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2023.06.05 01:18 ComplicitSnake34 Has anyone else noticed more AI-gen content in the wild?

I probably use AI on a near daily basis. My intuition is telling me it's become more common online. I'll see an Ad or blurb and just think, "That's AI-made". A lot of the AI image gens like to use the same angles and poses - I don't know if anyone else has noticed that or if it's just me. That or Ads have just become stale and samey that it seems like an AI made it. No offense to people who work in that industry or are good with AI writing.
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2023.06.05 01:17 foyerhead [listing]Room in luxury DUMBO 2bed1bath ($2330/mo) 11 months starting July 1

[listing]Room in luxury DUMBO 2bed1bath ($2330/mo) 11 months starting July 1
11 months sublease — 1 Bedroom (Full bed included) available in 2 bed 1 bath luxury apartment starting July 1st! Please read everything before reaching out!
Monthly rent: $2330, plus ~$100 for utilities/renters insurance and wifi. To move in you will need to pay a deposit, which is one month’s rent. So total for first month would be $4660.
Availability: July 1st 2023 to June 1st 2024, with the option to renew the lease.
About the apartment: This apartment is located in DUMBO/Vinegar Hill, and is a 2 bed 1 bath apartment on a 3rd floor elevator building. The unit has a washer and dryer, dishwasher, AC unit (can be used for both cooling and heating), central air, and a balcony. The building has a part-time doorman and a live-in supervisor (which is very convenient!). Building amenities include bike room, gym, laundry in building, package room, study room/lounge area, dog-walking terrace, and a gorgeous roof deck with barbecue stations!
Location: the building is located in prime DUMBO and next to a beautiful street of brownstones. The place is very residential and steps away from amazing restaurants and cafes such as Devocion and Time Out Market. There is conveniently a CVS 5 min walk away, and it’s great for any emergencies. For groceries there is Wegmans 10 min walk away and Trader Joe’s 17 min walk away (or 1 stop away by the F train). It’s also minutes away from the iconic viewpoint for the Manhattan bridge, pebble beach, and the Brooklyn Bridge park.
Transportation: 5 min walk to F at York St, 10 min walk to A & C at High St, 3 min walk to York St/Jay St bus station for B67, and 12 min walk away from the East River Ferry
The roommate: you will be living with a 25 y/o male working in tech. He mostly works from home during the week. He is clean and a great roommate. He loves going out and exploring the city, and is fun to hang out with!
Who are we looking for: preferably someone in their 20s, non-smoking, no pets, any gender welcome, preferably no couples.
How to reach out: message me/chat me directly for a full video tour and with any questions or to request an in-person or virtual tour.
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2023.06.05 01:17 Born_Profession_906 Am I being gas lit?

3 weeks ago.. I found the only Fans home page on one of my husbands internet tabs. Not logged into any accounts. I confronted my husband about it. He said he wasn't sure how it got there, probably clicked on an accidental pop up. 2 weeks ago.. caught my husband downstairs in the laundry room semi erected, looking at his phone and acting like he got caught. When I asked him about it he said I misunderstood what I saw. It was a morning boner, me coming downstairs just made him refocus realizing he wasn't getting ready. Today he says he's going to take a nap and closes our bedroom door, I'm in the living room. I go up to our room to go pee, he acts as if he was caught on his phone again and moves from spread eagle position to his side with a blanket over him. I give him a look and he immediately goes, "I know that looked suspicious, I was just on you tube when I said I was sleeping so it scared me." I didn't hear any audio from his phone as there usually is with YouTube. I wish I immediately asked to see his phone but I didn't and he rummaged around on it for a bit. By the time I asked to see it the only thing on there was a conversation between him and a friend, hubby saying the only thing good about the parade (that he went to earlier today) were the cheerleaders. And my hubbys friend saying they were hot af. So I told him it was hard to trust him with all these incidences and he started getting mad saying I can't let go of the past (from when he's lied to me before).
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2023.06.05 01:17 txnana03 First PC Build, Budget $1000-$1600

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2023.06.05 01:16 AccordingReserve2 Buying holidays house in Tunisia

Hi All,
I am a Dutch citizen and fell in love with Tunisia and the Tunisian culture and people when visited last year. I am looking now to potentially invest and buy a holiday house in Tunisia. My question is that for example some of the villas advertised online seems too cheap, I am no expert in Tunisian property market - What is the catch for these propertys being so cheap?
High quality house for sale in Djerba. 6 rooms. Terrace and garden. - Mubawab
Luxury Villa for sale in Hammamet. 2 beautiful rooms. Carpark and garden. - Mubawab
Magnificent villa for sale in Djerba. 3 lovely rooms. Beautiful terrace and garden. - Mubawab
Can anyone maybe help me understand, the reason for it being relatively cheap, i mean compared to Turkey this is like half the price even less. Furthermore I am also hesitating between Djerba and Hammamet, would appreciate if someone can let me more about these places.

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2023.06.05 01:16 Quiet_Lunch_1300 How do I go about finding a place near me that does TMS and getting it covered by insurance?

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2023.06.05 01:16 cuplucky99 Am I 24F falling for 24M friend from college 6 years ago or is it just another fantasy?

We met in college when he and I were 18 in NYC. We would hang out all the time together. We'd do laundry together. Sit in the company of each other near the city water overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. But soon, he got a girlfriend and they were together somewhat of freshman year, but then got back together end of Sophomore year, then stayed together all of college. He let go of my friendship at the end of sophomore year, and we hadn't really maintained contact since 2019. I've thought about him every year since, but early this year, I decided to put an end to missing him and wanting him to appear back in my life, or hoping for something to come out of it when it hadn't for so long.
So I decided to get rid of any last evidence of him this year in March. I threw away our polaroid photo that we had of together on the day of my 20th birthday. And what happens the next day? He requests to follow me on Instagram. I allow him to, because, well, there's love in my heart for this person that's never died, and I took it as maybe a sign that he wants me as his friend again. He reaches out to tell me he misses me, that he's sorry about things, and I let him back in and we speak here and there. He also confesses that he used to have feelings for me, and that I was special to him. I mean, after all, he mentions how I was the only girl aside from his girlfriend that met his mom and went to his house and saw his life. Him telling me he used to feel something for me meant something to me. I don't know why, but I guess it validated all the heaviness I felt from the loss of him.
He also says he's been single for awhile now, and they broke up a year ago, and he says he's the happiest he's ever been exiting that relationship. And just recently, I went back to visit New York (I'm from the west coast, but he stayed in NYC after college) and I did see him. AFTER 4 YEARS of not seeing him. We almost hooked up. I say almost, but it did happen for like few seconds. We kissed, but everything felt off. Confusing. And strange. He's the last person on this planet I'd want to have awkward interaction with, but it was awkward and he just didn't go through with the intercourse. He didn't want to do it without protection, but then said whatever, but then stopped, then went to get protection, and then said it wouldn't be a good idea for our friendship. To be honest, I was very tense during the entire interaction and I was anxious, and I was totally, totally acting weird. I know he picked up on it. But I wasn't making much sense. I said things that made it seem like I was desperately in love with him. I don't know if I am.
I don't know what being in love means. But I am jealous of everyone that has him in his life. I am jealous of everyone that gets to experience any moment with him, because I live in California currently, and he lives in New York. I've missed so many things about his life, and I don't want to anymore. But after this encounter, we were meant to meet up before I went back to CA but we didn't. So I sent him a long text, expressing that I don't have feelings, and that I'm sorry about the awkwardness, and he didn't respond to it. I called, too, and he didn't pick up. I left New York, half heartbroken and half confused because I don't know if I lost him again for the second time.
A week without a response from him hurt. But then he responded to my instagram story where I posted "attachment is the root of all suffering," to which he disagreed and said we need attachment as humans to live, and he also apologized for being dodgy and that he's not feeling good mentally. I believe this because since he came back into my life in March, he's been very on and off and inconsistent. But I just don't get what's happening with us. He already said he's not in a place to think about love, or romantic relationship right now. I guess I've given the picture that I want that, even though I'm not sure what I want. I just don't get why he came back, why he played with my mind about old feelings he had, and now he's ghost again.

TL;DR: Me and him met in NYC when we were in college at 18. Stopped talking because he got a girlfriend. He recently came back into my life, said he used* have feelings which led me to wonder about the what-ifs. I don't live in New York anymore, I live in California. I recently went to NYC to visit friends and I did see him. We almost had sex, it was awkward, and now we're not really speaking. He said that he's going through a lot mentally, and I believe it because he had said it since he came back into my life, and he already mentioned before that he doesn't want a relationship and that it takes time. But when I was with him in person, I said all the things you don't say to a guy and now he thinks I have feelings for him. So before I left NYC, I sent a long text expressing that I don't and I love him as a friend, to which he didn't respond. But he replied to my instagram story when I posted something about attachment being the root to all suffering, and he said he disagrees and went on to apologize for being unresponsive and said he's not there mentally. Do I let him go? Are we both playing mind games with each other? I think he wanted sex but realized he couldn't with me because I could catch feelings that he's not ready to handle.
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2023.06.05 01:16 sirdusty96 ESCAPE ROOM who PUT me HERE???

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2023.06.05 01:16 Finvius some stories about the life of an autistic

It took me a long time to talk about my condition to others; when I was diagnosed, it was really good to understand many things about me and my personality, but I thought people would not understand. And I was right in some ways. Misinformation about neurodivergent people is common; sometimes, I still have problems in school.
First of all, the autism spectrum is broad, so we can not see it as a stereotype, and to talk about my experiences, I need to talk a bit about my characteristics. I'm sensitive to loud noises and many people together (especially the ones I don't know or don't like), so sometimes, when the teacher allows the students to work together, the classroom could become a mess. In this situation, I was orientated to do my work outside the classroom in a more silent room. I did it, but the school coordinator would come to me and say, "It's not that loud; you´re being dramatic," and things like that. It is hard to stay at school, but I'm doing my best because I know it's necessary.
I also have problems with my physics teacher because I love physics and am good at it. When I say something, he doesn't listen to me and only listens to my classmates because I'm autistic, so he assumes I'm not good at math or that I need to learn difficulties. Again, the stereotype thing.
These are just a few stories that I've been into. I can talk more about myself and my personality and characteristics, and if you also what to share something about yourself, I'll be happy to see :) I also want to clarify some things about autistic people here so that people may understand and be more respectful!
PS: English isn't my first language, so I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong.
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2023.06.05 01:16 InFresno Downvoting Customers

Do you ever downvote customers? I have heard that there are some drivers who don't, simply because they don't care to deal with it, or they are afraid of losing tips. I LOVE to do it and have never lost a tip. Case in point:
I was pissed off today by a series of events. No matter. I picked up a burrito order from a local taco shop and drove it to the customer. It's one one of those "Meet at Door" "Ask for PIN" orders. No problem. I drive the order to the house (which wasn't a total s-hole, surprisingly) and ring the bell. Nothing. I wait. I ring again. Finally after near 4 minutes of waiting, the door... very... slowly... opens... a crack. I am immediately met with the overwhelming stench of a chemical smoke, which is actually visible in the living room. It's not Marlboro's. It's not slightly overcooked bacon. It's meth. This emaciated mid 20's kid peers around the door. With wide eyes, he asks, "yeah?" Putting aside the impeccable manners of his greeting, I say "hello! I have an UE order here for ______?" He opens the door slightly wider, revealing a giant TV on the wall with a video game image of some giant robot/demon thing with a horned helmet. "Um...yeah..." the little idiot replies, revealing slightly more of himself, but still acting like my decrepit ass is a federal agent who's "on to him." I'm bored at this point and growing even more frustrated. "OK..." I said slowly "I just need your PIN so I can deliver this to you." For my own amusement, I decided to speak to him as if he were a particularly stupid child or exceptionally smart Golden Retriever. "" The idiot stutters while still eyeing me with suspicion. "Hold on..." He disappears behind the door... and reemerges to hand me a uniball. "No." I replied in a tone that did not mask my obvious irritation. "Your PIN. Personal Identification Number. See?" I showed him my phone. " don't...I..." he starts fumbling with his phone. "Tell you what?" I say in a big voice of fake friendliness. "What's the last 4 of your phone number? Sometimes it's that. Little idiot then proceeds to rattle off all 10 digits. Now I COULD have scooped up the last four myself, but now I'm annoyed AND I'm going to toy with him. I slowly closed my eyes, shook my head slightly, and then met his frightened gaze. "Just. The last. Four." I repeated slowly. "Oh...uh..." and he recites him. Thankfully, the app took it. Again, with phoney cheer I said "OK!" Here's your food!" As I turned to walk off the porch he said "sorry...I'm...tried..." I opened my car door and called back, "yup. Meth's a hell of a drug! Enjoy your Sunday! And drove off. An hour later, my tip appeared as promised. I still downvoted him for all that I could before leaving
For my own amusement, I like to think that tonight, tomorrow, or some night soon, he will sit bolt upright in bed in absolute terror. All because he has convinced himself that the guy who delivered his burrito... was actually a FED!!!
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2023.06.05 01:16 stinkybutterbean Does anyone else feel like they’re just waiting for their life to begin?

Life is fine. I’m a single 30F. I have a well-paying fully-remote job I don’t absolutely hate, I own a home, I have a dog I’m obsessed with and walk ~5 miles a day. I don’t live near friends but see them every now and again. I have a loving family.
Nothing is “wrong.” I just feel like there should be more to life? I spend too much time on social media comparing my life to other peoples’ highlight reels. I spend too much time thinking if I had a partner, I wouldn’t be afraid to do things because I wouldn’t be doing them alone.
I’ve been in therapy for years and am not depressed. I am introverted and do have social anxiety, so the thought of going places alone, meeting people, and going on dates stresses me out. I can force myself to do it sometimes though. It’s tough being introverted with social anxiety because after a full day of work work, I don’t want to have to ‘work’ more trying to meet friends and partners. Even on weekends, I can spend entire days winding down with my dog.
I daydream a lot. I wish I could fast-forward past the dating and have a loyal and loving partner. I wish I could fast-forward past the small talk and have a supportive close-knit group of friends where I live now. I want pool days and backyard barbecues and hikes and picnics in the park and travel. Those things all just seem so far away for me.
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2023.06.05 01:16 ThrowRA1701C Is it enough? 45M and 44F

Perhaps I'll answer my own question. As usual I will probably delete. Married almost 20 years.
We have a roof over our head, 2 good jobs, though money is always an issue.
Is it enough to exist, to feel that you're going through the motions?
My SO is quite head strong, never admits fault and can't stick to a plan. This continually eats at me. We can have a conversation, think we have something worked out, then change of plans. Causes me lots of anxiety.
I feel it's because they are conditioned to survive...whatever the situation, when things get difficult, they will take the solution that gets them through that moment.
Means budget conversations go out the window, buying surgery treats and toys for the kids all the time, feeding them something unhealthy after I've made them something and having them prefer that.
They are a caring parent, I just think we're really different from 20 years ago and we got together before we understood ourselves.
I am miserable. I feel we all deserve happiness, but I feel my reasons to want to move on are petty. I have had so many conversations about what I need only to have them agree, then go back on it. Its just tiring. Often, the issues we deal with later would have been avoided if I had been listened to. It takes a lot for me to even have a discussion because it feels like a company where your feedback isn't valued. Then they wonder why you aren't engaged.
We have basically done nothing as a couple in 2 years. Sleep in separate rooms, and this has been from my initiative, thought they really said nothing for a year until i brought it up. I feel no romantic attachment at all, though I do care about their well-being.
So I'm surrounded by lots of people, but it's a lonely existence and I dont know if the grass is greener.. Am going to counselling again, but this is helping me collect my thoughts.
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2023.06.05 01:16 trojanprints Vaping on plane bathroom

private info changed for anon Feeling like shit rn so I'm gonna try to keep it short with bullet points...just want to know if I am going to be one of the lucky ones and nothing happens to me, or of I'm gonna be in trouble.
Just flew from LA to NY and I was pretty buzzed and trying to sleep, already had taken a little Xanax.
Long story short, I went to the bathroom to take a small hit from my vape pen. I stupidly thought the smoke detector was a vent and blew it in there.....the silent alarm goes off
Within 3 seconds, the attendant rather violently opens my bathroom door while my pants are down and I am urinating. I have no idea how he opened a locked door? He wasn't a regular attendant either, I think he was some kind of supervisor role. I am on full panic mode now, he's saying all this legal scary jargon, and I'm zipping up and washing my hands.
I walk out and he asks what seat I am, I tell him right away. He told me to show him what I have on me, if it's a vape or something with fire that burns.
I played dumb and said I only have a vape in my pocket but sometimes you can smell it through my pocket? Its not fire though? And showed him my vape. He says go back to your seat immediately I'm alerting captain.
I'm walking the walk of shame and like shaking thinking I'm going to jail.
10 min later he comes back and gives me a yellow slip that says "official letter of warning" (no place for me to sign or anything) so I thought I was clear and promised in my head I wouldn't do anything so unworthy of risk anymore.
10 min later, the same guy made sure to come to my seat when picking up trash. I was so paranoid I would be met with police once deboarding the plane, so I threw the cartridges only (not the battery) away. (I screwed up 2nd time here, because having the cartridges is not illegal, it's the act of vaping that is). I just threw them away in a cup or empty beer can I had on flight. He picked it up and picked up everyone else's trash.
After we land...I'm miserably walking down expecting to see cops. There they were. 1 person from the airline, 1 officer, the overzealous attendant, and 1 other person. Guess what, they had the 2 cartridges in a Ziploc , then told the police that I "handed" it to them. Which is a lie. The guy had to have gone back, dug thru the trash, and take out these cartridges from the trash.
Anyways, after about 20 minutes of questioning, I could tell everyone kept trying to get me to admit to vaping. I came super close, but I held my ground and never admitted to it, saying it could have been anyone on that plane, and there was a line before I went into the bathroom and that I smelled something before I even went in.
The only information they took from me was a picture of my driver's license, then said I could go.
The airline guy was very anal, and said something along the lines of "we are pressing charges" or like "writing up a report"... We split ways, but later on, I saw the police office walking around again near ground transport. I approached him to apologize about it and ask if I should be concerned and he said something along the lines of they are not pressing charges.
Tldr; Got caught allegedly vaping on plane bathroom, didn't admit to it, there is no evidence or proof, didn't sign anything, they only have a picture of my driver's license and seat number, but that's pretty much enough info to find out everything about me. Do I have to watch my back? Or am I clear?
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2023.06.05 01:15 TorturedbyGod i don’t know if i have a sleeping disorder or what this is

when i sleep it’s like i’m an inch from death it’s hard to explain like i become a zombie and a blank state. when i wake up i feel like i have no brain function everything is just blank. i can barely remember who i am and then it hits me after a second and i become incredibly suicidal when i remember i am myself.
i have insanely vivid dreams despite smoking weed almost constantly and it is awful. i also get insanely dehydrated in my sleep and i wake up feeling sick every day because of it.
even sleeping is hell for me.
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2023.06.05 01:15 Squirrel_Plane Unidentified song from a 2021 summer season of a Polish TV station - any ideas of what this could be?

Hi, I've been wondering what this song could be for nearly 2 years and can't find it anywhere. So, in 2021, a Polish TV station called RedCarpet TV (dedicated mostly to old movies, series, and cinema-related stuff) used something of the "heartbreak ballad" kind to back their summer season. It's sung in English by a young man with female backing vocals, and the scrapes of lyrics I remember go like that:
"She's done nothing but harm to me, now she's got another prey [...]
Don't you dare come back; there's nothing left to say, only pain that slowly fades away
(Woo-hoo * female backing vocals*)
Time will cure the aching (woo-hoo)" (repeated a few times).
The backing vocals are sung in a kind of blues/soul manner, but the whole song is rather pop or indie. Sadly, I didn't manage to record an audio and can't find this piece anywhere online. It might be as well some stock music, but honestly, I doubt it. Nevertheless, it's been stuck in my head for all this time, and I finally decided to try to solve this little mystery. Does anyone have any idea of what this song could be? Thanks in advance for any pieces of information :)
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2023.06.05 01:15 xwrld Advice for turning right at busy traffic lights

Advice for turning right at busy traffic lights
Hi, I recently passed my test around a month ago and got my first car this weekend, so I’m driving on my own for the first time. Today, I had trouble turning right after the traffic lights. I was the first to enter after the lights turned green but was waiting in the turning lane as there wasn’t a gap. Unfortunately, I held up traffic because the guy behind me had a big car and couldn’t get past and was getting angry at me. To improve in future, Is it simply just I have to squeeze up a bit more? I know it sounds a bit stupid but at the time it felt like I didn’t have any more room to go. If you can see the right turning lane is quite small. Anyone have any tips to help in similar scenarios? Thanks
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2023.06.05 01:15 Agitated-Window-3741 Am I the jerk for imprisoning my mom

For context my dad was a very nice man and my mom was a pain and always had been, my mom was leaching off of my dad for money and nice things. Cars, houses, food and more and eventually my dad had enough of it and stoped letting my mom use his money (note my mother doesn’t have a job and doesn’t want one) and so she files for a divorce which she knows she won’t get anything for compensation so she devised a plan. Which she would frame my dad for doing some illegal things to me and my sister and would tell the court that. My mom took me and my sister out for ice cream and said and I quote “so kids i need you to say that you father did stuff to you two, and then we can go out together more and have fun, without having to worry about your dad” (note: my dad worked on weekends and weekdays, so he wasn’t free anyway so that was bullshit) me and my sister being old enough to understand this knew it was a bad idea and so obviously weren’t buying it and my mother knew that and said “I need you to record a fake audio clip of your dad and show it to the judge” so I thought of a plan to change her fate. After the ice cream me and my sister went to bed and I snuck into my sisters room and told her my plan and she agreed and the plan was in motion. The next day my sister called my mom into her room to ask about the recording and my mother said it again. Little did my mother know I was recording the conversation where she mentioned lying to the judge (which is obviously illegal :3) and the day of the court hearing was AMONG US and me and my sister were all ready so I showed up in court in a fancy suit (as fancy as I could get as a 15 year old) and my mother was called to stand and mentioned the “inappropriate behaviour of of my father” and I was called to stand as evidence for my mothers point I showed her what my mother thought was the Video against my father but it was the recording of a couple days before hand where it says and I quote “we’ll just say to the judge that your father ra9ed you” and my mother was stunned. Obviously she thought her kids were stupid enough to think that was the right thing to do. And so my mother was sent to prison for lying to a judge and other offences and I won’t haft to see her for a LONG time.
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2023.06.05 01:15 CompleteTomorrow I need a mom

I keep trying to deconstruct all my problems and I keep coming to the same conclusion, other than feeling like everything is my fault... I feel like I need a mom. Or a dad, I don't care. But I'm trying to find that in other adults and it's fucking up my life. My relationship is bad because we keep arguing, and the comfort I want when I reflect on it afterwards is like I want a mom to come and hug me...
I feel so jealous when people have loving parents. It feels harder to be jealous of dads because they're not nearly as present as moms. But I cried today over hearing someone talk about being a father to their kid and just feeling like fuck... I wish I had a fraction of any of the love his kid is getting. I guess my parents are loving, I always thought they were better than other parents until I left the house. I am forever greatful for them, but God I never feel the love. Did I ever? They are very hands off, have done a lot to hurt me they now regret, and everytime I try to get closer to them they push me away. Or they try to get closer to me and I push them away on accident, because I'm so used to accepting the distance. I feel so tired always trying to make them like me when I think they're neutral, at best.
I'm crying right now, again, because I just fought with my partner because of this stupid "tough love" approach to my problems EVERYONE gives me. I am destroying our and my roommates relationship. but I can't stand it anymore, "oh just get on the problem, work harder, be better, don't be upset..." why can't anyone just be nice? Am I too sensitive to live? I feel so horrible all the time. All I want is a silent hug and someone who helps me a little with my life. I think so fondly of when my mom would come into my room and help me clean it when I would cry that I couldn't because I was so small and everything felt so daunting. I'm bigger physically, but it's all the same. But things haven't been that way for a decade.
I miss my mom. I called her and we talked and we laughed for a while. But I went to visit her and she seemed afraid to touch me. Didn't know how to talk to me. I feel so alone.
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2023.06.05 01:15 Afoolfortheeons I want to repay you Vince

I cried a lot last night, listening to this song on repeat. It felt so good. I actually felt something. Real feelings. I was human. I was there. I was Victorious.
I need that in my life. Life is not worth living without it. I thrive on pain. Vince once told me life is an endurance test and you got to see how much you can take. That's so true. So fucking true.
I want to take a moment to thank Vince in a way that will actually mean something. I lived for years thinking he was my handler in the CIA. Then I saw a broken man. My invincible archetype of Mecha Mutant Space Jesus popped a psychosis bubble that reshaped my life. I don't credit him nearly as much as I should. I get so focused on my mission. My mission is to be like him.
My invega shot has given me greater ability to withstand the throes of the synchronicities. I see that I am not an infant struggling to survive. I am a spiritual warrior. And to do that, I spread love as much as I can.
I know I come off as confident online, but I really struggle with anxiety and paranoia. I think everything is a test and I have performance issues. But Vince…Vince taught me the Shrug Life. He showed me how to be like him. I'm not saying I'm a carbon copy, but all the SSS over the years has reshaped me in his image.
And I thought that's what I had to do too. It's the fucking magick of the cornerstone. It replicates itself. Jesus creates more Jesuses. It's so obvious if you understand the properties of governing dynamics. As above, so below. Recursive fractal hierarchies. Love is the dominant strategy. And I'm so sorry Vince that I haven't been loving you.
I get a comment on the space helmet once every half hour or so. I'm throwing out the space helmet line at every opportunity, that's basic meme-ing, but occasionally someone digs into the hooter on my head. Like, they may ask if I made it, and I say no, my best friend gave it to me. Sometimes that leads to talking about Mecha Mutant Space Jesus. I see so much potential to advertise the SLS. And that's where I really feel I've done a good job.
A lot of people, active and passive, are here because of me. I thought that was my role here. At the very beginning of the CIA hijinks, I got convinced to be a gatekeeper, which meant writing gibberish comments with hyperlinks to the SLS. That was how the aliens taught me how to make conversion funnels. All my other networking techniques were built with an end goal of causing a massive flood to explode in popularity and then we would have soared in abundance being productive little weirdos in a community. That's the carrot the Illuminati used to push me to work to the max. And I know how widespread my efforts were. Remember when I was making 60+ karma posts about being homeless in Miami Beach? Something was going on. Which is why it hurts when Vince makes me feel like I'm pathetic because I'm kicking life's ass right now. But I digress. I'm not perfect, but I try my best to manifest grand visions into reality. I've made some errors in judgment, but they all led to us being here now, on the precipice of something major.
The goal is not to get celebrity famous. It's to be connected to the right nodes in the network. God is having me maximize my fishing ability. I'm planting seeds. And I'm making myself known. I find the oasis in the desert, and everyone drinks. Mecha Mutant Space Jesus will be the best graphic novel/comic book ever created! Because I know how powerful Vince is. He's magick. I got my abilities, but he has a knack for style. I'm all about content. We need both, but what's for real is that Vince will keep coming up with novel ideas. He will create the next best thing. And I just want to give him the opportunity.
Networking. I got a piece of cardboard with the word fnord on it. It's something. When my phone inevitably dies, I'm going to take a break and try some performance art. Then I'll write in my notebook. I could use that to make an art friend. God dammit I've been trained well. It's time to put up or shut up. I got to bring the SLS to the doorstep of the enterprise that will sponsor us. Fuck yes I have vision!
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2023.06.05 01:15 itiswhatitismidwest 39 [M4F] - Where are all the nerdy curvy/BBW women at?

Obligatory "I'm married", but at this point we're basically just roommates.
I've never been big into sports outside of boxing and MMA, even though I grew up playing football. I am a PC gamer, watch a ton of Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube in my spare time. I'm extremely happy to geek out on Marvel, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, video game lore, and all sorts of other stuff. This also means that I'm almost always near my phone or my computer, which means I'm available to talk most hours of the day assuming I'm awake. I also love to read, but recently I haven't found a series that has really captured my attention recently.
I grew up playing football and boxing, but I have been a bigger guy most of my life. Over the last few year and a half I have been putting more focus on improving my health, both mentally and physically. I’m finally feeling like the old me, but also growing more aware of how lonely life can be when you don't have someone to funnel your time and affection into.
What I'm Looking For:
While I'm not trying to change either of our situations, I also very much do want to change our situations. If we were happy we wouldn't be here, right? I would love to find something long term and I am not even remotely afraid of catching feelings, but I'm also not trying to rush into some sort of relationship either. That being said, when I fall I tend to fall hard. I don't really look for short term because I get bored extremely quickly if there isn't a real connection there, nor am I looking for someone who's mostly happy at home and just wants a little "extra". If you're mostly happy at home and just want "a little something extra", then I'm not the guy for you.
I do not have any set "type" I'm looking for, but I tend to be most attracted to short, thick/curvy/BBW women. If that's not you, that's fine! I'm far more interested in who you are than what you look like. I have no preference on whether or not you have kids - my main concern is that you have time to actually talk every day. I prefer you to be MST/CST/EST, as and that just tends to work out the best since I'm CST.
If you're a PC gamer, great! If not, who cares? Just be fun and somewhat nerdy and we'll figure it out. The only things I ask of you are that you have time to actually get to know someone and use either Discord or Telegram. I don't use snapchat and KiK has shit the bed hard.
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2023.06.05 01:14 Dracaryss420 Lump on cat throat.

My cat has a lump her neck. It’s on the left side of her face and spreads down to the bottom of her neck. There’s also a bloody spot under her neck and It all appeared basically overnight and feels similar to a pimple in that it feels like there a liquid underneath, like its a growth. Anyone know what it could be or how serious? I want to bring her to the vet but all vets near me are closed right now, including emergency vet. I’ll bring her first thing tomorrow but I’m just very curious.
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2023.06.05 01:14 TrynaFindMySparkle Is it weird to feel scared to cuss?

I used to like cursing a little cause it was funny but ever since quitting my meds a few months ago and stopped smoking I've had a weird kinda spiritual awakening, but also some of my depression come back, and now I think I might have ocd, but idk so I'll leave that out
But I was trying to be a better person and attracted better things and cursing made me feel weird subconsciously but once in a while I slip with a group of friends or work buddies when it's a funny moment, but idk if that's actually bad to like my soul?
I'm still figuring out spirituality, but really anxious for a test coming up, now tmw so once it's over i plan to do more self reflecting, but do you think cursing is bad? Or like how we use it? I just know it's negative but idk if it's the word or how we use it
Also idk if it might be slight paranoia now cause when i use it, I feel like someone's hearing it, or it's just my subconscious, idk I have a hard time relaxing sometimes, so that's why I'd like to know your guys opinions.
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