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2023.06.03 07:23 IamaBlackKorean Bellarmine names former Super Bowl champ as its new football coach

SAN JOSE – David Diaz-Infante has been hired to replace Jalal Beauchman as the head coach of the storied Bellarmine College Prep football program, the school announced Friday.
Diaz-Infante graduated from Bellarmine in 1982 before going on to play at San Jose State and in the NFL. The former offensive lineman won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos in the late 1990s.
“David brings a sense of pride, tradition, and hard work from his playing days at Bellarmine, San Jose State, and the NFL,” Bellarmine athletic director Kevin Saldivar said in a news release. “His love and enthusiasm for Bellarmine football and the life lessons that the game can teach young men is what is most exciting about this new chapter of Bellarmine football. I can’t wait to see David build on the past success of the program while forging his own legacy for many years to come.”
Diaz-Infante, 59, played on the Bells’ first Central Coast Section championship team in 1981.
“I am beyond excited to have been given the opportunity to lead the next chapter of the storied Bellarmine football program,” Diaz-Infante said in a news release. “Being named head coach and following in the footsteps of John Hanna, Walt Arnold, Mike Janda, and Jalal Beauchman is a tremendous honor and I’m excited to add to the history and legacy those coaches have carved.
“Bellarmine and Bellarmine football have a rich tradition and history and I’m thankful to the school administration and athletic director for trusting me to carry that legacy forward.”
The decision to hire Diaz-Infante came after what Bellarmine’s news release called an extensive search.
When he finished playing, Diaz-Infante worked as a broadcaster for ESPN and coached with the Cardinals, Jets and Chargers.
Diaz-Infante is in the Bellarmine and San Jose State athletic halls of fame.
Beauchman stepped down on March 24 after three seasons.
Last fall, the Bells captured CCS Division II and Northern California 3-A regional championships.
Bellarmine lost to Laguna Hills 28-27 in the 3-A state final.
Beauchman, who played receiver for Bellarmine in the mid-2000s, finished with an 18-14 record. That included a 2-3 mark during the pandemic-shortened spring 2021 season.
Diaz-Infante is Bellarmine’s third head football coach since 1984.
Mike Janda, whom Beauchman succeeded, coached the Bells for 36 seasons before announcing his retirement in January 2020.
He guided the San Jose school to a CCS-record 286 victories and captured six section and 14 West Catholic Athletic League championships. His program played in three state finals and won a NorCal title in 2015.
Bellarmine’s coaching change is the second in the WCAL since the end of last season.
Lenny Vandermade, an assistant coach at USC for the past four years, was named St. Ignatius’ new coach on March 1. He replaced John Regalia, who stepped down in January after 12 seasons as head coach.
Check back for updates on this breaking story
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2023.06.03 07:23 Here_there21 AITA For my older sister lashing out at me

I am male 18 years old, and we have this sister who came to the house where only my eldest sister and me live because of geographical and personal reasons (she does this regularly at times in irregular amount of days sometimes weeks whenever she feels like it). That sister of mine was always an issue within the family (we don't tell her cause... reasons) but particularly towards her attitude and continually spiraling anger issues that makes me develop anger issues, but only internally because I am kind of an emotional dumpster here in the household but that's another story.
Like I have said, she has anger issues and another thing that I think I should mention is she's fucking disgusting. Like disgusting in a way that is literally; she leaves her junk everywhere, she doesn't clean her food, she lets leftovers spoil in the fridge or wherever she lefts them, she clogs the bathroom with her hair that I clean every 2 days, she spends her whole day "working" and playing that trash MMORPG games of hers, and overall she's just really fucking disgusting. Probably the greatest contributor of me being passive and annoyed at her just by seeing her. I might also add that I do most of the household chores here besides cooking (in which she openly brags whenever I bring up chores)
So, here's the situation. She came at the house this morning and when she arrived I locked myself in my room (cause I can't stand her). Couple of hours later she called me to kill a cockroach in the bathroom (she's terrified of them) and told me to make it fast since she really needs to pee and told her to just pee in our relative's bathroom next door (we are really close with the relatives almost like we are one) and she refuses cause she's prideful as fuck. So, I killed the cockroach and is looking for a dustpan and she got annoyed that I was too slow so she hurried to pee in the relative's bathroom. That little side comment of her that "I was too slow" annoyed the fuck out of me and made a comment, I said "I guess I'm the problem" in a very sarcastic voice. She let it slide and like 10 minutes later she got up to my room and knocked, me thinking she's about to need something again responded very annoyingly, "What?". Then that's when she started to click.
She was very angry and told me, "I can't talk to you now?" and I responded with an angry "What?!". She lashed out even more and started saying how disrespectful I am followed by a few curses then she goes out to her room. After that I moved on (like I always do) and she came back more angry, also saying how disrespectful I am and few more curses then hits me (not in the face, in the arm part area) then stormed to her room slamming the door then locking it. So, I stayed composed as usual got about my day...
Couple of hours later, we had lunch with our aunt who's very nice and we had a fun chat about things but it's all fake af and is just a repeated cycle and me and she seems to have moved on but that's not really the case.
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2023.06.03 07:22 Talky_Walky 31 [M4F] #NYC - Big Nerdy Bear Looking for a Nerdy Woman to talk, game, or more

I'm an RPG, video game, book, movies, and huge Star Wars nerd as well as Pokemon, and currently reading Hellboy...sort of. I don't really comics much so it takes me forever. I like talking. More importantly, I like voice chatting. Where are the nerdy people who like to voice chat?
Let’s watch shows or play some games, or more likely, let’s just talk while doing our own thing. I'm also NOT skinny (fat/obese whatever) and while I'm not embarrassed about it is something I am working on now. I'm introverted and just like enjoying someone's company over coffee, ramen or whatever. I just want to talk and get to know someone. Let's talk about fandoms, or text stupid memes and jokes to each other.
Single dude who’s open to whatever as long as the connection is there.
If you’re up for talking please send a message and selfie! And sorry but I will not respond to simple one word messages. Please send a real introduction.
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2023.06.03 07:22 Talky_Walky 31 [M4F] #NYC - Big Nerdy Bear Looking for a Nerdy Woman for talks, games or more

I'm an RPG, video game, book, movies, and huge Star Wars nerd as well as Pokemon, and currently reading Hellboy...sort of. I don't really comics much so it takes me forever. I like talking. More importantly, I like voice chatting. Where are the nerdy people who like to voice chat?
Let’s watch shows or play some games, or more likely, let’s just talk while doing our own thing. I'm also NOT skinny (fat/obese whatever) and while I'm not embarrassed about it is something I am working on now. I'm introverted and just like enjoying someone's company over coffee, ramen or whatever. I just want to talk and get to know someone. Let's talk about fandoms, or text stupid memes and jokes to each other.
Single dude who’s open to whatever as long as the connection is there.
If you’re up for talking please send a message and selfie! And sorry but I will not respond to simple one word messages. Please send a real introduction.
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2023.06.03 07:21 Talky_Walky 31 [M4F] #NYC - Big Nerdy Bear Looking for a Nerdy Woman for talks, games or more

I'm an RPG, video game, book, movies, and huge Star Wars nerd as well as Pokemon, and currently reading Hellboy...sort of. I don't really comics much so it takes me forever. I like talking. More importantly, I like voice chatting. Where are the nerdy people who like to voice chat?
Let’s watch shows or play some games, or more likely, let’s just talk while doing our own thing. I'm also NOT skinny (fat/obese whatever) and while I'm not embarrassed about it is something I am working on now. I'm introverted and just like enjoying someone's company over coffee, ramen or whatever. I just want to talk and get to know someone. Let's talk about fandoms, or text stupid memes and jokes to each other.
Single dude who’s open to whatever as long as the connection is there.
If you’re up for talking please send a message and selfie! And sorry but I will not respond to simple one word messages. Please send a real introduction.
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2023.06.03 07:20 Talky_Walky 31 [M4F] #NYC - Want a nerdy partner to be super dorky with and more

I'm an RPG, video game, book, movies, and huge Star Wars nerd as well as Pokemon, and currently reading Hellboy...sort of. I don't really comics much so it takes me forever. I like talking. More importantly, I like voice chatting. Where are the nerdy people who like to voice chat?
Let’s watch shows or play some games, or more likely, let’s just talk while doing our own thing. I'm also NOT skinny (fat/obese whatever) and while I'm not embarrassed about it is something I am working on now. I'm introverted and just like enjoying someone's company over coffee, ramen or whatever. I just want to talk and get to know someone. Let's talk about fandoms, or text stupid memes and jokes to each other.
Single dude who’s open to whatever as long as the connection is there.
As for what else I want in just a partner, I don't know, hard to say. I like a talkative person, I like to touch so hopefully you do too. I don't care what you do for a living and ideally, you're close to New York City but if meeting is a serious possibility than I'm more than willing to talk. I also have some kinks but NONE are a requirement. I am much more interested in a real connection but I understand that sexual compatibility is important.
If you’re up for talking please send a message and selfie! And sorry but I will not respond to simple one word messages. Please send a real introduction.
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2023.06.03 07:20 SVNihilism Leveling Progression and Endgame

It starts once you get to 45+ and are pushing to World Tier III and then IV, in my opinion those transitions feel super janky and tedious.
Leveling really slows down at this point and when you first jump world tiers you're super weak until you start getting the new gear. Now normally this wouldn't be much of an issue but I think my main criticism comes from the fact that what you're doing to level up at the current state of the game is incredibly unfulfilling and boring.
You can do group events, bounties, or dungeons, but frankly I think they took a step back with bounties and dungeons. You can't just shut your brain off and do either content, and I absolute hate how they put phases with objectives in dungeons. I've never once thought "oh i love killing every mob" or "I love fetching two objects in completely opposite sides of this door", it makes an otherwise enjoyable experience of killing monsters and slapping me in the face with an annoying obstacle, and for what? Does it make it more challenging? No. Does it make it more enjoyable? No. What is the goal or point of it?
Not to mention there is no overlay in the game, so i'm constantly hitting M when I need to figure out where to go. It's incredibly immersion breaking and I hate it with a passion, especially with how complicated some of the terrain is some maps, you can't just open the map and then instantly find where you need to go. It can take you a few seconds to find where you're at and orient yourself, and that's time random ass mobs can come up to you and start smacking you.
Events aren't as bad, but they are timer based which is the main drawback. You can also do PvP, but honestly all the cosmetic rewards currently aren't appealing in any way, and a lot of it is just the normal pve features in a zone where someone may or may not come around and fight you. PvP zones also have this weird dynamic that the more people there are, the less reason you have to really go there; there's no mobs to kill, people aren't going to be worth much to kill because the resources are being split between so many people, and your chances of dying skyrocket because random people will try to gank you while fighting other people.
I'm also super reluctant to sink much time into the game because of the new season coming out next month. Even getting all the altars felt extremely draining, and the idea of doing all these things again next month is not an enjoyable thought.
And as a final note, it feels like the game is designed around group play. It feels punishing to play solo in a way i've never experienced in an ARPG before, it's just overwhelmingly better to be in a group. The issue here is the vast majority of ARPG players are solo players, and I don't know how easy it is to adjust to a more group based dynamic when there's little to no social elements in the game to facilitate making groups with people. There's no world chat, and the only time you really see people is if they are in town (likely afk) or at events. I've played for like 24+ hours at this point and i can count on one hand the number of people i've seen type anything.
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2023.06.03 07:20 TheSacredSoul Can’t log on anymore on PS5.

Was playing and used TP. Got stuck on a loading screen so I forced closed the app and opened it again. Can get to the char screen but when I try to log on, it is stuck on the Queued for Game - Start Game Pending screen. Anyone else in the same boat?
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2023.06.03 07:19 Optimal-Artichoke-90 Stuck on first boss as cysrus

How do you beat the first boss as Cyrus? I get hit by all three enemies in a row and have no choice but to use my turn to heal. I then get hit by all three enemies in a row again and have to spend my turn healing AGAIN! This repeats until I have no more healing items and I die to all three hits. This is absolute bullshit and I'm about to throw this stupid fucking game into the trash. I can only get either the stupid gas clouds into break or the big idiot into break before they get two turns in a row and I die before it's my turn again. I have never played a game in which the first boss is this bad.
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2023.06.03 07:19 soggybiscuitt_ Audio isn’t working on my Surface Pro 9

Sorry I haven’t posted in the subreddit before so if i get any tags or anything wrong thats why😭
Okay so i have a surface pro 9 and air pod pros. I wanted to listen to audio through my airpods via my laptop, however the audio isnt working at all. I click the volume slider from the task bar, no sound. The output device is also definitely set to my airpods. Sound also can play through the speakers of my laptop if that has any importance. I have restarted my laptop many times since the issue has begun and it hasn’t helped either, I have also tried troubleshooting audio (I forgot what i searched for it originally but it says ‘find and fix problems with playing sound’ now that i search for it in task bar) and most times the audio would play, but before it mentioned something regarding enhancements. It would play at a very low sounding quality and would stop working as soon as I changed the volume on the slider again.
This is not a problem with my air pods as they work 100% fine on my iphone at a high quality too, and this isn’t a problem with the applications that I’ve been using on my laptop either, as spotify, games, online lectures, and youtube vids all do not work through my laptop
I have no idea if it’s because i am using an apple product with a windows one, but initially audio did work between the two and there was no drastic change such as breaking my laptop or getting water on it or anything that could have caused the issue
I’m not super tech savvy so if someone could give me dumbed down steps how to fix this that would be amazing
Thanks in advance if anyone can help :)
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2023.06.03 07:17 MisterMagooB2224 The Worst End To The Worst Battle

So there I was with a crewmate, when suddenly a FoF spawns in. We head over, see an Athena emissary brigantine is doing it. Start to fight the brigantine, and other than trying to fruitlessly board us, they don't really do much other than what brigs do best: Catch wind and disappear.
Fine, they had a Legend of the Veil voyage up anyway, maybe they're buggering off to do that instead.
But of course not. As my crewmate dealt with the fort, I stayed on the ship and kept watch in case they left any surprises for us. At one point, they fired out in thick fog to attempt to cover their approach. As I heard swimming I dropped sails just enough to reach "can't board me :^)" speed, snipe one in the water, and see another that appeared much fatter than they should- Oh that's a keg. Shot it, he died spectacularly, and my crewmate finished off the other one on the island.
My crewmate and I don't have the best focus, so this caused us a few problems as the brig kept coming back and trying to run interference on us during the final wave, but they never kept their ship still long enough to do any lasting damage, as we just missed our chainshots so naturally they'd just catch wind, disappear, slink back as my crewmate killed two of them on the island. In the times that would have been most advantageous to have both of us on the ship, my crewmate would find other things to keep himself occupied, and I could have spent a little time on the island fighting the waves, but such is life. They'd send people to the island, they'd attack with fort cannons with minimal effect, crewmate would murder them on the island or I'd murder them as they attempted to board.
Lather, rinse, repeat this process. Over the course of more than an hour through the whole engagement.
FINALLY the boss is down. We open the vault, blow the kegs, grab the CoF and I try to run interference on the brig that's, of course, on their way back. But again, as soon as they realized I could hit a lot of my cannon shots (more than them anyway), they'd just turn around, catch wind, and disa-fuckin'-ppear again. (sheesh, brigs are obnoxious when they fight like this :V)
So even though it was highly likely that I had the CoF on board (and I did), they turned their attention back towards the fort instead of trying to deal with me, so I took that opportunity to sell. 16/30, huzzah!
So we head back, the fight continues in the same old tiring fashion, but we have tons of supplies so we could out-last them if it came down to that. But they just wouldn't take a naval engagement, as soon as they took any "critical" damage (aside from my many, many whiffed chainshots which would have resulted in an entirely different story :V), they'd just catch wind and disappear again.
Finally they got their lucky break. I knocked both of their masts down, they knocked ours down, they got wise to "oh, he can actually hit cannon lines so don't linger on those once he starts", we ended up somehow boarded, and the pineapple I shoved into my face didn't register. I was cut down, and despite not having many holes to speak of, we sank before we could respawn.
Oh well, we'll just head back and try again. We're pretty confident that if we could coordinate better (there were times I'd ask my crewmate to tend to certain things and they would do something else instead, and I'm so used to playing solo that I'm not that used to asking others to tend to things. :V), we could take them down, as their pirate-to-pirate and naval prestige appear to be lacking.
So we get on board our new vessel, start to raise the anchor as we're actively getting the classic "tReAsUrE dOnAtEd" notifications-
What an awful end to an awful fight, gawdamn. :V
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2023.06.03 07:17 Pristine-Dark-5492 43m and I am completely oblivious to women.... Trying to figure out if I'm reading these signs correctly.

I play poker at my local casino and have been being dealt to three or so times a week by a younger woman than me. She has been dealing to me for over a year. We've developed banter at the table. Obviously some dealers are extra nice and even a little flirty to get tips. Over the time she has dealt to me I've never went above and beyond what is standard for tipping
Over the last roughly month or so our banter has become very teasing back and forth and pretty flirty. She has gotten to the point that it happens at least once when she is dealing to me she extends her hand to me playfully and obviously seeking to have me touch it, which I've done a few times playfully but with a tiny extra touch to it to signal I like it.
Today someone brought up that I was swiping on an online dating app when she was at the table and it had her start asking me if I'd get married again, do I know what I'm looking for, etc.
So here's the dilemma... Being as oblivious as I am, I'm questioning is she sending me signals or am I just seeing signals that don't exist because I'm attracted to her. That brings me to the other dilemma, if we were outside her job, id probably ask her out, but I don't want to put her in that situation at her job so idk how I could go about that. Any advice for a clueless guy would be great lmao.
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2023.06.03 07:16 toptunic Is my oculus broken?

I was playing pcvr on my oculus quest 2. I was seeing what my pc could handle. I turned up the resolution setting on virtual desktop to ultra even though it was supposed to be on medium. I played a game, and it was running smoothly. but a little while later I took off my head set to check my monitor when my oculus started to make a loud buzzing (probably the cooling fan). I turned it off in a panic, then I went back on to play some more when I got an alert from my oculus saying the cooling fan is not working properly. my oculus didn't feel too hot at the time and defiantly felt hotter before. I tested it again by playing a game to see if it would show up again and it did. does anyone know if this means it needs to be replaced or repaired.
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2023.06.03 07:15 Tbkrazeey Sirius xm changing payment method without approval

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me figure this one out. I'm mostly just curious if this is technically legal because it doesn't seem right.
For anyone that's never had Sirius xm, they are one of the most unrelenting, difficult, shady, businesses that I've dealt with subscriptions.
They don't let you can't without online chatting or calling, and it takes you at least half an hour to do it if not more, because all they do is hold you up giving you offer after offer and option after option to make you give up and take one of the cheaper options instead of canceling.
I've been thru it once before and I thought I could get away without calling them by using a privacy card that they can't charge as my payment method, because honestly I never play on having xm ever again.
So I added the privacy card number and everything, and deleted my original card used for the payment. It's worked fine for a month, but now that I'm a few days away from them missing a second payment they have removed my privacy card and put back my original bank card and took the last missed payment.
How can they change my payment stuff without my approval? I don't see anything in customer agreement that says they will, or that they keep records to be used whenever they feel like it.
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2023.06.03 07:15 ExtraWoodpecker8602 Half vent/half proud of what I’ve done

So, obvious throwaway account - cause I’m fairly certain my wife may stalk some of the reddits I subscribe to on my main account.
Some history to begin - M39 - I got read the riot act from the doctor late last year. Scales tipped in at 199kg - 438 pounds… I’m not wanting to ever condone the way we lived and behaved during the time before vaccinations, but covid isolation policies in Australia, newborn just before covid blew up and all the challenges of sleep deprivation combined with WFH in a very stressful job and the convenience of Uber eats made my weight skyrocket.
Anyway, doctor tore strips off me, I buried it, as I always do with these things. I’m male, it’s what we do.
I would take my child to activities on the weekends, important life skills that I feel are vital for children to learn given how dangerous things are now. Anyway, it was also a gym. So, I signed up and started. For context I did all this stuff 12 years or so ago, got down to a weight where I did obstacle racing with friends - running 20k a day and loving life. Met my wife when I was at my peak and my nights rapidly changed from worshipping at the iron church to worshipping the idiot box or playing computer games. Pissed at myself for that.
Anyway, I started at the gym, I got checked out, all those things in March, I’d lost 6kg - so down to 193kg - the joys of catching covid - apart from the side effects of it, its a great way to cut weight /sarcasm - but still a long way to go considering how far I need to go.
My trainer, was supportive. He said for the first week all he wanted me to do is show up, spend 5 minutes on the treadmill and go home. By the end of that week, I was doing 20-30 minutes - the briefest flicker of what I missed had come back to me. The second week, we got into food prep, and weights - foundational stuff to get me back into the groove - nothing heavy, nothing complex, just tighten the up the ligaments and make sure everything would handle what would come over the next couple of months. I threw myself into it each night, after the family were sorted out for the evening, I’d spend an hour to start off with in my church.
I then had to travel for work - it’s not uncommon, but put a distinct damper on what I wanted to do. I bought a blender, packed it in my stuff and went away for work for a couple of weeks. I ended up signing up to a gym where I was - I spent my days at work, my evenings with my team members and the late evenings/very early in the morning (till 12.30-1am) in the gym each night. My food prep stuff was changed to allow me to do it relatively low effort - a couple of smoothies, packed with fruit/vegetables and one with protein powder and coffee. I’d go back to my apartment at lunch, make the next one and come back to work - so there was more incidental walking than I expected, anyway, caught gym flu. Who’d have thought, my calorie intake was so low, plus my expenditure was higher than my body would take, I had managed to grind myself into the ground. I eased off slightly, ate more food - not necessarily better food, but I ate, needed to build up again. By the time I got back I had lost 2kg, I wasn’t happy, but anyway, loss is a loss.
Over the course of the next month or so, I lost another few kgs, like 4 or so, but i was living at home again. When I train, I can be a moody, emotional shit, I know this. I’m like a bear with a sore paw.
This is where the rant comes in - My wife, and her family - aren’t exactly the most supportive in this - some never had to exercise in their life, lucky people. I constantly had to hear about it, defend my position - no, I don’t want a beer, I don’t want lasagne and I should live a little.
My wife on the other hand, has struggled all her life, and apparently it’s easier to just use the credit card and buy McDonald’s, kfc, multiple times a week at dinner and for lunch at work - then leaves the bags, boxes, etc in clear sight - kitchen bench, coffee table in front of the couch, in the car. She’s had weight loss surgery and it helped, but apparently, it’s easier to tap a few buttons on the phone instead of defrost something she’s made and chucked in the freezer. One of the things I do, at least 3-4 times a week is go around the house and tidy up after her, throwing out empty packets chips, fast food bags. I can feel the support there eh? Nothing like having my willpower tested every few days.
I had it out with her a few weeks ago, told her I couldn’t afford this and apparently cause I don’t eat with them anymore and my food is so expensive, it’s my fault. To be clear, it’s not cheap, it’s certainly less expensive than Uber eats multiple times a weeks.
We didn’t talk for a few days and I went away for work again, so I could cool off. I got to do my meal prep in the apartment again and didn’t have to see any takeaway boxes for a few days. Just to be clear - I do not ask her to make my food, and I often make my child’s meals, but the limit of how I’m helped is her ordering shopping online or may be take something out of the oven.
Whilst this was all happening, I was frustrated as anything. Scales weren’t moving, for like 2 weeks, despite how much I was putting in. I got sick as well whilst I was away - so I was like the bear with a sore paw. But, I persisted, and as of this morning, in a single month of persistence, I managed to drop 7.7kg (a sliver under 17 pounds). A proverbial shit tonne of cardio, and workouts anywhere between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours a night that helps me live in my life that I . And I had to buy all new clothes - I probably should have bought the size lower than I got cause these ones are baggy too - oh well, first world problem right there🤣
Anyway, my journey so far 199kg to 174.9kg (438 to 385) dropping 24.1kg (53 pounds) through highly regimented cico, being stubborn and working out now I I have that thirst for trying to get back to my best life.
It’s the start of another month for me - I count my progress on the 3rd of the month, wish me luck 😃😃
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2023.06.03 07:15 ForgetterGogetter My (24f) bf (22m) of 1 yr seems emotionally disconnected. We have different love languages. Is there a way for us to meet in the middle?

I love him a lot and am grateful to have him in my life. He’s been so patient, kind, willing to help, simple, and he's unlike anyone I’ve ever met. Currently we’re long distance and live hours apart. I recently came back from vacation with my family and before leaving I cried to him about missing him and us not being able to see each other for awhile when I came back since he was moving back home. Some background, he was studying and living at the same uni I went to, which is in a nearby city.
During the weekends, my parents let him stay with us. That was months into our relationship. They didn’t like to have him drive back so late after our dates and he was very helpful when we needed assistance. After he finished school, he moved in with us so we were used to seeing each other everyday. Sometimes I did get busy and/or distracted with other things, and we came across some challenges but nonetheless, it was a blessing. a month later, he decided to move back home.
Early during the month-long vacation, I missed him a lot. I talk a lot in general, but I was hoping for messages from him that conveyed some interest over the vacation, journey, anything. My love language is words of affirmation. I’m aware that I am an emotional person and also insecure. I think his is acts of service. I remember being really tired once, so he took over doing the dishes and placed a blanket over me :)
I do think we share an equal amount with quality time and physical touch. One of the greatest things I appreciate in our relationship is that we never stopped holding the other’s hand, which has been this way since our first few dates. My phone charge also lasts a lot longer because I don’t use it as much in his presence. Quite early in our relationship, his lock screen on his phone and PC were of me :) and I followed suit
I was disappointed when he did send a message. Not a good morning or how are you but something that was immature and gross. I let him know how I felt. That my needs weren’t emotionally met, how I held back on talking too much because of the lack of response, and asked if he was willing to be more responsive? I mentioned that I was willing to meet him in the middle over the ways we could communicate. I even had a call with his best friend towards the tail end of the trip, who had to reassure me that he loved me because I was too embarrassed to talk to him myself.
He apologized, and then sent me messages on what he was up to with some pictures. I was really happy to see that and let him know. Now, it looks like we’re back to square one. Feels like I have to initiate things. He says that I can come visit him whenever, which is great and I look forward to visiting him soon but I don't know…it’s so casually said. There’s nothing personal, warm, or inviting about it. Feels like sometimes I chase and initiate contact. Once a few months ago, I went through 5 days of not hearing from him. He was planning on picking me up for our usual date but didn’t text me for that long, so I got upset and finally admitted to him what was up which he apologized for.
I’m back home now and it’s been busy but I let him know that I wanted to have a call or play a game with him. I feel like I'm too clingy to initiate though now. I know he’s not the most emotionally mature or aware at times, so I do let him know, but I don’t think I want to have this conversation again. It’s been…hard. I know he loves me and I love him but I feel tired of having to always look for it somehow through messages. I worry that we don’t have anything new to talk about now because we honeymooned ourselves. We have different lives where we are and different upbringings, so maybe that’s factoring in here. He’s the only child of his parents and has older half siblings. I grew up with 2. How do I/we proceed? I want to let him know of my feelings, if they’re deemed justified. I want us to meet in the middle with our love languages. I want us to develop a deeper connection. Maybe we need a hobby we can both do over long distances. I want to know I feel wanted, desired, and loved. I want to be told that I am beautiful. I’m going to stop myself from checking our regular communication channels for a bit. I can see he’s in contact and calls with other people, just not me. Feels bad man. If I don’t make the effort first, will he even notice I’m gone? I know our relationship operates differently in person than online but am I even a priority? TLDR: tired of initiating contact over a recently turned LDR relationship. Bf and I share different love languages, I feel emotionally unfulfilled. Seeking advice on how to meet in the middle and speak to him about this.
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2023.06.03 07:15 INHZ_Wolfy Cold Steel 2 Done!

(Disclaimer: Apologies if I forgot anything as this game was my longest playthrough of a Trails game to date, so I might have forgotten some details. Plus, I was playing Tears of the Kingdom in between. :D)
WOOOO! This game was an absolute treat! Just like the second game in the previous arcs, things started ramping up FAST, and they did an amazing job in this game. It wasn't that long ago that I played CS1, but the moment of reuniting with my classmates at the start of the game filled me with so much emotion and nostalgia. That first encounter in Celdic with Machias, Eliot, and Fie was very emotional but cute and I loved how Fie interacted with Rean. And then we meet Gaius, Alisa, and Millium. Can I just say, even though Alisa isn't my preferred pairing for Rean, their meeting was so adorable? Also, Gaius and Millium are amazing characters. I didn't care for them as much in CS1, but they really grew on me in CS2.
And then we meet some of my favorite characters, Laura and Emma. It's great to see Emma opening up more about herself. I always wanted to know more about her, and this game definitely delivered. Laura is my second favorite pairing for Rean and one of my favorite characters overall. I was extremely happy to see her, and boy, does she still pack a punch! The final member we meet is Jusis, and wow, he is such a strong-willed guy to have gone through all that he has. I loved the fight we had to convince him to join us again (sorry, Jusis, but I destroyed you :D), and then we faced McBurn and Duvalie!! Seeing Duvalie make a return made me so happy, and she is absolutely adorable, even though she probably wouldn't appreciate me saying that. As for McBurn, he was incredibly strong, and that's not even his peak performance. He has definitely become one of my favorite Enforcers, or just people in Ouroboros in general.
Before I continue, I just have to say how cool it is to be able to play as Toval, Elise, Claire, and Sharon. I love new characters so much, and I thoroughly enjoyed testing all of their skills and crafts. I used Sharon extensively from the moment I got her until she left, and I was genuinely sad when she left the group. Later on, we also get to play as Alfin and TOWAAAAAAA. If she doesn't become a mandatory member in CS3, I will cry.
Anyway, I won't go into too much detail about the whole game because if you're reading this, you've probably played through CS2 or maybe even the entire series. So, I'll share my closing thoughts now, or if you want more, I can reply to a comment with more of my thoughts on specific moments. Anyway, let's talk about the Divine Knight battles... They were interesting. I really enjoyed seeing Rean being overpowered with the Knights. I wish we had more customization options, but then again, they are divine knights. I doubt Valimar would be happy with me putting Fairy Wings on his back if I could.
The fights in the Infernal Castle dungeon were so cool! It was nice to see everyone come back to help Class 7 when the Big Boys got too strong. And holy shit, McBurn really lives up to his name. I'm very scared for when we'll have to fight him again one day. Now, the final battles. Fighting against Crow and Vita was honestly easier than I expected, probably because I used delay spam with Rean and Fie, but it was still an incredibly cool fight. I even went back and watched someone do it on Nightmare because it was such an awesome fight. The final Divine Knight moment with Crow, the one the whole game was building up to... Well, it really delivered. I expected a big moment, and I got it. Also, can I just say, fuck you, Duke Cayenne. He pissed me off so much. What a pathetic scum. I wished Vita had just killed him right then and there. And then we fight the Vermillion Knight with ALL of Class 7. Such a beautiful fight, and I loved using all my classmates. And then, for the final showdown, and I believe my favorite part of CS2, fighting with Crow in our Divine Knights. ALSO, ORDINE TALKED! That final battle with Crow was stunning, and I would play it a thousand times over, well until... Crow... :( And here come the tears. And then Rufus shows up?? And Lechter and Claire! And Rufus is part of the Ironbloods! And then Osborne reveals himself, and it turns out he's Rean's father??? My god... the emotions I felt in that last hour of gameplay, what the fuck, Falcom.
Just when you think the game couldn't get any crazier, then Divertissement hits. You don't understand how quickly my sadness disappeared, and I was filled with so much happiness seeing Lloyd and Rixia. What a wonderful and incredible little section with them. It's so cool to see them in 3D and hear them in English voices. I think I still prefer the Japanese voices for Lloyd and Rixia, but then again... Lloyd is good old Akechi from P5, so I'm now happy, haha. That final fight we had against Rean and Altina, you could just feel that Rean had lost all his happiness. He felt so empty with what he was doing. That line he uttered as Lloyd and Rixia ran away, about being jealous of them, was a real punch in the gut.
The Epilogue turned out to be much longer than I expected. I remember thinking, "When the hell is this going to end?" Not because I wanted the game to be over, but because I was amazed at how much content was still left to explore. Also, Thomas and Rosine... Wow, there were some signs that something was off with Thomas, but I never gave much thought to Rosine. That revelation caught me completely off guard, and it was quite scary to see Thomas behaving the way he did. However, it was also awesome in its own way. I have a deep appreciation for the Gralsritter, and I've enjoyed every member we've encountered so far who is a part of it. It's gotten to the point where my girlfriend and I even have an ongoing joke about Gaius being a Dominion due to his overwhelming love for the Church and the Goddess.
Moving on, I was genuinely pleased with the Final Dungeon. It was fascinating to witness the old schoolhouse transform into that, and being able to play as literally everyone who has appeared in the game so far, including Crow, Vita, Altina, Lloyd, and Rixia, was simply incredible. I feel like the final dungeon was designed for pure enjoyment because although the enemies were more challenging, they didn't pose a significant threat. Although I must admit, the final boss did manage to make me nervous a few times, but it was still an immensely satisfying battle.
Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better send-off for Class 7. I was teary-eyed throughout the entire ending, and that final picture you receive is now my wallpaper. :D This game has left a profound impact on me, and I would rank it as my third favorite Trails game, just behind Trails to Azure at number one and Trails in the Sky SC at number two. Now, onto the next game! I can't wait to see what else Falcom has in store for me.
P.S. I apologize for the lengthy text. It's unlikely that anyone will read this, but if you do, I simply wanted to share my thoughts with someone because I truly adore these games and don't have anyone else to rant to. Thank you. <3
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2023.06.03 07:15 Valti14 (M?) 23 here wanting to hang out a bit

I’m mostly looking for a one time chat unless we really hit it off. Honestly jus want a friend to play warframe with, but I’ll talk to anyone rn. I’m also pretty drunk so if ya ain’t comgieiyh that pls don’t message. I enjoy Pokémon, basic anime, and almost any villainess manwha. I fucking love villainess manwha. But I can talk about anything other than sports. I’m sure we can hit it off or somethin. Hope to hear from ya! ( ̄∇ ̄)
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2023.06.03 07:14 FilipeEac [HELP] Coming back to the game after 6~7 years

So, I played it for some months after the launch in 2016, my goal was to get a Charizard, I remember that I had to grind a lot for the candies, after I got my zard I stopped playing because there was not much to do, and the grinding was too much.
Today I decided to restart in a new account just to get the vivilon and Gimmighoul at Scarlet and Violet, but after some minutes I noticed that the game has changed A LOT since 2016, from the changes I noticed, there are pokemons from other gens besides gen 1, the partner system has improved, the old loading screen with the guy walking into a gyarados was changed, there is a friend system (I'll probably not use it since I don't know anything that plays the game), there are some events and I think they added shinys and more options for clothes.
I got a little excited to try it again even after getting the vivilon and Gimmighoul, so I'm here to ask for tips, tricks and useful knowledge for a "newcomer" to the game.
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2023.06.03 07:12 likely1jankd Rantish plea for advice

I am living in a city that is kinda big, but not metropolitan. Not only is it hard to get shows, there are only a few places open to the music I play (mostly punk rock).
There's a group that is doing punk rock shows but it's all bs. There's never anyone at their shows. They are usually also ppl on drugs bad like meth. Nobody there Except the bands. I've done a lot of shows with them so I know. I suppose.
Long story short I had a falling out with the leader of this group.
There's already nowhere to play, and this group sucks plus the falling out...
Should I just record online or try to get in good with this group again. They suck at promoting but complications such as us going around playing, them not liking us ect. Damn.
I'm leaning towards online but looking for an excuse to say f you to them and play a lot..
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2023.06.03 07:11 kittenpuke do you guys ever physically "feel" yourself get pulled back into your body at the end of a dissociative episode?

i feel a physical sensation like i'm floating back into my body through the top of my head and settling back down into my chest. i physically feel more...weighted, i guess? and my perception goes back to normal and i feel lucid again. it's such a strong sensation that sometimes it leaves me stunned for about a minute or so while i try to recalibrate myself, if that makes sense?
sometimes i can feel myself "floating away" again too, like back up through the top of my head. it can feel like i'm playing tug of war with my own lucidity.
is this a thing? is there a word or phrase for this phenomenon? the closest thing i've found to it is a reference to an anonymous comment on this video from dr. tracey marks. (timestamp 1:17 if the link doesn't work properly.) i've never heard anyone else refer to this so i thought it was just a Me Thing but now i'm wondering if it's just A Thing in general. hopefully something with a name so my doctor will finally understand what the fuck i'm talking about.
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2023.06.03 07:10 CoffeeChocolate0 I need help reporting a game breaking glitch (or report player)

I need help reporting a game breaking glitch (or report player)
I need help reporting a possible glitch or even cheat to support/developers. Basically, I'm playing Zaku II Ranged like normal. But at some point after respawning, all my hits are critical damage even though I never hit the head.
Attached is a video of evidence (you may need to redirect to a Google Chrome if on mobile to see the video). As you can see, I fired at the Heavy Arms with my reticle at the body but I get multiple critical hit indications. Then when the GM was reviving the Heavy Arms, I shot at them and noticed I was again getting all critical hits.
What's even weird is that my G Maneuver stays at 47% the entire time. What's more bizarre that I checked Zaku II Ranged's stats after the match and it said I had 0 critical hit rate (main).
I just want to say that I'm playing on PS4 and I DID NOT INSTALL any mods/cheats. I suspect another player in the lobby caused this or it's a glitch. Nonetheless, I believe this is game breaking and should be reported to the developers immediately. When I looked at the Gundam Evolution website, I couldn't find a "report issue" form. If possible, can someone please share and report this as well?
Thank you.
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