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Top 10 Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Baby Bathing Experience

2023.06.03 07:17 Babycloud20 Top 10 Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Baby Bathing Experience

Bathing a baby can be a special bonding time and an opportunity to keep them clean and comfortable. Here are some tips to make the bathing experience safe and enjoyable for both you and your baby:

Gather everything you need: Before starting the bath, make sure you have all the necessary supplies within reach. This includes a baby bathtub or a clean sink, mild baby soap and shampoo, a soft washcloth, a towel, a clean diaper, clean clothes, and any other items you may need.

Ensure a safe environment: Make sure the bathing area is warm, free from drafts, and secure. Keep the room temperature comfortably warm and close any windows or doors that may cause drafts. Place a non-slip mat or a towel at the bottom of the baby bathtub or sink to prevent slipping.

Fill the tub with warm water: Fill the baby bathtub or sink with a few inches of warm water. Test the water temperature using your elbow or the inside of your wrist to ensure it is comfortably warm, not too hot or cold.

Undress the baby: Gently undress your baby, leaving the diaper on until the end to prevent any accidents. Wrap your baby in a towel or blanket to keep them warm.

Support the baby's head: When placing your baby in the water, always support their head and neck with one hand. Use your other hand to support their back and bottom. Slowly lower your baby into the tub, keeping a firm grip at all times.

Use mild soap and shampoo: Use a small amount of mild baby soap and shampoo to clean your baby's body and hair. Be careful not to get any soap or water in their eyes. Use a soft washcloth to gently clean their skin, focusing on the folds and creases.

Rinse thoroughly: After washing, make sure to rinse your baby thoroughly with clean water. Use a cup or your hand to pour water gently over their body, avoiding their face.

Dry your baby gently: Lift your baby out of the water and immediately wrap them in a dry towel, covering their head to retain warmth. Pat them dry gently, paying attention to the folds and creases of the skin. Take extra care to dry the diaper area thoroughly.

Dress your baby comfortably: Once your baby is dry, put on a clean diaper and dress them in comfortable clothing. Use clothes that are easy to put on and take off, as this will make dressing your baby easier.

Never leave your baby unattended: Never leave your baby alone in the bath, even for a few seconds. If you need to step away, take your baby with you or have another responsible adult supervise them.

Remember, each baby is unique, so adapt these tips to suit your baby's needs and preferences. Bath time can be a soothing and enjoyable experience for both you and your little one.

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2023.06.03 07:17 Daniele86 makeup and Skin care lot with products Victoria Tarte

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2023.06.03 07:15 INHZ_Wolfy Cold Steel 2 Done!

(Disclaimer: Apologies if I forgot anything as this game was my longest playthrough of a Trails game to date, so I might have forgotten some details. Plus, I was playing Tears of the Kingdom in between. :D)
WOOOO! This game was an absolute treat! Just like the second game in the previous arcs, things started ramping up FAST, and they did an amazing job in this game. It wasn't that long ago that I played CS1, but the moment of reuniting with my classmates at the start of the game filled me with so much emotion and nostalgia. That first encounter in Celdic with Machias, Eliot, and Fie was very emotional but cute and I loved how Fie interacted with Rean. And then we meet Gaius, Alisa, and Millium. Can I just say, even though Alisa isn't my preferred pairing for Rean, their meeting was so adorable? Also, Gaius and Millium are amazing characters. I didn't care for them as much in CS1, but they really grew on me in CS2.
And then we meet some of my favorite characters, Laura and Emma. It's great to see Emma opening up more about herself. I always wanted to know more about her, and this game definitely delivered. Laura is my second favorite pairing for Rean and one of my favorite characters overall. I was extremely happy to see her, and boy, does she still pack a punch! The final member we meet is Jusis, and wow, he is such a strong-willed guy to have gone through all that he has. I loved the fight we had to convince him to join us again (sorry, Jusis, but I destroyed you :D), and then we faced McBurn and Duvalie!! Seeing Duvalie make a return made me so happy, and she is absolutely adorable, even though she probably wouldn't appreciate me saying that. As for McBurn, he was incredibly strong, and that's not even his peak performance. He has definitely become one of my favorite Enforcers, or just people in Ouroboros in general.
Before I continue, I just have to say how cool it is to be able to play as Toval, Elise, Claire, and Sharon. I love new characters so much, and I thoroughly enjoyed testing all of their skills and crafts. I used Sharon extensively from the moment I got her until she left, and I was genuinely sad when she left the group. Later on, we also get to play as Alfin and TOWAAAAAAA. If she doesn't become a mandatory member in CS3, I will cry.
Anyway, I won't go into too much detail about the whole game because if you're reading this, you've probably played through CS2 or maybe even the entire series. So, I'll share my closing thoughts now, or if you want more, I can reply to a comment with more of my thoughts on specific moments. Anyway, let's talk about the Divine Knight battles... They were interesting. I really enjoyed seeing Rean being overpowered with the Knights. I wish we had more customization options, but then again, they are divine knights. I doubt Valimar would be happy with me putting Fairy Wings on his back if I could.
The fights in the Infernal Castle dungeon were so cool! It was nice to see everyone come back to help Class 7 when the Big Boys got too strong. And holy shit, McBurn really lives up to his name. I'm very scared for when we'll have to fight him again one day. Now, the final battles. Fighting against Crow and Vita was honestly easier than I expected, probably because I used delay spam with Rean and Fie, but it was still an incredibly cool fight. I even went back and watched someone do it on Nightmare because it was such an awesome fight. The final Divine Knight moment with Crow, the one the whole game was building up to... Well, it really delivered. I expected a big moment, and I got it. Also, can I just say, fuck you, Duke Cayenne. He pissed me off so much. What a pathetic scum. I wished Vita had just killed him right then and there. And then we fight the Vermillion Knight with ALL of Class 7. Such a beautiful fight, and I loved using all my classmates. And then, for the final showdown, and I believe my favorite part of CS2, fighting with Crow in our Divine Knights. ALSO, ORDINE TALKED! That final battle with Crow was stunning, and I would play it a thousand times over, well until... Crow... :( And here come the tears. And then Rufus shows up?? And Lechter and Claire! And Rufus is part of the Ironbloods! And then Osborne reveals himself, and it turns out he's Rean's father??? My god... the emotions I felt in that last hour of gameplay, what the fuck, Falcom.
Just when you think the game couldn't get any crazier, then Divertissement hits. You don't understand how quickly my sadness disappeared, and I was filled with so much happiness seeing Lloyd and Rixia. What a wonderful and incredible little section with them. It's so cool to see them in 3D and hear them in English voices. I think I still prefer the Japanese voices for Lloyd and Rixia, but then again... Lloyd is good old Akechi from P5, so I'm now happy, haha. That final fight we had against Rean and Altina, you could just feel that Rean had lost all his happiness. He felt so empty with what he was doing. That line he uttered as Lloyd and Rixia ran away, about being jealous of them, was a real punch in the gut.
The Epilogue turned out to be much longer than I expected. I remember thinking, "When the hell is this going to end?" Not because I wanted the game to be over, but because I was amazed at how much content was still left to explore. Also, Thomas and Rosine... Wow, there were some signs that something was off with Thomas, but I never gave much thought to Rosine. That revelation caught me completely off guard, and it was quite scary to see Thomas behaving the way he did. However, it was also awesome in its own way. I have a deep appreciation for the Gralsritter, and I've enjoyed every member we've encountered so far who is a part of it. It's gotten to the point where my girlfriend and I even have an ongoing joke about Gaius being a Dominion due to his overwhelming love for the Church and the Goddess.
Moving on, I was genuinely pleased with the Final Dungeon. It was fascinating to witness the old schoolhouse transform into that, and being able to play as literally everyone who has appeared in the game so far, including Crow, Vita, Altina, Lloyd, and Rixia, was simply incredible. I feel like the final dungeon was designed for pure enjoyment because although the enemies were more challenging, they didn't pose a significant threat. Although I must admit, the final boss did manage to make me nervous a few times, but it was still an immensely satisfying battle.
Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better send-off for Class 7. I was teary-eyed throughout the entire ending, and that final picture you receive is now my wallpaper. :D This game has left a profound impact on me, and I would rank it as my third favorite Trails game, just behind Trails to Azure at number one and Trails in the Sky SC at number two. Now, onto the next game! I can't wait to see what else Falcom has in store for me.
P.S. I apologize for the lengthy text. It's unlikely that anyone will read this, but if you do, I simply wanted to share my thoughts with someone because I truly adore these games and don't have anyone else to rant to. Thank you. <3
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2023.06.03 07:01 jayhaynes [H] Shiny Mythicals, Legends Arceus shinies, Unredeemed shiny zeraora, HA Apriball Eggs, Hatched, and Gmax shinies [W] Paypal

Pokemon Legends Arceus shinies
Pokemon Go Shiny Mythicals
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Gen 8 event:
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Retail RNG'D Shinies - Available now on Crown Tundra DLC
GMAX Shinies $4
Also have Gen 8 Den Raid Shinies - Pic, Vid proof - $2
Game info:
Note: All of these shiny raid pokemon are legit and was won on queue giveaway and was hosted from exclusive discord servers and are not cloned since you can only join once, All of these raid den pokemon are spawned shiny using RNG by checking the "seed and the advancement which are checked by the discord bots" according to the discord host that hosted the raids.
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2023.06.03 06:59 Randomthoughts_666 What should I add in my skin care? I use vitamin E moisturizer, aloe Vera g, and vaseline (the red patches and flakey skin are from an auto immune disease)

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2023.06.03 06:53 black-knight-13 My Hero Academia: The Next Generation-Part 1

This is an idea I've had for a long time so I wanted to share it.
As you can probably guess from the title that this will be a story set in the near future of the current timeline, about 20 years or so after Midoriya and the others defeat Shigaraki and All for One. This story will focus on a new group of students all fighting for their own reasons and trying to become heroes.
My story will have one central character as its focus but will venture into the lives of every character I create. I plan to have the original heroes make several appearances but have the teachers be original heroes I create as well.
Now, each post I make from here on out will be one of the students that will be in my new class 1-A.
But first, a little background.
Story: Twenty years have passed since the defeat of the deadly League of Villains, Shigaraki, and the legendary All for One. The Heroes who faced these threats have now gone on to not only graduate from UA but have also become heroes in their own right. Midoriya Izuku, now known as the Pro Hero Deku, has accepted his legacy as the last holder of One for All and takes his mentor All Might's place as the new Number One Hero along with his friends becoming established heroes in their own right.
Deku found the love of his life in his wife Ochaco, Todoroki has taken over his father's agency, Bakugo stays alongside Deku as the Number two hero and even found a wife for himself, Iida has successfully fallen into his role as Ingenium, and the other members of Class 1-A, 1-B, the support group, and business classes have all become successful heroes.
Now it's a new day, a new year, and a new group of young hopefuls try their hardest at becoming the heroes of tomorrow. This is their story.
Class 1-A: Seat 1
Dante Kazama
Age: 16
Appearance: Dark brown skin, almond-shaped silver-gray eyes, black hair tied into cornrows, muscular build, black tattoos wrapping around his right arm and shoulder.
Clothing: Black jeans, short-sleeved dark blue shirt, black vest, dark brown boots, a blue and gold beaded necklace around his neck, and leather wristbands on both wrists.
Personality: Strong-willed, kind, supportive, loving, family-oriented, determined, dedicated, loyal, and smart.
Quirk: Windstorm. Dante's Quirk allows him to manipulate and generate intense silver wind around him in a variety of ways. Whenever he uses his Quirk the wind around him becomes silver and his eyes glow. Dante uses his Quirk in a number of ways, such as using it to levitate himself off the ground, ride the wind like a scooter, fire off blasts of condensed wind, summon blades of wind that can slice through concrete, and even levitate small objects into the air. When Dante concentrates, he can even shape his wind into different forms such as weapons and animals.
Quirk Drawbacks: Dante is only able to manipulate the wind in a certain vicinity around him and can only perform well when he has a constant stream of oxygen flowing into his body. If his airway is blocked in any way and he can't send oxygen throughout his body then his Quirk will be weaker. He is also weak to fire attacks.
Quirk Supermoves:
Cyclone Bow: Dante creates a silver bow in front of him along with various wind arrows trhat he uses to fire at different targets.
Cyclone Spear: Dante summons a long wind spear that he can either use for close combat or launch from a distance.
Blade Rain: Dante summons wind around him and shapes into several small blades that he rains down on his target.
Wild Wolf Windstorm: Dante creates an entire pack of wolves around him that he can uses to attack or track.
Falcon Tornado: Dante creates numerous falcons out of wind that he uses to circle and entrap his target before dive bombing them.
Howling Wind Dragon: Dante creates an Asian Lung Dragon and has it circle around him before he launches it at his target.
Hero Name: The Silver Wind Hero: Fujin
Hero Costume: Dark green pants trimmed with silver, wind-like designs, black boots that have vents on the bottom which aid Dante in his mobility, short-sleeved black and dark green shirt with the image of a face-up tornado over his chest, a sleevless black and silver hoodie, silver forearm protectors, black fingerless gloves, silver belt holding up black and green waist armor, green eye mask, and a set of wind bearers he holds on his waist which help Dante focus and harden the wind around him so he can create wind weapons a lot easier.
Background: Dante and his family moved to Musutafu to get away from a toxic enviornment they were surrounded in back in their home town in Louisiana. After they moved to the country, Dante's parents opened up a small cafe with a conbini attached to it. It wasn't a luxurious life by any means but Dante and his family lived happily and safely, away from the hardships and dangers they were surrounded by back in the States. One day during a typical night for the family, a group of robbers broek into the conbini and held Dante's mother at gunpoint. Just as they were about to do something horrendous to the woman, Dante sprung into action and took the robbers down. After seeing the kinds of danger that the people he cares about could be in, even in a new country, Dante began to train to become a hero. Following after the great heroes that saved the country twenty years ago, Dante plans to become just like them and save others that need it.
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2023.06.03 06:47 OnMyLove27 Two weeks ago I had the most eggs ever for me incubating at once (21!)

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2023.06.03 06:44 Daniele86 New Listing12L Makeup Fridge Cosmetic Skin Care Mini Beauty Refrigerator Portable Cooler US

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2023.06.03 06:40 stylosalon1 Enhance Your Natural Beauty: Trust the Skill and Artistry of the Makeup Artist in Udaipur

Enhance Your Natural Beauty: Trust the Skill and Artistry of the Makeup Artist in Udaipur
In the enchanting city of Udaipur, where tradition and beauty intertwine, there is a place where artistry and skill combine to enhance your natural beauty. Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio is the go-to destination for those seeking a transformative and personalized makeup experience. With a team of talented makeup artists who are passionate about their craft, Stylo Salon has established itself as the premier makeup destination in Udaipur.
At Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio, they understand that makeup is not about masking your features but highlighting your unique beauty. Their makeup artists have honed their skills and expertise to create looks that enhance your natural features and make you feel confident and radiant. Whether you're attending a special event, a wedding, or simply want to treat yourself to a glamorous makeover, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon will work closely with you to understand your preferences and create a look that reflects your personality.
One of the key principles at Stylo Salon is the use of high-quality products. They partner with renowned makeup brands that are known for their excellence in the industry. These products, combined with the artistry and skill of the makeup artists, ensure that you receive a flawless and long-lasting makeup application. From foundation to eyeshadow, from lipstick to highlighter, every product used at Stylo Salon is carefully selected to enhance your natural beauty and deliver exceptional results.
What sets Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio apart is their commitment to personalized service. The makeup artists take the time to understand your unique features, skin tone, and style preferences. They consider factors such as the occasion, lighting, and your desired look to create a customized makeup application that complements your individuality. Whether you prefer a natural and subtle look or a bold and glamorous transformation, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon will deliver results that exceed your expectations.
In addition to their expertise in makeup application, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon also possess a deep knowledge of skincare. They understand that a flawless makeup application starts with a healthy canvas. Prior to applying makeup, they assess your skin and provide recommendations for skincare routines and products that can enhance your natural beauty. This holistic approach ensures that your skin looks radiant and glowing, even before makeup is applied.
At Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio, they believe that makeup is not just a cosmetic application but an art form. Their makeup artists are constantly updating their skills and staying ahead of the latest trends and techniques. They attend workshops, masterclasses, and industry events to enhance their expertise and offer their clients the most current and innovative makeup looks.
Apart from their skill and artistry, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon are known for their professionalism and attention to detail. They understand the importance of your special occasions and work diligently to create a seamless and stress-free experience. Their friendly and welcoming nature will put you at ease, allowing you to relax and enjoy the transformation process.
Whether you're a bride-to-be looking for the perfect wedding makeup, a professional attending a corporate event, or someone who simply wants to enhance their natural beauty, Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio is the ultimate destination for Makeup Artist in Udaipur. With their commitment to enhancing your natural beauty and their dedication to personalized service, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon will help you look and feel your best.
So, if you're in Udaipur and want to enhance your natural beauty, trust the skill and artistry of the makeup artists at Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio. Step into their world of beauty and experience a makeup journey like no other. Elevate your style, boost your confidence, and unleash your true beauty with Stylo Salon.
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2023.06.03 06:39 Drenarka Is there any good looking armor sets you can obtain by just playing ?

I know most people don't care about cosmetics but I've always enjoyed in video games to start with a character that looks very basic and then as I progress and get higher and higher levels, have my character start looking really cool with beautiful armor sets
But since there is a cosmetic shop, it usually means all the free armors you can get by just playing all look very generic and boring, because they want to create a reason to make the player spend money on cosmetics and they keep all the best looking armors for the shop, usually when a game has a cosmetic shop they don't give beautiful armors for free otherwise there wouldn't be any reason to buy cosmetics, that's my experience with games where they sell armor skins
And i was wondering how is it in this game in particular ? I think I'm going to play barbarian, is there any beautiful sets you can get by just playing ? Is there a website where I can see what all the sets in the game look like ?
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2023.06.03 06:14 Daniele86 ATOMY Skin Care System THE FAME Set Toner Cream Essence Lotion - Fedex Tracking

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2023.06.03 06:05 My-Witty-Username I heard this was the group to ask for advice

I heard this was the group to ask for advice
Can anyone recommend a product? I’m looking for something i can use. My skin type is flesh and my budget is money. Pic so this doesn’t get lost.
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2023.06.03 05:44 TheGodlessPotato I don't like houseguests and yet I over-accommodate them WTF?

This makes absolutely no sense to me, and yet I've been this way for as long as I've been old enough to live on my own. I do NOT like having people over. But unfortunately exceptions need to be made. My Dad only vists once every few years, but my husband's parents like to visit as often as 3 times a year. It may not sound like much, but one visit a year from anyone is one visit too many.
I cannot emphasize enough how difficult it is having my mother-in-law here. She's actually a very nice woman and a great person overall. But she loooooves small talk. She's the small talk champion. And it's always about people in their family that I've never met nor even heard of. To me, this is the most egregious form of small talk a person can subject another human being to. Nothing disinterests me more than listening to stories about people I don't know doing things that I don't care about.
Oh, and when I respond to her, she finishes my sentences. Every. Single. Time.
She eats cereal every morning and I have to be out of ear shot because the sound of the metal spoon clanking against the bowl, over and over again, makes me want to scream. And for some reason it annoys me that she only eats half a banana in one sitting, so she places the other half with the skin on in the fridge. I have no idea why it bothers me so much. It doesn't make sense.
The vast majority of the time they are here, I hide in my room. And yet, I'm still "bound" by this weird compulsion I have to be overly accommodating to guests. I insist on cooking dinner every night. I don't even do this for myself! I want them to be entertained, so I offer to put the TV on for them. The guest room has fresh towels in three different sizes, all made from quality cotton. Towels and sheets for guests are never used for any other purpose so that they remain in pristine condition. I need to know every morning how they slept, and if they were too hot or too cold. If they were, I'll offer to change the bedding to something more accommodating. Or adjust the thermostat. Before they arrive I make sure the fridge and pantry have the food they like to eat. And fresh water is always in their room.
The fact that I do these things confuses me. Because in theory I should make the stay really unappealing so that they're not encouraged to come back lol. The only thing I can think of is maybe it's a subconscious attempt to avoid being in demand and/or interrupted? Like, maybe if I give them everything they could possibly need in advance then they can be self-sufficient? I don't know. I can't make sense of it.
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2023.06.03 05:41 deathizpeace I look like a 40 year old with 5 kids that hasn’t slept or showered for a month

I’m less than half that age. It’s over for me, I’ve looked 40 since I was like 14, but I’m pretty sure my looks might even be in the late fourties’, dude,all I want is to look NORMAL idgaf about super attractiveness ild fucking kill someone to look like the average girl posting on amiugly. It’s funny cuz now even average people are being called ugly, ITS 0VER for me. People are actually scared of me now, they don’t even care about mocking me they just want to get away as soon as possible, like I’m a fucking monster.
Anyone else have a baby face + features that make you look 40 at the same time? It’s the worst shit because it makes you look insanely gross. It’s like a 12 year old little girl with wrinkly 50 year old skin and features, its fucking weird. Ild rather have a mature face and look old than have a baby face and look old.
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2023.06.03 05:33 Seamoose_Art NoP 2177: Blind [7]

Credit for the original story goes to u/spacepaladin15.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
Memory transcript subject: Sasha Everett, ex-UN noncombatant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: Upper layer of City 23, Venlil Prime
“I’m going, I’m going! Gojids aren’t— khh-aah! — exactly limber in their older years, Sasha! Right, I don’t see anyone in this hallway either, you can come in.”
Sasha clambered through the window after her talkative gray-quilled friend, slipping through with significantly less effort despite her larger frame. The Rising Star was laughably unsecure; windows were unlocked and at chest height, with no alarm system to speak of. The hotel was in some sort of lockdown due to the exterminator presence, all residents and staff hiding behind locked doors. It would be an issue if their target was stowed in a room, but at least the halls were empty. All that left for security was the exterminators gathered at the entrance, and—

“Get back!”
An extended claw stopped her from tripping straight into an intersection, as Burai forced her back into the hallway. “There’s cameras here, they’ll spot you!”
“Haven’t they already seen you? You’re standing right in their view.”
“No, they… I mean, yes, but nobody’ll care about a Gojid in the halls. To a surveillance AI scanning a spaceport hotel, that’s business as usual. But as soon as a human steps out here, security will be notified about a ‘potential predation incident’. Just stay there, and let me… let… w-what?”
“Burai? What’s going on?”
Burai was staring down the hall, eyes rapidly flitting to focus on something which she couldn’t see from her view in the adjacent hall. His jaw was entirely slack for several seconds before he managed to collect himself.
“The, uh… cameras. The cameras are shut down. All of them, they’re staring at the ground and their lights are out. I think you can come out now.”
They had little time to spare, and hesitation would only hurt their chances. She paced out into the corridor alongside Burai, casting a glance down both ways. It was as he’d said; every camera was unlit and staring loosely at the floor. Likely Trish’s doing. No way to tell if (or when) they’d reactivate, so they had to get moving. Burai apparently thought the same, though his relatively stubby legs meant his sprint was about level with her stride.
As they moved through the hall at slightly less than record pace, Sasha began taking in her surroundings. It could be useful to memorize if they had to leave the way they came, so she absorbed every detail she could as they ran like hell/jogged with mild exertion. Orange walls, painted in a stepped gradient from burnt orange to a light cream. A fascinating choice for a world where the native species had orange-colored blood, but apparently they couldn’t be bothered to pretend that prey should be scared of anything bearing the color of their blood anymore. She had to admit, it was a welcome change.
Lining the walls were an assortment of mounted displays. Arranged in a pattern which looked random but was carefully considered for visual balance, they showed an assortment of artwork from every species. She even thought she recognized a few human paintings, mixed alongside the rest of the dizzying collage.
Maybe she had, but it was hard to say for sure. She didn’t have time to get a good look before every panel suddenly went dark at once, with nothing in the way of warning or fanfare. For a brief instant, the hall was filled with rows of ominous black rectangles, before two white lines of text appeared on each and every one:


The panels switched back to their previous display of artwork almost too quickly to read the message. Sasha was left briefly wondering if she was simply hallucinating from the stress, but Burai’s once-again slack jaw dispelled that notion. He looked up at her, trying to say something but failing for lack of breath.
They were on floor zero. The elevators were disabled due to the lockdown, and the stairs were arranged in such a way that one needed to cross around half the building to get to the next one up (whoever was in charge of planning apparently didn’t consider fire a real issue). If they were to make it upstairs before the exterminators caught up with them, they couldn’t be constrained by Burai’s sluggish pace.
In one beautiful fluid motion, she tore off her jacket, wrapped it around Burai, and picked him up. The thick flame-resistant plastic fiber made for an excellent barrier against his spikes, shielding her from a moderately painful and very embarrassing impalement. Burai squeaked in shock, but didn’t protest; they both knew that he couldn’t keep up with an endurance hunter’s jog. Without even the bare imitation of caution, she tore off towards the stairs with Burai in tow. They couldn’t afford to lose time playing at caution when their target was three floors above them through a bizarrely labyrinthian series of stairs.

They’d hardly made it halfway through the second floor when their progress was rather rudely interrupted. A small contingent of exterminators milled about the entrance to the stairwell, too engrossed in conversation to notice the couple of interlopers rapidly skid to a stop and duck behind an archway.
In the reflection of an unpowered screen near the door, Sasha and Burai watched the exterminators from a ‘safe’ distance. The majority of them broke away to rush down another corridor, leaving only two at the stairs: a Venlil and Harchen, judging by their frames. Snippets of their conversation drifted down the empty hall, intermittently cut out by the screeching sound of a broken automatic door repeatedly trying and failing to close.
“—on the first floor, either. You sure they—”
“—way. It has to be here somewhere. ‘Course, Yawi—”
“—d never! You know, that human can’t tell the di—”
On the next screech, Burai made his move. With the noise of the door covering the sound of his approach, he managed to get within meters of the exterminators undetected. At the last second before they noticed his presence, he moved around to make it look like he’d come from another hallway. Then, he drew a breath.
“H-Help! Help me!”
The two wheeled around, flamethrowers already primed before they spotted their assailant. Gojid were generally less than respected owing to their nature as cured predators, but an old man screaming for help didn’t exactly spark fear. Their weapons lowered, and the Venlil flicked a tail in friendly greeting. The Harchen seemed less amused.
“What are you doing outside of your room, Gojid? The hotel’s on lockdown. We’ve gotten notice of a bio—”
“No, no, please don’t make me g-go back there! There’s a… a h-h…”
“A human in your room? Mind telling us what you were doing staying with one?”
“I heard… I heard crying on the outside of the door, so I let him in… I didn’t realize it was…”
The Venlil put a gentle paw over the shaking Gojid. “I understand. Don’t worry, its deception dies with us. You’re safe. Can you tell us what room it’s in now?”
“F-four.. nineteen.”
“I see. Kyura, go check out room 419. I’ll stay here and—”
“Wait! It’s got a… a…”
Burai didn’t finish, choosing to let himself devolve into another bout of feigned fear. In the absence of details, the two would imagine the human to be armed with whatever scared them most. His bet paid off; the Venlil rose to her feet and rushed after the Harchen with her weapon aimed slightly upward at what would be a human’s center mass.
He let his act continue for a few more seconds, apparently waiting until he was certain they wouldn’t double back before scrambling for the stairs. By the time he made his way up to the third floor, she was already beside him and panting slightly.
“What… was that?”
“Improv. You should try it sometime! Anyway, I don’t think we have much time before those idiots realize there’s no room 419 on this floor, so we’re really on the clock. You see what we’re looking for anywhere?”
Sasha kept breathing hard as she scanned the room, before wordlessly rushing off next to a window overlooking a side alley which connected to the one the rest of their their group was perched on. Underneath, a backpack emblazoned with the UN’s logo was stuffed haphazardly next to a vending machine. Apparently, it had been tossed there in a rush as the building was put under lockdown, rather than carefully hidden. She picked it up, looked it over, and nodded at Burai.
“Great. Although…” He looked around the room a few times before returning his attention back to her.
“...unless there’s a parachute in there, I’m not sure it matters much. The lower floors are crawling with exterminators. I don’t see any obvious exits, and I really don’t favor our odds for a 3-story fall. Sasha?”
“Burai, get over here.”
Burai sauntered over as fast as his legs would carry him. She gestured at the window with her head.
“...You can’t be serious.”
“I am. There’s a dumpster below us, we passed it earlier. Filled with fabric, probably a load of blankets they threw out. You’ll be fine. Just cover your head and land feetfirst.”
“Sasha, I think I’d rather burn— AHCK!—”
With Burai in one arm and the backpack in the other, Sasha kicked out the window screen and jumped before she could stop to regret the decision.

The brunt of the pain stabbed her side, as a couple of Burai’s spines slipped past her unzipped jacket to jab themselves in her torso. Aside from that minor embarrassing oversight, she was unharmed. Her complete lack of training was handily circumvented by sheer dumb luck and the merciful softness of discarded hotel bedding. By the time she reoriented herself, Burai was already dragging her out of the dumpster. Bedsheets clung to his spikes, but aside from his pride, he too seemed unharmed.
Another hand, or rather bandaged paw, pulled her to her feet. Tressa encircled her like a short fluffy snake, apparently checking for injuries. Satisfied after two coils, he switched to watching their flank as the rest of them regrouped and recuperated. James was helping Burai pick fabric from his spines. Trish eyed the backpack, before turning her attention to the spot of red at her side.
“Sasha, can you move?”
“Yes. It’s just a skin wound, I’ll be fine. Is Beast all set to go?”
James’ muffled voice rang out from behind her. “Practically raring, last I checked! And a good thing too, because we’re skipping town immediately. Don’t have any time for the usual runaround, not with all this unwanted attention.”
As they closed in on the main street, Sasha zipped up her jacket to cover the wound and slung the backpack over a shoulder. She tried to act normal and casual, though the most she could realistically manage in that regard was to cover any limp from the pain in her torso. The rest of them slipped into their rehearsed roles, immediately cutting any discussion about the situation in favor of meaningless small talk which nobody could take notice of. Hopefully, their acting would be enough to cover for her lack thereof.
The street was awash with people, a viscous fluid of bodies pulling every which way. The lively roar of activity would be enough to cover their tracks as they made their way back to Beast, even if the exterminators realized they had a runaway. Still, time worked against them. The sooner they could get going, the better.

Memory transcript subject: Kelsen, Venlil extermination officer
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: City 23, Venlil Prime
Kelsen watched through the screen of a digital scope as the ragtag group of predators and predator diseased piled into their little barely-functional van, practically crushing each other for lack of space. Once they were packed in shoulder-to-shoulder like cattle, the pathetic thing sputtered to life and limped out into the street.
They must’ve assumed the van was untraceable owing to its advanced age. It was true that automated systems wouldn’t cooperate, but a tracker planted on the underside would have no issues. Their retreat would lead the law straight back to their den.
Well... OK, so maybe the law could wait a moment. Official practice dictated that anything “contaminated” by predators be burned without delay, but he just couldn’t have that. Since the idiotic Federation-wide ban on near-sentient surveillance AI a couple years ago, their leads on predator subversives were running thinner by the day. A raid could gather invaluable intel.
He already had a squad lined up, with body armor instead of hazard suits and kinetic weapons instead of flamethrowers. He’d even rallied up an investigator, a successfully reeducated human who hunted information rather than helpless prey. It would be such a shame to let all that go to waste and simply burn their hideout to ash; that could always come later. Besides, he’d put far too much effort into tracking this group to simply pour some napalm and call it a day.
His little raid would have to operate outside the law to get results. That hadn’t been an issue to arrange, of course, but it meant that if things went south they wouldn’t get any backup. He couldn’t afford to be hasty about this.
But he couldn’t afford to be passive, either. The facial recognition software they’d used to ID and track the Gojid was already skirting the law; their raiding party was actively flaunting it. Kelsen couldn’t let his noble work fall victim to the chains of bureaucracy.
If he wanted to get away with this, he’d have to do it tonight.
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I am from a European country, with black hair, white skin, blue eyes, medium build and 5.8 feet tall.
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I want to spend more time enjoying life and spending time with the people I love.
So I'm looking for a fun soul to do something fun here.
What I would love to do is to travel around the world with you, explore more of our unknown world and broaden our horizons.
If you also like to travel and want to enrich your life, feel free to private message me!
I hope you are over 35, because I think older people know more about understanding and taking care of people.
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First refill help?
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I added the metal gone already, tub is almost full and still cold. Scale prevent I use each week....or wait is that the spa shock Xtra?
I tried googling but just got more confused. Sorry.
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Also drop some must have tools and things I might not be thinking of that I will need.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 05:04 Username01007 Nightmares: A Darktide Inspired Short Story

Candorick woke to the sounds of shells blasting above the underground barracks. The sounds had sent shutters throughout the massive room, knocking over anything that wasn’t bolted to the cold steel floor, from lasguns to prayer books, and even a few soldiers who slept too far on the edge of the bed. He stared across the room to the clock that now hung slightly crooked. It was about time to wake up anyways. He swung his legs around planting them on the floor. He then reached his arm around to the bed above him.
“Merok” he said, tapping his bunkmate's shoulder, “Time to wake up”.
“Five more minutes…” Merok groaned.
“Well I’m looking at the clock and you don’t have time to get your ‘five more minutes’ and not make the commissar angry” Candorick replied, now lightly shoving him to wake up.
“Fine, fine. I’ll get up, because apparently getting some karking sleep on this planet is illegal'' Merok replied begrudgingly.
Candorick threw Merok’s boots up top, their weight requiring both hands to lift them up, then promptly putting his clothes on and fully getting out of bed, meanwhile Merok was still fumbling around, trying to get his shirt on.
The entire barracks was awake by now, and the regular hustle and bustle of the base hummed to life.
As he walked along his route to exit the base for his post on the inner walls, he heard an announcement from the shoddy intercom system, “Will Corporal Candorick Lyels please report to Commander Lorals office immediately?”.
As soon as that information came on the intercom, a sense of immense fear ran through his spine. Candorick had heard stories of soldiers sent to a higher ups office only to come out in a body bag, and he did not want to be one of them. Even then, it was to go to his office or not go to his office and be executed on the spot, and maybe being killed by a commander would net him more fame in death.
So he walked towards the Commander's office, fear engulfing his body. As he saw the door, Merok sprinted towards him.
“CANDORICK! CANDORICK!” he shouted. “I ran here as soon as I heard the announcement!” “Are you sure you want to go in there? You know that people like us rarely come out of there alive right?”
“You and I both know I have no choice. So I’ll take my chances…” Candorick said as he opened the door to the commander's office.
Inside the well lit room, three people stood, one was of course, commander Lorals, behind him stood his faithful commissar. But another man who he had never seen before was also there. He wore gilded clothes, and was full of cybernetic implants, not enough to look like a Mechanicus upon close inspection, but from a distance it could appear so. Looking at them it appeared that most of these implants were there mainly to extend his lifespan. He clearly had wealth and lavished in the luxuries he had been given.
The rich man, looking at Candorick with a face of disgust, said, pompously, “Is this really my escort? He looks like he couldn’t even kill a single heretic.”
Commander Lorals replied in a calm tone, “He is actually one of our best soldiers. Before being assigned to defend this base, he racked up a kill count in the hundreds''.
“Well, he certainly doesn’t look the part, '' the rich man whispered under his breath.
The commander then turned to Candorick. “We have a new mission for you. This is Sir Retir Kurople and he wants to get off this planet. He is quite an old fellow and fears he might be in danger for assassination on his trip off Cadia, so he requested help from the guard, and since he is a frequent donator and owns the manufacturing company that produced the gun slung around your shoulder right now, we felt obliged to fulfill his request. You have been assigned his caretaker, and I trust that you will take care of him on his journey off Cadia.”
“Wait, does that mean I’m coming with him off planet?” Candorick replied in a panicked state.
“Yes, yes it does” the rich man says in a superior tone.
“Quite down! I am the one giving the orders!” The commander said as he pushed the rich man aside.
“You can’t be doing this to me! We’ve been holding off the heretics for four approaching five years now, and I have diligently been serving every step of the way. And now you want to send me off just as we…” Candorick trails off as he sees the commissar grip his hand across his laspistol.
“I am doing this to you, and you will do it, whether you like it or not.” the commander replies, “Let’s not keep the man waiting for us to be overrun, he requested we leave as soon as we could, and you can leave right now, right?”.
“Yes, sir” Candorick replies begrudgingly as he salutes the commander.
He walks out the door, and sees Merok still waiting outside his door, he is clearly on the verge of tears on the bench beside the office.
“Aren’t you supposed to be at your post?” Candorick says.
“You're alive!” Merok replies, relieved, he runs up to hug him.
“They’re sending me off-world to escort a noble to a new home” Candorick says, depressingly.
“I’ll take that my friend, I’ll take that” Merok says, tightening his hug on Candorick.
“At least I don’t have to mourn you.” Merok responds, still acting relieved of his friend's continual existence.
“I might never be able to see you again. And to think after all these years, I was JUST starting to stand you” Candorick says, chuckling. They share a laugh, and one final goodbye, as they part ways in the poorly lit hallway Merok yells out.
“You think I’ll ever see you again Candorick?”
“Hopefully, my friend. Hopefully”
The rich man then promptly exits the office, clapping his hands, then saying “let’s move brute.”
“I am not a brute” Candorick says back, angrily.
“You are as long as you choose to follow your orders. And surely you’ll follow orders…” the rich man turns his head towards Candorick, inquisitively. “Now let’s move.”
Candorick slings his lasgun across his shoulder as he speedwalks to catch up to the man, who clearly is in a rush to get out of this place.
The trip was rather uneventful. Obviously, the evacuation ships were a reasonable distance from the frontline, as to minimize civilian casualties from heretic bombardment. But a fair distance from any frontline was pretty hard to find since the beginning of the siege, and even once the ship came into sight, the screams of guardsmen and heretics could still be heard all around him.
To Candorick, the screams were nothing, it was nothing extremely special, the sounds of war had been tuned out in his mind. Those who let the sounds dig under their skin were normally the ones to go first. However, the rich man seemed more affected by it, he looked almost sick.
A line as long as the eye could see sat at the entrance to the ship. The line consisted mostly of the elderly and the young children, all looking malnourished and wearing ragged clothes. Everyone else had been drafted into the fighting. The sounds of babies crying and even some of the elderly crying echoed throughout the docking bay, and it was clear a sad aroma wafted itself throughout the dark metal building.
“Final call for epsilon class passengers. All epsilon class passengers please report to the gate for priority entry onto passenger ship 9-8-B Alpha.” A PA system echoed throughout the room.
“Oh that’s me! Candorick, will you please escort me through these peasants blocking my way?” The rich man said, ushering Candorick in front of him.
“Understood.” Candorick said begrudgingly, shoving his way through the crowd as the rich man waddled behind him.
As Candorick shoves the massive crowd, he hears an argument happening ahead. An older couple stood at the gate, arguing with the soldier checking the passengers' information.
“You can’t do this!” The old man says. “My family has served the imperium for a thousand years and now you reward us with this! You should be ashamed of yourself!”
“I’m sorry, but you don’t have clearance to get on this ship. Next passenger please!” The soldier at the gate said.
“No you don’t!” The older man says, trying to grapple the guard behind the table.
“Stop Gerald! You’re scaring the grandchildren!” The older woman says, moving her hand to hide a group of 5 or 6 small children behind her. “I already lost my daughter, I can’t lose you.”
The older man looks back at what appears to be his wife. Stopping his attempt at grappling the guard. “I’m sorry my darling I…” He stops as Candorick shoves him to the side.
“I’ve got an Epsilon class passenger ready to board the ship,” Candorick says, the rich man waddling in front of him.
“Credentials?” The gate guard says.
“Oh yes, I’ve got it right here.” The rich man says as he fumbles through his pockets, pulling out a small chip, and handing it to the guard.
“Sir Retir the Third of House Kurople and one soldier escort, check. Ok, you are clear to go.” The guard says, pressing a button on the massive panel in front of him, causing the small door letting them into the ship's entryway to open. “Your quarters are on deck A subsection C, have a nice trip.”
Candorick begins to step onto the ship closely followed by the rich man. As the door begins to close, the guard at the gate yells out to the crowd. “Ok that’s it for today, everybody clear out…” the voice stops as the door clamps shut.
Candorick looks back around for the rich man. He spots him already climbing up the stairs to the upper decks. Candorick sprints to catch up with him.
“No, no, no you’re not coming up here with me. It’s meant for your betters, not you, you brute! Stay on this level, make yourself useful.” The old man says as he closes the door to the stairwell.
Candorick looks around. He looks at a map of the ship. “Deck C subsection A” he sees on the metal sign plastered above the hallway. He heads down the closest hallway, the eerie silence of the ship, allowing for him to hear the creaks of the waning ship.
As he approaches the end of the hallway, he begins to hear the sounds of talking again. Above the end of the hallway reads a sign saying “Lower-Class Common Area”.
The room is a large rectangular area, filled with round, metal tables and chairs. Around each chair sits various groups of people, from what appears to be gangsters to poor families, all happy they got on the ship at all. Along the left side of the room rests several glass panels that would show space, if they were off the ground, but for now all they show is the cold, steel walls of the side of the hangar. Pipes run throughout the room, and while not cramped for space, the sheer amount of people in here clearly show this room was not meant to be filled to this capacity.
Candorick spots an empty spot on the wall and pushes through the crowd to sit along the wall, sitting down and leaning on one of the large pipes sticking out of the wall.
“Karking upper-spiremen, always think they’re better than everyone else, sent me down here even though he could clearly let me up there…”
After a long day of walking to the hangar and being worried about his imminent doom, fatigue had gripped Candorick, and he fell asleep lying on the uncomfortable, hard pipe.
He woke up to the sounds of screams of terror. He opened his eyes groggily, and saw that everyone was crowding around the glass to the outside. He used his strength to shove through the crowd, and got a clear view of what was going on.
In front of him lay Cadia, but something was wrong. Besides the massive battles that even from this distance could be seen, a massive structure was falling from orbit. It had been the massive fortress that the heretic forces had placed in orbit at the beginning of the siege. It was rapidly hurdling itself towards the surface, and was crashing itself down like a massive artificial meteor onto the planet's surface.
He watched as the fortress collided with the Cadian soil.
It was as if the world was a piece of paper, that had been lit aflame. The entire world turned orange as the fortress disappeared and instead became the source of a massive wave of fire that had soon engulfed the planet. Entire chunks of the planet tore themselves from the core. He could see the rays of light from the constant torrent of lasgun fire on the planet stop one by one, as the planet was turned into debris.
Merok, his family, his heritage, his homeland. All destroyed in the blink of an eye. Before he could process what had just happened, a voice sounded from behind him.
“This is all your fault.”
Candorick looked around, seeing a small child with an ear to ear smile, staring at him, blankly.
“You should have died with them,” another voice said from his side, coming from a man staring at him with the same look as the girl.
“It was your duty to serve with your fellow soldiers until the end, and you didn’t.” An elderly woman says in a monotone voice, staring at him as well with that same, creepy smile.
“What? What’s happening?” Candorick says as he looks around him.
Soon the entire crowd is staring at him. “You ran away…” they say in unison, as they all slowly walk towards Candorick, arms outstretched.
“No! No! Stay away! All of you!” Candorick says as they begin to grapple him, him trying to frantically push them off.
They surround him and pin him to the ground. “STOP IT GET OFF!” He screams as they begin to tear into his flesh. He lets out a primal scream as he wakes up, launching his head forward into the steel bed frame of the bunk above him. It makes a loud clanging sound as Candorick crumples back into his bed, rubbing his forehead, now in serious pain.
He looks around the massive bunk room in the Mourningstar. Everyone is fast asleep, resting up for their next assignment. The dark, damp room is mostly silent, except for the distant snores of the Ogryns (which have their own barracks apart from the baseline humans due to their bigger frame).
“Something troubles you, associate” the voice from above the top bunk says. “You’ve been tossing and turning all night.”
“None of your business, Keating.” Candorick replies.
“No need to worry, I already know what you were dreaming about.” Keating says.
“You were reading my karking mind again, witch! How many times have I told you to keep your freakish powers to yourself!” Candorick says, angrily.
“I don’t really have a choice in the matter. Your dreams are so strong that I can barely get any sleep around you.” Keating replies.
“Makes me wonder why they placed a witch above me! Maybe it would do both of us better if you slept somewhere else!” Candorick once again responds.
“You know we don’t have a choice, roughneck. We are assigned beds and you don’t move until you die, simple as that.” Keating states. “You know, if you ever need help, you can always ask. Might even be doing myself a…”
“I don’t need your help witch! I’m perfectly fine on my own. I don’t need you messing with my head to fix something that isn’t there.” Candorick says angrily at Keating.
“I beg to differ…” Keating says
“Be quiet witch! I need to be ready for tomorrow's assignment.” Candorick says.
“Have it your way.” Keating replies as both of them drift off, once again, into sleep.
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