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2023.06.07 00:39 dlschindler [Murder Of Crows] S1E3 My Crow Speaks To The Mad

I sat in the parking lot of McDonald's feeding french fries to my talking crow. We were in the back of Detective Winters's car. He was having the large coffee that cost only a dollar. He had told me he liked it better than Starbuck's, as he took it black.
"Sergeant Ventura was a good cop." Detective Winters was talking about the policeman that had gotten killed at the crimescene.
"Did he have family?" I asked.
"He was divorced." Detective Winters sounded like he could cry for the dead man. "We were his family."
I ate my cheeseburger in silence. Cory hopped onto the fries and scattered them to the floor. He looked up at me without an apology for his behavior before he went to go eat some of them.
We were taken to a hotel where we became roommates with Detective Winters. The maid knocked on the door as I was taking off my boots. He answered it with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth that he had lit with hotel matches.
"What is it?" He asked her. I listened, genuinely curious.
"No animals." She pushed past him slightly and spotted Cory. Presumably, she would go get the hotel manager.
"It's okay, he is with me. I am a detective. I am solving murders." He told her, and showed her his badge with a well-rehearsed gesture. She gave him a very admonishing look and left without saying more. I wondered if our sleep would be interrupted. I was very tired and went right to bed.
In the morning the same maid was back, prompting me to wonder if she had worked all night. She glared at us as we left and she went in to clean.
Detective Winters took me to the station and made me sit around with him all day while he did paperwork. He had interviews with people and more paperwork. His job suddenly seemed very boring to me. I already longed to go outside and discover the world out there. I was his hostage because he knew I knew that I was his suspect in a murder.
"I want you investigating this. Looks like it might be the hitchhiker killer. If you can get some cooperation from you-know-who, maybe we can call the FBI on this one." The boss of Detective Winters walked over to his desk and gave him a thin file on a crime scene secured earlier.
"Let's go." Detective Winters got up and I followed.
"Who was he talking about?" I asked.
"A possible serial killer. I know a guy who knows a lot more than he is telling us. First we need to go see the crime scene. Forensics is already there so you will have to wait outside." Detective Winters was talking fast. He was excited about this for some reason.
"You know this serial killer?"
"Yes. If it is the same one then we've had several killings already. I will need to go see our friend. Then we call the FBI." Detective Winters explained.
"Is that how it's done?" I asked.
"It is how we are gonna do this. You wouldn't understand." He started his car and we left.
"You like it when people say 'you wouldn't understand' to you?" I asked after awhile.
"Not really. Sorry. I just don't like feeling like I am explaining myself to someone." Detective Winters gave me some kind of crude apology for the way he had spoken to me.
"Well, I don't really like listening to you anyway." I offered. After that we just drove in silence. After we arrived at the crime scene, Cory went to the floor of the back seat to feed on the drying fries left there. Detective Winters asked someone he was passing for their cigarette, took it, and smoked it, as he walked away. We were left there alone in his car.
I was tempted to just get out and walk away. I felt that it would be dishonorable. Therefore I stayed, out of a sense that I was doing the right thing.
"What a mess." Detective Winters came back after awhile. He fished a half smoked butt out of his ashtray and lit it with the car's lighter. Then he rolled down the window to exhale smoke as we drove away.
We arrived at a small trailer where a column of smoke arose from out back. Detective Winters said: "Come with me."
The man was just throwing the last papers and files out of an empty banker's box and tossed it aside where several others sat empty.
"Daniel Barrow." Detective Winters spoke so he would turn around. The man gestured at the destructive act he had committed and shrugged and smiled.
"What can I say?" Daniel Barrow asked. "I don't work for you. I am a private eye. You know, an investigator-for-hire."
"I could arrest you for destruction of evidence." Detective Winters told the private eye.
"Then do so. I am merely destroying my own pictures and notes. Personal property." Daniel insisted.
Then we left him there, smoke trailing away with bits of white ash in his hair.
"What a dick..." Detective Winters used a bad pun.
I chuckled and replied: "He seemed crazy."
Something dawned and Detective Winters held his hand up at me for a second while he thought. Then he lowered it and brightly added:
"Dellfriar Asylum." Detective Winters decided.
"Where crazy people are?" I tried to follow his jump to a conclusion. I had no idea what he was talking about.
"Where Doctor Evans was killed. That is how I met our friend for the first time. He was caught snooping around that crime scene too." Detective Winters recalled.
I said nothing as we drove to Dellfriar and gained access to the ancient and fearsome looking seaside castle. It was still medieval compared to other mental hospitals. I had only seen it in pictures, but now the place creeped me out.
"What are we doing here?" I asked. "If Doctor Evans was killed by the same person Daniel Barrow would have told you about: then you already know who it is."
"You are right." He stared up at the terrifying structure. "Jesse Darling. She was a patient here. We have a copy of her file. You are right. There is something more I wanted to see again."
"I'd rather wait here." I told him. He nodded and left us in the parking lot.
When he came back he looked disappointed. We drove back to the hotel in silence. The next day he met with the FBI and told them what he knew, about a serial killer named Jesse Darling.
Then he found me and told me: "Her name is Scarlet. She was friends with Daniel Barrow. He visited her often."
"Now that you have completed that path, why not try another?" I asked him.
"Scarlet is who we should be looking for." Detective Winters agreed. "We will never find Jesse Darling."
"Then let's start at the beginning." I advised him. And so we drove back to the crime scene we were at before.
His decision was to drive along the highway from there, heading away from Dellfriar. Detective Winters said:
"I think she has killed six men and she tried to kill Daniel Barrow. He survived."
As it grew dark a light rain began to fall. The sound of the windshield wipers kept going. My hand began to ache. Up ahead stood someone in a red hoody, hitchhiking with their left thumb. We pulled over.
"Must go now." Cory cawed.
"Sounds anxious." Detective Winters noted.
"He is saying we must leave." I translated. "He gets jittery."
"He got a name?"
"Cory." I took my crow to my lap and gently held him while the back passenger door opened. I looked over at the dark shape in the red hoody. Lightning flashed behind her before she got in to sit with me in the back.
I could feel the damp cold air coming off of her hoody as she seated herself. She was young, although her face was kinda mean looking. As she spoke, she gestured with her left hand, her right never appearing. She said:
"I was walking and this rain started. I just need a lift into town." And she tried a fake little laugh and smile.
"We can give you a lift." Detective Winters offered. We started back onto the highway and she reached up with her left hand and got her seatbelt on.
"The hand is silver and it can cut like a knife. Maker of dead men, from living ones. She actually likes doing it, you could learn from her." Cory told me about our guest.
"Your bird talks." She smiled. This smile looked real, but still predatory.
"If you call that talking." Detective Winters chuckled with a masculine disregard.
"I don't know." I stammered. I was frozen in fear. This was surely our hook-hand hitchhiker. She was definitely Scarlet. I could imagine her weapon striking away half my neck in one instant swipe, out of nowhere. She'd kill the detective next. Only she was wearing a seatbelt: so our corpses would get ejected into the darkness. She'd stay belted to her seat.
"I can understand him." She smiled coyly.
"You can?" I was choking. Sweat beaded my forehead and terror gripped my heart.
"He says I am pretty and sweet and that you already like me." She sighed.
"He said that." I breathed mechanically.
We pulled into a gas station. Scarlet stayed seated, smiling endlessly at me, her eyes shiny like glass. I had to pee yet couldn't move. I was afraid that if I tried to get out: she would slaughter me.
Detective Winters took his time filling gas, making a long phone call, buying cigarettes and smoking about half the pack. I was in agony: it was either pee myself and probably trigger her killing me, or get out and die trying.
"I really have to pee. Is it okay if I go and go pee?" I squeaked.
"Sure. Come right back." She was still smiling like a golden devil at me. I crept away from her and shut the door. Cory was on my shoulder as we obtained the key, attached to a real goat's leg, hoof and all. I went into the bathroom and peed.
As we came out with the goat leg in one hand, zipping up with the other, the parking lot lit up. Police cars swarmed from all around, surrounding Detective Winters's car. I watched while armored SWAT had to drag Scarlet from the vehicle.
Scarlet managed to slash them anyway, drawing blood from three of them. Her hidden prosthetic arm was indeed like a sharp pair of hooks. She whipped out a knife and got one of them in the groin. Blood spurted from his wound and he staggered and fell over.
Finally, they had her restrained and arrested. I went into the gas station to return the goat's leg bathroom key. Detective Winters came into the gas station behind me and selected a lighter to buy. It was with a bunch of lighters with tattoo art on them. His had a little red riding hood, looking scared, and standing in front of a wolf's eyes.
"You're still alive." He told me and flicked his lighter's flame in front of me before he went back out to the car.
"Death will always happen." Cory agreed with him.
I just sighed and tossed the goat's leg onto the counter.
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2023.06.07 00:38 Keaton_Wainer Returning Player looking to get started with Yuya's Raging Pendulum

Hello, I'm returning to the game after a break and was wondering if it is worth investing into Yuya's Raging Pendulum by purchasing 3 copies the 2 structures decks Odd-Eyes and Magician's Arc. -What is the skill's likelihood of surviving the next B/R list? -What cards are likely to get hit? -When can we expect the next list/changes?
Thank you for your time!
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2023.06.07 00:38 DarkDetectiveGames Canadian privacy law is going from bad to worse, Bill C-27

Bill C-27 is a Bill in Canada that would replace the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) with the new so called Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA). Although somewhat similar there are substantial differences to the previously proposed Bill C-11, Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020 as Bill C-27 is worse. From the point forward CPPA refers to the CPPA found in Bill C-27.
1 The Protections (or lack thereof)
Bill C-27 offers less protection than PIPEDA. Under PIPEDA organizations are required to give purposes must be stated in such a manner that the individual can reasonably understand how the information will be used or disclosed. Under Bill C-27 organizations still must give purposes, however they do not have to give individuals an understanding of the information will be used or disclosed.
This law introduces vague new exceptions to knowledge consent. Let's go over some of them:
  1. Business Activities and Legitimate Interest
This replaces implied consent. However this is weaker than implied consent because under PIPEDA implied consent must still follow other consent rules like informed consent, (eg. a cookie notice). This is not a requirement of business activities or legitimate interest. Also some of those other consent rules don't exist anymore. These activities also include prescribed activities.
  1. Research, analysis and development
For these purposes, the information must be de-identified, however individuals can still be identified from de-identified information.
  1. Records of historic or archival importance
Only applies to disclosures
  1. Socially beneficial purposes
Only applies to de-identified information. Includes a list of organization to which information can be disclosed but this is irrelevant because the list includes any other prescribed entity. Socially beneficial purpose means a purpose related to health, the provision or improvement of public amenities or infrastructure, the protection of the environment or any other prescribed purpose.
I'm just going to list of the rest:
Let's also go over other ways in which this Bill reduces Canadian's privacy:
2 Enforcement
CPPA's enforcement is similar to PIPEDA's but worse. At least there are penalties. The process:
  1. An individual files a complaint with the OPC. There are several reasons which can the commissioner can use to not investigate but not talking to the organization first isn't one of them.
  2. The OPC investigates during which the Commissioner may attempt to resolve a complaint by means of a dispute resolution mechanism such as mediation and conciliation, unless an inquiry is being conducted in respect of the complaint or try to enter a compliance agreement. There is not time frame for this. (note under PIPEDA, a report of findings must be issued within a year see my about PIPEDA on privacy). It doesn't really say what an "investigation" is.
  3. If the matter is still not resolved or the commissioner believe a compliance agreement is being breach an inquiry will start. The Commissioner must make rules respecting the conduct of an inquiry, including the procedure and rules of evidence to be followed, and must make those rules publicly available.
  4. After the inquiry, the commissioner must make a decision.
(a) the Commissioner’s findings on whether the organization has contravened this Act or has not complied with the terms of a compliance agreement;
(b) any order made under subsection (2);
(c) any decision made under subsection 94(1); and
(d) the Commissioner’s reasons for the findings, order or decision.
"Compliance order"
(2) The Commissioner may, to the extent that is reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with this Act, order the organization to
(a) take measures to comply with this Act;
(b) stop doing something that is in contravention of this Act;
(c) comply with the terms of a compliance agreement that has been entered into by the organization; or
(d) make public any measures taken or proposed to be taken to correct the policies, practices or procedures that the organization has put in place to fulfill its obligations under this Act.
This must happen within 2 years of the complaint being followed, except it might not, see my post about PIPEDA on privacy.
  1. The commissioner may recommend a penalty be imposed. This seems irrelevant because of,
  2. Appeals may be made by the complainant or respondent to the tribunal with respect to a finding made by the inquiry, an order made by the commissioner or the commissioner's decision not to recommend a penalty. You only have 30 days to go to court. Under PIPEDA you have a year.
  3. The tribunal may impose a penalty for all the contraventions in a recommendation taken together is the higher of $10,000,000 and 3% of the organization’s gross global revenue in its financial year before the one in which the penalty is imposed. Those numbers are the maximum. The law sets out relevant factors.
  4. You may sue for damages if a finding previously made says the respondent has violated the act. This is done in federal court or the superior court of a province.
  5. An order by the tribunal may be reviewed by the Federal Court. The judgment of the federal court may be appealed to the Federal Court of Appeal. The Supreme court may also take an appeal afterwards. This is much longer than PIPEDA and although there are fines, the protections are so weak that the fines barely matter.
3 Mitagation
Due to Canada's federal structure, the provinces can act to minimize the effect of this act. The reduction in protections will still apply to federally regulated industries. I believe Quebec has introduced their own legislation to ensure their residents remain protected. Ontario which has the largest population has called out the federal government in their White Paper:
"I believe that C-11 represents a step back overall from our current law and needs significant changes if confidence in the digital economy is to be restored." The Government of Ontario is committed to addressing these gaps.
However there are no timelines for this to be implemented according to an email I received from the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery.
There are ongoing discussions with various levels of government and different jurisdictions on the subject of bringing forward changes to private sector privacy protections in Ontario, however, there are no timelines for implementation or release as of yet.
4 The alternative
These are the changes that would actually enhance privacy:
  1. Keep PIPEDA
  2. Replace Subection 5 (1) and (2) which current read as:
Compliance with obligations
5 (1) Subject to sections 6 to 9, every organization shall comply with the obligations set out in Schedule 1.
Meaning of should
(2) The word should, when used in Schedule 1, indicates a recommendation and does not impose an obligation.
With this: Compliance with obligations and recommendations
5 (1) Subject to sections 6 to 9, every organization shall comply with the obligations and recommendations set out in Schedule 1.
  1. Remove the significant harm requirement from Division 1.1.
  2. Add the following after subsection 14 (1): Same (1.1) An individual may apply to federal court if they believe an organization has violated Division 1 or 1.1 in a manner which has violated their privacy rights.
  3. The following is added to the end of clause 16 (c): and punitive damages for violations of privacy rights.
5 What Can you do
You can exercise your rights under PIPEDA now. You can also contact the house's Standing Committee on Industry and Technology, your MP and Minister Champagne and tell them that you oppose Bill C-27 and why.
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2023.06.07 00:38 Ghostofman IMF/007 Style knock-out poisons, check my work

So normally poisons in this system force a Resilience Check with failure resulting in a little inflicted Strain/Wounds/whatever. In "typical" combats that works.
Thing is, I'm working on a spy thriller campaign concept, and want my players to have something a little more reliable, but at the same time, not universally amazing. Specifically, I'm looking to replicate something like the Mission:Impossible hypodermic ring used to quickly KO an unsuspecting target.
I'm thinking:
Outside of combat you must make a Skullduggery Check opposed Vigilance to hit the target with the ring (or other similar covert delivery system) without them noticing. If successful they fall unconscious (or take whatever other effect is appropriate for the poison [laxitive, disorientation, etc]) in a few minutes, or 2 rounds if in structured time. GM (or PC if they are the target) can spend a d-point and switch it to requiring a hard Resilience Check for it to apply.
This will be "optimal" usage where the spy is taking down a target unawares. So usually should just work, but there's an option for the GM to spice it up or apply modifiers if the target is especially wary. Likewise if used against a PC, they have a shot of not being insta-KOed.
In combat the difficulty is automatically upgraded and it works as a brawling attack, with the poisons working normally (Resilience check or strain/wounds/etc like usual), as the target will likely be flooded with adrenaline which makes it harder for the poison to take hold.
What you think? Sound fair and functional, or is there something I'm overlooking?
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2023.06.07 00:34 LegitimateWinter4021 34 [M4F] #Toronto - Seeking a Discreet Affair if anyone is Interested

I hope this message finds you soaking up the vibrancy of life today. I am venturing into new territories, seeking an enriching and unique companionship.
While I am presently committed, my reasons for this exploration are personal and I'm willing to share these nuances in a more private setting. I don't intend to disrupt the structure of my current circumstances, yet I yearn for a certain distinct connection.
Now, let's paint a picture of me. A cultured, 34-year-old gentleman of mixed heritage with an athletic body with a hairy chest, a refined intellect, and a penchant for engaging conversation. My passions span across various arenas. I've had the privilege of experiencing the beauty of over 40 countries, immersing myself in TV shows, and quenching my thirst for knowledge through voracious reading. Outdoor escapades, particularly hiking, serve as my therapeutic refuge, while recently, my taste buds have been on a delightful journey, exploring the world of gastronomy – though I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a 'gourmet'.
The woman I seek is one who is open-hearted, able to partake in this journey sans judgment. I yearn for a companion to experiment with and explore a myriad of experiences together. This includes roleplay, flirtatious teasing, rough play, light bondage, spanking, and an array of other enticing encounters.
Should you be the woman who is ready for a whirlwind of laughter, insightful dialogues, common interests, and a discreet companionship, I look forward to meeting you with anticipation.
Excited for the possibility of an extraordinary rapport,
Warm Regards,
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2023.06.07 00:33 SuperSceptile96 Recently completed FFI, II and III(Pixel remasters)

Currently on my journey to complete every mainline final fantasy game, Finished 6 of them as of writing this post(completed 8 and 9 last year and 7 a few years before that but I'll maybe make a post about them later). I though each of these games were very fun, obviously a product of thier time but had an amazing time with each.
So starting off with Final Fantasy I, I had a nostalgic feeling playing this game despite never playing the game before, a simple fantasy journey of 4 heros going off to save the world, the game felt fair although a little easy for the majority of it, although the difficulty spike of the final boss garland took me by surprise, each class I played with felt fun and I enjoyed using the various spells the game had to offer, the music was amazing and probably the thing I enjoyed the most about each entry, so many catchy and classic tracks, the overworld in this game is probably my favorite as well out of the 3 as well as Garland being my favorite boss out of the 3 in terms of design and the fight itself.
Final Fantasy 2, so this game I'm slightly mixed on I enjoyed the music of course, I thought the leveling system was actually not that bad, I had fun experimenting untill I hit the caps making it a grind fest, wasn't a fan overall of how open the world was, would have preferred it to have been more linier like 1 and 3 were, some bosses I liked in design but were a cake walk to fight, was slightly disappointed how quick the emporer died, although I may have ruined it for my self leveling myself a but before entering the final Dungeon, speaking of the final Dungeon, in terms of looks it probably ties with the crystal tower for my favorite looking out of the 3 games, overall enjoyed the game, not as much as 1 but its pretty close 3, mainly because I enjoyed the story and the characters better in this game compared to 3.
Now let's talk about 3, I think overall I prefer the structure of 3 compared to 1 and 2, I enjoyed playing around with the job system although I think restricting certain jobs to each character might have been better, but that might just be me, the story didn't really grip me like 2s did, you see a few side characters briefly only for them to show up in the end, wish they were includedore, but again I'm aware this may just be due to when it was made, final Dungeon like previously mentioned I really loved the music and design, just wish I could say the same for the final boss itself, wasn't the biggest fan design wise if I'm being honest, not a horrible design by any means however there were others that imo were just so much better battle wise and design wise.
So overall really enjoyed all the games, my personal ranking in terms of my enjoyment for them would be: 1,3,2.
Just started FFIV today and the opening of that game alone makes me think I'm going to have another great time in this beloved franchise, Im thinking of making another one of these after completing the other 3 2d games, thanks for reading, if you have any tips for me on how to improve this piece just let me know, I'm still a beginner in writing these types of pieces :)
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2023.06.07 00:31 IrreliventPerogi Gardens of the Moon - A First-Time Reader's Experience, Final Thoughts, and Observations


A brief, beautiful series of vignettes. We close the loop on some emotional beats, as well as receive promises/foreshadowings of further adventures.


The opening verses of Rumor Born, and possibly my favorite piece of poetry in the whole novel. It took me until this epigraph to realize that the title itself is referring to the city of Darujhistan and it's history. That said, given the fact that the work describes the events of the novel itself, and is written by the same guy who wrote Anomandris, then either Fisher was a Seer of incredible power or else has an immensely long lifespan. Possibly both, although the fact that Fisher's birth date is unknown implies the latter. Even at the end, answers only invite further questions.
The only other point of note is the reference to the "Gates of Nowhere" but I'm unsure what that might mean. The SCDAT?

The Epilogue Itself

The remaining Bridgeburners land back where they'd initially launched from at the beginning of Book 3, preparing to await their Moranth escort. Quick Ben and Whiskeyjack watch Moon's Spawn drift south, possibly to find another contest, this time against the Pannion Seer. Whiskeyjack's headaches have been lessening, possibly in response to his loosening heart, less guarded than the one he bore into Darujhistan. His cool reference to the loss of three members not being "that bad, considering" and Mallet's pained response shows the change has yet to take in full, but the Seargent has begun a slow road back to humanity. We leave the Bridgeburners with an ominous note, that Quick Ben has hatched another scheme, a big feint, one which might run over poorly with Whiskeyjack.
Captain Paran watches his men below on the beach, contemplating everything it cost him to get here. His... unique nature has granted new senses, and a growing awareness of Silverfox. Whether or not the romance between Paran and Tattersail was Oppon compelled or not, the two resolve to reunite in time. Mysteriously, they communicate over vast distances, although it seems to be an unreliable process. He has buried Lorn, now finally a soldier, holding in the position once held by the very man who warned him against this path, walking a path of ruin himself. Ganoes Paran, the gods have noticed you, and their gaze is unlikely to fall from someone who survived their use — what will you make of yourself?
Kalam, Fiddler, Apsalar, and Crokus sail west for Dhavran. The former claw is amused by the two youths and their naive innocence. Crokus asks after Unta, and they speak of leaving others behind, and moving forward. Kalam holds nothing against Apsalar, she's just a girl, after all. Crokus objects to this and discards the Coin, no longer in need of luck. Circle Breaker, even here barely noticed, decides to inform the Eel one last time that the Coin Berrer has freed himself, then looks forward, anticipating a new life. Also, the monkey's a demon, which probably means something that it decided to stick around.
And so, with beautiful prose and bittersweet optimism, so ends the first tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Gardens of the Moon

An excellent start all around! We've yet to see how fitting it may be for the rest of the series, but for now, I'm hooked! So much of this rode on Erikson's ability to pull off this massively ambitious departure from the commonplace, and he managed to pull it off far better than could be expected. While I recognize his inspirations in histories and anthropology, being able to port one form of literature to another, not only across genres but the fiction/non-fiction divide, is seriously impressive. While doing so without sacrificing much of the strengths of either format; even leveraging them to complement one another, is a staggering feat. I'll be breaking things down, although these categories are listed in no particular order, into Plot, Characters, Setting, Cosmology (encompassing the more fantastical elements from magic to races), and Prose/Format.


Favorite plots include the whole Jaghut Tyrant arc (for obvious reasons), Paran's Excellent adventure, and the whole Coll/Lady Simttal arc.
The deep lore cuts of all the Jaghut and T'lan Imass storylines are incredible, worldbuilding on a scope that allows for geological/evolutionary implications. The powers at play boggle the imagination and feel realized despite their incomprehensibility. Not necessarily "cosmic horror" although that plays a part, but a cosmic spectacle nonetheless. Ending, of course, with an apocalyptic battle feeling like the climax of a series of epics we barely get to glimpse. Looking forward to seeing so much more of this side of the Malazverse. I will say, the T'lan Imass gathering never really occurred, but I expect that's still coming.
Paran's whole plotline, beginning with quickly snuffed youthful aspirations, to political maneuverings, to being a pawn in the interplay between many gods and ascendants, to shaking free of the powers chaining him, if not necessarily free of what has happened to him, was great to watch unfold. It was the most straightforward "quest fantasy" of the book, touching on many cool places and meeting a wide variety of characters. Paran's brute "I'm already dead anyway so I may as well attack things head on" strategy was refreshing to watch, his relationships to Topper, Tattersail, and Toc were all great and helped to show his evolving character. Connecting with the Bridgeburners and helping them sort everything going on out was cathartic. And of course, the elephant in the room, the Dragnripur episode was fascinating and haunting and I need more.
Then there was the whole Oppon-infused plan regarding Lady Simtal and particularly its climax, was fantastic. I'm a sucker for plotlines that were technically successful yet have the characters involved come away regretting it happening in the first place. The solidarity between the Phoenix Inn regulars was great, as well as untangling their connections to one another. No there's no objective reason this one stood above the other Darujhistan plotlines, but I jive with it.
Other plots, such as all the Tiste Andii background intrigue, Crokus's whole ordeal, as well as Tattersail's plotline are great as well.
Most of the Tiste Andii stuff needs to be unpacked more fully down the road, as is we have only a brief glimpse into this massive, alien world on Moon's Spawn. Caladan Brood, Kallor, the unseen Prince K'azz, and Crone all seem to have their own intrigue going on, keeping someone reigned in. As for that someone, Anomander Rake's whole deal is a whole deal, I'm enthralled to see more of this obsolete great desperately try to get his people to care about anything again. The dragons are all tangled in this as well. Yea, I did just spend a lot of words just implying things without divulging much of what it meant, but so did Erikson and I'm hooked.
So Oppon's big plan seems to just keep nudging this one unwitting kid around via hormones and coincidence to drag the genuinely important players around. This is fascinating because it seems all Oppon wanted to do was mess with the Empire. For reasons that aren't quite clear yet, the gods seem terrified of this growing coalition of power on the part of the mortals and are doing what they can to slow this down. Even more interesting, they'd likely be able to curb-stomp the mortals pretty easily if they all weren't in their own cold war with one another. Oppon did seem to be multitasking a bit with messing with Shadow, but I'm less certain why they'd have beef outside of each operating in the "screw with stuff we shouldn't" domain.
Tattersall's (or now Silverfox's) arc is of course left wide open by the end of this, but is great. The Deck of Dragons is a fantastic narrative device, as we get assurance of the god's machinations in the background without having to pull the curtain back all the way. Also, one of the lingering questions I have is who the Ascendant that messed with the reading she did with Tayscheren was. I guess Shadowthrone? The whole soul-shifting arc and rebirth sequence are haunting and more than a but disturbing, but that speaks to the alternatives she could have undergone from her stunt in body-hopping. Her relationship with romance was a bit, odd, but there's a non-trivial element of divine meddling so it's cool ig.
The plotting is currently the strongest element of M:BotF thus far. That we had like 14 different plot threads splitting off and overlapping and drawing together over the course of the narrative is insane. That many of these plot threads managed to enliven and enlighten one another, narratively, thematically, and lore-wise, only makes the whole multiplicatively stronger than the sum of its parts. Everything felt pretty natural, with the threads that did overlap often doing so secondarily, as natural consequences rather than merging together into one mega-climax. I mean, we did get one mega-climax-sequence, but that was far more due to their proximity rather than each even being doomed to become defined by one another. Events that started separately for separate reasons stayed separate, but the shared pool of locations and characters helped to cause each of these to be deeply interconnected in the lives of those characters. Speaking of which...


My relationship with the characters of this novel is a bit interesting. They serve their plots wonderfully, and nearly every one of them has several standout moments in both word and deed. Yet, on the whole, they're, fine. I guess they're... exactly the sum of their parts? Don't get me wrong, these are extremely good parts they're made of. New character archetypes, old ones played extremely well, old ones given genuinely inventive twists. These are very good characters, but possibly the weakest pillar of the novel. The dialogue is weighty and meaningful, betraying a depth to the world and the people in it. Actions are (usually) thought out, exceptions to this rule are all true to a character or under extenuating circumstances. I want to see more of all of them. It's just, there isn't much of that "x factor" a lot of great character writers bring out.
I've already praised Paran, his attitude, and his motives. He's way over his head at the best of times and just has to bluff and namedrop long enough to survive to a point where he can effect genuine change. That effort changes him pretty drastically, and while he is somewhat better off for it, it is a sad thing to see the naive kid in him die off so soon.
Tattersail is interesting to me, I like her, but as a character she's on the weaker end of the cast. We do see her strong emotions and compassion explored a bit, but she takes a pretty hard left turn plot wise before that goes much of anywhere. We'll have to wait and see how Silverfox pans out.
Whiskeyjack fascinates me, we don't get too much of who he is, just all that's left of him of being ground into the dust. I can't wait to see Whiskeyjack the Old Guard thaw off more, as well as Whiskeyjack the man.
Quick Ben and Kalam probably stand as my current favorite Bridgeburners, their bromance being a highlight of the novel all while standing as fascinating characters on their own. Quick Ben has, all kinds of backstory running around, as well as secrets on top of that, but what we know of him so far is great. Kalam's just world-weary, yet he can't help but keep moving forward until he can bow out legitimately. The two of them are so much fun on top of being fascinating.
Dujek and Tayscheren, while not super present in the novel, are pretty great characters in their own right. Dujek, last of the Old Guard with any real power, just trying to do what he can for his men. And Tayscheren, not necessarily evil, but just a guy swallowed up in his own job.
Hairlock, while not making too much of a splash in the grand scheme of things, was an incredibly fun inclusion and a great initial antagonist. Just a power-mad goofy little guy who doubles as our first major look into this world's magic and cosmology.
Adjunct Lorn was one of the standout characters of the novel, a woman enslaved to her own self-justification. Torn between the scared girl trapped in the mines and the unfeeling super claw, unable to reconcile the two before the end. Her constant contradictions and tensions within her character were fascinating to watch.
And Toc, poor Toc man. A great guy who I'd loved to have seen more of, just being such an interesting character on top of being fun. I feel he's introduced some interesting concepts, from the "inner sight" superstition of Seven Cities to whomever his dad is, but the credits have rolled and my guy is still down for the count, so I'll be interested to see how these elements are brought back.
Crokus Younghand stands out in this novel as the one, lone dumbass. Stop being literally me Crokus, you're embarrassing us. His interactions with everyone are great, quickly vacillating between idealism and stubbornness, romanticism and a parody grimdark woe-is-me view of reality. Every interaction he has with a woman is golden, but not particularly a glowing performance on his end.
Magnanimous Kruppe the First is the indesputable highpoint of this esteemed tale, and I will not hear otherwise. He is of course, bestowed of many virtues, chief among so his delight in the many pleasures of this world, second among so his capacity to indulge in any virtue or pleasure at will. Cleverest of anyone we see here, able to run conversations by himself with faux humility (for what does Kruppe have a need to be humble about?) and keep the magnificent city of Darujhistan in his pocket. There is a power vacuum of sorts our dear Eel needs to fulfill, and there is plenty of the rotund mage to explore each new crevice.
Rallick Nom and Murillio are great as well, in many ways they act as foils of one another. Rallick does what he does because he sees this as his only path through life, holding onto the concept of his actions benefiting others to preserve his mortality. Murillio, on the other hand, has a moral code of sorts but will transgress it if he feels there is a way to benefit a friend sufficiently. In the end, they both wind up morally bankrupt.
Lady Simtal and Turban Orr were fun villains. Not particularly unique but pulled off extremely well.
High Alchemist Baruk seems to have a whole bunch of layers to him. We keep getting allusions to a whole bunch of relevant stories with this man, such as his ascendancy or close friendship to Rallick Nom, but we don't get to see much of it, which I feel is a shame.
Raest is an awsome force of nature villain, believably evil for the sake of it. Namely, his evil is specific which is what makes for great villains of this sort. Raest wanted control over the longterm development of his world, to fundamentally remake things after his own nature.
Anomander freaking Rake. Nuf said.


While this is our first real look into Wu(?) as a whole, I'll mostly focus on modern-day Genebakis.
A great setting, with a bit of ecological and cultural diversity, although mostly hyperfocused on the city of Darujhistan. Perhaps a bit more could have been done in the set-dressing department. Genebaris received no real description, despite apparently existing in a different biome than the more southern cities. Similarly, he evidently passes through a forest, but of what kind? Touches like these could help further drive in the scope of the narrative physically in a similar manner to the temporal scope. It also is a bit disappointing because when Erikson did go the extra mile to do so, such as Kruppe's dreams or the like, two up-close descriptions of Darujhistan (besides just being big, blue, and copper from far off) were great. Actually, the lack of Darujhistan descriptions was possibly the biggest missed opportunity.
But what we do get in the City of Blue Fire is great and evocative. From the infrastructure to the politics to the culture and religion, it all stands out even among other great fantasy cities.
The Rhivi, Moranth, and Bhargast can all stand to be expanded on, but I get the sense that they'll be more than able to provide on that front once it becomes time. I'm curious to see how southern Genebakis contrasts to the northern reaches, but we'll get to that when we get to that.
Erikson's experience as an anthropologist really shines through, with the breadth, depth, and specificity of the world-building and cultures. I anticipate this element of the BotF rising to the top for me personally once we have more time to watch it unfold.

Cosmology and Magic

So my takes on these have been... rather well received, it seems. I love what tiny bit of the magic and cosmos of the world I've seen so far and look forward to understanding more!
In a lot of ways, it seems magic in this world is itself undergoing an evolutionary process, with all the Elder Warrens to Warrens ascendants and gods, and mortals evidently now being potent enough to overpower the gods themselves. If we expand on this analogy, then a lot of the confusion might be due to poor terminology. E.g. define a fish. Now define a Warren. There seem to be multiple related things all lumped under the same blanket term, despite their functional difference. The magic super highways and demi-planes and isolated pockets within objects (Dragnupir and the Finnest) are all roughly related (fish) while being intrinsically different and likely further classifiable as such (trout, squid, and sharks if you will).
But aside from that residual speculation and just generally saying its cool, I don't got much to say here.

Prose and Format

The prose of GotM was pretty good! Not the best, but serviceable, engaging, and evocative with a handful of really standout passages. I cannot wait to see this take a ten-year leap in Deadhouse Gates!
The formating was interesting. Many chapters were wonderfully interwoven PoV's all complimenting each other. Some could have conceivably been split into multiple quite comfortably, other blended. Makes me wonder why Erikson collected things as he did. Chapter 9 was basically 4 self-contained sequences each a chapter long, lol. ... It's because the Odessy has 24 chapters, isn't it? The book breakdown was terrifically effective, while Books 4, 5, and 6 largely blended together PoV-wise, they each still had their specific goals and arcs.
I'm a major fan of Epigraphs, and these were all great! (Despite my constant timeline and poetry scruples) A lot of my more out-there theorizing tended to be a bit more playful with the epigraphs than I think Erikson ever got, but that's more my own biases talking. I will say, if I ever get around to writing anything, I'd love to go ham on epigraph shenanigans.
All in all, this profoundly unique PoV structure (not so much unique in form as in just how broad and ambitious it is) works to elevate the whole experience. That Erikson so radically adheres to 3rd limited can get somewhat constraining at times, especially when we're not privy to info our PoV has, but overall, it works.

Final Thoughts

So, with all my nit-picking, critiques, and half-praise, did I even like this novel? No, I LOVE it. It is in many ways as advertised, a messy first step into a unique and wildly ambitious new direction, and I'm wholly invested in watching the rest of this unfold!
And now for one last pass through the ancillary goodies:
Dramatis Personae
Is actually quite funny in retrospect. But first:
Sorry is mentioned as a killer in the guise of a young girl. Obvious when you're in the know but it doesn't give the answer right away.
Dancer is mentioned as the advisor (right-hand, if you will) right out of the gate, D'oh.
Toc the Elder disappeared during Laseen's purges, interesting.
Kruppe: a man of false modesty, TRUE
Coll being merely listed as a drunk, technically true.
Chert: "an unlucky bully" lol
Mammot is listed as a High Preist of D'riss, D'oh.
The Eel is listed independently of Kruppe, good cover.
K'Rul is listed as the Maker of Paths, D'oh.
And that's more or less it. (I mean, I only skimmed it before, so its not like a missed anything)


Not too much to say here, but a few notes:
Poliel, Missteres of Pestilence, and Soliel, Missteres of Healing have rather similar names, which is interesting.
The Warrens here are all listed as what their actual domains are, which is a nice aid. There don't seem to be any more than the ones named somewhere within the text, which is fine, but a couple odd notes:
Meanas is listed as the Path of Shadow and Illusion, Tattersail mentioned the two domains are connected, whereas Quick Ben (once a High Preist of Shadow) had seemed to regard the two as separate. There's a story there.
Also, Thyr, Tattersaill's Warren, is the Warren of Light, given the apparently... interesting relationship between Light and Dark, particularly Lights evident "corruption" I'd love to see the implications of all this.
The K'chain Che'maille's Elder Warren is not listed, either because it doesn't exist (once again proving them the worst Elder Race, nerds got soloed by some snow, lol) or it was simply never mentioned. Given we have seen at least one magic relic from them, likely the latter.
Also, the Azath is nowhere mentioned, which is interesting in itself.
Well, that's that! See y'all in a week or so, once I've gotten a test out of the way, with the beginning of Deadhouse Gates!
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2023.06.07 00:31 Glycogenesis Searching for advice cw: SI

Cw Suicidal Ideation
I'm looking for advice, someone in the system have suicidal Ideation, it's exausting bc it feels like activly strugguling to Keep that sort of crisies away when trying to function in everyday life wich is allready hard enough sometimes.
I try my best not to be angry at them bc shame only make it worst, and i know that it Keep them isolated but we can't really afford to let them express that much.
I personally struggle to keep the balance between my "duity" or like self responsibilty of taking care of our body integrity at least, and the obvious effect that my behavior have on their shame/guilt management. I Guess it's a post about communication between alters? Does anyone have experiences about what can be tried in this context? To ease the way they feel a bit?
I want to help them.
Reading again i feel a bit inconfortable as i'm not used to describe situations in that way, i'm not even sure if it's fair to put every SI on their back, so my second question is how frequent are huge differences between alter's thinking pattern about suicide or self harm or anything like that? My own relationship to SI is not just a different feeling about death but seems like it's fundamentaly structured differently . At anymoment i feel like this can be a fraud so it couldn't hurt to ask here, i hope .
Take care of yourselves!
Also i hope it's not too obvious but i don't write in english often so i Hope the post still manages to be understandable
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2023.06.07 00:29 Amazing_Profit971 Tips from recent visit

Just recently visited Rome for 4 days and here are some things I wish I knew beforehand:
  1. The metro is very handy but sometimes the ticket machines are slow and will not accept cards or notes. Have some back up coins to solve this problem.
  2. Colosseum and Vatican City. I booked expensive skip the line tickets as people had me freaked out online that things get booked up. My friends just queued up on the day (busy Saturday) and got into both in under an hour. My colosseum tickets were refunded to me because of point 3.
  3. Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine hill tickets are FREE on the first Sunday of each month. We had to queue for 30 mins to get free tickets for this. The line looked massive but flowed quite well.
  4. Rome Termini is very big but quite safe and clean on the inside. Had my favorite gelato here too so the shops quality is quite good! I would advise arriving at least 30 mins early if you want to buy a ticket and it is your first time to this huge station. Many staff are there to help but it can take time finding where and how to get a ticket.
  5. Colosseum is worth the money. This is me 2nd time to Rome, 1st we had limited money and skipped on entering the colosseo thinking that seeing it from outside was enough as queues are long. It is amazing. There is a lot information inside as they layout some of the insides like a museum so you learn about how it was built, fell into ruin, was rediscovered etc. It is also just an outstanding structure that looks incredible even 2000 years later.
  6. Even touristy places can offer some great eats. My fav meals were in two places I though looked like tourist traps (but we were hungry). Generally great value for money even in tourist areas when compared to my home country (ireland).
Hope this helps someone out!
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2023.06.07 00:28 meekshallInherit Hairline ceiling crack under joist

I noticed the faintest hairline ceiling crack, (it’s probably thinner then a hair) on my basement drywall ceiling. When I looked closer I felt it directly under a joist , and it’s the joist that is perpendicular to the “ structural pole “ that’s in the middle of my basement. It’s a 1980s home , I put the drywall on the ceiling about 10 years ago. I looked around carefully and there are no other cracks in the corners, walls and all the doors and windows close normally, upstairs flooring feels normal(no dips or cracked tiles )
I have homeowner paranoia , is this inductive of a structural issue? TIA
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2023.06.07 00:27 throwawaythreehalves Playing episode 15 is quite melancholic

I really enjoyed the game and have enjoyed five starring places I didn't have time to do during the main story. As I'm pottering around, building ziplines etc. I started to notice a few notifications which then soon became an avalanche. My world is falling apart. All those 'online' player built structures are just collapsing from a lack of maintenance. I did repair some, I did what I could, but it's like holding back the tide.
I know it's not really an online game, but I do suspect that bands of players group together and well, everyone's leaving now that the game has ended. Seeing all those structures collapse is quite dispiriting. It really feels like being the last traveller to step off the train. Just a melancholic ruined world with nature taking back what always belonged to it.
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2023.06.07 00:27 theokktok Some Outer Wilds haters kinda make sense, but this one complaint? No way.

I've been seeing all over the internet and in reviews, both from fans and haters, that Outer Wilds is either trash or ground-breaking because it doesn't lay out a clear objective and lets players just wander around doing whatever.
But I gotta disagree here. From the get-go, the game's always had a clear mission for me: piece together the story, crack the "big secret" of the time loop, and figure out how all the bits and pieces connect.
As soon as you scoop up your first bit of info, it pops up in a logbook that starts stringing together the different subjects. Heck, the logbook even sometimes nudges you to go poke around in certain areas.
To say this game is anywhere near an aimless, open-world sandbox? Nah, not even close. There's definitely a mysterious story woven throughout the different worlds. It's pretty clear early on that your mission is to unravel this tale. Plus, there's kind of a natural progression to the discoveries, as the game stashes some key clues in tricky-to-get-to places.
Are folks really saying the game doesn't have a clear goal just because there isn't an arrow flashing "go here next"? If that's the case, that's a pretty narrow view of storytelling, in my opinion. There are tons of games and movies out there that play with non-linear structures, time loops, and other creative devices, so...
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2023.06.07 00:25 FourLeafSlover Social structure

The decades of propaganda against socialism/communism from capitalists, and propaganda against capitalism from socialists/communists has diluted the entire discussion of social structure. We could be thinking further into better solutions, but every time the flaws of capitalism are discussed, it devolves into a comparison with socialism. That's not the only alternative. Can we not think outside the box?
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2023.06.07 00:25 TMHeindsight Protecting memories from overwrites

This question confounds me. Why does it seem like at the moment we notice the memory conflict; a moment of doubt. A struggle between your eyes and your memories.
Perhaps the way we cross structure memories are so strongly interlinked that our mind becomes willing to believe both are no longer mutually exclusive. Two memories of one event. How do we reconcile this?
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2023.06.07 00:22 Extension-Architect8 Does anyone have any advice on how to get more experience of the private residential process, as an Architect who works for a "commercial" film

For a bit of background, I'm a recently-licensed Architect and my entire career I've worked in "commercial" (for lack of a better term) firms doing civic projects, commercial projects, and larger-scale multi-family projects. I've done some but generally very little private-residential work (ie - single family), but I would like to understand more about the process of the residential side which might allow me to do my own work at some point in the future. I like my current position and very well may stay there long-term, so I don't exactly want to switch to work for a residential architect.
I have enough knowledge of Type V construction that I'd be able to put together a solid set of construction documents for residential work, but there are things I'm not clear on (either how to do it, or what is the correct/best way to do it) such as contracts, structural design, some of the more intricate detailing, consultants and other trades (mechanical, electrical, lighting, etc), construction and finding contractors, etc. I don't feel confident to provide full services as a licensed Architect, but I would like to be.
I'm curious if anyone has been in a similar spot and how they dealt with it. I have reached out to a small residential firm once offered very part-time work at a reasonable hourly wage to gain some of that experience, but the talks didn't go too far, but I feel like that would be an ideal scenario.
Any thoughts?
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2023.06.07 00:21 almdudlerisgud What personality type would be the best manager for ENTP?

Hi all,
Which personality types have you had as a manager that you thought you worked well with?
I’m in a situation where I can choose a seemingly INTJ/ENTJ or a seemingly INFP/INFJ as a manager and not sure which would be better.
I think the INTJ/ENTJ would provide good structure and those types are naturally good leaders.
The INFP/INFJ would be really nice and understanding and flexible, but is less assertive and probably not as much of a leader.
I want to know in general what personalities are the best at managing ENTPs. I know for sure that I’d hate an ESTJ/ISTJ manager.
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2023.06.07 00:21 BlakesonHouser My employer is trying to cheat me out of commission from a sale

I will try to keep this as succinct and short as possible.
I work in sales for a large fortune 100 company. Over my 7ish years in sales we have always had different commission structures, sometimes a flat %, sometimes a sliding scale or different targets. Its never really been that well communicated but up this point, its been fairly consistent as such:
Commissions have hovered around 0.5% to about 1% of revenue (total sales $). So if you were to sell $100,000 you would make about $500 to $1,000. Bonuses have always been quarterly.
So this incentive has always been in my mind when making sales. I am the top sales person and while the numbers aren't super specific for sake being anonymous, I sell about $3 million per year on average, while the next person is around $2M and then it drops off with some only selling about $500-700k per year. Maybe that's besides the point but context is always helpful.
Last year I secured a client that would make a ONE-TIME $7,000,000 purchase. It came on the back of a ton of work, and honestly more than a bit of luck. But it happened, I scored a client that was over twice my double annual sales number.
We are currently on some new sliding scale, target + over target system which the details havent been published. I got the work secured a few months back of this year and we are delivering later this year. My boss told me that I would be making about $5,000 because "our targets were pushed way higher" for the time period that the client will be taking delivery (and thus when we recognize the sale). Historically (last 5 years at least) I would be owed $35,000 - $70,000.
TL;DR my commission is usually around 1.0% and for a massive new sale I will be getting about 0.07%! I am getting less than a tenth of what I have been getting for years, right as I'm getting by far the largest sale of my career.
My question is, is there anything I can do about it? If anyone asks me "what does your employment contract say"? What does that mean exactly? Should I ask my HR for an "employment contract"? I have my wage statement that just states my salary, this commission is something that hasn't been on paper since I've been doing sales, but its been regular for years. I thought I would FINALLY be ready to put down a payment on my first house now at nearly 40 years old and they are pulling the damn rug out from under me.
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2023.06.07 00:20 Future_Economics_132 Receive a £10 Amazon, John Lewis or Uber voucher when you sign up to Smarty mobile network

If you sign up to mobile network Smarty via a referral link you will receive a £10 Amazon, John Lewis or Uber voucher.
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The cheapest plans are £5 a month for a 2GB data-only plan or £6 a month for a plan that includes 4GB of data and unlimited texts and calls.
Your SIM needs to be active for 14 days to receive the voucher so if you cancel after receiving it you will have made £5 or £4 ‘profit’.
You can also earn an extra £10 voucher for each friend you go on to refer.
My referral link if anyone wants to use it is:
If you use my link I will also receive a £10 voucher so thanks very much if you do!
The non-referral link with no voucher is:
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2023.06.07 00:19 firsttimeuser12 [TOMT][Maybe Children's book?][Early 2000's] A book with a white patchwork bear with their mouth covered in a dark forest on the cover. Also in chinese(maybe translation).

Hello. This is a book I read as a kid that has left an impact on me throughout the years. I chose this book cause the visuals looked pretty. Sort of reminds me of those stylised Joel Stewart drawings. Which also led to me suspecting that I picked a european book that happens to be a chinese translation. It is structured with a colourful picture at the top and the text at the bottom. Hence, how I could remember key aspects despite not understanding much chinese.
Anyways. It is a compliation about a variety of cute characters, but also very VERY bittersweet in how their stories go. I think I remember nearly all of them, and they go as follows
- The titular patchwork bear on the cover. They appear to be covered in bandages and patchworks, but when asked which part of their body hurts the most, they point to their heart. Oh yeah, their mouth is also covered.
- A bandaged boy/mummy. They apparently get into accidents a lot.
- A black voodoo doll one that is one of the most brutal story. Their entire section is their girl owner torturing thm in a variety of ways. Like one illustration of their owner throwing knives at them while they're attached to a target board. Their story ends with them in the mud with tears in their eyes. Seriously WTF. They also show up in the bear's story.
- A boy who appears as a jointed doll. Nearly nothing significant happens and is probably one of the few stories with happy endings. IDK, I don't read chinese.
- A boy with glasses who prays whereever they go. The second story with probably a good ending. Their continuous praying is what led to me suspecting that this probably isn't a chinese book.
- A boy with a purple balloon for a head. They get bullied by two other boys but eventually get the upper hand.
Also, there's an entire index at the back detailing minor characters in the book, but also characters who are never presented, leading to me suspecting that it probably is part of a series.
Any help is greatly appreciated, especially if any chinese speakers can somehow find the exact chinese version. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 00:16 Defiant-Key5926 Airbnb management

Hi everyone, so I work for a smaller broker, and we are just now diving into become short term rental property managers.
My question is, what does a management fee look like for this type of management? How do you structure it? Where do you get a contract for this kind of management?
Also as a Realtor who will be running this for my broker, what should be my commission on the management? Is it a monthly commission based off Gross income? Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you!
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2023.06.07 00:15 Mathemagician4444 [Hire Me] US based academic assistant with degrees in applied math and civil engineering available to help with your academic needs. If you need help with exams, essays, assignments, and/or online courses, then look no further!

I’m a private professional tutor and academic assistant with degrees in applied math and structural engineering. I have been providing my services to students in need for 7+ years, having helped hundreds of students in that period. I am qualified to help with many subjects including but not limited to calculus, statistics, trigonometry, algebra (abstract/linear), physics, English, philosophy, sociology, psychology, nursing, and business/economics.
I am highly experienced in most major essay formats, including MLA, APA, Chicago, and more.
I help my clients overcome a wide range of academic challenges, from essays/research papers, to homework assignments, online tests, and more. I have several years of samples and vouches from past clients that I can provide to any interested parties.
If you’re interested in hiring me please don’t hesitate to message anytime.
I wish you all the best of luck in your academic pursuits!
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2023.06.07 00:15 Mathemagician4444 [Hire Me] US based academic assistant with degrees in applied math and civil engineering available to help with your academic needs. If you need help with exams, essays, assignments, and/or online courses, then look no further!

I’m a private professional tutor and academic assistant with degrees in applied math and structural engineering. I have been providing my services to students in need for 7+ years, having helped hundreds of students in that period. I am qualified to help with many subjects including but not limited to calculus, statistics, trigonometry, algebra (abstract/linear), physics, English, philosophy, sociology, psychology, nursing, and business/economics.
I am highly experienced in most major essay formats, including MLA, APA, Chicago, and more.
I help my clients overcome a wide range of academic challenges, from essays/research papers, to homework assignments, online tests, and more. I have several years of samples and vouches from past clients that I can provide to any interested parties.
If you’re interested in hiring me please don’t hesitate to message anytime.
I wish you all the best of luck in your academic pursuits!
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