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2023.05.28 15:24 Gamesplanet [Gamesplanet] Sunday Deals: Wildermyth (-38%), The Wolf Among Us (-58%), What Remains of Edith Finch (-74%), Blair Witch (-78%), Ghostrunner (-70%), Control Ultimate Edition (-75%), Diluvian Winds (-15%), House Party (-55%), Outer Wilds (-49%), Neon White (-33%) and more

Throw a party, run on walls and go on adventures with offers on Wildermyth, The Wlong Among Us, Ghostrunner and more!
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ADR1FT W 78% $4.50 £3.37 4,50€ 4,50€ Steam
Ashen - Nightstorm Isle W 74% $2.63 £2.18 2,50€ 2,50€ Steam
Ashen W 74% $10.52 £8.94 9,99€ 9,99€ Steam
Batman - The Telltale Series W 58% $6.25 £4.99 6,25€ 6,25€ Steam
Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series W 58% $6.25 £4.99 6,25€ 6,25€ Steam
Blair Witch W 78% $6.50 £5.42 6,50€ 6,50€ Steam
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons W 77% $3.50 £2.57 3,50€ 3,50€ Steam
Control Ultimate Edition W 75% $9.99 £8.74 9,99€ 9,99€ Steam
Death Stranding: Director's Cut Upgrade W 47% $5.25 £4.72 5,25€ 5,25€ Steam
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Unheard W / M 56% $2.99 £2.28 2,50€ 2,50€ Steam
Virginia W / M 69% $3.10 £2.17 3,10€ 3,10€ Steam
Wattam W 66% $6.84 £5.82 6,50€ 6,50€ Steam
What Remains of Edith Finch W 74% $5.25 £4.46 4,99€ 4,99€ Steam
Wildermyth W / M / L 38% $15.47 £11.99 12,99€ 12,99€ Steam
W = Windows / M = Mac / L = Linux
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2023.05.28 05:43 DonoMonkey Windows stuck on "attempting repair"

Have a cheap touchscreen Windows tablet, and was trying to boot it up. But when I turn it on it goes straight to preparing automatic repair, then goes to diagnosing, then to attempting repair, its been going on for hours but nothing happens. I've tried shutting it down trying to get a normal blue screen prompting to go into advanced options but to no success; also tried dressing f8 etc. I'm thinking there may not be a solution, but any help is welcome. How do I reimage windows, or should I just leave this going on until it fixes itself?
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2023.05.28 02:51 stinkyshin2 Ocd is absolute hell right now.

I can't stop obsessing over a tiny screen defect on a used tablet I got.
The device itself is awesome but the display is eh
The green and blue pixels are awesome but the red looks pretty faded and because of it I want to sell it
The fade isnt bad but at this point my head is going nuts over this.
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2023.05.28 00:25 PhesteringSoars [SF] Paige & Caroline (3,622 Words; 20,273 Characters)

“Now Paige, you’re sure there isn’t anything for me to sign?”, my mother asked.
“No mom. It’s ‘Bring your sibling to work day’. Caroline is 10 and old enough for the summer training, even though she can’t officially serve as an Imperial Page for two more years.”, I reply.
At 14 myself, I’ve been an Imperial Page for 2 years now. “I did the summer training.”, a month each, for two summers starting at 10, “I wanted to see if she might be interested serving as well.”
“I just don’t want her getting in someone important’s way.”, mother continues.
“She’ll be fine. The shuttle flights in/out off-world will be the most exciting part. ‘Court’ is currently in session on Tau Ceti 9a, with the Emperor himself at one of the orbital Space Stations. He’s overseeing rescue, recovery, and restoration operations dealing with the aftermath of the two recent super-typhoons on the planet. We’ll mostly be delivering snacks & meals and hand delivering documents and supplies all day. Routine stuff.”
“I just don’t want her to do something to upset the Emperor.”, mother said.
I reply, “He’s trying to help people in distress mom. People left with next to nothing. He’s just a man.”
Mother shakes her head and mumbles, “I worry about that too.”
I snort, “He wouldn’t do anything to us and the Sezrakeen (the Imperial Guard) wouldn’t allow it anyway.”
I remember something they told us in training . . . “Even if you see the Emperor in a room, seemingly by himself, two of the Sezrakeen are always there. Though they can be invisible, and you may not see them. One to protect him from evil in the world and one to protect the world from any evil in him.” No one in the Imperial Court has treated me badly.
Mother finally relents, cleans up after breakfast, and sees us off. We catch the community transit to the city-center, then on to Lacross Spaceport. One shuttle to the regional military base, then a shuttle combining many groups to go to / from wherever Court is in session at the current time.
With 7,645 inhabited worlds in the known multiverse, “Imperial Court” moves around every few months trying to spread the attention around. Currently there are 74 regional centers large enough to house the staff of the traveling court. 17 of which could be classified as “Palaces”. (Including “The Winter Palace” the Emperor build by himself, by hand on Beatrice Nine. It’s beautiful and one of my favorites to visit and serve in, though knowing he was abandoned alone on the planet for almost 40,000 years, time enough to build the central structures by himself . . . sort of brings a melancholy air to the place.)
Caroline and I arrive at R44 (the closest Regional Center), and I take her to Security while we wait for the morning shuttle. I scan my left forearm under the ID scanner. You can wear a ring, bracelet, pendent, or carry a card or pen-sized wand for ID . . . But I opted for the radial (bone) implant. It’s much harder to forget and leave your left arm at home. And since it registers body heat and blood flow, it can’t practically be taken from you and used by someone else. (I did “neglect” to tell my parents I opted for the implant 18 months ago.)
Caroline gets her biometrics recorded. (Photographs, walking gait, finger-hand prints. Reads a sample text for voice capture and a pinprick for DNA.) She opts for a subtle ring ID and asks me, “Why does it look like I’m the only sister or brother here?”
I respond, “It’s only you today. I just wanted you to see what a day was like in the Imperial Court.”
“What do you mean ‘only you’? Is it really ‘Bring your sibling to work day?’”
“As far as I know there is no such thing. I just wanted you to come and see the Emperor and the Court.”
“You’re just bringing someone to see the Emperor of the Known Multiverse and the Imperial Court? Who approved it?”
“I did.”
“You can do that?”
“An Imperial Page can do what they need to.”, I say as we finish her setup. Most of the biographical info (date of birth, relatives, placed lived) I entered to her personnel record weeks ago. I scan my ID and vouch for her to match the biometrics to the central data personnel record.
“Let’s go, the Shuttle will be ready for boarding about the time we get there.”, I put my left arm around Caroline’s shoulders and nudge her in the right direction.
Feeling the tenseness in her shoulders I ask, “Are you worried?”
“A little bit.”, she says with a bit shaky voice.
“Don’t. Just keep your ears open. Follow me and help me whatever I’m doing. Unless someone there directly addresses you, try not to interfere. You’ll hear things meant to be kept private. Try and let it flow in one ear and out the other without thinking about it or remembering it. Normally its boring procedural matters running the Empire. But for the past few weeks at this odd location there has been a lot of ‘sad news’ from the deaths, injuries, from the storms. It’s been turning around a bit. Back to more rebuilding hospitals, schools, city halls, and some factories. You can whisper me questions but try not to bother the others there. You’ll do fine.”
The morning shuttle we are on (of 6 per day cycling in/out wherever court is) arrives and docks with the station. The contents depart and scan past security checkpoints. Caroline her ring and me my forearm. Which leaves Caroline with a perplexed look. (I didn’t explain yet that the implant was an option, and she sees no ring on my hand.)
I lead Caroline past stationed guards, secretaries and administrators, dignitaries, and court personnel to one of the inner facility rooms. One of the court cooks sees me, points to a cart loaded with coffee and tea Thermos’s, water pitchers, cups, and an assortment of donuts, sweets, ‘breakfast things’, and says “Conference L2 Room 6a.”
I begin pushing the cart to the Lift for Level 2, room 6a. Caroline stays almost glued to my left hip. She’s being inordinately quiet. But then I remember what it was like for myself, only a few years ago.
More guards at the conference room recognize me and one holds the door as I push the cart in. One points at Caroline. I simply say, “Sister.” The guard nods.
Caroline and I spend the next 10 minutes distributing drinks and retrieving used cups/plates, and occasionally pulling my sister gently along by her arm. With over 7,000 inhabited planets and an average population of 2 billion, a good 80% of the 14 trillion in the known multiverse have seen images/video of the Emperor. But it’s quite another thing to pass by him close enough to touch for the first time. Not to mention Admirals, Generals, and dignitaries of all sorts around the conference table and outer ring chairs many with a dizzying array of medals, epaulets, and such.
She hands me things as I place them on the table. (So, if she spills anything, it’ll only get me, not a General) and I place them on the table.
I half listen as Admiral Burns shows video on the large screen at the end of the room and describes the current situation on the planet below.
“. . . Rescue operations have officially completed everywhere. Recovery (of human/animal remains) and final demolition of dangerous structures continue in the Rangor and Balok districts.
Next, I’ll go over how we plan to deploy Military-Imperial construction teams to begin assisting with infrastructure repair and restoration . . .”, as the Admiral’s aide works on a laptop on the conference table to bring up the next presentation.
An imperial aide I recognized pops their head in the end door and says, “Sire, message on F23.” The emperor says, “One second Admiral.”, and taps some keys on a tablet at his right hand.
The presentation clears on the end video screen and a woman dressed in what I’ll say is a doctor's white cloak appears on screen. Momentarily fazed upon seeing the Emperor himself, she stutters, “I uhh,”
The Emperor said, “Its fine Doctor. How can we help you?”
The woman tries to continue, “I, uhh. I’m sorry, I . . .”, closing her eyes for a second and opening, “I’m Doctor Akins on Brandenburg 2, Jellico City Memorial Hospital. I have a patient, Angela Graham. I’m afraid she’s had a heart attack and at her age of 97, I fear she won’t last more than a day or two, despite our best efforts. Her son a . . .”, looking down at a tablet she was holding, “. . . Captain Angus Graham was listed as family-emergency contact with instructions to call the Regional Base and explain any issues. I vid-called and two people later and I’ve somehow ended up with you.”, she adds hesitantly, “Sire”, not quite sure the proper form of address for the Emperor.
The Emperor responded, “He’s on station here with his Star Carrier the Perecles so they bounced you through to us. I’ll find him and let him know to go home. Thank you, Doctor Akins.”
The Doctor nods and the screen returns to the aide’s presentation slide.
Caroline and I had been clearing coffee cups and snack dishes from afternoon tea away from the conference table and were pushing the tray to the door to leave when the Emperor held up a hand towards us.
The Emperor asked aloud “Donna? (The computers name) Locate Captain Angus Graham”.
Donna: “Captain Angus Graham has just entered the Officers Lounge on Deck 23, at Bulkhead 41.”
The Emperor hand wrote a note on a sheet of paper, folded it in half, looked my way and said “Paige”.
Paige was an inconvenient name to have in my position, I was never quite sure if he knew my name and was saying Paige or just Page.
“You heard the location?”, the Emperor asked
Paige, “Yes sire.”
“Directly to Gus.”, the Emperor said, handing me the folded note.
I nodded.
Pushing the tray on through the door, I saw another page standing nearby and said, “Please.”, pointing to the tray and nodding to the closest kitchen. Thomas nodded and began pushing the tray in that direction.
We, Caroline and I, headed for the nearest Lift. (The multi-axis elevators that span the height and breadth of the station.) And I spoke tilting my head up a bit, “Deck 23, closest Bulkhead 41.”
“Deck 23, Bulkhead 42.”, the Lift responded.
The station bulkheads are about 50ft apart, so not that far to walk.
I opened the folded note and read it silently.
Caroline, still at my side and mostly silent since a flurry of questions when we stopped to have lunch, finally spoke inside the Lift, “Can you read the note?”
I responded, “An Imperial Page can do what they need to.”
We reached the Lift destination. I spoke to a nearby common terminal and said “Officers Lounge Deck 23, Bulkhead 41.”.
The terminal responded back, “The Mango Room. Light Blue”, simultaneously a Light Blue courtesy light appeared on the wall-track and began moving at a walking pace to the right.
Caroline and I followed the dot as it matched pace to lead us.
We reached The Mango Room double doors.
I tried the door handle but while it turned, the door didn’t unlatch. I tapped the “knock” button on the rightmost door.
A few seconds later a man about 40, with slicked back black hair and a pencil thin mustache appeared on the screen above the knock button. Seeing me, he only said, “Beat it kid. This is the Officers Lounge.”, and the screen went blank again.
I pressed the button again.
This time when he appeared, I spoke before the man could, “I am an Imperial Page with a message to be hand delivered to Captain Graham. I believe him to be inside.”
“I don’t give a fuck who you are ‘Little Girl’. Children aren’t allowed in here to bother the patrons. Get lost.”, the man sneers and clicks off again.
I turn and retrace steps to the Lift, Caroline following.
I tell the Lift, “Armory”.
Scanning arm ID at the doorway, we enter and I approach the wire cage behind which stands a man I have never seen before. I fill out a “request form” on the tablet nearby, tap it to and scan my ID to the nearby sensor.
The man looks at the list popping up on the screen on his side of the cage, “A bit young, aren’t you? Why don’t you try back in a couple years.”, snickering and turning back to his desk behind him.
Back out the Armory door, to the Lift and back to the conference room with the Emperor.
I enter, holding one palm back, indicating for Caroline to stay in the doorway of the room.
Saying nothing to anyone, I walked around to the left of the Emperor and pulled the Imperial Signet off the little finger of the Emperor’s left hand and placing it onto my right index finger, while he continued to ask questions about Engineering Group deployments on the planet below.
Outside the conference room, I pointed my index/middle finger in the direction of two Imperial Marine Guards on the distant side of the room, in self-contained fully body armor then motioned with a cupping hand a ‘follow me’ hand signal.
Four of us in the Lift this time.
Back at the armory. I held my right hand up in a fist, index finger with signet facing the clerk, then swept the signet over the ID reader and entered the Emperor’s personal 18 character passcode.
The display lit up on the clerk’s side of the cage . . .
Things moved much faster this time.
The Armory attendants fitted us both with PDS’s (Personal Defense Shields), I pointed at Caroline and said “Openers”.
One Armory tech clipped two breaching charges on Caroline's belt, as I reached for the thermal viewers and mid-sized carbine the other tech held.
Facing the two Marines that had accompanied us, I waved my left hand in their direction and said, “Released.” They turned and left.
The tech previously holding the carbine asked, “You know . . .”
I turned the side of the weapon towards him and said, “Kill/Stun”, clicking that lever to Stun pointed at a 2nd switch “Rate of Fire, Single, 3 shot burst, Full Auto”, and pointing to the last, “Power Setting”.
I turned to leave with Caroline in perpetual tow.
Caroline asked, “A gun?”
I responded, “The Power settings for Stun go from level 1 to 5. One would sting. Two feels like a dozen angry bees stung you with the pain fading over the next hour. Three might knock out a child. Four would definitely knock out ANY ordinary man/woman, unconscious for an hour or so. Five would stop a charging elephant and bring it to the ground for three or four hours.”
I click the carbine settings to Level Two . . . Full Auto.
Back at “The Mango Room” doors, I swatted Caroline with the back of my hand to see our PDS fields light up and confirm it on like mine, flipped down the thermal viewer over my eyes and look to see if anyone is standing directly behind the doors.
“Take one of the breaching pucks off your belt.”, holding my hand up as if I was carrying one on my fingertips, “Set the dial on the side to 2.”
I look down the hallways to the left and right. No one on the left. I hold up one flat palm and stop a group to the right in their tracks about 20 yards away.
Speaking to Caroline again, mimicking the motion I say, “Fling it towards the center-line between the two doors.”
She flings the puck, it self-orients to flat-on face the two doors.
A half inch from the doors it discharges. The central 90% of the doors vaporize and blow back past Caroline and me in a plume of smoke and wood-metal shards. Harmlessly skittering off and around our PDS’s.
Mustache man steps out from beside the doors and seeing me begins to approach. I aim the carbine at him and hold the trigger down moving the impact point around his body.
They shoot you once during page training at settings two and three. A single shot at level two hurt worse than anything I’d felt to that point in my life for the next hour. A week later when they did Three . . . I was out for an hour.
I can’t imagine 2 seconds of Full Auto felt pleasant as mustache man crumpled to the floor.
Officers and Civilian Dignitaries around the room stood up from their tables upon seeing/hearing the door breach.
I took the opportunity to step up from one of their chairs to a nearby table, trying to dodge drink glasses.
Addressing the room with a firm voice, “I am an Imperial Page. With a message from the Emperor for Captain Angus Graham. Captain Graham present yourself.”
The crowd somewhat parted as a man in his late 60’s answered, “Here Miss.”
Stepping down from the table/chair, slinging the rifle, and approaching Captain Graham, I didn’t remove the note, but chose simply to speak directly to the Captain.
“Gus”, (the Captain understood it was the Emperor speaking), “Word just came through and it seemed better to deliver it in person. Your mother has suffered a heart attack and we fear her time is near. If your responsibilities allow it, take my shuttle and go home while you still can. Spend what time you need with her. I’m very sorry old friend.”
The Captain responded softly to me, “Thank you John.”
I stepped back and to the side, using my right hand to wave Caroline back out of the way.
Captain Graham passed through the crowd, presumably to gather personal items and head home.
I, with Caroline following, turned to follow Captain Graham out.
The “very angry” bouncer was just getting up on one hip, trying to push himself up on one hand and yelled through clenched teeth, “Why you little Bit. . . ”
He didn’t finish the sentence. I clicked the gun up to level 4, single shot, pushing him back 3 feet, and pinning him to the wall. Unconscious for at least a couple hours this time.
Caroline and I returned to the armory, dropping off the Carbine, Thermals, PDSs, and one un-expended breaching puck. Signing them back in. Logging one puck as “expended”, and 0.2% down on the carbine charge.
Back in the Lift to return to the conference room, I notice out the corner of my eye, a still silent Caroline, looks over and up at me with a thousand questions on her face.
I continued looking forward at the Lift doors and said, “An Imperial Page can do what they need to.”
I reentered the conference room, Caroline still in tow. Walked around the Emperor to his left, lifting his left hand and placing the signet back on his little finger and whispered, “Thank you John.”
As a video of reconstruction projections continued on the vid-screen at the end of the room, the Emperor nodded to me, understanding the message was from Gus and after I had crossed around behind him, looked to his right and said, “Thank you Paige.”, nodding to my sister, “Caroline.”
Caroline, her eyes as big as dinner plates, half bowed, half curtsied, and we left the conference room.
I looked over at Caroline, “It’s been a long day for you. We can just catch the next shuttle back to R44 and home if we leave now.”
Off the local transport, our parents were just stepping out of their personal car. Dad had two grocery bags in each hand, mother had two in one hand and was reaching for the last one in the open trunk-hatch.
“You survived!”, she said teasingly, looking our direction.
“Yes mother.”, I said.
“Did anything interesting happen?”, she asked.
“No mother. It was just another ordinary day. Passing out coffee, meals, and delivering notes.”, I replied
Caroline picked up the last of the grocery bags from the car while mother closed the hatch.
“How about you nibblet?”, Father asked, stopping to look at Caroline, “Were you bored to tears? Do you think you might like to be a Page in two more years when you’re old enough? You’d have to go through the training classes for the next two summers like your sister did.”
“Yes father. I think I’d like that.”, and lead the way into the house.
Caroline sets the grocery bag on the kitchen table and moves into the living room to sit down on the sofa. She faced the vid-screen and clicks it on. One of the weekly shows is on about one or another of the nation’s larger zoo’s. But she’s got that “glazed over” thousand yard stare . . . That I probably had after my first day after seeing the Imperial Court.
I wonder to myself if she’ll follow in my footsteps. Someone, from somewhere will need to replace me in about two years. In theory you can stay an entire career as a page. Some do.
But in two years I’ll be sixteen. And with four years’ experience as an Imperial Page, I can begin training for a range of other jobs in the Imperial administration.
“Combat Courier” sounds interesting.
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2023.05.27 23:58 VitaminCringe [USA-WA] [H] Nintendo Switch Stuff / Couple DS Games / Amiibo [W] PayPal


If you see anything you like- have questions- or want more pics, let me know. If shipped, will give a basic quote on shipping (min. $4)
I may or may not take offers, but if you want to ask anyway go ahead. Or if you disagree with a price, tell me what it should be closer to.
-Nintendo Switch Consoles + Docking + Accessories
2x Switch Case = 5ea.
White oled dock (no back cover) = 40
Worn V2 Nintendo Switch Tablet Only (Scratches, needs new screen protector) = 100
-Controllers + Accessories
4x Joycon straps = 1ea.
Third Party zelda Left joycon only (No thumbstick rubber) = 5
Quad joycon charger = 9
Blue red joycon pair (blue needs stick repairs) = 33
Our World Is Ended [Day One] (JPN) (Scuffed box) = 15
Gang Beasts = 20
Super street racer (Case only) = 1
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot = 25
Smash Ultimate = 30
Astral Chain = 32
Binding of isaac afterbirth+ = 36
Laytons Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy = 45
Bakugan defenders of the core Loose = 5
Mario 3D Land Loose = 8
-AMIIBO (Mostly smash, but might have to ask about series for some)
Bowser Jr = 13
Goldie #317 [Animal Crossing Series 4] = 5
Inkling Boy - Neon Green [Splat Series] = 20
Inkling Girl [Splat Series] = 13
Inkling Squid - Neon Purple [Splat Series] = 28
Lucas = 9
Pac-Man = 13
Ridley = 10 (superglued jaw back on)
Rosie #368 [Animal Crossing Series 4] = 6
Stitches #318 [Animal Crossing Series 4] = 12
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2023.05.27 23:18 Determination7 The Skill Thief's Canvas - Chapter 5 / 5 (part 2)

When that fateful night came, Adam allowed himself a moment to steady his nerves. Keep to the plan. Be nice. Find out more about Aspreay. The thoughts in his head were firm, but he still swallowed a nervous lump in his throat. He took one last deep breath before pushing the imposing doors open and stepping into the treasure room.
Immediately after stepping into the room, he felt the door close behind him. This probably should have concerned him, but instead he found himself captivated by the beauty of the room around him.
Every window was shut, but what little light that filtered in through their stained glass exteriors was hazy and beautiful. Even the flickering torches appeared to emit a soft, fading light that gave the whole room a sort of dream-like feeling. From the beautiful, red carpet on the floor, to the finely woven tapestries draped over each wall that depicted the town's former lords, there was not one direction Adam could aim his eyes at without finding something beautiful.
He would have moved on to admiring the ancient weapons and artifacts if not for the smell that proceeded to invade his nostrils.
Damp stone and stale wine told the story to his nose before his eyes learned it from the sight of Lord Aspreay, slouched on a stained chair. The lord glared at Adam in silence, his eyes bloodshot and his hand holding a goblet still half-full with wine. “What the devil are you doing here, painter?”
I can smell the drunkness from here. He looks worse than someone after finals week. “You requested me to paint your treasures, my lord,” Adam said, politely.
“Wha—ah!” Realization seemed to dawn on Aspreay mid-sentence. The lord raised the goblet to his face in a long, if unsteady gulp. Some wine dripped down his chin and he didn't appear to care. “Well, get on with it then!”
“Of course, my lord.”
Adam moved his painting materials to the furthest corner from the lord and tried to make himself look like less of a target. He had never seen the man look like this before. Even after work for the day was done and his courtiers took pleasure in their opulent feasts, Aspreay always kept himself sober. Not so now.
What sorrow was he drowning?
Adam didn’t plan on finding out. He was just going to stay in a corner, say nothing, and leave to his room as soon as–
He felt a sudden gust of wind shooting beside his head as something brushed against his skin.
A moment later, he heard the clang of metal striking against the stone walls, followed by a splash of liquid that nearly stained the tapestries. The goblet had narrowly missed his face. Adam touched the side of his cheeks, feeling where the metal had grazed him. When he looked over his shoulder, he saw Lord Aspreay staring at him.
Was he going to say anything? He’d thrown a fucking goblet at him without any reason whatsoever. He couldn’t just stay silent and glare at Adam to move on with his life, could he?
The ensuing silence said that yes, he could. Rich bastard. What the hell was he thinking? What if he’d damaged those works of art? Did he think he could just buy more?! Those tapestries looked ancient – they were clearly irreplaceable!
Maybe that was his way of saying he didn’t want Adam to paint anymore. Testing that theory, he cast a glance at the closed doors.
“Stay,” Aspreay barked out in a low voice. “Stay, Painter.”
The lord’s eyes flashed a glint of danger. His right hand flickered, and a familiar sensation that reality was shifting overcame Adam all at once. He didn’t need his tablet to know what was happening – the Lord Talent was active now.
A visible blue wind swirled in a loop before touching the wall. Even without attempting, Adam knew the exit door wouldn’t open anymore.
His hand leaped to his throat at the sudden pressure he felt there. A painful, invisible force was squeezing tight, lifting him to where his feet no longer touched the ground. Is he going to send me flying or just strangle me to death? Both ways would end in death. As his consciousness began to fade, Adam desperately tried to think of a way to free himself – yet it was another thought that spoke louder.
Maybe he should just let it happen.
Nothing had felt real since he had come to this world. And even before then, it wasn’t like there’d been a hell of a lot to live for, anyway. Would it really be so bad to die right there?
A part of him hoped that the thought would spark an intense outrage inside of him, a burning desire to live that would bloom into a fiery explosion.
No such thing happened.
Ah, well. Had a good run. Might as well–
It was here that Adam caught sight of Aspreay’s face. He saw much in that expression. Anger, entitlement, pride, arrogance. Everything that came with being someone like him. And it was here that yet another thought screamed inside his head, louder than the desire to live, louder even than the desire to die: I REFUSE TO LET THAT BASTARD LAUGH AT MY CORPSE.
Adam turned his body around. It did nothing to free himself from the invisible hand strangling him, but it would hide his hands from the lord at least. Stained Ink, Adam called in his mind. The corrupted, tumorous growth spawned from within his palm, slithering around his wrist and moving toward the invisible hand. It did nothing to stop the force.
Maybe it didn’t even realize it was being touched.
There was no way a Viscount Talent could be undone by an Apprentice Talent. Adam understood that much.
That’s fine. Surviving is optional – ruining his life is mandatory.
Aspreay was terrified of the Rot, the tumor, the Stained Monsters. Adam wanted to cover the invisible hand with as much of the Stained Vines as he could, then turn around at once to horrify the man. Even if–
Without warning, the invisible force dropped him to the ground.
“What the hell am I doing?” Lord Aspreay angrily cursed. Adam looked over his shoulder and saw the drunken lord staring at the floor. “Just keep painting, you hear me?”
I could escape right now, he thought. It might be his only chance. The lord was drunk to the point of unsteadiness, and Adam could probably break down the door and run out of the castle, run out of the city even.
And then what?
He’d tried surviving outside the city. It hadn’t really worked out too well. There was a reason why Lords ruled; their power was one of the few things that could keep people safe from monsters.
No…he had a plan, and he was going to stick to it. Slowly, Adam recalled the Stained Ink into his being and drew a deep breath. With a fake smile, he stood up like nothing ever happened, and walked toward his canvas.
THREE MORE MONTHS, he shouted inside his head. After that I’m done putting up with this. That’s my limit. At least tonight tells me that–
“Son of a whore!” Aspreay shouted. Adam turned around and was surprised to see the lord wasn’t talking about him. He was looking at the floor, whipping his hand toward it as if throwing another, nonexistent goblet. “How dare he?”
After that last experience, even Adam knew it would’ve been smarter to stay quiet. Still, there was no point in remaining in the castle if he wasn’t going to get more information out of it.
“Who dares, my lord?” he asked. It was hard to sound casual when his throat hurt so much.
“Vasco! The whoreson refused every single request! Why did he even come here? Just to look at me with that damned smug face of his!” Aspreay let out a visceral scream, searching for a surface to break. Suddenly, his rage gave way to maniacal laughter. “You should’ve seen him back at the capital, when we were being trained for our Talent. Back then he was so polite to me – always calling me ‘my lord.’ Can you guess why?”
So he was in a meeting with another lord. That’s why he was late in calling me to this room. Adam bit his lip. He knew he shouldn’t engage in this conversation, but the words refused to stay inside his mouth. “He thought that he had to. That his station was beneath yours.”
“Correct!” Aspreay’s laughter grew louder. He seemed almost pleased. “Ah, you are smart. Yes…the treacherous little weasel used to follow me around, ask for favors – and I gave him everything he asked! You’d think that kind of thing would have made us sworn brothers. Instead, it just gave him the chance to backstab me and get assigned the city I wanted. That’s why I’m stuck with this shithole.”
Adam considered what to say next. Cautiously, he said, “And he refused your requests?”
The lord let out an indignant laugh, then grunted in affirmation. “Our closest neighbor – and he refuses to assist, even though we’re saddled with refugees from fallen cities. Bastard. Just came here in person to mock me. The way he looked at me…pretended to be sorry…damn him to hell. May the Rot take him!”
Adam remained in silence as Aspreay breathed heavily, his angry outbursts so intense he found himself out of breath. “My lord, if there is anything I can help–”
“There is.” Aspreay turned to him with a manic expression. “Painters like you are rare. Vasco’s city is rich, but not enough to afford someone like you.
“I will paint as much as you request, my–”
DAMN RIGHT YOU WILL!” Aspreay’s voice echoed. “Vasco will return in 92 days. When he gets back, I want him to be surrounded by masterwork paintings from every corner. They must be so detailed as to seem like photographs at first glance. Do you understand, Painter? You have 92 days to finish 92 of the greatest paintings your brush will ever create!”
“You want WHAT?”
That number was absurd. Adam wasn’t particularly skilled in oil paintings, and even just considering the time it would take for everything to dry…
Maybe if the paintings themselves were simple enough, but Aspreay’s demented tone made it clear: the man wouldn’t be satisfied unless each painting looked breathtaking. Beauty and complexity were not always siblings, but very often at least cousins. His request is impossible.
“Why, my lord?” Adam muttered. “Wouldn’t it better to focus my skills on a small number of–”
“I want him to cower when he comes in and realizes how insignificant his luxuries are compared to mine! Not a single piece that he could steal, trade for, or think myself lucky to have obtained. I want him to feel as insignificant as he did when we first met. You hear me, Painter? You will paint me 92 masterpieces!”
Adam considered taking his chances with the drunken lord. Still, despite his desire to punch the man in the face, another louder thought burst inside his head. I have another clue about how Aspreay thinks.
92 days…that would fit with the internal deadline he’d set to have everything sorted. Although it would be absolute insanity to go along with this at all.
You’re on. “Of course, my lord.”
At court the next day, Aspreay behaved as regally arrogant as always. He appeared so normal Adam nearly thought the night before had been a dream.
Until the lord approached him to inspect his paintings of courtly procedures and whispered, “That looks passable for a recording of today’s procedures, but that won’t be enough for your other work. Make sure the 92 paintings are better, however. They need to be beautiful.
It was then that Adam realized that not only did Aspreay still expect him to do those paintings, he expected him to create them on top of his regular courtly work. That was so unreasonable it bordered on hilarious.
There was nothing funny, however, about what his life became after.
92 days of madness that felt worse than fighting any monster.
Adam slept only when he dropped from exhaustion. He ate only when Tenver forced him to at night. During the day, he skipped lunch to have more time to work on his paintings. He studied, painted, fretted, despaired, celebrated. He should have escaped earlier; even the outside world was less dangerous than here.
Some days were hard enough to make him wish for death. During others, he would think of a new way to accelerate the painting process and feel like the greatest genius to ever bless both Earth and this world. The next day he would be the sun itself: he should never leave the castle, this was too easy.
And then, inevitably, burnout settled in. Sometimes he would only realize he was weeping when Tenver found him on the floor.
“Adam – what’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong? I’m still alive. That’s what’s wrong. Tenver, do me a favor and kill me.”
“I shall not. How about you sleep instead?”
“Still got too much crap to finish. Failures don’t get sleep, we stay up to finish projects.”
“Come on. Just a little bit. As a favor to me.”
“Fine. Just a little.”
Some days Tenver would find him smirking, admiring his own skill and feeling so proud he wondered why he had ever considered himself untalented.
“You’re accepting food today without being forced. Things are going well?”
“Better than well! I’m ahead of schedule!”
Then, the very next day, Adam would be despairing on the floor when Tenver found him.
“It’s hopeless. This is impossible.”
It was 92 days of that cycle of suffering, like an endless rush to finishing the longest college paper ever assigned. Many times Adam considered just letting the lord kill him. Sometimes he considered taking his chances with the monsters outside. At the end of the third month, he was surprised to wake up and find Tenver standing beside him with a concerned expression.
“Is it morning yet?” Adam asked, praying he was wrong.
“Ah. Let me sleep then.”
Tenver shook his head. “I’d rather let you escape. There’s this merchant – he’ll accept a bribe to smuggle you out of here. It will be a rough start, but with your painting Talent, I’m sure you’ll be able to make a new life for yourself there.”
Wait, what? Adam sat up, now feeling wide awake. “Are you serious? What happened to wanting to do things the right way, encouraging me to listen to Aspreay? You’re really telling me to escape even though I’m supposedly indebted to the city?”
“This is going to kill you, one way or another. Be it through overwork or execution.”
Adam shrugged. “Man, this is my life we’re talking about. Let me die.”
“I gave you my word I wouldn’t.”
“What’s the difference between me and the other people Aspreay banishes or executes?”
Tenver shook his head and looked down shamefully. “Call me a coward,” he muttered. “It may be deserved. But I didn’t get to know them. I have been talking to you for three months now. You are my friend. And you know how few of those I have.”
“About as many as I do,” Adam replied. They both smiled.
Adam wasn’t overly desperate to keep living, but after that talk…he didn’t feel fine with the idea of just dropping dead anymore. Tenver would definitely blame himself if it came to that. Betrayal is the lowest of the low. I won’t betray him by dying like that. “I can’t run right now. I’m this close to figuring the goddamn egomaniac out.”
“Figuring him out? Adam, he’s going to kill you!”
“And even if I escape, it’s not going to stop him from being a terrible lord. You were the one who said it, right? I have to figure him out. Understand him. Then we can change things.”
“Yes, but…” Tenver hesitated. His prior optimism appeared shaken. “Adam, I don’t know how many more chances I will have to help you escape.”
“I won’t resent you if you can’t save me in the future.”
“You’re really not gonna budge on this, huh?”
“Not even a little.”
“In that case, I want you to keep this in mind.” Tenver drew his sword out. “I solemnly swear this oath, upon my name, and my father’s blood: if Lord Aspreay declares for your execution or if you die from overwork…I will use this very sword to fight against him.”
Adam nearly fell from his bed. “What the hell? Why would you say that?”
They had known each other for only a few months now. It was an absurd vow to make to someone who you’d met a short while ago. Adam recalled Tenver’s explanation for serving as a guard – it explained things, in a way.
But not enough.
What’s your damage?
“Look, Tenver, I appreciate the gesture, I really do. But, Aspreay’s Talent is ranked higher than yours. That’s not even risking your life, it’s just…throwing it away. For nothing.”
Tenver laughed. “No. There’s a point. I know your type. You are fine entrusting your life to gambling, because you no longer care how the dice rolls. But you won’t raise that bet with someone else’s chips.”
“Are you seriously saying that–”
“–Get yourself killed and you kill me too. So if you aren’t confident you can survive this…leave the city now.”
Annoying bastard. Despite wanting to, Adam didn’t – couldn’t feel angry at him. “Fine. I’ll stay – and I’ll survive.
Much as he wanted to be annoyed at Tenver for refusing to leave him be, Adam was pretty sure he couldn’t have survived those months without him. Despite the insane schedule, it somehow didn’t feel as bad as some much lighter college assignments had been. Yeah, he was overworked, sleep deprived, and begging for death, but at least he had someone to complain to at the end of the day.
He truly appreciated that. Although he still had to remind himself he didn’t know anything about Tenver’s background. You’re willing to risk your life for me, but you won’t tell me your past. Then again…I’m willing to risk living for you, and I still won’t tell you my past, either.
It was an odd friendship that only two outcasts in that strange castle could have forged.
And it saw Adam through those last hellish paintings.
At the end of the 92 days, Adam still had only one painting to finish. Just one. He told Aspreay of this, who ‘magnanimously’ agreed to allow him to finish the painting while the other lord visited. Every judgment and petition was canceled that day; the lord insisted that his meeting with Lord Vasco would take place in the Great Hall instead of his more formal quarters.
Even Adam, unaccustomed to this world’s culture as he was, understood that it was basically an insult to meet with a foreign lord in the same place where you saw petitioners and criminals. There were no equals in that room where Aspreay watched from his raised throne – he looked down on all who dared enter that domain of his. If this is how he negotiates, no wonder he gets no help from this other lord, Adam mused.
That was fine. These past 92 days had allowed him to confirm his suspicions.
Adam understood Aspreay now.
Truly understood him.
And thus, he was happy to give his final painting some finishing touches while awaiting the new lord’s arrival. He did allow himself a break to take in the lord’s reaction, however.
Lord Vasco was a tall, imposing man with a brown mane of a beard and long flowing matching hair. Annoyance was writ across his features, yet it soon gave way to shock that bordered on disbelief. His eyes shifted from painting to painting, as if he couldn’t decide whether to be more surprised by the sheer amount or their otherworldly quality. Adam was far from a perfect painter, but his knowledge of perspective and shading alone let him create what must have looked like near mirrors to these men.
Then, sitting arrogantly on his throne and sporting a grin, Aspreay said, “Ah, my lord – you have come here to discuss a trade agreement with the Lord of Penumbria, have you not? I’m right here. Let’s get on with it.”
“The trade – Aspreay!” Vasco cried out. “Where did you get all of those? How have you managed…you don’t have the Orbs for even a quarter of this! Are you still wasting Orbs meant for your people?”
“Do you accuse me, Vasco?”
“One accuses another of the unproven. I’m stating a fucking fact.”
It was then that Adam decided to, for the first time since his trial, clear his throat and speak loudly. “Aspreay, you are a difficult man. Took me six months to finally understand you.”
Every pair of eyes in the room turned to face the lone Painter. Nearly all of them appeared confused, almost like they had misheard the source of the noise. Tenver seemed outright horrified, his mouth hanging open and his hand dropping to the hilt of his sword. Only Aspreay looked insulted that the court Painter dared to speak in a meeting between lords, his face contorted in a rage so great that he was left momentarily speechless.
“People often speak of good and evil as if they’re black and white,” Adam mused aloud, sweeping his digital brush across the canvas. “They also speak of shades of gray, like people are just mixtures of two extremes. I don’t think that’s how I’d paint a person, honestly.”
Adam glanced at his painting. Yes…this was going to turn out really well. “There’s more to a person than good and evil. Sometimes, they just have things they value highly. Promises they made.” He thought of Tenver. “Passions they have.” He thought of his own art. “And the experiences that lead them to develop a moral code. If black and white are good and evil, what color would a passion be? Enjoying my art isn’t good or evil, but it’s certainly a huge part of me. I don’t think you could paint a good portrait of me with just black and white. There’s more colors to me. So…what about Aspreay?”
The Painter drew a deep, contemplative breath. “Let me paint you a picture. Lord Aspreay is not an evil person. He started out, perhaps, like a young guy who wanted to make a difference in the world. He was proud of his abilities, but never forgot the common people. One day, he promised himself, he would be a good lord to them. And he sincerely believed it. Do you know what happened then?”
Vasco made an uncomfortable sound. Without looking up from his work, Adam agreed and said, “Yes, he had an incident with a close friend of his, and was sent to a nearly forsaken town, so close to the abominable Rot – and with a terrible economy to boot. His pride and dreams were shattered. So what did he do? Turn to evil? No. People are rarely that simple.”
Even if it’s easier to believe that. “He found comfort in luxuries. Even though there weren’t enough Orbs to take care of his people to begin with, he drowned his sorrow with extravagance. And yet, he still wanted to be a good lord. So he started finding justifications for the people he couldn’t help. It made it easier. It made it bearable.”
That was why Adam couldn’t find a link between the people Aspreay helped and the ones he didn’t. There wasn’t one. It was just whoever they could help or not at any given moment, depending on how much of the daily budget had been used up.
“Those he couldn’t save, Aspreay blamed. He would justify to himself that they were traitors, at fault, or whatever let him sleep at night. Because he still wanted to help people. Even now, he legitimately wants to make a difference.” Adam lifted his eyes from his art to look at Aspreay. The lord still appeared insulted, but his brows were furrowed now.
“Only…he doesn’t want to help people enough to give up on his luxuries. He’ll feel angry at his powerlessness, but still have feasts every day. He’ll curse the Emperor for not allowing him to save his people, but bring foreign theater troupes for private shows. And he justifies it all to himself. He was betrayed by his friend, sent to this desolate place…he deserves a little reward, surely? He feels some shame about it, but deep down he assures himself he is still a good person, with good intentions. He’s not perfect right now, but maybe he will change in the future.”
He paused. “There is good inside of him. Maybe he will become a better person in the future. Except…”
Adam finished his work and smiled as he started to name it. He looked Aspreay dead in the eye, then said, “Except you don’t get a gold star for MAYBE not being an asshole someday. People are dying while you figure out your emotions. They can’t wait for your crisis of conscience. Their lives aren’t just props for your story.”
His gesture looked and felt like an attack.
Adam kicked the stand to flip it around, displaying his work to the entire room. The final of the 92 paintings, his masterful portrait of Aspreay. It featured the lord laying on the ground, dressed in ill-fitting white clothes, stained with Rot that grew from the ground and pulled him into a dark void. Beneath it was the title:
The Miserable Lord
I understand your core, as I understood the monster that attacked me back then. Deep inside, all it wanted was food, and all it feared was that I wouldn’t bow. This is you – this is who you are!
“You don’t even deserve death,” Adam muttered, “when you give it out so freely to those you think beneath you.”
Aspreay began to say, “Guards, kill—” but he would never finish the order.
A blinding flash of green light shot out from within Aspreay's body. The larger beams came from his eyes, his mouth, his nostrils, his ears. Smaller, more smoke-like lines of light flowed from within the pores of his skin, pulling the lord up and toward the painting, until he was leaning so forward none of him touched the throne anymore. They flew slowly at first, then launched themselves aggressively at Adam – at his tablet.
And then the lord fell on the floor, his head resting on the lower steps leading up to the throne.
Adam glanced at his screen.
Name: Adam Talents and Rank: Painter [Novice] Stained Vines [Apprentice] Lord [Viscount]
Without another word, Adam started walking toward Aspreay. He walked right past Lord Vasco, who made no motion to stop him, only gaping open-mouthed and stuttering out some sound of surprise. Slowly, he climbed up the steps. When he caught up to the still breathing, but soulless husk that was Aspreay’s body, Adam kicked it away. Then, his foot still raised from the kick, he whirled around, and let his body fall backwards.
Adam sat on the throne.
He threw his left leg over his right, placed his elbow on the armrest, and let his head rest on a closed fist.
After a long silence, he looked at Vasco and said, “Ah, my lord – you have come here to discuss a trade agreement with the Lord of Penumbria, have you not? I’m right here. Let’s get on with it.”


Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.27 19:54 Exotic_Cow_6788 One UI 5.1 is different for tablets/mobile.

Hi! My first post here, I'll try to keep it as concise as possible!
People really hate(d) one colour notifications on their devices. I'm quite the opposite, I'd like my notifications to all align with my theme (the cyan one).
And here's where the problem starts.
On my S6 Lite tablet (The 2020 version, since I bought it earlier) after the May 2023 update I still have my notifications intact, which is amazing, but on my S21 FE my notifications are all differently coloured, according to their apps. Is there any way to fix it?
Also, my volume bars on S21 FE seem to be fine, that is darkish blue and cyan, but on the tablet they are grey and I cannot seem to find why? I've tried applying custom themes using Good Lock and that didn't work, so I unapplied the individual sections' themes, but the sliders are still dark instead of colourful. I hope you guys know a fix to that!
TL;DR One UI 5.1 theming is wonky and works differently on other devices and that's an irritating cosmetic aspect to me
Sorry for any mistakes/misunderstandings, as English isn't my native language!
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2023.05.27 19:04 Beardski_123 [TOMT][GAME][MOBILE] Need help finding an old game I used to play

When i was younger, I used to play this game where a janitor gets superpowers (I vaguely remember him having a blue costume). He could fly, and in the game, I remember punching through walls a lot.
I remember there being flying cars and the janitors boss being the villain (I vaguely remember him having a yellow costume) I played it on a samsung tablet but it may have been available on IOS too
I don't expect anyone to know what game I'm talking about but if anyone knew it would help me a lot
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2023.05.27 18:01 David11219 The Science of Sleep and Its Importance for Health

The Science of Sleep and Its Importance for Health
Sleep is a naturally occurring state in which the body and mind experience diminished consciousness and sensory activity. It is distinguished by changes in brainwave patterns, decreased muscle activity, and slower breathing and heart rates. Sleep is a necessary physiological process that allows the body to rest, heal, and regenerate.
During sleep, the brain performs critical functions such as memory consolidation, information processing, and cellular repair. Sleep is an active state that involves complex processes that promote physical and mental well-being. It is classified into two types: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, with each serving a distinct role in the sleep cycle.
The significance of sleep in terms of overall health and well-being
Sleep is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being. It is frequently called the "third pillar of health," after proper nutrition and regular exercise. Adequate sleep is linked to a slew of advantages, including:
Physical well-being: Sleep is necessary for the body's healing and repair processes. It improves immune system function, hormone regulation, cardiovascular health, and tissue and muscle repair.
Cognitive function: Attention, concentration, problem-solving, and decision-making are closely correlated with sleep. A well-rested brain can better process and retain information, improving memory consolidation and learning.
Sleep is essential for regulating emotions, which contributes to emotional well-being. Lack of sleep can affect one's mood, make them angrier, make them more stressed out, and make them more vulnerable to mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.
Energy and vitality: A good night's sleep restores energy, giving the body and mind the resources they need for daily activities. It enhances productivity, alertness, and focus, allowing people to work at their peak levels.
The Stages of Sleep
Rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep cycles alternate during sleep. The three stages of non-REM sleep are referred to as N1, N2, and N3.
N1 (Stage 1): The first stage of sleep also referred to as light sleep, is this. People may experience drifting in and out of sleep during this stage and may be easily awakened. Slower eye movements, lessened muscle activity, and the presence of theta waves in the brain are its defining characteristics.
N2 (Stage 2): Occurring for a sizeable portion of total sleep time, N2 is a deeper stage of sleep. A further decrease in muscle activity and a decline in conscious awareness of the surroundings describe it. Sleep spindles, which are brief bursts of rapid brain activity, and K-complexes, which are substantial, slow brain waves, characterize brain activity in this stage.
N3 (Stage 3): Also referred to as deep sleep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), N3 is the most restorative sleep stage. Delta waves, which are slow brain waves, are its defining feature. In this phase, the heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature all significantly drop. During N3 sleep, the immune system, hormone release, and tissue growth and repair all take place.
Rapid Eye Movement (REM): The stage of sleep known as REM is distinguished by erratic and rapid eye movements, vivid dreams, and intense brain activity. It is known as paradoxical sleep because, despite the fact that the brain is highly active, the body's major muscle groups are temporarily paralyzed. REM sleep is essential for cognitive functions such as memory consolidation, emotional regulation, and learning.
Each sleep stage's characteristics and functions
N1: This stage is a transition between wakefulness and sleep. It is a stage of light sleep that helps the body relax and prepares it for deeper stages of sleep.
N2 sleep promotes overall sleep quality and aids in memory consolidation and information processing. It aids in the maintenance of cognitive function and has been linked to improvements in creativity and problem-solving abilities.
N3: Deep sleep is necessary for physical restoration and recovery in N3. It encourages growth, tissue repair, and growth hormone release. N3 sleep is essential for supporting general physical health and preserving a strong immune system.
REM sleep: REM sleep is necessary for the brain's learning, emotion control, and memory consolidation processes. Additionally, it is thought to aid in the management of emotions and the development of creativity. Restoration of mental and emotional health is linked to REM sleep.
The significance of going through these phases for the best possible sleep quality
For the best sleep possible and to experience the benefits of restorative sleep, it is essential to cycle through these stages of sleep. Each stage supports physical health, mental function, and emotional well-being in a different way.
The sleep cycle usually repeats several times during the night, with each cycle lasting 90 to 120 minutes. A cyclical pattern exists in the progression from N1 to N2, N3, and REM sleep. This cycling allows the body to go through the various stages of sleep, ensuring that both the mind and body are rejuvenated.
Sleep disturbances and a decrease in sleep quality can result from disruptions or irregularities in this cycling process. Inadequate deep N3 sleep, for example, can result in a lack of physical restoration, whereas insufficient REM sleep can impair memory consolidation and emotional regulation.
As a result, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern that includes adequate amounts of each sleep stage is critical for promoting overall health, cognitive function, and emotional well-being.
The Circadian Rhythm
The circadian rhythm is a natural, internal biological process that regulates various physiological and behavioral changes over the course of a 24-hour cycle. It is also known as the body's internal clock. Numerous bodily functions are influenced by the circadian rhythm, including sleep-wake cycles, hormone production, body temperature, metabolism, and cognitive performance.
The circadian rhythm is controlled by a complex network of molecular and neural mechanisms. It is primarily influenced by external cues such as light and darkness, which aid in the synchronization of the internal body clock with the external environment.
The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in circadian rhythm regulation
The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is a small region of the brain located in the hypothalamus. It is the master clock for the circadian rhythm. The SCN receives light exposure information from the eyes, specifically the retinas, which contain specialized cells known as photosensitive ganglion cells.
When these ganglion cells are exposed to light, they send signals to the SCN, which interprets this information and regulates the production and release of melatonin—a hormone that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. The SCN signals the pineal gland to suppress melatonin production in the presence of light, promoting wakefulness. In the absence of light, the SCN instructs the pineal gland to increase melatonin production, resulting in sleepiness.
The SCN also communicates with other brain and body regions to coordinate physiological processes such as body temperature regulation, hormone release, and metabolic activity in accordance with the circadian rhythm.
How the circadian rhythm affects restful sleep and general health
Sleep patterns and general health are significantly regulated by the circadian rhythm:
Sleep-Wake Cycles: The circadian rhythm aids in controlling when people go to sleep and when they wake up. It determines when it is best to go to sleep and wake up. Sleep disorders and the inability to keep a regular sleep schedule can result from circadian rhythm disruptions, such as jet lag or shift work.
Sleep Architecture: The timing and length of various sleep stages are influenced by the circadian rhythm. It encourages the best distribution of different sleep phases, such as the alternating cycles of REM and non-REM sleep, throughout the course of the night. People who have a properly synchronized circadian rhythm get restful and rejuvenating sleep.
Regulating hormones: The circadian rhythm affects the production and release of hormones such as cortisol, melatonin, and growth hormone. These hormones are essential in the regulation of energy, metabolism, immune function, and overall health. Circadian rhythm disruptions can disrupt hormone balance and contribute to health problems like metabolic disorders, mood disorders, and impaired immune function.
Cognitive Performance: Throughout the day, the circadian rhythm influences cognitive performance and alertness. Proper circadian rhythm alignment with the sleep-wake cycle improves cognitive functions such as attention, concentration, memory, and problem-solving. Circadian rhythm disruptions, such as insufficient sleep or irregular sleep patterns, can lead to cognitive impairment and decreased performance.
Overall, the circadian rhythm is a key regulator of sleep patterns and physiological processes. Maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm through regular sleep schedules, natural light exposure, and good sleep hygiene are critical for promoting optimal sleep quality, overall health, and well-being.
The Science Behind Sleep Deprivation
A condition known as sleep deprivation is characterized by insufficient sleep. It happens when someone routinely falls short of getting the recommended amount of sleep for their age and physiological needs. Acute sleep deprivation, which lasts only a short time, or chronic sleep deprivation, which lasts a long time, are both possible.
Lack of sleep can result from a number of factors, including:
Lifestyle Factors: Lack of sleep may be caused by a busy schedule, an excessive workload, social obligations, or participation in late-night activities.
Sleep disorders: Illnesses like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, or insomnia can interfere with sleep and cause sleep deprivation.
Environmental Factors: Poor sleep quality and duration can be affected by noisy surroundings, uncomfortable sleeping conditions, or frequent interruptions.
Medical Conditions: Chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, and respiratory problems, for example, can all disrupt sleep and contribute to sleep deprivation.
The effects of sleep deprivation on health in the short and long term
Short-term sleep deprivation effects: Impaired Cognitive Function:
Sleep deprivation can impair attention, concentration, and alertness. It impairs the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and reason logically. Memory consolidation and information processing suffer as well, making information retention and recall difficult.
Emotional Instability: Lack of sleep can cause irritability, mood swings, and emotional instability. It can also contribute to increased stress and a decreased ability to cope with stressors.
Reduced Physical Performance: Sleep deprivation has a negative impact on physical performance, coordination, and motor skills. It can result in slower reaction times, impaired balance, and an increased risk of an accident.
Weakened Immune System: Sleep deprivation weakens the immune system, making people more vulnerable to infections such as respiratory illnesses and viruses.
Sleep deprivation's long-term effects:
Chronic Health Conditions: Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of developing a variety of health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.
Sleep deprivation can contribute to the development or exacerbation of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.
Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to cognitive decline and an increased risk of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's.
Impaired Metabolism: Lack of sleep throws off the hormones that control appetite, increasing the desire for high-calorie foods and causing weight gain. Additionally, it disrupts the metabolism of glucose, potentially raising the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.
The effects of lack of sleep on mood, cognitive abilities, and physical health
Lack of sleep has a significant negative impact on many aspects of health, including:
Cognitive Functions: Lack of sleep affects cognitive processing speed, attention, concentration, and memory. It impairs cognitive performance overall and hinders learning.
Mood and emotional well-being: Sleep deprivation raises the risk of developing mood disorders like depression and anxiety as well as irritability, mood swings, and increased emotional reactivity.
Physical Health: Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and weakened immune system function are all linked to chronic sleep deprivation. It can also cause fatigue, decreased physical performance, and a higher risk of accidents and injuries.
Adequate sleep should be prioritized to support optimal cognitive functions, emotional well-being, and physical health. Establishing good sleep habits and addressing the underlying causes of sleep deprivation can improve overall health and well-being significantly.
Sleep and Mental Health
The connection between sleep and mental health is reciprocal, which means that both conditions can affect how well people sleep. While sleep disorders can disturb sleep and cause sleep disturbances, poor sleep can contribute to the onset or aggravation of mental health conditions.
Impact of inadequate sleep, such as insomnia or insufficient sleep duration, on mental health: Inadequate sleep can raise the risk of developing mental health disorders. Lack of sleep has an impact on cognitive processes, emotional control, and brain function, making people more prone to illnesses like bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.
Disorders of the mind can interfere with sleep cycles. People who suffer from illnesses like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or schizophrenia frequently have problems sleeping, including insomnia, nightmares, or being overly tired. These sleep disruptions can exacerbate mental health symptoms and create a vicious cycle of poor sleep and declining mental health.
How sleep disorders can exacerbate mental health problems
Sleep disorders can have a significant impact on mental health by causing the development or worsening of a variety of mental health conditions:
Chronic insomnia, defined as difficulty falling or staying asleep, has been linked to an increased risk of developing depression, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse disorders. Insomnia can exacerbate mental health symptoms by perpetuating negative thought patterns and emotional distress.
Sleep apnea, a condition characterized by pauses in breathing while sleeping, can cause fragmented sleep and a reduction in oxygen supply to the brain. It has been linked to an increased risk of depression, mood disorders, and cognitive decline.
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS): RLS is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move the legs, which can make it difficult to fall and stay asleep. RLS can cause chronic sleep disruption, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and a lower quality of life.
How better sleeping habits can improve mental health
Improving sleep quality can benefit mental health and may help alleviate symptoms of certain mental health conditions:
Adequate sleep promotes emotional regulation and resilience. Adequate sleep helps to regulate mood, reduces emotional reactivity, and improves the ability to cope effectively with stressors.
Quality sleep improves cognitive processes such as attention, concentration, memory, and problem-solving. The improved cognitive function allows for clearer thinking, better decision-making, and overall mental performance improvement.
Rest, recovery, and rejuvenation are all possible during sleep, which is crucial for the brain and body. The benefits of optimal sleep include improved physical health, immune performance, and tissue repair.
The cycle of inadequate sleep and deteriorating mental health can be broken by addressing sleep disorders or enhancing sleep hygiene. Treatment for sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea can enhance sleep quality and lessen the signs of related mental health issues.
Prioritize good sleep habits, and if you have ongoing sleep problems or mental health issues, get professional assistance. Individuals can enhance their overall quality of life and mental health by getting more sleep.
Sleep and Physical Health
Sleep is essential for maintaining physical health and well-being. It participates in a variety of physiological processes that help the body function properly.
Cellular Repair and Regeneration: The body undergoes cellular repair and regeneration processes while sleeping. Sleep aids in tissue restoration and replenishment, muscle growth, and overall physical recovery.
Hormone Regulation: Adequate sleep is necessary for the body's hormone levels to be regulated. Sleep affects the production and release of hormones that regulate appetite, metabolism, stress response, and growth. Sleep disruptions can cause hormonal imbalances, which can contribute to metabolic disorders, weight gain, and other health problems.
Energy Conservation: Sleep allows the body to conserve and replenish its energy reserves. It aids in the regulation of energy metabolism and ensures that the body has the resources it requires for optimal physical functioning.
The Role of Sleep in immune function and disease prevention Sleep is essential for a healthy immune system and disease prevention. Sleep has a significant influence on immune function, influencing the body's ability to fight infections and maintain overall health.
Immune System Activation: Cytokines, which are proteins that help regulate immune responses, are released by the immune system during sleep. These cytokines help to coordinate the body's defenses against pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.
Inflammation Regulation: Sleep aids in the regulation of the body's inflammatory responses. Chronic sleep deprivation can increase inflammation, which has been associated with an increased risk of developing a number of chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.
Disease Susceptibility: Lack of sleep weakens the immune system, leaving people more vulnerable to infections and illnesses. Lack of sleep has been linked to a higher risk of respiratory infections, including the flu and the common cold, as well as more serious illnesses like pneumonia.
How sleep impacts weight management, cardiovascular health, and metabolic processes
Maintaining metabolic functions, cardiovascular health, and weight management depends heavily on sleep.
Metabolic Processes: Sleep affects a number of metabolic procedures, including insulin sensitivity and glucose control. Inadequate sleep can interfere with these processes, resulting in impaired glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Cardiovascular Health: Adequate sleep is critical for cardiovascular health. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and irregular heart rhythms. Sleep aids in blood pressure regulation, inflammation reduction, and overall cardiovascular function.
Weight Management: Sleep is important for weight control and obesity prevention. Inadequate sleep can disrupt the balance of hormones involved in appetite regulation, increasing cravings for high-calorie foods and increasing the risk of obesity. Furthermore, lack of sleep can impair metabolism, making it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.
Individuals can support their physical health, improve immune function, and lower their risk of developing chronic diseases related to metabolic processes and cardiovascular health by prioritizing adequate sleep and maintaining good sleep habits.
Tips for Healthy Sleep Habits
Improving sleep quality is critical for overall health and happiness. Here are some suggestions for improving sleep quality:
Maintain a Consistent Sleep Schedule: Create a regular sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends. This helps to regulate the internal clock of the body and promotes better sleep quality.
Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine: Before going to bed, engage in relaxing activities to signal to your body that it's time to unwind. This could include reading a book, taking a warm bath, meditating, or listening to soothing music.
Create a Relaxing Sleep Environment: Make sure your sleeping environment is conducive to good sleep. Maintain a cool, dark, and quiet bedroom. Make sure the bedroom is quiet, dark, and cool. Purchase bedding that suits your preferences, a comfortable mattress, and pillows.
Limit Screen Time Before Bed: The blue light emitted by electronic devices can disrupt the body's natural cycle of sleep and wakefulness. At least an hour before going to bed, avoid using laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Do screen-free activities instead, like reading or listening to relaxing music. Avoid consuming stimulants like caffeine and nicotine close to bedtime because they can disrupt sleep. You should also avoid heavy meals before bed. In order to avoid discomfort and nighttime awakenings, you should also avoid consuming large meals and amounts of liquids just before bed.
The significance of establishing sleep-friendly surroundings
The quality of your sleep can be greatly enhanced by creating a sleep-friendly environment. When optimizing your sleeping environment, keep the following factors in mind:
To block out external light sources that may disrupt sleep, use blackout curtains, blinds, or an eye mask. Melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep, is released in response to darkness.
Noise Control: Reduce noise disruptions in your sleeping environment. To mask disruptive noises, use earplugs, white noise machines, or soothing sounds (such as nature sounds or soft music).
Temperature and ventilation: Keep your bedroom at a cool, comfortable temperature. To create a sleep-friendly environment, consider using a fan or adjusting the thermostat. A comfortable sleeping environment can also be promoted by good ventilation and airflow.
Comfortable Bedding and Mattress: Invest in a mattress, pillows, and bedding that are comfortable for you. Select fabrics that help your body stay at a comfortable temperature and offer sufficient support.
Remove Electronic Devices: Take all electronics out of the bedroom or store them somewhere else. Screens in the room can be stimulating and disrupt sleep. Place your phone away from the bed if you use it as an alarm or use a conventional alarm clock.
Methods for creating a regular sleeping schedule
Optimizing sleep quality requires creating a regular sleep schedule. Think about the following tactics:
Establish Your Ideal Bedtime: Based on your age and personal needs, determine how many hours of sleep you require. From there, calculate your ideal bedtime working backward.
Gradual Adjustment: If you need to change your sleep schedule, do so gradually. Adjust your bedtime and wake-up time by 15-30 minutes each day until you reach your desired schedule.
Set Bedtime and Wake-Up Alarms: Set alarms to remind you when it's time to start winding down for bed and when it's time to wake up. This helps to keep your sleep schedule consistent.
Avoid Napping or Limit Daytime Sleep: If you have trouble falling asleep at night, avoid taking long daytime naps or limit them to short power naps earlier in the day. This aids in the maintenance of sleepiness at night.
Establish a Bedtime Routine: Create a relaxing routine before bed to signal to your body that it is time to sleep. Participate in activities such as reading.
It is critical to emphasize the importance of sleep for our overall health and well-being. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. It, like a healthy diet and regular exercise, is a fundamental pillar of good health. Sufficient and high-quality sleep promotes optimal cognitive function, emotional well-being, physical health, immune function, disease prevention, and bodily process regulation.
You can reap the numerous benefits of sleep by making it a priority, such as improved cognitive function, emotional stability, physical health, immune resilience, and a higher quality of life. So, let us make sleep a priority and embark on a journey to better health and well-being.
1. What is the importance of sleep to human health?
Sleep is critical to human health and cannot be overstated. Sleep is critical to our overall well-being in many ways, including physical health, cognitive function, emotional regulation, immune function, and overall quality of life. The body repairs, restores, and rejuvenates itself during sleep, allowing us to wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.
2. What are important facts about the importance of sleep?
Here are some key facts about the significance of sleep:Adults require 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night to function optimally.
Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and mental health disorders.
Sleep deprivation has been shown to impair cognitive function, attention, memory, and decision-making abilities.
Sleep deprivation can cause irritability, mood swings, and decreased emotional resilience.
Adequate sleep is essential for immune function because it aids the body in fighting infections and promotes overall immune system health.
3. How lack of sleep affects the body?
Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences for the body. Sleep deprivation has the following consequences:
Impaired cognitive function and decreased alertness, resulting in concentration, memory, and problem-solving difficulties.
Accidents and injuries are more likely as a result of impaired reflexes and judgment.
Individuals' immune systems are weakened, making them more susceptible to infections and illnesses.
Hormone imbalances can have an impact on appetite, metabolism, and weight management.
Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and mental health disorders are all at a higher risk of developing.
Affects mood, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life negatively.
4. What are 3 reasons why sleep is important?
Sleep is important for human health for a variety of reasons, including:
Physical Rejuvenation: While sleeping, the body repairs and rejuvenates tissues, promotes muscle growth, and recharges batteries.
Quality sleep improves cognitive processes such as attention, memory, problem-solving, and creativity.
Emotional Well-Being: Adequate sleep promotes emotional regulation, reduces stress, and improves mood and resilience.
Immune System Support: Sleep is essential for immune function, aiding in infection defense and promoting overall immune health.
Disease Prevention: Getting enough sleep is linked to a lower risk of developing chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and mental health disorders.
5. Does your body heal faster when you sleep?
Yes, the body heals faster while sleeping. The body initiates cellular repair and regeneration processes while we sleep, releasing growth hormones that promote tissue repair and growth. Sleep promotes wound healing, muscle recovery, and overall physical recovery. Getting enough sleep can therefore aid in the healing process and contribute to a quicker recovery from injuries or illnesses.
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Hey, my mum's been getting massive black and blue bruises all over her body for over a year. Doctors gave her B12 tablets about a year ago that haven't helped and she's not getting the bruises from anything physical. She's been tested for leaukemia and other stuff. Any ideas?
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2023.05.27 12:27 BlueFishcake Sexy Sect Babes: Chapter Sixty Four

Wen couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous as she followed Master Johansen deeper and deeper into the network of hallways and staircases that existed beneath his compound. A network of hallways and staircases she had been entirely ignorant of.
For while all knew of the Master’s mystical hidden workshop where he birthed the many beasts and tools with which he outfitted his people, she had heard not a single rumor of this strange… catacomb they were now walking through.
It was a little eerie to look upon honestly. Hall after hall of perfectly identical halls illuminated by mystic lights that burned with a light that was far too clean to be any kind of lantern.
The Ox-Kin shuddered at the thought of getting lost down here. Trapped in a maze of identical hallways forever.
Fortunately, they were not without a guide. A helpful spirit occasionally chimed instructions from overhead.
Wen couldn’t help but be suspicious of it though. While she had complete faith in her master’s ability to wrangle beasts and monsters alike to his cause, spirits had a certain… reputation for trickery and illusions.
Almost imperceptibly, she hastened her pace so that she was a little closer to the broad back of her guide.
“Don’t worry,” Master Johansen chimed from ahead, his gait unchanging. “We’re nearly there.”
…Though apparently her actions were not nearly as subtle as she had hoped – or she had simply been fooling herself by thinking that a cultivator as great as Master Johansen wouldn’t be able to notice her slightest movement.
“In future you’ll be using an automated trans-kart for trips like this, so it shouldn’t take too long, but I figured that might be a bit much for your first jaunt down here.”
Wen had no idea what a trans-kart was, but she nodded along anyway. She had not had many dealings with cultivators beyond the time the man across from her literally plucked her from the street, but to hear her fellow can-beast caretakers talk, that was the correct response to any cultivator ‘strangeness.’
Smile and nod, she repeated in her head.
“Alright, we’re here.” The man stopped beside a set of double doors that appeared no different to her than any of the dozen others they had passed on the way here.
She kept her mouth shut though, as with a single gesture against the tablet on the wall, the light above the opening switched from red to green, and the doors opened with a quiet whoosh.
Wen stared.
Not at the doors. As strange as it was, she was familiar with those. She had spent weeks passing through a similar set each morning on her way to work at the cannery. She even had her own talisman for supplicating the spirit guarding those doors.
No, it wasn’t that small show of magic that captured her attention, but the great mass of white and green beyond it.
Little more than leafy buds now, but they appeared healthy enough.
When the Hidden Master had proclaimed that he was taking her to oversee a farm, she had been overjoyed. That joy had turned to confusion when, rather than journeying beyond the city walls, they had traveled deep underground.
That joy returned once more as she followed the cultivator – careful not to bang her horns on the doorway as she passed through - into the massive white room. The ceiling above was filled with odd blue lights and the room itself was covered in plants neatly arranged on white racks that stretched from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.
Strangest of all, those plants were being tended to by long spindly white arms that zipped about on wire frames overhead.
The first comparison that leapt to her mind for the strange creatures were spiders, but as she watched them flutter about the plants with quick twitchy movements, she found that bees seemed the more apt comparison.
Neither truly concerned her.
Her work with the great flatulent and wheezy can-beast had inured her to strange new creatures – and no self-respecting country woman would ever shy away from something so small as a mere spider or bee.
That was not to say that she wasn’t cautious. For all that it was a docile and dutiful beast, the canner was a callous and thoughtless thing, perfectly content to snag a finger, clump of hair, tail or even a hand if any worker were so foolish to place such a thing near any of it’s ever-chomping mouths.
As more than one worker had discovered after allowing their attention to waver unduly in the creature’s presence.
Which was why she made sure to keep a weather eye on the chittering insectile creatures as she followed the hidden master along the clearly marked aisles that crisscrossed the room.
“So,” the man said calmly turning to face her. “What’s wrong with all this?”
Wen hesitated. A dozen answers leapt unbidden to her lips, but not one would cross that threshold. As a result, the silence stretched as the hidden master simply watched her.
After a full minute had passed, he sighed.
He sighed. “Listen, I’m trying to be gentle here. From what the foreman has told me of your time in the cannery, you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. He said you were a woman who knew when to speak and when to listen.”
Despite herself, Wen swelled with pride. She worked her in her role packaging the leavings of the great can-beast, and it was a joy to see that her efforts had been recognized.
The Hidden Master continued, hand brushing over the nearest set of buds. “More importantly, he said that you’re familiar with growing… leafy stuff.” He paused. “I’m not. I can setup the system, but I’m both too busy and too unfamiliar with it all to actually maintain it.”
His gaze pinned Wen in place. “That’s where you come in. I brought you down here to run this whole system and point out any obvious flaws. That’s all pointless though if you’re too afraid to speak to me.”
Wen took a deep breath.
Then she spoke. “Everything.”
She flinched, in preparation for some kind of outburst in response to her hubris. But none came. Master Johansen hadn’t so much as twitched. He simply stood there with a placid expression.
Emboldened, Wen continued.
“Down here there’s no soil. No sun.” She gripped the nearest leaf, finding the surface of its flesh both bouncy and smooth. Not dry and crinkled like she’d half suspected. “Have these plants been moved down here recently?”
He shook his head. “No, they were grown down here.” He tapped the glass beneath the plants. “And this water is functioning as our soil.”
Wen shook her head. “My lord, rice paddies need irrigation yes, but the plants need soil. The roots draw strength from it. Without it…”
He raised a hand, stopping her. “Ok, this is good. You’re pointing out issues as you see them. For the next few minutes though, I’m going to need you to trust me.”
The Ox-Woman nodded cautiously.
“The lights up there will act as our sun.” He tapped the glass. “Likewise, this water is like soil. It’s rich with the food plants need.”
Wen wanted to argue but knew it was folly. “As you say, my lord.”
“It’s fine to be skeptical,” he continued, clearly picking up on her thoughts. “I wouldn’t want you down here if you weren’t. Just… try to keep an open mind at first. After a few months I’d be happy if you came to me with problems as you saw them. Until then, I need you to get accustomed to this new… method.”
She glanced up at the lights overhead.
Fake sun, she thought. Fake soil.
She could accept that.
For now.
In truth, it was amongst the least strange things she had seen the Hidden Master create.
“…For the moment then, you simply wish for me to confirm that these plants appear healthy?”
A wide smile swept across the cultivator’s face.
“That’s exactly what I want you to do.”
Wen nodded, before moving across the room, poking at plants at random, inspecting the tangled mess of roots that she could see in the water beneath.
“They seem healthy,” she admitted reluctantly. “Very much so.”
Indeed, had she and her husband grown such a crop in their own paddies, they would have been bursting with pride.
Yet it stung her pride to admit that this strange unnatural method of farming had merit. Not least of all because it had come from a cultivator.
Cultivators were the sword of the Empire, but the Empire could not exist without its stomach. Without farmers like her. For all their strength, cultivators needed mortals.
As evidenced by the continually rising price of food in the city.
It was a small thing, but it was a point of pride for many a mortal that for all the airs cultivators put on, they could not survive without the hardworking common men and women of the Empire.
Only it seems that they can, she thought as she glanced around the room and its many mystical implements. Has that always been the case? Were we ever truly needed?
She was about to say more, only to jump as a slurping sound came from the wall across from her. Glancing back at her guide, he only smiled lightly and pressed a button, making the wall peel back like the opening of an eyelid.
To reveal fish. Suspended in a glass tank. It was actually a rather intriguing sight.
Certainly, Wen was not unfamiliar with fish. She’d gutted, descaled and cooked thousands over the years. Rarely though did she seem them in such clarity when they were alive. Yet now she could see dozens of them, just swimming about in their artificial home.
It was rather relaxing to look upon.
And as she watched, a smattering of food scraps – from last night’s supper if she didn’t miss her guess - were dropped from a hatch into the water. Which the fish set upon with great enthusiasm.
Clarity struck.
This was a fish ranch – and as she looked at the pipes leading down from it, she could see that they fed into the containers for the plants.
“This is where your fertilizer comes from,” she murmured. “We feed the fish our scraps. They create fertilizer for our plants. We eat the plants. Which creates more scraps for the fish.”
How the plants survived with just water and no soil, she did not understand, but this at least made sense to her.
“Wouldn’t kin dung be better?” she asked. “That is what most people use.”
Jack shrugged. “Perhaps.”
She smiled, happy to have found at least one suggestion that wasn’t immediately dismissed – and to have not been immediately reprimanded for making it.
She glanced about the room. At the long racks of healthy plants. At the fish that were feeding them. At the insects that she now realized were tending to the buds, plucking away dead leaves.
“Why do you need me?” she finally asked. “Really?”
The Hidden Master had said he was unfamiliar with plants, but this system… it was beyond anything she could have imagined. Her suggestions on how to improve or maintain it would be as dust upon the wind.
“I wasn’t lying,” the Hidden Master shrugged his broad shoulder. “I’m really not familiar with growing plants. There was every possibility you’d come down here to find them all dying of some local strain of disease I was ignorant of.”
Wen opened her mouth, before closing it. “Truly?”
“Yep,” the man gestured to the insects. “These things are smart, but dumb.
Smart, but dumb?
Ignorant of her confusion, the man walked over to the nearest creature. “They know to do one thing and one thing only.”
Then he casually reached out and tore off one of the poor beast’s finger.
The Ox-kin resisted the urge to shriek at the sudden act of violence, yet as she stared, she saw their was no blood issuing forth from the animal’s stump. Merely a few sparks, as if from a dying fire. Nor did it shake and holler in pain at the sudden loss of its limb. It continued its work as if the limb remained.
All it succeeded in doing was knocking a plant out of its holding, spilling it down into the water below. Then it moved onto the next. And the next. And the next. In no time at all, four sets of plants had been ruined by the wounded creature.
The Hidden Master snorted, before calmly reaching over and pressing a button, which resulted in the creature going limp.
Wen nodded slowly. “I… think I understand.”
“Good. Because food for the entire city is soon going to be riding on you and people like you.”
“So you’re banishing me?” she asked stoically, staring down at the sheaf of orders she had just been handed.
The pair of them were situated in the man’s office in his personal compound rather than the Imperial Palace.
Given what she knew of the outlander, Shui doubted that would change with his elevation to Magistrate.
Johansen glanced up at her from behind his desk, the chair he was sitting on somehow refusing to give way beneath the massive bulk of his armor.
I suppose I should be thankful that he considers me enough of a threat to greet me in armor, Shui thought as her eyes roamed over the man’s bodyguards – Lady’s An and Ren.
Individually neither would stand a chance against her. Combined, Shui liked her odds still. With Master Johansen backing them up though?
No, that was not a fight she thought she could win.
Though their presence confirmed something she had long privately suspected, Johansen’s power was more of a strategic asset than a tactical one. Whatever means he had used to destroy the former Imperial Cavalry and Silver Paw Sect, it likely took time to set up.
No, he was no duelist.
Which she supposed was to be expected, given that he was a craftsmen first and a warrior second.
Still, despite the helm the man wore, their was no mistaking his sardonic expression as he regarded her. “I’d say it’s a pretty merciful punishment, all things considered.”
It was. It was a far more merciful fate than she would have received from any of her peers.
Still, that small part of her that had leapt at the opportunity to become Magistrate, and that same part of her that had refused to relinquish it once she lost the Divinity’s favor, prompted her to dig just a little deeper.
“Merciful? Or Pragmatic?”
The orders she’d just been handed were not simple. They required her to take a mixed force of cultivators and ‘Jiangshi militia’ north to begin the construction of a fortress spanning the mountain path there.
It was a task that would take years using conventional construction techniques. Once constructed though, it would block the only remaining easy avenue into Ten Huo Province.
Just getting there would take the better part of two months though. And the journey would be fraught with peril. Beasts both mundane and spirit occupied the lands beyond the city, and Instinctive raiding parties would no doubt be seeking to use the pass.
It was the kind of job that would require an experienced commander.
“Yes, you are correct.” Johansen confirmed her suspicions without preamble. “You’re too valuable for me to simply execute out of hand. Because of your little skirmish with Huang, you’re one of the few people on the planet with experience commanding both cultivators and gonnes.”
“Why not send your precious mortal? The scarred one.” Her teeth peeled back into an amused sneer. “I’ve heard you’ve made him a general now?”
“That.” Jack grunted irritably. “That little mocking smile is why. I could send a purely mortal force but that would require that I strip too many of my soldiers from the city. So I need to supplement them with cultivators. The problem with that is that you’re all snooty cunts who would cause Gao no end of trouble if I shoved you into his chain of command.”
“’You’ cultivators?” Shui chuckled. “You make it sound like you’re not one of us.”
The man just shook his head. “I’m a craftsmen. Not a warrior. In the eyes of most of you, I might as well be mortal.”
Shui shrugged. The man’s words were a little exaggerated, but their was a hint of truth to them.
“Why not the her?” Shui inclined her head toward the black haired tiger-kin, who scowled back at her. “Your apprentice.”
The man’s gleaming helm considered her. “I want her here. And I want you gone. This is a convenient way for me to achieve both.”
“Hmmm.” Shui pretended to consider it. “And what’s to stop me from just running for the hills the moment I’m out of the city.”
The armored man shrugged. “What was stopping you from running while you were in it? I’ve certainly not been keeping tabs on you.”
He hadn’t? She didn’t know whether to be offended by that. Was he that confident he’d defanged her political movement? Or was the Divinity back in the city? It had only been through a stroke of luck on her part that she’d received news that the Tiger Divinity was approaching the city, an event that would require the Rooster to go out to intercept them.
She'd taken her shot. She’d failed. She could live with that.
“I’ll take your job and I’ll build your fortress,” Shui stood up. “After it’s done though, I want the slate to be wiped clean between us.”
“That will take years,” the man pointed out.
The man seemed to consider it for a moment, before nodding. “Fine, build the fortress, defend the northern pass for a period no longer and no less than five years, and I’ll consider your second attempted coup to be a thing of the past.”
Shui grinned wickedly as she gripped the orders in her hand. “And you’ll let me take you out to dinner.”
She resisted the urge to chuckle at the way the other two women in the room bristled and her new leader froze in his seat.
“We’ll see,” he muttered.
“That wasn’t a no,” Shui whistled innocently as she turned to leave.
Though she stopped just shy of the door as Johansen called out to her. “…Oh Shui, I nearly forgot. There’s one last thing I need you to do for me before you see Gao about supplies for the trip.”
“What’s that?” she asked as she turned around, only to pale as found herself staring at the largest needle she’d ever had the misfortune of laying eyes on.
“Call it an insurance policy of sorts,” the man murmured as he clicked something into place at the base of the peculiarly gonne shaped implement. “Ideally, you’ll never have to find out exactly what this is.”
Behind him, his two apprentices were grinning widely.
First / Previous / Next
Another three chapters are also available on Patreon:
We also have a (surprisingly) active Discord where and I and a few other authors like to hang out:
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2023.05.27 03:08 plague692 We Made A Camera That Can See To the Bottom Of The Ocean

WheneverI find myself at sea I will always look off the edge outward. There is a certain feeling of awe that I feel while looking toward the horizon, unable to see the land that huddles in secret just below it due to distance. The feeling of how far the rest of the rest is making me shudder with delight.
I stood up from the bow having just done my cursory stare and think and went toward the center where all the work was to be done.
Professor Yit and a worker, a local to the Cape named Johnson, stood by the large mechanical beast that sat in the dead center of the entire boat.
“So what exactly does this do Doctor?” Johnson asked Professor Yit while moving a box of small replacement parts on a dolly.
“It translates visible light waves into ultrasonic light, this ultrasonic light is then sent out in mass into the water an-” Johnson quickly cut the professor off.
“No I get that but what is it for?” Johnson asked.
“Oh, sorry, it will give us an incredibly clear picture of the sea floor up to four thousand meters, in tests it has been shown to give a clear enough picture to be able to accurately species marine plants up to and slightly exceeding that depth on the bottom and is capable of give a clear picture through obstacles such as animal schools, sand clouds, and large creatures as long as they are above fifty meters above the floor,” the professor explained.
“Ah, cool,” Johnson continued to do his task and placed the box of parts in the captain's lodge, and then came back.
Professor Yit looked back at me, “Well Donny, time to show off your little project,” he said, handing me a small switch that I quickly inserted into its proper place, right where I designed it.
I took my place on a little ledge and began a short speech for the moment, a decent-sized wave proceeded to knock me on my ass before I could talk.
The professor kept in his laughter but Johnson and Williams, another worker but one that we brought from California to do this research with, started to absolutely die.
“Har har, let’s just get this picture show on the road,” I said, holding my should after I slammed it into the ground.
I sat down at a small panel that had a control tablet so I could start the process.
“So what this is going to do is take one-hundred pictures over the course of one second, they will then transfer this to the laptop over there to review, we will do this several times throughout the day and then catalog our findings on the way back,” I said, giving an individual quick glance to the other three people behind me.
I pressed the start button and in about the time it takes to have a breath a notification bar came up saying “Shoot complete,” I went back to my laptop and saw that the transfer had been done and all the pictures were visible.
Johnson came up to me a few minutes afterward while we were waiting to take the next few pictures.
“So you made that behemoth huh?” he said while idly snacking on a peanut butter and banana sandwich.
“Yeah, I had to consult with a few people on camera equipment and most of the science outside of the physics of how the ultrasonic waves would interact with the water,” I said, messing around on my computer to pass the time.
“What’s so important about it? I don’t doubt that it is, I’m just having some trouble seeing the bigger picture,” he said before taking another, overly-longwinded bite of his sandwich.
I opened the program and pulled up one of the pictures before I began explaining.
“Well it can get kind of hard to explore the ocean floor in some places, especially at depths we’re dealing with here, we have to focus on using drones, which while they are good for pinpoint information, they are not fantastic at general information, this camera allows us to learn more things about the sea floor that techniques we have used before just can’t,” I said, then fully pulling up the picture.
“Like this for example,” I pointed at one of many long thin lines that ran roundly on what I thought was a piece of rock at the bottom.
“We would have no idea that is what all this would look like, those little lines are small but being able to get such detailed work so fast is instrumental in further studies,” I said excitedly.
“Well I’ll just leave you to it them Donny,” Johnson said, walking out of the room.
Just for fun, I began going through all of the pictures until I noticed something. The boat was at a standstill when the pictures were taken, but it seemed like over the course of two or three pictures they had shifted, and once I got to the last picture the lines were feet away from where they were before.
I went back out to the camera to try something different. I started fiddling with the panel a bit and the professor came up to me.
“Whatcha doin’ down there Donny?” he asked, holding a bottle of rootbeer in one hand and a research paper in the other.
“Adjusting the settings real quick, gonna try something different,” I said messing with the settings.
“What’s the thought?” he said, getting down to my level.
“Well my plan is to lower the rate to thirty pictures a second but run the camera for ten seconds,” I said continuing to fiddle.
“Ah, making a film, what exactly are you going to do with ten seconds of the sea floor?” He asked puzzled.
“Check something,” I said, Professor Yit backed away slowly from me to let me work.
I set up the camera, let it take the pictures, and went back inside to the computer. I put all the pictures into an animation software and played the entire thing.
I sat in horror, over the court of ten seconds I watched the stone move, faster and faster, until it revealed something below. You cannot tell the color in the pictures but the shape was detailed. It was smooth, almost glass-like except for lines that branched into others and went across the whole surface, and a black void in the center of it all where none of the light came. It was likely hundreds of meters large.
I, glued to my chair, had a realization, what I thought was rock, was skin, and below, an eye large than the boat we were on.
I charged back outside within a second and with lighting speed set everything back up and took another set of pictures. I ran back and watched, what looked vaguely like the pupil was different. I went back out and asked Johnson, who was also our captain, how much we had drifted in the minutes before my second set of pictures and my third.
“No more than a few feet in any direction in that amount of time, especially with how placid everything is now, why do you ask?” he said.
“Nothing, just checking,” I replied back, exasperated.
He seemed like he wanted to ask me what was wrong but I went back to my workspace before he could.
What had scared me so much, what had terrified me even more than the eye in the first place, the pupil had moved, it had centered onto the camera.
Just to check one more thing I took another ten seconds of video, just to check, just to make sure of one more thing.
I watched back, and for only a moment but the blood in my body became cold, then hotly boiling in my head. The eye was getting bigger, the picture clearer, whatever this creature was, it was coming up.
I knew we only had a few minutes before it would make it to the surface so I bolted out of the door and yelled at Johnson.
“Start the fucking boat and get us back to land right fucking now!”
“Uh, okay, give me a minute so we can stabilize everyth-”
“Not a minute! NOW!”
The boat started in just a second and we moved, easily far faster than this boat was made for as I could hear mechanics in the bottom being thrown about and unsecured items being tossed out the back.
I went to the back of the boat, to watch, to see. The professor and Williams came to me.
“Donny, what the fuck is going on?” Williams asked, pissed sounding, as he likely had been tossed by the sudden start.
I simply pointed my finger out, and almost on cue a giant wave burst up in a mess of bubbles in movement almost seismic in proportion, and on just the tail end, a massive cruiseliner-sized tail slapped the top of the water, leaving the two as terrified as me.
“Williams…” I said out of breath.
“Yes Donny?” he replied in the same tone.
“Throw the camera overboard,” I replied, falling onto the ground.
“Yes Donny,” he said stunned in place.
We were able to gut and throw the camera overboard before we got back to shore. I don’t know what else may be down there, and if that camera somehow exposes us to it, to the creatures that should not be known of, beasts of another world with which humans could never congregate, it is better off at the bottom of the sea with them.
As we got off the boat onto the dock, I stared off into the horizon once more. Into the blue, cold, empty sea, and I shuddered with terror.
submitted by plague692 to nosleep [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 23:12 Null8ColonelStan Crashing in Sanctuary

So, as you can see, I run a "few" mods in Fallout 4 on Xbox One S. I'm hoping to get a Series X soon.
As we all know, mods can cause performance issues with the game. However, I am experiencing a performance issue that I can't get past, and it is preventing me from completing the main campaign.
The issue is that the game crashes whenever I try to edit in Sanctuary. Whether I add something or delete something, the game crashes. So, I am unable to build the teleporter to infiltrate the Institute.
Simply put, I do not want to start all over. I have put so much time into this playthrough, and I do not want to lose all of my progress. Therefore, I'm trying to find a workaround to see if there's some mods I could delete and see if it could help fix the issue. Below are the mods I am utilizing. This is also my mod load order:
  1. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [UFO4P]
  2. Cheat Room (XB1)
  3. [XB1] Building Budget Extender
  4. Cheat Terminal [Xbox One]
  5. Campsite (XBOX)
  6. Findingsignal's - Campsite
  7. Modular Kitchen (With Perks)
  8. [XB1] Tactical Tablet 2.1
  9. Pip-Boy dual colors - Blue Nuka Version
  10. [XB1] FCOM Fallout Commander
  11. Republic Armory
  12. Escape from Boston M200 Sniper
  13. Fusillade Grenade Launcher
  14. Mossberg500 2K Version
  15. Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle
  16. Clone Army
  17. More Robot Voices for Automatrons
  18. Star Wars Prequel Radio
  19. STAR WARS RADIO (Pip-Boy Radio)
  20. [XB1] Ponytail Hairstyles
  21. Loving Cait
Now, I am willing to part with almost all of these mods except for:
  1. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [UFO4P]
  2. Cheat Room (XB1)
  3. [XB1] Building Budget Extender
  4. Cheat Terminal [Xbox One]
  5. [XB1] FCOM Fallout Commander
  6. Republic Armory
  7. Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle
  8. Clone Army
  9. [XB1] Ponytail Hairstyles
  10. Loving Cait
So my question is, does anyone know how I can fix the game so it doesn't crash when I interact with Sanctuary without having to start over? Should I cut out all the extra fat and just use these 10 mods that I actually want to keep? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Sole Survivors.
submitted by Null8ColonelStan to Fallout4Mods [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 23:11 Null8ColonelStan Crashing In Sanctuary

So, as you can see, I run a "few" mods in Fallout 4 on Xbox One S. I'm hoping to get a Series X soon.
As we all know, mods can cause performance issues with the game. However, I am experiencing a performance issue that I can't get past, and it is preventing me from completing the main campaign.
The issue is that the game crashes whenever I try to edit in Sanctuary. Whether I add something or delete something, the game crashes. So, I am unable to build the teleporter to infiltrate the Institute.
Simply put, I do not want to start all over. I have put so much time into this playthrough, and I do not want to lose all of my progress. Therefore, I'm trying to find a workaround to see if there's some mods I could delete and see if it could help fix the issue. Below are the mods I am utilizing. This is also my mod load order:
  1. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [UFO4P]
  2. Cheat Room (XB1)
  3. [XB1] Building Budget Extender
  4. Cheat Terminal [Xbox One]
  5. Campsite (XBOX)
  6. Findingsignal's - Campsite
  7. Modular Kitchen (With Perks)
  8. [XB1] Tactical Tablet 2.1
  9. Pip-Boy dual colors - Blue Nuka Version
  10. [XB1] FCOM Fallout Commander
  11. Republic Armory
  12. Escape from Boston M200 Sniper
  13. Fusillade Grenade Launcher
  14. Mossberg500 2K Version
  15. Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle
  16. Clone Army
  17. More Robot Voices for Automatrons
  18. Star Wars Prequel Radio
  19. STAR WARS RADIO (Pip-Boy Radio)
  20. [XB1] Ponytail Hairstyles
  21. Loving Cait
Now, I am willing to part with almost all of these mods except for:
  1. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [UFO4P]
  2. Cheat Room (XB1)
  3. [XB1] Building Budget Extender
  4. Cheat Terminal [Xbox One]
  5. [XB1] FCOM Fallout Commander
  6. Republic Armory
  7. Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle
  8. Clone Army
  9. [XB1] Ponytail Hairstyles
  10. Loving Cait
So my question is, does anyone know how I can fix the game so it doesn't crash when I interact with Sanctuary without having to start over? Should I cut out all the extra fat and just use these 10 mods that I actually want to keep? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Sole Survivors.
submitted by Null8ColonelStan to Fallout [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 22:00 dbag88 [WTS/WTT] GWA Citadel Micro DNC/DCU, TAD Scout (2), more.

Prices are shipped CONUS via Pirateship. Paypal FF or add 4.5% for G&S. Venmo and Apple accepted. Shipping from CT. Double poly pirateship.
Only trade considered would be MR x Carry Unicorn 🦄
Consolidated, Either NEW or Price DROP
🟢 GWA Citadel Micro DNC/DCU BNWT. First GWA. Straps tight on neck. Went on a long trip in my house last night trying this out. $460 tyd w/ Luck of the G patch, $430 without.
🟢 Dan Matsuda Article 243, Black 1000d Cordura, Black interior. BNIB, BNWT. Never carried. Packed it up this AM and its not voluminous enough for my needs during the semester. Perfectly fine at 20L for other things but would go even smaller for such. Includes fidlock sternum strap and snap on buckles. My loadout is pictured using fidlocks to load pouches but they are not included and the pouches are not included in this number. $410 tyd
Castle x Grayscale and Heart Icon patches not included.
🔴 Dan Matsuda Article 130 Slim. Would have worked as I envisioned it if the bag were larger. Yes, I purchased and geared up for this. Have been waiting a while. $OLD tyd
🟢 TAD FP Scout Black Cordura. Original Owner. Zero problems. 9/10 or better. $150.
🟢 TAD FP Scout SE VX42. Purchased second hand but I would give it a 9/10 or better mostly because you cannot see wear on it other than on edges of aqua guard zips. No tears or flaws otherwise. Loaded up and used for a week. I think I discovered I am not an xpac guy mostly (although the MR Unicorn is calling me). You can counter if you desire but trying to recoup. $200.
🟢 TAD Transporter Tail. SE VX42. Came with bag. $70.
🟢 TAD GPP2 SE VX42. Came with bag. $45.
🟢 TAD Contol Panel, Cordura. Maybe you want to add structure to your Azimuth. One zipper pull is not original. I replaced because it was missing upon receipt. $45.

You'll have to request pics of anything below here since there is a 20 pic limit.

🟢 Kifaru Escape & Evade, RG w/upgraded x-ray shoulder straps. NWOT. Original Owner. Purchased before joining "the club." Since, purchased a lot of stuff. I added a HDPE frame sheet that I cut myself. $145.
🟢 Tumi Alpha Series Extended Trip Garment. I bought this many years ago. The current version goes for $1400 so my previous statement that my first "expensive" bag was the X-ray is prob wrong. You can make an offer.
🟢 Tumi Alpha Series Extended Trip. This thing is big. Used once to pack me AND wife to go on our honeymoon 26 years ago! Make an offer.
🟢 Kifaru Organizer Pocket, 500D, RG. Purchased direct around the time I sorted out that I don’t like carrying my schtuff in this manner. Loaded and carried once. Essentially catch and release. MSRP = $75. $55 to you.
🔴 Alpaka Zip Pouch Pro. Slate Gray. VX21. BNWT. $OLD TYD.
🟢 Alpaka Zip Pouch Pro. Dark Green. VX21. BNWT. $25 TYD.
🟢 Alpaka Zip Pouch Pro. Bright Purple. VX21. BNWT. $25 TYD.
🟢 Alpaka Zip Pouch Pro. Bright Blue. VX21. BNWT. $25 TYD.
🟢 Quad Lock for iPhone 13 with bicycle mount and popsocket adapter (3D printed). MSRP = $59. $35 TYD.
🟢 Copper CR123 LED Flashlight by Maratac® REV 3. Purchased the collab and selling this cuz I don't have more than two hands with which to wield a flashlight. MSRP = $85. $55 TYD
🟢 Twelve South Compass iPad/tablet stand. I think version 2 that does not have telescoping leg. MSRP = $60. $25
🟢 Atelier Pall Handcrafter Leather Wallet. MSRP $45. $30 tyd
🟢 Atelier Pall Handcrafter Coin/Earbud case. MSRP $22. $15 tyd
cross posted.
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2023.05.26 20:12 OG_Stonehenge [USA-IL] [H] PS4 Pro Console Bundle w/ 8 Games, 3 Controllers, Headphones and Controller Charging Station [W] PayPal

As mentioned in the description, I’m looking to sell my PS4 collection. I’m seeking $200 shipped via PayPal F&F for everything listed below but I am open to offers on the whole collection or separate bundles! Thanks for looking!
Here are the items for sale:
Timestamped Pictures
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2023.05.26 19:19 SomewhereOnABeach Blue Tablet?

Hi everyone,
I see this has been asked many times over the years but curious about the current updated version. I’m playing the throughly right now and it seems I’m stuck without one. I’ve found one and put it in a console. Is this still a game breaking issue or is there a work around with the newest update/patch? Thank you for your time.
submitted by SomewhereOnABeach to subnautica [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 19:04 lbabinz [Best Buy] Weekly Top Deals Sale at Best Buy: May 26 - June 1 (Samsung Shopping Event, Game Accessories, Xbox Series S w/ Free Controller, more)

Top Deals
Samsung Shopping Event
Video Games

Video Games

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Astro Gaming A40 Tr Gaming Headset + Mixamp M80 For Xbox One - Black $229.99 $279.99 $50.00
Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset With Base Station For Playstation $329.99 $399.99 $70.00
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Samsung 30" 22.1 Cu Ft French Door Refrigerator; Electric Air Fry Range; Dishwasher; Cookware Set -stainless 2999.99 3699.99 700.00
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Price of Abortion Pills Belfast
Price of Abortion Pills Belfast
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Price of Abortion Pills Barberton
Price of Abortion Pills Barberton
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