Chevy malibu front bumper

The spot to find people to go offroading with in the NJ Tri-state area.

2017.05.24 21:41 Robots_Never_Die The spot to find people to go offroading with in the NJ Tri-state area.

A place for people to meet up and go offroading in NJ/NY/PA

2023.06.07 00:18 HarryTruman Salvage Title Pricing?

Salvage Title Pricing?
I’m looking for a new dog hauler. I found a 2003 Infiniti QX4 (rebranded Pathfinder) with a salvage title and a mile-long list of maintenance records.
Both the front and rear bumpers need replaced, and the front corner on the drivers side has obviously been repaired after some sort or collision. But apart from that, it’s surprisingly clean.
Seller is asking $3600, and I’m trying to figure out where to start negotiations. I’d obviously be checking it out for any major frame damage or airbag deployments or anything like that which may be an instant dealbreaker.
Assuming everything checks out, I was thinking about offering $2500 to start, but I’m trying to figure out if that sounds like a fair place to start for a salvaged but reasonably well-maintained Pathfinder? Perhaps going up to $2800 max?
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2023.06.07 00:13 BingyBongy777 AITA for “causing” damage to a car?

I was driving down the highway and entering into a turn lane. I noticed the white dashed lines were disappearing (indicating exit is coming up), saw a space in front of a car and put my signal on to merge. I turn into the lane, I’m in it now, and the person behind me honks and speeds up. At this point their bumper is alongside my back passenger door and they’re actively trying to push me out of the lane I just merged into. They continue honking and flipping me off and once they realize I am in front, they swerve around and yell at me through their window, causing traffic to stop in the lane next to us. She follows me for 15 minutes back to my job. At a red light, she gets out of her car and says, “You made me hit my car. Just so you know there is a hit and run report with your license plate attached to it”. I told her I was going across the street and we could discuss it. She kept saying, “I’m not aggressive, I’m not crazy” as I was listening to her allegations through my cracked window. I get to my job, park, and take a pic of the damage (the bumper on her passenger side is popped out a bit, nothing excessive). She accuses me of making her hit her car, and I tell her that she was the one that was pulling forward as I was merging and that the car behind her was stopped. She threatened, “I have a dash cam, babe, they’re going to see that you pushed me off the road to avoid hitting your car”. I said, “You sped up and drove next to me for a few seconds in the breakdown lane just because you didn’t want me to merge, so I don’t understand why you’re blaming me for hitting your car on the opposite side with the guard rail. I don’t have control of your car”. She asked for my ID, I declined. She asked for my name, I gave it to her. She stated again, “I’m not aggressive, I’m not crazy, I have to go pick up my kids. I’m a single mom and I can’t afford to pay for this by myself”. I ended the conversation.
Some more info: My car never touched hers. I did not hit her car.
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2023.06.07 00:07 BeefyJupe Being Blamed For Car Accident

I was behind a car and they began to stop and turn left, so I went around them on the right hand side and suddenly they swerve right and hit me as I am passing them. It's like she suddenly decided she didn't actually want to turn there. My car had some damage to the front driver panel but their bumper was ripped completely off.
I called the police immediately and they came out. The police report, which I have to wait a few days to see, is going to say, according to the officer, that she was at-fault, although apparently the supervisor rejected the report so edits could be made (not sure what this might mean). She's saying I am at fault. Is when i was legally going around her and she swerved into me.
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2023.06.06 23:36 Johnnya101 Help mounting CB on a Mack?

Trying to mount a CB antenna on a Mack Granite dump truck. There are really only two good places to mount an antenna, and that's on either the left or right side mirror bracket. Any position I try sends swr meter through the roof, with door open or closed. I've used a multi meter to test for continuity between the antenna and body, and it is grounded. I don't know what else to do. Does anyone here have a Mack Granite, and if so, where do youount your antenna?
Otherwise, what else can I do?
The roof won't work because the dump body is above it. Can't mount it on the dump body because it moves. Front bumper might work, until the hood gets opened. Mirror mounts apparently won't work, even though the last owner had one there. The cab is steel, and the hood is fiberglass.
Used the old one and a brand new setup. Same result.
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2023.06.06 23:30 OntologicalMagic42 Best location/method for installing front license plate bracket on 2012 Nissan Versa?

I recently moved to a state where front license plates are required. Unfortunately, my 2012 Versa doesn't have a bracket on the front. I'm looking at different mounts online to install and since I'm sure I'm going to be the last owner of this vehicle, I'm fine with drilling holes in the bumper if needed, since my top concern is function (so I'm concerned about blocking air flow, for example.) But I want to make sure it's mounted on the best location. I know some things about cars and have done several repairs on my own (even replaced the spark plugs by myself a few years ago), but I won't pretend to know enough to be sure that I'm making the best decision on the bracket placement on the bumper without asking others who are more familiar. Thanks so much for your help!
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2023.06.06 23:09 highline9 2021 5.7E Rebel CELs on after battery replacement

Truck ran fine Saturday, Sunday morning no start. Jump it, buy a battery (the best Autozone had NOT an agm) and while it runs fine now, all most all alerts (front collision, side collision, traction control, check engine light) are on, and upon startup truck tells me to service abs, service tow/haul, service this and that. Took it to Ram dealership to have them flash my deal, and to do the two open recalls. $60 Uber round trip to work, and back to get the truck. They had it in for less than 35 minutes, said they did the two recalls, but couldn’t flash it and I’d need an appointment for a full diagnosis, which they could schedule for AUGUST 2 AT THE EARLIEST…I have a handheld OBD2 reade code reset tool, can’t erase them that way. Tried the 20+ mins of negative battery cable, no luck. Anyone out there have similar issues? Any advice? I bought used (16,000) from Autonation Chevy, and (maybe foolishly) bought almost every extended warranty they had. Should I try AutoNation (under “warranty”), go back to dealership in august, or something else? Hopefully someone has a quick fix. Something to note, while unable to work today due to researching everything on this matter…I found the he battery readout should be 13.5 (13.7 on some sites) to 14.5/14.7. I just went and tested that…started 12.6, and driving 13.5-13.6, but I’ve never seen it higher than 13.6. Would an agm be higher? Could that be the issue? Kinda lost, and this is my first ever non ford vehicle (30+ years)…LONG story there…Thanks in advance if you can help, and sorry if you can relate.
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2023.06.06 22:41 c43du5 2015 Chevy Cruze chassis control module

looking for GM tech advice please, or Cruze modifying enthusiasts I have a 2015 Chevy Cruze eco 6 speed. I recently inherited it, and while it was in a front end accident, I don’t think this is playing into my issue. The fenders hood and front bumper were poorly replaced, got the frame pulled a bit, replaced the bent condenser, charge air cooler, and radiator, blah blah blah front end work from hitting an animal, like I said not too important to the situation
Car keeps throwing P069E -fuel pump control module requests MIl illumination P059F -air grille shutter “A” performance/stuck off I didn’t put the active grille shutters in, but the motor is still there. I can plug it in, and I’m pretty sure it takes a few ignition cycles to throw a code for that one anyway so I think if I drive a long enough trip or two and don’t shut it off again I can get enough emissions monitors to pass before throwing that code I’ve gotta pass emissions soon here and am more worried about the P069E. I think I need a chassis control module, and am looking for the cheapest solution Do I need to purchase a new module for this and have it programmed to the vehicle? Or can I take a module from another eco of the same year and have it work without programming. I read in a forum somewhere about people swapping them with the non eco package to just “get rid” those codes and the grille shutters when they’re trying to get their economy car to be a “race car” could I do that? How particular would I have to be if it is an option to just swap a used module in? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.06 22:35 HonestSun4540 Impact Bar Mount Off-Centered

Impact Bar Mount Off-Centered
Hey guys!
So I have a 06 STI and I'm trying to install the front impact bar(?), And on the driver's side everything lines up, but the passenger side only the studs will match up. The holes for the bolts are definitely off and I was looking for good ways to pull this out or if I shouldn't even bother installing all the hardware, I'd assume it's important to have everything there being a bumper though.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 22:22 putain1375 Are we on the same page re driving?

The unofficial driving rules of LA - I don't care how it was in your town, but most locals can attest/add on to the expectations that:
  1. The first lane in an empty-ish freeway is for those driving 65+. Not 65. Not 63. 65+
  2. 2 cars minimum turn left on a yellow. To be safe, assume 3 - so don't immediately gun it when a light turns green, cars may still be turning. Yes an accident is their fault but why deal with the hassle of insurance for something you knew was happening.
  3. Merging is not optional, but should be efficient. If you are not going to maintain the speed of those in the lane you are merging into, then you have to merge behind the next car, not in front of it.
  4. Got into my first and only accident bc someone did this - your car on the freeway most likely cannot go from 15 to 65 in 3 seconds. Just because your freeway lane is bumper to bumper and the lane next to you is moving faster does not mean you can quickly try to switch lanes (especially without a signal).
  5. USE YOUR FREAKING SIGNAL - it's not that hard
  6. You can use your emergency lights as a quick "thank you" to the car behind you when they let you cut them off (or if you cut them off). You can also use the thank you hand but most cars are tinted and hard to see - to be an extra good member of society, open your window and stick your hand out to say thanks
  7. Sure most people suck at parallel parking but at least try to leave room in the front and back and don't box a car in. Super annoying and obnoxious and you should not be surprised if your grandma neighbor or 16 year old neighbor hits your bumper
  8. Yes street parking sucks and we know you are driving slow to find a spot, but at least use your emergency lights or leave your right turn signal on so people know to move around you
I know there's a lot more so please add and I'll edit the post?
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2023.06.06 22:06 Rx2003 1987 e150 crank no start-no spark or no fuel? (In-line 6 engine)

TL;DR is in bold My daughter's 1987 Ford E150 (4.9l straight six) has a crank no start condition. Not sure how many miles, but this thing is old. It all started when her battery had a parasitic drain and she kept needing a jump start. I noticed that her fuel pump was making crazy noises and was running for 30-60 minutes AFTER turning the vehicle completely off. She has two fuel pumps, one in the tank near the back bumper and one on the van's frame on drivers side. The one on the frame was the culprit making noise. So I tracked the issue to what I believed was a bad relay and after just bumping into it, the issue stopped. So at this point I think the relay was stuck in the on position and bumping it must have unstuck it. So replaced the relay. Immediately after that, whenever you turn the key to the on position, the relay would click on-off-on-off super fast, making a buzzing noise from the relay. I read this could be caused by a bad ground so I made my own ground and hooked it to the relay. Sure enough, it seemed like the problem was solved whenever the new ground was connected to the relay. Unfortunately at some point during this process, the van decided it WONT START AT ALL anymore.
The relay is working properly and I can hear the frame fuel pump turning on and off when the key is on and off, and the fuel lines near the engine shake a little when it's on, so it seems like it's working properly. But the van still wont start. The van wont even try to start now, it cranks just fine, but there is little to no indication of combustion happening. So I sprayed starter fluid in the intake a few times and still nothing. Not even a little bit. It just cranks over and over with no rumbling/ combustion sounds. I felt like this means it is not getting spark, otherwise if it was just short on fuel the starter fluid would have caused it to at least make some rumbling and combustion sounds. Am I right? So I took out the three spark plugs furthest from the front bumper and they are extremely black and had a lot of carbon sooty stuff on them. They seemed to be gapped correctly. I tested them against the block and they still sparked!!! So now I am stumped. I replaced those three plugs with new ones and plan to replace the others, but now I have no idea if this is spark or fuel related. Halp!
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2023.06.06 21:51 BlarghChickaHonkHonk Before and after insurance claim - is it an improvement?

Before and after insurance claim - is it an improvement?
Got into an accident in February of this year and my truck was out for repair for a few months. My original Westin grill guard with winch mount was obsoleted, and without many 1:1 replacement options I went with a Fab Fours grill/brush guard with hidden winch mount. My old Recon headlights were replaced with new model Recons, and my front fender flares were replaced.
I really liked my OEM chrome bumper and chrome Westin guard, and am I kind of on the fence with the new setup. I’m sure it’ll grow on me.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.06 21:06 Necessary-Grocery-20 How do I make it stand out

How do I make it stand out
The plastic piece bolted to the bottom of the front bumper hangs a bit. ( Bumper guard?)I don’t know what piece is called or if there is a better looking replacement?
I want to find a few things to make it look a little nicer or neater. 1998 XLT
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2023.06.06 21:04 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/folkpunk roundup for the week of May 30 - June 05

Tuesday, May 30 - Monday, June 05

Top Media

score comments title & link mirrors
65 9 comments This is what folk punk is about
63 1 comments Th O'fucchs: "I'm No Sisyphus " Walmart beach, Philly
60 21 comments I don't have any friends to talk to about anarchism & socialism & communism & listen to music like Phil Ochs with and I'm just feeling a little lonely lol but I friggin love this song.. that's all
57 10 comments Someone asked the other day about a FolkPunk cover of White Flag by Dido. I don't exactly know how to make it folkpunk (because what IS folkpunk..) but I threw it down on a banjo with a possum on my shirt, so I think that qualifies for something, I'll let you decide.
50 6 comments The Front Bottoms - Au Revoir (Adios)
29 13 comments SPOONBOY I think they deserve a place here
28 3 comments Two portuguese idiots attemp to write a folk punk song
22 1 comments Covering kiss off by the violent femmes
21 9 comments Belladonna Ciao - "Superfund"
19 4 comments "This Is Not For Children" - Mischief Brew (covered by me) [BC]

Top Remaining

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289 10 comments Title
232 47 comments Should folkpunk join the shutdown protest against reddit screwing 3rd party app makers?
222 33 comments I got a picture with Jesse from escape from the zoo!
112 12 comments Diy bumper sticker from days n daze lyrics
98 9 comments Got a tattoo for my favorite Pat the bunny song
56 3 comments Thank you so much to everyone who made our debut at Underground Arts an absolute dream. We are humbled every day by the kindness and support of the folk punk community, and we are so honored that you have accepted us as one of your own. We love you all. 🧡
46 51 comments Why do we like folk punk?
44 0 comments How’d I miss the flyer for this show?
43 6 comments First folk punk show
35 7 comments Title

Top 5 Most Commented

score comments title & link mirrors
25 64 comments Looking for Folk punk recommendations for kids
7 24 comments What totally non-folk punk song would you love to cover or hear covered as one?
19 13 comments Need some recommendations for hopeful folk punk
25 11 comments Ani DiFranco is folk punk.
6 10 comments Campfire songs
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2023.06.06 20:47 Yeetball86 Other driver’s insurance says I’m 35% at fault. Florida

Yesterday I was hit on my passenger rear side. The point of impact is clearly on my rear fender right in front of the wheel as it’s the only part that’s crumpled. The other driver’s vehicle only has paint damage from scraping after contact on the front left bumper. The accident occurred with both of us merging, me signaling and merging into what was originally an empty lane and trying to correct after I saw her coming in as well. When I tried to correct, she kept coming and hit me. I told their insurance agent this as my statement.
The police took a report and I don’t believe she declared a fault, but she did tell me that it was favorable in my direction based on damage and the two statements. My insurance agent told me that I was not at fault as well (I have not field a claim but made them aware). I received a call today and the other insurance agent basically told me they’ll accept 65% fault because “we both had a responsibility to merge safely” even though I originally began a merge into an empty lane and the damage is towards my rear.
I don’t believe I’m at fault and neither does my carrier. What options do I have as far as pursuing full coverage from their insurance?
Extra notes: their agent made their investigation and analysis based on only pictures and statements. They have not seen the police report or dash footage as the other party drove a Tesla, but has not released the footage (they couldn’t access it for the police)
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2023.06.06 20:32 Auditorium_ Fell out of love with my A4.

Fell out of love with my A4.
In February, I hit a snowbank, minor damage to the front bumper and grille was cracked. This hit to the look of the car really made me fall out of love. I didn’t want to lose all my merits on my license since I would be held responsible for the crash, so I’ve decided to pay out of pocket for repairs and go for the aftermarket look.
I’ve never been more excited to work on this damn car. I cannot wait to put this bumper on, along with a replacement grille. For those wondering, I got them from IGROUND AUTO. An absolutely incredible company that offered me 15% off the damaged replacement grille, and 50% off the shipping costs for both the bumper and the grille.
I dropped the bumper off for painting today, and I cannot wait to get it back.
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2023.06.06 20:31 slanging_pepsi 2002 chevy Malibu starting rough any help is appreciated.

When I start it up when the engine is cold its hard to start but will start. I’ll have to give it some gas pedal to keep it running though. But it will rev to a little over 2grand then slowly come down. I’m changing the fuel filter this week and see if that does anything.
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2023.06.06 20:21 SoFarSoGoodIThink What’s a reasonable payment for a lease in the $35k-45k MSRP range? Seeing in the $400-$600/m range depending on amount down. Is this the current norm?

What’s a reasonable payment for a lease in the $35k-45k MSRP range? Seeing in the $400-$600/m range depending on amount down. Is this the current norm?
I’m (29M) looking for a Honda Passport and the dealer offered me $476/m with $0 cash down and early turn in of my 2020 Honda HR-V that had just been in an accident and needed the bumper replaced and some body work for deep scratches. I called him after the crash and arranged to bring it in early rather than go through insurance to get it fixed since it was a hit and run.
Dealer initially quoted like $700/m. My buyout of the HR-V would be $15.5k but he initially offered $2k in equity but after I told him not a chance, we wound up at $5k and dealer would forgive the damage and cover my last 3 months of payments at $233/m.
Passport EX-L was priced at around $41k (I don’t have exact amount in front of me). I got quotes of around 8% interest to finance the HR-V in case I were to buy it out which would’ve put me around $300/m for that.
I was already talking to the salesman about replacing the HR-V prior to the accident since my lease was up in August and I’ve had two kids since I got it and it’s way too small now. He won’t have the Passport in stock for another two weeks though. Based on my research that doesn’t seem like a bad deal in this market and I’m seeing many passports leased out for $500+/m, but I wanted to get more insight.
For reference, I make around $170k/yr and take home about $9500/m after taxes and insurance/deductions. I own a home with a mortgage, student loans in IBR that will be at $0 until next year even after payments resume, $200 in medical debt, and some consumer debt at 0% interest that should be paid off by fall (my wife had severe PPD so I financed a night nanny for two months after our twins were born at 0%).
So after fixed expenses once student loan payments resume (from law school) I will still have more than enough remaining that I can allocate part of my savings/remaining income for the vehicle (i.e. the difference in cost from my HR-V and the Passport), and the rest will be invested or saved.
Ultimately it’s a suitable car for me and my family and it fits in my budget. I’m early in my career and my income potential is decent, and currently I value a newer, safer car for my family rather than buying an older vehicle instead of leasing. I don’t care to own a car outright. By my math, financing a suitable car would be hundreds of dollars more a month anyway so I’ve ruled that out.
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2023.06.06 20:08 the4doorsooprah Excessive play in steering wheel

Excessive play in steering wheel
I have a 1999 2wd Chevy s10. I replaced everything in the front, suspension wise, for other reasons. Can I do anything about the play in the steering wheel? It makes it hard to properly align amongst other things. Thank you very much in advance you guys are cool af
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2023.06.06 19:57 Whistlin_Bungholes 2011 Camry front bumper

2011 Camry front bumper
Would it be betteeasier to have this bumper redone or see if I can find a bumper in better shape at a scrap yard?
Not sure how/if redoing the bumpers works since they are plastic.
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2023.06.06 19:57 RegretCertain4831 (Possibly) An Unknown iPhone 4 Bumper Case Discovered From The Apple Bumper Program

(Possibly) An Unknown iPhone 4 Bumper Case Discovered From The Apple Bumper Program
EDIT: I'm so sorry admins & mods, I just saw the rules and I didn't know posting about cases wasn't allowed, I just couldn't find about cases that have no track record of existing so I thought it would be best to bring attention here as I couldn't find any subreddit for iPhone cases that have no track record behind them (never seen, etc) and any communities I came across for phone/iPhone cases were dead years ago, and this was my only way to get my message. Again, I am very sorry, and I didn't know until now. If I misunderstood, leave a comment.
Hello, iphone, I bought this Apple iPhone 4 bumper case from the infamous Apple Bumper Program on eBay a few days ago (or I hope its real, it looks real), however, I looked online because the packaging looked a bit odd and it turns out, there are no pictures of this packaging online, anywhere, no documentation, or anything elsewhere, no information on any site at all. However, what makes me more confused is the "AT&T GSM Version" Does this hint that the packaging was made after April 2011, and the case was from the bumper program? If this turns out to be an undiscovered bumper (or no documentation), then what does this little bumper hold in store for me as an Apple collector?
Is this a real Apple product? Does anyone else have this? is this rare? Could you buy it, and if so, when? Was this at an Apple store, or did AT&T sell this for Apple? Is it an AppleCare version?
I bought it because it was the original bumper case design with different packaging before the Verizon version took its place in 2011 quietly after the iPhone 4 Verizon partnership started.
Any ideas, thoughts, or conclusions will help me solve this mystery.
Front, Picture of the packaging & case (still unopened)

Back, Picture of the back (no Apple or AT&T logos to be seen, just the old Myriad Pro fonts in front and back.
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2023.06.06 19:06 No_Addendum561 I need help deciding which car to buy...2010 Camry $7800 with 130,000 miles

We have a 2014 Chevy Malibu with 113,000 miles and it's beginning to have problems and I don't want to keep putting money into repairs as I think it has seen it's prime; I want something that will last. I had a 1999 Camry in the past and it was the best! I'm open to other Toyota's or Honda's, thought about the CRV or ACCORD too. I found this Camry last night but I'm wondering if the 2006-2011 Camry's were the ones to avoid because they burn oil? Maybe someone can help. I was hoping for a newer vehicle but this seems like a good deal and would likely last a long time without a lot of expensive repairs. My budget is $20,000 as I want to pay cash. There are only 2 of us, safety is important and I prefer a 4 cylinder for gas efficiency as we like to travel. Thanks
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2023.06.06 19:03 No_Addendum561 I need help deciding which car to buy...2010 Camry $7800 with 130,000 miles

We have a 2014 Chevy Malibu with 113,000 miles and it's beginning to have problems and I don't want to keep putting money into repairs as I think it has seen it's prime; I want something that will last. I had a 1999 Camry in the past and it was the best! I'm open to other Toyota's or Honda's, thought about the CRV or ACCORD too. I found this Camry last night but I'm wondering if the 2006-2011 Camry's were the ones to avoid because they burn oil? Maybe someone can help. I was hoping for a newer vehicle but this seems like a good deal and would likely last a long time without a lot of expensive repairs. My budget is $20,000 as I want to pay cash. There are only 2 of us, safety is important and I prefer a 4 cylinder for gas efficiency as we like to travel. Thanks
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