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2023.06.03 06:43 StimmingMantis I enjoy Voicecalling as that’s my preferred method of interacting with my friends. Anyone want to Voicechat and hang out? I’m looking for potential long term friends.

About me: I’m Autistic, 6’6, Left-leaning, Atheist, Introverted, and I have two Cats.
My interests include:
Movies (my favorite is Inglorious Basterds)
Music (My favorite is Pink Floyd)
Anime (My favorite is Cowboy Bebop)
PC Gaming (I love to play Left 4 Dead 2)
I also enjoy the deep discussions
I have Discord and Snapchat
Please nobody under 18
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2023.06.03 06:42 Matrix7479 Hmt discount offer at Souvenir shop Bangalore

Hmt discount offer at Souvenir shop Bangalore
I made this post recently in another Reddit community, but I find the admin/moderator of the community is not friendly and do not entertain a free discussion regarding shop sale offers. Hence I started this community and will be posting regularly. All are welcome
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2023.06.03 06:42 Kriiptii Friend getting BSOD while loading in and occasionally in gameplay.

My friends an I have been playing SE and one of my friends keeps crashing while loading in, and on rarer occasions while in the game. This only happens on our server, and it only happens to him. He has tried everything. Deleting config, shaders, Roaming folder, loading a single player save before joining the server, reading memory dumps post BSOD, making sure his graphic's card isn't crashing, making sure his laptop isn't overheating, and many more things. While joining a single player server and deleting the shader cache did make it more likely for him to load in (around 30% as opposed to 0%), it didn't work with any real consistency. Now, because he is not financially well off and needs his laptop to actually do his gig coding jobs, he has been forced to stop playing it because he is now genuinely worried about bricking his computer and has given up on trying. Do you guys have ideas as to what it may be or what to test?
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2023.06.03 06:42 alchemyself Feeling lonely

Just feeling so alone and disconnected. I do have friends but at this very moment i feel the need to be loved.. so be hugged and to be understood. I miss companionship. And i don't understand how i can give thesd things to myself or even find the will to do so. Any suggestions are welcome..
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2023.06.03 06:42 Dull_Turnover1252 no one is helping me and/or they are giving me false hope, and I am scared

My mom told me that she did a biopsy after a mammogram, MRI, and ultrasound, and I panicked. I googled everything about it, and I tried to ask her for more details. She said, "I don't know any more details and I can't tell you until I get more results back."
I literally cried and had 58 panic attacks. I tried to call my friend's mom, a gynecologist, and she said the same thing. She even said, "Look, I'm sorry, but I'm not her doctor and I can't magically guess what's happening. Moreover, I need sleep. I am on call tomorrow. Talk to you later." I felt that was rude. I texted my friend's mom, "Do you really have this bedside manner with every patient?"
What is even worse is that my dad's who is a doctor but not an ob/gyn, tried to calm me down too. She tried to hug me and walk me through breathing exercises and told me that she'd support me while we waited for more results. My mom doesn't even like my dad's SO so yeah.
I told her to stop giving me false hope. We have a FAMILY HISTORY of breast and uterine cancer!
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2023.06.03 06:42 No-Letterhead-9497 To my best friend

We’ve been best friends for so long and through the ups and downs few stuck by each other.. or I’ve stuck by you. But honestly I’m starting to hate you at this point. Everyday that passes I hate you more and more and I want to end our friendship. As much as we click and get along our friendship has no benefit. Maybe for you but not for me. You are insufferable and I’m so sick of picking up the pieces for you. I try to be there for you and you brush me off as if I’m insignificant. Every time I try to talk to you about this you always shoot me down or make me feel like I’m crazy. I don’t want to lose my best friend but like honestly what am I really losing? I’m a back burner friend to you and you don’t even realize. I’m only good enough when it’s convenient and it’s tearing me apart. I miss the old days when we used to spend time together and actually talk. Now it feels like all you care about is what is going on in your life and anything to do with me is irrelevant. I miss the old us, if we can get that back then this is salvageable but if not then I have to walk away…
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2023.06.03 06:42 bartriviaguy1989 Please level with much am I looking at if I want to RENT a townhouse on Hamilton Mountain??

I'm really looking for advice and honest answers here, because I'm really struggling with my current situation. Been living in apartments for awhile, and I can't take it anymore because of one simple thing: shared walls and impact noise. It's gotten to the point where it's affecting me so bad that my mental health has taken a huge dive. I'm constantly in fight-or-flight panic mode, just waiting for that next loud thud or bang...all because one of my neighbors dropped a paper clip, or closed a door. I dread coming home from work and trying to relax at the end of the night. When i'm out with friends, I go into daydream mode and miss out on parts of conversation because i'm DREADING coming home again. I've started having horrible thoughts about 'ending it all", because of it. This is after years of making amazing progress in the right direction from previous mental struggles.
This is where i'm at right now, and i'm just being as upfront as possible with everybody.
And before people start saying the obvious: yes, I know there will always be noise...even in houses. It's not "noise" per se, that bothers me. Traffic noise, children screaming, dogs barking, even lawnmowers going....none of that gets to me even REMOTELY close to how sudden loud amplified sounds from my walls and ceiling are affecting me.

I'm currently paying 1650 for a two bedroom with my sister (we split the costs on everything), but can afford anything up to 3,000 per month if that's what it will take to get away from this and live more comfortably. I would gladly work 40 ADDITIONAL hours per week just to get away from this situation.
Can anyone help me on where to direct my search? Or give me a ballpark on what townhouse rentals are going for in the Hamilton Mountain region?
Please and thank you!!
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2023.06.03 06:41 Mission-Mix-2847 Save my soul

Save my soul
Hello, I am stuck in iron on a MacBook with 150 ping. But since jungle is more macro I am hoping I can at least get to silver or Gold eventually. I would realllllyyyyy appreciate it someone could help point out my mistakes and how I can carry. I am not a beginner. On my NA account when I was in NA I ended bronze 1 (magic of 20 ping?)
I could not have gotten this bad in a year? This is how most of my games are going and I understand many of you will have many opinions or thoughts about what I could or should have done but would really appreciate if someone can help save my soul and figure out how to get out 👀
I play with my friend who is Gold 4 on his alt account (Silver 2) and go against silver junglers and best them often with counter jungling/tracking but now I've gotten more hesitant to invade because there are so many fires to put out at all times.
I also WANT my team to get kills off my ganks but if I don't auto for a second they usually die anyway so...
Thanks for your help in advance 🙏
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2023.06.03 06:41 StereotypicCanadian My girlfriend and I are having problems and I don’t understand why

Trigger warning: depression, self harm
My girlfriend (18f) and I (17f) have been together for over a year. We’re long distance and have never met in person, but we met almost two years ago online. She just graduated highschool, I still have another year to go until my grad.
A lil extra info: we met on facebook, we became friends quite quickly. After about three months of being friends, we started joking around about “what if we pretended we were together” and how our other online friends would react. And then that turned into us getting together. We said ily 24 hours later, she was drinking with her friend and we said it over FaceTime.
A month into our relationship, i had an internet timer put onto my phone for six months. Completely cutting me off from our other friends and putting me in a horrible place mentally. In those six months, I cut my arms using the razor I shaved my legs with twice.
Since my gf was my only connection to those friends I had been cut off from, we began talking so much more. Almost 24/7. Messaging all the time, during class, instead of homework, it really brought a drop in my grades and relationships with my family (she didn’t mean to cause that). Those familial relationships were also brought down when they cut me off from my other friends.
I’ve had my internet back for almost a year now, and my mental health is infinitely better.
I love my girlfriend, but I don’t know that we’re compatible. Because of those months where we were so closely tied to each other, I can’t seem to not be on my phone unless I’m having a bad day and need a full cut off from social media. Otherwise I’m ignoring her, or forgetting about her. But it’s okay when she doesn’t answer me right away. Or when she falls asleep without saying goodnight, or has a family thing and can’t say goodbye before leaving. But when I do it I’m a horrible person and ignoring her and get “☹️☹️☹️”
Now, one of our other friends (15f) has recently been able to talk to us more, her schedule is usually crazy. She’s my best friend in the entire world, I tell her everything. I told her about the times I almost broke up with my girlfriend, I tell her about problems my gf and I are having. She’s like my younger sister
My friend, is a much more goofy, and funky person than my gf, who usually either just complains to me or we roleplay (write fan fiction together- not sexual things)
Girlfriend gets mad at me whenever me and friend get in a funny mood because “I don’t get funny and weird with her” I try! I really do, but it’s hard when she isn’t trying as well. Friend and gf have very different personalities and I don’t know what to do.
So, woman of Reddit, what do I do?
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2023.06.03 06:41 SentinelSaturnV We need something on TV with space travel in it that is sexier and edgier than "Wars" or "Trek"

It seemed like before "Game of Thrones" happened people thought of fantasy as either a "Kids Thing" or something that people who lived in basements enjoyed.
It seems like society still thinks the same for spaceship stuff.
I didn't care too much for space or sci fi until a friend showed me "Mass Effect" and what I saw amazed me. I thought the spaceships, aliens, and universe created looked much cooler than Wars or Trek. The story immediately grabbed me in a way Wars or Trek never did.
I think it would be cool if HBO made something with spaceships that was sexier and edgier with a HBO quality story and characters that could change society's perception of the space genre like what HBO did with fantasy and GOT.
Is there anyone here who thinks the same?
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2023.06.03 06:41 Day_Trade Buying Algo here

Hello, just joined here, but have been following algo charts for a while for a good friend of mine who's holding an ungodly amount.. I've taken a couple very nice swing plays in the past but I decided its time to start my long hold position and I grabbed a small bag of 20k at .1460 due to some divergences showing on the 4 hr. and under. Also due to the fact it was back into the 14 cent zone.
I'm wondering what it is you all use to stake them today? I heard this is a no go now on Coinbase. I have them held on Exodus at the moment but I'm looking for ideas? I have not yet participated in a staking or governance, so I've been reading up on this the past few days.
And realistically, where do you all believe algo's valuation heads to when the bear market is finally over?
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2023.06.03 06:41 Seeker_90 I need help with how to navigate through these issues.

Hi, I am here to represent some of the aspects of the dysfunctional family of my parents. I have made peace with the past but there have been a few recent events with each family member that are bothering me lately. I am working on myself, reminding myself that although some of it is affecting me now, it does not really matter. Its the logical mind though which needs convincing. What should I do here? Any help is appreciated 1. My Elder Sister (her and I have an age gap of almost 2 years):There was an incident that happened when we were teens, affecting her and me both. I lost my connection with friends little by little. Life became a mess really. She chose to bring this up and how it affected her, (years later) when she introduced me to her - to be fiancee - FOR THE FIRST TIME, trying to pick up a fight then and there. She was 28F (in2020) at the time. I am not sure what she expected out of it and why she did that. When I brought incidences on how she had literally been an asshole to me all her life, she tried to justify herself looking at him as if the only person there purer than the purest water on earth was her. (Really?) I did not storm out or anything like that but handled it like a more mature person than her. It really made me think later though on how far she could go to paint a picture about me to someone who was going to be a part of the family. It also made me realize that I was right to think that she and mum had many conversations belittling me (which was obvious infront but not it was obvious behind my back too), My mother is a narcissist btw. She asked me one time this year if I wanted to stay at her house for a week since she and her now husband would be out there would be no one at home, I said okay. Now when I was leaving her house, since the door had automatic lock, I did not do the manual lock (from outside). I was on my way to the airport when she showed her disapproval on this. So I went back, but there was a malfunction on the door, it was not opening at all for me to even lock it. She was literally screaming on the phone over the video call. I could see my parents sitting behind in the video call, watching this whole ordeal, I tried opening this giant door, slamming myself to it but it did not budge. I eventually had to take help of the neighbour. He was a physically bigger person than me. And he too had trouble opening the door but with effort, he pushed it open. I was then able to lock the door automatically +manually.Later I noticed I had big blood clots (three) covering my right thigh, the side from which I was slamming myself on to the door. Even when she visits home, she tries to degrade my choices, my weight, anything related to me. I told her I like myself and how I do things.There was one time, when during our conversation she asked me what I wanted to eat (for the first time). I said no, she insisted. When I told her and it was a pretty cheap order, her reaction and the entire demeanor changed. She booked the order but was so agitated, didn't continue the call and I never said yes to any of her questions after. 2. Father : I took a break from my corporate career in 2021 to pursue a career in government. I asked my father if he was okay with me being at home to prepare. Initially, he said okay but it was clear later on that he really did not care on if I had my own space to prepare or the privacy. And no I don't have a room, I sleep in the drawing room on a deewan (bed) right infront of the main door. He watches TV all day and couldn't care less on what is happening elsewhere in the house.To cope with this and the guests, relatives and visits of my siblings (both elder sissy and brother), I started studying at night.In the morning, he could hardly care on how loud he is moving things around, arranging utensils or so. I am trying to get a job again to get my own place. I don't know how I managed this long at home with such things. 3. Brother : He is so self - righteous.Initially, he and I shared rooms. And he was always on the phone. One time I asked him to go to the balcony and talk or the other room and he said it was not convenient for him. I told him I am preparing for my government exam and what do you know? It turns into an altercation. My mother asked me to leave the room, being all about solutions. When I told her it's impacting my preparation and I have to give the exam, she said ' everyday is an exam' (seriously?) I cried a lot that day after I settled in my father's room.To make it seem like she was trying to help me, she asked my father to let me study for 2 hours each day. (Really? 2 hours?),which was not okay by him. He loves his TV and so.Oh well. He never apologized and still, till date, never apologizes even when he is in the wrong. He does apologize to my sister. It's all about the money she earns now. Because he often makes note of it and always looks at her salary. So I think that way, he is inclined to say sorry to her. He did not say sorry to her too before she was earning well. 4. My Mother: I think the person I had most issues with throughout my life is my mother. I love her for the being that resides in her but I oh so fucking hate her for how she treats me directly/ indirectly. She projects her limitations on me, always remarking 'oh you can't do that'.She has always wanted me to be less than my sister. How do I know this? She oftens pointed out in a derogatory way whenever I did well in life. I was the first in this family to get a well paid job and she was not happy about it, at all. When I was in the process of giving interview, I remember she remarked says 'That is, if you get this job, you will go there'. I was taken aback but I mean, what else did I expect. When I was earning well, these guys were all about me, asking me for gifts and things, which I was happy to oblige to. Now, she always ALWAYS like a speaker on the top of my head, speaks about how wonderful of a jobmy sister has, her salary, the new flat she is buying and how richlyand royally our new dog is living with her, something which he was not living like before, when he was living with her. About the government exams I am preparing for, she always talks about how less of a salary the posts have. I really don't have any idea about why she says these things. When I try to confront her, she takes it in a very defensive way and I'd not say anything to her at all. Now that my brother is in another city because of his job, she has taken the room.I had an interview yesterday and I asked her for the room (there is always someone coming and going in the drawing room) and the energy got so dull as if I was not entitled to it. How do you think would be the best way to navigate through these emotions and incidences?
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2023.06.03 06:41 No_Sheepherder6659 Ketamine addiction

Hi. I’m struggling with ketamine. I lost my mom and it’s been a difficult year. She was in a coma for a year and my dad has been a wreck. I used to ketamine for fun and I loved it as a social drug, it’s awesome way to connect to myself and my friends who are doing it with you. But now I’m getting cravings every night and I find myself calling my drug dealer to get it all the time. It’s expensive and I find myself irritable and nothing feels meaningful without it. Does anyone else feel like this?
The cravings come at night so I’m trying to fall asleep. I’ve notice if I take xanax, I fall asleep before I get the urge to do some or buy more. Is that healthy when I’m trying to get off of it? I don’t seem to have any other addictive substance abuse problems and I use drugs socially - ketamine just makes me feel more connected to myself and the people I’m with. I’m in therapy and my therapist isn’t too concerned but I think that’s because she knows I have an issue with shame and she’s building me up and trying to get me to be less hard on myself.
This is honestly really hurting my relationship, but it actually helps me feel more in touch and relaxed (high anxiety on regular basis). But I know this is an issue because I’m so uncomfortable without it. Not really sure what I’m asking for here - just would love to hear what others are going through and how they’ve coped. This isn’t sustainable and I want to be free of it. My partner is pretty supportive but he’s also very judgmental by nature and not super empathetic.
Thanks in advance for any advice or advice or words of comfort.
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2023.06.03 06:41 SpaceshipInBlackhole 28M/ med student looking for friends [friendship]

I'm from south-east europe.. . I've been looking for chats/friends. All the good stuff. I'm into music, anime/manga/youtube, ,video games, history and animals. I'm mostly into old music and into ton of sports as well like tennis/basketball/football/swimming... Also like to hike and do kayaking as well.
Send me a chat and tell me about your day/life/things you like/what brings you here, or whatever you want to talk about :)) Got 1 exams left and stuck at home nowadays srudying for exams,so got ton of time to text. Just looking for friends from diffeent places and idc about time zone cuz I generally sleep late. Also would be cool to have workoout/progresa buddy too
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2023.06.03 06:41 photoradio_ Would you like a Tea? (22/Germany) [Friendship]

Good Day! How are you doing? Did you have a pleasant day or night? Tell me about it! I'll make a cup of tea now. Would you like to have a tea, too? Or coffee? I moved last week, so everything is still a bit chaotic, haha. I'm thinking about how to best organize things in my new apartment, maybe you'd like to help me?
I enjoy travel and have been to thirteen different countries so far. Lately I mostly travel to different cities that are close by! I love taking public transport and listening to music during it - then again, I pretty much always listen to music. Exploring is another great thing and my biggest passion is probably photography (especially when combining all these things).
I read a lot and enjoy writing, too, as well as editing photos I take. I am a bit of a creative person and am also very much into self-improvement! I am learning French, cook and bake and like to cycle a lot. There are lots of other topics that interest me, like urban planning, technology, history, horror, politics and... Just a whole lot more. I also have a fable for fancy lighting and radios!
So... If any of that sounds interesting to you, why not reach out? We might have a pleasant conversation or might even become friends! We could share stories, photos that we took, just talk about our days, jobs, studies, life... I am open to many things! All I ask for is for you to not be inappropriate and to put in a little bit of effort! I am looking forward to meeting you. :)
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2023.06.03 06:41 mildewfloorboard i (19f) am thinking of moving out of my boyfriends (19m) house after living together for 6 months

we’ve been together since around late july of 2022, on and off for a bit and i moved three hours away from my family and friends to his home in his college town. i do college online because i cannot commute 3 hours.
things are nice and he’s sweet we laugh and bond greatly but deep down i feel depressed seeing my friends and best friends back home thriving and living the life i used to. we don’t really go out, he doesn’t have many friends and we’ve been struggling financially so it’s hard for us especially him to go out because he hasn’t found a job really since we’ve been here.
part of me wants to go back, i had my own apartment but my lease ran up and roommate fucked me over in rent so i had no money to go anywhere and my boyfriend offered his home and i decided to. i used to go out all the time, stay busy and always be with friends and have great times but now?
i hardly have any friends, i text my back home friends all the time and i go back to visit for at least a week per month and it’s always such fun and just makes me sad leaving.
i feel bad if i were to leave him alone since he’s here alone and i do love him so much and would feel guilty leaving. he’s really sweet we do argue at times and it gets bad and very emotional because every-time we fight my pent up just sadness comes out from being stuck here.
i just feel as if i’ve settled down, it’s only been six months and i feel as if i haven’t lived. it’s summer time and i don’t go outside i don’t care i just am so sad that this is my life at times, again i love my boyfriend and living with him but when reality hits it really does hit.
i don’t know what i’m supposed to do or what to do period i’m sad and feel guilty for feeling these things. just the idea for being here for years is weighing on me.
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2023.06.03 06:41 GooGooGaJoob_9 What would it take to move across the country?

My (32F) husband (38M) was just offered a job in Texas and we live in WI. We’ve been together for 9 years and married for 6. We have a 5 mo old and live a little under an hour from my parents. His parents live on the east coast. I’m self employed and work from home.
The job offer isn’t life changing money but a “2 level step in pay” which is a 10% raise for him. They cover relocation. It’s the job he’s been wanting and ultimately has been working towards. He was asked to apply by his bosses boss. It could take 3-4 years minimum to have the chance to go for this job again.
It could be a fun new chapter. Our son is young enough that it wouldn’t disrupt school or friendships. It doesn’t have to be a forever thing. I’ve never lived far away from home. It’s only a 2.5 hour flight. Our friends are growing up and not getting together like we used to.
What kind of money would you need to up and start over?
For those of you that moved in your 30s to a new state.. are you glad you did? How do you get over leaving close friends? Support system? I’ve never been more torn on what to do. Start the new chapter or stay with what’s comfortable where there’s support and less stress?
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2023.06.03 06:41 Then_Peanut_3356 How did Anduin Lothar's hair and beard turn from brown to white?

Could it have something to do with entering Karazhan and fighting his old friend, Medivh?
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2023.06.03 06:40 sleepytaco_ Dominator recos?

Traveling from the US, Looking for recommendations of artists I can’t see at home. I’m most excited for Mad Dog’s downtempo set and Angerfist live, love both of them but have seen them many times. Not a huge fan of Rooler but I’m sure I’ll end up at his set with my friends lol. Hope that gives you some insight into my taste. Don’t know many other artists on the lineup. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
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2023.06.03 06:40 stylosalon1 Enhance Your Natural Beauty: Trust the Skill and Artistry of the Makeup Artist in Udaipur

Enhance Your Natural Beauty: Trust the Skill and Artistry of the Makeup Artist in Udaipur
In the enchanting city of Udaipur, where tradition and beauty intertwine, there is a place where artistry and skill combine to enhance your natural beauty. Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio is the go-to destination for those seeking a transformative and personalized makeup experience. With a team of talented makeup artists who are passionate about their craft, Stylo Salon has established itself as the premier makeup destination in Udaipur.
At Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio, they understand that makeup is not about masking your features but highlighting your unique beauty. Their makeup artists have honed their skills and expertise to create looks that enhance your natural features and make you feel confident and radiant. Whether you're attending a special event, a wedding, or simply want to treat yourself to a glamorous makeover, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon will work closely with you to understand your preferences and create a look that reflects your personality.
One of the key principles at Stylo Salon is the use of high-quality products. They partner with renowned makeup brands that are known for their excellence in the industry. These products, combined with the artistry and skill of the makeup artists, ensure that you receive a flawless and long-lasting makeup application. From foundation to eyeshadow, from lipstick to highlighter, every product used at Stylo Salon is carefully selected to enhance your natural beauty and deliver exceptional results.
What sets Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio apart is their commitment to personalized service. The makeup artists take the time to understand your unique features, skin tone, and style preferences. They consider factors such as the occasion, lighting, and your desired look to create a customized makeup application that complements your individuality. Whether you prefer a natural and subtle look or a bold and glamorous transformation, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon will deliver results that exceed your expectations.
In addition to their expertise in makeup application, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon also possess a deep knowledge of skincare. They understand that a flawless makeup application starts with a healthy canvas. Prior to applying makeup, they assess your skin and provide recommendations for skincare routines and products that can enhance your natural beauty. This holistic approach ensures that your skin looks radiant and glowing, even before makeup is applied.
At Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio, they believe that makeup is not just a cosmetic application but an art form. Their makeup artists are constantly updating their skills and staying ahead of the latest trends and techniques. They attend workshops, masterclasses, and industry events to enhance their expertise and offer their clients the most current and innovative makeup looks.
Apart from their skill and artistry, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon are known for their professionalism and attention to detail. They understand the importance of your special occasions and work diligently to create a seamless and stress-free experience. Their friendly and welcoming nature will put you at ease, allowing you to relax and enjoy the transformation process.
Whether you're a bride-to-be looking for the perfect wedding makeup, a professional attending a corporate event, or someone who simply wants to enhance their natural beauty, Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio is the ultimate destination for Makeup Artist in Udaipur. With their commitment to enhancing your natural beauty and their dedication to personalized service, the makeup artists at Stylo Salon will help you look and feel your best.
So, if you're in Udaipur and want to enhance your natural beauty, trust the skill and artistry of the makeup artists at Stylo Salon & Makeover Studio. Step into their world of beauty and experience a makeup journey like no other. Elevate your style, boost your confidence, and unleash your true beauty with Stylo Salon.
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2023.06.03 06:40 Perfectjerkbud Catfish me as my cheating gf who is into cuckold and talk to me about how you fucked my friends. I love to show off and do tribs and would love light humiliation. You can pretend to be any celeb or pornstar [kik roleplaycumtribs]

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2023.06.03 06:40 flashlightdog Rat keeps harassing cage-mate

Rat keeps harassing cage-mate
I have two rats mischief who is the bigger one and pip the smaller one. Recently Pip has picked up the habit of chasing mischief around and bitting her constantly. To the point were mischief hid up in a hammock because pip doesn’t like to climb and didn’t come down for the whole day no food or water. When she eventually came down pip attacked her completely unprovoked. This has gotten so bad I’ve separated them. As mischief has started to puff up when pip comes anywhere near her. I don’t know why this started they are both female and have been together since I first got them and I’ve had them for a year already. I don’t wanna keep them separated because i feel as though it is unfair to mischief not having a friend because their cage mate is mean. But I’m not allowed to have three rats. Honestly I’m just looking for advice on what to do that keeps both of them happy and safe.
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