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2023.06.07 01:15 EggTao Favorite Person?

I have a girlfriend who I am deeply in love with and I’m wondering if she is also my fp. I have a hard time recognizing this stuff and I’ve never been in love so I don’t know what to expect so I wanted to ask.
The reasons I think she is is because I am deeply infatuated with her, like I am in love with her but there is almost another layer to it? Like I would do anything for her and I think about her almost every second of the day. She is the center of my universe. Sometimes I have the urge to leave her because she might leave me or something and I’ve never been so close to a person.I am TERRIFIED of her leaving me to the point I try and go over the top to make sure she doesn’t. I’ll question if she is telling the truth about loving me and ask her a lot. Currently I am not able to call her for awhile(we are long distance) and I feel like I am going through physical withdrawals. I feel extremely nauseous and I feel like I am dying. It makes me feel like doing stuff I shouldn’t(drugs, impulsive stuff, etc.) because my body doesn’t know what to do without her. I know that that it doesn’t sound healthy but I need other peoples opinions on the matter and any tips to make me stop feeling so hurt
Is this normal? What do I do?
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2023.06.07 01:13 smolbea ran my first race/marathon on sunday. so it begins…

i’ve (26f) been a casual runner for about 5 years now. i call myself “casual” because i’ve only run for fun, never in a race, but i’ve always loved long distance running. so i decided this year that since i’m 26 now, i wanted to run an official marathon (i ended up doing the san diego rock n’ roll). i didn’t follow any official training or nutrition protocol, just followed advice from my marathon finisher friends, and spent about 10 weeks preparing. i ended up finishing at 3:47:45 and i think i’ve officially caught the bug because i’ve been reading up about other races nonstop ever since. i would love to break 3:30 on my next one (on an easieflatter course) and i was wondering if that sounds like it would be achievable, and if anyone had advice. thanks 🙃
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2023.06.07 01:12 Swimnmex 34 [M4F] #dfw looking to make a deep connection.

Hello there! My name is Diego, I’m 34 years old. I’m a teacher working with special needs students. I love my job and seeing my students grow so much. I am a huge history nerd, why I majored in it. I’m a transplant from souther California. I am engaged to my best friend. We date separately and have zero desire for a unicorn.
I would love to find a local hiking buddy. Go out on small hikes on Saturday mornings. I’m trying to start a healthier lifestyle. I’m also into baseball and other sports. I’d love to find someone into sports like myself.
I would love to find someone local but I’m not opposed to anyone long distance. Good luck to o everyone and have a great day!
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2023.06.07 01:12 alekkk New lense, teleconverter, or adapter??

I'm having a bit of a hard time.
I have a Canon Rebel R7 with a 70-200mm f/4.
I recently got a good deal on a Nikon Z6 II with a 24-200mm f/4-6.3.
I shoot mostly wildlife and yes I know my focal length isn't ideal for that, but I'm not exactly flush with cash and this is just a hobby so far.
Though the Z6 II is a major upgrade for me in most areas, I am having a hard time getting sharp photos at distances that I used to be able to. The subject is in focus, but when I crop it loses a lot of detail. I didn't lose any megapixels in the upgrade, I have played with focus and shutter speed and it's not getting me anywhere and I'm driving myself crazy.
The Nikon has a slow lens already, I thought about getting a 2x TC so I don't have to crop so much and hopefully will get more detail but I'd lose two stops of light and have to shoot in f/8 which is... Not ideal. I usually like to shoot at 5.6.
But new lenses are expensive, obviously, unless you go with off brands and Tamron only has a zoom 300mm that's Z compatible.
I was thinking I might get better images with my canon lense and an adapter. Looking at all the different options is stressful. I don't have anyone irl I can bounce this stuff off of.
Anyone have a take? Should I shell out for the Nikon 400mm, or get an adapter and a cheap supertelephoto from another brand? Recommendations PLEASE?!
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2023.06.07 01:12 AutoNewsAdmin [Sports] - Ex-Georgia QB says dad told him to 'stay close to' Tim Tebow, 'far from' Aaron Hernandez if he went to Florida

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2023.06.07 01:10 RoughAd5782 Is it okay to ask closure from an ex from 3 years ago

He was my first bf and we were in a long distance relationship. We broke up when I was in Australia, and when he was in the Philippines. Ever since, we have never seen or talked to each other in person.
We are both in a happy relationship now. But I still feel the need to talk to him since we ended in bad terms. We're both fully healed. Is it bad to ask him to meet up and talk? I don't want his girlfriend to get jealous, how should I properly ask? or is this even a good idea? I am so torn.
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2023.06.07 01:09 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 15 - Tunnel Vision

Kita looks in her hand, holding a basket with a few veg and eggs. A little confused, she reaches for her head and feels a hair band wrapped around it as her hair drapes freely over her shoulders.
What was I doin'-
“Here you go, Kita”.
She spins in a panic, raising her hands to guard.
“Oh”, she responds as her eyes come upon the vast plantations and animal kraals, tightly surrounded by a luscious forest.
“You’re too young to be going crazy, my sweet,” says an old lady as she puts a few slices of ham into the basket. “A’jem offered a generous cow recently, so there is a little extra for everybody today”.
Kita Smiles, “Thanks, Ami. Did you do something with your hair? It's pretty,”
“Thank you, my sweet”, Ami giggles as she pushes her grey hair behind her ear.
“Today is the recurrence of me and A’jem. When the dots of Yeo appear in the night sky, we are reminded of our bond.”
“Yeo?” asks Kita.
“I won’t be able to give you the full story today, my sweet- But according to the scripts, Yeo is the spirit of provision, and due to our bond matching on this day- we are tasked with the provision of the crops,"
“I didn’t know the spirits provided our tasks?”
Ami makes her way to the nearby pile of greens that have been plucked.
“They once did… Today, they seem to be dealing with other matters,”
“What matters?”
Ami chuckles, Carefully rooting some of the nearby crops and placing them into a basket beside her.
“I’m sure your Mother would like those recipes to make breakfast, Kita. We can explore your curiosity at another time”.
“Oh... Of course. Thanks for the extra slices, Ami.” She says, turning to make her way back up the hill.
“M’pai Yeo Ket’p prauvhishk,” Ami calls out to Kita.
May Yeo continue to provide.
On her way up the hill, she can see above all the trees surrounding the farm, with the sol casting a warm, orange light against the pinnacle of the whisping greenery. The village resides atop a flat hill, making the walk up quite steep and more suited for the youth of the village. At the peak of the trail, you can see the entire surrounding area with the green extending far beyond what she initially thought. She walks this path every day. Why does it seem so unfamiliar now?
The town reaches from the North, round to the East and South. To the west is a stretch of mountains leading straight up north. Apparently, the sea resides to the South, but it can’t be seen from here.
Ta’ah and I should try finding it sometime.
She arrives on the Eastern side of the village and walks up to two large, interconnected tipis. She steps through the entrance draped with beads that clatter like a soft rain as she steps through them. Her heartbeat rises as she steps through this uncannily familiar place.
She knows she lives here, why does it feel like she hasn't been here in a while?
There's wooden art on every countertop and suspended from the ceiling of every room. Some are much bigger than others, occupying a space on the floor but standing as tall as the shelves and cupboards. In the centre of the ceiling is a chandelier, with dozens of fireflies circling around its nest in the centre.
As Kita steps into the hall of the connected tipis, she can see a lady seated in the other room, before a small fire in the middle. Kita can only see the back of her head, and hear the sound of chopping emanating from the lady's lap… she's preparing a meal.
Is she?-
Kita's eyes widen in shock as she recognizes the back of her lady’s head. Sitting in the chair she always sits in when she chops vegetables for breakfast or dinner. Kita stumbles backwards, and the basket of meats and vegetables slips out of her hand, crashing to the floor as a plethora of coin spills out.
Surprised by the coin in her basket, she looks back up to see if the lady noticed, but is met with the face of a man, looking at her with concern as he mouths some words she can't make out.
What is this?
She realizes something is off. She's not really here… is she? The fabrics of the tipi around her slowly dissipate to reveal the bodies of shoppers and residents all around her. She tries to glance past the man's head, at her lady still sitting in the chair- But all these tables and people start to get in the way.
"Mom?" Kita asks, catching the ladies' attention before she disappears.
"Perfect timing, Ki," Her soft, loving voice responds as she slowly turns her head. Kita's heart races, as the lady slowly turns around to see her- But before Kita gets the chance, she is back in the cave.
Everything comes back to her like a vortex as she hears the man's panicked voice.
"Miss, are you okay?"
What just happened? Kita tries to recall why the shopkeeper is so concerned but only remembers a moment of blackness. Noticing that her hand is trembling uncontrollably- She quickly puts her hand behind her back, hoping the man didn't notice.
Faint images dissipate in her mind as the feeling of an unfamiliar memory fades away.
She’s tired.
That's all.
"I'm fine," Kita steps away from him. Tilting her head to see past him, only to see shoppers and passers-by. She feels disappointed, as if something is incomplete. But what? What did she see? The experience slips away from her like a forgettable name, leaving her with questions and vague ideas.
She crouches down to pick up all the coin she'd dropped, then stands back up with her arm outstretched. Hoping the man just takes the coin and goes on with his day without trying to get all religious about what just happened.
He squints in confusion. Taken aback by her strange behaviour. Then he looks down at her hand, back up at her, and reaches his hand out.
"Thank you for your business, Miss,"
Kita nods her head, without saying a word. Anything she'd try to say would slur out of her mouth and make things more awkward. Now pacing away from the man's stall with haste, she massages her temple; it strains under the weight of her worrying and thinking.
Something just happened. For a brief moment, she wasn't here. Where was she?
Why can't I remember?
She doesn't want to lose it.
She sits on the floor, amongst the busy shoppers. Takes a deep breath before closing her eyes, and concentrates on the brief period of darkness. Thinking of the most immediate difference between that world and her own.
The greenery.
Air that was so… different. Every breath felt rich with substance.
"A farm?" Kita inquires, vaguely envisioning an unfamiliar old lady who accompanied it.
She tries to recall further. Who is the lady?
It is lost to her… But, a word comes to mind.
"Yeo," she says to herself. The meaning doesn't accompany the sound as it rolls from her lips.
And after that…
A numbness trickles in her stomach- Giving her the urge to throw up in discomfort. There’s something inside of her that she desperately needs to eject.
"Mother?" She whispers to herself. Her eyes whip open when she recalls what came next, and the numbness grows- a good and bad sign.
I saw my Mother.
What did she look like? She cannot place a face or even a hair colour on it. She is certain she saw her, but she also knows she didn't. This may all be fabricated.
A daydream.
This hollow feeling is irrational. Why does she miss someone she can't remember? She knows nothing about her Mother, yet the thought of whoever that might be makes Kita feel… Sad?
Is this sadness?
The distance between herself and her emotions is larger than she was aware of. She should know what sadness feels like- She should know why she’s sad… Right?
Kita stands to her feet, all the more confused by the details she barely recalls. It's unnecessarily frustrating. She'd rather go about her day than continue straining her mind over nonsense. All these thoughts of family life, religion and her past are a part of her mind she can’t deal with all at once.
It’s overwhelming.
She’s not built for that life anyway. Someone who has no grasp of their own emotions or sense of self isn’t fit for a 'regular' life. No, most people in this world haven’t had theirs taken from them. They haven’t had their entire sense of being wiped clean, as if it’s a dirty rag. Nobody could truly understand what she’s going through. Nor would they understand what she will have to do to get it all back.
She’s a monster.
A killer.
It’s the only way for her to get her soul back...
She must get it back.
Read ahead on RoyalRoad [https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy](https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy)
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 15
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2023.06.07 01:09 dlschindler My Crow And The Heist Of The Aeons

Books sat all around the Choir, who were mental hospital patients magically shaped as ravens. I was the first to take human form, as my raven's eye spotted what I hoped was ours. It was one book among many, but it was also Circe's diary. As a man I could thumb the pages.
I frowned, realizing it was just a record of all of her lovers. An impressive body count of seventy-seven, I noted her notation on the last page. Then a chill ran through my blood. The sorcerer in me knew something about them.
"Cory, what sort of magic can be divided into parts, among lovers?" I asked.
"I have no idea, my Lord." Cory looked at the book. "A diary?"
"Yes. Circe's diary, but I suspect it is more than that. She had a second use for these creeps. I bet we could find something." I decided. The fortunate find was only a promise. I had no idea if there was useful magic or not. Whatever magic she had hidden would be worth hiding, obviously.
The others shambled past me and Cory in their open straight jackets and bathrobes and hospital gowns. They had all sorts of weapons: clubs, a broken bottle, a claw pincher and an uzi. I had my staff, carved from the unstable and formless magic between worlds into a proper weapon.
We needed our weapons, dried zombies stood in our way, shuffling among the books. Magical slaves, living corpses. They were still dangerous and had to be destroyed.
For a moment the dead stood in our path, their eyes shimmering blankly in the shadows. They regarded us, the intruders, then began to shuffle towards us. I felt a chill of revulsion at the sight of corpses walking and gagged on their stench. I'd seen far worse, but one never truly gets used to such things.
A loud rapid clapping noise and the merry tinkle of bullet casings erupted from the uzi. It was pretty ineffective. The rest of the Choir brandished their weapons and strode forward like the maniacs they were. Even Scarlet was in the mood to kill something and she tore apart more than one of the shambling dead.
She looked at me and I caught a gleam in her eye of psychotic delight. Some nervous feeling always rose up in me since the first time I had met her. Somehow the shift from a helpless hitchhiker to a hook handed murderer always caught me off guard.
When we'd finished killing the dead we sorted our way out from the books. We had come in through the open window of the room of the manor that held so many books. I'd noticed the old diary right away and begun to read it while the ravens shifted from void travelers to humans.
Time seemed distorted. How things played out always felt surreal as we partially entered entirely different worlds than our own. There was always a dreamlike perspective, as though I were merely an actor under observation rather than a participant. I often had to remind myself of the grim reality I was trapped in.
I had lost count of the rare artifacts we had stolen for Aureus and the worlds we had invaded and brought death and horror to. I loathed all of it, feared there was no salvation after my numerous misdeeds. What choice did I have?
I led the Choir through the manor, watching myself do so.
There were other servants, just as ghoulish as the dried zombies. We killed everything we met until we got to the master bedroom. The safe was too big to take with us.
"Cater?" I asked our safecracker. She was also totally nuts. Her wild eyes rolled around and beheld the safe as though pretending she hadn't noticed it. Her fake response of joy wasn't really fake, she was actually happy.
"Gots." She whispered and went to work on the safe. The Choir stood around breathing too loudly for her and drooling. Eventually she got it open and took out the green gem. It sparkled evilly. Circe's Emerald.
"Let's go." I said and we all returned to the books and found the ġedwimor was shimmering visibly where we could revert to ravens that could fly home. We leapt through it and into flight. Our rave cast the shadow of one great bird. The magics welcomed us, living and enchanted creatures that we were, and insane. Across worlds and time we flew back to our home.
At Dellfriar we arrived. Except I had finally found my way out. Aureus somehow knew before I did that I held the key to my escape. It was in Circe's Diary that the clue existed. There was more to her spell than turning the enlightened into ravens.
I dreamed of the unkindness of ravens watching me. Cory asked me in the dream:
"How many pigs are on her island?"
I began to count them and I took a step with each number. By the seventy-seventh step I was asleep again, within the dream. I looked at my sleeping form in the dreamscape, surrounded by pigs and watched by ravens. I was looking down from a great distance, it suddenly seemed, and then I was looking up from far below.
"Where are we?" I asked Cory. I stared at my crow and he seemed to be smiling. It was the dream that made it seem so.
"Seventy-seven steps to the bottom, my Lord." Cory advised me. "And each must be counted."
"Those were pigs." I pointed out.
"Pigs that were once men. Each of them descended further, marking a fraction of the way. Love is a journey, a dreamy journey, ever downwards." Cory chirped.
"What about the exact number?" I wondered. To a crow, numbers were more symbolic than literal.
"It's just a number of stairs leading into the dream lands. It means nothing." Cory sounded playful. Cory had learned that numbers were literal to humans. It amused him that I was confused.
"But the number of Circe's lovers?" I asked.
"Of course, they are permanently under her control. They made a bargain, surrendering their bodies. Each of them counts as the descent to the bottom. Their blood and hers is mixed. The blood of her lover's, her blood, they are helpless to her will." Cory explained. I was glad I had read so many books with my crow that we both knew the answers when we met in Dream.
"Where is she?" I sat up from the blue clouds and looked around. As I focused I found I was on an island. What I imagined Circe's prison to look like.
Someone spoke to me:
"You use my spell on yourself. A wereraven, part of a rave of lunatics just like yourself. You have stolen my emerald?" I heard the soft voice of a delicate female. I turned around and saw her there. She was staring at me, her eyes looked curious and a little hurt.
"I stole it for Aureus. They're making a weapon, and your emerald is a suitable component." I explained.
"Aureus?" Circe seemed somehow both amused and irritated at-once. "Neither a man nor a woman. Neither a human nor a creature of magic. Not a young soul nor an old one."
"The same." I sighed in sympathetic exasperation.
"You work for me now. You will steal my emerald from this weapon. You will seal Aureus in a moment stolen from the wheel upon which the ages turn. A moment among the aeons that never was and never will be." Circe smiled strangely for me. I sensed that to her victims she seemed irresistible. I found her charms to be crocodilian.
"You are right." I agreed with her. "We have searched for a long time for a way to defeat Aureus."
"Was the answer..." Circe started to ask a question and then paused for emphasis: "Right in front of you all along?"
"We thought that dying might be the answer. If we were dead we couldn't serve Aureus." Cory sounded cheerful and perky, like he was telling a very funny joke.
"Life." Circe swore. "Life is the answer. You are life from me. You wield my powers with ease, Greatson." Circe's smile looked maternal. It occurred to me that I was immune to her charms because I was her descendant only after I heard her say those words.
"You're my Lord's ancestor?" Cory cleverly surmised. "No wonder he is so valuable to Aureus. I thought it was strange that such a powerful sorcerer required help from my Lord!" Cory cawed with hilarity. The revelation held layers of humor for my crow, who felt like explaining further: "You know, because it is so funny. My Lord would be the last choice of most competent magic users. We've routinely made mistakes that could only be made during the hour that is reserved for amateurs!"
Circe tried to hide her amusement. "I'm sure my Greatson is learning. Even I managed to make a few embarrassing mistakes in my youth."
"Really?" I asked.
"No." Circe smiled. "I'm just trying to make you feel better."
"We shall know the plan?" I interrupted. Circe was standing before me, the short distance between us meant nothing in Dream. She looked serious as she drew upon my eyelids. I could watch her do so with my eyes closed.
Then I awoke in the dream I had descended from. I was again among the pigs and the ravens. From there I shook myself awake in the real world. For a moment I was tempted to shake myself again. Fear that I might wake up in a higher place from which I wouldn't be able find sleep made me hesitate.
"Do you recall the dream we have had, my Lord?" Cory asked.
"About Circe being my great grandma? With a few more 'greats'?" I answered rhetorically.
"Yes. She put a spell on you. Can you see anything that you couldn't?" Cory asked.
I blinked and looked around. For just an instant, out of the corner of my eye, I could see Aureus somewhere else in Dellfriar and busy with the artifact's assembly. Several components were still missing - though.
The theft of Circe's Emerald and the escape from Dellfriar had many outcomes. There is only one that I survived. Only one version that can be reassembled from the chaos of so many worlds collapsing inward, so many realities becoming undone. Circe was right, it was only life - the deepest magic I knew of.
Inspiration came with my new perception. I could see the path ahead of me. I could see that there was only one version in which I survived and escaped. If I had done anything differently, the butterflies of death would have touched me.
I saw the window of opportunity and I knew every step I had to take. I took my bag and my staff, collecting the implements of my magical heists into the bag. I clicked my tongue and my crow alighted upon my shoulder.
With a cunning plan in mind, I ventured into the heart of Aureus's lair alone. The dimly lit chamber was filled with intricate machinery and arcane devices. I could sense the pulsating energy of Circe's Emerald, beckoning to me from its secure pedestal.
Taking utmost care to avoid detection, I stealthily maneuvered through the labyrinthine corridors, relying on my years at Dellfriar as a master thief. The shadows embraced me, concealing my presence from any wandering guards or surveillance systems that may have kept sentinel.
As I reached the chamber, I surveyed the room for any potential traps or alarms. It seemed Aureus had grown complacent, perhaps underestimating the audacity of a lone infiltrator. With a wry smile, I knew this was my moment to strike.
Silently, I approached the pedestal housing the emerald. It radiated a mesmerizing glow, casting ethereal patterns on the walls. Carefully, I retrieved a set of specialized tools from my bag: a combination of lockpicks and arcane implements.
I began to work my way through the security measures protecting Circe's Emerald. Each lock and enchantment posed a challenge, but my skilled hands moved with precision and finesse. The emerald's aura seemed to dance in anticipation, as if recognizing the touch of someone who understood its power.
Minutes stretched into eternity as I delicately dismantled the final obstacle. With a soft click, the emerald was finally free from its confinements. Holding it delicately in my gloved hand, I could feel the vibrant energy coursing through my fingertips.
But my mission was not yet complete. I had to make my escape undetected, evading any Choir or enchantments that may lie in my path. The emerald, now securely concealed within a specially crafted case, remained a beacon of power.
Slinking through the shadows, I retraced my steps, navigating the treacherous corridors with the precision of a phantom. Every movement was calculated, every sound muffled, ensuring that my presence went unnoticed.
As I emerged from the depths of Aureus's lair, a surge of adrenaline coursed through my veins. I had accomplished what seemed impossible: an audacious heist of Circe's Emerald from under the nose of a powerful adversary.
With the emerald secured, I vanished into the night, leaving no trace of my daring feat behind. The power of Circe's Emerald now resided in my possession, a relic of immense potential. Its fate, and the choice of how to wield its formidable magic, rested solely in my hands.
Little did Aureus or The Choir suspect that their plans had been quietly usurped. The heist had been a success, an act of cunning and skill that would alter the course of their intricate dance. In the shadows, I contemplated my next move, knowing that the emerald would grant me the power to shape destiny itself.
As I reached the top of the castle, a gust of wind tousled my hair, carrying with it the whispered echoes of Aureus's approach. I could sense their presence, their energy tinged with frustration and anger. It was clear they had discovered the theft of Circe's Emerald and were now in hot pursuit.
Just as I was about to invoke the ancient spell, the very same one that had allowed Circe's spellbound to transform into ravens and traverse the realms, Aureus materialized before me. Their form exuded an aura of authority and power, yet beneath the surface, I could sense their desperation.
"You dare to steal from me?" Aureus's voice reverberated with a mix of fury and disbelief. "That emerald holds powers beyond your comprehension. Return it to me now, and perhaps I shall spare your wretched existence."
I stood on the edge of the castle, the vast expanse stretching out before me. Time and space awaited, ready to be conquered by the wings of the raven. With unwavering resolve, I met Aureus's gaze and spoke with conviction.
"The emerald has chosen a new path, away from your grasp," I declared, my voice steady despite the adrenaline coursing through my veins. "Its power will not be wielded by your hands, for it belongs to a greater purpose."
Aureus's expression twisted into a mixture of rage and desperation. Their outstretched hand reached for me, a last-ditch effort to prevent my escape. But I was quicker, fueled by the magic I now possessed.
With a swift motion, I uttered the incantation, and my form transformed into that of a raven. Wings extended, I took flight, the wind carrying me away from the clutches of Aureus. The space between worlds beckoned, an ethereal gateway to new realms and infinite possibilities.
As I soared through the threshold, I glanced back, witnessing Aureus's desperate grasp falling short. Their fingers brushed against the empty air, and with a cry of frustration, they plummeted into the void, disappearing into the abyss between worlds.
In that fleeting moment, I felt a mixture of triumph and sadness. Aureus, once a formidable adversary, now lost in the vast unknown. But my purpose lay beyond their reach, and I knew that I carried the weight of Circe's legacy upon my wings.
Across worlds and time, I journeyed, guided by the whispers of ancient knowledge and the power of the emerald. As I soared through realms, I vowed to protect its magic, to wield it for the greater good, and to ensure that Aureus would never threaten the balance again.
The adventure had only just begun, and I embraced the uncertainty that lay ahead. With the wind beneath my wings, I charted a course through the tapestry of existence, carrying Circe's legacy forward, and leaving Aureus to face the consequences of their insatiable hunger for power in the ever-shifting space between worlds.
"We have but one flight, there will be no way back to Dellfriar when we land." Cory interrupted my musings. "Where are we going?"
I smiled at the question, for it was obvious. Cory was always there, upon my shoulder. For me there was somewhere I wanted to be:
"We are going home."
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2023.06.07 01:08 RepublicSea6397 Air Quality Warning: Significant threat to life

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2023.06.07 01:07 Leeloo_christmas Not bad for a week , trying to increase my distance and calories

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2023.06.07 01:06 Unexpected_Support 30 [M4F] California/USA - Looking for my permanent Player 2

Okay, in an effort to be as straightforward as possible, I'll try to be as specific as I can. I am only looking for someone that matches this description, so please, if you're not at least a 98% match, let's not waste each others time. Thank you.
Most important traits that I'm looking for (everything on this list):

Extra (not as important, but very nice) stuff:
The ultimate end goal of this would be us in a serious relationship, living together, with a side by side gaming set up so that we can fist bump in between rounds like we're playing at the major.
A little bit about me:

So, yeah... if you want to get to know me better, shoot me a message. Please introduce yourself (with at the very least AGE & LOCATION) so I know who I'm talking to. Feel free to add anything else after that, like maybe a list of games you think we'd enjoy playing together!
Anyways, thanks for stopping by, talk to ya soon!
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2023.06.07 01:04 MrCrunchies [Console] Soon: Mods for Devices

[Console] Soon: Mods for Devices

Soon, the game will offer you the possibility to upgrade and install modifications onto devices. Read on to learn more about the new feature and how it works!

About the Devices

Devices is an umbrella term for all the modifiable consumable items that the player can equip aside from armour pieces and weapons. In this list, we include all kinds of grenades, claymores, as well as class-specific items of the "Special" category (medkits, defibs, armour kits, ammo packs). Thematic and festive items will not be considered devices (e.g. Pumpkin Claymores, Banana Claymores, Christmas Gift Boxes, Knockback Grenades, and so on — anything that is not a classic consumable).

What changes?

Before, there used to be a lot of different items under the same category. These were a few kinds of frags and dozens of smoke grenades, various claymores, as well as at least three versions of "special" items: ammo packs, medkits, defibs, and armour kits. All these items used to have small differences in their specs, they could not be changed or upgraded. Some items were seldom used as there were better alternatives. Taking into account all these reasons, we decided to give you more options to customize the effects you need with the help of mods. The visuals will also be customizable: you will have a single grenade and change its looks without having to buy new items, as it used to be before.


The items will have mastery progression, and can be equipped with up to two mods. Every type of devices has its own set of mods. You can find characteristics you are already familiar with alongside new ones (including unique specs).
The devices' appearance changes just like weapon camos do. You will have to go to the Inventory, pick an item and toggle the desired look. For example, for grenades, you can change visuals of the smoke screen (for smoke grenades) or the explosion effect (for frags). There is no appearance customization option for claymores — special claymores have vastly different specs, unique ones included, and changing their looks can confuse players.
These changes bring variety into the gameplay, you have more flexibility in applying the desired specs and item skins. Furthermore, the mod system will allow you to enhance the effects and bonuses from the familiar items, such as increasing damage from claymores or speeding up the armour points recovery.

Grenades and Claymores

Grenade mods offer different effects that modify the item's in-game specs. For example, you can increase the explosion radius and damage of a frag grenade or improve the explosion radius and the smoke screen duration of a smoke grenade. See the full list of available modifications for different grenade types below.

More about grenade mods


  • increased damage;
  • increased explosion radius;
  • increased throw and switch speeds;
  • increased detonation speed;
  • possibility to carry two grenades with reduced damage of each item and a damage indicator (incompatible with the mod increasing damage).

  • reduced blinding effect for the player and allies;
  • increased flare radius;
  • increased throw and switch speeds.
Smoke Grenade:

  • increased the smoke screen effect duration;
  • increased the smoke screen radius;
  • increased throw and switch speeds.

  • increased radius;
  • increased damage and reduced duration;
  • increased burning duration;
  • increased throw and switch speeds;
  • increased duration.

  • increased damage;
  • increased explosion radius;
  • decreased detonation speed;
  • increased plant speed;
  • increased switch speed.

Special Items

You can also upgrade special items of the Rifleman, Medic, and Engineer. Up your mastery, combine mods, and get a build tailored to fit! More on the mod effects under the cut.

More about special items mods

Basic ammo pack:

  • increased ammo restoration distance;
  • increased switch speed;
  • increased ammo restoration speed;
  • increased ammo restoration amount;
  • increased the amount of packs on hand;
  • instant pack reload.

  • increased health restoration distance;
  • increased switch speed;
  • fast health recovery with slow reload;
  • increased health restoration and medkit reload speeds.

  • increased revival distance;
  • increased switch speed;
  • more HP after revival;
  • increased revival and attack speeds.
Basic armor kit:

  • increased armour restoration distance;
  • increased switch speed;
  • increased armour restoration with slower reload;
  • increased armour restoration and armour kit reload speeds.

How do I upgrade the devices?

The mastery progress for devices works in the same way as it does for pistols. You do not need to use them in battle, just have them equipped. For advancing through the mastery levels you will get parts, new mods and mod slots, as well as skins. The overall speed of mastering a device is higher compared to weapons. You also need less mastery XP (25 levels instead of 40) and considerably less Kredits to buy all the levels (would you wish to go about it that way).
By playing with old items that do not have mods, you will still gather mastery points for the progression of their newer versions. For example, by using the FG4 grenade, you will get mastery XP for the M26 grenade.

What happens to old items?

All versions of grenades and special items will be no longer available in the in-game store (except for a couple of claymores: the Pumpkin Claymore, Banana Claymore, Christmas Gift Box, and the Anti-Personnel Mine). All players will get their basic versions upon logging into the game. We will not be giving away Molotovs, as it was available as a limited-time event. In the future, there will be more ways of getting this item.
Old items in the players' inventories will remain. You will still be able to use them, but they will not be upgradable or modifiable.
Below is a list of items that are not available in the mod system:

  • Banana Claymore;
  • Pumpkin Claymore;
  • Christmas Gift Box;
  • Anti-personnel Mine;
  • FG4 Grenade;
  • Knockback Grenade;
  • Christmas Grenade;
  • Fireworks Grenade;
  • Snowball;
  • Mischief Grenade;
  • all smoke grenades, except for the White Smoke Grenade.
Follow the updates and share your thoughts in the comments! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We will take the most frequent ones and answer them in a separate publication or an F.A.Q.
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2023.06.07 01:03 bearcatboi98 When do you know if a love is lost and it’s time to move on? 25m and 24f

I am a 25 M and my girlfriend is a 24 F. We have been together for 2 years, with a break in between. Halfway through our relationship, I broke her trust and cheated on her. We broke up for a few months , I promised to change , and we got back together. Since we got back together 5 months ago, we have both been unhappy in the relationship. She still holds resentment towards me for what happened , I’ve completely changed but I also miss who she used to be and the way we used to treat each other before my mistake. We fight multiple times per week. But, we are also long distance, and she is moving to my area with her friend in 2 months. This week, it feels like we both are at our breaking point with the relationship and are considering breaking up. I love her so much, and I miss what we used to have. But, I am not happy with us right now because she doesn’t have any patience with me and treats me poorly. In her mind I should stick through it because I owe it to her for what I did. My greatest fear is that we break up and I regret not sticking to it years down the line , I thought she was the one when we first started dating. We both listen to our hearts too much an not our head. Is it a sign to move on and look for other people ? When do you know if a love is lost
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2023.06.07 00:59 FearTheTree420 My fiancee who might be pregnant is in rehab

So my fiancee who Ive been with for 7 months is in rehab. She has alot of trauma and a rough past so its gonna be really hard for her to deal with her issues and Im trying to support her in her process, but its hard when i am awaiting going a rehab too because its a decision was agreed on by both of us. Now I am coming into reality of what the next couple months are going to look like. I am scared our relationship is going to take hit because of the distance and time we will be unable to communicate. Our situation is complicated but, I do love her and when I talked with her last night she told me she had more positive pregnancy tests. Shes a very loving and nurturing person she`d be a wonder mother if she was sober. Im just worried our relationship is going to be put down in these rehabs by everyone because we used together for about 2 months of our relationship and it was becoming toxic, which is why we made the decision to get sober and be a healthy couple again. idk just wanted to get that off my chest
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2023.06.07 00:59 Mr_Salsa_Berlin Simple Stepper, my first Android app developed from scratch, introduces itself - Please give Feedback

Hey Redditors!
I'd like to introduce you to the beta version of Simple Stepper, my first Android app developed from scratch, which I recently released on the Google Playstore. It's a step tracking app that I believe has great potential, and I'd love for you to try it out and give me your valuable feedback! 📈
Simple Stepper helps you track your steps easily. It's a user-friendly app that accurately counts your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It is designed to easily record your steps day by day in the background. And it comes with no cluttered features and no gamification. 🏃
As a beta tester, your feedback is greatly appreciated to help shape the future of Simple Stepper. I encourage you to try Simple Stepper and let me know what you think. Your feedback will directly help improve this application. Help me create a simple but outstanding step tracking experience! 💪😊
Download Simple Stepper and share your thoughts in the comments below, by email or on Google's Playstore.
Link: Simple Stepper

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2023.06.07 00:58 FlamingHotNeato A stronger Bladedancers Aspect can drop

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2023.06.07 00:58 Zestypalmtree Pushed someone away and shouldn’t have

Hey guys, looking for advice here. I (26F) want to start and say that I am extremely ashamed of my behavior. Basically, I iced out this girl who used to be one of my closest friends because I was getting kind of tired of her constant complaining and victim complex. This all started a couple of years ago, and I decided to create some distance, because I was really focusing on myself (career, saving $, etc).
In doing this, I kind of got really cold to this person and at the time I thought I was just creating distance between people who didn’t have the same values as me. But looking back, I realize that some people develop slower or faster than others and that I could’ve extended more grace to this friend.
This person reached out to me multiple times to see if she did anything wrong and was so nice to me despite my behavior. About two months ago, we hopped on a phone call because she wanted to know what she could do to improve herself for future friendships and also was kind of asking if I wanted to continue the friendship or not. I kind of gave her the workaround, and wasn’t exactly upfront with her. Partially, because I was scared to have the honest discussion, and the other part of me was ashamed of my behavior upon reflection.
Now I kind of regret my actions, and want to reach out to this person or rekindle the friendship. I don’t know that we will ever be able to be as close. And that might be for the best. But as I get older, I realize that friendships are really important and that maybe I was having too high of expectations for my friendships. Do you guys have any advice on what to do or if it’s even worth reaching out? I am quite embarrassed by the whole thing.
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2023.06.07 00:58 Vitaminn_d Tekken 7 Meetup every Wednesday!

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2023.06.07 00:56 Vitaminn_d Fort Worth Tekken 7 Meetup!

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2023.06.07 00:55 Vitaminn_d Fort Worth Tekken 7 Meetup!

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2023.06.07 00:55 Zestypalmtree Pushed someone away and shouldn’t have

Hey guys, looking for advice here. I (26F) want to start and say that I am extremely ashamed of my behavior. Basically, I iced out this girl who used to be one of my closest friends because I was getting kind of tired of her constant complaining and victim complex. This all started a couple of years ago, and I decided to create some distance, because I was really focusing on myself (career, saving $, etc).
In doing this, I kind of got really cold to this person and at the time I thought I was just creating distance between people who didn’t have the same values as me. But looking back, I realize that some people develop slower or faster than others and that I could’ve extended more grace to this friend.
This person reached out to me multiple times to see if she did anything wrong and was so nice to me despite my behavior. About two months ago, we hopped on a phone call because she wanted to know what she could do to improve herself for future friendships and also was kind of asking if I wanted to continue the friendship or not. I kind of gave her the workaround, and wasn’t exactly upfront with her. Partially, because I was scared to have the honest discussion, and the other part of me was ashamed of my behavior upon reflection.
Now I kind of regret my actions, and want to reach out to this person or rekindle the friendship. I don’t know that we will ever be able to be as close. And that might be for the best. But as I get older, I realize that friendships are really important and that maybe I was having too high of expectations for my friendships. Do you guys have any advice on what to do or if it’s even worth reaching out? I am quite embarrassed by the whole thing.
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2023.06.07 00:55 transcribersofreddit thatHappened Image "An Amazon review about a magnet fishing set"

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