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2023.06.05 01:41 mustardsaxdog Fuck this

Had a 3.5 year relationship end 2.5 months ago. Seemed mutual in the heat of things as it came out of nowhere, but really when I stepped back and was honest with myself, she instigated it. The way she did it broke my heart. She didn't communicate or try to fix things, just the last day of her moving out, we break up. Wonder why that was. When she tried to explain her side of things over a few instances, they never were the same and didn't line up. In both the last few months of the relationship and the breakup, she simply wasn't honest or straight with me. I still don't know how to fully explain when someone asks me "What happened?". I know that how she handled things is just further proof of why I shouldn't have been with her in the first place. Which should make me feel better, but here I am, still angry at how she acted or even just the random frustrations I dig up from our relationship. That she was a revolving door of double standards, demanding support when she needed to go to Europe and start a 7-month long-distance relationship but couldn't support me in my career when she came back.
At this point while 2.5 months isn't necessarily a lot when dealing with a breakup, I feel like in some ways I've made no progress. This is probably more to do with my daily reality rather than missing her. Without getting into reasons why, my dream career that I have spent more than half my life pursuing, is likely gone. Invested in a Bachelor's degree, and even now halfway done with a Master's degree. Just simply a constant reminder of everything that has made me most happy in my life, that I have wasted pursuing a career I will never have. I don't know what to do. I have no close friends. Throughout my life, I have repeatedly focused on myself and my career instead of having best friends. I've never been to a wedding, and even if I did get married, who would I invite? Who would come? While we were dating, I should've given more attention to friends than I did. I live alone at home and spend the vast amount of my time alone. I put myself out there on dating apps again, mainly Hinge, to hardly any success. I was looking forward to seeing what else (and better) was out there and meeting people. At first it really excited me, gaining back my confidence after getting some matches. But after all this time, I've met one person that just didn't mesh. At this point I've completely lost the desire and hope of actually being able to meet someone.
Really the shit hit the fan all at once, at the worst time. I don't think if things personally weren't going so badly that I'd be dwelling so needlessly about a woman and relationship that just aren't worth it. That according to her, I don't travel or like doing things outdoors. While as painful as it was to hear her say that about me, she's certainly not being proven wrong right now. I don't know what she's up to (thankfully) but at the same time when I'm home alone doing nothing, it's so easy for me to drive myself crazy imagining her doing the opposite with her friends.
I exercise, run, and am even trying to get into a weight-lifting routine for the first time of my life. If things aren't going so well with meeting women, I'll just focus on loving myself. I put myself out there with acquaintances so that I'll spend more time outside of the house, with them. So many times during this 2.5 months I've been convincing myself that I'll be better off, my life is gonna be great, and this summer is going to be my best yet. The harsh reality is my life is just very lonesome and depressing. And it keeps on showing itself to me over and over again. Knowing myself, I got a therapist almost immediately after the breakup. The clinic is extremely busy, with a required waitlist. I had a few appointments, not nearly often enough, and with someone who just wasn't very helpful. As someone with privilege, I fully understand for the first time what it's like to not get the help you need. I'm not getting therapy, but as someone who supports it very much, I don't know what good it'll do. It feels like I've tried to be the most positive, loving, active self that I know, and it seems like nothing will get me out of this.
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2023.06.05 01:40 hoochie69mama Question regarding firearms in San Diego:

Hey everybody, can y’all give me some recommendations on where to shoot on BLM near San Diego. I am having a hard time finding specific designated areas on the BLM website. I am looking for places to shoot recreationally on public land in southern CA. Any info, coordinates, or website links would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 01:40 potatoyuri i need help. i need your opinions.

good day to you. first is, I want to say thank you for having the time to read this.
i am fully aware that joining ROTC while having a premed course will really really be hard. both drained physically and mentally.
i have two options right now: - CEU makati which is very near to where I am currently staying. a travel distance of around 20+ minutes - EAC manila which is far from makati but kaya naman and the fact that they offer ROTC is a really big deal to me. I have a heart for military and I just really want to be a part of that family.
i just need your opinions when it comes to having both. I also thought of like finishing the degree first before entering military. but what I think about the most is regretting not being able to experience the 4 years training and also the fact that having a ROTC nstp in your background after graduation is a really good asset when enlisting.
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2023.06.05 01:37 hoochie69mama Where to shoot recreationally on public land in southern CA

Hey everybody, can y’all give me some recommendations of where to shoot on BLM land in southern CA, preferably near the San Diego area. I am having a hard time finding specific designated areas on the BLM website. Any info, coordinates, or website links would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 01:37 artparasitex What to expect at first oncology appointment?

Hi everyone!
24f, would really appreciate advice and input on what to expect at my first appointment.
On May 25th I got a referral to a hematologist-oncologist, exactly 10 days after my mom died from Stage 4 Colon Cancer & Peritoneal Carcinomatosis - May 15th. Almost exactly 5 months since my dad died from Stage 4 Lung Cancer (squamous cell) & Stage 2b(?) Prostate Cancer. December 18th. He also had Stage 2c adenocarcinoma in '98, resulting in his right lung being removed.
I watched the entire process and moment of their death, and it's tough to deal with. Caught too late because of dismissive doctors.
The timing of this is so weird.
I've been dealing with symptoms that I guess resemble lymphoma or leukemia? Most worrying is a supraclavicular mass. Every lymph node from my torso and up is enlarged. Diagnosed with lymphadenopathy from several dr's. Wonky labs all the time. Swelling. Night sweats. A lot more to go into. I've had other insanely weird health issues for the past 2 years, just too tiring to explain.
I had originally just asked for an ENT referral but walked out with a hematologist-oncologist referral. My heart kinda dropped, didn't expect that.
It's like cancer is contagious in my family at this point. Nearly every direct family member and extended family has passed from this terrible disease.
I'm not diagnosed with cancer right now, and hoping I will not be , so I was really surprised because I thought only those with a diagnosis see oncologists. I did have a melanoma scare earlier in the year but thankfully the biopsy came back negative.
The clinic I go to did tell me they don't have the necessary resources for any of the workups needed for this situation. My insurance (Medicaid) is stubborn with imaging and anything beyond basic labs so that hasn't been an option.
I'd appreciate anyone walking me through what this entire thing entails. Specific tests may be ordered, things like that, I guess?
Thank you - besides this I'm sending love and hugs to everyone in this subreddit. ♡
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2023.06.05 01:36 overcasteuphoria Hi, I'm new here! I wrote a short prologue for a gay thriller I had churning in my brain called Violation. Let me know if you like it and please give me any feedback you have!

Greg will be here tomorrow, and I know almost nothing about him. What I do know has been gathered from a few sparse moments with my best friend and annoying roommate, Nico: Greg is down on his luck. Greg’s got shitty parents. Greg only needs a place to stay until he can find a new job.
I won’t even notice he’s here.
I told Nico that isn’t as reassuring as he means it to be.
I’m scrubbing the kitchen, Nico is wiping down the bathroom, and Munchie the Lab is in the living room curled up in his bed. A chew toy dangles from his tired muzzle.
The whole house smells of chemicals. Every once in a while, I’ll see Nico dragging a filthy bucket of water up and down the stairs, bringing with him a stench of muck and ammonia. The house hasn’t seen a lick of fresh air in hours; I’ve felt a building knot of nausea in my gut from the fumes.
“Hey Nico!” I stop scrubbing the stove to call up to him. A bump and a splash of water later, and the skinny little man is making his way downstairs. He once again brings the bucket with him. The dirty thing sloshes water down each of the wooden steps, and by the time he reaches the bottom, the bucket is half empty.
“Yeah, what’s up?” He wipes sweat off his forehead, but it does him no good. It’s soaked into his hair, his shirt collar, and the waistband of his jeans.
“Why does the place have to be medical-grade clean?” I ask. “Is this guy a germ freak or something?”
Nico shakes his head. The bucket looks heavy hanging from his arm and he’s trembling from the weight of it. “Nah, that’s just what you do when you’ve got a guest staying with you. You know, etiquette and whatnot.”
“Yeah, etiquette,” I look around the kitchen. “Is this good enough? I wanted to talk to you.”
“About what?” Nico drops the bucket, the last of the water threatening to churn out onto the floor. It’s brown and home to floating bits of soap scum and probably pubes.
“Who is this guy?”
“I told you, he’s my friend Greg.”
“Okay, that tells me nothing about your friend Greg.”
Nico rolls his eyes. I can see the annoyance building in one of the veins on his brow.
“Why do you need to know everything about him? You won’t even know he’s here.” There it is again.
“I’ve known you for five years, Nico,” I say, “you have never mentioned ‘Greg.’ You haven’t even slept with any Greg’s.”
“No, but you did that one time in Key West!” He winks at me, surveys my progress, picks at a speck of dried spaghetti sauce on the wall, and flicks it into his bucket. “Quick question: Do I tell you every man I associate myself with?”
“You do actually, so it pisses me off that we’re going to have this guy leeching off of our food and utilities when I know nothing about him.”
Nico takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly through his lips while massaging his temples.
“I’m sorry,” he says, a rare occurrence for him. “I've been busy getting the place ready like you have, and I have a shit ton to deal with at the club. We can talk about it before I go to work later.”
“Why can’t we talk now?”
“Oh my god, Marcus!” The air in the room feels stale now, and that’s without the contribution of Windex and floor cleaner. Munchie lets out a low whimper from his bed.
Nico picks up the near-empty bucket and starts making his way up the stairs. “We’ll talk later. I’ve got like three rooms left to clean.” He takes one last gaze at the kitchen. “It looks great, by the way. Really spectacular. Thanks for being such a helper!”
“Oh, fuck off, Nico. Genuinely fuck right off.”
“Gladly!” He waddles his way up the steps like a penguin, the bucket bouncing against his leg and splashing water down his pants.
“You’re a pain in the ass!” I shout after him.
“I’ve been told!” He reaches the upper landing, turns, and disappears into the bathroom.
“Can’t wait to meet your new man!” I try to get the last word in, but find I'm only talking to the kitchen appliances, Munchie, and myself.
A wind is picking up outside, whipping between the other rickety houses dotting our street, and warning of rain in the air. The screen on our front door rattles and for the first time since moving in, I feel alone.
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2023.06.05 01:36 Resident-Afternoon12 Recommendations for Bar Exam Preparation Courses for Extended Study Periods (thinking in Feb 2024)

I was an international student, specifically pursuing an LLM degree. Following graduation, I secured a position as a compliance analyst within a prominent company. Over time, I have consistently been promoted and now hold the position of director. It has been nearly seven years since I completed my graduate program, and although I still have the potential to advance further in my career, the bar exam is the rock in my shoe. I am eager to take the bar exam in February 2024, but I am uncertain about which bar course to choose that would accommodate a study period of more than six months. Considering that I will need to work at the same time, I believe it will take more than six months, or possibly even longer, to adequately prepare. I have heard that certain bar courses offer the option to extend the study period or begin preparations earlier. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations you may have. I believe the essay part will be the most challenging part for me.
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2023.06.05 01:36 DickComingOutUrMouth Yo my mom cooked a goat's head without me knowing and I nearly ate it!!! 😭🤢😭😭

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2023.06.05 01:35 chessman92 2024 NBA Big Board top 150 (Super Early Edition)

I did a similar exercise this time last year for the 2023 NBA Draft
With very mixed results its pretty hard to get a proper gage this early, trying to project which college players break out, which incoming freshman pop or struggle.
Many of the names mentioned below may never reach the NBA while others not mentioned maybe lottery picks this time next year, still it may give you a base on guys to take a look at next year. I watch a lot of college ball but not nearly familiar enough with international players so if you want to put forward some names or players I've missed please let me know.
I tend to agree with draft analysts that this draft lacks star potential, nothing clear on who will go number one, at the moment I'm leaning with Holland (youth, athleticism, 2 way potential) but have seen multiple names mocked, Edwards, Mara, Collier, Buzelis, Wagner, Risacher. I still believe though that there is great depth in this draft for potential role players/starters.
Let me know what you think!
  1. Ron Holland
  2. Isaiah Collier
  3. Justin Edwards
  4. Matas Buzelis
  5. Mackenzie Mgbako
  6. DJ Wagner
  7. Aday Mara
  8. Aaron Bradshaw
  9. Kelel Ware
  10. Cody Williams
  11. Judah Mintz
  12. Thierry Darlan
  13. Donovan Clingan
  14. Zaccharie Risacher
  15. Tyrese Proctor
  16. Adem Bona
  17. Stephen Castle
  18. Kyle Filipowski
  19. Riley Kugel
  20. JJ Starling
  21. Xavier Booker
  22. Trevon Brazile
  23. Baba Miller
  24. Mark Mitchell
  25. Jakobe Walter
  26. Omaha Bielliew
  27. Rylan Griffen
  28. Kwame Evans Jr
  29. Elliot Cadeau
  30. Coleman Hawkins
  31. Bronny James Jr
  32. Trey Alexander
  33. Jared Mccain
  34. Hunter Sallis
  35. Nae'Qwan Tomlin
  36. Ugonna Onyenso
  37. Dillon mitchell
  38. Arthur Kaluma
  39. Terrence Shannon jr
  40. Reece Beekman
  41. Taran Armstrong
  42. Grant Nelson
  43. Alexander Sarr
  44. Zach Edey
  45. Dillon Jones
  46. Miles Kelly
  47. Matt Cleveland
  48. Graham Ike
  49. Ryan Kalkbrenner
  50. Tyler Burton
  51. London Johnson
  52. Oso ighodaro
  53. Tucker Devries
  54. Tyler Smith
  55. Izan Ilmanza
  56. Jevon Porter
  57. Andrei Stojokavic
  58. Alexandros samodurav
  59. Elmarko Jackson
  60. Babacar Sane
  61. Mookie Cook
  62. Eric Gaines
  63. Arterio Morris
  64. Malik Reneau
  65. AJ Johnson
  66. Robert Dillingham
  67. Vince Iwuchukwu
  68. Jaden Bradley
  69. Kylan Boswell
  70. Ryan Dunn
  71. Yohan Traore
  72. Trey Parker
  73. Ernest Udeh Jr
  74. Aden Holloway
  75. Anton Watson
  76. Trentyn Flowers
  77. Chance Westry
  78. Kenyon Menifield-
  79. Mike Sharavjamts
  80. Johni Broome
  81. Jan Vilde
  82. Josiah Jordan James
  83. Eric Dailey Jr
  84. Dennis Evans
  85. Aidan Mahaney
  86. Jalen Bridges
  87. Tidjane Salaun
  88. Baylor Schierman
  89. Tre White
  90. Norchard Omier
  91. TJ Power
  92. Tyrese Hunter
  93. Roko Prkacin
  94. Benny Williams
  95. Tyson Deganhart
  96. Damion Collins
  97. Caleb Love
  98. Amaree Abram
  99. Jeremy Fears jr
  100. Kowacie Reeves
  101. Baye Fall
  102. Terrance Aarceneaux
  103. Adam Miller
  104. Ven Allen Lubin
  105. Justin Moore
  106. Hunter Dickerson
  107. MJ Rice
  108. Sean Stewart
  109. Alex Karaban-
  110. Jordan Pope
  111. Micah Handlogten-
  112. Brice Griggs
  113. Mark Armstrong
  114. Houston Mallete
  115. Jamarion Sharp
  116. Oumar Ballo
  117. Asher Woods
  118. Henri Veesaar
  119. Felix Okpara
  120. Tristan da Silva
  121. Myles Colvin
  122. Jayson Tyson
  123. Will Richard
  124. Glenn Taylor Jr
  125. Berke Buyuktuncel
  126. Illane Fibleuil
  127. Tyler Kolek
  128. Adama Bal
  129. N'Faly Dante
  130. Harrison Ingram
  131. Darrion Williams
  132. Caleb Foster
  133. Nate Bittle
  134. Ryan Nembhard
  135. Teafale Leonard Jr
  136. Julian Reece
  137. Armando Bacot
  138. Isaiah Miranda
  139. Jaden Akins
  140. Matthew Murrell
  141. Oliver Nkamhoua
  142. PJ Hall
  143. Wooga Poplar
  144. Nolan Hickman
  145. Brandon Murray
  146. Jun Seok Yeo
  147. Skyy Clark
  148. Fletcher Loyer
  149. Tobe Awaka
  150. Mikey Williams
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2023.06.05 01:34 Breude Seeing the evolution of this hobby makes me lose hope for the future of the community

For context, I've been gaming since I was 5. I started with an NES, and have owned 1 console from every generation from the NES to the 7th Gen, including all 3 7th Gen. Switched to PC when the 8th gen hit. Gaming was nearly my only hobby for about 10 straight years. I have a lot of skin in the game and the personal value to me and my formulative years is immeasurable. I've been seeing how the hobby has evolved, and it frankly disgusts me
I switched to PC at the 8th gen, so I haven't bought many console games in 8 years. I wanted to complete a few series I had on console, so I looked back into it. Holy crap has the game changed. There's no love for the hobby, or even the games, anymore. It's ALL dollars and cents now. Youtubers are "look at all these expensive games I got." Everyone online is "look at all these expensive games I got." It seems to have completely infected this hobby. It feels like everyone just boils it down to the money now. Treating it as some sort of investment. It's infuriating
It's also infectious. When I got back into collecting I said "Well, if this is the game now, I suppose I'll play it. This is just what game collecting is now apperently." I never resold, but I scoured sites hunting for deals for hours. Didn't even care what it was. A game on pricechart for $3 that's selling for $2? Buy it. Collection value go up." And it totally changed how I viewed the hobby. It wasn't even fun anymore. I wasn't even buying them to play. I was just hoarding the like some kind of dragon going "collection value go up hee hee." Once I realized that, I stopped immediately and went back into "normal" collecting, and have enjoyed the hobby much more ever since
Now, it seems like everyone is doing it. Finding games in the wild is near impossible, and if you do, the community of mostly resellers are so toxic that the seller judges anyone looking for games. Resellers all say they're "hardcore gamers" right? It's completely ruined the market and has basically sucked the will out of me to continue collecting
I've been getting more and more jaded until someone posted this video in the comments section of a post here: ( My reaction to it was about as harsh as you could get. I had a legitimate reaction of "screw this. I'll go all digital out of sheer spite. I don't want to give slime like that anything to go off of. The games I own aren't investments. They're not bought and sold to make money. They're owned for fun. You can't sell digital games or ROM's, so the fun is all there is." The hard part is that I'll unlikely have other family members who enjoy the hobby, so once I'm deceased, they'll sell all my stuff and those kinds of people win anyway
I'm at a bit of an impasse. I love my physical games, but I almost don't want to collect more because the hobby seems almost rotten because of all the financial get rich quick people who've infiltrated it. Even if I hold onto it for now, I don't want it sold. I want it kept in the family for others to play, but I have a sinking feeling it'll just be sold with all my other possessions. I still have other games I want, but I almost don't want to collect them because the hobby just feels different
Does anyone feel the same way? I almost feel like I'm yelling into a void because everyone online is so focused on the same thing. I don't really know where to go from here
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2023.06.05 01:34 waterwillowxavv Doctors appointment - what to ask / discuss?

I was diagnosed with IIH a month and a half ago and immediately upon diagnosis I started taking Acetazolamide, 250mg twice a day. Since then I've developed problems with my memory, brain fog, as well as my balance, and I can't tell if they are to do with the medication or the condition itself but I've decided to finally call my GP and bring it up. The medication also gives me a very intense tingling, almost crawling sensation in my feet and fingertips and when I first discussed it with an ophthalmologist I said that it wasn't bothering me too much but it is now too severe to ignore and it wakes me up at night. I still get headaches when stressing or straining (physical exertion, crying etc) and on really hot days but they don't happen nearly as often as they did before I was diagnosed and I can easily manage them with paracetamol. I'm not too enthused about the idea of changing my medication or considering a shunt placement (I hate being in hospitals for any reason), but if it was absolutely necessary and would improve my everyday life I would go through with it.
How should I best go about these points in the appointment? I'm going to take notes throughout to make sure that I don't lose any information. It may help to hear some other perspectives on the other medication options, dosages and the pros and cons of shunts, as well as generally how to deal with these symptoms and side effects, because my particular GP is not too great so I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't get much out of this appointment.
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2023.06.05 01:34 Oasis-theBand okay I need advice

so, the other day, I was with my bf and I was going to walk him halfway home (my mum and dad don’t drive, his does so he usually gets a lift home, but tonight he couldn’t so we just walked it. It’s about a 40ish minute walk from mines to his). So we start walking, and 10 minutes in he tells me I can go home now. (It’s around 8oclock. This area is near an area that’s known to have some dodgy activities but nothing ever happened on this road) so I don’t want him to walk the whole rest of the way alone, I’d feel horrible as he always walks me half way or his stepdad gives me a lift home. So I tell him no and we keep walking and he tells me just “to go home” and I tell him “no” and then ask him “why” and he said something along the lines of I don’t need you to walk me. I told him I was walking him. And we keep going back and forth so he asks “why do you do this everytime. Why do you walk me home” and I say “I do it because I care about you” and he says “it’s getting annoying” and so I ask him “so it’s annoying that I care about you?” And he replies “right now, yea it is”
That really upset me. I don’t know why, but it really really got me. I cant even say anything to him because he’s upset and annoyed me. So I just turn my head away from him. I tell him i cant believe he would say that. So he says to me “you know what my house is like. This walk I get from my house to yours is the only quiet time I get. Yeah I’m in my room, but I still have that going on in my house” (he has 4 siblings). I had no idea what to say to him so I say nothing but I just nod. So we walk the rest in silence. Then we get to the point we usually leave at and I apologise for being cheeky and he just says bye to me.
I walk home in tears. I don’t know why but the fact he told me it was annoying that I cared about him really got me. He apologised saying he’s “been really overwhelmed lately. Please don’t be upset”. But he doesn’t know what I’m dealing with, because every time I go to him with a problem he doesn’t listen to it properly. My bestfriend is ditching me for some other boy (she has a boyfriend and is spending all her time with him and this other boy). But he doesn’t know that because he’ll say “she’s still going to be your best friend and blah blah blah, but he clearly doesn’t understand what I’m trying to tell him the fact that my bestfirend is drifting from me and I’m not going to stop it, but it still upsets me. Anyways I get it he can have stuff going on, and everyone has their own shit but I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong here?
Idk man. There’s just a lot going on right now and I don’t want to overreact.
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2023.06.05 01:34 SEGN0R 28/m on the road

Hello there 👋🏽
I’ll be driving for the next 3 hours and I think it would be real fun to talk to someone in the meantime. I use discord and remember I am driving so service might not cooperate at times. Should be fine as I’ve been this way before. I really only ask that you be above 21 cause I don’t think I have much I relate with a teenager with 😅
I’d love to hear how was your day or what do you feel good about lately, but I’m okay with listening if you got stuff on your mind.
If you think you’re not interesting to talk about (which I find those people 9 out of 10 are like the most interesting) you can ask me about anything. I suppose here are some random talking points of me? 😳
-I work at a retro game store -I have a cat (who I adore) -prior military -did not eat meat at all until I was 19 -live near DC -ummm… -I like orange Gatorade?
Message me!
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2023.06.05 01:34 MycatKali Istj or Estj

The past couple of years I've been reading about mbti, cognitive functions, and taken tests. Ive gotten these types as results, xntj, xstj,and xstp.
I was reluctant to even ask in an stj group as I read constantly that they are strict rule followers and I'm not...however I'm constantly compared to my mom (stj) and my wife after reading about types says xstj is the closest in her opinion.
The only thing for sure I know is that I'm an xxTx. Not sure if Te or Ti as I tend to get a split on these and I relate to both.
Based off these generic answers what would you say the type is
Planner or improvisers
I'm flexible. I prefer planning but can be flexible if things come up. Overall all I want is that I'M the one who chooses and dictates what I do.
Practical or abstract
Structured or unstructured environments
Do you frequently do things without a specific schedule or plan.
I want the freedom to choose to have a schedule or not. I do have a loose morning routine and I do my best to not have it interrupted. I dislike having things sprung upon me.
Do you think rules and regulations are necessary
Yes, the ones that make sense
5 words to describe myself(this is from close friends/loved ones)
I like to face problems head on
I stay objective when making decisions
No problem confronting others
I think about the present and how it'll affect the future
I like to understand the framework being used to make a decision
I cannot stand being micro managed
I do not like needy people
Been described as a Jock/nerd combo
I weightlift 5 days a week, hike, surf etc
Used to play baseball, hockey, BMX, and heavily into skateboarding when I was younger
I've been a nerd/geek my whole life(you wouldn't know it by looking at me) Big into video games, tabletop rpg DnD.(Usually play as an Ranger ) I like to read sci fi, fantasy, and horror. Used to write but have no time now. Star Trek nerd. Walking encyclopedia of Horror movie trivia
Love music, big part of me. Specifically punk and metal and even more specifically death,power,symphonic. But I enjoy soundtracks, lo fi, instrumentals also
I'm a very loyal dedicated person to those close to me
I'm goofy and loving toward my wife and kids. I like to joke around and make them laugh
I have a movie room I made
I dont like being late to work or appointments. Something my parents instilled in me.(moms an istj, dad's an isfj, and sis is an estj) I butted heads with them constantly and still do. There conservatives religious, I'm liberal and athiest
Logic/Rational minded
Ambitious and always wanting to learn
Heavily into the tattoos and piercing scene
Worked retail jobs and never lasted. My job now is more being your own boss, do your thing, rarely managed. Best job so far
I'm open minded
I ask why a lot, I want to know what I'm about to do make sense and not waste time
I like make tier lists
I ask people to rate things from 1-10 to see how much they like something
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2023.06.05 01:33 F4NT4SYF00TB4LLF4N Pretty Disappointed In Diablo 4 so far...

Really did not see myself feeling this way. I started playing Diablo with D2 back 20+ years ago and obviously was a huge fan of the Diablo franchise.
I'm nearly done with the D4 campaign (lvl 42ish), and the game is already feeling like a chore. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
COMBAT - feels extremely sluggish. I spam 1 resource generator, hitting one target, like 4-5 times before I can use 1 resource spender that doesn't even one shot. The other abilities are long CDs, and an ultimate. What I am just having a hard time believing is that Diablo Immortals combat FELT better than this...
THE OPEN WORLD - was something I was actually very excited for. Statues to find, zones to "free/unlock" etc. I was spending time doing these and the side quests when I realized how BORING it is with all the running. I have not felt this way since New World basically showed us how bad leveling can be. I quickly realized this is basically all a waste of time until you minimally get a mount (act 4), and beat the campaign, unlock world tier 3. Basically you need to push through the campaign, before you can actually play the game.
THE CAMPAIGN - Again just SO much running. It doesn't feel "Epic" to me. I have never been a huge lore guy, but I'm having a hard time even getting invested, it just feels so shallow. Again, reminds me of New World...
I had a small 30min window to play today and couldn't be bothered to log in. The combat feels slow and sluggish, the running in the world is super boring, what normally can distract you from this in other games are life skills you constantly level up, or the ability to grind out local side quests and/or just AOE groups of mobs. This game has zero of that. The side quests often have you running multiple minutes or zones away, you can't really AOE groups of mobs, and have no life skills where you feel progression.
Basically, I see zero point to NOT just speed run the campaign (MSQ) and unlock world tier 3, and actually start getting good gear. Just feeling let down, like so much lost potential here idk... How can a mobile Diablo game have better feeling combat than this? It even has WASD which I'm shocked D4 doesn't have as an option....
What am I doing wrong? Yes I realize this isn't an MMO, but it's trying to copy some of the same aspects of an MMO, but feels more like the WORST of ARPG and MMO combined.
Aside from the graphics and the art style... This just feels like an inferior game (gameplay) to its predecessors (including Diablo Immoral)....
What am I missing?
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2023.06.05 01:33 Stock-File-1858 Do I persue something with her? M18 and F18

Help me
2 weeks ago I wrote my last final exam. On the last day my year wanted to celebrated and we met up at an lake near the school and also my home. We started partying and I got kinda drunk and noticed a lil vibe with a girl who got closer to me and also made a first move on me. later made out with for like 3 hours. During these 3 hours we just talked and kissed and so on and we really got to know each other. Before that I just knew her from seeing her in the halls and like we knew each others names but never really talked. I brought her to the train and we talked a bit more and I feel like we both felt something and there was a genuine vibe there. So she wanted my number and I gave it to her and that was it. 2 days go by and she doesnt write me so I write first and it seems to be going okay on text but then suddenly she takes 10h+ for each answer. I thought its weird but Im a confident guy and asked her out to reallly get to know each other. She answered me 18 Hours late saying shes going in the holiday soon and doesnt have "time right now but we can see when she gets back" and basically from that point on she made zero effort to atleast get to know each other via text. And now I feel like really weird cuz im kinda mad she takes a long time to answer and also I dont want to be the one texting first all the time. So basically my question is do I try and persue something with her or is it just not worth it? hope everything is understandible and sorry for some bad english her and there im european :)
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2023.06.05 01:32 EstablishmentLow5820 Conquest 2023: A premium pass holder’s experience

If you’re on twitter or is into gaming, you probably heard of Conquest2023. Since this a hot topic for day pass holders, allow me to share my experience as a premium pass holder.
Warning: long post ahead. Ibigay niyo na sakin to, 20 f*cking K ang ibinayad ko. Ignore niyo na kung may typo or wrong grammar. pagod & disappointed after conquest. Uunahin ko pa ba magproofread?
This is my personal experience. I do not represent all premium pass holders.
I bought premium pass with one goal in mind: I WANT TO MEET OTV&F ESPECIALLY THE ROOMIES! I don’t care about the music night nor the booths. I just want to meet them.
D1: I was not able to attend due to personal reasons so I did not meet Queen Poki, Michael and Aria. I thought it was okay to skip D1 cos I still get to see them on D3 (Smx main stage: Offline Feud)
D2: I enjoyed the booths. They sell cool stuff. My only comment is that it’s so crowded. I tried roaming around hoping I can see other OTV&F, but Im not lucky enough.
Mainstage: sykkuno’s valo match: no priority given to premium pass holders. If you want to get a spot near the stage, you have to be early. People camped near the stage hrs before the program, So I ended up watching the match at the far back. sykkuno’s valorant match is insanely long (21-19) but I still enjoyed it.
(Ok, this is kinda my fault. I assumed the m&g will be similar to Twitchcon m&g) BOY WAS I WRONG. It’s more similar to a KPOP M&G. NO F*CKING SIGNATURES ALLOWED. Lilypichu & Igumdrop M&G: Fans got 10-20sec to meet each of them. Staffs alternately get 4 premium pass holders and 2 day pass holders. The 2 girls are really pretty and nice. I got a decent pic with Jaime but my pic with Lily is a disaster. It’s blurred AF + it’s off centered: imagine a full body picture except Lily’s whole shoes were cut off & there’s only 2 of us but you can easily insert a third person beside me. Ps: I also heard some premium pass holders were asked to wait on the first floor for a few mins cos the area for premium pass is full.
Tried music night for the sake of it. Artists are great but you can tell that most of the crowd are just waiting for The rose. I ended up enjoying it cos I got to listen to new artists (I dont know any of the artists, not even the rose). Good thing they have a bar. The cocktails are also okay for its price. Tried all 3 cocktails. Yung light ang nagdala. Char. I liked URF the most.
D3: this is the most impt day for me. Initial sched published: 11-12:30 rae,syk,leslie m&g (conrad) 2-3 roomies panel (conrad) 4:30-5:30 offline feud (smx mainstage)
I already planned my sched for D3 but lo & behold, @12:55AM, Conquest announced that they are moving the roomies panel to a new venue: MOA Atrium stage. A PUBLIC PLACE. They literally moved a supposedly private event to a public place + they moved the sched to 3:30-4:30. right before OTV Feud. If you want to watch both, you have to run from MOA atrium to smx mainstage.
M&G: the staff announced that instead of having individual pictures, we’ll have a group photo (3 fans + the roomies). This is to accommodate more fans. You can clearly see the disappointment from premium pass holders. Imagine paying 20k, only to get a group photo with the roomies + 2 strangers. And since you have 2 strangers also wanting to talk to them, i ended up just hugging them cos the staff is in a hurry. What an experience. 🙃
Now I have a picture of me, rae, leslie, sykkuno and 2 strangers. THIS IS THE ONLY MEMORY THAT I HAVE OF RAE. Lol. I got to have a little chat with Rae’s mom and sister + a solo pic with the 2 of them while queuing and I must say, I enjoyed that more.
Roomies panel: ended up not seeing this. They said people started camping at the atrium as early as 10am. @1pm, there’s so many people waiting already so I decided to prioritize otv feud instead since I am yet to see poki, aria & michael.
Offline feud: Went there @2 hoping I can still secure a spot near the stage) when I got there, people were already camping in front and no vacant seats left. At this point, I’m just mentally tired of all the disappointments that I just accepted the fact that this is not my lucky day. So I just sat on floor at the side while waiting for them to arrive. I still watched their segment and I must say, Poki eating Jollibee while playing is a really good advertisement.
Highlight of my D3: Funniest thing is that I got more decent pictures with Yvonne & Blau and I only got Blau, Leslie and Yvonne’s signature, which I got OUTSIDE CONQUEST (around 9-10AM @starbucks). YES. OUTSIDE CONQUEST. Fans started camping starbucks cos there’s higher chance of us meeting them there than inside SMX. LOL. I feel bad for the streamers tho. i think they got culture shocked. 🙃
And now I realized. I bought the premium pass because of the roomies but I ended up having the worst memory with them. I have a better memory of all the other things except the one that I was looking forward to. Idk what I did wrong. Maybe I’m just unlucky.
Note: all of them are so nice and pretty and I have mad respect to all of them for enduring PH’s heat and their patience especially when they’re getting swarmed by fans when all they ever wanted is to buy a cup of coffee, but damn, this event is so messed up in so many level. I hope they did not get traumatized and would still want to come back here in the future.
So yeah, is my experience worth 20k? You be the judge.
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2023.06.05 01:31 Over_Chocolate_8729 Walgreens coupons not given to customers

I’ve noticed some cashiers near my place, where I shop regularly, never give coupons to me or others. Some of them are pretty nice, like spend $20, get $7. I’ve noticed sometimes coupons are printed out, but they don’t bother to give it. Is it just laziness and I need to directly ask for coupons? Or they steal them for themselves?
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2023.06.05 01:30 Psycuteowl Mom, I found out my start date for my brand new job!

Mom as I said before in a different post I got my very first job ever at the age of 32. I will be 33 this month so yay for that too. But Mom I found out my start date. Its Tomorrow at 2pm. I will work three days this week. All 2pm to 10pm. I am beyond nervous. Its a job at a gas station. I will be doing a little bit of everything but mainly cashier.
We only have one car and thankfully my Partner is off two of the days I work. But I had to ask for a ride to work from a family friend who I call my aunt. I do not know much. Such as where to park if I take the car myself. And even though I could buy myself food at the store during the time I will be working, Im taking my lunch and dont know where to keep it.
My Partner wants to make my lunch for tomorrow. But as I said I dont know where to keep my lunch box. I dont even know when its appropriate to eat lunch or how to take my lunch or where I can eat it. I will need to eat before I go to make sure I can hold out until lunch. I am pre-diabetic. So I need to be careful of my sugar.
Plus my nerves/anxiety makes it worse when I get a drop. Luckily I enrolled in a special program my job has. So if I just need some sugar I can get it easily in the form of a small fountain drink or a small coffee. But I dont even know where to keep it because I am not allowed to have it near the registers or anywhere in the public eye.
I am so sorry this turned out to be long! But I wanted to share the good news! I know when Im starting! And I know the days I am to be working this week! I just hope I can have my birthday off. My partner is off then and he has a doctors appointment then too. Plus he would like to spend time with me on my birthday.....I am not sure how yo see if I can have that off....
I also have an appointment myself on the 20th...Im so nervous. Again I apologize for this being so long! Just wanted to share the good news and a few worries. Thank you for reading!
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2023.06.05 01:30 enhancedadrenaline How far would you go?

How far would you guys go to avoid social interaction?
For me, I have 3 grocery stores around my area all 5-10 minutes away. None with self checkout, tho I’m willing to travel 40 minutes to the other store that has a self checkout so I don’t have to speak to the cashiers. Also drive thrus- there’s some right near my house yet I would rather have them doordash’d with no contact than drive 2 minutes to get a burger 😭
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2023.06.05 01:29 ExtremeLifeEnjoyer How to Check Used Bike Condition If Sellers Live Far Away From You

I'm looking to buy a used trail bike (either full susp / hardtail) on Pinkbike. Some bikes look brand new to me and the price is $700-$1000 more lower than its original price. Unfortunately, none of these sellers live near me, so I don't have opportunity to check the bike in reality. I'm afriad of buying a bike that has problems. What should I do in this conditions?

Also some bikes are weird to me.
Why are the sellers selling brand new bikes with lower prices? Are they traps?

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2023.06.05 01:29 Chasehat1 [Hersheypark] Trip report 6-2-2023

[Hersheypark] Trip report 6-2-2023
Got back down to Hershey for the first time since 2020 for Wildcat’s Revenge opening weekend. This was my 3rd trip to the park and definitely the best. Fast Track came in clutch for sure as it was quite busy for most of the day.
Wildcat’s Revenge (x3) I will very much admit I’m a massive Intamin fanboy, they just make what I like. While I do love all the RMCs I’ve ridden I’ve found a few of them pretty overrated. This RMC on the other hand is a whole different animal! It’s just a non stop blur of ejector airtime, sideways ejector, laterals, and inversions. This is definitely my new favorite RMC and is now my favorite coaster at Hershey, which as an Intamin fanboy, is incredibly rare for me to say for a park that has an elite Intamin. Cracked my top 5 overall.
Skyrush (x3) This ride is so stupid lol. I absolutely love it for it’s ridiculous intensity and crazy ejector air, but it is just so uncomfortable between the restraints and the general feeling of being in a car crash the ride has. It probably would be a top 3 coaster if it was just slightly uncomfortable instead of bordering on torture. Still love the ride as it’s my #7 overall but it’s not a coaster I can re-ride.
Candymonium x3 I love B&M hypers, this is no different. First half is outstanding, love the drop, two large floater hills, and the flojector on the speed hill. It does die out a bit following the helix turnaround which keeps it from thr upper echelon of B&M hypers I’ve done (Nitro, DBack) but it’s a B&M Hyper it’s still awesome.
Storm Runner x1: Hadn’t ridden this since 2018 as it was closed on my trip in 2020, forgot how legitimately awesome it is. Insane launch, great ejector filled top hat, flying snake dive is just fucking nuts, and those transitions at the end had much stronger laterals than I remembered. I’m really debating whether or not I think this is the 3rd best coaster in the park over Candy, Storm Runner is truly one of the more underrated coaster out there.
Fahrenheit x1: Crazy how this great little ride gets completely lost in the mix at Hershey. Great drop, surprisingly strong positive G’s, really whippy inversions, and one big moment of ejector at the end of the ride. It does have a really noticeable vibration that seemed to be focused squarely on my crotch, which made for an odd sensation throughout the ride lol.
Sooper Dooper Looper x1: This was closed on my other two trips here, not much to say about it, vertical loop is really fun, it’s really smooth, and that’s about it.
Great Bear x1: Love a good B&M invert and while this is one of the weaker ones it’s still great. Funky but intense layout and still glass smooth.
Laff Track x2: This ride is just an acid trip, rode it twice because my girlfriend thought it was hilarious. One our first ride we were the only two in the car so it spun like crazy and damn near made me nauseous. This is fun in a it’s so bad it’s good way so it gets a thumbs up from me
Lightning Racer x1: I like this ride, my girlfriend hated it lol. Fun GCI not one of the best ones out there but it has a couple solid moments of floater and some decent laterals mixed in. It’s also pretty smooth (although my girlfriend would vehemently disagree). We rode thunder side and just barely beat lightning on our lap so that was cool.
All in all, an absolutely terrific day at Hershey. This place is truly one of the best parks in the country.
The only con I have is obviously the operations. They weren’t as bad as my last trip but they were really all over the place. Ranged from outstanding (Wildcat’s Revenge) to pretty good (Candymonium) to solid (Skyrush, Storm Runner, Great Bear) to full blown terrible (Fahrenheit, Lightning Racer, Laff Track). It’s odd how a park of Hershey’s stature is so hit or miss with operations but it certainly didn’t put a damper on an otherwise outstanding day!
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