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2023.06.07 01:55 autotldr Florida Confirms Arranging Migrant Flights to California

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 27%. (I'm a bot)
Tuesday evening's statement was the first time that Mr. DeSantis and his administration had addressed the flights since they landed in California's capital city.
Roughly three dozen migrants have arrived in Sacramento on two charter flights since last Friday.
The migrants, most of whom are from Venezuela, said they had been recruited for the flights outside a shelter in El Paso.
Gabby Trejo, the executive director of Sacramento ACT, which has been coordinating efforts to aid the migrants, said at a news conference on Tuesday that the group had been "Lied to and deceived," including with promises of jobs and housing.
Officials in California said the migrants carried papers indicating that their travel had been arranged by the Florida emergency management division and a private contractor, Vertol Systems Company, that also arranged sending two planeloads of migrants from San Antonio to Martha's Vineyard last year in an operation funded by Florida taxpayers.
Continue reading the main story The migrants sent to Martha's Vineyard have since filed a class-action lawsuit against Mr. DeSantis and other state officials, saying they had been falsely promised jobs and other assistance when they arrived.
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2023.06.07 01:55 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Latest Editions)

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2023.06.07 01:55 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (Here)

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2023.06.07 01:54 MishMash319 A brave death

So, in the middle of the night, my mama sim was doing laundry and the dryer caught fire. She ran and got her baby out of the house while her elderly mother used an extinguisher to put out the blaze (her husband was just standing around screaming the whole time). It was brave. Heroic for the grandmother who mostly sits and crosstitches all day. But then... She peed herself, just as the handsome firefighters showed up to help and, well, she died from embarrassment. The Grim could not be reasoned with.
And I have been playing the Sims for 20+ years and this is my first unintentional death of a Sim. I literally can't believe it.
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2023.06.07 01:54 bearcheese Modern Mysticism: Mormonism as the Occult

There is a ghost in my house.
My parents welcomed this spirit into our home and my parents teach us that we must make our home and our bodies pure hosts for the spirit to possess. We are told that the spirit is watching us every minute of the day, influencing us, and testing us.
Here are some ritual steps my parents have taken to bring this powerful spirit into our lives:

Rebirthing Ritual

Repurifying Ritual

However, we displease this ghost daily - which makes it leave our bodies, and even leave the home when it's mad. My parents say it hurts us inside when it is forced to leave - we feel really awful when we lose its power and presence.
So every seven days we all meet for a renewal ritual:
The repurification ritual is so we could be pure enough again to have the spirit possess our bodies.
Only elders and young men (who have started their maturity process) can perform the rituals. The ritual is two parts, with both centered around the demi-god (son of the chief god) who had died for us:
We only eat the god and drink his blood if we are truly committed to stop being bad. We must really promise to finally stay pure - so the ghost can finally always be with us.
This ritual will rebirth us and cleanse us each time we do it. We leave the gathering with the spirit inside us again, and take the Spirit back to our homes.

Sanctifying our Dwelling and Ourselves

Keeping the ghost happy in our homes is extremely important. Here are some ways my parents make our home a place for the spirit to always dwell:
My parents once told me that purposefully acting against this ghost (like denying it exists or something) was worse than killing or hurting people, so it must be a very powerful and dangerous spirit. It could banish me to forever darkness.
I need to keep the ghost happy when it is inside my home and let it enter my body whenever it wants to. Dad says if I let the ghost inside me more and more, it might get easier to do good things, because I learn to let it make me do the right things and act like in ways it wants me to.
I was told that I'm in real danger if I don’t have the ghost inside me, and if I don’t listen to it, because then I’ll probably miss the ghost telling me something important. Mom said that if that happens, then I’ll probably get hit or fall and die, especially if I’m not acting really good on the ritual renewal day - that's a really bad day to not listen!
And I don't listen a lot, sadly. Oftentimes it's because I’m playing a game or laughing at jokes when I should be listening. So I try to be good about that, especially on ritual day.
How we act on ritual day makes such a difference for the other days. It's a powerful day for the spirit, so we need to be extra welcoming that day for it to possess us while the powers and energies are right.
But I am worried that I can’t really hear the spirit speak to me, so I must be a bad person.
I hope the ghost likes me. I do try hard. I’ll keep trying to make my body pure.
Mom says I should always do a chant, and that will help. I’ll keep trying.
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2023.06.07 01:54 originalnascar What to do with my life after graduating university. I regret my major and pretty much every decision I've made up to this point

Went through HS and most of college thinking that I wanted to be a doctor, therefore majored in molecular biology. Because I had a very advanced high school education, I coasted through most of my intro and even mid-level classes for my degree, and spent a lot of my time in healthcare-focused clubs/activities, like volunteering for the free clinic, hospice, doing research in a lab, running a health education initiative for the local public schools, etc. I even took the MCAT at the end of my junior year and got a 520 (90th percentile score).
But, I always hated it. I just thought that I would really enjoy being a doctor, and that I had the tenacity and mental fortitude to get myself through the slog of extracurriculars I didn't give a shit about, thankless pipetting, awful STEM classes... I did not, and do not. Maybe I would enjoy being a doctor, but I do not think I can keep putting myself through this. I always loved science, but more just thinking about it, not actually doing it.
On top of that I was diagnosed with bipolar I (the more severe form of the disease) a year ago and it makes my life hell. After being sexually assaulted twice in my senior fall, I entered a psychotic depression so terrifying and insane that I heard the voices of people I loved telling me that it was okay to die now. I feel like crying just remembering it and writing this. I was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital around Christmas last year, once I was stable and on meds I got out in the middle of January, and decided I just wanted to finish my degree (I had only one more class I needed to take). So I did, enrolled for the spring semester, and graduated with honors just a few weeks ago. But it's only been ~5 months since I got out of the hospital, really, and I think all this is to say that I just do not have the time, energy, or willpower to keep forcing myself to do science anymore, let alone pursue medical school.
My family is kind enough to let me live rent-free in their house for a few months until I get a job, but it already feels weird. I feel like I should be out of the house right now, living my life independently instead of being a burden on my family.
I went to an extremely prestigious Ivy league university, and most of my friends are either getting ready for med/law/grad school this fall, or they have high-paying jobs that they already started or will be starting soon. I feel like I squandered my biggest opportunity--I am so grateful to have gone where I did, and have access to the opportunities that I had access to-- I just don't know what I want to do with my life now. If not science/medicine, then what? I feel like a hippie in the worst sense of the word, someone who's in la-la land so much, so disconnected from reality that they have little practical ability to really think about and plan their life and ultimately fall victim to their own vices. I just don't know what to do now. I am trying to be productive, applying for science/research jobs because I'm qualified for them and I could probably put up with it for the short term, but I am so scared and so sad, and so lost. Any help/guidance/emotional support would be appreciated.
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2023.06.07 01:54 Famous-Hippo3326 How can I (m43) ask my wife (f45) for more appreciation for the work I have been doing for her?

My wife( f 45) and I (m 43) have been married for 15 years. Recently I have been doing a ton of work helping my significant other out with something she is uncomfortable with. She lost a parent a few years ago and the house was left to her. There is a ton of cleanup work that needs to be done and I have spent countless hours working on the place. It is a day's drive away so I will spend a week there. She tells me she appreciates the work, but somehow I feel I need something more than words. We have a couple of days free from the kids and I sort of want to ask for something focused on what I have done. I was thinking of saying something like- I kind of feel awkward asking this, but I think I would like to do something that feels like an appreciation for the work I have been doing. I am not even sure what that would be but just the focus. And I do really know you appreciate it, but there is just something about the physical something that means a lot to me.
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2023.06.07 01:54 CoastBloom333 Wedding recap: 47 people for $8500 in Colorado Springs

We just had our wedding and it all went so well! We had the goal of not going into any debt for the wedding and saving/paying as we went. Our goal budget was 6k - we went a bit over. When we first got engaged, I thought I would do so much DIY to cut costs but I was over the idea pretty quickly and tried to balance cost with ease. I also busted my ass on extra projects at work for some funds to splurge a little on my bridal outfit.
Basically, we had a ceremony in a park with a friend officiating and a reception in the event space at a brewery/restaurant. We rented decor, used Spotify for music, and had a short photography package. The brewery provided food, servers, cupcakes (which we did in place of cake), tables, chairs, a surprising amount of options in linens, set up all the centerpieces, and boxed them up for us to pick up in the morning. They also had a microphone for speeches and an okay sound system when plugged into a phone. I did my own hair and makeup and did not need alterations on my dress because I ordered it with custom measurements from Azazie. Save the dates and invites were mostly through With Joy, but we did print about a dozen for parents and older folks. We splurged on our hotel room for its closeness to the reception - we just walked across the street!
Budget breakdown: *Wedding dress, shoes, veil, hair piece, shorts, bouquet: $750 * Suit rental with shoes, boutonniere: $270 * Ceremony venue + backup: $250 ($100 donation to the non profit that maintains the garden + $150 pavilion rental) * Chair and tent rental: $750 * Portable PA + mic stand, clear umbrellas: $100 * Faux florals and centerpiece rental (something borrowed blooms): $480 * Guest book, card box, advice cards, disposable cameras, table numbers, escort cards, seating chart: $200 * Photographer (2 hours): $600 * Reception ($2500 min spend - two apps, buffet dinner, cupcakes plus tax and gratuity): $3800 * Hotel room for two nights: $600 * Event insurance: $80 * Wedding rings: $450 * Save the dates, stamps, invites: $85
The bar tab at the reception (~$1500) was a gift from my in laws.
A lot of thoughts: * From proposal to wedding was just under a year. It went really fast! I would not have minded an extra month or two but I was trying to catch good weather before it got too hot for an outdoor ceremony. * The price increase on food and drinks from the 2022 menu to 2023 was killer. We ended up swapping from a dessert buffet to just cupcakes to save costs. * Our venue was an adorable demonstration garden that I knew from going on walks. I had planned on another venue (indoors, seating included) but had to change plans when they stopped accepting events to do renovations. We also considered a college chapel, various city owned wedding spaces in parks, and the renaissance festival. * I booked the tent a week out from the wedding and I wish I'd done it earlier. It has been an unusually rainy few months and it was stressful waiting to see if it would continue to be rainy (it did). I ended up booking a nearby park pavilion as an extra backup in a panic! * It was difficult finding a company that would do same day setup and takedown - I inquired with about a dozen party rental companies before I found one that would. * If I had had a bit more room in the budget, a day of coordinator would have been nice. Family pitched in a lot to get decorations set up, meet with the tent/chair guys, etc. but I would have liked for them to relax. * The local Facebook wedding group was super helpful for finding photographers in my price range with a style I liked. I did not need professional getting ready pictures or photos of people eating at the reception so a shorter package was perfect. We did most of our photos before the ceremony so we could spend all of the reception with our guests. * There were totally people walking, jogging, biking on the trail behind the ceremony but I did not care at all! * Not everything went totally perfect, but what didn't go exactly as planned didn't matter in the end.
If any future Colorado Springs brides would like info on local venues, etc., feel free to DM me! I'm happy to share what I found.
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2023.06.07 01:53 Nimyron Shrodinger's spider

Alright so I really really hate spiders. It's not arachnophobia, I don't panic when I see one, but if there's one in my house I'm not gonna be able to sleep or do anything else until I've dealt with it.
So yesterday I was showering and at some point I turn around and notice a black spot in the corner, a bit higher than the shower head. I have myopia but no need to be a genius to understand that a black spot that appears out of nowhere is a fucking spider.
I finished my shower, got out, put my glasses back on, and saw the spider retreat in its hole. Cause yeah there's a hole in that corner, hard to explain but basically, there's a small hole near where the spider was, which opens upward so I never even saw there was a hole there.
I tried to spray water on it but that didn't work, the spider got out a bit at some point, then back in. So I decided it was time for chemical warfare.
I poured white vinegar in that hole, and also some glass cleaner (cause it's a pschit pschit bottle so it's easier to aim). I also considered throwing some bleach crystals in the hole but figured getting gassed with chlorine wasn't worth it.
So now there's that hole, I can't see inside, I don't know if the spider is alive or not but I haven't see her come out during tonight's shower. I won't know if it's alive or not until I get the body out and I don't know how to do that.
That's it, that was my stressful spider tale of the day.
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2023.06.07 01:53 EasyZookeepergame716 I WAS AT THE SHORE STORE

danny is surprisingly still working there luckily! i also went on a tour in the house which was SUCH a divine experience because the show is my favorite thing ever. if you look on my page you’ll be able to see more videos regarding jersey shore so check me out if you can @juicyphobic.
if you live in new jersey or new york and love the show you should totally come visit and get a tour for $10 and get a lot of the cute variation in all the clothing and accessories/merchandise in the shore store💖🇮🇹
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2023.06.07 01:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Hard Right Grinds House to a Halt, Rebuking McCarthy for the Debt Deal NY Times

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2023.06.07 01:53 pheakelmatters Reddit Blackout Protest - Yay or Nay

Have a seat everyone!
Some of you may be aware of an up and coming "going dark" protest that many of the largest subreddits are going to be participating in from June 12th to the 15th. In effect this means setting the subreddit to private for those days. The long and short of it is the overlords of Reddit have made a decision that's going to dramatically effect third party apps that millions of Reddit users use the access the site. I'm linking the modpost from 'Explain Like I'm 5' as they explain it far better than I can:

So what say you, Sting House? Shall we show solidarity with our fellow Redditors and use the Temple of TCAP for those few days, or do we keep our genes in our jeans? And remember FansHansenvsPredator, I love you more than anything. Now delete your archives.
View Poll
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2023.06.07 01:53 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (Full and HD)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
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Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.07 01:53 --19_ NEA

I just need to talk about it So the choices are climate change or securing/ storing of personal items.
I came up with six ideas outlines
1 a puzzle box because they are cool and I already designed a Japanese yosegi box in fusion 360
2 a puzzle box that doesn't look like a box at all. My idea is a wooden vase with turning disks. Like a combination lock the ring need to be in the correct position for the bottom to come out. Again mocked up in fusion 360
  1. A small peice of puzzle furniture jnspured by some of the works of Craig thibodeau. My current rough idea is a small peice of shelving but if you remove the shelves it reveals a false back to stor your valuables.
  2. A hidden drawer behind or onto of another drawer. I don't know what they are called but if you look up hidden drawers it's that. Just one of those.
  3. A drawer hidden in plain sight like old antique furniture
6.a picture frame with a picture on that can roll back into the frame.
So for context I'm quite good with 3d modeling and I have been asked to help teachers on occasion. So I can do quite a lot. For instance I know some tips and tricks to convert a cad file into a better laser cut file which is what I used when I made my phone stand.
At the very bottom is an idea dump.
For number six I had an idea where the paing could roll back like a tambour box. So what I'll probably do is get a picture and then turn it into line art that I'll laser cut onto the different wood pieces for the sort of caterpillar track. Because I'm worried about moisture numbers 2 will have fake flowers and maybe stones instead of soil like a bonsai. Quite frankly i dont know what's possible but I like doing this so I'll to my best
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2023.06.07 01:53 suspiciousmagpie I am having a hard time moving on from partner's past actions

Me 29 F, partner is 29 M. We've been together 9 years, we've both done things to affect one another's trust and have worked on repairing those. On my side, I have attention problems and have thrown away his things on accident, lost important items, said things impulsively to mutual friends about our relationship that I shouldnt have. I have been in therapy and we have worked on systems together that have helped. Hes more patient with my mistakes and is more understanding. I still have a lot to work on.
But I am having a really hard time moving on from past fights and incidents on his end. The main ones being:
• whenever we've gotten in major fights, he needs space for days, sometimes weeks. Longest was 2 months. I used to be an emotional wreck when these periods would happen, now I just reframe it as me time to get through it. -When he gets drunk, sometimes he will just be fun/normal, other times he has picked fights and been mean. I've been called "slow" , "disgusting" , "weak", a bitch. One time years ago he was so stressed and overwhelmed that while he was drinking he threw dishes. Hes also said some of these names and comments sober. Sometimes it's because he is projecting and that is how he feels about himself but I think about these things at least once a day, even if I know he may not have meant them, even if they happened years ago. "If I can't believe the mean things he says, can I really believe the nice things too?"
All of these behaviors have been slim to nonexistent in the past year ever since I started expressing more and more how I can't handle this kind of stuff anymore. We are in couples counseling and he has been very committed and motivated about attending. I have tried to work on my people pleasing/caretaking tendencies and express my needs more and this is the most major need, to get closure and respect and emotional healing. I feel immense shame for letting myself get called these things or being isolated for weeks. I thought I was being patient and easy going but I was just enabling and being a doormat. I know that he doesn't want to act in these ways and if he could take back these incidents he would. He recently brought up buying a house and having kids but I know that having a kid is one of the most stressful things you can do and what if all these behaviors come back. I don't know how to move on from it. Hes doing everything he can to prove he is committed to change but I don't know if I have the strength to let my guard down again. If any of these things were to happen again I feel like it would destroy me. Have any of you had relationship incidents like this and been able to repaichange the dynamic?
TL;DR: Having a hard time moving on from past namecalling and shutting out by partner years ago, has anyone recovered or moved on from things like this?
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2023.06.07 01:52 MrGreyGoose21 Swamp Cooler

Hello Everyone
My house has a swamp cooler, and we have to leave the pump on for a few minutes before turning it the swamp cooler on. What happens if I leave the pump on for a few hours? I forgot to turn the swamp cooler on and I think I left the pump on the swamp cooler for a prolong time. I am scared that my water bill will be sky high because I left the pump on for a long duration.
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2023.06.07 01:52 hungryginger1234 Has anyone else been diagnosed with a personality disorder as well as ASD?

So im 30 and I was diagnosed in my early 20s with depression, ocd, ptsd, anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder.
My life has been absolutely chaotic and I havent been able to work/keep any jobs or sustain relationships or many friendships.
Obviously I have put this down to the above diagnosis particularly BPD and depression. But mainly my “episodes” are generally from being extremely overstimulated and burnout from trying to exist.
I just cant socialise for long periods of time or do crowds of any kind, I hate loud music or tv, I hate clutter and mess, I like routine and if it gets disrupted all hell breaks loose:(
I never considered I may have ASD until recently when I moved house and started really working on my sensory problems (wearing earplugs, no music, no strong smells, spending ALOT more time alone ect) and now suddenly im able to work again part time (although im still extremely burnt out after work) my relationship is going alot better and I feel like im not really depressed anymore.
I relate to so much of what is written on this subreddit and I wonder if maybe I have had undiagnosed autism this whole time?
I also have two younger brothers who have diagnosed asd so that makes me more suspicious.
Has anyone else been diagnosed with other things and then realised they were actually autistic?
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2023.06.07 01:52 bakaak16 Goodbye party drinks

Hi all, I am seeking some cocktail ideas for a goodbye party. Either some with suitable names or ingredients - I am open to anything and everything.
For context: I am about to move out of my student housing - a hallway that we share with 17 people. We have had some great parties during Covid lockdowns, but also some great drunken nights with the roommates and much larger house parties. Since me and two other roommates are moving out after about 3 years, we have decided to throw a goodbye dinner together for the others (about 10 people), leaving me (the cocktail enthousiast of the house) in charge with the drinks.
Therefore I am looking for anything and everything related to the goodbye theme. All suggestions are welcomed! Thank you in advance :)
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2023.06.07 01:52 Admirable-Pepper-175 theories

just finished episodes 1 and 2 and here are some theories so far:
  1. isabella recorded the tape. sheriff said her and luke dated over the summer, so i think that she was petty towards both luke and megan and filmed it.
  2. i think that her and luke hooked up while he was dating megan which is why she was so quick to frame herself, out of guilt.
  3. luke found the tape and played it at the party, potentially hoping he would get in trouble and not have to go to the college his dad wants him to go to, but this didn't go as planned.
  4. i think the scene where isabella and parker(?) break into luke's house, as well as her flushing the pills and crushing the bottle, are some sort of foreshadowing that isabella has a more violent/dark side and that will come into play later.
  5. luke's death was potentially a suicide? everyone thinking he was a cheater got to be too much for him.
lmk what you think!!
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2023.06.07 01:52 hellocourt2004 AITA for not letting my best friends “fiance” come to my wedding?

i (19f) am getting married to will (17m) in july. me and will got together over 8 months ago and now are expecting a child in december. we both know we wanna be with eachother for the rest of our lives and we’re in a very comfortable situation and place. my best friend, we will call her stacy (18f) have been best friends for 4 years. i was there and gave her a place to live when her mom kicked her out and my family accepted her as if she was already in the family. stacy got with this guy we will call brian (18m) on the 16 of the month, and got engaged on the 19th. they have only known eachother for 3 days prior, but i was supportive because she is my best friend and only want the best for her. her and her “fiance” moved in with me and will. and not even a week after they moved in i heard he was talking shit about me and my fiancé behind our backs. and planned for him and stacy to go move in with his mom. behind her back also. i confronted him about it and things got heated and he told me my baby was gonna come out and get nowhere in life, and is gonna be an asshole “just like it’s mother” my best friend didn’t say ANYTHING to him about it. it was whatever. the next couple days i was talking to her about my wedding and since she was the maid of honor she was gonna help. i made sure she understood brian wasn’t invited because of the things he said to me. she told me she wouldn’t come to the wedding if he couldn’t. things got a little heated and before i blocked her i made sure she knew they both owed me money. she said i wouldn’t get the money but brian forgot his moms air fryer at my house and that she needed it back. i told her she wouldn’t get the air fryer unless i got my money back. the next day his mom calls me and says she needs her air fryer back and i explained to her that they owe me money and i told her the stuff he said about my baby. and she apologized, in the meantime brian comes running through their house screaming bloody murder that he was gonna kill me, my baby, and my family. OVER THE AIR FRYER. obviously i contacted the police. but over the course of a couple days my “best friend” wouldn’t stop saying things and posting things about me. so i posted things back but harder because i’m not gonna deal with the bullshit. now her family won’t stop contacting me and calling me an asshole. so am i the asshole?
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2023.06.07 01:52 fozrok 7 Best Bits from 'Building A StoryBrand' written by Donald Miller

Building A StoryBrand has been one of the best Marketing Storytelling books I've read so I recently re-read it to refresh my memory of it's principles.

To put this into context, I've also read:

This book reminded me a lot of "Made to Stick" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, as well as "Expert Secrets" both of which really underline the power of storytelling and simplicity in making a message truly land.

Here are the top takeaways from "Building A Story Brand":

  1. Keep it simple and clear, sunshine! We've got five seconds to grab someone's attention. If your customers can't get your message in that short timeframe, you've lost them. So, cut the jargon and make it easy for anyone to understand what you're all about.
  2. Your customer is the hero, not you. This is where the classic movie "Star Wars" comes in. Think of your brand as Yoda, guiding your customer, Luke Skywalker, to success. You're the trusty sidekick, not the main star.
  3. Every good story has conflict. In your brand's story, your customer's problem is the villain they're fighting. And guess what? Your product or service is the lightsaber they need to win the battle.
  4. Tap into their survival instinct. People inherently want to save money, time, and resources, while gaining status and seeking meaning. If your product or service can cater to these needs, you're onto a winner!
  5. Give them a clear plan. Nobody wants to navigate through a maze to purchase a product or service. Make it as simple as ABC for them. A step-by-step guide makes taking action easier & more likely.
  6. Call them to action. It's great if customers like your brand, but you really want them to make a purchase. Don't be shy to guide them to the checkout.

7 - Follow the SB7 framework.

This framework is the bread and butter of building a compelling StoryBrand. Here's the breakdown on it:
  1. Character: This is your customer. You need to know what they want and position your product or service as the means to get it.
  2. Problem: Identify your customer's problem, and better yet, personify it as a villain for them to overcome. This is what your product or service will help them beat.
  3. Guide: That's you! Show empathy for your customer's problem and demonstrate your authority to guide them through it.
  4. Plan: Give your customers a clear, actionable plan. This can be a step-by-step guide or a set of promises you make to them.
  5. Call to Action: Encourage your customers to take the necessary steps. This could be making a purchase, scheduling a consultation, or signing up for a trial.Avoid Failure: Show customers what they stand to lose if they don't take action. A little fear of missing out (FOMO) can be a great motivator.
  6. Success: Finally, paint a picture of what success looks like for your customers. Help them visualize how much better off they'll be with your product or service.
Just like how the book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear breaks down habit formation into understandable chunks, this SB7 framework breaks down the storytelling process, making it super manageable and actionable.
Now, this whole process of distilling the key points is what I like to call "spaced repetition" or an "optimized learning protocol." It's a bit of a mouthful, but essentially it's all about revisiting important information, processing it, and expressing it in new ways to really cement it in your brain. Plus, it helps when sharing it with others, like I'm doing now.

I'm going to synthesize this knowledge...

I'm going to synthesize this knowledge from the book into a 15-20 min 'rapid optimized learning' program, so if you are interested in being one of the 'testers' of this when it's ready, comment below. All I'll ask for in return is feedback.I'm super excited to use the principles from "Building A Story Brand" in future projects. Crafting a clear, simple message that puts the customer in the hero's seat? Count me in!Remember, we're all on this lifelong learning journey together. And as long as we keep reading, reflecting, and revisiting, we'll continue to grow, right?
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2023.06.07 01:52 Wetheonesbut_Cody Team Elite v Team CM Punk

What’s up y’all, this is my 1st time booking here and I hope y’all like it. This storyline begins at Forbidden Door, The Elite is facing United Empire in a trios match and if any member of the Elite gets pinned, Osprey wins the IWGP US Heavyweight title. In the middle of the match while the ref is down, Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita come out and try to take out The Elite (mainly Kenny Omega). While Takeshita and United Empire take out the Elite, Callis grabs the same screwdriver he used to betray Omega. But then Cult of Personality hit, and CM Punk returns and cleaned house taking everyone out including Callis, hitting him with a GTS. Punk helped Omega and the Bucks to their feet, then Punk low blowed Omega and rolled out of the ring. United Empire, Takeshita, and Callis attack the Elite and Callis uses the screwdriver and hits Omega in the forehead as United Empire get the victory. The next few weeks, Omega calls out Punk to no avail, as Takeshita and Callis taunt Omega but Omega can’t retaliate or else Callis will sue him. At Road Rager, Punk returns in and hits a GTS on Omega, giving Takeshita a massive win against Kenny. This pushes Kenny over the edge as he is hellbent on getting his hands on Punk. This causes him to lose many matches, including an AEW World Championship match against MJF. Punk returns on Dynamite in Winnipeg to a chorus of nothing but boos. “I didn’t start all of this………your hero started all of this 10 months ago the Now Arena in my hometown.” That’s what Punk said in his 1st promo in almost a year, playing victim. At the end of the night when the Bucks challenged FTR for AEW Tag Titles, Punk and Takeshita attacked the Bucks, and FTR joined in, until Omega attacked Punk and Takeshita, but FTR beatdown Omega until Hangman Page comes out and scares the men off. Then the main event for All In is set: The Elite (Omega, Bucks, and Page) vs Team Punk (Punk, FTR, Takeshita). Punk and Omega have promo battles for weeks, and Page talks about when FTR joined AEW and how they manipulated him. He says it won’t happen again. The match stipulation is Blood and Guts. The match is brutal and there is a lot of blood, Punk and Omega finish the match. Callis tries to hit Omega with the screwdriver he used to betray him, and he used at Forbidden Door. Omega catches Callis and hits him in a forehead, and hits a One Winged Angle through a flaming table. When Punk checks on Callis, the Bucks hit a BTE Trigger, Page hits a Buckshot Lariat, and Omega hits a One Winged Angle through a Table and pins Punk for the emotional victory to end this storyline.
(Hope you enjoy, give feedback so I can write others)
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