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2023.05.28 22:25 not_wingren Dev Diary 52: Baashidi Lore Dev Diary

Dev Diary 52: Baashidi Lore Dev Diary
“We are the people of Baashi, he who led us from the deserts, he who made treaty with the dwellers of the ocean, he who slew the great chiefs of the Nikhuva and took from them their pearls and cowrie shells. It is in this year, which all civilized peoples know as the year of the star Dulasmag, that I write to you of the situation of our people. Of the wisdom of Qasri Aqoon, where scrolls are stacked like coins in a vault. Of the wealth of Qasri Maroodiqya, whose markets never want for the ivory of whale nor elephant. Of the honor of Qasri Abeesooyinka, who feeds many mouths and guards yet many more from the lizard demons. Of the nobility of Qasri Ubakhiyo, where the civilization of the Jasiir Jadid meets the savagery of the Tanizu barbarians. Of the cunning of Qasri Bariga, whose navigators and traders bring the far off knowledge of Haless to the shores of the Jasiir Jadid. And finally of the queen of cities. Qasri Baashi, the city of glory and death where no man save the noblest or bravest dare dwell. It is with these actors that our tale begins. May fortune and the divine laws of the world smile upon our people, for it is the age of our glory.”
- Dayakh Baare in the foreword of Lessons of the Peace, a treatise on rule.

A culture map of the Baashidi. There’s also [REDACTED], which isn’t on screen at the moment.

A religion map. You can ignore that little blue province. It’s nothing important.
Who Are the Baashidi?
The Baashidi are a group of humans living in southern Sarhal bound by a shared language and historical ties to the hero Baashi as well as the ancient Jinnakah and Ardimya sultanates. Their culture group also includes the Guryadagga (People Who Stayed at Home), an umbrella term used for the people living in the lands that the Baashidi migrated out of long ago. The Baashidi call their home the Jasiir Jadid (New Peninsula) and term the lands of the Guryadagga the Jasiir Doog (Homeland Peninsula). Their culture is split into three groups: The Suhratbi, who live in the Suhratba plain. The Dhebiji, who dwell in the thin peninsular land of the Dhebij, and the Ashamadi, who occupy the eastern portion of the Ashamadiat plain.
There are five kingdoms among the Baashidi: Qabiika Baddabi, Qabiika Beeragga, Qabiika Weggabiga, Qabiika Dadubakha, and Kabilu Gawakhiza. Qabiika roughly translates as royal tribe, with Kabilu being a corruption of the word used in some parts of the Ashamadiat.
The Dhebiji and the Suhratbi are the original Baashidi, formed as cultures a millenia ago out of migrants from the lands of the Ardimyan sultanate as it was destroyed during an event known as the Great Death, a consequence of the Day of Ashen Skies. The distinction between them is partially geographic and political, but also references how much of their ancestry they trace to the Nikhuva people, whose tribes occupied much of the Dhebij in ancient times.
The Asahamadi were incorporated into the Baashidi world centuries ago, made up of a mix of Dhebiji settler and Baashified Tanizu. They still maintain some traditions from Tanizu, and some of them even practice the rites of the Beast Memory over Baashidi religion.
The Baashidi have an ancient pact with the merfolk, who inhabit the seas around them. Baashidi cities are built with sunken areas and canals to accommodate merfolk swimming through them, and the great friendship between the two peoples is a source of Baashidi pride and their success as seafarers.
The Baashidi are well known for their poetry, with the skill highly prized among all levels of Baashidi society due to their belief in its magical power. Formal court poetry follows specific forms that draw upon mathematical formulations and sacred geometries, while its more folk practice is often as long form sung tales of an individual’s glory or dishonor. Those who master either form are respected for the power they wield, and it is not unknown for even the highest to be struck down by a curse poem from an offended poet.
The Ardimya Sultanate and the Great Death
Ardimya was a Jinn, a being of magic and elemental power whose kind ruled over Sarhal and Bulwar at various points in ancient history. Her history prior to appearing in East Sarhal is unknown, but she came from somewhere west, fleeing other Jinn, and led a great caravan of her servants through East Sarhal in an event known as The Great Procession. She gave many gifts to the people of the lands she passed through, something that we’ll cover in more detail in a dev diary on the [redacted] system. Eventually, she arrived in the lands of the Jasiir Doog, where she brought the local tribes under her influence through both gifts and force, chief among them the tribe of the Nasmaneen, who served as her priests. Ardimya’s sultanate was a powerful but isolated state. The strongholds of most of her kind were in West Sarhal, and Ardimya had little interest in those of her kind who were not her servants, not even those who fled from the Jinn-Binders in Bulwar. At the Lizardfolk Kingdoms dominated southern Sarhal, which they considered to belong entirely to them. Ardimya spent a great deal of effort staving off lizardfolk conquest of her sultanate, a losing war that saw her resources stretched. This all changed in 7700 BAS, when the precursor elves defeated Ardimya in a war, forcing her to pay tribute, while at the same time they ravaged the lands of the lizardfolk.
While the precursors eventually left due to their civil war, Ardimya’s image in the eyes of her people was forever tarnished, eventually leading to an assassination attempt by one of her sons and the Jinn’s descent into madness. Matters were made worse when Ardimya was ravaged by the attacks of the Deep Devils, an event which afflicted all of coastal Sarhal. The weakness of their mother and her clear loss of sanity prompted her remaining sons to rebel against her, launching the sultanate into a civil war.
Though Ardimya won the son civil war, her victory would be a bitter and short lived one. The Day of Ashen Skies occurred only 40 years later, banishing all of the remaining Jinn, including Ardimya. Though this was a catastrophic event for most of the world, it was near apocalyptic in the Ardimyan sultanate.
Enchantments became unbound as magical storms which scoured and warped the land, killing millions. Additionally, the civil war had been a long and bitter struggle between family, a conflict where horrific magic and monsters had been unleashed. Without their masters and with the rules of magic changing, these creatures were free to wreak havoc as they wished. None will ever truly know what befell most of the sultanate’s cities, but the survivors who were not simply killed in this initial wave of devastation found themselves locked in battle with the Qeyikul, anthropotrophic humanoid monsters of unknown origin who devoured entire cities of survivors.
Most of those who survived became nomads, engaged in a constant desperate struggle to survive the hostile environment that their home had become while their heels were dogged by monsters. From among these fragmented bands arose a hero known as Baashi. A young warrior who fought with legendary skill and valor, he rallied groups of survivors into an army that would eventually slaughter the main mass of Qeyikul alongside help from the Nasmaneen, who had managed to hold the capital city of Ardim Qarast against the tide of death. Baashi was offered a place of honor among those in Ardim Qarast but refused it along the line that his followers had come from the tribes oppressed by Ardimya and the royal tribes. He and his followers went west, while the royal tribes founded the sultanate of Jinnakah, which would eventually collapse in 789 AA, leaving the Guryadagga as nomads dwelling in the lands of the empire they had once ruled.
The Guryadagga
The Guryadagga, as mentioned above, is the name applied to those who remained in the Jasiir Doog after the events of the Great Death and Baashi’s march to the west. They are split into four royal clans: The Nasmaneen, the Qayneen, the Muudeyneen, and the Samaaneen. All of these are descended from the original royal tribes of the Ardimyan sultanate, though now split into many disorganized subtribes. They call their land “Ardimya’s Land” from which Cannorians call it simply Ardimya.
The Nasmaneen managed to hold onto some power after the Great Death, using the magic of Ardimya’s city to keep their lands fertile and maintain the lifestyle of luxuries they had been accustomed to during the days of the Ardimyan sultanate. However, the magic of the city was damaged by the events of the Great Death and the desperate Jinnakans would send expeditions into the lands visited by Ardimya’s procession in search of a way to restore. This would lead to the creation of Bwa Dakinshi as a Jinnakah puppet state, though this was the only notable result. The sultanate would collapse by 789 AA, and the Nasmaneen dispersed as nomads, attacked by other Guryadagga tribes who had long been envious of their rule over Ardim Qarast.
In 1444 the Guryadagga exist entirely as nomads, sustained through trading precious materials found in the desert or by offering their services as mercenaries to fight off Qeyikul attacks in the eastern lands of Qabiika Baddabi.
They and the lands of Ardimya will see a great change and the birth of something new in the time period of the game. But I’ll leave that to a future dev diary.
The Merfolk
Baashi first met the merfolk in 60 AA, when he and his followers attempted to escape a horde of Qeyikul via hastily constructed rafts. The merfolk, recent arrivals to the region, took pity upon the humans and saved them, guiding their vessels to a safe island, where Baashi swore a pact with the merfolk chiefs and founded the city of Qasri Baashi above the nascent merfolk villages there. From this point, the merfolk and the Baashidi were joined in cause, and the two people helped each other prosper, both refugees from lost homelands.
Merfolk do not know their own origins, but know that their ancestors felt a great sense of loss for an unknown homeland. Whether they were once land-dwelling people or refugees from the deep sea is unclear, but they arrived in Sarhal a few decades after the day of Ashen Skies, leading some Cannorians to believe that they are Ruinborn. The Baashidi themselves believe their friends to be exiles from the realm of water, fleeing the collapse of a cruel Jinn’s realm in the same way that they did.
They are a generally xenophobic people who prefer to deal with the above seas world through their Baashidi partners, trusting in their ancient friendship and the respect that the Baashidi have for them to ensure they get a fair deal. Many Sarhali peoples have mistaken isolated merfolk sightings for the presence of water spirits or godlings, and the people of Fangaula and Fahvanosy both have a reverence for the creatures, even if the merfolk themselves avoid contacting them.
Merfolk can breathe air, but must skin their skin wet in a similar fashion to marine mammals. They and the Baashidi have invented forms of magic and crude devices which allow them to sustain themselves on land for prolonged periods, but these are expensive and don’t make up for their lack of legs, meaning only magically adept or wealthy merfolk can spend any real time away from water. For the most part, their existence is confined to the seas and to areas near the coast. Those merfolk living close to or within Baashidi settlements often consider themselves to be citizens of the above the seas world, and enjoy full equality within it.
The merfolk are not the only denizens of the deep but they are the only ones that are friendly. The Baashidi have heard tales from their friends of monsters and vile creatures beneath the waves, and are sometimes requested to send aid when the merfolk kingdom finds themselves engaged in war with those below.
The merfolk themselves will be in game, though their culture won’t exist on the map. You’ll learn more about the merfolk estate and how you can interact with the Baashidi’s underwater allies in a future dev diary.
The History of the Jasiir Jadid
The Baashidi themselves settled in various small villages near the coasts and their merfolk allies. Over time, these settlements grew into city states which would find themselves as tributaries of the Jinnakah sultanate, who saw themselves as the premier power in southern Sarhal and ruled over many south Sarhali humans in addition to the Baashidi. In 480 AA, the expanding lizardfolk kingdom of Karassk would go to war with Jinnakah over the lands of the Jasiir Jadid, making most of the Baashidi their tributaries. The era of lizardfolk rule would allow the Baashidi to grow and develop their powerbases under the mostly distant lizardfolk, and when Karassk’s power began to decline in the 7th century, the Baashidi were able to become independent. For the first time in history, they were no longer under the shadow of an ancient empire and were free to choose their own direction as a people.
The immediate centuries after the independence of the Baashidi were an age of warfare and strife, as the various Baashidi polities attempted to consolidate their power and gain advantage over their rivals. Perhaps the most important conflict fought in this time is the Dagafita, which marked the end of the period of warfare. The Dagafita was a series of wars that began in 1151, fought as a struggle for dominance of the Ashamadiat between Qabiika Beeragga and an alliance of the northern powers consisting of Qabiika Weggabiga, Qabiika Dadubakha, and Kabilu Gawakhiza. The conflict engulfed the entire Baashidi world until 1208, when Sadealdhahk the Wise assassinated his father and brought peace between his kingdom and its rivals. He renounced his claims to the former Beeraggan colonies in the Ashamadiat and sent gifts to the north to make restitution for the wrongs committed by his kingdom in the past. The Treaty of the Dagafita would become symbolic of a new era of peace and cooperation in the Baashidi world, remaining still unbroken in 1444.
Sadealdhahk and his peers were influenced by a new religious movement sweeping through the Jasiir Jadid. A codification of the various folkloric beliefs from previous ages, it also taught a philosophy of dedicating oneself to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the divine nature of creation. This new religion and era of peace would be the seed of a Baashidi golden age, known as the Dasr Sharaf.
Rinta Seekers
Rinta Seekers (Truth Seekers), is a religion developed by the 12th century philosopher Kabil Hadni, who sought truth in the many hundreds of beliefs that fell under the umbrella of the Habab Zar (Old Exorcism or Old Spirits). Hadni’s religion taught that the gates to heaven were guarded by mortals, who had rebelled against the lesser gods the True Creator had stationed to guide the world and watch over heaven. These gods became corrupted by the power they wielded over the material world, and so the enslaved souls of heaven slew them and spread their remains across the sky, where the dead gods can only weakly inflict their evil upon the world. He believed that the mortals in heaven sought to avoid becoming corrupted by the gods, and would only allow those who achieved enlightenment to pass through the gates. Hadni taught that no mortal could achieve enlightenment in life, but that seeking an understanding of the divine law which undergirds the world would help protect one from the evils the dead gods sought to inflict upon them. The religion is part philosophy of life and part collection of protective rituals, officiated in equal part by learned scholars in formal settings as it is by itinerant ascetic holy men.
Rinta Seekers is the great pillar of Baashidi and merfolk life. Its philosophy shapes the way that they relate to each other, and its exhortion to seek knowledge motivates Baashidi scholar-adventurers to learn the secrets of the entire world.
Baashidi magic:
There are two types of mages among the Baashidi, Mwalim and Darwiiz.
Mwalim are studious scholar mages who practice a magical tradition based on reason and logic. Their magic utilizes mystical alignments of numbers and alchemical formulas and they also derive power from knowledge of astrology and interpreting the movement of the heavens, making them quasi holy men who are trusted to conduct auguries and ward from evil influence households and courts that hire them. Before casting all but the most basic of spells, they imbibe strange elixirs and do ritual dances mapping out mystic geometry in order to enter a higher state of consciousness. This trance is described as an intellectual ecstaticness that is believed to partially connect them to the realm of paradise. Many are also scholars of renown, writing treatises on history; philosophy; and mathematics, as well as studying natural laws in order to improve their own magic and alchemy, and practicing formal court poetry.
Darwiiz are wandering mystics who practice a mixture of witchdoctory and spirit binding alongside ritual trances similar to that of the Mwalim. According to tradition, Darwiiz cannot cut their hair, drink the milk of an animal, carry salt, nor carry any tools for the making of or extinguishing of fire. Peasants and lords alike are obligated to provide a Dwariiz with hospitality and food, which a Darwiiz is obliged to repay with a performance of story, music, and dancing, alongside any needed magical aid. Mwalim enjoy the same privileges as Darwiiz, being entitled to hospitality, but see these and the other traditions of the Darwiiz as relics of a past era and the behavior of misguided folk magic practitioners.
Mwalim are more trusted by nobility, being highly influential within courts and scholarly circles. Darwiiz, due to their wandering nature, rarely enter the courts of kings or other nobles but are often the only source of magical aid that rural villages and the rougher adventurers will be able to gain aid from.
Darwiiz are far more common among the tribal and rural peoples, but no noble would ever turn one of them away or disrespect them. Influential Darwiiz have made their ways into the courts of kings before, and been trusted spiritual and practical advisors.
1444 and the Dasr Sharaf

The Baashidi word in 1444
In 1444, the Baashidi are in the throes of their golden age, experiencing the benefits of age of peace and cooperation. When you jump into the game, the Dasr Sharaf is ongoing event that has the potential to springboard you into success. This is the age of the Baashidi’s height as a civilization, and you as a player will be able to determine how high they ascend.
Open warfare between the Baashidi kingdoms themselves is unthinkable, and their rising power has led to them looking outwards for expansion.
The island of Zyumaklai is the first step of this expansion, captured from Butuguzi by Kabilu Gawakhiza in 1420. It is the first of possibly many Baashidi possessions in seas far from their home.
The other notable expression of Baashidi expansionism is the tiny state of Hisraad. A group of scholar-adventurers granted control of a mountain-fortress by the queen of Qabiika Dadubakha, they use their base to conduct expeditions into lizardfolk lands hunting for ancient knowledge, and have ambitions of conquering their own state there. Only time and you the player will tell if they succeed, and whether they are the precursor to more such expeditions.

The Scholar-Adventurers of Hisraad. Note the gfx is not final.
Hisraad is an interesting tag that is focused around the Baashidi expedition mechanics, which are relevant for all of the Baashidi countries, not just Hisraad and Qabiika Dadubakha. We’ll talk more about them in a future dev diary.
Trade in Sarhal
It would feel remiss to have a dev diary about Sarhal’s greatest seafarers without also including some information about trade in the greater continent Sarhal.

The trade mapmode.
As you can see from the trade map, Sarhal pulls trade from Haless and Rahen towards Cannor. In 1444 this route functionally doesn’t exist, but as the Baashidi, Cannorians, and other trade focused powers in Sarhal, you’ll have the opportunity to bring the riches of Haless to and through Sarhal. Eagle eyed viewers might also see some changes in Rahen and southern Haless. The West Rahen Gulf has been split to accommodate the intended flow of trade with Sarhal, and several trade nodes have been adjusted to account for this. The gulf and the Ringlet Sea are going to be very lively areas in the Sarhal update, with pirates, colonizers, and trading kingdoms all trying to get their piece of the pie. You’ll also note that Eastern Haless flows directly towards Sarhal. As a Cannorian colonizer, you’ll want to establish a presence in Ardimya to control Halessi trade without needing to conquer huge amounts of land (You’ll also want a colony there for…other reasons) If you look at Sarhal for a bit, you’ll see the traditional trade routes through the interior of the continent that have existed for most of the history of settled states there. Gnollish traders carry slaves, salt, spices, and ivory across the breadth of the sahel and sudan of Sarhal, bridging the human civilizations of East and West Sarhal through this distant trade. The movement of West Sarhali slaves into East Sarhali is of great importance to the civilizations of East Sarhal, as is the flow of East Sarhali gold and finished goods to West Sarhal. Control of this trade is vital for a gnollish power, and the effect of greater sea trade on this ancient highway will play a part in the stories of the states of the interior. There’s one more notable thing about trade in Sarhal (or rather something with trade in its name), but I’ll leave that for a future dev diary about a particular people of no small import.
I’d like to end this dev diary by reminding people that Anbennar is a product of the community that supports it, not a distant dev studio. That means you can contribute to Anbennar and make content for it. We have plenty of passionate and talented people working on making content for Sarhal and other parts of the mod, but we always need more. If you’re interested in helping out with Sarhal or any other region, hop on to the discord and ask around. You’ll even get your name in the credits of the release.

A new challenger to Anbenncost's title has appeared. The city of Qasri Baashi is split over two provinces, representing its nature as a huge sprawling slum.
Trade good mapmode. Those ivory provinces are from herds of pygmy elephants formerly bred by Ardimya as pets.
I wonder why I included this image? Must be a mistake, but I'll leave it here.
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2023.05.28 22:25 korean_snacks Cat flatulence smells sweet?

I was away from home for 2 weeks, during which my friend came over to my place every day to take care of my cat and fed him the provided cat food. My cat is a year old, and at the beginning of the month, I had to buy him kitten food because the store was out of cat food. He’s been eating the kitten food before I went on vacation.
Now that I’m home, I’ve noticed that sometimes when my cat walks by me near my face, he leaves a sweet odor like cereal? It stinks but not the same foul odor as when he used to pass gas? Is it flatulence or urine? If it’s flatulence, why the change in smell all of a sudden? Any ideas? Thanks!
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2023.05.28 22:23 sickandtired5590 Sick and tired of being just that

It's funny how my nick name still describes my life so well...
Someone asked about health... Before the kids I haven't been ill for clsoe to 20 years. Never taken an antibiotic never been to hospital...
But especially since the second... In thr past 18 months I have been proper (fever and shit) ill 4 times 2 needing antibiotics. Runny nose and blocked nose is at this stage a perpetual state rather than an event...
My clothes are perpetual booger stained...
I am just sick and tired of being literally sick and consequently tired...
At this point even my therapists are at a loss of what to do with me. Don't get me wrong I am functional and nowhere near the psychosis I was going towards when I was deeply sleep deprived... But I am not sure how much more of this I can take...
I have started fantasising of once the older hits 18 (younger will be around 12 ish give or take) to just go on a months long bender and buy the farm so I can finally rest! (whoever gets that reference, yes I had A LOT of ex military good friends when I was studying in the US. A guy picks up this and that)
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2023.05.28 22:23 babriel_ Safe Supplements for Cats

I recently posted about my 14 month cat needing hospitalization for acute renal failure. She’s been fed a raw diet ever since I brought her home 9 months ago. I formulate based on NRC guidelines (specifically using Paws Of Prey formulator). Depending on the recipe I will supplement with zinc picolate, iron, vitamin E, iodine, biotin, bone meal powder, and/or nutritional yeast. For maybe a week, I tried feeding food-grade diatomaceous earth (as flea prevention) but my cat wouldn’t really touch the food so I stopped trying to add it, but this also coincided with her having fleas (at the time unbeknownst to me) and requiring hospitalization.
We’re going on about 72 hours and she’s recovering well and behaviorally she seems much better. The vet tech says she’s peeing a lot, eating really well (they’re giving her wet and dry hills rx kidney diet food and I know she’s a fiend for some commercial food), and affectionate/wanting attention. The emergency hospital vet says he’s fairly confident given her progress, her numbers (BUN, Creatinine, and SDMA) will be within normal ranges come tomorrow. Her phosphorous numbers are already there.
They took an ultrasound and all they could see was inflammation of the kidneys, so he ruled out congenital kidney disease. None of her blood results or a urinalysis indicated infection. Given my living situation and the extremely low (but still not zero) probability this was induced by NSAIDs (ibuprofen), lilies, or antifreeze, he can only assume that this problem may have been caused by the supplements I give her. He says human supplements do not necessarily work for cats and I should only give supplements that are indicated safe for cats (which I kind of have a hard time understanding because I don’t think pet supplements are particularly well-regulated in the US). Mainly, he suggested that some of the ingredients in these supplements may be harmful to cats but he didn’t point me to any specific ingredients off the top of his head. Do you know of any toxic ingredients in supplements? Are there any particular brands you like for your cats?
Brands I use: NOW Foods (Zinc Picolate, Iron, Vitamin E, Bone Meal Powder) Whole Foods Brand - seems to be discontinued (Iodine via sea kelp) Herb Science (Biotin) Bragg (Nutritional Yeast) Diatomaceous (Diatomaceous earth - hardly used)
TLDR: My cat was hospitalized for acute adrenal failure. Vet believes it could have something to do with the supplements I use. What supplement ingredients might be toxic to cats that I should be aware of? What supplements do you use for your cats because I don’t see myself switching to a commercial diet (but am open to not DIYing my cat’s food if I am the problem)?
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2023.05.28 22:23 -____deleted_____- A murderous mystery (what’s going on?)

So it’s a nice spring day, a little overcast but still a good temp for shorts. I look out my balcony window on this afternoon to see off in the distance a giant flock of crows one street over. What first alerts me to look is the noise. Their loud and make a black mass that swarms around this one tree off in the distance. Now In my area there aren’t many crows. There are just a few that occasionally frequent the strip of sidewalk in front of my apartment. Every so often I’ll toss them a little of whatever’s on the menu from my balcony, unseasoned chicken breast, unsalted unroasted nuts, watermelon. I don’t do it regularly and never enough is given to make a bunch come running. Just a small handful of food.
But this time, about a hundred pop up. They weren’t there in the morning so it’s even more bizarre. Then about an hour later their gone. Its all quiet. The real question is why would a huge murder of crows that haven’t ever frequented the area suddenly become interested in one spot in the middle of the day and then just disappear so soon? They certainly weren’t roosting as it was too early for that. Nor was it an area with water. I’ve been around the area where they where. Nobody keeps birdbaths here. Any ideas?
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2023.05.28 22:22 TotalPreference9935 I think i caused my kittens death.

Let me start by saying I'm 17 years old, I live in a small rural community and this happened at midnight on a Sunday there are no emergency vets anywhere near, and all vets are closed until Monday.
I rescued a kitten I found on the street who was very obviously sick, her eyes were glued shut and she had green pus coming out of them, her nose was runny and she kept sneezing. I immediately bring her in wipe her eyes with a warm cloth and keep her on a covered heating pad, I call the vet who told me he could get me in this upcoming Wednesday and until then to keep her warm, do a warm compress on her eyes three times daily and take her with me when I shower so the steam will help open her nose. I was also bottle-feeding her with kitten milk replacement every few hours.
She starts to seem like she's doing better she's becoming more active, playful, and eating more. Yesterday she was as playful as ever and meowed whenever I walked away, later that night she woke up from a nap and started breathing heavily, I figured it was her nose so I sat in the steamed bathroom with her for fifteen minutes and she just got worse. She suddenly couldn't walk or stand at all she was falling over on her side and panting. I looked on vet sites on Google and it said to use a nebulizer I had one so I did and it helped her breathe better for almost thirty minutes and then all of a sudden she starts screaming meowing and vomiting on the side of her mouth so I pick her up afraid she's going to choke on her vomit and she starts having a seizure in my arms I just held her and she died immediately after.
I'm at a loss for words I feel so beyond guilty and so sad. I know she was in pain and she didn't deserve to die so scared I'm thinking maybe my picking her up triggered her seizure, or was there something more I could've done? I feel so empty and I miss her so much.
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2023.05.28 22:22 Remarkable-Cookie-72 Can I do anything to retrieve my stolen property?

I know this seems stupid and petty but I have recently had a falling out with a good friend. I wrote her saying I will be returning everything she left at my place and I will be leaving it on her porch. I requested two things back. One was a cheap charger and the other was an expensive (for me) curling iron. For reference I am a hairstylist and I need the iron to pass my state board exam to get my license. I decided that the charger wasn’t worth it when I got a very hateful response after politely and respectfully asking for them back. But, I live paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford food as it is and it’s just very hard for me to replace items like this. Is there anything I can do?
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2023.05.28 22:22 DontFeedTheRedditor Getting cold feet about my upcoming surgery...

I have surgery scheduled in two days (Robotic Simple Para Esophageal Hernia Repair w Mesh), and I'm getting nervous about it after finding this subreddit. I'm looking for advice on whether I should stick to the plan and go through with it, or whether I should cancel...
I'm 31 years old, and I've been having bad acid reflux daily for maybe 6 years or so now. My HH seems to be pretty small... Only 1 cm. However, I get bad acid reflux every day, even if I don't eat anything. PPIs help a bit, but not enough IMO. It often leads to me coughing and occasionally vomiting. I haven't had any chest pain or shortness of breath. I have bad anxiety, but I don't have any reason to believe it is related to the HH.
My father (early 60s) had surgery for his HH a few years ago and spoke very highly of it. It stopped his acid reflux. He says he has to pace himself eating now or it will feel like food doesn't want to go down into his stomach, but if that's the only lasting side effect, I'd gladly take that compared to my normal acid reflux. I'm not sure how big his HH was, but I know he dealt with it for a good chunk of his life.
After looking through this subreddit for a bit, my symptoms seem more manageable than many others, so now I'm starting to doubt whether I should go through with this. My father and my GI doctor seem to think this is the right thing for me to do, but I'm getting cold feet about the surgery... Hopefully this isn't just my stomach talking since I'm on a low sugar pre-op diet right now and am getting non stop cravings!
Does anybody have any advice? Any words of encouragement for either decision? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 22:22 Hedgehog_5150 Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch7

Credit to u/bluefishcake for writing the original SSB story and building the sandbox for us to play in.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired to get off my ass and put my fingers to keyboard. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), Rhion-618 (Just One Drop), UncleCieling(Going Native), RobotStatic (Far Away), Kazevenikov (The Cryptid Chronicle), Also to the editor # Fan Beta Readers and KLiCkonthat
As always comments, complaints, and suggestions are welcome.
This is a fair use notice. Any and all aspects of this may be used on and within this subreddit only, with attribution. All other uses are exclusive to the author.
PO Jyhnex led Robert to the conference room where he had set up a paper and pencil for him, as per his request. She had also set up a digital whiteboard in case Robert needed it. Robert began drawing the first thing on his mind, occasionally expressing pieces of his thought experiment as he allowed himself to disconnect from the world around him. This was different from meditation as it was inwardly directed and allowed him to fly into the universe.
Closing his eyes, he imagined himself walking on the surface of the sun, feeling the solar wind as if it were a gentle mist of water from a sprinkler. The magnetic field lines reacted to his touch like the strings on a harp, playing the music of the stars. This was the place where Robert could start any journey he wanted. He remembered the quote about a demon that lived in the air, which people believed would kill anyone who challenged it. They had long ago slain that demon, but there was a new one that lived in the void. Many had challenged it, but all had died, leaving behind only the simplest of atoms as a result. Robert was not there to challenge the demon, but to understand it.
He willed himself to warp spacetime and move among the stars. As he passed the stars, the light they emitted danced and flickered on the boundary of the warp field, creating a distracting white noise, it demanded his attention, but it would have to wait for a later time. He was here to observe the gravity waves generated by objects moving in the universe, such as planets around stars, stars around each other, and the dances of colliding black holes. They created an endless discordant white noise on the fabric of the universe. The universe had a frequency, and the phase field had a frequency. When they aligned, phase travel became efficient and easy. Many parameters made up the phase frequency, but mass and warp field distortion rate were the two most important. The warp field distortion rate was by far the largest factor. The sweet spot for phase travel was between 0.35 and 0.55 against the Keriverax Barrer Scale, which was the brick wall at the end of phase travel. It was also the home of the demon that lived in the void.
At 0.4KBS, the gravity waves would slide around the warp field like the flow of air over a wing. At this speed, there was almost no distortion from the turbulence in his wake. This was his starting point. In his mind, he pushed up to 0.57KBS, where the gravity waves began to stick to the warp field for just a moment, maybe one or two picoseconds at most, before releasing like a stretched rubber band. He slowed his perspective of time to watch the interaction between the warp field and the gravity wave, playing with the different aspects of the warp field. He repeated his runs over and over again until he defined four quantitative pieces that, if applied correctly, could move the sweet spot up to 0.65KBS, maybe even 0.7KBS.
Pulling back from the warp field and examining it from the outside perspective, there was nothing left that he could alter from inside the field. On the outside, he left the gravity waves, and there was nothing he could do to alter them, but they were definable. It was time to go home, and he would explore more next time.
PO Jyhnex: Sorry about that. It's my fault.
PO Jyhnex: (private mode) Lt Cmdr Ashix, grab Dr. Norroe. You both are going to want to see this.
When Lt Cmdr Ashix and Dr. Norroe arrived, there were already a few others watching through the conference room windows. Robert was standing at the main table that had been dragged over to the far side of the room. He was using the digital wall screens like a whiteboard. PO Jyhnex moved over to stand between them., "Commander, we were told to let him do this, right?" She asked, just be sure that they had the confirmation of the orders to allow Robert to have limited access to the things he needed to continue his work.
Lt Cmdr Ashix licked her lips, not really understanding what she was seeing. "Yes and no. We wanted to guide him in the direction of what we think we understand. I do not know if this applies. Doctor, what do you think?"
Dr Norroe stood in delighted amazement watching Robert work. He was writing with his eyes closed, moving his head as if seeing or listening to something that was not there, and sweating heavily. She understood what he was doing. He was visualizing the problem in his mind and was trying to express it as fast as he could. Then he switched hands just as Lt Cmdr Ashix interrupted her and asked, "I am not sure, Petty Officer. Have you noticed that he was switching hands?"
PO Jyhnex pointed to an area away from where he was working and said, "Yes, and he changed languages every time he does."
Lt Cmdr Ashix asked, "What do you mean?"
Dr. Norroe slowly smiled and said, "In theory, he is working on the problem in both sides of his brain, as an analytical and a spatial awareness problem."
PO Jyhnex said, "I know this is going to sound like a complete turox shit question, but has anybody held a mirror up to these undecipherable symbols?"
Dr Norroe and Lt Cmdr Ashix just looked at the Petty Officer. "Your report said he has a human learning disability where his brain interprets symbols backward. Maybe he is writing them backward."
Lt Cmdr Ashix sent a private message to her colleague, "Vevreix, please join me over at Congress Room 3 and bring your glasses." A few moments passed when she received her reply.
C. Vevreix: "On my way, ma'am.”
As soon as Ishani arrived with En. Tha’xur in tow, Lt Cmdr Ashix asked Ishani, "I need your glasses." Ishani handed them over without question. Lt Cmdr Ashix held her glasses up to her data slate so that the image from the screen was reflected on the surface of her glasses. "Ensign, crewman, please tell me what you see," she said.
Ishani spoke first, "The symbols are inverted, both flipped horizontally and vertically."
En. Tha’xur interrupted, "Not only that, the whole block of the equation is written right to left, not left to right...Ma'am, we are going to have to redo most of the translations. I think some of our core assumptions were wrong."
Lt Cmdr Ashix said, "No, you two work with what is right here. I do not want to throw away all of the work we have done so far unless we have to. Get me something by tomorrow morning with just what is in the room. I need to speak with CMDR Vashini."
Handing Ishani back her glasses, she said, "Get on it, you two. Everybody else, back to work."
Robert opened his eyes to see what he had done. He knew what he had written and what it meant, but understanding it all required filling in the missing pieces. This was way more complicated than making the Charger fly. Turning, Robert saw around a dozen Shil’vati watching him through the windows of the conference room.
"Fuck me…" he resignedly thought to himself. He had to get down from the table, but why have the fun end on a boring note?“You shits want to gawk at me? Fine, gawk at this!” Robert thought as he launched himself into a front aerial, landing in the center of the room. Turning to face his work, he walked backward until he hit the wall and allowed himself to slide down and sit on the floor. With one more defiant move, he flipped each marker up onto the table, not caring where they landed.
From outside, he heard a commanding voice, “Alright, ladies, the show is over.” Sitting on the floor, studying his equations, he started to taste the iron tinge of blood in the back of his throat. Always the bloody fucking nose, he thought. The bloody nose was a small price to pay for the ability to define the problem. He needed aspirin and Tylenol to take care of the headache that was starting. His mother had taken him to a neurologist about three years before the first time he had learned he could control his little trick. Bloody noses and migraines were the results of what he called "flying". He had gotten the idea from reading about Einstein and his thought experiments, and it was the best way to conceptualize the problem. His mother had thought he had a brain hemorrhage, but the neurologist found it was brain fatigue.
This diagnosis was the doctor's way of saying that she really did not have a good idea of what had happened. The tests had ruled out many conditions that could cause the symptoms including epilepsy, though there were several parrals. The change in blood chemistry and electrolyte imbalance resembled heat exhaustion and was more than enough to trigger the migraine and nose bleeds. Everything else seemed to be within the ‘normal’ ranges for a human, but in Robert’s case, he was at the upper end of normal. The doctor did not think it was worth exploring further. No reason to waste resources on a child labeled as defective.
“Robert, would you please get up and sit in the chair, so I can check you out medically?” He looked up to find Dr. Norroe standing over him, holding out a hand to help him up. He took her hand to stand, though sitting in Shil-sized conference chairs was comical at best. With him standing only 5 feet 4 inches tall, and the average Shil’vita being 7 feet tall, he needed a booster seat. Dr. Norroe asked about his medical history as she did her examination, and he filled her in on what the neurologist had told him and his mother. She handed him a bottle of something that was not water. It tasted like sweet saltwater, and it was disgusting. The doctor made him finish it before giving him a couple of cleaning towels to get the blood off his face. His shirt was a lost cause; the blood had soaked through and was still wet and sticky. He needed a clean shirt and a trip to the bathroom to clean up but had to wait.
While the doctor was checking out Robert, PO. Jyhnex was cleaning up the blood that had dripped onto the table. The table was a mess, and as he had worked, he had stepped in it and tracked blood everywhere, even on the floor. Robert felt guilty that the Petty Officer had to clean up his mess.
Before Robert could apologize, PO. MunRhoe arrived, holding a large yellow bag and five extra-large pizza boxes. “You went and had a party without me. That is not fair.”
Shrugging, Robert smiled weakly. “You went for the beer run and missed all the fun. Now, Petty Officer Jyhnex gets cleanup duty, and I'm stuck with the hangover,” he said, reaching up to rub his temple.
Dr. Norroe finished treating Robert as PO. MunRhoe placed the pizza boxes and the yellow bag on a clean section of the table. "Hangover is right, you are dehydrated, borderline hypoglycemic, and low on salt. What you need is food, fluids, and sleep. Since you were under my authority as a medical doctor, I am putting you on light duty for 48 hours. So, I will tell your security detail that he is to treat you as if you are on restricted duty for that time and watch out for any signs of distress. Understood, ladies?" Both petty officers responded affirmatively with "Yes, Ma'am."
"Now, what in the Deep's name were you doing to get all that?" Dr. Norroe pointed at the digital whiteboard. She thought she knew what he had done but wanted to verify his conclusions.
"I call it flying. Albert Einstein called it a thought experiment. It is a way of visualizing the problem in the mind," Robert said and began to rub his temples again as the room started to rock back and forth.
"And how long do you usually do this for?"
Leaning his head and taking several long, slow deep breaths, Robert replied, "Most of the time, 30 minutes to an hour, tops. Then I go eat like a hobbit." Despite the room rocking, he was really hungry.
Hearing Robert's stomach growl, Dr. Norroe asked, "I have no idea what a hobbit is, but I will presume that you eat a great deal more than normal?"
Leaning his head again, Robert thought to himself, "Why the f**k am I so tired? It is never this bad." Meanwhile, Dr. Norroe continued, "Robert, please look at me. How long do you think you were 'flying' for?"
Robert took one last deep breath before sitting up. "An hour, maybe a little more. Why?"
Dr. Norroe looked concerned. "Robert, you were in it for almost five hours. This is very serious. If you push yourself like that too often, you will kill yourself. Please do not do this again without supervision unless there is a way to set a time limit."
Robert took what she said to heart. Solving the problem today was not worth dying over. "Physical touch has worked before. Is that good enough?"
Dr. Norroe replied, "Yes, that should be good for now."
Seeing the yellow bag on the table, Robert asked, "Petty Officer MunRhoe, did you get that food item I asked for?"
PO. MunRhoe had finished cleaning the mess and was opening the first pizza box. "Yes, it is in the bag. That Playwell store was an interesting place Do you need it, or do you want a slice of pie?"
Smiling, Robert said, "Both, but I will need a couple of spoons or a medicine cup first, and more water, please." He pulled the jug of 100 percent pure natural maple syrup out of the yellow bag, thinking, "A couple of shots of this, and about ten minutes, and the shakes should be taken care of."
PO. MunRhoe set up a slipe for Robert and PO Jyhnex, “That Playwell store was an interesting place. My brother's younger kids would love some of those kits. But why would you want something like that.?”
Incredully Robert shook his head, “Because they are fun.” showing just a hint of sadness “ I still know how to have a little.”
The Navy technician arrived with a stack of small Dixie cups and several bottles of water. PO. MunRhoe watched as Robert poured himself about three-quarters of a dixie cup of maple syrup and downed it, going so far as to lick the inside of the cup clean. Robert savored the flavor, wishing he had some real vanilla or chocolate chip ice cream to go with it. The idea of vanilla ice cream with maple brought back a memory of his childhood Friday night storytime. Maggie would read first with her book, then he would try with his, but he relied on his mom for a lot of it. Looking back now, it was a good memory.
Grabbing a monster slice of the deepest deep-dish pizza he had ever seen, PO. MunRhoe asked, "What is that stuff you just drank?"
"It is maple syrup," replied Robert, reaching for a bottle of water to clean out his mouth before he started in on the pizza. "It is tree sap that has been rendered down into basically liquid sugar. And where did you get the pizza, and how did you even know about it?"
Shoveling a forkful of the pizza filling into her mouth, she began speaking. "A year ago, I had a detail up in Chicago. I was there for a month and fell in love with deep-dish. This came from a place called 'A Slice of Chi-Town,' and it's called Big Blue's double-stacked deep dish. Both marines and militia swear by the place, and I agree, this is good. Try some."
Robert grabbed a slice after helping PO. Jyhnex reset the table and chairs. It was good pizza, but sadly Robert could only finish one slice.
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch1 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch6 : Sexyspacebabes (
Chapter 8
Janissary: The Son Of War : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: Vision from Zy'Verila : Sexyspacebabes (
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2023.05.28 22:22 Queen-of-Arab 23 [F4M] #Alberta - Hopeless Romantic Submissive

I’m 23 years old; I grew up in Canada but I’m ethnically from the East.
I’m a researcher in the medical field. I simultaneously graduated from two programs having had 13 classes in one semester. Besides the many other things I have going for myself, my hobbies and volunteer position in the hospital keep me busy too.
A substantial part of me is the poetry I write, I love to travel, go on long drives, late night walks and star gazing. I'm an only girl that grew up with boys so my vice is video games. I love exploring new places and going out in the city. I’m a big foodie so I cook and bake as well and my nieces and nephews take up a big place in my heart too.
Besides being a super fast texter I’m a badass that can whoop your ass in call of duty. I’m also a psychiatrist in the making and I’m publishing a poetry book. You can mostly find me in the kitchen making your favourite food while I whine to afrobeats. Submissive by nature & by practice.
Now that I’ve gotten the basics down we’ll take this the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” route haha.
The following will show you exactly why I'm the perfect wif- I mean submissive for you.\viewer discretion is advised, you may possibly fall in love*
I truly believe that the way you present yourself defines who you are hence I dress to impress. I have an incredibly feminine vibe and you’ll mostly find me in skirts, dresses, corsets and heels. I do usually quiet a room when I enter so you can imagine on your own.
I love to collect lingerie so there is no in between of what I wear to bed, it’s either that or your t-shirt and thigh highs because I have an obsession with socks.
I cannot see (-3.75) so when we wake up in the morning its a plus point for you that I won't be able to make out your messy self- hence you have enough time to fix up before I pop my lenses in haha.
I do wear glasses but only at night or when I plan to tease you with a glasses acquainted outfit.
I have three tattoos all around my upper thigh and hip area; as you can see in the attachment above.
My level of emotional intelligence is very high and I'm very in tune with my emotions. I'm someone that wears my heart on my sleeve so if you have my attention there isn't anything I'm not willing to do for you whether that's dressing in your favourite colours or waiting for you at the dining table after I've set a beautiful table with a yummy dinner.
I may be 5’3 but I’m feisty and can pack a punch so get ready to tussle in bed when you try to restraint me because I rolled my eyes at you. That being said I might take a completely different route sometimes and just tippie toe as I tug your shirt and pull you down so I can whisper what I want in your ear and make you melt as I give you doe eyes. You won’t even know what hit you until we’re on our way to get Nutella ice cream and Boston pizza way past my bedtime Daddy.
I can't do math. sorry can't be your dream mathematician sub "What's 37+56 you ask? I don't know love & I don't plan on finding out so unfortunately if we ever have a budget, you're handling it."
I'm very attentive and I pay attention to detail and I'm not afraid to go the extra mile to show you how much I care.
My love language is physical touch and quality time
I don't have a lot of hands on experience but I have been in D/S relationships before. Most derived from long term relationships so I'm not into casual or short term things for mere sexual activity. I like to understand you as an individual before I pursue you as a dominant.
Submission Style:
Domination Style Preference:
Could be one of any above..
*24-45 years of age
I belong to you in mind, heart, body & soul. I would exist for your pleasure in turn I would want someone that could read me before I can even understand how I feel. Someone that could lay one gaze on me and put fire within my soul. From across the room, in heavy gathering or the mere distance of me standing before you, our bodies must speak before your tongue eloquently guides me. Someone that could understand the happiness that resides in a rainy night for me. How I imagine us intertwined in the sheets, your hands in my hair, your gaze on my every move and your response to every moan that leaves my mouth. For you could be looking at me for the hundredth time and I would shy away like it’s the first because you’d gaze into my soul every time.
I’m looking for someone established but that doesn’t mean you can’t approach me if you are on your way there. I want to build a life together.
*location doesn’t matter as I’m willing to relocate
“Every night when silence draws near I would stand in prayer and thank my god for writing them in my destiny. Climbing into bed, pecking their lips soft enough that they feel me in their presence but not enough to wake them from their peace. I’d trace my fingers around their mesmerizing features, memorizing every inch of their face like it’s the last time I’m seeing it. There is no part of me that wouldn’t belong to them. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I would be that one possession in their life that even if they lost everything they would still think they have the world at their feet because they has me. I’m a simple women, I prefer a rose over expensive gifts or even a small gesture like their smile when they hold my hand could make my day. They and I.. we’d be two pieces of one heart and soul.”
Wilting Love 🥀 (a long time ago)
If any of this resonated with you, don't hesitate to message me with a picture of yourself and whatever it is you’d like to say ☺️
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2023.05.28 22:21 maxiBlu Scumbag Daniel threatens to physically abuse helpless animals

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2023.05.28 22:20 FronkZoppa Since Ultimate's launch, I've been trying to play every character's game of origin. Here's what I've enjoyed the most

I don't know if this is really appropriate for the sub, but I thought it'd be fun to write up my thoughts on the experience so far.
I've been playing Smash all my life - Melee might've been the first game I truly fell in love with - and the series has always served as exposure to other franchises. For over four years I've been slowly, methodically playing the source games for the entire Smash Ultimate roster. Most of them I wanted to play anyway, and this was just a neat excuse to try them out. And I do mean slowly, I really spread them out to avoid burnout. I also never forced myself to finish a game if I wasn't having fun; sometimes I just played the first section/level to get a feel for it, then dropped it. Overall it's been a fun way to expose myself to new genres and gain appreciation for gaming history. I'd already played quite a bit of Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Metal Gear, and Sonic, but the rest was all pretty new for me. I won't mention the games I played before this challenge.
For each character I picked the game I thought was most relevant, or most similar to their depiction in Smash. If you want, you can look at the checklist here:
It's worth noting that this wouldn't be feasible without emulation. A lot of these games aren't available on modern platforms, and some aren't even localized into English. I'm not a collector and I'm not willing to track down old consoles on ebay.
Games are roughly ordered within their tiers, based on how much I enjoyed them. I'll try to be brief for each one.
'It's old and I can't help being a zoomer' tier - Games I played just long enough to understand them, then dipped. I would not have chosen to play them for fun.
'Not very good' tier - Reserved exclusively for Pac-Man World 2.
'Just not for me' tier - Games I struggled to connect with or I'm not a fan of the genre. Maybe I'd like them if I played longer, but I don't plan to pick them up again.
'It was alright' tier - Games that were pretty enjoyable. I'm glad I tried them and likely won't play them again.
'Hey, this is pretty good' tier - Games I liked quite a lot and would recommend.
'This is the shit' tier - Games I thoroughly loved and would rank among my favorites.
Here's what's left on the list. Looking forward to some of them more than others. I might get around to them this year, or over three years, or never. Who knows.
Did I learn anything by doing this? I think so. I definitely have a greater appreciation for a wider variety of genres and franchises. This got me to try certain games I never would have considered otherwise. And in turn, I gained a greater appreciation for the crossover aspect of Smash; every time I look at the character select screen, I have exponentially more memories attached to each icon. I can spot all the references in the movesets and stages. It's just... cool, I guess.
Thanks for reading. Hope you're having a good day. Please don't hate me for dismissing your favorite game.
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2023.05.28 22:20 -____deleted_____- A murderous mystery (what’s going on?)

So it’s a nice spring day, a little overcast but still a good temp for shorts. I look out my balcony window on this afternoon to see off in the distance a giant flock of crows one street over. What first alerts me to look is the noise. Their loud and make a black mass that swarms around this one tree off in the distance. Now In my area there aren’t many crows. There are just a few that occasionally frequent the strip of sidewalk in front of my apartment. Every so often I’ll toss them a little of whatever’s on the menu from my balcony, unseasoned chicken breast, unsalted unroasted nuts, watermelon. I don’t do it regularly and never enough is given to make a bunch come running. Just a small handful of food.
But this time, about a hundred pop up. They weren’t there in the morning so it’s even more bizarre. Then about an hour later their gone. Its all quiet. The real question is why would a huge murder of crows that haven’t ever frequented the area suddenly become interested in one spot in the middle of the day and then just disappear so soon? They certainly weren’t roosting as it was too early for that. Nor was it an area with water. I’ve been around the area where they where. Nobody keeps birdbaths here. Any ideas?
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2023.05.28 22:20 nopardaz Shipping containers history

Shipping containers are ubiquitous parts of the shipping industry. More recently, shipping containers are being used as storage, habitable buildings and even as building material for larger structures, like restaurants or hotels. But shipping containers were not always the omnipresent cargo boxes that dominate the dockyards as they do today.
In fact, shipping was handled entirely without them for most of oceanic shipping’s history. Shipping containers and the resulting “containerization” of the shipping industry were both relatively recent innovations that transformed the global economy and allowed for unprecedented development, low shipping costs, and a complete reinvention of oceanic shipping.
Let’s break down the history of shipping containers and examine the figures, developments, and decisions that led to the intermodal and worldwide containerized shipping system that all developed nations use to this day.

The First Transported Container

On 26th April 1956 the ‘Ideal X' was the first freighter to transport goods using McLean's new shipping containers. The ship transported 58 of the shipping containers from Newark to Houston. Shortly afterwards the first ship designed purely for carrying shipping containers the ‘Maxton', which could carry 60 shipping containers as deck cargo, was put into service.
In order to ensure that's McLeans new shipping containers could travel across the globe, and be handled at every port, it was necessary for the containers to be built to a specific standard and that every container built the world over met this exact specification. Eventually after many negotiations, an international standard was agreed the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) which set the shipping containers at lengths of 10', 20', 30' and 40', a width of 8', and a height of 8'6”.

Early ISO Shipping Container Designs

Patented in 1956 after numerous tests, the first ISO container was born. It was stackable and built with steel. Reinforced corners made it possible to stack the containers without causing damage. They were uniform in size, theft-proof and easy to load.
Dockworkers at the time, known as longshoremen, went on strike. They realised loading containers onto ships would require a smaller workforce. It was this downtime that enable McLean to refine his designs.
McLeans big new idea was a success. He negotiated with the New York Port Authority to convert the New Jersey side of the harbour into a container port. The business would grow steadily over next ten years.
Rea more: How containers keep your goods safe during transit


A used conex container is all you need if you’re looking for extra storage! Used Conex provides different grades of containers for different needs, and since purchasing shipping containers is sight unseen, we try to provide enough information for our customers to shop confidently. You can read our reviews or check out some of our recent deliveries on our social media channels and choose the type of container that suits you best. After selecting the size and grade of your container, you can check the price and find out the delivery cost by entering your delivery ZIP code in our quoting tool. Our quoting tool will search our inventory of used shipping containers in Richmond, and will give you the total cost, including delivery to your location. For more information, Call us at 1-800-230-7764, and our sales team will be happy to help you choose the best option.
We are a leading retail company supplying and delivering secondhand shipping containers all over the United States.
We work directly with the shipping lines and shipping container manufacturers who bring thousands of containers in the country regularly.
We buy new and used shipping containers in bulk and we store them at some of the biggest depots around the country and that’s how we can provide the best quality shipping containers at the lowest prices in the industry.
Our team works so hard to provide inventory near your city so everyone has access to the best deals available in the market.
We work with owner-operator trucking companies that not only have the best delivery rates, but also know your local area very well, and have years of experience in delivering shipping containers.
All our containers have been inspected by certified personnel at the depot as well as our drivers who inspect the container before pick-up to ensure that the container matches the condition mentioned on Used Conex’s inspection sheet they have on hand.
We also back up our customers with our 2-year leak-free warranty and a 6-year structural warranty as well as discounted container relocation services in case they’d need to relocate their container to a new home in the future.
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2023.05.28 22:19 portsmouthpreppies Sunday, May 28, 2023 / DiDomniach 28 Chèitean 2566 EB

Sunday, May 28, 2023 / DiDomniach 28 Chèitean 2566 EB
Today was a nice day, for me at least. Hope tomorrows better if it was bad for others. It’s nice, sunny, and beautiful over the lake. Lake Michigan. It’s a lot like Rehoboth Beach Delaware where my ex Ni lived. After all my Georgetown MSF V classmates shunned me, Ni who is the same age as me but from MSF I, and also from Baltimore (he pronounces it Bawdehmoa), he was like ah yes so now the party can really begin. I spent my 29th birthday at his house.
It was my first Sunday really observing Sunday as the Catholic Sabbath. The idea of telling my rabbi that Sunday is the Sabbath for me "because Reaper said so" brings me so much peace and actually is probably similar to what early Catholics did when they made the switch from Saturday to Sunday. It was probably just an act of solidarity with friends, and it’s literally like the "if your friend told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?" conversation over and over again, one by one as people’s parents in Biblical times insulted peoples friends. It makes so much sense and resolves a major life question I had.
I danced really hard at the bar on Friday night stone cold sober, danced so hard I got kicked out because I was dancing on top of the table like girls used to do at bat mitzvahs. I lost my license although I got it back.
I wandered around the party street all night, socializing. Sat down in this little bench and water fountain oasis near the parish and read a book of poetry someone left there. Walked around the city more. I know how to socialize; figuring stuff out with Reaper was just a priority. I’m really really really curious how The Scarlet Letter is taught in MA and RI public schools; I have a feeling the Balitkmore County Public Schools curriculum interpretation of it is lazy. I remembered thatI found an adult video in 2022 where the woman says "I’m actually from Baltimore" at the beginning. I laughed so hard today when I remembered that and would have laughed really hard if I had remembered to show Reaper. I wrote this sentence today that sounds a lot like our mutual friend Colette: "I am screamingly passionate about you.” It’s inspired by this picture which I sometimes print out, frame, and hang on my wall. The pic + words are the best thing I have ever written in my life. I am so much like a man version of that woman it’s insane. Like I bet that sentence does not sound as good to hear as it sounds fun to write. I can just picture her sitting in her woody college campus dorm room, sitting in the corner, writing poetry. It’s like when I applied to Sewanee: The University of the South, a party school. I won a full ride plus stipend and often wish I went there. I got to intern there in 2020 and it was nice.
I did a lot of journaling today. And relaxed. It feels great. :)
I talked to Morm Dad and several others. Told Morm Dad I want to be a missionary for Halloween "but he concept would only make sense in Eastern or Central Time.” I’m taking a nap. I had four Klondike bars and about 5 ramen. Monster. Instacart gave me a $90 coupon. I told the rabbi I’m sending any children to Catholic school and said, continuing to fight the accusation that I am anti-Semitic for arguing back with the Rabbi when he insulted Reaper and called him inferior to a Jew:
“I know many people from this high school feel that it is one of the most anti-Semitic places in America as far as rape, and other severe crimes [by Jews] against [other] Jews. I do not say that lightly. It is a place that both brought me to the point where I met you, etc., and also overall more of my classmates than not are done with Judaism and said so even as early as age 15 in some cases. I told Rabbi Al about the one woman from our class who became a rabbi; another woman from the grade above us became Orthodox; my childhood best girl friend is afraid to mention in public that she is Jewish. I am doing somewhere in the top 25% of Jewish outcomes for our class."
Everything about today is just like what the last few days of being 17 felt like, so I’m excited for a fun summer. :)
I’m listeni a lot to a nice jazz song that I played a lot during the wake yesterday "Quintessence" by Wayne Marsh
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2023.05.28 22:17 tearnImale Mammoth Lord Animal Companion

So I'm playing in a Quest for the Frozen Flame game (no spoilers please!) and have been informed that we're nearing the end of the first book and that we'll hit level 4 after we finish it. I'm playing a barbarian with free archetype and have gone down the Medic archetype and plan on finishing my 3 feats with my normal and skill feat for 4th level since I want to go down the mammoth lord dedication. We already have someone with a bear animal companion, so I don't want double bears, and I was thinking of either a bird or a cat companion.

The only two front liners are me and a swashbuckler (plus the bear) and I like the idea of battle medicine getting some extra use, so I am dead set on taking it. What I'm more looking for is if a bird or cat would be able to support me better, and if the savage or indomitable animal companion would be better with this archetype.
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2023.05.28 22:17 lasaunya WIBTB for asking my roommate to feed my cats?

My roommate (21F) and I (20F) have been living together for almost two years. We are pretty good friends, we go to concerts together often and have been on a few road trips to music festivals, and we hang out once in a while. We didn’t really become too close until after we became roommates, so it’s still very much a roommate dynamic at home despite us being friends. Eg if I’m just making my lunch and she’s passing through the kitchen, we don’t have to have a conversation and both of us like it that way. We mind our own spaces and have both expressed to each other that we like each other as roommates, it’s not like two besties living together and always hanging out though.
I have two cats who she really likes, they always run into her room when she opens her door and they’ll hang out with her for a few hours, she’ll post pictures of them on Snapchat sometimes. Occasionally when I go out of town or am staying the night somewhere else I’ll ask her to feed the cats. If it’s more than a day or two I try to send her like $50 or bring her something from my trip as a thank you. I don’t usually do this if it’s just once or twice that she’s feeding them.
My cats eat dry food lately, so she just has to get the container from the closet and scoop the right amount into each of their bowls. It’s not difficult and she’s always helped with no problem and has never complained or anything. But I’m just wondering if it would be annoying if I keep asking her. I don’t want her to resent me or think I’m just using her as a free cat sitter, I really do appreciate the help but can’t always afford to pay her or get her something nice.
I went camping last week (Monday night-Wednesday morning) and had her feed the cats just once on Tuesday morning. I’m planning to go again tomorrow, do you guys think I would be the buttface for asking her to feed them again on Tuesday?
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2023.05.28 22:17 AGASTRONICS Anticipating Technological Advancements: The Changing Landscape of Job Automation by 2040

Anticipating Technological Advancements: The Changing Landscape of Job Automation by 2040
Introduction: The rapid advancement of technology has consistently reshaped various industries, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and sometimes job displacement. As we look ahead to the year 2040, it is important to acknowledge the potential impact of emerging technologies on the job market. In this write-up, we will explore the possibility of increased automation and its potential consequences, specifically focusing on the hospitality industry where waiters and waitresses may face challenges.
Accelerating Technological Progress: Technological progress has historically outpaced our expectations, with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation transforming various sectors. By 2035, these technologies are likely to become even more advanced, capable of performing tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy. As a result, we can anticipate that by 2040, certain job roles that involve repetitive or predictable tasks may be at risk of automation.
Automation in the Hospitality Industry: The hospitality industry, including restaurants and cafes, has already witnessed some level of automation with self-service kiosks and ordering systems. By 2040, advancements in AI, robotics, and automation may enable even greater automation in these establishments. Technologies such as robotic waiters, smart kitchen systems, and automated food delivery mechanisms could potentially replace certain tasks traditionally performed by human waitstaff.
Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Customer Experience: Automation in the hospitality industry can bring numerous benefits. With the introduction of advanced technologies, processes can become faster, more streamlined, and error-free. Automated systems can handle routine tasks like taking orders, serving food, and processing payments with exceptional precision, minimizing human error and enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, innovations in customer service-oriented AI can provide personalized recommendations, improving the overall dining experience.
Adaptation and Upskilling Opportunities: While automation may lead to certain job displacements, it also presents opportunities for workers to adapt and acquire new skills. The transition towards automation will likely create a demand for individuals skilled in developing, maintaining, and overseeing automated systems. Moreover, there will always be a need for human touch and interpersonal skills in customer service, which cannot be entirely replaced by technology. As a result, individuals can focus on developing these uniquely human qualities to remain relevant in the changing job market.
Social and Economic Implications: The widespread implementation of automation in various industries will undoubtedly have social and economic implications. Governments, organizations, and societies will need to address the challenges posed by job displacement and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to support affected workers through retraining programs, job placement initiatives, and social safety nets. Additionally, the transformation brought about by automation may also lead to the emergence of new job roles and industries, creating new opportunities for employment.
Conclusion: As we progress toward 2040, the increasing pace of technological advancements is likely to bring about substantial changes in the job market. Automation in industries such as hospitality may lead to the displacement of certain roles, including waiters and waitresses. However, it is essential to recognize that automation also presents opportunities for adaptation, upskilling, and the creation of new jobs. By embracing these changes, individuals, organizations, and societies can navigate the evolving landscape and ensure a smoother transition into the future of work.
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2023.05.28 22:17 ratslikecheese My (26M) girlfriend (29F) is starting to affect my mental health.

My girlfriend and I have been together for 1.5 years currently. Our relationship requires a lot of effort, mostly on my end but she does pull her weight so to speak but as of lately I’m starting to feel as though the situation isn’t healthy for me or really all that enjoyable.
My girlfriend has had a lot of family drama going on since we began dating: parents who are in a not-so-great marriage, older sister who is actively ruining her own life, and now her nephew (20M) recently came out and announced he has a partner (32M) which peaked all sorts of red flags and concerns with her. She makes all of these things her problems and they’re eating away at her constantly. She also recovered from a several year-long eating disorder before we started dating and constantly struggles with her self-image now that she has gained weight.
We live an hour away from one another. 99% of the time, I am the one making the drive for us to spend time together 2 or 3 evenings out of the week. I work two jobs, minimum of six days a week, and train martial arts two evenings out of the week so very rarely am I ever just doing nothing and enjoying my free time independently. I carve out nearly all of my free time for her.
So for the past several months I feel as though more often than not she’s in a shitty mood when I go down to see her and it’s always some combination of the things I listed above or her job stressing her out periodically (especially now that her job is in their busy season.)
Don’t get me wrong, I have my own gripes in life and so does everybody— but I do my best to not make other people’s problems my problems. I want to be there for her and I’ve left relationships for this reason in the past but I can only produce so much sympathy to the same circumstances or situations until it just starts to annoy me. I feel as though if she just didn’t try to “fix” her family every day or worry about their shit circumstances she would be able to enjoy her life more. Our conversations have turned into her venting to me 90% of the time we communicate either in person or through text. Physical intimacy is borderline non-existent; we have sex maybe once a month and whenever we do I am always the instigator.
I want to be there for her but as I said, it’s the same stuff she has no control over that she obsesses over until she has a mental breakdown. Or it’s her body image issues that she feels bad about but isn’t willing to exercise, consider her diet, etc.
Looking at the situation I don’t see things improving from a logical standpoint. I feel like I’m just watching somebody I care about self destruct and I feel guilty for wanting to distance myself from the situation. I’m supposed to move in with her next year but honestly nothing about the past several months makes me want to follow through with that.
Have any of you been in a similar situation? How did you amend things? Did you just end things?
tl;dr: my girlfriend makes other people’s problems her problems and doesn’t deal with things properly and is self-destructing. It’s hurting our relationship and I don’t know how to be sympathetic or supportive when it’s the same problems she can’t control or doesn’t want to try to solve.
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2023.05.28 22:17 Direct_Canary4523 Unfortunately/unavoidably homeless tomorrow

Not necessarily requesting anything in specific since I know people aren't going to just jump up and dance at the chance of giving money away, and I can't think of anything else that would help outside of solid advice.
I have applied for housing assistance, the wait is incredibly long. The local community action center can't help ad much as I am sure they would like to because the dogs and I are not separable, they are the only thing keeping me alive, and the only thing that brings me happiness. Housing vouchers are near impossible to get here even with a multi-year waiting list.
I have checked all the compiled lists of rental locations, and everything that isn't unbelievably high priced is upwards of 4+ hours from me and I was hoping to keep my job, even contacted a room+board job 4 1/2 hrs away just to try something different and I am fairly sure it was a phishing scam for IDs, or at very least I am not sending a photo of my license anywhere via email. Literally every other place that responded in the last 2 and a half weeks was a scam, not even a joke, I cried about it a little the other day after 7 scams in one afternoon, i was overwhelmed.
It's stupid hot here, we can't even be outside for more than 20-30 mins without overheating, and tomorrow after 10am we will be back to living in the car. I will lose my job over it, since there is no way I will logically be able to make all my shifts while homeless though i will do my best. I can apply for a leave of absence but likely will be denied so they can "open the position to someone else" even though we are understaffed.
I don't know what to do.
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2023.05.28 22:16 Standard-Valuable-82 Question regarding my puppy’s want training

I have no idea how to word this. I’ve been training my six month old German shepherd different commands. She’s doing extremely well. One of her commands is
“what do you want?”
Then she will let you know what she wants. A lot of times she will run to her dog food, sometimes she will point to the sink for water if she’s got a dry bowl, sometimes she’ll let me know she wants to go potty. It’s a little useless sometimes but it does allow me to figure out important words to teach her if she seems to show me something a lot.
She’s quickly learned that she can point to other things as well. Like the fridge for some of her training treats. But she also has one I’m not really sure her intentions are
She keeps looking over at the cat or letting me know she wants the cat but I’m not sure like. If there is malevolent intentions, or she just wants to be friends with it or if she wants me to let her know it’s okay to herd it?
She has learned to herd both our cats when I call their names in a certain tone. Usually to gently nose them from out of my room or to get them to stop picking the furnitures.
She’s incredibly gentle but sometimes gets very excited and spooks them. Most of the time the cats are very relaxed around her unless she’s in their personal space
I just wish I could figure out what she means by wanting the cat. And how do I let her know that I understand what she means
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