2017 ram 1500 spark plugs

F*ck this sh*t (it's my first time telling my story and a long post)

2023.06.11 02:54 Wotizsis F*ck this sh*t (it's my first time telling my story and a long post)

D-Day will be 4 weeks ago in 2 days (one day after we went to a great concert together on Mother's Day, yay), and I'm struggling immensely, after just talking to WH.
Trying to make a long story short:
WH started talking to someone on Reddit after connecting over a comment at the end of last summer. Things got more intense and flirtatious by the fall, he knew he had crossed a line when he noticed he had developed feelings for the AP sometime before Christmas.
These changes in him have not gone unnoticed by me, we had been talking since September about starting MC, because for both of us, things had been missing in our marriage. (Thinking back to all the situations where I was trying to figure out what was going wrong with our relationship during that time without knowing he was giving attention to someone else still kills me.)
I explained these missing things by
- us being from different countries ( he had moved to my country for 8 years and he didn't speak the language, I had to take care of his whole life, grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, etc., for a while, basically turning me into his mother and never really making in fully back out of this role) and
- the second thing was that we had two kids and that of course came with all the moving-further-away-from-each-other-while-the-kids-were-little topics. I expected us to move closer toward each other again once they were older. This had happened during the last couple of years, in which I pushed to go out on dates, go away for weekends, and generally spend more time 1-on-1 which each other. Except for a couple of occasions, he usually declined these invitations (which is now explained by his diagnosis, but more about this later).
So in September I was ready to go, start MC, and work on building the best marriage we could ever have, but he dragged his feet (I now understand why). So I finally started IC in January to deal with his distant and unloving behavior better. Found out I'm a people-pleaser, that I have slipped deep into the role of a caregiver to him (he works, and I'm a SAHM), have his whole family dynamic analyzed (he has a sister who sucked all the attention from him, which is one of his main reasons for starting an A), and just overall thought that some of his behavior made sense, but there was one missing puzzle piece: D-Day rolled along when I found pictures of his AP on our shared laptop.
Things he has refused to tell me or do since then:
- her name
- where she lives
- NC with AP

Things he has told me:
- they connected over music
- she's 32 (I'm 40, he's 42)
- he never went looking for this, it just snuck up on him
- he has this A because things have been missing in our marriage and I am at least partly at fault for this
- she's in a worse financial situation than we are, that's why he sent her cash, gift cards, and food through Grubhub (about $1,000 as far as I know)
- her father is dead, she's estranged from her mother
- the other amounts I found on our bank accounts (about $1,800) that were out of the ordinary, he says were for porn
So to sum it all up: he didn't get emotional and sexual fulfillment from me and went looking for it somewhere else. Makes sense. This is the short of it.
After I found out I told him I can't take care of him right now, he's currently living with his parents. The kids stay with me during the week and with him over the weekends. We started MC after I found out, but only had a first session together and he had his individual, my individual is coming up in a few days. He also started IC three weeks after D-Day after lots of coaxing from me, turns out he has adult ADHD and depression. Which pretty much explained his whole life together with me (15 yrs), and the issues I have had with him in the past, but since I'm a people-pleaser, I just adjusted to it.
He's obviously deep in limerence/affair fog, and his IC told him he shouldn't make any life-changing decisions until he feels better. He trickle-truthed me right away, clearly afraid of the embarrassment, guilt, and my reaction to the things that happened. He also keeps saying he's sorry and sees me suffering, but no action.

So that brings us to today:
I confronted him after almost 4 weeks of him putting me on hold while he keeps talking on the phone with his AP. I said he can't do that to me, if we're trying to reconcile, I need him to pull the plug on this. He can obviously make the decision of keeping this contact going, but can't make other decisions? He says that his IC told him these things:
- No relationship without a spark. If there is no spark in a relationship, she has never seen it come back.
- Your partner needs to check all the boxes for you. If they don't check all the boxes, it's never going to work out.
What kind of bullsh*t is this? From a psychologist? Is this true? Can anybody please help me get out of this desperate state of Why-even-bother?
The message I got from him today was loud and clear: I want to keep talking to AP (dopamine-dopamine-dopamine). I told him maybe 10 days ago, that I need him to check in with me, I need him to ask me how I'm doing, I need him to talk to me. He has done it for a few days, that it trickled off. Right now, I feel like I want to cut off contact with him completely for a while because he's just absolutely making no sense whatsoever to me right now.
During these last weeks, I have gone through so many ups and downs, but right now, what I get from him, is, he's not ready to reconcile. I have been in the corner of "I'm going to give this my best because I don't want to regret not trying to reconcile later." Even if it means getting killed by a thousand cuts every day, even if it means being extremely patient (until he's on medication, maybe, that will make him see clearer), even if it means staying all alone in this, and keeping it as far away from the children as possible.

I have IC and MC this coming week, but until then, please, beloved AsOneAfterInfidelity community, what is the right course of action here?
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2023.06.11 02:28 Billy_Gripppo I seen this in Oregon City

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2023.06.11 02:15 SuccessfulFloor G56, what are those things getting plugged to the left of the steering wheel during pits?

Every pit stop theres a pit crew memeber coming to plug in these spark plug looking things to the left of the dash, he pulls them off his helmet and has a bag on his hip, what are those things?
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2023.06.11 01:57 hamoun76 Should I revamp the cooling system of the 330Ci I am going to buy?

I am likely going to buy a 2004 BMW 330Ci Cabriolet manual with 155k KM. Offer is for 10.8 k Canadian, recent services in the past three years:
-Oil and filter change
-Oil pan drain plug change
-Power steering fluid leak checked
-Transmission fluid change
-Fuel filter change
-Spark plugs changed
-Air filter changed
-Serpentine belt change
-Front struts replaced
-Battery change
-Evaporative emissions vent purge valve replaced
-New Pirelli P Zero tires ($CA 1800 with installation according to owner)
Car looks clean, Carfax shows two "minor damages" in 2011 and 2013 at right side and back bumper, but the owner says they were small bumps that the previous owner had fixed without using insurance and he himself didn't see any issues. I will be taking it for a pre-purchase inspection. I think it is a good purchase with a low mileage. Should I revamp the cooling system? I have been told it is best to do it by 100k miles, and I think this is still on the original system. Should I just do everything, or only some parts of it? Also, should I replace the 2 bar cap with a 1.4 bar one?
-Edit: Forgot to mention that since November 2022, the car has only been driven for around 100 KM or so, is there any special considerations for this scenario (Mostly sat for 7 months)?
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2023.06.11 01:26 Magdumper [WTS] FUND MY DUMB 2011 SALE: JP 3 Gun Style Upper, Complete 762x39 AR Upper + Mag + Springs Package, Aimpoint Comp M5 Unity Mount Package, Trijicon RX30 Green Package, NIB Samson 3.5x Magnifier, MBUS, Unity Fast Comp Mount Aimpoint LRP Spacer

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/ar3IWkN
Here is an album with all of the pictures!
All prices are shipped the same or the next day CONUS Paypal F&F/Venmo NO NOTES OR YOUR ORDER WILL BE REFUNDED. Feel free to shoot an offer if you think the prices are off. Dibs gets priority.
I bought a stupid expensive 2011 and need to find a way to pay for it.
Thank you for looking!
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2023.06.11 01:13 Cockatiel_Animations Update on flooded boat

Last month I went to launch my bayliner and forgot the plug and flooded the boat. Yesterday I finally got the call about the condition of the motor. So many repairs are needed, bilge pump doesn't work at all, up to $4000 for the repairs and they don't know if it'll work again. I brought the boat home today, and have decided that my little bayliner has reached the end. I'm looking into disposal options, or even selling it as a project boat, although chances are slim that someone will actually want to take it. I don't have the experience, time or money to fix it myself. Needs new spark plugs, carb, fuel pump, and that's just what they found, they believe there's a lot more going on.
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2023.06.11 00:55 HIUS103Project Henoko Military Base Construction

Of all the military bases located in Japan, roughly 71% lie in Okinawa. In the city of Henoko, 2015, a US airbase began construction, aiming to be completed by 2018. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the project has been pushed back, foreseeing completion in 2030. Many citizens of Henoko have protested against the construction of this base for various reasons, including, but not limited to, the destruction of the natural habitat of roughly “5,800 species of creatures, including 262 endangered species” and the risk of building on a fault line with unstable ground (Okinawa Prefectural Government). The Governor of Okinawa, Denny Tamaki, sent a letter to President Biden in opposition to the construction of a military base in Henoko, stating these concerns and pleading for the US to abstain from building any more military bases on their island.
Hideki Yoshikawa, a key protestor throughout the Henoko ordeal, has recorded and observed situations that were caused by the new military base, all of which had adverse effects on the community. He notes that a “nursery and elementary school” are located incredibly close to the proposed base, reporting an incident where low-flying US aircraft from the current Futenma base dropped “a small cylindrical object…on the roof of a nursery school,” putting those children in harm's way (Yoshikawa). The WorldBeyondWar organization, a global institution aiming for world peace, has partnered with numerous Okinawa based groups, including “Stand with Okinawa” and “Peace for Okinawa Coalition,” in hopes of terminating the construction of the airbase. These organizations are directly affected daily by the US government, noting the wrongdoings done by military workers towards the locals as well as the detrimental effect to the environment this construction will have. To combat this issue, protesting communities are sending letters to President Joe Biden, pleading that the people of Okinawa have suffered enough, arguing for the preservation of endangered wildlife, and warning of the shaky soil the location has (WorldBeyondWar). The group, with the support of the governor of Okinawa, didn’t propose a solution, but rather proposed a full closing of the construction, firmly stating that Okinawa has enough military bases already, noting the 70% of bases located on their island (WorldBeyondWar).
The US government has not stood down from their forced military construction at Henoko, but certain military officials have made remarks over its completion. Cancian, formerly a U.S. Marine colonel, wrote a report stating his beliefs that the construction will be halted and never completed, noting the pushed back completion date, major increase in building costs, and weak soil said to be “soft as mayonnaise” (Kuniyoshi). The Department of Defense stated on December 25th, 2019, that “the land would not be returned until the mid-to-late 2030’s,” not listening to the countless protests and objections by the Henoko citizens and government, but rather continuing their attempts at construction authoritatively (Braser). In a broader context of imperialism, the construction of this base without Okinawan permission further reinforces the concept of US imperialism on Pacific islands, disregarding the well-being of Henoko citizens as well as their natural environment.

All Sources and URL Links can be found below, including access to protesting groups and ways to help!

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2023.06.11 00:53 Virtual-Meaning2456 Pc wont turn on anymore

Hello community, a while ago i decided to upgrade my pc. The only i didnt upgrade were my ssd, hdd and graphics card. The rest was upgraded. I now have a 600w power supply, 16gb of ram in 2 sticks, a new am4 micro atx mainboard, a gtx 970 and a ryzen 5 3600 i bought used. And heres the problem. After inserting everything the pc ran for a few minutes until it gave me the blue screen of death. This happened repeatedly. It always told me that smth was missing in the system32 folder. And after letting windows detecting the mistake and fix itself or smth which it did for a long time. I just plugged it out. Ever since it hasnt turned on again. Everytime i do so everything turns on. Like the fans do and the light on the housing does aswell but my mouse and keyboard dont and the pc itself doesnt turn on. Id like to know what yall think why you think it doesnt and what i can do to fix it cause i dont know that much about pcs. Im thankful for every answer
Have a great day!
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2023.06.11 00:50 UNKN0WNGUN3R Need help. Mower won't start after cutting some tall grass.

The push mower ran before, cut some grass and it stopped running after hitting some tall grass. The blade is cleared. I noticed the blade is loose. Tightened it and still won't start. If I yank it slow white smoke will puff out after every pull. I noticed the spark plug had some oil on it but not much. The oil filter is super dirty and will replace it as well. Its due for a tune up, just bought a spark plug and tried just now still no start up. Should I change the oil and try again? Any tips?
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2023.06.11 00:41 -Mxhdx- 80cc spark plug thread size?

80cc spark plug thread size?
Trying to fix threads in block. What tap to use?
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2023.06.11 00:31 Uuuhhidk Spark plug upgrade

Spark plug upgrade
Looking to upgrade from my original spark plug to a a better one, what should I get. Also how does my spark plug look?
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2023.06.11 00:18 Just-Internet3212 Spark plugs for the 2.4L

Anyone got some useful info on best GAP and good plugs? Looking to do mine soon and Info is all over the place. Lookin like 20 ft/lbs for torque but gap is the weird one. Read your not really suppose to gap iridium plugs either due to chipping. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 23:55 Wild_Development9739 Spotting in USA until a Hypercar is found (excluding CA & FL) - PT.6

- 50 spots -


Acura NSX NA1 & BMW M5 E60!
Bentley Bentayga 2016
Bentley Continental GT V8 2020
BMW M3 F80
BMW M4 F82
BMW M5 F90 2018
Ferrari 812 Superfast!
Ferrari GTC4Lusso!
Ford Mustang GT Shelby GT500 Super Snake!
Lamborghini Jalpa!!
Porsche 991.2 GT2 RS!!!
Toyota Supra A90
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster
Audi RS5 Coupe B9
Bentley Continental GTC V8 2020
BMW M4 F82
BMW M4 G82
Dodge RAM 1500 TRX
Lamborghini Urus
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2014
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 4-Door Coupe x2
Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 2018 x2
Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG C217 Coupe 2015
Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG R232
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster
Porsche 991.1 Turbo Cabriolet
Porsche 991.2 Turbo S
Porsche 992.1 Turbo S Cabriolet
Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge 2016


Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV
BMW M2 F87
BMW M4 F83
Ferrari Roma!
Ford F250 Shelby Super Baja!
Land Rover Range Rover SVR
Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 2018
Nissan GT-R 2011
Aston Martin DB9
Bentley Continental GT V8 S
BMW 1M Coupe!
BMW M3 F80
Dodge Viper SRT!
Ford Mustang GT Shelby GT350
Dodge RAM 1500 TRX
GMC Hummer EV
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2023.06.10 23:52 Stock_Address3447 2008 Lincoln Mkx pmc question

Hey all,
I have a 2008 Lincoln MKX, it started acting up a while back, when I took it in to the local shop, they said it was a misfire on cyl 3. I replaced all the ignition coils and spark plugs and the problem persists, throwing the same codes. Afyer some research, it seems as though when the ignition coil goes bad on these model of mkx/edge it also damages the computer. I'm sending my computer in to get repaired, in order to avoid reprogramming and whatnot. I will be replacing all the ignition coils before installing it again, my question is, should I replace the spark plugs, as well? Being brand new I'm not sure if I should, but as a precaution I might. Just looking for some information. Thanks in advanced.
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2023.06.10 23:48 Mr_Diesel13 A little work done today.

A little work done today.
All 8 plugs were cracked like this. 3 broke just pulling the boots off. I’m slowly chipping away at my chevelle as time and money permits. These plugs were easily 15-16 years old. All cylinders seem to be burning evenly although rich. Which lets be honest, they may not have been firing properly since I got it running last summefall. Some people don’t seem to understand that spark plugs have a life span, regardless of mileage.
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2023.06.10 23:46 darkapollo1982 Need RGB help!

I just build my son the fully themed Demon Slayer computer.
G310 Nezuko case TUF B550M-Plus-Wifi Nezuko Edition TUF 240 ARGB AIO Nezuko Edition
On power on, the MoBo and RAM sticks light up but nothing else.
Now, I have the 3 way 3pin ARGB splitter plugged into the only 3 pin ARGB header. Nothing lights up.
All of the firmware is up to date.
I have Armory Crate installed but it doesnt detect anything connected to the MoBo. I have un/re/installed it multiple times.
I have tried with an ARGB hub (deep cool sc790) and still nothing.
My only other experience is with Corsair iCue and the Core XT which is completely plug-n-play.
I figured since these were all ASUS components it would be the same. It has been nothing but frustrating.
Please help?
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2023.06.10 23:43 KaiZB Help with Serato lag when controller connected

Hoping someone can help, I've just got a new laptop (specs below) & serato seems to lag when my DDJ-FLX10 is connected. When I say lag, songs will completely stop playing and the program will freeze for anywhere between 2-10 seconds including the music stopping, before playing again. The issue seems to happen most when I launched a new program in the background or even loading a new track. I have the laptop in the highest power mode. I have been unable to replicate the issue without the controller plugged in which tells me it's a controller issue.
I have another laptop (my old one) & it runs perfectly with no stutters or lag. I definitely need to do some deep diving, but thought i'd ask this community before for any obvious fixes.
Laptop specs - 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-13620H (16 core, 4.9Ghz), 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, Nvidia RTX 4050 (more than enough to run serato with no lag etc.)
Using Serato 3.0.6
Thanks :)

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2023.06.10 23:41 bay30three I got ROASTED for posting this on a general sub

(Looooooong post alert)
Hi all.
I only joined Reddit a couple weeks ago after years of occasional lurking, and I posted this on a general sub, and got roasted to the point I had to delete the post to prevent going into negative post karma (I went from 90 post karma down to about 10 over a few hours).
At the risk of seeing a repetition of a barrage of abuse (I was called an idiot/ loser, and my replies got downvoted into being hidden), I re-post it here, just curious if the FIRE crowd has a different perspective.
For the record, I AM NOT doing what I'm doing to scrimp and penny-pinch. I genuinely enjoy my healthy packed lunches over unhealthy bought lunches that takes up 1/2 my lunch break while waiting in queue. I buy tech that suits my needs instead of paying extra for features I don't need. The things I enjoy in life most (running, walking, snap photography on my phone, family movie nights at home) happen to be free or cheap. As for heating in winter, I grew up in South Island of NZ without heating in winter, and my winter school uniform was shorts and I used to ride my bicycle to school through frosted grass, so I'm not about to start heating up the house for the mild Sydney winters. My kids aren't cold, and they keep taking layers off.
So here's the post. Fire away folks!

I am a 40M suburban dad in Sydney. Dual income, 2 children under 6.
I work in a professional capacity, and while I don't want to reveal my annual income, I'll drop a hint and say I paid over 100K in personal income tax last year (wife paid a bit less but not a lot less).
With that sort of income, many will say that just about everything is affordable to me. I am aware there is a cost of living crisis out there, and don't wish to come across as insensitive. However I would l like to share some of my tips on how to live on the cheap.

1) My groceries are cheap
I don't eat meat/fish/eggs/dairy. Yep, full plant based diet since early 2021, for my health/animals and the environment (I've heard all the arguments against veganism so let's not get into it here).
I live on beans/ rice/ vegetables/ fruit/ nuts and seeds. I go through two bags of the 'McKenzie's 12 blend soup mix' per week, at a cost of $4.60 per week. Brown rice I eat costs $19 for 5kg (I usually stock up when they are half price, at $9.50). I consume 200g of rice per day, which is about $2.66 per week when bought on special.
My other staples are steamed/sauteed broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, zucchinis, sweet corn, sweet potato, eggplant, kale, and fresh cherry tomatoes, red capsicum, cucumber, lettuce, as well as chia seeds, hemp seeds, roasted cashews and almonds. These aren't expensive items either.
I don't eat vegan sausages/burger patties or cheese. I eat a whole foods plant based diet.
My snacks are fruit. Usually apples, bananas, kiwifruit, grapes are staples, with occasional berries when they are cheap.
Also I don't buy any processed food. No potato crisps (they were $3-4 per bag when I stopped buying them, but I've recently seen them selling for $6.50 a bag), no biscuits, no chocolate, no lollies, no cakes or cookies or anything with refined sugar.

2) I don't buy lunch when I'm at work
I pack my own lunch the previous night, while I'm cooking dinner. Lunch is basically a 2/3 serving of the vegetables/beans/rice I had the night before. as I find bought lunches are unhealthy, and aren't substantial enough to fill me up. My packed lunch probably costs me $3-4 in ingredients.
I used to buy lunch every day, at a cost of $10-12 daily, which meant around $2500 per year on lunch alone. Now it probably costs around $840.

3) I don't drink alcohol
I went through a craft beewine/cheese/cured meat phase for about 10 years, but gave these up not long after I gave up eating meat or other animal products. I've spent 0 cents on these foods in the past 2 years.
When I was a regular drinker, beers at the pub used to be $7.50 for Tooheys/Resches/Carlton Draught and $9.50 for the likes of Balter, Pirate Life, Feral, but I believe they cost up to $12.50. No thanks.

4) I don't buy coffee or eat in cafes.
I went through a trendy cafe phase in my 20s and 30s, and thought nothing of paying $24 for a cafe breakfast and $4.50 for a large flat white. Now I make my own coffee at home. I buy green beans at a cost for $12 per kg and roast them myself (I bought a coffee roaster for $950 four years ago which has paid for itself many times over), and use 10g of coffee per cup, which works out to be 12 cents per cup. My soy milk costs $2 per litre, and I use around 150mL per cup of coffee, at a cost of 30c per cup. So my coffee costs around 42 cents to make.
I haven't eaten in a cafe for about 5 years now.

5) I almost never order in, or get takeaway
Not that there are many good plant based meal delivery/takeaway options out there anyway, and I find ordering in/takeaway meals to be expensive, unsatisfying, lacking in substance and not worth the cost. I avoid refined sugar and there is far too much in most takeaway meals for my liking. I eat them begrudgingly, occasionally (when my wife orders them).
The cost of a meal is the cost of material, labour, business insurance, electricity/gas, rent, advertising, accounting + the profits.
The cost of my own meals are the cost of the materials + gas/electricity. Huge difference.
I honestly enjoy my own meals more.

6) My fitness routine is free
I don't go to the gym. I do 100 pushups, 20 pull-ups, and 50 sit-ups every day (without fail). I also run a total of 15-20km weekly, and enter 2 marathons a year at a cost of around $100-140 per event. My running shoes cost me around $120-140 every 18-24 months.

7) My entertainment costs very little
I pay $120 per year for a Disney+ subscription, mainly for my children. It has more content than I could watch in my lifetime. We do a Family Movie Night once a week, usually Disney/Pixar animation films.
I also watch stuff on Youtube, and don't pay anything to skip ads or anything.
I have been to the cinema twice in the last 7 years, to see the latest James Bond and Top Gun 2. I stopped going to the movies regularly when the cost of a movie ticket hit $20, also around the time streaming services became available for $10 a month.

8) I don't use heating in winter or cooling in summer.
I am rugged in up 4 layers at the moment. I wear a thermal top, a knitted top, a polar fleece jacket and then an Oodie on top.
In summer I don't use the air con. It's singlets and shorts in summer, and when it gets too hot to sleep, it's a fan on timer to switch off after 1 hour, and it works every time.
I live in a townhouse and pay around $200 per quarter for electricity (for a family of 4). My next door neighbour pays $800 per quarter, as he heats/cools his home all the time.

9) I don't spend much money on clothes or shoes
My favourite clothing brand is yd, my socks are from Target and my shoes are $120 Adidas sneakers.
I have clothes and shoes for every weather and every occasion, and don't buy new clothes or shoes unless I'm replacing old ones to be thrown out.

10) I don't spend much money on the latest tech.
My hp laptop cost me $1200 in 2017. Still runs like new, and unlikely to need an upgrade for another 5 years. My phone is a Samsung S20 FE, which I bought 2.5 years ago for $750.
My Galaxy tablet cost me $280 earlier this year. I buy a new one every 5 years on average.
I can't fathom paying $3000 for a 14 inch Macbook, $1500 for an iPad, or $1400 for an iPhone.
My mobile plan is through a cheap provider at $25 per month.

So there you have it, the reasons why I believe I spend less than 90% of people while earning in the top 1%.

I'm not penny pinching or forcing myself to live like a pauper to save money while denying myself the pleasures I want. We go on overseas holidays 2-3 weeks every year, live in a nice spot in Sydney, own two luxury European cars, and own some pretty nice things.
My hobbies are reading, blogging, going out (which means exploring my favourite parts of Sydney, and taking snaps), posting on various internet forums, watching movies at home.
I grew up in a middle income household and being thrifty was instilled in me from a young age. When I was a student I lived liked a student, and when I started earning I didn't really change my spending habits.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.10 23:41 BilgeboBaginsky 88 foxbody lound knocking

I have an 88 5.0 that recently I had out driving and it sounded great, no issues the day before, then I started it next morning and it sounded a little rough but nothing to make me worried, a mile or so down the road it suddenly started sounding like a real loud metal hitting metal noise from what spunded like top end of the engine.
Took valve covers off as it seemed to be coming from driver side valves, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. I tried turning the engine by hand with valve cover off to make sure everything moves correctly underneath and I can't get the engine to rotate more than a few degrees before becoming too tight to turn.
Other info I got is it's a very in time and consistent noise based off rpm, fast engine goes faster it cranks. Also i pulled spark plugs one by one to see of noise stopped or subsided and no effect. Rocker arms seem fully intact as well as pushrods.
Any ideas what my issue might be?
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2023.06.10 23:37 julian2580 Can't seem to power on an RX 6950xt

Hello guys. I bought an Asrock RX6950xt OC formula and I am using a Gamemax VP-800 (800W) PSU. This PSU has only 2 8 (6+2) PCI-E connectors. I had read that this GPU could run with only two 8-pin connectors. However, I have installed the card and plugged the 2 connectors but I get no display, not even the POST display. The RBG LEDs from the GPU are on but the GPU itself doesn't seem to be receiving enough power.
I have also tried uninstalling my current Nvidia with DDU in safe mode but that didn't work.
Based on what I have searched it seems that the PSU is not providing enough power on each of its 8-pin connectors so the GPU is not receiving enough power.
Is there something I can do besides getting a new PSU? If not, what PSU would you recommend? My specs are:

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2023.06.10 23:33 monardoju Please help with 2017 RAV4 XLE speakers

I recently bought second hand RAV4 2017 XLE and I have some issues with speakers. After taking apart all the doors, etc. here is what I found from previous owner:
a) The original stereo is replaced with Sony XAV-AX7000 car Receiver.
b) The dashboard speakers are removed
c) Front doors have Kenwood speakers (sorry don't know exact model), which I think is called 2 way (I think it has smaller tweeter in the middle - not so good with terminology)
d) Back door speakers are removed.
e) In the trunk there are some wires which end with multipin plug.
My best guess is that the previous owner had amplifier in the back + subwoofer and he removed those before selling the car.
So.... please help me to choose missing speakers, with following thoughts:
  1. I do not want to install amplifier unless absolutely, totally necessary.
  2. As a minimum I want to add back door speakers. a) What size do I need to buy? b) How powerful, so that my stereo can handle without amplifier.
  3. Should I bother with dashboard speakers? If yes, what size and which ones?
  4. Also I was wondering about an idea to move 2 way Kenwood speakers to the back, install normal (1 way?) speaker in the door and tweeters in the dash?
I am not an audiophile, just want a decent sound.
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2023.06.10 23:27 Jack_Silverlight Kiwi Link Cable partially not working

I've been using the kiwi link cable, and I've been having some issues with it. If I plug it into the front USB 3 ports of my computer, it works just fine, and the oculus app recognizes it as a USB 3 device, with a speed of 1.3 GBPS, which makes for a sometimes somewhat laggy experience.
Now if I plug it into the back of my computer, directly into my motherboard I get a windows error message saying "Device not recognized" and nothing I did fixed that issue, it still charges my Quest 2 while it's plugged into the back though.
I've updated my chipset drivers
Completely factory reset my PC
Changed the USB Power plan
Tried buying another cable (The same model, same issue)
Nothing mentioned above works, I've looked up countless articles, but they always just tell me to do the things up above.
My PC specs are: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, RX 580 8GB, 16 GB RAM DDR4, Motherboard PRIME A320M-K
If anyone could help me that would be awesome
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