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2023.06.11 02:43 ThrowAway7s2 "Birds and bees no mystery to St. Joseph grade students" from the June 1, 1972 Door County Advocate

A new generation — Harmann

Birds and bees no mystery to St. Joseph grade students

Mention the "Becoming a Person" program to the uninitiated and the common reaction is, "Oh, that's that sex course they're teaching in Catholic schools this year."
The subject of bitter con­troversy in Green Bay, the theme of at least two highly animated television programs, and the topic of several heated pro-and­-con panel discussions, "Becoming a Person" has been quietly going its unassuming way at St. Joseph Catholic school. Far from being a "sex course," the program is more of a guidance course in personality develop­ment. Students learn the im­portance of family relationships, the dignity of the individual, the relevance of Christian teachings and the ability to accept social change.
Sister Jane, principal of St. Joseph's, says the program was implemented at the beginning of the school year following a joint meeting of educators and parents. It's geared for all age levels beginning with the primary "Families Are For People" textbook, charmingly illustrated with photographs of such mundane family activities as testing mother's cake batter and enjoying grandpa's story hour.
The underlying message in the first two books ("No One Like Me" comes next) is that every person is different, each has special talents, all living things are part of a family group, and everyone has feelings.
It isn't until students progress to the upper elementary grades that sex rears its intriguing head. It is then that the subjects of puberty, reproduction, fertilization and birth are presented in simple, matter-of-fact language. By now, students are aware of themselves as persons, fast maturing individuals with a healthy curiosity as to the mysteries of life. "Discovering You" deals with the human life cycle; the human body, its parts and functions, thus answering basic questions common to fourth and fifth grade age groups. "The Changing You" concentrates on the child's mental and physical growth during puberty, and his changing role in the family and with his friends and peers.
Each book is carefully designed to correlate five basic themes. Stressed throughout the "Becoming a Person" program are the recurring concepts of family relationship, understanding oneself, maturity, relating to others, and values. The latter encompasses ethical and religious values, rules, self-discipline, service and love.
"Only by understanding our­selves can we understand one another," says Sister Jane. "The Becoming a Person" program emphasizes the need for self-insight; the acceptance of differences in others; a realization of one's worth."
In a "Report to Parents," published in conjunction with the innovation program parents are reminded we can never shed our sexuality. From the pink or blue blanket received at birth, through the toys happily opened at Christmas, boys and girls are aware of their sexual roles. Sex, the book informs parents, is not something we do; it is something we are.
By allowing children to relate plant growth to human development sex is taken out of the gutter and put in its proper perspective. "Children," declared Sister Jane, "are receptive and appreciative. They are encouraged to ask questions at home and to discuss problems either publicly in class or privately with their teachers."
"It's a fun program to teach," the young principal smiled. "You'd be amazed at how well the "Who Am I?" concept fits in with other classes. Be it science, biology, history or social studies, there's something about the Becoming a Person program that applies to almost every other course."
"Parents approve this program," Sister Jane continued, because they know just what their children are being taught. A Parent Handbook is included with each text and the cooperation between parents and faculty can only be described as superb. Children took their books some before classes even started enabling parents to preview each
lesson and ask questions of the teachers."
A mother of four gradeschoolers gave her viewpoint. "I was all for the program from the beginning but my mother was both shocked and indignant. Sex was something never discussed in our home and mother thought the subject highly unsuitable for "little ones" to learn. However, after going over the four different books, each relating to a different phase, mother said, 'This makes sense — it's a shame Becoming a Person wasn't taught when you were in school.'"
"That was my sentiment, exactly," grinned the mother of four. "I can't get over how dumb I was."
The Becoming a Person Program is part of the Greer Bay Plan which, in turn, is a comprehensive religion education curriculum embracing all age groups. Developed by diocesan personnel, its purpose is to combine religious instruction with human growth. The development of a happy, well adjusted human being fully aware of his relationship to God, nature, family, teachers, and peers is really what the program all about.
"It's a mini course in psychology," stated one pleased father. "And the best part of it is — it seems to be working."
Courtesy of the Door County Library Newspaper Archive
Previously posted
Response to "The Importance of Pronouns" from doorcountypulse.com on June 8, 2023

"A well organized Girl Scout weekend at Cuesta" from the May 29, 1973 Door County Advocate

"Gibraltar parent meetings may become regular fare" from the April 11, 1972 Door County Advocate

"Family football fare ends with no show of remorse" from the November 2, 1976 Door County Advocate
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2023.06.11 02:43 Zodiacuser [Store] TI8, TI9, Nemestice,Aghanims, Diretide CC's

Emperor Zodiac Services is back on reddit to provide you my servicesI have been selling since TI10 and stopped due to complication with reddit postings.
But now I have returned to provide service to those who are interested as there is coin to be made.For proof of legitimacy as a businessman please look at my steam profile
Mode of payment Gcash/Coins.ph/Paypal/Paymaya
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TI8 Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Shackles of Enduring Conscript (Axe) 1 Available $10
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TI9 Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Directive of the Sunbound (Clockwork) 1 Available $10
Distinguished Expeditionary (Tuskar) 1 Available $10
Prized Acquisition (Batrider) 1 Available $10

TI10 Collectors Cache II Quantity Price
The king of thieves (Keeper of the Light) 0 Available 1 Reserved $10

Nemestice Collectors Cache Quantity Price
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Caerulian Stars (Enchantress) 3 Available $5
Litany of the Damned (Doombringer) 1 Available $10
Red Sands Marauder (Shadow Shaman) 0 Available 1 Sold $10
Twilight Hex (Dark Willow) 2 Available 1 Reserved $6

Aghanims Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Blight Fall (Abaddon) 1 Available $8
Cosmic Concoctor (Alchemist) 0 Available 1 Sold $6
Forgotten Fate (Mars) 1 Available $8
Perils of the Red Banks (Chen) 2 Available $8
Secrets of the Frost Singularity (Ancient Apparition) 1 Available $8
The Chained Scribe (Grimmstroke) 1 Available $8
Rare: Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected (Ogre Magi) 1 Available 1 Sold $20

Diretide Collectors Cache I Quantity Price
Champion of the Fire Lotus (Monkey King) 4 Available $4
Chines of the Inquisitor (Faceless Void) 4 Available $4
Crimson Dawn (Phoenix) 5 Available $4
Deathstick Shaman (Witch Doctor) 3 Available $4
Dirge Amplifier (Undying) 4 Available $4
Forgotten Station (Terror Blade) 3 Available $4
Hounds of Obsession (Chen) 2 Available $6
Seadog's Stash (Clockwork) 4 Available $4
Spoils of the Shadowveil (Spectre) 4 Available $4
Starlorn Adjudicator (Dawnbreaker) 1 Available $6
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt (Ursa) 4 Available $4
Whippersnapper (Snapfire) 2 Available $4
Rare: Angel of Vex (Invoker) 2 Available $20
Rare: Blue Horizons (Marci) 3 Available $15

Diretide Collectors Cache II Quantity Price
Acrimonies of Obsession (Vengeful Spirit) 3 Available $4
Bird of Prey (Legion Commander) 1 Available 1 Reserved $4
Cursed Cryptbreaker (Pudge) 3 Available $4
Darkbrew's Transgression (Alchemist) 3 Available $4
Dawn of Darkness Foretold (Doombringer) 3 Available $4
Feasts of Forever (Nightstalker) 2 Available $4
Freeboots Fortune (Ogre Magi) 2 Available $4
Grand Suppresor (Silencer) 2 Available 1 Sold $4
Sacred Chamber Guardian (Huskar) 2 Available $4
The Wilding Tiger (Pandaren Brewmaster) 0 Available 1 Sold $6
Transcendent Path (Oracle) 1 Available $6
War Rig Eradicators (Techies) 2 Available $4
Withering Pain (Boneclinkz) 3 Available $4
Rare: Grudges of the Gallows Tree (Treant Protector) 5 Available $10
Rare: Brands of the Reaper (Anti-Mage) 2 Available $15
Very Rare: Sublime Equilibrium (Void Spirit) 1 Available $25

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2023.06.11 02:42 lovellnights My online best friend/crush cut me off ~9 months ago, and I still haven't gotten over it.

This is a throwaway because I don't want this to appear on my normal account. For context when I was younger I grew interested in video games and anime heavily. I noticed that in my very small school no one shared these hobbies so I became dependent on online communities on Instagram and Twitter to make friends and talk about the things I love. To the point where I began to value my internet friends over my real life friends. Flashforward to when I'm 15 and through another friend I met a person my age who ended up being one of my closest friends.
We were part of a much larger group chat but throughout the years it grew smaller from 8 people to 4 people to just the two of us talking to each other. We'd have late night texts, calls, and just watch stuff together. For a few times whenever we needed to vent, we came to each other. Flash forward and at this point we're both 18, and I should mention we were both really comfortable talking to each other about our sexual preferences and such. At a certain point I realized I developed feelings for them and never told them, but I was probably very obvious. I was very on the fence about these feelings because:
  1. We discussed before how we couldn't have an online relationship again because being distanced from our partner is something we don't think we could handle
  2. I am very insecure about having an online relationship because I felt as though my peers would mock me for it, despite being in two before.
  3. They lived in Australia, I live in America. It believed it'd just be hard to handle.
One day we came to a point in our conversation where they told me "If I knew you in real life, I probably would've done stuff with you." And later I had just brought up the idea of if we were still virgins in our mid 20s, we could arrange to meet up and become friends with benefits. They agreed and in the next week we had exchanged NSFW photos and videos. A month had passed and I noticed that all their socials were just gone, they went on a mental health break and didn't tell me. I worried for a while but didn't feel like it was right to reach out. As if they wanted my help they knew they could've spoken to me.
One morning I wake up to a message from them and we reconnected quickly. They were really happy to tell me they made new friends and have been doing better mentally, while also being scared I would've been upset of them. I was really happy but after this I realized they were just not giving me the same energy as before.
No more video calls, no more late night conversations, just once in a while texts and that began to stress me out. I understood to respect their boundaries but I couldn't help but overthink and realize that they don't feel the same way and don't really think about me like they used to. They once then brought up the idea we downloaded Locket, an app where people would send each other photos and it would show up through a widget. This made me really happy as I began to believe I was just overthinking things and went back to normal, but the dry behavior kept up.
I began to do my best and prepare for the worst by telling myself it was best to do what I can and just move on, but I was also desperate for their attention. Most of my story posts on Instagram were efforts to get them to reply and start a conversation with me. A good portion of these were just small rants where I expressed my feelings of being pressured by my family with my future. This lasted for about 7 months.
Eventually in September last year I realized they just stopped being active on social media at all, and I had assumed they were just on another break again. I tried my best to not think too much about it and respect their distance by not reaching out to them. Then a month later I realized they cut me off completely. They removed me from Discord and any games we had each other friended on, and also created all new social media accounts (their new twitter was suggested to me, while also having a link to other brand new social media)
This pretty much broke me, I realized what it meant and after going to it with other friends I understood that I may never get closure. I blame myself for my desperate behavior driving them away and wish to do my best to better myself while also waiting for the day I get over them. Despite how badly I want to contact them and maybe apologize as I'm convinced they thought less of me, I understand the best thing to do was just not contact them at all. However it's June now and while I've realized I've stopped thinking about them I'm still not truly over them. Everyonce in a while I'll be doing my own thing and suddenly have something remind me of them then I get really sad. A couple times recently I'd forget about them briefly then dream about them and go through a small rough time. I'm partially ashamed of myself for not being able to get over someone who I've really never met and I'm scared I won't be able to for a few years
TL;DR Fell in love with an online friend of 4 years, offered to become friends with benefits, didn't confess my love. Realized they weren't giving me the same energy and panicked between wanting to respect their boundaries and wanting their attention. Eventually they just cut me off entirely, and I haven't gotten over it while also being ashamed I haven't gotten over it.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, and I apologize that I wrote so much.
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2023.06.11 02:41 Canesh *SARSASM* Must be a world record amount of hours this SSD lasted... *SARCASM*

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2023.06.11 02:41 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Travis Ventrella – Market BLDRS + Millionaire Bootcamp ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.11 02:39 DaChosen1FoSho Divisions OP, Please Nerf

Divisions OP, Please Nerf
Playing solo will give you cancer.
Divisions > *
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2023.06.11 02:37 hawksmith1 Why am i only being offered 2 from Hipster?

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2023.06.11 02:37 Prize_Neighborhood95 Utilitarianism and the aggregation principle

A somewhat common critique of utilitarianism is that it often endorses situations of huge inequality that wee would intuitively deem immoral. eg if there are two people, Alice and Bob, and we need to choose between Alice having 100 in happiness and Bob 1, or both having 50 in happiness, utilitarianism would lead us to choose the first option, simply because 100+1>50+50. But I wonder if anyone has ever thought of modifying the aggregation principle to prefere more equitable distributions of happiness. For example, if we multiplied the happiness, rather than summing, we would have 50*50=2500>100*1. Another idea would be penalizing situations in which there are values far away from the mean happiness as follows:
Let's say there are n people with respective happiness x_1,x_2,...,x_n. let x=(x_1+x_2+...+x_n)/n be the average happiness. Then we can aggregate using the formula nx-(x-x_1)^2 -(x-x_2)^2 -...-(x-x_n)^2 .
Since we made the formula less simple in both cases, we would need some justification for preferring it to the simpler addition. But the justification would come from the fact that the new formulas are way more in line with our moral intuitions. Has such an approach been considered? I never managed to find such suggestions, and I wondered if perhaps there are strong criticisms of changing the aggregation principle.
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1.6 Weekly LIVE Online Coaching Sessions Covering: 2.6 Additional Weekly LIVE Video Q & A Calls With Buck (so all of your questions are answered). 3. VIP Supplier Rolodex: All of the Trusted Contacts Buck used to build his online health business. 4. Private Online Member’s Area – All training sessions will be recorded and available here for future reference. 5. Private Facebook Group: So you can collaborate and celebrate with other Health Profits Members. 6. Fast Mover BONUS #1 (EVERYONE who signs up by the deadline): One 30-Minute Private, One-On-One Consultation With Buck Rizvi ($2,000 Value) 7. Fast Mover BONUS #2 (EVERYONE who signs up by the deadline): Two Tickets To The “Health Profits Summit” LIVE Event Being Held In Boulder, CO on April 1-2, 2017 ($8,000 Value)
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2023.06.11 02:37 gorkabandit [WTS] FSGB combo $500 [AR]

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2023.06.11 02:36 Jbilyy The SEC guts the Crypto Industry for now...

•67 Cryptocurrencies have been identified by the SEC as Securities.
•The SEC has gutted the Crypto Industry for now with losses over 20% for most Alt-coins.
•Binance.US is being shut down essentially, and Binance has been declared illegal in Nigeria...one may wonder what that means for ANKR as more countries WILL shut down Binance. Since Binance is an Investor in ANKR, and those who are in the know, know Binance manipulates the ANKR price, what does that really mean for ANKR token value increase for the future 🤔
•Yes, Binance manipulates ANKR price if you did not know...FACT.
•One shining moment is the SEC has yet to classify ANKR as a security. Key wording is "yet"
Whatever your ANKR strategy is...I wish you all well as it's going to be a rocky ride moving forward regardless of all these partnerships including MSFT and Tencent, and the release of the secret project (which is a new blockchain/network)
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2023.06.11 02:36 creekfinder [technique] Has anyone used egg cartons in their outdoor bed?

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2023.06.11 02:35 Rakeda [US,WW][H] Sealed Product (S&M TeamUp ETBs, S&M Unbroken Bonds BB, Evolving Skies BB & more) [W] High End Trades (Slabs, Sealed, Raw)

Time for you to clean out your dusty closet of goodies. Looking for neat trades $300+ of value. IF you do want to offer your 30+ modern ETB's, shoot your shot, happy to respond to all :)

Inventory list and Trade Value:
Name Type Qty Trade Value (Each)
S&M Unbroken Bonds Booster Box 1 $500
SWSH Evolving Skies Booster Box 2 $400
SWSH Brilliant Stars Booster Box 1 $100
S&M Team Up ETB 2 $450
XY Evolutions ETB 2 $200
SWSH Vivid Voltage ETB 1 $45
SV Paldea Evolved ETB 2 $55
SWSH Charizard UPC 1 $100
Values are soft dependent on how unique the trade opportunity. I allow flex and would expect for you to as well.
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2023.06.11 02:33 ibrobert [WTS] bulk silver dollars, Slabbed Toned Morgans, CC morgans and tons of 90%

Open to (reasonable) offers. No I'm not selling metals below melt, don't even ask. Proof and photos: https://imgur.com/a/ctNNpgB
Bulk dollars: 160 total: 84 peace and 76 Morgans (includes the ones in flips, I can either remove or leave them there.) $29 each random pick. Or 🐳 $4560 shipped for the lot ($28.5 each and free shipping)
90%: I have
$245 face in Rosie's
$65 face in merc's
$20 face in quarters (mostly Washington's, couple of SLQ's)
$80 face in halves ($20 in walkers, $60 in Benji's)
Looking for: 22x on the rosies and quarters 23.5x on the mercs and halves
Prefer to sell as full tubes as all have been counted and recounted.
Slabbed Morgans:
F12 1878-CC: $170 --cleaned
EF45 1891-CC spitting eagle: $300 --cleaned
Buy both CC's for $460 shipped!
MS63 1899-O: $125 -- gorgeous reverse toning!
The true beauties, that my camera does not do true justice to: MS65 1883-O : $500 -- old Anacs gen 2 holder, has some pretty toning and I think goes PL/ DMPL and possibly MS66 today, I just hate cracking out of the old holder.
MS67 1881-S : $1400 -- toned MS67's are a rarity, and this is a gorgeous dual sided toner. Such a gorgeous coin in hand.
Standard shipping disclaimer I will do what I can to help, but once it is scanned in to the post office it is out of my hands. Shipping is $5 for first class $10 for SFRB standard shipping weights for first class apply. Insurance/ registered mail available at buyers expense.
Payment methods: venmo, paypal, zelle, cashapp
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2023.06.11 02:32 DripTooHardGetPaid Facial Hair

Hey fellow QuikTripers,
I want to address a topic that I believe many of us feel strongly about: QuikTrip's policy on facial hair. Currently, the company does not allow men to grow beards or maintain facial hair. But what if we could change that?
I'm reaching out to encourage all of you to voice your thoughts and reasons why QuikTrip should reconsider this policy. Here are some compelling points to consider:
  1. Employee Satisfaction and Morale: Allowing men to grow facial hair can significantly boost employee satisfaction and morale. When employees feel that their personal grooming choices are respected, they tend to be happier and more engaged at work. This positive energy can lead to a more productive and harmonious work environment.
  2. Adapting to Market Trends: Numerous companies in various industries have embraced more lenient policies on facial hair. By aligning with these market trends, QuikTrip can position itself as a progressive and forward-thinking organization. It's about staying relevant and appealing to the changing expectations of our customers and potential employees.
  3. Employee Individuality and Expression: Facial hair can be an important aspect of self-expression for many individuals. Allowing men to grow beards fosters a sense of individuality and personal freedom. It empowers employees to embrace their unique style, leading to increased confidence and a stronger sense of identity within the workplace.
  4. Employee Retention and Attraction: In a competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial. By revising the facial hair policy, QuikTrip can position itself as an inclusive and modern employer, appealing to a wider pool of skilled individuals. It's an opportunity to showcase that QuikTrip values individuality and respects personal choices.
  5. Practicality and Professionalism: Contrary to common misconceptions, well-groomed facial hair can maintain a professional appearance. By setting guidelines and expectations for neatness and cleanliness, QuikTrip can ensure that employees' facial hair aligns with our professional standards. This way, we can strike a balance between personal expression and maintaining a polished image.
Now, I encourage each and every one of you to reach out to your respective resource members, managers, or any other appropriate channels within the company. Share your reasons, experiences, and perspectives on why QuikTrip should allow men to grow facial hair. Together, our collective voices can make a difference.
Let's spark this conversation and work towards positive change within our workplace. Your input matters, and together we can help shape a more inclusive and employee-friendly QuikTrip.
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2023.06.11 02:32 leopold815 Just joined the xx,xxx club

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2023.06.11 02:31 Eon_Uroboros My GOAT just died

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2023.06.11 02:30 Meatwads1tooth [WTS] RCM 10oz bars, RCM Tube, NIUE tree or life + roaring lion

Hello all!
PROOF - https://imgur.com/a/U4WjbsM
I have 3 lots up for grabs today, this is my first sell on here and all items I have bought off of this sub.
close offers may be considered.
LOT 1 - $735 - 1x25 Tube of RCM maple 1oz. Coins All BU 10-2022 and 15-2020. comes with 15 capsules and tube.
Lot 2 - $560 - 2x10oz RCM Bars,
Lot 3 - $380 - 2020 Niue 5x1oz Tree of life coins (50,000 Mintage) + 5x1oz 2019 Niue Roaring lions (50,000 Mintage)
Would split the last lot into the separate series but would prefer not to.
As this is my first sell, we can use middleman if requested.
Will ship first to established members.
I will send out tracking number as soon as I hand it over to USPS
Seller not responsible after delivery to USPS.
I can transact with Zelle (Preferred) Pay pal friends and family, no notes please
Plese feel free to ask any questions and thanks for your time!
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2023.06.11 02:28 Cobralalalalalah Tips for Selling used car to dealer

Hey guys I am planning on selling my Toyota Corolla (2019, 42k miles) to one of the major used car dealerships in my city in the USA. I am doing this instead of selling to a private party as I am leaving the country in a weeks time and need to get this done ASAP.
Cosmetically my car has two major flaws
1)One of the wheel rims hit a curb and is bent/ damaged (but not enough to cause issues with the tyre). I have had it serviced multiple times since and was never recommended to fix it.
2)There is a 12 inch x 3 inch white scratch towards the rear of the car.
My car is otherwise mechanically sound.
How much will the above issues affect its value. Is it worth getting it fixed?
Would you recommend I get my car detailed?
How far is wholesale price of the KBB estimate for my car?
submitted by Cobralalalalalah to UsedCars [link] [comments]