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2023.06.07 01:53 holagvk Call for donating waste plastic milk bags

Call for donating waste plastic milk bags
Hi, is coming to my work in September and December of 2023, and we’ll be weaving mattresses for donation to curb homelessness.
If you’d like to donate your waste plastic milk bags, please: 1- Collect the colourful outer plastic bags 2- Wash them with water 3- Dry them, and contact me once you have a few bags
I am willing to collect them from you; wherever you live in Barrie. And if you are not comfortable sharing your home location with me, I can meet at a pre-decided spot within Barrie.
** Note: I am not asking or accepting any monetary donations. **
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2023.06.07 01:53 DavidP_1991 Tuesday War Room LIVE - Democrats Invite Pride Demons On Stage For Celebration Of Gay Culture And Republicans Walk Off - TUNE IN NOW!

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2023.06.07 01:53 tripper74 Not Interested in Dating

TLDR: I don’t understand dating nor am I interested in it at all and I’m wondering if any other autistic people feel the same.
Hi! I'm 25f, not officially diagnosed but I largely suspect that I am autistic, and I'm working on getting an assessment soon. Anyway, something I have found about myself and I'm not sure if it's attributed to autism or something else is that I am not interested at all in dating. I know some autistic people are, but I personally am not. It's starting to really upset my parents and cause tension with them. They ask me, "don't you want to get married one day and have kids? If so, you need to start dating first." And my answer to that isn't exactly "no”; it's not that I'm one of those people who certainly DOESN'T want to get married or DOESN'T want kids, but it's more like when you ask a 5 year old what they want to be when they grow up and they say "a veterinarian" – they want it someday, but it's not like they're anywhere near ready for it right now and couldn’t possibly do it yet.
I feel like a child in many ways, and this is one of them. Yeah I'm 25 (admittedly I do look a lot younger and a lot of people think I’m a teen) but whereas girls my age were interested in dating 11 years ago when we were 14, I still haven't gotten that urge. I can admire that someone is cute but I never had the urge to date or have a boyfriend and I thought it would show up when I’m older but it still hasn’t. I know I am straight because I know I am attracted to men, but again, in the way that a child has a crush on a boy. It’s not that I never want to get married, but it’s that I don't have any interest in learning how to play that social dating game. The thought of putting yourself on display to be judged sounds incredibly weird and artificial to me, especially since I'm awful with small talk and have really niche interests and personality and I'm very picky with who I like (even as friends). I am honestly perfectly happy the way I am and don’t mind a single bit about being single, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m 25 and my family is worried that if I don’t start dating soon, then when will I ever start?
So my parents are heavily pressuring me to start "dating around". This sounds like absolute hell to me. Not to mention I have feelings for someone already, but even if I didn't, the dating scene sounds like HELL. They have forced-sent me to multiple "young adult social mingles" for my culture and I have left EVERY SINGLE ONE sobbing in tears because I felt awful during them (likely a meltdown due to sensory overload and social masking exhaustion). Not to mention that people there treat me like a poor child to be pitied because I clearly feel so anxious, so it’s not even productive at all to “meet a guy”. I suppose they're doing tough love and trying to push me to get me used to it, but I don't think it works that way in this case.
If I have to date (which I don't even care to do yet, but when I do), I'd rather meet online first, and even better, I'd rather do a dating app that isn't based on pictures because I don't want people to just judge me by a picture and mindlessly swipe. My parents don’t understand what I mean by that because I admittedly am conventionally pretty, and they think that the only people on those apps would only be there because they’re “ugly”. But that’s not my point; my point is, how am I supposed to judge someone based on their looks when I know nothing about them? And I don’t want anyone to judge me based on my looks without knowing me either. It feels so shallow and weird and artificial.
And then going on a date, small talk is the DEATH of me. My parents say “just ask them about work” and I’m like, okay and??? Where does that get me??? I don’t care about their job, so why do I have to ask about it? And the thought of going out specifically to be judged if they like you or not sounds awful. My RSD is so soooooo bad and causes shutdowns for me. This is why I prefer to be friends first and then organically grow into something else.
Also, on a side note, I'm not at all interested in kissing because I have horrible sensory sensitivities and saliva is a sensory nightmare for me. I've never had my first kiss and that's totally fine with me. Other forms of intimacy are fine – I'm even way more comfortable talking about literal sex than I am for kissing. I just have never wanted to press my LIPS against someone else's. Ew.
I’m not really looking for advice, I’m just genuinely wondering if any of you feel the same. Is dating incredibly confusing for you too? Do you have any desire to do it?
P.S. There has been one guy I have had a close relationship with and experienced mutual romantic feelings, but the difference is we started as friends first. That makes all the difference to me – we didn't meet on a dating app or go on multiple screening dates with people with the intention of finding a mate. We just met online as friends and eventually developed romantic feelings. Perfect, you say? Well no because 1. we are online and haven't met irl yet and 2. my parents also strongly disapprove of this because he didn’t go to college…yeah. So we aren't bf/gf.
Disclaimer: Not looking for a “you’re asexual!” response. I know I can feel attraction, as demonstrated by me and that guy. My point is, I didn’t meet him through “dating”; he was already my friend and it happened naturally. I’m not talking about attraction or lack thereof; I'm referring to the social confusion of traditional dating.
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2023.06.07 01:53 curly_crazy_curious When an nmom does her best to make sure her child has no self confidence left.

I think I have said this story multiple times in comments. But because its consequence kept me awake last night I need to vent.
When I was a first grader, my teacher wrote to my parents that I'm an introvert and because they my parents are delusional that are so educated never asked. So imagine a little kid and her mom constantly telling her "your teacher said you are a selfish child". This is my primary school. How much whole my life even in my personal relationships sacrificed myself to prove I'm not a selfish person.
Then in high school I got into a school for gifted students. It was a public school. And I think my mom's colleague were jealous or she lied, idk, but she kept coming home and telling me how her colleagues think kids who study go into those programs or schools are "mental". Imagine calling g your child mental because she is accepted to a gifted students school.
Why does it damage my sleep? Because I'm in the process of job application and cannot get any interview. And I keep thinking I'm just a piece of shit that nobody wants to work with. I'm average. I'm not good enough. People don't even bother arranging an interview with me. Before going NC she was still telling me how every single person in the family is better than me. I'm 36 yo now. And I have worked with therapist to undo the damage. It is just not F possible. My life is ruined.
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2023.06.07 01:53 EasyZookeepergame716 I WAS AT THE SHORE STORE

danny is surprisingly still working there luckily! i also went on a tour in the house which was SUCH a divine experience because the show is my favorite thing ever. if you look on my page you’ll be able to see more videos regarding jersey shore so check me out if you can @juicyphobic.
if you live in new jersey or new york and love the show you should totally come visit and get a tour for $10 and get a lot of the cute variation in all the clothing and accessories/merchandise in the shore store💖🇮🇹
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2023.06.07 01:53 Silently_Salty Lingering Symptoms

Hello all, I'm (M24) new to this. Recently I've been feeling very poor, swimmy head, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, exhaustion, weakness, etc. So I went to the doctor, doctor did a CT scan and blood work, along with a hypotension test. After everything was finished the doctor told me I had low blood pressure. Gave me medicine, told me to change my diet, eat salty food, and exercise. That was about a week ago now, im nearly through my medicine, I've been exercising, eating better and salty foods. But I still feel like shit and I'm almost out of meds. I've read in a lot of places symptoms shouldn't linger this long (it's been nearly 2 weeks now). And I'm not sure why I still feel so terrible.
Health wise I'm not terribly unhealthy. I live abroad and im a teacher so it's caused me to get really lazy and I probably haven't eaten as well as I should have lately.
But like I said I'm not sure why I'm still feeling like this when normally symptoms don't linger for much more than a few hours.
Anyone have a similar experience? This is my first time ever with something like this.
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2023.06.07 01:53 enchantedKingDom99 Anyone here from the DLSU COL 5YR Program?

To those who are currently/have been enrolled in the 5YR Program of DLSU COL, are you all working students? How manageable is it in the working bloc while doing your day jobs?
Would you prefer that one find a WFH/remote job rather than the traditional 8-5 job? Please kindly share how your every day routine as a working student at the DLSU COL.
I’ll be studying this semester in the said program and I think I’ll be needing to work while studying because of financial constraints. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.07 01:53 emmatuffnuts Questioning my sanity and career choice

I work in a prek classroom and I feel like I’m going insane. I’m not sure if it’s universal but these kids are awful. Especially our boys. It’s none stop physically fighting one another and using potty words. The girls are sneaky and mean. They’re FIVE. I repeat myself over and over and over, they look at me and say “okay” and then proceed to do exactly what they were just doing. I redirect and redirect. They don’t care. There’s no consequences. We also have a child with high functioning autism with pretty serious behavior issues. There’s no help or support. Im so tired. The behaviors are getting worse and worse. This job isn’t fun anymore. Please tell me it’s not just me.
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2023.06.07 01:52 jaeeii 21 [F4R] ohio/usa - looking for chit chat or friends!

i hope everyone is having a good start to their week and had a good weekend!
i’ve deleted most of my social media so i’m usually on reddit to have a chat or youtube to have a laugh when i’m on my phone. i’ve been playing pokemon violet and fortnite a bit so if anyone wants to play together in the future let me know!
facts about me:
so, if you made it to the end, read everything i have talked about and still feel that you want to talk, feel free to send me a message or chat if you’re looking to talk to someone! 😄
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2023.06.07 01:52 hungryginger1234 Has anyone else been diagnosed with a personality disorder as well as ASD?

So im 30 and I was diagnosed in my early 20s with depression, ocd, ptsd, anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder.
My life has been absolutely chaotic and I havent been able to work/keep any jobs or sustain relationships or many friendships.
Obviously I have put this down to the above diagnosis particularly BPD and depression. But mainly my “episodes” are generally from being extremely overstimulated and burnout from trying to exist.
I just cant socialise for long periods of time or do crowds of any kind, I hate loud music or tv, I hate clutter and mess, I like routine and if it gets disrupted all hell breaks loose:(
I never considered I may have ASD until recently when I moved house and started really working on my sensory problems (wearing earplugs, no music, no strong smells, spending ALOT more time alone ect) and now suddenly im able to work again part time (although im still extremely burnt out after work) my relationship is going alot better and I feel like im not really depressed anymore.
I relate to so much of what is written on this subreddit and I wonder if maybe I have had undiagnosed autism this whole time?
I also have two younger brothers who have diagnosed asd so that makes me more suspicious.
Has anyone else been diagnosed with other things and then realised they were actually autistic?
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2023.06.07 01:52 Femina_bubonem Finally have a court date

I got my first DUI in Texas in Oct. 2021 but the courts where I live have been a shit show due to a shady D.A.. I waited a year and a half and I finally got my court date for June... All of the gross sick to my stomach feelings have been coming back, I don't know what to expect...
Since then my life has been on pause but I finally got it together mentally to finish up school to get my bachelors. Due to the accident I didn't finish a semester and owed $3000+ to my school, which I am 85% done paying. I'm worried I won't have enough money to pay back my fines and school at the same time. I don't have a car for an interlock and I'm worried they'll put an ankle bracelet on me. I do have a lawyer but they have been so hands off due to how long it took to get the dates. I have paid the restrictions on my license but have done nothing else.
I won't lie, I hoped this would blow over and the statute of limitations would hit before they got to my case. It was too good to be true, I have to face the consequences. What are your tips, if you have any, to deal with your feaanxiety?
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2023.06.07 01:52 LankyAbbriviations Memes aside, Pyro should definitely check out Echo VN

If you watched the latest video on PyroLIVE about GMOD clones, at around the 18:20 mark, you know what I'm talking about.
It's genuinely a great psychological-horror game.
Sure, the game is made by furries and it has it's furry trash moments at very few times in the game. But the writing, characters, lore, plot and DEFINITELY the horror are really done well. It keeps your attention and wanting more from it.
If I had to sum it up, imagine a mixture of Silent Hill 2 and Omori...... just with furries. It one of those types of games that you need to get into blind.
Considering that Pyro's into horror lately, this would be a perfect game for him to disect and analize in detail. I'm interested in his opinion on it.
It's a really long game, and like I said, it has a lot to offer. It lasts about 80hrs to fully complete the entire game (completing every ending and bonus story).
From the outside, it looks like some cheap generic furry trash game. Mind you, the game has a history of being in development for over 6 years. And from what I've read, it's one of the most unique and influential pieces of furry media in the furry culture.
Also, it being labled as a "VN" it completely throws away the typical VN stereotypes. This is not a dating sim. It wanted to try something new.
And yes... Considering that it's coming from furries, obviously it's marked as NSFW... But it's safe for streaming. Even if it's NSFW, the NSFW parts of it are purely text-based and freely skippable. Hell, the entire game is almost fully text-based.
There is absolutely nothing visually NSFW on screen. The only disturbing visuals the game offers are purely a few gory images, and imagery that is in general unpleasant to look at. The game focuses more on creepiness and distress and making you feel anxious rather than it trying to scare you. There are no jumpscares. It's just a really disturbing game.
Also, the game is completely FREE to download on
I was surprised that Pyro hasn't heard of it, considering that Pyro is a furry. I'm not a furry myself and I found this game by accident whilst looking for psychological-horror games.
In my opinion, this one of the better horror experiences in recent years. If you are craving for more Silent Hill like games, or psychological-horror in general, give this one a shot. After all, it's free.
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2023.06.07 01:52 BadlyFavorite Lil Tjay Detained By Police In New York While On Instagram Live

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2023.06.07 01:52 hellocourt2004 AITA for not letting my best friends “fiance” come to my wedding?

i (19f) am getting married to will (17m) in july. me and will got together over 8 months ago and now are expecting a child in december. we both know we wanna be with eachother for the rest of our lives and we’re in a very comfortable situation and place. my best friend, we will call her stacy (18f) have been best friends for 4 years. i was there and gave her a place to live when her mom kicked her out and my family accepted her as if she was already in the family. stacy got with this guy we will call brian (18m) on the 16 of the month, and got engaged on the 19th. they have only known eachother for 3 days prior, but i was supportive because she is my best friend and only want the best for her. her and her “fiance” moved in with me and will. and not even a week after they moved in i heard he was talking shit about me and my fiancé behind our backs. and planned for him and stacy to go move in with his mom. behind her back also. i confronted him about it and things got heated and he told me my baby was gonna come out and get nowhere in life, and is gonna be an asshole “just like it’s mother” my best friend didn’t say ANYTHING to him about it. it was whatever. the next couple days i was talking to her about my wedding and since she was the maid of honor she was gonna help. i made sure she understood brian wasn’t invited because of the things he said to me. she told me she wouldn’t come to the wedding if he couldn’t. things got a little heated and before i blocked her i made sure she knew they both owed me money. she said i wouldn’t get the money but brian forgot his moms air fryer at my house and that she needed it back. i told her she wouldn’t get the air fryer unless i got my money back. the next day his mom calls me and says she needs her air fryer back and i explained to her that they owe me money and i told her the stuff he said about my baby. and she apologized, in the meantime brian comes running through their house screaming bloody murder that he was gonna kill me, my baby, and my family. OVER THE AIR FRYER. obviously i contacted the police. but over the course of a couple days my “best friend” wouldn’t stop saying things and posting things about me. so i posted things back but harder because i’m not gonna deal with the bullshit. now her family won’t stop contacting me and calling me an asshole. so am i the asshole?
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2023.06.07 01:52 That-Attempt6377 How do I get my first job?

I applied at around 15 places including fast food and retail and half of them declined me without an interview,, a few gave me an interview and proceded not to give me an offer and I still keep applying at every place close to me. I live in australia and I'm a high-school student. Any tips or job ideas will be hepful.
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2023.06.07 01:52 KingGhidorahTheBest Story of my useless life

I apologize for whining but it's 3 in the night and those thoughts keep gnawing at my brain. I don't want advices though, please. I just want to rant.
Long story short, I used to be such a great kid in school. I had great potential, had certain skills and almost excellent grades. I really had passion in certain subjects and could really study and be good when I pulled myself together. And before graduating, I had plans for life. I wanted to go to university, finally master what I felt was my thing, get a decent job. Promising, right? ..but it all was shattered. By my own brokenness. For number of reasons I quit university but mainly cus I just couldn't bear that stress.
And now I just text it all here and think, where the hell did it all go. What a fucking mess I am rn. I have no clue what I am going to do with my life. No direction, no wish, no nothing. Apathetic towards everything. Thank god I still have tiniest spark inside which allows me to enjoy spending time with very limited number of people, but other than that?.. My life is like blank sheet of paper and I have no idea what to do with it. Most of my time I spend dissociating and avoiding thinking about all that stuff as much as I can, but on rare occasions I really put my brain into thinking and this hurts like a ton of bricks.
My mind is ok with that nothingness most of the time. I know how it's all going to end, when life will completely corner me and crush my soul. But I think there's still some part of my pesky brain that wants to change at least a little. Although, I am very quick to shut it, I've given up on trying to fix something beyond repair. I don't think I can ever set my life back on track.. I can't imagine going back to university or whatever, this is way too stressful. I can't handle this. But what's left for me?This minimum-wage job that destroy my physical health?God, what a mess of a human I am...
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2023.06.07 01:52 Paxuz01 Can I do it?

Difficult to put everything in the title, so here it goes.
I have a double citizenship, Most of my life I've been living in another country to the south of Canada.
Both my parents are from that country. And i came with some money +45k, but this money is there. I was thinking of one of my parents open up an account, and i could use that account debit card to do all my purchases here... Will this be doable without any problem?
My other thought is, buy a house there, my parents take care of it and rent it, and do the same, they deposit in this account, and i use the money here in Canada.
What are your thoughts?
The reason I'm doing this is to keep my money in that country in case i ever go back there. So it doesn't suffer the change of currency fees
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2023.06.07 01:52 halfmoon-rising Weird situation

My husband and I have been together for 12 years and are in our early 30s. We have decided that we will not have kids, although admittedly, I was much more quick to that decision than my husband. My husband has a natural knack for kids, I don’t really, so I think it’s always eaten at him more than me- but he has assured me that he is now on the same page as me. Ultimately we’ve made our peace with this decision and have been living our lives happily for many years.
Fast forward to a few months ago, my husband approached me about becoming a mentor to a kiddo through a non-profit. My initial reaction was excitement for him, as I felt like this would be a really good opportunity for him to be a role model for a kid, without having to actually have children ourselves. As I alluded to earlier, he truly would be an amazing mentor. However, I find myself struggling with this decision somewhat as my husband goes through the application process.
This is where it starts to feel and sound, ridiculous, and what brings me here. They found a potential match for my husband, and it is a young boy who lives with a single mother. The agency seemed super excited about the match, and so did my husband. He is anxious to get started- and if it’s as good of a match as hoped for, he will want to be as involved as possible, and he will become very attached. Of course his goal is a life-long relationship that is very meaningful to the kiddo.
I know that the program is clear that my husband would not be a replacement parent, but I can’t help but feel a bit self-conscious in this situation. He says that he is not doing this to supplement the fact that we have decided not to have children, but it makes me feel like he is potentially going to be raising a child with someone else. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it sounds like once a relationship is established, it’s pretty much open to spend as much time as you’d like with the kiddo. I don’t know if the mom would be involved, but you’d think a fair amount as it’s her child.
Please let me preface this by saying I know I am being the asshole here and really overthinking this, but this experience has really opened a can of worms for me and made me feel self conscious, that I’ve robbed my husband of something he is seeking and I’m not providing (he insists that is not the case) and that he will essentially become a father figure to a child that isn’t ours and that I won’t be involved with. If anyone has any advice, or has been through a program like this or could give me some guidance, I’d appreciate it.
TL;dr my husband is becoming a mentor to a kiddo with a single mom and I don’t know how to feel about it.
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2023.06.07 01:52 ThrowRATonta More Work, Same Pay- Make Peace or Peace Out?

I have tried to write this concisely a few times now, but I am so frustrated at this point I can barely think straight. So- it would be great to know what anyone has thought/done/not done in a similar situation:
Basically, in lieu of hiring/promoting someone to fill the position of a sr manager of 20+ yrs, they are spreading her duties among 3 of us, who already have full time responsibilities, without any discussion, new title, or increased compensation. Two months before said retirement, which leaves little to no time for consulting w her or any training to happen.
I found out from my boss today, through a ‘meeting invite’ (not even an email or dialogue), that I am now also absorbing additional responsibilities that were to be assigned to another coworker who ‘can’t take on anymore’. So essentially doing my job as well as 2/3 of a sr managers job. No notice, never asked if I feel like I can do it all successfully. My boss then proceeded to avoid me the entire day, & skipped the 2.5hr meeting she had set up, & has still not addressed me about it directly.
The sr manager is due to retire at the end of the month, giving me less than 3 weeks to prepare. Seriously considering ‘retiring’ from my own position at that time as well. Have never felt so walked over or taken advantage of at a job in my life.
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2023.06.07 01:52 Altruistic_Aaron19 Lost 30L doing masters in US

I was wrongly advised in a weak emotional moment that to do masters by my sisters post taking divorce.
I really thought masters will be Bright future and wanted to risk it At that time took personal loan of 55Lakhs ie 66k$ at 11% interest as educational loan didnt get approved.
I discussed with my sister and brother that EMI will start right away and its 1L per month for 2 years its 24Lakhs ie 28k emi per month
Fees is 30Lakhs expenses is 15L and I onboarded that plan thinking if i dont get job i l be back to India and pay PL emi of 1L per month by fetching atlesst 1.5L per month job
Am I going to die soon?!
Why I took this suicide mission plan?
And why my sister told if i go and study abroad all my problems will be solved after divorce
Now half masters is done and nly left with 18L
I had to return to India as I didnt get any part time job there and I have taken 16L loan from parents to pay off the 35L outstanding of hdfc
Still ICICI 13L loan is there with 28k emi per month
I did all this coz when I just took divorce and alone my sister looked at me and told study everyones going and studying masters dont end your life on bad note of divorce
And why did I listen to her? I am super angry with her and guilty for doing this but still surviving
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2023.06.07 01:52 Ruth-Willi Scorpio Horoscope Today June 7, 2023

Scorpio Horoscope Today June 7, 2023 (
You re-raise some issues on the table of research, relive the past and try to uncover some mysterious matters, which tire you and constitute an obsession for you. These doubts may generate insomnia, health problems, and aches and pains. Beware of intense emotions that may generate exhaustion and psychological fatigue, and be calm.

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Love

You live with your partner in a special relationship, especially since he supports you in all your situations and defends you in front of everyone

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Professional Life

Quite a tiring day. Meetings, intensive contacts and serious discussions to develop work through which you can put forward new ideas or business plans.

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Health

Protect yourself from diseases and be very careful of getting infected with a dangerous virus
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2023.06.07 01:52 motherofcorgss Update: Woke up to a note in my mailbox today

Please see my previous post for the whole story, but tl;dr my estranged dad left me a note in my mailbox that my estranged mom died.
I never contacted my Uncle (NMom’s brother) as the note instructed. A few days later he showed up AT MY HOUSE. I was caught off guard and didn’t answer the door. I figured my silence would’ve sent the message that I wanted no parts of this. When he left, there was another note to tell me to call the funeral home for her arrangements. I called the funeral home directly and was informed that they needed me to sign off on her cremation forms. Medicaid covered her cremation, but her family also wanted a viewing and a service (which is what they needed my permission to do and also pay for).
I wouldn’t have been contacted otherwise. Shitty, but not surprising.
The funeral home was wonderful to me and said that her family “isn’t entitled to anything” and they are not “the decision makers” I am. I said no to the funeral and everything else and they informed her family for me. They called me when her ashes came in and I picked them up. If anyone thinks I’m being petty here, yes I am. The audacity to not just leave me alone. When my younger brother died, my Nmom and her family went to the funeral home and made all the arrangements without consulting my dad and I- but had them send my dad the bill. Spelled my son’s name wrong in the obituary too. None of them including Nmom paid a dime, my dad and I did. So this was my payback.
I’ll be sending her ashes to my estranged Aunt in another state. What I was told from her son (also doesn’t talk to anyone like I do) was that none of my NMom’s brothers even called her to inform her that she had died. Hence cementing my suspicions they only contacted me to do something for them. My aunt will get her ashes and if the rest of her shitty family wants to see them or ask for some they’ll have to call their sister and probably explain themselves. From what I hear she’s really pissed. Whatever, it’s off my plate now and not my problem.
I found out where she lived and contacted her landlord to ask if anyone has been in touch to clean out her apartment. He said that my uncles have been but he needed my permission. My uncles haven’t contacted me any further because I’m assuming they’re pissed off I shit all over their funeral plans and we’re trying to figure out a way around this without informing me. I did give the landlord permission for them to clean out her space. They’re greedy but what they don’t realize is that my mother didn’t have anything of value, she sold anything for drugs years ago. They can do the legwork and pick the scraps and fight amongst each other. I don’t want anything of hers anyway. I am listed on her death certificate and I’ll be closing her bank accounts tomorrow. There’s probably very little if anything in there anyway, but they won’t get to have it. I’ll be using it for the shipping fee for her ashes.
I’m doing okay though.
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