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Golf Dudes Ultimate Golf Club

2023.01.15 16:26 lunch36 Golf Dudes Ultimate Golf Club

Golf Dudes Ultimate Golf Club. We are a group of Ultimate Golf game players. We are dedicated, committed, and we communicate!!

2023.06.07 01:33 KrakenHybrid PSA: KINGrinder K4 is $57 (before tax) right now

PSA: KINGrinder K4 is $57 (before tax) right now
$88-$31 coupon. Wanted to wait until I got it in hand to confirm there was no fuckery afoot before spreading the word.
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2023.06.07 01:32 _Be3_ my kins are getting so out of hand 😀 I gone from absolute baby to actual psycho (check captions for fandoms + names)

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2023.06.07 01:26 normancrane The Circular Logic of Space Exploration

The Circular Logic of Space Exploration
Appleton rushed to scratch the message onto the back cover of a magazine lying face-down on a table near the telephone. Scratch—because the pen didn’t want to cooperate; the ballpoint stuck. Appleton’s fingers shook.
It was a prank, surely. The conversation had been recorded. He would end up on a website somewhere, the anonymous out-of-touch butt of some teenager’s joke.
Yet there was something in the quality of that voice, a voice that didn’t belong to any teenager, that forced the shapes of the letters through his wrist, onto the paper. Even as he felt the fool, he also felt the chronicler. The words could be historic.
The words: after a plain “hello” the voice had excused itself and muttered something about a wrong number and galactic interference. Then it had said, exactly, “No matter, you will have to do. My name is Charles R—and I am calling from Mars. First, record the date and time of this communication. Second, please bring it to the attention of one Mrs Mary Clare of 34 Wentworth St, Nottingham. Pass along also that I am doing fine and that, though food is scarce, I have had my fill, and that water is plenty once one digs past the red surface of things.”
That was all. Then the phone went dead. The connection had not been good to begin with, but there was no doubt about any of it. Nothing had been made up. There was no uncertainty.
Having written these five sentences, Appleton let go of the pen, wiped his forehead and retreated to the safety of his customary evening chair. It was a few minutes after six—his regular reading time—but Appleton gave no thought to books. Today, he sat silently in his chair until the clock struck seven. His neurons fired incessantly.
By eight, he had made up his mind: in the morning he would fly to Nottingham and personally deliver the message to Mary Clare.
There was only the slight problem of the wife.
She would arrive home tomorrow afternoon and find it empty. She would worry. Appleton’s greatest fear was that the wife would worry. She was of good breeding and delicate constitution, and worry might weaken her system enough to allow otherwise harmless bacteria to set up residence, which would lead to complications and eventually a prolonged bedridden death. He shuddered at the mere inkling. Right, he would have to compose a note: “My dear, I am off on a scholarly pursuit. Do not worry. I will return by Wednesday. Sincerely, your devoted husband.”
He folded the note and placed it on the dining room table. That, he realized, was more writing than he’d done since his tenure at Oxford. He felt productive again.

- - -

The plane skidded as it touched down, but the flight was otherwise without incident. Outside, grey clouds produced a cold mist that collected drops of water on the brim of Appleton’s hat as he waited by the terminal. Although no one could say so by looking at him, he was nervous.
He nearly misspoke while telling the driver the address. In the taxi, he caught himself rubbing his thumb compulsively against his forefinger like he hadn’t done since his rugby days.

- - -

The house at 34 Wentworth St was made of pale yellow brick. It was smaller and set farther from the road than neighbouring houses. A stone path led to the front door, on either side of which bloomed a well-kempt garden. Appleton walked the path slowly, cherishing the smell of wet flowers and realizing that over the last twelve hours he’d developed a particular mental image of Mary Clare. It was something like the opposite of the wife.
He stood for a few moments before the front door and deliberated whether to ring the electronic bell or use the bronze knocker. Eventually, he rapped his knuckles against the wood. A woman opened the door.
“Yes, hello,” said Appleton.
The woman looked suspiciously at his hands, but he wasn’t carrying anything except the back cover of the magazine on which he’d written the message from Mars.
“I’m not selling,” he said. “I’m looking for Mrs Mary Clare. I’ve been informed that she lives at this address. I have a message for her from Charles R—.”
“Did he send you, the scoundrel?”
Appleton blinked.
“Well did he or didn’t he, speak up. All these years and he can’t even come back to show his face, sends some other poor fool.” Her eyes studied Appleton’s hat. “Or maybe he’s dead. Maybe that’s what you come to tell me. Last of kin or some such.”
“No, Mrs Clare—“
“Simpson, but one and the same as you’re looking for.”
“Mrs Simpson.” Appleton fumbled the correction. He’d shoved one hand into a cloak pocket and was furiously rubbing his fingers together. “Yesterday evening I received a phone call. I wasn’t meant to receive it, you see, there was a mistake with the connection. The call was from Mr Charles R—. He asked that I deliver this message.”
Appleton read aloud what he’d written on the magazine cover.
The woman laughed and stomped her foot. She was in her sixties, Appleton realized. Sections of her hair were greying. The lines under her eyes were deep and permanent. Her laughter was not a joyous laughter.
She said, “Whatever trick it is you’re playing, and whoever you’re playing it with, I’m too old for it, you understand? The past is dead. Mr Charles R— is dead. And I deserve to be left to my own peace. Don’t come back here.”
But before she could close the door, Appleton put his hand on her shoulder. It was a soft shoulder. Appleton gasped. Never had he been so forward with a woman.
“Please, Mr Charles R— is not dead. I spoke to him. I heard his voice. I’m telling you the truth. He’s alive. He’s just on another planet. It’s utterly remarkable!”
Mrs Simpson looked at Appleton with suddenly sympathetic eyes and, even as she removed his hand from her shoulder, kept her voice calm:
“He’s dead to me.”
Appleton’s hand fell limply against the side of his cloak.
“There are certain things you do that, once you do them, their consequences are permanent. There is no pretending and there is no coming back. Take care now, Mister.”
With that, she shut the door.

- - -

Upon returning home, Appleton’s life returned to normal—at least in all superficial respects: he smiled to his wife, he kept to himself, and, at Six O’clock each evening, he retreated to his customary chair to read his customary books. The magazine cover on which he’d written the message from Charles R—, he placed in a private drawer in the desk in his study, underneath unfinished essays and research into particle acceleration and magnet engine propulsion and other old academic bric-a-brac.
For weeks, whilst trying unsuccessfully to locate more information about Charles R—, he kept the drawer unlocked. But, once he’d given up hope, he turned the key and, with one click, banished all thought of Mars from his mind.
Or at least that’s what Appleton intended. For there are certain neurons that, once they start firing, are impossible to stop. At most, they can be slowed—their work delayed. They are not obtrusive neurons: they do not prevent, say, smiling to one’s wife or reading customary books. But they are persistent and every so often they make the results of their operation known. This happens most-of-all at unexpected times, as, for instance, when Appleton, having bent to retrieve a particularly large pine cone from the grass, stood up with the complete schematic for the Magna-IV Engine before his eyes, or, upon having been asked by the local lady grocer for his opinion about a recent stretch of fair weather, replied, “My God, Ruthenium!”
Once such ideas made themselves known to Appleton, he began putting them to paper. Once they were on paper, he tasked other, more compliant, neurons with dividing and conquering any problems that the papers made apparent; and, once those had been solved, what else was there to do but gather the necessary materials and construct the first prototypes?
Appleton kept mum about this, of course. To his physicist colleagues, he was still at work on the same book he’d been working on for the last decade. He was still irrelevant. The wife, as long he smiled to her, suspected nothing. It was only his books that could have given him away—lying unopened on their shelves, their regular Six O’clock appointments long forgotten, their yellowing pages gathering dust—but books by themselves cannot speak. Appleton’s secret was safe.
Even as the project approached completion, not one soul suspected.
When launch-day finally dawned and Appleton, having composed a note to his wife indicating that he would be away until Wednesday on a scholarly pursuit, packed the pieces and prototypes into the back of a rented truck and drove to an old farmer’s field, from where he would blast off that very noon, the whole world was still naïve to the history that would soon be made.
In the field, Appleton worked diligently. He filled the shell of the rocket with each of the separate machines he had designed and constructed. He had a life support system, a navigation system, a communications system. He had propulsion. He had fuel. He had everything that was necessary. Nothing had been overlooked. As the sun rose, it rose on years of endless effort that, today, had physically and for the first time come together in the middle of such a previously insignificant English spot on Earth.
By Ten O’clock, the rocket was nearly complete. All that was left was the installation of the final ingenious detail: the captain’s seat: Appleton’s own customary evening chair.
That done, Appleton looked for one last time at the earthly sky, its thin clouds moving slightly across an orange sun, then climbed into the rocket and closed the hatch. The pneumatics sighed. The inside air was warm. As he set the navigation, every click and beep audible as if within his own skull, Appleton wondered what became of Mary Simpson. But just as it had come, the wonder passed. He confirmed his intended destination on the small liquid crystal display and took a deep breath.
The destination was unbelievable: Appleton felt feverish. He maneuvered into his chair and strapped himself in. Space was tight but he was not uncomfortable. Besides—he thrust a needle into a vein in his arm—he would be asleep for most of the journey. The sedative began to flow. He activated the countdown sequence. When he awoke, he would already be in Saturn’s orbit.

- - -

“Hello? Can you hear me?”
The communications equipment produced only a monotonous hiss punctuated by crackles. Appleton scratched his head. He’d programmed the system to link directly to the telephone in his home. The signal was strong enough. It should be working. He tried another connection.
This time, there was a faint click and the echo of a voice.
“Darling! It’s me. Please say something,” Appleton spoke into the receiver.
The voice wobbled.
“I hope you can hear me. I hope you haven’t been worrying. I hope I haven’t caused you harm. Please, darling, say something so that I know there isn’t a malfunction.”
The echoing voice suddenly came into rather clear focus. “Who is this? And do you want to speak with my mum?”
Appleton knew right away that it wasn’t the voice of the wife. In fact, it wasn’t even a female voice. It was the voice of a boy.
“My name is Appleton,” said Appleton. “I am attempting to contact the wife. Unfortunately, I may have miscalculated. Nonetheless, if you’d be a good lad and please make a note of the following: I am calling from Titan, which is the largest moon of the plane—
“Saturn, I know. I’m not stupid.”
Appleton cleared his throat and adjusted his headset. “Yes, that’s mighty good of you. As I was saying, I am on Titan, having only just arrived, you see. But the situation thus far appears manageable. I predict I shall make a fair go of living here.” He remembered his reason for calling. “Right, then, if you could tell as much to the wife, whom you will find living at 11 Golden Pheasant Lane in Beaconsfield, I would be much obliged. Her name is—“
The connection went dead. The communications system went offline. Try as Appleton might, no amount of banging, prodding and reprogramming ever brought it back.

- - -

Phil Jones replaced the telephone receiver.
“Who was that?” his mother asked.
Then disappeared down the hall without waiting for an answer.
Phil went back to the homework spread out on his bedroom floor, whose doing Appleton had interrupted. Geography lay beside history, which bordered an island of English. Phil tried all three subjects—cross his innocent heart, he did—but all at once the history was too boring, the English too imprecise and the geography too much pointless memorisation. He rubbed his eyes. Next year he’d be in high school. The homework would only get harder.
He typed the letters almost absent-mindedly into a Google image search.
The moon stared at him.
Somewhere inside his head, certain neurons were beginning to fire.
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2023.06.07 01:11 Alarmed_Bedroom_5722 Where are all the fun electives at?

Like the KIN 100-level courses. There's a few in there like golf, boxing, basketball, etc. But there's a lot more in the course catalog than what I can find in the registration portal. Do they just not exist anymore?
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2023.06.07 01:08 myorm I loved this movie when I was a kid

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2023.06.07 01:00 HWIsBetterThanReagan Robert F. Kennedy supporters on the 1968 campaign trail in Los Angeles

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2023.06.07 00:35 Ashamed_Ladder6161 Game more fucked than it’s ever been since the last ‘fix’.

Despite a ping of 8, last 3 games unplayable. I saw people teleporting across the playing area, arrows frequently pass through people, and my hits didn’t even register on a stationary cage. Any other PS4 kin having the same issues today? I’ve turned my character after the running spawn and they’ve continued moving in the wrong direction, I’ve collided with invisible walls, been hit by someone who had their back to me, and seen a catapult fall to pieces without anyone standing near it. WTF? Are they intentionally breaking this game???
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2023.06.07 00:26 onlyfapsubreddits I keep reading that an overwhelming majority of you think Multicaster feels underwhelming. Well let me tell you.. this comp has beaten 7 Demacia & 9 Void with ease. Not to mention extra style points for carrying Teemo.

I keep reading that an overwhelming majority of you think Multicaster feels underwhelming. Well let me tell you.. this comp has beaten 7 Demacia & 9 Void with ease. Not to mention extra style points for carrying Teemo. submitted by onlyfapsubreddits to TeamfightTactics [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:25 Drpoofaloof Ted on twitter

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2023.06.07 00:04 CryptKeeper91 Convert ETH kin to new blockchain

Anyone have steps/literature I can follow to convert my legacy Kin (Eth blockchain) to the current chain?
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2023.06.07 00:00 greywolfpub The Lone Hero: Cyber Initiative (An Isekai Fantasy/Scifi LitRPG) - Chapter Three: The Fall Of Senterra

I couldn’t help but feel a tingle of relief and excitement when seeing this screen. Clothes, armor, a guide. I wasn’t going to be walking around clueless for long.
I stroked my chin at these selections. While armor looked tempting, I couldn’t afford it. Same with the 24 hour guide. A thorough immersive guide right now would leave me broke and naked.
Well, this choice was already set in stone for me, wasn’t it?
“One temporary guide, please,” I said a bit nervously. Though nothing happened. I pivoted my head to and fro, but nothing. Where the heck was my guide?
“Whoah! Full moon! Hello!” I heard a strong Italian Brooklyn accent over my head, realizing that I wasn’t alone. He was a metal orb with hummingbird wings, covered in etched lines and cybernetic crevices all over his metal plates.
I should have picked the clothes first!
I crouched over to cover my unmentionables and cried, “Simple gear, simple gear!” Immediately, I was given a wardrobe. Even had the entire Sailor Moon glowing light as I was dressed up head to toe: A dark cloak with a hood lined with fur, pants, gauntlets, a padded leather top, high leather boots, and a bag over my belt.
“Heh, kid, you don’t have to call out your selections. Not that I mind. That high pitched squeal was unpredictably hilarious.”
I scratched the back of my head sheepishly. “Heh, sorry about that. This is all very new to me.”
He zip-lined right in front of me, the sound of his wings buzzing making my eyes grow wider. He zoomed in on my face as if he was analyzing me features, then suddenly, a red dot appeared on him, and I fell on my ass.
The first thought that crossed my mind was a laser sight, and that was exactly what it looked like before a red scanning beam traced me left to right.
He chuckled. “Heh, you’re pretty skittish for a guy with those level 1 stats. Well, allow me to introduce myself, hero. My name is Devicho. That’s D-E-V-I-C-H-O. And I am your temporary guide, here to answer all of your questions!”
I got up off my ass and nodded. “My name is Silas.”
“Yeah, I got that from your stats.”
“Oh, right. Well, crap, where do I start?”
“I got ten minutes.”
“Ten minutes!?”
“Yeah, I know. But them’s the rules. It’s all the boss is allowing me.”
“The boss?”
“The dungeon core. Alzera-Kar. We call this hidden gem mother, as she is the creator of all things in the country of Thalian.”
“Wait, a dungeon core created all of this?”
“Oh boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Thalian is made up of five nations: Marviel, land of the fae, Dradersi, land of the dragons, Guedmar, land of the orcs, Dokumbe, land of the goblins, and finally, Senterra, the fallen land of the humans.”
His voice dipped. “Hey, listen kid, I’m not gonna sugar coat anything for you here. Senterra is gone. A barren wasteland from what I could tell. If there are any humans left, they are most likely in hiding, so the other races can’t find them. A little history lesson for ya since we are tight on time: long long ago, these five nations lived in harmony as one. That harmony was doomed to fall, as the dungeon core, our great mother, created more and more resources. Now you see, the dragons were selfish bastards. They thrived off of money, greed, and pride. They started the racial divide, and these five species segregated themselves. Walls separate some regions, while big bodies of water separated others. Now, with the way things were rolling, the dragons were on the top of the food chain, and the humans were on the very bottom of it. As expected, all the races started to take advantage of the weaker race, bullying them to no end. Wars broke and Senterra crumbled. I’m talkin’ mass genocide, kid. The savagery, the bloodshed. Oh, it was horrible. Alzera-Kar saw this and was very upset. To help these deprived and enslaved humans, she created cyber sense.”
“You mean that purple evil Kirby that I killed? That was one of them?”
“No, well, yeah, but that was a defective cyber sense. And I’ll explain how. Originally, cyber sense was a mechanism solely for humans. They are particles in the air, nano feeds that respond to humans around its perimeter. They are everywhere, essentially dominating all of Thalian. Now what they do is shape themselves into cyber gear to improve the biological functions of human beings. This gave humans the edge that they needed, but after the humans broke the shackles of the other Thalian nations, they became the bullies. More war, more bloodshed. At this point mother Alzera-Kar was stressed. Her creations were dying. Her creations were killing themselves off. She didn’t know how to contain this ceaseless war and divide. Under this intense strain and tension, her crystal structure shattered, breaking off in three pieces. Without this protection, her core is vulnerable, and open for influence. These three pieces were scattered all over Thalian, but as of late, three nations have those pieces, and kid, they are protecting them with their lives! Dradersi has one, Guedmar has the other, and Marviel has one, too. These three nations are in constant strife! When one nation has all three parts, they can locate Alzera-Kar, and make her do anything they want.”
I was speechless…
“In this vulnerability, the cyber sense that was enhancing humans through cyber gear started to create evil fleshy beings. I’m talkin’ monsters. Of all sizes! They are only detectable by humans, which is why most nations made sense out of keeping humans as detectors. Remember what I said about them practically squattin’ everywhere? Well, that didn’t change. These hideous freaks lurk around, and materialize at any given moment. They became sentient. The upside though is when you kill the stronger ones, you get a full blown cyber gear. Some lesser creatures drop some precious loot too, parts to build a full-fledged cyber gear. It is good to note that cyber gear only operates for humans.”
“I think I’m getting some of the pieces to this puzzle together, here. Was I sent here to restore Senterra?”
“You bet!”
“And find the three shards to help Alzera-Ker?”
“Boy, you caught on quick, didn’cha?”
“But I don’t understand. Why not snatch the shards herself? She is all powerful, right? She’s pretty much the god in this country.”
“Not when she’s unprotected. If mother could become defective when vulnerable, imagine how much harder it’d be for her to get those shards?”
“I guess you’re right…”
“Not only that, but those kingdoms who have her shards are keeping it on lock down. Warded I imagine. It won’t be easy.”
“Why me?” I asked honestly. “I understand her humans here are suffering, and she went out somewhere else to find a hero. I don’t know why she wouldn’t pick someone locally. So I have to ask, why a foreigner? And why me?”
“I guess she saw something special in you that she couldn’t find in her natives. But don’t feel too overwhelmed. You’re not the only hero she went out of her way to find.”
“You mean there are others?”
“Of course! This is an entire nation we are talking about, after all.”
“How can you be so sure? A girl and her titan hound hunted me down back in my home town.”
He paused and then asked me sternly. “What did this girl look like?”
“White hair, real model type bod. A few inches shorter than me. And her titan, a big brawny dude in armor, had a skull for a face.”
“That ain’t sound good.”
“You know her? Her name is Lucyna.”
He sighed. “She’s from, Dradersi, daughter of King Orelus. Usually, dragon-kins have horns on their heads, sometimes along their jaws too. And some scales on their skin. They can materialize wings for flight at will, and are physically strong by nature. Lucyna probably used a spell to disguise herself as a human to remove those features on Earth. What’s more bothersome than that though was she found a way to open a gate to your world, and managed to track you down…”
“Not only track me down, she killed me.”
“I don’t understand. How the heck are you here if she killed you?”
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I’d died and came back to life, isekai’d to this crazy fantasy RPG world.”
“You think this is wacky? You should hear what she thinks about people from Earth! Every race here was inspired by a planet from different galaxies. The plan was to make a cornucopia of races, but things started to get messy quick.”
“This mother seems to appreciate variety.”
“It has its goods and bads, as I’ve already mentioned. Which brings me back to Lucyna. This whole death business, it’s unsettling. And if she has access to Earth the same way mother does, you may very well be the only hero. Mother hadn’t started the recruiting process yet. She is still on the selection stage.”
“Then how did someone like Lucyna even know what she was planning?”
“Could be a precautionary step? Not sure. Lucyna is very smart. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a few steps ahead of her maker.”
“She’s on my hit list,” I said seriously. “Her and her dog.”
“Hey kid, slow down. You’re nowhere near her league! That dragon-kin is an elite, a royal one at that.”
“Then I’ll level up! Whatever it takes!”
I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand. It’s not just a vendetta. All of my life I was invisible. I love my mom, but things changed when she started focusing on her career. She was hardly ever there. Dad was never around, either. He taught me to never take shit from anyone, use my fists when I have to, and never give up. That’s it. I was alone, in my own mind, in my own world. I became detached from everything, losing myself in my hobbies, finding fulfillment in playing games. That’s where I belonged. That’s where I felt like I was achieving something, where I was somebody. Still, it would have been nice to feel that out in the real world.
I wanted my life to mean something. Then she came around and snuffed my chances out. But then the dungeon core brought me back and gave me my chance.
"This is an opportunity to start over, to start fresh. I will do right by Alzera-Kar, but not because she gave me this gift. I want to help these tormented humans of Thalian because it’s the right thing to do. A voice for the voiceless, and power for the powerless. She brought me here to become a hero, and I’ll do just that. As for my own personal agenda, that’s secondary. I want that psycho to know what having everything taken away from you feels like! My life wasn’t the best life, but it was my life!”
“You sound motivated! Thadda’ boy!”
“I’m going to raise Senterra up from the grave, and I need you to tell me everything there is to know about getting stronger to do it.”
Read up to 50k words on Royal Road for free! (Daily Chapter Drops):
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2023.06.06 23:47 Tanky_Cleric Getting some kin in motion. C&C welcome

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2023.06.06 23:28 Opesorry7 How does Small Estate Affidavit works?

Hi there, my sister passed away and even though my mother is the next of kin I am the one who is settling everything right now.
She had several financial accounts, a car and regular accounts like phone, cable, etc. When I googled how to do this since she has no will, I saw it was called a small estate affidavit.
So where I'm lost is: 1. Can I do it to mine name since my mom doesn't want to deal with it even though I'm not next of kin. 2. My sister and I lived in different states, she passed in Michigan and I live in Arizona. Do I need to file for an Arizona affidavit or a Michigan one? 3. Where does her debt go to?
Anything else I'm missing please let me know, this sucks that I'm even doing it but I have to. I already did her cremation, her ceremony, cleaned her apartment (wasn't in her name so didn't need anything with that) and left her car with her boyfriend (my mom wrote a note and signed saying they can have it, don't know if that counts?) Now it's just settling her accounts and getting her police report back for cause of death.
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2023.06.06 23:23 WWWWWWWWWWWWVWVWWWWW num6er 029 of 500

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2023.06.06 23:10 Ok-Painter5475 AITA? should I be more understanding?

Sorry she’s a long one
AITA for telling my MIL to stop talking trash about my FIL
10 years (or more ago) my MIL got divorced from my FIL after he was arrested and given time for some white collar crimes. Majority of there belonging we’re returned to the bank, and my MIL had to start her life over again. She had a really tough time both mentally & physically, her relationship w my fiancé and his siblings deteriorated due her mental health. She would constantly talk shit to them about there father, and had on multiple occasions accused my finance of stealing from her (when it was in-fact her new boyfriends she had over)
Fast forward 2 years, and the children are 12, 14 and 16. My FIL is released from prison and one by one the children all made the choice to move in with there father and completely abandon the relationship with my MIL due to her mental state & lack of emotional understanding. She could not fathom how they still wanted to have a relationship with there father.
Spring of 2018 my fiancé decided to start speaking to his mother again. I got to meet her, and I really thought that things were going good. She still spoke about there father very poorly, but not often and I could be understanding to her trauma.
September of 2021, my FIL who we both had a great relationship with passed away extremely unexpectedly. We were heartbroken and we unfortunately found out he was still up to his old ways of handling money and we’re left with a lot of unanswered questions. But never the less, they still love him dearly and so do I. We have so many good memories with him.
It’s been two years now since he’s passed, and my mother in law talks more shit about him now then she ever did. How she cannot forgive him, and that she has letters from him in jail she’s adamant her now adult children need to read. She still hates him with ever fibre or her being and will say whatever nasty thing you can think of about him. She hates his extended family (we have a wedding coming up and I am so nervous she’s going to blow her top, and ruin my BIL & SIL big day because she has literal 0 self control after a glass of wine) She hates anyone else’s extended family for that matter. She is certain that people still “blame” her for what happened 10 years ago, and that she wants her children to valid her as a his victim. I also think she tried to scare me by telling me that creditors were calling her asking for his next of kin. (Even though I know my fiancé and BIL dealt with all of his finances, when he passed) I feel she is blind to that fact that the children were also victims of his financial crimes and none of them were old/mature enough to be equip at helping her handle this? I finally told her that I cannot listen to her talk about my FIL this way anymore, I know that he hurt her terribly, the children too. (I don’t need to tell you how absolutely livid she was when I told her no more, she’s been posting some pretty targeted quotes on FB since I said it) But it is not the way that my fiancé and I want to remember him, he’s unfortunately not coming back to answer our questions or to apologize. This is unfortunately where the story ends, and there’s nothing that she or any of us can do to change that. So am I the asshole for thinking it’s time for her to let this go? What would you do?
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2023.06.06 23:01 Toorelad Advice for dealing with the Saskatchewan Health Authority after a death.

My wife's grandmother passed away while under the care of the SHA.
The grandmother had no money, and the SHA was charging her more per month than she received from the government, so each month that she was in the old folks home, she was accumulating debt.
Now, the grandmother has passed, and my wife is receiving bills from the SHA. When she called to inquire, they told her that since she was the next of kin, she was responsible for the debt. When my wife explained that her grandmother's estate had no money to pay the debt and that debt was not inheritable, the person at the SHA suggested that they will just be sending a collection agency after her.
What steps can we take to get them to back off, since we will not be paying someone else's debts?
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2023.06.06 22:57 hsg1998 Egg_IRL

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2023.06.06 22:54 woodsboroghost Just started my collection, all charity shop/2nd hand finds :)

Just started my collection, all charity shop/2nd hand finds :)
I picked up Four Past Midnight randomly from a charity shop a few weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with his stories. This is my collection since and I can't wait to read them all and more :)
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2023.06.06 22:51 QueeeenieCSGO Add mute chat on the scoreboard

Add mute chat on the scoreboard
I play for fun codm, so when we get those try hard teams it is totally fine but when we get those very toxic players, that never stop talking trash is just ruins the mood to keep playing.
Codm legendy is a fair small community everyone knows each other or have seen each other, so we already know how are the toxic players.
It has been 3 years since codm has been released and we have had not been able to get a mute option on the chat.
I hope there are others out there that feel like us, about the mood being ruin by please that just do not stop texting on the chat. I have fairly almost invisible the chat but the notification just annoys me, i need to open it to remove the orange.
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2023.06.06 22:42 No_Huckleberry_2042 Any of yall realize that Kendricks monthly listeners are going up on Spotify?? If I remember correctly, I think it was at like 41 million back in April. Thoughts?

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2023.06.06 22:30 Smart_Ad_6354 Advice

Hello i am quite new in Diablo IV( I don’t really know how everything work with that game) Sb can tell me with staff is better?
My build is for fire mage, or maybe I should change something for this staffs.
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