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Geezer Rock 1950s Rock and Roll

2014.11.22 02:26 loose_impediment Geezer Rock 1950s Rock and Roll

The original upwelling of the motherlode of popular music that has flowed through generations of young people for the last 60 years.

2023.05.28 21:54 Sensitive-Rice5718 Law on cars

Hello everyone, hope you are well. I see some companies in my country selling cars that are delivered from Korea.
The prices are pretty cheap compared to Europe market and someone told me that Korea passed a law that will stop using fuel cars from 2024 something like that and government will finance 50% of the car if its sold. I wanted to get an opinion from people that live there.
Thank youu
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2023.05.28 21:50 GovernmentAsleep looking at buying a 2007 318d with 240k miles on the clock what’s the opinions? it’s cheap and runs all okay, motorway miles, and car was well looked after

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2023.05.28 21:45 StickyOneStiilll A bit of a sticky one (literally)

So, I've recently purchased a new (to me) car - 2013 w204. As I drive quite a lot of motorway and A-road miles I've noticed that I get A LOT of flies stuck to the front bumper, side mirrors and windscreen. I never had this problem before in my old car - 2002 polo (absolute beast). And even if I did a bit of a fly genocide the regular tap water in my washer and cheap in need of replacement wipers would clear them with no problem.
I initially thought that maybe it's because I didnt use my screen wash immediately but I have done so since and these flies do not seem to budge at all. The car came with fresh Bosch wipers so I don't think they're the issue.
Regardless, I was wondering if anyone else also has this problem? And if so, what products do you use to clean it so I can save myself from getting a car wash everytime I travel?
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2023.05.28 21:42 Arshiaa001 What is a good first car?

Hello everyone!
I recently moved to dubai, and am about done with my driving classes (been driving for almost 15 years, taking classes felt weird AF 😄) and am looking to buy my first car. I'm a bit short on cash right now, which is why I'm going to rent a cheap car for a few months before I save up for my own. My bank account is also pretty new, so they won't finance a car just yet. Questions:
The car should be family friendly (sedan or small SUV) and hopefully cheap to maintain, don't want to spend a fortune on ownership costs. Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.05.28 21:39 NateEnzo Looking for housing in Nyarutarama

Help everyone. My wife and I are moving to Kigali for work and was wondering if you had any good recommendations for apartments in the Nyarutarama area. Of course, we would love finding a location that had a gym and possibly a pool on grounds but not sure how likely that is.
The things were most looking for are - safety - generator - gym - cafe/grocery store in close vicinity
Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Also, if you have any recommendations for car rentals, we’d like to drive while we’re here and are looking for extended car rentals at a decent price.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 21:29 Business_Candidate16 Oahu and Maui June Babymoon - Itinerary check!

My Wife and I will be going to Maui and Oahu for our babymoon from June 1st to June 12 (was supposed to be a honeymoon full of drinks and raw fish for both of us but alas!)
Wife will be 22 weeks pregnant when we arrive. We want to keep it chill and relaxed. Of course, we will play things by ear or switch things up (rain, beach conditions, reservations, etc). Some days are less planned (Days 9 and 12) as such.
Wife is a pretty strong swimmer, I am less so. We probably won't do any boat tours due to the pregnancy, but we did want to try snorkeling off the beach (neither of us ever snorkeled).
Appreciate any feedback on our itinerary below, obvious mistakes, and any tips for an enjoyable babymoon and/or beginner snorkeling!
Maui (June 1 - June 6th)
Day 1 - Montreal/Kahului
Day 2 - Kahului
Day 3 - Lahaina
Day 4 - Lahaina
Day 5 - Lahaina
Day 6 - Lahaina/Honolulu/Waikiki
Day 7 - Waikiki
Day 8 - Waikiki
Day 9 - Waikiki
Day 10 - Waikiki/Laie
Day 11 - Waimea
Day 12 - Laie/Honolulu/Montreal!
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2023.05.28 21:08 PurpleSolitudes Cheap Flight Ticket

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2023.05.28 21:07 PurpleSolitudes Best Cheap Flight

Best Cheap Flight
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Book Cheap Flights
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2023.05.28 20:57 thislittleplace I just got caught up. Can I gush for a second?

I started watching Barry when it premiered. I thought it was fun -- like a light hearted, comedic Dexter with Bill Hader. It was comforting in its goofiness and predictability. It seemed obvious that it was going to follow this tension-and-release rhythm of problems arising from Barry's violent profession while trying to juggle a normal life, those problems getting conveniently resolved, rinse and repeat. After the first few episodes it fell off my radar and I just didn't feel all that compelled to keep up with it.
I picked it up again a few weeks ago and OMG this is not the show I initially thought it was. There have been so many moments that made my heart stop and my jaw drop at the fearlessness of the writers for completely subverting expectations and taking things in such a dark direction.
The first time that happened was when Fuches brought Gene out to the car in the woods to show him Janet's body in the trunk. I couldn't believe they did that! If it had been Dexter, there would have been some last minute coincidence that would have prevented that from happening, and we would have breathed a sigh of relief. But instead, they didn't stop it! And it was such a brutal moment for Gene, and made us realize that the fatheson dynamic between him and Barry was over. And of course, that was just the tip of the iceberg.
Moments like that have made the show feel so real and believable. And then it also has this surrealness that exaggerates the absurdity of modern life in the most hilarious ways. The whole thing with the detonator app and Barry having to call tech support killed me. And then those two guys with the podcast where they talk about technology that never works properly being hired to kill Barry and the guy's device malfunctioning and blowing up his hand! That detail about the podcast only hit me a few minutes after the episode ended, and I haven't been able to stop laughing about it.
And the acting! All of these actors have made me feel so incredibly deeply for their characters. I yearned for Barry to find peace and become whole, I felt Gene's tragic emptiness while Barry held him hostage, I shared Sally's self-absorbed enthusiasm as she started to find success in show business. And NoHo Hank! I love him so much, and even though he's not exactly a good person, he has so much depth that is so relatable. The scene when he breaks free at Elena's was such a thrilling moment of triumph! And the fact that the show never fell into a pattern of cheap resolutions made his escape feel very real and deserved.
Anyway, I just finished watching the most recent episode and came to this sub for the first time and apparently there is only one more episode left?!? I'm pretty devastated, but also have come to develop so much trust and respect for Bill and Alec as the creators that I'm mainly just happy to be along for the ride.
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2023.05.28 20:54 TheRetroWorkshop Hard & Accurate Sci-fi Tip #1: Sports & Relaxation:

Note: This is a series I want to create, centred around some given element or facet of worldbuilding and storytelling. Primarily, each post will either be a piece of hard science in terms of physics or logistics or otherwise core elements of the setting itself (such as military structure), or non-physical core elements of the people and their world (such as sports and personal enjoyment matters, for emotional regulation and social stability, among other reasons). In short: all the things that actually create a functional, realistic culture.
A random (meaning, I have just picked it at random for today), often overlooked element within space opera (and sci-fi in general) would be all things recreational. You might not find a good way to heavily feature this into your (say) novel, game, or screenplay, but it can be something to just touch upon, and have in your notes, as it will at least indirectly relate to the wider world you're building (so, it's worth knowing, as the author).
The logic is very simple: using humanity as a fundamental base (technically, an axiom), we can conclude that any humanoid or even alien species would have to gift themselves some kind of national sport, wargame, gambling system, or otherwise. The real-world examples literally encompass almost all of culture itself, making me believe that if your people are even remotely humanoid in their fundamental nature, then the recreational is a core facet of culture itself. This is so integrated into our real culture (rather, cultures) that we take it for granted, and don't even think about it when it comes to fiction-writing. But, it's a nice thing to add if you want added realism and stability, or an extra human touch.
For whatever reason, fantasy seems to feature invented sports and the like far more than sci-fi (unless such is the entire narrative of the sci-fi story, of course -- and, then, it's typically car-based). If we look to history, we clearly have the very creation of modern dice (India) as a gambling tool, and we have wargames (Go and Chess, etc.) as either direct military training tools (wargames proper), or abstracted wargames for more general use, since at least 3000 BC. Sports-wise, we see Blood Bowl (Warhammer fantasy sports game), Quidditch (fantasy; Harry Potter, which is akin to football mixed with netball in the air), and a dozen major examples from sci-fi, often featuring murder and cars (which we could see as a kind of replacement for the Roman and Greek sports), or else some kind of American sport hybrid. These include Real Steel, Futuresport, The Running Man, Rollerball, and Death Race (also, movies by the same names).
The aforementioned are obviously plot devices, and possibly don't have a place within your space opera setting and story. But, the fundamental drive and psychology are there. There are a few other examples from sci-fi board games and novels. Not to mention general sports and activities, such as Swimming.
Personally, I have made my national sport and recreation activity Swimming. The reason is four-fold: (1) it is a driver for both health and relaxation; (2) it can be social and peaceful; (3) for symbolic reasons; and (4) because there is likely not much water in space, yet humans still have a deep drive towards water (naturally, this is only applicable to any water-based culture, such as humans). It also occurs to me that water is a natural fitting for space, more so, if we take the TV trope, 'space is an ocean' (which does seem to be the natural categorisation, though it's not the only one). Another reason might be that it creates a reward system/social mobility, or at least the implication of such. Maybe, boarding a spaceship and taking a trip to the 'local' Swimming Centre is the week's holiday for your lower class people. On the other hand, maybe the high class types sit in Swimming Centres all the time. Not an uncommon trend throughout both fiction and history, as you might imagine.
That's just my own example, and may act as a springboard (no pun intended). You can justify dozens of real sports and otherwise activities, or invent your own. They may be readily accessible, or limited to certain classes of people or otherwise groups. There will likely be many different activities and sports for all your peoples, just as we see on Earth.
If you're writing a novel, just one trip to one sports centre or otherwise will do the trick, assuming you have planted in the reader's mind the notion that this is very normal and healthy for the culture/people. Best is to try and fit it into the wider plot, or else as a passing element (a few pages). One natural way to deal with this is to tie such into a wider theme or plot-point. Don't just have people randomly go Swimming just to inform the readers that they are Swimming. You need to work it in a bit better than that.
Depending on your culture, you may want a dozen violent/unhealthy sports and activities, or you (i.e. your culture's governing body, etc.) may only regulate more peaceful, healthy ones. I would try and tie this into the wider theme, anyway, and take into account the kind of people/culture you have. For example, you may or may not want Football with ant-like robots. On the other hand, bottle-tossing for big space Russians always sounds like a fun game.
If your culture is based on Americans or Hongkongian, for example, then you should think about their native sports and activities, and how that might fit into whatever you're doing with them in space/the future. Other than that, you need to consider the (a) disposition of your culture; (b) the history of your culture; (c) the function of your culture; (d) the state of your culture; and (e) the peoples of your culture. Although this is not an exhaustive list, it should suffice.
It also occurs to me, we just don't see enough sports in space outside of these movies/stories that are wholly dedicated to said sports, which is weird considering how sport-obsessed humans have become since 500 BC (but, especially since 1920 AD). This is often in relation to the ruling classes in rich, urban settings (cities/towns), or the average citizens in urban areas, finding a bit more free time on their hands (i.e. Scotland and England circa 1920 AD). Makes sense: you have bored, work-less nobles, or even workers with nothing to do. They need something to do; thus, they invented all sorts of games, wargames, and sports. You see this with horse-related games, ball-related games, and even something like fox tossing. Tennis was 'the game' (popular sport) of the middle classes and above by the 1880s through the 1980s (hence, most early video sports games of the 1950s through 1970s were all Tennis-based). Worth noting that most early video games were themselves sports games or wargames! Actually, most video games are wargames circa 2023 AD, with a vast number of the rest being sports. I stress this only to stress the importance of such things to human culture and entertainment... indeed, most of our entertainment is also either war-based (Boxing, etc.) or otherwise sports (Football, etc.). Not shockingly, most modern sports were invented, therefore, in the British Empire (sometimes with French or Dutch roots). Older sports are seemingly universal -- ranging from Africa to Native Americans to India -- and are typically ball-based (classically, often using heads, or else leather balls).
Of course, most sports are impossible in zero gravity, so I'm just assuming you're creating some kind of zero gravity war-based game, or otherwise sport (fundamentally throwing-based or ball-based), or your culture is on a planet or space station of some kind, which has artificial gravity.
Tron is a great example of offering some inspiration (duel type, and others), not to mention Spy Kids 3D (car race), Speed Racer (car race), and Ready Player One (car race). Then, you have combat training type games (I'll just call these 'physical wargames') and VR games (Gamer movie, for example), not to mention VR holiday trips.
Speaking of which, I'm reminded of Germany's vast, cheap, powerful cruise trip system by 1938, which saw millions of working (and fairly poor) Germans taking such Party-run trips and holidays (mostly a propaganda tool, funded with blood money, of course). In the more modern context, this is what we saw by the 1950s in America and England with various holiday sites, theme parks, modern cruise trips, and beach holidays (though these do date to at least 1920, but typically only by the middle classes and above). No less, Tolkien himself once came on holiday to the town I live in (on the coast, North of England), which was a famous holiday town back in the 1850s through 1960s. This was commonplace, including long walks through the woods and various built-up areas. Even in the 1700s, people began going to the 'sea air' for so-called health benefits. In reality, this was likely due to the fact the city air was unhealthy. The sea air was simply fresh, clean air (though, it likely is good for you, psychologically speaking, compared to the grey-state of city life). All of this to say that humans have a deep desire to be in nature, and to relax. This is true most of all for the rich and urbanised (as you can imagine).
Space theme park, anyone? Giant cinema on the Moon? Sure, why not. Titanic cruise trip across the galaxy? Doctor Who already did that, but you get my point! There is much to be done, and you only have to add a few such items, and briefly touch upon them, but I think it does wonders for the human connection, and some added realism (assuming such correctly fits your setting and themes).
There are many other activities of note, of course, including but not limited to art groups, acting/plays, drinking games, general board/video games, card/dice/token games, sword-based sports, hunting, Shooting (sport), and actual warfare.
The only other thing I should like to say is that gambling is not always wholly a negative, nor drinking. These ensure that people have something to do at the end of eacfh day/week, without rioting against the system or going insane/depressed. Gambling and drinking are about as old as modern culture itself (at least 7,000 years), so it's not a trivial matter. You may or may not want these in your setting in some manner: think that the key positive function to gambling is social mobility, as it allows poor people to climb up the social ladder by winning large sums of money (or, rather, gives them the hope of such). However, this needs to be contained, because (a) you actually need people to climb the social ladder, unless they are kept there; and (b) studies indicate that gambling doesn't actually work in this way, as most winners fall back to zero after 12 months. This assumes you have some kind of social caste system, which is money-driven, of course (which is very common). Drinking is simple: it keeps men off the streets and not as depressed, which is very good for a functional culture (despite the major negative social (and health) impacts of drinking itself according to studies). Alcohol comes to us via the Arabic, and I read that it comes from at least 7,000 BC. I read that gambling stems from many games/betting from 'knucklebones' (goats/sheep, mostly, around the Near East, then India, China, Greece, etc.), around 5000 BC (at least). I'm not sure if this was purely for gambling purposes, or the later form of divination (hence, the origin of dice). We still treat dice (such as in modern board games) as if we are fighting the gods of fate... as if we are making a bet with the future itself. This is part of 'divination', at least. This makes sense, if you think about it in a Jungian and Darwinian context (most of all, of the typical male brain pattern of high risk and high reward, clearly stemming from hunting). This would be pure speculation, but I like to think that these early gamblers were betting on Fate, struggling with the spirits of the animals of said bones (goats/sheep), maybe trying to get good omen/luck from them. We have certainly seen a great deal of such activity in the past, as evidenced by cave paintings and various omen rituals. I believe a future space human culture would have such things in place, too, just in different ways.
Right now, for example, the major form of gambling is hitting young boys via video games and their 'loot crate' systems, which is actually very dangerous and often illegal. These are almost always on war-driven games, so the connection back to hunting goats and bone-dice is not such a leap -- it's just a simulated, digital, nested form. Another major form of gambling over the last few decaes has been Boxing, which is literal combat/fighting between man. If your space opera has a primary focus on actual warfare, however, I think such sports and games are unneeded (for the most part). Only within a non-war context would your culture require such replacements (i.e. sports and wargames), but I do believe the royals/nobles of your setting would have such activities, as they are likely to have great amounts of free time, and not actively enage in warfare (though, you could primarily fill their time with politics and/or religion).
I have said enough for today. Ah, speaking of which: talking might be another consideration for your culture. This is literally as old as man, and does count as such an activity in the context of debate. You famously find this within the Jewish and Islamic worlds: likely because they don't enage with the other items I mentioned as much, and their religions require great moral debate and such. On the other hand, Buddhism requires a lot of silent thinking (which is a kind of debate, in a sense). This heavily depends on your culture's primary religion and otherwise. Some cultures are almost purely geared towards warfare, for example, like the Akkadian Empire (though we are likely a bit harsh on that). In this case, the focus would be on action. If your culture is anything like the modern West, then it's also going to be heavily driven by action, purely due to the speed of the culture and its workers. How this manifests itself depends on the type of government and culture you have in place (the Dutch Empire vs. the U.S., for example).
I'm sure I've forgotten a few key items and categories, and I'm sorry for that!
(Clearly, within a cyberpunk direction or more classical space opera context, the primary free-time activities and modes tend to be centred around sex, war, and/or slave-labour, as shown by Star Wars in general, for example. This may or may not fit your world and story, however. The other core negative item would be gambling, which is the only item which doesn't innately involve the body, though often bleeds over into various animal gambling games/activities. You may find that you have certain sci-fi/space creatures in your world, for example, and find yourself creating a gambling game out of that. Typically, you either make said creatures fight each other or race/run. This typically keeps the more lower classes engaged in the 'slums' sector (typically of a planet). Very common trope/theme, as noted in the bright-cyberpunk-space-opera sort of movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), when they go to a trading hub planet, filled with crime, sex rings, and gambling, including little weird creatures fighting each other, akin to dog fighting or such on Earth. But, again: you don't actually require this, it's just one popular way to go within the wider sci-fi context, and it serves a few purposes, in-universe.)
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2023.05.28 20:50 Waste_Detective_2177 My insurance portfolio is overwhelming… any ideas about how to consolidate?

Car is Geico, home owners with something that my realtor suggested, rental property with farmers, home warranty something different… and shopping for an umbrella …. So is there any company that can gather all your insurances and give you a good deal?
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2023.05.28 20:45 xlilrizzox Throttle problem

Looking at a cheap little beater car for $900, they said the only real issue is they have to keep it under quarter throttle or it feels like it’s in neutral. Would that be a slipping trans problem or something else? 03 Pontiac grand am
Edit: I told him I was out of the buying and he is now saying it just stutters the more throttle you give, and it’s bc of the cat. Does that check out?
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2023.05.28 20:45 Conscious-Sun2482 How do I convince my dad to let me rent a car for prom?

I really want to take out a rental for prom so that me and the boys can have some fun. I work closely with a rental company and am close with the owner so he can allow me a discounted price… only thing is i need my parents insurance on the car to take it out.
my dad isn’t very ok with this idea since he thinks i’m gonna show off and is afraid of the possibility that i might crash or end up paying damage fees. i understand he doesn’t want his insurance to spike but i’m a good driver.
how do i convince him?
(if it helps it’s a c43 amg cabriolet)
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2023.05.28 20:44 diablapr I (F27) broke up with my bf (M32) now what?

We were together 6 months, I decided to break up because he never takes me out on dates unless i told him to or me inviting, we were always at my house watching movies, we could never do anything together because he was financially unstable (he has a job though but not with his shit together), a situation i understand since the beginning but couldn't do little things such as have a cheap meal outside or do anything romantic for me like getting me flowers knowing i like flowers, i couldn't count on him when I needed help for example taking me to the airport because his problem with money is so big he can't afford gas. All this problem because he's paying an expensive car. I spent the whole relationship talking about this situation and the things I expect from someone and that I need more than just company and sex, but going to my house was just enough effort for him because of his money issues, sometimes making me think sex was the only thing keeping him around. I had enough talking and teaching what it takes to have a relationship me having 27 and he being 32, I also have a daughter and can't expect nothing from him to her more than company
2 days ago while arguing about all this about an hour, he told me to hang up the phone if I'm getting bored of him and if i wanna break up that's what I did, then he was being manipulative as always saying things like hes gonna miss seeing my daughter and my cat, I blocked him everywhere not because I was planning to but because of his response and not able to find solutions like an adult.
He's being trying to call me everyday but I blocked his calls and every unknown number that its not saved on my phone. We tried multiple times to fix our problems but he really never does anything to make things better with actions and I'm emotionally exhausted. There's nothing to talk about anymore. What worries me is my 4 year old daughter, she was really happy with him and while videocalls and she asks about him or where he is, he was really sweet, caring and kind to her I can't deny that. But she wanting to see him makes me upset and mad at myself for introducing her to him, shes not gonna forget him that easy. I just don't know if I should let them communicate without seeing him because I wont be able to heal. I don't know until when she's gonna keep waiting to see him again, not to mention her dad doesn't care about her and rarely shares with her.
I wanna add one more thing, the only thing that may change my mind is that he arrives to my house (2 hour distance) and really starts doing something about his money problems and starts acting like a boyfriend, no more words. But that's unlikely to happen
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2023.05.28 20:44 Conscious-Sun2482 How do i convince my dad to get a prom rental car?

I really want to take out a rental for prom so that me and the boys can have some fun. I work closely with a rental company and am close with the owner so he can allow me a discounted price… only thing is i need my parents insurance on the car to take it out.
my dad isn’t very ok with this idea since he thinks i’m gonna show off and is afraid of the possibility that i might crash or end up paying damage fees. i understand he doesn’t want his insurance to spike but i’m a good driver.
how do i convince him?
(if it helps it’s a c43 amg cabriolet)
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2023.05.28 20:44 Novel_Equivalent_478 Sim seats are too expensive! And I'm too cheap! - solution!!!...

Sim seats are too expensive! And I'm too cheap! - solution!!!...
I'm mid upgrade on my rig, started with a g29 setup and a playseat evo! The one with the centre pole 🫣 I just got an R9 and it's too much for the playseat so it's new rig time! Again im cheap so I ordered the exact measurements of profile I needed and got it for 110bucks for what would have cost 400bucks! If bought from one of the usual companys... Awesome just need a seat now? But again they are like 200bucks and upwards! Nah! Too expensive so just got this leather passenger seat from a 5series BMW at my local car breakers yard, cost me 33notes... I'm so happy with it, leather, recline function, angle tilt function, lumbar support and is on its own sliders... the aluminium comes on Tuesday so I will have a full ally profile rig with a cracking leather seat, all the bolts and connectors needed to complete! - the cost is still less than the 200 bucks they want for a replica audi seat 💺... here's a pic of the seat, will post the complete rig once it's built.... It's so comfortable compared to the playseat, I'm a big guy and need a seat that can hold my ass while I'm hooning round the track!!! Lol... A little clean and it's gonna look sweet imo.. cheers
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2023.05.28 20:41 moonlight_sparkles YouTube and Dollar Tree making me organized (finally)

Upon getting an ADHD diagnosis I've been actively looking for ways to work with me brain, rather than against it.
Clutterbug is a fantastic YouTube channel run by a professional organizer with ADHD. I listen to her on the car or while I clean, it's so helpful. In her system, I'd be a "butterfly" organizer which basically means I need things visual but also broad categories. She's also got just lots of organizing and decluttering tips that aren't just for minimalists like a lot of decluttering content.
Anyways, also having cheap bins is so helpful. I got these super cute cardboard magazine holders for my house and office to basically store all my piles of papers so that I can see them. It's amazing and if you have a dollar tree nearby I'd suggest trying it out!!
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2023.05.28 20:41 Shortcake_Beauty Single mom just trying to make it through the day

On Thurs May 25th in the way to my daughter's graduation we were in a very bad car accident. My car is completely totaled. I'm going to be out of work for at least the next week. 😭 I'm trying to come up with $100 to cover our room and food for the next few days. Hopefully I'll be able to get us a rental car within the upcoming week so that will help me get back out here and back to work. Please if anyone could help I would be so grateful... Im only $50 short of what I need for us to be able to sleep somewhere tonight.
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2023.05.28 20:39 fater1014 Old panels and motor at the Moto-Archeology Museum in Nashville

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2023.05.28 20:38 emmytau Is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2019 a good, reliable car?

What I'm really after is a reliable and cheap car that's big enough to use for IKEA hauls and 4 people road trips. I like how on the surface I can get so much car for a used price significantly less than the competition. The car is from 2019 has even fallen about 50% in value in just 4 years and less than 100,000 km on the counter.
So much to like I think. Its honestly a bit more than what I thought I would spend, but I really like it - and I will not be buying before at least a couple of months - maybe more - so it might fall a bit more before then.
So, you think it is a good car or are there better alternatives in its class?
Edit: oh, and its my first car. I'm done with my studies by end of june, and want a car shortly after getting a job.
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2023.05.28 20:37 PenaltyParking7031 Family and Friends Discount

How much is everyone charging their family and friends who want to rent their car outside of turo.
I’m thinking a 25% discount before taxes and fees is a fair discount. The host takes on more risk, but can have a rental agreement that makes the renter responsible and have to make a claim on their insurance.
To be clear, I’m talking about renting to friends and family, and I am not advocating a grey market transaction.
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2023.05.28 20:28 shyandh0rny sudden mood swings when drinking or smoking with friends

This was second time I was drinking with this friend group. I, as the local here, felt really responsible for my 2 friends that I shared a room with. Last time I drunk with them I had bit too much and i remember crossing the street without looking around for any cars( it was like 3 am so the streets weren't busy) but my friend shouted my name to alert me that I'm crossing a street and to stay conscious about my surroundings. and that was the time my mood turned 180°, from feeling awesome to feeling all the guilt that I am now a burden and that i cant take care of my friend. I emediatly got mute and was just tearing up and later crying under my sunglasses on the way to get kebab. I've been thinking about that night all the time but I guess I have a different point of view after what happend yesterday. I've been out with almost the same group of friends, we were drinking cheap vodka and were out all night. I really controlled how much I drank and tried to drink as less as possible to be able to take care of my friends. that changed after an hour or so when other half of the group came and everyone was pretty lit by that time. After some time I got into chatting with a guy I didn't know. then some friends realized that I have missed a few rounds of vodka, I was not sober at all but still had control over my actions. then I started to loose count bc I really enjoyed the guys company. everybody was having a blast, laughing and all that. I needed to pee so I went to a corner of a parking lot and that's where the mood swing happened. from being really social and surrounded by voices of people I love to feeling alone just because I moved a couple meters away. I started crying but I can't remember why, in fact I wouldn't remember this mood swing at all if I didn't take a video of me crying on my phone. I guess I stopped crying and got back to the group, one thing I remember was that my friend noticed and asked me if everything is okay, but I don't remember how I answered.
I don't know the reason to this mood swings, but I have a theory that it's sometimhing with my chemical levels in my brain being affected by alcohole and combined with my overthinking self.
something similar happened when we smoked some pot a few months ago but that was probably because we had too much.
I doubt that anyone will read this, but it was nice to write it out
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