Is safe?

2023.03.06 13:43 hihowareyou0_0 Is safe?

So i tried using but my anti-virus is saying it's riskware, so I looked at the FREEMEDIAHECKYEAH thread and it said is safe. and so Im just asking if its safe or not? :)
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2023.03.05 11:02 Imaginary-Ad-3874 Malwarebytes blocked access to but not However, when i read previous posts, people said is the official site. So is or safe?

Malwarebytes blocked access to but not However, when i read previous posts, people said is the official site. So is or safe?
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2021.02.12 10:24 bamboogod101 [Sticky] Addon Requests #4

Posts that are older than 6 months are automatically archived by Reddit, which is why this is the 4th repost for addon requests.
This list was made so Stremio users can request add-ons making it visible for community add-on developers to better understand their needs.
It is important to give as many details as possible about your request, things like open source projects / websites / mobile applications that already give such streams can be helpful for faster add-on development.
You can also comment just to vote for a particular add-on, votes are shown by +# after the add-on name / description and this list is ordered by the nr of votes. Add-ons that have already been created will be crossed out and added to the bottom of the list.
Add-on requests list:
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2020.08.27 06:29 zyudenryu_bragigas Anyone else experiencing this?

So, I've been using to watch my power rangers (don't judge), and about a week back I went back like usual to the site. It wouldn't open nor would any of the mirrors like .to or .si open. Anyone has any idea what's happening? I live in India and my network provider is Airtel if that helps.
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2020.06.21 13:29 snazysnail blocked in my country

any trustable alternatives? i used for a while which was fine but it suddenly stopped working. anyone know any similar sites like it? i have an ad blocker so those hentai ads arent an issue.
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2019.08.04 20:06 Liquidchild101 downloading videos from streaming sites (recent change in coding issue)

its more of a embedded video issue but after trying all and i mean over 30 different browser plug ins and video downloading software. i cant seem to find one that i can download videos from
the issue comes down to the videos have been embedded(or something) in to the page and as you will see it has different options for servers to stream from. i prefer to downloading using "video downloader professional" and i havent had any issues until recently.
i would love a simple chrome extension but as i stated above. ive tried them all and none of them seem to work
the only one that seemed to work is tubedigger but its very messy and only works 50% of the time.
could some one at least give me a explanation why the old methods dont work any more and maybe even suggest a work around.

thanks in advance

FYI ive used a pc mac chrome firefox
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2019.06.06 06:02 Freedollar is this one real? Is this kimcartoon real or is it fake, cause its currently the one at the top of the google search
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