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2023.06.05 03:04 Repulsive-War-9395 Mercari phone number

Well, it finally happened to me, they approved a Bullshit return request. I sold somebody a bunch of Victoria secret shine strap undies in a size medium for a KILLER deal, but it was still a decent sale. Her “ reason “ for returning them, is that the tag says M and then 172A ( European sizing) and not M 8-10. I’ve gone back and forth w mercari, even sending them appx ten pics of other VS undies that show the same info on the tags, and I’ve even sent them a screen shot of the size chart on the site that says a medium is an 8-10. They just keep saying “ item not as listed” but when I ask HOW is it different… crickets. I have a feeling I’m gonna get sent back knock off undies as these go for $30 a pair n were brand new. I’ve heard some ppl talk about having better luck dealing w mercari when they call, can someone give me the phone number please? I feel like if I can just get a real person / English speaker to look at this they will see what I’m saying bc the bot is reading it as the tag only said 172A
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2023.06.05 03:04 GuvnorJack How to clear acne starter pack

I see a lot of people still insecure about their acne from all ages and after going through it for almost half my life so far I wanna share some things that have helped me get it under control.
  1. WASH ALL THE TIME. Shower daily if possible, especially when you know you’re dirty. In addition, make sure to keep your complexion clean, not too oily and not too dry, wash your face and moisturise and your skin requires. Keeping your pores clean and correctly oiled enough is key to keeping them clear.
  2. Additionally people underestimate the effect of things other than their face. If you touch your face often, keep them soapy clean, and your hair is a bigger factor than you think. Especially people with longer hair I know aren’t the biggest fans of regular thorough washing but trust me it’s worth it, because if it’s even framing your face let alone on your forehead etc, it will cause breakouts if it’s dirty.
  3. Hydrate. You can never drink enough water as it is but keeping well hydrated helps your skin heal and reduce blemishes and pimples really well. I suggest drinking at regular intervals, especially when you wake up or go to bed to keep it flowing regularly to clear yourself up.
  4. Pop Pimples well. A lot of people are against it despite finding it entertaining. I’ve always found more success popping whiteheads with clean hands and then washing the area after.
  5. Eat healthier. I’ve noticed times when I’ve been eating more things like chocolate and sugared drinks my complexion takes a turn for the worse, so cut them down if you don’t mind going without.
  6. Get in the sun. It can be difficult, but even on cloudy days it’s worth getting some decent sunlight time. If you get the chance to relax in the sun on a very bright and hot day especially though, take it. You’ll feel better after having your face in natural light and a tan helps even your complexion and make blemishes and redheads less prominent.
This is not fits all advice, some people simply don’t suffer and others have particularly bad cases, but for me these have helped go from a very bumpy, red and uneven face to a smoother, evenly coloured one. Acne is extremely common in the west and it is a lot to do with the lifestyle but some simple changes can definitely defeat those angry breakouts that can reduce your confidence time to time. Hope you get something good out of this and remember we are all beautiful human beans, stay happy :D
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2023.06.05 03:03 Wolflmg Any tips to help my sister and bro in law doggo?

Daisy is about 3-4 years old. She was a rescue dog that they got during Covid, she was around 6-8 months old. My sister and brother in law moved into town and we all lived together for about three month, along with my dog, their other dog, my parents and sister until the house they bought was ready. And my brother live just down the road. So we all spent a lot of time together and every one got along great
Daisy has always been a bit goofy, she only likes certain people that being the core family. Otherwise she act s fearful, she would bark, run away from other people and not want anything to do with them. But when we’re sitting down for dinner she will then rest her head on someone who is outside the core family and be all friendly and not afraid, but as soon as the meal is over she goes back to acting like she doesn’t trust them even though moments before she had her head in their lap.
Now things have shifted recently that a becoming a concern. It seemed to all started when they took her older brother to doggy daycare. Normally she was the only one that went, but they were testing things out because we were all going on family trip, so they wanted to see how he would do. Which he did fine, but Daisy however got upset or something when the other dogs would go up to him and according to the staff she was air biting at the other. This would happen a second time when they took him for day care where Daisy would again air bite and she got her first ever C- on her report card. The staff told me bro-in-law that if both dogs came, that they would have to take turns to being outside since they couldn’t be together. Otherwise Daisy has always been good when she just there without her brother.
And now the more concerning not, Daisy has nipped two people on two separate occasions. In the first instance it happened in front of my dad and I, my dad was letting someone into the house and Daisy nipped the guys ankle. He was fine thankfully. And a day or so ago my brother in law was talking with his neighbor who dropped by and Daisy nipped her from behind.
Daisy does have anxiety from the vet, she doesn’t take it all the time. She normally given it if we’re expecting people coming over or fireworks.
She is a really sweet dog and we all love her to death, but she has fear issues and now those fear issues are becoming more of a problem. Are there any tips on things we can try? I believe my brother in law is going to ask doggy day care which is also a dog training place as well for advice and maybe some more training for her.
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2023.06.05 03:03 CakeCommercial9558 My sister (20) has OCD and severe emetophobia, and it’s really affecting me (20F) and my parents

As the title says, my sister has OCD and severe emetophobia. This has been the case for almost as long as I can remember. It’s gotten worse over the last few years. Most of her compulsions are about hand washing or cleaning frequently touched areas or things. This past week, I was sick (vomited) and she’s been in an intensely anxious state since then. I’m trying to figure out what to do to help her, myself, and my parents going forward. She’s my only sibling, and we both live with our parents.
Things really need to change, and I'm looking for advice/suggestions.
CW for talking about vomiting without censoring words related to it. In general when I talk about being sick or mention sickness in this post, I mean vomiting, unless I say otherwise. Also CW for other mental illness and suicidal thoughts.
**This is going to be a really, REALLY long post with lots of details, so skip to the TLDR summary at the bottom if you don’t want to go through all of it.*\* There’s even a TLDR for the TLDR, if you need it. Many of the details are because I’ve simply been holding onto all this for a long time and I need to let it out, but I tried to keep only what was actually relevant and helpful.I'll use headings to separate out information.

Background/general info about my sister

For about 5 years now, since the last time I was sick and she was around me, her mental health has gotten much worse. She started frequently asking family members to open and close doors for her (including cabinet doors and the dishwasher) and turning the kitchen faucet on and off. This is the case in public spaces, too—she’ll wait for one of us to open a door to a building, or for me or my mom to open the door to a public restroom. (She generally avoids public restrooms if at all possible, though.) She’ll use a cup to turn on the kitchen faucet, or she’ll open a cabinet door by the very edge and not the handle. She started only eating using dishes, utensils, and cups that she’s gotten herself; if we’re having dinner as a family and I’m setting the table, I’ll only set out dishes, utensils, and cups for myself and my parents. She’ll warn us to be careful of her cup or her dish on the table if we’re moving near it. She often asks us if we washed our hands after doing something (e.g., putting on our shoes—actually, that’s a fairly new one, I think), and she’ll ask about the expiration dates on food and if the meat someone else made for a meal is fully cooked. Sometimes she’ll ask us to clean or wash something that doesn’t really need to be.
The bathroom on the upper level of the house, where her and my bedrooms are, became hers for all intents and purposes except for the shower, which we share. I’ve been using the downstairs bathroom—where I had been sick—for brushing my teeth, washing my face, etc., for the last five years since I was sick. (Now that I look back on it, this was essentially self-imposed, since I didn’t want to upset her back then by bringing my daily hygiene items back upstairs.)
Basically, we comply with most of the things she asks us to do, which at this point I know isn’t great. My mom is the one who complies the most, I’m kind of in the middle, and my dad does it the least. My sister most often gets my mom to help her when she needs to clean something that she’s really stressed about. From what I can tell, my mom mainly helps because she’s worried about my sister, I mainly help because I’ve always given in to her with most things (not healthy, I know), and my dad mainly helps because it’s simply easier to give in than push back. We all love my sister, and we understand her mental illness is difficult for her, but I think that none of us really know where to draw a line.My sister has gone to therapy on and off since she was diagnosed when she was about 10, but she has refused any medication for her OCD. A while ago, she mentioned that she knew about EMDR therapy for emetophobia, so that gave me some hope that she might try that. She has been seeing a therapist for the last few months, but the therapist seems to be focusing on anxiety in general and not OCD or emetophobia. I did hear from my mom that my sister apparently decided to start therapy focusing more on OCD next week…however, that was last week, before I was sick, so she might have canceled the appointment.
Also, my sister is living at home right now and commuting to her university because living on campus, even in her own dorm room, is too stressful for her (she actually transferred from her first university primarily because of this). I just graduated from college myself and I'm living at home now. The only reason I would move out in the near future would be because of my sister's anxiety; I'm not financially ready to be on my own, and our family dynamic is fairly healthy.

Background/general info about my mental health & how my sister affects me

I was diagnosed with depression (dysthymia) several years ago, and I currently take medication for it. It’s gotten significantly better in the last year or so, thankfully. I’ve experienced suicidal ideation before and felt suicidal, but I haven’t ever attempted. I’ve also dealt with general anxiety, which comes in periodic bouts. I have seen therapists before; I started seeing one last summer for my depression and also to deal with my emotions about my sister’s anxiety, and I really liked her, but then I had to stop because my family’s insurance plan changed and she wasn’t in our new network.
My sister’s mental health and emotional state frequently affects mine. When her anxiety is severe, it scares me and I simply want to be nowhere near it, which sometimes gets to the point of suicidal ideation. Her everyday anxiety sometimes makes me uncomfortable and often causes irritation or resentment when she asks me to do things for her that I know are because of her anxiety. In a way, I feel like I’m living in a prison built from my sister’s fear. I’m torn between feeling resigned to going along with what she wants, worried about what will happen and how she will feel if I don’t help her, and angry that I have to deal with this. I’m also just…really exhausted dealing with it all the time.
I never, ever pick up or touch something of hers unless I have asked first and she says it’s okay. I can’t ever assume I’m clean when I’m with her, so she is always the one to initiate any physical touch between us (I love when I get hugs from her or when she leans on me). I’ll open and close doors and turn water taps on and off when she asks me. I haven’t ever seen her do this with my parents, but sometimes she’ll indirectly ask me to turn the kitchen faucet off, like call my name to get my attention and then nod at the running faucet. Sometimes I’ll play dumb because I don’t want to do it, but I feel mean not doing it if she asks directly. It’s also hard because it feels like such a small thing. But it happens over and over, and she will leave the faucet running if I don’t turn it off when she asks. If I touch something she thinks is really unclean, I accidentally touch a dish to the kitchen faucet while I’m washing the dish, I touch something she deems is unclean while cooking, or I touch one of her things that she hasn’t okayed for me to touch, she’ll yell at me or say “[my name], why did you have to touch that?” in a really disappointed and angry tone. (Interestingly, in the last several months she actually apologized to me once or twice after yelling at me like that, which was something she had never done before. I didn’t know how to respond.) I also never say anything if my stomach hurts, and if I have a stomachache and I go to get medicine for it, I try to hide it so that she doesn’t see and start worrying. Whenever I feel even slightly nauseous, I’ll worry that I’m going to throw up—not because I’m scared of it actually happening (when I was being sick the other night I was pretty calm), but because I’m scared that she’ll freak out.
With the help of my therapist last summer, I came to realize that accommodating all of my sister’s behaviors wasn’t helpful. I’m by nature a very empathetic person and I have a hard time saying no. I know I need to stop opening doors for her, turning off faucets, and washing my hands extra times, but I’m afraid that if/when I don’t do what she wants me to, she’ll get angry at me, have an anxiety attack, or feel like I’m betraying her. She’s expressed to me before that when people don’t try to help her (implied that “helping” is doing things for her that reduce her anxiety), she feels like they don’t care. But then I also overheard her say to our mom once that she didn’t want us to act differently in terms of cleanliness when she was around. I feel like I should communicate to her that I’m going to stop doing those things, but I’m not great at confrontation, and I don’t really know what to say. I do believe that it would be kinder to tell her what I’m doing than simply stop without any kind of explanation, however.
I didn’t mean for this post to get so long, but I don’t really have anyone who I can talk to about this as openly as I would like. I don’t have many close friends who aren’t also friends with her, so I don’t want to vent to them about stuff she’s dealing with. I’ll sometimes talk to my parents, but I feel badly making them feel concerned about her effects on me, so I don’t tell them many details. I do plan to try finding another therapist, because I know therapy will help me, but at the moment I simply needed to get all of this out and ask for advice. I feel like no one in my life gets how my sister's mental illness affects me, and I feel very alone.

The recent incident

So, I had an episode of vomiting several nights ago (Tuesday). I don’t really know why; I kind of doubt it was food poisoning since nobody else in my family was sick from the dinner we had, and I haven’t had any other symptoms of the flu or another viral sickness.
I had to take off work the following two days after, because I was exhausted and pretty weak from not having any food in my body. My sister was asleep when I was actually being sick, but my mom told her the next day that I had thrown up because she had asked why I wasn’t working. She immediately had an anxiety attack (I wasn’t there when that happened). Then for the next few days she mainly stayed in her room except for going to the upstairs bathroom. According to my mom, she refused to eat for at least a day and a half (if not more). I’m pretty sure Friday was the first time she actually went downstairs since I’ve been sick. I also didn’t see her at all until yesterday, Saturday, so for three days I didn’t see her. We were both downstairs at the same time for a little while yesterday, though I tried to stay out of her way. Today, Sunday, my whole family has been downstairs on and off, and in the same areas.
Per my sister’s request, I’ve showered in my parents’ bathroom instead of the upstairs one, and she wanted to do her laundry before I ran a load with the clothes I was wearing when I was sick. Those didn’t seem like completely unreasonable requests to me, though at first she wanted my mom to handle all of the touching of stuff in the laundry room for me besides my clothes, to which I put my foot down; I have the right to do my own laundry in my own house.
I know my sister is still really anxious, and my mom told me yesterday that my sister confided in her that she is having suicidal ideation, which is distressing to me, especially given that she hasn’t experienced much depression before that I know of (although she has had suicidal ideation when menstruating, and she has self-harmed in the past, but I haven’t heard about her doing it recently). I feel really helpless and like I’m a walking trigger for my sister, and I hate it. I also kind of hate myself right now for this whole incident because it was my fault, even though I know there was nothing I could do to physically stop myself from throwing up. I wish I could check myself into a hotel 20 miles away for a month or two. I wish I could’ve been sick outside, or somewhere else. I wish I could’ve been feeling better the next day and gone back to work, so my mom wouldn’t have had to tell my sister I was sick. I feel unclean and I’m mentally trying to hold myself together right now.
I don’t know when or if things will go back to “normal.” I don’t know when I can talk to my sister about stopping giving in to all the things she wants. I guess the best I can do is take it day by day and see what happens. I want to treat me throwing up as something that just happens, and everything is fine now, but I don’t think that would do much. The episode of being sick itself didn’t affect me emotionally, but to her, it was nearly the end of the world—probably the second worst thing, because the worst would be her throwing up.
If you read through all of this, you deserve a high five. Thanks.

******TLDR: My sister’s anxiety has worsened in the last few years, and my family has accommodated to a lot of her behaviors. My mental health has been negatively affected by her anxiety and I feel trapped by it. For a while, I’ve been trying to figure out how to stop enabling my sister. Then I was sick several nights ago, and my sister has been extremely anxious since then and has had suicidal ideation. I don’t know what to do going forward, and moving out right now is not a possibility. Things have gotten to the point where something needs to change, though.

If the TLDR was TL: My sister’s anxiety is really bad. I got sick a few nights ago and that made it worse. Things need to change.
So. Help?
A) I typically dislike asking for replies or comments, but please, if you have any thoughts (or resources) to share or even just to say that you’ve had a similar experience, I would be incredibly grateful.
B) Short-term: Any suggestions on what to do going forward in the next few weeks with her anxiety? Is there hope of things basically returning to “normal”?
C) Long-term: Any tips on how to tell her I’m not going to help her with things like opening cabinets anymore? I don’t know if there’s anything else I can really say no to…maybe washing my hands extra when I don’t need to? That would be more on an individual basis, though. Also, any other ideas on how to help without enabling?
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2023.06.05 03:03 NewfoundOrigin 'I want to pay for these with cash'

Me: 'Okay, do you need 2 receipts or can I do it all as one?'
C: 'It doesn't matter, I just need to pay cash for these.'
Me: 'Okay! the total for what will go on the credit card will be 68.49.'
C: 'Okay but I want to use cash.'
***I understand this. The issue is that if I ring you out for your cash transaction FIRST, and I need to give you change which you probably *want*, than it's going to clear out the receipt and I'm trying to do this all at once.
M: Okay, well then the total for the other things are $21.60.
C: How are they 20$? The tag says 10$?
M: Oh, Right, I'm sorry, I *was annoyed at your ignorance and had a mental slip*, that'll be $10.80 actually.
C: 'Just do 2 transactions'
***At this point my hands are literally shaking as I feel my blood pressure hike into the ozone layer. No. It's been a slow day with low totals and that will hurt our average. Don't tell me what to do because you can't figure out how to follow directions.
M: Well, No, we can do cash first if you wanted to use change.
C: *Pulls cash out of wallet, counts it, Only has 10$ even*. I was ready to use my extra change at this point had he threw the 10$ at me. Instead he says 'Just do it all on my card'.
Here's how you handle this...For customers.
You walk up to the till. You let the cashier know you're going to 'split payment'. You hand the cashier the payment method they ask for, because they're doing their job and know how to run their till - and then you give them the next payment method they ask for. It's really simple.
It really doesn't have to be this long thing where you have the cashier ringing out 3 separate transactions because you have 50$ in cash, 23.45 left in your debit account and a 20$ visa giftcard.
You don't have to have us sifting through items trying to figure out what things you can buy with which payment methods. We can literally do it all at once, with all 3 methods. Saves us time and the company money. We are encouraged to do it that way. *big huff*.
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2023.06.05 03:03 justpostingA My friend is in an toxic relationship, I messed up.,what can i do?

My (22F) friend (23F) has been with the guy X for like a year, most of their relationship was long distance, he recently came back to our town. They had been having trouble for a long time, mostly cheating accusations and they have broken up a thousand times. At one point it got so bad that even if my friend didn’t have battery on her phone, she would use mine to fight with him. Now that he is here there’s been a couple of issues.
First of all, it turned out he was indeed s*xting people while they were together, he claims it was only pictures and that it happened recently, well she discovered it had been through all of their relationship. She confided in me that one day while they were having dinner they fought, she decided to leave the restaurant and he followed her and grab her so tight she had his fingers printed on her skin (she told me like a week after it happened, and I saw the bruising).
At this point I became really worried about her, but she decided to stay with him, and try to figure things out. Well like a week later she called me crying that she was in the city alone at like 3 am without any way to get home because they had fought and she left, I basically order her an uber to take her home and check her location until I knew she got home safely. I didn’t sleep at all that night; I was far too worried for her. Little side note I'm in she recovery (about 5 years) and have really bad anxiety. I really got angry with her after that, she was acting like nothing happened and I got well I still am really frustrated with the situation.
A few days later we were at a party, I was definitely drunk, and we started talking and I kind of exploited. I told her that I loved her so much and that seeing her with a guy that is really hurting her is messing with me.... I'm not proud but I told her that the helplessness that I was feeling because of all of this was really pushing me to see again (definitely not the only factor and I'm seeing my therapist). She left the party after that, not that I blame her honestly, I think I went over the line. I suspect she restricted me from her stories on Instagram, so I don’t see she’s with him. How can I help her? What can I do?
I know I get protective over the people I love, and I can come as intense, but I can help feeling hurt by this all when I'm the one getting all the details of what he has done to her and how that makes her feel. I feel I lost a really good friendship.
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2023.06.05 03:03 annsioop UPDATE: AITA for almost ending my relationship over my boyfriend's cologne?

To address some concerns:
I have always actively attended therapy and still do, and I am on an anxiety med that works wonders for me. I am doing well, but healing is not linear. And yes, of course my boyfriend knows everything about my past, and no, it does not typically cause problems in our relationship, and I do not get 'triggered' like this often to the point where it would be unsustainably emotionally taxing for him. A lot of people were thrown off by me saying we have never before now had a fight. What I mean by this is we have never had any sort of fight that lasted this many days or we weren't able to pretty much immediately communicate through. Of course we have had disagreements, arguments, been annoyed with each other, etc., but it has never been anything too major. We are both very healthy and open about our boundaries and communication, and very emotionally available. We always work by the mindset that it is us against the problem and never us against each other. I also now recognize that our relationship was never in any true danger, despite the title of my post.
Now how things turned out:
I have been working on a research project for the past year that I am very proud of and I had the opportunity to present at my university's research symposium. I have known for awhile that he would not be able to be there because of his work schedule, as besides teaching he also coaches a team. But, to my surprise, even in the midst of us not talking, he was able to make arrangements. He showed up with flowers, and stayed for my entire presentation. We went out to dinner afterwards and talked everything out. I apologized for not telling him sooner, he apologized for making things escalate, and we both apologized for things we said while fighting and for not talking to each other the past few days. He has ALWAYS been kind, patient, and understanding as I navigate this, and I don't think this one time discredits the past four years of that. It was a major miscommunication all around and some misdirected anger. Many of you were correct in thinking he was not mad at me, but overwhelmed, sad, and disappointed with the situation, and the fact that he got rid of it is proof of that. His gesture to come to my presentation was the best apology I could've asked for. I also made sure to get him something small that I know he has been wanting for awhile but would never buy for himself so that he doesn't have to remember the one time he did do something for himself as all bad. We are not breaking up, and in talking about this we were actually also able to resolve some other more minor issues that had came up.
I came to THT because my bf is an avid AITA reader and I am thankful I did. I think I was mainly looking for reassurance that I was not wrong for my reaction, which I appreciate you all for giving me, and thank you all for the kind words. Your comments helped me see his side of things and helped me figure out how to better articulate mine.
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2023.06.05 03:03 Impulsive_Explosion Does it ever get better?

I have been with my partner for almost six years (married for nearly five: M24 & F39) and to put a really long story short, our sex life is nearly non existent. The first year, I was a month shy of 19, we used to have sex every single day, often multiple times. A year into it we hit a really rough patch that lasted about a year due to a really poor decision I made that sent me away for two years, but for context, we got married a month AFTER the incident happened (involved in a shooting that happened where no one was hit) By year four, I was home, life was good, our love and communication and everything was stronger than ever… except, we lived in a studio with two of her older kids and one younger. We had a big curtain blocking our side from theirs so it was minimal privacy and I was understanding, but she still found excuses not to do so, even with the offer of me paying for the hotel room. I’ve been home a year and a half and we moved into a new place with our own bedroom seven months ago - we’ve made love once. So for perspective, in the last four years we’ve had sex about as many fingers as I have on my hands. I’m not egotistical, but I also know I’m not terribly looking. I also know that I am the type of lover who makes sure their partners needs are met, meaning she finished too. She turns forty this month and she’s said it’s not that she finds me unattractive, but she just doesn’t know what’s wrong. I don’t know if it’s her age or if it’s because she’s checked out… She has said that if we don’t work out, she’s done with love (I’m husband #3) and I’m starting to think she might already be done with love. There’s no intimacy. No making out, no flirting, no spark, no desire, no interest.. nothing. I don’t know if over the two years I was away if she just got used to not needing to meet a spouses needs or what, but she works from home and doesn’t shower or shave much anymore, which is another reason she’d turn down advances because she was worried about her smell. When I first came home, it happened once. Then it was only the day after her period when she’d shower, we’d have sex, and then nothing and that happened a few times but then that stopped. Now it’s nothing and we’ve become roommates with rings. It’s depressing and kills me because I remember what it felt like to feel and BE wanted, but now, that’s all it is: a distant memory. I’m worried that I’m gonna wake up one day and be in my 30’s with a DB and by the time we go our separate ways, I will have lost all my youthful years and have a whole different list of problems and obstacles I’ll be dealing with. Is this something that can be fixed with time? Is this premenopausal issues? Does it get better?? Has anyone went from DEAD to ALIVE??!?? It’s not like my marriage is awful - it’s just missing a really crucial piece that has me feeling empty and insecure inside… had I known this was going to be the outcome, I don’t think I would have gotten married when I did. Part of me wonders if the damage I caused is the reason she doesn’t want me, but I don’t know, because she says otherwise and does in fact love and support me. Is this inevitable with age? Someone help. I don’t know what to think, how long this will last, or what the fuck to do anymore. 😞
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2023.06.05 03:03 BornEmergency1786 My mom gave my 4 month old son cows milk…

My mom gave my 4 month old son cows milk…
I don’t understand. My mom has basically made me feel like crap for about 90% of everything I’ve ever done. Good or bad. Right or wrong. And I’ve always basically dealt with it because… Well she’s my mom. It’s gotten worse since my sons been born. Every decision I’ve made for him. He is on an exclusive breastmilk diet. When I am home he is directly breast-fed. When I work and milk for the day with the babysitter. She has made comments like “oh you need to get him a bottle he’s not getting full“ WHILE I was nursing him. Or when he’s got a tummyache and crying he’s hungry. No he had just eaten. I for one it’s freaking 90° outside and I have him and just a onesie, She’ll tell me to put more clothes on him. We do not let it get that cold in the house.
His normal babysitter had surgery recently and cannot keep him. So my mom offered to help. She claims that the breastmilk I sent was bad. But the bottle that she sent back with me was perfectly fine. I sent three 8 ounce bags of milk with her even though I knew that if he ate he would only eat one of them. So she claims it was bad and decides to, without asking me first, give him cows milk. It made him sick with a tummyache and puking all day. Thank goodness it did not end up worse than it did.
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2023.06.05 03:03 Open_Technology4363 Dead cat

I usually go on walks and find this very, very cute cat. She was a little ginger kitty. I loved her to bits. Knowing she was outside was one of the few reasons I’d leave the house. I’d never feed her since she seemed well fed. I’m going through some difficult things right now along with dealing with some mental illness. I’m terribly allergic to cats and my parents wouldn’t let me keep one. So she was like a therapy animal. She was one of the friendliest cats I’ve met. While going outside today I saw her. She was dead, likely hit by a car. Seeing her in such a state was disturbing. I was about to puke. I feel terrible knowing she’s gone. I have no friends, and my parents likely dislike me so she was all I had.
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2023.06.05 03:03 Gold-Anywhere4655 Need advice on accepting or not accepting a job offer in a different field

Hey! I posted in another Reddit forum for advice but only got one response so I’m hoping I’ll get some more feedback that I can consider from jobs. I’m 24, non-binary, live and work in PA. I currently work in a community and school-based behavioral health classroom as a behavioral health technician. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and I’m pursuing a masters degree online in social work. I’ve worked at my current job for about a month now, and I make $16.50 an hour. I was initially really excited for the current job opportunity I received but I feel like certain aspects of the job weren’t explained to me upfront and I’ve found out about additional job responsibilities that make me uncertain about whether the job is a “good fit” for me and my lifestyle. For example, there’s a therapeutic summer program so I’ll have hours in the summer but the program is only six hours a week so I’m expected to do community outings with the teens I work with to get to the 40 hours. I’ll be expected to purchase whatever they want or pay for whatever we do, like getting them food or paying for admission to an amusement park. I’ll get reimbursed, but a month later. I’m really worried about this aspect that wasn’t explained to me upfront at the job interview because I live paycheck to paycheck and I’ll have to budget expenses for taking the teens out when I really don’t have the money left after bills to do so. Additionally, I was told I would have to be on-call crisis management once a month for a week and that I wouldn’t have to go to the actual hospital if a teen is in crisis and wait with them during my interview (I’ve previously had a job with on-call where I’d have to go out and meet with the children and families, no matter the time so I made sure to ask about that during the interview because that’s not something I want to do again. I need my sleep.) but I spoke with another BHT who said he spent five hours in the ER with a kid. I do get paid 16 hours of overtime for that week I’m on-call, regardless of whether the phone rings or not and if I do get a call or have to go out, I get paid for however long I’m on the phone or out in the community or home on top of that 16 hours. I don’t think it helped that the interviewer was an HR representative instead of someone who works in my department so she didn’t know all of the information. I really enjoy working with the teens I work with, they’re great kids. I interviewed for another job in a completely different field (medical marijuana industry) before getting this job and they just got back to me this week with a job offer. I’m conflicted and unsure about what to do. I tried making a pros/cons list but that didn’t help me decide. Financially, the medical marijuana job would be better because it pays $18.57 an hour and there’d be no responsibility for me to purchase items for the teens at that job. Also, there wouldn’t be an intense and stressful amount of paperwork at the marijuana facility. Additionally, I wouldn’t need to work on-call. Both jobs are union jobs, full-time, with healthcare benefits. The pros of working in the school are that I like working with the teens, I like my coworkers, I feel like I’m making a difference, it’s related to my degree, I want to potentially do my internship for my masters degree through the agency so I want to maintain a good relationship with the agency I currently work for, and it’s a union job. The cons are the on-call aspect, the lower pay, the expectation that I’ll pay for teens expenses and later be reimbursed when I live paycheck to paycheck, and there’s so much paperwork (I’ve worked as a BHT before and this is the most paperwork I’ve ever had to do). The pros of the medical marijuana job are that it pays more, it’s still a field I’d want to work in even though it doesn’t relate to my degree, there’s advancement opportunities, it’s a union job, no on-call, no intense levels of paperwork, and it’s the type of job that I can just show up, do my job, and go home without worrying about everything that happened at work that day and the well-being of the teens I work with so I could focus on my schoolwork and life outside of work. Cons of the medical marijuana job are that I wouldn’t gain more experience relating to my degrees there, leaving my current job might make it difficult or impossible to get an internship at the agency I work for now in the future, and I’d feel like I was disappointing the kids and coworkers I work with now by leaving. Especially because they’re talking about increasing my caseload at my current job and it stresses me out that I’m thinking about leaving when they’re so excited for me and think I’m a great worker that they want to give me more work. But at the same time, I’m worried that I’ll want to leave my current job in the future and there won’t be this other job opportunity waiting for me. Please help me decide because I’m so stressed! Thank you in advance for any advice, comments, or feedback!
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2023.06.05 03:02 KKnD1129 Help.

Just got into fishing. I used to fish when I was much younger with my dad camping and my grandpa so I would say I'm basically brand new. I've been skunked every single day I go out and fish. I throw litteraly everything in my tackle box. Poppers, buzz, hammer head, frogs(walking and popping) senkos Texas rigged, wacky rigged, jigs with out trailers, with trailer, matching colors, mismatching colors, spinners hell I even tried no bait just to see what would happen! By now I statistically should have caught something by accident at least. What am I doing wrong? I bank fish my local lake I've been to all the places on Google that they suggested I've looked on Google for good spots like points and guts I can get to on foot the dam and spill ways as well. Even creek offshoots from the lake. I've even got navionics on my phone with the bassforcast app to look at water depth charts to find any little advantage but still nothing. Please reddit what wisdom can you bestow onto me so I don't feel like a useless fisherman. It's become a pride thing now.
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2023.06.05 03:02 ThinVast Witcher 3 one of the most boring games I've ever played.

Heard this game get praised to almighty heaven so many times like no other games. I attempted to play the game 2 times when it first came out. Then decided to give the game another chance once the next gen version was out. Made myself finish the game in 40 hours and I can say it wasn't worth finishing the game at all.
One of the main things I can't stand about the game is the amount of dialogue interactions and cutscenes. So much talking back and forth. Character A: blah blah blah. Then Character B: blah blah blah and so on back and forth. stfu and let me play the game. I don't give a damn about watching tons of cutscenes and dialogue in a game. The only game that should have tons of dialogue back and forth is if you are trying to play telltale game which its main purpose is storytelling. The problem with witcher 3 is that it attempts to be storytelling game while having subpar gameplay mechanics. If you don't care that much about the "storytelling" in witcher 3, aka all the cutscenes and dialogue, the gameplay won't keep you hooked to finish the game. ai/movement is garbage and combat is dull. Let's be honest, majority of people who praise the witcher 3 game do so because of the story. Everybody agrees the gameplay is not as entertaining and could be much better. In fact, a majority of people who like the witcher 3 also like reading the novels. They play the game because they just like the story and lore in witcher 3 not because the actual gameplay is fun. I couldn't care less about how good the storytelling is if the gameplay is jank.
Now let's talk about the "storytelling" part. I know people say they like the witcher 3 because of the "storytelling" but I did not find what was so spectactular about the storytelling. In fact I believe the storytelling isn't even that strong. For instance, in the beginning of the game in velen, the game doesn't do a good job explaining who the Wild Hunt is, why they are after Ciri, and why it's so important to keep going after Ciri. After all, the main campaign is to find that special girl. I guess I was supposed to read the books to understand this?? Beginning of the game should be strong so someone can get hooked in and keep playing which the Witcher 3 doesn't. I keep hearing people say, "but it gets better when you get to the Baron part or when you play the DLC or when you play a 2nd time." Nobody says you should keep watching a movie if it only gets better near the middle. The same applies for games. Anyway, the game didn't even click for me despite finishing the entire game. I was trying to finish the game because I kept deluding myself that it will get better since people keep praising it as one the best game of all time. To my frustration, I finished the game but did not wholly enjoy it.
To add on, I don't really care about doing sidequests in a game and don't care how much content or how long the game is. People also praise the witcher because they say " it has 100+ hours of quality content". That's way too long for my taste. Part of the reason I didn't like so many cutscenes/dialogue is because it made the game go on too long for me. I like to finish a game in one sitting or over the weekend. I don't like having to take a break, play the game again and try to remember where I left off. It's okay if the sidequests are optional and add an extra 80 hours, but the main campaign goes on waayy to long and forces you to do some sidequests.
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2023.06.05 03:02 AutoModerator [Download Course] Bill Walsh – The Objection Box Family (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.05 03:02 thebananahotdog [Brian Burke] on Brad Treliving, from Burke's autobiography:

"...Brad owns a couple of Boston Pizza outlets himself, and he stands to inherit millions and millions of dollars someday. But still, he’s got a tremendous work ethic. When I was an assistant GM, I was known for always being on the road, turning up in one rink after another to scout players. But Brad may have outdone me. You’d see him at a college rink one day, then the next day you’d walk into an AHL rink, and he’d already be there. He worked like a dog. When the league was running the Phoenix Coyotes and Brad was part of the front office, Bill Daly used to rave about him, talking about how much he had his shit together.
"So, Brad was a great hire for us, not just in terms of his hockey IQ, but his values as well. He’s a good family guy. He’s fair with players and employees. He has a really big heart to go with a really big brain. He’s a joy to work with—we still text or talk to each other nearly every other day. We also have a similar vision of what winning hockey looks like. Brad doesn’t like it quite as crude as I like it, and he thinks the style of game I like is outdated—and to be fair, there’s some truth to that. But he’s a terrific person, and in Calgary we formed a very strong partnership."
Burke, Brian; Brunt, Stephen. Burke's Law (p. 278-279). Penguin Canada. Kindle Edition.
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2023.06.05 03:02 Elegant-Apricots 2023 Blazer RS

Just bought a used 2023 Blazer RS. Father had a 2020 RS and I well interior looked the same blah blah blah but it turns out I don’t have the active cruise control. The button for changing distance was there, but it’s for the distance before the alarm goes off. Turns out it’s the one package that the car wasn’t spec’d with. I have all the front sensors and such, and even a little diagram that shows me how many seconds until I rear end the car in front of me, and the red light that sounds an alarm whenever it thinks I’m going to hit someone. I come from Toyota background and know they have radar in the grille and a camera in the mirror. I have camera in the mirror, would it be possible to go to the dealership and get them to add the radar or whatever and flash the software so I can use active cruise control? I do lots of highway driving and got a ticket recently so I’ve been sticking to the right lane, and the enabling and disabling of cruise control gets kind of annoying and figured the new car had it. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 03:02 Obvious_Worth8888 Help! Brother for Nina. Thoughts on Edward?

We have a daughter named Nina. I cannot decide on a name for my son, and I am now considering Edward - my husband’s middle name. I would likely want to call him Eddie or Teddy as a nn.
Other names on the list: 1. Otto 2. Harrison 3. Wesley 4. Louis 5. Archer 6. Brooks
I am open to other suggestions as well, but please let me know your thoughts on Edward.
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2023.06.05 03:02 Lalathesad Am I supposed to feel this uncomfortable in a friendship?

So this girl I met about 4 years ago. First years we didn't talk often but we got along. We talked a lot more these last 2 years. She's a bit older than me, by a few years.
Idk when, but I started feeling uncomfortable in our friendship. She sometimes gives me advice or talks to me in a way I feel looked down upon. She keeps saying "you know, in life...", "you'll learn as you grow that..." or "you'll learn, like me to...". She's not that much older than me, yet she keeps talking down to me like I'm a kid?? Even my big sister doesn't talk like this to me. When I talk to her I feel stupid and childlike. I'd be venting about me getting bullied, and suddenly she's telling me that when I'm older I'll learn to not listen to people. I'd be happily telling her I have someone I like and out of nowhere she's telling me i need to become a mature and independent adult cause I'm not good enough yet. Like advice is cool but there's a time and place for it...
She also isn't a good listener. Like, if I complain about something she sometimes will bring up her own struggle or change tbe subject. She did it today when I was talking about me losing my best friend weeks ago.
And she isn't understanding, a lot of times. She lost her mom as a young adult. I lost my dad as a kid... I'm paralyzed by the fear of losing my mom too, like, the kinda fear where I start crying if I think of her dying. And she was talking about her mom, and I was listening glad to be there for her... then she started saying to me how I need to treat my mom well, love her, etc and that I'll realize her worth when she's gone, and nothing will ever replace her. I had to stop her cause I was starting to panic a little and I couldn't deal with the direction the discussion was going. I knew she was talking about her own trauma and pain but someone like me who's still traumatized the honestly tragic and horrific circumstances surrounding my dad's death cannot be a good therapist friend in this situation. But she didn't stop, kept going and going and going...
And she talks in those cryptic ways. Like she'd be acting distant or obviously looks like she's down. When I ask what's wrong, she never replies straight up and keeps saying cryptic nothings. "Sometimes people do some things that make you hurt" or "there are people who did hurtful things" or "it's hard to forget when someone behaves in a hurtful way"... I don't mind the complaining itself, and I'd hate forcing her to open up when she doesn't want to... But God, I don't get her, I don't understand who these people are and what they did and if those people are even me. Cause she's also the type to be mad and not say it openly, just keep her distance. I'm always confused and I don't understand her at all, though I usually understand people very well.
I feel like I'm constantly running, trying to be there for her only for her to either leave me behind or stop and look down on me. I want to be her friend, her equal. I want to understand her but also for her to understand me. The more things go, the more I feel like I'm a kid to her and it's demeaning.
Idk if it's a me problem. If I'm too sensitive, projecting my own insecurity on her and blaming her for things that aren't her fault... Idk, but I feel so tired. I realized how bad it is cause I'm exhausted after a whole day at university, yet I can't sleep cause I'm angry for no reason except her face which keeps showing in my imagination...
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2023.06.05 03:02 PhoenixDaOne Need help with understanding metrics

I’ve been running meta ads for about 3 days now and I don’t understand why my Link Clicks is a different number than my Website Views Content. The website views content is only 7 while link clicks are 28, this means 28 people clicked the link on my ad while only 7 of them actually viewed my website? What happened to the other 21? Please help me understand the differences, I have view content event configured under my domain as well just so it can also be detected due to the iOS 14.5 update.
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2023.06.05 03:02 Pasdallegeance My take on the air bike. What's your preferred mobility device?

I seen a picture of someone who made a very efficient air transport device. 2 fans and a steering stick. It took me a long while to build this first air bike, lining them up true to center seemed an impossible task and I bike would always drift to left or right. Well I used it long enough then though, and give it a ponder, it would have a lot less left to right exaggeration if I had them on the left and right. Now any off positioning will just make it go forward or back a lot if my placement was incorrect. I haven't been a le to make this thing twist itself so I fall off. It is much more enjoyable. A few photos of my device in action. As you can see in one photo it can lay down flat and still be able to take control of. Like the air bike I copied I put the fans on angles so you can actually fly downwards instead of always going up. Looking forward to seeing what you guys made and the teachings I can incorporate. Really like the simplicity and cost effectiveness of my device.
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2023.06.05 03:02 hnstlyfuckit [F4A] Spiderverse RP. OC x OC. Doubling? With preferred faceclaims

Hi writers and worldbuilders,
As I'm sure many of you can relate, I just saw Across the Spiderverse over the weekend and am itching to rp!
I'd like to play an OC female hero against a Spiderman!OC within the Spiderverse or MCU at large. The catch is I have a certain faceclaim I'd like the spiderman!OC to be. We can chat about that in PMs.
I'm absolutely more than happy to double with you (that is, play two separate pairings) and play a faceclaim of your preference (male or female) against another of your characters, or really anything you like. I do prefer to play faceclaims and characters that are college-aged/in their twenties. I'm open to hearing ways I can accommodate you all the same.
I think it would be fun to have the two pairs be in the same universe/plot so they can be a small cast of sorts.
Anyways, if you're willing and interested in the above, here is more about me as a writer and player to see if we're a good match:
26F, been rping for many years.
I have a Creative Writing degree :) I'd like a partner who has a similar affinity for descriptive language, deep character building, and cliche writing rules like Show Don't Tell
That being said, I don't write novella replies, but I will give you a small handful of quality paragraphs in my replies.
Absolutely must not be a minor.
Someone who puts thought and creativity into their writing, making it an art form of their own :)
Message me and we'll chat!
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2023.06.05 03:02 Different_Ad_8779 My (32M, gay) husband (42M, gay) invites mutual friend (21M, closeted bi curious) to camp with us. Husband wonders if friend is trying to have a threesome with us.

My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We’ve been exclusive since the start. As time has gone on, his sex drive has dropped tremendously, which he is incredibly self-conscious about. It bothers me, but hey, we love each other and when we do have sex, it’s always great. Overall, my husband is very body-negative, and hypercritical of how he looks. He won’t even walk around without a shirt on inside our home. I’m the opposite. I’ll walk around the house nearly nude because he says he likes ir when I do, and I legitimately don’t care about being seen nude! My husband is very ‘vanilla’ when it comes to sex and has never had more than 1 partner in an encounter. I’m more adventurous (toys, etc) and have been involved in a couple of group encounters (none at all since we got together, and I’m ok with that). Cutting to the chase, we own a beautiful rural property about an hour from our home. We frequently invite friends and family to join us for camp outs, and always have a great time. Sometimes it’s just us, sometimes there’s 2-3 additional families/groups camping with us. A mutual friend/acquaintance of ours mentioned he likes to camp, so of course, my husband extended an invite. This friend is a college kid who we’ve known for several years, and he’s a great guy. He and my husband were texting back and forth about the property, and the friend brought up how he likes to sunbathe nude with his friends he usually camps with (male and female) and asked if there was anywhere on the property he could. My husband told him that there’s plenty of space and that if he wants, he was sure I’d join him. The friend replied that he’d try not to get aroused if I joined him. My husband started to wonder if the friend was trying to hint that he’s interested in us. Husband asked me if I’m ok with possibly doing something with the friend, to which I replied that I’m fine with it only if he (my husband) was ok with it too. I told my husband my limits with an outsider, and that our limits/ground rules needed to be made clear if we start to move toward any sexual activity with the friend. In this entire situation, my husband has been the one to make the suggestion that something might happen with the friend, and I’ve only responded with my potential interest. Sure, the thought of having a third join us for some fun is a bit arousing for me, and I made that clear to my husband. I also made it clear that I don’t want to have sex with the friend alone out there, and only wanted it if my husband was willing to join in. It won’t bother me if nothing happens while we’re camping. While I’m open to the idea, I don’t want anyone feeling pressured at all into doing something they don’t want to do, whether it’s myself, my husband, or our friend. At the same time, I wonder if an experience like this might help my husband break out of his shell and be more positive about himself, his body, and maybe even jumpstart his sex drive a bit?! Has anyone else experienced a similar situation where their SO has created the situation, hinted at your willingness to join, and then gotten to the verge of backing out while you sit there caught in the middle?
TL;DR Husband invites mutual acquaintance/friend to camp with us. Friend is a horny college student who just discovered he is bicurious. Husband and I both find friend incredibly attractive. Husband dropped hints to me that friend wants to have sex with us. Husband liked the idea at first, but seems skeptical now. I don’t care either way. If we’re all consenting, I don’t view it as an intruder into our relationship, husband struggles to grasp that concept.
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