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2013.11.29 07:03 zeprince Things that make you go YES YES, but end badly #FreeHongKong

Things that make you go YES YES, but end badly

2023.06.11 02:43 -Kaneki- Should I save strongholds for leveling after early WT4 capstone?

All in the title. I'm looking for any excuse at all to hold off on doing strongholds. Since they always stay 2 above your level you could finish WT4 capstone really early and then get a big exp bonus just rerunning strongholds.
What would you do? Finish capstones now or after WT4?
Also when would you attempt WT4 capstone? I'm lvl60 iceshard sorc
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2023.06.11 02:43 DeathHunterD [Year 11 Trig Equation] what to do when the equation has numbers with x. Cos[2(x-π/6)]=1/2

2cos[2(x-π/6)]=1 and domain is between 0 ans 2π. Ive done it 2 ways and not sure which way is right or if both are wrong.
First way ive done it is make it in to cos[2(x-π/6)]=1/2 which equals pi on 3. Then i put the [2(x-π/6)] in between the domain and made x by it self. Then with its new domain found x is pi on 6 or 30degrees.
The other way i did way do similer first steps but added to the domain by putting x between 0 and 2π and made x become [2(x-π/6)] in between domain which is pi on 3<=[2(x-π/6)]<=13pi over 3. Then found all the x wtih this answer and then got 0,120,180 and 300degrees.
Are one of these ways correct or are both wrong?
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2023.06.11 02:43 ThrowAway7s2 "Birds and bees no mystery to St. Joseph grade students" from the June 1, 1972 Door County Advocate

A new generation — Harmann

Birds and bees no mystery to St. Joseph grade students

Mention the "Becoming a Person" program to the uninitiated and the common reaction is, "Oh, that's that sex course they're teaching in Catholic schools this year."
The subject of bitter con­troversy in Green Bay, the theme of at least two highly animated television programs, and the topic of several heated pro-and­-con panel discussions, "Becoming a Person" has been quietly going its unassuming way at St. Joseph Catholic school. Far from being a "sex course," the program is more of a guidance course in personality develop­ment. Students learn the im­portance of family relationships, the dignity of the individual, the relevance of Christian teachings and the ability to accept social change.
Sister Jane, principal of St. Joseph's, says the program was implemented at the beginning of the school year following a joint meeting of educators and parents. It's geared for all age levels beginning with the primary "Families Are For People" textbook, charmingly illustrated with photographs of such mundane family activities as testing mother's cake batter and enjoying grandpa's story hour.
The underlying message in the first two books ("No One Like Me" comes next) is that every person is different, each has special talents, all living things are part of a family group, and everyone has feelings.
It isn't until students progress to the upper elementary grades that sex rears its intriguing head. It is then that the subjects of puberty, reproduction, fertilization and birth are presented in simple, matter-of-fact language. By now, students are aware of themselves as persons, fast maturing individuals with a healthy curiosity as to the mysteries of life. "Discovering You" deals with the human life cycle; the human body, its parts and functions, thus answering basic questions common to fourth and fifth grade age groups. "The Changing You" concentrates on the child's mental and physical growth during puberty, and his changing role in the family and with his friends and peers.
Each book is carefully designed to correlate five basic themes. Stressed throughout the "Becoming a Person" program are the recurring concepts of family relationship, understanding oneself, maturity, relating to others, and values. The latter encompasses ethical and religious values, rules, self-discipline, service and love.
"Only by understanding our­selves can we understand one another," says Sister Jane. "The Becoming a Person" program emphasizes the need for self-insight; the acceptance of differences in others; a realization of one's worth."
In a "Report to Parents," published in conjunction with the innovation program parents are reminded we can never shed our sexuality. From the pink or blue blanket received at birth, through the toys happily opened at Christmas, boys and girls are aware of their sexual roles. Sex, the book informs parents, is not something we do; it is something we are.
By allowing children to relate plant growth to human development sex is taken out of the gutter and put in its proper perspective. "Children," declared Sister Jane, "are receptive and appreciative. They are encouraged to ask questions at home and to discuss problems either publicly in class or privately with their teachers."
"It's a fun program to teach," the young principal smiled. "You'd be amazed at how well the "Who Am I?" concept fits in with other classes. Be it science, biology, history or social studies, there's something about the Becoming a Person program that applies to almost every other course."
"Parents approve this program," Sister Jane continued, because they know just what their children are being taught. A Parent Handbook is included with each text and the cooperation between parents and faculty can only be described as superb. Children took their books some before classes even started enabling parents to preview each
lesson and ask questions of the teachers."
A mother of four gradeschoolers gave her viewpoint. "I was all for the program from the beginning but my mother was both shocked and indignant. Sex was something never discussed in our home and mother thought the subject highly unsuitable for "little ones" to learn. However, after going over the four different books, each relating to a different phase, mother said, 'This makes sense — it's a shame Becoming a Person wasn't taught when you were in school.'"
"That was my sentiment, exactly," grinned the mother of four. "I can't get over how dumb I was."
The Becoming a Person Program is part of the Greer Bay Plan which, in turn, is a comprehensive religion education curriculum embracing all age groups. Developed by diocesan personnel, its purpose is to combine religious instruction with human growth. The development of a happy, well adjusted human being fully aware of his relationship to God, nature, family, teachers, and peers is really what the program all about.
"It's a mini course in psychology," stated one pleased father. "And the best part of it is — it seems to be working."
Courtesy of the Door County Library Newspaper Archive
Previously posted
Response to "The Importance of Pronouns" from on June 8, 2023

"A well organized Girl Scout weekend at Cuesta" from the May 29, 1973 Door County Advocate

"Gibraltar parent meetings may become regular fare" from the April 11, 1972 Door County Advocate

"Family football fare ends with no show of remorse" from the November 2, 1976 Door County Advocate
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2023.06.11 02:43 NorthDakotaExists Hyrdropower is Not Green and Dams are Pretty Cringe

First off, this is not me saying that what happened in Ukraine is in any way a good thing. It's obviously terrible. This more about Vaush's comments regarding dams and hydro in general.
Hydropower is not really green energy, and dams are pretty cringe.
Sure hydropower is a cool way to generate power without directly contributing to CO2 emissions directly. It's definitely better than coal. Also doing that while also creating a reservoir that can be used as a fresh water supply, is pretty neato, and economies like California would not exist as we know it without a vast network of dams and reservoirs all the way up the Sierra and into the Klamaths. This is ALL true.
However, I hate to break it to you, but dams are an ecological disaster.
First of all, they destroy river ecosystems in a number of ways
  1. Obviously it's a major obstacle, so like, no more salmon migrations. Yeah sure people and conservation agencies have tried to find ways around this, but none of them really work. Populations crash and don't recover, and all the species that depend on the salmon migrations for food suffer as well.
  2. They disrupt flood cycles, which robs riparian ecosystems and floodplains of cyclical nutrient rejuvenation.
  3. They slow the flow of water and stagnate the water too far upstream, which causes the water to precipitate all of its nutrient-rich sediment and dissolved solids, which robs downstream ecosystems of nutrients and minerals, but also (get this), it causes an overabundance of nutrients in stagnant water upstream, which causes algae blooms, which causes tons of greenhouse gas emissions (whoops).
  4. Probably a lot of other things I am missing. I am not a geomorphologist or hydrologist. My partner is, and she hates dams more than pretty much anything else on earth, and a lot of this comes from her.
Additionally, dams can cause a lot of other problems. For example:
  1. A lot of them were constructed a long time ago with a manifest-destiny man-over-nature mindset, which mostly means they were naively designed and constructed with no real plan for what to do about future end-of-life maintenance or removal. You know, it was the same mindset which made people call the Titanic "unskinkable". Well, it turns out the Titanic was very much sinkable, and it also turns out the dams are very prone to failure, while also sorta being borderline impossible to remove safely. Kind of a tough spot to be in, right? Not to mention, in during the lifetime of a dam, it's ability to control flooding allows for development along the river in what should naturally be a floodplain that floods every few years. Then when it fails, it kills everyone that it allowed to be in its path to begin with.
  2. Induced demand. Building a dam and pooling up a bunch of fresh water where it wouldn't normally be creates an induced demand for development and urbanization and large scale agriculture where it probably shouldn't exist. Especially in the era of climate change, this causes regions to massively overextend development, and then when a drying trend is experienced, and water levels drop.... all the sudden there are a ton of big cities that are now... pretty fucked. Remember, the Hoover Dam and Lake Meade were not built for Las Vegas and Phoenix and LA. The dam was built first, and then the cities followed afterwards**. Now that whole regions is kinda screwed**. It's drying up, water levels are dropping, and there is no other source of water. It has all massively overextended.
Now, I'm not saying let's remove all the dams, and that hydropower should be given 0 credit whatsoever, and we should never build another dam. The fact of the matter is that we need dams, to one extent or another, especially if you like living in CA and don't think a mass deportation of everyone from the West Coast would be fun. As long as we have dams, we might as well use them to generate power as well.
I'm just saying, it's not really something that we should claim as a W against climate change and environmental destruction. It's mostly an L. We need to build them where needed, try to remove them where not needed, and try to manage it all as responsibly as we can... but let's probably not celebrate them. They are pretty cringe unfortunately.
Sorry for raining on your parade.
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2023.06.11 02:43 crackinmypants Pool a weird milky blue?

So, early in the season I made the mistake of using test strips, which told me my total alkalinity was low, and my ph was perfect. Sooo, all I needed was chlorine, which I added, and which did nothing to curb the algae. It exploded. I kept dumping in chlorine and baking soda to up my alkalinity, but nothing was budging. The chlorine showed high, but the ph and alkalinity stayed the same, and the pool was turning into green jello. Then I tried using my old test kit with vials and solutions, and it came out way alkaline, with very high total alkalinity. The test strips were nowhere near accurate. So I added a lot of muriatic over several days and acid and got it to about 7.2, got the total alkalinity in line, and got the chlorine level right. The good news: All the algae is gone. The bad: the pool is a weird milky blue. Not an algae haze, but the color of a hot springs pool. Pretty but not at all clear. What do I do now? I am thinking of draining a couple of feet of water and refilling. Are there any less drastic measures? What am I missing? Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.11 02:43 RevolutionaryTop1057 My brother-in-law is too scared to stand up to his wicked wife and has abandoned his family

I’ve never been close with my brother in law but he’s been relatively nice over the past six or seven years I’ve know him. He lives on the West Coast and I’m in FL so I’d see him maybe 2-3 times a year at most - usually Christmas and sometimes summer.
Around two years ago my wife and I got into a big argument with his bitch wife. We both said some mean things. He just sat there watching us fight and hardly said shit. What husband is going to let some dude argue with their wife, without stepping in? Pretty sure it’s because he knew she was in the wrong.
Since that day he’s completely ignored me and my wife. He has not talked or texted either of us since. To my knowledge he hasn’t been to FL and if he has, he didn’t see his parents (my in-laws).
Now, he has been talking to his parents the whole but they all pretend like nothing happened. He won’t bring it up and my in-laws won’t press him on it.
I do feel bad my wife considering my argument cost her a relationship with her brother, but she knows her sister in law was being a bitch…we all do. I’ve told her she contact him but she feels it’s his responsibility to do it…not her. She also made it clear she does not want me
I like to say that I hate my brother-in-law, but honestly it’s likely misplaced anger. I don’t think he’s a bad guy…just a huge coward who is deathly afraid of conflict. To put it bluntly he has no balls and isn’t willing to fight for his family. He’d rather hide.
He doesn’t have to see us at holidays or anything so it’s easier for him to hide than in Seattle than it is to deal with conflict. What pisses me off is that he’s cool to let his relationship with his sister and parents suffer because he doesn’t want to confront this issue. He’s cool with abandoning his family because he doesn’t want to address his wife’s behavior. I hold a lot of anger and resentment toward him.
I also hold a bit of resentment toward my in-laws for not stepping in. Unlike most years, they have not seen him or his kids for over one year. He has not invited them on any trips or to come over. Yet they don’t say anything to him. They just want to pretend things are fine. They enable his bullshit. I have to stop myself from making snide comments about their son.
I come from a big family. I’ve gone a few months without talking to my sister. I’ve gotten into shouting matches with both brothers - once it got physical!!! It wasn’t fun but we got through it. Over time we worked things out. That’s what family’s do right? It’s never been like this.
Am I wrong to harbor such anger toward my brother-in-law and resentment toward my in-laws?
Any advice would appreciated
Suddenly your family problems aren’t so bad 😏
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2023.06.11 02:43 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.11 02:43 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Bundle Set)

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2023.06.11 02:43 EmptyMan59 Ex Wife Choose new Bf over kids

Me and my ex wife have be divorced for almost 3 years, she’s been with her new guy for close to a year not sure exactly. For the last six months both my boys have came over to my house crying to me that their mom doesn’t spend enough time with them when their at her house and she’ll play video games over playing with them or lay in bed and yell at them if they come in her room. So I’ve brought up to her when the boys first came to me almost six months ago that she needed to spend more time with the kids and play with them, it work for maybe a week or two then the boys complaining again. Things proceed to just get worse the past few months with her giving up her time with the kids for her bf, him telling her to ignore me when I’m calling for important phone calls about the kids, her taking vacations after vacation with him then she’ll complain she has no money or vacation time to do anything with the kids, her threatening to take my time away during the weekdays with them cause I work nights and to her “I don’t even see” even though I hang out with them for 2-3 1/2 hours before going to work and that’s exactly how much time she spends with them before putting them to bed during the week.she knows doing that to me would put me in a really tough spot with money cause I fought to get my extra two days during the week just so I could breathe with all the bills plus child support. And now today my older son who’s 7 was having a bit of a rough day so I wanted to have a phone call with her and my son about his behavior and how he’s been treating his brother and others today since we don’t get many conversations all of us together anymore and she ignores first call then I text her can we talk please it’s important, she proceeds to instantly decline three calls so I asked texted her again asking to answer please, she then text back he told me to ignore contact my grandpa or mom if you need anything I’m not talking to you till it’s time to put them to bed tonight. So that’s what I’ve been trying to co parent with😅
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2023.06.11 02:43 bk-foot-lettuce-15 Windows won't boot after exiting BIOS

Hi everyone, I recently made a few small overclock changes (according to this video: (I only changed the memory frequency to match what's on my RAM packaging aka 3600mhz, EPU Power saving mode to "disabled", AI Overclock tuner to "auto")
Everything was fine until I got the blue screen of death when trying to install drivers for my new Wacom Intuos M.
This is what happened this morning:
  1. I update BIOS according to settings in video link above
  2. I get into my desktop and open Chrome to download Wacom drivers
  3. I run drivers install as a user (not administrator)
  4. instant BSOD (erro stop code: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA
  5. Windows restarts on it's own
  6. I login and try to install Wacom drivers again, except this time as administrator. Drivers start installing. Great! Once the loading bar completes, I get the same BSOD error message
  7. Now, my computer will not boot or load Windows, not even BIOS
I tried rebooting using my power button, everything in my PC lights up but my USB keyboard won't turn on and there's no display output. My motherboard LED light stayed stuck as white.
I have tried, in this order, and turning off/on the computer in between:
Resetting CMOS at least gets me to BIOS and has my keyboard light up and be operable, but exiting BIOS with default settings brings me back to having a non-functional keyboard/mouse and no display output. The only way to get back to BIOS is to reset CMOS again. So it's just an endless cycle.
After finding this out, I've tried:
I have no idea what it can be right now.
My BIOS detects all of my computer parts, and is set to boot on my M2 using Windows Boot Manager

Here is what I am thinking:

Here are my PC's parts:

Extra notes:
I upgraded my PSU from a PowerSpec 650W Bronze to the one in the list above about a month ago.
I also upgraded my RAM to the ones in the list above (used to be 2x8GB same brand) when I changed my PSU.
I don't see why this would mess anything up

any help would be greatly appreciated :')
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2023.06.11 02:43 velmaismid_scooby Help I’ve only won once

Help I’ve only won once
I’ve been losing all day
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2023.06.11 02:42 quentin41500 [H] T'au Empire [W] $$ Paypal [Loc] NY, USA

Reposting from last week but now 40% cheaper than retail, everything for $300.
Looking for a new home for my first-ever army. Selling as lot.
1 x Cadre Fireblade (Painted)
1 x Ethereal (Painted)
3 x Crisis Battlesuits w/ magnetized weapons (Painted/Primed)
10 x Fire Warrior (Painted)
10 x Pathfinder (Painted)
2 x Broadside Battlesuits w/ magnetized weapons (Painted)
3 x Stealth Battlesuits w/ magnetized weapons (Painted)
15 x Various Drones (Painted/Primed)
1 x Commander (Primed White)
10 x Fire Warrior (Primed White)
I am selling the whole lot marked down 40% from retail price $528 now at $300 (Shipping not included).
Bases of troupes are magnetized.
Everything must go!
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2023.06.11 02:42 ContractCreepy4861 Tips for setting up criteria

Hey All -
I'm using Usenet and NZBGeek. I hate the defaults Radarr picks up. I'm hoping to help set up some criteria to make this better.
Lets look at an example of what I get in a query -
What I'd like it to grab is - The.Batman.2022.2160p.UHD.Bluray.x265.DV.HDR10.Atmos.TrueHD.7.1-GHD
Here is my criteria for how I came to this decision:
  1. Has DV or Dolby Vision in the name
  2. Has x265 in the name
  3. IF those two true choose one that has MKV in the name over MP4 (not applicable here)
  4. Under 30GB
If this file wasn't available I'd to prefer a LAMA rip - The Batman 2022 2160p UHD BluRay x265 10bit HDR TrueHD 7 1 Atmos LAMA and then if not find the HDR x265 under 30GB rip
  1. Look for LAMA in the name
  2. Look for HDR in the name
  3. x256
  4. Under 30GB
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2023.06.11 02:42 lovellnights My online best friend/crush cut me off ~9 months ago, and I still haven't gotten over it.

This is a throwaway because I don't want this to appear on my normal account. For context when I was younger I grew interested in video games and anime heavily. I noticed that in my very small school no one shared these hobbies so I became dependent on online communities on Instagram and Twitter to make friends and talk about the things I love. To the point where I began to value my internet friends over my real life friends. Flashforward to when I'm 15 and through another friend I met a person my age who ended up being one of my closest friends.
We were part of a much larger group chat but throughout the years it grew smaller from 8 people to 4 people to just the two of us talking to each other. We'd have late night texts, calls, and just watch stuff together. For a few times whenever we needed to vent, we came to each other. Flash forward and at this point we're both 18, and I should mention we were both really comfortable talking to each other about our sexual preferences and such. At a certain point I realized I developed feelings for them and never told them, but I was probably very obvious. I was very on the fence about these feelings because:
  1. We discussed before how we couldn't have an online relationship again because being distanced from our partner is something we don't think we could handle
  2. I am very insecure about having an online relationship because I felt as though my peers would mock me for it, despite being in two before.
  3. They lived in Australia, I live in America. It believed it'd just be hard to handle.
One day we came to a point in our conversation where they told me "If I knew you in real life, I probably would've done stuff with you." And later I had just brought up the idea of if we were still virgins in our mid 20s, we could arrange to meet up and become friends with benefits. They agreed and in the next week we had exchanged NSFW photos and videos. A month had passed and I noticed that all their socials were just gone, they went on a mental health break and didn't tell me. I worried for a while but didn't feel like it was right to reach out. As if they wanted my help they knew they could've spoken to me.
One morning I wake up to a message from them and we reconnected quickly. They were really happy to tell me they made new friends and have been doing better mentally, while also being scared I would've been upset of them. I was really happy but after this I realized they were just not giving me the same energy as before.
No more video calls, no more late night conversations, just once in a while texts and that began to stress me out. I understood to respect their boundaries but I couldn't help but overthink and realize that they don't feel the same way and don't really think about me like they used to. They once then brought up the idea we downloaded Locket, an app where people would send each other photos and it would show up through a widget. This made me really happy as I began to believe I was just overthinking things and went back to normal, but the dry behavior kept up.
I began to do my best and prepare for the worst by telling myself it was best to do what I can and just move on, but I was also desperate for their attention. Most of my story posts on Instagram were efforts to get them to reply and start a conversation with me. A good portion of these were just small rants where I expressed my feelings of being pressured by my family with my future. This lasted for about 7 months.
Eventually in September last year I realized they just stopped being active on social media at all, and I had assumed they were just on another break again. I tried my best to not think too much about it and respect their distance by not reaching out to them. Then a month later I realized they cut me off completely. They removed me from Discord and any games we had each other friended on, and also created all new social media accounts (their new twitter was suggested to me, while also having a link to other brand new social media)
This pretty much broke me, I realized what it meant and after going to it with other friends I understood that I may never get closure. I blame myself for my desperate behavior driving them away and wish to do my best to better myself while also waiting for the day I get over them. Despite how badly I want to contact them and maybe apologize as I'm convinced they thought less of me, I understand the best thing to do was just not contact them at all. However it's June now and while I've realized I've stopped thinking about them I'm still not truly over them. Everyonce in a while I'll be doing my own thing and suddenly have something remind me of them then I get really sad. A couple times recently I'd forget about them briefly then dream about them and go through a small rough time. I'm partially ashamed of myself for not being able to get over someone who I've really never met and I'm scared I won't be able to for a few years
TL;DR Fell in love with an online friend of 4 years, offered to become friends with benefits, didn't confess my love. Realized they weren't giving me the same energy and panicked between wanting to respect their boundaries and wanting their attention. Eventually they just cut me off entirely, and I haven't gotten over it while also being ashamed I haven't gotten over it.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, and I apologize that I wrote so much.
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2023.06.11 02:42 SMDBZ25 Low Gut Pain/Discomfort

Hello. 33M. 5'9" 250lbs. Diagnosed with GERD/Gastritis. Take Protonix once daily, Carafate twice daily, Pepcid once daily, Vitamin D 2000 once daily, and Flexeril once daily. Had my 3rd upper endoscopy 3 days ago. Felt find the first 2 days after it (a little sore but nothing unbearable) but today I have horrible low gut pain (cramping and diarrhea too). They did take out multiple polyps for biopsies. Is this a common reaction? I ate a yogurt this morning (same kind I always have, it was in date) and shortly (about an hour after), the pains began and have been constant all day right in the center of my gut just above my belly button. I'm in so much discomfort right now. Started taking Pepto but curious if anyone else has any input on my situation.
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2023.06.11 02:42 a_sneaky_hippo Any healthy young person could learn with some effort

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2023.06.11 02:41 niceduck34 Girl peeing hypnotized

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2023.06.11 02:41 thecursedmanCLW The truth

There's no way to truly describe the way i feel about you. There are no words that can even express how i feel towards you in a proper manner. None whatsoever that can go as deep as my love is for you.
And i don't just say that as it is , i mean it with my whole heart. You leave me speechless , my heart skipping beats when i read the things you send to me. I can feel your love for me , the way you care so deeply even though you hide it just as i do. After all you're scared too , scared that i won't like you back. But i do. It's more than a liking tbh , it's love. Im in love with you and every little thing that you do. I'd be truly devastated if i ever lost you and i think you know that too.
You mean the world too me , i could not imagine my life without you in it. I don't want too. Because if i never met you i never would have known what it felt like to love and be loved in return. I would not have known what it felt like to have my heart soar so high for another human being. There's truly nobody else like you. You're one of a kind, a diamond amongst the coal. And you have stolen my heart long before i even knew that you did.
You make me feel so safe , so protected and loved. You make me feel proud of myself because I see the pride you carry when you speak of me. I feel it in my bones and that alone makes my soul take flight. Nobody has ever been proud to know me , to love me and to just exist with me in their lives. I have tried so hard in life and nobody has ever shown these things for me but you. And the way you speak so poetically too me , so lovingly while showing your deepest of emotions. You always show me in multiple ways how much you care and that alone sends me flying to the unknown. I melt away and get so lost in you that i forget in that moment where i am and what I'm going through. All i see is you and all i can feel is the steady pounding of my heart as it beats nervously in my chest. You make me forget my pain but there's so much more to it then just that. There are so many more reasons on why i love you but i suck at expressing it. And it's crazy cause I always hear the universe as it screams your name at me and then I'll remember again what love truly feels like again. Then my heads get so jammed up and i get nervous because i don't know what to say to you. I'm speechless. But God do i appreciate you more than you will ever know.
Thank you for being so amazing too me and for showing me what love is again. I will always cherish you even if we only stay friends for the rest of our lives. Nothing will ever change how i feel. I am never leaving your side , not ever. Just as long as you stay by my side as well.
I love you endlessly, past the galaxies and so forth. For now and forevermore.
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2023.06.11 02:41 Grouchy_Abroad_9179 I dont know why females are so mean to me

When i was ~16 i met the first girl i really liked. And in the beginning she liked me too we spend a lot of time together but always just as friends. Some of her friends actually came to me and said that i should make a move etc. but being 16 and insecure i never did that. After springbreak she was really distant with me and i didnt know if i had done anything wrong so i tried to ignore her as much as possible (we went to the same school). After like 2 weeks she hit me up asking if everything was alright and we talked about the situation. All was good for a few week till i noticed her getting distant once again. One day after a break? like in between classes (ig you know what i mean, english isnt my first language) a good friend came to me and told me that the girl told him that she was only spending time with me again to also spend time with my best friend. First major red flag. I habe only seen her on breaks inbetween classes and mostly stopped talking to her. She also went to another school in the next year. I was still kinda heartbroken but i was never mad at my bestfriend because it wasnt his fault that she wanted to spend time with him. Until last summer when i found out that they had been seeing eachother and had sexual interactions in the springbreak. Eventhough this has been 3 years apart i was crazy mad at him but stayed in contact with him until recently. Mainly because i really like his girlfriend not like i wanna be with her but she is just a good person to be around. And breaking off contact with him bit not his gf would be basically what he did to me and i do not want to do that. The second girl i really liked i „met“ last summer. „Met“ because i knew her since we both have been babies but havent seen eachother in like 10 years and before that we only saw eachother on birthdays our parent took us to (our parents are friends if that wasnt clear). I really liked talking with her, we had the same interests like F1, Music, Art so lots of stuff we talked about. But she just didnt text back/took weeks to respond. I wouldnt be have as mad if she hadnt had a „friendbook“ (basically a book where all ur friends can write u something to lift ur mood or a joke or whatever they wanted) that i got when i was like 2 and all of my friends had written in that book. It took her literally 6 months to write something in that book and i had to pick it up at her mothers place because she was „too busy“ with uni when she post pics of her literally being of for dinner every 2 day/ being in the netherlands once every month. I havent talked/texted to/ with her in over 6 months and today she sents me a picture of her and her new bf cuddling like wtf?? I realized today that i will be the one friend in the friendgroup that never has a girl and always will have time because exepct for work there is nothing i really have to do. Well gn everbody going to sleep rn
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2023.06.11 02:41 AutoModerator [Download Course] Perry Belcher – F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass (

[Download Course] Perry Belcher – F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Perry Belcher – F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass (
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Part 1: Why Offers Matter

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  • 30 Years of Experience in 2 Days
  • My Usable “Fake It Till You Make It” Formula

Phase 1: Understanding Human Buying Behavior

The Five “Cult Laws” That Drive Sales — Module One, 30 Minutes
Buying Behavior — Module One, 60 Minutes

Phase 2: Critical Research

5 Big Questions — 60 Minutes
Competitive Research — 30 Minutes
Planning — 30 Minutes
Writers’ Tools — 60 Minutes

Phase 3: The Offer Formula

Now we start writing or dictating
Things to Remember: Sequence Matters — 30 Minutes
Promise — 60 Minutes
Intro — 60 Minutes
Commitment — 30 Minutes

Part 2: Your Solution

Clearly Define Their Desired Outcome (Better Be Right) What They Don’t Want You to Know (Hidden Secret)
Might Know, Probably Know, Don’t Know
  • Explain the “What” Step by Step
  • Good but Incomplete
  • Give Context to the Importance of the Solution
  • Help Them See the Vision
  • Show SOME of the Steps-Within-Steps
Name the Solution (i.e. F.I.B.S.)
  • Explain the Pain to Create
  • Stress the Ease of Use
  • Demonstrate the Speed of Results
  • Sell the Idea (Not the Product)
How It Works — Day Two, 30 Minutes
Pre-Close — Day Two, 60 Minutes
Transition — Day Two, 30 Minutes
Offer — Day Two, 90 Minutes
Close — Day Two, 90 Minutes

Phase 4: Profitable Copy Editing

Editing Exercises — Day Two, 90 Minutes
  • Use Stronger Verbs, Eliminate Passive Language
  • Cut Boring & Redundant Text
  • Assure Readability Score of 4th Grade or Below
  • Voice Test 3X With Live Edit
  • Perform the Standalone Scan Test
  • Run the I.O.U. Test
  • Hold a C.U.B. Review
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  • Underline, Bold, Italics & Caps, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation
  • Explain the Pain to Create
Proof for the course is available upon request
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2023.06.11 02:40 Nino_Chaosdrache The bugs became much less scary once I realized they are most likely just the size of a regular dog

Still a dog with three jaws and claws, but still. But yes, with us being dwarves, all the aliens we encounter are actually smaller than what they seem, because we only see them from a dwarf perspective.
And while Glyphid Grunts are almost able to see face to face with the player, they most likely are just waist high for humans. And Praetorians and/or Opressors would most likely be more human sized.
It doesn't make them less dangerous, but thinking that each enemy would be smaller from a human perspective, they do seem more managable. Especially holding a Plaguehard would be like holding a tentacle sprouting toddler.
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2023.06.11 02:40 autobuzzfeedbot 15 Biggest Betrayals in Justice League History (Ranked)

  1. The Justice League Mindwipes Batman
  2. Batman Nearly Gets the League Killed in "Tower of Babel"
  3. Maxwell Lord Murders Blue Beetle
  4. Jean Loring Kills Sue Dibny
  5. Green Lantern Becomes Parallax
  6. Atomica Infiltrates the League for the Crime Syndicate
  7. Martian Manhunter Turns out to be a Spy
  8. Triumph Turns on the League
  9. Steve Trevor Leads a League to Destroy Another One
  10. Geo-Force Working for Deathstroke
  11. Rocket Red 7 Revealed to be a Manhunter
  12. Wonder Woman's Betrayal to Save the League
  13. Aquaman Chooses Atlantis over the League
  14. Red Tornado's Evil Programming
  15. Future State’s Mysterious Traitor
Link to article
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