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Navarre Florida!

2016.02.24 02:07 KnowLoitering Navarre Florida!

Welcome to the subreddit for Navarre, Florida - aka "Florida's Best Kept Secret"! This page is for any and all content relating to the people, places, news, and information of Navarre, Florida.

2015.01.30 07:41 Alpinix Pensacola Riders

All things motorcycle in the Pensacola, FL area. The search for the elusive panhandle twisty?

2023.06.11 03:53 JessePinkman303 Who else is excited for this?

Who else is excited for this?
As a big South Park and Kdot fan I can’t wait. So random but I feel like they’ll work well together😂
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2023.06.11 03:48 cgstories The Town with No Name

There exists a nameless town in the valley somewhere in the most southwestern part of California. If you were to go look for it during the day, you wouldn’t have any luck in finding it. Only under the dark shroud of nightfall does this accursed settlement reveal itself to those unfortunate souls who chance upon its dread-strewn road.
I grew up listening to the tales woven by those who claimed to have been there. Their narratives recounted encounters with apparitions, cryptic beings, and strange celestial phenomena that defied the limits of known human ingenuity. While these stories enthralled me, even occasionally giving me nightmares, the passage of time wore away their prominence, and they slipped into the recesses of my mind, forgotten.
That is until I was assigned to patrol the area. It was early morning when I started my shift. In the first hour, nothing much happened. The place was quiet and boring, and the summer heat made it even worse. But then, things took an interesting turn when I spotted a man wandering along the road that led to the valley.
At that moment, I pulled over and interrogated him. His clothes were disheveled and torn. He appeared bewildered and was sunburned, showing signs of dehydration, and he had a few scratches on his face and arms.
With a voice trembling in fear and desperation, all he said was, “Get me away from here! Far, far, far away!”
I escorted him into my patrol car and drove to the station. There, I got him some water while the nurse attended to his minor wounds. Once he had calmed down and seemed more willing to talk, I went ahead and questioned him again. I took out a recorder and asked him to give me details of the previous day’s events.
First, he gave me the basic information about himself. His name was Arthur, and he flew down from Sacramento to San Diego for a conference.
What he shared with me brought back those tales about the mysterious town I’ve heard in my childhood. This time, instead of finding excitement in the story, I felt a mixture of disbelief and annoyance. I couldn’t help but suspect that he was pulling my leg! The fear etched on his face, however, told me that he was dead serious.
His story was just one of the many crazy stories I would hear during my time on the force. I recorded the interviews and transcribed them to be posted online. Although I want others to learn about these phenomena, I honestly don’t know what good it does to tell anyone when most people will mark you as a fool, a “tinfoil nut job” or worse, a conspiracy theorist. A part of me hopes there’s someone out there who believes. I suppose it’s pointless, as well, to keep it all to yourself, letting it gradually drive you into madness.
Arthur’s Story: The Three Sisters’ Tavern
Arthur: After the conference, I decided to rent a car and take a short trip to Tijuana for a day before flying back home.
Officer M: Oh, yeah? What did you do there?
Arthur: Oh, you know, I drank a couple of beers and ate enough tacos to fill an elephant’s stomach. What else do you need in life, am I right? I ended up staying in the city the whole day, and by the time I got to the US border, the sun was already going down. I think it was probably about 7:30 in the evening.
Once I passed the checkpoint, I started to drive my way up to Chula Vista where I was staying at a friend’s house. But I guess I must’ve taken a wrong turn on the way. I continued driving on the road for quite some time—I don’t know how long, but it felt like more than twenty minutes. Eventually, I realized that I was the only one on that road. There was no traffic, and I don’t remember seeing another driver pass by.
My phone couldn’t pick up any reception, not even a Wi-Fi signal. The night was pitch-black, and the car’s headlights couldn’t light more than a couple of feet ahead. And then, I saw lights in the distance.
Officer M: Lights?
Arthur: Yeah, lights. As I drove closer, I saw that they were lights of a neon sign belonging to a two-story bar called The Three Sisters.
Officer M: The Three Sisters, huh. You know, I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve never heard of a bar with that name. In fact, there aren’t any businesses or people living in that area.
Arthur: I’m telling you that it exists. I was there.
Officer M: Okay, okay, go on with your story.
Arthur: The bar had two stories, like I mentioned. The second story was dark, but the first floor looked pretty lively from the outside. There were several cars parked in its lot. I felt very relieved at that moment. Finally, a sign of life! As I pulled up front and got out of the car, I could hear loud music and people talking. I went in to ask if I could use a phone and let him know my whereabouts.
But the moment I stepped inside, the music and the chatting came to a dead stop. I felt as though I was a lamb that had stupidly wandered into a lion’s den. My instincts told me to leave, and so I quickly returned to the car and stepped on the gas. But, after a few minutes of speeding on the road, I saw the bar again!
Officer M: Are you sure it was the same bar?
Arthur: I’m very sure of it! It was the exact same one! Same music, same sign, and the same cars parked in the lot. I got the courage to go back into that bar again, this time asking for a phone. Oh boy, I could feel their stares just burning right into the back of my neck.
Officer M: Tell me more about the people you saw there. Did anyone try to get in your face? Verbally or physically harass you?
Arthur: No, but the atmosphere was, you know, heavy. It felt like the room was full of hungry animals. I noticed that the majority of the patrons were men, except for the bartender. She was the only one who welcomed me as I entered. She was a young lady, perhaps in her mid to late 20s, with long, straight black hair and a kind smile.
Her name was Marie. She let me use the landline phone. What’s even more strange is that it was a rotary phone. Now, that’s an antique. I attempted to call my friend, but the call wouldn’t fully connect. It would ring a few times, and then I would hear nothing but static on the other end of the line.
I asked her if I could use her phone to look up my location because mine wasn’t receiving any signal. She appeared confused and didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. Instead, she insisted that I stay and have a drink, suggesting that it was late, and it would be better to wait until morning to figure things out. Reluctantly, I took a seat at the bar, thinking what I should do, while she poured me a shot of gin.
“On the house,” she said and then asked me if I was hungry. She mentioned that her sister, Linda, was the cook in the kitchen and could whip up a juicy burger in no time. But I wasn’t hungry at all. My appetite was gone because of the stress caused by the unusual situation. Her other sister, Sarah, worked as a waitress. As it turned out, all three of them ran the bar, or rather, as they clarified, it was a tavern because the second floor served as lodging for travelers.
Officer M: How long were you at the bar? Did you end up staying overnight?
Arthur: Yeah, I did. It was pretty late, almost midnight, I believe. Since I had several drinks, driving wasn’t an option. Marie kindly offered me a room, assuring me that I didn’t need to worry about the bill.
“On the house,” she said again, though I wouldn't be the only one she would be extending the offer to. Another guy, who had also stumbled into the bar and seemed lost like me, was offered the same hospitality. He had been driving aimlessly on the same road until he spotted the bar. Marie gave him a drink and mentioned that she could provide him with a room for the night as well.
Officer M: Free shots and a room. That’s really kind of her. Too kind, to be honest. Why do you think you were offered drinks and a place to sleep, all for free? Isn’t that suspicious, don’t you think? I would assume she’d want something in return.
Arthur: She did. Her and her sisters.
Officer M: What did they want?
Arthur: Food, meaning us.
Officer M: Cannibals?
Arthur: I think they’re something else.
Officer M: Like what?
Arthur: I don’t know exactly. But I know that they’re not human. Sarah escorted us to our rooms. As we made our way up the stairs, she kept sniffing us, trying to get close to our necks and inhaling deeply. I could see her salivate, and her eyes had an indescribable hunger in them.
I thanked her for her and her sister’s hospitality and went into my room, shutting the door behind me and ensuring it was locked. I ended up passing out on the bed. Later, a loud noise in the next room abruptly woke me up. It sounded like a struggle—someone fighting for their life. It was brief, followed by a loud cry, and then absolute silence.
Sleep and drunkenness left me. I was wide awake. Sober. My heart was beating out of my chest so hard, blood roared in my ears. I heard my neighbor’s door creak open. There was the sound of footsteps and what sounded like something heavy being dragged across the floor. It paused at my door for a moment, sniffing, and then continued down the hall, dragging that heavy thing behind it, though I had this gut feeling it was that other poor guy...
Officer M: Did you see what it was that took the man?
Arthur: Hell no! I held my breath and waited for it to pass by. I wanted to get the fuck out of there right away, but I didn’t want to attract the sisters’ attention. I tried the window. They had nailed it shut! I snuck out of the room. There was a trail of blood from the room next to mine, going all the way down the steps.
I checked the window at the end of the hall. They had nailed it shut, too. It dawned on me that there was no way out but through the front door downstairs. As I went down the steps, there was an aroma in the air. The door leading to the kitchen was partially open and I saw the sisters standing by the stove. What made me sick, almost blacking out from shock, was the body on the kitchen counter.
I heard them talking about me. They were planning to take me next. I was about to reach the front door when I accidentally stumbled into a chair and knocked over a table. I didn’t look back to see if they were behind me. I already knew they were. I bolted out of there, got into my car, and started to reverse when one of the sisters suddenly appeared on the hood.
It was Marie, and she started changing into some kind of creature... it looked like a humanoid bat!
Officer M: A humanoid bat?
Arthur: I know it sounds absolutely insane.
Officer M: Yup, you’re right, it’s really insane. I think we’re done here.
Arthur: But I‘m telling you what I saw was real! It’s the truth!
Officer M: Cannibalistic murderers I can believe, but someone transforming into a bat like Dracula? Seriously, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.
Arthur: I swear I saw it. It had enormous wings that sprouted from her back, stretching out about ten feet wide!
Officer M: Stop.
Arthur: Her eyes glowed red, pulsating in their sockets, and they had a power that drew me in.
Officer M: Sir, I’ve heard enough.
Arthur: But let me finish my story. I need someone to just listen to me. So, please, let me finish my story. You need to hear me out. You need to know what’s out there. Your life may depend on it.
Officer M: Alright, fine. Get on with it!
Arthur: Okay, where was I? Oh, yes, Marie had transformed into a large bat. Then, without moving her lips, she spoke to me, her voice loud inside my head, urging me to turn off the engine and go back into the tavern. It was difficult to resist. I felt a force pulling my hand, inching it closer to the ignition and shut off the car.
But then, an instinct, as primal as it was powerful, jolted me back to reality. I stomped on the gas and drove off. The creature clung to the hood with relentless determination. I swerved the car from side to side, trying to throw off the creature. I ended up rolling into a ditch.
The car! I can take you there. I’ll show you! I know it’s still there.
Here, at this point in the interview, I switched off the recorder and drove us to the spot where Arthur had crashed. On the way there, I kept telling myself that it was likely Arthur was experiencing delusions. I figured he suffered from a head injury from the car incident and being stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours without food or water. Deep inside, however, there was a feeling of awful dread that he was telling the truth. The tales I had heard and the nightmares I had endured as a child were indeed real. The inexplicable nature of it all was undeniably terrifying.
Arthur's excitement nearly caused him to leap up as he pointed to a distant metal lump. As I drove us closer, the lump transformed into a more distinct shape—a white car with its windshield completely shattered and the front hood crumpled, as if something heavy had sat upon it.
I turned back on the recorder.
Officer M: Okay, explain what happened here.
Arthur: When I drove into the ditch, the creature was still on top of the hood, and it started to hammer the windshield with its fists. It finally broke through the glass, the only thing that had been protecting me, and grabbed me by the front of my shirt.
I managed to break free—you can see here; my shirt is ripped—and I crawled out of the car. I started running. I didn’t know where I was going. The darkness seemed to seep into my bones, clouding my judgment.
And then I heard its wail and the flapping of its wings. Loud and thunderous. My god, it was the most terrifying sound I’ve ever heard. It sounded like the screams of tortured souls echoing from the bowels of hell. I didn’t look behind me. I kept running until I came across a small town, and there were people walking on the streets.
Officer M: A town? There’s no town here. As you can see, it’s all empty. Just grassy fields for miles.
Arthur: What I saw was real. The people there weren’t...
Officer M: Weren’t what?
Arthur: They weren’t human, not by any stretch of the imagination. Their red eyes pierced through the darkness, giving off an unholy, sinister glow. Just pure evil. But it was their teeth that really terrified me.
Their mouths held razor-sharp fangs. Their tongues slithered from their mouths, elongated and forked like snakes in the grass. Each flick of their tongues seemed to taste the very air, seeking out something unseen. And then I felt their eyes on me. They looked at me with that same hunger I’d seen in the tavern from the patrons. That’s when I realized that some of them were the ones from the tavern.
Officer M: And somehow you survived the night? How did that happen?
Arthur: Dawn. The sun started coming up. The town and the creatures all just evaporated into thin air. The only evidence of what happened is the wrecked car and me. Believe me or not. I don’t care.
I know what happened, and I’ll be forever haunted by it.
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2023.06.11 03:46 Cowman715 About how long before I get my comp room email

I redeemed a free room at park mgm but haven't received an rewards email link to use the code for myvegasslots
About how long before I get an email?
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2023.06.11 03:44 hhach Found off Pensacola beach

Found off Pensacola beach
Need help identifying
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2023.06.11 03:40 DysthymicGirl Frobisher, Riverton, Forest Ridge Apartment info

Does anyone have current reviews/experiences of any of the following apartment buildings? Specifically pests, maintenance issues, noise level etc?
Frobisher buildings: which ones are good? Any to avoid?
Riverton Park: is there lots of construction or LRT noise? Prices seem decent. Is there a catch?
Forest Ridge: is mold still an issue? Or the ones behind hat building?
Britannia by the Bay or any others in that area. which ones are good? Any to avoid?
Yes, I did a search and I also looked at google reviews but I’m hoping for some more recent info.
If anyone has a recommendation for a quiet, clean, pest-free building (preferably in the west end) I would really appreciate it.
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2023.06.11 03:39 Odd-Double3989 Where can I park my car for free?

I have my car here for this week but don't want to pay 15$ a night for parking. Anyone have suggestions where I can park close to campus for free?
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2023.06.11 03:36 elizabeastttt Giveaway (DIYs, Resources, Decor, Clothing, and Misc) + Fossils by Request + Meteor Shower!

Hosting a storage clean out giveaway!!
Do’s: *Come with empty pockets *Feel free to shop *I set out some nets and rods in front of NC if you wish to borrow while you’re here to catch critters (currently in correct season and time in Northern Hemisphere, EST) *Take as much as you can carry! There is a tube in front of NC that will lead to the giveaway OR when you exit the airport, head to the right and follow the beach around the right side of the island 🏝️ *Please leave through airport *Please be mindful of how much time you’re spending on the island, if there is only a few of you, you may stay longer but please try to limit your trip to 15-20 mins tops so I can get others in! *You may go into villager houses if you want to see who’s crafting!
Don’t’s: *Do not shake and take from fruit trees without asking (I am a generous person, I just don’t appreciate stealing) *Do not trample/pick flowers (Again, if you need some for a recipe- just ask! As my flower situation is currently getting out of control- after the giveaway is over, I don’t mind digging up and dropping off flowers to you on your island if you ask and are willing to be patient) *PLEASE do not litter. If you end up with full pockets and need to make space to pick something else up, please drop your items back somewhere (anywhere) on the right side beaches or wherever there are giveaway sections.
If you are in need of specific fossils- please include that in your comment and I will pull from storage for you and then when you arrive we can find each other and I will drop it for you to pick up.
I will be allowing 3-5 people at a time. I just upgraded my internet so it should be able to support at least 5 people safely. If for whatever reason the island crashes, I will re-invite the people who were on at the time (with the exception of the last person who entered) until we find the sweet spot of safe number of occupants and you will be invited in the order of comments received.
There is a meteor showing going on however it is partly cloudy so that may end at some point soon. Celeste as to this point hasn’t been spotted so I don’t think she’s here tonight. AS is open until 10p, NC is open until 11p.
To show me you read and understand: Please comment your IGN, island of origin and if you are in need of any fossils (I will be offering whatever I have until I run out. I have almost everything and multiples of each- this will count in your pocket space so keep that in mind as I will only be allowing 1 trip unless I don’t currently have any visitors and only then will I allow another trip) I WILL be changing the 🦤 code FREQUENTLY. So please do not share with friends, direct them to this posting so they can read the rules and get their code directly from me- thanks!
As always- gifts are appreciated but never required. All I ask is you pay it forward in a way of your choosing in the future when you’re able!
Happy trails! 🏝️ 🦕 🐛 🎣 🌌 🏖️
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2023.06.11 03:34 Stancedrifta Infinite flight autopilot be like

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2023.06.11 03:31 _Hackusation Anon plays a prank

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2023.06.11 03:30 Purtle [PIL] #967 6/10/2023

Purtle's Internet Lineup for June 10th, 2023 9:31pm
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2023.06.11 03:27 bredonhill First Time For Everything.

Host of 5 years, 200 reviews, almost 300 stays, Florida town known for beaches and such. For the first time I got a no-show. Free money!
We deal with snowbirds, weekenders, beach goers, from weekends through month-long stays in season. This particular person was fairly local - from a larger city an hour from here coming to town to see a show at our performing arts center. That was her initial message 6 weeks ago. Then no reponse to our confirmation and no response to the message we send a couple days before arrival. Check-in time comes and goes, the night comes and goes. Not a word through the next day. Two days of radio silence and the reservation was over. Not a peep except the payout be set to my account. Must’ve had a change of plans or something came up for them, but seems weird to not even reach out but I guess them knowing they weren’t getting a refund, why bother?
People are interesting.
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2023.06.11 03:20 SportsThreadderBot Match Thread: Real Salt Lake vs New York City Major League Soccer

15': Real Salt Lake 0 - 0 New York City

Venue: N/A
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link new site
Real Salt Lake
Zac MacMath, Andrew Brody, B. Ojeda, Pablo Ruiz, J. Savarino, R. Méndez, J. Glad, Danny Musovski, Bode Hidalgo, D. Luna, Marcelo Silva
Subs: Damir Kreilach , C. Gómez, Scott Caldwell, Maikel Chang, Delentz Pierre, Emeka Somto Eneli, Jasper Löffelsend, Anderson Julio, G. Beavers
New York City
L. Barraza, Braian Cufré, James Sands, Alfredo Morales, S. Rodríguez, Gabriel Pereira, S. Turnbull, Talles Magno, Keaton Parks, J. Haak, Tony Alfaro
Subs: Matías Pellegrini, G. Segal, Richard Ledezma, A. Jasson, K. O'Toole, Tayvon Gray, N. Benalcazar, M. Ilenčič, M. Freese
' First Half starts.
1' Shot blocked. Jefferson Savarino - Real Salt Lake - shot with right foot from outside the box is blocked. Assist - Rubio Rubín.
1' Offside - Real Salt Lake. Justen Glad with a pass, however Jefferson Savarino is in offside.
3' Offside - Real Salt Lake. Diego Luna with a pass, however Danny Musovski is in offside.
4' Alfredo Morales - New York City FC - won a free kick in defence.
4' Fouled by Braian Ojeda - Real Salt Lake
6' Fouled by Marcelo Silva - Real Salt Lake
6' Talles Magno - New York City FC - won a free kick in attack.
9' Fouled by Keaton Parks - New York City FC
9' Jefferson Savarino - Real Salt Lake - won a free kick in defence.
12' Missed chance. Rubio Rubín - Real Salt Lake - shot with right foot from the centre of the box.
12' Corner - Real Salt Lake. Conceded by Justin Haak.
SportsThreadder automatically generates match threads for soccer matches. You can request it for your subreddit
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2023.06.11 03:19 binarynate HP Skate Meetup season kickoff: June 15th, 5 - 8 pm

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2023.06.11 03:17 gluebyte Weekly Top Shortcuts on RoutineHub

Previous week

Weekly Downloads

Name Author Downloads Likes Days Since Last Update Description
1 Yas Download Yas8p 134 0 5 Download from social media
2 All Media Downloader 1MrNewton 41 1 3 This shortcut helps you download content from social media apps.
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4 Copilot - The Worlds First Virtually Unrestricted AI IyaadDev 36 2 1 One of the world's actual fully free AI's - Just try it.
5 Just Another YouTube Downloader Mncfre 33 3 66 Download YouTube videos or audio
6 iDice u/159K 31 1 2 Most advanced dice in your device
7 Summarize a web page with ChatGPT climbingwinterberry 28 4 2 Summarizes a web page or article using ChatGPT (no API token required)
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13 iPhone 14 Pro Max Mock-up Maker Rocky5 19 1 2 Make cool mock-ups using your screenshots. With loads of features.
14 Upcoming Events alexsotirakis 18 1 3 Show all upcoming events of today and tomorrow and interact with them
15 DTikTok heismauri 18 0 171 A standalone downloader for TikTok without watermark
16 Auto Message Bingobucketster 17 2 143 Schedule messages to be sent later
17 Availability alexsotirakis 15 1 7 Find free timeslots in your Calendar for appointment suggestions
18 Travelmate alexsotirakis 15 0 2 Useful car traveling automations like saving car parking location, returning to parked car & more.
19 R⤓Download - iOS 13, 14, 15, 16 r07qxo 14 2 321 #Best Shortcut - Download Videos, Photos and Stories From Anywhere - 100 Million? Check Description
20 get rh shortcut description ashbit_ 14 1 2 because the apis don’t support it

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Every week I collect info from new and updated shortcuts on RoutineHub, up to 60 pages each (about 1700 latest shortcuts combined). Then I compare this week’s numbers with last week’s and come up with these charts. Please let me know if you have suggestions.
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2023.06.11 03:16 Joeavatar7 She'll be right

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2023.06.11 03:13 rdk67 Spring Day 82: First, Stillness

When the flying saucers finally came, the matter of evidence was, at last, laid to rest – there they all were, just hovering there, in strategic locations around the globe. Yes, but a strategy in service to what? Some of the flying saucers landed where you might guess – above parliaments and beside military bases. Others found a vacant lot to stop over, a public park to stay in. Whatever the strategy, what they all had in common was a nearness to people. They all chose to be near people.
The craft came to rest at various elevations, and where they stopped, they stayed, humming slightly, slightly glowing. The crowds came, too, where they could, and for a time, every major crisis related to the alien invasion was a product of crowd control. After the first day, and certainly by the end of the first week, anyone who wanted a look at an alien craft could find endless photographic treatments of them online and in every other media. All were circular in appearance, domes in the center, flat on the bottom.
In other respects, they were completely featureless. This precipitated the second kind of crisis – namely, that there were no brand names, logos, or serial numbers on any part of any craft, and what was that meant to imply about an alien civilization and its relationship to free enterprise? Brand-less promotions might play well with strange lights in the sky but tends to trip alarm bells just hovering there in the city square, not really paying its way. No one said, commie aliens, but you could see them pursing their lips.
A month later, with as many measurements and as much evidence as anyone wanted to collect circulating around the world night and day, none of the alien ships had budged an inch. All attempts to communicate were without success, including instances of people walking right up and shouting at the top of their lungs. In places, queues formed for those who wanted to give the contact experience a shot. Timpanists, yodelers, sign-language therapists – no one elicited even a whisper of a response.
A video was leaked online, of military-grade munitions going off in the vicinity of one of the flying saucers, and in no time, the instance spawned a whole new genre. Bomb blasts, rifle volleys, empty bottles heaved with force – none of it altered the stillness of the alien craft, nor did subsequent measurements turn up any difference. In certain places, squeezing off a few shots at a flying saucer became a thing people did for amusement. Did it amuse the alien pilots inside? No one knew.
Where are all the aliens? Even with hovering flying saucers dotting the global landscape, people began to ask the question again. Sure, the alien craft defied gravity, powered by an energy source that might be functionally inexhaustible, but so what? Keeping such a secret in plain sight was no better than hiding it on the other side of the galaxy. People began to walk around them, both metaphorically and in fact. One had a high rise go up beside it. One had a merry-go-round installed beneath it.
Not like we were cynical about it, but life goes on, even in the presence of the transcendent. A popular photo motif was of a traveler to one of the flying saucers seeming to hold it up with both hands, while an unseen third hand snaps the pic at just the right angle. In the photos, the human expression, among children, tended to be one of delight and determination, while the adults seemed mildly surprised and detached. The contact experience would turn out to be all those things and more. First, though, it was still.
I once wrote a story about flying saucers called Ramps or Ladders? The gist of the story is that no matter how impressive an alien craft might seem in size and form, as soon as it was forced to interface with the outside world, it would seem about as reasonable as a cuckoo bird popping out of someone’s mouth on a spring. What they meant to say was a quip, but out came the bird.
Ramps or ladders – what’s the better mood-setter for the fussy alien? Ramps or ladders – which makes the truer statement about the cosmos?
Teleportation solves the problem – right – but if we go that route, why not leave vehicles out of it? I give you: transmigrations of the flesh through limitless dimensionality, plus memories and selfhood, in a way that does not disrupt the second law of thermodynamics, anywhere you like, whenever you want. Works most of the time! Or we stick with the ramps and ladders problem.
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2023.06.11 03:07 DANNYBOYLOVER My Father-In-Law gave me his “Noir” MLIFE card just in case… what can I do with it?

Staying at the vdara for the week but my FIL gave me his mlife noir card in case I could use it at any point. He won’t be there.
I was planning on using it for free parking since I’m assuming they aren’t going to check my ID, is there anything else I could use the noir card for without them checking my ID? Could I use it for food or meal comps?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.11 03:05 metalupyourazz Setlist Thread TCU 6/10/23

TCU Amphitheatre at White River State Park Indianapolis, Indiana. 6/10/2023.
Free subscribers stream:
Shirts 👚 👕 👚 👕 👚
Set 1 (7:02 PM - 8:19pm)
The Fire on my Tongue >
John Hardy (Traditional Cover)
Away from the Mire
Long Forgotten Dream
In the Morning Light
All Time Low (WSMFP Cover)
End of the Rainbow (Frank Wakefield Cover) >
Ice Bridges
My Alice
Doin’ My Time (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs Cover)
Libby Phillips Rag
I’m Still Here (John Hartford Cover) >
Dealing Despair
~Set Break~
Set 2 (8:42 PM - )
I’ll Be Gone A Long Time
Run Down (Jeff Austin Cover) >
Pretty Daughter (Bad Livers Cover)
Check-Ins: Louisville, Section 402, On the Lawn 6 Deep, ANOTHER 402!, On the Lawn, WV, and Me on my couch.
Love you all! Thank you for stopping in, saying hi, and spreading the love 💚
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2023.06.11 02:56 GreedAndGold I am worried for my friend

My friend has become a hermit. We used to do everything together, but now he just stays home and hides from the world. I know it's been a crazy few years for us all and we all cope differently, but my friend just stays hidden.
I feel like I'm finally moving on with my life, growing up and evolving as a person while he (we'll just call him Alex) just hides from the world and stays inside his home where he is constantly alone.
I keep trying to encourage Alex to join myself and others at the beach, but he refuses saying he doesn't want to swim, he hates water and it's "to weird" for him.
I feel like he can't accept that I've changed. He doesn't even make eye contact with me anymore. He stare at my gills and webbed feet. He made comments about my other friend's fins. I get Alex is still fully human (he didn't evolve during The Changing, he was immune to the airborne mutagen) but he could at least be more respectful. (Edit: stop calling him a bigot. Remember how freaked out everyone was when The Changing first happened?)
I think deep down he's just scared that The Progenitors are working on a new mutagen and there is a chance that they will force humans like Alex who were resistant to the last one to evolve. I know it sounds silly, but I can see how that could scare him.
I just want to help my friend. Any support in the comments helps. Thank you.
Someone pm'd me saying I should talk to my friend and show them I support them. I told Alex that I am here for him and that I don't care what species he is, he's still my friend. The conversation drifted to me talking about my gills and how much time I've spent in water recently. I invited Alex again to the beach or a lake and he declined.
Will update soon.
2nd Update
I visited Alex again and encouraged him to hang out with me and my other friends. He thought about it for a while and finally agreed. He said he wanted to go to the park, but I told him that I can't stay on land long since my skin's been drying out faster. I suggested once again that we go to the beach and that he should just give swimming a try.
You guys........
He got REALLY upset. He accused me of trying to change him and forcing my lifestyle on him. I told him he's miserable and lonely living like this, then I CASUALLY suggested he consider taking the new mutagen injection. He looked terrified and told me to leave. I told him "fine, be all by yourself then!" and left. I feel terrible, partly because deep down at this point I sort of want the new mutagen to be mandatory for Unevolvers like him. Is this wrong? Need advice.
3rd Update
Hello everyone. It's been a while but I took your advice: I turned Alex in! He went into hiding when The Progenitors announced forced evolution, but he was quickly found! He is getting the injection as we speak! I'm so glad he will finally fit in! Thank you all for the advice!! Can't wait to go swimming with him!
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2023.06.11 02:56 kenxgraved 35 [M4F] Caribbean/Anywhere. Im at that stage in my life where I dont want to give energy to anything temporary and Im looking for the same.

Why waste anyones time? Time is the most precious thing someone has and if they are giving it to you, you should be honored. People who waste other peoples time dont respect their own time and existence. If you feel the same way, then lets get to know each other and see where it goes.
Im Ken. 35 year old living in the Caribbean. Single, no kids, work a good job and have a business as well. Im 6 feet tall. Burly, bearded and have a few tattoos. Well traveled and have lived in different countries. Multilingual as well. In my free time I love to play instruments, video games, listen to podcasts on geopolitics and history, play pool, karaoke with friends, cook, make cocktails, gym or just hang out with family and friends at the beach. I have no vices, drink socially, dont do drugs and trying to stay as clean as possible.
Ive been through a lot of ups and downs in life and it helped me get to where I am. The down times helped me grow spiritually and discover my true potential when overcoming hurdles. Im pretty happy and secure with myself especially over the last year. Would love to meet someone similar to me. Im also spiritual and would like someone on the same path. Someone emotionally intelligent, focusing on their spiritual and character growth. I value affection, loyalty, integrity, family values, mutual respect and effective communication. If this sounds like you, dont hesitate to reach out! If you are curious to know what I look like, I have some videos in my post history. Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.11 02:37 CarolinaTravelers Raleigh - Durham area tomorrow (Sunday afternoon)

Nudist for more than a decade here. Favorite place is Haulover Beach, but sometimes a pool can be the next best thing!
Spending the afternoon at a private pool for a few hours tomorrow afternoon. Wouldn’t mind some company. Feel free to DM me if interested.
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2023.06.11 02:35 neeeenbean Can someone place Skater Santa in my park? (third pic shows general size/placement I’m looking for but feel free to get creative)

Can someone place Skater Santa in my park? (third pic shows general size/placement I’m looking for but feel free to get creative) submitted by neeeenbean to picrequests [link] [comments]