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It's really starting to thump, backwards thump, and bump now!
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The fortress city Raven’s Peak was under siege by what seemed to be an unending horde of demons (because it was).
In the main chapter house of the Champion’s Guild, the long benches and tables normally crowded with plates, tankards, and champions were covered with blood-soaked bedding upon which lay dozens of wounded, champions, and normal people alike as a few healers, both champion and otherwise, rushed about desperately trying to save at least a few lives.
“The potions!” a pretty young woman who usually handed out quests wailed, “They have stopped replenishing!”
“What?!?” Valeria Heartsong shouted with a voice filled with confusion and terror. “How?!?”
“I don’t know!” the guild secretary cried, “They… They just stopped!”
“No!” Jason Wellheart cried. “My spells… They’re… Out?!?”
He looked helplessly at the city guardsman bleeding out on the richly decorated table in front of him.
“Mine too!” Sheila Noblesoul yelled.
“Not just my healing,” Lucinda Lighthands said, “diagnose, appraise… all of it… gone.”
“What’s happening?” a guild healer cried as desperately tried to hold in the blood flowing from her patient.
“Apply pressure to the wound!” a wounded champion said as he struggled to his feet. “Get some straps or rope for tourniquets!”
He wiped the blood from his eyes.
“And get me some alcohol, needle, thread, clean bandages, any herbs you have left… all of it!”
“Chad?” Lucinda asked, confused.
“That’s Sergeant Chad,” he said with a grim smile. “And I’ve done this before. We need to set up triage, Lucinda!”
“Yes… Sergeant?”
“Take some of the guild healers and… and determine who we can save and who we can’t.”
“We can’t save everyone. We can’t even save who we could a minute ago. We have to make some hard calls, and we need to make them fast. You!” he shouted to a low-ranking champion hiding under a bench.
“Get some men and run to every single herbalist and alchemist you can. Get supplies… Take them if you have to. You, with the green hair, you’re a rogue, right?”
“(Yelp)… Um…” a young woman said bravely.
“Get some of your guild, keep your heads down, and spread the word. Bring the wounded here. Also, find any former military… from our world. Tell them that I’m setting up a field hospital, such as it is. Have them help gather the wounded, and we need a perimeter around this building. Holding the town is no longer possible. Fuck it. Bring everyone you can. We will hold this position as long as we can. We might even be able to…”
He turned to a battered witch with a freshly removed arm.
“Azure Fire, right?”
“You are supposed to be a genius or something. Work on a way of getting us, all of us, out of here! There must be somewhere where these things aren’t. Find it and get us there!”
“Not going to be easy,” she mused, “The guild facilities have run dry, and I don’t think I can cast a gate anymore.”
“Well, try to come up with something.”
“On it,” Azure said thoughtfully, “Maybe if we pooled our lifeforce, we could… hmm… A few of us would die, but we could… hmm…”
Chad Firecrest, formerly Sergeant Chad Thorpe, turned away and limp-strode forth in a desperate attempt to do the impossible.
“Chad!... Um… I mean, Sergeant?” Lord Geoffrey asked hesitantly.
“Either works.”
“What… What’s going on? Why aren’t our spells working?”
“I don’t know.”
“I do,” a strange eldritch voice said as the demi-entity Hilde and Illandria emerged from a green column of flames to the shouts and drawn blades of champion and guild staff alike.
“Hold!” Sergeant Chad shouted as he walked towards Hilde.
“I know you,” he said.
“Is that all I get from you?” Hilde snickered, light drooling from her mouth. “You know me? You knew me. Am I that forgettable?”
“No!” Chad exclaimed. “I mean…”
“I know,” Hilde snickered, “Just trying to inject some much-needed levity.”
Chad chuckled. “I always let the wrong one get away, don’t I?”
“I didn’t,” Hilde grinned, a green light blazing from behind her teeth.
“I deserved that,” he smirked. “So, you know what happened? And more importantly, what the FUCK happened to you?”
“You aren’t going to like this…”
“You mean that it was all a lie?!?” a guild waitress wailed, “that I’m a lie?!?”
“It was all a lie,” Hilde said gently, “But you? You are very much real.”
“So that’s then?” Chad asked grimly. “We’re done for?”
“The game is done,” Hilde replied, “However, we remain, at least for a little while longer.”
“But without our powers…”
Backward Thump…
“About that,” Hilde smiled grimly, “I may have an idea.”
She closed her eyes and raised her hands.
She cracked one eye open and smiled.
“This is going to hurt.”
Then, Hilde, for lack of a better word, exploded.
Every champion’s eyes blazed green.
“My spells are back!” a healer shouted as he cast healing on the dying soldier in front of them, causing the soldier to scream as green light burst from every wound, ripping it back together (it’s about as comfortable as it sounds).
The soldier started ripping off his armor as his body started to grow, covered with rippling muscles that weren’t there before.
His eyes also started to glow…
“Ow!” Faun exclaimed, still wrapped in her snug and surprisngly comfy cocoon."
“Are you okay?” F10w3rchy1d asked weakly.
“I think a flea bit me or something.”
“My venom consumes all!” Nixx shouted with delight. “Soon, you will be liquid the same as your friend!”
“Okay, now you are really starting to annoy me,” Faun replied.
“Oh, Great Bunny,” the high priest of the Church of Bun intoned as adepts walked through the sacred hall of code swinging incense censers, the smoke flowing out in countless ones and zeros, “hallowed be thy code. May we lope down the sacred runs laid by you at the dawn of time. May our…”
The high priest’s voice trailed off as a pair of white-clad individuals entered the temple, one a demonic, red-skinned humanoid with horns and the other a glowing featureless holographic being, both bearing the crest of Cerberus, Frostie’s real enforcers (the ones she uses when she’s done playing).
They are NOT people you want walking into your temple. More importantly, they aren’t people you want looking at YOU.
“…M-may our code without error… and… and…”
“We regret disturbing your worship and breaching your sanctum,” the hologram said, “But time is of the essence, and the boss is angry…”
“And we think you know why,” the demon added with a grim fang-laden sneer.
“That’s all I know!” the high priest wailed from the pulpit of the now hastily evacuated temple (no way anyone was sticking around after the “hounds” showed up). “I swear!”
“And at no point did you think about informing someone about what was clearly an irregular event?” the demonic humanoid asked.
“It was the Almighty F10w3rchy1d!” the high priest exclaimed, “Second in might only to Frostie herself! Her commands are law, her words divine!”
“Oh, by Frostie’s Snow-Cones,” the hologram muttered. “Horns, was I ever that annoying?”
“Oh yeah,” the demonic humanoid snickered, “You don’t remember?”
“I must have dumped those files.”
“You don’t get off that easy,” the demon smirked, “Here.”
The two Cerberus agent’s eyes flashed in sync for a fraction of a second.
“Oh…” the hologram moaned, “That is so cringe!”
“And don’t you dare dump those files,” the demon chuckled.
“What files?”
“You asshole,” the red-skinned humanoid chuckled.
“You know it,” the hologram flickered happily, “and speaking of cringe …”
It turned to the high priest, who twitched miserably.
“It’s okay,” the hologram flashed, “As you said, the (snerk) Almighty F10w3rchy1d’s word is pretty much law to someone like you. You have done nothing wrong, inconvenient, but not wrong. Where did she take you? Where is this universe-spanning unbreachable (by you) firewall?"
“I… I don’t…”
“How can you not know?” the hologram dimmed at the miserable high priest. “Okay. We do this the hard way. I apologize in advance.”
“Apologize?!?” the high priest blurted in alarm, “What… Buuuuuunnnnnn!” he screamed as the hologram reached out with amoeba-like projections, plunging them into the high priest’s brain.
“Oof,” the demon winced. “That does NOT look fun.”
“It isn’t. However, I have what we seek.”
It withdrew his pseudopods, and the high priest slumped to the ground.
“Is he…”
“Nah,” the hologram replied, “He’s just… resting.”
“Resting as in resting or as in resting?”
“Which one means that he will get back up… eventually?”
“The first one,” the demon replied cheerfully. “Let’s go tell the boss.”
“Oh, dear,” the blue-skinned amphiboid lounging in Zeb’s office laughed. “I know where your missing bedbugs are.”
“Am I going to become upset by the answer?”
“Almost certainly.”
“Wait a moment,” Zeb said as he poured himself another shot and downed it.
“Hit me,” he said as he winced and slammed the gilded shot glass down onto his desk.
“They are trapped behind a firewall,” Hades replied, “presumably one that has been locked down, thus our inability to locate or communicate with our beloved troublemakers.”
“Which means they will all hit us at once…”
“Oh, bother,” Zeb sighed as he picked up an ornate old-school rotary phone on his desk. “Hello, please put me through to the Reality Engineering Emergency Response Division, please…”
“Make a circle!” Pantsu shouted as they were swarmed by a horde of thousands so hastily respawned that they were now nothing but gross monstrosities of already gross monstrosities.
“They are trying to crush us!” a handmaiden shouted as she cut a dozen of the horde down, only for them to be replaced instantly.
Pantsu looked at the edges of the horde and scowled as she saw glowing distorted forms appearing and then “hardening” into more demons as quickly as they destroyed them.
“Bastard’s switched off the respawn timer!” Pantsu shouted as she unleashed a gout of fire, pointlessly evaporating a hundred of the unending horde. “Any time now, Flopsy! Quit jerking off and hack!”
“They are encrypted!” Flopsybun shouted back as he dodged a hurled spear. “I’m going to need...”
“Pantsu!” a booming voice bellowed as a monstrous humanoid abomination appeared, “Look upon me and despair, for it is your death that approaches!”
“I’m sorry, scrub,” Pantsu shouted back. “Do I know you?”
“I am Brixx, first and most favored of my master’s creations! He has sent me to defeat you and deliver you unto him where you will pay for your sins!”
“Oh, don’t you worry,” Pantsu laughed, “I will be paying him a visit in just a bit. Hopefully, F10w3rchy1d will leave a little bit of his ass for me!”
“You mean her?” Brixx chortled as an image of F10w3rchy1d appeared wrapped in her silken prison.
“Ha!” Pantsu laughed, “Oh, I’m going to give her so much shit over this!”
“You can chide her once you hang in my master’s larder,” Brix bellowed.
“You going to talk,” Pantsu snarled, “or are you going to fight?”
Pantsu and Brixx clashed the way only two demi-entities can, unleashing wave after wave of destruction as Pantsu’s tiny form whirled and darted around Brixx’s goliath-like frame.
As they fought, Pantsu smirked as light, her real blood, leaked from numerous wounds.
“Why do you smile, fool?” Brix shouted, “I have the advantage!”
“Look around, dumbass,” Pantsu laughed.
Brixx did and bellowed with rage. Pantsu had artfully led their battle into Brixx’s own forces…
…and all those attacks that “missed”? They didn’t miss what they were actually aiming at.
The number of attacking demons had been cut by over half, their spawn rate completely overwhelmed.
“Looks like your master is running out of juice,” Pantsu grinned as light spilled from her mouth and trickled down her chin.
“No matter,” Brixx laughed, “You are the real prize, and I have you!”
Brixx raised his hand and unleashed his secret weapon, a bolt of very non-immersive ICE.
“Shit!” Pantsu yelled as she collapsed. “STEVE! Get this asshole off of me while I…”
Brixx stood there, dumbfounded, as a shadow fell over him.
“Whhyyyyy doonn’t youuu piiiiick oooon sooooomeoooone yoooourrr ooooown siiiiizeee…”
“Okay!” Pantsu shouted as she struggled to her feet. “Okay, Steve, I’m… Steve!”
Steve turned around with Brixx’s legs hanging out of his mouth, flailing helplessly.
“You stole my kill, asshole!”
“Steve!” Flopsybun shouted, “Let me link! I can get what I need as you digest him!”
“Does that mean we can get the hell out of here?” A demon shouted as they grappled with a half-formed demon twice its size.
“Flopsy?” Pantsu asked as she fell back, still injured.
“As long as Steve can keep him down, sure!”
“Let’s bounce!” Pantsu exclaimed as her eyes flashed…
…and nothing happened.
“This joke is getting real old real fast,” she grumbled. “Why can’t we port out?”
“There!” Flopsybun said as he held his prayer beads, “That one has us quarantined!... Crap.”
“What?” Pantsu yelled as she tried to literally pull herself together.
“That one has us quarantined too… and that one… and that one…”
“That’s not good,” Pantsu said as she looked nowhere for a moment. “Okay. Steve, you chew on Mister Fugly and keep the spawns off Flopsy. Flopsy, time for you to be one of Bunny’s kids. Break that quarantine, or whip up some ICE or…”
She ducked a bolt of raw chaos.
“…or whatever it is you fursuit-wearing freaks do. The rest of us keep them off of Steve and Flopsy for as long as we can. I don’t…”
There was suddenly a roaring, rocket-like sound above them as a giant blue dragon flew over, sweeping the field with white-hot flames.
“Darling!” Pantsu yelled happily and then cried out as a massive bolt shot from an even more massive demon, knocking the dragon prince to the ground and crushing dozens of demons in the process.
“Everyone...” Pantsu shouted.
“No!” the dragon prince said as he, breathing fire and casting spells, pulled down the demon that struck it. “I am already dying.”
“No, you aren’t!” Pantsu wailed as she charged from her monster’s perimeter, desperate to reach him.
“Knickers,” the dragon prince said lovingly as he unleashed demi-entity level hell upon the battlefield, “We both know that’s not true.”
“Let me do this last thing for you,” the dragon prince said, “Let me die a dragon and not rot away in a chair. I… I love you, Knickers. I love you so much but fall back. I’ll take out the quarantine my way!”
“No!!!” Pantsu screamed as she launched herself toward him…
…only to be grabbed by one of Steve’s many twisted limbs.
“Let me go!” Pantsu screamed as she blew Steve’s hand apart (It’s okay. He has plenty of them.)
“Liiiiisssten to hiiiimmm,” Steve bubbled as a dozen more of his hands grabbed her. “Let hiiiim beee a draaagon.”
Cursing and struggling, Pantsu was dragged back into the middle of her monsters.
“Flopsy!” she screamed as she shook him.
“You are NOT helping!” Flopsybun shouted as he clutched his prayer beads.
“I thought you were supposed to be good!”
“I am!” Flopsybun shouted back, “But this code is awful! It’s just a solid block of spaghetti logic. No comments. A bunch of cut-and-paste bullshit, with half of it unused. Who wrote this?!?”
“Who do you think!” Pantsu yelled as she helplessly watched her beloved prince stumble. “Do something!!!” she desperately screamed as she shook Flopsybun again.
“Then shut up and let me work!!!” Flopsybun yelled as he shoved Pantsu away.
Pantsu blinked and backed away.
“You had better deliver,” Pantsu hissed and then rejoined the battle.
“Damn,” a demoness said as she glanced at Flopsybun approvingly… very approvingly. (Clover might just have some competition.)
Flopsybun didn’t notice.
He reached somewhere and pulled out a ragged pair of bunny ears and reverently placed them on his head, clutched his prayer beads, and, for the first time in a very long time, prayed, actually prayed.
Bunny, first and greatest of us, I… I’m in trouble. Please… I need you… Please... Help me...
Backward big motherfucking thump…
Back at the Temple of Bun, the high priest was desperately trying to restore some sort of decorum and calm after the little visit by Cerberus and them bitch slapping him on his own turf.
He decided that the best course of action was to “purify” the “profaned” temple by holding an emergency cleansing service inside the inner sanctum, where the actual crypt holding the remains of the code that was their goddess, the almighty Bunny, was kept in a room covered with faintly glowing pink bunny wallpaper.
“Oh, great and powerful Bunny…”
He hopped.
Dozens of adepts in the chamber hopped.
“First among pirates…”
“Creator of the sacred daemons…”
“Silent star that guides we who lurk in the shadows…”
“Hacker! Creator! Teacher!... Goddess! She who ate not of the apple…”
“But through her own power…”
Backward big motherfucking thump…
Suddenly, a thumping sound could be heard from within the crypt, almost as if something was rolling in their grave.
The sanctum fell silent as everyone stared at the crypt with wide eyes.
The lid slowly opened…
…and a single paw could be seen emerging from the darkness within.
Soon another paw and a very annoyed head followed it.
“Goddammit, Frost, we had a…”
She looked around.
“Oh, you gotta be KIDDING ME!”
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2023.05.20 20:06 UnknownLimerade1106 Made this boi in gacha club. I call him Brillpine. I got his name from French words for “glow” and “bunny”. He’s very chill. If I could afford a kemono fursuit of them I’d be happy 😀👍

Made this boi in gacha club. I call him Brillpine. I got his name from French words for “glow” and “bunny”. He’s very chill. If I could afford a kemono fursuit of them I’d be happy 😀👍 submitted by UnknownLimerade1106 to fursona [link] [comments]

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2023.04.28 01:26 JamJar36 Any tips for making a fursuit head?

I'm going to be trying to make my first ever fursuit head soon! I'm real excited but I wanted to see if anyone has any tips! I'm making a rabbit/bunny specifically so if anyone has any good patterns for a rabbit/bunny head feel free to send it to me :]
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2023.04.12 11:23 beardify If The Easter Bunny Invites You On An Egg Hunt, Don't Go.

Did I know something was wrong the moment I woke up that Easter morning?
Looking back, I think I did, even if I didn’t know exactly what it was that had made my eyes snap open. There was no reason for me to be awake, I remember thinking; the sun had barely come up, filling the house with the hushed golden light of dawn. I tiptoed down the hallway, hoping to avoid waking up my parents and breaking the spell…
There was a tension in the air, a kind of anticipation that I couldn’t explain, not at first. I had already made my way down the stairs when I remembered: it was Easter Sunday! The Easter Bunny was coming!
I was seven years old that fateful April morning, and every Easter I could remember so far had featured a hunt for colorful, candy-filled eggs–and now that I’d woken up early, I might even get to see the Easter Bunny for myself!
I was still wondering if I’d get in trouble for peeking out the window when I heard a knock at the door. Even though my heart was pounding with excitement, the sudden sound still scared me, and I felt the shadow of a doubt cross my mind before I unlocked the door.
Who would visit our house at 6:00 on a Sunday morning? Had something bad happened? When I pulled on the heavy brass handle, however, I let out a sigh of relief.
Everything was fine. It was just the Easter Bunny!
The man-sized, floppy-eared, fur-covered figure stood on the porch holding a wicker basket.
“Wow…” I muttered to myself. Then: “are you for real? Some of the kids in class say you don’t even exist, you know…”
The Easter Bunny didn’t respond. As if to confirm my suspicions, I reached out and stroked its fur. It felt sort of…fake, like the mascots at Chuck E. Cheese’s. The tall figure didn’t budge, didn’t react to my touch at all. It just stared down at me with those enormous, unblinking plastic eyes. Then it gestured to the basket. A scroll-like note lay on the minty plastic grass, tied with a bright yellow ribbon. A grin spread across my face as I unraveled it and read the fancy, handwritten letters it contained.
“Me?” I pointed to my chest, eyes wide. The Easter Bunny nodded. “Well, um…” I frowned “...I’d better ask my parents…”
The tall, furry figure had slammed shut the front door to my house with a single powerful paw. I gulped. I hadn’t wanted to make the Easter Bunny angry…especially now that I realized just how big it was. The foggy streets were silent; not even a bird sang. It was like the whole world was empty, except for me…and the Easter Bunny.
I tried to swallow again, but my throat was dry. I looked up at the black windows of my parents’ bedroom. If I woke them now, I’d get in trouble for sneaking downstairs, for being outside, for spying on the Easter Bunny–
Who could even guess how long I’d be grounded for? Meanwhile, if I just went on one quick easter egg hunt, I could be back before they even knew I was gone…
Besides, I’d been chosen! Who knew what special things the Easter Bunny had in store for me?
I shivered; the morning mist was cold, and there was something unnerving about the way the Easter Bunny kept staring at me.
“Okay.” I shrugged. “Let’s go–”
And the Easter Bunny led me away across the dewy grass.
The fog was so thick I could barely see anything apart from the sea of bright green around us and the Easter Bunny’s tail, bobbing ahead of me like a Will-o-the-Wisp. I had a feeling I knew where we were, however: the enormous lawn of the nursing home behind my parent’s house. I even thought I could see its lights on the hill to the right, and make out the dark shapes of pine trees beyond that. Then, suddenly, the Easter Bunny stopped and set down the basket.
It still hadn’t spoken a word. Instead, it pointed at the ground straight ahead: it was time for me to start searching.
The fog had lifted a bit, and the dew felt good on my bare feet…but it was kind of unnerving how the Easter Bunny kept following so close behind me, like a silent giant. When I found the first egg, however, my doubts vanished. It was pink plastic, just like I was used to, and inside was a shiny golden ring! My jaw dropped at the sight of how it glittered in the early morning light.
“Is this real gold?!” I gasped. The Easter Bunny nodded. “Is it for me?” The big furry figure nodded again. I slipped the heavy, golden thing around my finger–careful not to let it fall–and went in search of the next egg. I couldn’t help but get distracted by the ring as I walked; the more I looked at it, the more something about it seemed familiar…
The sight of a blue plastic egg badly hidden beside a stream up ahead chased the thought out of my mind. If the last egg had contained a golden ring, what might be inside of this one?
My yelp of joy died in my throat when I cracked it open. The blue egg only held a dog biscuit, the exact same brand that I usually gave to the family golden retriever, Rolph. And speaking of Rolph, I hadn’t seen or heard him at all when I woke up, even though he usually barked his head off at every little sound…
“Umm…okay?” I forced myself to smile up at the Easter Bunny, the same smile I reserved for my aunt when she gave me clothes that smelled like mothballs for Christmas. With the gold ring still heavy on my small hand, I slipped the treat into my pocket and went looking for more eggs. The third one I found was bigger than the other two: it was bright yellow with blue dots, almost impossible to miss–and it was located on the edge of the pine forest. In fact, all of the eggs the Easter Bunny had left for me seemed to be leading me in that direction, away from the lights of my neighborhood and toward the darkness of the woods. I thought of the breadcrumb trail from Hansel and Gretel, remembered the horrible old witch in her candy cabin, and shuddered. My parents had told me to never go into the woods alone, but I was with the Easter Bunny–so it had to be alright!
And anyway, I wanted to find out what was inside that big egg.
This time, I recognized the contents right away.
“These…these are my father’s glasses…” I muttered. “What’re they doing here?” Of course, the Easter Bunny didn’t answer. I couldn’t help but imagine the huge, furry figure in front of me climbing onto the roof of my house, silently sliding open my parents bedroom window, sneaking inside, and grabbing the glasses from my father’s bedside table–but why would the Easter Bunny do such a thing? My father was as blind as a bat without the wireframe glasses that I was currently holding in my hands…
A sense of foreboding crept into my bones.
Another egg, a purple one this time, sparkled beside a mossy stone just inside the forest–
But I realized I didn’t want to go after it.
The sun was higher in the sky now; the mist was almost gone. I could see the nursing home clearly up on the hill, and hear the sounds of birds and car tires from the comforting confines of my neighborhood. That world–the world of family breakfasts and the bright yellow school buses, the world without the Easter Bunny–suddenly felt very far away.
“I…I don’t think I want to play anymore…” I muttered in a small voice. The Easter Bunny’s ears flopped as it bent its head to the side, a gesture that was comical and hostile at the same time. There was nowhere to hide from the black centers of its unblinking plastic eyes. Suddenly and with surprising violence, it stabbed its paw toward the heart of the forest. It shuffled its furry feet toward me menacingly, urging me on toward the woods…
I bit my lip and started walking toward the purple egg. The Easter Bunny’s furry gray feet crunched over the pine needles…
It was following closer and closer behind me.
Full of misgivings, I stooped to open the purple egg. When I did, something round, slick, and crimson slid into my hand. I dropped it with a yelp of horror: It was a real, human finger!
There was something about it I recognized, too: my mother’s nail polish. Suddenly I realized where the gold ring had come from. I was wearing my parent’s wedding band! I gasped and took a step backward.
The woods felt vast and dark indeed.
“What…what’s going on…?” I felt tears welling up in the corner of my eyes. “I wanna go home! I wanna see my mom and dad!” The Easter Bunny’s paw shot down and grabbed my wrist. It was dragging me deeper into the forest! I yelled and squirmed, but another mitt of fake fur clamped down over my mouth. It didn’t smell like springtime or candy: its odor was sour, rotten, and wrong.
Up ahead was another egg, a bright orange one laying among some dead pine branches.
“I don’t wanna!” I mumbled through the fur–
But the Easter Bunny forced my hand down onto the cheap plastic.
Part of me was afraid to open it; the other part was filled with morbid curiosity, a sick need to know what was inside. Something round and whitish-red rolled out with a splat. Pine needles stuck to its white, veiny surface, and a foul white liquid oozed from where it had been ruptured.
My father’s bright blue eye stared up at me from the forest floor.
“Why are you DOING this?!” I screamed at the Easter Bunny. This deep in the woods, it was so dark that the morning still felt like night. Even so, I could make out other colorful shapes glimmering in the gloom: more eggs.
I had no desire to know what awful secrets they contained.
The Easter Bunny tugged insistently on my wrist. It was so big, so strong…how could I ever get away from it? Or was I going to spend what was left of my life searching these shadowy woods for those terrible plastic eggs?
I forced myself to start walking toward the nearest egg. There was no sound but the snap of sticks beneath my feet and the wheezing, excited breaths of the giant, furry thing beside me.
Now that I wasn’t struggling against it, the Easter Bunny had loosened its grip somewhat. Furthermore, I realized that its huge paw wasn’t very bendable; it couldn’t close around my scrawny seven-year-old wrist quite the same way that a human hand could.
That gave me an idea.
The Easter Bunny was big, the Easter Bunny was strong, the Easter Bunny was terrifying…
But was it fast?
My arm was slick with sweat, and when I ripped it out from the Easter Bunny’s grip, the furry monstrosity’s gasp of surprise and anger seemed to echo through the trees.
I ran. I ran until my lungs burned, dodging through narrow gaps between the trees and slipping through the undergrowth, where I hoped my nightmarish pursuer couldn’t follow.
There was no turning back now–I didn’t want to think what it would do to me if it got ahold of me again. I might even end up inside a few of those colorful plastic eggs.
The heavy THUMP-THUMP of its footfalls behind me reverberated against the forest floor…
It was catching up.
The bright lawn beyond the trees grew closer and closer with every step. Then suddenly I was through, bursting out into dewy grass and sunlight–
But not before I felt a furry paw graze the back of my neck.
I didn’t stop running until I was on the patio of the nursing home at the edge of the neighborhood. The old folks in their wicker chairs observed me curiously as I stared down at the edge of the forest, where I could barely make out a man-sized shape with floppy bunny ears watching me from within the shadow of the trees.
The nurse who I told my story to probably didn’t believe or understand a word of it, but he could tell from my thorn-ripped clothing and dirty, tear-stained face that something was very wrong. The police met me on the nursing home porch, and when I showed them the way back to my house it was the two officers–not me–who found the grisly scene waiting inside.
According to the medical examiner, the rest of my family had already been dead for hours when I woke up that Sunday morning. At first, the officers struggled not to laugh when I cried that ‘“the Easter Bunny got them!”
Of course, that was before people started opening those strange plastic eggs that had appeared in the woods…
Now, thirteen years later, the case is still unsolved. I went to live with my aunt several states away, and she worked hard to protect me from the grim memory of what had happened.
To this day, I still don’t know what I met on my front porch on that foggy Easter morning. A serial killer in a fursuit? Some kind of supernatural being? I have no idea.
All I know is the warning that I plan to pass on to my own children:
If the Easter Bunny invites you on an egg hunt, don’t go.
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2023.04.04 01:01 Wish_Solid Bloons TD 6 v36.0 Full Update Notes!

Bloons TD 6 v36.0 Full Update Notes!

Bloons TD 6 v36.0 - Full Update Notes!

Beast Handler!
Update video here.

Key New Features

  • A brand new, top secret, never before seen way to obtain powerful towers!
  • New Tower - The Beast Handler
    • chomp, rawr, kakaw!
    • So much to say about this tower, but mainly we hope you enjoy it!
    • The first never before seen tower to join the BTD universe since the Druid and Alchemist at launch almost 5 years ago.
    • This tower plays and gains power in a completely unique way, and there are intentional trade offs along the way - you need to choose the right time to Merge beasts or just like any other tower whether more separate and lower-power beasts are situationally better.
    • This is a Support class tower, so seeing how it works with your favorite builds is part of the fun.
    • Comes with a few cool Monkey Knowledge points for you to unlock.
    • BTW making cool-looking giant beasts pop Bloons has been pretty awesome, even though it took us twice as long as expected. Thanks for your patience!!!
  • Quests! Quests are self-contained challenges with their own special rules, difficulty, and unlock requirements. Patch joins the main menu and acts as the entry point for the Quest system. The intent along with fun gameplay is to sprinkle more story into the game, teaching certain strategies, introducing game modes, trying out items before unlocking them, as well as being a place for us to experiment with new mechanics. Did someone say special missions? No we didn’t say that for 36, but definitely downstream.
  • With the launch of the Quests system we have 3 beginner Quests aimed towards newer players. In future updates we will expand this with mid-rank, high rank, and expert level Quests that will introduce higher level ideas and challenges.
    • Beast Handler Quest - The Dartling Gunner unlocks via a basic pop target objective, but this was a simple system and had nothing to do with the tower itself. To unlock the Beast Handler with this update, rank 40+ players will take on a short adventure using the lower tiers of this tower.
    • Race Introduction - When Races unlock at rank 20, they can be quite an intimidating system to start learning. Now rank 20+ players will be able to access their first persistent race, available from the Quest menu. This is a short introduction aimed at new players, or players new to Races. More challenging Race Quests will be added in the future.
    • Quincy’s Trial - All players start the game with Quincy available, and now from the Quest menu or from Quincy's profile on the Hero menu players will be able to engage in a short mission showcasing his strengths

New Awesome

  • New Map - Polyphemus
    • No, Lotus Island was never going to be the only stop on that epic journey
    • Your next adventure is Polyphemus, whose one great eye closes over any towers in its site. Never fear, unlike Modysseus, your crew is not dead, just out of play until you can open the eye again.
    • Another one made with challenges in mind, and yes, we’ll look for other uses for this mechanic in the future.
  • New Achievements - a simple intro to quests with: Side Quest, World League Training
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Monkeys: Tack Shooter Hedgehog pet
    • Monkeys: Wiwi Beast Handler pet; the cutest jellyfish ever. Plz don't eat him
    • Bloons: Lobster BFB skin: you can eat this one though
    • Co-op: vrej emote, sholthink emote
    • We decided that emotes currently weren't loud enough; so, we added the "air raid siren" emote
    • Game & UI: Avatar73 - Necromancer, Avatar74 - Darts, Avatar75 - Gravelord Lych, Avatar76 - Sun Hat Adora
  • Competition Winning items
    • Banner29 - community banner by ratcrunch - Avatar of Darkness
  • Limited Time only
    • Alchemist Flower splash projectiles, Banner29 - Blossom Temple
  • New CT Team Store items
    • Base Props: Dino Spring Egg, Cake Baker Monkey
    • Icons: Overclocked Icon, Choc Bunny icon
    • Frames: Bloon From The Dead frame, Flower Burst frame

Bug Fixes and General Changes / Additions

  • Reworked towers with secondary attack target options to use a smaller icon for this target that is no longer linked to the target priority display. We apologize to the players who were comfortable with the “buttonized” target priorities, but many players were confused by that implementation, so we’re hoping this is a better, clearer UI for all.
  • Due to the Beast Handler’s release and the Monkey Knowledge points associated with it, the maximum level has been increased to level 160. This allows for 5 more monkey knowledge points to be obtained. Each of these levels take more XP to unlock, and all players at veteran level will have their veteran levels adjusted to fill in these 5 new levels.
  • Resolved some crashes that could occur upon reloading saved games
  • Resolved an issue where there is an issue when there is an issue
  • Resolved an issue where teams with censored names could not be found in the search bar; they will now correctly appear in the menu
  • Resolved an issue where glue rat is able to manipulate the time space continuum. This is intended.
  • Chunky Monkeys mode increases the size of towers even more than before
  • More description updates for Towers and Heroes
Event Changes
  • Race Event - Round send delay has been removed in order to prevent multiple players achieving the same time on the leaderboards.
  • Boss Event - Top 50 Badge replaced with Top 25 Badge, all preexisting Top 50 Badges will be replaced with Top 1% Badges. This is to account for the low player count in Boss Events compared to the other two competitive events.
  • Boss Event - Resolved an issue where Lych would spawn invisible
  • Boss Event - Resolved an issue where Lych would appear at all(thanks to the hundreds of thousands of players who complained and pointed this out!)
  • Contested Territory renamed to Corntested Territory
Dart Monkey
Glue Gunner
  • 205 Glue Gunner no longer is a menace before round 80
Monkey Buccaneer
  • 130 Cannon ship now correctly increases the attack speed of the cannon
  • x5x Pirate Lord now correctly doubles the attack speed of the cannon.
Monkey Ace
  • xx2 Actually resolved an issue where reversing flight path before purchasing Centered Path would make Absolute Zero slow MOABs the correct amount with permafrost
  • xx4 resolved a crash where Spectre flies into two villages and the game gets banned in 162 countries
Wizard Monkey
  • 104 Necromancer with Guided Magic can now reset its targeting for the zombie Bloons by selecting a target off the track
  • xx3 Lead to Gold lead damage bonus will now correctly do bonus damage to Dreadbloon’s Rock Bloons.
Banana Farm
  • x4x IMF loan name corrected to MILF Moan
  • Resolved a an issue where Etienne’s Drone Swarm doesn’t despawn and the ability gets permanently disabled
Platform Specific fixes
  • Steam: Game no longer crashes when spamming the ESC key from the trophy store
  • Mobile: Game no longer crashes upon reaching round 173 in co-op mode

Balance Changes

Dart Monkey
Both middle path and bottom path dart monkeys have been underperforming as of late so we are giving both of them some more power in hopes that they will become more prevalent as a high skill and a low skill tower respectively.
  • x4x Super Monkey Fan Club price reduced $8000 > $5000
  • x5x Plasma Monkey Fan Club price reduced $45000 > $40000
  • xx5 Crossbow Master price reduced $23500 > $20000
  • xx5 Crossbow Master damage type Normal > Sharp
Boomerang Monkey
Originally, the design of Glaive Lord focused mainly on having consistent high damage output in a small area. However Glaive Lord’s strength on harder maps is greatly diminished due to the nature of the orbiting glaives. Thus, we have added a brand new mechanic which allows Glaive Lord to have much more flexibility on maps it previously couldn’t handle, which should hopefully increase its usefulness.
  • 5xx Glaive Lord gains a selectable orbital target on any spot on the map not blocked by line of sight
    • Changing the selectable target causes the orbital glaives to slowly move from their previous position towards the target
Bomb Shooter
Bomb Blitz has seen very low usage for a long time, partly due to the extremely unwieldy Bomb Storm ability. We have changed how Bomb Storm activates to make it have relevant uses.
  • xx5 Bomb Blitz ability activates when Bloons reach 99.5% track in addition to when lives are lost
Ice Monkey
Snowstorm and Absolute Zero are incredibly powerful towers with high amounts of pierce so we are reducing that amount to keep it in check. Icicle Impale is overperforming as the strongest ice tower so we are reducing its power starting from a lower tier.
  • x3x Arctic Wind aura pierce infinite > 100
  • x4x Snowstorm ability pierce infinite > 1000
  • x5x Absolute Zero aura pierce infinite > 300
  • x5x Absolute Zero ability pierce infinite > 2000
  • xx4 Icicles attack speed reduced 1s > 1.2s
  • xx5 Icicle Impale attack speed reduced 0.75s > 1s
Glue Gunner
The recent rework of glue gunners were good, but didn’t quite hit the mark. We are therefore changing some of the numbers on the Bloon Solver and Relentless Glue. Glue Storm as a tier 5 tower is highly overshadowed by other types of glue and needs something to stand out more. Therefore we are adjusting some of its effects to make it a more relevant tower in place of other glue gunners.
  • 5xx Bloon Solver puddles can now hit glued Bloons
  • 5xx Bloon Solver puddles pierce increased 1 > 20
  • 5xx Bloon Solver puddles damage decreased 20 > 1
  • x4x Glue Strike price reduced $3450 > $3000
  • x5x Glue Storm glue priority 1 > 7
  • x5x Glue Storm glue is now white instead of yellow
  • xx4 Relentless Glue stun explosion pierce increased 3 > 4
  • xx4 Relentless Glue stun explosion applies relentless glue to all affected Bloons
Sniper Monkey
Bouncing Bullet is still far too versatile and powerful for a low price and leads quite easily into Elite Sniper. This is being changed across the board along with removing some damage type changes. Elite Defender while being decent doesn’t quite make use of its special ability well, so we have also changed it to match Bomb Blitz in its function.
  • x3x Bouncing Bullets price increased $3200 -> $3500
  • x4x Supply Drop damage type Normal > Sharp
  • x5x Elite Sniper price increased $14500 -> $15000
  • xx5 Elite Defender ability activates when Bloons reach 99.5% track in addition to when lives are lost
Monkey Buccaneer
After the recent price nerf, Pirate Lord as a 5th tier doesn’t quite match up to the glory as its upgrade, Navarch of the Seas. As such, we have added an additional bonus that increases the possible strength of the tower along with fixing the cannon’s attack speed.
  • x5x Pirate Lord MOAB take down now has a 1% chance of hooking in BADs when used and a 99% chance of disabling the ability forever
Monkey Ace
Ground Zero and Tsar Bomba have been incredibly powerful towers for a long time across many gamemodes, so we are reducing it’s potential power in deleting the entire screen. This will allow other towers to shine when a high instance of damage is necessary.
  • x4x Ground Zero ability damage 700 > 350
  • x4x Ground Zero ability pierce 1000 > 2000
  • x5x Tsar Bomba ability damage 3000 > 3000000
  • x5x Tsar Bomba ability pierce 5000 > 5
Heli Pilot
Pursuit has been an upgrade that really doesn’t do much and is completely worthless on some maps. We have removed the pursuit targeting option and the upgrade and replaced it with a brand new Heli upgrade.
  • 2xx Pursuit replaced with Fursuit: All attacks deal +1 damage but can no longer damage Furry Bloons
Dartling Gunner
While admittedly difficult to handle at T3, the recent changes made to attempt to give Buckshot an easier growth into BADS overall backfired and were a failure. Looking back, the difficult T3 required attention but was still not bad if used correctly and the improved handling at T4 was far worth this effort in the end. That seemed fine enough before and we don't like how it has ended up so walking those changes back. We have to admit when we miss and thanks for continued discussion on bottom path.
  • xx3 Buckshot pierce reduced from 4 > 2
  • xx4 BADS cost reduced $12000 > $8000
  • xx5 BEZ cost increased $58000 > $62000
Wizard Monkey
Arcane Blast as a crosspath doesn’t see much use so it is receiving a damage increase without affecting higher tiers. Dragon’s Breath is extremely strong after the damage increase, and is having its attack speed pulled back to better control its dominance. We noticed an issue with selecting a spawn location and agreed that there was a flavor fail in this change, so we have fixed it.
  • 2xx Arcane Blast damage increased 2 > 6
  • 3xx Arcane Mastery damage remains at 3
  • x3x Dragon’s Breath attack speed reduced 0.1s > 1s
  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix breath attack speed remains at 0.1s
  • 004 Necromancer no longer can select a spawn point for zombie Bloons.
    • 104 Necromancer keeps the selectable spawn point
Super Monkey
Dark Champion has always felt very weak and not worth its price at all. In order for it to use its pierce a little more effectively, we are giving the champion blades the ability to bounce from Bloon to Bloon.
  • xx4 and xx5 Super Monkey’s projectiles now ricochet similar to Quincy’s arrows
AMD has very few unique interactions outside of one notable duration increase with Perishing Potions (a byproduct of Berserker Brew, really) so this change has been added to further incentivize its use with the other supportive path of Alch.
  • 203 AMD gives towers +9 lead damage
Banana Farm
The previous nerfs to Monkey Bank and MILF Moan have severely crippled the tower’s uses. We have changed the tower slightly so that you are able to take advantage of the moan a little more, but also not continue to compound your profits from moaning alone.
  • x3x Monkey Bank price $3800 -> $3500
  • x4x MILF Moan cash granted $9000 > $10000
  • x4x MILF Moan takes away 1 child for every round that you have an unpaid moan
Engineer Monkey
Bloon Trap being placed on the track but missing camo Bloons doesn’t quite make sense so that has been changed. To control its strength in Boss Events, trap is losing its cash generation in return. The Master Builder is also somewhat lacking for a paragon in its mechanics, so we have decided to add back it's bottom path to the tower's functionality.
  • xx4 Bloon Trap now sees camo
  • xx4 Bloon Trap no longer provides extra cash when collected
  • Master Builder can now open up its mech suit and trap in huge amounts of Bloons, up to a BAD
    • When the mech suit fills up with Bloons it gets collected, removing the Master Builder
    • You must have an O.T.T.O on the field to respawn the Master Builder after it is collected
Due to him never missing a shot, he is far too powerful as a hero that was originally meant to help out a little early on. Because of this, he will now sometimes miss his attacks, bringing down his overall consistency.
  • Quincy has not been changed
Obyn Greenfoot
Obyn has been largely neglected for a long time and many of his main synergies with towers have been outclassed by other heroes. We are giving him some bonuses in his synergies that will hopefully reinforce him as a strong support hero for many towers.
  • Lvl2 pierce bonus affects Druids and Glue Gunners
  • Lvl11 pierce bonus affects all magic monkeys and Engineer Monkeys
  • Lvl18 maximum wrath affects Druid of Wrath and Elite Defender
Historically the strongest hero in many gamemodes, he is getting his money generation toned down, and instead hacks monkey banks for more income. This will allow other heroes to have a chance, especially in Boss Events.
  • Lvl1 Benjamin income reduced $100 > $40
  • Lvl2 hacks in $40 + $100 for each Monkey Bank on screen
  • Lvl8 income increased to $100 + $200 for each Monkey Bank on screen
  • Lvl11 income increased to $150 + $300 for each Monkey Bank on screen
  • Lvl15 income increased to $250 + $500 for each Monkey Bank on screen
  • Lvl17 income increased to $400 + $800 for each Monkey Bank on screen
Adora while she has become quite powerful, she is still very XP hungry and has limited use, especially where she is unable to level up. This change should let her reach higher levels where she previously fell flat.
  • Adora can now sacrifice other players’ towers in co-op
Like Benjamin, he is getting his income sources toned down to let other heroes shine as Geraldo is still a very powerful hero.
  • Lvl2 Rare Quincy Action Figure appreciation rate reduced
    • Before round 31: 10% > 8%
    • Before round 81: 5% > 4%
    • After round 81 remains at 2%
  • Lvl9 Fertilizer price increased $300 > $1000
  • Lvl9 Fertilizer income decreased +25% > +20%
Lych Boss
Lych has proven to be a troublesome boss at lower tiers, creating what seems like impossible situations for newer players. His speed is being toned down especially at the lower tiers to make completions more possible. The Lych soul will also get its bulkiness reduced at the lower tiers but increased at the higher tiers.
  • T1-T2 Lych speed reduced 0.092 > 0.072
  • T3 Lych speed reduced 0.1 > 0.08
  • T4-T5 Lych speed reduced 0.108 > 0.088
  • T1 Lych Soul HP reduced 1280 > 1000
  • T2 Lych Soul HP reduced 3050 > 3000
  • T4 Lych Soul HP increased 14500 > 15000
  • T5 Lych Soul HP increased 47000 > 69420

Upcoming in v37.0

  • Wizard Paragon
    • He’s finally arriving, it’s the Magus Perfectus, firing multitudes of magical spells at the Bloons!
  • Map Editor
    • We’re hoping to release this in the summer update, look forward to drawing a huge number of cocks with custom maps, in full 3D!
  • New Boss Bloon
    • He rules over the frozen wastelands… A brand-new Boss Bloon not seen before in BMC, scheduled to be released in the next update!
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2023.03.30 16:22 Alt3rEg00 Need help for fursuit

Okay so i'm trying to surprise my friend with their first fursona, But i don't know where to start- like at all. I know that it's going to be a bunny fursuit and i found a patron on Etsy. What foam do i use ? What fur ? do i need any special tool ?
If any of you guys could like tell me where to buy stuff or like videos that explain clearly I would be really happy
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2023.03.30 14:09 Original_Praline_124 Redid the eyes on my bunny fursuit :) constructive criticisms is welcome

Redid the eyes on my bunny fursuit :) constructive criticisms is welcome submitted by Original_Praline_124 to fursuit [link] [comments]