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2023.06.05 13:06 Bart_OHemlock TGC of JK’s North, HELP

So I’m working on downloading “The Great Cities of JK’s North - Patch” collection.
I’m also using Lux set up.
All the holds seem good say for Winterhold and Falkreath. I just managed to get Winterhold stabilized, I believe, but can’t seem to figure out Falkreath. No matter what patch or Lux plug-in I throw at it I have floating lanterns throw out the hood and partial floating invisible house in the middle of hold.
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2023.06.05 13:06 isamell68 fdss

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2023.06.05 13:06 Hydrone0612 Gay online persona

I(20m) have been using a second Instagram account in which i have been portraying myself as a effeminate gay guy who crossdresses. I ended becoming friend with a girl(26F) and she now treats me like her younger sister, its so emasculating as i made the account just for the kinks as i do not have the resources to crossdress in real life, but she thinks that i almost live the whole day dressed up like a girl. We have been speaking with each other on call and she has also ended up inviting me to her house. What should i be doing now??
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2023.06.05 13:06 Ok_Letterhead_2918 The girl next door is being abused. Do I call the police?

I 19m can’t lie I’ve heard too much shit from that house next door to me and at this point I feel like the scum of the earth for not reporting this. He’s 40+ and I know she’s in her late twenties.
Few months ago a little awkward moment happened where the boyfriend thought I was someone else cause he was high as shit, then his girlfriend came down and he picked her up and flung her into a car door. Saying shit like “I told you he was my fucking neighbour you stupid (b word) don’t disrespect me”. He went back in and I picked her up and asked if she’s alright, she laughed with tears in her eyes and said she’s good and he’s always like this.
A few days ago, I was at home, their window was open and I heard her scream and cry, you hit me again I can’t believe you, he told her to shut the fuck up. She went out of her house into a small alley way. She curled up into a ball and just stayed like that for an hour and half. I know because an hour after the incident I went to the store and saw her there while walking past. When I came back she was in the same position.
I feel soo bad for her, she looks like she lacks a family and because of that she has no option but to stay with him. I see her sometimes picking up weed. I give her a little smile and she smiles back but with hurt in her eyes like she bout to cry.
If I call the police will that make him beat her more? Honestly that’s the reason I ain’t called them yet just in case she get fucked up even worse.
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2023.06.05 13:05 isamell68 uy

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2023.06.05 13:05 PointlessSemicircle Floor to ceiling cat tree advice

Hi all!
We recently bought our second large cat tree for our cat as he’d lost interest in his other cat tree by the window - this original one being the kind that are akin to a “cat condo” with the padded cushion ledges and boxes and the new one being floor to ceiling and more of a climbing scratcher tree hybrid.
I wanted to get him this mainly as he’s a climber (he’s tried to climb our wall brickwork before) and while he has multiple flat and vertical scratchers, because he’s a big cat (Ragdoll - Persian mix) we struggled to get a decent scratcher that he could stand up to use without it being too small or toppling due to not being totally secure or heavy enough.
The issue we have is that while he can get up this new tree, he struggles to get down from the higher ledges. We’ve placed it by our kitchen area so he can use the side of the counter away from the food prep area and cookers (which he would use anyway as he’s a velcro cat and likes to watch when meals are being cooked or sniff the grocery bags when shopping is brought home) but this only really works for the mid level shelf on the tree.
I wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas of what we can use to help him get down from the highest shelf. I would usually go down the route of adding cat shelves to the wall next to the tree - which is the obvious option and something I’d love to do - but we’re renting so can’t really damage the walls. We could move the tree, but we have higher ceilings in the same room so the tree wouldn’t be as secure and there would still be the same issue with getting down :(
Cat tax & scratcher pic included! Please excuse his derpy expression, I got him mid blink! Cat Tax
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2023.06.05 13:05 Genderless_freak06 keep having dreams of my ex apologizing...?

context: irl my now ex broke up with me cause he wanted to convert to islam and couldnt do that while dating me, a couple days later i found out he cheated on me a month b4. he knew i was hurt by this cause i screamed at him for it and he saw tears in my eyes.
in my dream i was at my house (living room) with said ex (jake) and a couple of friends (ava and chris). we were all laughing and joking around and jake turned to me and all he said was "im sorry" i asked him what happened and he said "im rlly sorry for what i did to you i hurt you... but i still love you". then he continued "remember that time... when we were in criminal justice? i was sitting on the desk and you were standing next to me playing with my hand?... that was it, that was the moment i feel in love with u". the thing is that what he said was an actual memory i made with jake, he recited a memory in my dream. chris had got jakes attention and said "what happened with you and Alex (me)??" all jake said was "i made a mistake... a rlly bad one" he looked at me with tears in his eyes and told me "i love you and im rlly sorry Alex."
this dream happened about 3 times already, usually containing different memories he recalls. why does this keep happening?
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2023.06.05 13:04 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 5th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 5th
1972 - Michael appears as the bachelor at The Dating Game TV show and chooses Latanya Simmons as the bachelorette and he performs “Rockin Robin”.
1984 - The Victory Tour contract is signed by Don King, Chuck Sullivan and Joe & Katherine Jackson. Sullivan pays $38.5 million to become tour promoter, of which $12.5 million is paid up front
1988 - Michael Jackson plays the first of three nights at Stadion Feijenoord (De Kuip) in Rotterdam, Holland, to an audience of 48,400
1990- Michael Jackson undergoes tests at St John's Hospital and Health Center in Santa Monica,
Cardiologist Mark Zatskis, reported that 'a temporary setback in his condition,' caused by new chest pains, delayed some scheduled testing."These diagnostic tests were rescheduled and hopefully will be completed (Tuesday)", he said.
"In the meantime, Jackson remains under observation.Michael is a positive person and his spirits are never low", spokesman Bob Jones said.
The hospital said Jackson had received 'many flowers and greetings from fans and well-wishers.'
1993-Michael is interviewed by Rick Dees on the Radio Sation KIIS FM in Los Angeles
1994 - Michael takes Lisa Marie and her children Benjamin & Danielle to Disneyworld in Florida. He also pays a visit to Shaquille O’Neal to talk about a musical collaboration.
2005 - Michael was taken to an emergency room for treatment of a back problem.
Accompanied by a bodyguard, he arrived at the Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital, about five miles from Neverland at roughly 2:30 p.m.
"Mr. Jackson's back has spurred up on him again.He’s under a tremendous amount of stress right now", spokeswoman Raymone Bain said at an impromptu news conference outside the hospital, "Other than his back, he is doing fine.″
Michael left the hospital in a SUV shortly after 8 p.m. in a flurry of activity. His aides erected white scaffolding outside the emergency room entrance to block the view of photographers gathered outside.
2009 - Michael attended rehearsals
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial day 24
No Jackson family is in court
Randy Phillips Testimony
Jackson direct
Brian Panish resumed questioning. He showed several instances where Randy Phillips said one thing in deposition, another while on the stand. Panish asked Phillips which answer was right. He answered:
"Do you want the truth or do you want what I testified?"
Panish asked Phillips if he knows the corporate structure of AEG Live. He said it was under AEG, but he doesn't know who exactly owns AEG. Panish showed a board meeting agenda on 5/26/09, in which they were to talk about Michael's tour
Panish played the interview Phillips gave Sky News saying AEG hired Dr. Murray. Phillips said he meant AEG hired the doc on behalf of Michael. Phillips said AEG's media person set up several interviews for him after Michael's death. Phillips said each interview was different, but the intention was to say AEG hired Dr. Murray on behalf of Michael. "It's called the truth."
Randy Phillips was asked about meetings with Conrad Murray at Michael Jackson's house. He confirmed Jackson's weight was discussed during at least one of the meetings. He was a bit unclear on dates, so Jackson's weight may have been discussed at two meetings. Panish tried to use a police report of an interview with Phillips and detectives to refresh his recollection
Randy Phillips (AEG Live CEO) said there were numerous inaccuracies in the report. Panish started to ask him to go through it methodically. "We don't need to do it line-by-line', interjected Judge Yvette Palazuelos. Phillips then keyed in on two areas he said were inaccurate.
Phillips said LAPD's detective made a mistake in the written police statement attributed to him. Phillips said he never told LAPD "Randy stated that Kenny got in Michael's face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy..." "The police made a mistake," Phillips said. "He (detective) misconstrued what was said and made a mistake." Dr. Murray got in to and admonished Kenny Ortega and told him not to be an amateur doctor, Phillips said he told the police.
Phillips read one statement about a meeting at Jackson's home between himself, Conrad Murray and director Kenny Ortega. Report: Randy stated that Kenny got into Michael's face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy, stating, "You are not a doctor. Butt out".
Phillips said the police made a mistake. "If you read it, it makes no sense," Phillips said.
Phillips keyed in on how the report mentioned Murray got in his face, when it more than likely was Kenny Ortega he admonished. "I believe the Los Angeles Police Department is a fine entity as I believe in this judicial system," Phillips explained.
Phillips pointed out another mistake in LAPD's report. It states Phillips/Gongaware produced 2 Michael Jackson tours but Phillips said he wasn't involved. Phillips also said the police report said he and Paul Gongaware worked with Jackson over the course of 16 years. Phillips said that was wrong - Gongaware worked with Jackson that long, but he hadn't. Those were the two inconsistencies Phillips pointed out in his police report. Interview apparently wasn't taped at request of AEG attorneys
As to Michael missing rehearsals, Phillips clarified:
"Michael was showing up to rehearsal, just not to enough of them, in Kenny's opinion"
Phillips remembers one phone call with Dr. Murray that lasted probably about 25 minutes. Phillips told Panish he'd know how many times he called Dr. Murray because the attorney subpoenaed the exec's phone records. Panish said he never subpoenaed any phone records, that it was LAPD that did. Phillips said he made an assumption. The only phone call Phillips remembers is the one that Dr. Murray called him on June 20, 2009
In his deposition, Phillips said Paul Gongaware never communicated to him about the email that AEG, not Michael, was paying Dr. Murray. Phillips said at the deposition it was the first time he ever saw Gongaware's email. Panish showed the email that was forwarded to Frank DiLeo and Phillips was cc'd containing the mention that AEG, not Michael, pays Dr. Murray. Phillips said he never received the email. Then, after being shown the email at deposition, Phillips said he didn't remember receiving it. On the stand today, Phillips said he received Gongaware's email. Panish grilled Phillips pointing out he changed his answer three times. Phillips said he answered the same thing, but with different qualifications. "Frankly, I don't remember reading Paul's email, I was more concerned about Kenny's email," Phillips said. At this point, most jurors seemed to be tuned out when Phillips didn't give straight answers
Panish showed an email dated 6/17/09 from Phillips to Dr. Tohme:
Kenny Ortega, Gongaware, DiLeo, his doctor named Conrad from Vegas and I had an intervention with him to get him to focus and come to rehearsals yesterday. Getting him fully engaged is difficult and the most pressing matter as we are only 20 days out from the first show
Phillips said it was not an intervention, but a meeting. He said it had nothing to do with drugs.
Panish asked the executive if Jackson had ever fired Tohme. "It's not a yes or no answer", he said, "The answer is yes but he kept in contact with him"
Phillips was asked about a lunch meeting he had with Jackson's former manager Tohme Tohme, at the Polo Lounge, about a month ago. AEG attorney, Marvin Putnam, was present too.
Panish: "And you were discussing his testimony in this case at the Polo Lounge with him?"
Phillips: "I wasn't"
Panish: "You know there were witnesses sitting around you? You know people took pictures of you?"
Phillips said he didn't remember exactly what was discussed.
Phillips:"I don't remember what I ate"
Panish: "I didn't ask you what you ate"
Phillips said the meeting had to do with the case Tohme filed against Jackson's estate with the state labor board for money he was never paid. Phillips was a witness.Panish said he would have a witness who could testify about what was discussed at the table later in the trial. Panish asked Phillips if he testified at Tohme's Labor Commission hearing to "try to help him out." Phillips said no. "I was completely impartial," Phillips said of testifying at the labor hearing. "I was an impartial witness." (After court, AEG attorney Marvin Putnam, who was at the lunch meeting, said it was standard for attorneys to interview witnesses before they testify. It remained unclear whether Tohme Tohme will testify during the Jackson vs AEG Live trial)

Panish: "Isn't it true, sir, that when Dr. Murray was hired no one was acting as Michael Jackson's personal manager?"
Phillips: "He had someone in that capacity. My understanding was Frank DiLeo was his manager"
Phillips said AEG advanced DiLeo $50,000 at MJ's direction.
Phillips said he didn't know anything about Dr. Tohme in January 09 other than he was a consultant for Colony Capital and repped Michael.
"With Michael Jackson and his advisers you needed a scorecard", testified Randy Phillips. Phillips said he was introduced to Tohme in a meeting at the Century City offices of Colony Capital, the investment firm that held the mortgage on Jackson's Neverland Ranch. It was AEG owner Phillip Anschutz's friendship with a Colony Capital partner that led to the firm's promotion of the planned 50 This Is It concerts. Phillips said Tohme was an adviser to Colony Capital who had no background in the music business and represented no other clients when he began working with the singer. Brian Panish asked Phillips what kind of doctor Tohme was, whether he was a physician or if he had a doctorate. Phillips said that although he had met this doctor 25 times, he never asked him
Randy Phillips was also asked about Tohme's $100k/mo. contract between him, AEG Live and Michael Jackson. Phillips said he could recall of only one other instance where AEG Live paid a fee for the artist's manager. He said it was a standard practice for Michael Jackson during his career. Phillips said Bon Jovi has a similar deal. Phillips said in Michael's career they always paid his personal manager.
Randy Phillips denied that he told Sharon Osbourne that AEG Live had kept all the money from ticket sales for This Is It. "That would be the most idiotic thing in the world" to say, Phillips said of the statement attributed to him in the Osbourne conversation.
Panish: "Did you talk to Sharon Osbourne about the show?"
Phillips: "No, not to the extent that Sharon is alluding to"
Phillips said he ran into Sharon at the lobby of their building. She asked how it was going, he said it's tough but we're going to get there. Phillips said the encounter with Sharon Osbourne was just a hi and bye. They never talked about ticket sales or anything else related to Michael
93% of the This Is It tickets sold were refunded, Phillips said. "7-8% people elected to hold the tickets as souvenirs." Out of $75 million in sales, AEG kept more than $5 million, which Phillips said they gave back to the estate.
Phillips testified it was a "miracle" that the singer showed up at a news conference in London to announce his comeback. Randy Phillips testified that Jackson was hung over, although in emails he says the singer was drunk. "The fact that the press conference even happened is a miracle," Phillips wrote to Jackson's manager.
Panish: "Was Mr. Jackson drunk?"
Phillips:"No, to the best of my knowledge no".
Panish: "Was he despondent?"
Panish produced an e-mail writted by Phillips to AEG President Tim Leiwicke the day of the news conference.
Phillips said:
Michael is locked in his room drunk and despondent. Tohme [another Jackson manager] and I are trying to sober him up and get him to the press conference with his hairdressemake-up artist
Leiweke's response:
"Are you kidding me?"
In a second email to Leiweke, Phillips wrote:
I screamed at him so loud the walls are shaking. Tohme and I have dressed him and they are finishing his hair and then we are rushing to the O2. This is the scariest thing I have ever see. He is an emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt now that it is show time. He is scared to death. Right now I just want to get through his press conference
After showing the e-mails to the jury, Panish asked his witness if he had yelled at Jackson on the day the e-mail was written.
Phillips: "In the two-and-a-half hours this all took place, if you take it out of context the answer won't make any sense"
The executive later acknowledged, "I raised my voice"
Panish: "So the answer is no? Did you or did you not scream at Mr. Jackson? Yes, no or I don't remember?"
Phillips said he couldn't answer the question.
At his deposition six months earlier, before he was shown his e-mails, Phillips denied that Jackson was either drunk or despondent on the day of the president conference, and denied yelling, saying he merely "raised his voice."
Phillips says he was telling the truth in his deposition, and was not accurate in his email. "I was relaying what Dr. Tohme told me... I wrote it as fast as I could write it."

Panish:"You have to yell pretty loud to make the walls shake. Do you have a tendency to exaggerate?"
Phillips: "No." 
To another business associate, Phillips wrote:
"I haven't pulled it off yet. We still have to get his nose on properly. You have no idea what this is like. He is a self-loathing emotionally paralyzed mess... I just slapped him."
Phillips admitted, "I slapped him on the butt"
Phillips began worrying about Jackson backing out of the concert tour just a month after he signed the contract with AEG Live to promote and produce it and more than a week before the announcement.
"I was worried that we would have a mess, his career would be over," Phillips testified. "There were a lot of things I was worried about."
But instead of pulling the plug then, before millions of dollars were spent, AEG LIve chose to force Jackson ahead.
"Once we go on sale, which we have the right to do, he is locked," Gongaware wrote to Phillips.
Phillips testified it was "a very tense situation" and "frankly, I created the tension in that room. Because I was so nerve-racked, OK, the time slipping away, and his career slipping away."
AEG was hosting thousands of Jackson fans and hundreds of journalists for the anticipated announcement, which would be seen live around the world.
Court Transcript
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2023.06.05 13:03 lilmammamia Elsa the dog who was seen searching for her owners buried under rubble when a rocket strike hit her house and killed them in Lviv Oblast last March has found a new home in Germany

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2023.06.05 13:02 pastoreddy Advice: Reverse Familiar Warforged Hexblade Warlock

Hey, so I'm looking for some advice on a cool build I'm working on with my DM. The basic idea is that my character is originally an Eladrin Elf Artificer (yes, its Tony Star) from the Fey who has been exiled from his clan, but one of the gods has given himself a chance to prove himself & be restored by becoming a hero. However, to do so he has been exiled into our world as a Fairy.
To make things harder, the idea (Reverse Familiar) will be that he has used Pact of the Chain with a Warforged & in doing so the Fairy now exists as a 2hp Sprite - whilst the Warforged gets all the main stats. If the Warforged dies he must repair it (re-summon) but is exposed as a 2hp Sprite during that time. If the Sprite takes 4 damage or more he is permadead. He will be housed inside the Warforged chest but from Level 3 (once PotC kicks in properly) the Warforged can be operated without him having to be inside, if he wants. The idea will be that for other PCs and NPCs, the Warforged is the character who has a Sprite familiar - but in reality the Fairy is the Sprite and is in control.
My DM uses starting stats of 16 14 12 10 10 8 or 16 16 14 10 8 6. He also allows you to choose your Ability for most 2/1 boost Races - and gives an option of a mega boost - a +4 to one but -1 to another.
I'm going to go for a Hexblade build, particularly as it allows Medium Armour & the Warforged's primary purpose is to protect the Sprite. It will have a Feylost background but my DM's given me permission to switch Survival to any other Proficiency if I want.
Any suggestions on how to build the character? Thinking particular of how to distribute its original stats, what to look for proficiencies in (including Feats), what weapons to use & what spells / invocations to go for? As said, at L3 I'm honour bound to choose PotC. I will be looking to be able to fight close quarters though am open to suggestions re: a crossbow.
Final point; we have just finished a campaign where a number of the other (first time) players joined halfway through and began at Level 6 - so my DM is keen to give the group a flavour of 'you're basically farmers with sticks at level 1.' So we will not be starting with weapons and armour and will need to build up.
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2023.06.05 13:02 ChampionConstant7153 Tree Removal Service Andover, CT

If you have trees on your property, it’s important to know when it’s time to bid them goodbye. Trees can be beautiful and provide shade in the summer, but they also require maintenance. Over time, trees can become diseased or damaged, making them a safety hazard. Here are four reasons you may need tree removal in Andover, CT.

1. Your Tree is Dead or Dying

One of the most obvious signs you need to cut down a tree is if it’s dead or dying. It may be easy to spot this if there are no leaves on your tree, but sometimes it can be tricky to tell. If you notice that some branches aren’t growing as well as others, your tree could have an issue.
Another indication that a tree is dying is if the bark is peeling or falling off. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call in a professional to take a look.

2. Your Tree is Damaged

If a storm or another event has damaged your tree, it’s important to have it removed as soon as possible. Trees can be dangerous if they are partially broken or not supported by their root system anymore. They could fall on your house, a car, or even someone walking nearby, which is why it’s important to have them removed quickly after the damage occurs

3. It’s Too Close to Your House

When the roots start growing too close to a house’s foundation, they may crack the concrete and even lift it up. A tree that is getting too big for its space could also fall onto your house and cause severe damage

4. Remove It for Safety Reasons

If you have trees on your property that you feel are a safety hazard, it’s best to have them removed as soon as possible. This could be because the tree is close to power lines or leaning in a direction that makes you nervous.

Why Choose Preston Family Property Maintenance LLC?

Preston Family Property Maintenance LLC is an expert in tree removal. We understand that it can be a difficult decision to make, but we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the process goes smoothly.
Our experts have over 15 years of experience and will ensure that the job is done correctly, so you don’t have to worry about any safety hazards. We also offer a wide range of other property maintenance services, so you can keep your entire property looking its best.
For more information on our tree removal services in Andover, CT, please visit our website or give us a call today! . We look forward to helping you with all of your tree removal needs.
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2023.06.05 13:02 IAmNotAFetish In a really bad spot. Not sure how to proceed to make my situation better

I wait tables and only have been making like 300 a week on average. I am currently homeless and been staying at a couple different hotels but last night I am slept in my car. I was thinking of renting a room through Padsplit or Craigslist but most rooms rent by the week. I am trying to get a better job but most jobs only pay every 2 weeks. So if I get a new job I would be without income for two weeks so how would I pay weekly rent ? I have 234 in my bank account right now and was thinking of renting a hotel room for the night but if I do that it might make it harder to find a more permanent room to rent because I would have less to go towards it.
My days off this week are Tuesday and Wednesday. Also the restaurant is not that busy during the week so my tips would probably only average between $40 and 60 dollars. I tried to go to this shelter near me and they said you have to be in by 830 every night but some nights I don't get out from work until 930 or 10.
What should I do? How do I go about improving my situation ? Should I at least get a hotel room for a few nights and worry about everything else later ?
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2023.06.05 13:02 luckytree11 This is crazy.

Wow. This feels pretty incredible, strange & exciting all at the same time. I'm around 3 weeks in and have really started to notice a lot of changes... Within a week I noticed I was much more motivated, it was far easier to get up in the mornings and tackle the day ahead - nothing felt like a drag.
This past weekend I went to a house party. Usually, I stick to chilling with the people I know but when I group of girls arrived, I was much more present in the room. I actually got talking to one of them & had a great conversation (a good laugh with plenty of sarcasm). She is super hot and probably someone I would be hesitant to speak to... However, I felt more confident and sure of myself. When I left to start talking to someone else, I could see her looking over... I gave her a follow on insta & got a follow back shortly after & I'm about to ask her to dinner.
Semen retention does work & I don't think I would have been so motivated if I didn't have this forum. Thanks for all the wise words, I look forward to furthering my journey.
Hope you're all well.
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2023.06.05 13:02 ryebread222 Can you help us figure out whats happening with our sister? Quick read any input is appreciated (shes 30)

Hi all my sister isn't communicating to our family. She cut contact with us for several months now shes quite stubborn and never much was interested in family but we found out small details on social media and are trying to piece it together. Would love any input as to what sounds like is happening. Does it sound like she's preparing for marriage with this man?
Basically our sister has been in a relationship for 4 years with her boyfriend. Together they bought a tiny home, paid off the mortgage and lived there 3 years together.
Now we found out just this week she moved out of their home together and he is still living in their home they bought together and viewing different houses to buy? So basically she is living with friends now and not living with him and they put their home up for sale and he is looking for a new home to buy while he stays there alone. Not sure if this means she isn't involved with him anymore or if she could be but there's a reason to this? Does it sound like they're preparing for marriage in any capacity or does it sound like they aren't? Its quite confusing.
Any input me and my mum would appreciate thank you kindly she's been on edge for weeks.
TLDR: Me and my mum are trying to find out what is going on with my sister (30)?
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2023.06.05 13:01 AdakinSkywhopper Group Activation for every Champ/Leader or only for according profiles?

Hi all,
I have another quick rule-question I encountered and couldn't fully clear up with my research:
The Palanite Enforcer (and from what I've read the CGC-Leaders) do not have group activation listed in their unit-profiles (while leaders/champs of other gangs do).
I heard in online-talks and seen in some Battle Reports, that all Leaders and Champions can trigger a group activation, due to the ruling in the original rulebook, making group activations some kind of "additional" skill for higher level members of the gang, that is just listed in the "house of"-gangs profiles for better structure/overview; but still part of the rules for enforcers/CGC even thought they aren't listed there.
(When a player activates their gang Leader or a Champion (or the equivalent rank in gangs that use other titles for these fighters), they can choose to activate additional Ready fighters that are within 3" of them when they activate at the same time as part of a Group Activation)
HOWEVER: in the Ash wastes rulebook (the newest version of the core rules), it states on page 59: "Some fighters, most noteably Leaders and Champions, have a special rule called "Group Activation (X)" listed on their profile. In all such cases, the "X" in brackets will be replaced by a number (usually 1 or 2). [...] When a fighter with this special rule is activated, their controlling player can choose to activate a number of additional Ready friendly fighters equal to the number shown in brackets [...]"
, thus doubling down on the ruling that only fighters with this rule on their profile can actually perform a group activation.
For me, this would mean that Enforcers (and maybe CGC?) cannot use group activations at all, which seems like a huge disadvantage on a already more so and so stat line.
So my question is: can Leaders/Champions use group activations unless a ruling directly limits its use(afaik: esher death maidens?), even though it isn't listed on their profile or can these skills only be used, when directly listed on the profiles? (thus preventing Enfoercers to group activate)

Thank you guys very much! And sorry for making this so "wordy" :)
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2023.06.05 13:01 crek42 Can I remove these gutters
I have a rental a few houses down from me. These pieces are constantly getting stepped on and I was wondering if I can just keep the elbows to direct water away from foundation. It’s a concrete slab (but for some reason looks like they put pressure treated in there too).
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2023.06.05 13:01 AutoModerator Weekly Mini-Adventure Thread

Share your small adventures here. Maybe stuff that you don't feel needs a full post. Your little trip to a trail behind the house. A pic of your bike covered in mud. A pic of yourself covered in mud. A pic of your spouse covered in mud? Whatever. Here's a thread for the little stuff. Get those up votes. You deserve them.
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2023.06.05 13:00 jizzeus_crist what's a good way to practice driving without a car

got my license already. still feel lacking in decent driving. can't afford much for extra sessions in a driving school. parents won't allow me to use a car for practice driving. my friends don't own a manual.
idk much abt renting cars. is it a better option?
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2023.06.05 13:00 FedBillBot H.R.1024 - HEARTS Act of 2022

H.R.1024 - HEARTS Act of 2022

H.R.1024 - HEARTS Act of 2022

To amend the Public Health Service Act to ensure that nonanimal methods are prioritized, where applicable and feasible, in proposals for all research to be conducted or supported by the National Institutes of Health, to provide for the establishment of the National Center for Alternatives to Animals in Research and Testing, and for other purposes.
  • SPONSOR: Rep. Chris Pappas (D), NH-1
  • № CO-SPONSORS: 13




House committee - 2023-02-24 Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.

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2023.06.05 12:59 Puzzleheaded-Farm431 New Jersey commute to the boroughs

Hi, I’m looking to buy a house in jersey, but looking for some advice as to some other people who have bought in jersey and commute to work in the boroughs everyday. What towns would you consider to not be a very long commute? I’m willing to drive an 30mins to an 1 hour no traffic to work In the morning considering I start work at 7am, but I know traffic going back would be high but trying to stay below 1 1-2 hours home. Thanks for input
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2023.06.05 12:58 DeadInsideOutside [PS2] [2000s] RC minature car racing game

Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Racing
Estimated year of release: Possibly ~2004.
Graphics/art style: Simple environments, the race maps were inside a kitchen, on a roof, a graden etc.
Notable characters: -
Notable gameplay mechanics: I think you had to pick up batteries to keep going and not run out of energy, but I might be confusing this with a different game, so don't take it for granted. The controls were a bit too responsive (you know, like an rc car) and took some getting used to.
Other details: The pov was a bit weird, almost top-down. The maps were inside and around a house, the tracks were build with everyday objects. I remembered this game when I saw Resoraki on steam, in case it helps. I played it through a ps2 magazine demo that included 24-hours: The Game, ICO, Shadown of the Colussus, Tomb Raider, BLACK (maybe not all of these, definitely some of these).
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2023.06.05 12:58 LunarWelshFire I lost a chunk of money over the weekend - a gift from my elderly Mam to help with bills. How do I get closure that it's gone and I will never find it?

My youngest kid and I travelled to see Mam on the weekend. We took the train and stayed overnight. In the morning my mam handed me £360 in 20s and told me to hide it in my ruck sack. I was looking for a sandwich bag to keep it safe as I only carry a card wallet. All Mam had was poop bags under the sink. Great, I though, noone would open grab for a poop bag! In the bag it goes.
Said bye to Mam and little one and I headed for the station. On the way we popped to the play park as we had an hour to kill. We played a while and I went to sit on the bench. I pulled out my book to read whilst my baby ziplined. We left to catch the train and wasn't until we were half way home I noticed the poop bag full of money was gone. I panicked and called mam but she had gone back to bed after waking early to see us off (she's 68 with COPD) and didn't hear the phone. I was sure I had just not packed it and it was still on the kitchen counter. I have never ever lost money. I kept calling throughout the day and eventually she picked up and searched the house. Nothing!
She has a mobility issue so she asked my bro (autistic and lives with Mam still) to search the park and when he got there he found a group of young lads drinking in the sun. He found the black poop bag in the brambles, ripped open but no money. Said he felt intimidated and didn't approach them to ask.
For my own peace of mind, prior to my bro finding the bag, I told myself "oh well, I hope a young mum or dad or a homeless person found it, at least."
It would seem it was the young lads that found it and my brain is just absolutely shattered that instead of feeding my own kids this week or paying my leccy bill, some lads just got wrecked in the sun for free 😞
How do I find closure? My mum is rightly pissed and hubby and I are just sad. I am an idiot.
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