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Musik aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum bzw. von deutschsprachigen Künstlern. Und alles drum herum. Ehemals /germusic

2023.06.03 06:58 No_Evidence177 Am I in the wrong?

I had an order at a more high end apartment complex and was told by the lobby staff that I was not allowed to walk around unless I was stayed there, and just for clarification only “Leave at my door” was used no other notes. I thought no biggie I’ll let the customer know the situation and leave the order at the lobby. I sent them a message letting them know and left. I get in my car and get another order which I accepted and started driving off when the customer responded back with No. I explained the situation in a little more detail and said sorry that I had already left. They then said that I should’ve gone through another entrance where I could’ve used a code to get in which wasn’t in any notes so I was unaware of it. Then they went on a little rant about how I should’ve had much better communication pretty much and how they’re gonna report which I thought was somewhat fair. And while I will say that I am not completely right I don’t think I was also completely wrong cause how was I supposed to know to use anything but the main entrance. So am I in the wrong.
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2023.06.03 06:56 Professional-Bug4508 Survivor Filibuster

I've noticed Jeff won't let them vote until everyone's happy they've said their peice at Tribal Council. Does that mean it's technically possible to Filibuster a vote?
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2023.06.03 06:56 EIhra [TOMT][WEB-BROWSER GAME] Recent black-and-white game about re-growing the earth entirely with your body?

I played this game within the past two years on a web browser. I remember that you played as a researcher in a lab, and it was implied that you were the only living thing left on earth.
It was sort of like a clicker game - You did various things to get items (e.g. "cry" gets you tears, "piss" gets you piss) and you could eventually kill (and revive) yourself to get items (e.g. "blood"). There were also items such as radios that you could make that could be used to listen to music, and you could create different environments with different production bonuses.
I remember this game being very obscure. I think I first saw a link to it on Twitter, but I can't remember. Please let me know if anything comes to mind!
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2023.06.03 06:56 PM-ME-THIN-MINTS How to believe in something?

Hello! I'm dead inside and would very much like to change that!
Jokes aside, I want to be part of something spiritual. I want to be able to convince myself that there are supernatural forces at work in the world in order to give my life meaning and direction and to also give me a sense of community. Unfortunately, I'm the kind of guy who feels absolutely nothing in a space where everyone else feels connection to something greater than themselves that is, at least partially, beyond human comprehension. I grew up Christian, going to church, private Lutheran school, bible camp, youth groups, you name it. I never once felt the power of God, no matter how hard I tried. I hit my a-hole atheist phase HARD at 13. I lived for reasonable explanations of how the universe came to be and how animals evolved and how I don't deserve to burn forever for wanting to be a boy.
Now, all my friends are some variety of LGBT+ and many are into witchcraft and horoscopes. I see how happy they are with what they've found after leaving Christianity themselves and I deeply wish I could join them. I've tried doing what they do and feel nothing still. I don't feel empowered, I just feel silly. I want my rocks to heal people and my cards to direct people, but they're really just rocks and cards with pretty pictures. I hate feeling like such a stick in the mud. I hate feeling different. I hate being a spiritual dead-end among such cool, confident, creative people. How can I turn my brain off and trick myself into believing something I don't so I can fit in with people who are supposed to be my peers?
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2023.06.03 06:56 evaaadaonly1 My Life Story - Eva Gilford

If I had to recap my whole life, it would be a very long, confusing, but yet an emotional book.
It all started at Methodist Hospital. I was born into a world I never thought would be this horrific.
At a young age, I learned that independence was key. I did everything myself because that’s how it went. I thought asking for help and seeking help was me being dependent on something I would never get. I was born into a religion I never understood. The women were the lower class of all people. They were under men, the “leaders” of the world. I grew up only knowing I was not better than any man I laid my eyes unto.
As I aged, I found out I would never be able to look like the other girls, the pants wearing, crop top wearing, short hair, normal girls. I was always the outcast of the girl groups, only because I didn’t fit in with their beliefs. I always tried to fit in, but no matter what, I was never the right puzzle piece.
Going to school was always something I kind of had trouble with. Not anxiety, no, nothing like that. Just afraid that I was going to be made fun of because of my clothes. That’s whenever I kind of found out I was developing anxiety.
I made it throughout K-3, then a big change happened in my life that I never thought would’ve happened. I never really noticed my mother and father’s issues they were having until that very night. It was after school, my father, me, and my brother were going to go get ice cream and I just sensed something was off because my mother wasn’t coming with us. I was only 7 at the time so I really didn’t expect something to happen, all I knew was that we were going to get ice cream.
I was in the back seat of my father’s truck. Sirens started going off behind us, red and blue lights appeared in the front mirrors. I was confused about what it was, I looked in the back window and noticed, It was a police car. Why? Why was a Police car behind us? We weren’t speeding?
I looked at my dad as he stared into my eyes, his eyes flooded with tears. I was confused and scared. Was he getting arrested? That’s the only thing that went through my mind. As the police officer approached the window, I couldn’t hear what he was saying to my father. When he got done speaking to him, he let up the window and turned the truck around. Why was he turning around? Weren’t we getting ice cream?
I asked why we were turning around, he only looked at me with an emotionless face. Then he smiled and told me it was going to be all okay. But still, he never answered my question. Where were we going?
As we turned around I noticed this was the way back to our home. We were going home?
We pulled into our driveway and the officer was behind us. We drove up to our house and my grandmother was standing outside. We all stepped outside of the car, but my dad started walking to the officer. I asked my grandmother what was happening, she only looked at me and smiled, she didn’t respond to my question. Why was everyone being so quiet? No one responded to what I was saying?
She had the gatogolf cart parked in front of the garage and told us to hop on and that we were going on a ride around the house. I was still so confused on why my dad had just walked off to the end of the driveway to meet the officer? Why was the officer here in the first place?
As I looked at my grandmother, tears drowned her eyes. I looked at my brother, we were both so confused. I finally got a response out of my grandma, but it still wasn’t the response I was looking for. It was only a, It’ll all be okay.
But I knew it wasn’t going to be all okay. I knew that my mother and father were having some issues before all of this but I didn’t expect it to lead to this.
I finally got informed on what was going on, my mother and father were getting a divorce. At the time I didn’t understand what that word meant. Until it was explained to me. For the whole night I was blank, I cried all night and was so confused. My father wasn’t allowed to be around me and my brother. Why? Isn’t he my father though? Why are they keeping him away?
I never understood why until it was all explained to me. He abused my mother. He hurt her verbally, mentally, I didn’t know who to believe. Believe my mother or my father..?
I got one last goodbye hug from my father before we had to leave to go to my aunts for the night. I really wasn’t used to being far away from him, neither was my brother. I cried all night at my aunt’s house. I just didn’t understand why.
The next morning I found out I had to leave to go to my mom’s mother’s house. I was still so confused on why I couldn’t see my father. I wasn’t used to being this far away from him for this period of time.
My mother came to pick me up. I asked her everything, and she told me that her and my father were just done. I honestly just went blank. I don’t remember anything else I said or did that whole entire day.
The whole week at my mom’s mother’s house was just kind of weird for me. But it felt like me and my mom made a huge bond though. I had never worn a pair of jeans in my life, but one day, I finally felt what it was like. I felt so different. When me and her went to get me a pair I was kind of nervous but she helped me through it. My mother had already cut her hair and started wearing jeans, I had never seen this side of her. I kinda liked this “new” side of my mother. I was just still kinda in shock.
My mom looked so relieved and free. I felt happy for her, I always noticed she wasn’t very happy when she and my father were together, but I never understood why until one day. My mother and father were arguing in the dining room and I remember just looking at both of them, asking them to please stop arguing. I finally told my dad to go upstairs and my mom to go to the bedroom. They listened to what I said, which surprised me. But it helped settle both of them. I knew the divorce was kind of a good idea, they needed to get away from each other. But most of all, my mother needed to get away from him. I never noticed how much of a manipulative, narcissistic, abusive man he was because I never saw that side of him, but my mother did and all she was doing was trying to get help.
Me and my mom would dance in the bathroom to songs she would download on her phone, and I remember those being my most cherished memories of all time. When me and my mom had time to ourselves, it felt like I was living a whole different life. At first I was a daddy’s girl, but I later found out that for the rest of my life I’d be a momma’s girl.
As I got older, things took some hard turns. Later in my life I started developing a lot of depression and anxiety out of this world. My mother married someone and I’ll never mention his name ever again. He ruined her life, even when he knew my mother was already torn up from a past abusive marriage. He was such a narcissist. He acted like he loved me and my brother, but he never truly did. He proposed to her in the kitchen of our apartment. He cheated on my mother not long after he proposed. After my mother found out he had cheated on her he left, but he came back. We were living in an apartment at the time. One night I got called into her bedroom and there he sat, on the bed. Why was he back I wondered. I wasn’t disappointed in my mother, I was just so confused on why she wanted a man that cheated on her again. He hurt her. At this time, I found out that I legitimately hated men. They ended up dating again and I didn’t really know what to think. I had such mixed feelings about him. When he tried talking to me in the bedroom the night he came back, I didn’t say anything back so of course he wanted to leave because he said I didn’t want him there, which was the truth. I hated him, he hurt my mother just like my father had done to her.
Finally we moved into our home we still live in! I was so excited to finally live in a home, I was happy in the apartment but I was happy to leave those horrible memories behind me.
Him and my mother got married finally a little while after we moved in. I didn’t really know what to think about it, but as long as my mother was happy, I would be happy too.
I finally got used to him being here, me and him kinda built a bond. I mean he was my stepdad.
But everything changed, again. One night, me, him, my mother, and my brother all went to rookies downtown. I was furious at my father, and I don’t even remember why..
I was kind of influenced to call him and give it all to him, but half of me wanted to do it also, so I did it.
When we got home I took my mother's phone and called him. I was nervous but ready. I told him how I felt about having to wear skirts and how I had to pretend to be something I truly wasn’t. My father had never heard me cuss so it took him by surprise when he heard that. He didn’t even care about how I felt, he only cared about the one cuss word I had let out.
I knew no matter how much I fought to stay with my mom forever, it would never happen. I tried everything, CPS, Court, everything in my power, but nothing worked. I hated my dad, I hated him so much. I didn’t want to even consider him my father anymore. I hated my father so much.
I wanted to only be with my mother forever.
But then another divorce happened. My step dad and mother got a divorce because of everything he had done to her. He had done worse things to her than my father had done. I hated him so much. I still do with everything with me. I wish I could hurt him more than he hurt my mother. She didn’t deserve any of this. She just wanted love and loyalty, but all she got was dishonesty and pain in the end. Why won’t anyone just treat my mother right?
I felt like every man that would step into the house I would make a strong bond with. Then they would just disappear forever. That’s why I just can’t stand men. I’m not a feminist, but I just want to protect my mom forever.
Everyone has their own issues, but mine are just different. I feel like no matter how much help I try to get, nothing ever works. I’ve tried therapy, journaling, the rubberband method, and nothing helps. Medication is what I thought would help me, but it didn’t help at all. I love to be alone, but sometimes it doesn’t help. The only person that is really keeping me alive right now is my mother. If I didn’t have my mother here, I would have no point in living anymore. I love her, she deserves so much better. I would do anything to make her life better. I hate seeing her cry, stress, and just anything that makes her feel horrible. I would work in the desert, cut every single part of my body, pour salt in the cuts for her. I would put myself through so much for that woman. She just deserves so much more. There is no one else I would do that for. She’s the woman that felt me inside her, gave birth to me, and still has me. I will always be here for her. There will never be a time that she’ll be alone. No one can love her like I do. She’s like an egg, she’s so fragile. I don’t want anything happening to her.
But my life is so hard to deal with. I’m scared I’ll hurt someone, because as the saying goes, “Hurt people, will hurt people”. I just don’t want anyone hurting her. She’s such a special and loving woman. Through all the hell she has been through, she still will always be the strongest woman I’ve ever met and the only mom I will ever love. No one will ever beat my mother.
I’m so glad I have her. She taught me everything I know, how to tie my shoes, how to do my hair, my fashion ways. I just want her to myself. I don;t want anyone else to have her, ever. Just me and her is all I want for the rest of my life.
As we can see, my life has been full of ups and downs, but no matter what..I know I’ll always have that one special person by my side, her.
bby pic of me and my gorgeous mother.
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2023.06.03 06:56 Jmcar441 Creating a house to help beginners - Help?

Hello! So I'm making a giant shed that'll sell some cheap things for lower players, let me know if you have any ideas, or know of a nice place to put it so it's easily accessible.
Right now I'm taking over a bunch of workbenches on a private server to get resources for it, some Fusion Cores, some ammo, food, all that!
It's JustJacob441 on PSN
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2023.06.03 06:56 AchingAmy Please help - I am really doing unwell and don't know what to do. I think I need inpatient mental healthcare, but I'm terrified they'd put me in the wrong gender ward

⚠️Content warning: unaliving ideation ⚠️
Hey, I'm a trans woman, living alone, struggling with treatment-resistant depression. I can't stand living alone anymore, being unemployable, below poverty line, and unable to really figure stuff out. My cognition isn't what it used to be. I can barely remember details of yesterday or the past week. Even just talking to my best friend the other day, I kept stumbling on details of events I went to and when they happened... and I really feel unable to function anymore and I just don't figure what the point of living as a disabled trans woman where the US is turning against us... and it's becoming more and more of a dystopian nightmare for disabled, poor folks. I just don't feel like there's ever gonna be a solution for me to be happy and I should just end it. I've been thinking that for a long time.
Idk something in me also doesn't wanna die but I get urges to do it that I worry I won't be able to keep at bay anymore. Often when I'm walking down the street, I wanna jump in front of traffic.. or when I'm on a higher story of a building, I get the urge to jump out. I've been resisting these types of urges but I do really feel they're getting harder and harder. And yes, I've used Trevor Project a lot but it's just not enough. I feel like I need to not be alone and to be supervised. But the prospect of being put into a male ward terrifies me because I'm already 8 months on HRT and have breast developed and I... really don't wanna be around a bunch of men in a psych hospital. I'm scared of what might happen to me
So please, if anyone has any info for southern California on what inpatient treatment options there are that would be trans-friendly, let me know. I'm really desperate and I don't know what to do anymore
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2023.06.03 06:55 AshAndy83 Last Half of Clues S2ep6

Again, so sorry for the multiple posts guys!! They’re all so long, Reddit wouldn’t allow it lol but I just had to share. Please refer to first post on theory to help bring it all together. :)
  1. Donna and Jim argue about transparency; Jim realizes the food shortage was to induce stress. “They would be trying to increase the stress levels.” Stopped talking bc of Ethan. Jim is meant to be the smart character and will continue to work on escaping. More proof the place needs trauma and fear from the people they trap.
  2. Boyd’s in pain again–the music box plays, the ballerina dances. As if it’s a series of “signals” to cause something. A deeper connection?? This time, the ballerina tries to suffocate him. *This act alone creates more stress and fear for Boyd—“They” attacked him on purpose!! Marielle walks in as he’s stripped from the vision, pulling a gun on her all terrified.
  3. Fatima is upset that Ellis kept secret about seeing Sara with his dad in the forest from her; Ellis calls out how Fatima changed after that night (just shows she’s pushed to the brink–she’s been trapped for a year after all); Dale fights with Elgin accusing him of stealing food, tensions rise with more people at Colony; Dale the Idiot accidentally stabs Ellis
  4. Boyd talks to Father Kahtri again, says the worms are getting worse; Kahtri congratulates Boyd’s newfound personality traits of vulnerability, humility, asking for help and showing weakness. Based on this scene, I believe it is “Them” behind the Father bc it’s as if they’re highlighting valuable traits of a hero. A role that needs to be fulfilled in the grand scheme of things. The first time Kahtri appeared to Boyd, the music box played.
  5. Kenny catches Boyd talking to himself. Marielle told Kenny about Boyd pulling a gun on her so Kenny shuts the door on him, doesn’t feel it’s safe.
  6. Like a boss, Elgin grabs the truck to transport bleeding out Ellis and a surprisingly composed Fatima. I loved this driving scene btw. The direction was awesome.
  7. They arrive at the clinic; Boyd walks in realizing it’s his son, running at him in a panic. Kristi’s doing the damn thing, Marielle helps. Kristi relieves pressure on Ellis’ side, blood drains.
  8. Fatima freaks out in front of Boyd, he comforts her. Elgin snuck out bc of seeing blood, Kristi informs them Ellis needs a blood transfusion.
  9. Boyd panics! Argues about the worms. Kenny pulls a gun on Boyd demanding him to give blood. Worms activate–they’re NOW visible to everyone. Kenny offers Boyd to pass it to him. As if “They” influenced this. Remember “They” are watching.
  10. Out of desperation and panic, Boyd has a reckless idea! Or it’s really “Them” influencing him. ;) “It has to go somewhere right?” He rushes out, calling the monsters. “Come get me. I know you out there… you wanna play games, well I’m standing right here! I fuckin—” The most freaky lookin mfkr of them all shows up. Fk that smile! Boyd readies himself but then sees more of them coming from behind and soon more come; Boyd cuts himself and then slices the monster’s neck. As they close in, Boyd rushes in to place his palm on the monster’s open wound. He holds it in place. “My blood is your blood now, motherfucker.” Soon, his arm’s writhing in pain as worm blood is being transferred. *I believe “They” needed Boyd to do this to determine the “transfer” was effective. Now that Boyd is the “next hero,” he will be chained up *(remember how there were more dead dried up bodies in the wall?) and be drained until the next cycle and the new hero emerges to repeat the “formula.”*
  11. The monster’s true form emerges as he dies, robbing them of their illusion. Fellow monsters ignore Boyd, approaching the dead monster instead and looking quite fascinated; they soon leave. This entire scene!!! This highly suggests 2 opposing forces at work!! whoever’s controlling the town, the purpose is to eradicate the monsters. More specifically, the Bigger Evilthat’s the agenda.
  12. Ethan confides to Donna that he’s scared. Donna urges “being scared is a good thing.” “Fear is something that lives inside us… but fear might be the most important one of all. Because w/o fear, we wouldn’t know how to be brave. FEAR IS WHAT MAKES US HEROES.” *Huge clue supporting why they’re being trapped and tortured; as if the place is a Fear Farm. The 1st force are the monsters and the Big Bad that made them, while the 2nd force are using the town to help create some Hero Serum (worm blood) to eradicate the evil overrunning the real world.
  13. Transfusion is complete. Wonder if Ellis absorbing the worm blood will interfere with “Their” mission or that whole setup was dictated too.
  14. Fatima may be pregnant
  15. Kenny and Boyd stare at the dead monster’s body
Hope any of that helps! Even to help formulate your own theories. And yes, I’m a nerd who has an unhealthy obsession with this show, and I’m traveling right now, so plenty of time to binge watch (much better experience btw!) and write this long ass analysis lol. For context, I love Cube, Vivarium (movies) and 1899, Archive 81, Outer Range, Servant and Dark… actually anything that mindfucks lol.
If I missed anything, do let me know so I can edit this as necessary or if you find any connections that need to be added. It’ll just take me a minute since I’m on a trip. Cheers!!
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2023.06.03 06:55 RainyMonths Last job possibly used me for my autism

Last place I worked for specifically stated they wanted to hire an autistic candidate, so some people I was working with that aid in job search put my name forward. At the time it seemed like they were just trying to be inclusive but looking back on it now it just comes across like they did it so that they could claim a government grant over the course of a year, then let me go after buying a bunch of equipment such as an iMac “for me.” I got paid the bare minimum with very limiting hours, which if I was to total up how much I got from them it wouldn’t be a fraction of what they were getting paid out from the grant… I was just happy to be doing something with myself at the time and now when I look back on it, it just makes me miserable.
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2023.06.03 06:55 autotldr Ukrainian Foreign Minister is outraged by slow introduction of sanctions against manufacturers of Russian drones and missiles

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 36%. (I'm a bot)
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on partners to quicken the introduction of sanctions against Russian companies producing drones and missiles used for large-scale attacks on Ukraine.
"From the list that we asked to sanction, frankly, only a small part of the companies were. And what do we see? Continuous missile attacks, continuous drone attacks. Almost every day, Ukrainians cannot sleep at night because of the air-raid warnings," he stressed.
"And then let our colleagues explain publicly to their citizens, the citizens of Ukraine - I understand when it comes to trade restrictions - what is the problem with applying sanctions against a Russian factory that cobbles together missiles that kill Ukrainians?" the Foreign Minister asked.
"It will be interesting to hear what business and political interests are under threat from the introduction of sanctions against Russian missile and drone production," he added.
Russia has significantly stepped up air attacks on Ukraine since the end of March, and in May, Kyiv was hit by night missiles and drones 18 times.
Ukrainian defenders destroyed all 15 cruise missiles and 21 attack drones used by the Russians to attack Kyiv Oblast on the night of 2 June.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: attack#1 missile#2 sanction#3 Russian#4 drone#5
Post found in /worldnews and /LoveForUkraine.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.03 06:55 notatheist How This The Shining Scene Dissolves Into The Next, And Gives Clues About The Different Ending The Movie Will Portray Instead Of The Book’s Ending

How This The Shining Scene Dissolves Into The Next, And Gives Clues About The Different Ending The Movie Will Portray Instead Of The Book’s Ending
Notice how one of the figures on the sand painting appears to be sliding down the driftwood right at the window that Danny slides out of. Down to where the snowcat will be waiting for them when Hallorann gets there.
“Don’t let it get you down Mr Torrance”
Okay. Got it. Only Danny goes down. (Wendy probably)
“Perfect for a child. Yes” Ullman tells them when they’re checking out their quarters. (The window is too small for Wendy but perfect for Danny)
Also notice Wendy and Danny are running away from the fireplace. That’s not how THIS story is going to end. No fire today.
“He wished he liked it as well as she did, but he kept telling himself over and over that the things Tony showed him didn’t always come true.”
Didn’t always come true.
Different ending.
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2023.06.03 06:55 IgniEsterin Whispers of the Unknown: A Journey into the Veiled Valley

Part 1: The Mysterious Invitation
In a small town nestled at the edge of the woods, an ancient artifact was discovered, sending ripples of intrigue through the paranormal community. It was rumored to possess unimaginable power and grant wishes to those who could unlock its secrets.
Word spread quickly, and among the curious few was a group of adventurers with a burning desire for discovery. They received an anonymous invitation to Echo Valley, a place known for its enigmatic aura and rumored connection to mystical realms.
Part 2: The Journey Begins
With their hearts filled with anticipation, the adventurers embarked on a treacherous journey to Echo Valley. They traversed rugged mountains, crossed treacherous rivers, and navigated dense forests. Along the way, they encountered strange creatures, ancient ruins, and cryptic symbols that hinted at the valley's hidden depths.
Part 3: The Trials of Echo Valley
Upon arriving at Echo Valley, the adventurers were greeted by a mist that shrouded the land. They were met by an enigmatic guide who led them through a labyrinthine path, testing their resolve and courage at every turn. They faced trials that challenged their intellect, strength, and morality, each trial bringing them closer to the artifact's location.
Part 4: The Guardians of Power
As they delved deeper into Echo Valley, the adventurers encountered powerful guardians entrusted with protecting the artifact. Each guardian possessed unique abilities and tested the adventurers' skills in battle, wit, and empathy. With each guardian defeated, the adventurers gained a deeper understanding of the artifact's true nature and purpose.
Part 5: The Ultimate Revelation
Finally, after overcoming countless obstacles, the adventurers reached the heart of Echo Valley. There, they discovered the true power of the artifact and the responsibility it entailed. They learned that the artifact's true purpose was not to grant selfish wishes, but to restore balance and harmony to the world.
Part 6: The Final Choice
The adventurers were faced with a pivotal choice: to keep the artifact for themselves or to use its power for the greater good. Each had their own desires and motivations, but as they reflected on their journey and the bonds they had formed, they realized the significance of their actions.
Part 7: A New Beginning
In the end, the adventurers made the selfless decision to safeguard the artifact and ensure its power was used wisely. Echo Valley, forever changed by their presence, embraced a newfound era of peace and prosperity. The adventurers became revered as heroes, their story becoming legend in the realm of the paranormal.
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2023.06.03 06:55 amigovilla2003 Been trying to piece this dream together for some time.

The dream starts normally. I was at a swimming pool in what I believe was summer, with my best friends and a bunch of other people I knew from school or work. All of a sudden, a siren blares across the area. I see red and orange from the horizon. Growing up and still living in Southern Oregon- I knew what that meant. There was a fire, and it was coming comically fast. I suddenly cut to the middle of a burning street in the downtown area of my hometown, where windows are smashed, trees are fallen, and everything flammable is probably on fire or melting.
I hide in a sewer drain when all of a sudden the ceiling shakes. Massive chunks of dirt and concrete fall and almost kill me. When I was growing up, fires were common and I was always scared of them, but not really anymore. I had to navigate around the rubble and eventually I came out, to see nothing but what used to be a bustling town.
I saw people in ambulances, destroyed buildings, and so much vegetation and houses were burnt that you could probably see nothing but rubble for miles until the valley walls close in. I reunite with my friends, one of which is mentally unstable from this. I then find a calender in a destroyed shop, which shows the month of September. The last mark was September 8th, meaning it was either 8th or the 9th. The year? 2020. This was the day in 7th grade when a massive fire broke out in my town in Oregon.
It wasn't as brutal or destructive as the one in my dream, but I overreacted a lot when I was younger. I need help understanding if this was my mind still getting minor PTSD/trauma from that one fire or I was just reexperiencing it.
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2023.06.03 06:55 NoImplement8218 I tried going to the auction area where you buy the legendary items and it won’t let me buy Hoopa’s item despite the person being there and me having Hoopa. How do I fix this?

I tried going to the auction area where you buy the legendary items and it won’t let me buy Hoopa’s item despite the person being there and me having Hoopa. How do I fix this? submitted by NoImplement8218 to PokemonScarletViolet [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:55 Xerosnake90 Guardians 3 was so heart wrenching

All of Rocket's past was so hard to watch. I almost burst into tears when his first words were "Hurts". I just wanted to hold his scared self and let him know it'll be ok.
It was a really great movie. I don't normally love a movie that works so hard at hitting you in the feels but they nailed it with this one.
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2023.06.03 06:55 antidietqueen Med roulette forever sucks

Yalllllllllll I just want to feel less alone rn bc im so fucking frustrated by starting yet another new medication, enduring side effects, and all for it to make me feel worse off then before. Okay so context I’ve been taking lithium since I was first diagnosed July 2021 and wellbutrin shortly thereafter and those two have been my main hoes but they just don’t do enough for my anxiety and panic. I know that there are medications that can address that so I’ve been working with my provider to find the right one. I’ve trialed all the SSRIs over the years and them bitches are NOT it for me. I’ve mainly been dealing with so much nausea and I hate the sexual side effects. For that reason I brought up that I wanted to try abilify so I started that not too long ago but now I feel like I’m still having side effects with that and I can’t tell if they are serious enough to stop it because when I look up increased heart rate and (occasional) shortness of breath it says these are serious and could indicate a reaction or something. I don’t know if I should continue sticking it out bc it will hopefully help my mad anxiety and ruminating thoughts or if I should just ditch it and go back to what I know. I also take a topamax mainly for the slight hand tremor from lithium but I think this with the wellbutrin has made me really nauseous and have a low appetite which has not been fun. Please let me know your experience with meds and these meds in particular if ya wantttttt. Thank you byeeeee
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2023.06.03 06:55 fancyangelrat Returning to teaching - ACT vs Victoria - advice please!

I taught for eleven years before certain issues became unsurmountable and I left. Although my qualification was in Primary I mostly taught (and generally very much preferred) Secondary. I have not stepped into a classroom since 2016, so yeah, it's been a while! Unsurprisingly, I am no longer registered.
I currently live in the ACT, but my daughter lives in Melbourne and I am receptive to the possibility of moving to Victoria.
My question is, which would be better - trying to get back into the ACT system, or starting fresh in Victoria? I've seen that there is a shortage of teachers in Victoria, and I know there have been various programs in place to attract new/returning teachers, even offers of assistance with relocation costs, although it seems harder to determine whether these kinds of programs/offers are still current.
In the ACT, I do live here and know where the schools and colleges are, at least!!! If I can, I'd be aiming to teach at one of the colleges. However, when I left, it was because I'd burned out, and became depressed (I did get therapy, afterwards). I'm pretty sure I would not go down that path again, primarily because I have learned a LOT about what went wrong for me personally, and how to deal with various issues as they arise.
And there is the fact that I am older, which *shouldn't* count against me but I recognise that it might.
Any information and/or advice would be gratefully received! I'm planning to start by renewing my registration here in the ACT, and then look at trying for some relief work.
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2023.06.03 06:54 fuckenhama E-commerce taxation!!

Lets say im from a country without a well defined taxation system and as a result majority of citizens dont get taxed except the businesses that require government recognition for credibility to international partners/clients.. Lets assume i have a credible website where i sell sneakers and mode of payment is both online and cash on delivery.. If i move to another country with a defined taxation system where online businesses are subjected to taxation ,am i required to start paying tax on that business even if the govt isnt aware of it? Like how would the govt know i even run an e-commerce business if i dont declare it for them to tax? Im guessing i can keep operations running on the site (with my warehouse in my basement)shipping out orders from home..
The website is linked to a credit card from my home country where it just recieves funds from the website untaxed by the govt
Assuming i link a card from the new country my business becomes taxable by that country right
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2023.06.03 06:54 MedianLethalConc How do I support a colleague with PTSD? [MI]

I find myself in a complex situation at work and could really use your advice. Recently, my coworker, Susan (fake name), confided in me about her struggles with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) stemming from medical trauma. I want to respect her privacy, but I'm unsure about what to do next.
To give you some background, Susan joined our team just a week before our boss, Bob, had to undergo emergency heart surgery. Naturally, our office rallied together, expressing concern for Bob's well-being. The updates provided by our secretary were appreciated by all 30 of us, as we're a close-knit group.
However, these updates turned out to be a major trigger for Susan, leading to a panic attack. She was emotionally drained throughout the week following Bob's surgery. As the acting supervisor, I ensured she had the time off she needed to take care of herself mentally. The following week, Susan approached me, asking if there was anything we could do to prevent similar triggers in the future. She stressed that she didn't want her situation to be shared with others.
In response, I sent an email to our management team, urging them to be mindful of over-sharing and professional boundaries. While management agreed, they lacked the full context, making it challenging for them to fully understand my concerns. Nonetheless, it seemed like the issue was resolved. Or so I thought.
Now that Bob has returned to the office in high spirits, he's been sharing every detail of his ordeal as if they were war stories. The entire office is excited about Bob's recovery and bombards him with questions in the hallways, in the breakroom, and even during meetings.
However, Susan is far from happy. Bob's stories trigger her PTSD, and she has privately experienced multiple mental breakdowns this week alone. She asked me about management's response to my email and why nothing changed. I reminded her that I had left out crucial details per her request, which might have led to a vague message.
The problem is that Susan doesn't want to voice her concerns directly. She believes she shouldn't have to justify why she wants to avoid these conversations. When I asked how I could support her, she remained uncertain.
I feel burdened by this situation. Although I am no longer an acting supervisor, I am unsure whether I have an obligation to report this unsafe working environment to Bob. However, doing so may breach expectations of confidentiality.
In summary, my coworker with medical PTSD is triggered by the general small talk in the office after our boss's heart surgery. I'm torn between addressing the issue or letting it continue to fester. Should I talk to Bob about this?
TLDR: Seeking advice on how to support a coworker with medical PTSD who is triggered by casual office conversations after our boss's heart surgery. Should I address the issue or let it go unresolved?
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2023.06.03 06:54 MyNFTAcademia Welcome folks! Ice Breaker 🧊

Let’s kick it off 🦵🏽 What was the first anime or manga that introduced you to the anime world (for better or worse)? 🔥🤔
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2023.06.03 06:54 melWud Where is time going?

I'm juggling quite a few responsibilities at the moment, working two jobs (one full time and an hourly freelance gig), and trying to push forward a music career, so I'm trying to squeeze a lot of stuff into my days. I try to workout 2-3 a week (no weights-body weight training and/or yoga), meditate, journal, and cook for myself at least a few times so I don't end up getting delivery every day. I also try to go out every so often as I've found my mental health, as a social person, is heavily reliant on the amount of time I spend around others. I probably go out 2-3 times a week.
I've been tracking my time to see where all my time goes. And I'm finding that the amount of work I think I'm doing is not accurate. I can barely get any work done for my two jobs, amassing an average of 10 hours of focused work every week, and about 2-3 hours of musicianship or music administration stuff. My exercise/yoga/meditation practices are probably only 3-4. So it's looking like I'm only really "doing something" for 17 hours every week.
I sleep about 9 hours every night, and obviously shower and cook. But things aren't quite adding up to me. Whenever I've heard about other people reaching for their goals, they're always like "I worked for 60 hours every week" to get to my goal. I don't wanna work like that because that's excessive, but it makes me feel a little weird. I'd like to know I can at least get 40 hours of work in, including all the wellness stuff I do.
I feel really frustrated with myself. I've blocked off social media from my phone, to only let me use it 45 minutes out of the day. But I still play Youtube videos in the background while I work, as it makes me feel less alone in my apartment. Sometimes I feel really anxious and end up on Reddit because it helps me distract myself. So I'm guessing these two social networks I keep open (Youtube and Reddit) are taking up more time than I think.
I just feel like I'm stuck in a weird cycle of wanting to get more work done, but then feeling stressed and anxious when I'm working and resorting to social media for comfort, so I don't get as much done. Blocking off things only does so much when I'm not feeling good.
I want to be more productive, be less stressed, and have more energy throughout my day. What are some things that have helped people with this?
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2023.06.03 06:54 x1ww What’s the benefit of doing a placement year rather than simply taking a year out to work?

The only difference I see is that with a placement year you still have to pay the uni £2000 for some reason. Can any uni staff comment on why you still need to pay that fee even though you’re not at the uni? What does the uni actually do for you whilst you’re on your placement?
Is it common for unis to let their students pause their studies/temporarily withdraw in the middle of their degree? Mine does.
Similarly, what’s the point of doing a year abroad when, again, you could just take a year out and go to the country yourself? I know that historically you could get Erasmus grants or something but as far as I’m aware that doesn’t exist anymore.
(My course doesn’t offer placement yeayear abroad so excuse me if I’m just being dumb)
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