. The other was empty but smelled strongly of liquor. Sources seem to disagree on whether the bottles were found in his car or his backpack. Regardless of where they were found, it is clear that Harris had either relapsed or had been successfully hiding his addiction as of late.
Police combed Cache Creek Canyon without success. They used infrared imaging from planes, perused the area on foot and on ATVs, and brought out tracking and cadaver dogs. There was no sign of Harris, and nobody could imagine how such a large man had simply vanished.
Several sightings were reported of a man who matched Harris’ description, and to be quite frank, I can’t imagine there were that many men who could be mistaken for Harris in the area at that time. He was spotted walking along the side of the road and sitting on a guardrail, looking at the creek. These sightings took place on October 10 and 11, shortly after Harris’ last known contact with family and friends.
Police found selfies on Harris’ phone showing him posing joyfully beside a sign welcoming him to Yolo County; perhaps he was amused by the name, with YOLO being common parlance (particularly at the time he went missing) for “You only live once.”
There was also an apparently accidental video that showed Harris rifling through his glove box, singing along to his music and seemingly in good spirits despite his somewhat erratic behavior.
Had Harris’ story ended here, it would have still been compelling, but it went further. On October 18, a truck driver reported seeing a man who matched Harris’ description walking near the parking lot where his Nissan had been left.
Imprints were later found in the parking lot that were not defined enough to have a cast made. However, they were apparently not consistent with animal prints and were large enough that they could very well have come from a size 18 shoe. As someone who wears a size 13, I can tell you that that’s a huge footprint and not something that could be left by just anyone. The shoeprints were allegedly leading away from the parking lot.
No legitimate sightings of Harris have been reported since.
Analysis of Harris’ Disappearance
Let’s begin by looking at the official police narrative of Rico Harris’ disappearance. Law enforcement has asserted that there is no evidence of foul play in Harris’ disappearance. I tend to agree with this assessment. By all accounts, Harris came to Yolo County alone, and there were no signs of a struggle surrounding his disappearance.
Furthermore, if you find the eyewitness testimony of those who allegedly saw him reliable, as I do given his unique stature, he was never spotted with anyone else.
Where I differ from law enforcement is in my belief about what happened to Rico Harris and his intent throughout the whole process. Police believe that Harris only arrived in Yolo County by accident, that he took a wrong turn and ended up out there.
I’m not sure he did. He told Song that he planned to go “up into the mountains.” Perhaps this is what he meant; perhaps something within him led him to stray from his established path, perhaps because he was having a mental breakdown or for spiritual reasons or simply because he felt like he needed a place off the beaten path to rest.
I think it’s possible that he took a wrong turn and got lost, but neither his selfies nor his communications with Song (where he mentioned nothing about being lost) nor his actions thereafter really suggest this.
Next up, police don’t seem to have any kind of theory, at least publicly, as to what happened in the days between Harris’ initial disappearance and his return to the parking lot on October 18th. I doubt he was in town anywhere nearby, since local law enforcement was actively working to ensure that locals knew they were looking for Harris. Despite this, there are no reports of him in town, despite his size which would have immediately set him apart.
I theorize that Harris was likely out in the woods during this time. If he had relapsed on alcohol, it is not beyond reason that he may have had access to other drugs as well. Perhaps Harris turned this incident into an unexpected retreat. Detectives say that Harris looked like “a free man” in the videos found of him. Perhaps this inspired him to go into nature, even with or without the influence of drugs and alcohol.
So why did Harris not return for eight full days? Maybe this is when he ran out of drugs. Maybe he had become lost and only found his way back by that point. Perhaps he had finally had a reality check and decided that it was time to return to his life.
Regardless, I do believe that Harris returned to the parking lot. The shoeprints along with the sighting are enough to make me feel that this was legitimate. After this, police suggest that Harris either went into the woods or into town. One detective goes so far as to suggest that, “We have no sightings, so he probably got a ride.”
This is where I strongly disagree with law enforcement. I don’t think that Rico Harris left to start another life. He seemed to struggle mightily with being far from home and family, and I can’t imagine he would run away, then spend almost nine years without so much as briefly contacting a family member or friend.
And to return to the subject at the beginning of this piece, I don’t mean to suggest that it would be completely impossible for Harris to vanish into a new life, but his physical circumstances would make that especially difficult. I think that it would take a whole lot of work for Harris to disappear into another life fully, and I just don’t think the evidence points to him either being at that point or being willing to commit himself to so difficult a project.
Personally, I find it far more likely that Harris wandered back into the woods, dejected to find his car missing, and either committed suicide or accidentally died, having seen his missing vehicle as the final proof that he wasn’t meant to return to ordinary life.
Looking at photographs of Cache Creek Canyon, I’m honestly surprised this is not brought up more often. Police often speak as if Harris went missing in a small city park and that they’d certainly find him if he was there.
I’m just not so sure. Cache Creek Canyon looks like it contains plenty of dense foliage. I feel like a body, even one the size of Rico Harris’s, could easily evade detection, particularly if located far from the main trails.
Unlike many cases I cover on here, where the victim has been missing for far too long to realistically still be alive, Rico Harris has been missing for less than a decade. If he did indeed run away, as the police seem ready to accept, he could very well be alive.
If you know a 6’9”, 300 lbs. Black man with a “BALLIN IV LIFE” tattoo and a mysterious past, please consider contacting Yolo County law enforcement. Heck, if you are Rico, consider contacting them yourself. I don’t know anything about the demons of your past, but I do know that there are people who love you and who deserve to know that you’re okay.
However, I find it far more likely that Rico is still out there somewhere near Cache Creek Canyon, his tale sadly having come to an end in a corner of the park that nobody’s checked yet. Maybe he’ll stay there forever, unfound and unburied.
This is truly a case where I just don’t know what to think. I don’t understand why law enforcement’s active theory, or at least publicly promoted theory, is that he hitched a ride and drove away. It just doesn’t add up to me, and I can’t help but wonder if they have additional reasons for thinking this that they haven’t shared with the public.
Nonetheless, I hope we can find Harris one way or another, so that his family have can closure if nothing else. These days, they sit around wondering what happened to him, and wondering if one word, one phrase, one answer could have changed things entirely.
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2023.06.07 00:07 hannabeth19 Moving to Jax; Do you like it?

My fiance and I (M/F 23) are moving to the area within the month and neither of us has ever visited. I get that there are safer areas than others, and usually, those areas are higher in rent. But what I'm really curious about is the general opinion of Jacksonville residents. Do you guys feel safe in your city? Is there a nice nightlife and a good amount of things to do, specifically to meet others in the community? If you didn't live there now, would you make the choice to move there? What should out-of-towners be aware of straight from the mouths of locals?? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 00:07 Nightwing28_ Looking for rules for a team furball format

Short version I’m looking for rules about a team furball where you join the team that killed your ship.
Long version, I was looking at the play variations page on the 2.0 wiki and found some cool looking furball formats that my local group wants to try. The versions put out by Game Night Games in Salt Lake City, reference a version where you join the team that killed your ship, but I can’t seem to find it even after many google searches. Does anyone know the rules for this version? It looks really interesting
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2023.06.07 00:07 ThrowawayA6705 Need advice for a Closeted male

Hi i am a 19 year old Closeted gay male and i need advice on how to buy sex toys without my parents knowing. so some information about i live in melbourne australia and i come from a chinese muslim background my family are very conservative and homophobic and would disown me or even hurt me if they knew my true feelings. ive known i was gay since highschool when i gave a classmate a handjob at my schoolcamp i havent done anything since and i want to try out sex toys my parents own a second apartment in the city which they used to rent to my cousin who used to go to university and its empty know and i have spare keys for it thanks
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2023.06.07 00:06 Upset_Distance1601 In the Mexico City subway, the first wagons are exclusive for women. Handsome tourist was unaware.

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2023.06.07 00:06 gunner_space_force Housing Available Close To Campus

Hi everyone,
My house is looking for someone to take a spot. The available room is a master bedroom double with bathroom (you would have a roommate). We are a house of all males. The house in question is spacious, we have a driveway that serves as an outdoor communal space, a large basement with projector, and a garage gym. Rent is $920/month with utilities.
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2023.06.07 00:06 fntastk My very first Goodwill bins experience went just as I had thought! Follow up

I am lucky to live 15 minutes away from an outlet location. I've always known it was there but have only visited once when I was looking for an ugly sweater for a party about 10 years ago. My location is dubbed a "competitive" spot, which I did not know until this past weekend. I made this post asking about the bins in general.
So my brother and I arrived shortly after opening and we were both shell shocked upon entering lol. It was very full. People were concentrated in one corner going crazy so I assumed they just rolled those bins out. We started on the other side where people weren't looking and just kind of awkwardly went in for it. About five minutes in my brother was like, "they're coming" 😳 and we saw the workers bringing new bins to the middle of the outlet. A few seconds later people ran and FLOCKED. We watched this happen again, literally just taking it in. Was truly crazy.
The third rotation, WE WENT FOR IT! It was much more civil than I had expected. Nobody pushed, it seemed like many regulars were chatting while digging (mostly guys in their 30's and 40's, but one guy my age who resells vintage shirts. I am friends with him on FB) and everyone kind of just moved down the line quickly. Which sucked because I wasn't able to dig that much before moving down. A lot of times I felt like I was in the way because of the huge ass cart I grabbed but nobody was mean or confrontational about it. One man accidentally hit my cart and he apologized and was nice about it. The cart overall was just awkward though, I ended up parking it somewhere against the wall and not getting it until we were finished. Next time I go, I might bring a reusable tote or pick one up from the bins (I saw many) so I can just hold it on my shoulder or something? Idk
Overall, it went much better than I had thought. Found lots of underwear and dirty socks, which I was warned about, many on the floor too... doesn't really bother me though but I didn't realize how many I'd find lol. The workers were all very friendly and they cleaned that stuff up entirely between the rotations. Instead of getting yelled at like I read online, a worker politely asked us to move because they were changing the bins. They were also chatting with the regulars as they moved stuff in. The music was good, too, and I got in the zone after about 45 minutes.
Unfortunately, my brother didn't have breakfast and I was also getting hungry so we left after about 2 hours. I TOTALLY could have stayed longer, this would have been a good time for a lunch break. I noticed they stopped the rotations for a while at this point and we didn't know if that was it for the day or what was going on. I'll have to visit in the afternoon just to see what that is like.
The haul? Well, there wasn't one... lol. Here is what I found and put back, in order: * Aerie white cropped sweater - SO much pilling but adorable * Aerie offline cropped tank top - XS, in hindsight should have grabbed it for what I was paying but this was only the second thing I found so I was kind of nervous lol plus they were beginning to roll these bins away and we just kind of had to dip * Levi's straight jeans - jeans literally do not sell at all for me so I put them back. Also these were maybe kids? Size said 12 which is my size and these were definitely not my size. * Random vintage old lady birdhouse sweater - loved it but I am not sure how these vintage sweaters would do as I have a few listed now that don't have any attention * Anthropologie sweater - Looked like an older style or possibly shrunken * Zara trafaluc crop blouse - Also looked like an older style and Zara doesn't seem to sell well for me either unless it's something super in demand * Kut from the kloth skinny jeans - Debated, but yeah... jeans do terrible for me. Wish I picked them up though just to try this brand * Random NWT mom jeans - I was interested bc never heard of the brand before, but tag said $30 so I put them back. They were my size but mom jeans tend to run small on me so ultimately just put them back.
What we did get were some 2000's-ish silly shirts to repurpose (my brother's thing, not mine lol) or use for the gym, an old navy dress (Regular GW was asking $10.99... LOL), a pullover for myself, and a thermal for my mom. Total was a few cents over $6!
I am ready to go back ASAP! Tomorrow I have plans but I am hoping to be back Thursday and give it a shot by myself.
Edit: Also, the bins themselves were not as dirty as I expected. My hands were not as grimy as I was preparing for! Still wiped them down really well afterwards. I packed up all the stuff needed to use the laundromat in case it was extra gross, but I just used my own washer at home. Yeah, the items smelled musty and my pullover kinda smelled like puke but it all came out after washing.
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2023.06.07 00:06 tigerkher Itinerary Check: 1 month in Japan 2024

Hi Reddit, my fiance and I are planning our honeymoon for a month in Japan, in March/April next year, during the cherry blossom season. I came back from my first trip to Japan this January, and had such an amazing and memorable time (credits to you guys for helping with my itinerary for that!). My honeymoon will be my second time in Japan, and I was hoping to get some feedback/advice/suggestions etc. on my draft itinerary!
(Please excuse the formatting - I'm on mobile)
Please read below the itinerary for some notes...
DAY 1 (12th March) - FLIGHT - Flight from Australia to Tokyo Haneda Airport - Arrive in the evening • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 2 (13th March) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 3 (14th March) - Tokyo - DisneySea • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 4 (15th March) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 5 (16th March) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 6 (17th March) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 7 (18th March) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 8 (19th March) - Nikko - Day trip to Nikko using Nikko World Heritage Pass • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 9 (20th March) - Hakone - Use Hakone Kamakura Pass - Travel from Tokyo to Hakone • Overnight stay in Hakone
DAY 10 (21st March) - Kamakura/Enoshima - Use Hakone Kamakura Pass - Travel from Hakone to Kamakura + Enoshima • Overnight stay in Kamakura
DAY 11 (22nd March) - Tokyo - Return to Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 12 (23rd March) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 13 (24th March) - Flight to Okinawa - Fly from Tokyo (Narita/Haneda) to Okinawa Naha Airport - Car rental • Overnight stay in Okinawa
DAY 14 (25th March) - Okinawa - Churaumi Aquarium • Overnight stay in Okinawa
DAY 15 (26th March) - Okinawa • Overnight stay in Okinawa
DAY 16 (27th March) - Flight from Okinawa to Osaka - Fly from Okinawa Naha Airport to Kansai Airport - Travel to Osaka • Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 17 (28th March) - Osaka - Universal Studios (with Express Pass, hopefully) • Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 18 (29th March) - Yoshino - Day trip to Mt Yoshino • Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 19 (30th March) - Osaka • Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 20 (31st March) - Osaka • Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 21 (1st April) - Kawaguchiko - Take Shinkansen from Osaka to Mishima Station - Transfer to Fujikyu bus and travel to Kawaguchiko Station • Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 22 (2nd April) - Kawaguchiko - Chureito Pagoda - Oshino Hakkai • Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 23 (3rd April) - Kawaguchiko - Lake Yamanaka • Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 24 (4th April) - Tokyo - Take Fujikyu bus back to Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 25 (5th April) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 26 (6th April) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 27 (7th April) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 28 (8th April) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 29 (9th April) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 30 (10th April) - Tokyo - Disneyland? • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 31 (11th April) - Tokyo • Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 32 (12th April) - FLIGHT - Flight from Haneda Airport to Australia


1) I don't think we would need the JR Pass for this trip. 2) The reason why we are spending so many days in Tokyo is because we feel we didn't get enough time in Tokyo last time (we got ~ 5 days including both Disneys). We didn't get to explore as much as we wanted to. 3) I've only had a brief look of what activities we can do in Okinawa, hence it's pretty empty at the moment. Anything we find, we can add to our itinerary later. 4) Similarly, we haven't planned much for Tokyo because we want to be more spontaneous with our plans there, apart from places like Disney, Pokemon Cafe, etc. We also have a friend living there whom we plan to meet, so we aren't worried about not having set plans (we had more fun that way!). 5) Since there are soooo many travel passes out there, are the passes I've chosen (Nikko WH & Hakone/Kamakura) good enough? We still have our Pasmo cards which we can use in the cities. 6) I've tried my best to plan the different places according to average cherry blossom forecasts, knowing that the forecast can vary every year (although I know Okinawa gets sakura very early, so I don't mind missing it there as long as we get to see it on the main land). 7) We are planning to go to the theme parks (both Disneys & USJ) on weekdays, hopefully for less crowds (considering it would be peak tourist season). 8) Due to the length of our trip (and hence our budget), I doubt we will be able to stay at a hotel/ryokan with a private onsen with Mt Fuji view (that has been my dream, but it's like $600-1000 AUD per night :( ). Are there any suggestions for hotel/ryokan with private onsen alternatives, even in other places such as Hakone? We are trying to spend ~ $100 AUD per night, but I understand that such places would be far more expensive (we'll see if we can spend a little extra, otherwise leave my dream for a future trip!) 9) We were originally planning to go to Sapporo during the Okinawa dates, as I really want to go to Shiroi Koibito Park. But, it seems like it would make more sense to go to Sapporo another time, such as during the snow festival, and even in March I'd have to pack extra warm (and possibly heavy) clothes. Hence, we decided to swap Sapporo with Okinawa, since it's said to be more "tropical".
Thank you (especially if you read this far!)
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2023.06.07 00:05 pneradactyll Raleigh to launch (pilot) voucher program for e-bikes

Heard about this ebike voucher program on WUNC and figured I'd post in case it helps anyone. I can't help being annoyed about the lack of bike lanes... everywhere...but I think they are taking advantage of already existing federal funds 🤷
Here's a link to a city council document I found as well.
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2023.06.07 00:05 ANDREIRAMOM US - are shops having trouble finding barbers?

My shop owner is firm in their belief all the barbers in town are cutting out of their garages, and only thing I overheard them say is “applicants have job hopped” and then other things which are irrelevant insults about resumes.
Im in a larger Midwest city, and they said privately to me they want to hire someone particular protected class and protected class, which ok fine b you are limiting your shop even further.
Any city shops, or anywhere, achin’ for barbers but having none apply?
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2023.06.07 00:04 News-Forsaken Astroid city!?

Does anyone know if Astroid City by Wes Anderson will be shown anywhere in Metro Manila? I have recently moved here and trying to find the best theaters around!
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2023.06.07 00:04 Selkiss_1 106th in East Harlem, or near Maria Hernandez in Bushwick?

I've been seeing rooms to move to for my school year, I am a working class latino and both of these places caught my attention. I want to know which one you as a native new yorker would choose based on safety? I've been to both neighborhoods and feel ok in both of them. But I've been living in the city for 2 years and would love some advice from some more experienced new yorkers.
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2023.06.07 00:04 NoShotBucko00 Roger Gracie

finally found a mma gym. It is a roger gracie mma gym. kinda expensive and only 2 hours a week (idk if thats only for starters or no). but i guess its still better than only doing freestyle wrestling. i just wanna know, is gracie mma gyms mostly focused on bjj? not that i have a problem with it, just curious.
if I decided to roll in gracies, it will be 2 days mma, 4 days wrestling. thoughts? should i add weight lifting to one of these 6 days?
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2023.06.07 00:04 amillionusernames NRA executive mother, previous suspicious death of a biological daughter, now the death of their adopted daughter, at age 40, dead from Virginia plane crash.

I'm admitting to a 'crime', here and now. I went to the Dallas Executive Airport on Sunday night, and kicked and picked up out of the ground the 5 crosses meant to show support to the Confederate Air Force pilots who crashed their planes in a minority area of Dallas 8 months ago, from which we still have no explanation. I did this, after the news about the Virginia plane crash. Hearing these new details now, has me feeling less guilty about harassing the city of Dallas. They crash planes right after the mid terms and Veterans day, now the GOP crashes planes again right after the debt ceiling fight. Fuck you.
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2023.06.07 00:04 Confident-Paper-3947 AITA at being annoyed that I'm not trusted to drive while on holiday

My partner and I live in the UK and are going abroad to an island in Europe for a week in August. We both passed out driving tests a year ago. I currently work from home so have no need for a car but have driven my gfs a few times when we go out for the day.
We were looking at activities to do while on holiday and there was one that we both really wanted to do but it is 3 hours away on public transport but only 1 hour driving. I suggested hiring a car for a couple of days to help us get around and that I am happy to drive us. My gf said absolutely not and that since I've never driven abroad before that she doesn't want me to. I pointed out that there is going to have to be a first time at some point so it may aswell be a small island instead of a busy city.
She again said no and said we just won't do the activity since she doesn't want to wake up early. I told her that it's upsetting/annoying that she would rather not book an activity we both really want to do instead of letting me drive or getting public transport. She said it's not unreasonable of her to not want me to drive but I just see it as her being unwilling to even compromise so that we get the activity.
AITA for being annoyed we can't do the activity because my partner refuses to compromise?
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2023.06.07 00:04 DonutOne Today's 18 Panel Install

Today's 18 Panel Install
Panasonic EVPV400HK, Enphase IQ8M.
Took them about 6 hours.
City inspection should happen within a week. The installer comes out for that and paints some of the conduit and installs stickers while they wait.
Then we wait for SDGE for PTO.
And then when everything is "good", I pay the final 30% due.

Installing the Rails

Panels going in

All the panels!

Nice layout, IMO.
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2023.06.07 00:03 SpareInvestigator335 Book search

I used to read these books a lot, but it's been a very long time and I'm looking for a particular book that I thought was hilarious when I read it.
It was one that had to do with the gods and there was a part where they were in a city very much like ancient Greece with all sorts of philosophers and such. I remember there was something about getting struck by lightning when talking bad about the gods.
Could someone tell me which book this was? I would really appreciate it!
submitted by SpareInvestigator335 to discworld [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:03 Practical-Demand9603 Programming a world map

Hey guys,
I want to create a world map for a game like total war . I would like to have a zoom factor which zooms in like the details of anno or at least age of empires . How much time would you need, do you even think it’s possible ?
Edit: I don’t want to recreate the cities.
submitted by Practical-Demand9603 to unrealengine [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:03 Glittering_Youth8741 I wanted to contact one of the guys who hurt me the most emotionally because he was the only one who understood my suicidal thoughts

During 2020 and 2021 we were deeply involved but he was so emotionally unstable it would hurt, whenever he got on a crisis he would deactivate your social networks and not talk to me for weeks. I didn't use to visit him because of the pandemic, since we were in different cities, but I was desperate that he might've been hurting himself. Over time, I learned to deal with his absence and after a few years when he tried to contact me, I blocked him from my social networks because it still hurt. But now I am going through a horrible depressive crisis and I just wanted to hear his words, because when I was bad he was the only one who understood me and knew how to comfort me, he said he was going to take me away and I felt better, even though I knew it wasn't true, it was good to have someone close, to whom I could talk about my pain without fear. I tried to unblock him but he changed his number and apparently, his Instagram is no longer the one I had previously blocked. He was the only one I talked to about suicide and not only told me not to do it, but tried to understand me. I miss at least having someone around who wants to listen to me after weeks of feeling like shit and no prospect of getting better.
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