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Received this letter and I'm confused

2023.06.05 00:13 khank14 Received this letter and I'm confused

Hello I purchased AMC stock in 2021 and check my stock every few months. I just checked my mail and received this message..
aIn re AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Stockholder Litigation, C.A. No. 2023-0215-MTZ THIS CARD PROVIDES ONLY LIMITED INFORMATION ABOUT THE LITIGATION PLEASE VISIT INVESTOR AMCTHEATRES.COM/NEWSROOM/DEFAULT.ASPX FOR MORE INFORMATION. The Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware (the "Court") has scheduled a hearing to consider whether to approve a proposed Settlement in the Action captioned above. The proposed Settlement would resolve all claims in the Action captioned above.
You received this notice because you may have held AMC common stock during the period from August 3, 2022 through and including the record time, expected to be set as of the close of business in accordance with any New York Stock Exchange and/or Depository Trust Company requirements or policies, on the business day prior to Conversion on which the Reverse Stock Split is effective (the "Class Period"), and you may be a Settlement Class Member The Settlement was reached between Usbaldo Munoz, Anthony Franchi, and Allegheny County Employees' Retirement System ("Plaintiffs") and Adam M. Aron, Denise Clark, Howard W Koch, Jr., Philip Lader, Gary F. Locke, Kathleen M. Pawlus, Keri Putnam, Anthony J. Saich, Adam J. Sussman, Lee Wittlinger, and AMC ("Defendants"), and consists of a payment to the record holders of common stock as of the Settlement Class Time of one share of common stock for every 7.5 shares of common stock owned by such holders (after giving effect to the Reverse Stock Split) (the "Settlement Payment"). No fractional shares of common stock will be issued. Record holders of common stock who would otherwise be entitled to receive a fractional share of the Settlement Payment will receive a cash payment in lieu thereof in the same manner as will be provided in connection with the Reverse Stock Split.
You can file a written statement in support of, or objection to, the Settlement that is required to be received no later than May 31, 2023, in accordance with the instructions set forth in the Notice and the letter that the Court published to AMC stockholders, which will be posted on the "Investor Relations" section of AMC's website,
A hearing (the "Seulement Hearing") will be held before Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn on June 29-30, 2023, at the Leonard L. Williams Justice Center, at 500 N. King Street, Wilmington, Delaware to, among other things: (1) determine whether the proposed Settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate to the Settlement Class; (11) determine whether a Judgment, should be entered dismissing the Action with prejudice as against Defendants and lifting the Status Quo Order, (iii) determine whether the application by Lead Counsel for an award of attorneys fees and expenses and incentive awards should be approved; (iv) hear and rule on any objections to the proposed Settlement, Lead Counsel's application for an award of attorneys' fees and expenses, and/or Lead Counsel's application for incentive awards to Plaintiffs; and (v) consider any other matters that may properly be brought before the Court in connection with the proposed Settlement. Please visit the "Investor Relations" section of AMC's website,, or Lead Counsel's websites,, or, for more information." a
Do I have a hearing I need to go to? I'm confused on what I did wrong.
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2023.06.04 22:39 myboimelvinmole [USA, CA] [H] Figures, NES, SNES, N64, GBA/GBC CIB, DS, Gamecube & PS1-PS3 Games [W] PayPal

Shipping is included in all prices. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see more photos of anything!
$85 each - Final Fantasy 8 Quistis Trepe (Limited, Kotobukiya)
$40 - Diablo II Unraveler Figure (NIB)
$45 - Diablo II Lord of Terror Figure (NIB)
$40 - 2007 TOMY Pokemon 2" Figures Bundle of 4 - Dragonite, Regigigas, Deoxys, Darkrai

$100 - Lightning Rod Metallic
$20 - Life Creation Crystal
$200 - Cynder (Clear) - OPEN BOX
$100 - Dinorang Silver - LOOSE
$120 - Stink Bomb - OPEN BOX
$25 - Hot Streak
$40 - Hot Dog
$220 - Bone Bash
$60 - Fright Rider
$100 - Eruptor Silver
$50 per - Blackout (x2)
$50 - Echo
$20 - Light Trap (Variant)

$12 - Burgertime
$15 - Bubble Bobble
$30 - Contra
$15 - Donkey Kong Classics
$12 - Faxanadu
$15 - Adventures of Lolo
$40 - Adventures of Lolo 2
$20 - Super Mario Bros 2
$20 - Super Mario Bros 3
$25 - The Legend of Zelda
$25 - Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link
OR $185 Shipped for All NES games PLUS 6 blank cartridge sleeves and 4 Nintendo sleeves

$95 - Street Fighter Alpha 2 Game + Manual, Tape on edges of manual

$30 bundle - Turok the Dinosaur Hunter, Wave Race, WCW vs NWO World Tour

$130 - 9.0 CIB WATA Graded Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
$95 - Game & Watch Gallery 4 CIB
$25 - Lego Star Wars CIB
$110 - Pokemon Fire Red - Loose
$35 - Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (GBC) CIB w/ Reg Card
$40 - X-Men The Official Game CIB
$20 bundle - Lot of 6 GBA games + 1 GBC: Backyard Sports, Cartoon Network Block Party, Pirates of the Caribbean, Polly Pocket Super Splash Island, Namco Museum, and Spider-Man 2, Spongebob Squarepants and the Legend of the Lost Spatula (GBC),

$200 - Pokemon Soul Silver Big Box w/ game - No pokewalker, tear in bottom corner, some Japanese parts, inner game has all inserts

$105 - Donkey Konga Bundle (1,2 & Bongos, box in rough shape, bongos bejazzled):
$95 - LOZ Collector's Edition (CIB, NM)
$50 -LOZ Ocarina of Time Master Quest (CIB, cosmetic damage to manual + disc but works fine)
$70 - LOZ Wind Waker (w/ insert, no manual)
$35 - Metroid Prime (w/ Manual, minor manual creasing; stickers on case)
$40 - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (no manual)
$45 - Starfox Assault (w/ insert, no manual)

$35 - Blasto - CIB w/ Reg Card
$40 - Omega Boost - CIB
$15 - Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi - CIB
$70 - The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Do You Remember Love- CIB w/ Reg Card
$300 - Time Crisis Big Box CIB w/ Gun Con (Near Mint Condition)
$45 - Um Jammer Lammy - CIB

$30 bundle - Okami - CIB, Superman Shadow of Apokolips - CIB, Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness - CIB

$15 - God of War Collection - stickers on case
$30 - Hyperdimension Neptunia
$30 - Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 - sticker on case
$30 - Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - sticker on case
$35 - The Sly Collection

$8 - Bionicle Maze of Shadows GBA
$6 - Cartoon Network Block Party GBA
$6 - Crash Bandicoot the Huge Adventure GBA
$8 - Donkey Kong Country GBA
$15 - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror GBA
$15 - Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past GBA
$6 - Spyro Attack of the Rhynocs GBA
$8 - Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 GBA
Take All For $45
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2023.06.04 22:22 Ludosleftnipplering Ugh, WHY?!?!

So, I've never posted before but my heart is in my mouth and I don't want to bother OH with this as he's away for work. We've been NC with MIL and most of her clan for what will be 12 years in July. She claimed that she could "no longer have a relationship with (OH) whilst (Nipplering) is on the scene". When she uttered those words, OH and I had been together 7 years, married for 1 and we had 2 children together. At first we had some calls from her family, I had a rather spectacular letter sent my way and one by one they pledged their unwavering support for MIL and dropped us. GREAT!!! OH did receive a card at the beginning of the pandemic that essentially said "thinking of you, stay safe" (no mention of me or kids) but it's mostly been peaceful since then....... However, a couple of weeks ago I was sat outside the house in my car, getting myself together to go to the gym. I look up and there's a car creeping down the road, driver looking at houses as if to see house numbers or to recognise something. At first I thought it was a delivery driver, we get a lot at our door wanting the next street....then I get a closer look and although I couldn't see her face (thank you windscreen glare!) ITS HER!!!! She seems to notice me in the car but not recognise me (I change my hair often), she raises a hand and pulls round me and sits outside a neighbour's house for a moment. I wait, give my head a wobble and tell myself I'm mistaken. I expect the person to get out of the car and knock on a door but they don't, I'm watching in my rear-view. My eldest is in the house, I consider calling them but don't want to upset them. I then watch the car pull away and again, park up outside another neighbour's house, nobody gets out. At this point my anxiety and anger are boiling but I sit tight and wait until the car, eventually pulls away. I go to the gym and let off steam. On the way home I see the same car parked outside the hotel my IL's always stay at when they're in the area and almost rear-end someone cause I'd convinced myself I was wrong. Later that day I told OH what I'd seen and my suspicions and he said it was probably her (his gran has done similar by turning up in our town or in places he's worked) but not to worry as he has my back, she's nothing to us and it's not like they live locally...... So WHY?!?! now that he's left this evening for work, am I sat here having heart palpitations and struggling to breathe?!?! I know I shouldn't let it bother me, I know she's a coward and won't actually face me, so why the hell am I shaking?!?! UGH!!!!
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2023.06.04 21:11 Willowtreehugger6 Weir Everywhere

Weir Everywhere
Katy’s Bar and Grill Wilmington, NC
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2023.06.04 20:17 AyeMinty Not my cat’s family has suddenly moved and taken him with them. I miss you Socks 💔

Not my cat’s family has suddenly moved and taken him with them. I miss you Socks 💔
Socks lived down the street from me for about a year. This is the last time I saw him before his family moved out over the holiday weekend. He was my little buddy and an excellent hunter. He regularly fished moles out from the ground under our bird feeders. Even though he wasn’t my cat, I loved him with my whole heart. I am devastated to see him go. For those in the Raleigh NC area, keep an eye out for a friendly tuxedo kitty in your area.
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2023.06.04 16:47 HadjiChippoSafri EVENTS: What's On in Coventry this week (Monday 5th - Sunday 11th June)

⭐️ Featured image on this post is from: In The City Festival (Refugee Week) - Broadgate

🎨 Art & Exhibitions

Event Date Venue
Environments In Arcadia: Student Exhibition Until 10th Jun City Arcade
The Reason For Painting Until 25th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Memorial to Lost Words Until 27th Jul Coventry Cathedral
Divided Selves: Legacies, Memories, Belonging Until 24th Sep Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Warwickshire's Jurassic Sea Until Feb 2024 Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Dippy In Coventry: The Nation's Favourite Dinosaur Until Feb 2026 Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

🎤 Comedy

Event Date Venue
Rich Hall: Shot From Cannons Fri 9th Jun 7:30pm Warwick Arts Centre
Closeup Comedy with Helen Bauer Sat 10th Jun 7pm Fargo Village

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family

Event Date Venue
Mini Museum Engineers Play Wed 7th Jun Coventry Transport Museum
Let's Watch and Make: Wall-E Sat 10th Jun 10am Coventry Cathedral
Family Museum Engineers Saturday Play Day Sat 10th Jun Coventry Transport Museum
Divided Selves: Zine-Making Workshop Sat 10th Jun Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
In The City Festival (Refugee Week) Sat 10th June Broadgate

🎥 Film

Event Date Venue
Inland Empire Until 7th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
The Eight Mountains Until 8th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Thelma & Louise Until 11th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Chevalier Until 15th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Master Gardener Until 15th Jun Warwick Arts Centre

🍔 Food, Markets & Socials

Event Date Venue
Coventry Dining Club Fri 9th & Sat 10th Jun Fargo Village
Summer Vegan Festival Sat 10th & Sun 11th Jun Fargo Village

🎵 Music

Event Date Venue
Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba Mon 5th Jun 7:30pm HMV Empire
Lunchtime Concert Wed 7th Jun 1pm Warwick Arts Centre
Mostly Piano: Linda Merrick and Julian Hellaby Wed 7th Jun 1pm Drapers' Hall
Sessions: Dept of Misinformation Fri 9th Jun 7pm HMV Empire
Friday Night / Saturday Morning: David Holmes & Paul Toller Fri 9th Jun 7pm The Tin
Exotic Suite Fri 9th Jun 8pm The Arches Venue
Country Superstars Fri 9th Jun 8pm Rialto Plaza
Amy: A Tribute Sat 10th Jun 7pm HMV Empire
Rodney Cromwell & roman Angelos Sat 10th Jun 7pm Just Dropped In Records, Fargo Village
Rob Lamberti: Celebrating the Music of George Michael Sat 10th Jun 8pm Rialto Plaza
Kitchen Club Indie Disco Sat 10th Jun 9pm The Tin
Bollywood & South Indian Night Sat 10th Jun 10:30pm HMV Empire
CVFolk: Wes finch & The Mechanics Sun 11th Jun 7:30pm Albany Theatre

🗣 Poetry, Writing & Talks

Event Date Venue
Artist Talk: Zarah Hussain Wed 7th Jun 1pm Warwick Arts Centre
War & Peace: Can civic society make a difference? (panel discussion) Thu 8th Jun 10am The Nest
Windrush 75 Festival Sat 10th Jun 11am Coventry Caribbean Association, Spon Street

⚽️ Sport


🎭 Theatre & Performance

Event Date Venue
Rock On Tommy Wed 7th Jun 1pm Belgrade Theatre
The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) Fri 9th Jun 7:30pm Albany Theatre
Midlands Best Dance Crew Sat 10th Jun 7pm Belgrade Theatre

🛠 Workshops & Classes

Event Date Venue
Open Mic: Words & Music Thu 8th Jun 8pm Warwick Arts Centre

Any events that we've missed? Drop them in the comments below!
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2023.06.04 16:32 Professional_Fee578 RVA have a weak interstate/highway system.

Bro!! Widening VA-288 asap. It shouldn’t take me 30 minutes to get from West Broad to Hull Street Road….On a Saturday night (~9pm). Too many f***ing cars on that road. The speed limit is too slow. If Richmond had a legit beltway, 288 would be an interstate with 4 lanes both directions. I live in Chesterfield, the largest and fastest growing county in the region, and our primary highways are two 4 lane highways (288 and Po-white). Ridiculous!! Our highways are weak compared to NC cities and MD cities. Don’t get me started with 64 West…
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2023.06.04 10:25 loathism Realisation and easing into myself.

Post final discard by my quiet upwBPD and ignoring his attempt to contact me during NC, I have spent a lot of time by myself. There were instances when I hung out with friends, familiarising myself with being in the company of people other than my ex's presence. And while it did wonders, I was left with a lot more questions about /who I am/ as a person of my own unique individuality.
The brain fogs have steadily reduced as I detach myself from the trauma bond more and more, so the memories gradually returned too. I remember waiting for hours to receive a text from him and days of hopeful dreams that I'll finally receive a special surprise from my former lover; to finally see him doing the efforts he promised me (eventhough I realise now that he never needed to because I was already going above and beyond for both of us). The waiting periods were always the worst for me with my ADHD, I remained in a frozen state while anticipating /something/ from him and the crushing disappointment when it never came, haha, utterly devastating.
But I remember now.. how I kept myself occupied while he made me wait for his manipulative ass. I watched a lot of cooking videos and shows, I listened to music all the time, oddly enough... I was also a volunteer for an online website where people would vent to me.
Today, I finally woke up without a panic attack, I didn't dream of him at all, I felt no inclination to check his social media whatsoever; instead, I put on a movie then made myself a steak sandwich before listening to some Cuban music. I am starting to recognise myself a little bit better this morning.
After our break-up, I received various offers (literally the day after he triangulated me with his therapist, lmao) .. the decision I made is to pursue double master's and hopefully, be absorbed into the PhD programme afterwards. In the meantime, I have stopped searching for my lost love in my ex because while I was trapped by his delusions, what kept me going and gave me strength was my love for cooking, music and helping people. I want to be around others and socialise with them, provide people with a safe place where they could feel comfortable while eating good food cooked from the heart and excellent music playing in the background that's hopeful with life.
My point of making this post is to give hope to the new members and even the ones who still struggle with finding the light in their tunnel. There's no need to choose one over the other; I can still pursue my academic path and on the side, pursue my passions. I don't need to strictly divide my time; I can cook when I have the energy and visit local street vendors or try out new restaurants when my academic workload is extra demanding. I don't have to choose between myself or someone else, I am free now!
There's hope, friends. I promise there will be an end to your suffering. Please give yourself a chance one more time! I promise that there is no better investment to make than in yourself, in self-love and personal growth. No more confusions, no more trying to decode the disordered mess! You can finally focus on your well-being and it feels so fucking amazing once you're taking care of yourself, once you become your own person again. I'm grateful to still be here. Eventhough I'm not fully recovered, I acknowledge that I may have relapses but I have hope again; to get back up the next time I'm knocked down.
I'm proud of you, thank you for still being here, thank you for trying.
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2023.06.04 10:21 nick0ntwitch She Threatened To Take Legal Action

I've been NC for about a year now. I'm married with 3 children and love all of them more than anything. My Nmom has never liked my wife and she has the rest of my family (all immediate) wrapped around her finger. Her mom and sister live on my street and constant snoop on us. They report to her all the time. When I went no contact I still gave her a chance to keep a relationship with my kids but decided that it's best to distance myself and my wife from her. She never tried seeing them. After some time we decided to remove her from the kids messenger app when our daughter got upset with her. We were told that my nmom was crying over video chat to make our daughter feel bad about never seeing her. Without going on and on she does the text book things. Gaslight, emotional incest, send things to the house, etc. Now after a year she's threatening to take legal action and request grandparents rights. I'm not looking for advice I'm just trying to rant.
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2023.06.04 05:49 AltruisticCulture763 Solutions and help for the secret Devs Room. Explaining what I now know.

Solutions and help for the secret Devs Room. Explaining what I now know.
Properly 90% of the community has been in this but could never really understand the point of this room. Today I am going to help community move this mystery along and hopefully we call solve it together. So this will be your requirements that will make this quest alot easier. 20 technical ability 20 intelligence 20 strength. Will you probably need at least 3 play throughs. If I could start again so corpo run last. To start the quest your character need his scan done. So after you have collected the cyberware quick hacks. You will know which ones because they cost $300 to buy. You will need all 5 netrunners. They combine to make an ultimate quickhack. Now go to Kerry's mansion. Look into the mirror. Jonny should appear kiroshi his left eye scan it 3times at 4x. Now go to the jukebox that is broken use kiroshi use the picture #4 as the directions to scan the digital part of the jukebox. This is like a doctor's appointment. We are give the 4 requirements. If you did the pattern correctly it will automatically bring you to a phone call. Rogue is the person to call talk about Adam smasher. Then go smoke a cigarette and drink some whiskey. Then shower character should cough up blood. Then go to bed. If all those steps have been completed your are now registered. With yours and Jonny's. User numbers. User 1 and user 2. Now the dev quest begins. So this quest is not hard. But there is absolutely no data on it so I have figured this out on my own. So if I have missed something or overlooked something we as community can make sure it is put into the books. So I believe spoiler this quest is going to allow use to actually hack the space on our final quest. Not sure what happens to the space ship. Anyways let's start. What we are doing you ask we are becoming the best technologist cyberpunk has seen. This crazy so what that kiroshi now can do is build technology based items. We are going to be make servers rooms and running electrical and plumbing. It is get so hard that need more people doing this quest so I can ask for help. let's begin so we need parts alot of you probably already have a lot of these parts and just didn't know it. Pictures 6&7 you probably noticed these boxes outside or in front of your apartment or inside. Well these are the components you have collected and now can use. If you have a full workbench those are your tools. You can mode your cars so once you start understand what your looking for technology becomes easier but you will have take down enemies and put up you tech. Ok now you know that your a tech so what are we doing with this we are taking over the city. Build our business taking down fossil fuels we want solar and electric. Or Final Flight for the last mission Hense FF. so we need to take down the 5 business for our hero V to take over NC hense b5 . So Arasaka, Biotech, PetroChem, medtech, DTR. So this is where your second playthrough we be involved. So let's start by use our new tech ability. So we need green lights. Let's start with mega building 10 these are roots so your business also come from here . Let's start with hooking up electric to our apartment. Picture #9 use kiroshi you would use your kiroshi as if it were hand hook up wires. Tip:: if it brings you into a call that is test to connect but you can not connect if you have cameras watching you. So you will even be able to have techs work for you. By using kiroshi scan them they will work on projects for you. You can change the lights in your apartment to different colors. But remember certain tech ability calls for different gas and plumbing. So when you start your new story remember you need everything breachs code matrix and everything put the other companies out of work. Your brand well I guess maybe you can chose one but I chose magami market so these are the business you will need to hook up electric plumbing and towers. Bring down other markets power grids. Your new play through watch for breaches and generates gas lines servers. All your information goes carry over to new story lines so always are working on the devs quest. Picture #12&13 so you might have also noticed other shops around your building those are part of your market and will grow too . You need to pick everything you see clothes records ash trays.. so when you see those stand with the devs screen that is your code matrix. We are trying to spread it everywhere so your kiroshi to scan to screens at the stands like acknowledgment that you have been there at certain points they might need something extra. Photo #14 is competition we don't want put there power out. Now hopefully people understand what to look for if anyone has more questions I will be happy to answer what I can. Watch for clues when doing missions and NCPD remember petroChem is bad news I just was able to crack there nuclear power now arroyo is in now have chemical issues. So Corps and Gangs work together lots of people know but as you progress and read your shards look for hints maybe they mention a build and a person go check it out. If you know what it is . Arasaka works maelstrom. 6th Street works militech. Wreaths work with Biotech Velintinos work with Medtech. and everyone works with PetroChem they are our biggest concern to bring down. So when doing your new mission you want to help River because he has the trailer court which is great for our dev mission you want to help Judy because of the Mox have the BD set up. You want Autowerks for our new tech rides. Vic is our doc so always gets his place hooked up. I just got a epic kiroshi from him for $3.000. Now you can hook all that equipment that you thought was useless cause I did for a long time. Well Choom good luck any questions message me . I can try and help with anything.
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2023.06.04 04:54 Infamous-Advisor6007 Cleveland County Unclaimed property a result known conspiracy to conceal Embezzlement

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2023.06.04 00:19 onlyonedayatatime Memphis Pride is smaller than others, yet so full of joy and love 🏳️‍🌈

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2023.06.03 20:48 SteelBelle Free Ticket for Corpus Christi tonight at 7pm

Accidentally bought an extra ticket if anyone is interested message me.
Check out "Corpus Christi by Terrence McNally" on Eventbrite!
Date: Sat, Jun 3 • 7:00 PM EDT
Location: 4 North Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
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2023.06.03 20:16 Randomized007 Does this count towards fuckery? Just got my postcard yesterday…

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2023.06.03 19:36 Accidental_skidmark Giraffe-cat done by Johnny at Social Street Social Club in NC

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2023.06.03 19:23 ProfessionalSmoke296 How low of an asking price is too low?

I am selling my home and I have a realtor. It’s set to hit the market next week. I am getting married and moving to Canada to be with my SO so I wanted to sell as quickly as possible. We settled on a lower asking price of $500k (their model suggested my home was worth $515k-$520k) to move the house quickly and because the last home for sale on my street 6 months ago sold for $480k but home prices keep rising where I live (Charlotte NC). This week 2 other homes in my complex hit the market. One for $575k (which quickly went under contract) and one for $600k. The last home that sold in my complex sold for asking at $520k a month ago. Is my asking price too low? Would it be detrimental or a turn off to people if the price seemed too low? The homes are mostly identical in size and builder quality with 5 different builder models.
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2023.06.03 17:56 coldsteelcobra1327 Smooth brain ape needs help

Smooth brain ape needs help
Cam someone help a smooth brain ape. Just recieved this in mail today June 3rd 2023. Can someone explain this in smooth brain ape terms. And what I need to do if anything. Thank you
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2023.06.03 10:40 gilbeastraeus She told me she missed me today.

I have been in NC as much as possible with her due to us sharing a young child and having to have some sort of contact on the child's behalf. Today, she tried calling me multiple times, using our child as an excuse to reach out. Her parents live right down the street from my house. When I didn't answer, she drove by my house when I happened to be outside. She pulled up to ask for some clothes for our kid, so I went inside my home to get her what she was asking for. While inside, she made it a point to come into my home. When I came back downstairs, she told me she missed me and told me how good I look, and how lonely she has been. She said she wishes I would talk to her more and thinks about me often. However, she is the one that left me for another man. I told her it was nice to hear, but I wanted no part of it if the other guy was still around. She insisted he wasn't around and that she was single, but I know she was lying about that. It has been messing with me all night and I don't know what to make of it. Could anyone give some input here on this please?
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2023.06.03 10:35 Just_Curious_Okay I hope I don't regret posting this :(

It took several months to submit my anonymous tip to the FBI. That was 2 years ago and still no one has followed up or contacted me.
And so, I will post it here. I won't use names or identifying details like addresses or dates just in case the authorities are looking into it and I am just not aware.
It is my understanding that there has never been a solid lead/suspect in this case other than 2 random child molestekillers, both of whom they couldn't place within a 100 miles of Cleveland County.
Well, the tip I gave to the FBI placed a violent serial rapist (not yet on the sex offender registry at the time) within a 3 minute drive from the Degree House. So, you can see why I've been so upset and anxious that the FBI has not followed up with me. I honestly don't get it.
I grew up about 20 min from where Asha lived. But I moved away before she disappeared so for a very long time I was unaware of that happened to her. And it is only recently that I realized I might be holding some key information.
When I was 14 years old there was a guy who sexually harassed me everyday. He was explicit in the things he said he was going to do to me. I ignored him. But one day when he caught me alone he did attack me. He was big and he was violent. But I was fortunate because he saw people coming and I was able to get away.
I didn't tell anyone, not even my friends. That's something I've always regretted because just a few weeks later he attacked another 14 year old girl. She was not as fortunate as I was. He raped her. She reported it but he was given a slap on the wrist. It was pleaded down. He served no time and was not put on the sex offender registry.
I'm uncertain of what he did for the next few years beyond petty crimes but I'm certain he was no angel. Someone that angry, violent and compulsively raping girls isn't likely to just stop. But it was in early 2000's that he left NC and brutally raped and beat a woman then left her for dead. He was caught and is currently still in prison for that crime.
The issue is that the state where he is incarcerated believe him to have only committed that one sex crime. And in NC because I never reported him and he was not charged with rape against the other 14 year old then only a few realize he's a serial rapist. And perhaps only I am aware of this since no one knew about me.
I initially contacted the CMPD sexual assault cold case unit to make sure this man's DNA was in the national data base because I felt he had probably hurt other girls and woman. And because he was so violent I was also afraid he might have killed someone. They understood my concerns. The cop I spoke to said this guy was what they called an "opportunist rapist" or "stranger rapist". This type of rapist doesn't have a type. They don't care about age, race or body type. If the opportunity is there then they take it. Its compulsive. They don't even really consider the risk. And the violence is a huge part of what excites them.
So, when I discovered that my attacker-- the violent sex offender, lived just up the street from the Degree house around the time she disappeared, I realized he would have been a serious suspect had the cops known about his past. But like I said, he barely escaped being put on the sex offender registry and the authorities were unaware that he'd already sexually assaulted 2 minors.
I was quiet after my attack when I was 14 and that silence allowed at least 2 more people to get hurt. So, now I'm doing my best to be heard. And perhaps a thorough investigation of this guy will prove him innocent. I welcome that because the alternative means that my silence allowed this man to hurt an innocent little girl and that reality is just something I can't handle.
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2023.06.03 08:30 BruhEmperor Presidential Term of Thomas Custer (1889-1893) American Interflow Timeline

Presidential Term of Thomas Custer (1889-1893) American Interflow Timeline
After 12 years of trials and errors, Thomas Custer would finally rise and claim the presidency in a Post-Barnum era. With the nation being fundamentally changed in the past 8 years and with the effect of Barnum’s administration still very prevalent, like the still persistent Revelationist and Communard issues, Custer would need to uncharacteristically tread carefully to prevail in such a climate.
President Thomas Custer’s Cabinet
Vice President - Alfred A. Taylor
Secretary of State - Francis Cockrell
Secretary of the Treasury - Adlai Stevenson I
Secretary of War - John Potter Stockton
Secretary of the Navy - Arthur Sewall
Secretary of the Interior - Thomas Goode Jones
Attorney General - Jesse Root Grant II
Secretary of Sustenance - Sylvester Pennoyer
Secretary of Public Safety - Lyon G. Tyler (resigned May 1891), John R. McLean
(read about the campaigns against the radicals here) Left? Right? No, Custerite!
During his election campaign, the president promised a wide-range of groups things he would do in a future administration. Appealing to liberals, conservatives, nationalists, populists, militarists, anti-imperialists, and pro-reconciliationists, Custer would be flexible and non-partisan in his policies in order to fulfil such promises. Custer would first appeal to the anti-imperialist wing of his support by renegotiating to United States' promised port in the Congo during the Berlin Conference, crafted by Secretary Francis Cockrell, the United States would sell their land claims to the French on August 1889 for $1,250,000. The move would receive praise from anti-imperialists like Senators George Boutwell (F-MA) and Grover Cleveland (C-NY), and Representatives Edward Atkinson (C-MA) and John Wanamaker (P-PA), although opposition was brought in by some Commons and the old Barnumites like Representative William McKinley (F-OH).
Land designated for the United States (dark blue) were sold to the French Empire
Appealing to the pro-reconciliationists would be a harder feat than any of this. Ever since the end of the Civil War, stigmatism between the black and white communities in the south grew, it was further boosted by the barring policy of the Davis and Hamlin administrations which divided communities between whites and blacks to prevent violence. Forced integration was implemented by Custer with the Integration and Co-operation Act of 1889 which merged local segregated communities and forced some citizens living in those communities to live within the other group's area. Anti-reconciliationists like Senator Arthur Pue Gorman (C-MD) and Representative Benjamin Tillman (C-SC) opposed the bill, as they were elected within or with the backing of a white-only segregated community, though the pro-reconciliationists, which composed of both of the old pro and anti Barnumites, populists, salvationists, and progressives pushed the bill to pass Congress.
Capitol Building 1889
The act faced major scrutiny from both black and white anti-reconciliationists, which pushed it as dictatorial and a breach of their civil liberties. The case made it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States in the case Jennings v. Gibbs, in which Florida county lawyer William Sherman Jennings sued Representative Thomas Van Renssalaer Gibbs (F-FL) for 'infringing on and decrying civil liberties' by his support of the act. Gibbs' lawyers sighted the act was to end possible future violence between the two groups and claimed it was for the overall wellbeing of the country and to the citizen as their move was paid for by the government itself and that it was within the government's authority to enforce such acts, while Jennings sighted the First Amendment, claiming to this act violated the right of petition the government as the citizens were more or less forced into integrating without a say. The court decided on June 10th, 1890, and sided 5-4 in favor of Gibbs, claiming that it was within the government's right to enforce such an act. Although the court did also sort of sided with Jennings, pushing that the citizens moved out of their communities must give their consent and approval of moving out. Justice Robert Roosevelt wrote the majority opinion: "It is within Congress' right to enforce such laws that they apply, although it is also important to receive the consent and approval of those being affect by the laws they apply, as without it is simple tyranny.". The Supreme Court just marked pro-reconciliation acts as constitutional.
Lawyer William Sherman Jennings and Representative Thomas Van Renssalaer Gibbs
With Custer getting the greenlight on reconciliation, he began to deal with those dissenting on his new laws. Some violence and unrest arose from anti-reconciliation protestors causing riots and clashes with the police, in one incident, an anti-reconciliation mob beat one police officer to death and threw in body in the streets. The incident shocked the nation and many demanded justice, this gave Custer the backing to enact another plan he had. In the span of June-August, thousands of anti-reconciliationist rioters were arrested and sent to 're-education facilities' to be 're-educated' about their beliefs, those re-educated would be release after a month and if they caused more dissent they would be thrown back into the facilities to be 're-educated' once again. No one exactly knows what happens in the facilities but rumors going from torture to brainwashing are common, but those released from the facilities never talk about their experience there. Although, anti-reconciliation violence has been significantly reduced ever since the program was created.
Custer's Politics for Dummies
The Presidential Cabinet has always been more or less been aligned with the president's beliefs, although in this case, with the president's beliefs all over the place, the cabinet would be quiet diverse. Some would have quite populistic beliefs like Treasury Secretary Stevenson and Sustenance Secretary Pennoyer, some would be traditionally conservative like Navy Secretary Sewall, War Secretary Stockton, and Secretary of Public Safety Tyler, and some would be considered more liberal like Secretaries Cockrell and Jones, and Attorney General Grant. This caused some division in the cabinet, with many members having different opinions on issues, like the admission of more states in the plain, with the more populistic members being for it and the conservative ones being against it. Vice President Alfred A. Taylor, who was often the most moderate within the cabinet, often had headaches due to the amount of bickering in the cabinet, privately saying, "I would rather have been the presidential cook than a member of this cabinet.". Taylor was known for serving delicious Tennessee Cornbread during cabinet meetings and public events, which were from his own recipe.
On the Congressional front, politics there too was starkly changing. The Radical People's and Christian Salvation Parties had faced a significant decline over the last election and were facing even complete dissolution. The bells did toll for the Salvationists, as on June 1, 1889, waiting for a train going from his hometown of Freeport, Illinois to Chicago, Senator Charles J. Guiteau was shot by an assailant who was connected to the Salvationists. The bullet did not puncture his heart though and he was immediately treated by doctors. The doctors, however, operated on him with unsterilized fingers and tools trying to find the bullet, and Guiteau contracted an infection which slowly weakened his health. Guiteau would pass away on June 30th, which ended a major figurehead for the Salvationists. With their main leader gone, the Salvationists and their party were now certainly going to fall, so once again they turned to the Populists to help, they proposed a merge of their parties, unlike the Visionary Alliance back in 1884, this move would be permanent. A joint Radical People's-Christian Salvation convention was called in D.C., in which they decided to form the Reformed People's Party which would incorporate both Populist and Salvationist agendas. All Salvationists and Populists would run on this party's banner starting on the 1890 midterms, causing a wave of new support of their joint movements to grow. Representatives like Jerry Simpson (RP-KA), Charles Tupper (CS-NS), and Marion Butler (RP-NC), and Senator John P. St. John (CS-KA), although notably the party leader Senator James B. Weaver (RP-IA) did not outright support the merger.
Representative Jerry Simpson and Senator John P. St. John.
Troubles also arose within the ruling party itself. With Custer's moves in office being controversial not only nation-wide but also within his own party. Many Commons were repulsed by Custer's appeal to nationalists and populists, like his push for isolationism, labor reform, free trade, and anti-gold standard policies, which saw as the reason why the current economy was entering a small recession. The Custer administration was also known as notoriously corrupt, though Custer himself was more blind to the issue than actually involved in it, it was well-known that politicians like Secretary Tyler were making backdoor deals with businessmen like J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, even personally aiding in putting down worker strikes. Representative William Kissam Vanderbilt (P-NY) even once said, "The difference between a crafty serpent and a pro-big business politician? They have heels, I suppose.". These anti-reform and anti-Custerite politicians within the Commonwealth Party were called 'Reactionaries'. The reactionaries would included members like Senators Arthur Pue Gorman and John M. Palmer (C-IL) and Representatives like John Carlisle (C-KY). The reactionaries would form a major bloc within the party, often favoring militarism and traditional values in Congress, as seen from there opposition of the pro-reconciliation bills and their support for things like the gold standard and imperialism. But also from the other side of the spectrum are the people who see Custer as not reforming enough. Although they weren't as loud as the reactionaries and still mainly accept the situation, many still want more reform coming from the high office. The groups members included the likes of Representatives Samuel M. Jones (F-OH) and Charles N. Felton (C-CA), advocating mostly for internationalism, taxes, anti-corruption measures, and tariff reduction. Though more extreme politicians like Jones would call for monopoly busting, strong regulation, and direct elections.
Senator Arthur Pue Gorman and Representative Charles N. Felton would represent two very different sides of the same party
The Freedom Party had faced its largest split since the Federalist-Freedomite split during Henry Clay’s term. After the elections of 1888, the former Anti-Barnumites had taken control of most major positions in the main Freedom Party after the Conservative Freedom Party remerged with them. Staunch Anti-Barnumites like the pragmatic Representative Thomas Brackett Reed and stanch conservative Senator William Pierce Frye (F-MA) would all head their party in Congress. The remaining former Barnumites such as Representative William McKinley sought to amend the wounds between their counterparts and began the works to begin reconciling between the factions. Though many Freedomites were unsure about reconciling with the other faction, members like McKinley, Reed, and Representative Henry Clay Evans (F-TN) were influential in eventually mending their relations by the 1890 midterms, showing a mostly fully united party. This also was partly helped by the fact that former President Phineas Taylor Barnum would call for his old party’s unification, which had some mixed reactions in the party.
The aging former President P.T. Barnum who would later die on April 1891
(read here about the Military Crisis of 1890 here)
The Military's Resolve
The government would once again refused the military extremists' demands of increased power. As such, the 700 or so extremists would attempt to storm the White House, with others were sent to seize government buildings and offices against the capitol. The D.C. police was immediately called to hold back the group and a shootout immediately ensued outside the White House. 2 hours passed as the shootout continued and both rebels and police were shot dead, the White House received significant damage due to artillery brought by the rebels, with some rebels even entering the now evacuated building. As the 3rd hour mark hit, military loyalist finally arrived at the scene, led by Harrison Gray Otis and Arthur MacArthur, the 3,000 loyalists sent engaged the rebels who were now resorting to guerilla warfare. 3 more hours would pass as the loyalists would trek to find the rebels scattered around Capitol Hill, it finally cease as the loyalists would find and capture both Jacob H. Smith and J. Franklin Bell hiding in an abandoned building, the remaining rebels would surrender in the 7th hour. Over 500 people would die in the so-called "Battle of Capitol Hill".
Government loyalist in the outskirts of D.C. looking for rebels
The affair caused a uproar across the nation, with some siding the government claiming the military was being spoiled, while some supported the rebel's calls claiming the remaining restrictions were still ruining their careers. It also divided the military more, with some siding with the loyalists and some adhering to the rebel's calls. Fears began to rise of a second Civil War due to such divisions, as some Reactionary politicians began to support the militarist cause. Immediate calls within the government were pushing for appeasement to the militarists to avoid another rebellion. Thus negotiators began to work on something to ease the stress of the military resulting in quite the controversial move.
The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution would add 9 seats to the House of Representatives that would be designated for the military. Called the 'Military Representatives', 9 servicemen would be chosen from either branch of the military to serve as Representatives for the military's interests. The Representatives would be appointed by the president and approved by the Senate and members could be removed by the president during House elections. The amendment was ratified with astonishing speed, being ratified only two months after it was proposed on February 23, 1891 right before the 52nd Congress met on March 4th. Custer also personally backed the amendment, with others like Representative Thomas B. Reed and William Kissam Vanderbilt supporting it. The 9 Military Representatives were sworn in along with the other 349 normally elected Representatives. Despite the amendment being quickly ratified, it still faced major opposition from anti-militarists and especially the remaining Populists and Salvationists. Representative Henry Clay Evans about the amendment, "If this amendment were to pass, we would be nothing but lapdogs to the armed forces, always in fear of a military rebellion.". Senator Daniel W. Voorhees (P-IN) stated, "Giving any more powers to the military would strip our fairly elected government of independence and reason, as fear would now dominate our politics.". Speaker Alexander S. Clay (C-GA) would be ousted as Speaker by John Wanamaker after the midterms in an anti-Commonwealth vote, Clay would later state, "Was supporting the amendment to the Constitution the right action? I do not know that answer. Yet I know one thing. It was the only action there was."
Results of the 1890 House of Representatives Elections
Results of the 1890 Senate Elections
Tommy the Man
After the meltdowns of the past two years, Custer would focus in his domestic and foreign policy. Custer would continue his pro-reconciliation policies, achieving slow success across the south, with some forcefully integrated communities prospering and with some having being burnt to the ground. Both pro-labor and pro-business policies would be implemented, such as an 8-hour work day and a shorter work week, other than this, businesses would be usually deregulated and were given reigns in handling any of their practices, with businessmen such as J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and John D. Rockefeller emerging as powerful figures nationally, with their monopolies being wide reaching.
Cartoon mocking the rise of corporations and their growing power over politics
Custer's more reformist policies would deter some of his allies against him, as the likes of Public Safety Secretary Lyon G. Tyler, who disliked Custer's rowdiness in politics in general. Tyler basically had enough went Custer vetoed many legislations that were drafted by the Commons themselves. Tyler resigned as Secretary on May 1891, being replaced by the more moderate John R. McLean. Despite being bashed for his reforms, Custer would also be criticized for his more conservative policies too. A believer in laissez-faire economics and free trade, Custer would refuse to intervene in the economy even when it entered a recession during 1890-91. Custer would often get criticized for allowing big business to skyrocket out of control with their monopolies and trusts, though he would claim his concern was only of the workers' well being. Governor Nathan Goff Jr. (P-VA) would criticize Custer's domestic policies by stating, "Protectionism, direct elections, and internationalism are core things we need in this day and age, not only in Virginia but nationally, yet the president has rejected all of them.". Custer's domestic policies would see opposition from the new reformed populists, which called the Commonwealth Party the party of 'Business, Booze, and Boors'.
Custer, despite being a self-proclaimed 'isolationist', often had interest in foreign affairs yet couldn't act on them as fearing it would deter his supporters. When war broke out in South America in December 31, 1891, when Argentina, who is run by the dictator Nicholas Levalle who recently staged a coup against the government, and Bolivia invaded Chile and Paraguay (more on in the foreign events section), Custer privately sought intervention in favor of Chile and Paraguay to preserve their democracies. Yet Congress and the general public were staunchly against any intervention in South America as they saw as another foreign war. Anti-intervention sentiment grew even further when the Empire of Brazil intervened in favor of Chile and Paraguay on April 1, 1892, their force now being called the 'Continental Alliance', causing the scale of the war to increase and the death toll to grow. Though the public opinion was firmly sympathetic to the Continental Alliance, some in government sought to aid the 'Golden Alliance' of Argentina and Bolivia, as they saw helping them as a way to control their economy and politics, though yet again the majority rejected intervention. Custer did consult his cabinet on what to do on the matter, which Secretaries Sewall and Jones were in favor of intervention, though other like Secretary Cockrell and Attorney General Grant were against it which ultimately led Custer to not intervene for the time being. The US did sell highly demanded imports to both sides of the conflict, which yielded major profit.
- Major Foreign Events -
The War Down Even More South
High inflation, corruption, and bad worker rights in Argentina caused major unrest against the government. The Revolution of Park broke out against the government then run by the conservative National Autonomist Party on July 26, 1890. The rebels captured an arms and ammunition facility in the city and began to arm themselves as government began to apprehend them. The government forces were caught off guard by the now armed rebels and were forced to retreat, the rebels then turned to the Casa Rosada and the president, the revolutionaries successfully broke through the guards and stormed the building, forcing President Manuel Celman to resign. A revolutionary junta was put in place of the government as a new larger government loyalist force was organized to recapture the capitol, which led was by General Nicholas Levalle. The loyalist force successfully defeated revolutionary resistance in the capitol and entered the Casa Rosada, the revolutionary junta was defeat although President Celman had been executed and Vice President Pellegrini had fled the city. Levalle, seeing an opportunity, declared himself emergency president, even rejecting Pellegrini when he returned to the city. Over the past months, Lavalle would style himself with dictatorial powers over the Argentine government, which only fueled his ego.
General Nicholas Levalle of Argentina
Lavalle was a man who opposed the resolve of the border dispute between Chile in Patagonia which restricted Argentina outside the Pacific Ocean. In tandem, Bolivia's Gregorio Pacheco, who succeeded his very pro-Chile predecessor, had designs on Chile after Bolivia had lost the War of the Pacific, as well as Paraguay. Lavalle had secret meetings with Pacheco regarding their plan on Chile, later including Paraguay to the discussion, many meetings later and they decided on a plan to demand land from both nations. Their militaries were built up in the coming months to prepare for the incoming conflict. On December 26, 1891, Bolivia sent an ultimatum to Chile demanding their coastal provinces lost in the War of the Pacific to be returned, Argentina would back them the next day. On the 27th, Bolivia demanded full recognition of the control of the Chaco region from Paraguay, which Argentina backed the same day. Given until the 31st to respond, the Chilean and Paraguayan governments refused to respond to the ultimatums, so on the 31st, Bolivia declared war on Chile and Bolivia, Argentina would declare war on January 2nd.
The campaigns at first favored the 'Golden Alliance' of Argentina and Bolivia, which saw advanced in the north of Chile and southern Paraguay. By February, the Golden Alliance would be nearing the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion, which worried their neighbor to the east, the Empire of Brazil. Empress Isabel I was facing a waning popularity, especially after her father abolished slavery, and the public were firmly against the Golden Alliance. Fearing Argentina's and Bolivia's victory would shatter trust in her even more, she decided to intervene. An ultimatum was sent to Argentina, dictating to end the war or face a blockade, the Argentinians ignored the order. Brazilian ships would begin a naval blockade against Argentina, but oddly some ships were ordered to go dangerously close to the Argentina coast on February 25th. As the ships grew near, the Argentine coast guard were unable to recognize the vessels and assumed they were Chilean and open fired. Despite Argentina apologizing for the incident, the affair caused enough outrage in Brazil to secure that a war was a certain. Brazil declared war on both Argentina and Bolivia on April 1st, forming the 'Continental Alliance' with Chile and Paraguay. The war would rage on from April-August as many foreign nations watched, with both sides gaining the upper hand many times and thousands dead or wounded. By August, both sides would be exhausted by war and bloodshed and needed something to tip the scales.
Empress Isabel I of Brazil
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2023.06.03 01:19 localfyi Local Events in The Triangle this Weekend!

Durham Craft Market - Saturday 08:00 AM @ Durham Central Park - Durham
The Raleigh Market - For the thrill of the hunt! - Saturday 09:00 AM @ N. C. State Fairgrounds - Raleigh
Shop & Play Saturday at Phillips Farms of Cary: Kids' Summer Kick-Off with NC Eat & Play - Saturday 09:00 AM @ Phillips Farms of Cary - Cary
FREE HIIT class @ Crabtree Valley Mall w/ Princess from Fit Factory! - Saturday 09:00 AM @ Fabletics Crabtree Valley Mall - Raleigh
West Point Park Tours (4 start times) - Saturday 10:00 AM @ West Point on the Eno - Durham
Spring Kiln Opening at Mark Hewitt Pottery - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Hewitt Pottery - Pittsboro
Saturday Slowdown at RambleRill Farm in Hillsborough: shop at farmers' market, meet goats, have a picnic - Saturday 10:00 AM @ RambleRill Farm - Hillsborough
Summer Sol - Vinyasa Flow w/ Live Sound Journey & Zero Proof Cocktails - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Raleigh Rose Garden - Raleigh
1st Annual International Children's Day at the City of Raleigh Museum - Saturday 10:00 AM @ City of Raleigh Museum - Raleigh
Ever After: Fairytales, Food & Flowers - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Fred Fletcher Park - Raleigh
"Cultural Infusions": An Art Collective Art Exhibition - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Triangle Cultural Art Gallery - Raleigh
Open Farm Visit to Sunrise Community Farm - Saturday 10:00 AM @ Sunrise Community Farm Center - Chapel Hill
The Original Downtown Raleigh Murals and Public Art Tour - Saturday 10:30 AM @ 300 S Salisbury St - Raleigh
Yoga at Hi-Wire Brewing - Saturday 11:00 AM @ Hi-Wire Brewing at Golden Belt - Durham
Historic Raleigh Trolley Tours (1-hour long; 4 start times) - Saturday 11:00 AM @ Mordecai Historic Park - Raleigh
Wilson Pride Market - Saturday 11:00 AM @ Fayetteville Street - Raleigh
Flight Day at Dix Park - Saturday 11:00 AM @ Dorothea Dix Park, Big Field - Raleigh
The Market at NCMA - Saturday 11:00 AM @ North Carolina Museum of Art - Raleigh
Flight Day at Dorothea Dix Park - Saturday 11:00 AM@ Dorothea Dix Park — Big Field - Raleigh
FlushFest -- West Hillsborough's Homemade Music and Film Festival (admission by donation) - Saturday 12:00 PM @ 711 Eno Street, West Hillsborough - Hillsborough
flART Market - Saturday 12:00 PM @ ArtPost - Durham
Record Show - Saturday 12:00 PM @ Durty Bull Brewing Company - Durham
Art-n-Soul Market - Saturday 12:00 PM@ Waverly Place - Cary
Art-n-Soul Market @ Mystic Farm & Distillery - Saturday 12:00 PM @ Mystic Farm & Distillery - Durham
Rescheduled: Bond Brothers' Mid-Town Square Spring Festival - Saturday 12:00 PM @ Bond Brothers Beer Company - Cary
Raleigh's International Food Festival - Saturday 12:00 PM @ City Plaza - Raleigh
53rd Annual Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival - Saturday 1:00 PM @ Rock Quarry Park - Durham
Doughnuts with Dads at Book Harvest - Saturday 1:00 PM @ Durham Bulls Athletic Park - Durham
Live music - Saturday 2:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Raleigh
Away Home - Workshop Offering (part of NC State's TheatreFEST) - Saturday 2:00 PM @ Thompson Hall (NC State) - Raleigh
The Carrboro Really Really Free Market - Saturday 2:00 PM @ Carrboro Town Commons - Carrboro
Live music: The Stagger Brothers - Saturday 2:00 PM@ Carolina Brewery - Pittsboro
The ComedyWorx Show Matinee - Saturday 3:00 PM @ ComedyWorx - Raleigh
19th Annual Beaver Queen Pageant - Saturday 3:00 PM @ Duke Park - Durham
Saturdays in Saxapahaw Outdoor Concert Series - Saturday 3:00 PM @ Saxapahaw Post Office - Saxapahaw
Jazz + Art Market - Saturday 3:00 PM@ Artmosphere Community Arts Center - Clayton
Summertime Beer Fest - Saturday 3:00 PM @ Clouds Brewing Tap Room - Raleigh
Live music - Saturday 6:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Raleigh
The ComedyWorx Show - Saturday 6:00 PM@ ComedyWorx - Raleigh
Music at Mill Bridge - Saturday 6:00 PM @ Mill Bridge Nature Park Amphitheatre - Wake Forest
Music on Main - Saturday 6:00 PM @ The Streets at Southpoint - Durham
Live music: Maverick Rose - Saturday 6:30 PM @ Southern Peak Brewery - Apex
1st Annual Bad Prom For A Good Cause - Saturday 7:00 PM @ Tobacco Road Sports Cafe & Brewery - Raleigh
Metropolitan Community Church - Saturday 7:00 PM @ St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church -
Live music: LowderStill - Saturday 7:00 PM @ Nickelpoint Brewing Co. - Raleigh
Pride Dance Party at Gizmo Brew Works - Saturday 7:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Chapel Hill
Live Music - Saturday 7:00 @ 20 West Franklin Street Plaza - Chapel Hill
Live music: Thomas Hinds - Saturday 7:30 PM @ Oaklyn Springs Brewery - Fuquay-Varina
Glitter Hour: Amateur Drag and Queer Stage Show - Saturday 8:00 PM @ Ruby Deluxe - Raleigh
Summer F.L.I.N.G. Game Night - Saturday 8:00 PM @ 93 Rock Quarry Rd - Raleigh
Afrobeats, HipHop, Dancehall - Saturday Nights (1st Saturday of Each Month) - Saturday 10:00 PM @ Nafkot Lounge - Raleigh
Social Club: Saturday Night Social - Saturday 10:00 PM @ Social Club - Raleigh

The Raleigh Market - Sunday 09:00 AM @ Raleigh Market (at N.C. State Fairgrounds) - Raleigh
Free Pop-Up Yoga in Wake Forest with SoulFULLY YOURS - Sunday 09:30 AM @ Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve - Wake Forest
A Place at the Table's "pay what you can" food truck rodeo - Sunday 11:00 AM @ A Place at the Table - Raleigh
Board Game Sundays - Sunday 12:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Durham
Spring Kiln Opening at Mark Hewitt Pottery - Sunday 12:00 PM @ Hewitt Pottery - Pittsboro
Black Farmers' Market - Sunday 1:00 PM @ Southeast Raleigh YMCA - Raleigh
Community Build Day for Durham Art Parade: Art on a Stick - Sunday 1:00 PM @ The Scrap Exchange - Durham
Youth Aviation Academy Program at John Chavis Memorial Park - Sunday 1:00 PM @ John Chavis Memorial Park - Raleigh
Historic Raleigh Trolley Pride Ride (3 start times) - Sunday 1:00 PM @ Mordecai Historic Park - Raleigh
Durham Really Really Free Market - Sunday 2:00 PM @ Lyon Park - Durham
Open Mic Hosted by Michael Brennan - Sunday 2:00 PM @ BMC Brewing - Pittsboro
Durham City of Medicine Walking Tour (pay what you want) - Sunday 2:00 PM @ Raleigh Convention Center - Raleigh
Live music: Gypsy Railroad Band - Sunday 2:00 @ Nickelpoint Brewing Co. - Raleigh
Historic Houses on the Move - Sunday 2:00 @ Bombshell Beer Company - Holly Springs
Beer, Bacon, and Bluegrass - Sunday 3:00 PM @ Oaklyn Springs Brewery - Fuquay-Varina
Open-Mic Night - Sunday 3:00 PM @ Gizmo Brew Works - Raleigh
"Pay What You Can" for tickets to Corpus Christi by Terrence McNally, presented by St. John's Six Sundays in Spring concert: Sensory Expressions - Sunday 3:30 @ E. Carroll Joyner Park - Wake Forest
Indoor Yoga at the Chapel at Dix Park - Sunday 3:30 @ Dorothea Dix Park - Raleigh
Freeman Round House Summer Event Series: Karaoke with Mia Harris - Sunday 6:00 PM @ Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park - Wilson
Sunday Salsa Social -- lesson and dance - Sunday 6:30 PM @ Triangle Dance Studios - Durham
Sunday Night Live Music - Sunday 7:00 PM @ Southern Village - Chapel Hill

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Any other cool events that we missed? Comment below so we can add them to our list!
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2023.06.03 00:37 MisterDangerly Receiving a notice of a class action lawsuit a day late for the deadline to make a statement for or against the settlement.

Receiving a notice of a class action lawsuit a day late for the deadline to make a statement for or against the settlement.
I highlighted the date of the deadline. I just received it in the mail today on June 2
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