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2023.05.28 20:50 CheNoMeJodas Is DIY E-Bike worth it? And how do I know if my bicycle is "E-Bikeable?"

So recently, I have been contemplating getting a moped/scooter or an e-bike, and I think given my circumstances an e-bike would suit me better, as I can get a bike+bus type of combo commute. I made a recent post and got some good recommendations, but I have also been considering getting into more tinkering and trying to convert a bicycle I have into an e-bike, as it could also be more economical. In the post, I mentioned I am 17 with a drivers license but no car, and I would be aiming for shorter commutes with some hills and 25-35mph roads involved and hoping to maintain a fast but legal speed (28mph and under).
So the question is, for those who have done it, which I assume is a lot of people here, would it be worth DIYing for a beginner without any real mechanical knowledge or bike commuting experience? Is the money and personal maintenance a good trade-off? And more importantly, how do I know if my bicycle is fit for conversion? I believe my bicycle which my dad got me a few years back is a 2020 Specialized ISO 4210-2-R. It's a large size with a pretty light aluminum frame and worked pretty well the few times I rode it with my dad and brother on a trail. Other than that, I don't know much about it.
If I were to go through with it, where should I start looking in terms of parts and guides? I am not against spending some decent money in order to create a quality bicycle, but I am a straight beginner when it comes to any tinkering that isn't desktop computers.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 20:47 Enough_Exchange_3417 I (15f) think me and my boyfriend (15m) are in a toxic relationship and i don’t know what to do

Ok so I (15f) and my boyfriend (15m) have been dating for 5 months. we were best friends for a long time before that and we were extremely close. I felt pressured into the relationship since i put him in the friend zone for a really long time and even though I was developing some serious feelings for him, i wasn’t ready. I cheated on him at the start of our relationship, it was an awful and unforgivable thing to do, and i don’t know why he stayed with me but he has. ever since then I’ve improved myself and became the best girlfriend i can possibly be for him. nothing can make up for what I did, but I am extremely affectionate to him every day. both physically and verbally, i make time for him,I listen to him, i check up on him, I laugh and talk and cuddle and express my love and attraction to him numerous times a day. basically anything i can do. i have never raised my voice on him or called him any names or criticized him. i tell him to prioritize himself and his mental health and encourage him to develop his hobbies and spend time with his friends outside of me. and he really is an amazing boyfriend to me, he’s always been the very best and affectionate and loving. but lately he’s been verbally abusive, and he’s started to punch walls on call when he’s mad. he’s never done anything like that before, and he seems like a completely different person. it scared me really bad when it happened. he also started saying he’s going to kill himself and it’s all my fault, and that he hears voices telling him to do it and that he hopes he gets into a car crash. this has all been incredibly scary for me and there have been several nights where i had to talk him out of it and soothe him. we still laugh and have amazing times together but sometimes it feels perfect and other times it’s awful. he used to genuinely love me and he says he still does but if i cry he just hangs up on me and i feel like the guilt is gnawing on me from the inside. i feel like even if he started to use me or physically abuse me i would still stay. I started having really bad panic attacks whenever he doesn’t respond to me because i’m scared he’s hurting himself. there are some more things too. i know it’s all my fault and i deserve it but please give me some advice. thank you for reading
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2023.05.28 20:46 throwRAheababy AITA for showering three times a day?

My(22f) parents (after an entire five years of me working ) have decided I can no longer shower three times a day because “that’s ridiculous”.
To clarify, I shower before leaving for work in the morning because it wakes me up and helps me get ready (my longest shower of the day. Usually like 20mn). I shower after work since I work with food and am usually covered in grease and sauce(10mn) then shower after going to the gym before bed(10mn).
My parents (who shower twice a day for a good solid thirty minutes if not more) have suddenly decided it’s ridiculous.
Now again to clarify, I quite literally spend less time in the shower than them on a daily basis but they just think it’s ridiculous “in concept to shower that often”.
My parents never work out, my father hasn’t worked a job that requires getting dirty in 30 years, and my mom hasn’t worked with the exception of one job for half a year when she was 19(she is now in her late fifties). I’ve tried to explain that taking one more shower in the middle of the day after work isn’t crazy but they won’t have it.
To be clear i’m not moving out over this, nor do they want me too. But they genuinely think i’m crazy and wrong (since i think it’s hypocritical considering they literally spend more time in the shower than me) and they disagree so we all agreed to post here and see what the collective thinks.
Is three showers for 40-45mn crazier than 2 for an hour?
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2023.05.28 20:45 Only-Treacle-502 Something was in mines.

This wasn't recent, this was back in February. So let me tell you about my experience. I was banned for about a week, so I decided, "Wouldn't it be a fun idea to go down to mines?". Turns out, I shouldn't have gone down there, because when I did, I got hit by a WALL of Autophobia (The extreme fear of being alone). When I was down there, I could have sworn I saw something for every corner I turned, until I stood still. There were static and fast walking sounds coming towards me. I turned off my headset and didn't play for a month after that, I don't know what was in that banned server with me, but it didn't want me in mines with it. I never got to see it, but it sounded like I wouldn't be able to run away from it. So I'm glad I turned off my headset instead of running.
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2023.05.28 20:45 Hedgewitch250 Thoughts on this superpower system

I’ve been making a system for a cosmic horrosci-fi world I’ve been making. Any questions or suggestions are appreciated.
During a field trip by a Toronto class to Oregon an otherworldly anomaly struck the town of Ashland. A field of energy surrounded the town with all sorts of paranormal phenomena taking place in it. A small number of the people struck by the energy became altered, giving them numerous powers.
While the powers can range from controlling energy to taking to animals they can also be on the weirder scale. An example is someone having the power to talk to space giving them the power to fold it for a myriad of actions. Not all powers are easy to control as some can come with downsides. Someone who flies may no longer be able to touch the ground as they make a field of localized gravity or another who makes fire is perpetually stuck as a flaming human. These special needs require equipment to manage like weighted shoes to keep them down or fire-resistant clothing. Other changes include physiology. Someone who has their appearance altered (aside from the potential body dysmorphia) may need a complete change in diet and lifestyle to live. Someone giving elk-like attributes now needs a complete herbivore diet as too much meat could be lethal.
One large downside to the altered is they cannot go past the anomalies border. Trying to go past it causes their powers to go out of control. Someone with electrical powers ended up destroying an acre of land simply cause they were put a few feet away from the anomaly. While the anomaly continues to grow and could potentially become a universal existing force any attempts at escaping it for an altered person could be dangerous and even lethal.
One peculiar trait that the altered have is the ability to blend their powers. This “resonance” is done by the energies that they have interacting with one another creating synergy with another into a whole new power. While this can’t be done by random individuals those that. Can match their powers could create something amazing. Take one person who controls air, another who controls ions, and finally someone with telekinesis. With resonance, they can use their powers to create a plasma that isn’t simply controlled by them together but is now a new power they can all use until resonance ends.
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2023.05.28 20:42 Visible-Success-5311 Info on I3 clones?

Info on I3 clones?
Good afternoon,
So Ive seen a couple listings online and was interested but I need to know more info before I spend the time and $.
Anyone know the brand of this I3 clone?
Here's another one listed on Mercari.
The one I'm looking at looks like it comes with a ton of parts, maybe extra parts, a wiring diagram, and needs to be gone through with a fine tooth comb and assembled.
So if I can get enough info on this clone and if it's worth it I might pick it up for a new project. I currently have 2 anycubic vypers that are simple to use, 1 button auto leveling, decent size bed, print quality, new community firmware that I'm liking..
If it can be fixed/ assembled Would an I3 clone be worth bothering with?
Thanks for any info guys
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2023.05.28 20:41 Random_Trinidadian When the Humans Speak.....

I can remember it like it was yesterday....
I had been a ambassador and representative of my people to the Galatic Confederation for many cycles up to that point. In my time there,I had been lucky enough to witness many a historic occasion, which had taken place in that time.
The Castilla Accords, the peace treaty between the Yavins and as Assurians, the Collapse and absorbtions of the Genotian Freehold by the Yambi Empire.... Too many to recall them all.
But I will never forget this day in particular, considering how it initially began. An emergency assembly had been called, which in itself was nothing too unusual. A week would not go by without one being called, usually by two representatives who were in disagreement over something minor and wanted a "third party" to mediate. But on this day, it was not the usual ambassadors who called for such a meeting. I could remember the surprise I and many of my other fellow diplomats felt when we discovered in was the Human Ambassador he did so.
I don't think I need to tell you just hoe much of a big deal this was at the time. Since becoming apart of the Confederation, the Terran Union had more or less been one of the more quiet members of the Confederation. Although they had taken part in several debates in the past, the Humans and their government seemed quite content with staying out of most Galatic affairs.
"If it doesn't affect us, then it doesn't concern us." I remember one of their ambassadors telling me once. During one of the yearly functions the Assembly held. According to her, he people had no desire to get involved with Galatic politics and would rather build healthy relations between themselves and the other races. To be honest, I could not fault them for wanting to take such a stance. The Humans had only developed their own FTL ships less than two centuries ago and were generally seen as one of the neweweaker races in the Galaxy. Not a position anyone would want to be in, if they wanted to become a major power in their region of space.
But for some reason, they had used their right to call assembly with the other ambassadors. I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious as to why they had done so.... But I would soon find out once I had arrived and the other Ambassadors were seated.
Eventually the Human Ambassador, a male by the name of Jackson Rice, came into the center of the chamber and began to speak.
"My fellow diplomats, I am sorry that I had to call for an assemble at this late an hour, but I am afraid that recent events has forced my government to finally speak up." Ambassador Rice said, as the holo-pojector began to show a map of the known Galaxy with one area highlighted.
The image then zoomed into said highlighted area as Rice continued to speak. "As we all know, their has been a serious piracy problem within the O'gren sector over the last couple decades." Sure enough, the image then changed to display images of several cargo vessels which had been victims of such attacks.
"Seeing that the system is a major stopping point for vessels using the Hyper Lane routes, several criminal factions have taken up residency within the sector to attack vessels which used it to cool down their engines, before continuing on to their destinations.
"Much like the rest of you, my government voted to create a task force to not only patrol the sector, but also respond to vessels in destress. We even sent a number of our own warships to take part in this initiative."
Once again, the image changed to show one of the Human warships along side a Kildrath Destroyer and Vol'pine Missile Corvette. As they intercepted a Pirate vessel near a red dwarf.
"But in the six months since the creation of the, my government have begun to notice a number of.... inconsistencies."
"How so?" Ambassador Mar'tek of the Shin Fe co-Opperative asked, as he and many others were did not know where Rice was going.
The human just sighed as the image changed again to show the entire O'gren sector, this time with numberous icons which represented the different ships that had taken part in the Anti-Piracy operation. "As you can see here, the Anti-Piracy Task Force has been split up and vessels focused the designated areas where merchant vessels exit hyper space to recharge their engines. But as you can see..." The image shifted again. "The vessels from my government have been assigned time and again to areas of the sector where no attacks have taken place. In fact, they have been positioned in such a way that they would not be able to react to any destress calls they may receive."
"As a result, 8 more cargo vessels were either captured or destroyed before help could arrive. This included 3 ships which were owned a d operated by by my government."
"Well I am very certain that the Task Force commanders had a very good reason for positioning your vessels in those areas." The Kildrath Ambassador replied, a hint of annoyance in his voice as he spoke. It was no secret that the Kildrath had a bit of a rivally with the Human Government, though no one outside of their government knew why.
But Rice remained cool as he replied, "That is what we thought too, but it seems that the only reason they placed our vessels in these areas, was to make them as ineffective as possible."
This caused murmers around the chamber, as I and everyone else were surprised by this claim.
"Are you sure that it's is not because your vessels are just to slow to be useful in such an important operation." The Ta'lan ambassador quipped, his insectoid like face showing some kind of joy in his remark.
Again, the Human remain clam, as the image switch again.... This time showing three human warships approaching some kind of space station which was crudely built into an asteroid.
"Two days ago, my people undertook an operation of our own, independent from the task force and actively began to track down a pair of pirate vessels which had attacked another one of our Merchant ships."
"What?" The Cal'yan ambassador spoke up. "That's in violation with what was agreed upon!"
Rice just ignored him, as the images began to play out. It showed the three human Destroyers approach the station. Suddenly, the lead ship fired a volley of missiles at the pirate base and destroyed three of the vessels which were still docked. Obviously, the station fought back with it's defenses, but once again, the human ships returned fire and destroyed the gun ports. Before what looked like breaching pods were launched and headed towards the station.
The video then changed again to show the point if view of a Human Marine as he moved through the station with his team. Only stopping when they encountered resistance from the station's occupants. But what it showed nexted, shocked everyone.
As the team entered what looked like a shuttle bay, they soon saw at least a dozen fighter craft lined up within.... But these were not the normal models which once would usually expect Pirates to have access too.
"Kildrath Sun Dancers?" Another ambassador gasped out in surprise as they saw the advanced fighters. Just as the Kildrath Ambassador slowly began to sink back into his seat.
Again, the human remained quiet, as the video continued to play and revealed four Naridi Troop shuttles with Naridi military markings. But the real surprise came when it was shown that there were a number Nardiri wearing military personnel who were being taken in by the human soldiers.
Then the images changed again, this time going back to one of the destroyers. Which had now taken position near the station. Though this time a Transport Frigate Kildrath could be seen drifting among the debris.
Eventually the holoprijector was switched off and a thunderous silence filled the chamber. Everyone was at a complete loss for words, as the videos clearly showe several Confederation Confederation species not only working with the Pirates, but actively supplying then with state of the art weapons. The Human spoke again..
"So... Do your governments care to explain just what the hell they are doing?"
Of course, what followed next was a absolute storm. As it turned out, there were a number of Confederation Government who were actively supporting the many criminal factions within the O'Gren Sector. As not only the the sector a important to commerce, but was home to several star systems which were rich in mineral deposits. The races which took part in this Enterprise, hoped to cause enough confusion that eventually, one of them would "annex" the sector do as to ensure "security" and safely for the ships that passes through.
What came next was what you and I know as the O'Gren war....
The governments who were involved in the plot were either expelled or left the Confederation. Then they attempted to attack the human home world as some form of revenge for what had happened. But the fleet would never get that far, as the humans used powerful nuclear weapons to literally burn their ships in hellfire.
Those that had survived, we're soon destroyed as they tried to escape. But the humans followed them back to their home worlds. Blockading them and forcing the governments to surrender. In total, the war laster six of the human months and saw many of these banished nations losing their territory to the Terran Union. The humans also eventually annexed the O'Gren Sector and began mining operations of their own and to this day, that sector is the most militarized region in human space.
The banished governments, like the Kildrath and the Ta'lan never really recovered from this loss. Though they were not annexed by the humans, the loss was enough to destablize their governments, eventually deading to civil war. Which destroyed their civilizations even more and even resulted in the Ta'lan's extinction.
The Naridi..... They got of rather easy, though they were not allowed to operate warships no bigger than a simple gun Corvette. They would eventually be allowed back into the Confederation, but only as a observer nation.
You know, it's kinda funny when you think about it. The one race which no one took seriously, had managed to change the face of the Galaxy forever. Which id probably why you are asking me if you think attacking them in the O'Gren sector is a good idea.
Do yourself a favor and listen to me very carefully.... Don't.
I know for a fact, the humans talked to you and your government already. When a human speaks, you better listen, cause the consiquences if you don't, will be dire indeed.
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2023.05.28 20:40 Vulture-Shade ‘Resetting’ Skyrim/Creation Kit to start from scratch

I’ve been trying to fix my mod list and get Creation Kit working for weeks and I’m unable to do either. (Creation Kit won’t launch even in the Data folder and mods either go missing or don’t work: the paraglider mod specifically has 0 usability for me) At this point I’m willing to start from scratch but I don’t want to further break things. Any tips on ‘resetting’ things?
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2023.05.28 20:38 horseobserver Sudden weight gain for the first time ever?

F23, 5’8”. Hi yall, not sure if this is the sub for this but there’s a lot of people here and it seems chill. Throughout my teenage/adult life I’ve always weighed in about 107-113 lbs with no deviation from that. Around July 2021 I was 110 lbs, and come September 2022 I was 120. Right now I’m 125 lbs. I haven’t really changed my lifestyle aside from probably moving around a bit more and eating better compared to during lockdown times. I’m wondering, is this normal weight gain for early 20s? over the past 10 years of my life my weight hardly ever budged so I’m not sure if this is cause for concern or if it’s just normal. Thanks :)
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2023.05.28 20:37 marsduster [22/M] looking for a [friendship]

hi everybody. For some difficult reasons, I had to sever all contacts with my friends, so I decided to make new ones. it doesn't matter what age you are, what gender, where you come from, the main thing is that you are cool. I'll tell you a little about myself. I love nature and rural lifestyle (although I live in the largest metropolis of my country lol), rock music of the 1960s-1980s, Star Wars, art-house films, underground music, classic and post-modern literature, vegan food, old video games, science fiction, futurology and enjoy the achievements of modern science. I will be glad to everyone who responds to the post.
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2023.05.28 20:37 Houstonboy43 23 [M4F] Huge cock on the Northside by 45freeway north airline I can host tonight

Hey! My name is Papi. I am single for a beautiful female for fwb on the Northside by 45freeway north airline. I can host whenever. I am Black mixed with Native American and Honduras. I am 5'10 and weight 165pounds athletic and disease. I am very affectionate and laidback. I enjoy playing videos games and watching anime. Send me a picture of yourself when you message me
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2023.05.28 20:34 MeWanderingOwl 20 Vers - India LTR and maybe LDR

Hey! I’m 20 from Chandigarh, India. I’ve just entered into my 20’s and looking for a genuine relationship and should go long term!
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2023.05.28 20:34 LoveMangaBuddy Read Our Pampered Sister's Secretly A Big Boss - Chapter 210 - MangaPuma

Across thousands of years a soul has come through and this turns out to be the daughter of an emperor?! I’m not afraid! Whoever put me in this “spoiled kid’s” body, you’ll see! I’ll have Baba and the big brothers wrapped around my finger! It’s just that… whenever I’m being with them why does the big brother look at me funny? Is there something wrong?! ... Read Our Pampered Sister's Secretly A Big Boss - Chapter 210 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.28 20:33 d1ZZyy0 Coming of age book, MC is a pre-teen tomboy and it goes through a bunch of experiences that she has as she's experiencing puberty maybe??

It was a non-fiction book. I'm pretty sure it was a coming of age novel. I don't remember it being that long and it couldn't be more than 150 pages. It was in English. It was a paperback book and the style of the cover art was kinda like a collage, it looked like things were pasted together. It had a white background, MC in the front (she has black hair and looks on with a blank expression) there's a red and white house in the background, trees and green landscape, like she's in a neighborhood. I can't exactly remember what time period it was set in. I read it in either 2018 or 2019 from my school library so I was either 9 or 10, so it was age appropriate. But if I'm remembering this correctly, it was written in the late 90s, because I had looked at the publish date at the time, and I distinctly remember thinking how "old" it is, so I can only assume it took place during this time. And it definitely wasn't new. And it was targeted towards my age range as well, as I found it in the section of my school library that was dedicated to 4th and 5th graders. Now, the plot. I don't remember it exactly. And I can't remember the characters names. Notable characters include: -MC. She was a tomboy and maybe had something going on between her and her mom. She couldn't have been older than 13. -MCs mom. She's pregnant for most of the story and she gives birth at the end of the book. -MCs friends. I think that lots of them are boys, but she may have also had a few girl friends as well. -Either MCs older sister or brother, can't remember which gender, but I think it was her sister. -This one girl who's really girly and is into dolls. I think that MC is put off by her or something. Now, I'll try to put the events I remember in order to the best of my ability. -MC and her friends are hanging out at one of their houses. They go outside and start digging a tunnel system in the backyard. I think they drink some lemonade afterwards?? -MCs mom blackmails MC, or something similar. Just- it somehow gets to MC going "wait, did she just blackmail me?" or something like that. -MCs older sisters boyfriend is a part of a band that is hosting a concert in their garage. MC goes to said concert. Eventually this concert was busted, by whom I can't remember. I also think MCs older sister and her boyfriend are found to be dating as well. -MC goes over to the girly girls house. Either she was looking for someone to hang out with, or she left something there. Either way, it ends with MC being put off by the girly girls dolls and her girlish nature. -The final part of the book has MC participating in a Christmas play at her school. Her mom had just given birth to her little sister, and she shows up with her little sister. Then the story ends. That's kinda all I can remember.
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2023.05.28 20:30 ceeroSVK Keeping up with new trance vinyl releases/represses?

Heyo there. I've noticed a lot of trance is being released on a vinyl lately, and especially a lot of stuff being repressed. I've seen represses of classic Tiesto tunes, Orjan Nilsen best of vinyl, some PUSH vinyl releases - repress of Strange World and some new releases as well. Recently i've got a repress of Beautiful Things and I could name many others. I'm supper happy to see it but I got a small problem with it.
My problem is that I usually find out that these have been released months and months after they are and often they are just sold out already. I missed on the repress In Search Of Sunrise Ibiza sampler which i've been after for years, merely because I had no idea they repressed it and when I did it was already only avaible on discogs for scalper prices.
My question to fellow vinyl collectors is - how do you keep up with these? Is there a facebook group/instagram profile/discord channel/online record store that always stocks up on these where I could get info about new vinyl releases while it's still fresh?
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2023.05.28 20:29 Heatmonger Moving from Android to iPhone on Pokémon Go

My daughter has moved from android to iPhone and we are having some issues signing in on the iPhone app. She signed up for Pokémon Go using her google account. The only choices given when logging in on iPhone are Pokémon Trainers Club and Niantic Kids. Obviously the iPhone is not super google friendly. Is there any way to transfer her progress to iPhone or are we screwed at this point?

Thanks for any and all help, she really wants to play on her iPhone and I have been trying to figure this out to no avail. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 20:28 Framerguy PayPal released money, but Grailed has not

Made a sale, shipped item. Night before item was delivered, I receive email stating buyer filed a claim for fraudulent purchase.
Go through the whole PayPal process(about 1 month now). PayPal says they side in my favour and funds will be released, Grailed never releases money
Probably close to a week after PayPal says they have released money, I receive another email from PayPal stating the buyers financial institute has sided in their favour but my account will not be debited for released funds.
Grailed will not release funds and have stopped replying to emails after providing repeated documents requested
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2023.05.28 20:26 OcultistaDasTretakkj Probably just me overthinking

I would like to start by apologizing if this text has some spelling and grammar errors, English is not my first language. I wanted to know some opinions about my views on my gender identity. Well, from an early age I've always been very empathetic and understanding, I didn't want what I said to hurt anyone, so when my friend came out as a trans man, I immediately researched everything I could about it. Of course, I already had a little knowledge on the subject, due to the horrible things that appeared in the daily newspaper and made me see red. Well, after many, many articles, reports, videos, etc., I realized that everything was similar to what I had felt my whole life. I didn't see myself as a woman, at the same time I didn't see myself as a man, I thought I had to fit into one of the two, but that just made me fill up with more and more doubts, I wanted so badly to know if there were other people who they thought like me.
Going through my youtube feed, I found a video with the title 'So what is Enby?'. I clicked on the video and it was a person explaining everything about being non-binary and the acceptance process they went through. It felt like something clicked in my head and I thought, 'yeah, this is what I've been looking for'. Going through more articles and information on the subject (I don't know why but I feel so much calmer when I research the subject until my fingers burn lol) I identified myself as Agender. I already knew other trans people, so it was much easier for me to come out to them and to my sister, who is a Lesbian and was very VERY understanding about everything, always asking what pronouns she should call me and making sure I was comfortable and happy .
And then, the big problem. I know that non-binary people have different views on their gender identity, as enby is an umbrella term, encompassing many different identities. But there was something strange about me, yes, I identified as gender neutral while also liking how feminine I looked, while also feeling a huge need to be seen as a boy, even though I didn't identify as one. Maybe it's because of the sexism that has always plagued my life, almost saying that I only have value as a man? I have no idea, sometimes I think I just want a little affirmation about my gender so my head doesn't get so confused and I start thinking too much. I almost feel like a fake for not feeling fully 'in neutral'. It's really great to see other non-binary people being confident and happy with their identity, it gives me a vision of something better. I live in an EXTREMELY transphobic country, even more so with people who do not fully identify or do not really identify with male/female. The jokes about my gender identity and pronouns are as recurrent as breathing, it only gets worse and it hammers in my head that there is something wrong with me, any advice?
(Also, sorry if I put the wrong flair, I didn't know what to put-)
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2023.05.28 20:25 Virtual-Chris Hardcore: Survivability vs DPS

I generally subscribe to the “dead enemies can’t hurt me” school of build design and thus go all-in on DPS builds. Do I need to rethink that if I do a Hardcore run? Or is playing cautious with an all red build the right approach?
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2023.05.28 20:23 USA-All_The_Way Question to Florida Hunters.

Hey all, I’m an avid hunter and moved down from NYS a while back and want to pick back up hunting. My question, is how do you go about hunting in Florida without getting completely covered in ticks and other insects like venomous spiders?
I’ve been scouting out some public land for hunting hog, and it seems like it would be a pain in the ass due to ticks. I walked off a path and had 4 ticks on me. I’m a Still Hunter, so I’ll be walking through a ton of brush and high grass. In NYS hunting season was around the perfect time of the year as most ticks died out and couldn’t survive on mountains in the cold.
I had a buddy suggest using double sided tape to tape my pants around my boots, and waist, along with taping around my wrists, and the double sided tape will trap ticks and other insects trying to get into crevices. Then spraying myself down with insect repellent. But insect repellent would allow the hogs to smell me. Anyone have any tips?
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2023.05.28 20:21 mucusbuckets Need help with convention costume!!!

me and my partners are going to a convention!! me and one of them have already decided on going as meulin and kurloz but i don’t want my other boyfriend to be unincluded!! who should he goes as?? also first reddit post yaaay!
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2023.05.28 20:15 liveandletdie89 Immortalized is their Master Of Puppets

Like a lot of disturbed fans my favourite era is their prime 2000-2008 I'm not huge fan of their later work post-indestructible but then that all changed when I listened to immortalized. I was blown away by an incredible album that had clever songwriting, killer riffs and beautiful melodies. It seemed to combine the best elements of their first 4 albums. I truly believe (pun intended) that it's the band's finest hour and it's up there with other classic alternative albums like Meteroa, Korns self titled and Slipknot's The Gray Chapter etc..
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